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Kirsten Powers

Kirsten A. Powers (born 1969) is an American columnist, blogger, pundit, and political commentator. Powers, a Democratic political analyst on Fox News, appears regularly on shows such as The O'Reilly Factor, Fox News Sunday, Special Report with Bret Baier and Freedom Watch.

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Kirsten Powers should help Jim Webb prepare for his inevitable TV job as fake Fox News Democrat.
this is about one thing only. A Fox News or similar type Kirsten Powers "Democrat" job on TV.
Doesn't surprise me.Liberals have a disdain for organized religion.See:Kirsten Powers & Anna Marie Cox who got crap for their faith
Okay, they got Kirsten Powers. So what? We got a maybe from Colbert when we invited him to our Trunk or Treat, so we’re making inroads there
Kirsten Powers: Suicide by any other name. It's for the elderly and sick
Excellent commentary! I wish more journalists and commentators would give these facts.
Waiting for to blame Keller for this somehow...
is "death by euphemism" Orwellian move toward duty to die. Illuminating must read by
Kirsten Powers on her journey from Tim Keller's Redeemer Network to Roman Catholicism
Does all this shapely centering work on celebs, Tim? As in:
Oct 27 at Georgetown: Religious Freedom in the Public Square w/Kirsten Powers, Russell Moore, and Phil Zuckerman:
Tim Keller, the gateway drug to Roman Catholicism.
I'd give this more credibility if Kirsten Powers were debating Andrea Tantaros
Kirsten Powers: It's time for evangelicals to speak up for animals via
Kirsten Powers on The Five today was to the point of making me wish for Bob Beckel, and that is a very long stretch for me. Can Fox screen?
Dan that was a great article you put on Donald Trump, by Kirsten Powers.
Good to know there is one reasonable Democrat. Kirsten Powers: I Don’t Stand With Wendy Davis Thanks
Remote Channel Changers just love Kirsten Powers. They feel morre useful. They also love Joe Trippi; Alan Colmes and THE JAW at FAUX NEWS!
Kirsten Powers joins us to talk about her book The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech
That sound you heard was Kirsten Powers becoming utterly sick of abortion politics in the national Democratic Party:
Pat Buchanan and Kirsten Powers battle over Obamacare & GOP efforts to…
Juan Williams&Kirsten Powers are better debaters 4left
Fox News is fair and balanced, they ALWAYS debate BOTH sides of an issue. Bob Beckel, Kirsten Powers, Juan Williams, are
Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and Kirsten Powers whine that mean, intolerant liberals don’t consider Sarah Palin and Miche…
Kirsten Powers: Christians thrown overboard were left to drown by Obama.
“Kirsten Powers is a journalist "on the right".okay Depends on if Rachel Maddow is the baseline.
WTH they put Kirsten Powers on the right?
How can Kirsten Powers spew her crap defending the left and keep a straight face. Does she really think we buy that BS...
Kirsten Powers is eye candy when she's talking. That's it.
Since when was Kirsten Powers considered a "righty"? 😳
Ummm, how is Kirsten Powers listed on the right?
Who knew Morocco Mole was alive and well - hm - that sneaky little Kirsten Powers... :)
Glenn Greenwald is more center left and Kirsten powers is left. What a joke article and someone forgot to do homework.
Kirsten Powers is gonna be surprised she switched sides.
Kirsten Powers: owns big security edge Who's she kidding? Frequent flyer miles is not experience
Kirsten Powers: 'We have slipped into an age of un-enlightenment where you fall in line behind the mob or face the consequences.'.
That was interesting until I got to Kirsten Powers who, I believe, is not on the right!
Kirsten powers is also mild!
How did Kirsten Powers get on the list? What in the world?
Kirsten Powers? I doubt she even makes right turns in her car.
how did Kirsten Powers make the list?
"Congrats !. Number One... Kirsten Powers is considered "on the right"? Wow!
Kirsten Powers has her mouth full El Presidente the USA
Kirsten Powers is the lipstick and all of the left is the pig.
Kirsten Powers: "[Pres. Obama] feels very strongly, he doesn't want Congress getting involved in [Iran]."
Kirsten Powers is a registered Democrat but is considered a right-leaning journalist? Makes sense.
Kirsten Powers & Larry Sabato on the right? Just how far left is the scale if those 2 are "right"m
Where does Rand Paul stand on aid to Israel? Does Rand Paul know?
