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Kofi Adams

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Centre back, Ahmed Adams and goalie, Isaac Amoako who is in a neck collar visited KATH this morning. They are also far…
Baba Mahama has bad cut on nose, Eric Donkor minor cuts on his leg. Only players who came out unscathed were Amos Frimpong…
Yamoah Ponkoh part of the reasons NDC lost power - Kofi Adams - Radio360
The NPP is presenting us with a contaminated government - Kofi Adams
The report showed that the NPP stole the 2016 elections - Kofi Adams
2. Kofi Siriboe | literally one of the finest men I've ever seen.
GOAL ALERT: Saddick Adams with the 3rd GOAL for at the Baba Yara Stadium against
But Kaba why do u always talk to Kofi Adams.
If I were Otiko Djaba, I will continue to speak the truth & won't stop talking-Kofi Adams
Kaba tell Kofi Adams that they the NDC should go and settle their debt at the MMT and stop this needless attacks. .
Kofi Adams shd go pay their debt to Metro Mass and stop wasting our ears with their lame horse press conferences...
Ghanaians are really interested in all MURDERER case in their term of tenure not just one... KOFI ADAMS SHOULD COME AGAIN
Yaw Seth from Austin TX. Wished Kofi Adams had criticized the Mahama admin for Gyeda, Sada, & Bus Branding
What is kofi Adams talking about?? Was he in this country when the montie 3 case came.when they threaten…
NPP only interested in protecting their party than this country looking at the handling of Otiko, Bugri issues-Kofi Adams
base on Kofi Adams submission, is it true that fmr president JDM gave mad Akwaa Donko 2House & two 4x4 cars.
Kofi Adams can petition the police if he so wish. Hypocrisy and dishonesty.
What is the reprimand of Otiko, Bugri Naabu for? Is it because they spoke the truth which hurts the party?-Kofi Adams
In any serious country, Otiko would have resigned and Bugri Naabu behind bars until full investigations-Kofi Adams
Mr. Kofi Adams should be discarded he's irrelevant in Ghana politics now
Ghanaians want to know the truth in the allegations of murder made by Bugri Naabu. NPP should also be interested-Kofi Adams
politics without principles. Can Kofi Adams tell Ghanaians why he didnt urge the BNI to investigate Mahama's bribery to Bugri?
please ask kofi Adams did the police invite yaw boateng when he allerged that he knows the killers of pres. Mills
Kofi Adams will probably say something stupid then there'll be reactions and counter reactions from both sides. Unnecessary
The apology of Bugri Naabu should not end there. He should be picked up for further investigations-Kofi Adams
The Police should invite Bugri Naabu now on his statement with respect to Adams Mahama's murder-Kofi Adams
I don't think Bugri has caused any inconvenience to Ghanaians but has rather helped the police in their investigations-Kofi Adams
National Organizer of the NDC, Kofi Adams joins us on the line over Otiko-Bugri Naabu fracas.
Felix Kwakye and Kofi Adams will leads the party. When this guys get opportunity to talk to Ghanaian…
Adams to take on Mexican in homecoming
Collect your money from Kofi Adams - NDC Communicator to Metro Mass -
Kofi Adams is a nuisance to NDC – Agbesi Nutsu . 'A member of the Communications team of opposition National...
Ey probs see jorji in one of these down John Adams way 😂
Collect your money from Kofi Adams - NDC communicator to Mass Metro
‘Kofi Adams is a nuisance to the NDC’
Kofi Adams is a nuisance to the NDC – Agbesi Nutsu
As Tony Adams becomes the first Granada manager to lose his first 4 games, could his training regime be to blame?. https:…
Deputy General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kofi Adams, has denied the party...
The National Organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kofi Adams has said that former President, John...
Kofi Adams told Richard Sky on that same day that he owns all those five cars. . Kofi is a greedy politician.
Samuel Bryan Buabeng , so Kan Dapaah has called Kofi Adams to apologise and assured him that vehicles will be...
it's funny, Kofi Adams says Bugri Nabu has no intelligence yet he is gloating over Hassan Ayariga's endorsement. Shocking vibes
Hmm today Kofi Adams is saying he doesn't know Agyekoo because he endorsed Nana Addo. I can't think far.
Kofi Adams? Great guy. Will vote for him anyday again. Better than Yaw Boateng Gyan imho.
you went from Yaw Boateng Gyan to Kofi Adams but we are chill
dis be som of the very few things e no dey make the party look attractive no Gen. Mosquito, Kofi Adams den Koku rydee
😛 Ghanaians Who or what does Kofi Adams take Ghanaians for? 😓😛
Kofi Adams typically dribled himself. Npp will colate it own results to avoid cheating as it happen in 2012.Npp all de way
Richard, ask Kofi Adams why they also back the ec,
Declaration sheets are made available to cross check before results are tabulated at the constituency level - Kofi Adams
You cannot force the EC to accept your figures unless you produce your results declaration sheet - Kofi Adams
There is absolutely no wrong in saying that you are going to tabulate results but you cannot declare them - Kofi Adams
The results declaration sheet that will serve as the basis to challenge anything that you have uncovered - Kofi Adams
You cannot declare your own results, it's only the EC that can do that - Kofi Adams
The National Organizer of the ruling NDC, Kofi Adams has said the New Patriotic Party(NPP) has no right to de...
Parallel tabulation of election results not new – Kofi Adams
It’s better you conduct your own elections this year – Kofi Adams tells NPP
Another guy who talks recklessly but isn't bashed is Kofi Adams. That guy deɛ like Koku Anyidohu sef good. Everything be propaganda.
. “The Constituttion of this country stipulates that our parties conform to its dictates ”- Kofi Adams
. “He may complain and complain but he will realize that there is a process to seek redress ”- Kofi Adams
Tonight we are joined by Theophilus Tettey (Independent candidate, Ablekuma West), Kofi Adams (NDC) and Dominic Nitiwul(NPP)
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. “You could see clearly a government that is focus to improve the lives of the people ”- Kofi Adams
. “To be able to progressively implement free education access must be there ”- Kofi Adams
"Akufo-Addo is encouraging corruption in his party." Kofi Adams
"I have looked through the NPP 2012 manifesto. Nowhere do they have a promise of building 350 schools." Kofi Adams
"We have proposed dates (on when we will launch our party manifesto)" Kofi Adams
. “IJust because a company has established there to do some serious processing ”- Kofi Adams
. “Nana Addo is no longer interested in cross checking facts before presenting them ”- Kofi Adams
Kofi Adams weep over high electricity bill. See:
Kofi Adams weep over high electricity bill - -...
