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Kordell Stewart

Kordell Stewart, nicknamed Slash (born October 16, 1972, in New Orleans, Louisiana), is a former American NFL quarterback.

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Joe Gilliam, Kordell Stewart, Mike Vick. The Steelers and their transcendent black qbs
We had to endure the likes of Akili Smith, Kordell Stewart, Jamarcus Russell & Vince Young to be in the golden age of Black QBs. Mashallah
I've seen some TRASH Bears teams where the QBs were Erik Kramer, Shane Matthews, Kordell Stewart, & Henry Burris.But this is a new low
the heart wants what the heart wants. Kordell Stewart, Troy Polamalu, and Hines Ward, and Jerome Bettis
pretty sure I had a Kordell Stewart jersey back in the day too actually
For a short while there Kordell Stewart was a beast!
FWIW, I still haven't gotten over Kordell Stewart's throw 20+ years later...
There are 12 year old Nebraska kids who will forever remember that play the way I remember Kordell Stewart to Michael Westbrook. Sorry, kids
maybe now they'll stop showing Kordell Stewart's Hail Mary to beat us.
One of those magical cfb moments just happened that you will never forget ala Doug Flutie & Kordell Stewart watch it
the BYU finish brought back horrific memories of my freshman year at Michigan and Kordell Stewart.
that's the best play in I-A college football since Kordell Stewart to Michael Westbrook in 1994 back when Colorado mattered I miss CU
I still have nightmares about that Hail Mary Kordell Stewart threw at the big house! 😁
I get shivers looking at that play. Shades of Kordell Stewart.
That's Kordell Stewart vs. UM all over again. Or Flutie if you prefer! WOW!
That's up there with Flutie, Kordell Stewart, etc. Unbelievable BYU Hail Mary.
Kordell Stewart knows Tanner Mangum got the goods
u got some nerve like u ain't have a qb named kordell Stewart
I feel that the running style of Michael Vick has already been done unsuccessfully with Kordell Stewart.
he can read a defense. He was never charged... He will be in the HOF...rg3 reminds me of Kordell Stewart
Kordell Stewart once again picks off a Deuce Wallace deep ball. Cocke County ball at their own 47
Kordell Stewart picks off Deuce Wallace in the end zone. Tries to return, but tackled at his own 1.
CU had Darian Hagan and Kordell Stewart. Who has CSU had?
I just realized how far Kordell Stewart threw that ball in that colorado Hail Mary.
I have already seen this before, but his name was Kordell Stewart >=\
Coach Bob McCartney! The Fifth Down! Kordell Stewart, Heisman RB Rashaan Salaam, & the Hail Mary at the Big House! All great!
I still remember when Colorado was REALLY good. Kordell Stewart, Rashan Salaam and Michael Westbrook days.
Kordell Stewart doesn't have any eligibility left yet, does he?
Colorado need to see if kordell stewart has any eligibility left
When Kordell Stewart was there... They were really good then
That Kordell Stewart/Michael Westbrook Colorado team might be the college team I wish most I was a fan of&ERIC BIENEMEY before.
Little Giant Ladders
O'Donnell's shotgun empty set in 1995. He had Hastings, Johnson, Thigpen, Mills, and Kordell Stewart as his five wides. give me that all day
I know it's just preseason but this is the worst I have ever seen the play, and I have watched since the days of Kordell Stewart.
LMAO this chick on The People's Couch just said Kordell Stewart was "traipsing thru the park trolling for *** !
Kordell Stewart was a better Receiver than QB, Antwan Randle El, Carlyle Holiday (not a great example)
Gina and Alyssa are currently buying Kordell Stewart jerseys off eBay.
why do we talk so much about Kordell Stewart?!
I feel like Jim is going to pull a Kordell Stewart on Meghan. You will not embarrass me on national TV. 😂😂😂
The best part of football season is seeing people in Pittsburgh wearing kordell Stewart and willy Parker jerseys
S/o to the man on the T wearing a Kordell Stewart jersey
8 year old Kelsey is kicking 25 year old Kelsey for not answering 'Kordell Stewart' in trivia tonight and costing us the game. 😩
Lol . Caller though Ki-Jana went to Colorado. Moron. Probably thinking of Kordell Stewart
Check out my 1st article at The Linemakers - Sporting News on 10 of CFB's worst Bad Beats. Kordell Stewart anyone?.
Won my first league in '97 I believe. Drafted Kordell Stewart in the 12th round and he was my bell cow.
