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Koch Brothers

The Koch family of industrialists and businessmen is most notable for their control of Koch Industries, the second largest privately owned company in the United States.

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.& .are employees for the Koch Brothers, their orders to abolish Medicaid, Medicare & Social…
Trump caves to Putin. Paul Ryan caves to Trump. Mitch McConnell caves to the Koch Brothers . Will voters stay in the cav…
More like Koch Brothers first, Trump, family and Christian dead last!
Gov credits Koch Brothers for school-voucher expansion. “I needed the power of the network.”
His mega donors are Devon Energy and the Koch Brothers. His pals are the SBC.
WI Gov Walker & GOP-led Senate & Assembly are wholly owned by the Koch Brothers. Surprised it took this long…
The John Birch Society and Koch Brothers have succeeded in enacting the "Right to work laws".
Are you interested in investigating Governor Bruce Rauner's (Illinois) ties to the Koch Brothers?
Koch Brothers: Can you cut our taxes to give us more money we won't notice in our big bank accounts? We'll give you large brib-donations.
Ya'll Vladimir Putin isn't funding Republicans okay. Have you never heard of the Koch Brothers?
The real Yuri was a member of the John Birch Society and knew Fred Koch of the Koch Brothers. Is your Yuri possibly Fred?
As the Mercers and Koch Brothers wish. Why should 4 people determine future of country? Because they ar…
🚨The Civil War is Here . Did the Freedom Caucus sell out to Koch Brothers?.
Koch Brothers who own Koch (foods) industries... and thats all im saying about it. We'll let the rest do the work.…
. At least the Koch Brothers will choke on their polluted air along with the rest of us.
Donald Trump kicks out the Koch Brothers from New Years Eve Party in Flo... via
Hamilton Collection
If you wrote the book-"Dark Money" I want to stay in touch- You are knowledgable -re the Koch brothers underhanded dealings.
Sensing gains ahead under Trump, the Kochs court minorities on fossil energy.
Take advantage before Trump & the GOP bulldozes and paves it over for the Koch Brothers.
The evil of these guys cannot be over estimated. Koch Brothers Take Root in Trump Administration
.And Bernie knew it: ... but went with this anyway:
.Has .figured out yet that Cato was FOUNDED by . FYI:
RNC discovers a problem with the Koch brothers' operation | MSNBC
House Passes Backed Legislation that Weakens Gov't Regulatory Agencies: w/ of https:…
. This "small government" BS is straight out of oligarchy think tanks, courtesy of the Koch brothers
Taking a page from big tobacco and soda, the Koch brothers are. targeting minorities with a new fossil fuel PR push https…
see this? Koch's biggest threat to progressive politics is flying under the radar at the state-level
'Hidden History' Of Koch Brothers • "before working under Hitler's Third Reich, Fred Koch had worked for Stalin"
Meanwhile, Pierre Omidyar is an actual business partner of the Koch Brothers.
The organization calling itself "Concerned Veterans of America" is in reality a Koch Brothers-funded group seeking to privatize the VA.
Blame the Russians, vast right wing, bitter clingers, Koch brothers, GW Bush, Drudge, law enforcement who doesn't the left blame?
36-"Tara: He is a Furher in the making. The Koch brothers are behind the curtain funneling tones of money into the court."
.THIS IS 1 REASON WHY *YOU LOST*! is as large & far reaching as the Koch Brothers.
It's starting to feel like Koch brothers, Bannon & Putin all have a hand in cabinet choices.
And with ties to the Koch Brothers as well.
Their minds are chaotic, easily distracted, prone to failure works for the Koch brothers? Mounted in a bunker for 100 years. To that end...
How a network led by the billionaire Koch brothers is riding the Trump wave - via
Bernie: Help end the nightmare brainwashing by Koch Brothers and their paid for Republican Party. https…
Try a book called "the hidden wealth of nations" and realise your libertarian Koch brothers&Co are shafting you.…
has orders from Koch Brothers to take away benefits you've paid for out of your earnings your entire lives!
Did the Koch brothers support Trump before the election? I seem to remember that they were part of the anti trump group.
The "fake news" blacklist used by the Washington Post links back to Dubai & Koch brothers-funded neo-con groups.
