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Kirk Hinrich

Kirk James Hinrich (born January 2, 1981) is an American professional basketball player, currently a guard for the NBA's Atlanta Hawks.

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Kirk Hinrich rolling over in his grave.
What do you guys think of Steve Blake or Kirk Hinrich as 3rd string point guards? and Dorell Wright as a backup stretch 4?
so he ranks right up there with Andrew Shaw, Ryan Theriot, and Kirk Hinrich in terms of ?
is Kris Humphries and Kirk Hinrich sick. The way you guys are playing is embarrassing to ATL.
.Kendall Gill played with (Kirk Hinrich)?. Me: Kirk was his rookie! How many times have I told you that?!. 😭
Perry Ellis also passed Dave Robisch and Kirk Hinrich in career scoring. He is now 9th all-time.
In the midst of this blowout Perry Ellis has passed Kirk Hinrich & Dave Robisch to move into 9th on the scoring list.
Perry Ellis has now surpassed Kirk Hinrich and tied Dave Robisch on the KU all time scoring list with that 3 ball.
Perry Ellis (1,749) is 4 pts away from Kirk Hinrich for 10th on KU's all time scoring list (1,753). Dave Robisch is 9th after that (1,754).
Numbers to look out for: Perry Ellis needs 29 points to pass Kirk Hinrich, 30 to pass Dave Robisch for 10th, 9th in history.
Sonny Weems, Kirk Hinrich, The player formerly known as Tayshaun Prince, Andre Roberson (but only on offense) and Jon Leuer
The same way Lane Kiffin, Jeff Fisher, Edwin Jackson and Kirk Hinrich do.
Kirk Hinrich and Joe Johnson come's gone be 2012 Hawks all over again lol
though he's been gone for awhile, Kirk Hinrich is also a current Hawk who played with Joe Johnson in Atlanta.
Stat of the night: Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah, Tony Snell and Kirk Hinrich combined to go 9-for-45 from the field.
Aaron Brooks playing in place of the traded Kirk Hinrich nukes -12 backers w/ pair of late treys!
Bulls trade Kirk Hinrich to Hawks for a second-round pick.
.Kirk Hinrich ranks 5th in NBA games played by a former Jayhawk, behind Paul Pierce, Wilt, Bill Bridges and Danny Manning.
Kirk Hinrich has played for the same 2 teams for the last 40 years. He backed up Pete Maravich, Jay Williams, and Derrick Rose..true story
Kirk Hinrich for more Garbage? What kind of trade is that? Even Phil Emery wouldn't execute a trade that dumb!
Get Paul Gasol now . Knicks: Pau Gasol, Kirk Hinrich . Bulls: Jose Calderon, Derrick Williams . do it phil
young Kirk Hinrich's Spock 'do is the only bowl cut I have any use for
Lol at "LeBron has come a long way and I admire him for it," as if he's Kirk Hinrich or something
Kirk Hinrich is still a thing so it's a legit concern with Thibs
Colin Cowherd wants you to know that Kirk Hinrich would be in his place.
Kirk Hinrich = Jeff Schroeder. The journeyman who's stuck with it all these years.
Why the Bulls suck:. Tony Snell. Kirk Hinrich. Cam Bairstow. Niko Mirotic*. Aaron Brooks. Cristiano Felicio. Jo Noah*. 7 of your 15 man roster...
May the lord grant us 5 more years of hall of fame bound Kirk Hinrich as well
Kirk Hinrich will still be a Bull long after we're all dead.
"Welcome to your 2093 Chicago Bulls opening night! Starting at point guard, he's a living legend! KIRK HINRICH!"
Only in Ames iowa does a lineup of Kirk Hinrich,Tony Snell,Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis,and Cam Bairstow makes makes sense.
I learned my lesson the hard way.. never disrespect Kirk Hinrich
Kirk Hinrich lowkey has one of the cleanest crossovers in the league
Kirk Hinrich with an ankle breaker. KIRK FREAKING HINRICH!
