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Kirkland Lake

Kirkland Lake is a town and municipality located in Timiskaming District in Northeastern Ontario, Canada.

New Liskeard Tragically Hip North Bay Gold Miners Northern Ontario Iroquois Falls Simple Plan

Happy Labour day. Here's a song I wrote about the aftermath of the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners strike of 1941. The...
Happy Labour day. I wrote this song about the Kirkland Lake strike that won collective bargaining in Canada.
8:06 left in the 3rd. Lake Gibson 1st down on the 42. Great run by Dariaze Kirkland
Photo: April 1946 - Seattle to Kirkland ferry on Lake Washington.
Travel: Kirkland is a lakefront town within sight of much larger Seattle.
Can you recommend anyone for this Line Cook (bin on the lake) - WA
Oh! Eastside here means the eastern side of Lake Washington. Redmond/Bellevue/Kirkland, essentially.
Alumni Alert: Justin Phillips has signed with the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners of the NOJHL for 2015/16.
The tall ships Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain will be moored at Carillon Point in Kirkland through Monday,…
Camping in Kirkland Lake with Thanks to Is and Matt for putting us up.
So if any of you lovely people are bored, feel free to come visit me @ Seattle Sun Tan in Totem Lake-Kirkland. I'm here from now to 10pm 😁😁
Shout out to jones from the Atlanta falcons @ Lake Lanier Islands
kam..your year in Kirkland Lake will prepare you for what is ahead...a great future in hockey
I'm so close to just getting a bus from Kirkland lake to bracebridge and just leaving my dad a note or somethin g lol
A player from Lake in Canada just won €1208 at playing
Friday night in Kirkland lake is the worst time to be alive
After I saw in Kirkland Lake I couldn't get Dizzy out of my head, finally listening to it😍
At the lake ready to head out on our dinner cruise! @ Kirkland Marina Park
Our Lake WA Tour out of ends for the season on Monday, Sept. 7. Wanna wave at the Gates house? BOOK NOW.
Making way for the new: Leases terminated for most Totem Lake Malls’ businesses via
Are you ready for a meal made from locally sourced ingredients? Reserve your table today.
Apply now to work for Zodiac Aerospace as Engineer (Moses Lake, WA) in
We all love Ted...and not just because he's from Kirkland Lake!
If you are on the east side of Lake Washington, coffeeholics love Zoka and Rococo coffee shops in downtown Kirkland. ☕️
Photo: View northwest from the lake, 1952, Chicago. Wallace Kirkland.
Looking to build your home near Lake Washington?. We have a property you should view in the Woodinville/Juanita...
Walked the new Kirkland corridor trail, amazing views of Lake Washington
Kirkland Lake tax sale today at 3:00pm
A player from Lake in Canada just won €1462 at playing
A player from Lake in Canada just won €1371 at playing
It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for… Bubble Soccer is coming to Kirkland Lake!
A player from Lake in Canada just won €1182 at playing
totem lake Kirkland area. The value village is badass too.
Kirkland to receive Flood Control District grant to reduce Totem Lake flooding
I would love to show you my at 31AC KIRKLAND LAKE
Good luck to as he is starting his Junior career in Kirkland Lake. The Gold Miners got themselves a good one
Loved the show tonight,my late Dad was a gold miner nearby in Kirkland Lake. It was a tough job !
Kirkland Lake produces record gold in the first quarter: . Kirkland Lake Gold (TSE:KGI) opened 2.5% hi...
Kirkland Lake produces a record 41,482 ounces of gold in the first quarter of Stub Year 2015
Im so excited for Kirkland Lake with and im dying for another road trip with my favs
Driving south to North Bay now. Kirkland Lake Folk are very nice. .
1939 Press Photo Boston Mass Peggy MacMillan of Kirkland Lake Ont rumored to be
SOACloud article: Kirkland Lake Gold Infill Drilling Program Confirms Grade and Continuity of the South Mine Complex on the HM Claim …
this one is by the Lake/Central parking lot. (may need to reset one of those tomorrow :) )
I'm over here in Kirkland, just across the lake
Don Cherry talking about Kirkland Lake on HNIC, my alma mater. great organization, great coach with Marc Lafleur.
