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Kix Brooks

Leon Eric Kix Brooks III (born on May 12, 1955) is an American country music artist, best known for being one half of the duo Brooks & Dunn.

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Country music isn't his only talent!
Listen 2 this special visit from October 2007 between & - great memories from a legend:…
Kix Brooks has co-created Vaquero Entertainment to produce and release two new films. You’re Gonna Miss Me is...
I just listened to it. I loved it. I am picky when it comes to my country music. I l…
Ronnie Wood's ex-wife reveals rocker is 'completely fine' after cancer battle - Wood will "bounce back" from his ...
Ronnie Dunn - *** Drunk ft. Kix Brooks via This goes out to one red head I would love to meet!!!
This is a beautiful winery in Franklin, TN owned by Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn. Pretty amazing wine too! —...
. KixBrooks is a big Hollywood mogul now.
Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn have the best country names
"Every Little Thing" by moved up one spot to the no.16 most played Country Song according to with Kix Brooks!
Platinum Records Nashville Party Bus is at Arrington Vineyards, Kix Brooks winery.
with Song of the Week is The Fighter from &
Don’t miss American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks Tomorrow morning at 6 for this week’s top 30 on Nash 107 PSK!…
Country Music News Today in 1981: Kix and Barbara Brooks marry in Nashville. He oversleeps and barely arrives on time
Happy 36th wedding anniversary to Kix Brooks and his lovely wife, Barbara. The couple married on Aug. 1, 1981—but...
Moving up more! Every Little Thing by moves up to no.25 on with Kix Brooks today! Onward to no.1.
Now playing: *** drunk by Ronnie Dunn with Kix Brooks! Click here to listen {
I've been once, about 8 or 9 years ago. Kix brooks came to our table and chatted with us. Kathleen's folks thought that was cool.
on Retro Country 890: Kix Brooks - Baby, When Your Heart Breaks Down Tune in at
Kix Brooks has popped up to speak passionately pro Grand Prix of Nashville at this meeting.
Throwback to Working at Arrington Vineyard with Kix Brooks and goofing off in the vines. Photo…
Just heard that on with Kix Brooks Every Little Thing by came in at no.26 up to spots this week!
on Retro Country 890: Kix Brooks - Highways And Heartaches Tune in at
Kix Brooks turns 62 tomorrow...chance of Brooks & Dunn getting back together are slim...but they will be the biggest country duo ever
AUDIO: talks about Municipal Auditorium, his career and more on
If I was Ronnie Dunn, I would've never spoken to Kix Brooks again.
Now Playing: Ronnie Dunn - *** Drunk ft. Kix Brooks is on Knoxville Edge
If you were an angel, I'd pray to go to Heaven. — Ronnie Dunn (w Kix Brooks)
This week's most popular song in all of country music on American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks, fueled by...
Meanwhile in Joplin Kix Brooks is crowbarring Roy Blunt's name into "Boot Scootin Boogie"
Great. Went to Arrington (kix Brooks) winery and then Chappel Hill, Shelbyville and then Lynchburg. We need to go…
11/6/11 - inducts Kix Brooks into the Music City Walk of Fame.
If it's Ronnie Dunn featuring Kix Brooks, wouldn't that just be Brooks and Dunn? 🤔
The fact that my parents almost named me Kix after Kix Brooks makes me lol
Garth brooks was never apart of Brooks and Dunn. It was Kix Brooks.
Great day yesterday working with Kix Brooks & Dan Rather.
In search of the best requests and dedications for American Country Countdown with Kix BrooksCountdown with Kix Brooks! You got one??
Why was Aldean there? He took away from Kix AND Ronnie's vocals made him sound like an amateur. Whose stupid idea was that???
Jersey Shore Fans, Rejoice: Ronnie Magro Is Returning To TV - Magro is returning to the small screen -- but he wo...
Seeing Kix Brooks & Ronnie Dunn sing together again, makes me want to cry. 😍😭
Kix Brooks looks like the dog from As Good As It Gets.
Jason Aldean sang more in that Brooks & Dunn performance than Ive ever seen Kix Brooks sing at any country awards show. Shame.
is not missing any details tonight. Even cutting off Kix Brooks' mic on that performance.
Hey anyone ever tell you you look a lot like Kix Brooks?
sounds just as good as it did in '91 Brooks & Dunn. Great to see Ronnie & Kix together on the stage.
Annual reminder that I once built a house with Shreveport's finest, Kix Brooks.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
% chance Kix Brooks microphone is turned on?
Brad Paisley with a "bad hombre" joke to introduce noted Trump supporter Ronnie Dunn, with Kix Brooks and Jason Aldean
I'm so confused. Why is Kix wearing a regular suit? Who did this?
Me and the homie Kix Brooks from Brooks and Dunn
Y'all know I am a Brooks and Dunn fan because well.Kix
probs addicted to this song because Kix Brooks is featured in it and it's like Brooke & Dunn got back together 😭😂
Colt Ford - All In: featuring KIX BROOKS is played on More info @
Ronnie Dunn - *** Drunk ft. Kix Brooks. Ya got like this one A lot !
