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Kirsty Gallacher

Kirsty Jane Gallacher (born 20 January 1976 in Edinburgh), is a Scottish television presenter.

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Kirsty Gallacher was secretly dating Laurence Fox shortly before drink-driving arrest
Kirsty Gallacher was 'secretly dating' Laurence Fox -
Who is Kirsty Gallacher? Sky Sports News presenter charged with drink-driving who starred on Strictly Come...
Kirsty Gallacher was secretly dating Billie Piper's ex-husband before her drink driving arrest…
Kirsty Gallacher and Laurence Fox 'secretly dating' before drink-driving offence
Kirsty Gallacher ended Laurence Fox romance over secrecy, is still 'mad' for Danny…
EXCLUSIVE Telly host Kirsty Gallacher was secretly dating Laurence Fox just weeks before drink driving arrest…
Sky Sports News host Kirsty Gallacher split from boyfriend Laurence Fox just weeks before…
Sky Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher charged with drink driving
Sky Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher has been charged with drink driving - more here:
Kirsty Gallacher has been CHARGED with drink driving whilst on her way to pick her children up at 11:30am
Kirsty Gallacher at a few awards showing everyone how it's done! ❤️ Love
My idea of a good night has always been having a lovely meal and a proper conversation. - Kirsty Gallacher. > >
I'm trying to channel my inner Kirsty Gallacher, but let's face it, I'm more Liam. And yes I know the surname is spelt slightly differently.
Kirsty Gallacher on 😭 We need more defibrillators in public places
Kirsty gallacher,who I have nothing against, is the perfect example of it not being what you know but who you know.Plenty of others in media
Alex Jones and Kirsty Gallacher on the same show .. The One Show you are really spoiling us this evening ..
Just walked in on the better half watching an old episode of A League Of Their Own. A dismissible offence. Kirsty Gallacher is on however.
Kirsty gallacher looking very hot this afternnoon she needs smashing
first *** of the day has to that sexy MILF Kirsty Gallacher
I would love a titwank off Kirsty Gallacher 👌
Would much rather have my hand round Georgie Thompson or Kirsty Gallacher!! 😂
Red & black stunningness from Kirsty Gallacher
Send me your favourite pic of Kirsty Gallacher. I'll repost & tag you in. ❤️👍🏻
Kirsty Gallacher in a gold dress , looking like this! 😍
Kirsty Gallacher looking so awesome in white! 😍👸🏻 loving the heels too! ❤️
Kirsty Gallacher at an event in London
Kirsty Gallacher in Satin Blouse Top , Sky Sports News HQ has been published on -
Watching league of their own. Kirsty Gallacher just gets more and more attractive as she gets older doesn't she?
Kirsty Gallacher at Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London
Kirsty Gallacher today, looking sensational as always! 😍🔥
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Imagine a presenter coming live on Sky Sports drunk...
But my strength was in singing and songwriting, which was a new discovery for me close to home. -Kirsty Gallacher
Happy birthday to the one and only Kirsty Gallacher, not sure if the second pic is real but hope it is! ❤️😍🎉
VIDEO: Sky Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher drunk during broadcast. Just watch this video: https:…
Sky Sports News would be a poorer place without Kirsty Gallacher
I grew up Windlesham in Surrey, which is a beautiful and quaint ...
I don't find offensive that I'm being labelled a babe by blokes.
Couple of pics of the perfect Kirsty Gallacher for Is lick the sweat from her perfect ***
Kirsty Jane Gallacher tried to email the Lord Provest last night to get someone banned from Dundee. I'm done. She e…
I love spring flowers: daffodils and hyacinths are the ultimate...
Oh my god ❤️. Kirsty Gallacher is the babe of the year 🌍🌍🌍
I hate alarms. If they go off I get really tetchy. I hate them.
I have always enjoyed drawing and painting but I don't always find...
I also try to eat as much raw food and clean food as possible.
I wanted to be a fashion journalist and went to the London Coll...
For your wanking pleasure I give you Kirsty Gallacher 🍆✊🏻💦
is the Sky Sports News Presenter Kirsty Gallacher and like you are a very beautiful lady she is a very beautiful lady as well.
