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Konnie Huq

Kanak Asha Konnie Huq (Bengali: কনক হক; born 17 July 1975) is a British television presenter and writer, who is best known for being the longest-serving female presenter of Blue Peter, having presented it from 1 December 1997 until 23 January 2008. She presented the 2010 series of The Xtra Factor on ITV2.

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I thought it was an historical depiction of good over eagles
Disagree with this. But that's fine. Did you like LA LA Land?
Best ever presenter reveals her sauciest moments on and that bat on…
Ah but doing it well is a gift which you don't appear to have...
Konnie and Katy in bikini's, something to warm you up on a cold day
thanks for the tip. Will give it a wide berth.
you say nihilistic . I say adorable. Let's call the whole thing 'alternative facts'
Should've watched Sing. Am watching it right now. No rape or animal cruelty... yet. Keep you posted.
If you don't like it, don't watch it. Simple as.
No, The giant panda is no longer considered an endangered species.
Just goes to show that the otherwise cuddly doe eyed panda is really a baddass mother cuddler.
can you guys please stop arguing about the merits of orgies, it's putting me off my Yorkshires
It's no surprise they are going extinct. They can't even organise a proper orgy.
But Kung Fu Panda 3 is a nihilistic orgy of violence in which endangered creatures are forced to fight.
Thank you for speaking out against blatant misogyny in films! T
thank you Victoria, I now never have to watch what sounds like a grotesque movie
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Lost faith when I saw Konnie Huq eat ham on the show
Getting paid to say you didn't like something is a piece of *** Wish I'd gone into that career
Hung up as art you say? How about the official art for the fi…
This review is amazing. Thanks for saving 2 hours of my life, giving this one a miss.
I felt the same way about The Cook, The Thief. . Much praised but I walked out, nauseated
Only £200 more to go till I reach my fundraising target. Keep these sponsors coming in m.…
'Best ever' presenter Konnie Huq reveals her sauciest moments on Blue Peter .
What do you mean you don't remember meeting me in London Zoo restaurant with your missus, Charlie Brooker, Konnie Huq and child?
It does but the cats hate that so I don't do it. How awesome is Tiger though? Best shop. got me hooked on Tiger.
300+ guests attending West London 2017 4 days left to book is our MC…
authorial intent and determinism when talking about Realtek) persist in the past Konnie Huq's career appears to be made. Last night I
Well at least that's half the job done. PS: why not tag the gorgeous ?
Hearing has been axed is the perfect time to remind you all that presenting it was TV GOLD!
I totally regret not writing a letter to when I was eight years old now 😔
I'm in the minority here but I thought Konnie Huq did a fab job in 2010.
RIP Xtra Factor. Thank you for the 11 minutes worth of iconic Konnie Huq memories
Comedian David Baddiel, Maxïmo Park frontman Paul Smith and presenter Konnie Huq are to host the Penguin Podcast:
loved you on Blue Peter And btw your surname should be Hun 😘😘😘
Blue Peter is up there mind. Konnie huq like, some interracial activities there😏
Lovely pic I am still waiting for pic too 😊🙏🏻🤔
you'd know him. If not he's the one banging/married to Konnie Huq
Whose hair did you most admire at the We loved Konnie Huq's chic sideswept hair!
thought you had left the planet ms Huq
Konnie Huq and Charlie Brooker with Matt Baker at BAFTA Television Awards - Celebrity | Newsflare From last night
How have i only found out that Konnie Huq is married to Charlie Brooker??
BAFTA TV Awards sees Konnie Huq pack on the PDA with Charlie Brooker - Daily Mail
Was that the ridiculously attractive sat beside a grumpy looking at the awards?
I see Konnie Huq is there. I'm still outraged she never won a BAFTA for The Xtra Factor a few years ago 😉
- just seen Konnie Huq at the BAFTAs!
I want Konnie Huq's dress now please and thank you
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Makes you wonder what Konnie Huq thinks... x.
Her sister was a presenter on Blue Peter years ago - Konnie Huq
Horsies and Huq at Badminton. Thank you for my dream day
I can't find a link for Konnie Huq singing 'kids in America' on the Fame Academy
Just remembered that Konnie Huq exists, the stone fox
TV presenter Konnie Huq looks at the new Mitsubishi eX Concept electric crossover SUV, which received its...