Jim Edmonds is giving me those Kordell Stewart vibes. .
Hello are you kidding me? Get Bubby Brister, Neil ODonnell or Kordell Stewart out of retirement. But Michael Vick? NO
Steelers got Kordell Stewart again. Oh wait.that's Michael Vick.
FYI, I find the journey to my Michael Vick/Kordell Stewart joke totally amazing
And by "them" I mean Franco Immaculate Reception Harris, Kordell Stewart - along with a signature, and even the Titans' Eddie George
The have been trying to find that Kordell Stewart or Steve McNair has remain to be unseen. But Devin Gardner sure can do it!
Little dude found his dad's old Kordell Stewart jersey and Dan McCullers' helmet and painted it all brown
Woman in front of me at gas station was wearing a Kordell Stewart jersey, bought 4 packs of Marlboro Reds, and 4 packs of cigars.
My first game in the big house at Umich was the Hail Mary game where Kordell Stewart connected with Michael Westbrook. I was sick
Kordell Stewart did it. Antwaan Randle-El too. Terrelle Pryor? He'll try it with the
Kordell Stewart: Chan Gailey is the right coach for Jets’ Geno Smith –
[- Kordell Stewart: Chan Gailey the right coach for Jets' Geno Smith
Every little *** in the hood wanted to be Kordell Stewart mane!
Peter Warrick, Warrick Dunn and Kordell Stewart were my favorite players to watch growing up.
lol even though I have been my whole life, since Kordell Stewart, And Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris & rocky blier, go home bud 😊😂
Lots of discussion on Claudia's past as a sportscaster here Some people take the Kordell thing too seriously.
i respect her for clearing the air on kordell Stewart but Claudia Clawfoot was shady for putting Porsha business out there messy
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Claudia Jordan is perfectly happy being on
A Kordell Stewart 3, Jake Lindsay and-one, and a Ben Conard and-one has cut the lead to 3. Timeout Patriots. They lead 26-23, 4:52 3Q.
Claudia Jordan discusses her sports background And how she knows Kordell Stewart
I got NOW , I don't care who got NEXT. Rapper slash exec , Kordell Stewart , the flows all yall using is mine...
"...I got now, I don't care who got next/Rapper slash exec, Kordell Stewart..." - Jay Z "Hovi Baby"
Hot ☕️ Alert: spills the tea on her friendship with Kordell Stewart!
Is Claudia Jordan's Interest in Kordell Stewart at the Root of Her Feud With 'RHOA' Co-Star Porsha Williams -
Claudia needs to stay away from Kordell Stewart, that's only going to start more drama with Porsha, then again go ahead.
These episodes gotta make Kordell Stewart tear up a little bit. He had the Porsha without a brain.
Who will be a bigger NFL flop, Kordell Stewart, Cordarrelle Patterson, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, or
Kordell Stewart did the same thing to me when he played for the Bears 😥
Does anyone want to borrow me a Kordell Stewart jersey for tomorrow's game? If not I'll be stuck wearing this...
What was Kordell Stewart thinking on that Kick Return?
Ok here is my mommy pic. I miss her. and the jersey is Kordell Stewart. CU man.
when I watch him all I can think is kordell stewart!!
Blitz.I used to kill it with Kordell Stewart, even though I hate PIT. But yes O State is good as well.
someone should tell him that it's not Kordell Stewart under center for OSU
Kordell Stewart didn't quite pan out as well as the others on this Signed NEXT cover
So you guys wan't Kordell Stewart 2.0? lol Bears should NOT draft him. He has BUST written all over him.
“he likes gettin raw dogged by Kordell Stewart”
Colorado Rashaan Salaam had over 300 yards vs Texas in 1994 running the option with Kordell Stewart.
If Bill Cowher comes in as new HC, I'm pretty sure our 2015 QB will be Neil O'Donnell or Kordell Stewart. Stewart was once a Bill right?
4 of 2014's 5 most-read posts were about new restaurants. The 5th? The Kordell Stewart t-shirt:
It's 8:02 PM and somewhere in Georgia Kordell Stewart have on the same exact outfit as Aaliayh in the Hot Like Fire video.
