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Kirkland Lake

Kirkland Lake is a town and municipality located in Timiskaming District in Northeastern Ontario, Canada.

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looking for someone that sells firewood around Kirkland Lake area
Is anybody traveling from Kirkland lake south on Wednesday? Looking to get a puppy to the Barrie area or close to. please contact Jules De Zoete if you can help.thanks please SHARE
Kirkland Lake Arts Council 65th Season Starts FridayPosted on October 1, 2013 by cameronThe Kirkland Lake Arts Council 2013-2014 Concert Series launches this Friday with Broadsway. It is the first of seven concerts to be held this season. Click on the poster below to view the full 2013-2014 lineup.…
Kirkland lake McDonald's. The only drive through that is slower than going in to order. What a joke.
The Town of Kirkland Lake would like to reassure all residents of the municipality’s dedication to the recycling...
Ideasforum(dot) kirklandwa (dot)gov is the website. This site won't let me post links.
That link didn't translate. For Kirkland, WASHINGTON, see:
Evidently someone here doesn't realize that this board is about Kirkland Lake, a town in ***ONTARIO, CANADA***, not Kirkland, Washington in the United States. They're more than 2400 miles apart and in different countries. Totem Lake is in Kirkland, Washington. You can discuss Kirkland, Washington here:
Any jeans donated in Kirkland Lake go to the women's shelter, here, locally - this is really something worth supporting, Kirkland Lake!
have you ever been to Kirkland Lake , Ontario? Just curious !!!:)
Staying another 4 days in lovely downtown Chilliwack. Still I want to be Mayor of Kirkland Lake and be just like Bob Ford.
How to be a True Hockey Fan How to be a True hockey fan is what you'll be taught First things first, its not about the merchandise you bought Being a True fan is a lot more than that It doesn't matter if you have every single vintage hat You've got to have pride, all the willingness inside Never let a loss bring you down or let you subside To be a true fan you've got to stand tall No matter what happens we should never stall Don't forget to love the game and the sport too The players and fans are like paper and glue Without each other there wouldn't be a game The Kirkland Lake Gold Miners will always be a proud name If you aren't a true fan yet then you must be a fool You dont need any supplies or any tools Because all you need is a good heart To be a true fan is to stay from the start Our lesson is done, see how easy it is? It's as easy as Gold Miners beating Soo Thunder Birds popeye(Bill Semple)
Pronto means "Right Now" and the Pronto store in Kirkland Lake stays true to that definition by being in a...
Well nice long drive this weekend to Kirkland Lake Ontario. *** far. Should be interesting seeing the sights I guess.
I see the OFSC trails from Kirkland Lake to Quebec and the trail from Cochrane to Quebec aren't open, guess OFSC doesn't want you to ride to better trails!
oh cool! I gotta get up there some day. No I grew up in Kirkland, WA on Lake Washington (by Seattle). Been in Bellingham 11 yrs
The Town of Kirkland Lake has surplus land for sale. A list of properties can be found at:
The Town of Kirkland Lake has a new goal: To add 1 pound per week of RECYCLABLES to our blue bins...
“Kirkland Lake Hall of Fame” MNH accepting nominations for 2014 inductees. Pkg available at
snowmobile Trail from Larder to the Border will not be groomed by the Snowdrifters in Kirkland Lake this year. They said it would help if our locals pack the trail. Has anyone went to Larder by the Trail yet?
I am still recruiting potential foster parents in the Kirkland Lake and Englehart area to join our team at Connor Homes. I will be in the Kirkland area later this week to meet with everyone that has expressed interest. If you would like information regarding this rewarding opportunity, please message me and I will get back to you with the day and time!
Looking for someone traveling to Kirkland Lake from Chapleau. Need small parcel picked up. Thanks
Provincial police in Kirkland Lake are investigating a fatal two-vehicle crash on Saturday.
Romance fraud affecting people locally and nation wide:  . OPP in Kirkland Lake are looking into a romance scam...
Hey Dude I remember you showing me pics of this in Kirkland lake.
Wow had a great day at work today saw a friend today from my home town of Kirkland lake. Thank you Kelly Amirault for making my day
did you know Alan was born in Kirkland Lake Ontario..same as my dad..
What I was up to this afternoon - a wonderful day with L & J down by Lake Washington in Kirkland, WA.
I sure hope we can move back to Kirkland. Here I thought living by Lake Sammamish would be calming!
Confirm your seat in the GED Testing on Feb 26th and 27th at the Timiskaming Native Women's Support Group, Kirkland Lake, ON by submitting your application form and Photo ID, contact us at 705.567.1133 ext 231 for more information, let us assist you in your learning journey."Knowledge is Power"
Hedley performing Hands Up in Kirkland Lake. As with Old School there is a bit missing from the end of this one.
Playing on February 26th and 27th at the Lasalle Theatre in Kirkland Lake... Part of the proceeds go to the Save the Lasalle Campaign! :) I cant wait! Rumour has it that it will be coffee house style with hot drinks and cookies for snacks! :)
URGENT - can anyone in the Kirkland Lake area foster a little 8 month old lab mix pup for a week or so while his owner is in the hospital? Sam is a good boy and is great with other dogs, hasn't been exposed to cats, so we don't know.please contact David Anderson as soon as possible if you can help out...thanks
Chris! I have a favor to ask you! Our town Kirkland Lake, Ontario is filled with fans of yours! It would be dope if you came!
Hwy 66 near Kirkland Lake has been fully re-opened.
Are there any road closure going north or south today, Sunday, january 26 from North Bay to Kirkland Lake?
Winter Classic in LA? Give me pond hockey in Kirkland Lake any day over that. It was a little odd.
I moved over to lake Washington high school in Kirkland for the semester
I actually mobbed from Kirkland to lake Stevens at 1 o'clock last night half awake
OPP News Release * KIRKLAND LAKE – Members of the Kirkland Lake Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are investigating a romance fraud incident. The complaint was received from a Kirkland Lake resident by police on
my brother played Atom hockey with you in Kirkland Lake. I played pee wee with your brother.
Dr. Pace delivered both my boys - one three years ago next month and one just 6 months ago. He was the only Doctor who would take patients from Kirkland Lake and video conference for appointments - preventing many women from having to travel those highways for appointments. I very much admired his happy demeanour, his knowledge, expertise and his comforting words. Seeing the pictures of so many babies in his office I knew I was in the hands of an expert and my worries were set aside. I trusted him fully. I was shocked and deeply saddened to hear of his passing. There are few people who touch the lives of so many with goodness and grace. My condolences to the Pace family, friends and co workers.
Classified hits the stage for Kirkland Lake's Winter Carnival 3 weeks from tonight.
