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Kirk Franklin

Kirk Dwayne Franklin (born ) is an American Gospel music musician, choir director, and author, and is most notably known for leading urban contemporary gospel choirs such as The Family, God's Property and One Nation Crew (1NC).

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Had me listening to Kirk Franklin on the train. Mm god is good. 🙏
Kirk Franklin is the DJ Khalid of gospel music.
When I'm having a bad day, I listen to "I Smile by Kirk Franklin" 😄🙌👏 . Definitely an inspiration
Did Tony Reali really just quote Kirk Franklin on ATH???
Reali just said a line from Stomp by Kirk Franklin
Howard has Tye Tribbet A N D Kirk Franklin for the gospel show. I don't think you all understand how wild that is.
Love the kirk franklin reference STOMP
Official Kirk Franklin wrote: God is not only preparing You for IT, He's preparing "it" for YOU.
I liked a video from Lavell Crawford Battles Mr Brown and Kirk Franklin @ Hoodie Awards
so I just watched this Kirk Franklin concert from like '96. this is before Tamela and David Mann got married. he smiled every time she sang
Dionne Warwick, Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, The Late Dr. Theola Booker and Hanq Neal - What do they all have in...
Advertisers embrace gospel music�s affluent black Christian market (my people when will you learn?) There are 36 million blacks in America and their buying power has risen substantially in recent years, from $318 billion in 1990 to $585 billion in 2000 and to $723 billion in 2004, according to the University of Georgia's Selig Center for Economic Growth. For years advertisers targeted this market through ads in magazines like Ebony, Jet and Essence. More recently they looked to magazines, radio and cable TV channels focused on urban music and entertainment. But those advertisers began worrying that some of their target audience, like Leesha Hall, 26, a public relations professional who lives in Springfield, were not being reached through these venues, and they began focusing on reaching black Christians. African American gospel music stars sold about $140 million worth of CDs last year. Just last month, the latest CD of platinum gospel artist Kirk Franklin, whose music weaves together R&B, hip-hop, pop ...
"roaches" from the jamie foxx show "When Stomp x Kirk Franklin comes on
Kirk Franklin gets paid to be the hype man for the choir 😂
Kirk Franklin and Erica Campbell did they thing thank you so much for coming to Durham North Carolina and I enjoy the show and we mad history tonite Again thank you
My grandma Emma on the phone explaining the Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, & Bobby Jones love triangle 😂😂😂 she so filthy
Attending a gospel concert would probably have the same affect though. When are Kirk Franklin, Tasha Cobbs, & Tamela Mann coming to DC? Lol
THE TRUTH IS. African Americans commit 25% more homicides than white Americans yet the ratio whites to blacks is 5 to 1. Im not racist! I was taught by the Black man and Baptized by the Black man and the Black man saved me! Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond lifted me up when i was down and white folk failed me! TRUTH!
Finding my love for Gospel music all over again, it certainly puts me at peace Can't get enough of Kirk Franklin and Marvin Sapp
I'm listening to "Faith" by Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation on Pandora
I'm listening to "Up Above My Head" by Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation on Pandora
Kirk Franklin - The Nu Nation Project was really a staple of my childhood.
I'm listening to Revolution by Kirk Franklin on Pandora
I'm listening to Lean On Me by Kirk Franklin on Pandora
I'm listening to "So Good" by Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation on Pandora
Kirk Franklin and Nu Nation gives me so much life
I know God is working, so I smile. - Kirk Franklin.
Kirk Franklin is coming to the DPAC August 30th! I'm excited
Awesome day with Melissa Bacchus the show The View was awesome Yolanda Adams, Donnie mclurkin, kirk Franklin, arseno hank and BBD that girl is poison only thing u couldn't use your phone to take pictures until the end I was trying lol
This *** got Chief Keef n Kirk Franklin next to each other on Pandora
it's called 7th heaven and it's basically the steps to getting into heaven. It's a gospel song tbh. He's the Kirk Franklin of Korea.
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Something to make you laugh. I like social media. One, because of the possibilities it offers to connect with people around the globe. Another reason is how it helps to show the different aspects of people's lives based on their status updates and messages. Take christian singles for example. When they are single and searching, you find updates like..."Waiting for that special one" - to "order my steps in your word" by Barbara Tucker. When they meet the special one, you see... "Suddenly, it feels like heaven. love tins" *wink wink* to (the songs start to change ) "power of love" by Celine Dion. When they go out on a date."Enjoying the ocean breeze with my honey drops" Listening to "That's the way love goes" by Janet Jackson Then they have a little misunderstanding. "I refuse to get upset" Status: Busy (No pings please)... No music too. It gets tougher and someone threatens to break up."If they want to leave, let them go" Listening to."My life is in your hands" by Kirk Franklin ( notice the songs are chang ...