"Mindfulness helps Kirsty Gallacher after her marriage split"
Yoga for Better Sleep with Kirsty Gallacher. Sat 3 Dec 3pm-5:30pm. A special workshop for sleep problems
Being busy with work, and as a mum, I'm a big fan of online shop...
one of Kirsty Gallacher's favourite places
Kirsty gallacher reporting on the Ryder Cup
Kirsty Gallacher looking foxy on previewing the 😍🔥
Awkward stuff,Monty and Kirsty Gallacher talking about Tiger Woods
Kirsty Gallacher is making me want to watch the Ryder Cup, well play, Sky Sports. Well played.
I wish I was one of them Chocolate fingers that was sticking in Kirsty Gallacher
How longs this Ryder Cup nonsense on for? Kirsty Gallacher needs to come back to Sky Sports News.
I come from a sports family and my husband is a rugby player.
Kirsty Gallacher in her element there at the Ryder Cup. Reckon she'll be taking a few 7 woods there this week. IN THE HOLE!
Kirsty Gallacher is an absolute beaut😻
Helping to encourage labour, by Kirsty Gallacher
Yoga for Labour and Birth with Kirsty Gallacher. Sat, 15 Oct 2:45 pm - 7:00 pm. Being calm, quiet and relaxed can...
Half the reason I watch sky sports is because of Kirsty Gallacher 😏
Has any woman ever remained as ridiculously attractive as Kirsty Gallacher
Jennifer Garner and Kirsty Gallacher advance to the Final 32
Sailing is a completely new sport for me and I wasn't sure what to expect but I've defi
what could Kirsty Gallacher do with a mars bar?
Mindfulness helps Kirsty Gallacher after her marriage split
Kirsty Gallacher: 'I'm hoping that life really does begin at forty': It recently emerged that Gallacher, who ...
BBC Strictly Come Dancing starts tomorrow night on BBC1 with Wellwoman’s Kirsty Gallacher taking to the dancefloor!
Hypnobirthing and massage techniques, by Kirsty Gallacher
Sweet Dreams: get comfy for a good night's sleep, by Kirsty Gallacher
Kirsty Gallacher is ready to embrace turning 40 after battling heartbreak and family health scares
Change comes out of heartbreak for Sky sports Kirsty Gallacher which she tells me
Kirsty Gallacher on the Vitabiotics WellWoman Capsules advert: "I feel fantastic." . Whoopee do.
Kirsty Gallacher reveals marriage is the worst investment she has made via
Single Kirsty Gallacher bares her toned legs in a sexy thigh-high split dress with risqué cut-out details at charity dinner
Kirsty Gallacher calls marriage her ‘worst investment’
Sky Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher has revealed that she turned to mindfulness therapy in the wake of her...
Sweet Dreams: yoga breathing to help you switch off, by Kirsty Gallacher
Kirsty Gallacher calls marriage her 'worst investment' as she reveals that sliced her assets.
Charlotte Hawkins and Kirsty Gallacher both visited me today!. I am irresistible!
Denise Lewis, Kirsty Gallacher, Clare Balding, Amy Williams, Rachel Brown and Katie Price are at today's
David Garrido is my new favourite Sky Sports News presenter. Well, after Kirsty Gallacher. Oh and Natalie Sawyer. And Charlotte Jackson, Hay
Kirsty Gallacher and Gethin Jones pictured at the launch of Speedo's 'Dive In' campaign
Natalie Pinkham enjoys day at Cheltenham Races with pal Kirsty Gallacher
Being a mother is quite tiring. There's not much time to do anything. You just rush around and it's hard work. - Kirsty Gallacher
David Beckham will be fronting a Sky Sports 25th anniversary special with Kirsty Gallacher.
David Beckham fronts special TV show for Sky Sports' 25th anniversary with Kirsty Gallacher
Kirsty gallacher on Sky Sports News
Kirsty gallacher presenting Sky Sports News
for Jo Wilson favourite for Kirsty gallacher
Check out Kirsty Gallacher's diet and exercise tips in this month's - out now for just £1.99!
