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Knight Rider

Knight Rider is an American television series that originally ran from September 26, 1982, to August 8, 1986. The series was broadcast on NBC and starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, a high-tech modern-day knight fighting crime with the help of an advanced, artificially intelligent and nearly indestructible car.

David Hasselhoff Michael Knight Peter Cullen Street Hawk General Lee William Daniels Boy Meets World Bill Cosby Anderson Cooper General Motors American Gladiators Trans Am Taco Bell Power Ranger Starlight Children Kolkata Knight Riders

David Hasselhoff's own KITT replica up for auction via
Just love Starsky and hutch and the 6 million dollar man. Can take or leave knight rider. Off to get the lunchtime steamer to Cherbourg
I hate missing my favorate TV Show That's why I love my DStv Explora decoder!
without a doubt..A-Team or Knight Rider,still hum it at some point in my day
Shawn Johnson & Derek Hough - 'Knight Rider' Bhangra - Week 9 - Semi finals: can have Bhangra again PLZ !!!
It doesn't get more 80s than David Hasselhoff. And it doesn't get any more awesome than his Knight Rider sidekick KITT. And now you've got the chance to own the Hoff's personal, fan-made, full-size, street-legal Knight Industries Two Thousand.
Well, trying to show Mason some of the tv shows I use to watch as a kid. And he is hooked on Knight Rider. David Hasselhoff was very nice looking but as we all know he should have stayed with Kit.
(Photos: Julien's Live)I have wonderful news! Your decades-long dream of having a huge realistic model of David Hasselhoff in your home can finally come true! The actor, who is most famous for his roles in Knight Rider and Baywatch, is auctioning off a large number of memorabilia from a collection t...
Good thing CARCRAP aren't selling it. You'd be paying around £150,000 over 5 years! Carcraft 2 April . David Hasselhoff must be short of a few quid, as he is putting a host of his prized possessions up for sale. Included in his auction is this fan made replica of KITT with added scissor doors and 4,000 sound effects and show clips that can be played on demand by the driver. It is set to fetch around £18,000 to £30,000, we all loved Knight Rider so does anyone fancy a bid?
You know what is coming. I don't have to tell you. I write this link-blog less than 24 hours away from my seat in the theater to watch Chris Evans put on the stars and stripes again. I can't wait for this and you know we will review every bit of this on Saturday at 6pm but first... LINKS -ECCC News and we start with Oni Press' plans. of Stumptown? A Sixth Gun Prequel? I think that's going to drive indie comic book fans nuts with anticipation until they're released. Of course with a group like Oni Press, they work hard...they also party hard. can't deny that this group has a bunch of unique and colorful characters. Jill Beaton, what you helped start and build here is continuing strong. Keep on fighting and you know that the Oni Family is behind you 100%. -We talked about the niche Lion Forge Comics is trying to establish a couple of ComicShoppes ago... Knight Rider vs Airwolf??? Whoa. Lil Daryll is already enjoying the heck out of Robotech/Voltron over at Dynamite for his Anime mashup fix. Now I getting th ...
NBC Sports - MotorSportsTalk: Ever want to own David Hasselhoff’s KITT from Knight Rider? Now here’s your chance, ...
Anyone fancy owning their own KITT from Knight Rider?
Ever want to own KITT from Knight Rider? Here’s your chance, sort of.
Ever want to own David Hasselhoff's KITT from Knight Rider? Now here's your chance, sort of
The Hoff's Knight Rider tribute is coming on sale... See it here!...
David Hasselhoff to sell road-legal replica of KITT from Knight Rider |
Hasselhoff 'Kitts' goodbye to his Knight Rider car complete with W-shaped steering wheel as he auctions it off...
KITT from Knight Rider is going to auction … David Hasselhoff must need money
David Hasselhoff is selling a road-legal replica of KITT from 'Knight Rider' (and yes, it talks)
Today is Mr. William Daniels' birthday. He is 87. He was American history teacher Mr. Feeney in Boy Meets World, heart surgeon Dr. Mark Craig in St. Elsewhere, and John Adams in 1776. Best of all, he is the voice of KITT from the original Knight Rider. He is a fellow New Yorker as well. Happy Birthday, sir. Today is Albert Arnold Gore Jr's birthday. He is 66. He was the 45th Vice President of the United States under the Clinton administration. He was born in our nation's capital.
When I am Sir James, I will create a list of what I want available in my dressing room at all times. I will call this my Knight Rider.
Dear David Hasselhoff, Have you seen Street Hawk? It is a motorcycle designed to fight against crime! Rex Smith star as a ex-cop turned into a crime fighting hero who rides Street Hawk, a motorcycle speeds up to 300 MPH which is a hyperthurst & it has weapons & more! Street Hawk is a rip-off version of Knight Rider & I think both of are good, but they're the best! Thanks, David! Can I invite you to your place? Pick me up on Saturday March 22nd at 2:00pm in the afternoon, so I want to see your lovely home! My home mailing address is 1758 West Brentwood Place in Anaheim, California USA 92804 & my name is Jonathan Myers. Thank you very much, David & I hope will invite me! God bless! Knight Rider & Street Hawk rocks! -Jonathan Myers
If nothing stood in the way, I'd bring back Knight Rider, Co-Star with David Hasselhoff and do all my…
"I told the producers I wanted to work with Don Rickles." ~KITT, the Knight Rider car (from its autobiography)
Congrats to Julia K. for winning the book, Knight Rider game and signed Peter Pan flyer!
He, I never missed an episode of Knight Rider but I dont remember What character did he play?