You can't trust Pandora when you're trying to "set the mood". By the time y'all kiss, it'll be done shuffled to Kirk Frankli…
Kirk Franklin's More Than I Can Bear made me think of Rea. I should sing it for him tomorrow. It's just so relevant
Smile // Kirk franklin IS MY LADY JAM. like yall dont even know ✋🙆
Kirk Franklin - Lean on me, gotta be top 5 church songs.
Marvin Sapp -Never would have made it . Kirk Franklin -My Love, my life, my all ♥†
Anyway lemme listen to some kirk franklin
Like how do you mix up Kirk Franklin and Kevin Hart? 😭😂😂
Listening to kirk franklin x rain down on me . . this my song
Jodeci, I dedicate this church song 2 you with love: “The Storm Is Over Now” by Kirk Franklin
Listening to Kirk Franklin's 'I Smile' cheers me up ☺️☺️
Random but I thought it was funny/positive that Kirk Franklin got called funny and spiritual should mix. Same thing right?
Dear please tell me it's not just and that would be CATastrophic
Done with school *does shmoney dance to Kirk Franklin*
Kirk Franklin get my attention, Yolanda Adams use to
Breast Cancer Awareness
🎶You look so much better when you smile.. so smile. -Kirk Franklin 😁
soon it will be cool to listen to chopped and screwed Kirk franklin
I think my favorite gospel artist is Kirk Franklin though. My favorite gospel album is You Brought the Sunshine & group? THE CLARK SISTERS
You never know when an untied shoelace saves you from an onrushing car. On September 11th, one man was saved because he bought doughnuts 4 his team, another because he had a blister on his foot from wearing new shoes...all those little things that annoy you, are God's way of watching out for YOU! Have a wonderful day ! This is so true,my boss used to tell me not to worry if i miss the bus,he says there a are a reason why u missed the bus,so don't fret.. so now I have first hand experience of day I planned to leave at 11,but i was delayed,and only left at 12,I got into the taxi and the driver was playing the most beautiful gospel music,I asked him if he will be able to make me a copy of the cd,he then blessed me with a dvd of the music...featuring, Cece Winans,Kirk Franklin,Hillsongs and Bebe,if I had to leave at 11,I would've missed out on my now I take it in my stride,no more moaning if I miss the bus...
"You have no idea what you're talking about…Bill Gaither & Kirk Franklin are nowhere in the same world." -on the phone w/his mom.
Come out & see on Aug 10th for her debut performance at Kirk Franklin's Gospel Brunch
Join me Aug 10th.I will be performing at the Kirk Franklin's Gospel Brunch @ The House of Blues Orlando.
Sunset, Kirk Franklin and a hot pocket in my car on my lunch. I really can't complain
Kirk Franklin swear he the Gospel version of T.L. ...
is Kirk Franklin tryna be cast as Aaliyah in the biopic? because he's dressed just like her .
Kirk Franklin sounding like sissy nobby
My gospel music station's Donnie McClurklin and Kirk Franklin on Pandora really helped me through the first few hours of work. Such a frustrating start. Glad it is over!!!
7/19/2014. A great turn out to see Kirk Franklin, Tamela Mann, Sherri Shepherd and Canton Jones in concert near...
Due to circumstances out of our control we cannot attend this awesome concert but will love to sell you the tickets I have two for 45$ This Tuesday 7:00 located at the Fillmore in Charlotte... -- Gospel Grammy winner Tye Tribbett hits the stage with The Walls Group & Tasha Page-Lockhart presented by Kirk Franklin!
really just wanna listen to Kirk Franklin and Tye Tribbett.
I just had the most awesome thing happen to me. A very sweet and dear young teen sang Kirk Franklin's song, Smile to cheer me up. I'm starting to feel better already. Thanks Sara. May God bless you richly.
"Not here by mistake. No luck, only grace. I'm on my way to who I am.". - Kirk Franklin from "I Am"
My dad's best friends with Kirk Franklin now. Nbd.