Kirk Hinrich just broke some ankles. And not his own.
Kirk Hinrich with a 'crafty veteran' - read, questionable - move to draw a foul on the Hawks.
you should've hit him with Kirk "white boy day" Hinrich arguably the best player in 2k history.
lmao this dude was saying J Lin was only as good as Kirk Hinrich... look at him now
Aaron Brooks and Kirk Hinrich over past month COMBINED: 7.6 points on 9.5 shots per game. Bulls just can't afford that with all the injuries
Kirk Hinrich and Dwight Howard. dont even know why; they each just have hilarious faces
updates Kirk Hinrich for apg 1.5 to 1.7 rpg 1.5 to 1.7 games 30 to 34 ppg 3.9
if he became half the player future hall of famer Kirk Hinrich is I'd be happy
*** with Avis like this in my mentions telling me Kirk Hinrich and Brandon Knight better than Curry
you're Kirk Hinrich, and I'm anyone else in the league..
Incredible that Kirk Hinrich remains productive after 42 years in the league.
We have one of the most injury-prone guards in the history of the NBA. His backups are Aaron Brooks and Kirk Hinrich.
Without Derrick Rose, our point guards combined for 3/20 FG tonight. Aaron Brooks and Kirk Hinrich shouldn't be on this te…
Of the Bulls' next six games, three are on ESPN and one is on TNT. Cut those Kirk Hinrich promos now.
Hard to expect to score the ball when you start Kirk Hinrich, E'Twaun Moore & Mike Dunleavy
Bulls look to bounce back vs. Bucks: Kirk Hinrich drives around Bucks guard Michael Carter-Williams during the...
Much respect for all of the Kirk Hinrich, Luol Deng, Andres Nocioni, Ben Gordon, Chris Duhon, etc.
Gibson can score. McDermott can score. Bobby Portis can score. Aaron Brooks can score. E'twan Moore can score. Kirk Hinrich is NOT consistent!
Perry Ellis probably has great stories of playing with Drew Gooden, Nick Collison and Kirk Hinrich. Get his old *** outta KU 😂
Aaron Brooks, Kirk Hinrich, Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis, and Taj Gibson are in for the to start the 4th quarter.
Only Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippin have played more games for the Bulls than Kirk Hinrich
.coach S Skiles said in his coaching career he's worked with 3 elite defensive guards: Jason Kidd, Kirk Hinrich &
Every time I see Kirk Hinrich play against Steve Blake I laugh.
I bet if John Stockton had his career in the 60s I'd see people saying "Couldn't guard players today", "Just another Kirk Hinrich today"
Pau screaming to box out...Chris Paul seeing Kirk Hinrich as food...
Pau Gasol+Kirk Hinrich to OKC for Waiters, Adams, Payne, 1st round pick
Better than Steph Curry:. Larry Hughes. Earl Boykins. Nazr Mohammed. Sam Cassell. SethCurry. Kirk Hinrich. Lou Amundson. Master P when he was in TOR
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Kirk Hinrich is killing it right now
January 27th, dog. A Curry back court TO and Kirk Hinrich 3 were the difference. Crazy.
Should Kirk Hinrich still be in the NBA?
Hillary wants a $12 minimum wage and not $15. . Kirk Hinrich wears number 12. These things are related (both are bad, 15 is better)
I added a video to a playlist Lil Flash - Kirk Hinrich
I have sincere opinions about Kirk Hinrich I think you will find interesting...
i think lil flash the first to name a song after kirk hinrich . this GloDocks tape heat
Kirk Hinrich is kinda like that guy on your 5th grade basketball team; he's not that good, but he's just good enough to deserve playing time
I though Kirk Hinrich played well in his brief stint tonight.
Kirk Hinrich will somehow be playing for the Bulls when he's 58.
Liked what the bench provided in that first half for the Bulls (and that actually includes Kirk Hinrich). All five guys had a positive +/-.
Oh god, Kirk Hinrich took his goggles off. He means business now.
