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Kirk Franklin

Kirk Dwayne Franklin (born ) is an American Gospel music musician, choir director, and author, and is most notably known for leading urban contemporary gospel choirs such as The Family, God's Property and One Nation Crew (1NC).

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Listening to Could've been by Kirk Franklin this song speaks volumes because I Lord I thank u for all I have n don't have
"He's Able" by Kirk Franklin has to be one of my all time favs!
Can't nobody top that Old school Kirk Franklin .
My life is in your hands by Kirk Franklin,introduced and also sang to me by beloved one,a song that always uplifts my spirit,alleluia bless you!!!
 A Star is Born - "Why is the sky blue, when I grow up.  I want to be like you." -Kirk Franklin
I can't listen to Kirk Franklin and attempt to do homework.
I'm listening to Now Behold The Lamb by Kirk Franklin on Pandora
Lord knows I miss my aunt Martha right now..Listening to The Storm is Over Now by Kirk Franklin. I'm just in deep thought. So much goin on but this song is actually very healing.
No I'm not having a party for my bday I will spend it with my grandma and then take a plane to Texas to visit TD.JAKE'S CHURCH hope I can see Kirk Franklin when I'm out their yes Lord yes
Grateful to God n grateful for family n friends. I love You'all more than u know. It's been a crazy past week but I made it through. Kirk Franklin Smile!
Listening to My life my love my all by kirk franklin thinking about the daughters of destiny. I miss dancing with yall
Today by Kirk Franklin. The song of the day!
So Aiden and I are on our way to his choir rehearsal at Temple. Were listening to 101 The Beat and the topic was that Lil Wayne is back with Karrine Steffans! Then the dj says, "I guess Lil Wayne is back with Karrine using her for her talents." Aiden says "What are her talents mom?" I said " uh uh, she can sing baby!" Back to XM radio, Kirk Franklin station!
James Fortune is a.talkin, negotiating of the spirits bama... he ain't sanging NOTHING. .. but he gonna talk you out of it. Kirk Franklin started this No sanging but "I got you" mentality of thug praising... but James talk, praise, minister, in one voice you forget what you was doing. Ok James my bad ...Amen. he like a mother fussin at Just had a moment yall... I'm good REALLY!. THAT BAMA JAMES PLAY TO MUCH. . GET OFF MY RADIO SLIM!!
OK 100.3 while I appreciate you playing Kirk Franklin he has made something since STOMP!! Ijs
thanks to Kirk Franklin I can only quote Revelations 7:16-17 like this: The book of revelations Chapter 7, Verses 16 and 17 Yes Sir! They shall hunger no more Neither shall they thirst anymore Preach, Preacher! For God shall wipe away Yes sir! Every tear from their eye Yes sir!
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Guess what? For Easter Sunday, I'm gonna do a dance with my brother to Hosanna by Kirk Franklin. We're partly there and nobody can stop us lol.
Kirk Franklin talks about homosexual relationships and Christianity. Make sure that you join the conversation and COMMENT BELOW! Are individuals born *** Is...
Kirk Franklin song the appeal is the truth got two different versions and they both working on me
KIRK FRANKLIN ~I smile Today's a new day, but there is no sunshine. Nothing but clouds, and it's dark in my heart and it feels like a cold night. Today's a new day, where are my blue skies, where is the love and the joy that you promised me you tell me it's alright. (I'll be honest with you) I almost gave up, but a power that I can't explain, fell from heaven like a shower now. (When I think how much better I'm gonna be when this is over) I smile, even though I hurt see I smile, I know God is working so I smile, Even though I've been here for a while (what you do?) I smile, smile.. it's so hard to look up when you've been down. Sure would hate to see you give up now You look so much better when you smile, so smile.
When May 30th gets here and it's time to see my first graders off for summer break, I'm going to sing "The Storm Is Over Now" by Kirk Franklin! 🙌😄
Kirk franklin & t.d. jakes- 911 This song has been on my heart every since april 5th. My testimony is coming.
Kirk franklin-the hrt pound coz of d massg bhind ds songs...
Um hmm I love me some Kirk Franklin
Video with the song "Dont Cry", by Kirk Franklin, and scenes of the movie Passion Of Christ, by Mel Gibson.
I was listening to one of Kirk Franklin songs and in it the lyrics said " if I die what would they say about me? Would the work that I've done be enough to help someone" Live every day to the absolute best of your ability and don't forget to let those that lent a helping hand, hug, encouraging words, ear and so on know how much you appreciate them. WHILE YOU STILL HAVE THEM!!! Little things can make such a big difference... If no one told you today... I Love You All!
"Until you care about what I think more than what they think, you'll never THINK right" ~God Thank you Mr. Kirk Franklin for this great reminder!
Kirk Franklin no doubt best gospel singer
I'm listening to Kirk Franklin Radio on Pandora and Maxwell " Pretty Wings " comes on 😏
Now behold the lamb Kirk Franklin.Coco leading role..
Tomorrow marks 1 month since my grand got her wings and went to be an angel. And this has been the longest month of our lives. April 23rd she would have been 4 years old if you knew my grand you know there was never a dull moment and she was always smiling on that day at we are all going to still celebrate her birthday and listen to the song SMILE by Kirk Franklin. *missingmygrand*
Jus needed some church in my ear right bout now , listening to John Pee Key " show-up " ,, "Jesus is Real",, "lilly in the valley" , Rance Allen ft Kirk Franklin "something about the name jesus" ,, Rance Allen ft Fred Hammond "miracle worker" ,, Donnie McClurkin "stand",,, Marvin Sapp " Never would have made it" ,, " the best in me " ,, " You are GOD Alone " , SHOUT AMEN SOMEBODY !