Sunday Best always comes across like a telethon. Kirk Franklin always comes across like an Atlanta stud who hangs out at …
Lmao My bad, Today's Sunday. They're at the Kirk Franklin Gospel Fest. Gotta cleanse their souls before the new week begins
“Any gospel artist you guys can recommend for me so I can steal their runs? Kirk Franklin always works.
On behalf of myself an everyone else that agree's I would like to thank Mr. Kirk Franklin, Mrs. Donnie McClurkin and Yolanda Adams for making a mockery of Gospel in this New show called Sundays best. My hat goes off to everyone of you
When will Kirk Franklin stop dressing like he's 15??
I'm at House of Blues - for Kirk Franklin Presents Tye Tribbett w/
it's really irresistible to no get crunk to Kirk Franklin lol
Kirk Franklin is so. I'm just gonna leave it at that... But that mug laid out like a body in a casket ... Why he playing in mortician paint?
Needing a little Gospel in your life? Try the House of Blues in Orlando on August 3rd for Kirk Franklin presents A Gospel Brunch.
and Wow!. Kirk Franklin is Killing it on Aspire!
Sean meet Kirk Franklin and yes he said "it just gets gooder and gooder" . Sean pick up your face
Alabama District Choir if Church of God by Faith singing "LET ME TOUCH YOU" by Kirk Franklin. I was challenged to sing soprano and you know I will take on ANY challenge lol.I think I did pretty good!!!
I've been blessed to see so many great things over my life. But I have never witnessed anything like this before! The presence of God in a place that I consider my favorite concert venue was overwhelming! I've seen fights, smelled weed and picked up the drunk at the HOB in the past! Tonight, I saw the saints worship all the way out the door and 20 minutes after the concert had ended! And right in front of Disney Quest LMBO Man, Kirk Franklin was on to something when he put this tour together!!! 😜😊
Kirk Franklin blew me with his outfit!
Can I please style Kirk Franklin for the next season of
Kirk Franklin stay n some you got served gear 😂😂
Stomp by Kirk Franklin has been playing in my head all day
What's wrong with Kirk Franklin voice on Sunday Best
Kirk Franklin really needs to see an ENT because my classically trained ears cannot take his vocal demise any longer.
I'm sorry if its call Sunday Best why is Kirk Franklin dressed like Sunday Best thug
Kirk Franklin my boy but WTH he got on?? You're too old to wear that outfit sir!!! That *** is having a mid-life crisis!
Why Kirk Franklin voice going aint like he been doing no lot of singing
Tuned into Sunday Best and something doesn't appear right about Kirk Franklin. The areas around his eyes appear a little swollen.hmmm botox perhaps?
Ok 2 thoughts; 1. Kirk Franklin needs to fire his stylist 2. Kirk also needs to evaluate some friendships That's all.Carryon
After looking at Sunday's Best for a second time Ive come to the conclusion that Kirk Franklin has that flannel button down tied around his waist to mimic that of a skirt! Im just saying though ! It is just my interpretation of the situation.
Kirk Franklin really kills the spirit
Kirk Franklin got on that tyga chris brown out fit
Why Kirk Franklin dressed like Chris Brown at the BET awards?
Watching Sunday Best. Is Kirk Franklin in a gang now?? Dressing all like a thug and everything.
Lord, will somebody please explain to me what in the world does Kirk Franklin have on ! ? smh
I don't know why Kirk Franklin is dressed like he's one of Chris browns back up dancers, like dress better man .
Kirk Franklin look like he covering up a black eye
What is Kirk Franklin doing to his face?
Hold up, I just noticed what Kirk Franklin have on 😐😕
Kirk Franklin got on a denim vest with leather sleeves? I'm trying to figure out this outfit.
Kirk Franklin eyebrows look better than Yolanda Adams.
Can someone tell me what Kirk Franklin got on? on Sunday Best.
IDC what you say but Kirk Franklin is *** lol
what is that KIRK FRANKLIN has hanging behind him?
What in the world does Kirk Franklin have on?
-… Kirk Franklin look like he wears eyeliner & mascara, but 🐸☕️
funnies thing I remember about Kirk Franklin.. him being a thug in that Trin-I-Tee 5:7 video
For some reason I can not stand Kirk Franklin hosting Sunday's Best
“Kirk Franklin's songs be having you like. 😂😂 😂😂 this me!!
“Kirk Franklin look like a child molester.
Why Kirk Franklin look like he's going through a midlife crisis looking like a teenage hipster?
