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Kona Grill

Kona Grill Inc. is a company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, that owns and operates 23 restaurants, the newest one opened in Baltimore, MD.

Happy Hour La Cantera Bar Louie Chris Steak House Cheesecake Factory

So much tastiness and sweets here at Kona Grill, for my bday dinner!. . Can never pass up on some…
I like Eureka, Kona Grill, and Matador's Happy Hours... but I'm all about the food life.
If you want a very strong marg try Kona Grill!
Wow I know I’m turning into a 👵🏾. I had one drink at Kona Grill that stuff had me feeling borderline drunk. As soon…
I didn’t cry when the Falcons lost the Super Bowl or when UGA lost the championship, but I did cry in front of 35 p…
Boma and Sanaa at AKL. Skippers Canteen. 1900 Park Fare for breakfast. Beaches and Cream. The Plaza…
Put this in your pocket when you go to get baptised
If my boyfriend takes me to kona grill tonight, he gettin it 😂
Who wanna go to kona grill with me tonight, I want margs 🙄
Kona grill sliders be big as real burgers lol
Sushi and steak from Kona Grill just might have to be my lunch today
We gotta hit Kona Grill again... that Happy Hour was 🔥... I'll bring this time too.
My friend Rita showed me this restaurant called “Kona Grill”. Even their iced tea is good, but I…
My ex at kona grill talking bout “ lm fenna put some money in your account cuz I know yo lil boyfriend broke😭
Kona grill, Roux 61, and Texas de Brazil if you’re feeling boujee
I could only handle two margs from Kona Grill lol
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Every time I order Kona Grill from ubereats they send me two of each item and I feel simultaneously seen and judged😩
On Kona side, Umekes is really good! Also Kona Brewing, Chubbys (in kb extreme), Big Island Grill are good! L&L is good too!
Met with a great person Mr Marvik Mack at kona grill also the owner of kona grill. Please have visit here for a great dinner.
Huntsville! We had a blast with Rick Lee at Kona Grill! Can’t wait to come back and blow the...
I just wanna take you to kona grill
i just saw the hottest kid working at Kona Grill & my mom looks at me and says “my son in kaw better be as hot as h…
Algo nuevo — eating dinner with my love at Kona Grill
I always want a chicken and shrimp wrap from kona grill 😭
Jas needa take me back to Kona Grill 😩
I wanna go to Kona grill for Happy Hour but I have no frenns ☹️
Check out this event: GNO - Happy Hour at Kona Grill and a Movie - Proud Mary:
Kona Grill has the freshest sushi in Omaha!
Lesssgo Kona grill has Happy Hour for sushi lol
What! Lol i love kona grill. Have you ever ate there?
I need some kona grill in my life right now.
Brought my cousin to kona grill . He’s loving it lol
My mother actually demanded that I stay home today so sorry Kona Grill,I’m staying home xo
Kona Grill has a sealed up patio, the sun was blazing in so hot my buttons were burning me.
Am salty that I just lost a gift card for Kona grill. There goes food that I’m never gonna get back 😭
Just found out there’s a Kona Grill here. Loved this place back home
One of our fantastic vendors for the 8th Annual Cooked and Uncorked February 26, 2018. Kona Grill. Tickets at…
party HARD but know the LAWS in your STATE. . COMFORTABLE with MYSELF now WHAT , 1-2-18 the…
Weather’s perfect for it. - Drinking a Samuel Adams Winter Lager by @ Kona Grill —
it was a margarita night @ Kona Grill at Stamford Town Center
that Kona Grill Happy Hour a fool. I had to come home and go night night 😭💀
I tried some in kona grill but vegan cause I don't eat meat & they were gross lol
Seguimos.. what a great time.. — eating dinner and cocktails at Kona Grill
go hit up Kona Grill for some sushi 🍣🔥
The excitement christian and I just got seeing they opened a kona grill at northstar 😂
we went to kona grill by the woodbridge mall it was their signature rolls the Voodoo Roll and the Picasso Roll
A quick lunch before taking George Henry to Lake Eola to ride the Swan Boats!!! (@ Kona Grill) on
I wanna go to Kona Grill for lunch...