Kordell Stewart really got shorts on
When I'm on my death bed the last words I say will be "I wish Kordell Stewart got a Super Bowl ring" lol
My goodness Swoopes looks like Kordell Stewart gone wrong 20 years ago. Surprised Strong is staying with him. He'll be at WR next year
Porsha Williams is such an airhead. smh Somewhere Kordell Stewart is telling his fam "See. I told you!" lol
solid 3-4 defense in place. Run game and he could develop Gino the way he did Kordell Stewart. SB champ coach.
yes. I was also the first to report that Kordell Stewart STEPPED OUT OF BOUNDS
the Jets need to reach out to team couldn't be perfect for him. His experience w/Kordell Stewart helps Gino. 3-4 D!
Kordell Stewart and Vince Carter comin at ya
At this point I wouldn't mind seeing Mark Brunell or Kordell Stewart as the Bills QB 😂
RG3 the new Kordell Stewart. That's only if we keep him in Washington for 4+ more agonizing years
NeNe Leakes said Claudia Jordan flirted with Kordell Stewart for W-H-A-T?!
unless you've been a fan since the Kordell Stewart era
Your fun fact for the day: I once owned, and frequently wore, a Kordell Stewart jersey.
been rocking since Kordell Stewart and
Just realized Kordell Stewart almost tackled Antonio Brown on that last TD...
Perhaps things would be different if Kordell Stewart still played.
Plot twist: The snap really goes to Kordell Stewart 😂😂
he also stuck with Kordell Stewart for almost a decade. Lol
will always be Kordell Stewart in my mind 💙🏈
I took my Kordell Stewart jersey to Goodwill today...and now Martavis Bryant scores. Coincidence? (Yes.)
"I thought Kordell Stewart played this year but quit" -Jasmine Bailey. 😒
Every time I see a Pittsburgh Steelers player wearing I want to start cheering for Kordell Stewart
Kordell Stewart is having himself a game.
Kordell Stewart was a good athlete. Played other positions too.
but the Steelers weren't good when we were little. Kordell Stewart was awful
5-11 wow this whole year has been worse than the Kordell Stewart and Henry Burris days
Hopefully Kaepernick is not just another Kordell Stewart
I used to live in Pittsburgh. Back when Kordell Stewart and Jerome Bettis were there.
best Hail Mary since kordell Stewart's GW pass at Colorado.
Mike, the kordell Stewart years were better than this and the offense was down right garbage. These guys arent football players
And for the record Kordell Stewart is hated in my well as
that's nothing, those who been playin for 20 years, kordell Stewart made Murray look like nothing , fantasy mid 90s
I think Kordell Stewart in Bill Walsh '95 trumps Madden '04's Michael Vick for the title of most OP mobile QB.
That was the second best Hail Mary I've ever seen. Only behind Kordell Stewart
A bad Bears team kind of *** the life out of the city. I'm thinking of Chad Hutchinson and Kordell Stewart.
So at first these people were comparing Cam to Daunte Culpepper. Now someone is comparing him to Kordell Stewart. That's a low blow.
remember when the Steelers would use Kordell Stewart in the red zone? it will work with Johnny
How did we even end up talking about Kordell Stewart *** lol
Bring him to the Ravens and turn him into another Kordell Stewart.
Welp, they did beat Colorado, that had to be the linchpin for Nebraska, I mean Kordell Stewart is a pretty good Qb.
how cute! Though it makes me feel pretty old. I was in high school when Kordell Stewart was popular.
If you can win 10 games of football in the state of Colo. sans Kordell Stewart, John Elway or Peyton Manning, you're ok by me
I'm kinda like kordell Stewart a little bit
surprised they stuck with Hoyer. Need to use Manziel like a Kordell Stewart type offense
I'm thinking the Browns should give ol' Kordell Stewart a call
Brister, Malone, Stoudt, Woodley, Maddox, Tomczak, O'Donnell, Stewart. When Kordell is best of this list...
when ur a bears fan, fav QBs are very limited...Kordell Stewart maybe then? :)
. LeBeau had a QB who was team MVP in 1995 and a HOF QB in 2005, 2008, 2010. Lewis had Kordell Stewart.
i remember and was there when Colorado came to town and won a a Hail Mary with Kordell losing on HM
once one a game by running Kordell Stewart on a QB keeper straight ahead every play. Always got at least 3 yards
Kordell Stewart was a few months removed from finishing 4th in the AP NFL MVP voting when the Steelers drafted Brett Keisel in April 2002.
you're putting Cutler on the list with Orton, Grossman, Krenzel, Hutchinson, and Kordell Stewart? Ok. You win 😂
going to be throwing some Hail Mary's next week. I'm going to need a Kordell Stewart & Doug Flutie effort
are you suggesting the sloppy unkempt turf is at fault for his demise? How long did the QB/RB Kordell Stewart last?