Didn't know Million Merits was cowritten by not a bad team! Excellent stuff.
I wonder what old TV presenters are doing now like June Sarpong and Konnie Huq
just had childhood retrospectively ruined by former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq saying naughty words
Bit of celeb action at Humming Bird recently with the lovely Konnie Huq collecting her new car from us here!
Great news on - is delighted to welcome new ambassador h…
I've just found out Charlie Brooker married konnie Huq. Good for them. Seriously she beautiful. Good for him. 😀
64 hours to go! Pls support our film about 1st circus!
Morning Konnie, please say a big hello to all of the women and children of the
It's getting to Black Mirror levels of mental alright.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I liked a video Konnie Huq's revision tips (3 of 3)
I liked a video Konnie Huq's revision tips (1 of 3)
got Kate Thornton in to do Xtra Factor (or better yet, Konnie Huq)
You never see him these days, do you.. . (I liked the way TVGH always referred to the now Mrs Brooker as "nice Konnie Huq")
I can't believe that Charlie Brooker is married to Konnie Huq - but somehow it's so wrong it's right - and therefore comforting!
watching TV and was on. You look so similar!! Reminds me, see you in a restaurant last month. Completely aired me!😢
How have I just discovered what a wonderful car crash Konnie Huq was presenting the Xtrafactor
I don't know how this happened but I'm watching a video of Konnie Huq's cringiest Xtra Factor moments and this is the best thing ever.
Is there a campaign for Konnie Huq to get the X Factor job? It would be AMAZING
Thank you for coming last night we loved having you x
Hey I'm writing my dissertation on Children's tv & progress it has made! It'd be amazing if I could ask you a few questions?
I think Olly and Caroline presenting the X Factor will be remembered as fondly as Konnie Huq presenting Xtra Factor *coughs*
Konnie Huq was really good on Xtra Factor, wasn't she?
Stephen Mulhern is amazing. I miss Konnie Huq and the best Blue Peter presenters
I hope u will support this campaign to fight 4 a united under The demos needs u!.
Ollie Murs looks like a puppet with his strings cut. Bring Back
please share, I need help to get 2 final experiences 4 my Blue Peter"isn" blog and I'm all out of ideas
I don't know who is worse, when they had konnie huq on Xtra Factor or Caroline flack presenting X factor . So awkward to watch 🙄😲😕🤔
please help celebrate my 200th b'day & RT/vote for this LEGO project
Got my friend to watch King of the Nerds. 'omfg. when they chant 'one of us'. actually feel ill'. In regards to them chanting at Konnie Huq.
I had no idea Konnie Huq from Blue Peter married Charlie Brooker! How sweet.
omg yeah I know it's ridiculous! And there's no Matt Baker on it or Konnie Huq either! X
Sarah Cawood, Angelica Bell, Konnie Huq, Matt Baker, Simon Thomas, Katy Hill (she doesn't do much now though)
My dream is to get Konnie Huq and Matt Baker back on Blue Peter for one last dream team episode ⭐️
TV's Konnie Huq says sister will fight "tooth and nail" for Ealing as MP
Video: chloehaywood: sophievoyce Konnie Huq and her bone of contention
Boyfriend looking over my shoulder as I scroll through Instagram. 'Is that Konnie Huq from Blue Peter?'. No, it's
I met Konnie Huq at child of achievement awards in 1999 and I went to the studios too my mum write to them bout my syndrome
I've created an Ada artwork at Macmillan Publishing. Part of the idea came from Konnie Huq's 2014 talk
Almost regret sending postal vote back home to Scotland, turns out the Ealing Labour candiate is Konnie Huq's sister.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Not so sure about my current constituency though. But Konnie Huq's sister is the Labour candidate??
The new host(s) of will be revealed tonight. Odds on it being Konnie Huq?
Take look back at hit UK TV show Guinness World Records Smashed, hosted by Konnie Huq and Steve Jones featuring... • Most jumps (switches) 180° on a ...
Check out to see what TV presenter Konnie Huq thinks of her i3
I fear she's more Konnie Huq than John Noakes :(
If there's going to be another series of Catchphrase coming next year, the celebrities I'd like to see are Rachel Riley, David Tennant, Ulrika Jonsson, Keith Duffy, Sally Gray, Simon Bird, Konnie Huq and Vic Reeves. Which celebrity/celebrities would you like to see on the show?