President Mahama is ever ready to debate Nana Addo - Kofi Adams . .
On phone: Kofi Adams, National Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).
Kofi Adams will always have the IQ of Koku Anyidoho...I rest my case
DAILY GUIDE has learnt about a mischievous plan by activists close to the duo of Paul Afoko and Kofi Adams of the …
Kofi Adams example is a bad one. After their election he is working with the other executives. Not same with NPP.
I'm on now with Sydney, Franklin, Capt Budu and my man Kofi Adams. I need more hot milo, please Umaru.
What did NDC do to Josiah Aryeh who was then their General Secretary? What did they do to Kofi Adams? The NDC's...
The uninformed foolishness I just heard from Yolanda Adams on Black Gospel radio defending Kim Davis was WILD!
one man Koku, the bull, Anyidoho! on Kofi Adams, he's *** right. but on Sam George, he's *** wrong. The two faces of Koku. But more fire!!
does Kofi Adams want an alternative to not having enaf capital to solve our energy crisis?
so now, shall we hear from the National Organizer of the ndc, Kofi Adams? his Rawlings' wife says ndc is now like her house full of robbers.
Five former Arsenal players included in SKY's all-time Premier League XI: Adams, Cole, Vieira, Henry & Bergkamp.
I added a video to a playlist KOFI ADAMS SPEAKS TO CAPITAL TV
Kofi Adams is asking us to elevate our discussion?...the new code is "elevation"?
I have never insulted former First Lady – Kofi Adams cries: The newly National Organiser of the NDC, Kofi Adam...
When Kofi Adams was teaching in adisco,as usual adisco boys wanted to diet hs 13 yr old daughter
Kofi Adams taught in adisco until 2006
It’ll Be Very Easy Working With Mosquito—Kofi Adams: Newly elected National Organiser of the governing Nationa...
cus Kofi Adams saw you covering it up
It’ll be very easy working with Mosquito – Kofi Adams
Really impressed by Kofi Adams' victory. I wasn't expecting that. But I should've suspected it when Gyan went to bring up Prof Mills' death.
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My message was the need to do things differently and connect with the grass root. - Kofi Adams on with
Kofi Adams grabs National Organiser Position from incumbent Yaw Boateng Gyan in .
DCOP Yaw Boakye Gyan has been temporarily retired from frontline politics thanks Kofi Adams...
Rawlings ended up saying they have created problems too and that some power must change hands. I don't support his sly Kofi Adams.
Kofi Adams will be next NDC National Organiser - Joseph Yammin
"Wen Rawlings made that reaction abt the one challenging Kofi Adams. I'm sure dat alone won him 1000votes" Rawlings factor
"Kofi Adams too won? Ei, NDC is forming a very tactical and strong team for 2016" nothing gv them
Kofi Adams too murder Wofa Yaw Boateng Gyan. For that one I'm not surprised
I'm not so surprised because the people I tipped to win actually won. K. Poturphy,Kofi Adams,Koku Anyidoho etc
Handsome defeats at NDC Congress as Kofi Portuphy, Kofi Adams win
So Kofi Adams is now a hero in the NDC? Wow, just wow, politics Where's a certain Atta Mills.
Eeii, Smh "Glad Kofi Adams won despite all his detractors did"
Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings pls ur husband Papa 'J' says come back to NDC wai. Your boy Kofi Adams has won return to the party.
Nana Konadu will lead NDC after Mills not Mahama - Kofi Adams
The NDC party needs Kofi Adams to increase the quality of executives we have now. (Prez. Jerry John Rawlings)...
The counsel of my enemies will turn into foolishness - Kofi Adams: Aspiring National Organizer of the governin...
I Sinned Against Mills – Kofi Adams Confesses: It is said that the one who has been bitten by snake, is always...
"Ghana’s economy is doing well – Kofi Adams Is this silly person living in the country! !
Gimme an ounce of what he's smoking. "Ghana’s economy is doing well – Kofi Adams
waaa seee how can you be saying this . “Ghana’s economy is doing well – Kofi Adams
Quite sad how some go into politics just to throw deceptions & enrich themselves,offer nothing to mother Ghana,why Kofi Adams?
Kofi Adams gunning for the NDC Gen. Sec. position. He's on on now
NDC Prefer Nana Addo To Alan Kyerematen - Kofi Adams. - See more at:
Kofi Adams can't be my friend for a minute. He's such a whining man-child.
Kofi Adams Chases Yaw Boateng Gyan: Daily Guide has gathered that more names have popped up in the race for po...
NDC race: Boateng Gyan is clueless - Kofi Adams
You appoint people like Allotey Jacobs, Kofi Adams,. Felix Ofosu kwakye and Anita Desosso, and you think (cont)
Some time ago I remember this same foolish and brainless kofi Adams was not in support of anything the Mills Mahama government does but when je started getting his own share of the loot and share he always happy even when JM insults him big fool
Kofi Adams smokes wee more than almost every body infact its like he tests all the we that is brought to Accra before sales commences if u want to verify watch him tv take a closer look at his eyes cant u see that he always finds if difficult to make his point
Well well well its right about time I heard a sound from an empty barrel so I stretched out my neck to see what type it was only to find out it one of the old containers used for the conveying of toilet in the past I said I will ask what happened the container dont worry ur self I am Kofi Adams so I turned away because I belong to NPP so I cant help the NDC clean it mess
Where are the Statesmen including x prez kuffour.why have they kept quiet over Mahama n Kofi adams speech? Hypocrisy is destroying thjs nation.Africa has more FIGURE HEADS than leaders. .. I weep for this nation
But seriously, i dont have the luxury of time to be responding to some of the utterances of Kofi Adams. It's high time he goes back to the classroom.
That Kofi Adams, the least said about him the better. ah such a ***
And is there any difference between Kofi Adams and John Mahama?
To JDM... The arrogance of a dying cockroach. To Kofi Adams. You rather sounded like some one who was high on something.