Kirsten Powers: owns big security edge
Kirsten Powers: Hillary Clinton owns big security edge
Kirsten Powers: Hillary Clinton owns big security edge: Her cred on foreign policy is much stronger than the D...
A look at Rand Paul's shifting positions and statements on Israel.
I guess Kirsten Powers doesn't know that Savannah Guthrie is married to a former Al Gore chief of staff leftist hack.
Tammy Bruce and Kirsten Powers join Sean Hannity to discuss how the left is killing free speech in this country.
Kirsten Powers has a question about reason Joni Ernst carries a gun
I was thinking more Dennis Kucinich, Kirsten Powers, Lanny Davis etc, people on shows NOT The Five
I just found Kirsten Powers on — check it out! /cc
Very much agree, they should give Kirsten Powers a try
: Juan has to be the most ignorant person you've had as a panelists except for maybe Kirsten Powers.
Kohn & Kirsten Powers show their stupidity when standing up 4 dems in general
Kirsten Powers admits on Oreily Hillary crooked on emails but stands buy here win at all costs
What did Kirsten Powers say at the time Reid uttered his lie (not his first) about Romney? You've got the resources to find out?
Congratulations, you asked Kirsten Powers the perfect question, was she a Democrat, and she almost self destructed. Touché!
On O'Reilly: Kirsten Powers essentially says 'What difference does it make that Dems are corrupt. Everyone knows! It's who we are!'.
Kirsten Powers apparently has only had Democrat males. She should try a man instead.
Kirsten Powers is the only adamant liberal pundit that I find tolerable. .
ha! Libs do stutter, gives them time to make up what they are going to say. (Kirsten Powers)
I, too, would prefer hugging a cactus to watching Mark Hannah. I had assumed Kirsten Powers was the smuggest person on the planet.
I am moderate right and welcome Kirsten Powers views. Balance is good
Colmes, Kirsten Powers ,Bob Beckel, Juan Williams and Joy Behar will be on suicide watch
Geraldo is no different than Juan Williams, Bob Beckel, Kirsten Powers, Shepard Smith..all useful *** Obama enablers..
Kirsten Powers has been a Dem apologist for her entire career. Awful as a jourbalist!
Whether you agree with her or not, Kirsten Powers doesn't it!
It's bad. Even Kirsten Powers is turning on Shrillary ...
I do have respect for Kirsten Powers for having the ability to say its wrong, when it is.
When I see Kirsten Powers on his show, I think of her as the female Juan Williams. She also just carries the Liberals water.
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Here's how much PlayStation's first original TV show cost to make Kirsten Acuna
Kirsten Powers on Fix News attacks Both Sides. in Fact she's writing a book going after the Left.
PlayStation's first original show is a dark, gritty superhero series for adults Kirsten Acuna
Kirsten Powers' arguments are null because of her affiliation with FOX: owner Rupert Murdoch stands to benefit from its politics.
I compare her speaking out to someone in same political field like Kirsten Powers. Her testimony was personal, heartfelt.
Yes. You're my favorite liberal with the possible exception of Kirsten Powers.
"Is it me or is Juan becoming a little more liberal each time you see him?" He is, sadly. He makes Kirsten Powers look moderate
Kirsten Powers on Sen. Menendez: "There's a sense that there's a major coincidence, at a bare minimum... it's a smear campaign."
Kirsten Powers is sticking up for Menendez who's just been charged with corruption. Guess she still has Screaming Wiener on her brain.
Kirsten Powers, please don't embarrass me tonight.
If you mean 'Kirsten' Powers, yes, she is a beauty, but America NEEDS a conservative in the WH. How about Sarah Palin or Mia Love?
very irritating... as is the presence of Juan Williams & Kirsten Powers ugh
Kirsten Powers seems to suffer from some sort of multiple personality disorder. Or maybe just a guilt conscience.
ISIS On The March And Kirsten Powers had no answers and sounded like a fool.
Good night for & Kirsten Powers at last night's debate!
Hi Bill why do you put up with people like kirsten powers on your great show. She's self opinionated loudmouthed pinhead.
i used to kinda like Kirsten Powers, not so much anymore
How have on campuses changed over time? says it's abt
He and Kirsten Powers have the ability to remove intellectual honesty from their arguments. Maddening.
