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The Knoxville News Sentinel is a daily newspaper in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA owned by the E. W. Scripps Company.

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Tom Humphrey: Closer GOP wins give some hope to Tennessee Democrats - Knoxville News Sentinel
Survey News: Survey: Fed's outlook correct but not solution - Knoxville News Sentinel
Mark Harmon: Renewable energy, not XL oil pipeline, should be US goal - Knoxville News Sentinel
WASHINGTON — Economists appear to be of two minds about the Federal ... - Knoxville News Sentinel
The News Sentinel has been alerted that fireworks will begin five minutes early ... - Knoxville News S...
Watching the Booms Day fireworks with tonight @ Knoxville News Sentinel
Tennessee focuses on fan experience Knoxville News Sentinel Tennessee will continue to mix…
Megan Venable: Football season tees off this year with golf - Knoxville News Sentinel
Former 007 Pierce Brosnan returns to world of intrigue with 'November Man' - Knoxville News Sentinel
Obama to attend wedding of longtime personal chef - Knoxville News Sentinel
Wayne Bledsoe: Ten essential songs that everyone should hear - Knoxville News Sentinel
Karen Wilkenson's interview with Knoxville News Sentinel about her Old North Knoxville gardens and birds! Notice...
Tax forms could pose challenge for - Knoxville News Sentinel
Nonprofit asking donations of baby sleepers - Knoxville News Sentinel
Valley of the Dams: National Archive photographs - Knoxville News Sentinel
Hockey player skating out of CAK backfield - Knoxville News Sentinel
Here is a recent letter to the editor to the The Knoxville News Sentinel by an ordained Christian minister. See...
GoVols247: Da'Rick Rogers may have punted away his chance to make Colts ... - Knoxville News Sentinel
Morgan: 'I did the work, and I got paid' - Knoxville News Sentinel
The Knoxville News-Sentinel call Fleishmann dishonest. Read for yourself then share with as many people as possible. http:…
In 27th year, Boomsday again brings the free fireworks and fun - Knoxville News Sentinel -
The Tennessean, the Knoxville News Sentinel are two newspapers for Tn. Apparently Tn folk only care about sports,being told to who to vote.
Flu Shot Saturday set for Sept. 27 at six schools - Knoxville News Sentinel
Letter: Ultimate search engine is the Bible - Knoxville News Sentinel
KNOXVILLE — A 42-year-old Knoxville man was sentenced Wednesday to three ... - Knoxville News Sentinel
Share your story with our audience - Knoxville News Sentinel
Watch: Tenn. tea party supporters take heart from vote - Knoxville News Sentinel
corrupt Knoxville News Sentinel refuses to report on Courtyards incarceration and drugging seniors against will/malpractice
Federal prosecutions not easy in police shootings - Knoxville News Sentinel
Check out today's Healthy Lifestyles in the Mountain Press, or Knoxville News Sentinel? out
Blaney steals 1 from Kyle Busch on final restart - Knoxville News Sentinel
Obama again faces tug of military action in Syria - Knoxville News Sentinel
Space still available for outdoors-woman retreat - Knoxville News Sentinel: Space still available for outdoors...
Deputy struck by SUV in Loudon chase - Knoxville News Sentinel
Infant daughter of Montori Hughes dies - Knoxville News Sentinel
Parole denied yet again for Lennon's killer - Knoxville News Sentinel: Parole denied yet again for Lennon's ki...
Official says hackers hit up to 25000 fed workers - Knoxville News Sentinel
Celebrate 98 years of the National Park Service with free camping - ... -
After 12 years working for the Knoxville News Sentinel, I am leaving my post as HS sports editor to go work/sell for
Youth summit aims to educate, empower - Knoxville News Sentinel
TVA board to vote on replacing Memphis coal plant - Knoxville News Sentinel
Well I got the Knoxville News Sentinel, and it all still feels like a dream!!!
Get live updates from News Sentinel reporters and photographers as voters hit ... - Knoxville News Sentinel
explains the Knoxville News Sentinel put a policy in place regarding reporters social media use after having an incident.
recounting his Scripps Social Media externship at Knoxville News Sentinel & SH interactive network.
Outdoors Knoxville: Kayak, climb and have fun in the wilderness - Knoxville News Sentinel:...
CHECK out this feature on in today's Knoxville News Sentinel!
Startup helps moms get back in the workforce - Knoxville News Sentinel: Startup helps moms get back in the...
John Adams of the Knoxville News-Sentinel joins Sports Night NOW talking Tune in:.
Walmart opens near University of Tennessee - Knoxville News Sentinel
Benjamin Arthur happily 'Working' it on new NBC series - Knoxville News Sentinel
Maryville dad and son face charges after shoplifting chase from Farragut - Knoxville News Sentinel
According to former U.S. Attorney John Gill in a Knoxville News Sentinel piece, "the present state Supreme Court...
"but happiness and growth occur while you are climbing it." . Andy Rooney, quoted in the Knoxville, Tenn., News Sentinel
Respected Knox News Sentinel columnist calls our congressman "desperate and dishonest" in his attacks.
I'm so very proud that the KNOXVILLE NEWS SENTINEL is covering the rally and proceedings.