Pulling out some Kordell Stewart knowledge. I'm impressed!
Yes, Brian. I went to bed in a pair of Kordell Stewart shirsey PJs every night. Duh.
is as fake as the hair on her head, while she was married to Kordell Stewart she put on quite an act
Mike Mitchell is as delusional on defense as Kordell Stewart used to be when he was the QB here. .
do you even remember Kordell Stewart?
I remember. After 2 interceptions in SB XXX. Same play. Moron. Replaced by wunderkindern Kordell Stewart, right?
He cou\ld really be the new Kordell Stewart
interesting. I feel the same way about Mariota. I feel like he's going to be Kordell Stewart Part II.
Kordell Stewart the GOAT when it comes to divorces
Found a bunch of old school Kordell Stewart cups from the 90's . Day has been made!
Kordell Stewart isn't coming out of that tunnel. The savages are hunting buffalo today.
I'm thinking a lot or Kordell Stewart tonight and I don't know why.
"Kaepernick needs good talking 2@ halftime. 9ers with YPP average, caused mostly by his erratic arm." new Kordell Stewart
I was with u with Kap over Foles/Sanchez but not now. His skills have disappeared. Could be the next Kordell Stewart
Kaepernick just might be the next Kordell Stewart. WOW. and next play... wow (ugh)
Kaepernick is the equivalent of Kordell Stewart. An athletic novelty without QB sense.
Kap was good when a running QB. Now he thinks he's Marino. Kordell Stewart disease.
bringing a bazooka to a gun fight huh? Ok, you made me do this. I raise you Kordell "Slash" Stewart
I was like Richard Sherman on D and Kordell Stewart on O.
kordell Stewart had to play WR that's what I'll say about tebow
Oh My! Kordell has a special lady in his life and let's just say she's a VERY familiar face!
via I wanted to be Kordell Stewart so bad when i was a kid after this play LOL
You're so *** them. LOL. We lived through Neil O'Donnell, Kordell Stewart, and Tommy Maddox
'RHOA' Porsha Williams on dating and Claudia Jordan seeing Kordell Stewart via
I'll say it again Kordell Stewart is *** for letting something like Porsha go. She know she fine down!!
Ben Roethlisberger making a case for the elimination of the NFL MVP award. (I think said this about Kordell Stewart in 2001)
Rod act like he ain't Malcolm n the middle best friend... *** got no limit shower curtains.. Kordell Stewart skin
Andy Dalton joins Jack Concannon, Vince Ferragamo, and Kordell Stewart on that illustrious list tonight.
Then Kordell Stewart or Rick Mirer was gonna lead us to the promise land
Kordell Stewart vs. the 49ers in 2003 has to be one of the worst things I've ever seen. 14 for 34, 95 yards, 3 INTs. Lost 49-7.
Sefo Liufau has more career TD passes than Kordell Stewart. College football, it's a changin'
Kordell Stewart one real fine old dude.
Loni Love threw straight up shade toward Kordell Stewart!
'RHOA' star Claudia Jordan to fight with Porsha Stewart over Kordell?
JP is NAU's Kordell Stewart. QB/RB/WR/ST. What made him to do that rather than just wait til it was his turn under center
Kordell Stewart was so wrong to this day on how he did Porsha.
NEWS producer dishes on Porsha's demotion, new housewives Claudia and Demetria and Kordell Stewart's return!
discouraged 1st read covered he panics, still athlete playing QB, his ceiling is Kordell Stewart at this point
We've got Reggie Wayne, Kordell Stewart, Choppa, and me. That's at least better than whatever's slithered out of Kenner.
The team with Kordell Stewart 2.0 will still show up.
Kordell Stewart gets the strip and recovery… Cocke County takes a timeout in the change of possession… 126 left.
I remember one in the '90s where led Steelers 28-0 and Kordell Stewart brought the Steelers back to win. Ugly.
Kordell Stewart recovering an onside kick
Kordell stewart is my favorite player in steelers history. Then pouncey but everybody is weak
I still think Kordell Stewart when I see a Steeler wearing number 10
PIT with the TD. I still think of Kordell Stewart when I see that jersey.