Robert Mercer and the Koch Brothers must have told him the Exxon CEO was their pick
Robert Reich: Why "Right to Work" is Wrong for Workers via Coming your way soon via Koch Brothers & Alec
Ppl complain about George Soros, but what abt the Koch Brothers, David "Citizens United"Bossie, & Robert Mercer? Tr…
How the Koch Brothers ravaged Kansas economy with Trickle Down Economics
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POLL: Joe Heck’s poor record on solar energy and fealty to the Koch Brothers hurt him among persuadable voters
Narrated by Emma Thompson, ​the documentary "The Doubt Machine: Inside the Koch Brothers' War on Climate Science"
The Democratic Leadership Council was funded by $100,000 from the Koch Brothers. Bill Clinton led th…
"You can hear the Koch Brothers cheering now." They know they own Wisconsin and Walker.
It's time to send a message Ron Johnson agent for the Koch Brothers and Mercer Hedge Fu…
today you're cutting out the Koch Brothers piece on Here and Now.
Unless you're running in 2016 & you're the Democratic AND Republican nominee... Or the Koch Brothers or Mr. Mercer…
Meanwhile is probably watching the antique roadshow with the Koch Brothers
Exxon & Koch Brothers gave $450,000 to Republican AGs to fight and climate action:
Industries, which the Kochbros brothers own, is one of the top ten polluters in the United States
📌Koch Brothers want to help out Favorite Senator💥. https…
Paul Ryan & the Koch brothers are bosom buddies. They both love Open Borders.
Koch brothers not giving trump money and said they are not going to try and stop Clinton from winning election,there is another one our way
Trump said the NFL and the Koch brothers reached out to him. They did not: via
Given a choice between nationalism and globalism, all the cool, rebellious billionaires pick "Whatever, man."
📌Koch Brothers want to help out Favorite Senator💥.
The Koch brothers are a class act. I may not share many of their political views, but they are gentlemen.
Koch Brothers want to help out Marco Rubio via
Lot's of us middle class Libertarians in the suburbs like the Koch brothers. 4
How bad is Trump? So bad that Koch Brothers want Clinton br| Politics - WMTW Home via
I would never take money from the Koch Brothers or any other shady billionaire who would try to control me. Sheldon Ad…
I saw it on YouTube, I am sure the Koch brothers pay agitators as well I am also sure they hide it well
. Koch brothers deny having a meeting with him.
The Koch brothers still aren't down with Donald Trump.
A day after the Koch brothers refused to meet, Trump says HE turned down a meeting with…
Koch brothers donor network to focus on Senate, not presidential race via the App what about https…
Only elitists like the Koch brothers and their minions who live in gated rich communities think…
Predictably early reports that Charles Koch might vote for Hillary were bunk: he says the rumors are 'blood libel' https…
The Koch brothers reject push to meet with Trump | Getty
A day after the brothers refused to meet, says HE turned down a meeting…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Just your weekly reminder that the Koch Brothers are not Jewish, and in fact their father collaborated with the Nazis.…
NO AID FOR TRUMP: Koch brothers' donor network to sit out presidential race, focus on Senate contests
Koch brothers network rules out anti-Clinton ads
Koch Brothers officially give up on trying to defeat Hillary Clinton via
Koch Brothers saving millions on the current election. More to defend
Looks like Koch brothers R focusing more on shoring-up a team of State governors & both Rep or Dems Senators than the Pres race
Charles Koch says rumours he will support Hillary Clinton are 'blood libel': Billionaire industrialist addres...
The data guru who may decide if Republicans keep their majority in the Senate this November
koch brothers are scum. Trump promised to self-fund and now he back tracked says he's "broke". Guess he's going bankrupt again!
The Koch brothers will not be supporting Donald Trump but aren't in it for Clinton either
Begging Koch brothers for campaign donations
I'm meeting with the Koch brothers, then Lizzie Warren and I are having dinner
Turning back on Trump, Koch brothers' network focuses on Senate via
These Koch brothers should stay out of politics 🌚
I see you are in denial that the Kochs give chump change compared to Soros.
"...even the Koch brothers won't meet with Trump, how about that?!"
HRC hires DWS Bloomberg speaker at con. Maybe we can get the Koch brothers and Laura Bush
Koch Brothers Now Supporting Hillary Clinton; Murdoch supports HRC in WSJ but FOX supports Trump because of ratings
"U may not think voting is important but the Koch brothers do. That's why they spend so much $ to stop u from voting" -
The Koch Brothers stuck a plank in the GOP platform to totally destroy the EPA. htt…
This is how much the Koch Brothers hate Donald Trump via
Koch Brothers Watch: The Journal did it again and then ran a puzzling correction
I think they (Dems) are in panic mode. The Koch brothers and now flanking HC, signals huge concern in
great now Bloomberg,Koch brothers and Laura Bush coming to join the party please no I can't take anymore
Gotta look out for the Koch Brothers, they're everywhere. They're everywhere:.
