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Klay Thompson

Klay Alexander Thompson (born February 8, 1990) is an American professional basketball player who plays for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Two quick clarifications on the Klay Thompson front: he is signing with the Team Sports division at Wasserman, not Action Sports. And...
Agent tidbit: Klay Thompson, a longtime BDA Sports Management client, will now have Wasserman's Action Sports division handle his marketing
Klay Thompson declares ‘I make the best paper airplane on the West Coast,’ shows off to end press conference (video) ht…
Zach Levine and Klay Thompson look like they're brothers. Lol 😂
Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant & Klay Thompson combine for 85 points as the blow past the Lakers, 149-106.
Klay Thompson scored 37 in the 3rd Kevin Love scored 34 in the 1st. 37-34=3. 3/3=1. The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA fina…
Klay Thompson's second signature shoe is here
I know Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are who they are but man Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum are challenging for the best Backcourt
Klay Thompson's last seven games: 62-of-118 FG (52.5%), 25-of-53 on 3s (47%), 23.6 points per game.
Players in the bottom 30 in DRPM so far this season: Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard, Andrew Wi…
ALSO: The Warriors have Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. So that makes rallies difficult.
Zaza Pachulia just informed Klay Thompson, who was heading out to the court, that it's "a circus out there." He is correct.
Klay Thompson struggled to sip that Coors light like it was whiskey, yeah Warriors not winning the finals
Klay Thompson sippin a brew while giving short answers to a reporter is exactly how I'm tryna be at thanksgiving
I'd bet money Klay Thompson to some ppl from Calcasieu Parish
KCP & Aron Baynes for Klay Thompson. Who says no?
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Klay Thompson seems to be having a hard time adjusting to his new role on the Warriors
Somebody said Klay Thompson looks like the PBS logo
Our Tyler Sellers writes why the can't trade for Klay Thompson:.
VIDEO: Klay Thompson sips beer as reporter asks him questions.
Steve Kerr on Klay Thompson to Boston trade rumors amplified by Brian Scalabrine
Golden St is not trading Klay Thompson for Avery Bradley Jay Crowder and Nets 2017 1st round pick. Sorry.
Rumors: According to Celtic's analyst Brian Scalabrine, Klay Thompson may be available for trade. Celtics are interest…
Klay Thompson is being made available for trade according to Brian Scalabrine who has better sources than Nostradamus.
Splash Bro on the market?. According to Celtics analyst Brian Scalabrine, Klay Thompson “may be available”
Klay Thompson rumors: Fake news outlets will kill us all one day via
Brian Scalabrine got his Klay Thompson rumor from a guy who also predicted World War III for a site now predicting the…
Guys the Celtics are gonna be pretty good when they trade for Russell Westbrook, Klay Thompson, Blake Griffin and Jimmy B…
Would you trade Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley and a 1st round pick for Klay Thompson?
Why would the Warriors consider trading Klay Thompson again?
Since marijuana was legalized for recreational use in CA, Klay Thompson has been lighting it up... from downtown.
Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler are shooting better than Steph Curry and Klay Thompson from the three.
should the Warriors consider bringing Klay Thompson off the bench in sort of like a Manu Ginobli role?
Steph Curry and Klay Thompson's shot chart against the Lakers:
Lakers Video: Lou Williams picks Klay Thompson's pocket and goes in for an uncontested two-handed slam (ESPN)
Damian Lillard has 22 points at the half. That's more points than Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green combin…
Celtics backcourt of Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley outplaying Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson through the beginning o…
Rick shouldn't be giving him 15 shots a game. He needs to be in a Tony Allen role, not a Klay Thompson role.
Klay Thompson continues to lead the league in catching feelings.
Never forget that Derrick Williams and Jimmer Fredette both got drafted before Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Bulter and Isaiah Thomas
Crazy, but true: Marc Gasol and Dwyane Wade have made more 3s this season than Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson.
Trade rumor rn is Klay Thompson to Boston, butler and bobby portis to GS, and Bradley, Jaylen Brown, and the Nets 2018 pick to CHI
rumor is Klay Thompson might go to celtics, Jimmy Butler to warriors and Bulls get Avery Bradley and Jaylen Brown
when do you think Wes and Rick realize he is much more Tony Allen than Klay Thompson. Last night was painful to watch.
