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Knotts Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm is an amusement park in Buena Park, California, owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company.

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Nauseous about being at Knotts Berry Farm. I don't like roller coasters.😢
Hopefully I don't poop my pants at Knotts Berry Farm today
It was a very excited moment for Sabrina and her BFF Jayda picon to see three Disney actresses at Knotts Berry Farm. Olivia Hold, Maia Mitchell, and Kelli Berglund a good day to remember.
Felt so thug getting kicked out of Knotts Berry Farm, then escorted out by security! πŸ’‚πŸ‘
Mom might take me to knotts berry farm for christmas.
my mom is in a competition to get Knotts berry farm 4 pack tix and if she gets them I hope I can go with my 2 friends on my bday omg
Someday at Christmas by Stevie Wonder performance by Samantha at Knotts Berry Farm!. via
kickin it in my old stomping grounds at knotts berry farm. this place was way cooler when I was 10
Will you guys go to Knotts berry farm?
Going to Knotts Berry Farm in a few weeks. Pretty excited 😊
Knotts Berry Farm today :) Super excited. But first, garlic bread breakfast XD
Little family trip to Knotts Berry Farm this month! Lol should be fun ..
no I'm on the way to knotts berry farm lol
So this one time, and myself found the love of our life, and then left him at Knotts Berry Farm.
E3 and Eclectic show at Knotts Berry Farm today at 1:30pm. Come on out and see them perform on the Calico Main Stage!!
Just finished knotts Berry farm print audition really smooth. She took a few pictures then gone. I have enough time catch the bears game...
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Knott's Berry Farm is open until 8pm tonight and the CA Marketplace is open 9am - 9pm. Have a great day!
Mom and babies getting ready to ride Supreme Scream @ Knotts Berry Farm
So freakin excited for this whole day at Knotts Berry Farm πŸŽ‰
We had a blast at our performance yesterday at Knotts Berry Farm!!! Thanks so much to everyone who came out πŸ˜„πŸ˜œπŸ˜
Might go to Knotts Berry Farm today 🌝 And Disneyland tomorrow 🌚
Up early getting ready to go to knotts berry farm πŸ‘Œ
Lol showing up to knotts berry farm with my Minnie Mouse ears idc
I really want to get the Knotts berry farm season pass! 😍
I went to Knotts Berry Farm today it ended up lasting the whole so now it's 12:46 a.m. And I had funnel cake.
the most terrifying part of knotts berry farm for me is always the mine train... I'm 16 and I cry around mannequins
LMBO I miss you to and nothing just got home from knotts berry farm
Right across the street from knotts berry farm :p @ la capitaine hookah lounge
I wanna go to Knotts Berry farm again πŸ˜’
Had fun at knotts berry farm with bf
I went to Knotts Berry Farm and apparently they have panda express there so I thought of you hehehehoho
My stepdad's work always gives him knotts Berry farm tickets but we never end up going
YEAH & jasper at Knotts Berry farm! He didn't want to take personal pictures so I snuck this one.
oops I made my sister bleed and she was like "IM GONNA DIE. I WAS SUPPOSE TO GO KNOTTS BERRY FARM FOR MY 18th BDAY"
Enjoying the cool breeze here at Knotts Berry Farm.
work dose that. When I was at Knotts berry farm the moth of October was the worst it was 60-70 hour work weeks .
If I was rich I would buy all of you plane tickets to Cali and we would all go to Knotts a Berry Farm together
At Knotts berry farm. Am not going to miss a game now. Let's go ASU
My mom picked the wrong day to take us to Knotts Berry Farm. I seriously wanna punch everyone in the face😊
At knotts berry farm with jscygan lilymayko getting our shine onπŸŽ„
Why does everyone love LA so much, it might have celebrities but OC HAS DISNEYLAND, KNOTTS BERRY FARM AND ME
very funny. I want to go to knotts berry farm. duh.
Working at knotts berry farm right now is not so -_- lol
Currently stuck on sidewinder at knotts berry farm...
love the pic Steve. Is this you selling magic at Knotts Berry Farm?
I think I'm going crazy but I saw someone that looks exactly like you at Knotts Berry Farm!
