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Koch Bros

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EXPOSED: Trump just packed his econ team with lobbyists & Koch Bros allies as he claimed to be “draining the swamp” https:…
Koch Bros never sent us a check. And, unlike scared Tea Partiers, we were not armed
I'd constantly point out that all he believed helped Koch bros & russia. Didn't matter
You wish. Only Koch bros pay the Right. REAL Patriots don't need pmt like greedy Rs
So Pence, the Koch bros plant is really in control, yet news keeps saying Humpty & Dumpty sat out the 2016 prez race
Soros? He has about 1/5th of the wealth of the Koch Bros. The Koches spend a lot of time buying up agreeable politicians.
I'm not a paid protester & I'm MAD AS *** at my congressman, who's working for Koch Bros & not his constituents 😡
Coal waste will get dumped in waterways as the rules come off, more asthma in kids and more CO2-He is mates with the Koch Bros
.I remember when the bros said they weren't into latest election. But they're into the post election bigly
is WORSE choice EVER. Backed by the Koch Bros. - now t…
His ties to the 1% are well documented. The Koch Bros. for one.The GOP keeps kicking themselves lower&lower. They l…
Pro-Gorsuch ads funded by Koch bros through Wellspring Committee to 'Judicial Crisis Network'
Frank Luntz is a GOP Globalist *** working for the Koch Bros. We know where he is going with this.
Nothingvwill stop the Koch Bros Puppet from doing his job as the
impt distinction re Tea Party: they were underwritten by Koch bros and are corporate movement using evangelicals as a face.
aside from IC, It's the Koch Bros who are trying to push out Trump, Soros went all in on HRC…
Soros not in this as it is Koch bros-Putin's US control. The plot is exposing but it is big. Putin gets credit
How do u know? He and u are Koch Bros recipients are u not?!
He is the antichrist for the environment- he and the Koch Bros won today.
look what Koch Bros. Have done in IA.Destroyed collective bargaining process
Help us. First chance is KS special election 4/11. Need funds for vet & civil rights atty
Also Trump and the rest of the Republican Party are neocons controlled a their big donors the Koch Bros. Also know that our
Koch Bros, who hate the poor and middle-class and won't like the Republican Party help us. So the things Trump promised are
Why don't you stop talking about celebrities the POTUS is a WWF star? The plutocratic GOP is a good topic. Koch bros
Just kidding. is still up and running! Here's a gem of our new Ed. Commissioner speaking at a Koch Bros event…
Exxon is in charge of the State Department & the Koch bros are in charge of the EPA. I'm sure this will end well.
There are no conservatives any longer. The Republicans are Libertarians who only share the ideology of the Koch Bro…
Trump may not have been their favorite pick but they're happy to have power. Koch Bros & Heritage Foundation types are now in charge.
Pat Toomey was too busy, but the Koch Bros. managed to condemn Trump's refugee ban
IL is budget-less. Nation's on fire. Republican Gov Rauner abandons all to court Koch Bros. | via
But the media says the Koch Bros are eeeviiil
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Compared to the Koch Bros, Foster Friess, Shelly Adelson and that group, its a massive %.
. "Russia is the new boogeyman for the Left. 1st it was the Koch Bros, Fox News, Wall St, big…
Hmm, the article says Koch Bros. didn't back any pres. candidate this year. Still, I think pissing off a Koch Bro.…
Would u please look into Koch Bros' connection to this? Fred made their money in USSR oil. Koch spent BIGLY to corrupt election
Trump campaign was paid for by billionaires Robert Mercer and Koch Bros. Expect white nationalism mixed with far right Republican agendas.
How would Russia know which State,Counties,Precincts to hack...Reince Priebus,Scott Walker,Koch Bros...WI
I've been sayin' for a while that Koch Bros agenda will dominate a DT admin b/c DT can't run gov't and Koch has allies in GOP.
Remember the Koch Bros? Their father was 1 of the founders of the John Birch Society. He made his money from Stalin.
NEW HAMPSHIRE: ❤️💕Vote your GOV. MAGGIE HASSAN💕❤️ for US Senate, and vote Koch Bros.,Trump supporter, Kelley Ayotte out.
Koch Bros' leans heavily on children to try to defend terrible record in US Senate.