The number 10 on a steelers jersey may now not be forever seen as Kordell Stewart
I thought that was Kordell Stewart on that play
I was going to say Kordell Stewart...
haven't been to a game since Kordell Stewart was our QB 😂
Mane i been a steelers fan since kordell stewart was the qb
Kordell Stewart last started for the Steelers in 2002. Feel old yet?
Crazy how the Steelers just retired Kordell Stewart's number.
“Who would be your greatest player of all time?” Kordell Stewart lol ...nah Jerome Bettis
The guy next to me in a Kordell Stewart jersey talkin about how Andrew Luck isn't that good. Clearly he knows his QBs.
20 years ago today, Colorado QB Kordell Stewart stunned Michigan with an iconic Hail Mary pass. . VIDEO:
Twenty years ago today, Kordell Stewart launched one of the most iconic Hail Mary’s in college football history. http:/…
Bill Cowher said he never had a QB until Ben Roethlisberger came along. Kordell Stewart took him to 2 AFC Championship ga…
James Harrison Retires as a Pittsburgh Steeler: Perhaps its Kordell Stewart that gets the cre...
Winston looks horrible tonight. Reading coverages like Kordell Stewart
“Me and Kordell Stewart? NEVER... ” I can't see you putting up with his controlling bs.
How'd those Buffs look again? Kordell Stewart might be available!
psh cant believe you passed on Kordell Stewart
Kordell Stewart, solid pick. He's gonna have a big year.
Kenya Moore Responds To Dating Kordell Stewart Rumors.: Reports came out earlier this ...
Kenya Moore denies bits of gossip that she's dating Kordell Stewart
Where is Kordell Stewart when you need him?!
really? Was that pre or post Kordell Stewart?
would you take terrell pryor back as a tight end/utility? Kordell Stewart any one?
Kenya Moore denies rumors she's dating Kordell Stewart /
Kenya Moore denies rumors she's dating Kordell Stewart
Kenya Moore denies rumors she's dating Kordell Stewart
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Shades of Kordell Stewart with that cannon
.goes out on a limb, predicts Kordell Stewart won't be involved in AFC Championship Game proceedings.
☕️: responds to Kordell Stewart dating rumors: "Me and Kordell Stewart? NEVER"
Flipped to the NFL network and saw a quote where Michael Vick said he started it all and revolutionized the game in terms of QBs that could run. I'll give him credit, he had serious skills. But I remember some guys like Randall Cunningham, Steve Young, Kordell Stewart, and Donovan McNabb that came along before him...
Just saw that Michael Vick claims he revolutionized football by starting the trend of mobile QBs...has he never heard of Randall Cunningham, Fran Tarkenton, Kordell Stewart, Donovan McNabb or Steve Young? These guys were all "running" before Vick came along!
Enner Valencia looks like Kordell Stewart. Daniel Sturridge looks like Nick Young.
The worst rated rookie QBs since 02 Joey Harrington Kyle Boller Big Ben (note 5th in the league) Kyle Orton Bruce Gradkowski Trent Edwards Joe Flacco (22nd) Josh Freeman Jimmy Clausen Blaine Gabbert Brandon Weeden Geno Smith BUT GENO WON 8 GAMES Rookie QBs since 2002 to win 6 to 10 games Kyle Orton 10-5 Vince Young 8-5 Mark Sanchez 8-7 Sam Bradford 7-9 Cam Newton 6-10 Andy Dalton 9-7 RG3 9-6 Ryan Tannehill 7-9 GENO HAD THE WORST RATTING IN THE LEAGUEE who else did that!? Joey Harrington, Kyle Orton, Jimmy Clausen and Blaine Gabbert……. Im not saying Geno cant improve…. But why in the world is so many jet fans comparing him to Peyton Manning didn’t they just try that a few years ago!? and BTW Leaf was the worst rookie QB that year and finished last in ratting… the worst QB to start 16 and win at least 6 Kordell Stewart who was 7-9 and Peyton had a 8.3 higher ratting!
Just copped a Kordell Stewart jersey, it's lit.
Just walked by Kordell Stewart in the airport. I threw so much shade in my spirit. Reality TV has infiltrated my real life.
Shannon's Husband Tells Her to Move Out in an Email: Or, as Kordell Stewart would say, he went above and beyond in letting her know.
Oh, you're a steelers fan? Did you own a Kordell Stewart jersey? Because I did, and it doesn't get any more pathetic than that.
You coached Kordell Stewart at Colorado. How were you able to develop and form him into the QB he became?