Im tryna get them Klay Thompson waves tho
When you gotta guard Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and watch ya nuts around Draymond
As soon as Klay Thompson returns from the Phantom Zone, the Warriors might really have something.
Charles Barkley says Klay Thompson is the second best player in the NBA.
Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and one basketball. Is this going to work?
In case you woke up and forgot that the Warriors will have Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, and Draymond Green
Steph Curry to a falling Kevin Durant to Klay Thompson for a THREE-POINTER!
Steph Curry to Kevin Durant to Klay Thompson for 3! The trio combined for 78 points on 51.9% shooting vs the Lakers. ht…
Fam. Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson. Those 3 players on one team? That's outrageous lmao
Steph Curry to Kevin Durant to Klay Thompson. It's just not fair...
Quick question Paul George or Klay Thompson ? we were debating it last night.
Klay Thompson is really gonna have his best season this year
1 minute clip of Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson shooting in training camp looks like a 6 second clip repeating over and over.
Here's 75 seconds of Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant not missing until KD snaps the streak
▶︎Watch: Klay Thompson's dog lets loose on field at Dodger Stadium
Klay Thompson's dog goes to bathroom on Dodger Stadium field
Klay Thompson is known for dropping 3s, but his dog dropped a deuce. 📹 .
Enes Kanter had 8.1 WS in 2015-16, more than Klay Thompson, Andre Drummond, or Anthony Davis
My experiment worked ✅. These stats are from last season. Klay Thompson as Ray Allen. DeMar DeRozan as Paul Pierce.
All you fools only know Steph Curry and Klay Thompson these days. Back in my day, the best were Troy Bolton and Chad Danforth
Klay Thompson in 2k17: 90. Draymond Green in 2k17: 90. Kyrie Irving in 2k17: 89
Klay Thompson wouldn't do me like this
Quote with who you think would win 2v2. . 1.)Kyrie Irving/James Harden. 2.)Chris Paul/Klay Thompson
These are the Klay Thompson's personality of shoes.
NBA - Klay Thompson: Kevin Durant Won't Erase Pain of Losing in the -
I'm imagining Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson with the Warriors next season. Beyond scary!
Klay Thompson doesn't want people to forget either
Which is more impressive, Klay Thompson's 37 points in a quarter or Gilbert Arenas' 16 points in overtime?
USA up 6 on Spain at the half 45-39, Klay Thompson has 17pts, 3/5 from three. Pau Gasol has 12pts for Spain.
Klay Thompson & Paul George lace up for today's practice at
5. Klay Thompson: he's up here because you either hate harden or hate curry. Wizards MJ puts up similar stats as him
Klay Thompson guarantees that Team USA will continue to improve
Klay Thompson hits the contested fadeaway 3. . (Via
Klay Thompson leads the way for with 30pts (7 threes) in win vs France!
Klay Thompson brings his A-game when photobombing Michael Phelps and Kevin Durant:
FINAL: 100, 97. Klay Thompson led all scorers with 30 points (7-13 from three)
We just need to keep racking up W's. Nice to see Klay Thompson waking up today.
Why does having look like klay Thompson
Klay Thompson drops 30 Pts to carry to a 100-97 win over France
Klay Thompson dropped 30 today with 7 3's
Klay Thompson gets out of slump as Team USA barely dodges Parker-less France
Bro Klay Thompson can't miss check this vid out! RT!!
Klay Thompson scored 30 points and hit 7 three-pointers to break out of his slump vs France.
3 wins from gold, still no reason to think it'll be easy for USA. Klay Thompson scores 30 in 100-97 win over France. htt…
Is Klay Thompson a better shooter than Steph Curry? 🤔
klay Thompson is such a dog. he shoots whenever he touches the ball. it goes in so often. I meant dog in a good way. great player.
Klay Thompson back in the starting lineup today and just tossed one of those Warriors-esque long 3s he seems to shoot be…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Looks like Klay Thompson heard all the talks about his low shooting percentage in Rio
28 points for Klay Thompson and is cookin'! 🔥. Leads 81-69 over
Klay Thompson has finally adjusted to the ten foot Brazilian hoops after playing for so long on the ten foot American h…
So Klay Thompson really showed up today. 30 points.
When Klay Thompson catches fire he just doesn't miss.
Klay Thompson with the ridiculous catch and shoot all in one motion. 🔥
Tell me you don't see a similarity between Lavash from Sausage Party and Klay Thompson and you're wrong
Klay Thompson had the hot hand today 🔥.