.bros fund national organizations. They are not directing ad buys of
EXTREME DISPARITY? Bros Koch make 13mil a week ea. It'd take a min wage earner 6760WEEKS to make that much! BOYCOTT
Koch Bros are spending $60-70 million to suppress Hispanic vote. Get your hate out of Wisconsin.
Koch Bros. Paying Hispanics to stay home to suppress vote? When did they endorse TeamCrazy? Jesus take the wheel!
Guy on MSNBC is claiming Koch Bros are paying Hispanics not to vote.
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she will run her administration pretty much like obama did vs. the party of Paul Ryan, Koch bros etc. EZ decision.
That's what the Koch Bros deliver: no health insurance and a $3 Indonesian sweatshirt.
GOP PAC RSLC, funded by Koch Bros, just gave $67K to my GOP WA SOS opponent. Surprising?
So in your eyes what makes Soros so different than, say, Adelson, Koch Bros, etc trying to spend $$$ to support their views?
Koch bros are spending millions on congressional seats. We must not let them control congress.
Stay out of our/NV politics, Washington Koch Bros lobbyist. You're not with us.
This is a Koch Bros back fake group. Using Vets names. How GOP.
So you think the Koch bros can pay for lies?...but the Clintons can't? hilarious. If lies are bought, it works both ways
You must surely know that The Koch Bros are obsequiously clammy sheeps.
Ah that? Pity that you fell for the lies that Koch bros paid for... It's been a slice. sigh.
"open borders are a Koch Bros proposal" on this you and all manner of racists and nationalists agree but they're grouped w/ the Kochs bc...
What does the George Soros, the Koch Bros. and all have in common? Open Trade!
So sick of the left 'Koch bros' / right 'liberal media' trope. Like there isn't big money on the left or biased media on the right.
Because it's all part of Koch Bros Billionaires Club plan to get rid of Constitution and make US an oligarchy.
Charter & virtual schools funded by ALEC (Koch bros think tank) to defend public education. Pay, or you can't read. Privileged
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Only your allegiance to the Koch Bros and the Fossil Fuel Industry could reveal your new found compassion for the poor.
doing Koch Bros bidding again with with BS & lies in oped from peddling oil & fighting against environment
He has been giving money to Democrats for years and the world still hasn't imploded. No worse than the Koch bros.
You're one of the new Chinese Koch Bros. bots so I'm going to be kind and simply tell you to Fi…
Low intelligence, to the Koch bros, just means gullible, gullible, gullible.
thank you, she does! & there r some grt ads right now Heck/Koch Bros hilarious
All your ideas regarding a,"Better Way," are just schemes to ensure that people like the Koch Bros won't have to pay fair share
really enjoyt ad showing Heck w/his masters the Koch Bros, hilarious, plus w/Rump also so funny
Psst: the Koch Bros spending $$$ in WI... Maybe they can spare some change for an upstart 3rd party k…
Koch Bros.&NRA have most of GOP in their pockets. They're indebted to them, not their country.
So this is happening while some are fixating on a few lines in stolen email. Koch Bros’ Latest Target: Pope Francis
Hey friends - I'm very concerned about money in politics and the Koch Bros. money that bought all those negative...
Her work couldn't pass academic peer review so she went to be a Koch Bros. shill.
Catherine Cortez Masto of NV could be first Latina in Senate. Koch Bros spending tremendously to keep her out.…
Sick puppies, yet & back Trump and his supporters like Alt-right, & Koch Bros which led to this😈
You know, that trickle-down money doesn't seem to be working for Kansas, where the Koch bros are from.
they are ALL beholden to lobbyists. Isn't Trump going to build that Koch bros pipeline? Too much gvt regulation?🤔
Friend, Joe Heck has had $8 million from the Koch Bros to run ads that smear (lie) about Please do…
Koch Bros supported has been absolutely deplorable in Nevada with his (their) campaign.
MSM facilitates the Adelsons KOCH BROs, MSM CEOs part of the same fraternity...
This is the kind of CRAP that & his Koch Bros backers have been putting out in my state of Nevada. Sup…
Voters must take back our state from the Koch Bros & their minions. Vote Straight Democratic Party Ticket. Let's clean house.
Tampa Bay Times on Koch Bros network now screening potential hires at a state university
It's not only billionaire Buffett & Soros supporting Higher Taxes Hillary. It's also the Koch Bros.
