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Kong Hee

Kong Hee (Chinese: 康希)(born August 23, 1964) is the founder, honorary and volunteer senior pastor of City Harvest Church in Singapore.

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Tonight Kong Hee is with us. We will pray and agree with you for the things you are believing for in 2015!
I just finished day 4 of the Plan Kong Hee: Stepping Into Your Purpose. Check it out here:
24 hours away. .our awesome New Years eve service..with Kong Hee..6pm...
Hongkongers pick Korean heartthrob Kim Soo-hyun as Man of the Year in RTHK poll.
I added a video to a playlist Rev. Dr. Kong Hee pleads Guilty.wmv
I added a video to a playlist Dr. Rev. Kong Hee from CHC: Your Giving is a Measure of your Faith.wmv
I added a video to a playlist Kong Hee Messages - The Laws of the Harvest 1 (1-2)
Wednesday eve..,join us for our annual anointing..agreement service with special friend Kong Hee..6pm..
Flew over to Mongkok to have Hong Kong desserts! . Ok lame. @ Hee Kee Desserts
[PIC] 141107 ICN Airport to Hong Kong - Leeteuk and Heechul looking good at the airport~ [3P] (Cr:
Church leader Kong Hee arrives in court for the trial. He takes the stand today.
Today I am reading day 4 of Kong Hee: Your Life's Purpose:
[PREVIEW] Sungmin at Incheon airport going to Hong Kong (1) [_haengel]
I just finished day 1 of the plan 'Kong Hee: Navigating Through Life'. Check it out here:
Buy china wine on itunes and kong hee will bless you
Jover Chew + Yang Yin + Kong Hee = If one day all 3 of them met in the same prison cell,...
Oh no! Frankie and his Fong Kong english all we hear is woo waa hoo huu haa hee muffle muffle muffle
10 slogans have arrived Hong Kong ♥ let's support leeteuk'solo at supershow6 in Hong Kong!!!
I liked a video Re:velation of the 7 Mountains (Kong Hee)
Looks who's coming to Indonesia? Pastor Kong Hee will be sharing the word of God!
Idle time is often difficult, because we were not created to waste time. ~Kong Hee
In Hong Kong, a wife who has been cheated on is allowed to kill her husband, but only with her bare hands
City Harvest Church (CHC) founder Kong Hee wrote: "I pray that the authorities will be merciful to me, in view of my years of service (DECEIVING) to my church, our society and to lives in need locally as well as internationally." Dear Judge and Prosecutioner , please dont put me in jail. it will be a waste of Taxpayers money. forgive me I wont CON Singapore anymore . please set me free so that I can CON Internationally The Whole Wide World. hee hee hee.- See more at:
SINGAPORE: The trial involving the City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee and his five deputies resumes on Monday (July 14). The fourth leg of the trial will s...
[CNA] CHC trial: Kong Hee said Xtron was like City Harvest's "own GIC": The church founder had said that for X...
Kong Hee cried in court as he talks about 'traumatic' time for young son: City Harvest Church (CHC) founder Kong...
City Harvest Church (CHC) founder Kong Hee choked up and cried a few times on the stand on Thursday as he told...
Asia ~ DPP to Kong Hee: You swept everything under the carpet - AsiaOne
trial: Church founder Kong Hee says it was up to church members to decide if they wanted to buy Sun *** s CDs at the end of …
u should if u mention Kong Hee on ur show. U should bring up his "pastor" friends Brian Houston and Phil Pringle also.
"City Harvest trial: I went from 'shepherd' to 'rancher' as church grew, says Kong Hee rancher not rear lambs to sell one meh?
I just finished Kong Hee: Abba - The Father Of Love Bible reading Plan at
True worship is unselfish, unconditional & has no agenda. -Kong Hee
CORRUPTION Lee and Ai long ?? Yes I do believe their have corruption ? Why I say this ? Even chc postor kong kong hee also corruption money, when there is money , there will be corruption , who not want fast and easy money ? Me also want easy money lol.. So remember this "Corruption is everyone ."
With so many different views on social media, here is my personal view on the Roy Ngerng saga: Take note that I'm not supporting any political parties, and do not wish to get involved in polictics. IMO, this guy got what he deserved. He's no different from Kong Hee from City Harvest Cult, getting donations from public to fund his law suit. He's old enough to think before he act, and public monies should not be involved. He should face the consequences of his own actions. Those who donated to his cause isn't much different from the cult followers from CHC. Sorry to say, but both sets of supporters are plain silly and naive. And disillusioned. I won't pity Roy even if he's being detained for years. Cos I feel that these are the type of characters that causes divide among Singaporeans. And unity is important in a country's progress. In summary, we can do without such persons with disruptive nature and with hidden agendas.
Our lives in Jesus Christ is a victorious race that is ever moving forward! ~kong Hee
Normal man cant have sex with odd poo or pee. Only perverted style beast gulp rubbish. Like kong hee n sun *** Pee is edible to kong hee
I just finished day 181 of Kong Hee: God’s Vision For You Bible reading plan at
Kong Hee: "The kingdom of God is a kingdom of wholeness & life; every time someone gets healed, the kingdom of God is revealed." People @ New Friends Homeless Center are getting healed from sickness like seizures, stomach problems, body parts being in pain, cancer. People are being filled with joy & hope and are getting jobs, places to live and getting back on their feet. Prayer every week @ NFHC is changing lives. Thank you God!