well we are gonna go by the dry cleaners then go pick up molly then go see Rogue one then go to kona grill then gym then work
I love Northpark!! & Kona grill for sure. I love the crab crunch roll
Changed my mind, I want Kona Grill lol
Sitting at Kona Grill and says loudly "I have to wizzle" and everyone heard her... one drink did her dirty
Kona Grill will be bringing their mouth watering avocado egg rolls to
I just ate Wetzels Pretzels and Kona Grill sushi for lunch im sorry stomach
Sushi time with my sisters and niece. @ Kona Grill Franklin
OK local peeps; time for a holiday break Happy Hour at Kona Grill. Will be there Thursday from 4p on. . .
I think KONA Grill is calling my name today. 😹😹😹
Just download Uber & enter payment code to get free Uber Uber Offer Code: NICKD132 ~~ Kona Grill
I go to Kona Grill so much, maps is telling me how long it would take to get there now.
The gifting was epic. Among other awesome, kids got me a PS4, FFXV, a new grill cheese pan, and a pound of Kona. Now we're playing Longbow.
Ya'll got to b at è KONA pub and grill @ OSU on è 29th of DEC, to witness one of GH's brightest stars
I introduced my cousin from the Philippines to tequila last night. It takes practice.
when do you use the phrase "there goes the neighborhood"? Do you use it when they put in a Kona Grill? Because I just used it for that
kona grill got me lit on break now I'm @ work drunk looking stupid!!
Beautiful people, ugly Christmas sweaters, Merry Christmas from your friendly Kona grill staff…
Working 11:30 to 6 today at Kona Grill at Fashion Show mall! Let us pray the Scrooges stay home and the high rollers come in!
go to Kona Grill and have their Sushi! OMG it's the best 😍😍😍😍
Bro they got a Kona Grill in North Star now *** lmao
Just ordered wine at Kona grill.. I done changed.
Now Hiring on HOSTESS at Kona Grill in View job and apply -
Christmas shopping and dinner.. — eating sushi at Kona Grill at Northpark Center
So anyone who goes or is at Easton bring me pretzels to Kona Grill
Just download Lyft & enter payment code to get free Lyft Lyft Offer Code: ZOOT ~~ Kona Grill
Lunch with my rock. One of my most favorite and coolest peoples. ❤️ @ Kona Grill
Home is where the heart is, and they will forever have my heart❤ @ Kona Grill
Come see me at kona grill northstar tonight tonight 😘💗
I just checked in at Kona Grill on and earned the Rookie badge!
Kona Grill on Pleasant surprise. Best thing imo is the staff. Very accommodating, warm, and genuinely welcom…
Kona grill and Alice through the looking glass tonight 😤
When the margaritas are awful at Kona Grill
Little sushi to get the evening started! — eating birthday celebration at Kona Grill UTC
I think I tried that one . Have you been to Kona Grill at baybrook?
Nothing like a for a good, swift kick... @ Kona Grill
It wouldn't be summer without chicken kabobs hot off of the grill! And the sound of the Kona Ice truck coming down the street.
Here's what's happening tonight with at the Kona café and grill. Come through and let's vibe. https…
U can't miss . @ Kona Cafe&Grill OSU on the 9th of June. BE THERE!! http…
Friday Friday . If you haven't tried Kona Grill's Happy Hour, you missin' out!
Enjoy a hand-roll from Kona Grill at the Global Village Festival on April 9th.
