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Klay Thompson

Klay Alexander Thompson (born February 8, 1990) is an American professional basketball player who plays for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Imagine being stupid enough to start a franchise with Klay Thompson over Bradley Beal or CJ Mccolum
Klay Thompson is the best 2 guard in the league and it's not close. My article on is up now!
team with Garfield, larry bird, klay thompson, Anthony davis, and chris bosh
I could see klay thompson with Bulls
Why do you think the numbers don't usually favor Klay Thompson? Because of the people he ends up guarding maybe?
Klay Thompson is going to leave after this year, they can't pay…
Draymond Green not better than Klay Thompson be safe tho
to when Klay Thompson set a NBA record 37 points in a quarter!.
Klay Thompson is a beautiful specimen that is part fire and part GOAT and we need to acknowledge that
Splash the new debut album by Klay Thompson including all your favourite tracks:. 60. 11 3s in OKC. 37 in a quarter . China li…
Boston Celtics in talks to acquire Klay Thompson. . (via Boston Sports Report)
New Warriors mailbag: What's up with all these Klay Thompson rumors? (+ much more)
BREAKING: Jimbo Fisher is the coaching ranks' Klay Thompson according to Nick Saban. "He could shoot threes and was aggressive."
Klay Thompson when he realized he don't gotta guard Kyrie in the finals nomo
Klay Thompson is easily the funniest person in the NBA and he doesn't even try to be funny, which makes him even funnier lmfao
With 60 points in 29 minutes last night, Klay Thompson made sure fans and opponents didn't overlook him
I completely missed the mark on Klay Thompson. Not even gonna lie. He shut me up so fast.
It's like saying Terrence Ross is Klay Thompson. Just flat nonsense.
WATCH: Klay Thompson fires amazing first pitch
Klay Thompson's first pitch was... actually pretty impressive? . (📹:
$15 to make a starting 5. Westbrook . Klay Thompson . Leonard. Draymond. Karl Anthony Towns
Klay Thompson legit has one of the best signature basketball shoes right now.
All NBA Defensive team.Draymond will be DPOY.Klay Thompson left out yet again!!! How is Danny Green on this list…
Steph Curry just clowned Klay Thompson by doing his best 😂. [via Dunk Fest]
So why are Klay Thompson and Steph Curry less athletic than MJ AND Pip lmao. You realize the champs ar…
Klay Thompson drops 30 and catches fire against France in the 2016 Olympics 🔥🔥🔥
No, but the Klay Thompson rumors were hot for a potential Love trade.
he could help Aaron Gordon get better and then in free agency recruit more talent like maybe Klay Thompson in the future
Kevin Love and Klay Thompson is from Oregon... Do your research dummy
Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving and Lebron James will give Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant problems!
The Pacers reportedly offered Paul George for Klay Thompson, but the Warriors declined the trade. (via
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Before Paul George was traded to the Thunder, Pacers offered him to the Warriors for Klay Thompson, per https:/…
Klay Thompson trying to play basketball without getting an open catch and shoot
Klay Thompson had the best time in China
Klay Thompson went to china to show them what a true NBA player looks like
I added a video to a playlist Klay Thompson's New Girlfriend is a Baddie with a Jumpshot
JJ Redick now makes more than DeAndre Jordan, Marc Gasol, Kyrie Irving, Kawai Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Klay Thompson and Paul George.
Klay Thompson is never coming back from China 😭
Kyle Kuzma looks like Klay Thompson with tattoos
Klay Thompson out here getting lit. 😂.
Paul George, Klay Thompson, Derrick Walker to the Cavs in a 3 team megadeal
Steve you should've traded Klay Thompson for PG13.
Paul George talked to Klay Thompson about playing together in Los Angeles. 👀
RUMOR: Paul George reached out to Klay Thompson about playing together on the Lakers.
Paul George has talked to Klay Thompson about playing in LA together, according to
"He has definitely has put in a call to Klay Thompson and he would like to play with him in LA." -Kelenna Azubuike on Paul…
Per Paul George has reached out to Klay Thompson about playing together once Klay hits free agency (2019).