Thank u lord for waking me & my family up this morning. Up listening to Kirk Franklin on Pandora
Busy busy day ahead. Body and mind don't want to co-operate but it must be done! Lord help me😄 Praise and Worship song for today, Smile by Kirk Franklin because even though I hurt I still smile. Y'all be blessed because I'm blessed😄
Fellas!!! These are some foreign gospel musicians and some of their hit songs.. Vote for your favourite. 1)Sinach - More of you - I know who i am 2)Kirk Franklin - Imagine me - i smile 3)Donnie Mcklurkin - Days of Elijah - I call you holy 4) Vashawn Michel - Nobody greater 5)Ceccy Winas - Mercy said no - It wasn't easy 6)Damita Haddon - It all belongs to you 7)William Mcdowell - I give myself away - You are God alone 8)Michael W Smith - Let it rain - Ancient words 9)Don Moen - God will make a way. - Mi corazon 10)Frank Edwards - You too dey bless me 11)Mercy me - I can only imagine 12)Jadiel - Heritage 13)Women of faith - Trading my sorrows.. 14)Darwin Hobbes - he is able 15)Nicole Mullen - my redeemer lives. . WHO IS THE BEST AMONGST THE REST!
I'm thankful for my husband and kids. I'm thankful for food, clothes on my back, shoes on my feet same as my kids. And a home too call home. My song from Kirk Franklin, it could've been me with no clothes or shoes or no family, and nothing too eat. That's my song. I truly believe be happy for what you have. Because their are people out their that doesn't have nothing. I'm thankful. What a Mighty God we serve! The Angels bow before him heaven and earth adore him. That's my song. So true. God Bless. Be encouraged.
Imagine me(Kirk Franklin)For all of de ones who hurt me,didn't deserve me but dear Lord u imagine me. May de most high imagine u despite what man thinks about u & de fears,failures,insecurities of dis world seem to weigh u down,I pray that God imagine u.
Something about the song "Hosanna" when Kirk Franklin says "let me hear u make some Holy Ghost crazy noise" baby's eyes light up and she sings the entire song!! Makes my heart swell..teach ur kids something more than swag people!
Woke up this morning to Pandora kirk Franklin sliver and gold
If any one has the song Hero by Kirk Franklin Plz plz plz send it to me, a beautiful angel just took me back to highschool reminding me of a list of favourite songs
*Los Angeles, CA – Gospel recording artist Jessica Reedy will perform live at the Kirk Franklin Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues, LA on Sunday, April 20, 2014, at 1:00 p.m. As part of a year-long 20th anniversary celebration, Reedy was selected by… [ 423 more words. ]
S.A.T. Secret Ambition Tuesday! Have you ever had something you've always wanted to do or be? Mine is I always wanted to be a Gospel Artist! Since I can't sing I'll have to be like Kirk Franklin! :-)
Love...A word that comes and goes.but few people really know what it means to really love somebody- Kirk Franklin
Kirk Franklin so delicious let me stop playing!
Just took some time and had a prayer meeting here in my living room with Kirk Franklin helping create an atmosphere where the presence of God swept in like a mighty wind- I have been worried about Tiffany Burkhalter at her job because of a man who has been in acting inappropriate but tonight that situation is no more because I dispatched a host of angles to her work and to stay with her - I prayed for passion and anointing for Tylor Burkhalter and his work at Connect Point Church and I know that God has mighty things He is going to do with Tylor's ministry and the city there is going to have an amazing revival! I prayed for wisdom and focus for Taylor Burkhalter that God will direct his passion for the Word of God into a path that can change the lives of Those people he is in contact with, that the anointing will touch all who are around him. I prayed for Trea Livingston and Hollie Livingston and Raegan that God will bless them and prosper their lives and relationship. That they will be happy and delight ...
For some reason I'm riding 2 kirk Franklin lol stomp lol
Kirk Franklin make some good gospel music, tears stay falling from my eyes when I'm listening to his music!!!
On my lunch break I was listening to Kirk Franklin and Family's Precious Lamb of God and tears started rolling down my face and I begin to have praise and worship all by myself...nothing but God came over me I just can't explain it..
When it comes to ministry strive to be who God called you to and not the next Kirk Franklin, Tye Tribett, Bishop Jake's or pastor RA Vernon. There is something about you that the world needs. No copycats in the kingdom!
I think I'm the only one who pulls up at my job blasting Kirk Franklin with my Windows down while everyone stare at me lol. This place needs all the praise and prayer it can get. There's a lot of confusers and non believers in here. My pastor John Told me to just pray for them and LET GOD...
Three songs that make me happy today: Happy - Pharrell (duh) I Smile - Kirk Franklin Make It Happen - Mariah Carey
Celebration of Gospel tonight with Jacob. Hope I see Kirk Franklin, Mali Music, Marvin Sapp, Donald Lawrence...
Every black church song list for holy week ...EVERY... YEAR.Hosanna by Kirk Franklin. The blood will never lose its power by James Fortune & Fiya. Hallelujah Chorus by Quincy Jones. This year will highlight new songs such as "Take Me To The King" by Tamela Mann... And the newest addition, "We Give You Glory" by James Fortune feat. Tasha Cobbs.. lol
Good afternoon teens and 100+Voice Children's choir parents: On Sunday, April 13th, at 4:00 p.m., we are invited to sing at First Baptist Church in East Chicago, for the Twin City Ministerial Alliance City Wide revival. Please listen to the following songs: teens-Don't Cry by Kirk Franklin, and Happy remix by Tasha Cobb and Pharrell Williams, kids songs-Break Every chain by Tasha Cobb and This Little Light of Mine by New Direction. Blessings
Richard Smallwood, Donald Lawrence, Kirk Franklin, and Thomas Whitfield are my top 4 artists when it comes to songs for Choirs!!
Anyone who ever said you can't be a rapper and a pastor...tell me when the last time you seen Plies and Kirk Franklin in the same place?
I'm listening to You Paid It All by Wess Morgan on Kirk Franklin's Praise at
Lara George and Kirk Franklin. Dunno the first one.
Lara George, Kirk Franklin, can't figure the 3rd name yet
Get ready for The Donnie McClurkin Radio Show at 5am with yo boy...Ya Nephew!! Kirk Franklin!!! PLUS Pastor has a...
When I seen Eric McGee on Beyond Scared straight, Cook County Bull pin edition, singing Kirk Franklin smile. I then knew he wasn't with the ish n he was an OPP.
What song would QuarterBlack sing when they open for Kirk Franklin on Celebration of Gospel?
Kirk Franklin and Benjamin Dube really blesses me!
John P. Kee, The Winans, Bebe and Cece, Karen Clark, Commissioned, Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, Canton whole life was gospel
Nxayisuka these mainstream gospel artists in America all sound the same, might as well pick one like Kirk Franklin and forget the rest.