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It's official guys knotts berry farm is now RATCHET BERRY FARM.. Bc of autumn & I, you know it's true, you're welcomeπŸ’
I want to go to knotts berry farm someone should go with mee
You know that we're gonna go to Knotts Berry Farm right after we pick you up, right??
good thanks bro. We are currently setting up a day at Knotts Berry Farm to take Families affected by Cancer.
The real snoop dog lol Knotts berry farm 2013!
My Knotts berry farm year pass ends in December! I need to go ASAP!
I remember I was telling kayla about knotts berry farm and shes like "is it a farm that grows tamatoes?" I couldnt breathe after that lol
I wanna go to Six Flags or Knotts Berry Farm. I need to save.. No money no honey. 😐
Knotts berry farm strawberry short bread cookies are so danky omg
When my Bestfriend and I took a roadtrip to Knotts berry farm in Cali
I think I have some Knotts Berry Farm strawberry cookies. Those might be a nice snack later
It's called Knotts Berry Farm. It is right by Disneyland. It's a western themed amusement park with a bunch of rollercoasters :)
like when we were at Knotts Berry Farm...
Had Chick-Fil-A for this first time today and Knotts Berry Farm tonight for more scary mazes. Um this weekend is amazing.
5 tickets for 150 for knotts berry farm that's 30 each! Compared to 56 bucks
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no you didnt? If you did my phone was off i was at knotts berry farm
Thank you bro. I went to Knotts Berry Farm on Saturday. :) It was fun.
I want to go to Disneyland, Knotts berry farm, Six Flags, california adventure, Sea World. K i just want to go to Cali 😩
I loved this bra, too bad it didn't survive Knotts Berry Farm lol
I thought knotts berry farm was some 'family fun' *** hole but no that place is actually fun af 
I've been waiting for this weekend for a long time 😍 Halloween, knotts berry farm/one month anniversary, homecoming and biffday dinner w/ πŸ‘«
Aye, does anybody wanna go to Knotts Berry Farm during the Veteran Day weekend? It's my birthday that weekend & I can get people in for free
Long night alone in the practice room has got me felling nastalgic for fall in California. Wish I could go to Knotts Berry Farm.
I really miss going to knotts berry farm:(
Was good Zola. Went to Knotts Berry Farm and fell in love with the Bear in my avitar. Wish I coulda adopted him. ;)
When you go to amusement parks, what do you like to do most? β€” Summer, knotts berry farm
Knotts scary farm for a mother son date (at Berry Farm w/ 7 others)
I want to go to Universal Studios, Magic Mountain, or knotts berry farm for halloween:(
Anyways, I was in Orange County and I now know how to feel like the only Dodger fan and kings fan& went to Knotts Berry farm.
Knotts berry farm was fun now waiting for knotts scary farm to open ξ„šξ 
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so she gets to go see Selena Gomez 😭 at least i get to go to knotts berry farm😩
I want fried chicken from Knotts Berry Farm :(
Enjoying knotts! Rember no roller coaster for the little ones they are scary! (at Berry Farm) [pic]:
Free admission for Military, Fire and Police at Knott's Berry Farm
dammit I wanna go to knotts berry farm
So like knotts berry farm I think yes?
The snoopy keychain I've had for about 10 years from Knotts Berry Farm broke last night. πŸ˜ͺ
Headed to knotts berry farm.. He think he buff.
i'm 18 minutes away from Disneyland and 13 minutes away from knotts berry farm
Who wants to go to Knotts berry farm Holloween Haunt with Got one extra ticket that I'm saving for a fan.
Me backstage after my show with pal Charles Phoenix - sporting the perfect ensemble for BERRY Farm! XX
Berry Farm support Limbaugh and the Tea Party. Consider spending your money elsewhere.
Made it back from California...had a great time. Decided we need a Jack in the Box and In n Out burger...went to Venice Beach, Universal Studios and Knotts Berry Farm among other places...definitely need to go back...
for Knotts Berry Farm. Don't mind the hole in my sock..πŸ˜…πŸ‘–
Heading back to Washington tomorrow night but not before a day at Knotts Berry Farm with the grandparents.
Had a great time at Knotts Berry Farm. Now back at my suite at the hotel to watching
Irvine is a fine So Cal suburb within an hour drive of Laguna Beach, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and Los Angeles.
