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Knights Templar

The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon , commonly known as the Knights Templar, the Order of the Temple or simply as Templars, were among the most famous of the Western Christian military orders.

Templar Knights National Treasure Knights Templar International Grand Master Teutonic Knights Holy Grail History Channel

Battle of Cambrai commemorated 100 years after carnage - Knights Templar -
Does this article I found have anything to do with what we are talking about? Are freemasons, knights te…
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Through lucid dreaming, I have deduced that the Knights Templar dream of the construction of a space elevator
The Knights Templar were later accused of worshiping a being called Baphomet, which has commonly been interpreted…
The untouched caves, in Shropshire, apparently date back 700 years when they were used by the Knights Templar. (Pho…
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Install 'Knights Templar Myths and Legends'! An occult encyclopedia of myths and legends of the Knights Templar! So…
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I LOVE this show. And to be talking about Vikings is a double win for me. I love to lea…
Spate of New Year’s Eve Sex Attacks in Berlin and Cologne via Templar International
Video: France’s night in flames as migrant thugs revolt – torch over 1,000 cars and ‘lynch’ police…
Finished my Knights Templar model made from air dry clay on glass larger bottle... The colours are lighter than in this iPad photo shot...
I've never played the game but I'm always intrigued by Knights Templar stories. I'm working on it, m…
Video: See how dogs are trained to serve in Russian military via Templar International
Self-defense myths and choices for civilians [videos] via Templar International
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Persecution Trends Report lists China and India as 2018 top countries of concern via Templar International
Modern science is an adaptation of alchemy, which was the study of chemicals herbs and min…
ISIS claims responsibility for attack that left at least nine people dead in Egypt via…
I am a messianic Jew. It's not evil cause of Judaism it's evil cause of enlightenment ideology and…
Bad Company – Look Who’s Pushing For MORE Trouble in the Middle East [video] via Templar International
I think Breivik was a psychopathic neo-Nazi rather than a religious nut. If he brought religion i…
Lol interesting topics to research: Order of the Assassins (not the game), Knights Templar, and the origins of Alchemy.
Basically the perfect location to watch tonight's episode of . Who wants to buy a castle?
The Knights Templar own all the gold. National Treasure was a documentary! Scientology is the only true science! A…
I find this interesting , The Maltese Cross Of The Knights Templar found in Churches in Ethiopia .
The shield in your profile is that of the Knights T…
Scandalous Fred Drumpf/Trump was of German pleasant bloodlines. During the 1920s, he sold himself to the DEVIL when he was in…
I belong to the Knights Templar, Rosicrucians (SRICF), and Red Cross of Constantine,…
Hmm... Red guy looks like a knight and they are exchanging a treasure box. Is it the Knights Templar?
The rules of the Knights Templar were created by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux and Hugh d…
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Actually the collar is Royal Arch not Knights Templar.
How the Knights Templar became the world’s first financial-services company
There's no victory unless through God & his 'Most Holy RC Church' - The pre-battle chant of the Knights Templar
Enjoy medieval history? You'll want to read new book on the Knights Templar. It's had great reviews
New: Temple Court, as in Knights Templar, in Crusades. Tsk tsk / Colicchio drops restaurant’s racially charged name
Angie Means stands on a giant Amazonian water lily pad at Triennial Conclave of the Knights Templar, 1895, Phipps Conser…
The Justiciar Knight Commander rank is the highest rank (during phase 1) in the PCCTS, Knights Templar and is held by the cell leader.
An alleged Knights Templar leader was recently arrested in Mexico. Is this the end for the once-mighty drug cartel?…
Now connect the Dots. Roman Emperors, Founders of: Priory of Zion, Knights Templar, Malta, Rosicrucians, Jesu…
Collioure: The Chateau Royal was originally built by the Knights Templar, on a Roman foundation. The high walls dat…
Stunning 700-year-old giant cave used by Knights Templar found behind a rabbit hole in the British countryside
The Teutonic Knights were Germans, similar to the Knights Templar order, and the Novgorodians were Russians that they went to war with.
A Knights Templar and Teutonic Knights and order legacy
Priory of Sion gave birth to its military arm, Knights Templar. Templars are the grandfather of Jesuit Order.
Jose didn't take her words seriously when she mentions 'Templars' as in the Knights Templar.