Last Call: Indie/Unsigned Gospel Artists. Would you like to open up for Kirk Franklin, Tamela Mann, Lecrae,...
Who going to the Kirk Franklin or Tye Tribbett concert next week ?
I swear when the sopranos come in on Kirk Franklin's Hosanna I feel so overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit. The emotion is too real..
Kirk Franklin feat Gods Property - Stomp Remix my all favorite gospel song it jams on that old school hip hop tip proper!!
Mime songs !. Set the atmosphere - Kurt Carr. Stand - Donnie McClurkin. More than I can bear - Kirk Franklin
Multi Grammy award music producer and song writer Fred Jerkins III from Dark child camp & Darkchild gospel known as 'Darkchild' is scouting for UK talent next month. Fred has written and produced for artists such as: Whitney Houston, Micheal Jackson, Destiny's Child, Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Will Smith and many more...I will post the flyer and details shortly...
P. Kee & New Life feat. Kirk Franklin - Made To Worship on Where the Power is in the Praise
GOSPEL ARTIST OF THE DAY ~ TAMALA MANN Born Tamela Jean Johnson June 9, 1966 (age 47) Fort Worth, Texas, U.S. Occupation Actress,singer,songwriter Years active 1992-present Spouse(s) David Mann Tamela J. Mann (born June 9, 1966) is an American actress and gospel singer, known for her role as Cora in Tyler Perry's plays, including I Can Do Bad All By Myself, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Madea's Family Reunion, Madea's Class Reunion, Meet the Browns, and What's Done in the Dark. Mann began her career as a singer with the gospel group Kirk Franklin and the Family. Mann was a featured soloist on several tracks while with Franklin's group, including "Don't Take Your Joy Away", "Now Behold the Lamb", and "Lean on Me", the latter of which also included Mary J. Blige, Crystal Lewis, R. Kelly, and Bono. She released her own album, the Master Plan, in 2009. Mann has also made appearances in movies such as Kingdom Come and Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Mann recorded some songs on the soundtrack for Diary of a Mad B ...
Just had a Kirk Franklin concert with my husband and cds
I mean Taj Gibson looks like Kirk Franklin lol
Big shout out to tk for sending me and Coco Banks to Memphis for Sunday best auditions. . not going to bash the competition. But I sit there in the exact same room and watched my girl blow what a friend we have in Jesus. To pieces and still was told no. we were told that the competition was not about how anointed you were.?what!? That's a competition I can walk away from with a smile. cause no matter what I sing the anointing is always gone come from within. no need to cry over spilled milk. especially if it's spoiled anyway... shout out La Shawna Hale for being in our corner!!! Please believe we got our cam time in I even had a chance to sing for the camera and kings toy gone take Kirk Franklin job lol... All in all we came saw we conquered no need to compete for Sunday best when we are 2 of tks best. Once again thank you all for your love support and prayers
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Id like to have just 30 min with Quincy Jones, Dame Dash,P.Diddy, Birdman, Kirk Franklin to learn and get some wisdom about the industry!
are pleased to announce a night of great comedy and entertainment with Broderick E. Rice. On Saturday, March 15th at 8pm @ Civic Center. Champaign, this is going to be an experience to remember! Rice, a multi-talented Gospel Comedian has performed with some of the most notable names in the entertainment industry including the Winans, T.D Jakes, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Andrae Crouch, Kirk Franklin and Stevie Wonder. This night will include a live band, poetry, and singing as well. Heavy Horderves will be provided Caribbean Grill Signature Events. You want to act fast as there is limited tickets/seating for the show. I will have tickets available for purchase for $25. Tickets and are pre-sold and will not be sold at the door. Please contact me for questions or more information. You don't want to miss it!!
Jesus be a recording contract from Kirk Franklin or Jill Scott or Lalah Hathaway or Quincy Jones right now...
Watched the Stellar Awards early this morning and I see why I never try to watch them. What is wrong with my Gospel people? Too tight clothing, too much of somebody else's hair, choreography that was very unnecessary and awkward for those trying it, in every way trying to be like the secular world. The host Ricky Smiley and Sherry Shepard were very tasteless in their comedy choices all for a laugh. At one point Smiley was in drag, you could see the offense in Shirley Caesar’s face when she was the butt of a tasteless joke about a seizure. Does success equal fat? Many folks looked so unhealthy, grossly obese. Why is this buffoonery acceptable? I didn’t understand Kirk Franklin attempt at some type of accent or was it supposed to be emotion? I couldn’t understand Marvin Sapp’s compliment to Kelly Price saying that she should be honored for being a great success in the R&B world as well as Gospel at the same time. Thought it was in poor taste to say that it is ok straddle all fences. Besides she’s ...
seems like every year this question pops up. Thisis really a reflection on what we have done as a people over the last fifty years. We have done so much to hide the bad parts of our history that we failed to realize it was the pain and turbulence that gave us the opportunities we have to day. We fail to to remember that a 14k diamond is only a piece of coal that underwent a lot of pressure. One example is how our Black churches have eliminated the old hymns of the church to be more progressive. I understand the need for Kirk Franklin, Marvin Sapp and Yolanda Adams but it was the A Charge to Keep I Have and the Guide Me O Great Jehovah type songs that led us from the cotton fields to the board rooms. It was those janitor, maids and nannys that saved to educate their children to produce the doctors, lawyers and teachers. Because we have failed to tell the story of the suffering many of this generation do not really understand from whence they came. This is the difference between the Jews and us. ...
Listening to Benjamin Dube~ ngiyaguthanda & Kirk Franklin~ I smile. Feeling blessed. Morning good people and stay blessed.
““Kirk Franklin's songs be having u in church like..😂😂😂💃
Looking for You by Kirk Franklin on 93.1 WZAK! Next up: Atlantic Starr.
Np...Kirk Franklin ...Imagine Me...on this Sunday gotta get up..
Listening to Kirk Franklin's Imagine me... This song brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear it...GM Fb, and you have a great day
A little David Crowder Band, some Kirk Franklin, Chris Tomlinson, Marvin Sapp... have a little praise during my study session for Database..