Trying to understand how Kirsten Powers sees the atrocities committed by ISIS as not our problem to solve? This is a typical liberal stance
Kirsten Powers's brain is spinning at warp speed while absolutely nothing (of intelligence) is coming out her mouth.
If only Kirsten Powers weren't so wrong about the Iraq War.
Kirsten Powers made a complete fool of herself on O'Reilly tonight. Wow.
had a heated discussion with guest Kirsten Powers, a USA Today columnist. Don't mind me...
Bill O'Reilly owned Kirsten Powers tonight. She lives in the past, only wants to hate on George W Bush.
Can someone explain to me how a person with such naïveté, as Kirsten Powers, is a news analyst on FOX? She is an ***
O'reilly should have my 6 year old on to discuss foreign policy instead of clueless Kirsten Powers.
Kirsten Powers is really weak. Kirsten is conviced we were wrong when Bush was leading us and that all she has. Now she thinks no war ever
MONICIA CROWLEY.just took Poor Naive KIRSTEN task.. on O'Reilly Love both these great Lady s
Kirsten powers is a rank amateur just like Hussein Obama. Destroying the economy of our enemies will lead to war anyway .
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kirsten powers your prez is the biggest failure and the biggest fraud ever perpetuated on the American people
Kirsten Powers is like a stopped clock. She's right twice a day. Wrong the rest of the time.
Reason ISIS is growing is because of Democrats Like Kirsten Powers who want do do nothing.
You need to ban Kirsten Powers, leftist and disrespectful all the time lately.
Does Kirsten Powers ever say anything worthwhile? Something needs to be done.
# Kirsten Powers. should have stayed on Anthony's Wiener! # She is very gullible! # In fact she is stupid!
Kirsten Powers the poster girl for stupidity,who knocked down the World Trade Center.Gitmo was not in existence,moron.
On Beckel, Kirsten Powers, Carville, Colmes and and Juan Williams are regulars.
Juan Williams along with Kirsten Powers & Alan Colmes don't have 3 active brain cells among them...
I like Kirsten Powers and she's very smart but I find myself disagreeing with her allot.
kirsten powers would be blaming Bush if this was going on under his watch. she's pathetic
Well time to turn the channel kirsten powers up next to spew obama koolaid and lies
good for you not to let Kirsten Powers get away with the lie that GOP cut CDC budget.
For Shepard Smith and Kirsten Powers on and their proclamation
Whoa! Fox has two sane reporters. Shep and Kirsten Powers (who was Not Having Fox's Ebola Outrage on Outnumbered)
Yep, I'm w/Shep on this one ---> Kirsten Powers Is Not Having Media's Ebola Outrage via
Fox's on "We are not seeing an epidemic. We are not even in the threat of an epidemic.”
Headline: Is Not Having Fox's Ebola Outrage. What she said: 'I'm on Team Shep'. Did you spot it?...
Agree 100% with re: unnecessary hysteria over
I'm also 'afraid' of knee jerk liberals like Kirsten Powers
Kirsten Powers, they found money to fly illegals around the US on the tax dollars, but blame the sequester for Ebola.
Kirsten Powers says there's no sense of us being "hysterical" about We're not. We're trying to stop a time to become hysterical.
Kirsten Powers I believe it was Obama who signed the bill to make the CDC cuts. The Dems are making this political first.
Kirsten Powers sides with Shep Smith: "We're not even in the threat of an epidemic right now."
Actually I think worst for monopolizing conversation is Kirsten Powers. I missed Outnumbered yesterday. Good thing?
she reminds me of Kirsten Powers. I cant stand her.
So when an Ebola vaccine comes out, Kirsten Powers won't get it because it's no big deal, right?
Kirsten Powers Calls Out O’Reilly’s Ebola Hysteria: . Kirsten Powers was at the top of her game last night as s...
Kirsten Powers says you all are alarmists or something like that
As ppl like Kirsten Powers says.we are overreacting.!
should send "contributor" KIRSTEN POWERS to West Africa for some on site reporting since SHE finds hysterical over
BTW, Kirsten Powers sounded like an *** last night. No common sense!
Kirsten Powers is a Marxist pretending to be a good person--she is a stupid fool and useful ***
Kirsten Powers and Obama are equal on the experience and common-sense level-ZERO,NADA,ZILCH.