No wealth no fame can separate the one my heart adores. - Kirk Franklin
Kirk Franklin look like a child molester.
have you heard of Sunday Best hosted by kirk Franklin
You are my song it's your love that keeps me strong and you are the light in the darkness of my night -Kirk Franklin
Tyler on the toilet listening to Lean on me by Kirk Franklin 😑
Somebody please tell Kirk Franklin to stop dressing like a teenager.
I never get to go anywhere. I need a vacation quick! Just happened to be channel surfing and caught Sheri, on the “View” Announcing this! Kings Dominion – JoyFest - Saturday, July 19th “Take me to the King” and “He Reigns” Tamela Mann and Kirk Franklin
But my grandma said I needed to listen to Donnie McClurkin, the winans, the sheards,Dottie peoples,the Hawkins and Kirk Franklin lol
Donnie McClurkin just shaded the mess out of y'all nephew Kirk Franklin. "Some of us sing and others talk..." Oops!.
If you're having a bad day play some Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, and/or some Fred Hammond. I swear that gospel music will lift you up
Gospel music sells, but it doesn’t doesn’t come close to mainstream and secular music’s numbers. Kirk Franklin tells “The James Fortune Show” gospel faces a dilemma that not other genres does. Listen to this exclusive interview to hear him discuss why gospel artists can’t continue to blame other peo…
|Kirk Franklin brought that FUNK back in the day. He brought a whole new flavor to Gospel music that made you boogie!|
Little Caesars' cheese bread tastes like it should come with ad libs by prime Kirk Franklin...
. Kate this is din! The hood Dr Phil! Patterson's Kevin Hart lol. Din this is Kate! Daughter of Kirk Franklin
Through God we can overcome all our fears and a Amen to that! That was Kirk Franklin with (Hello Fear) This is...
I'm listening to Hello Fear by Kirk Franklin on Pandora
Kirk Franklin still trying to fit in with our generation 😂😂😂😂
Sooo in the meanwhile imma just kick back and listen to Kirk Franklin on Pandora
Come hang out with JP & 1Voice on Sunday July 20 at House of Blues Orlando! We'll be doing the Kirk Franklin...
Here is my 4th of July Mix with Lecrae, Serge, Mike Real, Sugar Hill Gang, Kirk Franklin, and KJ-52. Download it here
In this crazy world, and it is crazy.Thank God for Good Gospel Music, R&B, Classical, Oldies but Goodies, etc., whatever music relaxes and takes one away from it all. Don't forget the Music! Thank you Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, Commission, Yolanda Adams, Marvin Gaye, EWF, Patti, Donny Hathaway, Phyliss Hyman, Maxwell, Lionel Ritchie, too many to name! Thank God for Music. ( : Love it.
Here is the lineup to our Summer concert so far: 1. "Power" by Deitrick Haddon (GM of WSTL Radio) 2. "Love Take Me Over" by Steven Curtis Chapman (Charles from Westport) 3. "Search My Heart" by Hillsong United (Rosemary from Middletown) 4. "God Like You" by Kirk Franklin (Mel from Pawtucket) 5."Jesus" by Kirk Franklin (Kathryn from Providence) 6. "Who Am I" by Casting Crowns (Ken from Seekonk) 7. "Good Morning" by Mandisa (Michelle from Bristol) 8. "Starry Night" by Chris August (Tyler from West Warwick) 9. "10,000 Reasons" by Matt Redman (Noelia from New Bedford) 10."Born Again" by Third Day (Jeanne from Plainville) 11. ? Continue the lineup of this great concert! It starts
I knew Temela Mann had this 👌👌 Tyler Perry really gave her a lot of life after Kirk Franklin 💯✔️✔️
Kirk Franklin "We started out broke, constantly on the road, cutting up in the streets like we would never get old."
That American anthem can be a Kirk Franklin gospel song! Gets me every time :D
So this meet DJ is straight up playing gospel music and Jamming Kirk Franklin!!
I sound like kirk franklin when he said come on😂😂😂
SING THIS MORNING WITH ME!listening to Why We Sing by Kirk Franklin on GOSPEL RADIO LOUNGE via
Kirk Franklin and the Family - Lean on Me: Encouraged: Today's Greatest Gospel Anthems (2011)
I am listening to My Life Is In Your Hands (lyrics) by Kirk Franklin on GOSPEL RADIO LOUNGE via
Lean on Me - Kirk Franklin on right now... need a shoulder? Let us be your friend
PRAISE - STOMP (KIRK FRANKLIN [Kirk]: For those of you that think gospel music has gone to far.