Yesterday Dillard was spiritual feed by this wonderful man. Mr. Kirk Franklin. He sat for almost a…
This morning played ”i'm alive” by Deitrick Haddon for the umpteenth time. Good to have such a mind to go through the day.Tomorrow God-willing will be continuation with ”Today” by Kirk Franklin
It was nobody but God that lead me to Dillard to hear and meet Kirk Franklin tonight.
Sitting in Lawless Chapel at Dillard University listening to Kirk Franklin as a part of Brain Food. Wear your 3D glasses! Thanks Prez!
Me and my sis Amber listening to Kirk Franklin speak at Dillard University!
Mahalia on JC ~Walk with Jesus Christ Benjamin Dube~ Oh Bless our God Joyous Celebration~ Give you all the glory Kirk Franklin ~Hossana Kirk Franklin~I smile A very blessed day to each and everyone of you :) :) :)
yeoo but right after Kirk Franklin ends ...the devil is a lie comes on 😫
"Don't give me a mansion on top of the hill. Don't give me the world with it's shallow thrills, but just give me A Savior... for my life He CAN hold. I'd rather have Jesus than silver and gold." -Kirk Franklin and Family(Silver and Gold)
Not that these folks in here twerking to Lovely Day by Kirk Franklin 😳
Chicago Mass Choir and Kirk Franklin showed up and showed OUT. Really enjoyed myself tonight. Thx Gajuan.
On stage with Kirk Franklin. Invited us on to sing. Awesome night at
I just shared the stage with Kirk Franklin!!! I was an impromptu backup dancer!! Hopefully I can get a picture with him.
If y'all think about it Kirk Franklin is the DJ Khaled of the gospel industry! He gets paid off other singers...
I don't care how mad or stressed you are. kirk franklin's I'm looking for you song will always pick you up
This is Kirk Franklin & The Family singing "We Worship Your Name" at O'landa Draper's first Music Lovers Conference in 1994.
Kirk Franklin is in Indy tonight and I swear he was coming next weekend.
I added a video to a playlist Kirk Franklin & the DFW Chapter of GMWA - Medley (Everyday with Jesus,
Kirk Franklin doing the Michael Jackson gone then Kirk
I so love Kirk Franklin he is getting it CRUNK RELIGIOUSLY.
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Kirk Franklin. GP are you with me!! He short.Man of God. Don't sing. He talk. Rocking out for God.
Bumping my gospel music :) Yolanda Adams, kirk Franklin... my favorite to Gospel singers ;*
Im mad I didn't get to go to Butler tonight to see Kirk Franklin!
Jammin with Kirk Franklin in Clowes Hall at Butler University. Yolanda Adams was wonderful.
If you're an 80's baby and you did not grow up on: Fred Hammond, Ron Kenoly, Keith Staten, Kirk Franklin AND the family, Bebe and Cece, Chris Tomlin, DC Talk, Darlene Zschech and old school Hillsong, all I can say is it's never too late to grow up!
While ministering in song, Kirk Franklin came on stage with us. God is an awesome God!
Hello Fear by Kirk Franklin still make me feel some type of way.
lol! I was talking about the Kirk Franklin song
Just got done Ministering in song with my Chicago Mass family. Kirk Franklin joined us on stage while we were singing Mighty Good God. What an Awesome time we had in the Lord!
It's me and Kirk Franklin on Saturday night and im ok with that...No shame in praising god is awesome. ..
Bruhhh Stomp by Kirk Franklin gets me so hype lol
Kirk Franklin is in the house O yes
Was trying to take a nap on the ride home, but my mom will not stop belting this Kirk Franklin like she has never sung a note in her life!
aye I'm off that melodies from heaven by kirk franklin right now. seriously banger
Who wouldn't want to be As Kirk Franklin said "GP are you with me? on 10pm
Little Giant Ladders
Kirk Franklin is one of the best songwriters of this generation hands down.
Oh you know just me and MR. KIRK FRANKLIN!
When you start getting tired of you...when you start to get on your OWN nerves, it's time to grow.-Kirk Franklin
Is kirk Franklin the gospel dj khaled
Kirk Franklin playing in a lounge is ummm awkwardo
brownsugar724's photo our choir one of the acts opening for Kirk Franklin at Gospel Fest.
Hanging out with Stephanie Hawkins kirk Franklin and Yolanda Adams at Clowes Hall on the campus of Butler University.
With my hunni enjoying the 25th Annual Gospel Fest w Kirk Franklin Yolanda Adams & the Chicago Mass Chior#
Lost my eyeglasses, no spare, then my favorite jeans tore but say like Kirk Franklin "I Smile " Cuz God has His reason so I just say thank U Lord
Just finished our first rehearsal of our tribute for kirk franklin it sounded great can't wait to put it all together! Hope you saving the date March 9th 3pm be there!!!
In Indy with my moms Mischelle K. Berry And Stephanie Byrd And the beautiful ladies of third church.. Christine Roberts Meka Terry Tracy Ford And minster Amelia .. Yolonda Adams and Kirk Franklin is next! They are supper excited! And we got good seats.. Six rows back! Whoop whoop!
Kirk franklin song. give me that,oh so in love:) i think i had this song on repeat since 6:37:( owell!
Having a Blessed time at Kirk Franklin & Yolanda Adams Concert tonight Truly Blessed Thank you Jesus :)
He will take a pain away...Kirk Franklin...
I'm know I'm late with this, but did anyone watch the Stellar Awards last weekend? I haven't watched it in a while, but caught most of the broadcast. Great to see the new Gospel artists being recognized instead of the Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin and Kirk Franklin show.
Its Tonight! in concert at Butler University in Indianapolis with Kirk Franklin & Yolanda Adams. Great Music Tonight!!
.. *** no...I am not friending Kirk Franklin...he is probably busy having 'alone time' anyway...does being friends with him come with a jar of vaseline? ;)
Worshipping with Franklin, Adams and the Chicago Mass Choir at Clowes Hall
My nephew just ask me why kirk Franklin got on lip gloss I am dead 😂
Happy Birthday Merceda! I Smile by Kirk Franklin What a Joy to be able to share your sweet spirit forever. You truly do have a special Touch and people still smile when we call your name. I am sharing pages from the book written for you. Wy Woods Harris
Chicago Mass Choir @ Butler University, along with Kirk Franklin & Yolanda Adams. Praise & worship going on now
I'm at Clowes Hall with the wife at the Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams and the Chicago Mass Choir Concert!:-).Date Night!