Sound the rumour siren! Danny McBride & Chris Pratt up for Knight Rider remake? Question mark? h…
I've not been on here for personal reasons. I'd rather not go into details at this point as it's too much & too big of a change/painful right now for me. But just know I thank each of you who are present & here always with so much thanks & love. Between tour & the Big Red Challenge, I don't have any time, but I know you're all here & I'm trying to be in touch as I can with all that's happened...happening... NEWS UPDATES: Lincoln Nebraska ( general...) TV & FILM star/celebrity Lydia Cornell, known for her work in "Too Close For Comfort" with Ted Knight, HBO "Curb Your Enthusiasm" "Dukes Of Hazzard" "Knight Rider" and so much more...will be physically coming to Lincoln Nebraska to support this cause/race for our veterans. She will be signing autographs, meet & greets, etc...for this cause/event. Be sure to attend the race April 26th to meet her & join our cause/event/race for our veterans. Spread the word...please. Also appearing in future videos for this cause wi ...
I remember a previous post about notable LT Alumni. Here is the Wikipedia blurb on that...Notable alumni[edit] George Burditt was an Illinois lawyer and politician.[6] Allan B. Calhamer was the inventor of the board game Diplomacy. Bruce Campbell was a Major League Baseball player (1930–42). Playing most of his career with the Cleveland Indians, he played in the 1940 World Series with the Detroit Tigers.[7] Joel Cummins is a keyboardist and founding member of the rock band Umphrey's McGee.[8] David Hasselhoff is a professional actor and singer perhaps best known for his roles on the television series Knight Rider, Baywatch, and America's Got Talent.[8][9] John Hattendorf is a professor and historian specializing in maritime and naval history.[10] Paul G. Hoffman was an automobile executive and international statesman who over saw aid to other countries, including the Marshall Plan in postwar Europe. He is the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.[11] Jeff Hornacek was a professional basketball ...
Buzzworthy News: Tuesday, February 25, 2014: • The Miami Beach police gave Simon Cowell an official warning yesterday for bringing his Yorkshire Terriers, Squiddly and Diddly, onto the beach. • Brazil, which produces 40% of the world's coffee grounds is having the worst drought in 50 years, which may result in an increase in coffee prices. • CNN may launch a new series starring Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin • McDonald's is talking about extending their breakfast hours past 10:30 a.m.. Taco Bell is launching their breakfast menu on March 27th with the Waffle Taco. • David Hasselhoff's own Knight Rider car is being auctioned off to raise money for the Starlight Children's Foundation • The Milk Processor Education Program is changing its slogan from ''Got Milk' to "Milk Life." • 15.2 million people watched the closing ceremony of the Sochi Olympics. 13.1 million watched The Walking Dead. 9.3 million watched the Daytona 500 • Jimmy Fallon and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel have agreed to a Pol ...
NBC is making yet another stab at nostalgia after cancelling Michael J. Fox’s sitcom and having talks with Bill Cosby for a new show. Going further back, NBC had unsuccessful revivals of Knight Rider, The Bionic Woman, and American Gladiators. This time, the Peacock is looking for some “Heroes.” Fou...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Knight Rider - The Best of Knight Rider Soundtrack Suite Composed by Stu Phillips and Don Peake
They once tested the concept of a Dukes of Hazzard/Knight Rider crossover, but General Lee speaking, people didn't like the idea.
Feeling old when my little cousin hasn't herd of...Teen wolf. Back to the future. Bill n Teds excellent adventures. Robocop. Knight Rider.
Oh, don't forget about KIT from Knight Rider.
Still cant beleive im watching knight rider!
not The Hoff Knight Rider, the new one 😂😂😂
who remember tv shows when we would route for the good guys to beat the bad guys The A team Knight rider He-Man...ah those were my favs,,nowadays i find myself like many of you routing for DExter,sons of anarchy and walter white to get away with the worst crimes imaginable ,, think my moral compass may need adjusting lol
Night bike rides with my biking knight rider .
Working on a wholesale order this weekend. Was able to use some colors I have yet to use, like Lemon Drop, Rozay, Knight Rider, Cadillac Pink and Haterade. I have to say, I like them all. All for different reasons but all are awesome to work with. Will have some pics to show in the morning. Hope you all have a great night or morning. Whatever. I hope it's a good one. -Nelson
that's very very awesome. I adore Knight Rider
I was just doing a little reminiscing and thinking some of the shows I loved as a kid like Scarecrow and Mrs. King, and Knight Rider.
RoboCop was awesome, but reminded me of Knight Rider in man-form. And now I really want to see a team-up between him and Dredd.
This was my first trip to the track with my Knight Rider Kitt Replica. 383 Stroker engine with 450hp. Best run on street tires/pump gas was 13.2sec/106mph. R...
if you see a shiny black Lamborghini fly by ya (Shoom!) That's me..the Knight Rider
Knight Rider with dubs and butterfly doors doing donuts at the sideshow
Knight Rider. C'mon, that would be awesome! Oh, wait a minute...
"Knight Rider... A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist."
KITT from Knight Rider just got a whole lot sexier...
That fourth season was a mess. At least it didn't go Knight Rider.
It's certainly the reboot nobody was asking for. Sort of like Ironside, Bionic Woman and Knight Rider.
"Knight Rider" we're watching one. What a Hastlehoff er... sumpin'
NBC should also bring back BAYWATCH and KNIGHT RIDER.
An exciting Fantasy YA with a splash of History: Silver Knight by
Download Knight Rider Auto wallpapers to your cell phone from Zedge - auto ford mustang
And tonight I learned how to pull a maneuver I can only call a Knight Rider- it's where you unload a auto hauling trailer by securing the car that's on the trailer to a fixed object, putting it in neutral and releasing the parking brakes (preferably with someone in it to control it!) and pulling the trailer out from under it. :D
if I owned knight rider I would change kits voice to sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
"From the network that regurgitated you 'Knight Rider' and 'The Bionic Woman' and 'Ironside'..."
I have the Knight Rider theme stuck in my head for no reason.
Short excursion into new film Knight Rider. About black car, that has name is K.I.T.T.
Great day for Knight Rider swimming. Swim a thon for Special Olympics. So proud of Ben and the boys. Six hours and almost seven miles makes for a very tired teenager.
