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Kordell Stewart

Kordell Stewart, nicknamed Slash (born October 16, 1972, in New Orleans, Louisiana), is a former American NFL quarterback.

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Alright. I hope "pride" and "tradition" aren't references to CU football. H…
How else is he going to pay Kordell Stewart?
Kordell Stewart the only husband who didnt want to hear gossip n drama.
Tyrone Wheatley, Kordell Stewart were two that I idolized as a child
ask Steigerwald if he still thinks Kordell Stewart got hosed here. I would but he blocked me
Can't overlook the signing of Kordell Stewart, either.
02! I remember because I was cheering for the Browns to beat Tommy Maddox for taking Kordell Stewart's job
They need to start teaching how to tip at CU Boulder. This isn't the first time this ha…
CU Buffs-Rahsaan Salaam, Eric Bienemy, Byron Whizzer White and last spot is tough call Darian Hagan, Kor…
Why Black Chyna got Kordell Stewart's face on her *** cheeks?
Kordell Stewart walks into a bar. Bartender says, "Why the time-honoured face?"
Let's play the price is right! Guess how much this kordell Stewart jersey is without going over
I added a video to a playlist Andrew Caldwell's Accounts Allegedly Frozen by Kordell Stewart
. Kordell Stewart with the Bears. They then traded down 1 season later to get Grossman
This is probably the least thrilled I've been about a bears squad since Kordell Stewart , Chris Chandler, Jonathan Quinn
Like the Greg Ward Jr. pick up. Kordell Stewart anyone?
I am far from a seahawks fan but this i…
Ironically, PIT's Kordell Stewart helped pave the way for CAR's Cam Newton!
Kordell Stewart 80-yard rushing TD against the Panthers in 1996.
That number should have been retired for Kordell Stewart.
Just relived the Kordell Stewart Hail Mary. Still got goosebumps.
I think Kordell Stewart is going to blow the winners in a port-a-john behind the clubhouse.
Kordell Stewart felt right at home in Pittsburgh with Colorado teammates on the roster.
just being honest man. I grew up on Kyle Orton, Rex Grossman. *** even Kordell Stewart. Why wouldn't i love Jay smh
Steelers have not drafted a QB higher than 4th rd, other than Ben, since Kordell Stewart, 2nd in 1995.
u said no B12 qb has ever won a playoff game in history of conf. Kordell Stewart; U Colo was B12 & he won multiple playoff games
Favorite player in each sport of all time!. NFL-John Elway. College Football- Kordell Stewart. NBA- Scottie Pippen...
Who's the third best QB in franchise history? Think I would go with Kordell Stewart tbh lol. I was a Kordell…
Kordell Stewart had 11 rushing TDs in 1997. Had 38 rushing TDs in his career, which ranks third for a QB during the SB era.
Kordell Stewart was the best QB out of the bunch
Will Wheaton try to pull a Henry Burris-to-Kordell Stewart & sell that for a small fortune? Same number, too.…
It’s not, and has been worn by great Bears QBs like Connor Shaw, Todd Collins, Kordell Stewart, Henry Burris and of…
Why is that? They've had other black QB's under this ownership: Vince Evans, Henry Burris, and Kordell Stewart.
Kordell Stewart proved me right and 98% of W.Pa including the media and Bill Cowher wrong in 2001. Forever. That's…
Just remember guys like Kyle Orton, Chad Hutchinson, Kordell Stewart, Cade McNown, Shane Matthews etc before you say was the worst we had
Adam LaRoche, Tom Barrasso, Barry Bonds, Kordell Stewart, Dave Littlefield are all tied for distant second. Shame about Bonds
I liked a video from Porsha Williams RESPONDS to Kordell Stewart's Allegations That She
"He has coached and developed quarterbacks such as Kordell Stewart, Josh Freeman, Derek Carr and Blake Bortles" is…
Then there is Porsha. Porsha is the youngest one who comes across as not-that-smart. She was married to Kordell Stewart.
Carson Palmer last year 6 INT's and Kordell Stewart was terrible in 1997 and 2001. Richard Todd is the worst but that was in 82
My wife once surprised me with a Bears jersey from TJ Maxx: Youth XL Kordell Stewart.