Steve Kerr's thoughtful insights + Klay Thompson is a big Harry Potter fan + this = why I love this team. Life is m…
Klay Thompson embarrasses himself trying to dunk, gets burned by Zaza P...…
Klay Thompson went to China to show them what the talents of an NBA player look like in real life
Happy anniversary of day Jazz could have drafted Klay Thompson and K.Leonard. But got Enes Kanter and Alec Burks.😂😂…
Everyone is having fun with pretend trades. Let's try:. Klay Thompson + rights to Ian Clark for Paul George. . Who says no? Aside from fans.
as a spurs fan looking toward the future would you rather have Cp3 or Klay Thompson?
Since when was Klay Thompson challenging Dwyane Wade for the 3rd best shooting guard of all time title???
[NBC Sports: Pro Basketball Talk] Fan who got his toaster signed by Klay Thompson was in the Warriors’ parad
Klay Thompson avoiding Doris Burke for a post-game interview was either:. A) Act of being humble in victory. B) Hella salty bc KD
Klay Thompson gets it. He gets that great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of s…
Thomas Beller on the 12 seconds Klay Thompson hid from Doris Burke
Warriors are expected to trade Klay Thompson for Kobe Carl, son of George Carl, for the max deal
.. Grant Hughes. How you gonna have Draymond as top playoff defender and in honorable mentions not include Klay Thompson?
I think we need to stop sleeping on Klay Thompson as the Best shooting guard in the NBA
KD and Steph are for sure staying. Klay Thompson is probably gonna go where the money leads him.
Teams are gonna try to throw as much money at Klay Thompson as they can to dismantle the Warriors.
Klay Thompson: "Although people expected us to win, u gotta go out there and do...but it's a lot harder than U think."
Klay Thompson: "It was a beautiful year. We're going to enjoy it. We worked so hard for this."
Lol Ray Allen is literally an upgraded Klay Thompson and Celtics had tony allen off the bench to guard Steph
Kevin Durant . Klay Thompson. . Steph Curry. Dreymond Green. Ahh they had to win mxm
Klay Thompson might be my top 3 favourite players in the NBA
A Klay Thompson impersonator showed up to Game 5 in full uniform
Klay Thompson.. I see you. This man D'd up all year and won't get enough credit.
Klay Thompson and Ian Clark talk about winning the 2017
The Warriors went 31-2 after Klay Thompson autographed a toaster. . But the magic was inside them all along.
KD still a *** Steph Curry still the wife in his family, Draymond still trash, Klay Thompson gotta fake goatee.
That's the android version of Klay Thompson.
congrats to Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant for winning the 2017 NBA Championship (not pictured: Klay Thompson) ht…
Klay Thompson and Draymond Green doing trust falls in the middle of the Finals. (Vid via h…
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Klay Thompson already looking like he bout to leave y'all *** lol
Big congrats to Klay Thompson on his second NBA Championship!
Klay Thompson got demoted to splash cousin now.
Tristan Thompson is life, I'm Klay Thompson, & Draymond Green is God
Draymond Green should be on Greys Anatomy after the way he saved Klay Thompson's life
If I were Klay Thompson, I'd take my two rings and go find a new team where he can prove he is as good as he says he is
One of the weirdest sub-plots of the season: RDollaz of got Klay Thompson to sign a toaster; Warriors w…
"It's hard to say which one's better. I'm just happy because I got just as many as my pops now..." - Klay Thompson .
Klay Thompson explains why he will not be getting toasters for the entire team.
Klay Thompson leaving was a possibility no matter if GS won or lost. Klay is gonna see where the money is at.
Klay Thompson feeling salty ... yup he leaving
I will never like Steph Curry or Draymond Green or Klay Thompson or Andre Iguadola or Zaza Pachulia or Shaun Livingston, or Kevin Durant
Klay Thompson outta there! He gon be like Adrian Dantley on the Pistons.
Draymond just saved Klay Thompson's life for real
Goodmorning to everyone except Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant.
yo bro I know u got a finals to win but just think about it..Ben Simmons, Klay Thompson, Josh Jackson,Dario saric, Joel embiid
I don't think Steph Curry or Klay Thompson could reach 15 each points in a finals game w Pippen and Jordan on them.
Jeff Van Gundy said Klay Thompson is an elite defender' Mike Breen just said he's a premier defender. Since when?
Game 3 was just the 2nd time in NBA Finals history that 4 players had 30+ points (Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, LeBron J…
They even passed on the Klay Thompson x Kevin Love trade
Dawg whoever said Klay Thompson look like the wrap from sausage party omg
So nice of Klay Thompson to decide he wanted to be a basketball player again
Bryan Colangelo should really put that call in for Klay Thompson... like right now. To help LeBron. Can you trade dudes mid-quarter??