"Daily Living with Kong Hee" Step Outside Your Tent People often get preoccupied with their circumstances and experiences. And they may lose perspective about what is really true and important in the process. Abraham experienced one of these difficult moments in life. God had promised to make Abraham's descendants into a great nation, but Abraham didn't even have a son! Abraham was so frustrated that he grew depressed. He thought, "I'm old, I have no son, and I'll probably die soon. My life is a waste." Abraham was experiencing tunnel vision. He was cooped up in a dark, musty tent, and he thought his situation looked hopeless. But God knew that Abraham just needed a fresh perspective on his situation. So He took Abraham outside the tent and said, "Look now toward heaven, and count the stars, if you are able to number them... So shall your descendants be." (Gen. 15:5) Abraham originally viewed his world through small human lenses, but God wanted him to look through big God lenses instead! God inspired Abra ...
Is what you do with ALL that's within you exalt the ONE who made us or does it only glorify yourself?. EMRWeakley. I…
Loving Others With The Right Heart Jesus had a knack for stumping the wisest men of Israel with some of the simplest statements. In Matthew, we read of a Pharisee, an “expert in the law,” who sought to expose Jesus for a fraud by asking him a difficult spiritual question: “What is the greatest commandment?” Christ’s reply was essentially to love God wholeheartedly and in turn, to love others fervently. Many Christians today might take this answer for granted. We say, “Of course, God is love and Christians are to love God and love others.” But let us be honest for a moment and ask, do our lives reflect Christ’s answer to that question? Or does it seem we are as clueless about the answer as was the Pharisee who asked it? Christ’s words in Matthew are not intended to teach us to love others only as much as we love ourselves, as though someone who does not particularly like themselves is only expected to love others with that same pitiful measure of love. The Pharisee who asked the question ...
Looking forward to speaking at Jubilee Christian Center with my Pastor *** Bernal and Kong Hee. Jubilee - My home away from home!!
kong hee: Do what you can and pray for what you cannot yet do. ~ Augustine
10 days to launch..VERTICAL 2014..time to elevate!...join Rick Hawkins..Kong Hee..and me.Going Up!
Is your purpose in alignment with where & who God is calling you to be?. Double check the where & who by the actions…
The dry spell is on , lets pray for rain ..Tikong , Tua Peh Kong , Lawrence Khong , Kong Hee .. Pls bless us with plentiful of rain .
Is your dream not only aligned, but intertwined with your God given life purpose?. Don't let delusions of self servic…
Are you living a selfless life? . Being in service to others brings the greatest enrichment to the soul... EMRWeakle…
Do you know what you were created to do for God's glory?. Gifts & talents are not the same, however, both are given a…
I just finished Kong Hee: Called To Bless Bible reading Plan at
Not good news for Kong Hee or City Harvest Church.
SINGAPORE: The third tranche of the trial involving the six leaders of City Harvest Church resumes on Monday. Church founder Kong Hee and five of his deputie...
I remember the mistake made by Jimmy Swaggart years ago. He was a great minister of good repute till that day. And the whole Christian world, as far as I know, literally crucified him as if he is on his way to *** Similarly, Jim Bakker. Similarly, Roberts Liardon. Now it's happened to David Yonggi Cho, and Kong Hee. The world's saying is really true, "people don't remember all the good you do, but they will remember the few bad that you did." Most don't really know the reasons for the sin. They assume things and start to tell them as if it's the truth. This is the way the world does things. Every believer will agree to that. Yet when it filters into the church, then see the church's shortcomings. It is real sad when we hear Christians say "we cannot simply judge" and they do so very readily. The bible says the very standard of measure we use, will be used to measure us...which is why so many receive judgements in different forms simply because they are quick to judge others. Another reason why judgement . ...
Harvest Church's auditor Baker Tilly TFW knew about the supposedly sham deals made using church money, looked into them and approved the books in the end. What is more, the church's founder Kong Hee and five others accused of misusing about $50 million of church funds had been advised by Mr Foong Daw Ching, the firm's managing partner at the time, on the transactions. These were the twin lines of defence put up yesterday by Mr Kannan Ramesh, a lawyer representing church finance manager Sharon Tan. Check this out and share it with your friends. "Like" our page at for our regular updates on the Singapore professionals.
That's the amount of time I have for Kong Hee of the CHC CULT in Singapore! (Kong is being prosecuted by the Singaporean Government).
Murdurer show up in victims funeral. Thats case for arbernard to kong hee
NYPD MUST investigate arbernard n kong hee money misuse in new york when sun *** was in a car for sex
Kong hee criminal team. Who can be smarter? Singapore gov vs konghee gangs?. Lets see
Kong hee never sell his property to reward churchgoers to invested. Its yonggi style
City Harvest Church goer asks how common is common sense. Am tempted to reply 'not common if you still think kong hee is amazeballs lul'
Thanks for the dinners, wonderful birthday wishes and your unforgettable smiles. I am very blessed to have such wonderful family, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends in my life. Thank you again and wishing all "Kong Hee Fatt Choy... Huat Ah!!"
This woman (Sun *** is co-pastor of City Harvest Church in Singapore with her Husband Kong Hee. This is the...