Super Bowl 12; Roger Staubach is exceptionally fun to watch; Pre-90s Kordell Stewart, Big Ben, Dante Culpepper, etc.
ICYMI Kordell Stewart said, don't worry fan, will eventually get into the HOF
Kordell Stewart on Hines Ward's Hall Of Fame chances: 'You know it's coming' --
watching the Jerome Bettis Football Life and Kordell Stewart comes up. Outta nowhere Amie drops the "I heard rumours he's ***
Kordell Stewart mourns the death of Rashaan Salaam
Update your maps at Navteq
This is the worst I have ever felt about being a fan and I lived through Rex Grossman and Kordell Stewart
Romo will end his Cowboy career with 2 playoff wins. The same number as Daunte Culpepper, Rex Grossman, Kordell Stewart, and Jake Plummer
Kordell Stewart is the EX Husband of Porsha on
Kordell Stewart, Head Coach Corey Lambert and players from John Ehret are highlighted on PRI.
Alex Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kordell Stewart comes to mind from the athletic perspective learning to play QB
Underrated Chicago bear qb's of the last 15 years: Craig Krenzel, Kordell Stewart, Todd Collins
GameDay is back in 10 days. Next up on the countdown: Kordell Stewart and Colorado break Michigan's heart.
should contain in no particular order: Vince Young, Matt Leinart, Kordell Stewart, Jason Campbell, Rex Grossman, Byron Leftwich..
Bumped into a brand-new college grad today. Congrats to former QB Kordell Stewart on finishing his degree https…
you're proving my point, they absolutely need each other. Mike Tomczak Kordell Stewart Jay Fiedler Tyler Thigpen. The (1/2)
Kordell Stewart is returning to Colorado University to finish his degree
Look at my man my nephew and my son they are really growing up. They work hard today at the Kordell Stewart camp
7 year old was talkin reckless.. . 8 y/o was talkin bout moms.. & the 9 y/o kept calling me Stewart Litte(I had on a Kordell Stewart jersey)😡
Tate Marsmell putting Colorado in his "top" 6 is hilarious. I hope he goes there. He could be the next Kordell Stewart.
Kordell Stewart ex wife fine or whatever...
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Great story on soon to be Alumnus Kordell Stewart .
There hasnt been this much pipe hit in Pittsburgh since Kordell Stewart was there.
Just saw a guy wearing a kordell Stewart jersey. Not sure how to feel right now.
I just picked up "Truth the Kordell Stewart Story". It's without question a page turner.
Jerseys that should retro: kordell Stewart 1993 Colorado
Libras are unpredictable you do remember Kordell Stewart right
During Mike Mularkey's first year as OC in PIT, Kordell Stewart rushed for 537 yards & 5 TD. Already said TEN offense will be "more exotic"
why do you have kordell Stewart as the last option? Lol
you forgot to list Kordell Stewart and Tommy Maddox for the steelers
Kordell Stewart on 3 Tailgaters Show now with Call (504) 556-9696.
I feel like Kordell Stewart must have after getting hit by Nebraska's D Lineman again and again and again!
DIY Shawty? Kordell Stewart is the manager? Why hadn't he gotten you a Jack'd sponsorship?
" our manager Kordell Stewart.." Only a minute into the *** and I'm already ugly laughing 😭😭
did kordell Stewart take time out of his busy schedule selling used cars to visit CU's spring game
I just don't think that's fair. His offenses worked w/Kordell Stewart, old Drew Bledsoe & rookie Ryan
Hamilton Collection
Then he moved on to become Kordell Stewart's backup with the
tbt whatchu know about the Kordell Stewart jersey
Remember Jimmy Anderson? He would have a horrible game and tell you all the things he did right. Kordell Stewart syndrome.
Kordell Stewart was the first new generation mobile QB that would change the game.Slash on.
"53. Kordell Stewart, Colorado: Could be the steal of this draft"
classic. Lindross, Kordell Stewart, A-rod and Kobe. Two fade to black, one's greatness offset by controversy and...Kobe
Kordell Stewart has a book coming out. *church lady finger up as I exit the room*
Kordell Stewart went to a pro bowl with 3109 passing yards 14TDs and 10INTs so don't let anyone stand in the way of your dreams
That inspires confidence in a way you must have felt with Kordell Stewart, Mark Malone, and Mike Tomczak.