Klay Thompson notches a game-high 30 points to lead past 100-97, and in to quarterfinals atop Group A. https:/…
"We're just missing coverages and not trusting each other enough." - Klay Thompson on Team USA. (Via NBCSN)
Onto the knockout stage for the USA good to see Klay Thompson back on form but the defense gotta be better
It's something about Klay Thompson that when he sees that first 3 pointer fall. He can't stop after that.
Let's go live men's hoops at where Klay Thompson has broke free for 28 points.
Klay Thompson has the most perfect jumpshot ever.
Need to learn Klay Thompson's jumpshot. It's too perfect.
Klay Thompson is the best pure shooter in the world. That includes Steph.
Colin Cowherd has said Klay Thompson > CP3, Kyrie > Curry, and Centers aren't top 10 players of all-time. He's somethin…
Let's take a look back at Klay Thompson's highlights at the men's tournament...
James Harden, Klay Thompson, Butler, Derozan (last two are interchangeable)
Worth noting: who stepped up for vs Argentina? Not KD (4-16) not Paul George(2-6) not Klay Thompson (2-9) but MELO (9-15 3pt)
Paul George Russ Westbrook kd Kyrie and Klay Thompson all could be runner up for MVP
Like that "Klay Thompson > Paul George" banter earlier. That was a joke, right?
Paul George starting for Klay Thompson, who hasn't been the same since questioning LeBron's manhood.
Paul George earned the start over Klay Thompson. I'm late to the punch, but great see him start the first Olympic game of…
Paul George gets the start ahead of Klay Thompson ... But DeMarcus Cousins is forced to head to the bench early again af…
I can't tell if this is Derek Harper or Klay Thompson
This Just In: Paul George will start in place of Klay Thompson in tonight's game vs. Australia.
About time Team USA removed Klay Thompson from the starting lineup
Klay Thompson deserves a gold medal in creepy photobombing
Klay Thompson wins the gold medal for photo bombing 😂😭
Klay Thompson got a picture with Michael Phelps, too.
Klay Thompson shoots an airball. The crowd boos.
Watch coach Monty Williams drop dimes to Jimmy Butler & Klay Thompson on the football field.
"Welcome back to Cookin' With The Curry's. Today, I have with me, as always, my husband & guest, Klay Thompson."
Klay Thompson is a problem. Not in a good way.
you forgot my fav player Klay Thompson. Btw the game is going to start. Are u ready ?
When you feeling like you aren't enough, just remember that Klay Thompson still cheated on Hannah Stocking.
I had a dream I was dating Klay Thompson and I don't think I've ever waken up more upset about a dream not being real😭😭😭
Bob Costas had so much to say of Carmelo but zero of my man Klay Thompson. whatever Bob!.
Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes and Leandro Barbosa visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter earlier this year.
Klay Thompson is a lethal outside shooter.
18. Klay Thompson is a better shooter than Ray Allen.
Klay Thompson didn't believe KD committed to the Warriors at first. And then he went back to sleep.
Klay Thompson won't sacrifice his role with Warriors, and Kevin Durant agrees
I'm not scared to say it. You're better off comparing Klay Thompson to Ray Allen 🤔✌🏽️
You'll never be as big a Harry Potter fan as Klay Thompson
This guy I know just posted a video of Klay Thompson at a house party in Hanover Park.
Klay Thompson's face looking like an old doll you'd find in your grandmas house
"I'm still kind of starstruck when I'm around him, like 'man that's Kevin Durant'" - Klay Thompson on KD
Klay Thompson looks like squidwords house
Brandon knight crossing Klay Thompson will forever be in my head
Michael Redd-Klay Thompson debate on the timeline. Give me the dude who created on his own & was the lead dog.
DeMarcus Cousins throwing down the alley oop from Klay Thompson.
Klay Thompson still can't believe it 😳
Klay Thompson might be affected most by KD signing, but tells he's happy with it: https…
Patrick Beverley wanted to block Klay Thompson free throw attempt. 😂
These other guys on team USA don't understand the Klay Thompson heat check. Just give him the ball every time after he make…
Idc 2k fake! Sergio plays on rookie it's cheating! Klay Thompson made 4 3s from the half court logo 😒
If you're watching Team USA play Argentina, here's your first look at Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green toget…
Klay Thompson is ready for tonight's scrimmage with Argentina! . (via
Harrison Barnes and Kyle Lowry are. Klay Thompson is signed with Anta
Taylor just met De'Angelo Russell and Klay Thompson 😭😩 my heart is broken 💔
Question: is Klay Thompson a hall of fame caliber player ?