I was quite creative at school, and was also interested in fashion, but I w...
It is still my dream to own a little flower shop.
Also yesterday, Kirsty Gallacher clearly had something on her mind...
Kirsty Gallagher had a nightmare live on air earlier and it's absolute comedy gold...
Kirsty Gallacher is in good spirits after Strictly Come Dancing elimination 41
Kirsty Gallacher says Strictly Come Dancing is helping with her divorce
'Strictly's really important for getting my confidence back': Kirsty Gallacher says the show is helping
Kirsty Gallacher says Strictly is helping to heal her divorce wounds . .
Brendan Cole is NOT happy with partner Kirsty
if Kirsty gallacher wins stricley I want you to do something messy
think she was there with so probably part of the Kirsty Gallacher fan club
Sky Sports News anchor Kirsty Gallacher takes time out from training to discuss sexism in sport, fitness and dating
Hamilton Collection
I really want to like Kirsty Gallacher but I can't.
Kirsty Gallacher needs to stop looking at the camera when it's on other people!!
she is sat with Natalie Pinkham who dated Prince Harry & who is Kirsty Gallacher best friend
I am about 40 mins behind but was that ZARA Phillips in the audience supporting Kirsty Gallacher
Kirsty Gallacher into sports I suspect! :-)
Watching Kirsty Gallacher jiggle up them stairs was a joy to behold.
In other news, Kirsty Gallacher has been well fit for fully 15 years!
Kirsty gallacher can't dance at all but she's so hot and I'm so ***
You know you're getting too in to SCD when you're paying more attention to Kirsty Gallacher's hands & feet than her *** & *** .
EXCLUSIVE: Kirsty Gallacher admits she's a 'different woman' after divorcing Paul Sampson - http…
Kirsty Gallacher reveals how Strictly Come Dancing helped her deal with divorce
Kirsty Gallacher reveals how Strictly helped her deal with divorce
I chatted to beautiful about heartache and ladies changing the face of sports commentary
The 40-year-old lothario, who's dating Kirsty Gallacher's younger sister Laura, 27, thrived on the female attention last Thursday when a
Will Kirsty Gallacher be the first female celeb to leave Strictly?
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Strictly Come Dancing 2015: Will Kirsty Gallacher be the first female celeb out?
Kirsty Gallacher: Strictly is helping me get over my divorce: “I feel like I've been pulled through a bush bac...
Kirsty Gallacher is like a young Judy Murray. And that's no the best thing.
Photo: Kirsty Gallacher happy to see young brigade dominating golf this year : 63:
My dughter's just wolf whistled Darcey Bussell and Kirsty Gallacher. Think she likes Helen George & Georgia-may Foote too
Ainsley Harriott, Peter Andre and Kirsty Gallacher are all on Strictly Come Dancing this year and I am bouncing off the walls
i'd settle for that but Kate would be wounded, even Kirsty Gallacher is a right milf
Kirsty Gallacher Wikipedia article edited anonymously from [GB] News UK and Ireland Ltd
Former sprinter Iwan Thomas and Sky Sports News presenter Kirsty Gallacher are the final two names announced for this year's Strictly Come
Strictly Come Dancing 2015: Kirsty Gallacher and Iwan Thomas are final contestants to join line-up
This year's line-up is complete now that these final two have been added
Strictly Come Dancing contestants 2015: Full line-up revealed as Kirsty Gallacher and
KATCHING MY I: first look at Strictly Come Dancing celebrity line-up...
Kirsty Gallacher and Peter Andre lead Strictly celebrities in teaser via
Kirsty Gallacher and Peter Andre lead Strictly Come Dancing celebrities first-look teaser
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Saturday dilemma soon Kirsty Gallacher on Strictly & Rita Ora on X-Factor which one to perv on
Strictly Come Dancing - Iwan Thomas and Kirsty Gallacher confirmed as the final two celebrities taking part: ...
Kirsty Gallacher looks phenomenal in this raunchy shoot!
Strictly Come Dancing 2015: Who is most likely to win this year? -
Strictly Come Dancing: the FULL lineup is released!