Find Kirk Franklin live concert tour dates, tickets, reviews, and more on Songkick. Be the first to know when Kirk Franklin is playing live in your town!
Definitely kirk franklin's voice on the jolly rancher commercial. This is the second time I've seen it and I believe it's him 4 real
Now playing: I Smile by Kirk Franklin.You can listen to H.F.R 24/7
I liked a video Impressions of Kirk Franklin Donnie McClurckin TD Jakes & more
Came out of retirement. New life. Dance life. Kirk Franklin concert. It's been a min. Mommy of a 9…
Cousin and friends watching Kirk Franklin and Yolanda Adams praising The Lord !!!
If you didnt go to church in the kirk franklin era you missed out! you listened to stomp recently? that bass line
Best praises song : Halleluyah by Timaya Best worship song: Hold me now by Kirk Franklin ... Get so emotional whenever i hear these song.
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So my 13 year old nephew asked is Kirk Franklin a hype man of gospel music lmbo
Kirk Franklin is at Butler tonight. Am I going? No. Am I longingly staring at Clowes out the window of my study room? You bet.
Kirk Franklin - Smile , this song so great I'll sleep and wake up smiling, I've set some cctv cameras to monitor this
Kirk Franklin is the Lil John of gospel
For the concert with kirk franklin Yolanda Adams and the chicago mass choir
Well I'm at church waiting on Rance Allen, Kirk Franklin, and some more gospel singer. Yes in the house 6 row from stage. Football weekend. Jersey and jeans.
Growing up with adoptive parents made me who I am today, ok yeah I was a troubled teen but I had two friends back in school who always made it a lil easier on me,... (Kirsty Gage and Nikki Llewellyn) these two lovely dolls have no idea the impact their friendship had on me... Especially Nikki mayn her parents where so cool,.. I remember being in her room dancing & singing along to "Kirk Franklin -Stomp" .. Or in the sitting room with her cat while we watched "men in black"... I bet she didnt think I'd remember that,.. Lol,... Or with Kirsty in class with our earphones on singing along to E17!! Lol,...I can't forget those times because they where the only times I was actually happy,... Now we all grown & I just wanted to say thanks girls for making me have such happy memories I sure were lucky to have friends like yourself ,...😘
Getting the Stage set for The Gospel Fest with Kirk Franklin
Raider fans clicking the like button on Sherman comments! Smh! Wait till we come to the Silver and Black stadium next season. Stomp and I don't mean Kirk Franklin.
In Indianapolis at Mississippi Bell getting ready to eat before we go see Kirk Franklin and Yolanda Adams..
Why You love me soo Lord I shall never know the precious Lamb of GOD Franklin and the Family.
So excited... Going to see my fav gospel artist.. Kirk Franklin. Never miss Gospelfest
Woke up to some Kirk Franklin and Marvin Sapp . That's what I'm talking about roommates ! ❤
bet you Kirk Franklin gets there first.
*** homie u stuck?”. Im good fam Flo or the *** from State Farm or Kirk Franklin coming to save me
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Kirk Franklin- Lean on me. I STILL listen to this song ♥
"Its so hard to look up when you down." Kirk Franklin - I smile
ite Kirk Franklin . You got it fool
Hello Fear - Kirk Franklin makes me feel better about everything. ☺️
Kirk Franklin - First Love: Is Coming But its going to Take Us going back to first Love v
I am listening to LaShun Pace, Kirk Franklin by Yes To Your Will on GOSPEL RADIO LOUNGE via
Why a whole bunch of old love songs just come on Kirk Franklin Pandora 😂😂😂
Kirk franklin just by playing diz song i made ma whole day..
on Sundays, i make sure right before I pull into the church parking lot, I got Kirk Franklin blasting.
Kirk Franklin was a goon before he gave his life over to Christ
We all GODS property, not just Kirk Franklin, all i know!
Man i want the OLD Kirk Franklin Music Back! 😩💯 lol Ugh
My favorite artists to listen to all day every day are Drake and Kirk Franklin..
Kirk Franklin the Dj Khalid of gospel music cuz just like DJ Khalid he just in the background talkin
Gather round & let me tell u about Jesus...Love that track by Kirk Franklin...1 of th Gospel legends that 1..
Breast Cancer Awareness
Man, who tf chopped 'n screwed kirk franklin..
Kirk Franklin RT“Show me how to love like you have loved me. Break my heart for what breaks yours, Hosanna. 🙌”
My life is in your hands x Kirk Franklin will never get old.
i trust God will heal the hurts. Kirk Franklin - Everyone hurts
yung-maple: Kirk Franklin will have you turnt and praising God at the same time.
LMFAOO "thicks girls w/ a kirk Franklin face is so bittersweet"
I hate when I worry. . . Crazy, cuz More Than I Can Bear x Kirk Franklin just came on.
Kirk Franklin my life is in ur hand Fred Hammond Lord u are de leaving work, tnx Magic uqine baba
Man Tye Tribett be jamming between him and Kirk franklin if I wana get my praise on but crunk who I go to!!!
If I had any song I would sing to myself right now, it would be 'Hold Me Now' by Kirk Franklin... 🎤Don't you worry God is faithful and he cares about the tears you drop and the pain you feel he's there, when you are week that's when he's strong even though you don't know how, God can and he will hold you now🎤
Part of my misunderstanding Pastor Pridgen is when you had used the initials JC and i interpreted it wrong and thought you were speaking of another entertainers i would never address Jesus the Christ in such manner I have heard Fred Hammomd and Kirk Franklin use the lyrics in songs go Jesus, go Jesus go like he,d some dancer and I think it is disrespectful to refer to our Lord and Savior, Our Creator and Maker that we can get so personal as to call him JC as members of your congregation don,t refer to you as Pastor to show proper reverence
I'm watching I Smile by Kirk Franklin on VEVO for iPhone.