Kordell Stewart? “Brett Favre?"Don't talk football if you don't know who this great is
The probability rate of you wearing a Kordell Stewart jersey, and you being an alcoholic, is 100%
Rapper/exec, Kordell Stewart/. The flow y'all using is mines y'all all useless
Maybe he was the first "Slash" long before Kordell Stewart came along.
Rapper slash exec Kordell Stewart are u foolish all yea ryhme's is foolish lol sike naw do ya thing man
06a3f6j3i3g - - McNair Buy Cheap Jordan 9s Online was like Kordell [Stewart, the Steelers quarterback] Jets ...
Wang Wednesday: Chad Johnson Puts His Print On Blast: News of Kordell Stewart being back on the market has mad...
Kordell Stewart will have his No. 10 John Ehret jersey retired.
Kordell Stewart is not afraid to speak the truth on the Mike Sam situation
What happens when Kordell Stewart meets Captain America? Captain America gets his *** Slashed.
Now that Porsha Williams has been hinting around to her ex-hubby Kordell Stewart being *** it was only a matter of time before someone attempted to paint her as homophobic. Earlier today, TMZ got ...
What do Kordell Stewart, Jesse Jackson, 2 Chainz, Larry Bird and Jimmy Nixon have in common?
The sports media is in the tank for Johnny Manziel in the upcoming NFL Draft, now I agree he is talented, he improvise when a play breaks down, he has good awareness & play making skills, but when Mel Kiper of ESPN says "he is something we never seen before" is a big f*g stretch of the imagination lol, we've seen Randall Cunningham, Charlie Ward, Kordell Stewart, Michael Vick, Dante Culpeper, Donovan McNabb, Cam Newton etc. Do the same things, the only difference is they were bigger than Manziel... He didn't wow me at all, he is playing like the new NFL prototypical quarterbacks were you scramble, create plays, a big arm & quick elusive feet, so he isn't doing anything incredible to me, but to say it's "something never seen before" it's blatant hyper over marketing, Johnny Manziel from 1-10 is a solid 6.5.
Reunion Recap: Porsha BEATS DOWN Kenya!: Sunday, The Real Housewives of Atlanta finally showed us what happened when passed the point of being able to tolerate As widely reported, the final straw was Kenya needling Porsha about ex-husband Kordell Stewart ... then using her megaphone to calling her a “dumb *** ” The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Fight You can watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online to see the blow-by-blow, but here's a brief rundown of the events, which came and went rather quickly: Porsha Williams stood up, saying she was going to f--k Kenya up. Kenya Moore stood up, too, with prop megaphone in her hand. Porsha grabbed Kenya's hair and dragged her to the ground. Someone appeared to yell "drag her, Porsha!" We think. The cameras cut away before Andy Cohen separated them, so it's unclear just how bad Porsha Williams beat down Kenya Moore in that few seconds. What's fairly clear is that Kenya stood up, clearly unharmed, and said she was going to get Porsha Williams fired. “You ...
Part 1 of 2: Kordell Stewart finally breaks his silence on allegations made by former wife, Porsha Stewart. In Part 1 of interview, Ryan Cameron asks Kordell...
Glad Kordell Stewart clarified his statement "He's wise beyond his years," by adding, "...of existence on this planet." Almost lost me.
Was Real Housewife of Atlanta Porsha Stewart her husband Kordell's 'beard'?
I'm surprised Kordell Stewart wasn't in this picture 😂😂😂
Porsha is stepping out of the Mrs Kordell Stewart shadow. Go get 'em
*** Porsha thick Kordell Stewart was tripping he might be *** on the low.
Was Porsha Stewart Kordell's 'Beard?' wat does this mean?!
tommy maddox. And before him kordell stewart who followed neil odonnell who replaced bubby brister.
S/O to Kordell Stewart lawyer Porscha ain't get a dime & she ain't have nobody's job when they was married
Porsha would like us to believe it was her decision not to get a red cent from Kordell How You Doin Stewart
Porsha's mom is mad bc she can't have the Kordell Stewart coins
I love me some Porsha, but it's time to let Kordell Stewart go!!! K?
Gorgeous day out! Got some bp in and to top it off, I saw a Kordell Stewart jersey being worn
Some real sad news reporting... According to multiple reports, famed former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kordell Stewart (who went by the nickname "Slash".
Cudi out here lookin like Kordell Stewart with this half shirt on smh
Kordell Stewart jersey sighting in Bethlehem PA. I win...don't know what, but I win.
