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Knight Rider

Knight Rider is an American television series that originally ran from September 26, 1982, to August 8, 1986. The series was broadcast on NBC and starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, a high-tech modern-day knight fighting crime with the help of an advanced, artificially intelligent and nearly indestructible car.

David Hasselhoff William Daniels Street Hawk John Adams Edward Mulhare Beverly Hillbillies

I want the Knight Rider theme tune to be the soundtrack to my life
Knight Rider didn't even have a garage. He had a Kitt house.
Dear We defended you when the gov’t suspended your operation, in return, I think we deserve a quality service…
no, it would not. It's the team / squad that count. Yes, like Knight Rider (back in the day) 'one m…
Everyone thought of cars but i immediately thought of knight rider😂
Only liked him in knight rider, but even in that, Kitt was the real Star
Yes. I've been following his career since the 80s when he did knight rider. I'm a fanboy of that show h…
The win tonight also improves them to an amazing 22-2-2 at home vs the since February 1993
in general the marvel legacy thing has given us pretty cool stories? i never thought i'd like frickin THANOS but i…
Leon deserves a spin off. We could have hour long discussions of Knight Rider and Seinfeld.
Pizza Hut starts delivering beer and wine in Arizona
OPINION: Canada is losing control of its trade agenda, says Charles McMillan. Read more:
The theme music for S.W.A.T. is so extra 😂😂😂 it reminds me of knight rider, that 80s superhero vibe
.can y'all do me a favor and green light a Moon Knight series, starring Rami Malek as Marc Spector…
Wow. You went with Knight Rider 2000 over the 2008 reboot or even Team Knight Rider? Nice.
Catching up on That Knight Rider intro was genius.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Please bring my friend knight rider back. He got IP banned for something he…
Corban Knight Rider, proving once again that one man, CAN make a difference! . He's already got a goal and an assis…
Turn Your car into KITT with this HUD!
Considering our current oven has the temperature control of a small fire, I’d say it’s sor…
After 2 freaking years finally got the Lego dimension thing... Now I just need some packs... (Saw a knight rider on…
Sounds of Halifax Harbour on the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion.
Jim bowen is like gentle music then dave spikey is like when the music composer quits then they hire some guy who m…
On this day 32 years ago, people across America gathered excitedly around their TV sets to watch the first ever air…
Justin Trudeau’s tax hikes on local business are set to kick in on January 1st. This hurts local business, people who wor…
Na, Blue Thunder was the best apart from Knight Rider and the other one that went around corners. But…
Wth ghost rider?! Moon knight or Blade all the way..
Turn your car into Knight Rider with a Heads Up Display! .
I for one can't wait for a lonely traveling autonomous car drifting across the US in a random walk solving crimes a…
I agree with his views on Knight Rider.
I have to agree with Nick on this, the theme's from the 80's were better. Can I offer up S…
Little Giant Ladders
when we used to watch Knight rider on a Saturday evening with the whole family
Banno using Roidmude 006's coreless body to transform into Gold Drive mirrors the 2008 installment of Knight Rider
thank you for not sleeping on Mr. Robot S3, or Knight Rider
Tanahashi answering which Kamen Rider is he the most like
All this discussion lead me to imagine a MARVEL RED sub-division where Deadpool, Punisher and other properties like…
I watched Knight Rider on that yesterday. They also have Street Hawk.
while searching to see if there was ever a Street Hawk/Knight Rider crossover (ther…
I liked a video Ryan meets KITT from Knight Rider | The Late Late Show
Although not on a kids slot also. Knight Rider . Air Wolf . Street Hawk . where much loved by me. Kids have such…
Now wishing when I was a kid they did a five night crossover where Street Hawk, Airwork, Manimal, Knight Rider, th…
Old enough to remember the original "Knight Rider". I've watched the action series over & over aga…
What would happen if you crossed The Dukes of Hazzard with Knight Rider, generally speaking?
Knight Rider Pennywise Dance. if you're watching, that'd be super. . Numbers
It's like knight rider but a motorcycle 🤤
My friend's son is a huge Knight Rider fan. What do you think of his costume
Ohh Yes I'm a biggest fan of Knight Rider I so wish to take a selfie photo with Kitt
Overnight road closure: Tomorrow-Saturday on Glendale Drive between Riverside and Pinehill drives
Going to see if she wants to watch "Wonder Woman" too. LOL!. Going through "Knight Rider", "NCIS",…
The Wynne Liberals continue to fail patients in Ontario.