Where are those false and partisan men of GOD in this country?. when Nana Addo and Kennedy Agyapong speaks they hear and go on to make press statements. Did they hear john mahama insult the Asante people? Did they hear him insult our MP's?,Did they hear him also insult the chiefs and leaders of kyebi?.Did they hear kofi adams call npp members wee smokers?.They have close their ears to all these and when we decide to reply them, they then will put on their clericals to preach peace and morality.
common sense indeed is not common to any body.. My people, does john mahama, johnson Asiedu Nketia,tony aidoo,brigadier nunoo,kofi adams etc. have people who advises them? i don't think so. How can Asiedu Nketia tell us to ditch our hands into our heritage funds,then that character called kofi adams without shame and manners sit on radio to say all Npp members are wee smokers forgetting his own boss,and then mahama also insulting us.i blame that atugugba and the eight judges.for tha false verdict.
Let Kofi Adams come and clear himself if it is a false allegation that he had an annal sex with three students forcibly.! NDC? a political party full of immoral characters.
Allotey Jacobs and Kofi Adams sound like a fool with BANKU in the throat !
kofi Adams is a joke...what a foolish statement
Oh so the kofi adams we hear on radio Everytime now is the teacher we nicknamed batman in adisadel.. That man wey ein daughter taya for adisco boys dema hand like dat nu?
Kofi Adams you too? "Tthey smoked ‘wee’ and sniffed cocaine at their headquarters. They distribute ‘wee’ and cocaine to them…The fact that they smoke “wee” and sniff “cocaine” does not mean they should talk by heart. I am telling you that what they’re saying; it is only someone who has taken ‘weed’ or someone who has sniffed cocaine who will speak that way,?" We shall see.
Npp n yaartum. so cant u sue kofi adams?
The proactiveness of the just-swon in executives of NPP will be in doubt if in the next few days Kofi Adams is not bless with an oppotunity to substanciate his cocain sniffing allegation of npp suppoters and communicators before a High court judge. In short i want him suit for deffamation.
In times like this,most of us truely miss Sir John by now he would have given Prez Mahama and Kofi Adams an equally and appropriate responds for their reckless and irresponsible comments,better still we expect a strongely worded responds from our national executives.
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so the ndc is only concerned about election 2016 and not the betterment of the country??? about a week ago, Kofi Adams was somewhere saying even if nothing is done for voltarians, they will vote for ndc and the president to now says if they build roads with gold they wont vote for them. when the *** will these devils stop dividing our dear Ghana???
When a country like Ghana is advised by Homosexual Kofi Adams to a Corrupt and *** president John Dramani Mahama what do you Expect. We re still Waiting 4 his unqualified Apology or we will continue to decent on this FOOL Togolese Animal.
Kofi Adams and the President John Dramani Mahama are very lucky. Nti Sir John ɛkyi paa nie. They would have gotten their fair share. Mafe Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie.
Kofi Adams is a very smart guy. He feels the more you insult and becomes rude to your opponent, the better your chance of becoming a Minister or Deputy Minister or rewarded by the president. so, he is diminishing his respectful status to the level of Felix Kwakye, Okudgeto, Murtala, Twum Boafo, Aseidu Nketia and the likes. But stil NOT acknowledged by John Mahama. Oh God! can't this hypocrite man advice himself. Is it by force Mr. Adams? No single contract for you but stil you keep on fooling. Keep on fooling. Go Kofi, go Kofi, go kofi. Oh God!
The Criminally Mendacious Kofi Adams: Why Is Kofi Adams Backing Off? He claims that he did not say that New Pa...
Where is NPP communication Team ? We are now Missing Sir John , Hopeson and the likes. So is NPP going to watch the dogs in NDC insult us ? Who is Kofi Adams, Every Foolish dog barks with a Reason . And is our communicators indebted to Him.
What is all this fuse abt wht President Mahama said abt kumasi dat even if ndc govt uses gold on their road they(kumasi ppl) won't appreciate, is it not true? Mahama onli said the truth. Don't they even say wen u even put a fowl on npp ticket at kumasi the fowl will win! And with what kofi Adams said abt npp headquarters and wee and cocaine is no news cus we all knw is true.smh
I have known Kofi Adams to be a homosexual, ask him why he was sacked from Adisadel College? stupid fool! did he not raped three student by the *** such a *** Togolese now have the nod to advice the President what do you expect? NDC???
The President is by Profession a communicator, he therefore should know better. How can you make such a comment and not expect a harsh reaction. That's unproffessional and a huge lose talk. But then that has been the language of the NDC for long. Kofi Adams said the same thing about Voltarians recently. That's lose talk emarnating from desperation and frustration. Cos if we say the man is a communicator by profession, then frustration and desperation might be setting in. Being a President is not about shouting "e dey be" on stage. It's about "doing mek e be". And you don't send a to do the work of an the man is always promising to sweet talk the people, forgetting time and tide waits for no man. School feeding program you can barely get funding for, then you go about promising silver and gold when all the people are asking for is a a penny to feed ther families tomorrow. He knows for a fact the people of Ashanti aren't seduced by his sweet talk, so he goes in full force attack. That's desperation and fru ...
Apart from sammi awuku, I have not heard from any npp member condemning wat kofi adams said. He called us wee nd cocaine smokers, and none of party leaders has come out to condemn him. Wooow how hypocrite and coward npp leaders are. If it comes of internal elections u will hear soo many voices, insulten the innocent ones. U can only insult ur fellow npp member but not ur opponents. Shameful people... Guudmorning Don paino...
This Useless Togolese Kofi Adams we re still waiting 4 ur unqualified Apology cos of ur loose talk or we will continue to decent on you. Useless Togolese PIG Homosexual Dog is better than ur Father.
How i miss Sir John.! Today we are being told by (Ndc) kofi Adams that we share Wee at Npp Party Office. Hm Ndc knew the Reason why they were calling for the removal of Sir John jux becos without sir john they can now Insult the Npp.
JJ.s boy attacks NPP.."THEY SHARE WEE,COCAINE.Credit Daily Guide Kofi Adams tell them more cos they say they are the pioneers n angels in Democracy who think African politics is like oyebo politics... In any case dont your statements on air sound like a mental.patient recovering?
So Kofi Adams thinks those saying that the President said what he said have either taken cocaine or on that analysis what did the President took for speaking the way he did in kumasi?
I think Kofi Adams must make a rethink or perhaps make a proper investigation on his accusation on the use of hard drugs.In Mamobi where I had my early childhood,NDC office was actually the wee-smokers base between 1992-2000.In fact it was the Kuffour administration that destroyed it and had some of the smokers arrested which eventually led to loss of votes and public support.Till date,go to all public toilets in Nima and Mamobi and you will see youth mostly in the NDC smoking.