Very interesting that Kirk Hinrich is getting the back-up PG minutes instead of Aaron Brooks.
Kirk Hinrich tossed away his goggles. Here they are.
Kirk Hinrich playing for a rotation spot.
I can't imagine how mad I'd be if my team was facing the Bulls and Kirk Hinrich was hitting jump shots.
Meanwhile, Kirk Hinrich has hit two shots already in 7 minutes. I guess Hoiberg got sick of watching the Aaron Brooks Show.
So, Kirk Hinrich's found a shooting touch, huh?
Kirk Hinrich getting some early run in the first quarter. He comes into the game alongside Snell and Noah. Out goes McDer…
I really forget Kirk Hinrich exists sometimes. Lmao.
Tony Snell blocks Kemba Walker on the fastbreak, Kirk Hinrich hits the jump shot on the other end. Bulls lead 23-21.
I'm currently watching Frank Kaminsky share a floor with Kirk Hinrich. I may be the only person in the world giddy about this. Don't care.
Kirk Hinrich throwing back the clock with that pull up jumper.
Kirk Hinrich shooting pullup 20 footers, this is fine *grits teeth*
Joakim Noah & Kirk Hinrich both enter the game. Joakim tips in a miss right away.
Kemba Walker is trying to shatter Kirk Hinrich's ankles
Kirk Hinrich makes a jumper in transition. Trade him now.
It's 2015 & Kirk Hinrich might be starting an NBA game. Don't despise Hinrich. It's just that I know E'Twaun Moore will be forgotten.
Jason Hammel, Eddie Kendricks Jr need to be off my team….just like Kirk Hinrich and Shea McClellan
E'Twaun Moore is just a guy. Kirk Hinrich is old and washed up. Give the younger guy a chance. Fin.
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Kirk Hinrich (foot) and E'Twaun Moore are expected to start for the Bulls on Monday against the Hornets.
So no Ricky Rubio, Andre Miller, or Derrick Rose tonight. . Does that mean we get Kirk Hinrich and Tyus Jones as our starting point guards?
The only thing I know about six years from now about the Bulls is that Kirk Hinrich will still be playing 22 minutes a game
Bulls can we PLEASE cut Kirk Hinrich and go get Gerald Green
Kirk Hinrich's agent, Jeff Austin, confirms Hinrich has picked up player option for 15-16. 1st.
Make sure you all vote for Kirk! | The Ultimate Eight: Jeff Withey v Kirk Hinrich via
The fall of Tiger Woods is quite remarkable. He was MJ great at one point, now he is Kirk Hinrich bad.
I can't think of one great player that doesn't show confidence. That's what makes great players. – Kirk Hinrich
he beat Kirk Hinrich and Nick Collison tho
James Jones passed Mario Elie, Craig Hodges, Trevor Ariza, and Kirk Hinrich for 74th all-time in playoff 3's.
Reminder that Kirk Hinrich is perhaps the worst player in the NBA, but Thibs keeps playing him.
Kirk Hinrich passed Mario Elie, James Jones, and Craig Hodges for 74th all-time in playoff 3's.
CP3 passed Mario Elie, James Jones, Craig Hodges, and Kirk Hinrich for 73rd all-time in playoff 3's.
Kirk Hinrich passed James Posey and Nick Anderson into a tie for 73rd all-time in playoff 3's.
Matthew Delladova has been a better scorer in isolation than LeBron James today & Kirk Hinrich is hitting 3s. Can't ask for much more.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Kirk Hinrich is in the game less than 5 seconds and scores. There goes that man.
LeBron James vs the Chicago Bulls is it's own rivalry. 1. Kirk Hinrich hugging/tackling LBJ.
Kirk Hinrich a -9 in under two minutes of game action.
Jamal Crawford crazy shake and bake on Kirk Hinrich
Also, though I dislike the idea of Hinrich playing in general, I really hate him against Milwaukee.So long & athletic. Kirk is...not.