I liked a video Driving the Knight Rider Car for the First Time
Q3 fundraising results are in. You are all awesome. Thank you!
PBO's report today confirms annual interest costs on government debt will rise $14B by 2, a 58% increase.
Costs a fortune though(same company do a Knight Rider,Miami Vice and Hulk,all beautiful looking,wish the pennies could stretch🙁)
Liam the knight and Lenore, fairy princess rider...
Sharing the link bc keeps letting us down + this PC doesn't have Enjoy the new ep!
The latest on Sprint/T-Mobile, Toyota inching the world closer to Knight Rider, CBS suing over use of…
Maybe in a golem or mega knight deck or possibly a hog rider deck to distract defenses like inferno tower ect.
My son is loving the original Knight Rider.
OMG, nolstalgia when looking at all the old japanese shows i watched as a kid. Was such a fan then. Gransazer, Jet…
Brand New wherein we detour into talking all things Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.…
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
If takes a crack at Blade, Moon Knight, or Ghost Rider (beyond AoS), I’d like to suggest the Duffer Brothers.
🔥I'm emerging from obscurity into Prevalence.Its unstoppable & KNIGHT RIDE…
What a guy! Can you do a Knight Rider reboot please?
BELA LUGOSI: Volfie, vhy you alvays vatching zee Knight Rider. WOLFMAN: Please do not change channel, Wolfman live for th…
Mitsubishi wants to use AI to make your 'Knight Rider' dreams come true.
I took Knight Rider to see my spiritual dentist and he had a trans am dental moment.
Knight Rider has been covered and remixed and re imagined. I chose the House Mix by Sindirilla cause that c…
Knight Rider ran from 1982 to 1986 but that theme tune has never let the public consciousness.
Re-runs of the original Knight Rider are harder to find than most would believe!
Be advised gentlemen. Once I show you my knight rider lunchbox from 1985, foreplay has officially begun.
Remember Knight Rider?? The dream cars will become reailty.
Ok. The Knight Rider is charging so, good Knight to all.
.& in a deleted scene from the Knight Rider episode JUST MY BILL, tx. Oct 29, 1982
When Peayton identifies John Vernon as Officer Mooney on an episode of Knight Rider, I call that a win in my parenting. ; )>
A formative show of my youth. Showed pre-Knight Rider that "one man can make…
This is Edward Mulhare as Devon Miles on the TV show Knight Rider! It's the begin of a great tv show!
David Hasselhoff: 'Knight Rider' comeback in the works thanks to 'Guardians of the Galaxy' director James Gunn
sphincters in the human body. How many can you name? Leonard: I was wrong. This is exactly like Knight Rider. -- The Big Bang (5/6)
Together, in this car, with my enhanced capabilities, we're like Knight Rider. Leonard: Except, in Knight Rider, the car isn't a (2/6)
Too bad Universal hasn't brought Knight Rider to the silver screen with you as Michael Knight. Long overdue.
As long as it's the REAL Knight Rider!! Not that "junk" they came out with a couple years ago? With K.…
If you don't wave at Knight Rider whenever you pass the pub are even a person, much less a legitimate Natchitoches resident?
The ringtone of John's cell is the theme song from Knight Rider.
Knight Rider theme. Imperial March (when ex-wife calls). And yes these were in use before I saw Ted. Blew my mind.
Ok this is really bugging me now, why is a Guardians/Knight Rider mash up being used as…
William Daniels, who was John Adams in the musical 1776, as also the voice of KITT on Knight Rider (Knight Industr…
I only watch the "Knight Rider" from the 80's cause I'm the real Michael Knight.
It's happening! Here's the first images of David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight in the new Knight Rider series!
David Hasselhoff filming new episodes of Knight Rider. Sod this is front page stuff.
Murphey Brown, Everybody Loves Raymond, Frasier, and Knight Rider reruns for me. Also, 60 Minutes and Dateline NBC.
The memoir of aka Knight Rider's KITT, & 1776's John Adams, is out! Launch party tomorrow…
you're thinking of the Knight Rider remake.
I want to open a store called Hoff Topic that sells Knight Rider and Baywatch merch, and hamburgers off the floor.
Knight Rider producer Bruce Lansbury has passed away. He was 87. RIP.
a Street Hawk / Knight Rider team up book would be amazing!!