Here are some 1980's slot car race tracks, The A-Team, Dukes of Hazard, Knight Rider and Cliff Hangers.These ruled the 1980's!!!
For Auction 6ft Black/ white waffle cooler rug - Knight Rider make - good condition just needs a wash start bid £5.00 paypal please or cash on collection from Newgate Street Hertfordshire - will post for £3.50
Ray Loitta and I made it, he's begging me to meet Brad and get in the Knight Rider's a little embarrassing lol
What is the night of Choice for Knight Rider next week?
Why is it every time I see a person on a hover round on the Tank Bus I think about the show Knight Rider?
Football team is 100 percent on cards, says KKR owner Shah Rukh KhanLeave a replySuperstar Shah Rukh Khan, who has always shown his inclination towards sports, now wants to promote Football in India. Owner of IPL franchise, Kolkata Knight Riders, Shah Rukh Khan revealed his plans of buying a footbal...
King Khan at the press conference of new series , 'Living With KKR'! Discovery Channel will be presenting the riveting story of Indian Premier League Team(IPL) Kolkata Knight Riders’ transformation from a group of struggling players in the early years to their emergence as formidable champion of the league in its new series 'Living with KKR'.
Movies I look forward to: -Hobbit: there and back again -Godzilla -Guardians of the Galaxy -Avengers 2: age of Ultron -X-men: Days of future past -AntMan -Black Widow (Not super interested..) -Captain America: Winter Soldier -Spider-Man 2 -Wonder Women -The Flash -Batman vs Superman (Live action) -Fantastic Four (Reboot) -Expendables 3 -Knight Rider (Reboot) -Transformers: Age of extinction -Deadpool (Still in development) -Pacific Rim 2 -Black Panther (Might star in Avengers 2!) -Tarzan (Live action in 2016) Movies I am not excited for: -Jingle all the way 2 -The Marine 4 -Terminator: Kinesis -Sex Tape -Think like a man too -Fast and furious 7 -Need for Speed -Rabbids movie There are more but that's just how much I don't give a *** about the others. These ones are just annoying!! ^^^
In this week's installment of 10 Stories You Might Have Missed: Chris Pratt and Danny McBride are rumored to be getting in the driver's seat for the Knight Rider remake. Also: Sacha Baron Cohen's Grimsby coming to theaters in 2015, John Singleton will direct the Tupac Shakur biopic, more Kardashians...
It's good to be part of Kolkata Knight Riders this IPL. Looking forward to it.:) All the best to my previous team Delhi Daredevils for the coming season.
Michael Knight and KITT take a step closer to the big screen, with the first casting rumours for the movie take on Knight Rider...
While we live in a world where any franchise follows the 5 second rule (and the 2008 TV reboot definitely landed butter side down*,) it should come as no surprise that we are nearing another Knight Rider reboot. To be honest, we’ve known about this since last summer when the LA Times reported that B...
This is a simple circuit consists of 9 LED lights in knight rider scanner mode. Get the circuit diagram and working of this project completely in this post.
Umesh Yadav is now a Knight Rider as KKR have bought him for Rs. 260 lacs in the
What a voice!!! The wonderful William Daniels ( Boy Meets World, Grey's Anatomy & of course, the voice of KITT in Knight Rider) hard at work in Studio A at The Legendary Marc Graue Voice Over Studios!!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Knight Rider was the BOMB back in the days. Glad I can still catch some episodes on
Kamen Rider Kabuto Knight might have been interesting...
Making out in the knight rider is worst then any date
the Michael Knight curren$y refers to is knight rider lmao the guy who drives kit
Exclusive on-set shots: new KNIGHT RIDER series filming now.
It looks like Darth Vader's bathroom - Knight Rider
Alternating between watching Miami Vice and Knight Rider on Netflix.
Mashup de la intro de Back to the Future y Knight Rider [Video]
Did Star Trek / Knight Rider predict or invent the future?
Hi David im a massive fan of Knight Rider and also like your singing you are awsome man :D
so when can I get to see the 08 version of knight rider and thunder in paradise or Chuck
There is no excuse at all, even though I am a child of the 80's, loved the TV show Knight Rider, I drove a limited edition 1982 1/2 Pontiac TransAm Recaro and my Mom made me a refrigerated lunch box back in the day that she wrote Night Rider on considering I was working an overnight radio station gig at the time, that I would have an MP3 of David Hasslehoff's "Night Rocker" on my PC... none at all. but the car was cool all the same
So I got a Nextbook Android-powered tablet last night. Its a hoot. Getting used to the neat little features on it. Now, to find a nice Knight Rider/KITT app. ;)
The guy who was the voice of KITT in Knight Rider. Or HAL from 2001...
Everyone's out and about. I'm just sitting at home watching Knight Rider.not like anybody knows that show
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Doesn't every woman want a knight in shining armor or a superman?
I forgot how BA Knight Rider was!!! I wonder what kind of car KITT would be today?
It ends up being an adaption of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.
KNIGHT RIDER NEW GENERATION MOD Based on the 2008 Knight rider original series Include all the abilities and things from the show in GTA SA First Upload with abilities and keys
Karr?. Well, karr is "knight's automated roving robot". U know, the knight rider telly show :-)
Do you remember watching Knight Rider as a
The most frakking awesome show of the 1980's...behind Knight Rider, and the Greatest American Hero...
The saddest things is that effing KNIGHT RIDER is one of the more in-depth pop culture looks at what can go wrong with AI infused objects.
They canceled knight rider ...just canceled it could they, whats next caprica? what? no 03:40:39 EST
Car Gadgets We spend a lot of time in our cars; many people consider it just a means of getting from point "A" to point "B". But there are some great creature comforts and downright entertaining hi tech gadgets on the market today. These gadgets won't make your car Kit from Knight Rider (well maybe one will), but the article addresses a few items to consider, but obviously there are a lot more. HD Radio is one of the most impressive and practical gadgets available. It provides ahuge technology lead from what we have become accustomed to with AM and FM radio stations into what is now digital radio. The cost is all on the front end with the equipment, there is no monthly subscription fees, no hissing associated with radio and many more stations to choose from. FLIR Systems developed the PathFindIR to provide thermal imaging that increases nighttime visibility. The device is shown through a camera and it allows the driver to see people,animals or whatever up to 2000 feet which is way further than we currentl ...