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Its been how many days now since Kofi Adams insulted all of us as cocaine and wee smokers ? You might now like...
Oh, am so disappointed in we the young ones of today whom has engaged in politics of our dear country for not been able to stand out for the truth and betterment of our descendants but rather side lines with our political leaders baseless augments which may go a long way to hate the future of our dear country Ghana. The heritage funds was set up for a good reason which other oil blessed nations did and are now benefit today generation. Dubai having discovered oil at that time made meaningful usage of the funds from the oil and Prz. Maham have to go for vacation there, let us also start now and I hope for better tomorrow. Yesterday I did comment about Kofi Adams and after following what Prz Maham tour Ashanti Region, his language needs to be structure and coach well, he needs to learn how to talk as a president and not on political platform. Am disappointed and ask whether he may go back there for votes come 2016.
Kofi Adams really said it. The tape was played on peacefm yesterday
This is an except of what a good communicator said in Kumasi. Sounds like just the exact opposite of what Kofi Adams said; “… the Akans have a saying that, no matter how well the chicken dances, it will never please the hawk. Therefore, we need not be discouraged by that. Because for some people, even if we cover all the ground with gold, here in Kumasi, they will not appreciate it …” - H.E. John Dramani Mahama, speaking to NDC supporters in Kumasi. Someone tell Mr President he lose talk wa!!! How can you say that? Seems frustration is setting in, desperation to building up in their minds. God save us!!!
Johnson Asiedu Nkatia is even better than than Kofi Adams aka Ntampee hene.Tweaa
When Kofi Adams run down the people of Volta the Anlo chiefs replied him.when d prez made derogatory remarks about d people of kyebi..Oforipanyin replied him.the prez has made a statement about Akans...I am eagerly waiting for Asanteman.s response
Fellow patriot, have you now realized what is goin on in our ghana politics? On our own ground kumasi mahama has stand on a platform & insulted us. Today the soo called kofi adams refer al NPP members us smokers. The last tym i insulted mahama on this platform i had som1 who claim he is a good patriot,he insulted me hear n called me soo many names & you al can remember that, but no 1 said a word hr.Just kep on bein on your big coat & gentle urselfs.U better wak up us big us our symble Kukurudu.Dis is e tym 2 do watever it's 2 win power on 2016. Kep dis in mind if we choose 2 act us our usual x'ter,den we should 4get of comin 2 power,unless we put our coat aside n be rough on e filled too.
I honestly think my Akwapim brother and someone i respect despite our instinctive differences Sefa Kaye is gradually losing grips of his professional competence.He has been exceptional and phenomenal in delivery all these while but gradually allowing certain inclinations affect negatively his delivery.Sefa Kaye didn't handle Kofi Adams fairly this morning but,i was impressed with the matured posture of Adams.
NDC and violence, just after commissioning their social media commentators, of which reason the Togo reject kofi Adams insulted all NPPs, the MCE in techiman has started beating his communicators, such a violent party .
The NDC and Kofi Adams want to tell us that the Volta Region is now VOTERS Region. They only remember them when it is elections season. Me nuanom montu mo *** fo 2016.
wat was Kofi Adams saying spokesperson for the rawlings family n member of the ndc n can't answer a simple question but rather had to insults the opposition before n dis morning on peace fm he trying to justify himself.Wat r dis leaders of ours teaching us am ashamed
kofi adams was a homosexual in Adisadel college as a tutor. He was sacked for harassing a young male biology student. In western Europe or USA, he would have been registered as a sex offender among the pedophiles... He is a danger to any community he lives in
Ask why kofi adams was sacked from adisadel college as a teacher...
The NPP kmust match Kofi Adams to the law court for damages.
The most useless NDC executive of the year is Kofi Adams. He doesn't know his left and right. Upon all his foolishness on radio, he is still not acknowledged by JDM to attract a post. Waste of manpower. I pity him.
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Well i think kofi adams should come and prove to we in the npp when he supplied us wee nd cocaine to be sharing at our headquarters.i think a useless boy like that can only become a deputy general secretary in an equally useless party like the ndc.kofi adams shd watch out for me today.i will dedicate my dae to him.i will strip him today
Kofi Adams.indeed we heard you clearly this morning on peacefm.who spoked wee and cocaine at party office? Tell us.who??? When u were being asked to speak on the cedi depreciation,you said,is at the results of the redenomination of the cedi in 2007.pls lead good examples for us to emulate ok.
Kofi Adams is a man of doubtful loyalty, even in Jerry Rawlings' office, he is not trusted, at least , not by Yaa Agyemang ! Was Kofi Adams , not for a long time under suspension from the NDC ?. Was the reason for his suspension not over doubtful loyalty ?. Is Kofi Adams a man to be taken serious ?
Kofi Adams thinks,the new sec.of our party (kwabena agyei Agyapong will respond to his useless statement he made, shame to u,nd ur so call ndc party.disgrace party like ndc.gud afternoon.
Listen to Kofi Adams justifying the unfortunate insults.If U live in a glass house dnt throw stones.
as for kofi adams the least said about him the better.A CHARACTER THAT EATS KVIP FAECES BEFORE HE CAN SPEAK ON AIR.
Kofi Adams pls get the police to arrest all NPP communicators since they smoke wee and sniff cocaine.
So Kofi Adams call NPP supporter wee and cocaine sniffers? Interesting! I want him to ask his boss Jerry John Rawlings what he used to come smoke in my area in the 1990's. Pathetic!
I urge all npp people to allow Kofi Adams be the animal he is by not dignifying him with a response.We are not animals;anaa?
Kofi Adams is a bloody lair. Kwame Sefa Kayi please raised the bar of your show tom!!
"Sammy Awuku good job done we are proud of U" peace fm 6/6/14 expposing Kofi Adams with video photoges Thanks SNR.
Can u imagine. when asked by Opanyin Agyakum on Peace FM kokrokoo that "what was the impact of that pragmatic decision the BoG, n GoG implemented to arrest the free fall of the cedi, as things are even getting worse" Kofi Adams responded if the measures were not in place it could have been worst. OMG, so i ask where is the pragmatic in the said measures they were trumpeting. Error president try n error president i order president i directed president aaahhbaaahhh, oga shine yo eyes
If Rawlings was to be morally right he should have fired kofi Adams before daybreak,cos his unfortunate statements against the npp are childish
Do we need to waste our time on morons like that kofi adams?
