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Kit Kat

Kit Kat is a chocolate-coated wafer confection that was created by Rowntree's of York, England, and is now produced worldwide by Nestlé, which acquired Rowntree in 1988, except in the United States where it is made under licence by The Hershey Company.

Almond Joy Nell Carter Nestle Crunch Wall Street

A Wall Street legend is taking on the $265 billion giant behind Kit Kat, Butterf [0.11]:
Photographer will be taking over our Instagram stories later today with a guide to her kit bag - who's intere…
I was banned for 24hrs. The other day 😬
Happy Birthday girl! I love you so much and hope you have a wonderful day! 🤗💕
something you would do with kit Kat
I'll take a pic of it later but its from the placr where i get my kit Kat waxed
Husband got excited thinking I was touching myself under the covers but I was actually just opening a Kit Kat I didn't wanna…
.has no mandate at home and no mandate abroad. She is unable to negotiate Brexit. Labour would deliver a Bre…
😂😂 peanut butter Kit Kat chunkies were the 💣 miss you girl!
I was napping yesterday and I woke up to Jeffie with a pack of Reeses sticks a kit kat& sour patch straws. He's a keeper
Yes, mine would if he had the chance, all he kills are bugs.
Yes it is, sorry. I have a cat that literally kills anything it can get it paws on 😩
I get so many I'm not even arsed anymore.
I'd have sorted out the whole sorry mess for half a billion. Would probably have had change for a Kit Kat all round, too.
Kit Kat is produced worldwide by Nestlé, except in the U.S. where their competitor, Hershey makes them.
TIL Kit Kat is produced globally by NESTLE, except in the US where it's made by their competitor HERSHEY…
Electronic Device Insurance
The Trump administration's supposedly "pro-life" policies will kill many women.
Kit Kat dipped in tea is the bestest thing ever
Find you a girl who built like a kit kat, in that way you can turn her into a snickers and you'll always be yourself when y…
them lips looking like kit Kat chunky's 😛
I just ate a dark chocolate Kit Kat and now I'm all
Ok, I've become a firm believer in the Mandela Effect. Way too much evidence. Kit Kat used to have a dash in...
My diet was going well until two calls for service to a Quick Chek last night. The 1st time I left with some Twizzlers & the 2nd a Kit Kat.
Bloody love Alan Partridge, had a chunky Kit Kat fest last night with him. 😄
Julio picked me up from school today and he had a box of pizza, kit kat, Reese's, and a Powerade waiting for me on the front seat 😍😘😭💕
If you know a man named Roy ams he gets Coffee ice cream with M&ms, kit Kat, and fudge. Tell him I said sorry for forgetting his waffle bowl
If I don't get chocolate some time soon I swear I'm going to die. I need a kit Kat. It ain't even a want anymore. It's a need.
Thicker than a snicker bih you ain't thicker than a kit kat
PSA: To whomever stole my kit Kat - when I find you I'm going to bring the wrath of a thousand sun's upon your head
My friend sent me them the Oreo ones are Heaven and you get to bake the cheesecake kit kat in the oven
Oh wow! They look different than the kit kat bunnies we have here x3 very cute 🖤
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
I'd probably use cookies and cream Hershey bar or white chocolate kit kat Lol
I was craving pringles, kit Kat, redvines, and Oreos so I went to get all of them 😕
Nvm I don't need funyuns a kit kat and a cold water anymore
Tell her to get you the green tea and cheesecake kit kat and the Oreo chestnut soft cookies
When you break a Kit Kay bar in half it's either a Kit or a Kat
Melon, Potato, Pumpkin, Red Bean on Toast, Green Tea, so many Kit Kat flavors...
Just a quick Kat & Kit, to needlessly show what I meant earlier. kind of..