Purple mohawk and kordell stewart jersey. Hello Wilmington Ohio.
Absolutely embarrassing that and didn't choose NFL Blitz with Kordell Stewart
0 rings between them, nice work. How about Batch, booty, Kordell Stewart? Lots more losers than winners at the bottom of that list
Opens today! This is one draft you don't want to miss!...
BOSS Sports | Kordell Stewart gains legal custody of his son.
Someone is wearing a Kordell Stewart at the Blarney Stone. Speechless
Kordell Stewart bring brought back as position coach!
Porsha Stewart talks about her divorce from Kordell Stewart and the new season of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."
Random: Porsha & Kordell Stewart are posted back to back in my IG timeline... Makes you wonder how often your...
*“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Stewart — who is now going by her maiden name, Porsha Williams — called her ex-husband Kordell Stewart a monster after watching a clip of his appearance on next week’s episode . Host Andy Cohen aired a preview… [ 255 more words. ]
Porsha Stewart may not be a huge music star like she wants to be but she is blaming that on her marriage to Kordell Stewart. She says that focusing on...
Porsha Stewart's ex-husband, Kordell Stewart is denying being in an intimate relationship with Braxton Family Values reality star, Towanda Braxton.
So sources have confirmed that Kordell Stewart hired Judy Smith's Smith and Co. (real life Olivia Pope) to fix he...
CJ AND LES- We're at Blake Street Tavern with the making moves at the deadline and discussing the future of the QB position. Kordell Stewart at 12:30, Mark Brunell at 1pm and Warren Moon at 2:30.
Debating pocket passers vs. running QBs right now with Kordell Stewart, MBrunell and Warren Moon! Wow, huh? CJ&Les
oh em gee! Kordell Stewart and Towanda Braxton are goin out...guurl after what he did to Porsha u must RUN!
Update: Porsha confirms whether she is pregnant by Kordell Stewart! Details ->
Porsha Stewart pregnant? If she is, Kordell Stewart has already spoken out on an Atlanta radio show to say that he is not the father.
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“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Stewart has been dating a new man since ending her divorce with Kordell Stewart, but it sounds like she may not be
Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Stewart is rumored to be pregnant after posting Instagram photos that showed off a baby bump, and Kordell Stewart admitted that his ex-wife is pregnant and he isn't the father.
After a messy divorce from football player Kordell Stewart, Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Stewart openly spoke on her struggles with infertility. In the past she experienced a miscarriage due to uterine fibroids. She revealed in a BravoTVblog:
Ever wonder what it would be like to hangout and play golf with Steve Spurrier, Bill Murray or Kordell Stewart?? HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO FIND OUT! Go to and make your bid to have the opportunity to play a round of golf at Kiawah Island Golf Resort's The Ocean Course with a celebrity!
I am reminiscing about when Paul introduced me to football, or helped me learn the game, a necessity if one would enjoy watching it played. Paul's favorite team was the Denver Broncos, maybe because their quarterback was Craig Morton, the year was 1980. Paul and I followed the Broncos through Morton, one year with Steve DeBerg (IMO the undisputed master of the fake handoff), then the John Elway years. During this time, we also loved San Francisco (the Joe Montana years), and I began to waver from my Bronco loyalty and turned to other teams, like the Bears (the Jim McMahon years) and the Steelers (the Kordell Stewart years), and the Saints (Drew Brees), and back to the Steelers (Big Ben), then 4 years ago, the Patriots. I remember quarterbacks mostly, recalling Boomer Esiason and Bernie Kosar and Jim Kelly and Troy Aikman. But I even loved the Raiders during the Marcus Allen regime and then again when Tim Brown came on the scene. So, even though the Patriots are not on the field today, I will greatly enjoy ...
Kenya Moore spoke to Cherise Nicole ( about her fight with Kordell Stewart & Peter Thomas and her new man!! For More Exclusive Interviews SUBSCRIB...
The worker and I have quite a record... First John Gruden and Doug Williams, now Kordell Stewart and Gerald Laird
It's the Cowher Bowl. Bill Cowher gets to watch the four teams that he faced as a favorite at home in five AFC Championship games. Its the Cowher Bowl!!! see the Chargers vs The Broncos. See the Patriots who beat him twice take on the only team Cowher defeated at home in the AFC Title game the Colts, although down to a HailMary ball that rolled off Aaron Bailey's chest. Hear Coach Cower comment on how he would do things differently if he were coaching. Special guests are Neil Odonnell, Kordell Stewart and Marty Schottenheimer
"Real Housewives of Atlanta" reality star Porsha Stewart is back on the dating scene after her divorce from ex-husband Kordell Stewart has been finalized.