Greg McElroy, Legend, and Kix Brooks in one day!. Are you not entertained
I'll take Brooks & Dunn please. Kix was fab at Songwriters a couple of years ago 👍
did 3hl just say Hurd is equal to Derek Henry?!?!? Someone got into that kix brooks brown liquor
I added a video to a playlist Ronnie Dunn - *** Drunk ft. Kix Brooks
Get Alarmed TN is our Statewide Smoke Alarm Program. Working today with county music legend Kix Brooks.
You could sit next to celebrity judges Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn, Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts and Scott...
Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn, there may not be any more country than that
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
American Country Countdown Awards with Kix Brooks...Tonight 7pm central, on Fox 13 local...Big tribute to Merle...
Kix Brooks name me Hero of the Week (but the real heroes r the military-bound HS seniors & parents
More good press for our upcoming cancer benefit this Wednesday at The Franklin Theatre with Miranda Lambert, Kix... https:/…
Check out Arrington winery KIX BROOKS in Tennessee. got medal all wine catergories. their went charity. my favorite TRUMP AND AR
Kix Brooks Steps Up to Support Volunteer Firefighters - The Step Up and Stand Out campaign has just released a ...
Join poet and arts activist Stephanie Pruitt for a conversation on April 26.
Signed on to score a new movie with some really great peeps! . Stars John Schneider, Kix Brooks,…
The CrawFish Kings had the pleasure of hanging with Tim McGraw and Kix Brooks last weekend.
congratulations Ronnie and Kix! Glad Reba gets to present you with the award!
Nothing is better than Ronnie Dunn and Kix Brooks back together. by virginia_best
When your dad lives by Kix brooks and Tim McGraw
this was before I learned good qualities of my voice I sing way different now!
Cy Young Award Winning Pitcher Rick Sutcliffe, Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn and ProRodeo Hall of Famer
Cole Swindell is Kix Brooks for people too young to have had a SNES
Country singer Kix Brooks is originally from Shreveport!.
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Watching the episode of King of the Hill where they roll Randy Travis' trailer, & Bobby makes Kix Brooks sick 😂
kix brooks I'm the bigger country music fan than you
Kix & Brooks! That's what my mom always called them. She was a little biased when it came to her so-in-law.:-)
Reba and Brooks & Dunn kicked off their Vegas residency this month! Details: https:…
Tomorrow we honor our Veterans with Cape Cod BioFuels for a special hosted by our very own Kix Brooks! Join us...
Remember that time Bobby Hill accidentally poisoned Kix Brooks with a tainted Apple Brown Betty?
Colt Montana salutes & the NY Firefighters in the National Stair Climb honoring the fallen heroes of 9/11
When you go to a vineyard owned by none other than Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn 🍇
Some good looking body guards. Love Kix Brooks.
Love Kix Brooks. Like trying to check out at Walmart. So many people and only one register open. LOL.
not sure who kix Brooks is, but he is literally a caricature of George w. Bush. But i like him.
I just found out Kix Brooks has a show about steak joints. Worlds collide...
I wanna eat with Kix Brooks. He said real meat eaters want that marble in the meat. Marble = fat.
Kix Brooks: It's called the chef's twitch. I bet you salt & pepper your bed at night before you get in it.
Watching Steak Out with Kix Brooks is more productive than having watched Keith Murray vs. Fredro Starr.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
True or false: Kix Brooks is Dale Earnhardt with a cowboy hat on?
A night of getting trapped by a terrible cooking show with Kix Brooks and a PBS documentary on bakeries is just what I need
At Kix Brooks', of Brooks and Dunn, vineyard in TN
Wow! I just won this for free, Kix Brooks movie Ambush!
w/ premieres Tuesday @ 9pm ET. The search for the USA's best steak is on: h…
Check out this exclusive preview of Kix’s new show ‘Steak Out With Kix Brooks’
Tune in TONIGHT to see the premier of Kix's new show 'Steak Out with Kix Brooks' on the at 9PM ET!
Missed last night's premiere of with Stream it online now:
Watching Kix Brooks on the Cooking Channel at Johnny's cafe Omaha NE. So you Nebraskans is it the real deal ?
.appetite for steak gets bigger in Texas as he find Dallas' best steaks on a new at 9|8c: http:/…
your character Zeke, sounds just like Kix Brooks. Just realized while watching 'Steak Out' 😂😂
Watching Steak Out with Kix Brooks on Cooking Channel. Terrible idea. I want a steak now.
Avoid a missed steak. Stream the series premiere of with online:
On @ 9p ET finds 3 steakhouses even the people in Washington DC can agree about. Recipes + more: h…
Kix...Kip... Kip...Kix. Kix Brooks talks with Kip Moore about his new album (CD, Compilation- whatever they are...
What a night at Arrington Vineyards! Kix Brooks rocked the hillside for VCH!!
Kix Brooks wearing his cowboy hat while hosting his triple D type show on the Cooking Channel is just what I needed at 2 am
This show about steak hosted by Kix Brooks on the Cooking Channel is: 1) entertaining, and 2) making me hungry.
watch Kix Brooks on food channel. Steak house your favorite
Tune in TONIGHT for a new episode of STEAK OUT WITH KIX BROOKS 9PM ET Feat:
Bob Hartley wins the Jack Adams award as coach of the year best part by far was shaking hands with Kix Brooks
Country music artist, actor, and film producer best known for being 1/2 of the duo Brooks & Dunn, Kix Brooks presents the Jack Adams Award.