Enjoying a nice day at the lake (@ Houghton Beach Park in Kirkland, WA)
New: New mortgage lead Purchase needed for Detached House in Kirkland Lake, ON. Property Value is $100,000…
"I actually get hyped to watch Kirkland United games because they'er hands down the best team in the state. -Lake Washington"
HOT SPOTS. SB 405 after SR 527 to kirkland . slow over Kennydale Hill. SB 5 after alderwood to 130th, heavy from lake city to ship canal
Cloudy for NE Ont today. Showers for Timmins. Rain for Kirkland Lake. Highs 15 to 20.
Lake with the boys for the birthday is gonna be so straight
linder_seattle: justinruggiano Scallops at LeGrand_Bistro in Kirkland (Carillon Point on Lake Washington). via ama…
Lake Washington, in Kirkland with sail boat
It can never be nice out 2 days in a row in Kirkland Lake... ☔️
Think imma slide to lake wales and hoop at Kirkland real soon
thatCRMguy: Late lunch in Kirkland on Lake Washington. via amazon
They LOVE DT Kirkland. If you cruise Lake Wash. Blvd often enough in summer, you're bound to see a few up in the trees lakeside!
A player from Lake in Canada just won €1707 at playing
Want a Happy Hour with a view? Stop by bin on the lake Monday through Saturday from 4–6 pm.
. Lakeshore Plaza and Kirkland Avenue, west of Lake Street, will be closed to traffic from 6 a.m. until noon
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
They wanted us 2 know their name.We do now. Jeconiah Jones, Lake Gibson, CB, 2016, 5-9/164. Dariaze Kirkland, Lake Gibso…
A player from Lake in Canada just won €1778 at playing
A player from Lake in Canada just won €2070 at playing
A player from Lake in Canada just won €1067 at playing
Coming to - 390 units of TOD by the NE 128th St Freeway Station in Totem Lake.
A player from Lake in Canada just won €1169 at playing
Only ever lived in Ontario from birth to now, Lindsay, Kirkland Lake, North Bay, Sudbury, Belleville, Sault Ste Marie, London
more like he's at the lake and can't reply, but this is probably the rudest thing I've read all week
Wow! Our radio ads are on the air in Timmins, Temagami, Smooth Rock Falls, Kapuskasing, Kirkland Lake, Hearst,…
Plz everyone vote for James, Kirkland Lake talent at its finest! :)
Testified today with in support of state transportation package, requesting new 405 ramps for in Totem Lake
On this date in 1941, legend Barclay Plager was born in Kirkland Lake, ON
Running a few errands today across the lake in Kirkland with Shilshole.
Lake Washington view I had as a kid in kirkland
A great show with last week in Kirkland Lake
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Sorry Gordie, not gonna make it to the Kirkland Lake show
Tickets for the June 26 and June 27 shows in Kirkland Lake are on sale today at 10am ET. For details check out
Off to the big city of Kirkland lake for a few nights
Barclay Plager would have turned 74 today; born March 26, 1941 in Kirkland Lake, Ontario
so glad you will be coming to Kirkland Lake. Last time was waaay back at Massey Hall. Would love to hear Christian Island,
New addition! Records from the Finnish Church, Kirkland Lake (1933-2013)
Town of Kirkland Lake accepting "Request for Proposals" on vacant serviced residential lots
Tragically Hip ticket info 4 Kirkland Lake shows:. Tickets on sale online only Thursday morning at...
Tragically Hip ticket information for Kirkland Lake shows:. Tickets go on sale online only Thursday morning at...
Thanks to the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners for another entertaining season of hockey! We really enjoyed watching this year.
Stay attentive on the road today folks!!
I liked a video more Kirkland Lake cruisin with James Taylor
Metals News Editor Interviews Orefinders’ President about Project in the Prolific Abitibi Gold Belt in Ontario
Kirkland Lake Hip presale tickets unavailable as of 10:17 Mar 24
Here's the Ticketbreak link for this morning's Tragically Hip presale for Kirkland Lake:...