Sharon bush try to remove all poor area school in usa who cant pay taxwell. Kong hee sun *** beg to lakewood as asian
White *** licker kong hee n sun *** As asian they are willing to be slave of racism
Citizen know chosun choonang dong a is *** pawn newspaper. mr lee made yonhap news for himself side like kong hee
Dear All, Please find Sunday’ s menu. Coming on board this week is the ever lovable samosa’s, our very own banana pakoda, and sukhdi. The sukhdi is a delightful sweet make from wheat flour and jaggery (gula Melaka) . Have fun and see you all Sunday. Incidentally, if you know the time and number, call us and book to avoid waiting. Dont forget, get more friends to follow us and live life, love life, eat good, work hard, make merry and NJOY the impending CNY Holidays!! Kong Hee Fatt Choy, hoo hoo!! Sunday Ganga Jamuna19 Jan 2014 Sunday Brunch Menu:) Starters: Tomato Soup Banana Pakoda*, Manchurian Balls & Onion Pakoda Dhokla* & Samosa Chatni’s: Spicy Manchu Red , Ice Mint Green* & Sweet Tamarind Earth* Chatni’s Mains: Mix Vegetable, Turia Mattar (Squash Peas), AluGobi (Potato Cauliflower) Yellow Tadka Dal, Dabka Kadhi*, Onion Curry Salad*, Papadam, Acar Chapatti, Parathas, Bhakri & Poori Brown Rice Drinks Coffee & Masala Tea Sweets Topra Pakh, Sukhdi
Thanks for the lovely goat cheese and garlic bread and the wining and dining Maude Phipps - and great meeting up with Titus Ng - Kang Kong Hee Fatt Choy to all!
There are surely useless amoebas toxic to human society worst than super vacteria like kong hee n sun ***
Mr Tan confirmed that the Crossover Project "was not a Pastor Kong Hee project solely"; It's a Church project.
Saima Mirza Pastor Kong Hee: Pastor Kong Hee, The longest-serving trustee of the City Harvest Church testified on...
One of seven deadly sins. Idolize pastor . Hey city harvest pastors dont you read the whole bible before teaching beginners?amoeba kong hee
City Harvest Church is pagan. Bc they serve pastor more than god. Idolizing ppl is one of the hatest sins of God according to bible. Kong hee
Dear evil kong hee. My political ideal is democracy. Everyone should be respected as an individual but no one should be IDOLIZED
In human society. There are lots of sun *** n kong hee . Here n there
Kong hee might as well tell his followers that he is God..
Once singapore was under japanese colonization?. I didnt know. Then sun *** use geisha to be star . Kong hee offer church $ to her???. *** pawn
Why I AM proud to be a Singaporean // There's Kumar, there's Hossan Leong and there's Pastor Kong Hee! GOLD!!
Through the support of friends like you, Kong Hee Ministries takes Christ to our culture by proclaiming the life-transforming message to "love God wholeheartedly and love people fervently." We do this through international broadcast media, social media, print media, humanitarian outreach, missions,…
Where is receipt? Kong hee must hand in receipt their expense at court. Church$ isnt for pastor surgery or sun *** boob
Evil criminal to nice person. Modern surger is amazing enough to change imge of criminal kong hee to shephard pastor
After transformation kong hee with church gods money
Latest kong hee transformation. Nowdays hot popular surgery . Bad to nicer image surgery as if draw face again
Kong hee has done surgery with churchmoney on n on little by little
Finally at critical time. I show real proof n increse sentence. I know kong hee pawns lie on n on. Lie make bigger lie. Stupid amoebas
Foolish kong hee pawns believes court now. But judge n prosecutor isnt that stupid. Though they have proof. They jusr pretend to listen to
We hope 270 passengers on board SQ281 are free from measles.For those have contact with the infant do have to visit the doctor if have bad rash,fever,conjunctivitis and cough. Do recover Kong Hee Fai Cai just around the corner. God Blessed
Thanks for posting about kong hee n.pawns false degree. I assume they are false yeah
Loser money sucker. Kong hee son must be in jail not to be joel houston . Loser pretend to be someone big
Kong Hee Afflictions are light when compared with ... the weight of glory which is awaiting us ~ Arthur W. Pink
Kong hee forehead line has changed continuously . That means he plant hair on the forehead. Eye tip surgery to look nicer image. Liptip surgery
I will post all later about kong hee plastic surgery now i am lazy to do
Kong hee surgery with church money. I have many photo. I will pick where it is . Numerous
"You were fully aware that the money that went by way of bonds into Xtron was used for the production of music albums of Sun *** spouse of Kong Hee?"
Morning ponggal with wife ,kalpana,kharthic and kaaviyaashri and later in the.evening Kong hee fa Cai shopping
Singapore image was good before kong hee n sun *** Singgapore citizen n gov can sue kong hee sun *** n pawns to damage nation image . Possible
Yes my assumption was right. Sing gov must concern this . Cash has no record. This is the way kong hee n sun *** steal $
Singapore gov must apply court blasphamy to sun *** n kong hee. For years they manipulate lie before ppl n god n judge
I wish god doesnt push me to explain n reveal why kong hee n sun *** are satan pawn. Idont mind kong hee gangs go to *** or not. It isnt worth
Run from teachers like Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes, Steven Furtick, Kong Hee, Phil Pringle, etc. who promote the pr…
I dont mind whether they are eaten by kong hee or sun *** I dont want to even thinkawful creature sun *** ET is cutter than it. Sun *** isanimal
I cant understand how follish chc ppl are enough to trust kong hee n gangs. I hate god push me to explain basic things to dummass ppl. Lazy
Kong Hee and Sun *** are Singapore's most shameless couple. They should stop pretending they work for God.