Nah dead *** Kirk Hinrich will put 35 on Austin Rivers
but yeah wall is good and closed out a series against DJ augustin and kirk hinrich lmao, stfu with that
Kirk Hinrich unable to practice for Bulls on Friday
My favorite players are Kirk Hinrich and Alex Smith so I'm either a racist or not a bandwagon fan.
- I believe the deal was for a dozen K-Cups, a black hole on the wing and a voucher for one free Kirk Hinrich.
Chicago Bulls went 13-3 when Kirk Hinrich didn't play this season.
Why did the Bulls trade Kyle Korver for Kirk Hinrich?
Unlikely Kirk Hinrich will play in game 2 for the Bulls.q
injury report only list Kirk Hinrich, left knee, questionable. Play on, Taj Gibson. Took a licking, keeps on ticking.
After sitting out Game 1 against the Bucks, Kirk Hinrich (left knee) is listed questionable for Game 2 in...
Bulls G Kirk Hinrich listed as questionable for Game 2: Hinrich missed Game 1 as he's recovering from a left h...
Could Kirk Hinrich be the best Point Guard in the NBA? I say YES, if he had the skill set.
He'd never start, but Kirk Hinrich can play for me anytime he hustles better than anyone
Bulls C Joakim Noah unlikely to play Wednesday; Kirk Hinrich out
officially list Kirk Hinrich as questionable for Game 2 tomorrow, for those scoring at home.
For tomorrow versus Milwaukee:. . Kirk Hinrich (left knee) is questionable.
I wouldn't be upset with Hinrich coming back if I knew Thibs would play him in situations for defense...but Thibs lives for Kirk man smh
Kyrie Irving about to disappear just like when Kirk Hinrich was guarding him
Bulls' head coach Tom Thibodeau said that Kirk Hinrich (knee) is improving, but he's unsure about his s...
Thibodeau says that Kirk Hinrich is getting better but didn't say if he would play in game 2.
Taj Gibson says his knee is fine. Tom Thibodeau said that Kirk Hinrich is progressing, but unsure if he'll play tomorrow.
News Alarm: Kirk Hinrich (PG - Chi) Coach Tom Thibodeau said Kirk Hinrich is improving but unsure about Game 2.
Kirk Hinrich is better but still uncertain for tomorrow's game, Thibodeau says.
The Bulls can beat the Cavs in the second round. They'll need Kirk Hinrich and Tony Snell to do it tho.
Kirk Hinrich is Bulls' only injury holdout - Chicago Sun-Times
Kirk Hinrich (thinks Monday the 13th is bad luck, people are too embarrassed for him to tell him it's Friday) won't pl…
Chicago Bulls are now 14-3 when Kirk Hinrich doesn't play including the regular season and playoffs.
NBA-National Basketball Association roundup (Reuters): Chicago Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich was ruled out for Satu...
Bulls list Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich as probable for Thursday's game
Taj Gibson missed the dunk and Kirk Hinrich threw ...
Man. The Heat just needed Kirk Hinrich and they would have won tonight.
-Dude can't even defend Kirk Hinrich. It's an issue. Westbrook, Parker? What's he going to do then?
*** be yelling "Steph Curry with the shot" but really be Kirk Hinrich or Steve Blake.
I think Kirk Hinrich would find a way to give the Zards a game or two, that bum.
Kirk Hinrich doesn't get enough credit. The Bulls player more controlled when he's on the floor. Slower, but more controlled.
That was a charge by Kirk Hinrich there that they didn't call, gheeze
Look at the four players we were considering. Dear God. .
They got old faithful Kirk Hinrich running the show its lit
Kirk Hinrich when he plays 10 minutes >>>>>> Kirk Hinrich when he plays 20+ minutes
Kirk Hinrich is a scrub I hate him yo   10% Off
*** Kirk Hinrich bullying Goran Dragic you know its bad my ***
Mike Dunleavy Jr. and Kirk Hinrich can't be a backcourt combination with 8 minutes left. They weren't 7 years ago.