Knight Rider, created and produced by Glen A. Larson, starring David Hasselhoff, broadcast on NBC from 1982 to 1986…
Nothing wrong here, mine was Knight Rider
Hasselhoff still fighting to bring Knight Rider back
Knight Rider & Magnum PI are probably my favorite Glen A. Larson shows
Talking Kitt car with Michael Knight action figure from "Knight Rider"
One of my fav, TV Series "Knight Rider", starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, the driverless car called KITT
I added a video to a playlist David Hasselhoff - Knight Rider interview, and KITT!!
I added a video to a playlist 1986 Pontiac Firebird - David Hasselhoff with KITT from Knight Rider
Unconfirmed reports of Knight Rider in our Munich HQ:
Good news-bad-news :( Brian didn't pull off the Knight Rider today. :) Brian definitely had a flaming shot fail
Hamilton Collection
When do we get Kitt from Knight Rider as a voice option?
Meghan Markle guest stars in a 2009 remake of Knight Rider
You're a Knight Rider fan when you notice in seasons 3 and 4 David Hasselhoff wears a Casio instead of the radio watch from seasons 1 and 2.
The biggest issue while filming Knight Rider was that David Hasselhoff would always fart inside of K.I.T.T and never cra…
I could have recorded it. I like David Hasselhoff. Love Knight Rider
Im tuned into The Steve Zacharanda Radio Show - without me - it's Life In Music - better play that bangra Knight Rider tune...
The Hulk Hogan 'Knight Rider but a boat' bandana masterclass Thunder in Paradise started back on CBS Action! Yus!
'Back to the Future' Knight Rider's KITT and the ambulance spotted in
and my stupid little crush at 5 foot 2 the donation is of the ox and the *** be continued in michael night of knight rider Kit
I must've missed it all these years; but the Halloween Knight episode of Knight Rider is hilarious!!
Did you notice Kamen Rider Knight's actor there
When I watch an episode of Stranger Things I feel like it should be followed up with Hart to Hart, Knight Rider, and Remington Steel.
she's actually quite petty lol. she's a knight but she wanted to be a wyvern rider. The only wyvern she wanted to ride was
I've always wanted a car like KITT from Knight Rider
have lost and are therefore eliminated. Only and remain alive for AL wild cards.
FINAL/10: the defeat the Mariners 9-8. . The Mariners are officially eliminated from playoff contention.
The fall in ten innings to the A's. FINAL: 9-8. Felix is slated to start the final game of 2016 tomorrow.
Announcer: First place to the Mustang Knight Rider Invitational goes to... WESTMOORE. Me:
Hasselhoff still fighting to bring Knight Rider back...
I liked a video Mythbusters Big Rig - Knight Rider
'Tolerant' Hillary supporters violently attack a woman and steal signs on video.
"KNIGHT RIDER, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man, who does not exist."
I love this video. The 3D theme version of KNIGHT RIDER.
Netflix and Marvel need to go ahead and add Moon Knight, Blade, and Ghost Rider to the list.
You'll need Ghost Rider, Misty Knight and more when Mephisto comes trick or treating at Avengers Academy:
If they reboot mcgyver then I want to see knight rider reboot.
Still think Thunder in Paradise should've been given a second season. It could've been the Knight Rider of the sea.
Being a Rider fan and a Yugioh player
Excited to kick-off my campaign for the Leadership of the CPC here in beautiful Regina this evening.
failing that, have you guys ever seen Knight Rider?
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
The so-called Commission on Presidential Debates admitted to us that the DJT audio & sound level was very bad. So why…
from them 2? Batman and Robin. Burt and Ernie. Key and peele. Knight Rider and Kit. *** Question
On this day in 1982, Knight Rider debuted on NBC. Ran 4 seasons & 90 episodes.
There are bad films and then there's "Knight Rider 2000". Dubbed in German of course! 😂
What do you think ? Is Michael Knight ready for a little Knight Rider?
Knight Rider and Dukes of Hazard...Gilligans Island for me
Knight Rider popped in my brain this morning. Later discovered they're releasing the show on Blu-ray soon. Hit the turbo boost already!
If he wins I'll buy him the first Knight Rider game on eBay 😂
~reviews KITT from Knight Rider and there's one major problem.