Looks like Kix Brooks is presenting the Jack Adams trophy tonight. Will the joint start jumpin' when he arrives on stage?
searches for America's best steakhouses on "Steak Out with Kix Brooks," premiering Tuesday, July 14, on the .
histoire de pleurer en dormant..."if tomorrow never comes" Garth Brooks (not Kix) music is an interesting world.bon pour les yeux.
These 3 (Reba, RD, Kix) have some fun planned for audiences the last half of 2015 in Vegas. https:…
Tennessee wine tasting at Kix Dunn (of winery @ Arrington…
Tonight on Queen joins us to talk about her the Las Vegas Residency with Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn!! It starts this WEDNESDAY!
Thanks, American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks for recognizing the importance of the Float Like A Duck -...
Reba McEntire, Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn join forces to launch "REBA, BROOKS & DUNN: Together in Vegas"June 24 at Caesars Palace.
Clarence Spalding, Kix Brooks drum up contributions from music industry for Children’s Hospital:
Gurl you thicker than a Kix Brooks mustache
Kix..Just sing..that would be enuff..Leave the dancin' to us..:) :)
Don't miss American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks tonight at 8!
INTERVIEW: Kix Brooks on his radio show, on country music...
Kix Brooks owns Arrington vineyard should have filmed it
The Adventures of Slim and Howdy by Ronnie Dunn and Kix Brooks (2008, Hardcover)
Who knew Kix Brooks, of Brooks and Dunn, owns a vineyard?!
It's as good as if Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn did a collaboration.
An American County Christmas with Kix Brooks continues on 103.7 &
Well, I met a legend today. Renee Grant-Williams is an amazingly talented woman. She is the voice coach of Christina Aguilera, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Linda Ronstadt, the Dixie Chicks, Keith Urban, Miley Cyrus, Kix Brooks, Martina McBride, Kenny Chesney, Randy Travis, Huey Lewis, Bryan White and many others. On top of that, she is a beautiful woman on the inside and out. I was so blessed to be able to sing with her today!
Darius Rucker was at the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree tonight - next he joins Kix Brooks on...
Country stars Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn are reuniting their old band, surprising fans who thought they were Over & Dunn.
11/06 - Kix Brooks in Concert at the Carmel Palladium.
Ok, We've figured out our Halloween comstumes. John Speight is going to be Ronnie Dunn and I'm going to be Kix Brooks. Now we just need a Reba. Klint Stallons?
Uncle Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty Recording "Can't take the Swamp Outta of the Man" with Kix Brooks
Getting set to take a tour of the winery owned by Brooks and Dunn's Kix Brooks — at Arrington Vineyards
I just got an automated phone call from Kix Brooks! He was asking me to vote for Lamar Alexander.
Kix Brooks just called and asked that I vote for Lamar Alexander in the Republican Senate primary...odd world we live in
FREE entertainment at the Oak Ridge Secret City Festival today & tomorrow! Also Eddie Money & Kix Brooks concerts
Don't forget ... it's SECRET CITY FESTIVAL!!! Tons of FREE activities for kids and interesting historical exhibits ... fun for ALL AGES!!! Friday ... Opening Ceremonies at 11am and activities will shut down between 6 & 7 in preparation for the Eddie Money concert @ 7pm Saturday ... activities open at 10am and close at 6pm for the Kix Brooks concert @ 7pm Daytime entertainment is FREE ... evening concerts are $20 per night with tickets still available at the gate!!! Message me with any questions ... or call me at the desk 425-3450 ... I'll be there all day, both days!!!
We have a winner Daryl from South Carolina knew all four of the people on stage yesterday and they were Connie Smith , Charley Pride , Kix Brooks , and Mel Tillis congratulations Daryl
Kix Brooks, RM, Bobby Bare & Hunter Hayes, 2014 CMA Hall of Fame Induction Announcements in April for Ronnie...
Kix Brooks just called Colt Ford the 'father of country rap' 🙈 Why is that even a thing?! 😭
Join us for the 12th Annual Secret City Festival, June 13-14 in historic Oak Ridge! Tickets for Eddie Money and Kix Brooks are still available for $18, through June 5. Festival food, great family fun, Manhattan Project site tours and living history exhibits will be open. There's something for the entire family.
Uhh.this article is right, has his *** overlooked ALL the people that's came from here...Jared Leto, Terry Bradshaw, Hank Williams Jr, Kix Brooks, just to name a FEW...And this is a jungle?? 0_o It's a swamp you jackoff get it right!! And he loves his "Shreveport fans" huh.Mhmmm well you can kiss Shreveport's backwoods *** ! ;)
American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks - listen online, location, contact, schedule and broadcast information
I couldn't have said it better myself Jack! Oh hey, wait, I DID say it myself! Check out all the details of our big day in next weeks issue of US Weekly! Betcha all didn't know I was a recording star either! Be sure to go get my new album next Tuesday on iTunes, Jack! I called in a little help from my friends Kix Brooks, Jessica Andrews, Zach Harris, The Mauldin Brothers, Wesley Dennis, my nephew in law Jay Nelson and my daughter in law Marsha Robertson! It's on like Bing Bong Jack!