U forgot Kordell Stewart. They love him there at UM.
Josh maybe??? but I know for a fact he wouldn't do that. 💀
I've seen Wentz move fast before so Wentz = Kordell Stewart
Pittsburgh Steelers are my squad in Madden 99! Kordell Stewart is too good!🔥
Wentz should be number 1 Kordell Stewart should be number 2
I'm giving away something for you on Kordell Stewart Pittsburgh Steelers playe. Get it here -
I think of a project as Tim Tebow or Kordell Stewart
Porsche is who she's always been. She changed when she married Kordell and reverted back after the divorce...
We KNEW it! Porsha Williams' ex Kordell Stewart addresses the *** rumors and CONFIRMS…
On , based in the 90s. They made reference to kordell Stewart.. Never heard of him before ...and porsha
I went against your advice. Kordell Stewart unretired.
I will only hang on to 3 quarterback jerseys. Terry Bradshaw , Kordell Stewart and Big Ben Roethlisberger (Iron Man). SB should = about 10
Kordell Stewart (Slash) the man should have about two Super Bowl rings. *** he deserved it.
Have Lynn Swan, John Stallworth. I need Antonio Brown should already have him and Bell. Looking for Kordell Stewart.
"Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kordell Stewart releases autobiography" You going to read this,
Kordell Stewart knows the coaching staff well. Here's what he had to say:
does not believe in 'Adam and Steve'
D'Angelo Russell wouldn't survive in an NFL locker room says
"He wouldn't last in that locker room" on D'Angelo Russell as an NFL player.
Kordell Stewart does not believe in 'Adam and Steve' /But he does believe in boring, outdated cliches.
Congrats to on winning the Deal of the Day contest! The correct answer was Kordell Stewart!
Former QB kicks off book tour in Pittsburgh.
Kordell Stewart: D'Angelo wouldn't last in the NFL: 'Former Steelers quarterback Kordell Stewart ...
Kordell Stewart says D'Angelo Russell wouldn't last in an NFL locker room
Where does Kordell Stewart get the ego that anyone cares about his sexual preference let alone his idiotic opinions on other peoples?
Our Kordell Stewart making the national rounds:.
Did u guys talk about Kordell Stewart's book?especially his line about his belief in Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve
I enjoyed that interview with Kordell Stewart great story about the way he handled that foolishness
Asked Kordell Stewart how his day was going
ICYMI: Kordell Stewart went off on the yesterday as he talked about his new autobiography:
That Kordell Stewart interview seems to have gone a little viral.
.Mike North&AndyFurman welcome Kordell Stewart and Johnny Avello from the Wynn at Vegas; 6am et; 3am pt; 5am ct; iHeart.
a QB that played before the league was ready for his skills, Kordell Stewart
slash...aka kordell Stewart. Never forget the Hail Mary to Westbrook against UM fan of neither, but 1 of my fav plays ever
Kordell Stewart does not believe in 'Adam & Steve' Yes God, We need ALL The Straight men we can get in our country!
Cam Newton did his best Kordell Stewart impersonation in a big game.
Just an aside to all this is nothing new but. Randal Cunnigham and Kordell Stewart weren't disrespectful fools.
Donovan McNabb never went back. Neither will Russell Wilson. Nor Kaep. Kordell Stewart didn't go back. Or McNair. ITS OVER FOR CAM NOW
Bill Cowher's voice is still hoarse from all those years of yelling at Kordell Stewart's ***
*** no. He is playing like Kordell Stewart or a 39 year old QB.
Cam Newton looking like Kordell Stewart out there
20 years ago, I remember telling my friends after Kordell Stewart was drafted that the future of the NFL was the black QB...I was right.
you're just a Libra Kordell Stewart Geno Smith a whole list of them in the NFL today and yesterday and 20 years before now...