Koch Bros aren’t supporting a POTUS candidate, but they are funding Senate races. Down-ticket races are important. https:…
I'll believe Robert Reich before I'll even listen to the Koch Bros and their gang of thieves (the repubs)
Clinton is the one being supported by neocon Robert Kagan & Koch Bros, not Trump.
They ended up needing far more than 700. Had busloads arriving at same time as Koch Bros astroturfing! https…
John Baird & Wright both work for Barrick Gold.Are you another one of Peter Munk's puppets.Peter Munk =Can Koch Bros
But rose for African-Americans. Coretta Scott King/Barbara Jordan was right, Koch Bros were wrong.(Bernie has been w/ both!)
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Please vet Bernie. Cannot find a bill he proposed and it became law. Refused to acknowledge VA issues insists Koch Bros. spin.
I hear you/disagree Does it matter if those people are biz associates eg Saudi princes or Koch Bros?
If not for Trump, many of us would still think the Koch Bros, Bill Kristol, Megyn Kelly & many people like them are rea…
is the latest face of Elitist resisting Philip Anschutz, friend of Koch Bros, owns Weekly Standard. BIASED.
Obviously Ben Sasse and Mitt Romney are under the influence of the Koch Bros. who are antiTrump. Disgusting!
Writing this in Slate in 2015 got me called a Koch Bros shill or (because I go to GMU) a member of the Mercatus Center libertarian cabal
Letter: Mercatus Center study isn't legitimate -- it's funded by the Koch Bros.
misses the fact that VOTERS picked Trump, and Ryan works FOR VOTERS, not Koch Bros. We don't support Ryan!!
cuts to ed and increase to private prisons,and cuts to business taxes,true Koch Bros evil hand, keep the people uneducated!
Arizona State and the Univ. of Arizona are now owned – in part – by the Koch Bros. j
I thought helping Wall St, Big Pharma, and the Koch Bros were her main points.
.FACT CHECK: You voted to "virtually eliminate" this program after the Koch Bros urged you to:
George W considers Hillary Clinton his "sister-in-law" & the Koch Bros r considering supporting her. Good work
Remember how Dems slam politicians who the Koch Bros say nice things about? Interesting memories.
Plus the Koch Bros feel Billy boy was even better for them than Bush!
Koch Bros or no, Joe the Plumber is still voting for Trump.
Money rules as usual - no one but Koch Bros. clam morning 4 anything but pregnancy crisis center to be named after h…
After Trump implodes, it'll be bye-bye to Cruz and Kasich as the Koch Bros candidate Paul Ryan gets the nom.
That David Koch & Charles Koch how Koch Bros know they will lose 2016 president election. That why I am supportive for
The Citizen United ruling has allowed the Koch Bros & the Bradley Foundation to run Wisconsin politics. How big mone
"Students for Liberty" ($ largely by Koch Bros) & opponents of fracking to speak at FLA university via
Greedy dirtbag Koch Bros are about as interested in your personal well-being as the
. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Lloyd Blanfein, Koch Bros etc all Billionaires & run Billions $ Biz. You want them to be Prez?
Wow, u r not talking about the Koch Bros?? Fred Koch did business with hitler &. Stalin in WWII days. dirty dirty $$$
I was told that the Koch Bros buy girls from Pampanga through Lydia Trinidad and David and Ryan Pitcher.
I call on Bernie to disavow support from the Koch Bros & Scott Walker.
Dark Money: Jane Mayer on How the Koch Bros. & Billionaire Allies Funded the Rise of the Far Right | Democracy Now! htt…
Koch Bros family fortune started with Stalin and Hitler, important reading; (fixed link).
The great Bill Barnhart on New Yorker writer Jane Mayer's book on the Koch Bros
he has no choice. If he accepts he can kiss Koch Bros money goodbye forever
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Debate crowd just intervened on Sanders' side-- let him have his say vs Koch Bros. "no one" has fought harder vs Kochs &…
No, just make deals with NRA, Carl Rove SuperPac & Koch Bros behind close doors.
The sell out of America to the NRA, Carl Rove, Koch Bros & Sheldons of the world...
I maintain that Marco Rubio was murdered in 2011 & replaced by a replicant created by the Koch Bros. Miss you, bro
Antonin Scalia, Nancy Reagan who's next David Rockefeller 1 of Koch Bros. , Sam Alito, Roger Ailes, Murdoch, it's 3's they say.
But the Koch Bros are the problem in politics..
Organizations like the Bilderberg Group and Hudson Institute does more to control what Americans think than the Koch Bros.