An inside look at the Venice Simplon Orient Express, The Worlds most famous luxury train. Shown on Blue Peter with Konnie Huq and Gethin Jones.
I've just watched Konnie Huq take Paul Daniels & Debbie McGee to the cleaners on Blockbusters. New Friday low
Celebrity Blockbusters on Challenge. Konnie Huq v Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee. I'm taking life on the edge to a whole new meaning
Celebrity blockbusters on Challenge, is Konnie Huq v Paul Daniels and the lovely Debbie McGee...
50. Hard Kaur : Often called the first female Indian rapper, Hard Kaur makes her debut on the list. 49. Shruti Haasan: Kamal Haasan's daughter might not have made much impact with her Bollywood debut, but she did get noticed enough be one of the sexiest Asian women. 48. Konnie Huq: Kanak "Konnie" Huq is an English television presenter of Bangladeshi descent, best known for being the longest-serving female presenter of Blue Peter. 47. Esha Deol: Esha Deol has slipped quite a number of slots from her No. 21 ranking the last year. 46. Dilshad Vadsaria: Dilshad Vadsaria is an American television actress, of Pakistani, Indian and Portuguese descent. She currently plays the role of Rebecca Logan on the ABC television program Greek. 45. Anoushka Shankar: Pandit Ravi Shankar's talented daughter has improved her ranking by two, up from No. 47 on the previous list. 44. Sania Mirza: Sania Mirza's tennis career might have its ups and downs but on the list of the Sexiest Asian Women she is making steady progress, clim ...
Can c Konnie Huq has you and William Petersen or Ted Danson as
WHOVIANS! TONIGHT AT 8PM. BBC THREE. MATT SMITH. AND.. JENNA COLEMAN!! Will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the space-travelling Time Lord and take an in-depth look at of one of the most intriguing fictional characters of all time. With the 50th anniversary episode, The Day of the Doctor, about to hit our screens there's a look at all 11 incarnations of the Doctor and their most famous scenes and storylines, an exploration of the many sides to the Doctor and asking what is he really like. Plus, a look at The Doctor's many travelling companions and adversaries over the years and how they all contribute to creating the longest running sci-fi show of all time. Featuring David Tennant, Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy, Noel Clarke, Rick Edwards, Konnie Huq, McFly, Joel Dommett and many more, it's the best preparation possible for the 50th anniversary episode. DO NOT MISS!!! ~ruetheday~
It really would. Konnie Huq & Charlie Brooker, Victoria Coren could come out of the captain's chair to oppose David Mitchell!
Celebrities at the event included singer Rod Stewart and wife Penny Lancaster-Stewart, presenter Konnie Huq,...
22:35 Would I Lie to You?: Greg Davies, Konnie Huq, Phil Tufnell and Marcus Brigstocke join the regulars.
Moving like konnie huq handing out Blue Peter badges for the appalling ones
Konnie Huq is my real life Will Wheaton. (Idk of that's how you spell his name)
to ask Dara if he still has a crush on Konnie Huq?
I was never a fan as a kid, let alone now so I have no idea. I wish child me had been able to appreciate Konnie Huq's charm.
she is terrible. and not even good in a bad way a la Konnie Huq
I once made a Blue Peter badge out of chocolate sauce for Konnie Huq.
Konnie Huq reminds me of someone.. I just cannot recall who that 'someone' is.
Konnie Huq doing a great job presenting this week!
great shoot with the gorgeous Konnie Huq
We are delighted to announce that this years Pink Vest model is the gorgeous Konnie Huq!
Shooting with the gorgeous Konnie Huq! With photography by the lovely
Assuming it's not Konnie Huq. Does this lass know you're keen?
Konnie Huq from Blue Peter has birthday parties in poole pottery
The new presenter of Blue Peter. she is no Liz Barker, Konnie Huq or Katy Hill is she
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
The fab Konnie Huq has helped launch our partnership with DFS, where your old furniture can save lives! Find out how:
X factor is fix factor. Wagner makes konnie huq look good.
Haven't gotten over bagging Konnie Huq, that *** but still worth some copyright infringement:
This fortnight I've spoken to Konnie Huq & Malorie Blackman, hugged a Spice Girl & played with penguins. My 11y old self is thrilled for me!