I am shocked that Kofi Adams is defending such an irresponsible and shameful statement.God have mercy on us!
Very Soon Some of the So Called Npp Party Founding members will come out to defeed the Useless Comment from the stinking mouth of kofi Adams ndc G S!
How do we expect to succeed as a nation when EVEN KOFI ADAMS speaks for public consumption n is a resource person for the BEST MORNING PROGRAMME SHOW.I hope I am vindicated when I tell u that CRAP n SENSATIONALISM sells more than anything in this country. ..."Tonga" boy got an award whilst "Baba" didn't abi? ."Abodam" was the best artist of d year once..recall?
Does the President of Ghana really abhors politics of insult? Does he really check on his own people? Did he hear the false accusation Mr Kofi Adams levelled against his Opponent(NPP)? How will he(The President) react if NPP insults back ? How can we live in a Country that the President who speaks against politics of insult allow his own people to insult their opponent but condemn his opponent when they insult back. This is shameful. God is still watching.
Moron lyk KOFI ADAMS has de gall to tag NPP as 'wee smokers' n u think we shldn't respond to such a man? An irresponsible man lyk dat who calls himself de deputy general secretary of a ruling party! Deputy general secretary of a ruling party my foot!
I don't know why Kofi Adams speaks and ppl get worked up unnecessarily, when we all know where he's coming from.
In fact Kofi Adams is an ANIMAL who doesn't qualify to sit among human beings
Kofi Adams, you can't fool us the chief of Breman is not only a former chairman of NDC in Germany. He was a parliamentary candidate for NDC at Nhyiaeso Constituency. His real name is Stephen Boateng. He was the NDC parliamentary candidate in 2000 and 2004 general elections. The chief of Breman who publicly endorsed Mahama for 2016 is a known NDC activist and a former chairman of NDC in germany.
Kofi Adams is A very BIG FOOL and DISGRACE to Ghana.. He owe Appology to NPP for putting insults on Us!! I REST MI CASE
When respected people and people who the larger masses see to hold certain kinds of integrity fall foul of how people see them as such begins to justify their misconduct, they tend to talk like clueless children- lisn to Kofi Adams on Peace fm's Kokrokoo, an apology of a deputy general secretary of the NDC. Pr!
Kofi Adams paaa, just admit ur wrong and let it die a natural death
what is npp issue with Kofi Adams. Is it not true that they share weed to npp communicators to come out and talk rubbish. Listen to Kofi Juma on Adom, trying to attack the chief who endorse JM for 2016, and he's been exposed to the lies propagated on the chief. shame, wee smokers communicators.
Waa look trying to justify what he said. l sometimes wonder, how can somebody like Kofi Adams be the deputy minister of a ruling party in government. Hm!! its really sad.
The comment by Kofi Adams on ATV is in bad taste. "npp comunicaters are given cocain and wee before they come on radio".
Kofi Adams is a bloody lair. Kwami Sefa Kayi please I beg you raise the bar of the show higher again.
Kofi Adams just said he didn't mention NPP but he defended it when the tape was played. .this pple. Stupid politicians
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KOFI ADAMS IS A DISGRACE TO ALL POLITICIANS !!! Is Kofi Adams alright? Is he Ok at all. Who doesn't know Kofi Adams is an irredeemable wee-smoker? He needs to apologise to the NPP. Such characters can't be spokesperson to our former president. Kofi Adams, learn to be responsible and matured ooo!!!
When will Ndc stop lying to Ghanaians. Kofi Adams has been exposed on Peace fm this morning.
Very disgusting Kofi Adams mind the way you speak in public.
Kofi Adams Kofi Adams did he really say that?..#
Kofi Adams is a shameful, unapologetic, irresponsible pathetic liar.
Oooh Kofi Adams.denying saaa, now the tape is played, n)).
Kofi Adams must be man enough and apologise. Such an embarrassing comments from senior party official can't be explained. I'm saddened
Kofi Adams the general secretary of the NDC is a bloody liar... A fool and a stupid person to have insulted we NPP communicators taking Wee... U said it and now ur denying it on peace FM...they played his tape and now he's stll denying it. Foolish man in a foolish party
I will show you kofi Adams house today and u will ask urself what job has he done to deserve dat house at Golfcity stay tn
I understand Kofi Adams too has insulted the leadership n communicators of Npp...that is what u get when as a MAN you act like a BOY!!!
Did i hear Kofi Adams the spokeperson for Former president Jerry John Rawlings says , Npp Communicators takes in Alcohol, Cocaine and Wee at our Party Headquarters,before they come to studio s? ? I miss Sir John
when kofi Adams is branding all npps as wee and cocaine sniffers, and need to be disciplined, some. GAKEs are somewhere tryna sabotage NPP, God has seen you all, and we are also aware of your every move, but in the end you will know your smoothness level
NPP executives have to sue Kofi Adams for what he said about the party. They don't have to take it lightly cos its a very serious allegation .How can an executive of a party in power make such a reckless comment .He said on Air this morning that NPP shares illicit drugs ,smoke weed and sniff cocaine at the NPP headquarters.
Stop them before they stop you dis time no more let go let go or eye hweee ooo kofi Adams must be told the nonsense must stop NOW
Adams Kwarasey says he can stop Cristiano Ronaldo. That is a positive spirit and attitude
Whether they are suffering or not they still vote for NDC in 2016. By Kofi Adams on voltarian people
Wereko Brobbey is in the same boat as Kofi Adams . Obed Asamoah. Nana Konadu .
Sammy Awuku who has apologized is not a COWARD like JM, Kofi Adams, Gabby Assuming, Kakra Essuman, Clement Apaak, Bernard Mornah,Kwesi Pratt, Felix Kwakye Ofosu, Stephen Atubigah, Anita Desouso and Brogya Genfi who are sitting behind hurling stones of bad comments into the Supreme Court.Can any of the above mentioned also apologize or withdraw their lose comments.???