Teens' bagpipes seized at US border over ivory - Knoxville News Sentinel: Teens' bagpipes seized at US border ...
New coach, QB for Sevier County but same goals - Knoxville News Sentinel
Cork Savvy to raise money for scholarship - Knoxville News Sentinel
Whoever thinks life is fair never heard of Kim Kardashian. - Knoxville News Sentinel:
TV version of 'School of Rock' heading to Nickelodeon - Knoxville News Sentinel
Tennessee sees major growth in farmers markets USDA reports increase of ... - Knoxville News Sentinel
The McClung Museum on the University of Tennessee campus is hosting a ... - Knoxville News Sentinel
'Guardians of the Galaxy' rockets to $94 million opening - Knoxville News Sentinel
Celebs and news Allison Williams in 'Peter Pan' continues a cross-dressing tradition - Knoxville News Sentinel...
Joe Rosson: Late 19th-century ewer not meant to hold water (Knoxville News Sentinel)
Rockies scoreless after 1st inning, lose in 16 - Knoxville News Sentinel
Ivanovic, Venus are first round winners - Knoxville News Sentinel
Marcia Davis: Provide April hummers with the right flowers in the right places (Knoxville News Sentinel)
HOUSTON (AP) - With his name frequently mentioned as the trade deadline ... - Knoxville News Sentinel
Last two days to enter for chance to win $1000 - Knoxville News Sentinel: Last two days to enter for chance to...
Dinner theater company offers new downtown entertainment option at The ... - Knoxville News Sentinel -
Thanks to the Knoxville News Sentinel for a great write-up about The Square Room Dinner Theatre's production of...
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races to watch in Knox County's civil courts - Knoxville News Sentinel
Who has the best shot at beating Lamar? The Knoxville News Sentinel endorsed Terry Adams in the U.S. Senate race.
Eastern Kentucky returns with a new-look defense - Knoxville News Sentinel: Eastern Kentucky returns with a ne...
Three races to watch on the Aug. 7 ballot for civil courts - Knoxville News Sentinel
Mariners rally late, fall to Orioles 3-2 in 10 - Knoxville News Sentinel
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Washington Mystics are hitting their stride as the ... - Knoxville News Sentinel
BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) - Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull won the Hungarian ... - Knoxville News Sentinel
Rangers give up 4 quick homers in 5-1 loss to A's - Knoxville News Sentinel
Thanks to the Knoxville News Sentinel for covering this story.
Tennessee is a top dog for canine owners - Knoxville News Sentinel
[Knoxville News Sentinel]Later in the inning, Longoria delivered his go-ahead hit off Junic...
Train video shows how two women were taking their lives into their hands when ... - Knoxville News Sentinel
Y'all come: ORNL bows to Southern pride, cancels class to curb accents | Knoxville News Sentinel |
Check out Knoxville Zoo Sweepstakes from News Sentinel - I just entered here!
George Harrison tree in LA killed by beetles - Knoxville News Sentinel
OK, time to get this out there. I'm leaving the Herald-Times to be the Tennessee football beat writer at the Knoxville N…
When the Marble City 5 adds on to become Five Plus Six – Knoxville News Sentinel
Common Core sparks flood of legislation - Knoxville News Sentinel -
is hosting a job fair at the Foothills Mall in Maryville from 10-2 today. 22 companies are participating:
Knoxville News Sentinel hosts job fair at Foothills Mall: The Knoxville News Sentinel will host a job fair at...
Job Fair news and information. Knoxville News Sentinel brings you the most current Job Fair news and information available.
DeRoyal Industries edges Knoxville News Sentinel 105-101. Great game to start things off. Baulkman was good 1H, Chism took over the second.
DeRoyal Industries leads Knoxville News Sentinel 53-52 after an exciting 1H. Devon Baulkman looking like a killer signing for the Vols.
Former Grainger County deputy sentenced for sex with inmate - Knoxville News Sentinel
Our hot job of the week is Digital Sales Manager for the Knoxville News Sentinel in Tennessee. Interested or know who might be? Click on this link or share this post.
Predators renew affiliation with Cincinnati club - Knoxville News Sentinel
High Five For Eli! THIS Saturday at Country Tonight, Elijah of Elijah James Journey will be rolling in his new power wheelchair! He's been on WBIR, WIMZ, in the Knoxville News Sentinel, and now he's having a meet and greet. Ya'll should come out and meet the little Superman! 6/21/2014Country Tonight in Pigeon Forge. For those of you that live in Sevier County, Country Tonite has deemed Saturday 21st to be a Sevier County night and your tickets are only $5 +tax. Anyone that is not in Sevier County if you order your tickets online you save $5 off and kids are free for all families.
New post: Nothing relaxing about starting pot operation from seed - Knoxville News Sentinel
Student overcomes many struggles to graduate fourth in his class (Knoxville News Sentinel)
Here's a link to our article in today's Knoxville News Sentinel about the our Community Contribution Program:...
Great article in yesterday's Knoxville News Sentinel about Foothills new partnership with the new Fort Sanders Bariatric Surgery Center!