So far, 3 mile walk along the lake, car washed, lunch & margarita's on the lake. Gawd, I love Kirkland! :)
Hwy 66 near Kirkland Lake is open to one lane.
Beautiful day to be hanging out by Lake Washington @ Downtown Kirkland Waterfront
Well I guess Im not going to visit my daughter in Kirkland Lake tomorrow back passenger window will not close on my car.. Its not frozen because it went down and I can`t get it fixed until Monday.I can cover it with plastic but with the temperatures in the -15 to -22 I don't want to drive with a plastic it will just crack and brake DARN it all Well Im going to go put the heat gun on it just to see if I can do some thing with it
Hwy 66 by Hwy 672 near Kirkland Lake is closed.
Kirkland Lake Gold Miners won against the Espanola Rivermen, scoring 4 goals in the last 6 minutes of the final period. Final score 4-2. The Rivermen are on the road once more as they take on the Abitibi Eskimos tonight at 7:30 p.m.
A couple of our treasures in Kirkland Lake!
WHOOT!WHOOT! First rollerderby event in Kirkland Lake!. See ya all there! :)
August 2007 after going three weeks overdue, I went into labour in kirkland lake my placenta had let go and was coming before baby I needed a c-section. Being a civic weekend there was no Dr.'s in kirkland lake able to perform a c-section and they prepared to send me to new liskeard. I was told the babies heart beat was gone and they would do everything to save me, When I got to new liskeard I was very upset and scared and Dr. Pace promised me everything would be alright within 20 minutes My son was born alive and healthy. Words cannot express how grateful I am for how quickly he acted and the compassion and kindness he showed me and my entire family. I truly believe the both of us would not be here today had it not been for him. When I found myself pregnant again in 2009 I knew exactly who I wanted to follow my pregnancy and another healthy baby boy was born into Dr. pace's hands may 1st. I am now having my third child and completely devastated that he will not be here to deliver the new baby. My most s ...
Ennis perform 7:30pm this evening @ Northern College Auditorium in Kirkland Lake, ON.
Day 19 of our countdown to Carnival Kick Off is sponsored by Peter Bodick Trucking in Kirkland Lake. Thank you,...
can the cameraman thats doing the and Kirkland Lake adjust his camera and audio is suspect
Kirkland Lake receives its share of federal grants - Northern Daily News: Kirkland Lake receives its share of ...
missing an emachines laptop was last seen in Kirkland lake now its gone if anyone has this laptop please contact 1705-567-2629 a very sad girl has lost this laptop it was a Christmas gift and haven't seen it ever since Christmas so please contact 1705-567-2629 if you have this laptop
A 25-year old woman from Kirkland Lake is charged with second degree murder. CTV's Kyle Gennings reports.
Keep your furry (and not so furry) friends happy, healthy, and spoiled by stopping by to see our corporate sponsor of the day: Pet Valu! Thank you Pet Valu in Kirkland Lake for sponsoring the Kirkland Lake Festivals Committee!
Your Rivermen play 2 games this weekend tonight in Kirkland Lake and Saturday night in Iroquois Falls, make sure...
NOJHL playoff seedings up for grabs: Soo Thunderbirds are in the driver’s seat, Kirkland Lake Gold Miners have...
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Noticeable marker buying at Kirkland Lake Gold on Jan 23 INK Outlook: (free trial) $KGI.CA
In Seattle, Eastside actually - what's the best Szechuan near Kirkland/ Totem Lake/ Redmond?
Excited to have my friend, with us at Reach this Sunday. You're officially invited. 10am, Lake Washington HS in Kirkland.
. Ont. Nat. Resources Minister confirms fire bases in Kirkland Lake and Pembroke will be closed.
Going to The Dish Cafe in Kirkland Lake tonight! For those of you wanting to try their fabulous food now is the time! $35 set price for a 3 course meal, limited time only!
Upcoming shows: Wed. Feb. 26th Lasalle Theatre in Kirkland Lake, Ont. Coffee house style! Come out for cookies, coffee, and cool tunes! A part of the proceeds will go to the "Save the Lasalle" organization!
Found in the Kirkland Lake area on someone's door step, is he your dog?
Cynthia Young has a challenge for Kirkland Lake: I challenge each person reading this to changes at least one staple food item to a GMO free verified food item, look for the butterfly symbol to make it easy, and switch to it, ie Rice, or flour, or sugar, etc. this will help bring costs down! and it will help make a statement to the manufactures and it will HELP your health. :)
Wind chill -37 in Kirkland Lake. And I have to o out in that. Oh well I have survived -50 so I am a true Northern now lol
Hey, I've figured out how to make it warmer outside--we just use fahrenheit instead of celsius! If it's -24 celsius, that's only -11 fahrenheit--a balmy winter day in Kirkland Lake, LOL!
Pedersen Construction of New Liskeard supports Kirkland Lake by being a corporate sponsor of the Kirkland Lake...
So -37C in Kirkland Lake, car thermostat only goes down to -30C. Something's wrong here.
This website provides an overview of Kirkland Lake's municipal government; including information on Mayor and Council; as well as the departments responsible for providing services to the general public.
Well I can finally fully let the cat out of the bag, you are now looking at a permanent full time employee for Kirkland lake hospital!! With this good news also comes some sad and after 13 years of working in a nursing home I will be saying good-bye feb 14th. I am so thankful for the three years I've spent at TPR and the wonderful people I've meet.
thanks it's from Kirkland Lake back in the summer & I'm good thanks how are you?
Who is travelling to Kirkland Lake next Sat morning? Would really like to travel in a group, please let me know thanks
The Kirkland Lake Activity Program has many FREE events in February!
Went for bit of a walk. It's cold don't get me wrong, but not that bad out. Little windchill. Compared to memories of Kirkland we could go all Monty Python herd: "-22!! was sooo cold me mam and pa and kidz were all sealed together in ice for 25 years. Oh yes no baths, no privacy. You'd bite the ice off every day with a cuppa tea we'd share - not like we had a bloody choice being melded together!!" Cold out harumph.
LOOKING for a ride to Kirkland lake this Thursday or Friday. If no one is going I could also take a ride to North Bay. Can help pay for gas or with grass (sorry - no *** :p).
Buses are cancelled in Timmins, Iroquois Falls, Cochrane, Matheson, Kirkland Lake, New Liskeard, and Temagami. Including areas in between.
*** BUSES CANCELLED ***. Due to the extreme cold, buses for all 4 school boards from Temagami to Kirkland Lake have...
Kirkland Lake area school buses are cancelled.
I'm hoping someone can help, we are looking to find a place that sells firewood in or around Kirkland Lake , if anyone knows of anyone, could you please send me a private message, any help is appreciated...Thanks
Pete and I are real Empty Nesters.Amanda is way up North in KirkLand Lake, Christian is way out West in Edmonton and Nic is a few hours out East in Hamilton.its sad to have your children so far away from home. I miss them all.