I Just found out Japan has 200 flavours of Kit Kat bars. SHOOK
Cynthia just called half of a kit kat bar a "strand" and now I need a new roommate
Hate how in the kit KAT commercials there is a snap when they eat the it KAT but when you try it, it doesn't snap
"I got a lot of Kit Kat's in my cave" . -my niece, Adalynn
*smashes your Kit Kat to bits*. Now what were you saying about a break?
*seductively breaks your Kit Kat the wrong way while never breaking eye contact *
Say hello to Kit Kat Man, a beautifully behaved gelding ready for his next career.
I'm going to break you. Like a kit kat bar.
I'm gonna need a minimum of 3 kit Kat bars shoved in my mouth right now
I've had them before they are okay. I prefer snickers, Hershey with almonds or kit kat's over Twix any day
So thankful for my guy. He brought me blue powerade and a kit kat just because he felt like it. 😭❤
Rare occasion that the both of us are dressed up. ily Kit Kat💕
Ellens provided me with drunk food which appears to be a single kit Kat
KIT KAT is moving on in the 👏 Check back for today's matchup: Crunch v. Butterfinger! ht…
'OK, I had a Kit Kat and a Bottle of Bombay Sapphire stashed and better still be there, Janice!'…
really happy that Snickers took home the flag, was getting pretty nervous that Kit Kat would pull a Steven Bradbury.
What would Stephen Hawkings in a Kit Kat commercial sound like?
Got a king-size Kit Kat on the way home. It's the best decision I've made in years.
no no no! Here's the list:. Kit Kat. Mounds. Almond Joy. Snickers. Payday
Guy who had Kit Kat stolen from his car gets lifetime supplies of chocolate.
Hershey has come to the rescue of a college student who had his Kit Kat bar brazenly stolen from his car.…
Student has his Kit Kat stolen from his car. So Hershey sent him 6,500 more.
There is funny, and then there is "dude got kis Kit Kat bar stolen out of his car" funny. .
Someone Broke Into a Car to Steal a Kit Kat and Left the Most Hilarious Note Ever via
A guy left a note after breaking into a car for a Kit Kat saying “I’m sorry and hungry”
Kansas State student had Kit Kat stolen from his car. Hershey execs saw note, filled his Camry with 6,500 Kit Kats https:…
Pepchew was one of my dad's go 2s. I like Eatmore, Kit Kat and crispy crunch. Arrow bars and M&M peanuts are yummy
I REALLY hope comes out with Kit Kat bars with actual Chance the Rapper wrappers. I would buy them all.
Chance The Rapper in a new commercial for Kit Kat
A rapper who refuses to sign a record deal is now starring in a Kit Kat commercial
I knew there was a reason I loved Kit Kat's so much! 😂😂
trick or treaters only getting Kit Kat's and copies of JET Magazine this Halloween.
TIME: Watch Chance the Rapper Sing the New Kit Kat Jingle in a Bear Costume
Aye I'm gonna need you to release a full version of that kit kat song
Chance the Rapper starring in the new Kit Kat commercial, their jingle sounds so good when he sings it 😩
Chance The Rapper is starring in a new Kit Kat commercial this fall
I just saw a guy take a bite of Kit Kat bar without breaking it apart first! Sir, we live in a society with rules, please a…
The fact that Chance made a new jingle for kit Kat bars is amazing and a huge step lol
Watch new Kit Kat commercial, starring Chance the Wrapper
Kit Kat: "Yo dog, we heard you like rappers. So we put a rapper, on your wrapper!". Chance The Rapper:
Chance made the new Kit Kat jingle. This dude is the modern day King Midas.
"The grass is greener where you water it" Stories about Kit Kat's and flirting while in love: ht…
Yummy yummy here we go time for a kit kat the best time of the day
is this even racing? Wouldn't surprise me if Lewis filmed a 'have a break have a kit Kat' advert on lap 50, too easy 😴
Bean counters alert: Rand prices in Media Centre: R40 Kit Kat. R30 bottled water. R30 can of Coke
I just entered to win a gaming prize pack in the Have A KIT KAT® Break Sweepstakes with
Today I ate a kit kat mcflurry for breakfast at 2 pm and there's just no coming back from that
find someone who loves you as much as Pikachu loves his bottle of ketchup
Just bit into a Kit-Kat and it was solid milk chocolate. All this time, life has been a lie...