Typical Kirsten Powers answer..She wants Open Borders, Kill babies in the womb, Now Ebola is not a threat..She's
Kirsten powers is absolutely out of it. Does an outbreak not always start with 1or 2 people then "snowball" to many?
Kirsten Powers wants to keep our borders open no. matter. what. If you disagree w her, you are hysterical.
Hysterical? Would Kirsten Powers like to sit by someone who just came from West Africa? 2 people is fine as long she isn't 1.
So, when did Kirsten Powers become an medical expert on containing Ebola? Or is she just doing political hackery?
Kirsten Powers tells O'Reilly that he is . "Bordering on hysterical.". Doesn't faze him
(Video) [9/30/2014] O’Reilly Takes on Powers: ‘Record Shows Obama Hasn’t Done Anything’ Bill O’Reilly and Kirsten Powers went head-to-head tonight over President Barack Obama and worldwide terror. While O’Reilly believes that Obama is in denial about worldwide terror, Powers said he is wrong. She said that Obama was aware of the ISIS threat but didn’t know that the terror group would overrun Iraq the way they are. ”With all due respect, I think you are in the distinct minority of the American people who feel that this president is extremely, extremely weak on terror.” O’Reilly likened Obama to Herbert Hoover before the Great Depression, saying they both had a lot of signs but didn’t do anything. O’Reilly also noted that the U.S. has done nothing to Pakistan, even though they have imprisoned Dr. Shakil Afridi and have harmed our military. Powers refuted his stance, accusing O’Reilly of claiming that the Obama administration does nothing. “There is plenty that happens behind the ...
Fox News' Eric Bolling sat in for Bill O'Reilly once again Tuesday night and during the 8 p.m. broadcast he got into a testy exchange with contributor Kirsten Powers over the role of Attorney General Eric Holder in Ferguson, Missouri.
Kirsten Powers reminds us all, Barack Obama was the only person in Chicago not to know what a horrid person Bill Ayers …
It's a good thing Kirsten Powers isn't part of the Obama administration. Her immigration approach is insane
maybe Michelle Obama should open the WH & Kirsten Powers open her home 2 ilkegal s the rest of us trying 2 take care our own fam
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Does Kirsten Powers realize that it is taxpayer $ burdened with all these illegals coming here?
Kirsten Powers reads a script she is given,.a real Feminazi,
One of the few times I agree with Kirsten Powers: we elected a president, not an emperor.
Kirsten Powers: Clinton 'Way Over the Top' on Hobby Lobby: Left-leaning Daily Beast columnist and former Clint...
Kirsten Powers does not understand why we can't support amnesty? Kirsten we have had immigrants, but they were assets, getting no benefits!
Kirsten Powers is okay in my book. She is honest and sincere. I disagree with her on almost all issues though.
4 once Oreilly is right & Kirsten Powers is dead wrong & thick as a brick! V. p.o.'d at ppl who don't want 2 enforce r laws.
If Kirsten Powers feels so bad for those illegal kids at the border, she can take 'em all in and care for them on her dime.
Listening to the crazy Kirsten Powers arguing about all the people pouring illegally across the border. It is a carefully orchestrated plan to bring more instability to America! The immigration laws are only broken to those with something to hide! They worked perfectly for me as recently as April, 2014!
I've never understood FOX's fascination with Kirsten Powers.
Kirsten powers. We all know she gets paid by special interest 2go onTV. She should say she wants Amnesty 4illegal aliens. Not "immigrants".
Why Fox News has Kirsten Powers as a political pundit is beyond me. She's almost as bad as Alan Colmes, not quite, but almost as bad.
Watching oreilly. What is wrong with Kirsten Powers. Why not hold Mexico accountable for letting all the children from Guatemala through.
Kirsten Powers doesn't understand nobody does the kids at the border without parents will be in system, moving thru several foster homes
Whoa. Who swore, Kirsten Powers or Bill O'Reilly? Someone had their audio muted in the live feed.
So, according to Kirsten Powers, we should accept all these People from Poor Countries down South! It will be never ending!
Kirsten powers take your head out of your ***
Kirsten Powers is a mess !!! Lib at its worse. Give, give, give away !
Read the USA today every day not sure how Kirsten Powers is still employed. Big Bill setting her straight
Kirsten Powers gives me such a headache
Kirsten Powers argues for amnesty for THESE children. She doesn't get that policy for these will end up as policy for all.