-38 in Kirkland Lake this morning..we just call it winter, no for us.
That or, just take a road trip to Lindsay and Kirkland Lake...
Earl Heiskalas parents were both from the small town of Kuortane, but met first time in Montreal. Earl was born in Kir…
"The Artisan Nook" 14 Government Rd., E. Kirkland Lake is still open and there are many wonderful gift ideas for any occasion and all of these wonderful items are created by local Artisans. Once you step foot in the Nook you will be amazed at the wonderful talent we have here in and around Kirkland Lake. Call (705)-567- 3291 for hours open. There is also an amazing Art Club in Kirkland Lake and they are the Kirkland Lake Arts Club and as a matter of fact the members of the club are holding an Opening House Reception. The Kirkland Lake Arts Club Annual Exhibition opening is Saturday January 18th, 1:pm to 3:pm. It will be held at the Kirkland Lake Museum of Northern History at 2 Chateau Drive, call (705)-568-8800 for more info. There are over 30 Original works of art from collages, watercolour, pastels, acrylic, wood carving, woodworking, mixed media and more for you to enjoy and again great one of a kind gift ideas. The exhibition continues until January 30, 2014. Hope to see you there. -
Kirkland Lake's Lee Ballantyne anonymously bought dinner for a young couple a few days after his wife died and his story has gone viral.
He's from Kirkland Lake. Is that Northern Ontario franco country?
Hamilton Collection
Fun fact of the day: the guys who started fleet foxes went to Lake Washington High School in Kirkland. | Points North | Nice gesture by Kirkland Lake man goes viral
A note on a napkin left by a grieving man originally from Kirkland Lake has gone viral online.
The world calls it Polar Vortex... Up here in Kirkland Lake, in northeastern Ontario, we call it "Winter"! LOL!!! :)
Brandon Charles Barrett flys out at 5:30 in the morning to Kirkland Lake Ontario!! Wishing him the best of luck as he begins this new chapter of his hockey career as a Junior A player in Ontario! So happy and proud of my boy! He has worked so hard for this opportunity and has never given up on his dreams. I love you so much!! We will all be cheering for you and your new family the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners!! LETS GO FOR THE GOLD!!!
Thank you to Mike Sutton and family for supporting the Kirkland Lake Festivals Committee! For more information on...
Monday, 13 January 2014 09:07 *The following notice will appear in the Parry Sound North Star and the Northern Daily News (Kirkland Lake).* James Francis Gardner Jim Gardner died January 7, 2014, after a difficult struggle with a rare disease. It was the end of a long and rich life devoted to family and nature. Born in Richmond Hill in 1937, Jim was the sone of the late Frank and Phyllis Gardner. At the time, Richmond Hill was deep in the countryside and it inspired Jim's fascination with wildlife in all its forms. Jim studied at the Ontario Agricultural College and played football for the Guelph Redmen. After graduating in 1961, Jim became a biologist with the Ontario Department of Lands and Forests (Ministry of Natural Resources) in Pembroke, Swastika and finally Parry Sound. Over the years, he worked with black bears, lynx, beaver, geese, fish and almost anything else that flies, walks or swims. He retired to Hakmatak in Hurdville, where he spent many enjoyable years cutting firewood, gardening, carvin ...
The Kirkland City Council has approved the Totem Lake Park master plan…who's excited?.
flag flying behind airplane over Kirkland Lake Washington right now.
Just read a piece on the CTV news wire that Toronto has now applied for $114 million in provincial and federal funding to offset the $171 million that it spent fixing up the roads and clearing debris after two storms. Gee, I wonder if Kirkland Lake received any such funding when it had its major forest fires or any of our recent snowstorms. Anyway, the deputy mayor says Toronto's entitled to the money because it pays $9 billion to the two levels of government each year. So that's how the province is supposed to dole out money now - on a per capita basis. Come to think of it, isn't that the way the province has always been doing it.
Highway 17 is snow covered from Spanish to Sault Ste Marie. Highway 11 Snow covered from Kirkland Lake to Timmins and Cochrane.
Mainstreet, a band from Kirkland Lake with some of the finest musicians from the little town in the North. Doing a cover of the song, Lonesome Me.. ok Some g...
Highlights from Soo vs Kirkland Lake on January 10th:...
SMALL HOUSE for rent in Kirkland Lake in Federal area. $850/mth + heat/hydro. First and Last mth rent required AND a rental agreement must be signed! Looking to rent to 1 Adult or Middle aged couple. Tenants are responsible for year round care of the yard/property. House is undergoing renovations inside, Exterior renos will be ongoing over the next 2 summers! PLEASE send private message here for more info! thank you
I like when I ship to somewhere some old time Sabres player is from like, Turku, Finland for example. Or Kirkland Lake, ON
Kirkland Lake Gold Approves Shareholder Rights Plan / - Rights plan approved in normal course as part of previ
What better way to warm up this winter than a Prime Rib Dinner in the middle of January? The KLCC will be hosting a Shop N' Stop at the Kirkland Lake Legion Friday January 17th, 2014 from 5-7 pm. Tickets are $12.50 each or two for $25 and can be purchased at the door. Be sure to come out and support the KLCC!
Hearst ontario making decent time road is wet. Snow off and on but its getting dark gonna make Kirkland Lake or possibly North Bay as long as the swamp Donkeys stay off the road
It's good to be back in good old Kirkland lake :)
Kirkland Lake native and former Cents assistant Claude Noel out as Winnipeg Jets head coach, via
anybody in kirkland lake available for an hour to do an outdoor shoot? Just been itching to do some outdoor ones :D
Joseph William Douglas 'Satch' Setchell A longtime resident of Kirkland Lake, better known to many as 'Bill' or 'Satch',...
McDonald's in Kirkland Lake gives generously to many organizations and causes, including the Kirkland Lake...
Heck, here in Canada, the town of Swastika didn't change in WWII - now it's a part of Kirkland Lake
Wow, today was a trip down memory lane. It staarted out with a breakfast at Over Easy on Bloor, at Avenue, with Linda Sicoli and Alice Rognvaldson Panagopoulos. It was great to see these ladies and to hear about present activities. Caroline Hill, Jonathan Hill, Amanda Wedow and I then went to the Mount Pleasant Cemetary to find the grave of some of Caroline's relatives. This was followed by a tour around the Queen's Quay and the Roger's Center area, and then it was off to the Eaton's Center to reconnect with my materialistic days (Fiona Skogstad, I limited my spending to one Starbucks drink). We then went to the St. Lawrence Market to my old stomping grounds. I love the atmosphere there. So, while we were at the market we were buying some meat for dinner. Mm, lamb chops! Although alot of you will find this hard to believe . I was talking to the butcher. I mentioned that we were from Saskatchewan. One of the other butchers turned to me and said he had spent a summer in Prince Albert but was originally from ...