Try Hilton Airport near RJames Stadium. Then you can walk to Kona Grill or Del Frisco's 4 dinner. ^RJ
It was obvious I've never been off of the east coast because I thought Kona Grill was a lounge.
shrimp and lobster roll was great. would be awesome with some crawfish though (@ Kona Grill) on
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I miss my SATX people high key.I miss La Cantera that was my spot. Kona Grill 🙌🏾 Bar Louie 😩
The only salad I've ever eaten was $15 at Kona Grill and I refuse to settle for anything less
Check out this photo of Kona Grill on
We at kona grill Happy Hour lit lol
They're playing Hannah Montana at Kona Grill right now
That kona grill snub will not go unavenged
Kona Grill gets props from playing some of my favorite throwbacks today. 👌🏽
No, I don't want to join the TAMU quidditch team
and me up to no good as always. @ Kona Grill at The Shops at La Cantera
Made my reservations at kona grill 😊
I want casino pizza, Kona grill margaritas, crabs and a good Mai Tai
I was thinking bout Kona grill cause I wanted to try it but it doesn't matter I need to get out
What's for Calamari is the perfect place to start!
About as crafty as Kona Grill gets, but it's a'right - Drinking a Samuel Adams OctoberFest at -
I want Kona Grill but I hate driving downtown😩
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Today was a pretty good day, from pizza in Red Bank to Happy Hour at Kona Grill. Even ran into…
We might have ordered a few things... @ Kona Grill
Gotta $15 off to kona grill tryba get some sushi soon!
Good luck!! And it was greAt to meet you at Kona Grill!!!
want to personally thank for introducing me to Happy Hour at Kona Grill😋🍣
Butter cake with cherry sauce and ice cream. Amazing. @ Kona Grill
It was too cold for Ice Skating plus I am hungry. Kona Grill here we come.
Yay Bryan is talking me to Kona Grill for Lunch! 😄😭💕
Gonnna listen to AC/DC all day, and maybe head over to a mates house later, Kona grill, green mill, panino brothers, and chill, groceries, Laundry, beer, borderlands, loving my one day away, earle grey tea and lemon poppyseed bread,
You deserve it! I'm so extremely happy for you my best friend 😘👫 “Kona Grill to go and movies ❤️”
It's been so long! @ Kona Grill at The Shops at La Cantera
Out on a date night with my fiancé ttsquared first dinner at Kona Kona Grill now a movie
If u go to Kona Grill, get the Las Vegas roll.
I'm about to kill this food from Kona grill
Seriously someone come visit me at kona grill in chandler mall tonight. I can't get you free food but you get to hang out with me☺️
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I wanna go to Kona Grill for Happy Hour.
20 days boo. & then can we please see eachother over winter break!? Kona grill Happy Hour = new obsession ❤️
I need to get to Kona Grill ASAP to stock up on my rocks I throw at stupid drivers 😒
Kona grill must be in my plans tho 😋
din din with the baes ❤️ @ Kona Grill at The Shops at La Cantera
A little bit Asian, a little bit American... looks like a lot of good eats.
$KONA KONA 25.45 Kona Grill $KONA stock added to my watch list. Right now with KONA I am watching the last price 25.
Kona Grill menu a blend of Asian, American cuisines
“I'm still waiting on kona grill smh” I'm going on Sunday at my job lol they pay for u if u take the people out
I'm still waiting on kona grill smh
My friends that love me should get me a Kona Grill, Ulta or Victorias Secret gift card for Christmas. 🙌👀
2 more months til i start working at Kona Grill 😊☺️
Out on a date with this lovely lady. :) @ Kona Grill
Juan ordered kona grill to go for me, bc I'm so sick.
Someone meet me at Kona grill for dinner
Dad surprised me with some Kona Grill sushi. I haven't had that in so long
Then Kona Grill for dinner tonight. I'ma bash some sushi, and I'm throwin back hella martinis.
The fact that I get emails from Kona Grill is a tease. I can't enjoy your Happy Hour OR new sushi! It's rude to taunt!! 😒
Thinking to myself, "WTH am I doing here?!?!" Feeling too old and too dang tired. LoL (@ Oceans Sports Bar & Grill)
Beyond the lights, kona grill than hookah sounds like a good last night.