Bemper tipis dikit jd knight rider "the matte black audi r8 is beautiful 😍 • I wish
Looking to sell all together. I collected and played all the games over the last 5 years but no longer have time for them. Great collection for someone adding to theirs or start their own. I am also including a Retron 3 Console that plays all three systems with additional controllers as the wireless controllers are not very good (Retron 3 Retails for over $60.00) I looked up each game and item on ebay and all together the entire lot could sell for above $625.00. I am not asking for nearly that but please make a reasonable offer. All items are: One Nes Game Holder (Holds 16 Games) Nes Games Ninja Gaiden II Silent Service Dragon Warrior Wrath of the Black Manta Syruss Adventure Island Snake Rattle N Roll MIG 29 Soviet Fighter NARC T&C Surf Designs Smash TV Roller Games Knight Rider Spike Volleyball/World Cup Combo Target Renegade Destination North Star Track and field Bart Vs the space mutants Tecmo Super Bowl Jackac Double dragon II Rampage RC ProAm Guerrilla War Battle tank Double Dribble Metroid Mega man ...
Got the Knight Rider theme song as I drive.
My goal before I leave natty is to get Knight Rider some play.
Netflix has the Knight Rider TV show. Why the *** did it not tell me?
If she watches the original Knight Rider or the Dukes of Hazzard Ill get down on my knee and propse.
A lone, black steed trotted along slowly through the darkened forest path with it's accursed rider, a knight clad in armor of ebony shades,~
Clap my hands twice, my car come like Knight Rider. I asked what took him so long, he said "man I was tired." - Young Steen
Dear Mr. Airwolf, . Can you, Knight Rider & the A-team join forces to end the war on terror? Maybe send MacGuyver into N. Kore…
We can't forget the Dukes Of Hazzard , Smokie and the Bandit and Knight Rider.
whoa i phased into the action-packed universe where Joe Reid submits Knight Rider to the Canon for a sec there.
blast from the past Knight Rider turbo boost launcher for sale ! make an offer!!! REALLY RARE"!
I'm watching the 2011 Muppet Movie with Morgan and I've decided I want an '80's robot. 80s Robot, play Knight Rider. 80s Robot, play Depeche Mode.80s Robot bring me my Guess Jeans and plaid Polo shirt. That would be cool.
My dad just told me he named me after knight rider
Super cool! Looks like what Knight Rider would be if it were a helicopter! LoL! Pretty marvelous!
Pakistani at the IPL alert. Wasim Akram's back as the bowling coach of Kolkata Knight Rider
Watching Knight Rider with William Engelhard and Irene Riparip. It's funny to watch KITT again 😄
Watching knight Rider on syfy channel.
The remix of the main theme for the original NBC series Knight Rider starring David Hasselhoff. Original music by Stu Phillips. DOWNLOAD here:
Ok here is another team members replica of the Knight Rider you got to love our team after all we put a lot of money into this high tech vehicle no other car on the face of the earth like this vehicle I'm glad to be a owner like other team members of one of the K.I.T.T Knight Rider car
Being a kid in the early 1980's you had to find a way to be cool and fit in with the cool kid crowd. I'm talking cool like Fonzie or even Knight Rider cool. That's why you had to have a Big Wheel bike. Now nothing says cool like a bunch of 6 to 8 years. Running around the mean streets of west suburbia like a pint size bike gang on Big Wheels. There are many makes of the Big Wheel, but all were basically the same It has the big wheel in the front and two smaller wheels in the back. Lets not forget about the hand brake in the back on the one tire. We would all do spin outs with this bike and some of us even made ramps to live out our inner daredevil dreams. Let's remember all the wipeouts we had. The only way to play was to play dangerous. This was back when kids played in the streets. Remember the times we rode bikes with out helmets. This bike was an epic part of every little kids life. I know I wasn't the only one to flip the bike over on its handlebars and turn the peddles by hand to pretend I was maki ...
Just to be clear, they were made to be eaten. Imagine biting the head off a bare-chested Knight Rider.
I find it very hard to disagree with some1 who has both Diff'rent Strokes era Coleman & Knight Rider era Hasselhoff as background.
Edward Mulhare is a great person with a great heart , he would be so overwhelmed that knight rider is still going on today and that one man or person can make a difference if you believed in your self as dreams can come true , he would loved to come to the knightcon's but deep down he can see everthing and he so happy tht knightrider is still going strong thanks to his fan thts is have faith in there dreams and believe in them self,
I love seeing big stars in their early appearances. Tonight it's James Cromwell as one of the villains in an episode of Knight Rider.
i am lisning to Movie hit from 80tal - 90tal So Nice it is. Number as neverending storier - Godfather - Starwars - Knight Rider
Anybody in this group consider themselves a "Knight Rider" expert? I need to know how much notoriety or fame did Michael Knight and KITT have by the end of the series which would account for other TV characters knowing about them?
I would like to give a shout out & a big THANK YOU to Steve Gibson @ Rusty Fender Restorations for all the hard work he is still putting in to the Knight Rider project. I am so happy with the way that car turned out.
Daniel is digging the Knight Rider episodes tonight! Blast from the past.
Me: "Highway to Heaven...I haven't seen that show in a long time. Wasn't that the one with the talking car?" Lee: "That was Knight Rider *** " Me: "I always wondered what a talking car had to do with going to heaven." Can ya feel the love???
so I think Roku has to be one of the coolest inventions ever. sitting here watching episodes of knight rider on the tv.