Pre-sale for the Kirkland Lake shows is today @ 10am ET. Password has been sent to the email list & The Hip App users
You're getting out of Kirkland Lake. Isn't that payment enough?
Heads Up Now (Reminder Later): Traffic alert for "Waaalk for our Champs," April 4. Kirkland Ave from Lake St to city dock closed, 7am-noon
Hey March 24 pre-sale password for Kirkland Lake shows will be sent to the email list & posted on The Hip App after 10pm tonight
What time should I expect the password for the Kirkland Lake presale to be released at?
Sigh not going to Kirkland lake now cuz no ride 😞
On this date in 1965, Darren Puppa was born in Kirkland Lake, ON.
The Tragically Hip presale for Kirkland Lake concerts is Tuesday at 10am. Details here:
It's still winter up in Keep your survival kit in your vehicle!!
On the Red Eye bus from T.O. To Kirkland Lake. Can't wait to see you this summer!
Thank you for a great season, it was an absolute pleasure playing in Kirkland Lake
I'd say the chances of me being executed the moment I set foot in Kirkland Lake (by the OPP, the mob or both) to appear for court are 50/50.
Powassan moves on to the East Division finals against Cochrane after eliminating Kirkland Lake in six games.
Congratulations to the. Powassan Voodoo in winning their series against Kirkland Lake. The underdog lives another day.…
ANY GIVEN SUNDAY ANTHING CAN HAPPEN If your not at the Game in Kirkland Lake, you can watch it on .
Back on the bus for game 2 in Kirkland Lake. look focused for the challenge ahead
Road trip to Kirkland Lake 2day 2 see Game 2 of the and Gold Miners series. Go Voodoos !
parents need a spot to occupy Head north to Kirkland Lake, people.
Two alarm fire being fought at a Totem Lake condo complex in Kirkland.
It was great seeing all the astorville vipers at tonight's game in Kirkland Lake
Big win tonight for the Powassan Voodoos in Kirkland Lake against the Gold Miners. Congrats boys, keep it up.
was worth the swim across the lake to # laughscomedy in Kirkland. FUNNY STUFF. And a nice smelling bathroom too!
Snowfall warning still in effect for Kirkland Lake - Englehart. New Liskeard and Temagami. Warnings have ended for the rest of the region.
Ride around Kirkland Lake with Willie and snow
What is happening in Kirkland Lake STINKS Mr. Angus. How many more innocent people will die?
Kirkland Lake OPP came to North Bay to arrest me. North Bay Police have commended me for my efforts.
"In Kirkland Lake, you see a man like me running in fear for his life." Yep, that's just how I feel..
NOJHL Officials tonight at the Joe Mavrinac CC in Kirkland Lake,Ref's Brenden Boujold, Darren Thibb, Linemen Chris Gauthier and Jemy Bernier
Kirkland Lake resident shares economic development ideas: Another change Hartley would like is to see mayor an...
Snowfall warning for Kirkland Lake - Englehart, New Liskeard - Temagami.
Lake Washington high school from Kirkland Washington is doing our first lip dub to Can't Hold Us and we want you to…
Good luck to as they head up hwy 11 to start their series with the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners.
start their Semi Final (Best of 7) 2night in Kirkland Lake. Game time 7:30. Go Voodoos !
Kirkland's actually on the other side of the lake. That gap is over Magnuson Park, a decommissioned military base.
Brain Based Therapy is a breakthrough treatment for chronic pain and other neurological conditions such as:...
What's going on? Totem Lake Cinema in Kirkland to change format with… Get found ->
heres some snow for you! From Kirkland Lake and going to snow all weekend
SNOWFALL WARNING Kirkland Lake, New Liskeard, Temagami. Up to 25 cm of snow by Saturday night.
parenttravel: Stunning evening at BeachCafeCP in overlooking Lake Washington. …
Stunning evening at in overlooking Lake Washington.