Kirsten Powers said we must not send the children back. Why doesn't she allow 3 or 4 to live with her?
kirsten powers and juan should let the kids at the border move into there homes. We can't take care of them.
Kirsten Powers sounds more and more "loony" every time she talks! Just nuts!
Omg. - Kirsten Powers on Oreilly again. Nothing but a walking talking point for libtards.
Kirsten Powers is not only a DempoRAT but a dumb DemoRat. She & Juan Williams make a set of bookends.
Kirsten Powers is so beyond annoying lol
powers, I finally added your tongue to my collection of stars.
KIrsten Powers "if a woman can't control her own fertility,she has no control over anything"? She also believes government should pay for it
According to Kirsten Powers women are intrinsically inferior humans so they need government provided contraception to control own fertility!
Kirsten Powers was correct. The Administration can pay for contraception. The employer does not need to have an imposition.
Kirsten Powers said on Fox Special Report, "if a woman can't control her fertility she can't control anything" & she's a smart liberal ***
Kirsten Powers ... "There are 4 REALLY smart judges who voted for it and 5 that went the other way".
Kirsten Powers supports the government "mandating contraceptives!"
Loony Born Again Christian Kirsten Powers – pay for all the illegals flooding the border
Kirsten Powers needs to zip it lately speaks with no facts supporting her opinion
The Male Guest sitting next to Kirsten Powers has NO clue every time he's on!
So listening to Kirsten Powers and the bald guy on we should not have borders if anyone anywhere wants to come to USA illegally.
Kirsten Powers & Ron Fournier are both their feel good position on the illegal invasion makes me want to puke!
Good evening, Greta! Kirsten Powers twice in one day-sorry, no can do When she is on, you are off.
I don't understand Kirsten Powers' confused views. She is actually encouraging illegal minor immigration to continue.
Kirsten Powers, wipe that smirk off your face. You love this
To kirsten powers: why can we not be the world's police force, but we can be their babysitters and food-stamp vending machine?
Tell Kirsten Powers I hold her personally responsible if Americans are harmed by these invaders.
Kirsten Powers: Stop encouraging the illegal minor immigration to continue.
And Kirsten Powers will never be on the O'Reilly factor again
Kirsten Powers just got her *** regulated to Shep Smith time slot.
Kirsten Powers, a Democrat who served in Bill Clinton's administration, said the mainstream media want to portray the Tea Party as bigots and racists and are not capable of understanding what the movement is about. She also said that the Republican establishment plays into these biases and deliberat…
Here you go. Agreed. I'm a huge fan of her work. This seems to be nothing but a rush.
Want to read someone who is dead wrong on Iraq? Kristen Powers dishes it up.
Kirsten Powers: Iraq crisis not Obama's fault via
Kirsten Powers has her head up her liberal -$$. Cosistently wrong , defender of Obama
Give your own money to illegal aliens Kirsten Powers.
Kirsten Powers said the US should take care of every child that comes illegally into the US?? Fine. Drop them all off at her house.
Kirsten Powers thinks we should support every illegal that sleazes over our border. How many has she taken in and supported?
Kirsten Powers calls out Bill O'Reilly: "I've never heard you say we can't afford to invade Iraq"
My column - Yes, the Iraq crisis is Bush's fault. Why it matters to place blame where it belongs:
My column in When considering Iraq war hawks' advice remember just how wrong they got it in the 1st place htt…
The current crisis in Iraq is not the president's fault and we must think before further action.
to the point; Kirsten Powers: Iraq crisis not Obama's fault via
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One of our favorite liberals, Kirsten Powers, showed up on The O'Reilly Factor last night to discuss debate immigration policy with host Bill O'Reilly. The ensuing exchange was marvelous theater. O...
Kirsten Powers from Fox News just said that America has the duty to welcome every mother and child from any country in the world. I will not go into the many many reasons why that is impossible. I would like to tell her to her face that she doesn't have the market cornered on kindness and compassion. She in my humble opinion has to be either the most uninformed or the most ignorant woman I have ever heard spew such nonsense. Does she not know they are thousands of hungry children right in the city she lives in,that go to bed every night hungry. Is she out there with hot food for them . Is she offering them a warm place to sleep, I'll answer my own question *** no she isn't .And she gets on TV and shouts to the top of her lungs that anyone that would challenge that type of open border issue ,is some kind of monster or fool.I would ask her to do one thing before she pats herself on the back. Give up part of your pay check, open your fancy apartment or big house to some of these poor unfortunate people from ...