Knoxville Sierra Club chapter joins national effort to get kids outdoors - Knoxville News Sentinel
Rural/Metro, Priority vie for share of Knox-area ambulance market - Knoxville News Sentinel |
What's going on? Nashville event to remember life of Maya Angelou - Knoxville News Sentinel
NASHVILLE — Leaders of the legislative committee that oversees Tennessee’s tax laws say they believe a state Department of Revenue study of a downward spiral in collections from businesses will lead to an administration push for changes to the state’s franchise and excise levies next year. “I think you’ll see a ‘technical corrections 2.0’ or something like that,” Senate Finance Committee Chairman Randy McNallly, R-Oak Ridge, said. “Now that we know there’s a problem, we have to logically go through the process of deciding what to do about it,” said House Finance Committee Chairman Charles Sargent, R-Franklin. “It’s a very complicated situation, but I think we’ll get there.” Under former Gov. Phil Bredesen, the Department of Revenue would annually file a “technical corrections” bill on state tax statutes, typically with the stated purpose of closing loopholes that tax lawyers and accountants had discovered and were using to reduce company tax payments to the state. The bil ...
Lake City votes June 26 on Rocky Top name By The Knoxville News Sentinel-Sunday, June 15, 2014 Lake City, Tenn., is about to become Rocky Top. Members of Lake City's City Council will meet in special session June 26 for the historic vote to change the town's name to Rocky Top. A federal judge last month declined a bid by House of Bryant LLC of Gatlinburg, which holds the copyright on the bluegrass song "Rocky Top," to block the name change. A private legislative act to allow the name change for the town of 1,800 residents was approved by state lawmakers and signed by the governor, and four out of the five City Council members would have to ratify the change for it to become official. It would be the second time the town has changed its name. It was originally called Coal Creek when the area was a coal-mining hub. The name change to Rocky Top would take place immediately after the vote, Mayor Tim Sharp said. The expected name change is also going to be celebrated during the town's annual Independence Day c ...
Bill's elegant response to an opinion column that was in the Knoxville News Sentinel yesterday, If anyone wants the column Bill is responding to let me know and I will post it. RE: Rebuttal to “Remove Middleman to Reform Health Care”, Dr. Jeffrey Singer, News Sentinel, 6/14/14. It is a false allusion that spending more money on health care necessarily means better outcomes or that one-party payer systems dangerously impact quality. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services suggested that of the 1,500 hospitals they studied, many public or “safety-net” facilities out performed much more expensive hospitals based on outcome measures for cost. If they all performed at the level of “best value” hospitals, they would have cut $273 billion in excess hospital charges alone. The Peter Munk Cardiac Centre in Toronto for example has outcomes as good as the best U.S. centers while operating in a single payer system at much lower cost. Dr. Singer suggests the public option was excluded from Obamacar ...
Incumbent GOP danger in primaries still alive: Steve Kornacki talks with the Knoxville News Sentinel’...
Big business on the line in debate over bees, insecticides. Knoxville News Sentinel. Corey Lowenstein/Raleigh News...
Old industry offers new options of products, green technology - Knoxville News Sentinel
Street singer turns into global superstar - Knoxville News Sentinel
EPA removing hazardous chemicals from college - Knoxville News Sentinel
Terry Mattingly: The case for evangelism with a few beers - Knoxville News Sentinel
A ticket worth $259.8 million was sold in the city, reports the Knoxville News Sentinel. However, the
Please consider buying your Knoxville News Sentinel Open tickets from us! Call us at 549-7007.
The Work is OUT there. The training too. Selling MFG to a new generation » Knoxville News Sentinel
Wildlife biologist, Appalachian Trail thru-hiker to sign their books at ... - Knoxville News Sentinel
Check out the great article in the Sunday Addition of the Knoxville News Sentinel sports section about our Outdoor Expo. Who has seen it?
I helped cover Spring Fling all week in Murfreesboro for the Knoxville News Sentinel, so I never had a chance to thank members of the Readers Guild Book Club in Hopkinsville, Ky., for inviting me to speak on Tuesday. It was fun seeing my HS friend Pamela Ison-Glover again and meeting Janie (you have a beautiful home), Linda, Debbie, Hilda and all the others in the group. The Readers Guild has been in existence for decades, I'm told, and I was the first author to ever visit them!
I have a video interview with the Knoxville News Sentinel that will be aired on their online website, I am meeting with the local Retired Marines to discuss their perspective of the Veterans Administration debacle in June, I have an ad coming out in a magazine inside every issue of the Rogersville Review newspaper at the end of this month, In addition to the ad I am being interviewed by the editor of the Newspaper in Rogersville, I have the meet and greet at the Historic Hale Springs Inn in Rogersville in june and now I am being invited back to the Gwen Ford Ministries show next thursday night. Things are beginning to speed up here at Team Hartley and I am getting more and more excited as we get closer to the primaries.
This is one of my stories that is running in tomorrow's Knoxville News Sentinel. So grateful to be chosen to tell this story. :-)
Egypt's el-Sissi seeks ties with US on his terms - Knoxville News Sentinel
Lindsay Willis shared Knoxville News Sentinel's photo. 2 hours ago. I am appalled at Tenncare and the Knoxville...