Yes kong hee might have been anointed like king saul. Then he makes god angry. So god left king saul stab himself n die
Kong hee n sun *** are jesus seller businessperson. They dont step into bible path at all. Their lives reveal absolutely reverse side of bible
Kong Hee says His Team Needs to Be Paid More than Enough to Take Care of their Families Donate your $$$ now! Become a fan of The Goddess Serina Wee
We are not special to God because of our actions, but because of His great love for us. Isaiah 43:4 - Ps. Kong Hee
NEWS from AROUND THE REGION Singapore, Mon: City Harvest Church' s case involving Kong Hee and a few others resumes today at the Subordinate Courts. As early as 6.30 am,there were a number of Church members loitering around the Court's frontal part awaiting to get permits for entry into the Court's gallery to follow the proceedings. Unlike the previous two sittings,there was no overnight queue in this third leg as Court entry permits can only be obtained from 7.15am onwards. It serves well for Singaporeans to remember that City Harvest Church is a member of several interchurch organisations.Its resources outmatch many other local churches that make it a pwerful organisation with specific agendas that could only be undertaken by City Harvest and no others.
No matter what you are going through, don't give up hoping in God. Pain is never permanent! -kong hee-
Anyone can recommend any good troup of Hoi Kung Chinese New Year LION DANCE at offices and business premesis. Kindly PM me. Kong Hee Fatt Choy to all.Thank you!!!
Kong Hee wrote: When God speaks, oftentimes His voice will call for an act of courage on our part. ~ Charles Stanley
Kong Hee wrote: When the storms of life strike, it's what happens in you that will determine what happens to you. ~ Jerry Savelle
KONG HEE: Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same. Treasure your RELATIONSHIPS!
Possession will give you the position to be the salt and the light of the world (Ps. Kong Hee - CHC Singapore). Therefore, claim the possessions and believe that He will grant them for His glory.
THE KONG HEE AND PHIL PRINGLE CONNECTION In April 2010, the Commission of Charities investigated Kong Hee and his church's purchase of SunTec City Convention Center. Later in 2010, new investigatio...
Not prayer without faith, not faith without prayer** but prayer in faith is the cost of spiritual gifts and graces "kong hee"
Home from church & hearing a great message from Pastor Kong Hee of Singapore. The power of Focus! thing I ask Prayer 2. One thing I know Revelation 3. One thing I do Action. I'm so grateful to be a part of a great church. Looking forward to a great year!
SINGAPORE: Five members of City Harvest Church (CHC), including its founder Pastor Kong Hee, have been arrested for alleged criminal breach of trust and fals...
2012 for me will be best known as the year of Elections.It began with Taiwan's Presidental and Legislative elections,resulting in the reelection of Ma Ying Jeou,and ended with the South Korean Presidential Election which resulted in the historic election of the country's first female President:Park Geun-Hye.In between,Presidential Elections had been held in Russia,France,Mexico,Venezuela and most importantly,the United States.Parliamentary Elections had been held in South Korea and Japan. Singapore had a by-election,the country's first since 1992 and the first for a SMC since 1981,on May 2012 at Hougang SMC.The by-election occured after the Workers' Party sacked Yaw Shin Leong for his involvement in extra-martial affairs.Hougang SMC,though,proved to be a stronghold for the WP after their candidate Png Eng Huat won convincingly with 62% of the vote,compared with 38% for PAP's Desmond Choo. 2012 had also been remembered as the year Spain became the first side since West Germany in 1972 to defend their Europ ...
"What you are able to overcome will be the seed to your promotion in 2014!" - Pastor Kong Hee
Let us thank God heartily as often as we pray ... both in good times & painful moments. ~ Pst Kong Hee
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Join us for a special service this coming Wednesday at 7pm as we start off the new year. We have special guest speaker, Pastor Kong Hee sharing a message followed by Party on the Plaza! There will be music, food trucks and much more. What better way to start off the new year than at church with the family?! We hope to see you there!
i love this day! masyado 'kong masaya :") i just hope everyday will be like this.. Goodnight ;*
Kong Hee wrote: Disciple means "learner," not just follower. You can follow and never apply your heart to learning. ~ A.R. Bernard
Kong Hee wrote: We are tested in life as believers according to our value to the kingdom. ~ A.R. Bernard
Kong Hee wrote: Be of good cheer. Do not think of today's failures, but of the success that may come tomorrow ~ Helen Keller
Hi all, there's no Sun morning service on 15/12. Join us for Services with Rev Dr Kong Hee at 7.30pm on Sun 15/12 & 8pm on Mon 16/12!
" The secret of concentration is Elimination " ~ Kong Hee
kong hee: "As you move from one level of life to another, the intimacy of your relationships must change if the persons you are with are not growing."
Why Your Attitude Matters Kong Hee I love the story of David and Goliath because it illustrates how, with God, no challenge is insurmountable. David was appointed and anointed by God (just as we are!), and there were four things David did to overcome Goliath that you and I can adopt in order to gain victory over our own giants: David maintained a WINNING ATTITUDE While the rest of Israel looked at Goliath and allowed their hearts to melt in fear and intimidation, David chose to put on the “helmet of salvation.” In 1 Samuel 17, we see his thoughts: “Look, with my bare hands I have killed the lion and the bear!” “How can this one, singular, uncircumcised Philistine be compared to the might of the living God?” “When the whole Egyptian army came against our forefather, God opened up the Red Sea and drowned them all! And this guy is just one man!” God moves according to how you THINK. Ephesians 3:20 says, “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or THINK, acc ...