Emmanuel Ayernor writes: JUSTICE ATUGUBA HERE IS A LIST FOR YOU! 1. John Mahama - Supreme Court judges will rule in my favour 2. Kofi Adams - Reversing the lake Volta is easier than the petitioners wining the court case 3. Gabby Asuming - I will cause Civil war if SC declares Nana Addo as the winner 4. Kakra Esamuah - I will support Coup D'tate if the SC rule in favour for Akufo Addo 5. Bernard Monarh - SC doesn't have the powers to declare Akufo Addo as the winner 6. Kwasi Pratt - those 9 judges can't decide for Ghana 7. Tsatsu Tsikata - Criminals at the court registry 8. Daily Dispatch - published the KPMG report earlier before the SC 9. Felix Ofosu Kwakye- I can bet my life for my John Mahama winning at the SC. 10. Atubigah - On Asempa fm: NDC will not accept the verdict of the Supreme Court should they lose. When he was prompted he said they NDC are prepared for war 11. Anita Desouso - I will support civil war should Nana Addo be declared by the Supreme Court. 12. Brogya Genfi - NDC supporters would n ...
MEDAASE: Sack ‘traitor’ Kofi Adams – NDP Guru Joseph Bediako, a leading member of the National Democratic Party (NDP), has labeled spokesperson for the Rawlingses, Kofi Adams as a traitor. He consequently charged the former first family to sack him. Mr. Bediako said Kofi Adams’s hypocrisy led to the disqualification of NDP, formed by former First Lady Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, in the 2012 polls by the Electoral Commission (EC.) He angrily threatened to stop offering services to the party if Kofi Adams is spared by the Rawlingses after his misconduct. Bediako alleged that, Adams, then an insider of the newly-formed NDP, took steps to prevent the flagbearer from participating in the elections. “Kofi Adams contributed from within to make sure that the NDP was disqualified by the EC last year,” the NDP guru told Ash FM, a radio station based in Kumasi. “If the Rawlingses do not sack Kofi Adams I will not perform any NDP work.” “I will not work for NDP if Kofi Adams is not sacked by the . ...
Look what business have these ndc guys questioning why the NPP suspended Wereko Brobbey? What was the reason for they spending Kofi Adams? What was the reason for they suspending Teye Nyaunu? And they say we cant tolerate dissenting views. Was Asiedu Nketiah Tolerating Rawlings when he referred to him as a BARKING DOG? Please! Make we think... Wereko Brobbey has been suspended and it will stay as such. Wo nte ase3 aaa k)she po to wit if u don't understand go burn the SEA
I sympathize with petitioners; their case is dead on arrival – Kofi Adams: Deputy General Secretary of the rul...
What is gov't's crime in sponsoring Clergy to intercede for Ghana – Kofi Adams asks: Deputy General Secretary ...
Shamima Muslim and Nana Boakye-Yiadom are live on air with Eyewitness News. Clashes in parts of the Northern Region Fall outs of President Mahama's Ministerial re-shuffle Kofi Adams has been cleared of any wrong doing by NDC executives. Tune in and join us with your comments, thoughts and suggestions.
Citi News Headlines: Citi FM’s round table series comes off today at the British Council with a focus on the 2013 budget. The Police administration says the absence of Chris Brown will not be an impediment to its investigations. NPP in Atlanta,USA asks Supreme Court to throw away series of joinders filed by individuals in the on-going election petition case. Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh says over politicization of the NHIA is to blame for its current challenges. President John Mahama announces sweeping changes in his administration by reshuffling all his Regional Ministers. The National Executive Committee of the NDC lifts indefinite suspension placed Kofi Adams. Anthony Karbo calls party members not to stampede the party leadership into making any hasty decision for election in 2016. Ghana Bar Assoc. supports calls for A.G. to file contempt proceedings against lawyers who comment on cases pending before courts on radio. The papal conclave of 2013 to elect a pope after the resignation of Benedict XVI will b ...
That taped conversation of us was doctored, so I'm glad Kofi Adams, sacked deputy general secretary of NDC has been reinstated in the NDC
Kofi Adams has been reinstated: Mr Kofi Adams, the suspended Deputy General Secretary of the governing Nationa...
Kofi Adams has chided the minority in parliament for procceding to present what they termed as 'True State of the Nation’ address. According to the spokesperson for former President Rawlings, most of the financial concerns raised by the minority will be captured in the 2013 budget which the finance minister will be presenting to the House soon, hence there was no need for the repetition. “What the minority has jump the gun. There are some of the issues they raised there that surely will be captured in the budget. For example, if you want to go into the details about mentioning what the deficit is, the monies that went in terms of how much was over spent in the budget and all that; the minister of finance on the 5th of March will be in parliament to present the budget statement on behalf of the president.” Speaking on Citi FM’s news and current affairs programme, 'The Big Issue' Mr Adams said the president’s State of the Nation address captured the important issues that government is working on t ...
I am enjoying Kofi Adams presentation on Kokroko this morning. If the NPP want to now attend the budget hearing, they should not be stopped in anyway. We should just let them have to wrestle with their conscience and be themselves. Posterity will judge us all. And a word of advice: the state of hypocrisy is just too much, let's resort to better ourselves. Peace. Kwasi Pratt has also taken the same line! Commendable
Kofi Adams want to tell Ghanaians that Kwame Pianim and Wereko Brobey are more sensible than all the NPP leadership, nkwaseasem aakwa
Kofi Adams' call 4 an investigations into BUEM by-election has been clarified on Asempa Fm. He sd during de general eletions BUEM recorded low turn out among all de constituencies in Volta Region n it further went low now so as a party we need 2 investigate it. Good call
We need strong advocates, lobbyists like Kofi Adams, John Kwadwo Gyapong etc to make things happen in the Volta Region especially in the Northern part.
Rawlings angry at Konadu’s boy. One of the events Ghanaians wish never occurred is the June 30, 1982 barbaric murder of an army major and three High Court Judges at the Bundase Military Training field under the Provisional National Defense Council (PNDC) regime led by Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings. Over 30 years have passed and Mr. Rawlings who has lived with the false accusations that he and his wife Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings sponsored the killings, feels his scar is being scratched again with reckless abandon by one political neophyte called Ernest Owusu-Bempah. Spokesperson for ex-President Rawlings, Kofi Adams, has revealed his boss is angry at Owusu-Bempah over the latter’s “reckless” death notice served on Supreme Court Justices sitting on Nana Akufo-Addo’s election case and would wish the security agencies investigate the matter and arrest him. Mr. Adams distanced his boss from Owusu-Bempah, who has been holding himself as a close friend of the Rawlingses and sometimes purports to be sp ...