Kirk Hinrich is so trash. Time for him to hang his jersey up
Kirk Hinrich bout to close this mother out.
it's not so bad Kirk Hinrich is bound to get some minutes the -king of the midwest
I don't understand how they made this run without Kirk Hinrich on the floor.
Bulls' Kirk Hinrich injures knee, will not return Wednesday
Kirk Hinrich been useless since all star break 😴
God Rundblad is just the worst. I want him and Kirk Hinrich both fired into the *** sun.
Watching Derrick Rose and Kirk Hinrich launch jump shot after jump shot is fun.
Kirk Hinrich has always personified our team, which is why he appears totally clueless most of the time now. Also, never shoot.
Kirk Hinrich in Kirk Hinrich fashion with a +/- of -8 in 6 minutes of play. Floor spacing wins rings. Thibs does not.
I bet the Bulls would be number 1 in the east if they didn't have Kirk Hinrich
Kirk Hinrich stans and Evan Turner stans are probably the same people
Kirk Hinrich used to be the best "Wade stopper" and now he's more useless than tangled headphones
as somebody who bet on the Bulls...I see why Bulls fans hate Kirk Hinrich...
Wade vs Hinrich used to be so fun to watch. Kirk used to be he best "wade stopper" in the league
Kirk Hinrich is the most NCAA player in the NBA.
Nothing good comes from Kirk Hinrich bein on the court
Promise I will resign my lifelong Bulls fanship if Kirk Hinrich is still on the team next season.
I love Captain Kirk...but I hope he retires after this season.
Taj Gibson with the missed dunk and then Kirk Hinrich with the horrible pass out of bounds
Kirk Hinrich in a nutshell: Taj shanked a stuff and it WASN'T the worst play of the possession.
It pains me to say it but kirk hinrich needs to retire
Well,well,well. Leave it to Kirk Hinrich.
I also don't understand why Kirk Hinrich plays as much as he does. WashedUp
Bulls says Derrick Rose and Kirk Hinrich are both questionable for tomorrow's game vs. Orlando.
When you go into the season with two actually good wings and then Kirk Hinrich, Tony Snell, Doug McDermott and E'Twaun Moore off the bench…
“Bulls officially list Derrick Rose and Kirk Hinrich as out for tomorrow vs. Cleveland.” They scared
E'twaun Moore plays solid defense, but his offense makes Kirk Hinrich look like...just kidding, they're both awful shooters.
So, as you all know, Kirk Hinrich is out tonight. Maybe we will see E`Twaun Moore get some good minutes and a little Jo\Jimmy Pg action.
Ron Baker talking about how big of a Kirk Hinrich and Nick Collison fan he was
Kirk Hinrich passed Luol Deng for 4th all-time in Bulls franchise history in minutes played. Trails Jordan, Pippen and Sloan.
any chance at seeing John Paxson, Kirk Hinrich, or Paul Pierce at upcoming shows???
Ron Baker's favorite player growing up was Kirk Hinrich... good lord. I love Baker but...
is basically Ron Baker. Desperately needs a haircut and has a Kirk Hinrich poster on his bedroom wall.
A poster, of Kirk Hinrich..?!. I've got a Poster, of Ron Hexstall..!!. :D.
Ron Baker having a Kirk Hinrich poster is the most Kansas thing ever.
Ron Baker has a poster of Kirk Hinrich on his door at home. Now I just feel bad for Ron Baker.
Ron Baker has a Kirk Hinrich poster on his door. New favorite college player.
I'm a KU fan, but shoutout to Ron Baker for being a Kirk Hinrich fan and having a poster of him!
Ron Baker is a big fan of Kirk Hinrich and
Ron Baker has a Kirk Hinrich poster? An old and bad NBA PG?
Ron Baker "I had a Kirk Hinrich poster on the back of my door growing up."