I must say it once again.Kirsten Powers is an ***
.Kirsten Powers you should hear yourself talking you live in your little world want to babysit the whole world you pay for it out your money & make sure they don't have any diseases and by the way you pay for their education ...that the way you Democrats are you can spend other people's money but you don't like to spend yours ... Democrats : selfish, hateful, evil , manipulating people...
Kirsten Powers is not right. We can not take care of every child that comes across our border. She wants to compare the war we couldn't afford to all these people that have come into US. She thinks we can afford it since we spent money on the war. And she went to college.
Kirsten Powers is a total Kool Aid inebriated *** She feels WE should take care of every illegal child who crosses our border.
So Kirsten Powers, a Liberal on Fox News says that the US should take care of all the thousands of unaccompanied children that are flowing into our country every day...50,000 so far and thousands more every who takes care of these little children with no parents with them? And don't speak English... Some as young as 4 yrs old.So where do you suppose the money is going to come from to raise these kids? "You the taxpayer".California is going bankrupt trying to support all the illegals, and their taxes just keep going up...their gas tax is already $.60 per gallon and come 2015 its going up another $.12 per gallon... Yes, we all feel sorry for this young kids being dumped here, but where does it stop ? Even pregnant women are coming across the border to have their babies so they can be a US citizen ! We essentially have 'open' borders. We don't need new 'border laws' we need to enforce the ones we already have !
Kirsten Powers just prove that she is as stupid as Bob Beckel.
I say get Kirsten Powers to replace Beckel. Left but smart. Contributes well to every subject. Bob contributes NOTHING!
Our guests: Laura Ingraham on how she helped Dave Brat beat Eric Cantor. Brit Hume on the coverage of Iraq. Mary Katharine Ham and Kirsten Powers join Lauren Ashburn on Hillary's TV blitz and the media's epic fail on Cantor. And David Zurawik on how the O.J. car chase and televised trial changed the media forever.
Carl Lentz, Kirsten Powers and Secular Pulpits: Two Christians who each have a large platform in America today...
Dear Kirsten Powers- This "Jesus" whom you say you love and serve said the following about what constitutes a marriage in His eyes.
It is wonderful to read the account of Kirsten Powers' conversion from atheism to Christianity, but she made some grave errors in a recent article about Christianity and homosexuality.
My wife and I are the funniest people we know. We say that playing Kirsten Powers in slow-mo was the best bit ever. More please!
Kirsten Powers misreads the Bible and history in her defense of same-sex relationships.
This article follows a link I posted a couple of days or so back where a Pastor changed his philosophy on...
The Bible gets it right, not Kirsten Powers
Kirsten Powers is wrong on the Bible and homosexuality
Last April, Kirsten Powers went on Focus on the Family to talk about her watershed column shaming the media into covering the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell. In that interview, she also shares her own...
Kirsten Powers and the Hound of Heaven via
Read Kirsten Powers article about and at
// God is reaching out to all, if you hear his voice, don't hesitate to say Yes to him.
Actually quite a few I can think of. Obama..of course & the very damaging Kirsten powers are two that make me want to cry.
You have GOT to see the comments of John R below this article:
Kirsten Powers: Christianity's new look on *** via
Kirsten Powers: Christianity's new look on *** -
Kirsten Powers: Christianity's new look on *** - - ^LC
> The Bible is crystal clear on Homosexuality. It is not of Don't pretend it is...
PLEASE put in another Lib for Juan Williams, he is never objective. Kirsten Powers respects facts.
Fox News doing what they do best - stirring up controversy. . Only this time, they are in the wrong. Kirsten...
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So, the "new data" that the church now has is the contemporary, post-sexual revolution understanding of "sexual...
hope this brings some clarity to you on this journey of following Christ. .
She loves abortion too!. “BIBLICAL BRAWL: Jesus Christ V. on *** Marriage via
.gets it dangerously wrong on the Bible and homosexuality
Kirsten Powers Gets It Dangerously Wrong on the Bible and Homosexuality via
I really think Kirsten Powers was just more conservative than Stephen Hayes.