Not at all.I will tell you that I would NEVER vote for a candidate backed by the Koch Bros.!
Christensen also paid by Koch Bros to speak against climate change while an MP.
We're running against the NRA, the religious right, Club for Growth, Clear Channel Radio, Koch Bros, etc.
American public television influenced by Koch Bros not you Michael, I'm sorry to say.
Tom Steyer and Soros big $ influence for Dems but media only talks about Koch Bros
When u realize Koch Bros' father was a FOUNDER of John Birch Society u start 2 get the picture:
A 91% top tax rate and the John Birch Society [Fred Koch, father of the Koch Bros] called Eisenhower a "Communist"
Charles Koch of the Koch Bros just put out an op-ed saying he agrees with Bernie Sanders. Is Mother Jones for Ted Cruz next?
Koch Bros. ALMOST endorses in Wash. Wonder why? via
Great expose of the Koch Bros 'dirty war on solar power.'
Solar panel prices down 80% since Obama took office but Koch Bros. have clouded progress in the Sunshine State. 
Koch Bros behind movement to “free federal lands.” Cruz sponsored bill to sell National Parks. Coincidence? Pfft.
Ezra levant's work for Koch Bros, and tobacco lobbyist despite health risks: Diagram:
Koch bros wants no regulations so they can dump more poisonous chemicals into drinking water. How's that for…
They've been bought by the Koch bros. along w/ The N.Y. Times. Happy Holocaust America! 🐺
Koch Bros are launching anti-poverty group in order to raise $15 million. Collectively they are worth $82 billion.
LOL...WHO has been trying to gut EPA forever? GOP/right-wingers in back pocket of Koch bros & big oil. Give me a break.
Cons gave the store to the USA Koch Bros now you want the Liberals, to fix in a decade of damage couple of months?
ICYMI: Behind the Koch Bros' campaign to smear the reputation of Jane Mayer, author of "Dark Money." https…
If you think that the Bros only donate to people who will be their puppets, but that isnt the case with re
Gov. Ducey taking his orders from the Koch Bros this weekend. Keep spending money on private prisons, not education.
Absolutely! should be sued until he can only afford 2 live in -Also, bet Koch Bros will eventually be included
Koch Bros poised to spend north of $800M on 2016 campaign. Jeb raised $100M before announcing. . Nah, we don't need campaign finance reform.
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Ducey is so close to Koch Bros is why private prisons are getting funded rather than education in budget.
.just made the Billionaire Koch bros VERY HAPPY today by saying AB GETS ENUFF!. Largest Sands leasers
I heard they were behind Rubio. I got no beef w/ the Koch Bros
And the majority of that 50% owned by special interest groups such as NRA , Koch Bros.
what else do we expect? And the "liberal" media and Hollywood are only ones reaching out 2 help. Where are Koch Bros $$$?
Add mind control to the lengthy list of things Koch Bros have purchased. big money. Support
Dark Money this election will reach $.5 BILLION.bros convene donor retreat as Dark Money spending set to soar.
Love that she's consistently putting the Koch Bros on BLAST 👏.
koch bros planned to spend 889M themselves
Koch Bros - donors - Koch network donors have voiced strong concerns about the rise of Trump- they want him out.
All facts about Koch bros are unsettling! Even their last name gives me the heebie-jeebies ... *** Coke? what?!
.Real Enemies conspiracies in the news cycle: you nailed John Birch/Koch bros but you missed flat earth.
Koch Bros. could not buy Romney the presidency & now we r all aware of their treachery, they can't buy '16 either!
Sound familiar? writes about Koch Bros' influence at WVU and on state policy in her new book. https:/…
attack men like the Koch Bros and other nefarious greedy world leaders for inequality. NOT successful black women.
AEI is (Peothoukis), Club for Growth, Koch bros, Cato, ChamboComerce, NFIB,---you want some more mate? Cheers
Since 1997, the Koch Bros have given a total of US$79M to groups that deny climate change science ..
Koch bros totally down with this as well; Cato Institute, AEI(Pethoukis) flirts with it too
.obstructing efforts to close to appease special interest backers like Koch Bros.
Animation of Bernie Sanders slapping the Koch brothers will warm your heart
I get how Koch bros should be exposed 4 what they're doing? Why NRA bashed? Maj of Americans side with NRA
Koch Bros. battle poverty with 1.6% of what they spend on electing people who further it
Koch bros. messaging to pivot to "well-being" is identical to EVERY memo/polling result I've helped craft for 3 yrs. But, whatevs...