*** everybody getting out tonight. Guess I'll have to get fresh and pull my knight rider out.
I'd like to take a poll; how many people who grew up in the '70's, 80's, or 90's would've thought that shows like Knight Rider, Emergency, etc would be available on DVD?
my new knight rider car an I love my car knight rider
I need a cheesy, old Netflix show to get hooked on. Any ideas? Maybe Knight Rider? I'm about halfway through Season 1 of Highlander, and no, it doesn't fit the bill here.
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To all those who have been so kind to donate to my Knight rider adventure I'm sorry to say that the doctor has told me that the old knees won't take it and therefore I'll shall have to look to something new for this year but thanks so much.
That's enough for today. Time for bed and an episode of Knight Rider I feel !!!
This is a test of the lights and sounds for the Knight Rider Super Pursuit Mode (SPM) KITT electronic vehicle by Diamond Select Toys. Coming this fall!
Well if tonight's plans continue to go massively *** up, I'm just going to stick my 12inch Pizza Express Sloppy Giuseppe in the oven, get in Knight Rider Bed and watch a film. Filthy Anal Slutz Vol. 7 is looking pretty good right about now.
OMG... KIT, the car from Knight Rider, is a SYLON! Aaah!!!
General Lee from Dukes of Hazard, Kitt from Knight Rider, Starsky and Hutch's Gran Torino.
On this day in history... On this day in 2007, names its top 10 most memorable TV cars; a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am named KITT from the show "Knight Rider" tops the list. Pontiac, a division of General Motors (GM), began making fast, sporty muscle cars in the 1960s, including the GTO, which launched in 1964, the Firebird, introduced in 1967 and the Trans Am, which debuted in 1969. The Trans Am got its first big dose of Hollywood stardom when it was featured in the 1977 Burt Reynolds movie "Smokey and the Bandit." Continued fame for the car followed with the TV show "Knight Rider," which originally aired from 1982 to 1986 and starred David Hasselhoff as a man named Michael Knight who traveled around America fighting crime with his indestructible automotive sidekick KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), a talking, two-door coupe equipped with artificial intelligence. Pontiac discontinued the Trans Am in 2002. On April 27, 2009, a financially troubled GM announced it would phase out the entire Pontiac ...
Did use Google translation for this news from sweden about David Hasselhoff : He 'll make a Swedish television show. But it is not enough for David Hasselhoff . - I would love to do - a Swedish film . Slideshow : Click to start See all photos FACTS This is The Hoff Name: David Michael Hasselhoff . Age: 61. Lives : Hesitation between California and Britain. Family : Girlfriend Hayley and her daughters Hayley and Taylor -Ann . Career highlights: "Knight Rider ," " Baywatch ," "Click" and a singing career since 1985. Current : Ten episodes of the talk show " Hasselhoff - a Swedish talk show " on TV3 in Spring. David Hasselhoff , 61, rolls into a hotel suite in Stockholm ten minutes late. He had a desire to change his outfit before each interview during the day - but the schedule was too tight. Finally opted for a gray suit and a shirt with a bunch of buttons unbuttoned . It matches " The Hoff " with a välpudrat face and brown -tan - spotted hands. " Want to go undercover " During a meeting with Filip Hammar ...
Make your car smart like Kitt from Knight Rider with for Android
Transformers fans were initially divided over the film due to the radical redesigns of many characters, although the casting of Peter Cullen was warmly received.[26] Transformers comic book writer Simon Furman and Beast Wars script consultant Benson Yee both considered the film to be spectacular fun, although Furman also argued that there were too many human storylines.[56] Yee felt that being the first in a series, the film had to establish much of the fictional universe and therefore did not have time to focus on the Decepticons.[57] The film created a greater awareness of the franchise and drew in many new fans.[58] Transformers' box office success led to the active development of films based on Voltron and Robotech,[59] as well as a Knight Rider remake.[60] When filming the sequel, Bay was told by soldiers the film helped their children understand what their work was like, and that many had christened their Buffalos – the vehicle used for Bonecrusher – after various Transformer characters.[61] Aft ...
is a very, very happy camper! His complete series Magnum P.I. box set showed up in today's post. 8 seasons, 162 Episodes, 42 discs. For some the '80s was about Knight Rider, for others it was The A-Team, for others still - it was Dallas, Falcon Crest, Knots Landing, Roseanne or The Cosby Show. For me: It is, was, and will be all about TC, Rick, Higgins, Zeus and Apollo (the Dobermans) and of course, Magnum. Oh, I can't forget about the red Ferrari, swooping helicopters over the islands and Hawai'i and the show's jangly intro theme.
Thank you to the NCN Students for listening to my speech. I hope it was motivational and thought provoking. The theme of Knight Rider is "one man can make a difference." It starts and finishes with YOU. See it. Believe it. Live it.
Do you remember that episode of Knight Rider when David Hasselhoff forgot his KITT and had to do it in his pants?
Do you think that David Hasselhoff fell in love with Kitt -- the Knight Rider car?
Ever wanted to feel like Knight Rider and sit in a car that’s self-diving? The car of the future might actually make this possible. What would you use the newly found freedom of having your hands free while driving for? Texting? Eating? Putting on make-up? Inspire us! (asb)
A car alarm but instead of a siren it's the voice of William Daniels as KITT from Knight Rider saying, "I wouldn't do that if I were you..."
David Michael Hasselhoff is an American actor, singer, producer, and businessman. He is best known for his lead roles as Michael Knight in the popular 1980s US series Knight Rider and as L.A. County Lifeguard Mitch Buchannon in the series Baywatch. He recently said that he would like to do a movie with Salman Khan and so we got in touch with him.
Troy saved Kit from Knight Rider from the scrap heap. He now calls Troy "Michael". Bit annoying but Troy is ge…
Man, I'm just waiting 4him to post that clip of Knight Rider in that Dave Chapelle skit: 'Puerto Ricans are lazy, David.'
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Meghan Markle is an American actress. Markle stars as Rachel Zane in the hit television series, SUITS. Markle joined the cast of FOX's "Fringe," in Season 2, as FBI Agent Amy Jessup. She has also guest starred on such shows as "Without a Trace," "CSI: NY," "Knight Rider," "90210," "Til Death," an...