An article that the Knoxville News Sentinel ran today about the wheelchair denial
. My late uncle, Bill Luther of the Knoxville News Sentinel, gave this to me.
Hannah Ledbetter, did you experience anything like this? A University of Tennessee report says students hoping to become members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity were hazed despite already having been denied membership. According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, aspiring members were subjected to paddling and having hot sauce poured on them
George Korda on Stacey Campfield: A whole lotta shakin’ going on (Knoxville News Sentinel): Let’s stipulate th...
In case you missed it, we were on the front page of the News Sentinel this morning:...
Letter: Autism therapy should be covered » Knoxville News Sentinel
The following comment posted with us by Cindy Moser is so TRUE!:. "So pleased to open my Knoxville News Sentinel...
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Take a look at the article in the Knoxville News Sentinel about our movie premiering Friday
THE RIDE: Clearing hurdles with outsourcing - Knoxville News Sentinel
Steve Trosky (is the new Assistant Sports Editor of The Knoxville News Sentinel (^dr
Hearing delayed for Titans' Lewan in assault case - Knoxville News Sentinel
6 injured in explosion at Tennessee steel mill - Knoxville News Sentinel
Microsoft to open specialty store at West Town Mall [The Knoxville News-Sentinel, Tenn. :: ] -
Bishop Sankey picked by Tennessee Titans in second round - Knoxville News Sentinel
Eagles trade up to get WR Jordan Matthews - Knoxville News Sentinel
British, US experts join Nigeria search for girls - Knoxville News Sentinel
Sevierville police collar trio in shoplifting that ends with chase on Parkway - Knoxville News Sentinel
My grad cap is on knoxville news sentinel's website! ☺️
Sevier officers searching for two suspects in home invasion attack - Knoxville News Sentinel ---
Marriott Business Services in Blount County transferred to Accenture - Knoxville News Sentinel
STATE SENATOR, STACY CAMPFEILD, OF TENNESSEE SHOULD RESIGN FOR ALL HIS UNGODLY REMARKS ABOUT OBAMACARE AND THE HOLOCAUST; AND THE PEOPLE SHOULD BOYCOTT PILOT OIL COMPANY UNTIL REPUBLICAN GOVENOR, BILL HASLAM, STOPS DENYING PEOPLE OF TENNESSEE HEALTH INSURANCE… Posted on May 6, 2014 by jcarroll It was Pilot Oil, which is owned by the Haslam family, which put Bill Haslam in the Governor’s Mansion. Pilot Oil was accused of gouging their customers out of $114,000,000.00 during The Hurricane Katrina Disaster; and Bill Haslam spent $14,000,000.00 of it putting his campaign signs on every street corner from Bristol, Tennessee to Memphis, Tennessee. Pilot Oil just recently was accused of being involved in a kick-back scandal by selling gasoline to some trucking corporations at special prices and not to others. Tennessee used to be a decent place to live until the Republicans took control of the State Government with the big money of Pilot Oil, Koch Brothers, Grover Norquist, and their kind. I can remember the ...
The news just keeps coming for CAK teams. Congrats to coach Dayna Garcia Carter & CAK softball on their district tournament win, and to Leighton Porter and CAK tennis for their region team title. This is from the Knoxville News Sentinel Prep Extra: District 4-AA Softball CAK 8, Alcoa 5: Freshmen Emma Webb went 4-for-4 and Caroline Cabin finished 3-for-4 while pitcher Allison Zimmerman (25-3) was named tournament MVP to lead CAK to the District 4-AA tournament title. Region 2-A/AA Tennis CAK won the girls’ region title, 4-0, over Grace Christian. Leighton Porter, Elise Denicola, Allison Ivey and Emily Welles recorded victories for CAK (11-5).
pick up your local Knoxville News Sentinel today. Avenue C made it again.
Duncan to address education writers at Vanderbilt - Knoxville News Sentinel
Doug Banister's article in the Knoxville News Sentinel last week:
Halfway there: Miami tops Nets in Game 2, 94-82 - Knoxville News Sentinel
Philip Cofer told The Knoxville News Sentinel on Wednesday that he's down to 3 finalists, TN, Florida State and Virginia Tech.
We got some media attention today from all kinds of outlets for our Beautification Mob. Keep an eye out on today's local broadcasts and tomorrows newspaper...all 3 channels stopped by for some footage. This shot courtesy of Knoxville News Sentinel Photojournalist Michael Patrick.
TN-Knox: Foe of ACA admits it is doing ...