I'd rather chew ground glass with Ted Cruz at. koch bros mansion,seated in george lincoln rockwell . library..on Himmlers …
Sen. Reid floor speech today cites Jane Mayer's new book "Dark Money" on Koch Bros.
Daniel Schulman, author of the Koch bros bio "Sons of Wichita," isn't shocked they may have investigated Jane Mayer. htt…
Here is the link to Freedom Partners which is part of the Koch Bros. network:.
If the Koch Bros have ever used ED then we should all definitely vote Trump in primary. Makes sense.
"Americans for Prosperity [Koch Bros. SuperPAC] employees around 1700...double that of the RNC.". "AfP meets...
Koch Bros want him in front of media, so their candidate Cruz can fly below the radar a while longer.
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Koch Bros give $$$ to NPR so they can stifle voices like Moyers'. No dice, MFers! Read this call to action. Go Bill!.
loved? with Koch Bros as the Galactic Empire and you as Stewie Vader I'll bet you RELATED to it STRONGLY
:THIS will do no good since the Koch Bros own Roberts, Alito, Thomas and Scalia, too.
Top stocking stuffers for the Koch Bros.:. DVD of TV show Dirty Jobs. Solid gold ed. of Atlas Shrugged. Competitors' fingers. Lumps of coal
Lew Rockwell — a rare libertarian not owned by Koch Bros money — speaks out against the mindlessness of open borders
check the Koch Bros who spend a bill to buy the presidency to further their wealth and greed
She is a puppet with the strings being pulled by the Koch Bros. It's like a Punch and Judy show in the GOP
Peer reviewed science articles and Bill Nye. Global warming and bigotry everywhere! .Koch Bros. Feel the Bern. Tonfoil.
Walmart hires spies from Lockheed-Martin & the Koch Bros have their own intelligence agency, but it's cool, we're still a democracy.
Heritage, funded by Koch Bros, is the new John Birch Society which was founded by Fred Koch.
Neo-McCarthyites with a straight Koch Bros. lineage back to the John Birch Society...SNAP OUT OF IT.
Koch Bros are kin of The John Birch Society that began in Nazi Germany !
NEW Redacted Tonight! I tear apart the Koch Bros, Judah Friedlander joins the show, and much more! . [WATCH & share]
Betcha Chuck Todd & Joe Scarborough support the Koch Bros. , since the Koch's own them and MSNBC !
asks where has Kasich been? Huddled in a secret board room with Koch Bros and his ALEC minions.
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It's as if Ezra never heard of Manning Centre, Koch Bros. Fraser Institute, or Trinity University. Weird.
The right has the Fraser Institute funded in part by the Koch Bros. Should be audited.
Charles Koch of the Kock Bros. dressed as Dark Vader via
Koch Bros behind demise of Ex-Im Bank which is behind the closure of G.E. factory that Obama praised?
Billionaire trends tell story of economy: Bezos up, Waltons of Walmart down, Koch bros flat
At least The Donald is upfront & in your face,not like the sneaky Koch.Bros blocking the public's vote !
Wonder if billionaires destroying democracy @ defending plutocracy like VanderSloot & Koch bros. fear 4 their life
Murdoch, Soros & Koch Bros are not for American principles or US. Watch out fo…
Koch Bros have huge investment in oil sands they promote environmental ignorance and buy politicians
Watching Oakland segment.Stunning how ignorant is Bobby Seale?He obviously knows nothing about the Koch bros or the goal of Tparty
this Ya boy sander account is funded by the KOCH BROS OR EITHER WAY IT'S A JOKE PUSHING AGENDA
$14/minute for a phone call is almost as absurd as the Koch Bros getting paid $8M/hr.
The left needs to get off this that its just the krotch brothers. It's all of them.
Koch Bros' evil keeps tainting and contaminating the government that is supposed to belong to the people, not billionaire puppetmasters.
A man full of hate sucking sclongs-- of Murdoch & Koch Bros. *** for Corporatocracy. Liar for a living.
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Far right, far left are populist movements. Koch Bros sppt crim just reform and *** marriage. Things aren't so black and white
DEAR KOCH BROS.:. Money is no substitute for a candidate. See, Bush, Jeb (2016). . Gingrich, Newt (2012).