I have never been to Knotts Berry Farm :o
Knotts Berry Farm tickets are for $40 each original price is $59.99 theres only 4 tickets. Let me knoe if anyones interested (:
Knotts berry farm later on today with my *** ;
Idc knotts berry farm popping this year πŸŽƒπŸ‘»
Knotts Berry Farm was so effing fun!! They should be open until 1am more often!
I think Knotts Berry Farm is a great place:)
Had fun with my baby tonight at Knotts Berry Farmβ™‘
plus the price eliminates the rif raf that end up at Knotts Berry Farm. πŸ”«πŸ”«
if anyone is going to knotts berry farm make sure u go to supreme scream! :D
Free beer, good rides, fun people.. Good *** night at Knotts Berry Farm ;)
Company picnic at knotts berry farm. And free beer!! πŸ˜ƒ
I liked a video from Knotts Berry Farm Coast Rider in HD
Knotts Berry Farm. So amazing. Thank you to everyone who came! Me and always bring the…
one time I was at knotts berry farm and this cute guy asked me for a hug so I grabbed his butt while hugging him no regrets
Special event night... We have the park to ourselves (and a few hundred others). (@ Knott's Berry Farm) on
I gotta buy some Knotts Berry Farm season passes
We should go to knotts berry farm instead of going to the beach cuz I can't get in the water
Knotts Berry Farm dippin' dots sound amazing right now,
Knotts Berry Farm tomorrow with my girls!!!
Today feels like a day that I would go to Knotts berry farm
Anybody want to go to Knotts Berry Farm with me tonight? From 7pm till 1am. I only have one ticket!
Question Any Gang problems at night during Scary Farm: Im wondering if there any violent gangs that hangout at...
knotts berry farm next weekend! Home alone who am i suppose to ask to go with me hmmm.
Windseeker ride at Berry Farm ride failed to meet state rules, so it is moving to new park, by $
TGIF! What am I saying? Every day is a work day for a musician! Tho I go to Berry Farm w/ the fam on Sunday! Have a great weekend :)
My mom says to go with my friends to knotts berry farm or something for my bday 😳 I'm like "mom no one likes me enough to go" πŸ˜‚
Knotts Berry Farm after school with the big bro !!!
I work at Knotts Berry Farm building Haunt Then Im going to transfer and be a monster and possibly get hired year round as a tech..My life >
Just gotta clean my room and car and start doing all my insane amount of hw I gotta do. And then knotts berry farm until the mid of night!!
Question A couple of scary farm questions: I'm going to Scary Farm on October 14th and I'm curious if the log ...
I liked a video Ghostrider roller coaster ride at Knotts Berry Farm - HDThrillSeeker
I am determined to go to knotts berry farm or Six Flags this time when I go to Orange County
*** i don't want knotts berry farm tickets I want tickets !!!
and I barely passed Knotts Berry Farm like I just
I'm going to Universal Studios, knotts berry farm, and Disneyland!
Knotts berry farm this Sunday woot 😱❀ I go in free and I get free food suckers ;p
Wedding , knotts Berry farm , beach and a lot of alcohol this weekend should be fun:)
I'm so excited for knotts berry farm. 😍
You know what'd be cool!? If I went to Knotts Berry Farm or Universal Studios during October with friends 😌☝
Yay skyping school tomorrow and going to knotts berry farm instead cx
WindSeeker ride, which stranded riders at Knott's Berry Farm, is relocating to Kansas City amusement park.
Highkey wanna go to knotts berry farm this weekend
take me back to knotts berry farm where I had an annual pass and I can go…
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Back in the day, Knotts Berry Farm had a vintage hearse on display, full side view of casket, inside as man's...
When you come to LA you have to go to Knotts Berry Farm :D
My mom wants to move in Buena Park next to knotts berry farm :p
I went on a log ride at knotts berry farm. They took a picture but wouldn't let me see it because I flashed my nipple
Pretty bummed we're not going to L.A and knotts berry farm any more 
YOU GUYS SHOULD GO TO KNOTTS BERRY FARM! it's an amusement park :)
I've been at knotts berry farm for 13 hours and I feel like death
So I was at knotts berry farm today but was too afraid to ride anything. But I had fun! :-)
β€œBoys with braces β€πŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯” I seen a light skin today at knotts berry farm ha. But he was with his girl .