Jamelia and Kirsty Gallacher get their fancy footwork in step as Strictly Come ... - Daily Mail
Will Kirsty Gallacher find love on Strictly Come Dancing?: The presenter is rumoured to be on th... via
Kirsty Gallacher looking great on SSN tonight even though I'm more of a Natalie Sawyer man.
Kirsty Gallacher gets fitter everytime i see her 😍
I don't watching skysportsnews when kirsty gallacher is on she bores me to death she can even prone new Zealand rite either
Another full house tomorrow for our family team breakfast seminar with & Kirsty Gallacher
Adding Zara phillips Mike tindall and Kirsty Gallacher to my list of celebs 🎨💄
Oh that's a masterstroke Sky. Avoid the cricket score. Directly before the highlights up pops Kirsty Gallacher with the headlines...
Wow! takes on the Masters tournament challenge, in high heels! htt…
"I've got a really sweet tooth and sometimes I just have to have some chocolate." ~Kirsty Gallacher…
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Kirsty Gallacher is live on with a Masters update from Augusta. Follow the action on Sky Sports 4 now and on S…
Last RT, Kirsty Gallacher knocking it to 10 ft on the Amen Corner par 3... In heels!
Kirsty Gallacher: I wouldn't rule out cosmetic surgery
Jim rottentall is the luckiest man in the world working with kirsty gallacher as her assistant
Last one of Kirsty Gallacher. She's just great
I liked a video Kirsty Gallacher on the pull - Sky Sports Blooper
Sky's Kirsty Gallacher opens up about the end of her four-year marriage.
Kate Abdo, Natalie Sawyer, Hayley McQueen, Kirsty Gallacher. What a workplace! Just make a deadline day move to get Georgie Thompson back!
“Kirsty Gallacher and Gabby Logan are both proper Which one likes the most do you think?
‘Were it not for the swift intervention of those in the audience who knew Bernard would not have survived’…
Hypnobirthing Course with Kirsty Gallacher Next held on Fri, 9 Jan at 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Kirsty Gallacher on doing 'The Stance' made famous by Rachel Riley. Not enough leg on show to be as good.
Just had an epiphany watching Sky News: Kirsty Gallacher and Eva Green; separated at birth?
Kirsty Gallacher there, seemingly in a state of excitement that she got the chance to say it twice in a minute.
Kirsty Gallacher said she loved her co host, it was an accident though, I'll forgive her
Sky star Kirsty: First aid heroes saved my dad after he 'died' via
Introduction to hypnotherapy and hypnobirthing - Join us on Jan 09 for Hypnobirthing Course with Kirsty Gallacher
Tottenham beating Chelsea & Arsenal losing,now I just need Kirsty Gallacher, Hayley McQueen & Aishwariya Rai to knock on my door
Autumn Street / DIY footage from Kirsty Tonner & Danni Gallacher in and around Yorkshire! Have a peep!
I believe Martin Kaymer may be dating the lovely Kirsty Gallacher.
Looks like Martin Kaymer has been spending some quality time with Kirsty Gallacher . he's 3 over par after just 8 holes!!!
Martin Kaymer dating Kirsty Gallacher, some life he's got
Sky sports do spoil us from kirsty gallacher to Kate abdo 🙌😍
Calum: 'I'd cut off my own leg just to smell Kirsty Gallacher's farts' 😐 the things I put up with.
Not like me, but here goes. Kirsty Gallacher is looking awesome.
Kirsty gallacher would get an awful dickin she would
Eyebrows done. Look more like Kirsty Gallacher and less like Liam Gallagher now *smooths sharp eyebrows*
Yoga for Labour and Birth with Kirsty Gallacher, Nov 29th
Kirsty Gallacher's Home Videos. . Has there ever been a more disappointingly misleading title of a television programme?
Kirsty Gallacher looking fantastically and showing great
How boss is Kirsty Gallacher still, she must be nearly 40 as well
Watch Sky Sports News HQ's Jim White and Kirsty Gallacher take the ice bucket challenge in aid of ALS.