Having dinner at Kona Grill in El Paso ... Super Impressed with the growth in El Paso ... the Fountains at Farah is a gorgeous shopping center / reminds me of San Antonio. Lots of retail with many restaurants - Kona Grill / La Madeline / Grimaldis / Twin Peaks & so much more
Stop by numerous businesses around Troy and see our mini-crows, including Ridley's Bakery Café, Kona Grill, Kim's Restaurant, Century 21 Real Estate, and Trevarrow Hardware. Drive by the Troy Historic Village and see the big guys on Scarecrow Row on the Livernois Road fence (north of Wattles). Get your tickets for the Scarecrow Glow costume party on October 22 at the Troy Historic Village. You don't want to miss this fun and entertaining event. Where else can you get great food from Ruth's Chris Steak House, Kona Grill, Granite City, and Northern Lakes Seafood, all for $40? Answer: Nowhere!
Celebrating my pre birthday bash at Kona Grill in Perkins Rowe on Saturday at 8pm. Please feel free to stop by and drop off donations
MYVEGAS Magazine, LINXEDUp & Best Vegas Mixers Proudly Present: Wine Down Wednesdays - Happy Hour Biz Mixer at Kona Grill in Boca Park from 6-9pm. Come mix and mingle with some great locals! Come wine down with us, bring your business cards & promote your business. Half Price Sushi! Half Price Bottles of Wine! Half Price Appetizers!
All that's Kona Grill research and were still going to Texas Road House 😒
The Springfield, Mo., native has worked as a chef at several Kansas City restaurants, including Grand Street Cafe, Kona Grill and re:Verse.
Lemme get ready.. Reverse Happy Hour at Kona Grill... who comin?
Enjoying spending the evening with my sons Jason Tatum & Jimmy Rogers Happy 31th Birthday Jason. Thanks for calling mom and inviting me to Kona Grill. I'm so blessed with such wonderful sons. I'm one happy Mother.
First off I want to start out by saying my friends, family and especially my girlfriend, did an AMAZING job of making my 22nd birthday special and rememberable. I also want to thank everyone that wished me a happy birthday; the number of happy birthdays was overwhelming but I finally got to read all them all. :) I tried my best to respond to all of them, if I missed you I'm sorry:/ coming to work to Dutch Bro and cake was awesome! My girlfriend decorating my car and apartment was a huge surprise. Dinner with family and friend at Kona Grill was super good, and bowling was a blast! Once again thank you all for what you did:)
No longer at Longhorn Steakhouse in Humble. Happy to be back in The Woodlands. Working at the new Kona Grill. Awesome food and atmosphere, the selection is diverse enough that i could eat there everyday.
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Who *** I got the job for Kona Grill opening up on 7th street. Big money here I come. Who wants me to be their sugar mama? ;)
Cheesecake Factory, Kona Grill announced for new mall: The new Mall at University Town Center Mall has ...
We love Ocean Prime by the Int'l Mall or Brio, or Kona Grill. What type of food are you craving and what part of ^RJ
girl I love the Kona grill Beas Drinks
Everyone that works at this Kona Grill looks like 😨
I want to go to Kona Grill again, so yummy for a casual lunch date. 🍴🍹🍤🍣
Shoutout to the Gorillaz playing at kona grill right now. I'm vibin. Turnt off the sake
If would treat me to the Kona Grill hype and its good I mite just fall in love lol jk but it would be dope tho
2 minutes out of class & I get a Sake Bomb lol. Cheers to a long week ahead! @ Kona Grill
Not feeling obligated really is nice. But I will do it once someone proves themselves to me. Take me to kona grill
Out at the Kona Grill with and our lovely waiter Mike took a picture with us.
I think everyone should go to Kona Grill so I don't die of boredom.
A store is expanding into former Kona Grill and Ruth’s Chris Steak House spaces at Coastland Center mall in Naples.
In the Know: What's going into former Kona Grill space at Coastland Center mall?: The former restaurant locations...
I spent so much time being excited about college. I didn't realize how much I would freak out as well.
Kona Grill package for Baltimore is a pretty good deal, only $45 more than buying tix separately, plus you get meals & drinks Sat. & Sun...
After all these months my brother has been working at Kona grill he finally brings some food home
Kona Grill, my new favorite place omg
The dynamite roll from Kona Grill is freakin amazing. Not listed on the menu and is also cooked and served right out of the oven.