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CIA doesn't work for Soros. Knights Templar and the Rothschilds
Finding this hoard of golden coins expanded our knowledge of the story of the Knights Templar:
Jacques de Molay, Frankish knight, 23rd and last Grand Master of the Knights Templar (c. 1243 – March 18, 1314)
Rabbit hole in England leads not to tea party, but "700-year-old Knights Templar" cave:
I just read an article from Fox News abt the discovery of 700 yrs old Knights Templar cave!
Secret underground world of Knights Shropshire via
Secret underground world of Knights Shropshire
We had the Knights Templar. They have cable TV!. First round to the US.!
Have you researched Knights Templar, Knights Preceptor, Knights of the York Cross of Honor, Royal Order of Scotland...
1128, Pope Honorius II grants a papal sanction to the military order known as the Knights Templar, declaring it to…
how are you familiar with the internal politics of the Knights Templar? Is there a schism? Should we be worried?
now that you've debunked the Davinci Code, many questions. How many Knights Templar have you interviewed?
Treasure hunting dragons, Knights Templar, and a redhead with vengeance on her mind. Posse: The Duoviri
I clearly don't know my history because I thought the Knights Templar were a fictional Assassins Creed enemy and not historical at all
History Channel surprise! can u believe it? Sunday they had good history on Knights Templar. I really enjoyed it
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
The slaughter of the Druids is the original Vatican crime? Some say so : Secrets of the Knights Templar
Our storybook home for the rest of the year - built in the 1300's for the Knights Templar. Oozing with history +...
Israel might as well be like the Knights Templar better to pay the Arabs off while disposing of them like Native Americans
Do you recall the Knights Templar kicking Muslim *** out of the Holy Land
Busting the Myth of Friday the 13th and the Knights Templar via
Rees- Jones put his words were reported to the Knights Templar 'Crown', but who can slow their heart rate.
Secrets of the Knights Templar: The Knights of John the Baptist via
the worship of this deity goes back to the Knights Templar, who were the ancestors to modern Freemasonry
Cross reference with James Casbolt disclosures & Colin Ross research : Secrets of the Knights Templar via
Hero of the Knights Templar, my Babylonians into captivity they shall go. King Nebuchadnezzar from the North. I am to strengthen my sword.
The church was built by the Order of the Knights Templar in the 12c and was modelled on the Church Of the Holy Sepulchre In Jerusalem
See i was having a good morning and you mention Masonic lodge ha! Awful people, short fat and think they are Knights Templar!
I added a video to a playlist Jesuit - Knights Templar, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Masonic
FYI, I'm a member of the illuminati - free masons - triad - Knights Templar & other like groups. Yes, I want to be on the winning team. 😝
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Care Fraters and Sorors , The Knights Templar Oasis has the...
it probably died down after King Philip arrested and executed members of Knights Templar. I saw a documentary on Freemasons
I got: You would belong to the ordern of the Knights Templar! via
...The Teutonic Knights, Knights Templar et al which gave way to the pseudo-Christian notion of conquest thru racism.
To understand what is happening today, you need to understand Freemasons, the CFR, the Knights Templar and the UN.
You cannot send knights against God, angels and fairies ... U infamous Templar Voodoo Machinist
Knights Templar. The Cross that making was I believe, designed by Swiss
Scott Wolter - He does Knights Templar in America stuff on History Channel. Potential guest?
The corks are popped; the cheese is spread. We’re here tonight ‘till 8pm with wine, cheese and stories of Templar Knights and Wines.
your views are skewed this nation was started by the Knights templar
Hmm, I don't know. These Turkey emails are about the Illuminati, Knights Templar, Aleister Crowley, Masons and such?.
Read the article. I mention KKK and Knights Templar. Islam has as many strains as any other creed.
The Knights Templar was a separate order that spanned many countries and had no allegiance to any king, only to the church.
The goes out tonight at 6pm with Nick Troilo telling stories of the Knights Templar.
Must of never heard of the Knights Templar and the crusades 🤔 everyone's hands are blooded
Amazing how the far right Britain First, EDL, PEGIDA, Knights Templar etc. HATE all foreigners except fellow Nazis!
Just saw this on Amazon: The Holy War: Templar Knights by Chris Lowry for $2.99 via
Holy War by 7 fight an entire army in
members, and Templar Knights members, and Knights of Malta members, and White Knights members, and Gnostic Illuminati members, and Drake’s
Things I know about the new MCR vid. -symbol is from the knights templar. - it is called the teutonic cross. - it means "strong" or "crutch"
The Knights Templar have a long history. So does the Templar Winery. Watch for the tonight.