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Mom accused of killing kids said they were 'mean' » Knoxville News Sentinel Mobile -
Fired Memphis officer charged with rape - Knoxville News Sentinel
Knoxville News - Letter: New Sentinel does wonderful job daily
Gluten-free events push for celiac awareness » Knoxville News Sentinel
Arson fire on Bluff Mountain in Sevier County consumes 100 acres - Knoxville News Sentinel
THE RIDE: Channeling moods into profit and health - Knoxville News Sentinel
State forestry firefighters battling flames on Bluff Mountain in Sevier County - Knoxville News Sentinel
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
The Top 9 Tidbits to know about the White House’s climate report » Knoxville News Sentinel
Way to go Rountree bounces incumbent Trainor in Knox school board race » Knoxville News Sentinel
National parks to adopt new service animal rule - Knoxville News Sentinel
Southeast is 'exceptionally vulnerable' - Knoxville News Sentinel
I generally stay away from political posts. BUT there is an important election to me today. Today is the Knox County Primary. If you vote today in the republican primary, please consider voting for Circuit Court Judge Division Four, Knoxville News Sentinel endorsed and the best candidate among the field of dems and repubs, Greg McMillian. I have heard him speak and the other candidates from both parties. He was the best. He is articulate and has a plan. This race is important to me as this court handles matters of family law including divorce and child custody arrangements. As a mediator for the Community Mediation Center, I want to see families who are dealing with these challenges have a judge who desires an efficient process that reduces the amount of time and expense the parties spend ligating divorce and child custody matters. Too many people are paying lawyers for services they cannot afford. Divroce is bad enough. We don't need to add debt along with it. Greg has the right approach. He w ...
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Would this be the time Knoxville News Sentinel sends a text alert about Vols hoops which says "They Are Outta Here!"
The front page story in the Knoxville News-Sentinel discusses whether it was "fascism" for a local…
Win tickets to Dolly Parton's May 28 show in Knoxville - Knoxville News Sentinel: Win tickets to Dolly Parton'...
Jeff Johnson: Saving energy the 'right thing to do' - Knoxville News Sentinel
Knoxville News Sentinel >> Punter left Knoxville with a good impression.
One of our newest members, Jess Nelson made it into today's Knoxville News-Sentinel.
Knoxville News Sentinel >> Pat Summitt to continue role with Tennessee.
Race to benefit law enforcement memorial - Knoxville News Sentinel
"Job FAIR, I'll wear my hat," said Hatter. 1. The Wilderness at the Smokies Resort is hosting a job fair at the Stone Hill Lodge on Gist Creek Road in Sevierville until 6 p.m. 2.Knoxville News Sentinel is hosting one Tuesday at West Town Mall from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
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Susan Alexander: Women and Warren Buffett do well in stock market (Knoxville News Sentinel)
Former U. of Tennessee professor to discuss book at talk | Knoxville News Sentinel |
Spring fashion story in today's Knoxville News Sentinel. Wishing I had a little girl to wear the Saltwater kids sandals and definitely eyeing the shorts with little suspenders and Hunter boots for my littlest guy. Be sure to pick up a copy today to see what's in Knoxville shops right now!
Did anyone get the sunday edition of the Knoxville News Sentinel? I heard the dance group I'm in (Sandsation Dancers) was in the paper. If you see it can you please save and give the article to me? We danced at the Rossini Festival yeaterday. I tries going to two gas stations and they were sold out. Thank you!
Okay ya'll on moving the Tidence Lane Cemetery, it is in yesterday's Knoxville News Sentinel, page 10A
This proud couple, Mr. and Mrs. Vance purchased this Taurus SHO featured at the Knoxville News Sentinel car...
Car makers display new models at Auto Show - Knoxville News Sentinel
The sawtooth oaks on Historic Market Square, Knoxville are "six of the most valuable trees in the City of Knoxville..." -- Kasey Krouse, Knoxville's Urban Forester Property Scope's Josh Flory of the Knoxville News Sentinel
Academy of Country Music will salute troops - Knoxville News Sentinel
Today is my daddy's birthday! If you get the Knoxville News Sentinel, look at that good looking man on page 15A in his Air Force uniform! That is my daddy! I was the biggest daddy's girl! He taught me all the important things in life, how to shoot a gun, how to hunt, how to fish and yes, I HAD to bait my own hook! We would spend 12 hours on the lake fishing! Oh how I miss you daddy! I lost you, my second greatest love and then Craig my greatest love within a two year period! They say that one loss in a year is tragic, two in two years is devastating. Yes, it it!
Here's a good piece that ran as a letter to the editor in the Knoxville News Sentinel in the Sunday paper in case anyone missed it. Animosity toward unions perplexing I do not understand the animosity (hatred? fear?) that political, corporate and business leaders have against organizations of workers such as unions. Lots of professionals and businesses are organized: doctors (American Medical Association), lawyers (American Bar Association), teachers (American Federation of Teachers), liquor store owners, and business and corporate leaders (chambers of commerce). They all have one objective in common: to lobby local, state and federal governments on their behalf. I know the argument: In order to be business-friendly, we have to be union-hostile. I have not heard of any business or corporation refusing to locate in Oak Ridge or Knoxville because workers at the U.S. Department of Energy facilities are unionized. Unions have contributed significantly to establishing a worker-friendly and safe environment. Th ...
Today in Airport SM: Vote on charter defines Egypt's post-Morsi future - Knoxville News Sentinel: Vote on char...
Computerizing people may be next step in tech - Knoxville News Sentinel |
Current news for Knoxville, TN and its surrounding communities brought to you by Knoxville News Sentinel. Features local Knoxville, Tennessee news...
Poll finds new worries about health law - Knoxville News Sentinel
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am I the only one annoyed by the Knoxville News Sentinel subscription and not being able to read the full new articles online? Drives me crazy and I have since been avoiding KNS like the plague... Is it just me being a brat?