Well the hangover wasn't too bad after a bag of cheesy puffs & bar of kit Kat
Green tea kit kat's need to be a staple in everyone's diet tbh
I've hidden the kit-kat away now but am watching husband closely. I'm kind of like a chunky Gollum at this point.
Husband & I legit just had a 10 yr old style hand-slap fight when he tried to take a kit-kat away from me, so no my diet is not going well.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I think we can all agree that this is an unacceptable gift from a son to his mother on her birthday.
Packing fruit for a morning snack while I'm in class today because I believe in myself, but bringing $1 for a kit kat because lets get real
already did when I played Crossy Road with you xD
Who needs a $42 kyshadow palette when you can have 42 kit kat bars.
I got a kit kat and a ginger ale in the refrigerator tho ...🤗🤗🤗
Y'all go look at my sc and see kourtney kardashian explaining how to eat a kit Kat🤑
surviving on less than 2 hours sleep, this kit Kat better do me some justice
A massaging billboard from Say what?
Eh.Samsung abi android. What kind of funny OS names are these? Before it was Lollipop and Kit it's Marshmallow? 😕
We were so close! Literally only needed 1 more mile to get to her house!
When we got to the restricted area where you need to pass security to get in, I panicked & told the security I got lost ...…
Me & my cousins drove all the way to Calabasas with a plan to try to sneak into a gated community & go to Kylie's house buuu…
I'm sure he will enjoy that. S Dito the husky was missing him. 2kits arrived last wk.kit kat & Tic tac. X
Normani KILLED me with her Kit Kat legs last night 😍🔥
3 Kit Kat Chunkies isn't excessive is it?.
Kit kat, he can get this cat, same thing it's whateva
Have a break, have a kit kat.. for studying and researching history paper 3
*whispers* you can never have enough of Tim Tams OR Kit Kat* says the girl allergic to chocolate
I would have a threesome with the human embodiments of a Snickers bar and a Kit Kat bar.
//I grew up in a family of super white Irish people, so the first time I saw a black person (i was two) I called him "k…
You know when you buy lots of Tim Tams? That's about the amount of Kit Kat you need 😛
No. Is there green tea kit Kat in there?
when u play carnival games at work and win a king sized kit Kat
Ok linds stole a kit Kat from me and then tried to act like she didn't just tell me she stole a lot Kat from me like *** I'm fighting her
Grubbin' on some McDonald's sausage breakfast burritos and a King size Kit Kat.
Kit Kat,and mostly classic rock,with some Alter Bridge and Stevie Ray Vaughn. I'm all over the place with music tastes.
If you're York today, pop down to the Langwith College Summer fete. Ave a break, ave a Kit Kat 🌞
Note to theater owners: There isn't a Kit Kat shortage. Both Kits and Kats are plentiful.
I just spent 15 dollars on Kit Kat's and salt water taffy. How to adult 101
Kit Kat is on her way home! . Animal House Shelter is open Sunday, Monday, Wednesday,...
I hand carried those Kit Kat bars all the way from Japan. I will redefine violence if they are molested in any way, shape, or form.
Did you ever see or try the other flavors of Kit Kat sold in Japan? (cherry blossom, green tea, strawberry, & Red bean.)
this calls for Kit Kat waffles, mimosas and Rod Stewart
Kit Kat commercials make me wanna buy all the Kit Kats in the nearest store..
The top 3 most unhealthy candies are Reese's peanut butter cups, Kit Kat bars, an Almond Joy. Almond Joy the worst? Who knew? That is all.