Mike Vick, Kordell Stewart and Randall Cunningham did not play in the
Hope to see Peyt go out on top tonight. My 2nd fav QB behind Favre. Kordell Stewart a close 3rd
I can get in detail about New York's best Black QB that never got a chance to play QB, Charlie Ward and the Steelers Kordell Stewart.
Yea, Lynch has eliminated himself. Who in God's name looks up to Kordell Stewart?
I'd bet anything you wanted Kordell Stewart that year of FA instead of JD17. Because I did.
The first Unsportsmanlike Conduct call Kordell "Slash" Stewart has ever gotten.
with Kordell Stewart and Troy Aikman today at the Steinberg party.
Three greats: Kordell Stewart, and Troy Aikman at the Leigh Steinberg Party
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We had Kordell Stewart on the most recent Broncos podcast. Pretty cool
Kurt Warner deserves to the ? Ha. Nah. Why don't we induct Kordell Stewart while we're at it.
BSN Super Bowl mini-pod: Kordell Stewart on the evolution of the athletic QB -
Kordell Stewart tells me he's hoping to be there when CU goes to the Big House on 9/17: "Hopefully we don't need a Hail Mary this time."
Was Kordell Stewart a dual-threat quarterback ahead of his time?
. Kordell Stewart just popped up on the show. Pretty sure Rich Lord thought it was Jesse Jackson
The Colorado Buffaloes have a real live mascot. Neat. Also, Kordell Stewart played here. Oh you don't remember him?
won the national title in 1990 if I remember right with Kordell Stewart
MONEY! Now Kordell Stewart hits a three from the corner. Four three-balls in less than four minutes prompts a Seymour timeout.
Kordell Stewart was just called for a charge, on a play that he was tripped, and the person he "charged," was still standing. Comical.
Kordell Stewart says the mobile QB era is about to get underway, which is good for
Kordell Stewart: The era of mobile QBs is almost upon us
Kordell "Slash" Stewart is joining the guys from radio row at on Listen @ App
How would Kordell Stewart fair in today's NFL? Levack caught up with him on radio row to find out
▶︎ Kordell Stewart discusses the evolution of dual-threat quarterbacks
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Kordell Stewart joins The Rise Guys from SF now. Stream us!
Kordell Stewart just told Deon Sanders to shut up and quit hogging the Cam intervew
hope you guys had some extra large headphones for Kordell Stewart. He's not lacking in the confidence department.
Today at we're talking to B. Stokely, S. Salisbury, Kordell Stewart, AM1340 4-6pm
Today at SB50, we're talking to BrandonStokely, SeanSalisbury, Kordell Stewart, You likey? AM1340 4-6pm
How does Kordell Stewart think he would perform with the new NFL rules? He tells the guys next
Kordell Stewart was behind me. No joke, a girl just ran past me snapped a photo and yelled to her friend "That's Cam Newton!!!"
Coming at you HOT on live blog. Audio with Ronnie Lott, Kordell Stewart and Michael Brockers now up! Check it out:
Another great guest & interview with Kordell Stewart. Very entertaining!
Kordell 'Slash' Stewart on the impact Cam can have on young athletes via
Walter Payton had more pass TD with (8) than:. Chris Chandler (7), Kordell Stewart (7), Steve Fuller (6), PT Willis (6) among others
Randall Cunningham and Kordell Stewart.. Daunte Culpepper, Steve McNair...all awesome QB's. Showed a bit more class than Cam.
I wouldn't point to Matt Ryan and Kordell Stewart as success stories, but that's just me (and probably everybody else but Steve Underwood)
Underwood cites Kordell Stewart and Matt Ryan as guys Mularkey developed, calls him a "QB Whisperer".
Underwood cites Kordell Stewart as the second QB Mularkey developed after Matt Ryan.
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Terry Bradshaw, Kordell Stewart, BBR sounds right to me
and Big Ben with a Kordell Stewart type throw straight out of the 90's.
Gma: "I can't stand that Bernie and Odell." Me: "Do you mean Kordell Stewart and Mike Tomczak?" Gma:"Yeah. Bums."
Talking to Kordell Stewart next on Listen here:
.what's your favorite sports memory of all time? Mine: Kordell Stewart's Hail Mary to beat Michigan
Kordell Stewart on Mularkey-"He is solid. He plays the game, he listens, he understands, I had my best years under him."