Klay Thompson has 16 in Q1 and the Warriors are 7-of-10 from 3. That the Cavs aren't being blown out is a positive sign
Can we stop trying to make Klay Thompson to Boston a thing? . Signed, Steven Andrew Hammond.
Klay Thompson was inspired by NBA legends prior to Game 2 - Larry Brown Sports
Bet you KD aineem think twice. Oladipo... Klay Thompson... Steven Adams ... Dray... man bring the papers over here.
Maybe because Westbrook has Semaj Christon and Andre Roberson on the wing instead of KD and Klay Thompson 😂😂
Klay Thompson heats up and hits four from deep
Klay Thompson = Doug Baldwin. PAC 10 guy that has exceeded limitations and expectations.
In the words of Clarence Carter, Klay Thompson "I be stroken." — watching Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors game 7
My god Klay Thompson can get it any day any time
One Warriors fan is claiming his toaster, autographed by Klay Thompson, is the key to Golden State's win record.
LeBron has reached out to the NBA to put Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant in foul trouble early in game 2. 😂 jk. https:/…
Klay Thompson talking to his jump shots...
Rihanna's had a better first half than Klay Thompson.
Klay Thompson so good. Shots didn't fall, still played legendary defense.
You see that look in Klay Thompson eyes, he's turning into a envious Westbrook lol
Klay Thompson's defense was exquisite tonight.
How Kevin Love or Klay Thompson could swing the entire NBA finals via
Everybody wanna talk about how bad Klay Thompson played offensively but his defense was championship level
The Warriors dominated Game 1. The really scary part? They have room to improve, writes
Don-t let the box score fool you — Klay Thompson was great in Game 1 via
Panini past and present Klay Thompson rookie
I love high Klay Thompson isn't letting himself not making shots hinder his defensive performance 👌🏿
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Klay Thompson's performance deserves an investigation.
Reminder: The are now 28-1 since Klay Thompson signed this toaster.
Klay Thompson is in his Bill Bradley role now . Less touches but leave him open ...problems
Leave my Manz Klay Thompson alone. He struggling offensively but spent the night locking down the cavs. FOH. Don't @ me
Cavaliers were 1-of-12 from the field when Klay Thompson was their primary defender. Ten of the 12 shots were...
Shout out Klay Thompson for sacrificing for squad and also locking everything down on defense. didnt have the points but he played awesome
I knew Klay Thompson was destined to leave the Warriors when he drank that Coors lite during a post game interview
Klay Thompson after tonight realizing he didn't have to do anything
The Warriors are now 28-1 since Klay Thompson signed a toaster.
Klay Thompson is now 3/16 from the field. He's gotten some great looks tonight.
Klay Thompson been struggling without the 360 waves
Klay Thompson be showin up to . the session with no loud. . just papers.
One of the most entertaining things happening on Warriors players' social media has bee…
First possession of the game for the Cavs and Klay Thompson does this to Kevin Love...
Klay thompson is gonna be just fine.and will stay a warrior
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Klay Thompson has played the greatest 3-for-13 Finals game ever. Defense tremendous, passing. Everything but the shots.
Has Klay Thompson been dating Khloe Kardashian or some.Dude been off like good water in Flint, MI
If James Harden was being held back as a 6th man, imagine what Klay Thompson could do if he was the number 1 option on a team
Cavaliers are 0-of-7 shooting against Klay Thompson so far tonight. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are each 0-for-3
Warriors last loss in which Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green all played at least 5 minutes…
The Splash Brothers, All-Star Guards Steph Curry & Klay Thompson arrive for Game 1 of the https:/…
Klay Thompson when he steps inside the 3 point line
Live look at Klay Thompson the entire 2017 playoffs
Klay Thompson with the lockdown defense on Kevin Love! 🔒🏀.
Klay Thompson vs the rest of the NBA vs Klay Thompson against the Cavs
Klay Thompson contested 10 shots Thursday. The Cavs went 1-of-12 when he was the primary defender. He was a plus player de…
Klay Thompson on defending and playing hard despite his shooting struggles. (via
Cavaliers shot 1-of-12 when Klay Thompson was the primary defender in Game 1. 10 of the 12 shots were contested by Thomp…
Klay Thompson is about to have 2 rings , go to another team become a superstar and get max contract
Klay Thompson is playing lock down defense.