Love is like a Kit Kat. It’s been around forever, it fills a hole, it’s delicious, but four fingers is a bit much. Happ…
Jerry Buttimer presents Frances Fitzgerald with a Valentine's Kit Kat as they wait for Enda Kenny in Cork
This is why a British law student is demanding a lifetime supply of Kit Kat bars
Woman with waferless Kit Kat threatens to sue Nestle if they don't give her candy for life
John I'm too kind to say no but sh can't have everyone wanting some ;). Kit Kat is all mine though 😊
Did I really just watch a video of Kourtney Kardashian giving a tutorial on how to eat a Kit Kat
.brought back Kit Kat from Japan!! Red bean, Sakura matcha, and strawberry something 😍 itadakimasu!
Kit Kat. Snap Dragon. Lollipop. Marshmallow. Life was simpler when we just had Ma Bell and rotary phones.
now I want chocolate.. preferably a kit kat or c&c Hershey's 😛
aww thanks kit Kat! You're the cutest, I can't wait to be home with you!!! Luh yeww 💕💕💕
thank you to the lady in seat 32 c for the kit kat tonight. I was starved. Didn't have time to eat.
Could go for a Kit Kat right about now.😋
i would be satisfied @ Christmas if all I got was Kit Kat tbh
Goes to Japan and bought 0 kit kat , WE DID IT
Kit Kat Bars and Cream Savers are the most underrated candies ever
Easiest way to my heart-finding a huge kit kat bar and giving it to me
Love it when someone's so fire and they don't even know it
The peanut butter kit Kat chunky craving is real
Vote as your favorite movie of 2015 at now!
Requested by thousands. Maybe one of the dumbest things I have ever filmed.
I think I could help others and at the same time it would help me heal.
sour patch, Swedish fish, kit kat and twizzlers lol
me: can you please round up my grade to an A . teacher: you have a 55% in the class
I really want to be a Kairos leader.
But apparently it's a real production of Cabaret with two Kit Kat girls singing it instead of Sally. Don't know how I feel about that. lol
Everyone is drunk coming into the library from the SU and I am just sat here with a hot chocolate and a kit-kat
Really want a white chocolate kit kat and cookies and cream ice cream.
stop Amanda just please stop with this! Stop! Just please calm down...
Is it bad that the only thing I can think of is Kit-Kat 😕 lol
so glad semester 3 is pretty much done except for exams, need a break. have a Kit Kat! yep I went there
I thought my day couldn't get any worse until I opened my kit Kat and my wafers were faced vertically instead of horizontally 😓
You are right *** Bis is SOO MUCH BETTER than Kit Kat (but the white Kit Kat is full of love)
Don't be that guy that is rude to your girlfriend... be a gentleman
Would you say it is weird to eat a Kit-Kat bar without breaking the sticks off? Asking for a friend
I just ate a bag of malteasers a kit kat chunky and one of those green triangle bars.That is more chocolate than i should eat in a week help
Happy happy birthday to my boo thang Kit Kat!! Thank you for always being in my corner with your…
Brittany gave me a king-sized kit kat and said "you deserve some chocolate since you've been studying so much." This is why she's my bff
If you tell me I'm rude and have an attitude then I will be rude and give you an attitude
I have a question is it going to be picked by how many rts it gets or does that not matter?
When all you want is kit kat but then you also want to lose weight
Taking a really big step for myself tomorrow. A road to recovery. It's time to come back.
I love chocolato but I never eat the kit Kat
Anyone know how I can contact Steven Dolan?
I'm a size medium and I really want it 😭
"I don't want a Jesus piece, but I want a Reese's Piece and a Kit Kat bar. .."
Outside Southern Cross station a young woman (earbuds, purple hijab) picks a crushed Kit Kat from pavement, moves it out of way of feet.