Citizens United is one of the worst decisions in our history. Will Trump mention it or is he too afraid of the Koch brot…
brothers must be involved in the Clinton Foundation and are being blackmailed. Hey now what...
I love how we are supposed to be happy that has be endorsed/bought by Bloomberg and the Koch Brothers.
Right to Work. Cut medicare medicaid & send back to states. Privatize prisons. Koch bro…
because IMBD is controlled by the Koch brothers
Did any Koch brothers pay for it? Then, as I understand the rules, it's all automatically corrupt and discredited.
Don't you share the same libertarian views as the Koch brothers?
Last chance to defeat the Koch brothers' efforts to dump their toxic chemicals in Florida's waters! via
In other news, the sky is blue. And the Koch Brothers. It happens on both sides and we shouldn't act surprised.
Of course, so will Goldman, the Koch brothers & all the other big money boys want her to win so they can keep screwing us.
he is a buffoon! no such thing as libertarian... made up by Koch brothers.. look it up!
~Koch Brothers give up trying to defeat Democrat Russ Feingold in Wisconsin race!
Kaine endorses making coal energy production cleaner so Koch brothers must like him
Oh well Don its only your money, the Koch brothers by politicans regularly to access their Vote? Its documented...
ok? It would be convenient for a lot of people. Name a rich white male, basically. Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, etc.
What a great GOP Covention: No Bushes, no Romneys, no Kasich, no Koch Brothers. Let the good times roll. Trump rocks the house tonight!!!
The father of the Koch Brothers, Fred Koch, was a leader of the John Birch Society & it looks like the nut(s) did not fall…
"Republican congressman Mike Pompeo of Kansas seems to be doing the bidding of the Koch Brothers once again."
Koch Brothers invest in the 2016 Nevada Senate campaign to replace Harry Reid
why because I don't like the Tea Party or Birchers or the Koch brothers that are ruining America
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Koch Brothers' groups gave over $11 million to Crooked Donald's NRA in 2012 & 2014 alone.
Super PAC continues to dumps millions on senate races. Via
Koch Brothers' groups gave over $11 million to the NRA in 2012 and 2014 alone. .
Koch Brothers take a page from Warren Buffett: using their $$ to fund big PE deals like
Koch money flooding into Nevada Senate race
Ballotpedia is funded by the Globalist Anti Trump Koch Brothers.
.is a Koch Brothers front group: And Koch groups have targeted
Your correct on one thing the attack,thank the Koch brothers ALEC legislation,pass the buck up correct?
Ballotpedia is funded by the KOCH BROTHERS who are GLOBALISTS against TRUMP! .
Here's what it would take to get the Koch brothers' political arm behind Donald Trump
Nope. My stats are correct. Conservatives like The Bush family, Koch Brothers and Paulson are on your side now. GOP leaders.
Koch Brothers build clout in private equity, channeling
To put DC’s fiscal house in order, the Koch brothers are pushing Congress to move to a two-year spending bill.
The race to replace Harry Reid is shaping up to be pretty costly, and the Koch bros are getting their hands dirty https:/…
"The Koch brothers really don't like
With attention focused on the presidential race, the Koch brothers have been quietly funneling money into Senate...
True. Which is why Brownback, Koch brothers, Kansas Chamber and ultra-cons will be fighting so hard to keep power. htt…
Noticed the Kochs mentioned in some of this year's biggest LBOs? What they're up to:
. : Koch brothers involvement in campaigns is troubling for our nation
Money in politics. NRA, Rupert Murdoch, Koch Brothers are all supporting Republicans. Go figure. via
You know Hillary ain't a liberal when the Koch Brothers,Richard Armitage and Rupert Murdoch support her rather than the Donald.
Art Pope, Duke Energy & Koch Brothers are all behind Pat with Big $
your lucky that your rag of a magazine is funded by the Koch Brothers, or it wouldn't exist. You are what's wrong with society
I'm on the block, post-apocalyptic smoke covers, coincidentally presented by the Koch brothers.