Joined now by Kordell Stewart on played for Mularkey when both were with the Steelers.
Fun 10am hour on -WKU AD 10:05. -Kordell Stewart at 10:25, played under Mularkey at Pittsburgh..
Kordell Stewart to "I apologize to some of the Michigan fans. I've become an honorary alumni at Michigan State and Ohio State."
.is talking NFL with Kordell Stewart (... right NOW! Listen LIVE:
What do Chad Pennington, Rex Grossman, and Kordell Stewart all have in common? All have more playoff wins than Matt Ryan.
Don't worry I'm pretty sure what Kordell Stewart wore in Pittsburgh parks at night was worse
clearly someone didn't watch Kordell Stewart
Good point, because since he left Colorado has lit it up... Oh wait, no that has never happened since Kordell Stewart.
ha, I think the same thing about Kordell Stewart
Me watching Cops. Cop 1: That was some good running. Cop 2: Well, he was no Kordell Stewart. Cop 1: And you're no Eddie George. BURN
Kordell Stewart do you know how fine Porscha is? Sheesh!
Give props to Kordell Stewart. He was pretty good and the fastest of all of them.
Marcus Mariota and Kordell Stewart: Only QBs in Super Bowl era to have 40-yard TD run and 40-yard TD catch in same seaso…
Kordell Stewart, Marcus Mariota are only QBs to have 40+-yd Rush TD & 40+-yd Rec TD in same season (Super Bowl era). http…
Think about it Tommy Maddox, Kordell Stewart, Neil O'Donnell we should have more SB. We were right there, Ben should have 3. 11 or more SB.
Kordell Stewart was gone & Tommy Maddox was washed up so it's basically been Ben with Charlie Batch sprinkled in for me lol
There is someone out there who truly wonders if Kordell Stewart is in the Hall of Fame.
QB Cam Newton is now tied with Kordell Stewart for the 2nd most rushing TDs by a QB all-time (38) h…
Kordell Stewart to sue Andrew Caldwell for defamation on character
Kordell Stewart sues Andrew "I'm Not *** No More" Caldwell for saying they slept together before he was "Delivert!" https:/…
Kordell Stewart suing Andrew Caldwell over romance claims
Andrew Caldwell threatens to counter sue Kordell Stewart
Kordell Stewart is suing Andrew 'I'm Delivert' Caldwell for defamation of character
Is that Kordell Stewart?! Nope! Mike Vick doing work. He's a baller man.
This whole Mike Vick love affair... go watch Kordell Stewart. He won the Offensive Player of the Year in 2001. Kordell frickin Stewart.
Mike Vick is looking more like Kordell Stewart out there.
Well the last time the Cubs won a nlds game Kerry Wood was pitching and Kordell Stewart was Da Bears qb
More Kordell Stewart *** rumors!! You'll never believe who claims to have dated the former star!
Porsha Williams disses Kordell Stewart over his *** affair scandal — See what the star posted about her ex!
that's crazy. Ion wan believe rumors but Kordell Stewart not really a hot name no more so how a *** gon make that up lol
Did Porsha Stewart's ex get it in with this video star?
"I'm not *** no more" Andrew Caldwell went on radio show and exposed his relationship with Kordell Stewart.
Kordell Stewart: "I'm as straight as a Landry Jones pass."
Kordell Stewart & his ignorant friends make me sick. Cayden is a beautiful child
Kordell Stewart denies *** lover claims made by Andrew Caldwell, says he didn't cheat on Porsha Williams!
Retired NFL-player Kordell Stewart is speaking out about an interview that calls his sexuality into question.
'I been DeliverT' said he slept with Porsha Williams' ex husband Kordell Stewart [video cc: ]
Andrew Caldwell says he had an affair with Kordell Stewart while he was still married to Porsha Williams!
YouTube star Andrew Caldwell says he had affair with Kordell Stewart during his marriage to Porsha Williams!