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It's utterly remarkable an All-Star could play as bad as Klay Thompson has played in the playoffs & yet his team is still…
Is Klay Thompson the new Harrison Barnes? . Klay Thompson is the new Harrison Barnes.
Klay Thompson is SO beautiful he is literally a classical sculpture.
James Ennis has better handles than Klay Thompson
In a way, we are all Klay Thompson. Klay Thompson is the people.
For me, the warriors x-factors are Klay Thompson, JaVale McGhee, Ian Clark and David West
One year ago, Klay Thompson saved the Warriors’ season and changed the NBA landscape with a 41-point eruption
If it wasn't for Klay Thompson in this game, Kevin Durant would still be with the Thunder
On this date last year, Klay Thompson made a playoff-record 11 3-pointers. forced Game 7 of West finals by bea…
Klay Thompson is a poor man's Raja Bell.
Malone and Stockton were more lethal than Draymond Green Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson
Still tryna figure out how Demar Derozan made an All-NBA team over Paul George and Klay Thompson...
That worked well for Klay Thompson last year. I say do it.
I have a feeling that Klay Thompson might be leaving GS, he isn't even mentioned anymore
have never had 11th pick. Notable 11th picks in history: Klay Thompson ('11), Robert Horry ('92), Reggie Miller ('87).
I know most will disagree with me but I would put Kawhi on Klay Thompson and Danny Green and Jonathon Simmons on Kevin Durant
That team is fake. How is your fourth best player Klay Thompson? Iggy comes off the bench? That team isn't fair 😩
Zaza Pachulia handed Klay Thompson a framed SF Chronicle at practice today.
I would have 0 problem pulling up on. Danny Green or Klay Thompson
Danny Green is just as good as Klay Thompson . @ me
LeBron James taking on Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala in the NBA finals ht…
Ray Allen was past his prime and just a spot up shooter. He is no Klay Thompson and his all…
I'm already mentally prepared to see Golden State win the finals. I want my boy Klay Thompson in the hall of fame!
I wish the Warriors bandwagon and warriors team bus had a head on collision and everyone blew up. Except Ian Clark and Klay Thompson.
Great off-ball cut by Klay Thompson in game 4 of Golden State Warriors vs. Utah Jazz. 🏀…
Dont worry we drafted Jan freaking Vesely when we could have had Klay Thompson.
LeBron James in the playoffs since Klay Thompson told him it's a mans league:
^ him, Ray Allen & Klay Thompson all got the purest forms ever.
I enjoy these random games where Trevor Ariza becomes Klay Thompson. Almost makes up for the random games where he bec…
This is like the Steph Curry, Klay Thompson drill that Buddy Hield tore up back in the day.
Klay Thompson rhymes 'run' 'gun' and 'fun' and then forgets what he was going to say
Dwyane Wade had his worst playoff season ever yet his PER is 16.0. Klay Thompson has a 9.6 PER. 💀💀💀
He enters a hallowed club that includes Klay Thompson and no other professional athletes.
Imagine if the Cavs had Kawhi Leonard and Klay Thompson... 😱
Klay Thompson & Harrison Barnes get shots up following today's practice
Klay Thompson on the win, Mike Brown's coaching, Patrick McCaw's play and his 3 spree in third quarter
Klay Thompson and Lonzo Ball need to slang "Light & Lovely" haircare products
Klay Thompson, because his smugness makes me hate Mychal Thompsons now too!
And Andrew Toney and Klay Thompson, pretty equal in talent as well
Klay Thompson looks like a dude who has multiple John Deere tractors.
Klay Thompson is playing in his 66th career playoff game, tied with Rick Barry for second-most in Warriors history (first: Jeff Mullins, 77)
*** Ian Clark looks oddly similar to Klay Thompson
It's Klay Thompson's time to step up, especially if are without Kevin Durant tonight via
It's Klay Thompson time. Especially if Kevin Durant is out for Game 2 ||
Klay Thompson colder than Rick James right now!!!.
WATCH: Dennis Rodman says a bunch of nonsense about Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson .
Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are the two greatest shooters the NBA has ever seen.
Tucker is 19/42 (45%) from the corners as a Raptor. Only CJ Miles, Klay Thompson & Denzel Valentine have hit more corner 3s since All-Star
With seven threes tonight, Klay Thompson has now hit 262 threes this season, the eighth-most single-season threes in NBA hi…
3. Klay Thompson > James Harden. If you had to choose one of them join your team, it's obvious you would choose him,…
Cavs are 8-11 since Kyrie Irving said the Earth is flat. Warriors are undefeated since Klay Thompson signed a toaster.…
The Warriors are now 9–0 since Klay Thompson signed this toaster.