Yeah,I'm going back into more Knight Rider... 80's California Republic here I come!. Stay Tuned!
Knight Rider series, leading to the models being used more and more for greater jumps to try and out-do that series.
David Hasselhoff of Knight Rider! Hoffman a documentary filmmaker. Grew up on KR. Don't look alike at all.
Original knight rider car withMichael Knight only 20bucks its from 1983
GAS's work can also be seen on the new television show Knight Rider.
The Knight Rider bit was epic, as was CSI: Miami. So, so great.
if the oil sands are so great why does Harper spend hundreds millions promoting it?
Iv'e been on an A-team and Knight Rider binge on Netflix. Ahh the warm memories of my childhood.
If the is popular why do they need millions in tax money to keep it running?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Changing Channels is a pretty good one.. Dr Sexy M. D. Sam Rider kin to Knight Rider
Kitt talk back to you there Knight Rider?
Just finished my favorite episode of Knight Rider- "A Hard Day's Knight". It is SO good! kicks butt in it.
So many shows on today... I remember when all that mattered was Knight Rider, A-Team & Voltron. Oh!! also
Knight Rider for real MT feature of the day:. @ Scott Sinovic's RX-7
Happy New Year to all fans knight rider!!! Kitt Vincenzo knight.
Would love to have my own Knight Rider car lol.
Oh yeah Alice,my name is Chance.…. *runs off to netflix land for more Knight Rider*
Who wants to welcome the Knight Rider back the proper way with me?
Okay more Knight Rider. Wonder if it's going to be another 21 episodes before we see rain again in California...who knows. Stay Tuned!
Telling mrs leveque the meaning of "knight rider" and "snicker licker" was probably the highlight of my day 😂
I have Knight Rider. Love answering to that
If you want to witness the greatest TV moment of all time. Netflix, Knight Rider, Episode 59, K.I.T.T. is nearly destroyed...
Knight Rider theme has been in my head all day.
I had a mash up "film script" that ripped off Animorphs, Knight Rider, Jurassic Park, & Dragon Ball Z as a kid.
or you are an insecure MASSIVE *** who like to 'show how cool I am' because I am rocking KITT from knight rider
So yeah.*looks around*………. More Knight Rider cuz I can . Love you all,be safe . bbl
knight Rider...i need his collction pls any1 hu has it nym ur price...
there should be a 2014 calendar of vehicle shots like this, AirWolf, The A-Team, Knight Rider, Street Hawk
The Busta Rhymes Fire It Up Knight Rider Remix was back in 1998?! So old, still so good.
So yeah I think more Knight Rider is in order cuz I ain't tired at all yet... Ahhh the joy of insomnia.bbl
To-Do List: Drive up ramp into the back of a moving tractor trailer, a la Knight Rider and Spy Hunter. . Check.
Tyler, you can be the voice in Knight Rider.
yeah,I'm going to watch more Knight Rider.bbl
So yeah after power running though 5 episodes of Knight Rider I found out I wanna be like Michael Knight sans cheese *** misogyny.
Welcome to the Knight Rider Archives - the YouTube page for the biggest, best Knight Rider website and number one source for Knight Rider news!
my knight rider light on my 2013 2SS CAMARO
Calling all my "Down South Divas"! Get your tickets as we party from to for one of the hottest shows of the year...Turn Down For What! The line up is SICK! BOLO SATAN TRIGGA PLAYBOY PHILLY KNIGHT RIDER YOUNG RIDER FAHZEEK MR CAPABLE RUFF RYDER WILD STALLION AND SO MANY MORE...RESERVE YOUR SPOT ONLINE AT
StrmRdrs StrmRdrs 'Knight Rider' [SR] was just iced by Josh, who has whacked a total of 218,897 rivals.
So we are seeing more and more of Knight Rider come to life - Google's autonomous cars, on-vehicle radar, self parallel parking cars, stay in lane scanning systems and now, Samsung's Gear Smartwatch.
Hamilton Collection
Visit the Online Tribute Page for Knight Rider here: Here's the Knight Rider Game Soundtracks, since no one has upload...
Knight Rider Opening Theme by Stuart Phillips. Four hands piano duo arrangement by P. Gimeno played by Gimeno & Solsona, 4 hands piano duo. Follow us on Face...
whats up Knight Rider I tell my favorite sister in law hello
Front Knight Rider Scanner Bar/Blue, Head Rests, Finder Installation... Putting it all back together...
K.A.R.R. from Knight Rider, voiced by Peter Cullen!!! That's just cool!
Anna loved this Snoopy ice cone maker, Big Jim loved his Knight Rider car... What was your favorite toy as a kid? STAR 99.9 FM
Complete set of Knight Rider trading cards with original pack wrapper from 1982. All cards in mint/near mint condition. $6 Located between Shenandoah and Ashland.
The Next Robo Toy Fest and Brick Boutique Convention is this Sunday Dec 15th 2013. At the Pasadena Convention Center. 300 Green street Pasadena CA Guest of Honor Artist Tsuyoshi Nonaka Designer for Bandai Power Rangers Toys Guest Voice Actor David Sobolov Shockwave on Transformers Prime and much more! Guest Artists Tone Rodriguez and Dan Goodsell aka Mr. Toast! TMNT Van and KITT from Knight Rider will be on site. Free Admission after 10am Early Bird still $5.00 at 9am Gift bags while they last! with bonus MEGA BLOKS Blind figure packs Power Ranger card game packs from Bandai and much much more !! Expanded Kids play area! What ever they build they take home. Sponsored by MEGA BLOKS Hourly Door Prizes!
Knight rider collection on 26 discs 40 pound please
David is there any chance of a Knight Rider movie coming out at all. Please reply and put our minds to rest
Want to know what happened to the "hero" K.I.T.T. car from Seasons One and Two of Knight Rider? The Knight Rider Historians have blogged with the answer:
Watching Knight Rider reruns oh yes... u know u wanted that car..