My dedication in memory of you bhuti may you RestInPeace. My life is in your hands - Kirk Franklin
Are these niggaz really brothers? Or is Kirk Franklin just a master mind getting two checks! Plies is his alter ego!
This song calms me DOWN, and an assurance that everything is gonna be just fine. My Life Is In Your Hands - Kirk Franklin
"Stomp" by Kirk Franklin is the most ratchet gospel song of all time
O sunmi ooo"Awon ti kirk franklin"Osheeey Singer"🎤 U don't have to WORRY neh don't u be
I liked a video Kirk Franklin and Steve Harvey on TBN Apr 04, 2011 Testimony
love this song.. I know that I can make it - Kirk Franklin! RIP Eddie Zondi. What a beautiful tribute!
Please fix It's supposed to be Eddie Trunk talking to Tesla but instead we're getting Kirk Franklin's "Praise" ???
Two concerts in our area have been canceled: Praise Fest 14 featuring Kirk Franklin on June 20 at the Cajundome...
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My Top 20 International Gospel Playlist... 1. Juanita Bynum - I will wait for you. 2. Smokie Norful - Dear God. 3. Smokie Norful - God is able. 4. Marvin Sapp - He has His hands on you. 5. Israel Houghton & New Breed - He knows my name. 6. Kirk Franklin - I am. 7. James Fortune & Fiya - I believe. 8. Cece Winans - Jesus you're beautiful. 9. Shirley Ceaser - Jesus I love calling your name. 10. Tonex - Lord make me over. 11. Mary Mary - Cant give up now. 12. Marvin Sapp - Never would have made it. 13. Ricky Dillard - Our Father you are holy. 14. Nicole C. Mullen - Redeemer. 15. Marron Butler & Levi - Speak. 16. Coko - The winner in me. 17. Jonathan Butler - Thoughts of you. 18. Vashawn Mitchell - Turning around for me. 19. William Mcdowell - Waiting. 20. Marvin Sapp - Worshipper in me.
The Rhema Mass choir inspiring the congregation with Kirk Franklin's ''Why I Sing''...There is hope in the Lamb of God.
Homosexuality and CCM June 3, 2014 _ In The Gospel Sound, which first appeared in 1971, Anthony Heilbut said, “The gospel church has long been a refuge for *** and *** some of whom grew up to be among the greatest singers and musicians.” Douglas Harrison, a homosexual who grew up Southern Baptist, said, “... you can’t swing a Dove Award without hitting upon evidence of the longstanding, deep-set presence of *** experience in, and its influence on, Christian music culture at all levels” (“Come Out from among Them,” Religion Dispatches, April 30, 2010). In 1998, CCM star Kirk Franklin said that “homosexuality ... is a problem today in gospel music--a MAJOR CONCERN--and everybody knows it” (Church Boy, pp. 49, 50). James Cleveland, who has been called the “King of Gospel,” was a homosexual who died of AIDS. Marsha Stevens, author of the popular song “For Those Tears I Died (Come to the Water),” co-founded Children of the Day, one of the first Contemporary Christian Music gr ...
I love the old Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Richard Smallwood, Fred Hammond, the Clark Sisters...yes.
I'm jamming to some old school gospel. Artists like Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Richard Smallwood, Kurt Carr, Anointed, Beverly Crawford, Shirley Caesar, Virtue and the list goes on.
John Legend, Kirk Franklin, Luther Vandross, Gerald Levert, and Keith Sweat make me jealous that I cant put my feelings in such great vocals
Kirk Franklin made me like gospel music...he music was super creative. I remember that song he was talking to the pastor on the phone 🔥
imma give the mic back to the pastor and let the choir close is out with Kirk Franklin "Stomp"...I'm done lls
I am sorry to break this to you if you are a fan of gospel music/gospel artists & many of these so called church leaders. Majority of them are frauds. They are tools being controlled by the powers at be. T.D Jakes comes to mind, Kirk Franklin, Cece Winans, Yolanda Adams & many others others. These people throw up Satanic symbols, & and have hand codes to communicate with each other. When you see these gospel & church leaders hanging around people like George W. Bush, you definitely know something's up. Ugh to think my mom was a fan of Yolanda Adams. These people are phony.