The power of "focus" . Sermon by Ps. Kong Hee.. i'am blessed.., many responded during the altar call.…
According to a report by the Associated Press, the trial began on May 15, 2013: Singapore opened a long-anticipated corruption trial Wednesday of six church leaders accused of embezzling more than $40 million to fund the pop music career of the wife of Kong Hee ... He is coming to Medan
I want to give something on Christmas. I want to give words of hope and inspiration. feel free to quote what I say. there is no royalty. what is Christmas but the spirit of giving. many of us do not have the spirit of giving. some are giving. worse still some are robbers. Malachi 3:9,10 not only tithes but offerings for those in full time ministry. at least give the servants of the Lord pastors,evangelists, Prophets, Apostles etc. For example : a good meal, some financial for their family or share the words of salvation to non-believers. Christ gave His best. He GAVE .but what do I see. stores use this time to get profit. I was sickened to see what I saw in Christmas. City Harvest couldn`t give us shelter last Christmas. no wonder Kong Hee was judged. God gave you a good church but did you give? check your hearts this Christmas. Christ gave, gave, gave not take,take, take. Christmas is the spirit of giving. adios, amigo gracias. God bless you. ~words given by Ben Liu
It must be unforgettable night cause tonight is going to make a revival at GPdI Maranatha Medan with Rev. Kong Hee (Singapore)
Konghee n sun *** want to collect more money for the excuse jesus birthday. Even though jesus didnt gamble stock like kong hee
Kong hee n sun *** money collect day by selling jesus. We wish a merry christmas. We wish you offer more
Kong Hee: "Sometimes opportunity comes when we are not fully prepared for it.We must quickly grow into the person for the job or lose the opportunity"
I'm so blessed of preaching last night by Ps Kong Hee.. ~ The power of Fokus~
Capture in Culture Mandate seminar with Ps. Kong Hee.. Thanks God for this opportunity, i served God with… [pic] —
I'am blessed tonite.. The power of FOCUS. Sermon by Ps. Kong Hee (City Harvest Church) one of my fav preacher. He lives what he preach and he preach what he lives..
Background: Pastor Kong founded the church with his wife *** Yeow Sun in 1989. He is currently the senior pastor of the congregation, which numbers at over 23,000. Two years ago, the way he ran his church and used the funds raised came into question when the CAD launched a probe on the alleged misuse of church funds and financial transactions which involved 'several individuals and companies, related or connected' to the church. Kong hee
Satans goal is to destroy ppl. God doesnt protect kong hee pawns all. In my dream. God never watch kong hee pawns. Only death staff busy forthem
God said. God doesnt relate to kong hee pawns. Susan ong n sun *** will cruely die from evil gods servant. Bc they serve evil god not GOD
Alive! with Kong brings you exciting highlights from the inspiring and faith-filled ministry of Kong Hee, founder and senior pastor of the dynamic City Harve...
WOw... It was so Incredible honor to me to see your great preach, Ps. Kong Hee and blessed voices from kak Novita Dewi at Balai Namaken, Medan. I was still remember when you (Kong Hee) said that, "Christmas is always tend to the Light. And the Light of God is gonna cover up your darkness, despair, and hopelessness". Wowww... what a blessed !!! kak Novita Dewi, I am always proud of you. Cause you are always obeying to The Lord. And you use talented from God not to be show off. But to praise in JESUS CHRIST. And now, I am so alive for this blessed Christmas. Cause you work out to be my role model. Thanks for everything, God. I am Your light and KEEP always Your light forevermore :)
Sun *** n kong hee was poor. How can they live in penthouse??. They steal gods money for excuse of helping the poor
The ppl who must be killed right now are sun *** kong hee, susan ong, hanafi, tan ye peng, young gi cho, and the crook of chc.
The cause of the riot in singapore is Sun *** &Kong hee. The ppl in Singapore don't trust the government any more. They are sick of it!
Hey susan ong. I saw in my dream you busily hide all luxury paintings n diamons under your house basement for kong hee
I have had two weird dream about susan ong. Moneylaundry for sun *** n kong hee. Susan ong protect kong hee
Susan ong hides expensive paints in her basement in dream, which means she is very busy in CHC moneylaundry. Kong hee, sun *** mark kwan.
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What sun *** n kong hee lack of. His pawn lack of history class. They are just amoebas eating spending like animals
Kong Hee "Nothing will change in your life until you identify who is responsible for your behavior. YOU!"
Cultural Mandate Seminar with Ps.Kong Hee (with Bryan and Nehemia Ariya at UNILAND Building) —
Having service with team in Cultural Mandate Seminar with Rev.DR.Kong Hee from CHC Singapore at Uniplaza Medan ☺
Come and Join our Big Christmas Celebration with Rv. Dr. Kong Hee, 10 Desember 2013 di Balai Namaken…
Just believe that with God all thing are possible (nginden by. Ps. Kong hee)
Kong Hee wrote:The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other ~ Burton Hillis
Kong Hee wrote: If you have no joy, there's a leak in your Christianity somewhere ~ Billy Sunday
Ep 14: Overcome Anxiety Coffee With Kong - Sit back, relax and have a cup of coffee with Pst Kong Hee. Join Bernard every week as he chats with Pst Kong about life and ministry.
City Harvest Church: Kong Hee - Re:sponse That Builds Generation - Clip 3/3 A snippet of the sermon preached by Pastor Kong Hee on 12 October 2013 at City ...