EVERY news buff knows IS the "Standard"...BUT. Watching my favorite panel: Stephen Hayes, Kirsten Powers, Charles Krauthammer
Kirsten Powers, Juan Williams. Fox usually seeks quality. Time to improve the person who brings "balance."
Kirsten Powers: Glenn Greenwald vs. fellow journalists - Thank, don’t criticize, the man who exposed NSA...
Listening to a panel consisting of Brit Hume, Kirsten Powers, Karl Rove, Juan Williams, and Chris Wallace, and wondering why the most cogent arguments I ever hear for liberalism always seem to come from Powers and/or Williams, talking-heads for Fox News -- the so-called conservative network. Perhaps because it's just as I've said before: nothing is more deleterious to one's rational capacities than incestuous discourse. Those two must have quickly learned that snarkiness doesn't work out as an argument in enemy territory and been forced to up their games -- unlike the likes of Chris Mathews, Rachel Maddow, David Gregory, Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and anyone else who merely comfortably preaches to their choir. (Please note: I'm not saying that Fox News doesn't entertain its own home-turf echo-tanks as well -- in fact, back when S.E. Cupp appeared regularly on MSNBC, I thought maybe that's how she became such a sharp conservative.)
A “Fox News Sunday” panel split over whether Karl Rove’s recent remark that Hillary Clinton may have “brain damage” went over the line, with Fox contributor Brit Hume calling it “legitimate” while fellow contributors Kirsten Powers and Juan Williams denounced it as a “personal attack.”
Fox News Sunday Tomorrow. Chris Wallace interviews Former Vice President *** Cheney and Lynne Cheney. I will be on the panel with Kirsten Powers, Brit Hume and Karl Rove. We will be discussing Rove's recent comments about Hillary Clinton's health and the New York Times firing editor Jill Abramson. Be sure to tune in.
It's cute when Kirsten Powers speaks more favorably of the Tea Party than Tucker Carlson.
Finally home after a great day at work...closed 16,388 dollar sale today my boss has been very impressed with my performance after only a few weeks on the Job I have close almost 75 thousand dollars worth of copy machines...I love putting customers on 60 month I relax & watch the "O'Reilly Factor" I must admit that Juan Williams is the dumbest person on the planet...only Kirsten Powers, Bernie Goldberg, Eboni K. Williams and Richard Fowler are bigger *** ..even Tamara Holder is smarter than these and that is very! We need more black people like Dr. Ben Carson. Go Gators...1
Dana, you should have your own show. What do you think about you and Kirsten Powers co-hosting? You are too smart to be on the same show with Bob Beckel. He might be your friend, but Bob ruins "The Five"--he is too crude, uninformed, and keeps living in the past, as if nothing has changed in the South.
Ryan T. Anderson responds to Kirsten Powers and sheds some light on the AZ bill dust up. From the article: . The...
Russell Moore outguns Kirsten Powers & Jonathan Merritt But then again, he was using bullets.
Would Jesus Bake a Cake for a *** Wedding in Arizona?: Russell Moore says no, Kirsten Powers says yes, as bill...
Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore and pundits Kirsten Powers and Jonathan Merritt engaged in high-profile debate over whether a Christian photographer or baker should be required to provide services for a same-sex wedding.
I respect Kirsten Powers as a sincere sister in Christ. But her naïve view of sin and holiness, as expressed in her latest USA Today column, "Jim Crow laws for *** and *** " is typical of the journey of adults coming to faith. Sometimes we tend to filter Biblical teaching through our experience...
“Christians backing this bill are essentially arguing for homosexual Jim Crow laws.” So asserts Kirsten Powers in today’s USA Today. What could justify such an assertion? Nothing. Powers is wrong about the law.The bill in question is a religious-liberty protection being debated in the Kansas legisla
Kirsten Powers response is BS. Dems laughing AT the American public. Power play! They should be ashamed!!
Can we use ultra lib Kirsten Powers shifting away from the Admin as a sign dems are turning against Obama?
Democrat strategist Kirsten Powers asks the question Americans throughout the nation have been asking since 9/11/12. Appearing on Special Report with Bret Baier on Fox News, a perplexed Powers asks...
In a short piece over at Hot Air, Kirsten Powers argues that there’s a double standard being applied to Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis. Davis has been the subject of numerous pieces, most notably a Dallas Morning News article by Wayne Slater (author of Bush’s Brain), pointing o...