Question:Do you think i can make it in the gospel business .. A Ima firm believer that anything is possible you got passion , plus if Kirk Franklin can do it anyone can
"Makes me clap my hands, makes me wanna dance, STOMP My brother can't you see, I gots the victory, STOMP" - Official Kirk Franklin
Thank u Jesus...for allowing me to have faith when no one believed in me, when people walked out my life. The artist me and my team promoting Brandon Camphor&Oneway has a live radio interview on February the 11th 2014 on Kirk Franklin Praise on Sirius XM Satellite about his latest single You Are God.Thanks Pat McKay.And again a special thanks to pastor Kevin, prophet Martin Kumi everyone that praying for us,the artist Brandon Camphor, for giving me a shot, to my team, Kim, Mr. Battles, JaQuanda Elder, and Lawrence Wynn, to every radio program/music director's helping me to see my dream come true as a radio promoter.
Help me believe-kirk franklin...this worship music is everything right now. Gotta get my mind right...
THE PEARLS OF GOD ! There will always be people who hate on me, hate me because of some of the things I have and just flat out hate me for nothing, --- no reason at all. It doesn't matter if I know them or not, - or if they know me or not. I've learned to deeply understand this - They hate me - end of story ! But can I pass something on to you - I DON'T LET THEIR HATE STOP ME -- I USE IT FOR FUEL! So go ahead -- keep it coming --- GAS ME UP ! Million Dollar Blaze The Pearl is not my car --- it's the knowledge that God gave me through having it ! I'm singing Silver & Gold - I rather have Jesus --- and They don't Even Know It ! ...( Kirk Franklin ) Nevada Homeschoolers, Vegas Lifeprep, LTrain L Train Goes Hard, Princess Daysia
More than I can bear kirk franklin yes god I'm getting strength back each day!
listening to some Kirk Franklin and gospel on Pandora.. they are killin some gospel tunes today on there.
No's over now... no more...tears and sorrows...the storm is...over now!So smile, 'coz you look so much better when you smile! By Kirk Franklin...
Tickets: $39 Come enjoy this annual evening of contemporary, traditional and sacred gospel music.The evening includes performances by Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, Butler's Voices of Deliverance Gospel Choir as well as Midwestern church and university ch [...]
I know the pain you feel inside,and the tears you try to hide in your heart you ask God why???Can you help me, will you help me please???Take away the pain.Where's the sun I feel the rain.Then I hear your spirit say...That I am free.Franklin-Im free.
Rocking out with some Gospel Music and some Kirk Franklin today; It gets me Going!
Why we sing!!! Kirk Franklin...iam feeling it right now!!!
Don't know who faker , Kirk Franklin or Mary -Mary
Kirk Franklin, Give me. "Every place that's dark, He will bring to Light. Hypercritical hearts, backsliders, liars time to get right."
Its so funny how all *** can break lose in ya life and as Kirk Franklin as I SMILE! ! Im no dummy i know god is setting me.and my fam up for something so i will.not bend nor get stress oit i believe god and i know its working for my good ! To be continued. To my victory story get ready
Hope to see my dear friend and homey Kirk Franklin, who's also from a musical Memphis family Saturday night at the Ritz Theater. His older brother Kenneth was my classmate at BTW High School and a great choir director at Tennessee State, and his elder brother, saxophonist "Peanuts "Whalum" who migrated to St. Louis was like 'Bird" on tenor saxophone.
Famous Quote Said On January 26 Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable! Daniel Webster, 1830 January 26 Birthdays Ellen DeGeneres turns 56 Wayne Gretzky turns 53 Eddie Van Halen turns 59 Paul Newman (1925 - 2008) Kirk Franklin turns 44 Jose Mourinho turns 51 Christopher Massey turns 24 Anita Baker turns 56 Vince Carter turns 37 Gary Hooper turns 26 Tyger Drew-Honey turns 18 Torrey Smith turns 25 Douglas MacArthur (1880 - 1964) Brendan Rodgers turns 41 Scott Glenn turns 73 Bob Uecker turns 79 Cameron Bright turns 21 Bessie Coleman (1892 - 1926) Paul Johansson turns 50 Angela Davis turns 70 Mary Murphy (1931 - 2011) - All January 26 Birthdays January 26 History 2005 - Condoleezza Rice is sworn in as U.S. Secretary of State, becoming the first African American woman to hold the post. 1926 - Television first demonstrated (John L Baird, London) 1802 - President Thomas Jefferson establishes the Library of Congress, currently the world's largest library 1788 - First European settlers land in Aus ...
So I must share this: This past weekend has had me stressed out and exhausted. Since Friday night, I may have only had 10 hours of sleep. Since it literally makes me ill to my very core when I fight or argue with some one I truly care about, I haven't been able to rest. I'm only ok when I'm listening to certain music or at work since it distracts me. There's tightness in my throat and chest and trust me I'm not getting sick but it's a sign of distress to me. Well I started listening to music and one of my mother's favorite songs. "His eye is on the sparrow" from sister act 2. Randomly played an I couldn't help but sing it like she always asked me to. A single tear fell and then my phone stopped and rebooted itself. I took it out of safe mode and a song that was always one of my favorites."hold me now" by Kirk Franklin. Started playing at random. I sung again and as soon as I stopped, it rebooted again. What on earth is happening???
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Today in History -- Sunday, Jan. 26 (Bob Uecker, Scott Glenn, Angela Davis, David Strathairn, Lucinda Williams, Eddie Van Halen, Ellen DeGeneres, Wayne Gretzky, Kirk Franklin, Vince Carter) The Associated Press Today is Sunday, Jan. 26, the 26th day of 2014. There are 339 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On Jan. 26, 1784, in a letter to his daughter Sarah (also called "Sally"), Benjamin Franklin expressed unhappiness over the choice of the bald eagle as the symbol of America, and stated his own preference: the turkey, calling it "a much more respectable Bird, and withal a true original Native of America." On this date: In 1788, the first European settlers in Australia, led by Capt. Arthur Phillip, landed in present-day Sydney. In 1837, Michigan became the 26th state. In 1870, Virginia rejoined the Union. In 1934, the 125th Street Apollo Theater opened in New York City's Harlem district. In 1939, during the Spanish Civil War, rebel forces led by Gen. Francisco Franco captured Barcelona. ...
but first, are you a Hillsong or Benjamin Dube or Kirk Franklin type of gospel girl?
You ain't gotta turn me up man I been crankin, how the *** you think I'm gettin all these Ben Franklins, man you been fakin like Kirk Franklin, you know that purp stakin like burnt bacon, young Tim Duncan cause I stay bankin, I'm so fundamental I never double dribble, I'm a big DOOOGG I need another Kennel !!