Venice beach Santa Monica pier and knotts berry farm equals a good way to end a vacation 🌸
I saw your dad at knotts berry farm !
Im at Knotts Berry Farm right now, and im wearing my Janoskians shirt, amd this girl comes up and is all like "I love your shirt!!!"
Passing by Disneyland and not going is such a tease but we are going to knotts berry farm anyways so eh
At knotts berry farm with my family!
I wanna plan a trip to california and hit up Six Flags and knotts berry farm with my love and some friends before the year is over!(:
Sydney I just wanted to let if you know if I don't make it out of this tornado I want you ta have my Knotts berry farm pass
Reasons to dislike Knotts Berry Farm: all the preteens. There r so many. And they're all wearing Superman shirts
next weekend is imma be here , then I'm going to soak city by knotts berry farm c: .
Knotts berry farm just like last year!!
β€œKnotts Berry Farm where fun is fun?” On my bucket list. Should it not be?
In the car going to Knotts Berry Farm[:
So got soaked on Splash Mountain. Karma remembered that she escaped Knotts Berry Farm unscathed.
Spent the day at knotts berry farm. (:
Oh heeyyy Knotts Berry Farm, it's been awhile. βœŒβ˜€β€
Can knotts berry farm be any hotter !!!
People underestimate Knotts Berry Farm this place is rad! And cheap
Fun day with the kids and uncle Albert @ Knotts! (at Berry Farm w/ 10 others) [pic]:
funny how we ran into the mountain ridge team at Knotts Berry Farm
I'm going to visit every Disney, Universal Studio, 6 Flags and Knotts Berry Farm in the world.
Knotts Berry Farm with ma bestfriendπŸ’• mandy_luvz_u @ Timber…
30 minutes till I'm there. Knotts berry farm get read
So my family went to knotts berry farm today and didn't invite me...oh okay that works
Knotts Berry Farm yesterday with my Best Friend and
Back home from San Diego. we had such a great time. It was so hard to come back to the heat. Lots of pics to post later. Chen (our exchange student) had a great time also and I'm pretty sure he thinks that all Americans do is eat ( this from watching Hunter Henderson eat enormous amounts of food). I may have under estimated the overcast sun in SD. I'm a little red ( cumulative from state fair, Knotts Berry Farm and the beach). Glad to be home though!!! :) β™₯β™₯
Going to Disneyland, Universal Studios, Knotts Berry Farm, next Saturday-Friday. For you folks that have been there, any suggestions?
This makes me homesick for Southern California...Buena Park during a rainy evening...Knotts Berry Farm is there.
I wanna bs k to Cali , just to go to Knotts Berry Farm .
I think should go to Knotts Berry Farm on Wednesday
Now I want to go on a date to Knotts Berry Farm or Six Flags 😩
What's your favorite ride at every theme park you've ... β€” The log ride at Knotts Berry Farm, Indiana Jones ride...
Still enjoying our dayy at Knotts Berry Farm !
Tonight on KOLA, more tickets to Knotts Berry Farm and a chance to win 10 Grand and a Chevy Camaro in Getaway and Play Days. On the 80's at 8 we have a our lost and found hit from a band who's name in Chinese means "yellow bell." And more tickets up for grabs for Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck at the Greek October 20th!
I think I may opt for the more affordable Season Pass at Knotts Berry Farm this year. Although I stay as far away from Halloween Haunt as possible (too crowded and shady people) I'd love to meet Elvira! And I do love Knotts Merry Farm during the holidays.
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Telling Ballinger family stories at brunch this morning -- included "sledding" in plastic pools that broke mom and dads bones, wheelies into the garage wall (Kevin), hoods flying up on the comet, big white van with no windows or A/C and a chain smoking dad, tying firecrackers to cats tails, and jumping off the top of the neighbors (thanks Cindy) chimney into their pool. Yes, just a sprinkling of the epic tales of four boys trying to kill themselves. Because my 3 boys were at the table I had to hold back on the really good stories. The ones that usually landed one of us in jail, including my short stint in the "jail" at Knotts Berry Farm.