Klay Thompson still hitting threes, even in the offseason.
White guy in the pool hall with Klay Thompson's goatee. And yes, he's just as swaggerless as you think he is..
Kyle shot 50% on 3 pt shooting during the 2016 post season bettering the likes of Klay Thompson and reigning MVP Steph C…
Klay Thompson has no time for the haters
"Kyle Lowry finds Klay Thompson in transition for the deep triple at USA Basketball Practice!" : via
I said Klay Thompson instead of Clay Matthews and now caeleb won't leave me alone🙄😒
Klay Thompson still scoring 3's even in the offseason.
When Harrison Barnes is sitting on the Team USA bus and hears KD, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson laughing.
Harrison Barnes, Kyle Lowry and Klay Thompson kicks obscured since they are not Nike athletes. smh
Jimmy Butler is currently scrimmaging with Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant.
Klay Thompson vs Scottie Pippen, Leonard vs Durant, Tim Duncan vs Kevin Garnett, or Kobe vs Magic (for greatest laker of all time)
Paul George, Demarcus Cousins and Klay Thompson & John Wall hit the market unrestricted in years 2018 and '1…
nah id say Klay Thompson on this year's warriors, elite but just surrounded by 3+ better stars
On Game 2 now. Mark Jackson: "Klay Thompson is best 2 way player in the game.". LOL
Klay Thompson set the game on fire with this one
Chris Brown, Chance The Rapper, and Justin Bieber and Klay Thompson, and JB, Drake and Michael Ealy, and Chris again
They just showed Klay Thompson here at Dodger Stadium in a Dodger cap. He got booed and the big screen called him Clay.
Everyone got to meet Klay Thompson when they were in Cali but I just got to see Clay Aiken drive by in his car
God molded his warrior into a star and said "it's clay time son" (Klay Thompson)... Man I'm NICE !! Lol
Klay Thompson, Alex Torres. I don't see a difference
alright well end of the day you think klay Thompson is a mediocre defender or good ? Idk u changed ur mind like 3 times , and I thin
I've just read and... GSW like a beast Klay Thompson, Steph. Curry, and Kevin Durant. What a great team!
Klay Thompson looks like Squidward's house from sponge bob
Klay Thompson 37 points in a quarter
He also influenced Shaq to play in LA years ago and stopped a Klay Thompson for Kevin Love deal.
Klay Thompson brother is available. Not the one who played in the MLB. Mychel Thompson
i was going to say come on now i still think leonard is better than klay Thompson 2 way player   10% Off
A good a time as any to revisit piece on Game 6 between GSW and OKC – the night everything changed: https:/…
13. I still roll with Klay Thompson though. Never forget.
How Kevin Durant's decision to join Warriors affects the NBA
Klay Thompson game 6 vs OKC is the reason KD is with the Warriors
he's better defender than klay Thompson ? Is James Harden also ? Cause according to ur list harden is elite LMAO
Jerry West the GOAT. He got Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, and now convinced Kevin Duran…
YOOO HOW THE *** DO YOU GUARD GSW? if you even remotely double Steph or KD it means Klay Thompson is wide open.what...
"In the regular season Klay Thompson becomes not only Robin, but the Butler." -on Klay's reduced role.
Here's Kevin Durant's shot chart from last season next to that of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. https:/…
Congrats to Kevin Durant, but we should really be thanking Klay Thompson.
And, in what might be the biggest course altering 5 minutes in league history, what if Klay Thompson doesn't unleash he…
he did but Chris Bosh isn't a Klay Thompson. I think everyone expected him to be that player
Daniel Gibson, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Larry Hughes, Mo Williams.. Compared to Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymomd Green... Y'all do the math
Lacob drafted Klay Thompson cause he wanted a bigger 2 guard than Monte & they buried Draymond on the bench behind David Lee & others.
Idk how Curry and Durant rey play w each other. They both always want to score and that llaves Klay Thompson where?
Kevin Durant is joining Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson with the Golden State Warriors.