The first game of the showcase today has ended with Kirkland Lake beating the Blind River Beavers 8-2. next up is...
Up in Kirkland Lake at the cottage for the weekend with my little boy sev
Thunderbirds beat Kirkland Lake to increase lead atop NOJHL: It took a third period goal but the Soo Thunderbi...
There is a medium sized black lab (like) dog wearing a silver collar with a red dog tag on the corner of Lebel and Poplar by the playground in kirkland lake. The dog is scared and will not come when called. itbarks at you. If you know the dog or the owner please let them know asap. I am concerned about the dog and the traffic. Thanks
Still looking for one or two more mixed teams for the kirkland lake winter classic hockey tournament the weekend of February 14-16!! It's all for fun, so get 10 players and a goalie together(5 guys 5 girls) and come on out! $600 entry fee, $50 per win! As well as 2 free pizzas(per team) :D PM me for more details Let's go let's go!
Road Conditions for Kirkland Lake and Area is a closed group so you can't see the posts unless you are a member. How very helpful.
Kirkland City Council approved the Totem Lake Park master plan complete with spiral overpass. Good idea or not?
OT winner by Eric Hillock with 14 seconds left gives Soo Thunderbirds 2-1 win over Kirkland Lake tonite
Kirkland Reporter - Totem Lake Park could be catalyst for economic development | Editorial
The Pirates have acquired 6'2 220lbs LW Garrett Nichol & hard nosed, physical Defenceman Matthew Whidden from Kirkland Lake JrA of the NOJHL
The operational and management shakeup continues at Kirkland Lake Gold.
Northern College in Kirkland Lake has committed to donating their salvageable auditorium seats to the Save The LaSalle project, but there's a catch... before...
IT'S GAME DAY! Tonight the Thunderbirds are back on Essar Centre ice to take on the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners in...
Tanya Quibell KLDCS basketball teams doing a bottle drive on Sunday to help pay for a trip. Please support these kids as hey work very hard and are deserving of this special trip. Unlike · · 14 minutes ago near Kirkland Lake · You like this. Tanya Quibell Please share this post to help the kids out. 11 minutes ago · Like Tanya Quibell If you won't be home on Sunday, please feel free to drop your empties at my home at 72 Lebel and I will take care of it for you. I can also pick up before hand. My son and all of the kids are counting on your support. 9 minutes ago · Like
Looking for a place to call home in Kirkland Lake? Check out our up dated apartment listings at :
Just got back from TO. Roads were good. Looking forward to meetings in Kirkland Lake tomorrow.
snowing lightly here this am but sounds like we have rain coming later... Special Weather Statement updated by Environment Canada at 6:02 am EST Friday 10 January 2014. Manitoulin - Blind River - Killarney Snow, rain and freezing rain tonight into Saturday. Precipitation with this low is projected to move into the region today and begin as snow. The precipitation is then expected to transition to rain for most areas south of a line from Montreal River to Kirkland Lake by Saturday afternoon. During this transition, there is a risk of freezing rain. Rainfall amounts for the Algoma-Nickel Belt-Manitoulin-Nipissing region could be in the 20 to 30 mm range. Rainfall warnings may be required.
I added a video to a playlist SOS4000 Kirkland Lake ON Feb 29 2008
Garrett Nichol & Matt Whidden have been transferred to the Picton Pirates Jr. C Club in Eastern Ontario. Good luck boys, it was great having you here in Kirkland Lake!
Valentina&- Hair by Glenna - Kirkland Lake - Hairdressors Hairstylists in Kirkland Lake
Hi Tony Mitra! We are excited to have you coming to Kirkland Lake!
Kirkland Lake Local Marketplace: Marketplace in Kirkland Lake (CA) is a simple local portal to buy, sell ... HBU
T-Birds fans, just a reminder that this coming Saturday night January 11th your Soo Thunderbirds will be in Espanola to take on the Abitibi Eskimos for the 1st Annual NOJHL College Showcase! Game time is set for 4:15pm from the ESPANOLA REGIONAL REC. COMPLEX and Advance Individual Game Tickets are: ADULTS for $13.50 STUDENTS & SENIORS for $10.00 OFFICIAL HOST VIP LODGING for this Tournament at PINEWOOD MOTOR INN located on 378 Centre Street on Highway 8 in Espanola. PSE 1G3 Website: www.pinewood pinewoodfans, don't forget that tomorrow night your T-BIRDS take on the KIRKLAND LAKE GOLD MINERS @ 7:30 from the ESSAR CENTRE and that game will be televised for the first time on SHAW CABLE CHANNEL 10!
It is -39 with the wind chill in Kirkland Lake.
Today's sponsor of the day is Kohut Electric! Thank you for your continued support of the Kirkland Lake Festivals...
Kirkland Lake Gold Inc., an operating and exploration gold mining company, announces operational results for the second quarter of fiscal 2014
All ODSP persons who have Ms Yolande Shortt out of the Kirkland lake ODSP office as their worker and have or had issues with Ms Shortt please send only the facts of the issues you had or are having to jer50housemy personal e mail do not embellish I need only the actual facts as I am having an issue and have had many in the past . I am going to Persue upon these things to get results that do not leave reasons stranded without funds to attend medical appoints . You can also contact mr Vantoph the mpp in new Liskeard who has helped me in the past but now Ms Shortt and her supervisor will not respond do it is time to go higher echelon to solve our problems broight on because of incompetence in these issues ...please send your facts that you can back up to jer50houseThanks. This for real
remember we lived right down the street from there 😂 & I go to Lake Washington I STILL live in Kirkland. Just moved tho
Congrats to KingCo Principals of the Year Moed (Juanita High 2A) & Thomas (Lake Washington High 3A)
best of luck. Haven't yet made it to our US office in Kirkland but it looks lovely by the lake.
Aleshia Block of Kirkland Lake is due back in court soon. . She's been charged with second-degree murder.
Kirkland Lake Gold is the latest Northern Ontario mining company to slow things down after reporting some multi-million-dollar losses in recent months.
The price of gold is down. Enough the Northern Ontario producers are cutting back. The President of Kirkland Lake...
Kirkland lake made run on time lucky lots of drivers got stopped on the highway
Kirkland Lake Gold Price Target Lowered to C$3.50 at CIBC (KGI): Kirkland Lake Gold (TSE:KGI) had its price ob...