First I want to comment His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama for his leadership so far. He has demonstrated that he is not only a unifier but also a pacifist. I urge the president to continue to work for the nation in spite of the perpetual loser Akufo Addo and his NPP’s provocation and quest to make the country ungovernable. Kudos JDM! Now to my question, who at all is this “being” called Asiedu Nketia aka General Mosquito (GM)? For the sake of our great Akatamanso family, some of us have kept mute over the nefarious activities of this loud mouth “being” calling himself a “general” but since he does not have the party at heart but his own selfish mean ( and of course his brick factory), I have no choice than to start talking now. The recent machinations of Asiedu Nketia to disqualify Kofi Adams from contesting the Buem by-election is of course not directed to Kofi Adams per se but to Papa JJ; so to show him that he Asiedu Nketia has the power. It is a shame for our great party, the ...
IF KOFI ADAMS IS A “Prodigal Son,” ACCEPT HIM: From: Dr. Michael J.K. Bokor With the NPP’s abstention from the two upcoming bye-elections in the Akatsi South and Buem constituencies, the NDC must be laughing all the way to claim an easy electoral victory. Not much money expected to be spent campaigning, certainly. The candidate for Akatsi South has been selected without incident. But for Buem, the situation has turned ugly—too ugly—for comfort, which raises questions: Is somebody being batty? Or allowing the NDC’s performance at Election 2012 to eat away his reasoning ability? The NDC leaders have disqualified Kofi Adams, the spokesperson for the Rawlingses, from contesting the primaries. This action is not only sickening but it also reflects the shadiness with which the party’s leaders approach politics. It is a clear instance of the off-colour politics that they do to create problems. We are told that a member of the party in the Buem constituency yesterday sought the court’s injunction ...
Kofi Adams Not On Buem Constituency Register A lot of noise was generated from certain quarters following the disqualification of Kofi Adams, the suspended deputy General Secretary of the NDC, from contesting the vacant Buem Constituency seat. The by-election became necessary following the sudden death of the Member of Parliament for Buem, Mr. Ford Henry Kamel, who also doubled as the Volta Regional Minister on December 25, 2012 at the Jasikan District Hospital. Days after the demise of Mr. Kamel, a certain group of people from the Volta Region started making a pitch for Kofi Adams, who comes from the area to contest the empty seat. It did not however, take long that the whole issue went into the head of Kofi Adams who started making rounds on Radio stations and expressed his interest in the vacant Buem parliamentary seat. It was therefore not surprising when Kofi Adams finally picked a form to contest the primary on the ticket of the NDC. And by the NDC constitution, all parliamentary candidates are requ ...
Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, the former 3 times M.P for Wenchi East and the current General Secretary of the ruling party is covered and protected. Kofi Adams and his henchmen must back off because we will defend the General with everything we have got. A traitor like Kofi Adams has no place in the current N.D.C. Let anything dare happen to the general and let them watch how decent N.D.C faithfuls will swing into action. One man's selfishness cannot override the total interest of the party. With our blood and our sweat we will fight and die for the course of the party. Haters beware!
An injunction has been placed on the National Democratic Congress (NDC) primaries in the Buem constituency which was expected to take place today. A member of the party, Alhaji Bello secured an injunction following what many have indicated to be, the manner Kofi Adams, aide to the former President was disqualified from contesting the primaries. “We even invited him to come to the place then all of a sudden I understand that it is one Alhaji Bello. But once he has received the summons we cannot go ahead because we will be slapped with contempt” he said. Mr. George Aboagye lamented that this is the third time he (Alhaji Bello) is taking the party to court.
Suspended Deputy General Secretary for ruling National Democratic Congress, Kofi Adams has descended heavily on his party’s General Secretary, Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketia, describing him as a liar, who is bent on preventing him from contesting the Buem seat.
Kofi Adams is behaving like Nana Akufo Addo. Azzzaaa... He'd just end up dispelling the otherwise little sympathy he got for his ambition.
As for these NDC people hmmm. They suffered the treachery of Michael Tei Nyaunu as an against mp within and punished him mercilessly at primaries and general elections by rejecting him through their votes yet they are promoting Kofi Adams, MTN's ally to have the same opportunity he(MTN) abused. At the same time they have appointed Bede Ziedeng who was an active campaigner for NPP on the DFP ticket in 2008 as a regional minister. A congress indeed
If Bede Ziedeng is appointed a Minister and Major Boakye Gyan is allowed to contest as MP then why should Kofi Adams be denied the opportunity to contest the Buem primaries. I think it's about time Asiedu Nketia and his cohorts be gotten rid of.
Kofi Adams has been disqualified from contesting the Buem seat in the Volta Region.
Kofi Adams is the best NDC candidate to represent the people of Buem. Read the voice of the people of Buem. Collins Anoban: I come from Kudje, and I will be proud to have you as my MP. You a role model to we the youth of Buem. Rashid Dauda: THAT IS A BOLD STEP U KNOW, MR KOFI ADAMS RASHID IS SOLIDLY BEHIND U. FORWARD EVER BACKWARD NEVER. EDEY BEE K3K333! Iddrisu Hamdu Ibad: Friends hon kofi Adams hve successfully file to contest the buem constituency primaries of the ruling National Democratic Congress at jasikan district in de Volta Region of ghana,all are cordial invited to render ur support by speaking to our delegates on de need to vote foe kofi Adams n we must also pray for him n de party.thank u Samuel Bond Asiedu: Thanks for the nice reception you gave me yesterday at Jasikan. We will work together for you to be the next MP for Buem so as to achieve the model constituency we all dream about. Lets show them it can happen. Daniel Delali Yaokumah: I am ready to join your campaign team! :: Vote Kofi A ...
The NDC is expected to hold a crunch meeting on whether suspended Deputy General Secretary, Kofi Adams should be allowed to contest the Buem constituency bye-elections on its ticket. The issue came up during vetting of aspirants for the seat won by late regional minister Ford Kamel. Rawlings’ spokesman was suspended in March last year following a leaked tape recording in which he was alleged to have said he will work to ensure late President Mills’ defeat in the 2012 elections. Volta Regional executives of the party are tight lipped but the Regional Chairman, Kwesi Aboagye told Joy News their focus is on the Akatsi primaries. He said the decision on Buem vetting will be taken by the National Executives on Tuesday. The NDC National Organizer, Yaw Boateng Gyan said a fair decision will be taken as soon as possible to bring the matter to rest. He would not say categorically whether he considered Kofi Adams as a member of party except to say that the party will take a final decision next week. The Buem Co ...
Kofi Adams files his official nomination of the Boem constituency of Volta Region~ City Fm.