Boos for the Koch Brothers come cheap at
THe have turned attention to being able to BLOCK ANY DECENT LEGISLATION OF ANY KIND at the local, municipal, state, Fed level
The are pouring MULTI MULTI MILLIONS OF $$ N2 the ELECTIONS of ALL LEVELS (below presidential) of politicians everywhere.
DearEveryone - the Koch Brothers are launching an ENORMOUS ASSAULT to win over LOCAL, MUNICIPAL, STATE AND FEDERAL CONGRESIONAL SEATS.
Gov needs to stop the Koch bros, please help us Mr Trump.
- Rolling Stone is covering GJ. Nice!. Give us all the press! - Libertarian Nominee on the Koch Brothers and Being …
The brothers fund a creepy org that has a "Christian boys only" club +promotes far-right values "biblical citizenship"
'Koch Brothers have trained over 100,000 volunteers in NC, report says': '
Libertarian Nominee on the Koch Brothers and Being a Trump...
Imagine if the brothers spent 900 million helping sick kids get medical treatment, instead of investing in subvertin…
The EU's neocons have spoken & are in perfect agreement with their US counterparts; Robert Kagan, Koch brothers etc https…
Eli Lake: Koch brothers give a megaphone to the anti-Israel fringe via
Socially structured slavery by the Koch Brothers, delivered by legislators!
The Koch brothers may have paid for some buses, but Fox News and talk radio filled them with bodies.
Dark Money, the koch brothers, WTH is happening to AZ ?!?!? in the grips of DEformers? .
Guided by brothers, have installed czars to run Michigan cities: .
Don't like Trump or Clinton? Likely Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson wants your vote
Tea Party Patriots have been sold a fantasy; a fantasy created by the Koch Brothers and the John Birch Society.
Hillary Clinton and the Koch brothers don't really care for Hillary...then again I may be wrong lol
it's a conspiracy...I might be off but remember Walmart is owned by the Koch brothers. Ariana supports
The Koch brothers have said they will give money to Hillary, says everything about them, & the GOP.
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What's the worst thing the brothers have done?:
I think he might run it I to the ground, given the chance. The Koch Brothers would be happy.
Forget the Koch brothers – THIS billionaire is all in for Trump, plans to put his m
Jane Mayer's obsession with the Koch brothers explained:
bros' group to spend millions convincing Wisconsin to vote Republican …
Many spent fueling lies by the Koch brothers.
"Do you think it has anything to do with the Koch brothers?" –Bernie That's a rhetorical question, yeah?
How can we reduce Koch Brother's Kontrol of our Kampus? via
If the brothers aren't trying to buy your vote,politicians, or new laws that benefit them, what are they spending 90…
Political activities of the brothers
Koch brothers' attack on Russ Feingold backfires as local TV stations pull deceptive ad
Johnson is a Koch Brothers stooge just like Paul Ryan from WIS is! Runs in that state for the GOP, just more paid for politicians.
exactly true you will get Trump, KKK and Koch brothers -
"Koch Brothers" "Shadowy" "Tea Party" "Wall Street". It's like what a defective talking points machine would ra…
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even the Koch brothers want Hillary
that the Koch Brothers shouldn't get more say in our democracy than the average citizen.
The Bundy's want their day in court. Wasting more public resources for Koch Brothers aiming to privatize public land ht…
Koch brothers say Hillary may make a better president than Trump. Boycott Koch
"Koch Brothers Consider Purchasing First Democrat" is a concerning truth about the campaign:.
Charles Koch suggests GOP mega-donor brothers might support Clinton – as it happened.
I would ask Koch brothers to endorse clinton
Fact: Fred father of the Koch brothers, moved to the Soviet Union to build oil refineries under after being…
Koch brothers won't go to Republican National Convention | Getty
When the Koch brothers consider as a viable candidate we know we have a problem
So the Koch brothers haven't manipulated the system to better suit their agenda?
Koch brothers might support Hillary Clinton... cause she's awful and a right winger disguised as a democrat.
Disenchanted Koch brothers plan to skip the Republican convention.
.FACT CHECK: You voted to "virtually eliminate" this program after the Koch Bros urged you to:
. Yeah w/ support from Koch Brothers & like. U cant fool us ur all Republicans
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
The billionnaire brothers David and Charles Koch hate D.Trump. A good sign.that Europeans must vote for him.