Proud Eck aboot tae batter hoor Kirsty Gallacher - yes he can, in OOR independent
Kirsty Gallacher, my god, definitely wouldn't say no 😉
I didn't really get the new Sky Sports News HQ until earlier & I saw Kirsty Gallacher's legs 😍
why doesnt any1 make such songs for me! :( Lucky Kirsty Gallacher!!
just heard a gr8 song! :) its made by sum1 for this girl Kirsty Gallacher. Now lemme find out who she is...hmmm.
Loving the new simply because you get to see Kirsty Gallacher's who body, rather than just the top half.
to *** with the football what a waist having Kirsty Gallacher behind that desk wow wow looks stunning in her red dress
Omg look at kirsty gallacher in that red dress on *** bloody bells :p ☺
Yes so Kirsty Gallacher just followed me back. Play it cool!
I want to take Kirsty Gallacher out to dinner
Kirsty Gallacher looks very nice on Sky Sports News
My lust for Kirsty Gallacher knows no bounds.
God *** Kirsty Gallacher looking amazing as ever
“Kirsty Gallacher on now.👌😍👍 I noticed her yesterday, looking particularly fit!
How is Kirsty Gallacher looking this evening
kirsty gallacher just gets better with age! Absolute Milf!
Kirsty Gallacher makes sky sport news for me
Kirsty Gallacher looking fully piff on
*** off Kirsty Gallacher, you're making my teeth itch
Have Sky Sports News bosses made all female presenters wear blue to launch today? Kirsty Gallacher on now.👌😍👍
Kirsty Gallacher is going to be knackered; I've never seen presenters walk around a studio so much!
This Sky Sports News HQ thing is *** but I am getting to see more of Kirsty Gallacher.
Kirsty Gallacher was made for this new format. Absolute beauty.
It's better looking Kirsty Gallacher is getting
Oi Steve-o, bang Kirsty Gallacher live on air for the bants AT THE NEW SKY SPORTS HQ. . Think of the
Kirsty Gallacher is all legs it seems. . Now I get the reasoning behind the whole revamp & new studio.
What a sexy woman Kirsty Gallacher is.
SkySports News HQ is a mouthful. Kirsty Gallacher knows all about that. Waaay
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The new look of is great, I hope you didn't leave out Kirsty Gallacher.
Kirsty Gallacher in that Sky Sports News HQ ad looks absolutely stunning.
Had a dream that I was going out with Kirsty Gallacher. It was great.
Kirsty gallacher in new look SSN ad looks INCREDIBLE..
Can't see his name but get your point! Kenny Logan, Bernard and Kirsty Gallacher, Brian Ferry and *** Jagger signed
Natalie Sawyer, Alex Hammond, Kirsty Gallacher and Hayley Mcqueen how can you complain about Englands presenters?
Today Ainsley Harriott is joining our collection of high profile celebrities who are calling for an end to the use of in experiments. Celebrity supports of include Mary McCartney, Kirsty Gallacher, Jilly Cooper, Ricky Gervais, Paul O’Grady, Kimberly Wyatt, Chris Packham, Helen Skelton, Dave Spikey, Miranda Richardson, Wendy Turner Webster and Ann Widdecombe. Find out more here:
What do Amir Khan, Natasha Jonas, Louis Smith, James Haskell, and TV presenters Kirsty Gallacher and Emma Spencer all have in common? Baking, of...
I really hope new presenter can live up to the likes of Natalie Sawyer and Kirsty Gallacher, Hayley McQueen etc.
where are the brunettes in this decision then. Kirsty Gallacher, Natalie Sawyer? I love Kirsty 😍
Kirsty Gallacher talks us through the history of Sky Sports News, which is celebrating it's fifteenth anniversary.Featuring looks back at how we used to do t...
Kirsty Gallacher, Charlotte Jackson, Georgie Thompson (still counting her) Hayley McQueen and ofc Natalie Sawyer
In case you missed our announcement yesterday... Our Be:Fit London 2014 ambassadors are Olympic champions Victoria Pendleton CBE and Denise Lewis OBE, Sky Sports News presenter Kirsty Gallacher and supermodel Jodie Kidd!! Tickets are on sale now from our website. Why not treat yourself or a loved one this with a ticket to Be:Fit London?
