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Kirsty Gallagher

Kirsty Jane Gallacher (born 20 January 1976 in Edinburgh), is a Scottish television presenter.

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Watching Sky Sports News Kirsty Gallagher asnt half got a big head
Kirsty Gallagher is simply stunning. End of story.
I added a video to a playlist Kirsty Gallagher at the Wellbeing Festival
Kirsty Gallagher stunning women who likes a drink 😍😍 what more could a man wish for
Shameless is a show where you think you won't get addicted, then a week later you kinda wish you were a Gallagher.
Kirsty Gallagher has such a stunning body
I'm expecting Jim White and Kirsty Gallagher in a Barca themed dress (Just Kirsty, not Jim) giving us a…
Don't worry mate, by this time next year, you'd have Kirsty Gallagher on your bed. I've seen it 😉
Great goal by Eric Bailly, seen here being interviewed for Sky Sports by Jamie Redknapp and Kirsty Gallagher
Who would you rather wake up next to after a night out? . A woman who looks like Steve Bruce or a bloke who looks like Kirsty Gallagher?
I’d smash the granny out of that Kirsty Gallagher. 😄
Will Kirsty Gallagher be sacked by Sky if found guilty of drunken driving? Sky seems to have a zero tolerance to crimes committed by men
Was that Kirsty Gallagher? If it was she was going on about the age thing a little bit too much for my liking.
one guy just stares at pictures of Elvira all day, the other prints pictures of Kirsty Gallagher EVERY DAY
Kirsty Gallagher has spent a load on her defence
Some tart that Kirsty Gallagher on Sky Sports News. Jesus
Kirsty Gallagher for me is the hottest woman on the planet! She makes watching Sky Sports News even better! 🔥
Kirsty Gallagher on Sky Sports was irritating BEFORE she was charged with drink driving, now I find her unwatchable. Get rid.
You on about Kirsty Gallagher? They still employ Merson and Wilkins occasionally. It's hardly surprising.
Hey Lewis good morning how are you? What's up? Can you post a photo of Kirsty Gallagher please? William…
Got previous? Morning after can be a problem...think Kirsty Gallagher...not the sexual thin…
They best not sack Kirsty Gallagher after her little faux pas 🍾🍻🚙
Maybe he's spent the morning with Kirsty Gallagher
Yet Kirsty Gallagher gets to keep her job for drink driving picking up kids? massive sexism and double standards here..
why is there no news on any media about Kirsty Gallagher getting arrested for Drink Driving ? If this was joe public be everywhere
New dime piece on Sky Sports Kirsty Gallagher. Delicious
Any jokes abt this and Kirsty Gallagher getting caught drink driving during school run after drinking…
Made up with siggy. Beagrie been sacked by sky yet kirsty Gallagher keeps her job after drink driving.pathetic hey .
It was loads easy when they were 1, 2, 3, 4, Kirsty Gallagher.
How come Kirsty Gallagher not sacked as well?. Endangering life?
Good stuff! Why is Kirsty Gallagher still on my screen though?
Kirsty Gallagher could be next for the chop.drink driving.
Big Jim White on Sky Sports News reporting on the Tiger Woods DUI story with Kirsty Gallagher is sitting there. Awk…
Wonder what sky's reaction will be to that ! Kirsty Gallagher now Beagrie .
Kirsty Gallagher done for DD Sat at 11.30am must have…
I'd say he's out drinking with Kirsty Gallagher and garzza
We offer Private sessions One-to-One with Scarlett Perdereau and Kirsty Gallagher, find out more
if they do then who will catch kirsty Gallagher drink driving. Proper police work. Oh to be proud of your work.
Me too & im paying for it today & did u hear about the lovely Kirsty Gallagher she's bang in troub…
Kirsty Gallagher done for over limit in morning.. Naughty be her driver if she's banned.quite happily do that for her!!
Why isn't Sky News reporting or mentioning about Kirsty Gallagher and drink driving?
Good point mate, much prefer carra and ruthers huffing and puffing with the same chance of success as o…
To get new Kirsty Gallagher? To get new Kate Middleton stunt double? Xena Warrior Princess? We demand answers!