" God uses the imperfect People to do His perfect work " ~ Kong Hee
Donovan Briggans Zeroing In On God's Truth Kong Hee Scripture emphasizes the need for focus. And Jesus Himself is our greatest example of why focus is vital to living in God’s will. Yesterday, I shared how Jesus told Peter not to get distracted from his life’s mission by unimportant concerns. Today, I want to share the power of focus through the example of John the Baptist. In Matthew 11, John the Baptist was going through a hard time in prison. When he heard about “the works of Christ” (verse 2), he began to have serious doubts in his mind: Was Jesus really the Savior? Then where was the ax that was to be laid at the root of the trees? Where was the fiery Judge that he had prophesied to the people? This Jesus was too gentle, too soft, too easygoing! So John the Baptist sent two disciples to ask Jesus, “Are You the Coming One, or do we look for another?” (verse 3). In response, Jesus quoted Isaiah 35:5-6—a passage of Scripture that John the Baptist himself was so familiar with: “The blind ...
Prayer for the day by Kong Hee: Father, help me to block out all the negativity, deception and distraction that the world constantly tries to speak into my mind and heart. I want to zero in on Your truth today, and to live by faith in Your Word alone!
Daily Living with Ps Kong Hee Self Worth & Esteem As I shared yesterday, you and I need to be very secure with our identity in Christ if we’re to stay focused on our God-given assignments. I’ve already shared about the importance of self-image. Today, I want to share about why we need to be secure in our self-worth and self-esteem. I often hear people say, “How much is this person worth? What is his net worth? $3 million? $30 million? $30 billion?” But ultimately, what is more important than net worth is your self-worth! You are worth much more than silver and gold. God says, “You are worth My Son dying on the cross for you!” You are precious to God! You are the apple of His eye! “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?” ~ Romans 8:31-32 All plastic surgeons know that for a real, positive change in a person’s personality, pl ...
Kong Hee FEAR - False Evidence that Appears Real. Sometimes fear protects us. Sometimes it tricks us. ~ A.R. Bernard Con Hee should tell the judge that all the evidences were falsified by CAD. End of case!
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Focus not on GOOD idea but Focus on GOD idea... Rev Kong Hee
Friend, it is so important for you and me to stay focused on Jesus, on His truth, and on His purpose for our lives if we are to achieve much for His glory and the advancement of His Kingdom. So don’t allow distractions and “good” ideas to dilute your potential impact! Hold fast to Jesus and what He has spoken to your heart. Forget all else, and give God your 100 percent! -Kong Hee
I not keen on balls like my kong pull or chasing mum, inside or out..either is good tee hee
Wow a cert signed by the infamous dr kong hee
Friend, life can be full of setbacks as you build your career, your family, your ministry. But the key is to stay very FOCUSED on what God wants you to do—in every season of your life. And the key to staying focused is knowing who you are in Christ. - Kong Hee
Church growth numbers is a common talking point with Kong Hee and Phil Pringle to stress their credibility to audiences. We've seen Pringle use figure-boosting tactics to encourage people to give m...
Ps Kong Hee preaching about spirit of faith! What a powerful three night it's been! Revival will come in Jesus name!
Kong Hee flew to Heaven regularly '$700,000 might in fact be a steal' YES, Kong Hee stole all your money -facepalm-
So blessed to meet him! (with Ps. Kong Hee at City Harvest Church) [pic] —
Beng Hee’s got his work cut out in Hong Kong Open: PETALING JAYA: National No. 1 Ong Beng Hee can breathe easy...
"God called and equipped you to be a loving, transforming force in this world.- Kong Hee."
Why australian police hide all?? . Suspect raped her cut neck from the body. Why hide that he is white?. Sun *** kong hee
God cares for the person, raises up a people and blesses the place - Ps Kong Hee
video Kong Hee Messages A day of revival Part 12
"God gives us people to love & things to use, not things to love & people to use." -kong hee-
Ifsingapore govhas no will to send kong hee in jail. It is already corrupt enough todeal with korean gov . There is no hope if so
Lets see how much singapore govis corrupt enough to deal with evil korean for kong hee n sun *** n tan ye peng n derek dunn not in jail
Singapore gov is corrupt enough to get yonggi cho money for kong hee. Not to send in jail. Singapore has no hope like korea . Corrupt gov ...
Afterdeath. We can finally be judged on exactscale before real GOD.. Bc ppls here judgement imperfect unfair upsurd like sun *** kong hee
"The most powerful thing a man can have in this universe is the knowledge of God." -Kong Hee
Hey kong hee. Did you buy same items to offer to widow n orphan as you buy for sun *** n your son?. Absoutely not . Ready for *** sentence
Amanda Sutton Office Politics: . An elephant with nice tusks colliding with a donkey kong and the dialogue reads "hee haw"
I liked a video from God in Ancient China (Part II) - Rev. Kong Hee.mp4
Thank you Pastor Kong Hee and Sun *** (Official) for remembering my birthday! THEY SEND TO MY PLACE FROM BIRTHDAY CARD!
"Happiness is activity with purpose" shared by Kong Hee. Have a Great Day of Purpose : ) my morning prayer 4 us all! Gym time, Let's get it!
FRESH WORD: "Re:garding Home (17 Nov 2013)" is now available at the e-store!. Kong Hee hits home run in this...
