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It's a bit too late. Kenyans failed morality test when they elected suspects in man…
Americans pretend to be the best,worst tribal nation,we need you to kill each other now so as we send Koffi Anan for mediation
Where is the international community to come to America's aid? Koffi Anan? Ban Ki Moon? Anyone?
Yemi Alade- Koffi Anan keeping up spirits at this time
Koffi Anan fired then UN force commander Mj Gen Veejey Kumar an Indian 4 impropriety, India did not withdraw it's troops from the mission.
Former UN Sec general went 2 Java ordered without saying his name. So the waitress came with a cup to the table nd asked hii ni Koffi Anan?
I added a video to a playlist Yemi Alade - Koffi Anan (Dance Video)
Alqaeda, Koffi Anan, aswr the next dance style will be between ISIS and Obama...
you should hear the Koffi Anan one. You'd almost pray to be deaf.
World renowned leaders like Obama,Nelson Mandela,Koffi Anan,Raila have graced Jeff Koinange's show,blaming them too??
You don't wanna miss this Koffi Anan Freestyle by : cc
King of Queen tunes : Koffi Anan Freestyle by cc
Arguably Nigeria’s Female artiste, Yemi Alade opens her 2016 account with this fire freestyle – “Koffi Anan”,...
Did i see koffi anan at olympiastadion?!
Koffi Anan is one of the signatories of the Arusha Accords! He, more than anybody else knows the significance of the Accords!
The way I drink Coffee D dayz, Koffi Anan go soon invite me for dinner!
“Rich people in Africa want to show off their wealth. But others want to share it with their people” Koffi Anan...
The Battle: The World Youths quiz an experienced team of**THE ELDERS** that Include Jimmy Carter and Koffi Anan
How many types of coffee do we have in Africa? Akpos: Two types. Teacher: Very Good! What are they? Akpos: Koffi Anan &Koffi Olomide"
"A lot of people do believe in the youth today but what is even more important is the faith they ought to have in themselves" Koffi Anan IB
Hehehe! Why is Obama not there?RT Koffi Anan, Morgan Freeman, Thabo Mbeki, to mention but a few hot old men
In case you missed Dr.David Matsanga's interview with Jeff Koinange. The bench was literally on fire. 1.Walter Barasa, Ken wafula and others totaling to eleven were Procurement officers of witnesses . 2.And that is why Ken wafula is now having more than one wife..He is a beneficiary of UhuRuto ICC cases 3.The evidence was sexed up,flawed and doctored. 4.Ocampo come to Kenya to see wild animals and enjoy the sunshine in Eldoret. He didn't conduct any investigations. 5.Kampala Magistrates are better off than ICC Judges ...anybody thinking there's Justice in the court will bring Jesus down! 6.I blew the lid on a Liar Witness number 4 the OTP were relying to Prosecute Uhuru Kenyatta! 7.The ICC consists of young people who have just graduated from the university and are doing their practicals on African leaders. 8.Koffi Anan is simply a man with bad luck.He is a shame and disgrace to Africa. He lives and dines with the imperialists, and acts as their puppet in Africa.
“At times when I see Thabo Mbeki I also see Koffi Anan.”huh same same
Dr. Koffi Anan mediated & midwified the coalition gov't btw Raila Odinga& Mwai Kibaki. Now who wil mediate btw Raila Odinga & Kalonzo Musyoka if CORD wins& forms the gov't or who will mediate btw Uhuru Kenyatta & William Ruto if the Jubilee alliance wins & forms the gov't?
Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance..Koffi Anan. Have a blessed weekend.
How can Uhuru Kenyatta term The Chief Mediator Koffi Atta Anan's visit to the country as being on tour? Let him take Charles Njonjo's advice and apologise to Dr. Koffi Anan.
Kenya is a sovereign state capable of solely making after Koffi Anan leaving, another one in the name of Bensouda,the purported chief prosecutor is headed here.wat do they want??? They should know tat if Uhuru wont be the president,then definately its bcz Rutto has won! Nothing Less than that.i am disgusted.
President Kibaki was absent at an important KDF ceremony and last weekhe could not spare time to meet Koffi Anan team. What really occupies this man? What does he consider important?
Kibaki is a very busy man. -Koffi Anan Koffi Anan has got alot of free time.-Uhuru Kenyatta
who said Koffi Anan came to Kenya to talk presidential candidates?He did not talk to Raila as a candidate but as one of the two who formed the coalition government.Shame on you Uhuru and dont name others here like William Ruto,Kalonzo and Musalia.Its you who has that ignorant up!nkt
Koffi Anan made Africa proud as UN SG,the true Father of Africa.
Hamilton Collection
Koffi Anan a fomer United Nation President *** u cn see gore he left the mark while he was in the office, the likez of Nelson Mandela nd Thibo touch Thabo Mbeki diz are the true leaders we cn spell their names on the snow
United state of Africa takin' ova 1 for Koffi Anan,1 for Nelson Mandela en d otha 1 for rubie1 da Rupee.stuntin' on Martin luther king jr wen he said."i had a dream"
Kofi Anan Kofi Anan is the devil sopkesman of Al-Assad devil gang headed by the biggest "Pig" Bashaar Al-Assad. This is Bashaar "ITSELF" anot the peace envoy. It (Koffi Anan) is one of the gang members whose face is a reflection of Bashhar itself. They are living on blood shedding for the sake of the super devils including Israel, ran and the other conspirators.
Koffi Anan includes Iran in Syria talks. Koffi pokes U.S. in the eye yet again.
Koffi Anan still fighting for peace Thabo Mbeki still fighting for peace
The so called "Super Powers" of this world were quick to react when the uprising was hapening in my beloved African continent ( Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya), Going as far as Killing and make some seek refuge in foreign countries. Its almost the same things hapening in their door steps in Syria, but little has been done up to date. Today they only expelled Syrian diplomats from their countries. Is that all what they can do to ther fellow nations? Our hero, Koffi Anan has been used as a United Nation's Peace Envoy. Lets leave the old man to rest. I am confused now of how they value us Africans!
I like Koffi Anan's impartiality when he's mediating not like those meddling Americans who come with preset conditions...
Koffi Anan man of the year...balancing the Arab League on the Syrian issue...diplomat for life ...
Koffi Anan and Thabo Mbeki are noth supposed to be UN Peace Brokers for Life.
Koffi Anan was only trying to reduce the massive killing in syria. And nothing else,he is a good man
...It's only God that can do that for Syria but it seems their president has agreed on the recommendations by koffi Anan
koffi Anan calls got cease fire in Syria.
Bless. OPPORTUNITies is metaphysical. Teams need to deploy to help Koffi Anan with JA POWER CONSCIOUSNESS CHRISTIAN SPIRIT.
Koffi Anan says has accepted the peace plan for ceasefire
Official- Iraqiya says King Abdullah II of heading his country's delegation Also Anan 2brief leaders on
Koffi Anan is back in the news. I like Koffi! Still looks good after all these years!
If Koffi Anan can temporarily stop violence in Syria coz of his 6point plan, then what happens to Banki Moon's era? What is he doing aftall?
I lift a glass for Koffi Anan. He's worked hard and Syria's Assad has accepted his
Meanwhile it takes Koffi Anan's visit to Beijing for Asad to listen.
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