Sounds like Kirsty Gallagher has been drinking again ! Can't seem to read this afternoon!
Hope Hayley doesn't have to many then do a Kirsty Gallagher and get court drink driving,
aren't reporting their presenter kirsty Gallagher is in court today for drink driving to pick up her kids.more biased reporting
why is sky not reporting Kirsty Gallagher story about drink driving over the weekend??
your colleague, Kirsty Gallagher, should be sacked for her stupidity. She must have drunk a lot Fri night to be over limit
so silly of your friend Kirsty Gallagher to be shopped for drink drink driving, even worse she was picking kids up drunk
Kirsty Gallagher charged with drink driving , I'm shocked and quite frankly disappointed
Is there any truth in the rumour that kirsty Gallagher was due to drive the bus??
Due to her old man being a Hibs fan, I'm hearing John Beaton has dropped Kirsty Gallagher's drink driving charge.
After I revealed Kirsty Gallagher's arrest in today's police confirm she was charged with drink driving:
I can't believe Kirsty Gallagher has been caught drink & driving, why? Surely she can afford a taxi??👎
I wonder will do a big review on Kirsty Gallagher drink driving and collecting her kids like they did on Tiger Woods?
Sky Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher charged with drink driving
Sky Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher has been charged with drink driving - more here:
Kirsty Gallagher rehearsing for her meet with the Slough magistrates
Kirsty Gallagher of Sky! Disappointing as she should have know better!! Yep stupid and dangerous ...
Kirsty Gallacher has been CHARGED with drink driving whilst on her way to pick her children up at 11:30am
You've got Rachel Riley, Kirsty Gallagher, Kate Abdo to name a few and you have her.I would pick a…
. Kirsty Gallagher is gorgeous she is my new fave SSN woman
Embrace the pure bliss of with a retreat in France!
Watching coverage of Roy's and England's departure from I've come to the opinion that Kirsty Gallagher is faf.
The arms on Kirsty Gallagher on SkySportsNews! Bigger biceps than I do!!
Wonder how Kirsty Gallagher gets away with wearing some of these risqué tops - she might as well be wearing her bra
No-one gets close to Kirsty Gallagher and Hayley McQueen mate. The GOAT.
Sky news reporters much better looking than BBC say voters . Kirsty Gallagher on the bench too . She is in !!
OMG just seen Kirsty Gallagher on the bus!
How is Kirsty Gallagher from Skysports 40? Goodness she looks freaking good.
Kirsty Gallagher would get absolutely rinsed boy. Peng
Kirsty Gallagher gets better with age! 🔥
Kirsty Gallagher talks about being strong on Lorraine: via
. Can Kirsty Gallagher not leave her hair alone for 2 minutes? Very irritating
Becks definitely smashed it into Kirsty Gallagher when they went off air. What a man!
Someone get the wet floor sign for Kirsty Gallagher
domain names
There's Kirsty Gallagher wearing Victoria Beckham hoping David might mistake her for the wife & pinch her buttock Ooh..
I'd marry kirsty Gallagher in the morning...
Kirsty Gallagher is such a sweetie as well I didn't know about his book I just iggy anything about him usually
Imo, there is no coming back from what he done, then he destroyed kirsty Gallagher in his book, gentleman? nah!!
Kirsty Gallagher is actually too hot to be a sports news presenter. It's difficult to concentrate on what she's saying.
\\ATHLETE OF THE MONTH//. ...💥Kirsty Gallagher💥... Kirsty is always positive and willing to give anything…
Martin Kaymer realising he let Kirsty Gallagher slip through the net 😡😡
Mister & I established our lists of people were allowed to stare lovingly at. He picked Gabby Logan, Kirsty Gallagher & Tess Daly...
Kirsty Gallagher had a nightmare live on air earlier and it's absolute comedy gold...
Kirsty Gallagher had a nightmare live on air when she mispronounced 'season.' Oh, Kirsty.