Online tickets for the Tragically Hip's Kirkland Lake concerts go on sale in exactly two weeks!
Kirkland Lake mounts a comeback on the Southern Abitibi
Message from the Town of Kirkland Lake re: Water Filtration System Salespeople
Not a Bad turn out for our Northern Rally In Kirkland Lake :D. We had 42 People come out to Brave the cold and...
Beautiful sunny afternoon to enjoy the lake while sipping a cocktail!
when do tickets go on sale for the Kirkland Lake Concert ?
Please share petition to keep baseball in the heart of Kirkland!
The Tragically Hip will announce ticket information for the Kirkland Lake Homecoming concerts next Monday, March 9th.
How many Cdn towns can you name in 3 minutes? Here's my north version of I've been everywhere. iive in Kirkland Lake
Great story in the local paper about our rally in support of raided Kirkland Lake bong shop.
The fight for a field of dreams in Kirkland:
I'm so proud of the brave folks in Kirkland Lake, rallying at the police station to defend their local head shop!
Tripping Daisy marches into the sunset in Kirkland Lake! Thanks to for sponsoring the march!
In front of the Kirkland Lake Police Station, protesting the raid of Tripping Daisy bongshop. Free the Bongs!
With the cannabis crusaders in Kirkland Lake, standing up for local raided headshop Tripping Daisy.
CA company on verge of buying Kirkland's Totem Lake Malls property, redevelopment via //
Kirkland Lake completes home-and-home shutout sweep of Cochrane. Read full story for latest details. Tag(s): Home
Kirkland Lake’s new Community Economic Development Strategic Plan will be presented...
Can't wait! “Tragically Hip ticket information will be announced in early March for the June 26/27 concerts in Kirkland Lake.”
yep, and there are groups in Bothell, Seattle,Lake Forest Park and Kirkland. Kirkland got so big we split to 3.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Let Toronto keep sending their garbage to Kirkland Lake not
Today we head off to Kirkland Lake with Dana Larsen and an international youth delegation. We are bringing the...
Gorgeous Lake & Water Views in the Heart of Kirkland
ARE WE ALL WAITING TO SUPPORT THE KIRKLAND LAKE ACTIONS??. Kim Cooper has assisted Darren Delaney with his stand.
TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS | In 1947, Alan Thicke was born on this date in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada
Pre-dawn, before last night's game in Kirkland Lake.
Cannabis Crusaders to rally in Kirkland Lake come to our Rally via
Kirkland / Totem Lake. Pretty much like 5 minutes away from where I live. :D
Not gonna brag but the good people of Kirkland Lake think I'm "pretty funny" and are getting me drunk.
Thanks for the air time! I've been doing my best to keep Kirkland Lake on the map. :) -DL
Hockey Heritage North will be hosting the final free Carnival Kids Matinee put on by Kirkland Lake Gold and the...
Road trip to Kirkland Lake today as the Crunch take on the Goldminers @ the Joe. Puck drops @ 7:30pm
Heading to Kirkland Lake to tell jokes. I'm assuming their town is one big Costco and their mayor is a bulk sized container of mixed nuts.
10 years ago today I went to Kirkland Lake to begin the next chapter in my radio career. Made a lot of friends there. Enjoyed every minute.
1-0 final for the Goldminers. Good game we head the Kirkland lake 7:30pm start.
The only good thing about Kirkland lake is I don't know anything about any dress
lol I have had this happen on. Hwy 112 near Kirkland Lake Ontario Canada, & I thought that was strange place for a lama lol
Lake Washington Institute of Technology is hiring Instructional Support Technician - BTA
Kirkland Lake Gold : Feb 2015 growth predicted as flabby.
SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT: Two shows in Kirkland Lake, ON on June 25 & June 26 at the Community Complex. Ticket info to come http…
p.s. Gord Martineau his wife and us, Monique and James Levere. got married in the same church in Kirkland Lake. Say Hi for us.
Well we where in Kirkland Lake at the museum today and had a wonderful time nearly sold out of mittens again. way to go alpaca products.