You know it’s real if I take you to Kona grill and it ain’t Happy Hour.
LOL I used to go often. I live close to kona grill. Sunday they have Happy Hour all day
Gosh, Kona Grill's lettuce wraps are SO bomb!
“"Kona Grill date with my kenn friday😘" clowns”hater.
I take that back. Kona grill is now in my toilet
"Kona Grill date with my kenn friday😘" clowns
Kona Grill date with my kenn friday😘
Kona Grill for the 3476th time this summer and im still not sick of it 😋🍴
I just want some kona grill without driving to get it
Kona Grill by International Mall, they have great food, and 1/2 appetizers after 10pm, by the water, good music too👌
Or Kona Grill but I ain't eem driving down south today. Nah.
Bout to reheat this Kona grill BBQ chicken pizza.
Sometimes I think I'm a great driver and other times I feel like I'm an old Asian lady
Why do people say volleyball is easy..I'd like to see them pass a ball coming at them 50 mph.
I'm pretty good at the thing lol mrs_vlake209 :) @ Kona Grill
I don't think people value education enough
3 drunk 50 year old woman in 1 stall in the bathroom at kona grill. And taken some sharts in here they are, smells like ...I can't even,Ewe.
Our friends at Naturals of RVA is having 2013 Kickoff Meet and Greet at Kona Grill, Inc., Glen Allen, VA!...
Looking forward to triple date night with Jonathan & Laurel Woodard Hammond and DavidandMindy Cederquist at Kona Grill in Cherry Creek.
Amazing moments today that remind me God totally takes care of me... 1) Brunch at Jo Ellen Phillips Herbert with some of my sisters and a very good book! "Secure at Heart" 2) AllStar Weekend with Sharon Denise Russ and April Terry at the Galleria. Celeb stalking, being silly and lunch at Kona Grill! 3) Yelling for Dakotah Brooke Wens from the third floor like she was a celeb! I love that girl! 4) Reaching out to a new friend and having a great conversation about the Bible in the middle of the VIP section of the Jordan Legacy. 5) Having a great partner, Wendell Scoggins, that not only leads our group but also checks in on me everyday to see how things are going. 6) Museum, dinner at NikoNikos and coffee at Cafe Brasil with Raul Correa, Tiffany Perez and Archie! Really deep conversation and good laughs! Totally connected! 7) Getting home and finding a sweet love note from my niece, Bailey Hawkins. She has my heart! Only as a disciple of Jesus can I recognize the ways God takes care of me and shows me how mu ...
Fuel before the fire that is Tea Party Tuesdays! BOSTON PUB! (@ Kona Grill)
yas okay sooo if everybody s funds agree... we can go to kona grill then ice skating. I.S. Is $5 I believe.. $20 night?
Music at Kona Grill is on point tonight. Food is too. Good way to end a busy weekend.
Kona Grill for calamari, sushi, and red velvet cake 😍
I prefer coming here during the day-more laid back & better service. Same great food (@ Kona Grill) on
Eating at Kona grill again for birthday. We need to come through again like last year!
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I wish I could get a pizza from kona grill .
@ kona grill every Sunday with my love &&& I hate the fact that the cowboys won lol ***
that means you've watched every power rangers series after time force. Hm
don't feel well, hunger kicks in at Kona Grill w/chubbs
At Kona Grill at the domain watching my Boys play!
from the future is at Kona Grill right now.
I need to go back to Kona Grill their meatloaf was the best I've ever had !
Can't wait to kona grill to watch the miners lose:) drinks, food and my bestfriend:)
I don't understand how people can say somebody from Houston Texas is a Houston Texans bandwagoner. That doesn't even make sense.
They're annoying. But my parents are still the best.
At the Kona Grill with my Sass and future brother-in-law! So excited to try this!