Editorial County shouldn&give up on use of solar installations Knoxville News Sentinel If government should run like a business, as KNS always suggests then if it does not add to the bottom line they should absolutely -can solar power. Want to ...
Well in knoxville waiting to get unloaded at the Knoxville news sentinel . Ready to go north once more then to Greensboro nc .then who know .
Iraqi refugees pursuing the American dream: . Family rebuilding life in Knoxville » Knoxville News Sentinel Mobile -
Battle with security firm over faulty work still headed to court - Knoxville News Sentinel
Knoxville News Sentinel >> Mike Strange: Vols leaving too many points on the court.
Knoxville News Sentinel >> Vols miss out on a resume builder, fall to Wichita State, 70-61.
Mystery solved: The best crime fiction of 2013 - Knoxville News Sentinel
News: Now top US diplomat, Kerry returns to - Knoxville News Sentinel
Now top US diplomat, Kerry returns to Vietnam - Knoxville News Sentinel
I reviewed the new 30 for 30 documentary premiering on ESPN tonight for the News Sentinel. . .
Moncier seeks run for appointed spot on appellate court » Knoxville News Sentinel -
My little boy was excited to be part of this today. Thanks Knoxville News Sentinel for sharing it.
U. of Tennessee offers range of activities for the holidays | Knoxville News Sentinel |
Movement to allow passengers to talk on cellphones advances; Alexander introduces bill to block such chats » Knoxville News Sentinel...
Nutrients... Young people leave lives in big city to try hand at farming in Tennessee - Knoxville News Sentinel
Knoxville News Sentinel >> Vols Notebook: Josh Richardson expects big crowd of family, friends at Wichita State.
Congrats to Hiwassee Tigers for great article in today's Knoxville News Sentinel.
Police search for person of interest in pricey purse snatching - Knoxville News Sentinel -- -
The Tennessee men face off against number 12 ranked Wichita State on the road Saturday. The Knoxville News Sentinel's Ben Frederickson breaks down the keys to the game in less than a minute.
Here's your chance to make an impact, have some fun - The multi-platform Knoxville News Sentinel news operation is...
An old article in the Knoxville News Sentinel
Bill would set aside more land for Civil War preservation - Knoxville News Sentinel: Bill would set aside more...
Rickers Ridge Band, which usually performs at Cove Lake, entertained for the 2013 *** *** Hoedown, annual holiday lunch provided by the Knoxville News Sentinel for retirees. All band members are talented but Jerry "The Chicken Man" Issacs is particularly memorable. Here he is with a headdress a la Willie Nelson. It was fun.
A big THANK YOU to everyone that voted this year for The Knoxville News Sentinel "Best of Knoxville 2013"!! We won for best optometrist and a favorite for best glasses selection! This is BACK TO BACK years for both categories. Thank you!!
Do Knoxville: Hikes and holiday happenings - Knoxville News Sentinel
Wellspring received the Knoxville News Sentinel’s 2013 Reader’s Choice Award in the Senior Living Facility category!
Knoxville News Sentinel Empty Stocking Fund and community volunteers to help 3,600 families during the holidays
Be sure to check out today's ad in the Knoxville News Sentinel for huge coupons in our "Home for the Holidays" Sale!
"Now, how is he gonna read the Knoxville News Sentinel all rolled up like that?" -thought the spider
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Knoxville News Sentinel I had spotted a little white kitten and asked the volunteer if I could meet with it. We decided to adopt them both. The black cat, Machka, is a confident, friendly and playful male. The white cat, Molly is a skittish, shy female. We named her Molly ...
Guess who Won the Knoxville News Sentinel Readers Choice award for Staffing. ARG Financial Staffing that's who. Heck Yes!!!
Parent friends of mine...please take a moment to consider taking action about the following: Tomorrow evening, the Knox County Board of Education, the people WE elected, will be considering extending our Superintendent's lucrative contract for yet another year until 2017. It currently runs until 2016. He was hired in for the 2008-2009 school year at a base salary of $222,800. Although I cannot find current salary information for Dr. McIntyre, I do know that the Vice-President of the United States only makes $231,900 (as of this March). I can only imagine what McIntyre's package now is. According to a Knoxville News Sentinel article in August of 2011, in his annual BOE review for that year, they recommended he work on "increasing teacher and classified employee morale." Two years ago. Please take a moment to show support for your students and their teachers by sending an email to your School Board representative respectfully requesting that they NOT extend Dr. McIntyre's contract for another year.School Bo ...
Anybody read the Knoxville news sentinel today? Whoot whoot !
BLAST FROM MY PAST: I ran across these photos I picked up while visiting the 1982 Worlds Fair on Knoxville, TN the exhibit was angled around new energy sources. Matter of fact the official name of the expo was Knoxville International Energy Exposition! Great week end that year - I got to visit with friends at the Knoxville News Sentinel also. The Sunsphere still stands today... It had five levels and was suppose to use solar power (It NEVER worked properly)... LOL! LIFE... What a RUSH?! In the blink of an eye it passes you by! POOF - I'm gone... LOL!