Many congrats to the ATL hip hop community for this declaration! Minister Server Tavares much love to you for your undying work in educating young people and communities about the roots of real, conscious hip hop and social activism! Glad I could be there as a hip hop scholar and pastor. See you and the community at Rize on Sunday as we celebrate our culture and its' global influence...yes, in church and in our integrated selves. The influence has been there at least since Kirk Franklin. The social consciousness since long before. Word!
Made me cringe to see how Kenny Smith and Shaq destroyed Kirk Franklin song "Stomp" by saying "Shout". Lol.
Thank you, Donnie McClurkin, Marvin Sapp, LeAndria Johnson, Dottie Peoples, Shirley Caesar, Kirk Franklin, Beverly Crawford, Smokies Norful, Bishop G E Patterson, & others for allowing God to use you to minister to me while driving home. I LOVE being in the presence of the Lord!
This morning Google Music Radio was playing Kirk Franklin, John P. Kee and Trintee 5 7. Right now it's playing songs like Piece of My Love by Guy, Primetime by Miguel and Janelle Monae and Love Scene by Joe. So it is seeming that this application is smart enough to know that I want to be Holy on Sunday mornings and usher in the Quiet Storm in the evenings.
Been jamming to some Kirk Franklin with my sisters and grandma. Love me some gospel music!
The whole concert! A night of Gospel. A tribute to Andrae Crouch and Kirk Franklin. Recorded LIVE in Oseberg Kulturhus in Tonsberg, october 2006.
“Now when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep; he was buried with his ancestors and his body decayed. (Acts 13:36 NIV) No wonder the old heads have problems with Tye Tribbet, Kirk Franklin, Toby Mac, Deitrick Haddon, gospel rap etc, etc. because it wasn't meant to fill the purpose nor touch the people in their generation. Some don't get it nor understand it. God's timing is not a mistake but on purpose. Point: God intents for you to speak to something relevant, that's closely connected, the problems at hand to your generation through the glorification and the manifestation of His Holy Word! God choose you for this generation for a reason. Now discover God's plan for your life so that you may fore fill His purpose over your life. Time is ticking and people are hurting. Understand that the pain u went through had purpose. Whenever you could help someone that is in the same position as you were get out of an ungodly situation. That's the purpose. That's why God brought yo ...
I just was having a praise party in my car in SE! I know they thought I was listening to Backyard lls. Nope it was Kirk Franklin
I don't go to church every Sunday, but I make sure I put my Pandora on Kirk Franklin or Ricky Dillard radio when I get up! Lol. There's two songs that never fail to play: Jesus Can Work it Out and Thank You (Mary Mary). Two gospel songs everyone knows and tend to look over. But every time I hear them I think about what I've been thru this past year and can't help but lift my hands and thank God! It really coulda been me! I thank everyone who was praying for me and everyone who called and helped me thru it in whatever way. To anyone going thru any struggle, Jesus can work it out! It's as simple as that. Y'all just don't know 🙌🙌🙌
I added a video to a playlist Donnie McClurkin & Kirk Franklin - Ooh Child
My Lovee & I enjoyed ourselves at the Grace At The Race Gospel Concert featuring Amy Grant, Tameka Mann & Kirk Franklin with the Family!!! Nobody but God could bless us with complimentary tickets! Thank you Jesus for favor!
Went to see Tamela Mann, Kirk Franklin, and Amy Grant last night and all I got to say is AMAZING!!! ENJOYED EVERY BIT OF IT!
I'm sorry, but stop acting like you're tough and thug Kirk Franklin, you are on a game show with Jeff Foxworthy.
My friend and I both know that Tupac is not dead. So I'm posting this status to see if he will comment on it and make LaShaunda Richardson day. Whoopi Goldberg commented on my post last night about the girl who called me Kirk Franklin and it made my night and day. Still Smiling because I encountered a Real celebrity who I love. Where are you Tupac?
Amy Grant, Tamela Mann, Kirk Franklin truly blessed us last night.They don't do what they do for a show they do it to win soul for Christ.
🎵Still on a HIGH from Amy Grant, Tamela Mann and Kirk Franklin. That wasnt a concert it was an EXPERIENCE! 🎶
Last night fun and fellowship, Kirk Franklin, Tamela and David Mann, and Amy Grant, praise and worship, and good people. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Now I have a second wind for the last 19 days. Thanks Alfonzo Cash. Still singing and meditating "I'd rather have Jesus than silver and gold."