"Every time your faith is put on trial, your character is placed on the witness stand." -Kong Hee-. [ Strong as » ROCK « ]
Hey kong hee. Do you want to be jesus follower?. Tithe n sell your property all first . If not disqualfied as pastor
Hey kong hee n sun *** Ppl who are superior to you in terms of as human quality. They know your life isnt biblical. Choose one . Give up one
Hey kong hee. Ppl who are naive or in sane or blind believer can admire your words style. Best pagan mouth can work well like joel osteen
If you want property n make profit. Give up pastor position. Labour like normal ppl out of church with sun *** Kong hee . Dont manipulate more
Hey kong hee your cutural mandate is support sun *** for what *** did to chinese woman against nanjing massacre by ***
Why kong hee sun *** City Harvest Church media hide all yonggi cho proof. Now korean revealed all. Why you shut up
Word-faith "preacher" Kong Hee hyper-Charismatic City Harvest Church Singapore 33,000 members affiliate churches in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Taiwan, Brunei and Australia Kong appears on his own television programme, has business ventures and is also a motivational speaker he & Five other church executives arrested Used 18 million in Church Funds to Finance Wife’s Pop Music Career- she has been removed from her executive position on the church’s board his wife's is pursuing a career in Hollywood especially with her sensual China Wine MTV Word-faith prosperity and Dominionism Jesus of Nazareth was rich he says teaches positive . confession,thoughts are real things ? a speaker at the Presence 2012 conference in Australia, hosted by Phil Pringle of C3 Church… [along with] Steven Furtick and John Bevere. Furtick claimed he had received direct revelation from God .Kong Hee also appeared with Word Faith pastors Brian Houston and T.D. Jakes at the Vision 2012 Spiritual Life Conference, ...
Scandal of Kong Hee, the pastor and founder of the City Harvest Church puts spotlight on rich Singapore churches
The trial of Singapore's popular Pastor Kong Hee, who is accused of spending $41 million of…
Kong Hee, 47, the pastor and founder of the 20,000-strong City Harvest Church in Singapore is gripped in the scandal along with five other officials.
Even if Kong Hee is found not guilty. His lifestyle doesnt suit does it? What is wife doing?
Yeah. Kong hee your dad is linked with osaka mouse. You will not go to jail. If you lick syphilis jo. Thats the world we live... Injustice
3% of the world controls 95% of the choices we make in life. Join Kong Hee as he teaches on how to rise to the top of the 7 pillars of society - Religion; Family, Business, Education, Government, Arts and Entertainment; and Media. As you learn the Re:Vela
Sun *** cocriminal with kong hee. Chctrial
Sun *** n kong hee charge plastic suegery cost. My assumption was right. Wow. Jesus did??
I think kong hee will escape . Its usual in korea. Though we have proof. Gov is on evil ppl side. Proof works nothing in korea
The only way is to find korean ppls money laundry document related with yonggi cho church. Except for it. Kong hee can escape
If kong hee in jail. Many pastors can go to jail. They will do teamwork not to go to jail together. Only auatralian gov can send them in jail
Yonggi cho is bigger than korean gov. He push gov▶ singapore gov push court. ▶kong hee will be free. Im sure usa n korean pastors will help him
Only australian gov can handle the 3 cocriminal. Yonggi cho. Phil pringle. Kong hee
yes u are!!! Im properly later than u becoz i live in hong kong hee hee. Be happy baby!!!:)
Love you Pastor Kong Hee and still praying for you!
Join us for our Special Weekend w Kong Hee on Sun, Oct 20, 2013.
I just finished day 3 of Kong Hee: The Bond Of Unity Bible reading plan at
The heart of the problem is a problem with the heart. - Kong Hee
I don't think the makeup really beautified Kong Hee...
I can't look at this without seeing it as a before/ after makeup shot with Kong Hee (before) and Sun *** (after)
Church embezzles millions to help finance the church leader's wife's pop career. .
Because being money-hungry, tax exempt and 10 percent is NEVER enough. Kong Hee, 47, the pastor and founder of...
In my life i never see kong hee n sun *** again until i go into coffin
Sun *** n kong hee will enjoy luxiry life more . If osaka mouse help yonggi to control sing gov dealing with money
Osaka mouth gulped korean all money. He need place to hide. If sing gov deal with him. Kong hee will win. Bc osaka mouse need yonggi
Singapore is hub for darkmoney. S korean gov is more powerful than sing gov. If yonggi push it. Kong hee will escape . Deal=hide money
Pastor embezzles almost 20 million to fund pop singer wife? LOL God, you so funny.
"A Christian evangelical pastor in Singapore is accused of embezzling more than $19 million in church funds to...
Remeber This reminded me of the Video you guys made "Stealing From Healing
Waah! Kong Hee says he wants to step down! Zun or not?
City Harvest trial: Kong Hee offered to step down to minimise conflict of interest RSS Breaking News - Singapor...
Kong Hee trial - role of auditor in question. A closed friends?
Kong hee go to jail like disciples. Disciples has no crime. But youdid. Live mere humble human being life. Dont try to be god
God doesnt forgive kong hee to money laundry again. God does forgive person not to do it anymore. Human being misuse forgiveness of god
More to the point, perhaps, calculate the probability of God saying sorry for Kong Hee.
If Kong Hee admits to money laundering, how sorry is God now?
We are mere human being before we are having some jobs. Kong hee prefer position to live as mere human being. ▶snob or lack of love desease
Kong hee use sun *** to control church. Bc kong hee love churchmore than sun *** Its not good motivation. Bc he like pastor position
My dad taught me not to smile to random strange men. Sun *** push out tongue to random men pushing boobs open legs . But kong hee smile. Insane?