Kirk Hinrich was better than Russell Westbrook in college. This is why you can't trust someone who says they prefer college bball to NBA
It seem like Mike Dunleavy, Kirk Hinrich, Richard Jefferson, Ben Gordon, & Drew Gooden been in the league forever
Can't wait to share the magic of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, & Kirk Hinrich with my future children
Photo of Kirk Hinrich, and others with Roy Williams and Dean Smith.
You may not know, but that's Jeff Boschee, Nick Collison, Drew Gooden, and Kirk Hinrich. They are, for…
It was a tough Monday night for Kirk Hinrich and the Chicago Bulls, as they were annihilated by the Cleveland Cavaliers in a 108-94 loss. Listed below are Kirk's full stats, courtesy of ESPN. Minut...
I wish Gar Forman & John Paxson would have the sense to ask Kirk Hinrich this very question.
Kirk Hinrich is an absolute embarrassment. Basketball Ryan Theriot needs to get lost.
I was a Bull fan long before Michael Jordan was a Bull. I was a Bull fan after Your Airness. Still a Bull at heart! 1. Nikola Mirotic showed he can handle even starting at small forward—though he didn't—proving a mismatch on offense and making defensive plays including a fourth quarter block on Corey Brewer. 2. Pau Gasol continues to demonstrate a myriad of skills that should get him the first All-Star game start. He was making jumpers against Dwight Howard and then drove by while also recording another double/double and two blocks. 3. The Bulls outsmarted themselves early as they had Jimmy Butler defending Trevor Ariza and Kirk Hinrich on James Harden to better match size. But once Butler took Harden in the second half Harden, the league’s leading scorer, had difficulty scoring.
Even Turner sees Kirk Hinrich and reverts to being 9 years old like, "Im Jordan!"
Are you including E'Twaun Moore, Kirk Hinrich, Tony Snell and Doug McDermott in those 11? Because, um, no.
Bulls Game Day: Kobe Bryant sits for Lakers; Kirk Hinrich out too
Kirk Hinrich and the Chicago Bulls spent Friday night achieving a 103-97 win over one of the best teams in the league, the Memphis Grizzlies. It was the second of a back-to-back for Chicago, but it...
When the backcourt use to be Kirk Hinrich and Ben Gordon though. Dem *** use to kill!
Kirk Hinrich has passed Norm Van Lier to become third all-time in assists for the Bulls. Congrats Captain!
Jeremy Lamb, Kirk Hinrich, and Channing Frye can get me 90, Vince Carter adds another 50/75 a night AND
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This mark *** *** Kirk Hinrich just blew me smh *** you fouling for
Mark Cuban just came in his pants because of Kirk Hinrich
RGKnee & Knee Rose's careers are done. Sad when a Colt McCoy & Kirk Hinrich takes ur job. Lol
VIDEO: Ty Lawson sent Kirk Hinrich to the floor with a nasty dribble move
With Derrick Rose perpetually questionable and Kirk Hinrich also banged up, the Chicago Bulls may soon make use of their empty 15th roster spot.
Former Oregon guard Aaron Brooks likely to start at PG tonight for the Chicago Bulls with Derrick Rose and Kirk Hinrich out of the lineup.
If you need a plug n play point guard, Aaron Brooks is your guy with both Derrick Rose and Kirk Hinrich out for the tonight.
Kirk Hinrich, Pau Gasol and Derrick Rose are out for Portland. This makes Aaron Brooks a must play.
Seriously was Kirk Hinrich at least asked to do Anne Hathaway's stunts in Because
Kirk Hinrich had Dellavedova on skates. Had him looking like Michelle Kwan!
Remember when Kirk Hinrich made all of those clutch shots in the national championship game like he's doing tonight
Kirk Hinrich... Kirk Hinrich. Imagine what the score would be if D Rose was playing right now..
Kirk Hinrich may be the most underrated role player in the NBA.
Bulls preseason is over, so no more games for Stacey King to compare Kirk Hinrich to Michael Jordan
Best competition would be the Bulls. Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler are studs. Kirk Hinrich is a great defender, Aaron Brooks scoring punch
There are 12 days remaining until the start of the NBA season. This is when MJ paid tribute to Kirk Hinrich.