Someone needs to design a set of Russian nesting dolls that has the Koch brothers inside of Hillary inside of Beyoncé... 1/2
follow journalist who has been following HRC's connections with the Koch brothers
Koch brothers know who's keeping their wallets full
That uneasy moment when the party the Koch brothers have bought is way too nativist & stupid for the Koch brothers:
The Koch brothers would rather vote for a Democrat than to vote for Donald Trump!😎
Are the Koch Brothers starting to realize they don't matter this year?
If the Koch Brothers like Hillary, there is nothing left to say about her conservatism & corporatism.
Rich Koch Brothers are now voting for Hillary because Trump can't be bought by them!!! Go Trump!!
This will hurt the Dems war on the Koch brothers narrative.
Why does this not surprise me! A$$holes!. Koch brothers allegedly fund pro mining plans in Grand Canyon
Whether she would ever accept money from the Koch brothers or any of their octopus arms.
. Koch brothers may fund Clinton in this election
The Koch Brothers are already looking forward to talking turkey with Making a turkey of her supporters http…
From FB . Marc McShea. Bernie Sanders is my HERO. --. Koch Brothers endorsed Hillary b/c she protects the top .01 https:/…
Charles Koch says that if Democrats "will do a better job, we would support them" | Getty
the Koch brothers are not the establishment, they funded and other conservative groups to fight the establishment.
Koch Brothers have been slandered and slammed incessantly by the like of HRC&Nancy Pelosi&Reid.
The racist rant kid is son of Koch Brothers' Senior Counsel
It's a fact that the Koch Brothers helped fund the Democratic Leadership Council where Billy Boy got his rise.
You know who else went to USSR in the late 1920s? Fred Koch, father of the Koch Brothers.
Fact! Worse than Citizens United Supreme Court decision is when the Koch Brothers bought McConnell's seat and and put him in the Senate.
um try again. His congressional campaigns, and he indirectly benefits yet to denounce Koch brothers activity
The Koch Brothers fund the establishment. They want open borders. Cheap labor for their oil refineries.
"purchased" is a bit hyperbolic. But $889 Million from Koch Brothers. That money is for something.
I am all the way for this. Billionaires like the Koch brothers should NOT be calling the shots.
What I have said all along. Shutter the thought.
Could you DM me your email address? I'm a writer and have a Koch Brothers question trying to chase a tip.
Could you DM me your email address? You have written about the Koch Brothers and I had a question about them for you.
The Koch brothers are NPR's biggest contributor. It's just more 1% propaganda. Turn that crap off. Turn on
Website Builder 728x90
I believe it is folks like the Koch Brothers who need tax breaks, not hard working Wisconsinites
How Koch $ Drove GOP rightward of voters, opening way for Trump, as shown in Money via
Rex Tillerson knew. Rupert Murdoch knew, the Koch Brothers knew, they financed the lie anyway. Ask them how to stop it.
Koch brothers' groups behind successful drive not to revive renewable energy tax breaks
is building the kind of movement that America must have to save democracy from the oligarchs like the Brothers.…
TIME might as well be talking about how many cruise missiles or public schools the Koch brothers own. It's completely dupli…
The South’s new re-segregation plan: The Koch brothers, ALEC and the sneaky scheme to undo Brown v Board of Education …
The Koch brothers went out a lookin for a stooge & up from the scum came a bubblin Cruz. Ted Cruz. Millionaire. Texas crud…
Diane Ravitch exposes the Koch brothers' sinister scheme to undo Brown v. Board of Education
Liberals like to demonize the Koch brothers but they contribute to both party's.
Supreme Court vacancy watch Day 60: The Koch brothers strike again:
The Koch brothers aren't any different from Trump in regards to being businessmen that like to buy access to politicians.
I know Bernie supporters are more informed check out PoliticalFACTs about Koch Brothers donations!! Rove hiding in plain site!
How conservative megadonors built a shadow GOP that weakened the official party via
Per Jane Mayer, that's what the Koch Brothers also do at their meetings b/c they don't want anything getting out to the public.
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Bill Clinton rose with the Democratic Leadership Council. The DLC was funded, in part, by the Koch Brothers
Koch Brothers graffiti on the Koch-owned Georgia Pacific toilet paper at chic soho La Colombe
"In we have the Koch Brothers. In you have Sinquefield, and nationally we have Donald Trump."
Tearing the Government Out at the Root: The Dream of the Koch Brothers and their Radical Father
My new article:.'Koch Brothers Attempt to Kill in
politicians are lying dancing politically correct puppets, owe their souls to Soros or the Koch brothers
The Koch Brothers have spent over $200 million dollars supporting the attack on our government.