Presume the terror supporters don't mean the punch line to the joke about the difference between a prostitute & a Kit Kat.
rest in peace Kit Kat, eaten way b4 ya time
Can we all agree that for a chocolate treat with just two ingredients, Kit Kat has dominated the candy game? Mind blowing. …
My beautiful baby boy is here. I am so completely in love with him. ❤️
and some Doritos...and a 4 pack of kit kat chunky
Get ready for the with a look back at the Wesen of Season 4:
I was On The Spot this week! Here's the episode on YouTube if you missed it!.
There...there is something behind me.
Update your maps at Navteq
And then mama got to watch the I want to see PORTUGAL in the…
Gamers of all types are uniting on Nov. 7 to give back to children's hospitals. Join me in supporting
There's a lot of cute guys at Diana's wedding.
I didn't get a couch for 3 years after moving to Austin
USA! You can hear before it's released. tickets available here: https…
I don't have a couch yet. Hah! LA is lovely. Miss y'all in Austin though. Will pop by soon for sure.
pretty good. Spend most my time on the couch. How's LA?
Oh, you know it. How've you been post surgery?
Let's get this party started, shall we? AMA!
Last week friendship won on the finale, so I made plushie kid X-Ray and Vav, plus pet rock Dwayne! https:/…
“Looks like an animal attack, which it probably wasn't.”
With the AMA at full steam, don't forget about my shirt to raise money for shelter animals!
*He gently cups them through her bra* I don' wanna 'urt 'em.
NEW VIDEO!! "PUMPKIN SPICE LATKE" // enjoy or at least pretend to thanks
Treatin this Kit Kat like its steak tho
This 8-step KIT KAT® Cookie recipe will be the best break you'll have today!
All I have to do is look at a Kit Kat and I put on 3 pounds.
SOS do they have a kit kat blizzard at dq ?
That's awesome. my mom bought a variety pack of candy I picked every kit Kat out of it
should I have a kit Kat or one of those Viscount mint biscuits??
I bit into this 'Fun Sized' Kit Kat and it was missing the wafer inside:
Send me a screenshot if you gave my new videos thumbs up! I want to dm you!❤️❤️
We can check later on the cameras. *unpops the buttons on her shirt*
Maybe I'll just eat the kit kat and after then I'll work out.
I'm torn between eating a kit kat or getting up to work out.I've been debating on this for about 2 hours now
I have a hard time believing that there is so little overlap. Kit Kat is super under repped. I call shenanigans.
I tried a white kit kat for the first time the other day and haven't looked back since 🤗
9 *pouting*. me: I'm sorry you couldn't find your Kit-Kat buddy. We'll get you another one, ok?. 9: Ok. me [unwrapping his K…
We would like to introduce you to Kit-Kat, the newest member of the Freeburn clan!! Thank you, Heather M...
New YouTube video in a couple minutes!! Who can get first like :) ❤️❤️
Want to loose weight. but them Kit Kat balls are calling my name
I want every kit kat in the world rn
Glendale now called for not releasing the ball. Pressure by Kit Kat. Boot kicks it into Glendale area.
Kit Kat & Coca-Cola or TRISCUITS & Sprite? Choose the snack combos champ in the Snack Bracket Showdown! …
Accident at Maltzan and Wf Nkomo street just next to Kit Kat.WF Nkomo Closed
I absolutely love that fans make new friends in the queue for the show. Look after each other and don't feel shy. Jus…
Cost Plus World Market on The largest Kit Kat bar I've seen! Imported from the UK
Who says you can’t get anything for a $1? 1 cup of any size coffee gets you a Kit Kat for a $1 htt…
I always hated,well still do hate,Kit Kat chocolate mara the ice-cream yakhona my *** That's heaven.
Just got a free Kit Kat bar! Today is all about the small victories.
We all know that can and will easily break like a *** Kit Kat bar.
They rode in on alpacas and had him completely surrounded. Seeing no other option, Gary reluctantly shares his Kit Kat bar.
if Kit Kat bar is your favorite member of 5sos - Lexi
Woke up on my bed with half of an Italian hoagie and a Kit Kat and granola bar that I'm pretty sure I stole from wawa. Didn't eat any of it
Don't talk like that! Who's going to be there to make me buy them a Kit Kat bar
I could feast on this Kit Kat bar for days...