Charlie Brooker's life is a pressure cooker. But he don't need a hooker. Coz his wife is a looker. Her name is Konnie Huq. She's well worth a
Unwanted sofas can save lives – DFS teams up with with support from Konnie Huq, via
Konnie Huq has got to be up there for the most irritating person in Britain
I kinda miss Konnie Huq as the Xtra Factor presenter.
I was on Blue Peter as a 13-yr-old talking about my love of Doctor Who. Off-camera, Konnie Huq said “you’re weird, aren’t you?”
Me and Hannah are pretty sure that Mis-Teeq was formed by Alesha Dixon, Miss Dynamite and Konnie Huq from Blue Peter
shag, marry, avoid: Helen Skelton, Konnie Huq and Sarah Green at her best and before that *** Mike Smith tainted her for life
Lorraine Kelly and Konnie Huq on the same programme. How the world didn't implode in a mass explosion of pure hatred I'll never know.
Konnie Huq, , omid djalili and many more on my suspect list
I don't know who any of those are. Konnie Huq, Sharon Horgan, Tanya Branning
Did not know that Charlie Brooker was married to Konnie Huq. Wow.
*** yeah! Other weird ones are Konnie Huq and Anne Hathaway?!?! *** !?? True story.
Why the Konnie Huq isn't The Masters on Sky all day?
Mistaken? My first crush was Konnie Huq but I was a kid. You were the first that I saw a little older and thought she's lovely
In fact my first crush was Konnie Huq thinking about it.
intern woes: I broke a hire car on the M4 and konnie Huq then had to do some chillin' on the hard shoulder.
I swear konnie huq has never aged. In my mind she looks the same as she did on Blue Peter
Already biting my tounge and we are 3 minutes in. Can you imagine if Konnie Huq had a reality show?
Kieran Idol presented by Andi Peters and Konnie Huq would be, I'm pretty sure, a massive flop.
I'd be totes willing to sprogup with a fat short Konnie Huq.
his wife is Konnie Annoying Huq. She deserves everything she gets
I had the misfortune to watch Konnie Huq's best bits from Xtra Factor last night. Still cringing now.
Jessie Owens, Stephen Fry. Always thought Konnie Huq was a good role model for young people. Ant n Dec always seem lovely.
Konnie Huq on Pointless Celebrities... Such an annoying woman!
Trying to decide which celebrity couple is more unexpected: Victoria Coren and David Mitchell or Konnie Huq and Charlie Brooker
“How fitting that Konnie Huq is on a show called 'Pointless Celebrities'.”
True or false: 'Konnie Huq' is an anagram of 'Yoko Ono'
yes and I always find it strange he's married to Konnie Huq but she did go out with Richard Bacon! More to her than Blue Peter!
Konnie huq uno, imagine my bby being her ew
You look like Konnie Huq -.- ;) — ¬_¬ I do not, I look nothing like her.
I remember when Konnie Huq used to present it, those were the timesss
Fact: Konnie Huq is beautiful even when she's watching a man vomit maggots
Any chance of seeing you on the box again soon? I've got nothing new to put on my fan site (the Big Boys Konnie Huq site)
Simon G: year A extra clues – Konnie Huq left “Blue Peter” after 10 years, Iron Man came out and Liverpool was European Capital of Culture
Konnie Huq lolz, and convincing everyone we had real Blue Peter badges and giving them out
Claudia Winkleman is a lot better than Konnie Huq
Have you seen any Charlie Brooker stuff, I think you'd like him. He's like me but more cynical and old. And married to Konnie Huq.
Charlie Brooker: Konnie Huq writes some of Newswipe’s best lines
Charlie Brooker: My wife Konnie Huq comes up with Newswipe’s best lines
Charlie Brooker and konnie huq, wow did not know that!!
It's fair to say that Alice Levine is the Konnie Huq of the Bit On The Side presenting team...
Apparently you do not say Konnie Huq like Huck, its Huw. I don't know where I am in life anymore.
Did you used to watch Konnie Huq on Blue Peter? She co-wrote that. Changes all sorts of things!