Who wanna come to Kona Grill Friday for lunch or dinner?!
yes I agree like last time at Kona Grill lol fun times fun times
that's how u know he's a hard core rapper... He's posted up at kona grill on a Saturday night
Ran into Tech N9ne at Kona Grill tonight- gotta love KC :)
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So she took alot of candy from the counter at Kona Grill
I'm a Lil throwed from pregame, Kona Grill it is
at kona grill and this such I is life right now lol
When I get money I want to go to kona grill and eat sushi until I'm in a food coma.
At Kona grill bout to tear this reverse Happy Hour up.
Kona Grill an Splitsville with my Ebs for the night. 👯
I haven't had sushi since I've been home. I will be visiting Kona grill very soon
I wish there was a Kona Grill on the south side...
Kona Grill tonight screw that other mumbojumbo
You already know what I'm drinking at Kona @ Kona Grill
Going to Kona grill and seeing Silver lining playbook tonight with the love of my life
Long day of shopping w my sis Casey :) & Kona grill! Fabulous day! ❤
come with me and my boy Kona grill ***
I had a very similar experience yesterday at Kona Grill
Date day with my lil man. first stop kona grill.
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5 hours until Happy Hour ughh why Kona Grill I want some sushi and pizza now
Kona grill steak and lobster roll and spider roll
Getting kona grill will be the one... Especially the reason I'm getting it :)))
My mom's boyfriend surprised us with a limo ride through the Plaza and Mission Hills, now we're eating at Kona Grill.
We just want to send out a thank you to some of the restaurants in KC that have donated gift cards for our One Eleven Cocktails for a Cause event. So thank you Bar Louie, P.F. Changs, Seasons 52, Cupcake A La Mode, Gram & Dunn, Jack Stack, and Kona Grill! These will make great door prizes for our guests!
Can you help? I'm in Kona, Hawaii, please give me an amazing upscale restaurant recommendation for tonight :)
Do not forget about our FIRST social event tomorrow! It is at Kona Grill on the plaza for their Happy Hour, from 5pm - 7pm. Take a break from studying and come join us at Kona! See you there!
With every new holiday season the question comes up, how much should I tip? Here are a few guidelines by job type.
Got up this morning and did our dining reservations for our June Disney trip- Ohana (lunch and dinner), Sci-Fi, Mama Melrose, Be Our Guest, Teppan Edo, Kona, Raglan Road, Boma and Whispering Canyon. What's your favorite Disney restaurant?
Ashland meets Richmond today. Center of the Universe Brewing Ray Ray's Pale Ale & PocaHOPtas IPA make their RVA draft debut on taps around town this afternoon! Special tap invasions at Kona Grill & Station 2 this evening with the brewers.
Come out to Kona Grill from 6 to 10 , at 53rd Street and Deer Valley and listen to me jam the good tunes! Grab a bite, some beer and bring friends, for it shall be a GREAT night! -AJ
Join NFL Alumni and professional cheerleaders today at Kona Grill-Clay Terrace in Carmel, IN former Indianapolis Colts Bill Schultz and Chukie Nwokorie serve up Holiday Cheer for a good cause! Silent Auction, complementary h'orderves & drink specials from 6-9 pm. Silent Auction and Tips will benefit NFL Alumni-Indy Chapter Charities. Please drink responsibly.
A remodeled unit in Arizona reveals many elements the chain will use moving forward.
GREAT GIFT IDEAS to support our culinary students at our silent auction: overnighter and breakfast buffet at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows, golf for 4 at Nanea Golf Club, two nights at King Kamehameha's Kona Beach Hotel, dinner at Roy's Waikoloa Bar & Grill, seafood buffet at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel. See U Sat. Tickets:
On December 12th, volunteers from the Steiner Serves community will make and serve a holiday meal to over 230 men, women and children, supporting the Side by Side Kids charity foundation. Wednesday, 12/12/12), 4 - 9 p.m., JJ Pickle Elementary.
Coconut island mojito and blackberry tea to start. @ Kona Grill
Successful shopping day in short pump. At Bar Louie now watching ECU game Heading to Kona Grill.