Thanks to Alex Crabbe and Klay Thompson who make it happen
Klay Thompson the greatest Shanta black man since Shaun King
Giannis over Trey Burke, Leonard/Klay Thompson over Burks, Booker over Lyles. Glad Jazz could get us Gobert.
Being shut down by 3 all stars, and Klay Thompson has always played good vs us
Jason Terry: Kawhi Leonard, Klay Thompson "B-side players" in comparison to James Harden.
Klay Thompson was the factor in our series he went off in the 3rd Quarter game 6 he couldn't miss
I’m not trying to be the best player. I’m trying to be on the best team -- Klay Thompson
Russ isn't even guarded by Curry lol he's guarded by the God himself Klay Thompson, atleast he plays like one vs us
hey Klay Thompson real men don't get dunked on by a 36yr old Richard Jefferson
The Warriors dominated the Thunder thanks to 34 points from Klay Thompson 🙌
I'm just saying, put Russ, Melo, AD, and a Klay Thompson type player it would be easy too 😂😂
Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson combined to score 4 more points than the Thunder starters (57-53)
Klay Thompson: Matt Barnes has been in 'We Believe' form via
Klay Thompson: Matt Barnes has been in ‘We Believe’ form
Klay Thompson said Matt Barnes looked like the "We Believe" Matt Barnes tonight.
At the end of the first frame, Warriors lead the Magic 34-20. Klay Thompson hit his first five threes, finishing with 21 po…
At the half, Warriors lead the Magic 67-50. Klay Thompson has scored 27 points. BOX SCORE:
At the end of the third quarter, Warriors lead the Magic 103-71. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have combined for 54 point…
Klay Thompson has 21 points in the first quarter, his season high for scoring in the first frame and his third 20-point qua…
No LaMarcus Aldridge, Kawhi Leonard, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson or Andre Iguodala for the Warriors-Spurs g…
Klay Thompson's honoring his grandfather with this new KT2 colorway.
Steve Kerr announces that Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala and Klay Thompson will all rest and not play Saturd…
Steve Kerr says he will rest Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Andre Igoudala for tomorrow's game against the Spurs.
Klay Thompson's worst shot came after Marcus Smart hand checked him. I feel the Celtics should revisit that technique in the 2nd Half.
Klay Thompson blew a defensive assignment, but Marcus Smart blew the easy layup.
Klay Thompson is just good at shooting. Marcus Smart's defense is great and he contested 2 shots in a row perfectly and Klay cashed em both.
Marcus Smart's off the ball defense is incredible. Monster stuff on Klay Thompson.
Steve Kerr got fired up after Klay Thompson jogged back in transition. A few minutes later, he fires out to swat a Marcus Smart 3.
Marcus Smart is working his tail off to defend Klay Thompson.
Klay Thompson just TACKLED Marcus Smart on a 3-point attempt. No call
Marcus Smart has contested two Klay Thompson jumpers almost perfectly but sometimes it just doesn't matter.
Isaiah Thomas on Stephen Curry for the first possession. Avery Bradley chasing around Klay Thompson.
Over the last three games, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are shooting 11-64 from three-point range.
From 3 on this road trip. Steph Curry: 4-of-31. Klay Thompson: 7-of-33. Warriors: 20-of-87
Without Kevin Durant, the Warriors are a small finesse team. Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green. No size and no bench.…
For some reason, sticks out in my head when Klay Thompson stated emphatically Kevin Durant addition wouldn't limit his to…
Klay Thompson passed Shane Battier into a tie for 42nd all-time in 3-pointers.
Klay Thompson, drilling out a slice of pizza, talks Warriors win in Philly and Kevin Hart being a "non-factor"
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TK: I'd start my team with Klay Thompson. Sean: I don't know how TK's gonna pick the fourth best player on a team
Klay Thompson on what had to do on offense with Kevin Durant out.
Klay Thompson lost.. Stephen Curry couldnt make a half court shot for the Sager Foundation.And Aaron Gordon just didn't…
A NEW will be crowed today as Klay Thompson falls short!. Final 3 are Eric Gordon, Kemba Walker and Kyrie Irving
There will be a NEW champion in the . Klay Thompson fails to make the cut 🚫💦
Aside from Anthony Davis & Klay Thompson (ew), Paul George is the PERFECT player to plug next to James Harden.