BREAKING: Kevin Durant will leave OKC and sign with Golden State. Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Draymon…
Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson & Draymond Green are all 28 years old...or younger. .
Just imagine what could have happened if the Wizards had a chance to draft Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Gree…
Warriors will make a huge pitch to KD at the meeting will be Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and their whole…
Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are believed to be at the meeting with Kevin Durant right now in New York.
Klay Thompson led all qualified postseason players in points per touch (.492). Next up were Avery Bradley (.474) and Ke…
Klay Thompson 🖋 for fans in NYC after being named to the
Steph Curry and Klay Thompson will reportedly attend the Warriors meeting with Kevin Durant.
Kyrie on team USA is a great opportunity for Klay Thompson and Draymond Green to play with someone that plays at an MVP leve…
yeah but golden state also has Steph Curry Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, so small interior works perfectly for them
Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Andrew Bogut all make more money than the two time mvp Steph Curry
Klay Thompson looking at all the love Bahamians giving Buddy Hield like.
Klay Thompson will play for the U.S. in the 2016 Olympics.
Fact of the Day: Klay Thompson laughs at teams that lose after being up 3-1.
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"I don't know Klay Thompson, but if he's as nice a man as Trayce Thompson, Mychal Thompson their dad has to be thrilled." -…
Last year Klay Thompson was making fun of the Clippers for blowing a 3-1 lead... 🐸☕
Klay Thompson had 14 points and Steph Curry had 17 points in game 7 of the NBA Finals... 🏌
Klay Thompson praise-criticism ratio is insane.he was BAD this series.ppl only remember the one good game
Klay Thompson apparently never saw the Seinfeld where Jerry is letting Milosh win the tennis match but then turns on him.
I'm really just now remembering Steph Curry did a behind the back pass to Klay Thompson that sailed out of bounds. LMAO
Klay Thompson shouldn't had never talked about Lebron lol look who feelings hurting now !
Klay Thompson better than curry though
NBA Finals: Klay Thompson deals with the pain -
So klay Thompson was no where to be found after losing and he talking all that smack? 🤔
Klay Thompson can ball but he's fugazi. Acted all cocky then lost the series and didn't shake Lebron's hand at the end
Last night i was told i looked like klay Thompson like three times the ppl even wanted to take a pic with a *** lol
Klay Thompson makes his entrance into Oracle Arena for Game 7 of the on ABC.
Klay Thompson Has a poopy ride that dances drugs
...Klay Thompson with 14 points, Harrison Barnes with 10 points.
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Missed stat: with 98 threes this postseason, Klay Thompson matched Steph Curry's record from last postseason.
Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson dejected at their lockers after their Game 7 loss (via
Stephen Curry goes deep to tie the game, then Klay Thompson gives the Warriors a late lead
I will never forget Klay Thompson telling Lebron James that this is a mans game... Never ever
At this moment Klay Thompson knew, he fucced up.
I throw up shots like Klay Thompson believe that 😂
No respect to klay thompson for walking off the court and not showing any love to the Cavs smh poor sport no sportsmanship
▶︎Klay Thompson explains not congratulating on court after Game 7
ESPN Olympic report pinpoints Kevin Durant, Paul George, Klay Thompson and DeMarcus Cousijns as locks for the forthcomin…
"His Feelings got hurt I guess " Golden State Warriors fans should all blame this one on KLAY THOMPSON, he woke that guy fro…
Funny how Klay Thompson walked out right after they lost. I guess "he got his feelings hurt."
Klay Thompson is such a beautiful individual😍
NBA Finals: Klay Thompson deals with the pain
Green and Curry stayed to congratulate the cavs. Klay Thompson went straight to the locker room. Guess it really is a man…
Ok.. just accept the fact.. Curry and Klay Thompson pa rin me 😊😀😊
Who cries first in the locker room? Steve Kerr, Klay Thompson or Steph Curry?
Steve Kerr disagrees with Klay Thompson. Says it's impossible to consider 73 win season a bust if Warriors lose game 7.
Coach Steve Kerr has to find a way to get Klay Thompson & Steph Curry going if the Warriors are going to win Game 4.
If golden state loses they will always remember this moment... The moment Klay Thompson unleashed the beast
Steph Curry isn't even the best shooter on Golden State is Klay Thompson
I'm glad they said something about the officials. It needed to be said. Klay Thompson couldn't get a fouled called his way all night.