Kix Brooks and Terry Bradshaw at the annual Bradshaw-Brooks Golf Tournament!
Terry Bradshaw and Kix Brooks, two of Louisiana Tech most famous and loyal alums, return to Ruston this weekend for the annual Bradshaw-Brooks Golf Tournament at Squire Creek Country Club. The pair entertained some of the Tech faithful tonight during a reception held for them at Squire Creek. Louisiana Tech is blessed to have these two as part of the LA Tech Family. Thanks guys.
Tonight, Cael got to meet Kix Brooks and Terry Bradshaw at a benefit at Squire Creek. They hold a golf tournament every year to support Louisiana Tech. They both played Football for LATech. They both have had amazing success in their life choices. They are both very nice people, and Cael was so happy to meet them.
Kix Brooks sings Red Dirt Road at the reception at Squire Creek-Golf Sunday night with he and Terry Bradshaw. Thanks to those two loyal LA Tech ambassadors for their love for their alma mater.
Eric Church is on American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks this morning, plus the week's top 30 country songs!...
Great Press conference with Kix Brooks (Brooks and Dunn) and co hosts Luke Ryan and Blake Shelton at the Academy...
Yes! Brooks and Dunn with "You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone"! I love The Fact Kix Brooks Sang this song!
Kix Brooks hosting a Q & A with the hosts of the ACM Awards at our private radio press conference!
It's y'all! Kix Brooks interviewing Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan live in Vegas...
The ACM press conference hosted by Kix Brooks with Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton!
Beautiful day wine tasting at Kix Brooks' winery in Nashville! @ Arrington Vineyards
In las Vegas with mom on the same tram with kix brooks
Red Carpet coverage of teh 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards live from Las Vegas begins tomorrow (Sunday, 4/6) at 5PM with Kix Brooks, Chuck Wicks, and Jenn Hobby on the all new NASH-FM 107.1! Who do you think will win the New Artist of the Year Award --- Kip Moore, Justin Moore, or Brett Eldridge?
I'm sorry but I cannot stand listening to Kix Brooks do the top 40 countdown ..something about the way he does it just drives me nuts.
Everytime I hear Kix Brooks talk I think of how upset was when he was weirdly not on 92.5 for like 2 weeks
Count down the week's Top 30 country hits right now on American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks with guests...
Outlaw Country's Kidd Corona and Kix Brooks hanging out backstage before the concert tonight at Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino.
Getting my country on with Kix Brooks
Kix Brooks concert is 21 and over. Some of these ppl look way younger. Like 15. Wow!!!
My sister has 2 tickets for Kix Brooks tonight at Buffalo Thunder... If any body is interested... 60 for both..
They’ve opened for acts like Kix Brooks and Hunter Hayes… You’ll be blown away by the power behind this young rising stars voice! Minneapolis native Devon Worley brings her Band to Northern Lights Ballroom Friday night (4/4)! Tickets just 5-bucks and include a 2 for 1 drink ticket! 8:30pm to 12:30am! Drink specials and 2 for $20 menu from 5:00pm to 8:00pm!
Fun day today in Sante Fe playing guitar with my old buddy Kix Brooks and his great band! Another one of those good days in the biz playing a little country rocknroll!
Kix Brooks pick Same Trailer Different Park for Album of they Year. Yeah I don't think so.
Texas Country Bash July 4 & 5 at the new Cattlemans Plaza in San Antonio,TX featuring Josh Abbot, Randy Rogers, Kix Brooks, & many more!
My aunt knows Kix Brooks from Brooks & Dunn
Brooks n dunn will always be one of country musics best
This lady I just drove is from Nashville, and knows Garth Brooks, Lady A, and her neighbor was Kix Brooks. So jealous!!
It's the FIRST EVER KIX CRUISE! October 25th - November 2nd.get signed up before April 23rd and save $50 a person!
Lady Antebellum stops by to visit Kix Brooks on Kickin' It with Kix overnight tonight!
Kix Brooks drops by on Outlaw Country with Kidd Corona Wednesday before your drive at FIVE!
Stay tuned for special overnight packages Comfort Inn Oak Ridge that include tickets to Kix Brooks during Secret...
Kix Brooks is coming to Oak Ridge, June 14 at the Secret City Festival! featured in NBC s Science of Love
The Secret City Festival is excited to announce that Kix Brooks is our headliner on the UCOR Concert Stage for...
Jimmy Rose opens for Kix Brooks may22 at bell county high school
We got ya! Try - gorgeous vineyard owned by Kix Brooks. Also, check out & - delicious!
We picked up Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Charlie Sheen as celebrity fans this week, now Kix Brooks as well...another win for the Cats!!
Marine Todd go to class. Class taught by Kix Brooks & Ronnie Dunn. Marine Todd not say nothing, ears open, mouth shut
cool thanks! I'm listening now. Is it the Kix Brooks countdown show?