Just announced for Broadway fall 2016: David Hasselhoff and Adrienne Barbeau in Long Day's Journey into Knight Rider
No matter how much I try my balls will never look as good in jeans as David Hasselhoff's did in Knight Rider
David Hasselloff who played Michael Knight in Knight Rider my favourite TV show as a kid is going to be in Infinite Warfare's Zombies :S
the guy on the left resembles a young David Hasselhoff when he acted for Knight Rider lol
Happy Birthday to Richard Anderson - Knight Rider's greatest plastic surgeon! He played Dr Wesley in the Pilot!
Let Bill do it. "Knight Rider" posters and Clapper-activated lava lamps in the Lincoln Bedroom!
hey bis good morning you on if sunil narine is currently with Knight Rider in Guyana or prepare in for the test v India
The angel John is played by Edward Mulhare. He was also in Knight Rider.
I liked a video Glen A. Larson on William Daniels and K.I.T.T from "Knight Rider" -
Like the superpowers of Knight Rider and Mayor McCheese combined.
To quote Bill & Ted: 69!. Reanimation, Knight Rider, and MOAR KINDER EGGS on this week's
Great pic! Knight Rider and KITT are the best! Thank you Peter! You are fantastic! Greetings from Madrid! "KITT I need you"!
If they are doing a MiB 21 Jump St crossover why not Knight Rider and Fast and Furious?
In pictures: David Hasselhoff leads the Gumball Rally through the streets of Scotland: FORMER Knight Rider st...
I had a Green Machine and a Knight Rider back in da day.
Apr 14, 1984: & showcased on the cover of TV Guide for Knight Rider!
is Paul Frees the guy that did KARR in KITT vs KARR in Knight Rider? Not Peter Cullen from Trust Doesn't Rust.
love mine. Smashes my previous Pebble Time into the 19th century. Siri reminder setting is useful and very Knight Rider
Ted Cruz will be playing Michael Knight in the reboot of Knight Rider
Rumble Fish! Blast from the past! I have a better one tho: Knight Rider vs. Airwolf: a love story
Yup William Daniels: KITT from Knight Rider, Dr Craig from St. Elsewhere, & John Adams from 1776.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Knight Rider, The A Team, The Dukes of Hazzard, The Adventures of Brisco County, Tales from the Crypt
probably The Goodies first. Dukes Of Hazard or Knight Rider after that.
I relate more to the drunk David Hasselhoff eating a cheeseburger on the floor than I do to both the Knight Rider and Baywatch Hasselhoffs.
It pains me to look at this pic. I will forever remember David Hasselhoff as the Knight Rider
*travels back to '86* *slips MGS core mythology in Knight Rider set* *David Hasselhoff becomes box office sensation*
Coming up: Stu Phillips - Knight Rider, from the soundtrack of Sleepers. Listen now:
Knight Rider Heroes official Trailer.. You sure you're ready for this??. check out
So far in this Knight Rider we've had non-Pointer Sisters Jump (for My Love) and non-Bananarama Cruel Summer. K.A.R.R. truly is evil.
remember those 80's action series... the A-team..knight rider...Street Hawk... airwolf...I tell you the 80's had nice series
Knight Rider... Best show when growing up. That and A-Team 😁
Tesla meets Knight Rider in 2 years, if Elon Musk has his way
Yes, it's really called an assfish. via
Halifax passenger advocate concerned over NewLeaf airline’s lack of licence
McNeil says he doesn't want to talk about the Film Tax Credit anymore:
Liberal arrogance: Fails to admit a mistake; says the conversation is over.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Knight Rider fan? Check out my Dash OS. It's really coming together!
I've been playing with it a la knight rider, no joke
BHS Stu Co got hype tonight with an awesome game of princess knight rider!!
the summon feature on Tesla cars is awesome. Next the cars will talk to you like KITT from Knight Rider.
📹 fault-tumblr: Where can I watch whatever this is a parody of This is classic 80′s TV! Knight Rider!!
The Knight Rider, y'all remember this on 3?
Save the date May 21st on display Lee Dukes of Hazard and theTalking from Knight rider.
You wanna be a Knight Rider and help us raise funds to Go you!
Leg day w/my fit fam "Knight Rider" It was a good 'un. What have YOU done to get that blood pumping and circulating?
Gta5 Knight Rider KITT Car ps4 you guys gotta try this in your videos 👍👍
I don't have much except my son and my sound. Can you please take a listen?.