2012 ~ what did it mean for UpRise & the mission to eradicate racism? We'll here's a review of our actions, achievements & activisms: ♥ We appointed our first Ambassadette ~ Miss Baby Sol. She's been doing an amazing job of spreading the word, raising the profile and creating ideas. ♥ We collaborated with Channel 4 and hosted our 1st (lively) UpRise Talks which featured London Mayoral candidates, Bonnie Greer and Konnie Huq and C4 boss David Abraham. We achieved a trending hashtag and were watched online by over 190,000 peops. Phew! ♥ We started writing articles as part of UpRise Papers. ♥ We hosted our 2nd Stand UpRise with comics such as Sara Pascoe, Johnny Cochrane, Michelle de Swarte, Tom Davis and many others exploring themes of self-expression, discrimination and much more. ♥ We hosted a 2nd UpRise Talks at City Hall which started an open conversation between the Met Police and youngers. ♥ We attended and stood in solidarity with numerous rallies, protests and marches such as; We Are Wa ...
"Join me, Tom Daley, as I teach celebrities how to dive..." Right, so that'll be Timmy Mallet, Andrew Stone and Konnie Huq then?
Nah she never would. In order I think it was Ben Shepherd, Fearne Cotton, Holly Willoughby, Konnie Huq and now them x
Konnie Huq is the beautiful product of immigration into Britain.
Konnie Huq. Just lowered the debate on
Konnie Huq has to bring her baby on and say "here is one I prepared earlier" surely?
Random fact >>> konnie huq is an Oxbridge graduate
Konnie Huq. What have you got on Charlie Brooker?
I think Konnie Huq is lovely. Even though my mum wanted me to marry her husband.
Why has Konnie Huq not changed since 1997?
I take any criticism of Konnie Huq as a personal attack on myself.
There! They brought in Konnie Huq to level the playing field lol...
This'll be interesting , Konnie Huq on This Week...wonder if great vitriol has rubbed off :)
Konnie Huq attempting to do coquettish. She looks so old!
From the sublime to the ridiculous. Jesus it's Britain's worst ever broadcaster Konnie Huq. Oh God I can't watch
I don't bother with Question Time. I watch QTXtra on BBC3 where Konnie Huq asks them about each others clothes over a glass of wine
Anyway. Time for my current telly crush (Ben Whishaw, as, er, written about here
This week, I wrote about TV crushes. My all-time, forever-adoration belongs to Bruce Willis/David Addison. I luff him:
TV crushes: From Bruce Willis to Konnie Huq to the Yellow Power... BWFNews
Hello! Will somebody give us our 'BIG BREAK' now please? We've been playing little DIY venues for like seven years, and we've decided we'd like to start playing arenas and footie stadiums and that. Just send us an email or whatever, and we can work out the finer details. Thanks. Love ONSNIDNDISIND xxx PS: If you need something to put on the posters just put "PJ and Duncan meets Sting meets Venom meets Donna Air meets Count Joseph Boruwlaski meets Faustino Asprilla's legs meets Jimmy Nail meets Pat Barker meets Geoff Keegan's facial hair meets Cheryl Tweedy meets Lee Cattermole's Premier League disciplinary record" or something.
New Parent News A night off from the baby for new parents Konnie Huq and Charlie Brooker - Daily Mail: Daily Mai...
Konnie Huq and Charlie Brooker take a night off from baby as they attend British Comedy Awards
is this AFTER he got married to Konnie Huq? Jez ...
despite being the biggest chopper in the world he's still managed to land Konnie Huq. How does that happen?
hold the phone since when were Konnie Huq and Charlie Brooker married?!!?
Konnie Huq and Charlie Brooker proper cringed at Ali G stand-up award acceptance.
she's mine too. Plus Konnie Huq or Nicki Chapman.
Confuses me how Charlie Brooker and Konnie Huq are married
Breast Cancer Awareness
"Look who is here.." Why is konnie huq there, didn't realise Blue Peter was comedy?!
are you allowed to be that close to Konnie Huq
Konnie Huq you stole Charlie from us. Not fair.
Why's konnie huq at the COMEDY awards?!
its mind blowing honestly especially episode 2/3. (Co wrote by his wife Konnie Huq of Blue Peter fame) Second series out in 2013.
It's not a victory for the underdogs if you have a book out for Christmas and are married to Konnie Huq. Brooker who are you anymore?
First appearance on TV for a while there of Konnie Huq. Remember her?
I bet Konnie Huq didn't let Charlie Brooker write his own vows. Nothing ruins the big day like a scathing yet witty criticism of confetti.
Charlie Brooker just won a Comedy Award AND he's married to Konnie Huq. He really does have it all.