American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks has to play them! Sara Evans on now at 22. Radio does play Automatic with Miranda
Kix Brooks is known by many names -- singer, songwriter, radio host and winemaker. Now he's exploring his acting skills again with a brand new film, a Western titled Ambush at Dark Canyon. Brooks stars as U.S. Marshal Duke Donovan, the good guy who lands in prison after being labeled an accomplice in a bank robbery. Of course, there are complications. While he's behind bars, he learns that harm is headed for his beautiful wife back home -- and it may be at the hands of someone he once trusted. The plot thickens! There were moments of vigilante justice, tender yet tense conversations and intense grief, too. Brooks pulled off each of these moments like the professional we know he is. And although he did study acting in college at Louisiana Tech University, he admitted he was nervous about the process of going in to shoot the film. But his L.A. cast members not only gave him the chance to shine but the encouragement he needed, as well. "That first day on the set, I know it was like, 'Here comes the hillbilly ...
The focus is all on Dierks Bentley during this weekend's edition of ACC! He'll talk a little bit about making his latest album And, did you know Dierks is a pilot?!?! He'll share memories of a recent flight with his family and more when he joins Kix Brooks this weekend!
COUNTRY MUSIC NEWS & NOTES 1.31.14 Kix Brooks spent Wednesday night (Jan. 29) doing something he’s been waiting a long time to do. He made his acting debut with the premiere of ‘Ambush at Dark Canyon’ at the Country Music Hall of Fame’s theater in Nashville. In the film, Brooks plays U.S. Marshall Duke Donovan who is imprisoned after he’s accused of being an aide to a bank robbery. While locked up, Donovan gets word that his wife’s life is in jeopardy, and he knows he must not only save her, but also try and clear his name. Brooks co-stars alongside Ernie Hudson. About halfway through the filming, Brooks became so immersed in what he was doing that he asked if he could work on the music score, which includes a duet with Randy Houser. The ‘Ambush at Dark Canyon’ DVD and soundtrack are available now at both Walmart and Sam’s Club and will be released elsewhere on March 11. Sara Evans is just one of many who were affected by the extreme chaos caused by just a couple inches of snow in Alaba ...
This weekend on ACC, Jason Aldean visits & David Nail talks about his latest hit "Whatever She's Got"... Listen for this & more with Kix Brooks!
Randy Houser getting ready to take on Kix Brooks in a prison yard fight! Timothy V Murphy having a little grub with William Shockley. Ronnie Blevins, Ernie Hudson and Timothy V. Murphy after Warden Logan has sentenced Kix Brooks and Paul Mccarthy-Boyington to the hole!
Entertainment Reporter Jesse Walker hangs out with Kix Brooks at the Nashville premiere of his latest movie, "A Country Christmas." This family friendly movi...
To all our listeners, advertising client partners, and community partners we wish you a very Merry Christmas!! A few gifts... enjoy a festive commercial free blend of holiday favorites on WQRC 99.9 FM and Ocean 104.7. Kix Brooks and many special guests host your holiday on Cape Country 104 and on WFCC Classical 107.5 Cape Cod enjoy the rich symphonic sounds of the season. Enjoy!!
Merry Christmas from our den to yours! Remember "A Country Christmas" hosted by Kix Brooks til 7 Christmas night.. Then the replay of Christmas in the wolf Den with TJ Sacco, *** Fury, Chelsea Cavanaugh, Kevin Barrigar and Christina Cole, then Chris Taylor .. begins at 7 ! *** *** ***
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Merry Christmas Late Nighters! Hope you enjoy our good friend Kix Brooks as he takes over our airwaves with some of his Nashville buddies! Hope you having fun with friends and family!! Thank you so much for letting me be part of your family for the last year!!!
Had someone tell me I look like kix Brooks
One more hour until Kix Brooks takes over and starts playing all Christmas music until tomorrow night! Since it is Christmas Eve are you doing anything fun? I am really exited when I get off in an hour off to my brother's house. His girlfriend may a roast! She is a really good cook. - Mike Allen
Merry Christmas from KSJJ 102.9! Hope you're enjoying An American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks... Bob Kingsley's Country Top 40 presents Christmas In America tonight at 6 and again in the morning from 6am - Noon. Enjoy your holiday and thanks for being a part of the KSJJ 102.9 family! -RL
Join us all day Christmas Day (starting at 9 AM) for non-stop Christmas music and "An American Country Christmas" with Kix Brooks. Kix will be your official host all day long, with all of your favorite Country artists and great holiday music ONLY on YOUR Great Country 94-1 ! Merry Christmas ! Mike Scott
Bounty Hunters (TV series) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Question book-new.svg This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (October 2013) Bounty Hunters is a American situation animated comedy show which airs on CMT (Country Music Television). The show starts Jeff Foxworthy, Daniel Lawrence "Larry the Cable Guy" Whitney, Bill Engvall & Lisa Lampenelli. Contents [hide] 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 References 4 External links Plot[edit] Most episode has Jeff, Larry & Bill as bounty hunters being given a 'bounty' or 'assignment' from Lisa (who runs 'Lisa`s Bail Bonds'). The men are often hunting fugitives in/around the town of 'Skeeter Creek'. Cast[edit] Jeff Foxworthy as "Jeff Barton" the owner of 'Barton`s Bonuty Hunters'. Larry the Cable Guy as "Larry" employee of 'Barton`s Bonuty Hunters'. Bill Engvall as "Bill Davis" employee of 'Barton`s Bonuty Hun ...