Practice in Kirkland Lake this morning. Happy movember!
What really happened to Nadine Antoniazzi? Did the police in Kirkland Lake cover up a murder to help out their family members?
Come on out tonight at the Kirkland Lake Curling Club to help raise funds to support the memory of Isabella...
This is smokey heading to his new home from Kirkland lake, she's now in North Bay heading to Sudbury!!…
Mr. Marin are you aware of what has been going on in Kirkland Lake: ie Opawica Explorations, N. Antoniazzi and Val-D'or mob?
Cochrane rallies to defeat Kirkland Lake in OT: KIRKLAND LAKE - The Cochrane Crunch stormed back from an early...
6-5 win tonight in Kirkland Lake for the Cochrane Crunch, down 4-1 after one. Nice comeback!
My favorite part about my drive home from practice is the sun set overlooking Lake Washington. Reasons I love Kirkland💙
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Another amazing sunset last night over Lake Washington!
Game Day in Kirkland Lake. Let's get the win!
We've seen snow in Kirkland Lake, Snow in Barrie now let's see what's going on in Kitchener - Waterloo
Good times in Kirkland Lake with Simple Plan last night!!!
On this date in 1938, Cup winner Wayne Hillman was born in Kirkland Lake, ON.
Can't say I know of Gig harbor but it does sound far. I'm over in Totem Lake / Kirkland myself.
Gold mining town near Kirkland Lake, est. 1907. It was named for the Sanskrit good luck symbol long before Nazis.
I'm someone whose family has strong roots in Northern Ontario (Kirkland Lake); we need to be responsible and safe about disposal.
Kirkland Lake on track to meet FY targets -
Welcome to Kirkland Lake, where the snow banks are higher than most people standards and IQ's.
it's officially winter here in Kirkland lake. I just heard someone rip own the street on a sled! :D
BUSES ARE CANCELLED IN . Kirkland Lake to Temagami . Iroquois Falls and Matheson area school buses are cancelled
DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS School buses have been cancelled for all 4 School Boards from Kirkland Lake to...
I actually live across the lake from seattle in Kirkland. I love it here
We have Thanksgiving covered, our regular menu plus a special three course Thanksgiving menu! Make your reservations
Website Builder 728x90
Status quo for Soo & Kirkland Lake in Pointstreak CJHL Top 20 rankings. Read full story for latest details.
And also all hockey fans from Iroquois Falls, Kapuskasing, Kirkland Lake and Sudbury.
Recount confirms Antoniazzi as mayor-elect of Kirkland Lake
I am 40 years old and was born and raised in Kirkland Lake. I have lived here all my life and my husband and I own a home, are both employed here and are raising our family here. Our plans have always been to retire here as...
Lake Washington United Methodist Church in Kirkland is having a bazaar, bake sale, collectibles sale, lunch on...
Game day at the THEC 7:30 start as we host the Kirkland Lake Goldminers
The Kirkland Lake Landfill will be closed on Mon, Oct. 13th, 2014. Garbage Collection that normally occurs...
Press Release - Update on the Recycling Contract for the Town of Kirkland Lake.
Lasalle Theatre is a key component to the Community. Save the Lasalle is looking to promote, educate and nurture the Arts in Kirkland Lake.
Say it isn't snow Kirkland Lake Ontario this AM
just a weather FYI.there's a light dusting of snow in Kirkland Lake!
I liked a video The Dish Cafe in Kirkland Lake
New Listing in Kirkland - Fantastic Bungalow style 2 bedroom home in prime location! Partial Lake View, Private...
In Kirkland Lake, visiting the gold mine. Off to Kapuskasing next. 4 hour drive.
Good morn and have a great day and take your time that's gods gift to man kind. @ Las Vegas/ Lake Mead
I think should come to Northern Ontario either Cobalt or Kirkland Lake for a show! Got lots of fans up here!
Kirkland Lake Municipal Politics, maybe the purest form of politics?