Congrats, alum who made the top 7 in the Texaco Country Showdown & now heads to the 6.22 Knotts Berry Farm live competition!
. I love the saying. But then. I LOVE the VW bus, just like the one we drove on for a wonderful family trip for 63 days all around the USA in 1961! Our parents and the four of us (I was between Junior and Senior years in High School. so about 16 years old, my brother Tom was 13, my sister Ali was 11, and our younger brother Roger (AKA KuDd) was 9. We each had a sleeping bag and one suitcase. all 6 of us slept in a tent almost every night, except when we stayed at the homes of friends and relative all over the country. We drove from Vermont to California via the Southern Route (visiting cousins in Alabama). it was 116 degrees at night as we drove through Las Vegas (and we drove at night because it was cooler then!).. went to Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm in California. but also we saw the Grand Canyon and Yosemite and Sequoia. then up to Oregon to visit more cousins and meet our grandfather for the first time and go to the absolutely beautiful Crater Lake . farther North to Washington and then East. ...
I went to Knotts Berry Farm once... And I don't even remember it 😞
I wanna go to Knotts Berry Farm again!
On our way Knotts Berry Farm. Playing bookie for the day
I survived 12 hours at Knotts Berry Farm yesterday, with seven 13-year-old girls. Please, no rollercoasters today.
I forgot that all my friends on the other side of the country don't know what Knotts Berry Farm is.
Knotts Berry Farm in beauna park California with Michael T.
Im going to Knotts Berry Farm today ! As Field Trip 😝!!! Excited but nervouse ! Wont ride any high,fast,whirky,rolllecoasters !!
YaHoo today is the company picnic at Knotts Berry Farm! David & I have extra tickets so we invited my Neice Catie her husband Nick and there son Vladi! I cant wait first ride definately Log Ride! :)
Have arrived at Buellton (home of Pea Soup Andersons). Because of Memorial weekend, the 3 hour trip took over 4. Really nice RV park (and very full). I think we'll stay for a while and recover from Disney, Knotts Berry Farm, and LA traffic:)
I have finished. This coming Wednesday I submit 5 jams & jellies into the San Diego County Fair competition. From left to right: Mango/Pineapple, pomegranate, banana split, blackberry/boysenberry, and mango/peach. You might ask BANANA SPLIT? Yes! All the flavors you'd find in a banana split. From the bottom up: Strawberry/banana, pineapple/vanilla, cherry/chocolate. Layering 3 different jams into a jar was a pain! It's a labor of love though! My boysenberry patch will start it's yield by next weekend. Fresh boysenberry jam in about 3 weeks. Who needs Knotts Berry Farm when you can do it yourself?
Miranda Cosgrove was just on line behind me at Knotts Berry Farm. My first thought was "ask her if Jerry Trainer is single." But I decided not to be rude and just stared at her instead.
Knotts Berry Farm with the girlfriend. Don't worry guys. I've got my sunscreen on.
*** the ride to Knotts Berry Farm is taking forever -.-
I'm such a nerd. I'm looking up every single thing that there is to do at Knotts Berry Farm
Off to Knotts Berry Farm bout to turn up!
We were supposed to go at Knotts Berry Farm today but my legs are in so much pain. I don't know why. πŸ˜•
Can't wait to get to Knotts Berry Farm 😁
Knotts Berry Farm with like all my homies in 9 days, I'm stoked !
yes okay ill bring you one. Do you want anything from Knotts Berry Farm.? :))
I got it at Knotts Berry Farm, :p I've seen other with simolar bracelets by these are better :p
Knotts Berry Farm πŸŽͺ .. The kid in me will def be going here soon
I wanna go to Knotts Berry Farm again with my friends like the 8th grade field trip :c
Great family eatery in Buena Park, at TGIF right next to Knotts Berry Farm, minutes off the 91 & 5 Freeway!...
Sharp State Championships this Saturday at Knotts Berry Farm. Oh yeah D street
Saleen S7 at the 28th Annual Fabulous Fords Forever Car Show at Knotts Berry Farm
First time my son gets on a big boy roller coaster. The Silver Bullet @ Knotts Berry Farm
I don't even know why I thought of Knotts Berry Farm but I did, crazy stuff lol
Good luck to Cheer and Dance today as they compete in the State Championship at Knotts Berry Farm! Gooo Knights!!