REWARD OFFERED !! As the one who hit my vehicle has not been found or turned into the police dept i have chosen to offer a reward payable upon verification of their being found and convicted for their totally gutless and thoughtless actions! As stated earlier it was a dark blue or black pickup that hit my Jimmy on Dec 31 about 4:45 am on corner of Brookbank and Duncan in Kirkland Lake , and their vehicle would have extensive front end damage, especially on the drivers side. if you have info please contact me at this email address rjpainter1952 I am asking for your help.thank you !
We have now added a photo gallery to our story on Tuesday night’s win over the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners ...
Eskis Win at Home:  . The Eskis came away with a win last night. They played the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners and ...
Passport clinic Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus is holding a passport clinic in Cochrane on Friday. He says this is part of his commitment when he opened a new office last year. The clinic will be held at his Constituency office at 143 3rd Avenue in Cocrane. Angus will have another clinic in Timmins in early February and a third in Kirkland Lake to follow. Processing times for passports are four weeks now.
The Kirkland Lake Power Corporation seems to be a sponsor on every sponsor list in the community!!! The Kirkland...
sitting...with my tuque on at CJKL FM, Kirkland Lake, Ont -23 this morning.
Police make drug bust in Kirkland Lake: A man and woman in their mid 30’s face drug charges after a small raid...
Kirkland Lake Gold eyes sale of assets and shares
Eskis blank Gold Miners: Brody Wagner made 35 saves as the Abitibi Eskimos blanked the Kirkland Lake Gold Mine...
Praying the Mary-Joyce Amber Sim gets her heat back on soon. It is freezing in Kirkland Lake!
Hydro One says power still out in parts of Sudbury and Manitoulin. Also, in North Bay, Kirkland Lake, Kapuskasing and …
Wonder if Jim Hornell of Hockey Canada is related to Jimmy Hornell, wonderful young imported player from Kirkland Lake in 1950/1/2
Get the Kirkland Lake weather forecast. Access hourly, 10 day and 15 day forecasts along with up to the minute reports and videos for Kirkland Lake, Canada from
Who's coming to the Kirkland lake fishing derby this year!
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Join the team in Kirkland tonight! Islanders play Lake Washington. Tipoff at 7:30!
Yep I have some cousins in Kirkland Lake nearby - you were really out there in the wilderness :). Sounds fun
It's only a few degrees warmer in Toronto then it is in Kirkland Lake.. how is this possible!!!
We had to walk to school in that weather, in Kirkland Lake & North big deal it's a 'sissy" world we live in and yet ironically, more violent then ever.
-40c in Toronto!? Oh, this is so last week in Kirkland Lake standards! ❄️
Is everyone ready for the deep freeze tonight, The last time i had this kind of cold was where i grew up in Northern Ontario in kirkland lake. I know my brothers and sister remeber how cold it was growing up in that frigit weather. We;; all take care and drive safely and please dont put your barbq in your garrage or house could be a real disaster waiting to happen. Again to all my family hope u all had a great holiday.
BREAKING NEWS: Canadian Press-Jan 6/14: Kirkland Lake Gold says its board of directors has launched a strategic review of the company which may include the potential sale of shares or assets. Chief executive officer George Ogilvie said in a statement early this morning that the review, along with a mine plan optimization program announced last month, is designed for the “enhancement of shareholder value.” Kirkland Lake Gold also announced Monday that Brian Hinchcliffe has resigned as deputy chairman and as a member of the board, but will work on the strategic review as a consultant. The board has appointed a special committee comprised of independent directors to review and evaluate various proposals and make recommendations to the board. National Bank Financial and Stikeman Elliott LLP have been retained to advise the company during this process. The company says there is no guarantee that its efforts will lead to any changes, adding it does not plan to disclose further developments unless and until ...
Oh god it's Kirkland lake cold here! And that was back in November we were there! Stay warm everyone
I will be in Kirkland Lake tomorrow. On Wednesday and Thursday I will be in Timmins. On Friday we are holding our passport clinic in Cochrane. On Sunday I am holding a community town hall with MPP John Vanthof in Kenabeek (Temiskaming region).
Let's play a game. I have been given the letter K Something I hate - Kidney Pie Something I love - Kal-El Somewhere I have been - Kinver Somewhere I would like to go - Kirkland Lake, Ontario Someone I know - Kelly Best film - Kick *** An animal- Kangaroo :D Like this and I'll give you a letter
Next year's college application nearly complete! Off to Kirkland Lake for one last year of school after I graduate this year :)
Anyone able to help me out for a ride from Timmins to Kirkland Lake by morning?
"POWDER-PUFF" came back to YK for a visit just 2 months ago from Kirkland Lake.
Kirkland Lake Gold announces strategic review and board resignation
Three years ago today,my daughter, Amber lost her son Aydan. Although today was still hard, it wasn't as bad as it had been in the past. There are so many people to thank who helped us get through those horrible days, but especially daughters Natalie McGregor and Cole Smith along with Mari Sherkin who dropped everything to come and be with us, Vicky Kent and Ellen Lueck for looking after things, Jesses Tap and Grill, and to Rev. Munroe Scott for spiritual guidance and comfort. Above all, extra special thanks to Shannon Carey who drove down from Kirkland Lake and drove us around for days while we were in a fog, and who came down this weekend to be with us again. On behalf of Amber, her son Isaac, Wendy Smith, son Chris Collins and myself, we thank all who got through those dark days.
kirkland lake, smooth rock falls, wawa, notre-dame du nord all have truck pulls/drag races Timmins pick up the pace
Kayla Janet Batisse Hi , Iv been following this devastating tragedy from day one my heart breaks for Robbie and his family. There is not a day that goes by that I dont think about little Robbie and his family this is so terrible. I wish I lived closer so I could help in anyway possible. Im just wondering about any updates I cant seem to find any on google or this site . If you havetime please could you give me the latest update thanks so much Kayla from Kirkland Lake Ontario
Back in Kirkland Lake, Starting second semester on Monday :)
The new year in the Kirkland Lake area has come in extremely cold, which is causing problems for people who are planning to travel.The temperature at about 9 a.m. this morning was -40 C, which is also -40 F, by either temperature scale that is extremely cold.As a result of the extreme cold and moist...
Thunderbirds are coming off a big victory in Kirkland Lake last night and tonight they are in Iroquois Falls to take on the Abitibi Eskimos who have won ten straight on home ice. Game time is 7:30 from Jus Jordan Arena.
Going to Kirkland Lake for a game tonight. It is good to have 95% of the team back after so many serious injuries. We are going to give KL a run for its money.