Knight Rider!! *** I've missed this show with the Hoff
They went underground! KITT is back in Knight Rider Heroes 2016 -
HELLO WHY I CAN'T buy knight rider usb kitt?? what is wrong?
Next on SoundTraxx Radio: Knight Rider - soundtrack. Do you remember from which film or TV show this track is?. featured in NBC s Science of Love
5/6 years old. David Hasselhoff. Used to go to bed hugging an oversized teddy & stroke it's "Hairy Knight Rider" esque chest
- David Hasselhoff from like the age of 5 when he was in Knight Rider. Was deffo either the leather jacket or the talking car.
They cannot predict the weather forecast correctly but we're led to believe they can forecast the climate?
Like Knight Rider, and are working on a wristband voice-control system. (
I liked a video from Sayonara Maxwell - Knight Rider Theme [Remix]
Uh MC I think you mean Kamen Rider Dragon Knight*. *in denial over Masked Rider for life
I miss from the 80s . Dee dee boppers. Rah rah skirts. Walkmans. Pocket money. Dukes of hazard. The A team. Knight rider. Sindy. Action man. ISIS free
You'll soon be able to control your car just by talking to it like a secret agent
Knight Rider has changed thier profile.
Ryuki's Final Vent "Dragon Rider Kick" is a pun of his kanji name "龍騎", which if translated can be read as "Dragon Knight"
I admit it I'm actually laughing out loud at Ben Carson's jokes. Nothing personal against the writing staff of "Knight Rider"
Coming up: Stu Phillips & Glen Larson - Knight Rider, from the soundtrack of Knight Rider. Listen now:
Ted Cruz busy filming his Knight Rider reboot.
OMG had a crush on David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider too!
If David Hasselhoff gets arrested tomorrow, I ain't gonna be on the *** Internet talmbout "Leave him alone--I grew up on Knight Rider!"
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
I so wanted to just jam the gas pedal and launch off this guy's trailer, all Knight Rider …
Some of Knight Rider was legit TV gold.
Funeral services will be held today 4 custom car maker of the "Bat Mobile, Knight Rider, The Monsters, & Beverly Hillbillies.
customized cars on Knight Rider, Beverly Hillbillies & the Batmobile.
What is the latest news on Knight Rider and Battle Star Galactica, The Fall Guy Movies?
My fav ep of Knight Rider was when Michael stared directly at a solar eclipse which really started the conversation about not doing that...
I remember when Knight Rider theme came up and both Wayne and Jonathan did a great job
Phil Kessel is excited for the season & says he ate healthier this summer:
- Ice Cube's real name is O'Shea Jackson.
Supporters lined up because there aren't enough seats. Conservative rally in Kitchener.
Finally, some common sense being shown. Everybody coming in country should be screened 👍
And this is representative of what damage a NDP gov't can & did do...Vote wisely!!
Call me knight rider im out with the foxes
Listen to Knight rider 2013 freestyle by Hardkore5250 on
Maple Leafs to honour Mats with statue on Legends Row
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Seriously, one more of those and I'll turn to a Knight Rider or Baywatch rerun.
Today I learned KR Drive is influenced by Knight Rider. And yes, I've seen fragments of the series back in the day. -.-
Hi david I just wanted to find out how u and kitt are doing ? I have the collection of knight Rider
me sitting in KITT, the Knight Rider car
Fed up with fighting a Labour Board ruling, says they're leaving the province. ht…
UPDATED with Graham Steele comments: Egg Films blames union battle for closure.
We sure do! WP clients escape the concrete canyons of city venues
Acadian Seafood Stew is perfect for chillier nights. Here's a
I don't know about the voice of reason ...
Last question (from the audience):. Single woman, no children, in debt, 60 years old, caring for parents. "How will your part…
"The $15/hour guaranteed wage only affects 25,000 Canadians. That's three well-attended Mooseheads games," …
When NDP candidate husband heard of gun control he thought it meant "aim very carefully". http:…
I love to watch Knight Rider too it's remind my best childhood I ever had too! I was 8 years old too
with ・・・. The Moncton Miracles will be holding a Press Conference on Monday,...
"Irving has meant more rats in the North End," Allan Bezanson.
Sorry but is just an excuse to collect your personal info for marketing and nothing else!
Remember, what goes around comes around.
"I am not middle class. I am working class. (...) I don't want to join the middle class. I want to work for a decent living,…
"Stop paying the rich, stop investing in the oil sands, stop giving money to the Irvings to build warships," Allan Bezanson.