When you guys played Kirkland Lake last summer did you get a chance to check out any of the fishing in the area
HOT SPOT - . NB 405 a little tough thru the "S" curves . starting to slow past 520 into kirkland and totem lake
Your "eastern WA" really means "east side of Lake WA" :). Kirkland isn't E WA if you're from east of Cascades!
The Kirkland Lake GoldMiners were blasted 7-1 by the Soo Thunderbirds this afternoon. Luc Soares had the lone...
We are less than an hour away from puck drop between the Soo & Kirkland Lake!
The Kirkland Lake GoldMiners beat Blind River 7-3 on the road tonight. Jeremy Picard-Fiset led the way with a...
Thunderbirds offence ignites for 4 goals defeating Wildcats 4-2. Back at it tomorrow in rematch of final vs Kirkland Lake.
Real solid effort tonight by chance tomorrow to finish off a great week. 2pm vs Kirkland Lake.
Better not be in my hometown of Kirkland Lake lol They get enough in winter ❄️⛄️
HOT SPOT-. Nb 405 from the benson hwy to park . starting to slow into kirkland and tough from totem lake to SR 527
Mayor Bill Enouy will be in studio after 8:37 this morning to talk about his time as Mayor of Kirkland Lake.
Pardon the poor lighting but this is a 24"x36" of a pig jumping into a lake. WHAT?! @ Kirkland's
Be careful drivers: There is a fog advisory in Kapuskasing - Hearst, Kirkland Lake - New Liskeard - Temagami and Timmins - Cochrane.
not oversea but I made a 9h trip from mtl to Kirkland Lake, Ontario last June to see a concert :) it was fun :)
Police in Kirkland Lake have laid 250 charges against 45 people. CTV’s Joey Slattery has more.
If you're near the lake stop on by the Kirkland waterfront Marina Park for a boats afloat tour and of…
"Where you guys from? Kirkland Lake huh? Sir Harry Oakes' grandkids own 29 acres of this land and they write my paychecks". -Niagara bartendy
Back from our trip to Kirkland Lake's Macassa $KGI Clearly new management is having an impact changing the culture
Looking forward to heading up to Kirkland Lake with my dad this weekend to celebrate my grandmother's 100th birthday.
Wish my girls was out here enjoying this day on the lake with me!😅
Lake Washington to Shilshole, Stand up paddleboarding has become a popular pastime in and
Major drug bust in Kirkland Lake results in 250 charges
You and me both. I'm heading back next summer for graduation up there. From Seattle. To Omak. Head to Lake City and Kirkland.
In the area tonight? Stop by 6427 Lake Washington Boulevard NE and take a break from the heat with wine...
hey! If you find yourself in the Redmond/Kirkland/Totem Lake area and need a place to smoke, hit me up! I live on rose hill
Happy hump day. Working on them legs for day — listening to Icon For Hire at 24 Hour Fitness - Kirkland Totem Lake
Part-time Faculty - Computer Security & Network Technology - Lake Washington Institute of Technology - Kirkla...
'Dariaze Kirkland' will soon be ringing the press of Lakeland Ledger. (High school athlete who attends Lake...
Gonna be an 'interesting' weekend. Wedding in Kirkland Lake, funeral in Rouyn-Noranda, reception in Kirkland Lake ... Mileage.
Great time at the lake with the boys
Nice MT "Kirkland Uncorked is this weekend. | cc:
Hey everyone I'm working out right now — at LA Fitness Kirkland Totem Lake
CROSSOVER TO MOOSEBALL! Basketball in Kirkland Lake getting ready to begin! Check us out!
please consider an option to build a new lake Washington crossing to Kirkland!
Already missing the weekend and boating on Lake Washington with my big bro. @ Kirkland Water Front
Just a little bro time at the lake soap_dispencer and josh
debating if I should put my truck on kijiji after going to Kirkland lake tomorrow. . might see what I can get for...
Does anybody have a lake house I can borrow? 😂
1 man killed in Oshawa car accident: A 53-year-old Kirkland Lake man has died after he lost control of his car...
Police say speed was a factor in the death of a Kirkland Lake man on an Oshawa Road Sunday
Can't get much better than summer days in Coffee, WOD, lake jump, good eats, repeat.