I've got a 6 pak of Sam Adams, a tube of Pringles, a Kit Kat bar, and Steam. Let's do some damage!
Oh my days!! Kit Kat in a chocolate bar of many sticks. All my wildest dreams have come true
"Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar!"... Kit Kat Cupcakes with…
When I look at this Kit Kat bar I'm like ' Yummm ' but when I eat it I'm like 'Why did I eat this I shoulda saved it'
Twitch's Android ad has the status bar colored but the navigation buttons are from Kit Kat. Kit Kat doesn't have colored status bars
On my way to the elliptical I stopped thru the kitchen to have a Kit Kat bar
Calm down Peter, it's not good for you all that anger. Have a Kit Kat and a nice cup of tea
Kit Kat, Reeses peanut butter cup & m&m peanuts is all i look for on Halloween Lmao
Kit Kat and Coffee Crisp bites are the way to my heart 😍
Kit Kat flavors available in Japan include ginger ale, sweet potato, wasabi, soy sauce, and more.
Kit Kat gives good directions... Take not Slim Jims!
Written by the ex-Rangers TV Andrew Dickson of "Rangers are the same club because Nestle own Kit Kat" fame?
Hey girl, are you Nell Carter eating a Kit Kat bar? Because you need to gimme a break, gimme a break, Gimme a Break!
. "Cotton Candy, Sweetie go, Let me see that ___". A.) Reese's Cup. B.) Milk Dud. C.) Tootsie Roll. D.) Kit Kat
.has a secret plan to keep from eating Kit Kat bars like a monster:
Full size bar Nestle Crunch. Fun size Kit Kat. I don't like small Nestle Crunches, taste different, but but big one, yes!
Q1 Kit Kat or Nestle Crunch ... Which is the better candy bar?
I started by trying to write a rap where I worked in Nell Carter and the Kit Kat "give me a break" jingle. And it's all gone downhill.
I see your cheesecake and raise you a kit kat chunky!!! Living the dream x
Walking to work and a man offered me the last finger in his Kit-Kat and said "I've saved it for you"
I love u kit Kat even if you need to leave
has brought back green kit Kat from Japan.
The Green Tea w red bean kit kat is so nice I cannot!
Green tea kit Kat from Japan is so good
How sweet of my englcom buddy who gave me lots of kit kat chocolates from Japan :-) wuv u
And now I'm leaving. Welp, thanks for all the Kit Kat's, Japan!
I just opened my 4 finger kit Kat to find that there was no wafer in the entire contents of the packet :(
sup kit Kat whatchu watchin on Netflix?
While some people do have anxiety, others need to learn the difference between 'anxiety' and just normal 'being anxious'.
How many Fun Size Kit Kat's do you need is love...
I was starting to wondee if I just didn't like matcha flavoured things anymore but hot *** this matcha kit kat is glorious
All I ate today was two pieces of peanut butter toast and half a block of cookies and cream kit Kat
My girlfriend is not allowed to leave the house after an argument. If she needs a break, she gonna have a kit kat.
Lemme bring you some penicillin and a kit kat
Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievements
My boyfriend won't be allowed to have a break from our relationship, if he wants a "break" he can have a kit Kat
Coffee and a Kit Kat the breakfast of a 2 day hangover sufferer 👍
I miss shivyas PJS omg I laughed so hard at the kit kat break one 😭😭😭
I have told to count stock his Mars bars and kit Kat!!
White backgrounds and toolbars? What we you thinking, Google? Lollipop is painful to look at! Going back to Kit Kat to save my eyes.
Loudest in the section wins a giant Kit Kat - Thanks ! @ Air Canada…
Kit Kat's, Slick Willy & more interesting answers from the man behind my blog in this month's Blogger Men Tell All
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