Went to the Junior Bridgeman's Grace at the Race event at the Galt House. I met Ken Griffey Jr. and Scottie Pippen among others, but the highlight of the night was the performances by Amy Grant, Tamela Mann, and Kirk Franklin. They tore the roof off of the Center for the Arts. God's presence was truly felt in that place. God is good.
Attended a concert tonight called Grace at the Race. Artists were Amy Grant, Tamela Mann and Kirk Franklin... What a night! Amazing talent... 3 very different styles...all worshipping the same amazing God! Most fun I've had in a long time!!! 👍
Curse u siii & these crappy pics u took, I got my video :-P concert was all of that! Amy Grant, Tamela Mann & Kirk Franklin showed out & put on a great show!
How many of yall out there like to listen to the Vocalaires, the Mighty Truelights, the Jacksonaires, the Heavenly Hearts, the White Family, the Racy Brothers, Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC's, Tim Rogers and the Fellows, Frenz, the Shaw Boys, the Sensational Hearts, Tamela Mann, Tasha Cobbs, Earnest Pugh, Keith Wonderboy Johnson, the Rice Spirituals, the Supreme Angels, the Spiritualetts, the Cork Singers, the Westside Harmonetts, the Spiritual Homonizers, the Williams Brothers, Rance Allen, Kirk Franklin, the Mississippi Mass Choir, Yalonda Adams, the Gospel Tides, and the Malletic Stars, the Johnson Family. featured in NBC s Science of Love
At the grace at the race, Amy Grant, Tamela Mann and Kirk Franklin and family in concert
Grace @ the Race, Amy Grant, Tamala Mann & Kirk Franklin with my cousin , Birdie Anderson
Grace for the race concert with my lady Cody Moorman. Ready to worship with Amy Grant, Kirk Franklin , and Tamela Mann
It's KY Derby time.starting w/. Grace at the Race Concert featuring Kirk Franklin, Tamala Mann & Amy Grant
Kirk Franklin and em probably mobbin to Debra Lee's office right now. Whoppi too... Sister act 2 is a Gospel classic smh run Deb run!
The way my heart is being spoken to today. •Hezekiah Walker •Kirk Franklin •Donnie McClurkinJames Fortune ~God favoured me. ~He is able. ~Your Majesty. ~With you. In that Order.Such music...I am satisfired.
God Bless, each and everyone of you,..all interested parties, I now have Gospel Greats a Double CD, of All the Greats from, Shirley Caesar, Erica Campbell,Dorothy Norwood,The williams Brothers, The Canton Spirituals, The Mississippi Mass Choir,Kirk Franklin,BeBe &Cece Winans,Vickie Winans, Mahalia Jackson,The Imperial Gospels, Sam Cook Yolanda Adams,And all The Greats in a New MP3 forformat,.. each Cd of the Double set Holds.Fb Me for infor and Special Church goes,and Organizations Special Price i want these blessing in your household,Churches and cars, ..with this one amazing cd you can being up the Artist in each folder on the flat screens of your Church Laptop Or Car, and you will have full control over what you want to play and hear FB , Me for more info"
Lean on me- Kirk Franklin . Woww that song always gets me.
Singing Kirk Franklin.Love a word that comes and goes,but few people really knows what it really means to love somebody.
Now Playing: Kirk Franklin and the Family - Melodies from Heaven | Yes Lord Radio - Tune In=>
I can go from listening to Beyonce to Kirk Franklin to Britney Spears (whose now playing) I love music.
Did Gifty really steal her cousins clothes and lie she was signed by Kirk Franklin?
I like Kirk Franklin but don't understand why he's on this show.
i think Silver and Gold by Kirk Franklin is one of my favorite songs.
Your old school joint on this Sunday night: Kirk Franklin & The Family - "Revolution"
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I forgot Kirk Franklin was in this movie
That *** Plies the Kirk Franklin of the hood 😂😂
Joy is a sign of His presence. (In His presence there is fullness of Joy.) (Georgian Banov) your job, your marriage, your money and relationships are just tools the enemy uses. His main goal is to steal your JOY. (Kirk Franklin) Laughter not only makes the journey endurable and enjoyable; it also helps keep us healthy. (Joyce Meyer) Isn't it ironic that depressed Christians won't choose to laugh because they don't want to be in the flesh. (Bill Johnson)
Radio went from signs of lovemaking to Kirk Franklin 😐😕😩
Jesus, you are my joy within. You are my shelter from the wind. You're the forgiver of my sins. Jesus, you are yeah.. Old sch…
I really just searched Kirk Franklin on soundcloud... And I'm jamming this ***
"on my Kirk franklin pandora.. Praisin' the most high!"