He must have a sense of humour, he married Konnie Huq
Still find it very odd that Charlie Brooker and Konnie Huq are a couple
Ugh Konnie Huq just appeared on my tv.
Konnie Huq should be enough of an award for him
Konnie Huq's looking bang tidy at the
Why, is a woman who looks like Konnie Huq and has the *** of Christina Hendricks going to be joining me?
Interesting. Two blokes have replied to say a) Konnie Huq and b) Floella Benjamin. BBC edutainment wins again.
I expect konnie huq round in the next hour the slag.
The quiet middle class mutterings of the dinner table have exploded into violence because someone mentioned Charlie Brooker and Konnie Huq.
there was a time when i'd get confused between MIA and Konnie Huq
cough cough. Are you forgetting a certain Konnie Huq??
Remember when Konnie Huq presented Yeah, me neither. WORST YEAR EVER. I ship Olly and Caroline so hard!
lmao remember when Konnie Huq presented the Xtra Factor.
Konnie Huq, Julia Bradbury and Kate Humble with a bottle of JD and a handy cam.
who was your fav ever Blue Peter presenter? I think mine might have been katy hill or konnie huq or old cokenose richy bacons
Is it just me or is Konnie Huq ridiculously hot?
Just had some horrific Konnie Huq hosting Xtra Factor flashbacks.
District Governor Eve Conway Ghazhi with BBC Konnie Huq reminiscing about Rotary Projects they both have...
or mindy... or randomly Konnie Huq, but I've no idea why she'd be in Oz
Konnie Huq is ridiculously fit. Her eyes man
Miss the old days when I used to come home and watch konnie huq and Matt Baker on Blue Peter...
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Although not as much as konnie huq on the She hated so much it was mazin TV. "oh, you got eliminated,.. thats a shame"
As endlessly annoying as Caroline Flack and Olly Murs are, they are infinitely better than Konnie Huq.
They make Xtra Factor fun, can't believe they ever let Konnie Huq do it!
I found the fantasy about Konnie Huq finding Charlie Brooker hanging from a light fitting especially classy.
I remember her! And Simon, and Matt Baker, and Konnie Huq, and someone called Liz? I have some Blue Peter annuals here too!
The definition of low: Keith from Westlife & Konnie Huq vs Alex James on Blockbusters presented by Simon Mayo & me watching it.
Watching celebrity Blockbusters. It's hosted by Simon Mayo and features Konnie Huq, Keith Duffy and Alex James. I might still be asleep?
Escaping into Simon Mayo's special edition of Blockbusters on Challenge, with a return appearance from ex-contestant Konnie Huq.
"Your average British Muslim is much more likely to be similar to a confident Amir Khan, a bubbly Konnie Huq or a hard…
is off to see a show called A Touch of Cloth this afternoon and features Rufus Hound and Konnie Huq. Hope its good :)
any time i see M.I.A. i just thinks she looks like a more ghetto version of Konnie Huq from Blue Peter
just spotted Charlie Brooker and Konnie Huq walking down Clapham High Street with child. Her smiley, him scowling
Now a lot of people would say Konnie Huq. Has now been deflowered by Charlie Brooker though.
My new favourite celebrity couple (taking over from Konnie Huq and Charlie Brooker) is Michelle Gomez and Jack Davenport. Wahoo.
Ah, that's mean! I wouldn've put money on Konnie Huq! I dare not do it now, I'd like Bruce Willis, but I might get Susan Boyle!
Charlie Brooker is possibly the most entertaining man on television. Plus he married Konnie Huq. Great man indeed.
Most desirable British TV presenters. Georgie Thompson, Abbey Clancy, Holly Willoughby, Konnie Huq - not since Anneka Rice was running around in a catsuit in the 90s have Britain's female TV presenters looked so sexy. And with the BAFTA awards just around the corner, there's no time like the present...
I taught Melanie Sykes Plate Spinning Live on TV on the "Today With Des & Mel" Show and Konnie Huq at The Great...
VIDEO: Comedy look at Children's TV by Charlie Brooker (married to Konnie Huq!) via
That M.I.A chick looks like Konnie Huq from Blue Peter. if she chose a new career as a crack ***
Konnie Huq welcomes baby boy: Former 'Blue Peter' presenter Konnie Huq has become a mother for the first time af...
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