Translation: Tax breaks for our business = good, tax breaks for others = meh, not so much.
sanders has the koch brothers helping his campaign and Karl Rove among others gops These are democrat enemies
What a speech! Bernie tells it like it is, going after Governor Walker and his Koch Brothers ties at WI rally.
your owned by the Koch brothers. Your as sleazy as they are.Shame on you!
People are slowly waking up and rising against the influence of the brothers by tackling it at community levels. You…
brothers spending versus spending. There's really no comparison -- the Kochs outspend everyone.
Yes. We in Kansas know what Koch brothers do when they own a government. It's a fiscal train wreck.
It's sponsored by the Koch brothers. Go get 'em Anonymous!
destroys Gov Scott Walker and the Koch Brothers in Wisconsin Rally .
u fool, the Koch brothers R Democrats! Look it up lol
Again, Koch Brothers worth tons more and don't donated to Dems
Group backed by Koch brothers takes aim at tax credits for films vía
Koch Brothers worth more than Trump never gave to Dems
Ahhh, the good old Koch brothers...
“Fascism is rising in America”: The Koch brothers and the painful demise of democracy: https…
Dark Money with Koch Brothers ties spends big in Via …
Look up how much the Koch brothers have donated to colleges in the last decade. It's quite large. Maybe they aren't the mon…
"That is not democracy, that is oligarchy.". Bernie is doing a number on Scott Walker, Citizens United and Koch Brother…
The Koch 130: Here's how vast the brothers' empire really is via
Theodore Roosevelt takes on the Koch brothers and Fascism... via
In Wisconsin, rips & Koch Brothers campaign spending: "That my friends is not democracy. T…
Father of Koch Brothers, Fred,was leader of John Birch Soc.-architect of modern GOP's Corporate Fascism! Nuts didn't fall far from the tree.
Koch Brothers (father=founding member of John Birch Society) has systematically worked for takeover GOP by Tea Party
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Mica is Rep for area in FL which allows the Koch Brothers to dump chemical & paper mill waste in St John's River.
had Jane Meyer discuss what it was like researching the Koch Brothers (
What Happened to Jane Meyer, author of Dark Money, when she wrote about the Koch Brothers
Very interesting & on the Koch Brothers > Jane Mayer, Author Dark Money Interviewed by Bill Maher: via
Today Jane Mayer is interviewed on about her book. about the Koch Brothers called
Pope Francis has just made Wall Street, the Koch Brothers and their unchecked corporate friends heads explode again.
Amazing how the Koch Brothers are the favorite target of Democrats and not, say, Sheldon Adelson
No . TELL Stanley from me, . Koch Brothers?. Club for Growth too?. they lost their millions. invested in U
.Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas is doing the political bidding of the Koch Brothers, as ar…
Koch Brothers deny spending millions to STOP while spending millions to STOP
is an ultra-conservative SuperPAC with alleged ties to the Koch Brothers; they want John Shimkus gone. GOP
Koch Brothers making a move (with Rubio) to destroy Trump, all the more reason to love !
So Lying Marco has the Koch brothers in his pockets? For a guy with 3rd/5th/2nd place finishes? And not attending CPAC? GOPe
It's fun watching RINO establishment poster child Marco Rubio squirm. Koch brothers money won't do him any good!.
Koch brothers have 1,200+ full time staffers in 107 offices across US! reveals in new book
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Adviser to Koch Brothers to Join Marco Rubio’s Campaign via
Democracy means one person, one vote. It does not mean that the Koch Brothers and other billionaires should be able to buy …
Buckley thru out daddy Koch from the party, Koch brothers want to take over the GOP, any payback there?
The Koch Bros are scared because they know I won’t stop fighting until we overturn Citizens United & get disclosure.
An adviser to the Koch Brothers will join Marco Rubio’s campaign
This will prove Rubio is a yes sir man in Washington money Koch brothers’ D.C. guru joins Marco Rubio team
Ted Cruz disappoints deep-pocketed Koch brothers via nypost funny how Cruz is now disappoints big money lol
Koch brothers&rsquo He sold is soul to satan! Never getting my vote. He's a punk!
Top operative for Koch brothers will join Marco Rubio's campaign
I wonder who Musk is supporting for POTUS. We'd love to see an endorsement one way or another,
speak for the Koch brothers. etc, etc,
Koch Brothers same hypocrites,they told an Austrian economist to enroll even though they were trying to destroy the programs
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