Up can't sleep in my praise mode listening to Kirk Franklin and the family the spirit of the Lord is, their is Liberty my my got the volume set where I ain't disturbing no body having a good time listening to these spirituals nothing else like it
This went from Kirk Franklin to Lauryn Hill to India Arie.. but im not complaining
Kirk Franklin don't be feeling Anthony Brown. Not one bit. Gospel Beef!!! Lol
Anthony Brown &Therapy just killed this show!! Even though it kind of gives me a Kirk Franklin vibe he still killed !!!
Plies is to Kirk Franklin what Lisa Raye is to Dorinda Clark Cole. Don't debate me.
Donnie McClurkin and Yolanda Adams sing "The Prayer", followed by Kirk Franklin who brings the house down with "Hosanna" during the 35th NAACP Image Awards i...
I thought that song was a Kirk Franklin production
Now playing on B2BGospelRadio - Kirk Franklin - The Moment - 24 7 Gospel Music and News on www.b2bgospelradio
That wasn't a earthquake people that was me & the janitors at work dancing to Kirk Franklin Stomp
'My life is in your hands' by Kirk Franklin ♥
Kirk Franklin and Cece Winans have to be my favourite gospel singers.
Wakin up to my alarm tone set as Kirk Franklin- My Life Is In Your Hands, blesses my day **;)/ then House Music keeps me alive.
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*** stay instigating on songs. He's the kirk franklin of rap.
Am I tripping or was Kirk Franklin voice on the jolly rancher commercial ?
"franklin: God, don't let my work for you become GREATER than you. YOU are the star; I am your opening act.
lol shut up! Naw i already told him none but str8 kirk franklin nd Mary Mary! Lol you coming?
now playing John P. Kee and New Life feat. Kirk Franklin - Made To Worship
Kirk Franklin keeping me up and energized!!
im playin kirk franklin. This whitenigga gon try and turn on some mfn satanic rock music.
lmaooo my guess on point on point tho. Go listen to that young Kirk Franklin real quick and lift that spirit
hey gal plz play anything by kirk franklin ddct it to Mr Golden Maboya in Edgar's thohoyandou. Mega lv 2 u.
Kirk Franklin is the king of ad libs tho.
I be turnt up when I hear Kirk Franklin song!
You mentioned that you were listening to a song yesterday. Have you heard the song "Give Me" by Kirk Franklin feat. Mali Music.
If Kirk Franklin would drop something this year. That'd be love.
Mar look like Kirk Franklin with dreads
lmao she probably was bumpin Kirk Franklin before the vine
I swear you never forget a Kirk Franklin matter how old, his songs pierce the heart tough lol
..Hello Fear x Kirk Franklin still go hard...
That kirk franklin and his crew is awesome. Imagine Me
Kirk Franklin pandora station does it's job for me every time.
I'm listening to Give Me by Kirk Franklin on Pandora
Rockin to kirk franklin imagine me. Relaxin
Imma give kirk Franklin daugther my page ok
He wants it all by forever jones just was on. That's my favorite gospel song after imagine me by Kirk Franklin !!
The RITE Marketing has become an OFFICIAL Promoter of the 29th STELLAR MAGAZINE! You can purchase this fine magazine at " The RITE Marketing 3rd Annual Showcase" which will be held at Dave & Busters across from the Grand OLE OPRY House. Show starts at 4:30 p.m. A Few special guest are Dorinda Clark-Cole, Lamar Campbell, Joshua Rogers, Pastor Darrell and Lady Latonja Blair (from Kirk Franklin & Family), Cymien M Hughes & GOD PHAKTORR, Jamel Michael Lewis( season 6 Sunday Best).This event is FREE to the public, but it is limited seating. We have more great news to come in the next few days. Check out The RITE Marketing Events!
01/10/14- J. Anthony Brown murders Kirk Franklin's "Brighter Day" to create a song about all of the singing he DOES NOT do!
So I stumbled across this bible trivia show hosted by Jeff Foxworthy where the questions are sung by a choir led by Kirk Franklin.
FDog chewed up ANOTHER g *** remote. Can't watch Netflix and can't change the channel. Stuck with American Bible Challenge with Jeff Foxworthy and Kirk Franklin. Franklins bouncing around like a tick on meth. Going to get another remote.
At the kirk Franklin concert and digging it!
Kirk Franklin Brighter Day (: this song lifts me up makes me feel hopeful! ♥
J Anthony Brown got me on tears in my office!!! What does Kirk Franklin do? Lil man us getting paid! Lmbo!
J Anthony Brown.LOL.what does he do Kirk Franklin ain't singing! LOL.MURDERED THAT HIT!
Kirk Franklin planning to reunite with 90s choir God's Property.
Kirk Franklin "More than I can bear" great song, and a wonderful message.
January, my month of birth, is for the champions from all walks of life. I'm talking about the likes of Oprah Winfrey, R Kelly, Muhammed Ali, Dolly Parton, Steve Perry, Kirk Franklin, Justin Timberlake, Caster Semenya, Patrice Motsepe, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Nkosinathi Joyi, Stephen Mokoka and former Olrando Pirates dribbling wizard Brendan Silent. I can go on and on.but the writing is on the wall..
Kirk Franklin The Precious Lamb of God i just love that song!
Kirk Franklin mood.blasting thru my tv while I get dress
"Kirk Franklin is way better than Jibbs" or " Lebron James is better than Tiger Woods" like wha 😕😒
Loving this Kirk Franklin gospel brunch. Music is awesome!
Old-school Kirk Franklin though. rain down on me 󾠀 󾌡󾠚
I can't wait for that Gospel Fest, I love love love love Kirk Franklin
Kirk Franklin,Tamela & David Mann was in Church today what an awesome service God was the main attraction
A night of Gospel in Tonsberg, Norway Oct.-06. Ole Borud in front. Performing songs by Andrae Crouch and Kirk Franklin. DVD available.
S/o to my moms for introducing me to Erykah Badu, Kirk Franklin, Barry White, and Teddy Pendergrass. I appreciate it.