He makes it sound like kissing Koch bros. *** is exhausting.
Sanders: “[The] Koch brothers are on record as saying they will spend $900 million in this campaign cycle,” he sai…
You can throw all the numbers you want out there but Republicans are the puppets of the Koch bros and mega rich.
Wouldn't mind if they hit likes of Koch bros. They deserve it.
Well of course the only values the Koch Basta . er . Bros and the Waltons and their ilk have is personal gain, eh?
The Koch Bros live 5 miles north of me :) My neighbor swears they control the weather.
Koch Bros AfP CfG and other Donors and Super PACs will spend 500 M to 1 Billion $ attacking Trump. A match of who can destroy who.
If Koch Bros. upset Cruz not favorable to early fed. prisoner release because their felon convicted corp. friends have to serve longer.
Because the GOP is made up of mostly bought & sold prostitutes now, Murdoch, Koch Bros. etc., their agendas.
Sorry Sam, I go to K-State. I do enough of that already. However, I'd love to talk about Education, Guns, or the Koch Bros!
‘Evil’ Koch Bros. are only the 59th biggest donors in American politics. |
Mr. Trump. When you are POTUS what are you going to do about the Koch Bros.???
Hence Paul Ryan is a truce candidate between Warren Buffett and Koch Bros. Neither owns him. Koch bros won this time.
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Voting scares repubs, that's why Koch Bros are spending millions to buy the repubs. Our only weapon... VOTE!
Today is headlining a vets event sponsored by the Koch Bros. See his record on veterans:
And Amy Holmes also works for MSNBC on Morning Joe. She part of the Koch Bros. package. They advertise. s…
Amy Holmes is a Koch Bros. plant at MSNBC. They are now advetising on Morning Jo…
FRAUD Jenny Beth Martin - Funded by and Koch Bros' AFP - Tea Party Patriots are NOT what is about
So FOX Frank Luntz, with conflicting connections to Koch Bros, does a focus group of 'democrats' and declares Bernie the winner. Okey Dokey.
Frederick Douglass wrote an entire July 4th speech about *** like the Koch Bros.
. Fred Koch bought billboards to smear MLK& Koch Bros bought ads to lie about Obamacare.
Dr King was relentlessly antagonized by Fred Koch, founder of the John Birch Society & father of the Koch Bros
GOP has fought to kill the middle class for years & now we have Koch Bros oligarchy.
Very happy to see that Koch Bros., CAPP et al will now be paying for their corporate shill instead of public
Concerned Veterans for America = Koch Bros want to privatize VA. Support to fight back. Give
Marco Rubio is PRO-AMESTY PUPPET for "Mandarin" Mark Zuckerberg, THE Koch Bros. and their LOW WAGE factories.
Commenter: "rode in on a Harley paid for by the Koch Bros; he rode out on a Greyhound bus paid for by the Marx Bros" ;-)
Koch Bros meeting to "Save the Nation" for the wealthy. Wonder what republican candidate they plan on buying?
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OH NO! Mr. Bill is Walkers campaign out of donations & supporters ??? ... not heard a peep abt Walker frm Koch Bros
They're outspending the Koch Bros, and they like Cruz. "Farris is the dirt farmer. Dan has more Hollywood in him."
Koch Bros. spent years creating in a lab, but Slate has uncovered the evil conspiracy. Drat!
US Chamber of Commerce, Koch Bros, & Rove's American Crossroads are whistling past the Trump Graveyard of Horrors.
False. Bill Buckley called for the end of the war on drugs in the early 70's and the Koch Bros. have been
Bernie Sanders wants: to prevent the Koch Bros.from buying political elections. He promises to move to overturn Citizens United.
Because, as you so correctly point out, the Koch Bros don't live in WI.
I can't wait until Bill Clinton. hits the trail,for his Wife &. see how the GOPers handle. being confronted about the. Koch Bros attempt to Hide
I'm not defending the Koch Bros, I'm defending the Bill of Rights and the I'm defending peaceful and voluntary association.
People like the Koch Bros who are already billionaires are behind this--they are the 1% rich pretending to help the poor & middle class but
Reagan era destroyed upwardly mobility. 2) Trump is as sleazy as the Koch Bros.
used the American Enterprise Institute, a Koch Bros think tank to help in his defense. fraud.