Klay Thompson walks to looker room before buzzer, Steph throws his mouth piece, Ayesha saying the league is rigged...yet Lebro…
Klay Thompson has been the Warriors best player this post season and quite honestly it's not even close either.
Golden State should feel good going into Game 7. Steph Curry found his game and Klay Thompson woke up in the 2nd half ton…
Curry, Kawhi Leonard, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Paul George, Klay Thompson, how many you want me to name?😂
Klay Thompson woke up a monster with those comments in the press conference
Okay wait. Game not over. Klay Thompson keeping the Warriors alive just as he did against the Thunder when facing eliminati…
Klay Thompson goes off for 15 of his 22 in the 3rd trimming the lead down to 9. LBJ has 24-5-7.
Klay Thompson drops 15 points in the third quarter! We head to 4Q with the leading the 80-71.
See, now it looks as if Klay Thompson wants to see whether Ramsey Bolton gets his *** kicked Sunday night.
Warriors end the 3rd quarter on a 10-0 run, cutting the Cavs' lead to 9. Klay Thompson: 15 Pts in the 3rd.
Klay Thompson is George "Ice" Gervin with a 3 point shot. Love him.
The Anderson Varejao or Klay Thompson run. Either one. Take your pick.
Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson trash!!! Kwame Brown and Anthony Bennett better!
Klay Thompson's 37-point third quarter is the largest scoring output in any quarter in NBA history (last: Carmelo Anthony's…
Steph Curry and Klay Thompson when they get Draymond Green back.
Richard Jefferson on Klay Thompson: . "If it's a man's game, shut up about Mozgov’s screen."
Klay Thompson's dad called out LeBron James before Game 5.
Klay Thompson breath must be horrible
What do Klay Thompson, Lavar Burton and MissFrizzle have in common?
If the Warriors take the Championship today and I hope they do 🙏. Klay Thompson could be the Finals MVP. .
All Lebron fans love Klay Thompson because they hate Steph so much
Applause to LeBron and Kyrie for SHOWING UP and holding off a silly-hot 6 threes by Klay Thompson. Way to go, King.
Klay Thompson will be the finals MVP
Klay Thompson? More like BAE Thompson, am I right ladies?!
You gotta check Klay Thompson when he get off the bus lol
Pretty incredible how Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson ended up on the same team, two of the greatest shooters this game has…
Klay Thompson playing a man's game.
Klay Thompson has been my favorite player for a while now
Klay Thompson way too real I promise
Klay Thompson's dad: "LeBron couldn't have survived in the 80/s with the physicality and the words guys said to each ot…
Klay Thompson comments on LeBron James' reaction to his altercation with Draymond Green.
Klay Thompson telling LEBRON that it's "a mans league" after complaining that a set screen was dirty is the funniest thing…
Klay Thompson is the Andrew Luck of the NBA
"It's a man's league," said Klay Thompson, 3 years removed from his dad giving him an allowance of his own paychecks https:…
In no order my least favorite players in the NBA are Andrew Bogut, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green.
Klay Thompson: Surprised LBJ was upset. "This is a man's league" . Klay Thompson last game: "Timo is dirty for setting a…
Klay Thompson on LeBron & trash talking: "I'm surprised some guys take it so personal. It's a man's league. I guess his…
LeBron James reacts to Klay Thompson saying his feelings were hurt by Draymond Green's trash-talk...
Klay Thompson reacts to Draymond Green's Game 5 suspension and throws shade at LeBron
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Klay Thompson on LeBron James: "Ppl have feelings & his feelings got hurt. We've all been called bad words before, I jus…
Klay Thompson on missing Draymond in Game 5: "We're going to go out and make a statement on our home floor."
"I guess his feelings just got hurt," said Klay Thompson on trash talking in regards to LeBron James.
"I'm so shocked that some guys take it so personal," said Klay Thompson about trash talking.
"We're going to win for him," Klay Thompson said about Draymond Green.
Klay Thompson booed by Giants fans for wearing Dodgers hat to support his brother
For those wondering about Andrew Bogut calling Klay Thompson "Smokey" and "Big Smokey," the center said that means dark…
We gotta stay in the moment, we can't relax just because we are going home with a 2 game cushion." -Klay Thompson
After struggling in Games 1-3, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson find their rhythm in Game 4, combining for 63 Pts.
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