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I'm going to Six Flags, Raging Waters, Knotts Berry Farm, and Disneyland in the same month. Ok.
Knotts Berry Farm with the kid sean_chris ☺.. ✌
Happy St Patricks Day!!! Off to Knotts Berry Farm. Haven't been there in over 20 yrs :)
6 Flags, Knotts Berry Farm, and a beach house all in one week πŸ‘
Knotts Berry Farm with the biggito...ugh this *** spoils meee
Meeting a friend for lunch...then DL :) (at - Knotts Berry Farm Resort Hotel)
From NASCAR to running in the ocean and now roller coasters. Can't wait for the knotts berry farm fried chicken
My professor kept talking about knotts berry farm yesterday& now I want to go I haven't gone in who knows how long!!
Knotts Berry Farm instead of the CAHSEE? I think yes!
Knotts berry farm with best day ever
Huntington Beach, Knotts berry farm, Disneyland, and now were heading to Santa Monica!!
What??? So now you're going to a hotel. Later to knotts berry farm. 2morrow get the castle pin codes. Am I right?
I mean i ain't tryna be ungrateful or anything. Just Knotts Berry Farm is . Who even goes there?
Spring is in the air at Knott's Berry Farm
Thought you were Knotts Berry Farm the way you snoop.
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Chillin at Knotts Berry Farm with my princess and my family!
Too bad I can't take him with me to the knotts berry farm trip on Friday :(
yeah I'm leaving for California tomorrow and then we're going to knotts berry farm :)
Going to go drop off my application at Knotts Berry Farm either tomorrow or Wednesday. :D
I practically live at knotts berry farm now
Nailed my interview at knotts berry farm πŸ˜„πŸŽ’
Knotts Berry Farm was so great. Disneyland tomorrow.
I remember when I got a *** on the 8th grade field trip to knotts berry farm & it spread so fast and til this day i get asked about it
He's gonna have a great time though! Disneyland, Universal Studios, Sea World, knotts berry farm! He's one lucky 7yr old
Take me back to the Knotts Berry Farm trip in 8th grade 😭
I've never been to knotts berry farm... Someone should take mee :)
oh its cause all the avid classes from the district are going to knotts Berry farm on Friday
Enter for your chances to win 2 Tickets from Knott's Berry Farm for their Fling Event!!!
So Knotts Berry Farm anyone? you gotta pay for your own ticket sorry
My mom bought tickets for Knotts Berry Farm... and she got them cheap cuz she said I was 11
*** yeah! La Mirada next week for the rest of the month asdfggjkk. KNOTTS BERRY FARM!
jdfwfehfi ! were going to Knotts Berry Farm on the 23rd my dude.
were you at knotts berry farm, Six Flags, Universal Studios or Disney land / California adventures?
I really wanna go to Knotts Berry Farm over spring break now.
Knotts Berry Farm with this beauty and many other awesome people!
I'm just trying to got to knotts berry farm with my boo :-(
I can't wait for knotts berry farm at the end if this week ughhh pls go by fast πŸ™ πŸŽ’πŸŽ’πŸ‡
Lolz for me i use knotts berry farm.
Who wanna do an essay for some free knotts berry farm tickets?
Aww my bestfriend got a job at Knotts Berry farm.
it's a place called coffee code. It's right across the street from knotts berry farm
Our new annual tradition! Knotts Berry Farm Coaster Run. Keeping our kids engaged in outdoor family…
go to KNOTTS BERRY FARM in Orange County u won't regret it its in Cali
Knotts berry farm is perfect today πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜˜
where in Anaheim south of knotts berry farm
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There are some weird people in this world. And i feel like over 80% of them are at Knotts Berry Farm today.
Finally bought my outfit for Knotts Berry Farm :D
Knotts Berry Farm this weekend for my almost birthday 🌼
My baby wearing his knotts berry farm shirt ready to head out β€πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œ
Lmao. I kinda regret not asking anyone to Sadies, but I don't even like Knotts Berry Farm so.. .__.
Is april here yet.. cant wait to take my big boy to "Knotts Berry Farm". Went to try out that new bakery place :) it was great
HINT! I'll giveaway a pair of tickets to Knotts Berry Farm to the 10th caller after the song "The Way I AM" by Ingrid Michaelson.