Wonder if followers are dumb enough to think that Knights Templar International are separate from them
Papa Luna statue The Castle,was built by the Knights Templar. 🏄🍨🌊
When was KRS-One appointed to the Knights Templar that protects hip hop?
Baldock Fire crews delivering RTC awareness and education today with students from Knights Templar School.
Do you think when The Knights Of Templar got back from The Crusades their golden retrievers were happy to see them?
Work experience week here at Baldock Fire Station, team building this morning for these Knights Templar students. https…
"A state within a state controlled by followers of Fethullah Gulen." Like Nazi International and Knights Templar
Cheers... the castle behind once was home to the Knights Templar... not all of them... they wouldn't all fit at once.
Sitting, planning, where do I try and ply my fake affiliation to the "Knights Templar" next?
Knights Templar at Cranford park this coming Saturday as part of Cranford Park Remembers
Is Bernard of Clairvaux the patron saint for those in military service? "In 1136 he addressed the Knights Templar" Salute
Impressive formation @ Knights Templar parade on Washington Ave in Lansing - 1927 (WSU Lib).
Knights Templar parade on Woodward Ave in Detroit - 1928 News pic (WSU Library).
Check out Brethren: Epic Adventure of the Knights Templar by Robyn Young (2006, Hardcover) via
Las Vegas' craziest scammer failed billion dollar Earthquest theme park and Knights Templar movie.
Im now a member of the Knights Templar i will be a knight for the rest of my life and im proud of it :)
On the trail of the Holy Grail and Knights Templar with .
Who were the Knights Templar and what we're they trying to find?
The Templars Knights of Christ for Centuries, Historians and Novelists Have Portrayed the Knights Templar as
Just like the Knights Templar controlled almost all thrones of medieval times, the Rothschild family owns almost all gov's with banking debt
Neal Adams' Blood - Demons, aliens, gangsters, and the Knights Templar are just some of the things thrown at yo...
Freemasons, illuminati, Knights Templar, bilderberg group , trilateral commission, bohemian grove are all creepy to think about.
Strict diet,regular exercise,cleanliness,and being faithful towards God had health benefits for the Knights Templar
Why did the Knights Templar live so long ?
The Rise and Fall of the Knights Templar: The Order of the Temple 1118-1314 - A
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Claiming to be descendants of the Knights Templar, the Masonic Fraternal Police Department vowed to “protect...
Ancient Warriors - Episode 10: Knights of the Templar (History Documentary) via
Trusts date back to 12thC Knights Templar, who left landed estates with trustees for kids in case died on crusades
The Knights Templar’ secret of longevity may lie in their unique diet, says new research that looked into the...
You a fan of Knights Templar International, are you?
I just finished the Medieval: Warfare pack and the Medieval: Knights Templar add-on pack. Both are submitted and...
The Skeptic's Guide to Conspiracies : From the Knights Templar to the JFK *** ..
there was a militant group of Christians too. Do they talk about the Knights Templar? Bet not.
Knights Templar Secret of Longevity Revealed: The Knights Templar' secret of longevity ...
Any excuse to clink a pint at the Knights Templar once again!
Ancient petrol pump at Temple Bruer Knights Templar church in
7. Graffiti in Temple Bruer Knights Templar church in They carved it deep in them days.
6. Oldest graffiti in Temple Bruer Knights Templar church in (Found by
4. *Very* worn step in Temple Bruer Knights Templar church in
1. Old graffiti in Temple Bruer Knights Templar church in
Knights Templar Secret of Longevity Revealed: Members of the military-monastic order followed diets rich in fr...
Treasure of Knights Templar; Templar Knight. My brother in Arms. We pledge to fall together in Battle. It has come to pass
"When you play the game of thrones, you either live or die, there is no middle ground" knight 14 of Knights Templar. History 101.
See the home of the Knights Templar. Temple Church was constructed in the 12th century by the Knight
18 March 1314, Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, is burned at the stake.
In the modern era, the Knights Templar practice Chivalry in real-world situations, by engaging in the following...
Rare PAIR Antique Knights Templar gilt bronze and wrought iron andirons by 1900
This message is cool. I am member of the Knights Templar. We are a quiet group. We do much for Charity...
Formally 'Knights Templar', now Norwegian Anders gives salute in court |
Fun fact: I use the quote "He has a sword!" when one of my friends gets a little too Knights Templar-y.