Blazing Saddles is a prescient parody of our political predicament. Obama=Sheriff Bart, Donald Trump=Taggart, the Koch Bros.=Hedley Lamarr
Not surprisingly author works for American Enterprise Institute funded by big oil & Koch Bros... …
Koch Bros have competition from basically Fred Phelps family with billions:
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Copy that; Scott Walker is a puppet for the Koch Bros. - they are fascist John Birchers.
Koch Bros father, Fred, co-founder John Birch Society had poster of JFK "WANTED" for Treason, smh~
New episode of Redacted Tonight - Donald Trump, Hollywood cosying up to the CIA, Koch Bros. buying national parks...
Thanks for not accepting and Koch Bros. media money during the upcoming election season!
Someone has to be paying him to draw fire...either the Koch Bros., or Comedy Central
Koch Bros.(KS),Sam Brownback (KS) & Scott Walker (Wisc.) make strange bedfellows but who'd get in bed w.any of them?
Scott Walker, friend of Koch Bros.—but not of unions, weekends, or public education—is running for president.
Mark Ames on Holocaust revision at Reason and Koch Bros.
The ultimate GOP WAR ON WOMEN. What ugly men these Koch Bros are! So arrogant they think they can buy our country.
Heritage doesn't want TPA because the Koch Bros don't want TPA or Exim Bank. It's not rocket science.
Does anyone recall voting for Heritage Foundation to run the government. Did you vote for Koch Bros, perhaps?
Were you asked as an American citizen if you wanted to sell your Federal lands & parks to loggers, fracking, foreign countries, Koch Bros?
I trust Paul Ryan far more than Heritage Foundation and Koch Bros.
Boycott these Koch Bros. Brands. Download Buycott for iPhone and use it
is determined to turn Wisconsin into Mississippi. He's a useful *** for the Koch Bros. to use as they see fit
Ted Cruz introduces a bill that would help the Koch Bros obtain our National parks and forests.
Do your due diligence on the John Birch Society and you will better understand the motivations of the Koch Bros.
that is a foolish statement. While we are being inane, let's talk George Soros bankrolling Dems instead of Koch Bros. forever.
Christie Clark and Koch Bros ... together in bed ... cozy three some
Koch Bros. economics for AZ supported by Koch Bros. research from Koch Bros. institute at ASU, reports
.one of funders of "Competitive Enterprise Institute", trying to kill others include Koch Bros & big pharma
Hey, fear far left Soros, not the Koch Bros!
for FOI on Koch Bros just follow Ezra, mastered in Koch lubing speech aka potty mouth 4 dirty ethical oil Corps
Well, isn't that what's already happening now? Koch Bros vs. Soros/Steyer, etc?
IPA funded by Heartland Inst - funded by Koch Bros. Greg Hunt spewing same idiotic rhetoric. Who's on acid?
maybe can get George Soros to fund her campaign against the Koch Bros...
she's a faux news correspondent and Koch Bros help pay her salary. Poison pen. Nuff said for me.
Demand Federal Criminal investigation of land give-away to Koch Bros via Thx signers, more pls
the Flat Earth society members who are also pd by Koch Bros to join it
Actually they are instituting a form of slavery /the has had a fascination w/ this since JBS
Koch Bros sick dream is to turn the world into "Soylent Green".
Poor people easy to hate there not funded by the Koch Bros
The poll doesn't mean a's just what 88% of the people want, not the Koch Bros. :(
When the Koch Bros BUY Democracy w/ their Money - YOU LOSE your VOTE! It means Nothing.. That is the SAD Effect of C United!
Wow...I am dumber for reading this response. Demonizing Koch bros is redo cultus.
he's so naiive or deliberately stupid... if George Soros was doing what the koch bros do, he'd be backing the GOP
The only bankruptcy is the Koch bros moral bankruptcy
FYI : Tom *** Cotton DOES NOT speak for all Arkansans!!! He's just another Tea Party/ Koch Bros puppet.
By what means of force did the Koch bros gain wealth?
. Prostitutes! Did Koch bros threaten U. Hunger games are beginning, you Godless shills. How many GOPers anti American?
U R wrong. Economist have looked at this issue a thousand times. I bet ALEC & Koch Bros feed u $ & BS.
Hi Joanna, the ban was created to sell more paper bags, ALEC and the Koch bros, more biz for Georgia-Pacific.
I'd say it's his greed. He's a Koch Bros puppet, bought and paid for.
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