The knight rider car may have broken some of my toes,lmao.xrays will tell.
Watching Knight Rider with Luke Carter. Wow the 80s had some awful styles. Lol
This Knight Rider Vol.3 gon be a problem.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Team Knight Rider eat your heart out!
Knight Rider is a fantastic thrill-ride about a young man (international superstar David Hasselhoff) who fights crime with K.I.T.T., his super-advanced car. K.I.T.T. ...
I wonder if Knight Rider is on DVD.
Someone should make an Expendables style tv show with all the 80's detectives like Magnum, Knight Rider, Quincy & MacGuyver.
East coast knight rider back on the road time to ride:)
Watching Knight Rider on Netflix. Haven't watched this T.V. show in a long while.
Knight rider is a phony General Lee has a Hemi.
Knight rider will always be the best show that ever aired.
I miss that show, was an important part of my childhood, along with Knight Rider, Street Hawk etc.
I liked a video Street Hawk vs Knight Rider the Chase
Watchin knight rider with my little girl cj as she loves it
Here's a list of all the things that people love on their Apple devices that Knight Rider was doing in the 80s!
Knight Rider.its my best Btv e ntshwere mnate hle
ops Knight Rider on btv i'v bn lovin da movie thn dissapeared he ma gosh
Was Nick Knight the billionaire who funded Knight Rider?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Ian: The Halifax Mooseheads are now ranked 5th in the CHL in the latest rankings out today!
Oh yeah - we are gettin' down to the theme song of Knight Rider! If only you all could see our fly moves! ;-)
Watching knight rider with the kids. They love it.
And the great CD4017, which was an integral component of any "Knight Rider" lighting arrangement.
I'm looking for the second season of knight rider special edition
Nearly 20,000 in Nova Scotia without power. I wonder if the with have details about NS power in the throne speech tomorrow.
Del Rio wants a talking car like KITT from Knight Rider for Thanksgivukkah.
Interesting tid-bit: The lady who played Dr. Bonnie Barstow on Knight Rider (Patricia McPhereson), turns 60 today...
I hope watched Northern Illinois QB play bc I would really dig Knight Rider having green light to run on pass plays
For those of you with little kids, this is Santa's number. (951) 262-3062. Do not call Santa looking for your Knight Rider toy you never got as a child, like my brother Wesley Wilkins just did. Lol
Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and Sam Adams discuss turkeys and revolution in song...Hey, is that the guy who did the voice of K.I.T.T. in Knight Rider?
its iight Knight Rider Burlesque with Michelle L'Amour: via
Checkout this awesome between kalpesh knight rider and samarth warr... via
I bet you can't miraculously turn into Knight Rider when you're
Watching Knight Rider and The A Team miss these shows they bring back good memories
anyone remember this lol i dont think i had any of these back then i wish i did though, if i had to to pick it would be Knight Rider, TMNT, Spiderman.
The car actually told me to take a break... Is this "Kit" off Knight Rider?
Feeling 80's that allowed in 2013? It's all your fault Jonathan Neil Ross and your Knight Rider/Airwolf debate.
after some baking, I had Gabbie watch old Knight Rider clips on You Tube. She said "that car could totally also be a GPS." I'm not sure she had the respect for the classic that she should, but said she liked it...
Paxo mellow tonight. Thrown by an EU official who sounds like a cross between Stephen Hawking and Kitt from Knight Rider.
Sean, I just said your car is slower than the Knight Rider, aren't you supposed to defend yourself?
Glorious wee hour in the steam room and jacuzzi now a wee pint of knight rider then off to bed in prep for a...
I definatley had a crush on Daisy, & they forgot to mention the knight rider.Good times during good ole days!
Happy Thanksgiving everyday. And don't forget the less fortunate!
I wish my seat would talk like KIT from Knight Rider on this train. I'd ask how'd it end up working for Scottish Rail.
REALLY tempted to visit my parents so I can watch Knight Rider with my dad.
I've not watched knight rider in ages
Turn it into a GIF with a Knight Rider oscillating red eye!
A day hosting a delegation from Barclays Africa , enjoyed it . Now a visit to Knight Rider Ken Donohue at the Hozzie
SO, looking at the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch... Probably the sickest James Bond, Knight Rider, Predator, Power Ranger, Inspector Gadget wrist watch I can get... I want it...
A Scanning Tool used in the 1982 hit television series Knight Rider. This scanning tool can be seen being used by one of the scientists working on the super car K.I.T.T. while it is in its mobile command unit nicknamed F.L.A.G. in the second season premier episode Goliath, part 12. pThis piece is ma...
just finished the Knight Rider episode. Did you know KARR was voiced by Peter Cullen? :)
Next episode, debut of Kamen Rider Baron Mango Arm, Knight of Hammer.
{After playing with the Google Search Hotword Extension} "I've never seen someone so obsessed with talking to electronics." - Tina "You've never seen Knight Rider." - Me
Of course Jan Hammer did the theme song for Knight Rider 2000
Agents of shield reminds me more and more of the last knight rider reboot.
I heard that The Hoff would drive Santa through Frodsham in K.I.T.T the car from Knight Rider?
Decided to sell my signed knight rider box set.
Sounds like a twisted audio visual entertainment based version of Knight Rider!
Daft Punk's Random Access Memories is a brilliant album although some songs sound like they could Knight Rider soundtracks.
Great interview with and her hit Dreams Come True
I downloaded Comics Plus so I could read Knight Rider, but it's not listed in the Comics Plus app. Any idea what's going on?