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Joe Gilliam, Kordell Stewart, Mike Vick. The Steelers and their transcendent black qbs
We had to endure the likes of Akili Smith, Kordell Stewart, Jamarcus Russell & Vince Young to be in the golden age of Black QBs. Mashallah
I've seen some TRASH Bears teams where the QBs were Erik Kramer, Shane Matthews, Kordell Stewart, & Henry Burris.But this is a new low
the heart wants what the heart wants. Kordell Stewart, Troy Polamalu, and Hines Ward, and Jerome Bettis
pretty sure I had a Kordell Stewart jersey back in the day too actually
For a short while there Kordell Stewart was a beast!
FWIW, I still haven't gotten over Kordell Stewart's throw 20+ years later...
There are 12 year old Nebraska kids who will forever remember that play the way I remember Kordell Stewart to Michael Westbrook. Sorry, kids
maybe now they'll stop showing Kordell Stewart's Hail Mary to beat us.
One of those magical cfb moments just happened that you will never forget ala Doug Flutie & Kordell Stewart watch it
the BYU finish brought back horrific memories of my freshman year at Michigan and Kordell Stewart.
that's the best play in I-A college football since Kordell Stewart to Michael Westbrook in 1994 back when Colorado mattered I miss CU
I still have nightmares about that Hail Mary Kordell Stewart threw at the Big House! 😁
I get shivers looking at that play. Shades of Kordell Stewart.
That's Kordell Stewart vs. UM all over again. Or Flutie if you prefer! WOW!
That's up there with Flutie, Kordell Stewart, etc. Unbelievable BYU Hail Mary.
Kordell Stewart knows Tanner Mangum got the goods
u got some nerve like u ain't have a qb named kordell Stewart
I feel that the running style of Michael Vick has already been done unsuccessfully with Kordell Stewart.
he can read a defense. He was never charged... He will be in the HOF...rg3 reminds me of Kordell Stewart
Kordell Stewart once again picks off a Deuce Wallace deep ball. Cocke County ball at their own 47
Kordell Stewart picks off Deuce Wallace in the end zone. Tries to return, but tackled at his own 1.
CU had Darian Hagan and Kordell Stewart. Who has CSU had?
I just realized how far Kordell Stewart threw that ball in that colorado Hail Mary.
I have already seen this before, but his name was Kordell Stewart >=\
Coach Bob McCartney! The Fifth Down! Kordell Stewart, Heisman RB Rashaan Salaam, & the Hail Mary at the Big House! All great!
I still remember when Colorado was REALLY good. Kordell Stewart, Rashan Salaam and Michael Westbrook days.
Kordell Stewart doesn't have any eligibility left yet, does he?
Colorado need to see if kordell stewart has any eligibility left
When Kordell Stewart was there... They were really good then
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That Kordell Stewart/Michael Westbrook Colorado team might be the college team I wish most I was a fan of&ERIC BIENEMEY before.
O'Donnell's shotgun empty set in 1995. He had Hastings, Johnson, Thigpen, Mills, and Kordell Stewart as his five wides. give me that all day
I know it's just preseason but this is the worst I have ever seen the play, and I have watched since the days of Kordell Stewart.
LMAO this chick on The People's Couch just said Kordell Stewart was "traipsing thru the park trolling for *** !
Kordell Stewart was a better Receiver than QB, Antwan Randle El, Carlyle Holiday (not a great example)
Gina and Alyssa are currently buying Kordell Stewart jerseys off eBay.
why do we talk so much about Kordell Stewart?!
I feel like Jim is going to pull a Kordell Stewart on Meghan. You will not embarrass me on national TV. 😂😂😂
The best part of football season is seeing people in Pittsburgh wearing kordell Stewart and willy Parker jerseys
S/o to the man on the T wearing a Kordell Stewart jersey
8 year old Kelsey is kicking 25 year old Kelsey for not answering 'Kordell Stewart' in trivia tonight and costing us the game. 😩
Lol . Caller though Ki-Jana went to Colorado. Moron. Probably thinking of Kordell Stewart
Check out my 1st article at The Linemakers - Sporting News on 10 of CFB's worst Bad Beats. Kordell Stewart anyone?.
Won my first league in '97 I believe. Drafted Kordell Stewart in the 12th round and he was my bell cow.