Preview and download Kix Brooks Presents: A Country Christmas on iTunes. See ratings and read customer reviews.
Tonight at midnight, Willie & Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty join Kix Brooks on Kickin' It With Kix! Speaking...
Enjoying some time with my daughter at Kix Brooks' Arrington Vineyards
"A country boy can't help but stare at your pretty face" -Kix Brooks
Just watched a pretty good Western... "Ambush at Dark Canyon", with Kix Brooks. The music was awesome... Would love the SoundTrack!!
Unlike his old partner Kix Brooks, who had a Capitol Records recording career before teaming up as a duo, 2011’s eponymous release from Ronnie Dunn is his very first solo album. Everything on this album is about equilibrium: the rockers never get too rowdy, the ballads are never too sappy. This cool assurance illustrates just how much of an old pro Ronnie is: he never betrays his signatures, he switches things up enough to stay modern, and he offers enough different sounds to appeal to any audience at any time of day. What he doesn’t really have is a strong hook to pull listeners into the album; there’s nothing surprising or unexpected or exceptionally hooky, just 12 polished slices of contemporary country that will surely please longtime Brooks & Dunn fans largely because it doesn’t feel all that different than the duo.
Here's Kix Brooks introducing my boy JP at on American Country Countdown. This song has been climbing the charts steadily the past few weeks and I don't think it's going to slow down anytime soon. Hope JP makes it to this kickass song... PARDI ON Y'all
WCPM is playing 8 hours straight of Christmas today with a Country Christmas Special all day hosted by Kix Brooks. Tune in! AM-1280!
Went out to our favourite local Winery, Arrington Vineyards, and had our bottles signed by co-owner/guitar slingers. Kix Brooks !
We have the Christmas spirit this weekend on ACC! Kix Brooks talks to The Band Perry, Jake Owen, Jason Aldean, Florida-Georgia Line and Thompson Square all on this weekend's show! And, the topic of choice? The holidays, of course!
What's the best part of the holidays? Well, if you're like many of us (OK, let's be real — most of us), it's the food that makes spirits bright. This is no different in Nashville, where country stars love to chow down … and on some not-so-typical fare that might surprise some of you out there. Example? Tim McGraw likes to serve an unexpected dish on Christmas Eve. "My mother's maiden name is D'Agastino," he explains, "So coming from an Italian family on her side, for Christmas Eve we always have homemade pasta." McGraw and wife Faith Hill are even quite efficient with the leftovers. "On Christmas morning, [we make] eggs with spaghetti sauce!" At least most of us have heard of pasta. Country chanteuse Martina McBride's favorite holiday treat is a bit more unusual. She likes to make "fluff salad," a concoction that combines pimiento cheese spread, marshmallows, pineapple, and Cool Whip. Before you gag, rest assured that the cheese "is mostly for color and texture," McBride explains, adding that the "sal ...
What a great Friday night...Christmas music, wine, and Kix Brooks
Loving this Tennessee living - photo op and signing with Kix Brooks
At Arrington with my wonderful husband waiting to get our bottles signed by Kix Brooks.
This weekend on ACC, Kix Brooks will do a little visitin’ with special guests Jake Owen and Cassadee Pope, plus we highlight the great career of Kenny Rogers and more!
In Nashville News, Clay Walker will appear on NBC's Today on Christmas Day to promote his work with the Military Warriors Support Foundation. Clay helped create the foundation in 2010 to donate mortgage-free homes to U.S. veterans, and the group has given away 538 houses in 43 states since then. Clay and Lt. General Leroy Sisco will discuss their work with the foundation and also surprise a U.S. Army veteran with keys to a mortgage-free home on the show. For more information on the Military Warriors Support Foundation, go to Exciting news for Terri Clark. She announced yesterday: I'm filling in and co hosting with Kix Brooks,starting TONIGHT and every night the next couple of weeks !!! Kacey Musgraves' Same Trailer Different Park, Brad Paisley's Wheelhouse and Gary Allan's Set You Free all made Entertainment Weekly's list of 2013's 10 Best Country Albums. Taylor Swift's RED Tour was voted as the best trek of 2013 according to readers, over this year's tours by Beyoncé ...
BREAD! MILK! TOILET PAPER! The MOTHER of all STORMS is bringing ice, snow, cold temperatures and SANTA! The weekend will give us some weather challenges. Stay with 100.5 The Wolf and stay ahead of the storm. This morning, only 6 days until Christmas! I've got Kix Brooks "A Country Chruistmas" DVD's for you to win, travel help for the holidays from and Plus, it's Go Caroling Day, sing away at will! Be careful and keep howlin' with 100.5 The Wolf &! See ya this morning!
Starting Trace Adkins as the sheriff and Kix Brooks as duke the horse
Kix Brooks Signing - This Friday! Kix will be available at Arrington Vineyards to personally autograph your favorite bottles of AV wine from 7pm to 8pm this Friday, December 20th! Jim Michie will be performing from 5pm to 9pm Must be present to receive autographs - No reservations required. Autographs are not guaranteed after 8pm. Happy Holidays!