I'm so pumped! I just seasoned some chicken so I can grill tomorrow! LOL
Kona filet, red wine and chocolate brownie with ice cream... (@ Kona Grill) [pic]:
I should try to become the first Asian president.
Me and Tony are trying to go to Kona Grill
Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a great day...I voted (no lines!), had breakfast at the pancake house with my hubby, was surprised with a birthday bubble map made by my first graders, and ended the day with sushi at Kona Grill with my boys. I am blessed!
Bout to hit up kona grill yum .. Happy Hour 🍹🍝
Happy birthday to my amazing friend, Annie! aer1107 congrats on another year, I wish you the b @ Kona Grill
go to Kona Grill by Scheels sometime sushi there is top notch.
I remember going to Kona Grill's Happy Hour like 10 times a week but I haven't been to it once this whole school year. 😭😭😭
that's awesome! You move for work? Check out: Kona's Breakfast and La Heina Bar & Grill, both in PB. Great spots.
Okay red lobster peeps don't forget we are meeting at kona grill at the cherry creek mall at 9 on Thursday to see 😊
Dinner and movies tonight!!! Did my part now I don't want any part of these shenanigans. Kona Grill HH at 6 if your up for it!
Kona grill before work but after school i be stressedyum
Who wants to go to PF Changs or Kona Grill
Andrew, jm, , & I are at kona grill business my friend
Lunch with the coolest person ever (@ Kona Grill)
Kona Grill Lags on Both Counts: Kona Grill's earnings per share and revenue lagged the Zacks Consensus Estimates...
Oh.. my god.. Justin Verlander and Kate Upton were at Kona Grill last Sunday for lunch..
Hey this weekend is gabbys birthday so kona grill then jandros Saturday. Make sure you go! And tell the crew.
go to Kona grill on the plaza! They have a Happy Hour after 3 and you get $3 rolls!! It's sooo yummy! 😁🍱🍣
My family went to kona grill with out me
what is Kona grill?? Wanna try new things when I move to the city. And buzzing on u making me miss college lol
Exactly two years ago go this day. I love my best friends.
I'm here in SA at Kona grill throwing down some saki bombs w Zavala! Talking about the state of Tejano... It's...
Missed Happy Hour, hopefully I'll make it later this week (@ Kona Grill)
Shower then out to kona grill with my booskii Liz
The highlight of my day; having lunch with my parents at Kona Grill! The downside, having to go to Village Point Medical Center for a bone marrow aspiration and biopsy because of low blood platelets. Please pray for good results! I will find out next week.
You know you've made it when you can reverse valet park your orange Dodge Viper at Kona Grill on a Friday.
Thank you so much to my friends who were able to make it to Kona Grill tonight to celebrate my leaving Chase Bank and my upcoming 40th birthday! I will miss working with all of you!
Come in to Kona Grill for incredible steak, sushi, designer cocktails and more at one of our 23 restaurants.
Whether you've spent your day shopping in Clay Terrace or you just got off work and need to blow off some steam, one of the most popular Happy Hour hotspots on the northside is Kona Grill. Kona Grill has seating to accommodate your mood. If you want an intimate dining experience or perhaps the s...
Happy Hour way good..Kona Grill is off the chain ..
Anybody want to support the March of Dimes with a twenty dollar contribution? I'm on the committee this year and for 20 dollars not only do you support this amazing organization but you also have a chance to: win a beautiful piece of Borheims Bling; Get a Sushie cooking class from Kona Grill followed by dinner for 8 in your own home; An impressive basket of fine wine; 2012-13 Season tickets to Creighton Basketball games; a stainless steel grill accompanied by grilling accessories; a spa package of dinner for 2 at Liberty Tavern, 2 tickets to the Symphony and a one night stay the the Hilton; interactive PatioRide through Old Market, picnic for 12, 12 College World Series general tickets; 4 seats in First National Bank's private suite at TD Ameritrade Park one for 2013 CWS game with parking. And you can pick the thing you'd want to win! Twenty dollars isn't much for all the possibilities...and the children.anyone?