Quote of the day: "Egypt made history over the weekend. For the first time, this ancient society has a constitution that protects the rights of women, bans religious discrimination and provides the framework for a government with more secular values. This stands in stark contrast to Egypt's previous constitutions." Fox News political analyst Kirsten Powers
Kirsten Powers and David Webb join FNC's Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer in this compelling discussion over Andrew Cuomo's mean spirited comments towards con...
Do all dems have to be as dense as Beckel, Bernard, Alan Colmes, Juan Williams, and Kirsten Powers?
If Christian statues are OK on public property, so are monuments. Commentary by Kirsten Powers.
Bob Beckel is showing his Liberal ignorance .The Five needs someone like Kirsten Powers or some one who makes sense. Roger Ailes please
Kirsten Powers is a columnist for Newsweek/The Daily Beast, as well as a contributor to USA Today and a Democratic commentator at Fox News. Seven years ago, she was also a very happy non-believer who held Christianity in contempt. In a recent article she wrote, "I sometimes hear Christians talk about how terrible life must be for atheists. But... life actually seemed pretty wonderful, filled with opportunity and good conversation and privilege." One day though, her world was turned upside down when she started dating a Christian man. He invited her to consider the claims of Christ and although she found Christianity repulsive, she wanted to maintain an open mind. “As he talked, I grew conflicted. On the one hand, I was creeped out. On the other hand, I had enormous respect for him. He is smart, educated, and intellectually curious. I remember thinking, What if this is true, and I'm not even willing to consider it?” Her boyfriend invited her to a church where a man named Tim Keller was the pastor. In h ...
Name 5 celebrities that you'd love to have lunch with...these must be people that are alive. My list: 1. Nathan Fillion 2. Bill Cosby 3. Kirsten Powers 4. Stan Lee 5. Camille Paglia Hat tip: Travis W. Gillison
Illegal immigrants get little in the way of welfare or other taxpayer-funded largesse, according to Kirsten Powers. And she's adamant about it. The liberal columnist and Fox News contributor appeared on Geraldo Rivera's KABC radio show out of Los Angeles yesterday, at the same time Rivera invited GO...
The Kirsten Powers goon squad is rife with idiocy today.
Kirsten Powers is clearly a member of the Church of What's Happening Now (ht to Flip Wilson).
Kirsten Powers and Kate Obenshain analyze the effect of Planned Parenthood on nation
Kirsten powers actually mentions in her article
Bill, you didn't give Kirsten Powers a chance to reply fully. I was disappointed that you kept cutting her off.
Is it just me or did O'Reilly railroad over Kirsten Powers while she was trying to agree with him? I love she's pro-life!
Bill O'Reilly to Kirsten Powers on O'Reilly Factor: "You don't know what you're talking about" then moves onto Kate O, Rep strategist
Kirsten Powers you're so sexy but so dumb! Ill bang the out of you 'mere baby
Kirsten Powers, stop. Admit it. is a business. There's blood on their hands. Open your eyes.
Kirsten Powers is full of poop. Don't be fooled by this one.
Kirsten Powers is pro-life now?. Wow. She has come a long way over the last few years.
"I don't think Obama is an ideologue." Kirsten Powers -- Then that makes you a useful ***
kudos to Kirsten Powers for insight into Obama intelligence or lack of intelligence.
On Fox News at 1:30 today w/ Kirsten Powers. Doing this one for Poppy, my grandfather. Please pray for him and watch today if you're around
At his briefing yesterday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney repeated that President Obama is still planning to make the symbolic gesture of signing up for ObamaCare. Gretchen Carlson delved into it deeper this afternoon with Kirsten Powers, who chuckled at the idea that "it seems like nothing…
. If they wanted a smart blonde to have a show, Kirsten Powers would have that time slot right now. "The Power Hour" lol
You're watching... Why hasn't president signed up for ObamaCare yet? Kirsten Powers weighs in
See the answers about Kirsten Powers divorce, husband, boyfriend, married and more answers. Kirsten Powers is over six feet tall, with perfect figure, amazing legs, and filled with beauty born on 1969 in Fairbank, Australia.
Political commentator Kirsten Powers speaks of her conversion from atheism to Christianity. (By the way, I do not necessarily agree with Powers' liberal opin...
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