Open letter to Mr.Les MacLean,you can block us,your kids are used to it.You will miss us?Hardly you seem to have slept well all these years.That comment was only for your faux friends.What the Kirkland Lake village *** don't know is,the broad first,is the only consistent your kids have seen from loyal dogs,you keep kicking us down yet we come back for more.You my dear father have left a path of crushed children in your wake.Of course you can't bite the hand that feeds you, but God man grow a set would you?where is the man I was modeled after?Grandma would be so ashamed of you! Sing along,"it's only just begun..."Carrie (from under the bus) P.S. Ask Sherry and your other negatives what they received to their inboxes.
Today our holiday events include: Adult Swim 12:00 - 1:00 pm FREE Swim 1:15 - 2:30 pm *sponsored by Goldland Billiards Family Swim 6:00 - 7:00 pm FREE Swim 7:00 - 8:00 pm *sponsored by Kirkland Lake Power Corporation Thanks to the all the sponsors over the holidays who make FREE events possible.
We left Waskaganish 9:00 this morning...had a couple of setbacks and then it started snowing around Kirkland Lake, but we're finally here and I guess I should get some sleep now feeling tired!
This is respect. Way to go Canadian Tire Kirkland Lake I had goose bumps and a lump in my throat, hats of to all of you.
Thank You Canadian Tire Kirkland Lake for showing the respect for your employees by closing the store today.
Well thanks to leo benoit owner of north star 28 days with no heat n now broken water pipes he ask for money up front n i pay him n now excuse after excuse now have to wait till monday i guess he wants me to play old school n i love old school just letting other residents of kirkland lake no the guy from federal plumbing best person north star ever had n now has own buisness u need something done right call federal plumbing not north star i should of learnt my lesson years ago when they would have to come back as they didnt no what they were doing karma karma karma it, ll get u lol
It's funny that everyone's complaining about how cold this winter is. I can't help but laugh after going through 7 months of wintery *** in Kirkland Lake. This is nothing!
HOUSE FOR SALE – Available immediately - $129,900 805 Government Road, Chaput Hughes, Ontario This immaculate home in the heart of Chaput Hughes (near Kirkland Lake) has been completely renovated with new siding on house and garage, energy efficient windows and doors, modern new flooring and new paint throughout. This bright and cheerful 2 bedroom, 1 ½ storey home also has a top floor that offers lots of potential for an additional bedroom, loft, office or playroom. A newly renovated kitchen (appliances included), separate dining room, living room, washer and dryer included on the main floor and a 4 piece bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub. This affordable and elegant home includes: • A high efficiency natural gas furnace and gas hot water tank installed in 2010; • New roof in 2010; • 16’ x 24’ insulated garage with 7’ x 9’ overhead door and wood stove; • 4 appliances: refrigerator, kitchen stove, front load washer & dryer. Total square footage: approx. 1100 You are home in this beautiful and ...
Dj Bethanie ♪♫ Looking for the perfect dj for your Wedding, Christmas Party, New Year's Eve Party or event? Book me today to avoid disappointment (booking 6 months to a year in advance). Over 18 years of experience, professional sound and lighting equipment and music for everyone. Serving the Kirkland Lake and surrounding area. Contact me for a quote and availability: djbethanie-musiclook forward to hearing from you =) Dj Bethanie
HAPPY NEW YEAR T-BIRD FANS! It's Gameday! Tonight the Thunderbirds will kick off their first road trip of 2014 as they travel to Kirkland Lake to take on the Gold Miners. Game time is 7:30 from Joe Mavrinac Community Complex.
The first Jacks restaurant opened in 1985 Kirkland lake, Ontario, Canada
In my former stomping grounds of Kirkland Lake it's -35 C, -40 with the wind chill. So the -23 doesn't feel so bad ... sort of.
Happy New Year everyone I was goona say GOOD RIDANCE to 2013, and then took a moment to really remember what transpired in my world. We found Cancer Nov. 2012 and by April 2013 it was GONE and I was gonna be fine! OK my chest look likes crap and I don’t feel like a girl all the time but I’m alive and will be seeing a plastic surgeon Monday! :) I've discovered I am loved and supported by so many people I am TRULY blessed. OK there have been a few along the way who showed their true colors and became a disappointment but at least I know now and can allot time on the deserving ones. New people have entered my world and deep friendships have blossomed, “Blender drinks on my Balcony” have become a hit and I suspect will be a tradition going forward :) I am happy to say Sean (my ex) and I have a rare honest and true friendship! He was there when I needed a friend who GOT ME, he saw me through my Mastectomies. He’s met someone and I am honestly happy he is taking a chance at love again. I guess one CA ...
Hardy har har. Wind Chill Warning in effect for Wiarton, -16 with wind making it feel lie -22. Geez, in my teenage years in Kirkland Lake if we didn't go swimming at -22 we would at least go to the outside rink and play shinny.
Darn another night in Kirkland Lake Wayne's car in the shop till tomorrow morning the starter went on it ...guess it's right through to Toronto tomorrow .. I work on Sunday night3-11p.m
In Kirkland lake with my least favourite person Mariah Galliott :)
Carol Ballantyne, of Barrie, died on Dec. 30, 2013, in the loving care of her family at Hospice Simcoe in Barrie. She was 62. Born in Kirkland Lake, ON, on Dec. 7, 1951, Carol was first and foremost a loving and nurturing mother and grandmother. She graduated from Kirkland Lake Collegiate and Vocational Institute in 1968 and soon after graduation began working at the Northern Ontario School of Nursing as a secretary. After marrying her high school sweetheart in 1970 she began planning for the family she knew she was meant to raise. Her family eventually grew to three sons and five grandchildren, her pride and joy. Carol and her family would live in communities from coast to coast and she managed to successfully combine homemaking, parenting and jobs in various fields, from a law office and at Nicholson Catholic high school in Belleville to a newspaper in New Glasgow, finishing with a career as an accident benefits adjuster for Wawanesa Insurance in Barrie. She enjoyed arts and crafts and was a talented ar ...
-15 without windchill. Almost as cold as Kirkland Lake! Don't miss that at all...
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Bay Builders is already designing for this year 2014! Come visit our model home and see the new 2014 Designs and Building Trends! Bay Builders is now servicing New Liskeard and Kirkland Lake area!
Off to the big city of Kirkland Lake. Need a couple of sheets of 3/16 underlay to finish off the hardwood floor in the main hallway. :)
I have been saying for the last probably 40 years or so that ( Aliens) Extra-Terrestrials ARE REAL . I made contact back in 1975 through what is known as channeling.They said that they were Interdimentional .At that time people were not ready for contact so I was told.They would take control of the host body " The Girl through whom they came through" and I could talk to them like I talk to you sitting across the table from me.Often the voice of the intelligence coming through was different from the original occupant. I was in contact with them for over 10 years or better in this way.The girl they used for channeling through got married and moved to Kirkland Lake where she still resides.There is not ONE DAY that I do not think of these contacts.I DO NOT CONSIDER myself a nut case.I have experienced these things and I AM NOT MAKING this story up.I do not know why I was chosen for these contacts..I certainly am not making a fortune from this or seeking publicity like some contactees done in the past I HAVE . ...