Stephen Harper addresses the crowd in
With and washed today, we'll have a special two-hour Talk from 7-9pm EAST on - join us …
I can imagine you as a seedy nightclub owner that tries to double cross the Hoff in Knight Rider. I salut the ensemble,sir.
I hope so :) 4 more years. 4 more years. I don't want more NDP/Liberals Tax increases.
Big smile on Harper's face as the crowd shouts "four more years".
if you think should wear this at Sunday's ya'll
What's with the Knight Rider bar up there?
how is Kit from Knight Rider driving the White pikey mobile
You are intelligent and rational. When life gets crazy your friends always turn to you for advice and as a voice...
I'm gonna be so disappointed if every single comment isn't "By your command" (or a Knight Rider reference).
Uhh... Saban had nothing to do with Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. That was Adness Entertainment.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
knight rider also used for Busta Rhymes turn up fire it up
You can never go wrong with the Knight Rider theme song
...the knight errant, or the ronin, or the pale rider in Westerns, so he has a mythic scale as well. He's got lots of potential, so ...
You know you're dealing with a legit company when the hold music is the Charlie's Angels theme song, followed by Knight Rider.
fact is that Knight Rider® will not be able to sell as many trucks as it could if there were no import duties
Now that's our kind of Knight Rider. Check out Carl White's black & yellow Cascadia
Love these David Hasslehoff shows on Baywatch yesterday, Knight Rider today.
Gren has a Poniac Trans-Am, which is similar to the car David Hasselhoff drove in the TV show Knight Rider.
Did you know that the Ritz Hotel in London was the first hotel to offer a private bathroom for every guest room?
Mulcair lessens corporate tax hike promise. Instead he hopes corporations will donate a few billion dollars to the governme…
Exercise Rider required with Top Wages, student considered.
Manchester Evening News: Manchester City: David Hasselhoff pays tribute to Toure after Everton win
Can we please get rid of Alex's David Hasselhoff wanabe "Knight Rider" outfit please?
Just had to defend my appreciation of David Hasselhoff to an incredulous mob. Dude did Knight Rider people. KNIGHT RIDER!!
Knight Rider - Where singer Beverly Knight travels various countries between the hours of 10pm and 5am
Watching first episode of Knight Rider on great job! Still love that show 33 years later!
.My kid brother would have been 49. Different Strokes, Family Ties, Fat Albert, Barney Miller, Knight Rider.
Oh, today's Knight Rider has David "SEE YOU IN *** SANCHES!" Hedison in it!
David Hedison was in an episode of Knight Rider!
I grew up watching Daktari, Trapper John MD, Bionic Woman, Star Trek TOS, A-Team, McGyver, and Knight Rider. Missed out on MASH
even before Baywatch, a young Michael Knight was. Knight Rider!
Of course, we do. Knight Rider was one of my favorites as a young great white pup.
is reviving Have any of these reboots been successful? I know American Gladiators and Knight Rider were hot garbage
. Bruce Jenner as Knight Rider, literally Michael Knight and John Walsh. . HM King Ryan of U.K
Breaking News - Kit from Knight Rider comments on the banning of General Lee
There have been "Knight Rider", Star Wars", & "I, Robot" references cited by Program Managers as inspiration at - SciFi -> Reality
For those who have never watched anything ever on TV: the very first episode of Knight Rider is really good.
In today's Knight Rider a bump on the head leaves Michael Knight confused as to why he has David Hasselhoff's face. We've all been there.
I don't know who Mr Feeny is, but I do know William Daniels voiced KITT in Knight Rider 👍
I've always enjoyed his work: William Daniels on 1776, Knight Rider, The Graduate, and Boy Meets World
But does it come with the voice of William Daniels? "Place Your Bid Now on This 'Knight Rider' KITT Trans Am"
Much like how "Breaking Bad" wouldn’t have been the same show without the ABQ, "Knight Rider" without the beautiful Mojave des…
True Fact: While Gary Coleman played the part of KITT in Knight Rider, the car was voiced by William Daniels.
To me,a true Knight Rider stand as a person who eats sleeps and breaths KKR. His world means KKR and his everything is KKR.
Oh this is the episode of where Shawn joins a cult. Not even Knight Rider could talk some sense into him.
Arsenal star Mesut Ozil shows off Apple Watch and likens new timepiece to TV character Michael Knight's in Knight Rider …
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