When I was a professor at Lake Washington Technical Institute (Kirkland, WA), every morning I walked in to the...
I'm at Kinect for Windows on the Lake (Kirkland, WA)
Come catch the super moon over the lake while jammin to Big Daddy DJ Live on the 1s and 2s at Time Out in kirkland!
Friday night was a beautiful evening at Juanita Beach Park.
Lol kent to west Seattle to Kirkland to Bellevue to lake sammaish lol my work day 😎😂😂
5 Star: Lisa L. "Dr. Taggart is awesome! I have had neck and back issues for years. I cannot remember the..."
come watch my track meet @ lake washington hs in kirkland tmrw @ 1:00 FREE admission all of you are invited😊
Monday June 16, 2017 (day 158) Another good day today. 😃. Jay slept through a lot of it which isn't ideal, but after talking to the doctor, they will be holding his Gabapentin (neurosis pain) for the next few days to see if that will solve the problem. The doctor also decided to leave Jay off his feeds during the days for the next little while. He NEEDS to start's going to be difficult to have to keep him on his feeds during the days when he needs to do Physio/Rehab! We went for a walk this morning up to the 10th floor MSICU to check on how a fellow CF'er was doing. Her parents are mutual friends with someone we know in Kirkland Lake. We met the parents on the day of their daughters double lung transplant last week. So happy to say that Tina is doing well! We ran into our friend Kaela Chrystina Mavretic in the hallway as we were leaving. She was visiting her friend Ambareen who had her double lung transplant 2 days ago! The 3 of us walked out into the 10th floor family/waiting room w ...
Any Ultimate Frisbee Enthusiasts in Kirkland Lake want to join a team for the tournament on June 26th? We may have a warm-up game/practice if you're new to the sport and unfamiliar with the rules.
Harmon kardon reciever. Older model, no hdmi but has optical outs. Also maple entertainment center. Located in Kirkland lake.
Anyone in Kirkland lake want wraps let me know ASAP as I placing an order at 9-10 pm tonight
This is an "ALBUM" so please click on each pic to flip thru and see description!! Baby stuff...located in Kirkland Lake area..sorry no delivery! :)
NEWS: Osisko Mining will be delisted from the TSX after the closing bell today. The company that owns the Canadian Malartic mine and Kirkland Lake exploration properties has been bought by Agnico Eagle Mines and Yamana Gold for $3.9B.
This Saturday I better see all those friendly faces when Julien Robazza "Young Stitch" & the Central Soldiers show out at Billies in Kirkland Lake! 💯🎤🍻
my CDs just came in! Gonna listen to them on repeat to prepare for Kirkland lake 11 days!
Hanging out with in on this beautiful sunny day!
Thanks to the great town of Kirkland Lake for hosting Relay for Life last Friday. Next up: Cochrane this Friday at Tim Horton Centre 7p-7a.
My boyfriend and I are looking to rent an apartment in somewhere between Kirkland Lake and New Liskeard. (Preferably New Liskeard or Englehart though) We are expecting a baby, and also have a very small, very clean and trained dog. We are a very clean and quiet couple (don't party, smoke or drink) We are looking for a 2 bedroom, preferably with utilities included! Looking to start renting as soon as possible but really aiming for no later than August 1. If ANYONE knows of anything available or someone who can help us out it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!! :)
Ps Vita, great condition, newer version. comes with 2 games and charger $150 - located in kirkland lake
I have a 7 year old female basset hound who has recently lost her companion , our 8 year old basset hound male, to cancer. She is very lonely. I was wondering if anyone in the Kirkland Lake area has an older male basset hound that she could meet. She does not tolerate other dogs for the most part, but it is possible that a male basset hound may be good for her. I want to see if she would be o.k. with another basset hound before I commit to adopting one.
Kirkland Lake Gold digs for cash: Kirkland Lake Gold announced June 12 that it intends to raise $7 milli...
Well in a couple of hours ill be on my way to Kirkland lake.. I hope i can enjoy my time there :) see you soon family!!