The first one was at the Fox Theater Gospel Fest with Marvin Sapp.. Mary Mary.. and if you've never seen this person go see him Kirk Franklin puts on a nice concert.. it was a surprise for my birthday.. the middle one just hanging out after dinner.. the last photo is a singing competition in Detroit Michigan where 380 people tried out and I ended with third place.. it surprises me because the person that introduced me to the competition I beat her out in every phase of the finals..
Lemmi tell you,lemmi tell you,lemmi tell you.Kirk Franklin and Doug Williams are killing me. Still(In Control)
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Kirk Franklin worked magic when he wrote this & Tamela Mann does it great justice. One of my favorite songs!
Top Songwriters of all time in no particular order. Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Tye Tribbett, Anita Wilson/Rick Robinson, Myron Butler, Ricky T. Harris... There are more just can't think of them all, these people inspire me to write and not just to match words together. I fell off in my skills because I had some issues going on, but God has delivered, I'm back and I promise the music that's being worked on now is straight fire... Not cocky, just decided to embrace my greatness...
Kirk Franklin - Sweetest name I know. Louis Armstrong - Wonderful world.. Goodmorning world
Ericka Campbell, Kirk Franklin, Marvin Winans, Jr., Tamela Mann, Jonathan Nelson, Cecelia Godbolt-Domingue of Dallas, Daphney M. Hilton of ATL, and more will lead us into Ministry Workers Monday at 10am on Join me if you can!! Celebrating ALL Ministry Workers!!
Read Romans Ch. 8 vers. 28-39. More than conquerors. The quote for today is No Worries!!! At some point today listen to Kirk Franklin' s More Than Conquerors. Through this and that...
Nowplaying Kirk Franklin - My life, my love, my all Listen via TuneIn App or @
My Life Is In Your Hands by Kirk Franklin at Nelson Mandela memorial service at FNB stadium. What an out standing...
Celebs join nation to pay tribute to beloved Madiba By ANDILE NDLOVU Nelson Mandela was revered by people from all walks of life. This was evident at his memorial service at the FNB Stadium, writes Andile Ndlovu. SUPERMODEL Naomi Campbell led a list of local and international celebrities who arrived at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg on Tuesday to pay homage to a man Campbell herself once called her “honorary godfather”. The 43-year-old, whose life was once riddled with alleged drug abuse and temper tantrums, was quoted as saying of Mandela once: “I don’t know why he reached out to me or what he sees in me. Every time I’ve made a mistake, he’s told me to keep my head up and keep going.” So it was fitting she would fly into Johannesburg to pay her tribute here yesterday. Campbell, covered from the rain in a black trench coat, strolled into the presidential suite flashing a brief smile at photographers who had lined the VIP entrance. South African-born Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron top ...
I favorited a video Now Behold the Lamb- Kirk Franklin
"Every kid with an African mother knows this song by Kirk Franklin I Know that I can make it..".lmfao;)
My iTunes went from Kirk Franklin to Lil Ru Nasty song lmao
okay I will stop.. back to kirk Franklin
Dude is drunk and singing Kirk Franklin Patient kind love 😂😂😂😂 lmbo this show cracks me up
going to attempt to teach my youth choir Jesus is the reason for the season by Kirk Franklin tomorrow Jesus be with us all lol
T-bose-khaya FM.playing kirk franklin..'I am here u don't hv to worry I can see yo is my shoulder u can lean on me..u my friend bt u r also my brother n sister..eish ja nee.
54th GRAMMY AWARDS February 12 2012 (Redirected from 54th Grammy Awards) The 54th Annual Grammy Awards were held on February 12, 2012, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles being broadcast on CBS. LL Cool J hosted the show. It was the first time in seven years that the event had an official host. Nominations were announced on November 30, 2011 on prime-time television as part of "The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live! – Countdown to Music's Biggest Night", a one-hour special broadcast live on CBS from Nokia Theatre at L.A. Live.Kanye West received the most nominations with seven. Adele, Foo Fighters, and Bruno Mars each received six nominations. Lil Wayne, Skrillex, and Radiohead all earned five nominations. The nominations were criticised by many music journalists as Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy missed out on a nomination for Album of the Year despite being highly critically acclaimed and topping many end of year charts. West's album went on to win Best Rap Album. A total of 78 awards we ...
Kirk Franklin still HANDS DOWN the best concert I've ever seen!
Your touch, Your kiss, Your grace to me is deeper than my soul can see. My purpose, it changed when I called out Your name. My life, I give You, my love, I give You, my all. -Kirk Franklin
Showi. I must say the events that unfolded during this past week have being very humorous given the state we are all in.(Period of mourning) Obama' Saga, the Prawns man Interpreter, Kirk Franklin thinking that we love JZ so much that we call him Bo... Finished for days
Gospel star Kirk Franklin brought inspiration to the late Nelson Mandela’s tribute earlier today in South Africa. He performed My Life is in Your Hands just moments…
Boston Marathon New Zealand Miley Cyrus Oscar Pistorius Paul Walker Google Glass Blood Moon Premier League Kansas City South Korea President Obama South Korean Nigel Farage Tax Day Barack Obama Late Show Real Madrid Stephen Colbert Gone Girl Champions League Maria Miller Movie Awards Man City Boko Haram Malaysia Airlines Supreme Court White House Martin Freeman Wall Street Hillary Clinton Harry Potter Johnny Depp Abu Ghraib David Letterman David Beckham White Sox Dave Lee Travis Prince William Red Sox North Korea Mad Men Pharrell Williams Jackie Robinson Land Rover Kim Jong Un North Korean Donald Trump Ford Mustang Middle East Northwestern University Mary Barra Home Page Hank Aaron Diego Costa Neil Young United Nations Edward Snowden Golf Digest Daily News Bubba Watson Man United Olivier Giroud Common Core Coast Guard Jeff Bauman Kim Jong Former News Per Month Sammy Watkins Sports Illustrated Rand Paul Kate Middleton West Ham Atlanta Braves Ultimate Warrior Paul Lambert Jose Mourinho Vera Wang Star Trek Prince George Sean Combs Tracy Morgan Selena Gomez Tiger Woods General Motors Jeb Bush Michael Strahan Justin Bieber Kim Kardashian Arsene Wenger Jordan Spieth London Marathon Amy Schumer Internet Explorer 8 Hermit Kingdom Ice Cube Michael Phelps Manchester City Peaches Geldof Lindsay Lohan

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