Take a moment to read this - it is brilliant!! Do you remember yesteryear? I'm talking about the time of. Hide and Seek in the park...or the dark...or anywhere. -remember aan-aan or on-on for the English ppl The cafe down the road, Hokkies, Donkey, skipping and handstands, backyard cricket with a tomato box, Kennetjie Housie-housie, 5 stones, jumping the river, building a swing from a piece of rope tied to a tree, tennis on the street or swing ball in the backyard. Remember when there was a season for everything, before playstations and cartoon networks, computers... The sound of the fish or fruit & veg vendor in his van. Wicks bubble gum for a cent! Chappies, Rollerskates, BMX, go-carts (vaantjies)... Wait, can you still remember... Getting up at 3 in the morning, sitting under a blanket at the back of a bakkie to spend the day at Wolwekloof/Sonesta/Kogels baai, Antoniesvlei? When around the corner seemed far away and going into town seemed like going somewhere, and your ma made you "dress up" for the tr ...
everyone knows it was about Knight Rider. Duh...
man I'm coppin, I gotta get my Knight Rider season 1 and 2 on as well.
man it's been a while since I've seen some turtles. Need to get those for the crib and the old Knight Rider jawns
Patricia McPherson (born Nov 27, 1954 in Oak Harbor, Washington) American actress. She is most well known for her role in the 1980s hit TV series Knight Rider as Bonnie Barstow, KITT's mechanic. She appeared in season one and was absent from season two, but she was subsequently asked to return to the show, which she did in the season-three opener, remaining from 1984 until the end of the series in 1986. Patricia has made guest appearances in a variety of television shows including Starman, Murder She Wrote, MacGyver, Matlock, and Star Trek: The Next Generation in the season 1 episode entitled Angel One as Ariel. Today, Patricia McPherson is very active conserving wildlife and the forests; her efforts have included helping in attempts to preserve the Ballona Wetlands in southern California and working with the Ballona Wetlands Trust to sue the Playa Vista community for failure to take action concerning methane. She retired from acting in 1991, although she made a cameo appearance as a Regent in the Syfy t ...
I was watching "Knight Rider" on Netflix and had a dream I was Michael Knight..…
I've been watching the old seasons of "Knight Rider" on netflix , and i was thinking, if i'd been born 30 years...
Partial Proceeds from my KRC LE signed book auction will go to to help make a difference -
Follow in their bid to be like KITT in Knight Rider: strong, fast and the protector of IT kind!
FUN FACT: The voice of KARR on Knight Rider is provided by Peter Cullen, AKA OPTIMUS FREAKING PRIME.
I was given 9- here goes- 1. I was once blonde, tan and not fat. 2. My mom always said that she could tell when I was lying if I looked her in the eye. She was wrong. 3. I auditioned and was cast in "ALF" but was recast at the last minute. They said they wanted someone more "likeable". Go figure. 4. I am still good friends with Willie Garson. Once on some down time from Mr. Belvedere we snuck onto the Knight Rider lot and egged David Hasselhoff's trailer. He was kind of a *** (Side Note: Bob Uecker- also a kind of a *** ) 5. I used to pretend that Mike Nesmith was my brother. 6. I didn't eat cheese or pizza until I was 13 years old. 7. I did not have consensual sex until I was 23 years old. 8. I can recite a large portion of Canterbury Tales in Old English. 9. Florence Chadwick taught me to swim when I was 3 years old by dragging me across the pool by my hair.
You're right. . Knight Rider is played out. . Note:I had that ring tone before I saw the movie Ted.
Wha?!? Compared to Christian Ponder, Jeff Garcia is like Jesus with a lightsaber and the car from Knight Rider.
A little movie history for car nuts featuring "The General Lee" from Dukes of Hazard and "K.I.T.T" from knight Rider. During the 4 seasons (84 episodes) of Knight Rider there were 4-9 per season 1982 Pontiac Trans Ams purchased from GM for $1 a piece and had $18000 worth of modifications each done to them. During the 7 seasons (145 episodes) of Dukes of Hazard there were on average 2-3 Dodge Chargers destroyed each episode. Both 1969 and doctored 1968 Chargers were used in all engine configurations except for hemi. No hemi's were ever destroyed. Yes I am bored!!! And yes I know how many chargers were used in the Dukes of Hazard movie and I know what kind of cars and how many were in the newer Knight Rider made for tv movie and newer Knight Rider tv series that didn't catch on.
Note to self: Michael Landon was not Knight Rider.
Do you love shows like Friends, Knight Rider, Full House,The Sopranos, Family ties,and MANY MORE! Check out.
Smurfs or Care Bears? The Cosby Show or Charles in Charge? Knight Rider or A Team? Monster Munch or Cheeseballs?
Hey what happened to Saturday morning Knight Rider? I guess Michael Knight must have popped on his little red togs and gone off to become...
The & the wrist gear look so cool. Who knew Captain James Kirk, Jetsons and Knight Rider.. so much the same
.be nice to hear Boy with Arab Strap from Teachers or an A Team / Airwolf / Knight Rider montage Liz
Each generation brings more of their childhood dreams to life. Flash Gordon was brought to life by the moon landings, and robots (and laser guns, which turned out to not be that useful), Penny's Computer book (Inspector Gadget) is here already, KITT (Knight Rider) as soon as someone installs Siri in google's self-driving car, flying cars (Jetsons, BTTF) have been invented already (though they might never be consumer-level), and Predator drones fighting our wars for us (Terminator). But all of this will pale in comparison to 5000 years from now, when they genetically engineer the Totoro Cat-Bus. I kinda wish I'd been born 5 millenia later.
The new Pynchon book is like if John Barth & Roland Barthes wrote Knight Rider. It's like if Derrida was inside Tommy Westphal's snowglobe.
Michael Knight, a lone crusader in a dangerous world, the world...of the Knight Rider.
this Knight Rider epi has good and evil Michael Knight. evil!Michael has Melvin facial hair LOL
Can't decide how I feel about this smart watch stuff. Sounds cool but not especially practical. When they make a Knight Rider watch, I'm in!
Is it just me or is going along the lines of Knight Rider?!?
Watching the very first Knight Rider episode. One man can make a difference.
At least with the watch, I can pretend that I'm talking to KIT from Knight Rider.
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