Is that cos you're too distracted letching at Kirsty Gallagher ;-)
Every time I see Kirsty Gallagher laughing at one of Jim White's jokes a little bit of me dies inside
How fit is Kirsty Gallagher looking!!.. Very nice!..😃..
Kirsty Gallagher is built like a doorman.
Kirsty Gallagher always makes such an effort to show her arms off 😂
Is it just me or is SSN Kirsty Gallagher looking more like Lilith from Cheers every time I see her!!
Popped Sky Sports News on and it seems as though Kirsty Gallagher has morphed into a fella. Worrying as I wouldn't kick him …
Kirsty Gallagher, the Gabby Logan of this series of Don't be too intense, don't treat it like sport, go out and have fun.
Kirsty Gallagher suffers from the same fate as her pal Gabby Logan They both come across as cold & too desperate to win
Swear to God... They just reported it again as I texted you. It was Kirsty Gallagher this time. I promise you bro. 3 poles nickd
Ooooh ... Can't say yet, need a few more weeks. I want whiny Kirsty Gallagher to go next though !! 😂😂
I'd like Kirsty Gallagher to go home. Zero talent, zero charisma.
Kirsty Gallagher not over burdened with modesty, I'm thinking
loving how Kirsty Gallagher is trying anything to laugh at because she read out a horses name DANCING *** 😆😆😆
Imagine Kirsty Gallagher was yer mrs. Peddling yer lugs while whispering aw the breaking sports news
I wish I looked like Kirsty Gallagher. Nope it's deffo me
Kirsty Gallagher is a fine fine woman
Kirsty Gallagher may not be the best dancer but what a figure 😍😍
good plan! I watched it. Just about blanked it out. Was more shocked at Kirsty Gallagher having to Paso to U2
I'm now supporting Ainsley Harriott, Peter Andre, Kirsty Gallagher and Helen George - they'll be the final 4 methinks
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Well done and kirsty Gallagher an amazing dance off x
the desperation on Kirsty Gallagher face to stay in is so clear
I do not like Kirsty Gallagher there I've said it I have taken agin her
Daniel needs to beat Kirsty Gallagher... Due to dance in minutes
Do not know him beyond 1 song. In dance off: Daniel O'Donnel & Kirsty Gallagher. CAROL IS STILL IN!!
Kirsty Gallagher flaunting her amazing body 🔥
Watching last night's Strictly. Still not sure I can sit thro a Tango to New Order but poor Kirsty Gallagher having to do a paso to U2?!?!
3 words that excite me today. Gallagher, single, Kirsty. I wonder .
Kirsty Gallagher has apparently made some Spanish folk cry -by putting carrots in her paella. . Life can be so cruel..
Loving Such lovely dances, apart from Kirsty Gallagher
Kirsty Gallagher more wooden than a witches broomstick
Kirsty Gallagher is lovely. Of course she's always been smoking hot, but to be smoking hot & lovely.. That's a wonderful thing.
why don't they accept Kirsty Gallagher is not natural dancerHigh expectations cos she's slim&very attractive but that doesn't work
Kirsty Gallagher having a pop at U2 - best thing she done all night
Poor Kirsty Gallagher. I am worried her boringness is going to become a National Problem
Blimey they managed to make Kirsty Gallagher's Iovely shiny hair look awful
Kirsty Gallagher dancing is stiffer than half the men watching Kirsty Gallagher dancing.
Really thought Kirsty Gallagher would be better. Shame!
see Kirsty Gallagher counting and grimacing
Not sure why Kirsty Gallagher persists with the Croydon Facelift.
I didn't know you could dance the paso as a waltz but Kirsty Gallagher managed it
I don't know why but I've always wanted to slap Kirsty Gallagher across the face.
I assumed Kirsty Gallagher would be better than she is
Has Jim White had to be sponged down by Kirsty Gallagher yet I've not got sky at caravan !!!???