Happy Monday Smiley, hope your Father's Day weekend was great! here's whats happening; The Mile of Gold Quilter's Guild meets tonight at 6 at the Encore Club, the annual quilt show continues at the Museum. Englehart & District Horticultural Society meets Wednesday at 39 First Street, in Englehart. Riverside Community Church is holding a book & garage sale, Saturday from 8-Noon at the former Swastika Public School building. Registration for JSANO's summer session is underway, details at or call 567-9291 ext 3634. The KL Rotary Club Homecoming Week Fish Derby is Sat., June 28th from 9-3 on Round Lake. $120.00 includes Prime Rib dinner at the Golf Club. Registration forms at KL Homecoming Concert Tickets are on sale at reception at the Complex, cash only, online tickets at Tickets are on sale for the Homecoming Yuk Yuk's Comedy Night, Thursday, June 26th at Northern College. $25.00 at Northern College or Billy's. The KL Festivals Committee is hosting th ...
Maple entertainment center. $50 in Kirkland lake. Sorry no delivery.
A couple of pics I took on the on the way home from Kirkland lake
well home safe and sound after me and the boys went for ride to Kirkland Lake, was nice to have a lil road trip with the cousin Luke Rodrique, we both havent been down that highway in a long time so we were both, I think taking in the nice rolling hills and scenary, even the lil guys enjoyed there trip and got spoiled with there flurrys on the way back, got my *** kicked on the PUNCH YELLOW game, yupp Luke your catching on ehh,lol thanks for the lil road trip was nice,:)
Just reconnected with the girl that lived next to me in residence at university 30 years ago at Laurentian University in Sudbury...weird story, she's been married to a fellow from Oakville who's parents live about 5 minutes west of here...Mathew McPhail moved up to Kirkland Lake to work and his girlfriend/fiancé Allana recently moved up there too...she an I were talking and I mentioned my old friend from University days...turns out Allanna had been corresponding with the same person about potential employment.. and that's where she's ended up working .it's a small world after all !!! And how fun is that!!!
Well going to see Simple Plan next Friday in Kirkland lake can't wait!! to see it with my daughter :)
See everyone in Kirkland lake in 20 mins or so. Let my holidays begin
WMU 28 Description Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 28 is located in the Kirkland Lake District of the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). The unit is bounded by the Quebec border to the east, the Montreal River to the south, the Black River, Watabeag River, Englehart River and Montreal River to the west, and Lake Abitibi and the Abitibi River to the north. The unit covers an area of more than 10,000 square kilometres and is part of Cervid Ecological Zone (CEZ) C2.
More random patches. Anyone from Kirkland Lake? Geneva? . Patches are fun and hipsters sew them on bags and...
ROFL!! Only in Kirkland Lake do they give out cases of beer as prizes! What happens if you don't drink? Stupid prizes in my wee opinion!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Next to Lake Washington for the memorial reception @ Kirkland Marina
28 lbs of pure gold. Some of this may have come from Sudbury, or Kirkland Lake. (It's heavier than it looks)
it hurts when we lose people, Carnel Lake, Levon Kirkland, Joey Porter, Courtney Hawkins etc
When pretty good at drinking beer comes on the radio and you think of Kirkland lake drinking with
"Several years ago I was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and "modern medicine" could not help me. After...
Lake O would be the the equivalent of a Bellevue or Kirkland
As we get ready for our new Green Lake location, we welcome Chris into our Lucia Kirkland Management Team!...
Drag Races are on at the Kirkland Lake Airport. Gates open at 8am this weekend and racing starts after 9am Sat/Sun
Love this pic!!! And Frick am I stoked to lay Kirkland lake June 27th!!!
Can't wait Simple Plan here in Kirkland Lake in a few weeks
We might be on the wrong side of the lake but I can see from here!! @ Downtown Kirkland…
No I live in Kirkland, it's across the lake from me. The college is by the space needle which I can see from here but far away
Its pretty sad when Kirkland Lake has a 24hr grocery store and Sudbury doesnt!
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