Kirsty Gallacher, he stuck chocolate fingers up her box & told everyone. She went out with a rugby player & he lamped Collymore
First time in a very long time I watched Sky Sports News. Last time I did, Kirsty Gallacher had a canny pair of threps.
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Workshops for mothers-to-be & birth partner with Kirsty Gallacher incorporating yoga a& hypnobirthing techniques
I can't even find Simply the Best with Phil Tufnell and Kirsty Gallacher on Youtube either.
Kirsty Gallacher has some set of chebs on her, would felaish a man to get 5 minutes with them bad boys!!
A body hanging off two nipples: Kirsty Gallacher. I love Kirsty Gallacher.
Video: What's your favourite moment in women's sport? tells us hers...
Has Kirsty Gallacher had some work done?
Okay guys me and Neil are gonna go party with Kate Upton and Kirsty Gallacher.
Kirsty Gallacher's younger sister Laura certainly takes after her in the good looks department!
Kirsty Gallacher should just take her top off.
VIDEO: With so many to choose from, tells us her favourite moment in women's sport...
This months Pregnancy Yoga Blog - by Kirsty Gallacher. I know we Brits have a habit of going on about the weather...
First dog-walking celebrity encounter this afternoon. He went nose to nose with Kirsty Gallacher's bulldog in Windsor Great Park
Kirsty gallacher is just a different class! and she can keep you well up to date with all the latest sports goings on. It's a yes from me!
How come your sister knows Kirsty Gallacher? — lol its complicated but shes well nice
Kirsty Gallacher's looking as gorgeous as ever on SSN.
Having said that, Kirsty Gallacher is on so a soapy titwank wouldn't be so bad at this time of the day.
Sky Sports News is doing it for me right now, Kirsty Gallacher and positive comments on Jose
Sky Sports News, Federer is being interviewed by Kirsty Gallacher
Brian Blessed, John Bishop and Kirsty Gallacher have all expressed support to stop the badger cull. Will you join them?
well, for star sports viewers there is Paula Malai Ali, Kirsty Gallacher on Sky sports and Georgie Thompson on Sky F1.
today on SSN 6am Charlotte Jackson 10am Natalie Sawyer now Kirsty Gallacher
Kirsty Gallacher launches new fitness regime Cardio Tennis in Westfield London this afternoon, organised by The Lawn Tennis Association.
Jim White must love it these days, Kirsty Gallacher, Charlotte Jackson, he's come a long way since Gerry McNee on Scotsport Extra Time
Jim White's an absolute legend, just quoted " All that and Super Ally" in reply to Kirsty Gallacher's list of what was coming up on SSN
top 3 ... 1. olivia godfrey ... 2. Kirsty Gallacher ... 3. Hayley McQueen ... (Georgie Thompson used to be number 2)
Andrew Marr and Kirsty Gallacher eating sushi off a hedgehog's eye whilst trying to work out why Lurpak is yellow.
Torch Relay day 13. Amir Khan, Stoke City Manager Tony Pulis, John Bishop and Kirsty Gallacher will be torchbearers.
Amir Khan, Stoke City's Tony Pulis, John Bishop & Kirsty Gallacher will be torchbearers on tomorrow's relay
Well maybe you could do well there on SSN along side Kirsty Gallacher.
Kirsty Gallacher working as a presenter at Augusta next week, looks like Monty could be sinking one in her cup again!
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Kirsty Gallacher – GQ Men of the Year Awards in London[4photos]
I wonder if Sky Sports didn't allow Kirsty Gallacher to interview Ian Ayre because she's a fan... Then again he did boss Jim White!
Kirsty Gallacher is so beautiful. Definitely in my top 5
Kirsty Gallacher is looking particularly nice this afternoon!
Rediscovered my teenage love of Kirsty Gallacher. Delightful
Kirsty Gallacher looking lovely again today! Sure I saw a wee nervous twitch when she was doing the link for Montgomerie interview!
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