Thank you for voting us the winner in the Heating & Air Company category in the 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards from the Knoxville News Sentinel! We are proud to be your heating & air company, and will keep working hard to serve your heating and air conditioning needs in the coming year.
Baby Liam is in today's Knoxville News Sentinel. :) Nevermind my earlier post. Lol.
My beautiful intelligent sister is making FABULOUS ice cream in Knoxville, Tennessee. She was recently featured in the Knoxville News Sentinel. If you're going down there, ask for "On Dasher" ice cream.
The article written about us on Knoxville News Sentinel
Um, this "letter to the editor" is all over the map - I wonder if the writer is too scattered in his thinking on whom to judge FIRST: "Bible clear on marriage, abortion The people in American who refuse to believe in God at times say all Christians have the same mindset and personalities. They are wrong. A number of states have legalized same-sex partnerships. These homosexuals and *** have tried to say this is marriage, yet Christians know a marriage is between one man and one woman. These people go from being twain and are now one flesh. Way too many women who have had sex and become pregnant have opted to have an abortion. In the Bible, God states that at conception the woman’s embryo is a living human being. Abortion is the murder of a baby. Illicit drugs for many years have been a scourge on America. For quite a while Tennessee has been the methamphetamine capital of America. There have been numerous raids by local law enforcement officials to halt many meth operations. Also, much marijuana ha ...
GA Industry Radar Report: States more lax than feds on judge rules - Knoxville News Sentinel
CAK's scoring steady as rain in sectional (Knoxville News Sentinel)
According to the Knoxville News Sentinel: Ben Byers, Knoxville committee chair for the Tennessee Equality...
Leases for plug-in electric cars may offer savings - Knoxville News Sentinel
Knoxville to extend city employee benefits to domestic partners - Knoxville News Sentinel: Knoxville to extend...
If you didn't hear about the work going on here in the Knoxville News Sentinel yet, check out this article about...
An orphan goes to church and asks someone, anyone to adopt him » Knoxville News Sentinel Mobile -
Bengals QB Dalton getting it done without fanfare » Knoxville News Sentinel
Reynolds & Gunter got you covered for the next three hours. Mike Strange from the Knoxville News Sentinel joins...
Pleased to have from the Knoxville News Sentinel join us @ 4:20 today for a Vol perspective on Sat's USC/UT game.
U. of Tennessee band director put on leave, ordered to stay away from students | Knoxville News Sentinel |
What I do in my free time: read forums, Knoxville News Sentinel, and forums.
From the Knoxville News Sentinel and GoVolsXtra. Where will your seat be?
Kristi Nelson of the Knoxville News Sentinel joined us this past Friday at ETTAC for a transportation discussion.
Why the Knoxville News Sentinel ran photos from a deadly bus crash | Poynter.:
.on decision to run photos of deadly bus crash Learn the ethical tightrope editors faced
NEWS: Philippines spots new typhoon after 19th howler - Knoxville News Sentinel via Google
FG on last play lifts Delaware over Albany 33-30 - Knoxville News Sentinel
Some at Guantanamo jail too sick to keep locked up » Knoxville News Sentinel
Knoxville News Sentinel >> Encouraging numbers could lead to Vols reaching number of wins needed for bowl.
publishes the Knoxville News Sentinel (and 24 other local news apps to the Store!
Groups criticize NC officer arrest in man's death - Knoxville News Sentinel
Jess Walter talks about his new novel, 'Beautiful Ruins' - Knoxville News Sentinel
Special request from Knoxville friends: review of "Our Country" at Clarence Brown is in Knoxville news Sentinel. I can't see it b/c I don't have subscription. Any way someone can share?
KNOXVILLE — The first member of a dozen North Carolina church congregants injured in a bus crash that killed eight people was released Friday from the University of Tennessee Medical Center. Brenda Jolly, 70, was released from the hospital, according to UT Medical Center spokeswoman Susan Wyatt. Another church member, Ed Mclelland, 64, was upgraded Friday from serious condition to stable, Wyatt said. Mclelland’s wife, 62-year-old Marsha Mclelland, died in the Wednesday crash on Interstate 40. That leaves 11 church members ranging in age from 62 to 74 at the hospital. The Tennessee Highway Patrol on Friday identified the trucker killed in the fiery crash as 66-year-old Mose Farmer of New Orleans. Farmer was driving a 2014 Volvo tractor hauling a trailer loaded with paper towels. The driver of a North Carolina church bus that careened from eastbound Interstate 40 and into oncoming westbound traffic had a valid commercial vehicle license, authorities said. But years of driving experience couldn’t match ...
LOL..Middle School Janitor Arrested For Using School Copy Machine To Print Counterfeit Money.. Campbell County, Tennessee - Authorities arrested an employee of Lafollette Middle School on Monday for allegedly reproducing cash on a copying machine. They charged James Terry Chapman - a custodian who got the ax after admitting to everything - with criminal simulation, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported on Wednesday. 'It appears he would copy one side, front and back and then glue them together,' Campbell County Sheriff Robbie Goins told WVLT-TV. Chapman's free after making $5,000 bail. An affidavit claimed a pair of bills in denominations of $10 and $20 had been in Chapman's automobile. A source discovered them after repossessing it September 24th and gave them to the authorities. Chapman arranged to have somebody tow his vehicle to Bolton's Body Shop the following day. Afterward, employee David Bolton gave him $50 against it. The authorities alleged Chapman informed him he intended to pay back $30 because ...