Do you like to try out different chef’s offerings from some of Omaha’s favorite restaurants? Do you like Jones Bro’s cupcakes, or how about some of Famous Dave’s corn muffins? This year Open Door Mission’s Walk-A-Thon has grown even bigger than last year…and people walked in the rain for the food last year. The best part of the Walk-a-thon is not only are you helping feed your “invisible neighbors”, the homeless; you are getting delicious soups, breads and desserts too. But the best thing for all of us watching our healthy life style is you get to walk off the calories before you even eat them! That’s right-you walk a mile at your own pace, led by an awesome Open Door Mission employee from Gallup (plenty of parking) to the NEW dining hall at the NEW Garland Thompson Men's Center. At the dining hall you will have 19 soups or chili’s to choose from restaurants like: Fleming’s Steakhouse, Ruby Tuesdays, *** Barrel, Cascio’s, Kona Grill and the Hilton (just to name a few). There ...
Got my mind on my money...And my money on my mind...Loving them olympic track & field events! Ps. I ran into Nfl quarterback Donavan Mcnaab & his wife over at Kona Grill santan village saturday night & spoke with him briefly, he is currently a free agent looking for a team...Cardinal fans are you interested? He lives right here in Chandler near Mr Larry Fitzgerald...First you would need to get rid of that fragile overpaid easter egg Keven Kobb...Lets Go Niners...holla!
I see why I'm getting fat now... I been to Cheesecake Factory twice, had fried chicken and pasta for lunch, forced myself from getting sushi at Kona Grill, got honey bbq wings in the oven, and mad cause I'm missing Buffalo Wild Wing Tuesday!
Great dinner at Kona Grill. I highly recommend the miso-sake sea bass. A little rich, but very good. A few observations aside from the food: If your low-rider jeans require a bikini-wax to wear with your crop-top the outfit MIGHT just be inappropriate for a hostess. Also, unless the north side of Indy is home to a very interesting genetic subset . . . plastic surgery is alive and kicking around here. I highly doubt there are that many size 2s with naturally occurring C and D cups.
Good evening all! I had a lovely day with Akida Jones and the kids. Library, Kona Grill, Real Gelati, water play and harbor fun! Cant wait to do it again soon. Now Im ending the evening with Sonia Sanchez. Good night all...
Dear REAL NIKKAS, Once again fellas lets do the *** thing and go watch them HEAT beat that OKC *** (AGAIN) tonight somewhere!!! Question is where shall it really be??? Hooterz? TwinPeaks? Kona Grill?, Yard House?, Ojos Locos? Or the 1 and only Mens Lounge/Boom Boom Room? Sincerely Augustus Waddy
We have been partying all night at Kona Grill and Wild Horse Pass with Marci and , Saki Bombers. Wo!
Summer 2012 Day 9 So Sarah's hair color this summer is aqua! We bleached and dyed the tips. We have decorations for the pool party on Tuesday and I have a stunning new red suede sofa thanks to Eve Mamantov LaMendola and my darling son for doing the hard work. Also, loved The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and cocktails at Kona Grill.
Tuesday will consist of day drinking an retail therapy with my sister sponsored by Kona Grill an Oak Park Mall
I think I'm officially addicted to Sushi at Kona Grill & Sushi @ The Country Club Plaza
Chuck and I had a great time celebrating Callie's birthday last night at Kona Grill with family - Memaw and Papa, Sabrina A. Conway, Heather Conway, Renee Pye, Jason Pye, Heather Galloway Antill, Sue, Nick, Erin, Gracie, Joanne Ellis Randolph, Boomer, and Zach Randolph. It was the final "event" of an unforgettable (we hope) 16th birthday for her. It ended with a "new to her" Ford Explorer. I need some serious rest now! Thanks all for coming and sharing in the surprise! We love ya'll!
Guess, who's the new Sous Chef at Kona Grill @ The Country Club Plaza? Yours Truly, Chef Thach!
Investigators say a fire at the Kona Grill in Troy early today began near an indoor/outdoor fireplace.
Kona Grill is winning for Best Sushi. Voting still open for 1 more week!
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