With Donna beginning her vacation for the week, Kix Brooks brings in his buddy Terri Clark to fill in for co-hosting duties on Kickin' It with Kix... Listen for her on tonight's show as she and Kix welcomes Toby Keith and newcomer Jon Pardi in studio!
New Ronnie Dunn and kix brooks cds are wicked too bad there two different cds.
I just watched Kix Brooks' movie A Country Christmas and I cried like a baby! It is a great Christmas movie though!
After spending 20 years as one half of the highest selling duo in the history of Country music, Brooks & Dunn, Kix Brooks launched his solo music career in 2012. His debut Arista Nashville solo single "New To This Town" is currently climbing the Country radio charts. Brooks is also the host of “Ame...
I-92, WLWI, presents "A Country Christmas", with your host, Kix Brooks. All Christmas Eve and all Christmas Day - nothing but Christmas music, hosted by Kix. Join us on I-92, WLWI!
Merry Christmas Colleen! Could u play John Berry O Holy Night around 12:45. Remember I told you Jon Pardi was going to be a star, well now he is up to on Kix Brooks country countdown. So please play Up all night too. Thanks and have a blessed day!
if you ever meet kix brooks say HI LEON that is his real name
Who wins in a fight? Kix Brooks or Kasey Casum in his prime?
Kix Brooks performin an acoustic version of Red Dirt Road at the CMA Songwriters show at Joe's Pub in NYC on October 07, 2011. Kix was in the crowd and ...
Watch me bartend on the new TV show 'Rich At Night' 7 - 8:30 on the TV Guide channel (71 in Nashville area). With, John Rich, Wynonna Judd, Kix Brooks, Gretchen Wilson, Sophia Monk, John Ratzenberger, Wayne Brady and Gilbert Gottfried.
Country superstar Wynonna Judd will kick off the holiday season with a Monday, November 25 performance and interview on John Rich's TV Guide Network Special "Rich At Night" (8:00 PM Eastern). Wynonna will perform "What It Takes" for the intimate audience and sit down with Rich--half of the country duo Big & Rich and winner of NBC's "The Apprentice"--to talk about her new Got Soul shoe line and unveil the designs for the first time with a mini fashion show. The Got Soul collection features bedazzled sneakers, wedges and flats, and will be available beginning next month at the Fred Segal boutique in Los Angeles and at Gregory's online (   The 90-minute "Rich At Night" special will feature live performances, celebrity interviews, surprise guests, and lots of audience interaction. Filmed on location in Rich's Nashville home, known as "Mount Richmore," and co-hosted by Sophie Monk, the special will include appearances by Kix Brooks, Gretchen Wilson, John Ratzenberger, Wayne Brady, Gilb ...
Captain Wines and I will be in Nashville for a short trip this week. If you want to catch up with us, be at the courtyard of the Country Music Hall of Fame at 10:30am on Wednesday. We will be there with Kidde Residential & Commercial, National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, Craig Morgan, Kix Brooks, and many more to introduce the "Be a Safety Hero" program. Tomorrow, on our way there we are planning on swinging by the Oak Ridge FD (near Knoxville) at noon for lunch, and the Fire Department of Mt. Juliet around 4-5pm. As always, I will be posting updates on our travels which culminate with attending the Country Music Awards Wednesday night! After that, we will be tearing up downtown Nashville!
We get a busy CMA Country Music Association Awards week started with nominees Miranda Lambert and Lady Antebellum as they visit with Kix Brooks and DonnaBrittCooks on tonight's show: Miranda will share just how she talked singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves into letting her have "Mama's Broken Heart and Lady A reveals which one of them had the idea behind the music video for "Downtown"... all this and more tonight on Kickin' It with Kix!
John Rich will host Rich At Night from his "Mt. Richmore" Nashville home Nov. 25 on TVGN, the TV Guide network. "My show is speaking to Middle America," Rich says. "It's so much fun to literally go from my living room into the living rooms of people all around the country." The 90-minute television event will feature original songs "Rich At Night" and "Take It Up To The House" by Rich as well as live performances and interviews with Wynonna, Kix Brooks, Gretchen Wilson, John Ratzenberger, Wayne Brady, Gilbert Gottfried and more. The show will re-air on the network throughout Thanksgiving week.
The amazing Kix Brooks and Robin Meade on stage tonight at the nash launch
Going to Josh Turner and Kix Brooks concert tonight at St. Joseph county fair in Centreville, woohoo.
Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Kix Brooks and Gary Allen? It's gonna be a good day 👌🎶
so stoked for country fair next weekend.. Gary Allen, RRB, Kix Brooks, and Wade Bowen in the same night.. oh yea
😂😂 eh, I love George Canyon 👌 wish you could come see Kix Brooks this weekend ! gonna be a hillbilly deluxe party 😍🎉
Ronnie Dunn& Kix Brooks were randomly paired together, now if that isn't fate I don't know what is
Heard your song on Kix Brooks show this morning. Now that's how to start the day!! Cutter & Alisha, Cat Country Colo Spgs!
I want a Kix Brooks mustache for just 1 day. 1 DAY.