Table Reservation for Sky Sports... Fingers crossed for Natalie Sawyer, Kirsty Gallagher and Georgie…
Hayley McQueen looking lovely this am, Kirsty Gallagher - beautiful but the wrong side of 40. golden girl has to be 👌🏼
Just practicing at the same range as Steven Gallagher⛳️
Kirsty Gallagher on news, NO WEDDING RING ! Since when. I might chance me arm then
Kirsty Gallagher is one seriously hot
chocy fingers, it must be Kirsty Gallagher, allegedly eh mr collymore
he's no Kirsty Gallagher... but his eyes are dreamy
Sky's Kirsty Gallacher opens up about the end of her four-year marriage.
Kirsty Gallagher looks like she is getting wet talking about this new Prem tv deal.
gabby get urself to sky, I would watch all the time with u and Kirsty Gallagher
"Kirsty Gallagher is one seriously sexy
Kirsty Gallagher is one seriously sexy
Kirsty Gallagher always looks so hot. She is flawless 😍
Kirsty Gallagher for me. More because I think she would annihilate me in bed & probably snap it off with her biceps
is nothing short of a goddess. Georgie Thompson and Kirsty Gallagher don't even come close!
They should put Adam (Frankie Fryer) as a presenter and get Charlie Webster or Kirsty Gallagher from SSNHQ in for Helen.
Early Xmas presents for all the lads! . Martin Kaymer denies he's dating Kirsty Gallagher!
A week for you to unwind and truly let go, this time is for you
The intro clip that Sky Sports use with Kirsty Gallagher and Natalie Sawyer in that yellow dress is spot on! 👌😍
Jesus Kirsty Gallagher on News in that blue dress tonight , she pumps blood right to the end my beetroot !!
Depressing how out of their depth Kirsty Gallagher, Jim White and Tony Cascarino are in this video.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
2nd behind Kirsty Gallagher, the ultimate Sky Sports News babe
Kirsty Gallagher wearing her in support of
Noel Gallagher UK tour sells out in 10 minutes
Kirsty thinks Noel Gallagher in arctic monkeys ha ha what is she doing
£61.50 for Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds? Don't even think I paid that to see Oasis' last ever gig
Kirsty Gallagher on is far too thin...she doesn't look well...Hollands pies are good love !
The best news on Transfer Deadline Day is finding out Kirsty Gallagher is now single.
Kirsty Gallagher is going through a renaissance period. I am going to rank her 3rd in the SSN Power list after Kate Riley and Natalie Sawyer
Kirsty Gallagher been around for ages. 👍
Fittest female presenter on Kate Abdo, Charlotte Jackson, Kirsty Gallagher or Alex Hammond?. Discuss
major disappointment- I was hoping for Natalie Sawyer and Kirsty Gallagher when I saw the headline😡
Anyone from forres going tonight? Karen Johnston Gary Shaw Ross Ewart Ewen Watson Andrew Stepien Jim Murphy Kaye Nicolson?im driving so i can give lifts home etc be nice to see some nice people...i know you guys come see me lots in forres anyway but itd be nice to see you again you too Kirsty Gallagher x
Looks like Kirsty Gallagher is feeling a draft on Sky Sports News 󾮗󾌯
Chris Hoy, Kirsty Gallagher , Stuart Cosgrove , Tam Cowan , Cat Cubie, Jim Delahunt.Kenny Dalglish.the list could go on
Soccer AM get rid of that Torquay supporting *** and replace her with Kirsty Gallagher, Georgie Thompson or Charlotte Jackson!
There's an interview on Sky Sports in 2001 with Kirsty Gallagher and Shahid Khan. Guys you'll notice. Look from the neck down of Kirsty.
"PM Forum is an invaluable source of information for every professional marketer." Kirsty Gallagher, Marketing Executive, Forresters
Two great teachers next week , Kirsty Gallagher and Mark Samouelle , book early only a few spaces available .
Comparing Haye v Fury to Lewis v Bruno is most moronic statement that ever came out of beautiful Kirsty Gallagher's mouth
Getting slightly aroused every time Kirsty Gallagher says "Bangkok".
Kirsty Gallagher nearly dying live on tv from laughing
Not as attractive as Kirsty Gallagher ,Carol Vorderman ,Claire Thomlinson , Catherine Deneuve or Penny Smith !!