The National Transportation Safety Board is not sending anyone to investigate yesterday's deadly bus crash in Tennessee because the government shutdown furloughed all of its highway investigators, an NTSB official said. "In this particular case I think it’s highly likely that we would have responded to it, but again, with our investigators furloughed, it’s impossible to do that," Sharon Bryson, deputy director of communications for the NTSB, told NBC News. Read more: Michael Patrick / Knoxville News Sentinel via AP
The Knoxville News Sentinel reports today that some business leaders are switching support for the GOP to Obama over the shutdown. They are cowards who are revealing that they only think of their bottom line. They would put their concern for a slowed economy over the longer term goal of freedom. I used to think the admonition of "shame on you" was weak, but it carries meaning, so: Shame on them. Many of us are capable of the long view and can see ahead. Those accepting Obamacare as inevitable are shortsighted, weak cowards
"On my first episode, I was stalking Buffy to see what her moves were. I played the hunt both violently and sexually as I was looking at her, and I have always, in the back of my mind, played that with Spike. It's the hunt for him. If he is after the Slayer, then it is a sexual thing, at least in my mind."- James Marsters (Knoxville News Sentinel, 1-01)
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A hauler transporting Trevor Bayne's cars to the Kentucky Speedway caught fire Thursday on Interstate 75 North, but the incident caused no injuries and isn't expected to affect his status for Saturday's Nationwide Series Kentucky 300. The incident was first reported by the Knoxville News Sentinel. Roush Fenway Racing spokesman Kevin Woods said the fire caused "no significant damage" and that the cars should arrive in Kentucky on schedule. Knoxville Fire Department Captain D.J. Corcoran said the fire appeared to be the result of a rupture in a diesel tank used to feed a generator. The fire was reported at 11:37 a.m. Corcoran said arson investigators indicated it was accidental. Corcoran said Bayne wasn't at the scene when the fire occurred but arrived later to check on the situation.
UT puts fracking plan 'on hold,' will look at feasibility of research - Knoxville News Sentinel
Thanks to Knoxville News Sentinel for a great article about our Eucharistic Congress!...
Share your breast-cancer survival stories - Knoxville News Sentinel: RestaurantNews.comShare you...
DA: 4 found in car in Cumberland County were murdered - Knoxville News Sentinel
Djokovic to face Pospisil in Davis Cup semifinals - Knoxville News Sentinel
Five questions about the Tennessee Volunteers with Evan Woodbery of the Knoxville News Sentinel
BREAKING NEWS: 4 FOUND SHOT TO DEATH IN CAR. TBI INVESTIGATING. Here is what the Knoxville News Sentinel is...
We're giving away a pair of tickets to Lewis Black's Oct. 3 show at the Tennessee Theatre.
UT player arrested for underage drinking - According to The Knoxville News Sentinel (the...
Bestselling author to speak at Blount County Library - Knoxville News Sentinel
Today's teaser in the Knoxville News Sentinel about our new mobile clinic.
Cornbread is gluten-free compromise between two camps - Knoxville News Sentinel: Cornbread is gluten-free comp...
John Adams of the Knoxville News Sentinel and Go Vols Extra said Coach Holtz will be on The Neutral Zone?
- Knoxville News Sentinel did a big piece on it a few years back. Gathered all of them for a photo shoot.
My uncle just text me and told me my picture is in the Knoxville news sentinel 😳
The Sunday Knoxville News Sentinel had a Sports section and a Vols section. The needs to get on it.
State troopers mount motorcycles for enforcement on 'The Dragon' » Knoxville News Sentinel
State troopers mount motorcycles for enforcement on "The Dragon" - Knoxville News Sentinel
Event to feature African fashion, cooking - Knoxville News Sentinel
Don't forget to cast your vote in the Knoxville News Sentinel's Reader's Choice for your favorite Sportscaster:...
Y-12 contract extensions: an even dozen (so far): (Knoxville News Sentinel) BW Y-12, a partnership of Babcock...
Check out these great photos of the Doggie Dip yesterday from the Knoxville News Sentinel!...
School flu vaccinations to begin on Sept. 16 - Knoxville News Sentinel -
New accounts let you follow crime and safety, courts, schools and politics - Knoxville News Sentinel
Students to explore filmmaking with - Knoxville News Sentinel
sharing David Hunter: Honesty, ability not to laugh are valued - Knoxville News Sentinel
Underwood to lend voice to tornado relief on CMTs - Knoxville News Sentinel: CMT.comUnderwood to lend voice to...
If you haven't already, check out the 2013-14 Knoxville News Sentinel Pops Series Line-up! Season subscriptions...
What's going on? Big Ten hooks up with Pinstripe Bowl for 8 years - Knoxville News Sentinel
Testimony: Ex-U. of Tennessee Foundation officer admits to molesting boys | Knoxville News Sentinel |
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