Come and join our teams!. Welcome to Château Saint-Martin & Spa - one-time 12th century Knights Templar...
the modern knights of Templar who fight for the disadvantaged and downtrodden. They will make their priorities yours. ;)
my step father is a mason, also Knights Templar and Scottish rite, I was order of the eastern star for a moment
There is so much they could incorporate into that storyline. Knights Templar, DaVinci, Cults, NWO, Conspiracies, etc.
What talent at Knights Templar - a superb evening and well done to all involved
beware friday the 13th. never forget the knights templar, or maybe Christ, or maybe Jason Vorhees/Jason Vorhees' mother
i cant stop smiling and giggling, im thinking about the Knights Templar
Trump backed by the Knights Templar vs others united with the Vatican-Jesuit Cabal.=> Political Warfare. =>
They have a page called The Knights Templar! Superb
Help the Israeli Knights Templar: IKT Enlist to become an IKT member Today
would like to see you check out glyphs there. Maybe there's evidence of Knights Templar Hooked X?
Bring back the Knights Templar, or Vlad the Impaler.
hello my friend. We here at the Israeli Knights Templar know how you feel when your mind is consumed by troubles
This isn't from Masonic Knights Templar. It's from a different fraternal organization that advocated temperance.
Israeli Knights Templar: IKT We are in no way affiliated with the jesuits of Rome or England
The Knights Templar diet "Any individual who joined the Knights Templar had to adhere to stringent rules. In a...
Knights Templar signet 22mm head with KT design on textured base @
STRICTLY NO WALK-IN. The secret to KING SOLOMON's wisdom, of the KNIGHTS' TEMPLAR and FREE MASONS revealed. I...
Doing the bidding of the Knights Templar.
I know entirely too much about the Knights Templar
Knights Templar's are a miletary order , what role is your temple or lodge taking , take a stand we all must
Did Europe not do this to the Knights Templar, to get their hands on their money?
My love for Freemasonry & the Knights Templar hasn't diminished in a decade. I don't foresee that ever happening.
I liked a video Assassin's Creed - The Hidden History of the Knights Templar
I am a Knights Templar and yes we did, and will again!
Esoteric Order of the Knights Templar. Knight, Knightress or Dame explanation of the order, read thi
Knights Templar symbols from the Dungeon at Newark Castle ht…
My friend, Ivor Francis, on the spiritual and humanitarian relevance of the restored Knights Templar Order...
Rent an apartment in an 800 year old Knights Templar Stone Manor House! How can you resist?
Vader was modelled after samurai and Kylo Ren was modelled after the Templar Knights
Review of Pirate Treasure of the Knights Templar S01E01 and S01E02 - Jason Colavito. Not the only one shocked.
A superb night of matches at the Baldock RDC. Thanks to Letchworth for coming down to Knights Templar!
Make sure to get all of your Knights of Templar stealing alien Jesus’ blood from Ben Franklin fix, as H2 become network soon.
There it is!! Now I see the main problem 😂😂😂😂 You getting Knights Templar confused with masonry.
I visited a Knights Templar church near the top of the White Cliffs of Dover. It's hidden away and mos...
Add some spice to your Monday with the Mexican Mondays at The Knights Templar
Secret Societies 1of3 The Heirs of the Knights Templar via
My addition to the conversation in a word: [the 1st corporation - Knights Templar] Crusades.
Ben Carson announce secret leader of Knights Templar as running mate. How will this impact his crusade--imeancampaign?
2 Knights Templar Henderson Ames Co. hats w/dustcaps and original leather case.
Knights Templar henderson Ames sword belt with belt chains and hardware
2 of 5 stars to The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar by Steven Sora
I heard crisis actors dressed as Templar Knights renditioned Tony to the Illuminati castle at Area 51 so Obama can take your guns
The Secret Maps of the Knights Templar and Holy Grail in Ame...
Knights Templar - Soldierd of the Cross. . Defenders of the True Faith. THE WAY OF THE MASTER.…
Freemasons & their fellow organisms the Rosicrucian Order & the Knights Templar have all been accused of devil worship & i…
The hidden church founded by the Knights Templar
5 things you didn't know about the deadly Knights Templar
Maybe. Templar Knights are the bankers, Jesuits are the Vatican. They work together. Rot Schild means Red Shield. Vat has one
That was the Templar Knights I believe. Rothschild funded the French Revolution
Maybe grandpa fell into the trap of Islam. We must fight as the Knights Templar did. Work for it.
Feb 13th - Remembering the Knights Templar torture, persecution, and subsequent massacre. Feb 14th - Celebrating my romantic life. Sames.