Jimmy Butler or Klay Thompson for your starting two guard?
Kemba Walker is in the 3point contest.he is my upset choice to unset Mr. Klay Thompson. Let's Go Kemba!
very confused about the Jimmy Butler and Klay Thompson emoijis
So is Boston's lineup Isaiah Thomas, Klay Thompson, Jimmy Butler, Paul George, and Kevin Love? I love these rumors, Jae Crowder straight up?
Klay Thompson scored 35 points tonight. Warriors have won the last 23 regular-season games when he reaches the 30-point mar…
For tonight's game vs. Sacramento: Klay Thompson (sore right arch) is available to play. Zaza Pachulia and David West remai…
In 2011 NBA draft, Jimmer Fredette was drafted ahead of Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler and Isaiah Thomas.
Start one, bench one, and cut one, Demar Derozan, Jimmy Butler, Klay Thompson
On a team with Kevin Durant and Steph Curry, if you're teaching a kid how to shoot, you're showing film of Klay Thompson
Whoever was playing volleyball on that Klay Thompson foul...
Toney Douglas double clutch contested three vs uncontested Klay Thompson three point idk man let's see if it works
Why is every single NBA analyst obsessed with Klay Thompson?? Why?
Klay Thompson, on his 27th birthday and making his 400th career start, has a game-high 24 points and has hit 6-of-9 from th…
I used to look at Steph Curry and Klay Thompson body language on court like slumped shoulders and judge that negatively. (1/2)
When you take a charge after the offensive player stupidly jumps in the air to make a pass, but you're not Klay Thompson s…
[NBA] Klay Thompson to Defend his Title in Three-Point Contest on All-Star Saturday Night
Thought that was Klay Thompson, mark Jackson & Steph Curry in the back
Most games with 10 made 3-pointers in NBA history: . Stephen Curry: 8 . Klay Thompson: 3 . JR Smith: 3
when Klay Thompson dropped 37 in a quarter
we don't. He look like Klay Thompson, I look Chris Bosh
Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Draymon Green are all All-stars 🙉 I hope they all can play at once.
Klay Thompson has been so poor. Just can't seem to find his rhythm.
"Klay Thompson's on fire tonight!!!". "Y'know Mike, Klay wet the bed until he was 15"
Klay Thompson has connected on his 1,200th career regular-season three-pointer.
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He probably should've been in over Klay Thompson.
So your telling me Chris Paul and Damian Millard aren't all stars but Klay Thompson did?
.received 23 All-Star votes from players. That's more than Chris Paul, Mike Conley, Klay Thompson, Draymond…
Chris Paul should've been an all-star over Klay Thompson and I'm not even a huge CP3 fan.
if you voted for Klay Thompson over Damian lillard, cj mccollum, Chris Paul, and Mike Conley...
Draymond Green and Klay Thompson named All-Star reserves. Warriors the 8th team ever with 4 All-Stars.
Klay Thompson makes it to the All-Star game but not Someone PLEASE try and justify this 🤔
How is Klay Thompson an All-Star over Nikola Jokic and Chris Paul?
All of Damian Lillard, Chris Paul, CJ McCollum and Mike Conley have been better than Klay Thompson this season.
Of the West reserves, DeAndre Jordan instead of Rudy Gobert and Klay Thompson instead of a couple of other guards are the egregious choices.
Klay Thompson made the All Star team over Chris Paul and CJ Mccollum GTFO.
Norris Cole and Nate Robinson all we need for a playmaker PGs ...put Kyrie at the 2 to eat up Klay Thompson ...
My sources have contacted me and the Magic have reportedly traded CJ Watson for Klay Thompson
Nah, Miami's gonna take this like Dion Waiters swishing a heat check three over Klay Thompson
2 years ago today Klay Thompson scored 37 points in a quarter
On this date 2 years ago, Klay Thompson set an NBA record with 37 pts in a single quarter vs the Sacramento Kings. https:…
Klay Thompson with the shot, 8 ball corner pocket
Patrick McCaw with the put back dunk on Klay Thompson's miss vs. the Magic.
BREAKING: Golden State Warriors stars Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson just learned their fate.
I'm voting to send Klay Thompson to the 2017 NBA All-Star Game!
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