The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Porsha Stewart, who labeled husband Kordell Stewart a “queen” during their nasty divorce, is now happily accepting that he’s dating a new woman — and fellow reality...
I think that for the halftime show at the Super Bowl this year they should ditch any and all musical entertainment, and instead have a comedy skit ¨Men on football¨ with Aaron Rodgers, Troy Aikman, Kordell Stewart, and Jeff Garcia. They could say that they don`t understand why they call a penalty when there are too many men on the field. Because to them, that`s a party!
Didn't realize Brett Hull spent Sundays as the backup for Kordell Stewart!
Tonight Tajh Boyd showed NFL scouts why he's the 2nd coming of Kordell Stewart. He'll probably have a good combine but when they review his tape (hides his eyes) no bueno
Manning (Peyton), Brady, Rogers, Brees are elite Quarterbacks. Jay Cutler is not. But to be fair neither is Flacco, Manning (Eli), Roethlisberger, Johnson or Dilfer but they all won Super Bowls over the last 13 years. Does this mean that a team does not have to have one of the best QBs the league has ever seen to win the Super Bowl? Interesting. In the same timeframe (13 years) the Bears have ranked better than 23rd in total offense only twice; once in 2006 (15th) and this year (8th). In a sport where almost every new rule favors the offense one might suggest the Bears are finally moving in the right direction. As for those wanting Josh McCown, a capable backup, to be the Bears starter while drafting and grooming a rookie I would just like to remind everyone how many times that project has failed the Bears and many, many, many other teams. Do these names ring a bell; Caleb Hanie, Todd Collins, Kyle Orton, Rex Grossman, Brian Griese, Craig Krenzel, Chad Hutchinson, Jonathan Quinn, Kordell Stewart, Ch ...
Bears fans mad about Cutler resigning...remember you used to have Kordell Stewart
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great for the Giants terrible for the Steelers specifically Kordell Stewart. Forced Stewart into his system. Guess he grew.
Vick has became Kordell Stewart. Some numbnut team "Jax" will still drink his Kool Aid.
Think the Bears made a mistake signing Jay Cutler to a long term deal? Here are 19 reasons why it is a good move: Peter Tom Willis, Steve Walsh, Erik Kramer, Dave Kreig, Rick Mirer, Steve Stenstrom, Moses Moreno, Shane Matthews, Jim Miller, Cade McNown, Chris Chandler, Henry Burris, Kordell Stewart, Rex Grossman, Craig Krenzel, Chad Hutchinson, Jonathon Quinn, Kyle Orton, and Brian Griese. These are all the QB's that have started for the Bears since the last "long-term" QB, Jim Harbaugh. Cutler is the best option, it's not like Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are free agents.
looked it up. It was a Sunday 100 pm game. I remember sideline women asking Kordell if Stewart to Thigpen was Montana to Rice
Got word that the Bears signed Cutler to 7 years? Great move! I'll remind all the haters of Rex Grossman and Kordell Stewart.yea remember those days?
"Kordell Stewart ruined Kordell Stewart." wrong. Tried to turn him into Neil O'Donnell. Ask Ed Bouchette.He agrees
I agree kordell Stewart was garbage...never worked at his trade...lazy and depended too much on ability
Attention Cutler haters: you should be ashamed of yourselves if you knew anything about being a Bears fan or football in general...Craig kenzel, Henry Burris, Cade McNown, Kordell Stewart, Chad Hutchinson, Jonathan Quinn, Rex Grossman, Kyle Orton, josh mcnown, Jason Campbell, Caleb hanie, Shane Matthews, Todd Collins, Brian Grier, Chris chandler, Jim miller...that's just the past 15 years. And you wouldn't want cutler...please tell me who you would rather have!?
I can't argue with that however I like this over the days of Kordell Stewart, Shane Matthews etc
A few things about the Bears signing a good QB today: Elite QBs don't come often, Pats and Saints never had one before now, Indy not since the 60s before Manning, but Green Bay got lucky cause they got 2 in 50 years. If it was easy, teams like Tampa, the Browns, the Jets, and Raiders would've have one by now. And do Chicago Bears fans really want to see more like Cade McNown, Kordell Stewart, Craig Krenzel, and Jonathan Quinn?
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