Samia Nkrumah and Kofi Adams to Join Mahama’s Cabinet – Report: The election of John Dramani Mahama as President...
Kofi Adams For Ministerial Appointment?: Spokesperson to Former President Rawlings, Kofi Adams, says he is not a...
Kofi Adams calls for prayers for President Mahama: Mr Kofi Adams, spokesperson for former President Jerry John R...
Kofi Adams, spokesman to former President Jerry Rawlings has predicted a ‘one touch’ victory for President Read more »
God has already declared Mahama victor in December - Kofi Adams: Kofi Adams, spokesperson to former president Je...
Kofi Adams shocked me on Saturday with his attempt to draw the conclusion that the NPP ill-treated the late vice president Aliu Mahama.According to Adams,the NPP should have endorsed the late veep after Kufuor finished his tenure in office as president. First of all,the NPP is composed of people who have accepted democracy as the best way to move a system or nation forward.The NDC suffered greatly when J.J.Rawlings handpicked Prof.Mills as his successor.Another point worthy of mentioning is the fact that Kofi Adams himself supported Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings to get Mills out of power.Why didn't he and his pay masters allow Mahama to succeed Mills after his term of office but chose to contest Mills,relegating Mahama to the sidelines? They sometimes don't look at the implications of what comes out of their mouths.Consistency is key in politics,but as it is,our siblings in the NDC can't find that word in their vocabulary.Kofi Adams has stabbed the Rawlingses in the back.
Rawlings AND Kofi Adams must be really sick in their heads.
"If you are a serious in winning election, you dont respond to the effusions of useless people like Asiedu Nketia and Elvis Afriyie Ankrah"- Kofi Adams on Newsfile
Asiedu Nketiah must be ignored – Kofi Adams: The spokesperson for John Jerry Rawlings, Kofi Adams has stated tha...
I can tell you the person with the most difficult job in Ghana now is Kofi Adams. He's hot basaa.
Whether kofi Adams speed up his tour or not, the message is simple. The cracks in NDC has been cemented and one touch victory is awaiting come december 2012
Kofi Adams' meeting with us is taking too much time.someone tell him to speed up.
At a Meeting with Kofi Adams, the spercial to Ex Prez Rawlings.
Former President Jerry John Rawlings is joining the campaign trail of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). His aide Kofi Adams confirmed to Asempa FM, Tuesday that the former President's decision to join the campaign of the NDC follows a meeting he held with former National Executives and senior members of the party. Mr. Rawlings - who fell out with the party he founded in 2009 following some disagreements with the late President John Mills - said he wants to take part in the December campaigns after witnessing some changes under the leadership of President John Mahama, Kofi Adams said. He indicated that Mr. Rawlings will not sit back and watch the party he founded go into the abyss. Kofi Adams stated that the former President will do anything within his power to ensure the NDC win the December general elections. Asked how Mr. Rawlings will deal with the backlash from the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kofi Adams said “we are ready for anything the opposition will do”. “Former president Ra ...
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kofi adams today address a rally in tamale south. He entreated ndc members to avoid voting skirt and blouse.
That is the spirit. Just like been a member of Jehovah's witness
BREAKING NEWS:At a high powered NDC meeting just completed with JJ Rawlings, he has agreed to campaign for Prez Mahama in the coming days leading to the elections. Meanwhile, all excommunicated members including Kofi Adams, have been granted unconditional amnesty to return to the party.
BREAKING NEWS, Jeryy Rawlings aka Dr Boom of antoa to start campaigning for NDC according to Kofi Adams on asempa fm. Has Nana Addo, Aba numa abaku been disowned?
Second IEA debate should be between NDC/NPP - Kofi Adams
Kofi Adams is proposing second Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) presidential debate, scheduled to be held November 20, be between candidates of National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP)
Konadu’s Political Crash…-And Dr. Mamboa, Saint Osei, Dr. Ofei & Alh. Nasiru tooThe Akans say; “Onipa ye adea osa ayeyi,” and it is also said that “the stone the builders rejected shall become the cornerstone of the house”. Hate him or love him, the NDC must be applauding Mr. Kofi Adams, spokesperso...
Comrades the meeting today between Nana Addo & Jj Rawlings affirms Kofi Adams tape(we will make Atta Mills one time president)
Rawlings will attend NDP Congress - Kofi Adams: Former President Jerry Rawlings will be the special guest of hon...
A former Chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Ashanti Region has predicted that the newly formed National Democratic Party will not survive, especially in the Ashanti Region. Frank Osei Mensah says the party, formed by some disillusioned members of the NDC, will not have any impact on the ruling party’s chances in the 2012 elections because it is being founded by persons with no credibility. Mr Osei Mensah’s comments come days after Deputy Information Minister Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa described the NDP as incapable of organizing and winning election 2012. “It is still born really,” he said on Joy FM/MultiTV current affair programme, Newsfile on Saturday. The NDP, which has been linked to the Rawlingses, emerged last week after an earlier hint by Kofi Adams, Spokesperson of the Rawlingses, that Ghanaians “should not be surprised” if a new party is formed to “salvage an existing party.” The leaders of the new party are known close allies of the Rawlingses. But spea ...
Mills healthgate: Kofi Adams calls for Kwabena Adjeis head
how can Kofi Adams sit on Oman fm boiling point . . . . And say that those who criticise Mrs Rawllings even her 31st DWM is older than them so what . . . . . . . . . . . ? and the host replied Off cos . . Off cos. . Off cos . . . . . npp is inn trouble.
Rawllings and his boys Kofi and Bempa . . . . . . . . are doing dangerous harm to NPP a support of strategy that is keeping npp so long in OPPOSITION . . . . . . . . . . . The use of boiling point is a starter to break ribs of the perceived enemy npp. . . . . . . . . . seriously at a fasted speed Owusu Bempa/ Kofi Adams has taken over from npp. . . . this is a victory for NDC .
Kofi Adams on Oman fm Boiling Point- Who is the traitor here? First he was planning with Gabby A. O. Darko to make sure Prof Mills does not get a second term.Now he is using the platform of the perceived ENEMY to bring down the great NDC.Who is the traitor here Mr. Rawlings? We shall surely triumph! Ey3 zu!
Mm)fra, mm)fra in the ndc should know how to talk.Kofi Adams on Boiling Point
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
If I may asked on what locus was Kofi Adams speaking? As spokes person for Rawlings or Deputy General Secretary of the NDC?
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