Chicago Bulls Taj Gibson, Kirk Hinrich, Doug McDermott and Aaron Brooks expected to be first 4 players off the bench. …
going from Woody & McConnaughey to Farrell & Vaughn like trading Pistol Pete Maravich & Dan Majerle for Kirk Hinrich and Brian Scalabrine
Good debate at pickup hoops today. At their peak (best college year, best NBA), who was better player Kirk Hinrich or T.J. Ford?
I want to see my baby Kirk Hinrich play ball already!
why you lying? Kirk Hinrich had like 30 and so did rose
When we were at the UC & Kirk Hinrich hit consecutive 3's that inspired this selfie.
I'm on my Kirk hinrich... My Mario Chalmers... My George hill
So if Robert is our D Rose... Kirk Cousins is our.Kirk Hinrich??
Look for Kirk Hinrich to play both guard positions along with his typical, tough defense. (Via
Are Jay Cutler and Kirk Hinrich long lost brothers?
“D-Rose goes scoreless today on 0-4 shooting, adds team-best 6 assists and has 2 TOs in 16:24” OMG he's Kirk Hinrich
Whenever I think about that team I inevitably come back to "holy crap Kirk Hinrich used to be GOOD".
They have Kirk cousins we have Kirk hinrich lol
the grit studies show that Kirk Hinrich is the best basketball player of the last 50 years at least.
That's EVERY GAME 🙏 this is football man kirk hinrich tougher than any white guy ta play Chicago sports ever and he hoop 😭😂😂 smh
"Kirk Hinrich and Nate Robinson fighting for loose ball. Adorable have you seen this before?😄
The day Kirk Hinrich hits shots from 40 feet is the day I geek out at 2k
I remember when that man dunked in Kirk Hinrich lol
Dwyane Wade and Kirk Hinrich is your new Chicago backup plan - Blog a Bull (blog)
I'm taking Kirk Hinrich spot off the bench
your avi looks like you're going against Kirk Hinrich
Why says that Kirk Hinrich is 1 of the 3 players that need to step up this season.
Kirk Hinrich, Jimmy Butler, & Mike Dunleavy Jr. are 3 players that the need to step up next season. (Via
Or will he go back to being the Team USA version of Kirk Hinrich (defending, initiating the offense, grit, etc).
the time Kirk Hinrich crossed up J.J. Redick
Random archive find: Bill Cartwright with Kirk Hinrich and Roger Mason Jr. at the Berto in '03 (Trib photo)
also re-signed veteran PG Kirk Hinrich and signed Aaron Brooks to provide depth behind injury-prone Derrick Rose and replace Augustin
There have been at least ten times as many Kirk Hinrich jerseys than Joakim Noah jerseys because God is dead
Bulls now how the whitest team in the NBA- McDermott, Gasol, Dunleavy Jr, Kirk Hinrich, Cameron Bairstow, Nikola Mirotic
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Kirk Hinrich has re-signed with the Chicago per Turner Sports.
Gasol, Dougie, Mike Dunleavy, Cameron Bairstow, Mirotic, and Kirk Hinrich. You see the trend?
Melo primed to go back to the Knicks. In worse news, the Bulls still look to be the favorites to land Kirk Hinrich.
Isiah Thomas, Ramon Sessions, Kirk Hinrich, and Jerryd Bayless could be ideal.
Chicago Bulls star Kirk Hinrich returned home to Sioux City one day before his annual Siouxland Hy-Vee Golf Tournament to visit with campers at Camp High Hopes, a camp supported by his golf tournament. Camp High Hopes is a local camp open to youth and adults with special needs. During his visit the
The Iowa connection to CHI Bulls continues. BJ Armstrong, Bobby Hansen, Jimmy Rodgers as *** t, Kirk Hinrich, now Doug McD. Love it!
luke id say you're more of a Chris Dudley and Wilbur you're Kirk Hinrich
BJ Armstrong, Kyle Korver, Kirk Hinrich, and now Doug McDermott. Its clear the Bulls love having an Iowa presence on the team.