Hi everyone, It's January 2 and it's 40 below in Kirkland Lake. Yesterday the sasquatch saw his shadow so we will only have five more months of winter. Happy New Year
It is 42 below in Kirkland Lake! It is very, very cold. Spoke to Catherine in Sudbury (Lively) and it is 50 below with the wind chill. Apparently all of Canada is in a deep freeze.
As chilly as it may seem here, I'm very thankful I'm not in Kirkland Lake today, with their -50 temps.
Not going out today. For those who asked here is Chapter 4 of Murder In A Small Town. Hope you enjoy. The History Chapter 4 Dan Robinson had opened the front door without looking out the site hole, as he always did. However this night he was a little stoned after he and the wife, Elsie, had earlier sampled some dynamite weed. It was an infrequent mistake, but the last he ever made. He saw the hand gun levelled at his forehead, he didn’t hear the shot and there was for that moment blackness to oblivion. The shooter walked into the bungalow to the back of the house and entered the second bedroom. Elsie was in bed, confused with the sound of the gun shot, but being very stoned, not able to react as the weed had also had a numbing effect on her. She was shot in the throat in cold blood, as his aim was off center. With all the blood he assumed she was dead, a mistake he would soon regret. The shooter, Craig, was on an extreme cocaine high, the thrill of the kills resulted in an extreme high with adrenaline r ...
Looking for Weather/Road info from Kirkland Lake to Quebec City! Rt, 117 to the 15 onto 640 then 40 and the 20? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Ron Graham
Hooray for your Seattle locations. Now if we could just lure you across the lake to Kirkland...
Bellevue police training in Totem Lake area of Kirkland tomorrow
Accident reported in Totem Lake - NB 405 north of 124th, TWO right lanes. Already jammed from 85th in Kirkland...
$1550 - Little 2 Bed house with adorable yard and little lake views for rent, 5 blocks from DT Kirkland
Alki is my favorite!! When I lived in Kirkland I'd always go there, the docks on the east side of the lake or Capitol Hill!
Hey Luke , Can you please come to Kirkland Lake , Ontario !!!
Heey , Can you please come to Kirkland Lake, Ontario ? !!
Heading to Kirkland Lake, but it looks the same here!
Isarn Soul Kitchen Thai restaurant coming to Kirkland soon. Will be where Thin Pan used to be on Lake and 2nd.
Thank you Eastlink for being a sponsor of the Kirkland Lake Festivals Committee!!!
Christmas boat parade making its way past Kirkland on Lake Washington.
Community Living Kirkland Lake Children's Christmas Party 2013. What a party! . There was bowling and candy and...
11am means leave Kirkland at 6am... I'd probably go the day before and stay in Moses Lake. 90 minutes from there!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Tonight the Inside Outlaws are returning to the Yuppie Tavern in Totem Lake (Kirkland). For all of my friends...
Ride, Play and Stay at the Newly Renovated Comfort Inn Kirkland Lake. We offer a Free Hot Breakfast and Drive-Up...
Kirkland Lake Gold downgraded by Desjardins to hold. C$3.00 PT. $KGI
Desjardins downgrades Kirkland Lake Gold to hold from buy, slashes target to $3 Cdn from $6 $KGI.CA
I'm from Kirkland Lake; just a wee town! I didn't even realize you were from Ontario! Saw your post!
it's the skatepark in Kirkland lake (where I'm moving to)
Good luck to the boys basketball teams in Kirkland Lake today!
Thanks to The Kirkland Lake Rotary Club for a $500 donation to this year's CJKL Christmas Wish program
There's a snowday like once a week in Kirkland lake , there school board knows what's good.
Thank you Connelly Newspaper Service for sponsoring the Kirkland Lake Festivals Committee!!!
Kirkland Lake Gold reports loss of $3.9 million in second quarter (Business)
The Carillon is located 1/2 a block from the waterfront and enjoys views of Lake WA, Yarrow Pt and the...
im moving to kirkland!!! so most likely im going to lake Washington high school. unfortunately not back to BCS with you guys:(
The Abitibi Eskimos edged the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners 4-3 Wednesday at the Jus Jordan Arena in Iroquois Falls ...
Do people actually say that? People are jerks. People don't say that at Kirkland Lake concerts. They shout 'woo' and 'more beer'
One room left for rent in a comfortable home, clean shared new modern kitchen & 4pc. bathroom. Bed, blanket,...
Would you ever come back to Kirkland Lake?
The newly renovated Comfort Inn Kirkland Lake is today's sponsor of the day! Thank you Comfort Inn KL for...
Three more days until we make our triumphant return to the Yuppie Tavern in Totem Lake (Kirkland). Please come on...
Town of Kirkland Lake council discussed three pool options at their last meeting of the year. In a resolution...
Sault Ste. Marie, Kirkland Lake make move in CJHL rankings: SUDBURY - The continued solid play of the Soo Thun...
Stopped on 11. Might not make it to KIrkland Lake for their Christmas Parade.
Off to the Great White North, with shows in New Liskeard, Englehart and Kirkland Lake. It`s going to be a busy Saturday!
I was given the number 5- here is 5 things people might not know about me. Like or reply and I will give you a number too: 1. I was born in Kirkland Lake, Ont. on the Thursday before Grey Cup W/E. 2. My mom moved back to St. John New Brunswick with me, when I was 6 weeks old to take care of my Nana; who was ill. We moved Hamilton, Ontario on November 22, 1963, we arrived by train at what is now known as LIUNA Station, when I was in grade 2. 3. I met my husband when was I was 16, 3 weeks before my 17th birthday; I had a dream that night that he and I got married at Ivor Wynne Stadium during half-time. While we were dating and when we first were married we attended a lot of Ti-Cat home games. We are big fans. 4. I have MS, and have struggled with this disease since I was 20, but was not diagnosed until I was 37, because my symptoms were so few and far apart. It started with tingling and numbing in hands and feet in 1978. In 1979 I had optic neuritis, these symptoms at that time were attributed to fo ...
snowing and blowing in Kirkland Lake.but, any day that someone is not throwing dirt on your face is a good day!!