If it's not about the Knights Templar or Hitler escaping to Argentina it's not on that channel anymore.
after the vengeful remnants of the Knights Templar became the Illuminati and used Saracen devilry to open the door in the pit
1/32 figure,Tin Soldiers,Jacques de Molay,the master of the Knights Templar,
You think so? I figured it was a bit of a stretch to imply the Knights Templar followed mahammed as well
Yes Mr. Knights Templar, I have your handbook from the 1700's that wasn't supposed to leave the Lodge. Can you tell me why that is?
look up what happend to my knights Templar on Friday the thirteenth 1313 the were accused by the church and burned>
Til a couple years of ago it was inundated by Chinese businessmen buying illegally mined iron ore from Knights Templar cartel
The castle of the Templar Knights of Ponferrada. It houses the Templars’ Library
The knights Templar remember them they are about to make a return to the living
anyway It is said that is where the knights Templar moved there gold " long storey" big digging going on there
The 1st crusades were not won by war, it was a settled peace that the knights templar
Seemed odd my ancestors were Cistercian Monks, Mercers, Haberdashers, Goldsmiths, Pilgrims,and Knights Templar?
Welcome to the home of the Grand Commandery. of Knights Templar of Illinois.
I added a video to a playlist Ancient Turkey and Knights Templar | MILITARY HISTORY Documentary
And to give them a fighting chance, I will be executing those giant monsters with Knights Templar era weapons & tactics.
Maybe its secrecy was equivalent to that of the Knights Templar or The Arc of The Covenant.
Skull and Bones is the most important symbol of Haitian and Cuban Voodoo. This is the symbol of Knights Templar and Masons and Illuminati.
Video: Thief punches mother in the face for stepping in | Knights Templar International
Historically, the skull & crossbones flag meant no quarter would be given, or something like that. It was used first by the Knights Templar!
We could use the Templar Knights in this day and age!
were the illumonati and alchemists evil or were they two other branches of the knights templar with astronomy and Chemistry
oxford monks and the King Richard "the lionhearted Arthur Tuttle descendants, also Listerud r the Norwegian Knights Templar
did the knights templar carry constantines sword to Duluth,mn or oak island, or was there a shrine for constantine?
lets test your stance. Was the Holy Grail gold? Did the knights templar carry the shroud of jesus to iceland then duluth,mn
some say it started in 1700's (Knights Templar) and some say it goes back to Solomon's Temple and Hiram Abiff
In Search of the Knights Templar : A Guide to the Sites in Britain by Simon...
actually Franklin Graham i am from the knights templar family and they are the same god. Muslims are not..
the original free masons were the Knights Templar and they were Satanists, they were not evil!
Now Soros funds refugee flood to USA as well as Europe – Knights Templar International
Rogue police force claims ties to ancient Knights Templar.
This Masonic Knights Templar Shade is on view in our new exhibition https:/…
The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar : Solving the Oak Island Mystery by...
The French Knights Templar of the Free Masons often in the Holy Royal Arch say, "Je Suis" to the SB, or "I Am" sounds like Jesus since...
Look at the leadership if this country over the last 100 years..Jesuits, Knights Templar, Free masons,Bohemian Grove, Skull and Crossbones
The Anglo Saxon Old English word 'temple' is pronounced 'templar' as in 'Knights Templar' just in case you're wondering about pronunciation.
Recruit two other shadowbolts into our team, No guards or knights.
Castles of the Knights Templar in Portugal’s History | Via Victor Travel Blog | 10.06.2014 | Photo:
Thank you to Right Eminent Grand Cmndr of the Knights Templar of PA for visiting our mtng and his generous donation
Brothers in Arms shirt featuring the symbols of the Knights Templar, Hospitaller, Teutonic Knights &
The Origin of the Knights Templar – Descendants of Jewish Elders?: The Knights Templar initially arrived in th...
The Knights Templar and Theobald de Blois IV (Theobald the Great); the Count of Champagne, France are having a sumptuous meal..
It has been a while since the knights templar managed to earn honours by robbing Sultans of the Ottoman Empire:
Once the Christian Crusaders retook Jerusalem, an unanticipated, new order, sponsored by Mason/Rex Deus...
Temple Bruer in Lincolnshire . Important site for the Knights Templar in England http…
Protesters carrying American Flags, Knights Templar Flag & man with Auto Rifle
According to Priory of Sion records, the temple organization was reestablished in 1099 C.E., in Jerusalem, and...