I really don't want Knicks is gonna contract with Kirk Hinrich, Jordan Farmar, Steve Blake or Luke Ridnour in this summer.
I think he's an option for sure. But so is a Kirk Hinrich
Can the Heat go after Kirk Hinrich, Isaiah Thomas, and Trevor Ariza in free agency?
Kirk hinrich is in the underrated point guard category.
If I were OKC's GM and coach I'd drop Thabo, have Reggie start at the 2, and sign Kirk Hinrich as the back up point guard. Wishful thinking.
Heat gonna try to lure DJ Augustin or Kirk Hinrich. They’re gonna need some guards.
Miranda Murray I'm over the loss by Heat ! On to next season. We are going to the games at least 1 next season. here are some free agents they are talking about picking up july 1 1. C - Marcin Gortat 2. SF - Danny Granger 3. PG - Kirk Hinrich 4. SG - Thabo Sefolosha 5. SF/PF - MELO THE HEAT WILL BE BACK!
I always wanted Kirk Hinrich on the Celtics
you and my brother both have Kirk Hinrich prof pics. Why?
Duncan has always been my favorite player, followed by Kirk Hinrich and KG.
I forgot Kirk Hinrich, Eddy Curry, Jay Will... But he got hurt so he don't count!
Adam Silver and Kirk Hinrich do math homework for fun.
Kirk Hinrich, Mike Miller, Ray Allen, Nate Robinson and Vince Carter are all great vets the could use, thoughts?
There is another person at Bonnaroo wearing a Kirk Hinrich jersey. Staggered.
Kirk Hinrich is a free agent, I'd go after him.
Good morning, Hinrich fans! Have a superb Sunday. (:. Happy Father's Day to Kirk and all of the other dads out there!
With The Bulls trying to sign Melo through the free agency period, it is a known fact that they will not be able to keep all of the free agents that were on the team last season. If we were able to sign Melo who do you think we can do without and who must we keep. Here are the free agent players: Kirk Hinrich, DJ Augustin, Jimmer Fredette, and Nazr Mohammed. Even though Nazr is a great leader for the young talent in Chicago his ability to score isn't the greatest therefore I believe he will be cut from the team. Kirk Hinrich is a veteran who knows the defensive intensity The Bulls play with and in some games he made key defensive plays, therefore I believe he will get a min contract. Even though Jimmer didn't receive any playing time his ability to shoot from deep is high, he is one of the best sharp shooters in the league and because of that I think he will start the season with the bulls. DJ was a key to the success the bulls had last season but even though his offensive capabilities are high, he didn't ...
Kirk Hinrich injury update: Rajon Rondo nearly gets triple double as Bulls guard sits - "(Rondo) had an excellent...
.convinced me to buy another Kirk Hinrich Bulls shirt because it was on sale. I have a problem.
"Actually this is a Kirk Hinrich jersey from the *first* time he was on the Bulls, back when nobody knew him."
Love when callie tells the kirk hinrich story
shouldn't this pic include DJ Augustine or Kirk Hinrich in place of Rose??
nah, he'll be good with Noah and Kirk Hinrich until then
Kirk Hinrich with a high floater off the glass over Tim Duncan.
Players on my Heat Wishlist this summer:. -Emeka Okafor. -Patrick Patterson. -Anthony Morrow. -Kyle Lowry/Kirk Hinrich (if Rio leaves)
You know I'm done now cause you brought up 2K. *** I can still go for 30 wit Kirk Hinrich on 2K. Lol
Kirk Hinrich is offended that you left him off this list
I hope Miami acquires Kirk Hinrich this offseason.
Captain Kirk Hinrich doesn't know the word 'mismatch'.
Tylers out here playin kirk hinrich dirty in 2K right now.
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