"Balm In Gilead" by Karen Clark-Sheard has been my favorite since the beginning of time. I remember when I seen her perform at Knotts Berry Farm at the Gospel Showcase I was so excited I knew exactly what the musicians were going to do and I remember every lyric.
I'm thinking of getting a second job. Here are jobs that interest me. What do you think? -Knotts Berry Farm -Krikorian Theaters -Regal Theaters -Barns and Noble
More fun more winners and keep listening this afternoon to Victor Cruz to go to the OC and enjoy Knotts Berry Farm.
Working into the night at Knotts Berry Farm. Day or night, PIRTEK is there for our customers.
Ha ! I got Knotts Berry Farm to donate 4 tickets to for our may 4th event , you don't want to miss it
To anyone that likes Knotts Berry Farm more than Magic Mountain... you need to sort out your priorities.
I'm entering to win 2 tickets to Knotts Berry Farm - check it out here!
Yayy!! Safe Haven Friday night then Knotts Berry Farm on Saturday !!:) can't wait
I didn't know Knotts Berry Farm was Americas first theme park.
I almost forgot about the 8th grade field trip... The bus ride there and back was more fun than actually being at Knotts Berry Farm! πŸ˜‚
Good wee day out today. Started off at Knotts Berry Farm, rode a few roller coasters, had funnel cake & ended up drunk & stumbling about LA.
Visited The Bird Cage at Knotts Berry Farm, where (one of my favorites) got his start.'s already Knotts Berry Farm,El Aye,Califawnia`.i need to watch a 90's movie now::True Lies [1994]..iLOV me som Tom Arnold
Sorry, the poser of the question posited that I framed this badly. Should the young ladies be allowed during the business meeting part, but not the opening/closing/reception of new members. I.e., we're planning on going to Knotts Berry Farm, all in favor? or planning specific activities. Should that be allowed?
Paris advised me she will be living @ Disneyland in a month:/ again baby girl...TULARE! But you know that Disney trip is already planned 4 or 5 times. Along withe the beach, Sea World, Universal Studios, Magic Mountain and Knotts Berry Farm:)
We are going to San Diego in July. Anybody who has been there, please give your input. Wine Country a must see? Knotts Berry Farm? Etc.
Calling on ALL Crown Vic's, Merc's, And Lincoln's of CVB/G and others who wanna participate. The Fabulous Ford Forever show is on April 21st @ Buena Park at the Knotts Berry Farm. People from all over are going to be there as well as some of our own CVB/G of Cali and they would LOVE for some of the members from other states to show up. Most of all bring our cars and show off what we as a Car Club have to offer and have a chance to ride out with our family in Cali. So if you would like to go or find out more about this show feel free to contact the Crown Vic Boys of Florida or Our brother Dustin Mendoza. Thank you everyone in advance
Hop aboard the Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART)! Route 18 stops in Downtown Anaheim (Clementine and Center Street Promenade). This new route travels from Knotts Berry Farm to Downtown Anaheim to Disneyland Resort! (Route does not run from noon-4pm)
I don't understand how you can say Knotts Berry Farm is better than Disneyland. You obviously grew up wrong, sir. ~
Going to Knotts Berry Farm right after work !!! Yay πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€
Nial you wanna come to Knotts Berry Farm with me??
Six Flags or Knotts Berry Farm for my bday?
Knotts Berry Farm today bout to be fuunn
Heading to Knotts Berry Farm in like 5 hours! :) So excited. First time to Cali, and Im gonna be with my beautiful girl :)
Knotts Berry Farm with the bestfrienn tomorrow :] so excited.!!!
Finally home! Fun *** day at Knotts Berry Farm with class of 2014 xD ! Haa
Someone take me to Knotts Berry Farm or Six Flags !
2 more days till Knotts Berry Farm ~(^o^)~
Funnel Cake with Ice cream @ Knotts Berry Farm ... You will always be in my heart ...
Getting ready to go to Knotts Berry Farm today for my lil big mans birthday, 7 years old... My how time does fly!!!
Spending the whole day at Knotts Berry Farm with The last day to have fun before school starts. Boo...
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