Jim Edmonds is giving me those Kordell Stewart vibes. .
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Hello are you kidding me? Get Bubby Brister, Neil ODonnell or Kordell Stewart out of retirement. But Michael Vick? NO
Steelers got Kordell Stewart again. Oh wait.that's Michael Vick.
FYI, I find the journey to my Michael Vick/Kordell Stewart joke totally amazing
And by "them" I mean Franco Immaculate Reception Harris, Kordell Stewart - along with a signature, and even the Titans' Eddie George
The have been trying to find that Kordell Stewart or Steve McNair has remain to be unseen. But Devin Gardner sure can do it!
Little dude found his dad's old Kordell Stewart jersey and Dan McCullers' helmet and painted it all brown
Woman in front of me at gas station was wearing a Kordell Stewart jersey, bought 4 packs of Marlboro Reds, and 4 packs of cigars.
My first game in the Big House at Umich was the Hail Mary game where Kordell Stewart connected with Michael Westbrook. I was sick
Kordell Stewart did it. Antwaan Randle-El too. Terrelle Pryor? He'll try it with the
Kordell Stewart: Chan Gailey is the right coach for Jets’ Geno Smith –
[- Kordell Stewart: Chan Gailey the right coach for Jets' Geno Smith
Every little *** in the hood wanted to be Kordell Stewart mane!
Peter Warrick, Warrick Dunn and Kordell Stewart were my favorite players to watch growing up.
lol even though I have been my whole life, since Kordell Stewart, And Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris & rocky blier, go home bud 😊😂
Lots of discussion on Claudia's past as a sportscaster here Some people take the Kordell thing too seriously.
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i respect her for clearing the air on kordell Stewart but Claudia Clawfoot was shady for putting Porsha business out there messy
Claudia Jordan is perfectly happy being on
A Kordell Stewart 3, Jake Lindsay and-one, and a Ben Conard and-one has cut the lead to 3. Timeout Patriots. They lead 26-23, 4:52 3Q.
Claudia Jordan discusses her sports background And how she knows Kordell Stewart
I got NOW , I don't care who got NEXT. Rapper slash exec , Kordell Stewart , the flows all yall using is mine...
"...I got now, I don't care who got next/Rapper slash exec, Kordell Stewart..." - Jay Z "Hovi Baby"
Hot ☕️ Alert: spills the tea on her friendship with Kordell Stewart!
Is Claudia Jordan's Interest in Kordell Stewart at the Root of Her Feud With 'RHOA' Co-Star Porsha Williams -
Claudia needs to stay away from Kordell Stewart, that's only going to start more drama with Porsha, then again go ahead.
These episodes gotta make Kordell Stewart tear up a little bit. He had the Porsha without a brain.
Who will be a bigger NFL flop, Kordell Stewart, Cordarrelle Patterson, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, or
Kordell Stewart did the same thing to me when he played for the Bears 😥
Does anyone want to borrow me a Kordell Stewart jersey for tomorrow's game? If not I'll be stuck wearing this...
What was Kordell Stewart thinking on that Kick Return?
Ok here is my mommy pic. I miss her. and the jersey is Kordell Stewart. CU man.
when I watch him all I can think is kordell stewart!!
Blitz.I used to kill it with Kordell Stewart, even though I hate PIT. But yes O State is good as well.
someone should tell him that it's not Kordell Stewart under center for OSU
Kordell Stewart didn't quite pan out as well as the others on this Signed NEXT cover
So you guys wan't Kordell Stewart 2.0? lol Bears should NOT draft him. He has BUST written all over him.
“he likes gettin raw dogged by Kordell Stewart”
Colorado Rashaan Salaam had over 300 yards vs Texas in 1994 running the option with Kordell Stewart.
If Bill Cowher comes in as new HC, I'm pretty sure our 2015 QB will be Neil O'Donnell or Kordell Stewart. Stewart was once a Bill right?
4 of 2014's 5 most-read posts were about new restaurants. The 5th? The Kordell Stewart t-shirt:
It's 8:02 PM and somewhere in Georgia Kordell Stewart have on the same exact outfit as Aaliayh in the Hot Like Fire video.
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