When a grown *** man disrespects an 18 year old girl and bullies her until she is about to cry, I lose it. I don't care if I work for you, you are a drunk and I'm not working for you anymore. Have some respect, *** .. Just loving kirkland lake right now
if someone lost a black lab or a husky their traveling together ,just went across wood st down towards queen and premier area, Kirkland Lake
Back to Kirkland Lake by sim kaplan (hobby trax) via
Come out and support your Rivermen tomorrow at 7 against Kirkland lake
Make sure to pick up your Tickets for Friday nights game at the Complex front desk, don't wait till tomorrow night that way you avoid the big lineup, lets get out and support your Rivermen as they try to rebound against the 14th best team in Canada Kirkland Lake Goldminers. 7:30pm
I was in Kirkland Lake today and needed to buy a bag of milk so went to the YIG and milk was 6.29 so was driving by Giant Tiger and decided to see if they had milk. Guess what? Theirs was 4.29, so can anyone explain why the big chain grocer is 2.00 more? The Valu Mart in Englehart is over 6.00 a bag also. Seems to me the farmer only gets one price for the milk from the cow!
Here is the link to the petition we have created in regards to the cutbacks to MNR firefighters in Kirkland Lake -
Gold has been key to the building of and economic success of Kirkland Lake, and that was celebrated today. Joey Slattery reports.
The Kirkland Lake Awareness Group will be getting together this Monday 25th at 7:pm. We are meeting at the Encore Club in the Bingo Room, follow the signs through front door. All are welcome!
Kirkland's Lake Washington Institute of Technology closed due to power outage - Kirkland Reporter
School Alert UPDATE: Lake Washington Institute of Technology KIRKLAND campus is closed Thursday due to power failure.
UPDATE: The Kirkland campus of Lake Washington Institute of Technology is closed due to a power failure.
SCHOOL CLOSING: Lake Washington Institute of Technology (*Kirkland Campus) is closed today due to power failure.
THE lake washington institute of techNOLOGY IN KIRKLAND IS closed today because of A power failure
Hi , the power appears to be out in the Totem Lake area of Kirkland :(
This will acknowledge the passing of David "Dave" Pulchinski formerly from Kirkland Lake. To begin with, I first met David when he was working at Kokotow Lumber and owned and operated the Kenogami Inn. He was blessed with a great disposition a warm personality and a nice family, too. May God Bless.
Eugene Ivanov visits @ 9:05 this morning with details of Friday's Santa Parade, in Kirkland Lake.
The best and worst thing that has ever happened to Kirkland Lake, yours truly, Klprobs~
any chance that you'll ever come back to Kirkland Lake?
Pretty pathetic when u can't even get more then like 7 kids for pick up Hockey, no wonder Kirkland lake doesn't have midget hockey.
Okay Kirkland lake independent grocers, if you don't want to make sushi for me to purchase, I shall make my own :) I'm sticking to simple sushi for my first try, so wish me luck!
Welcome to St. Jerome School in Kirkland Lake, Ontario - great to have you part of
Lake Street residents notta fan of this new development going in. But this vacant lot in Kirkland needs a facelift.
On this date in 1946, former Adams Trophy winner Bob Murdoch was born in Kirkland Lake, ON.
here in Kirkland lake we invented the word gangster in 1917.Fact!
Hoggarth Interiors Ltd - Interior decorating for your home in Kirkland Lake
Kirkland lake bandits steal from thrift store, calls a cab for a get away car.
Kirkland Lake *** ..I have on I Tunes, but I wanted the cd for my truck, and boo SOLD OUT...yay boo
The auditorium at Northern College's Kirkland Lake campus is home to great concerts and events. After 44 years of putting smiles on faces, our seats are gett...
A facelift for the auditorium at the Kirkland Lake campus of Northern College. Jessica Gosselin reports.
to be clear, I live in Kirkland which is separated from Seattle by a large moat called Lake Washington
if you're near Kirkland Lake, c'mon out to a show at the college at 7pm, I'll be playing music/talking about mental health issues
Happy National Child’s Day! Join us this Saturday, November 23rd between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. to celebrate National Child’s Day with a magic show, inflatables, face painting, family photo printing and even a healthy lunch! See you at the ECJV in Kirkland Lake, Englehart Public School in Englehart and TDSS in New Liskeard!
From the gold miners news Respect Well here we are a few weeks later and riding an impressive 8 game winning streak. The last topic was how tough it is for a small unknown town like Kirkland Lake to gain respect with knowledgeable hockey experts in Canada. The Gold Miners who have now completed about 40% of their regular season games and have crept back in to the top 20 rankings currently sitting 13th in the country with 39 out of a possible 44 points earned (19-2-0-1). A quick look at a few key statistics for the 128 Junior A teams in Canada shows KL with the second highest winning percentage (.886) behind only the number 2 ranked Fort Francis team who are at (.916). The Goldminers also have a plus/minus goal differential of (+47) which is fourth among Canada Junior A teams trailing only ranked Fort McMurray (+62), ranked Fort Francis (+55) and ranked Carleton Place (+53). The Goldminers trail the Soo Thunderbirds (ranked in Canada) in the NOJHL standings by one point but hold 3 games in hand and have wo ...
Brian Hinchcliffe joins us after the News at 9 this morning, to talk about the Kirkland Lake Gold management shuffle.
Viola Zielkie's Memorial Service will be held Saturday November 23, 2013 at 2 p.m. at the Kingdom Hall in Kirkland Lake, a lunch will follow.
Part 3 of 4 ACCENT: Ring's potential 'astounding' Sunday, November 17, 2013 In Sudbury, when people hear about the Ring of Fire, they think of Cliffs Natural Resources and its plan to ship chromite from a mine in northwestern Ontario to a plant in Capreol for processing that would create between 300 and 400 local jobs. But we should remember that this proposal is only a “benchmark” scenario and that many issues still need to be resolved. As a result, the location of this facility could change. In 2007, an interesting mix of six geologists and junior mining executives - Richard Nemis, Mac Watson, Frank Smeenk, Neil Novak, John Harvey and Don Hoy - collectively discovered the geologically rich Ring of Fire. It is the most significant mineral discover in Canada since the Sudbury Basin in 1883 and the Timmins gold camp in 1909. And Cliffs and its Black Thor mine represent only one of the Ring’s many promising mineral resources and future discoveries. Located 500 kilometres northeast of Thunder Bay, the ...
I just got new tires on my van and hooked up like Jeff Gordon at Martinsville. 600 miles to Kirkland lake, 24 hours to load moving truck and drive 650 miles home. Bring it on like donkey kong
Come One, Come All to the Grand Opening of "The Artisan Nook" Thursday Nov. 21, Fri. Nov. 22, Sat. Nov. 23 and Sun. Nov. 24, 2013, at 10:am to 6:pm. Place to be is at 14 Government Road E. Kirkland Lake ON P2N 1A2. The Artisan Nook will be open 7 days a week until Christmas. For more info call Fred and Sharla Manser at 705-567- 3291. The Artisan Nook will be showcasing the multitude of talent from our local artisans. You will be amazed at fantastic and unique creative ideas they have for that special gift for young and the young at heart . Hope to see you there!!
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