Just ruined my chances with Georgie Thompson (fit Sky Sports bird) by calling her Kirsty gallagher
Kirsty Gallagher was at Wigan v Salford last week apparently Second to Hayley obviously.but still! Oof!
I'd be there all the time with Kirsty Gallagher... What. A. Woman!
did you see Kirsty Gallagher earlier?
Kirsty Gallagher! What a pump! I've just slipped the Haun on my TV
Kirsty Gallagher paying tribute to by looking sensational on tonight
Kirsty Gallagher would definately still get it!
I have such a girl crush on Kirsty Gallagher 😳
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Kirsty Gallagher making this day of bad news a little bit more easier. Gorgeous.
Kirsty Gallagher telling me Alex Ferguson has retired makes it so much better. She is fit.
Today's Conclusions: I am 3rd choice to replace SAF, I am praying that the Spuds don't win tonight, Kirsty Gallagher is just great
German version of sky "Sky Deutschland" get pretty good looking female presenters.. Sky Sports News give the English Kirsty Gallagher
Kirsty Gallagher: "what's the reaction to the news of SAF retiring" Reporter: "I think it's been a mixture of shock and surprise"
I've just tried to find a good news story to cheer you up. Failed. Kirsty Gallagher is on Sky Sports News though.
that's only because you know Kirsty Gallagher is running it ;)
Can you ask Kirsty Gallagher if she'll give me a hand job please?
I saw ure score from Silverknowes the other night on SSN.Kirsty Gallagher was singing your praises.No chance!
At Augusta, caddied for his dad at the par 3 contest, then interviewed on telly by Kirsty Gallagher..not surprised young Lawrie's speechless
tough choice, Hayley McQueen, Rachael wyse, Charlie Webster, Millie clode, Kirsty Gallagher and Charlotte Jackson in that order.
O I wish I worked for Sky Sports News! Mille clode, Charlotte Jackson, Kirsty Gallagher and Natalie Sawyer on a daily basis
Casually sat with Jack Whitehall, David Walliams, Kirsty Gallagher and Rob Bryden as Lenny Henry introduces Book of Mormon.
Kirsty Gallagher selling sports gear I can understand, Amy Childs & Lonsdale not so much.
no she sacked it off for formula one didnt she! Charlotte Jackson and Kirsty Gallagher
Kirsty Gallagher has got nothing on Georgie Thompson
Play Cardio Tennis with Kirsty Gallagher at Westfield London this weekend visit for more
Charlotte Jackson, Natalie Sawyer, Kirsty Gallagher, Georgie Thompson before she left
just remembered I've had Kirsty Gallagher and Chris packham on a par yet?
Kirsty Gallagher looks like a member of the Starship Enterprise tonight
Sky Sports one was a personal favorite;) want to marry Kirsty Gallagher 😏
Just watching Sky Sports News here. Kirsty Gallagher never lost it anyway :)
Sky Sports News in HD - Kirsty Gallagher, Olivia Godfrey, Charlotte Jackson, Charlie Webster - different Gravy!!! Fox Sports News - please take a look and learn how to do it properly!
Just woke up to Kirsty Gallagher on Sky Sports News. Not bad! :-)
Stuart Barnes and Dewy Morris r on and struggling to maintain eye contact with Kirsty Gallagher!!!
Is looking at Kirsty Gallagher's cleavage on Sky Sports News!
If Gloria Hunniford was running the olympic torch then i would defo go and see it but cos its Kirsty Gallagher id rather not
Kirsty Gallagher, interviewing 3 cast members from Corrie - "I have a couple of the cast from Coronation Street with me." oops!
I can't look at Kirsty Gallagher without thinking of chocolate fingers. Thanks to Stan Collymore's autobiography
Kirsty Gallagher getting close up with the footballers. I remember her getting cosy with Stan Collymore and a box of chocolate fingers!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Has Gary Lineker shlyyyed off with Kirsty Gallagher or something!?
Did Butch Harmon just called Kirsty Gallagher; Kristy. Get your names right Butch!
9 years 364 days ago, Riise started on C4. Anyone remember that? I think Colin Murray and Kirsty Gallagher were presenters.
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