00joins Paul Ferguson this afteroon on Cool 100! Kix Brooks headlines the Quinte Exhibition this...
Thanks to for having me on Radio Show to talk about Quinte Ex Aug 29-Sept1. Kix Brooks from Brooks&Dunn & more.
Now playing Kix Brooks - Closin' Time at Home on Country Power Station
I'm for real about to cry while watching this Kix Brooks Backstory.
so sad kix brooks lost his daddy from cancer in a matter of 3 weeks I was blessed to have mine hang on for almost 2 years after he found out
Kix Brooks is one of the greatest singers ever, not to mention he has a badass name.
to go camping next weekend or go see Kix Brooks? .uhh, camping obvi 💁
joins Paul Ferguson tomorrow on Kix Brooks at the Quinte Ex on Aug. 31st! Tix for Kix at
How did Taylor Swift change newcomer Charlie Worsham's life? He reveals all to Kix Brooks and Donna Britt Cooks...
If you missed Craig's Livestream Interview/Chat with Kix Brooks this morning you can watch it here!!
Hey Everyone!!! Don't forget about Kix Brooks Formally of Books & Dunn August 31st at the Quinte Ex in Belleville Ontario Cananda!!! 7pm
Beautiful day at Kix Brooks' Arrington Vineyards harvest party.
Check out this email Kix Brooks winery
REMINDER:Craig will be joining Kix Brooks LIVE this Tuesday at 11:40am CST! Tune into the livestream webcast,...
We have loved her work since her shot of Kix Brooks graced the cover of SOCIAL ealier this year. And now we are...
pay green and rodger creager Are Friday.. and Gary Alan randy Rodgers, kix brooks and Wade Bowen Saturday
Can't wait to see Gary Alan, Kix Brooks, Randy Rogers band and more at country fair sept 7
Soo many good free Big E concerts this year, Don Felder from The Eagles, Randy Houser, Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn, and THE BEACH BOYS!!
American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks on Sundays>>>>
Jamey Johnson and Stoney LaRue the 23rd and Gary Allan, Randy Rogers, Kix Brooks and more the 7th... Should be a nice couple weeks off!
My dad is staying the night at Kix Brooks house tonight. This isn't fair.
Just ran into the Kix Brooks crew getting groceries at Kroger :)
Ronnie Dunn and Kix Brooks need to get back together.
Fun fact: ive golfed with Ronnie Dunn and Kix Brooks multiple times. And lost brutally multiple times
Also Parmalee, FLAGA Line, Reba, Luke Bryan, Kix Brooks, Vince Gill, Thompson Square, and Grace Potter are all performing too that week.
Wine tasting with my ladies at Kix Brooks' Winery! meganhuberty
KSCS was spot lighted on Kix Brooks' countdown yesterday! Way to go; LOVE KSCS when in DFW!
If you are a guy who likes Montgomery Gentry, Kix Brooks, Gary Allen, Randy Rogers Band, and/or Pat Green please text me. 👍
All purpose parts banner
kix brooks on 96.3 is the best way to start a Sunday morning👌
Chance to win some boots and meet Kix Brooks!!!
I'm listening to 96.3 KSCS right now American Country Countdown/Kix Brooks Listen with me
I also put Alan Jackson and Kix brooks on here to
and I at the Nashville walk of fame :) kix brooks from brooks and Dunn! @ Music City…
"I turned my life around completely, come full circle since the day you ditched me" - Kix Brooks, Complete 360"
I got: Kix Brooks . Fan: no . Following : no. Follows me : No . Seen live : seen backstage @ Rans concert. for a celeb :)
Cool. I wish U the best with EVERYTHING!! I hope you and your family are doing well :) I could listen 2 u & Kix Brooks all day!
My next broken heart by Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn will forever be my favorite country song.
Last minute decision to go see Miranda Lambert, Dierks Bentley, and Kix Brooks at Jiffy Lube Live tonight! So excited!!!
Tip it on back with (@ PNC Bank Arts Center for Dierks Bentley, Kix Brooks, Miranda Lambert and Di...)
Kix Brooks, Dierks Bentley concert! Yeah.I guess Miranda Lambert is there too.
Miranda Lambert, Dierks Bentley, Kix Brooks,and Raelynn concert tonight with and at PNC Arts Center
Kix Brooks, Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert concert with my best friend 😍👌🎶
SAME! And Dierks Bentley and Kix Brooks is also with her! So it should be amazing!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
More tickets next week!!! Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley with Kix Brooks and RaeLynn at the Comcast Theatre...
Raelynn, Kix Brooks, Dierks Bentley, and Miranda Lambert. The far drive and battle for front row pits…
Absolutely a wonderful first concert experience Raelyn from the voice, Kix Brooks, Dierks Bentley, and Miranda Lambert !!
someone's drunk at the end SBC. Who's hotter Miranda or kix brooks?
he's like the new Kix Brooks. Unnecessarily necessary. Not sure that even makes sense, but I'm pretty sure he is that.
It must be so weird for kix brooks going from being a superstar in Brooks & Dunn to being a nobody opening for Miranda Lambert
Nothing kills your buzz like kix brooks
So instead of Lee Brice and Thomas Rhett we get Raelynn and Kix Brooks... Okay.
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