Kong hee prefer money n fame to sun *** Thats why they focus on trial not adultery of hiswife with random men
Kong hee if you are generous enoigh to forgive adultery of wife. Why you deny what you did as lawbreaker not to go in jail?. contradiction
Hey kong hee. Do you know why you dont care sun *** adultery ?. Bc you are jesus?. No bc you dont love her enough to be jelousy n get hurt
Hey kong hee. Whyyou dont care past now. Bc you are really afraid to go to jail. Bc you are coward inaide hoping amoeba step miracle
No brains dont know what they hurt others serioisly. Mark is that case. If markreturn to godly ppl. Kong hee gangs will kill him. Idont want to
Iwant mark kwan to be on kong hee side. If not. Sun *** n kong hee will kill him. Mark wassun *** assistant in usa. Too deep to escape. Live well
Jewel wanted mark kwan to return to godly ppl. I object it. Bc if he return. Kong hee pawns will kill him. Iwant him to be their side
Kong hee is ridiculous. He shows he is false by resisting to go to jail unlike bible apostles. How shallow christianfrom dad syphilis jo
Real christian doesnt fear to go to jail. Why kong hee m sub pastors are resisting??. Why are they acting unlike bible showing ppl??. False?
Hey kong hee. Didnt you read about paul n sila singing in jail ??. Didnt you read jeremiah being hit on n on??. You are weird. False
Paul. John. All willingly in jail. Why kong hee resist thoughhe is guilty?. Kong hee loves god like apostles??. They were in jail innocently
Hey kong hee sun *** pawns. Your enemy already sick too much. My illness incurable. Curse me to kill me more strongly
Sun *** . Kong hee . Supporter curse me with words. Boomerang effect will work or i will die soon from curse. Happy to end life
hey i will be withered soon dont worry bc kong hee n sun *** are healthier than me. I survive with linger. Be happy for answer
Sun *** & Kong hee don't know God of the Justice. let sun *** know what justice is. Please let the ppl know what John bevere does.
If sun *** were korean. She must not survive as woman. Yes i have responsibility for old victime raped by *** being against sun *** kong hee
Kong Hee airfares cost $700,000 because he flew to Heaven regularly via
Order Miche Bag Online!
A R bernard is different gene from godly black ppl. Kong hee is evil gene using same race for money n fame via pastor position. Jude of church
a modern (and local) take on the classic Vicars and Tarts party - a Pastor Kong Hee and Sun *** theme.
Standing ovation big deal meh even kong hee had one 😒
What do you think of Kong Hee's 'God apologizing to h... — Good question. Personally, I feel that most people sh...
"Our prayers are backed up by the value of money that we give" what nonsense is that Kong Hee?
That *** support what kong hee n sun *** did to portect them. Check him for laundry money at church. Please police
Kong hee . Before n after meeting sun ***
is this a joke or...? and the person's name is 'Fang Fei Ji'???
That Kong Hee guy is really out of this world. And no, not being close to god. I think he`s just crazy.
Sun *** s dirty mouth is sucking pure souls of the innocent. Kong hee. CHC
and the Harvesters continue to blindly defend him - Kong Hee airfares cost $700k because he flew to Heaven regularly.
Email exchanges from Kong Hee showed that was Xtron was result-oriented when it came to progress of US Crossover.
I wonder if Pastor Kong Hee and his followers know that greed is one of the 7 deadly sins.
"Before the Second Coming “nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom” - Luke 21:10@ kong hee
Cooking lunch while listening kong hee audio podcast - the love test!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
ask them ask kong hee he knows best xD
Kong Hee wrote: "The door on which we have been knocking all our lives will open at last."
Kong Hee wrote:. "Christians are the physical organism through which Christ acts ... His fingers and muscles, the cells of His body."
serinawee . During intercourse with kenny low. You imagine kong hee for sex . As kenny low imagine numerous hookers during intercourse with you
Hey sun *** I know you imagine mark kwan during intercourse with kong hee. As kong hee imagine serinawee during intercourse with you
Kong Hee sent Anabelle Soh to New York to study music.. I heard will send me to Singapore & Australia to study in SOT & C3. Lols
Like that loh, kong hee also know how say la cb.
Hi i see you took a picture with Pastor Kong Hee. It’s a big insult to him man. Stop throwing the face of CHC ty, it’s awesome
Hey mark kwan. I know you are enemy . Bc your all aquaintances are cocriminals of kong hee n sun *** Dirty christian colony
I read how yonggie took off his pants n led sex to her all in detail. Then he got syphilis so his wife demand legacy ,deal . Sun *** Kong hee
I read her book . Then yonggie jo removed all from bookstore. Now i can read again . Bc ppl publish all. Sun *** Kong hee
She described how yonggie jo led sex for months then gave offering to her after preaching for years. Sun *** Kong hee
Yonggie jo hong kong church . Susan ong is one of his spiritual wife . Sharing slot with his first son. Sun *** Kong hee
If gov goal is to send kong hee n sun *** in jail. They dont need to slow down. Their aim is to kill chc gradually with public hands . Stupid
kong hee n sun *** Gov has proof. To get more attention from public to kill chc fully with media. They use trick by revealing proof one by one
Maybe you chc sun *** n kong hee colony pray n rejoice. But expect what you are i nstore for. Bc gov is above you guys
Hey sun *** n kong hee. For gov public awearness is more important than proof . Bc that makes chc die directly
Hey kong hee n sun *** Sing gov has all proof now they watch how you act it. Then they will decide your sentences. Thats gov trick to choke
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