Templar Secrets: The Knights of John the Baptist via ancientorigins
what awesome shows America unearthed & the Knights Templar can't believe u found that limestone fortress!! Merry Christmas
I wish to get a necklace of Mother Earth.. If there's a sword anywhere near me, let it be the one from the Knights of Templar
The Gnostic Mass Occurs today at 2:00pm at Knights Templar Oasis, Your Local Ordo Templi Orientis in the Valley...
the one thing treasure that the knights Templar wanted, was the Ring of Solomon. the one ring that binds evil.
is home to one of the last surviving buildings built by the Knights Templar in the UK.
bombshell: those blackbodies were what hindus pray to now - even Muhammad, Templar Knights, etc, did - that is Shivlings.1/2
We need to bring back the Knights Templar to beat these dogs back!
Knights Templar making a return. A militarized order of monks.. Who would be against that? Except Muslims of course.
I really get everything that you were saying about the Knights templar. You were backing that up with evidence. But when
NEW! Essays on the Knights Hospitaller & Knights Templar in medieval Ireland htt…
The Knights of the White Templar- banished from Lucretia's Kingdom and working the Emerald Mines... Harlow Panto https…
Vatican paper set to clear Knights Templar
It seems that the GOP have forgotten to take off the Sexy Knights Templar halloween costume that they put on sometime in the 1950s.
Hold the phone... Stumbled on "Pirate Treasure of the Knights Templar" with Scott Wolter on H2. Possible hot garbage.
Knights Templar sites in many lands
Show on History Channel 2 involving knights templar &the davinci code and I'm like "These people realize Assassin's Creed is a game right??"
A little more Knights Templar, a little less conversation.
This show was ok on about Knights Templar until dude said he was called on to investigate Pentagon *ahem* jet crash on 9/11. Oh Yeah
but after u pray get UP OFF YOUR KNEES AND FIGHT THE EVIL AROUND YOU! We neeD Templar Knights in THIS FIG…
|| All I know is its about how The Knights Templar and how they could lead up to 17th century Pirates.||
Shout out to the Knights Templar for worshiping the Devine Feminine.
Aw yeah. It's time for Knights Templar and Pirates. Because that's how the History Channel rols.
Visconti's Knights Templar pen is also beautiful and has this exquisite sword letter opener:
The Visconti's that I'm after are: Jacques de Molay, Amerigo Vespucci, Knights Templar, The Scream and *** Sapien.
Friday Oct 13th 1307, Philip IV of France arrested hundreds of the Knights Templar. Jacques de Molay cursed the Pope and the …
Fri. Oct. 13, 1307 King Philip IV of France ordered the arrest of the Knights Templar.
Wrong it was the Knights Templar who worked closely with the Vatican French king Philip challenged both
Its only unlucky for Knights Templar in 1307 France. (don't tell Pittsburgers) I know a man hit 2 hole in 1s & BIG Lottery
Friday The 13th is only bad if you're at Crystal Lake or if you're a Knights Templar.
"My name is Quim. I am Knights Templar and the knight of the love. Its my job to spread love"
Da Vinci's Demons really pushing the narrative of the Knights Templar tradition of the Baphometos - the talking head:)
I added a video to a playlist Knights Templar, Freemasonry and Bloodlines of Spiritual Power with
Would Jordan do a two-hour show about the truth of the Knights Templar?
Stunning coin from the Knights Templar, c 1200-1300 AD. CRUSADER Bronze CROSS
Templar's Rise Again ! . 1307 Friday Oct 13th. The day that changed the world never forget ! . Knights Templar... http:/…
More and more people are wearing the "Knights Templar" ring ... they fight agains in the past !!
SJWs are Illuminati and the Freemasons and also the Knights Templar. They are few but secretly control the world.
R the Knights of Ren version of the Knights Templar???
Know a little more about Templar Knights before EP7! What does have hiding his closet.
I have such a lively interest in the Knights Templar.
And had to be dealt with before the info became public knowledge . The knights templar survive to this very day, we know them as the masons
Poor Jeb. His family is like the Knights Templar protecting secrets, lies and the gold owned by the inner circle
Decree for the death or capture of the knights templar who were considered a serious threat to the status quo of the newly fledged church
Shooting at Temple church later as Evie Frye, headquarters for the Templar Knights in London. All my Assassins Creed dreams coming true
This week we remember the mass murder of the Knights Templar and their gifts to the Church.
Love this grave stone dedicated to Knights Templar in Temple Balsall
The Knights Templar and The Black Hand are the secret societies you should fear. lol.
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