I'm actually listening to my old paster kirk franklin right now 🙏
kirk franklin pandora is too turnt right now! playing ALL the music my mom used to play when i was little
I swear He'll Take The Pain Away by Kirk Franklin has been my means for living the past 6 months . God really heard my cry &did it for me🙌.
Demaurius has went from listening to migos to Kirk Franklin all in 2 mins lawd 😂
I wanna feel fed. Not feel like I'm listening to Kirk Franklin station on pandora.
My dance team danced their hearts out as always. People that see us practicing on Saturdays probably think im too *** them but we are SERIOUS about dance! This is our ministry! Our service to the Lord, and I know how to bring out the best in my team !!! Hold me now x Kirk Franklin x Faith Angels (excuse the audio, just play the song while they dance or something lol)
Declaration-Kirk Franklin one of my favorite songs!
Road tunes...traveling from Miami to Orlando taking a 'drive' down memory lane... WEAG youth choir tours... Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, etc. Louis and I are gettin' our praise on!
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Blasting stomp by Kirk Franklin. In the car with mom and my lil brother. Taking them to church.
I've came from a place where I didn't know who I was. How to respect myself. How to love myself. Looking for love and okays from someone else and in different place. But god pushed me to take a test to see if I would pass or fail. And I refused to FAIL HIM. I fought my way through the darkness, heartaches, I pulled the knifes out of my back and I realizes I am a hard, strong, kind, tough kind of woman and I deserves to smile. I learned to love Brittany. ♫ Music: Kirk Franklin - I Smile
I really want to do a mime ministry to Something About the Name Of Jesus by Kirk Franklin.
Is singing one of Kirk Franklin songs.DON'T CRY WIPE YOUR EYES HE'S NOT DEAD /// I love that song
Riding around listening to kirk franklin
Ok, here we go! First day back in the gym since my second back surgery! Felt like "ish" while working out but having accomplished something I feel great! Boy does the right playlist make a difference! A little Kirk Franklin, a little Mandisa, Toby Mac Chris August, Building 429 and a lot of prayers!! Day 1 done!
SMILE FOR ME YOU LOOK SO MUCH BETTER WHEN YOU, oh oh oh 103.9 got me in my zone! By Kirk Franklin
When riding on the car with me you can literally go from kirk Franklin to jeezy to Anthony Hamilton back to Marvin Gaye. And a message from a motivational speaker. All in a matter of 30 mins lol
In the back yard chilling and listening to Rev Lowe's CD. and Kirk Franklin. Missing my home base church in NY. Mount Moriah AME Church on Springfield and Linden Blvd. And if my neighbors don't like it, well TO DARN BAD! CALL THE POLICE THIS YEAR AND YOU WILL SEE WHAT I HAVE IN STORE FOR YOU. YOU DON"T LIKE ME PLAYING MY MUSIC, I'll put my EDDIE PALMERI and TITO PUENTE and TITO ROJAS and CHASE all THEIR butts out the neighborhood. LMBO! NOT TAKING THIS YOUNG GIRLS CRAP THIS YEAR, THAT LIVES NEXT TO ME. CASE CLOSE! HAVE A BLESSED DAY FAMILY AND FB FRIENDS.
Some konsider sunday as a "fresh start" i see it as checking in with god and letting him know that the faith never left -kirk franklin-dallas,tx-2010
Kirk Franklin-my lyf z in ur hands ds song reli touches my heart in such a strong way coz nomttr wt may *** my way i knw dt i cn stand wth hm by my syd:
So every Sunday I listen to Praise on Sirius XM. With everything I have been going on its funny because Kirk Franklin is replaying the Valentine's Day Special with his wife. Talking about love and marriage and everything in between.
The following tracks goes to everyone who believe in what they do. ¤Shanice - Don't break my heart *Kirk Franklin - My life is in your hands ¤Antony Hamilton - Broken Man *Luther Vandross - If i didn't know better
The best performance of Don't Cry (Kirk Franklin) on Fearless Tour 2012 Feat. Amber Bullock, Charmaine Swimpson, Anaysha Figueroa and Nikki Ross
Where the Spirit of the Lord is! Kirk Franklin & the Family, thanks for listening.. May God bless you! :) LYRICS: Where the Spirit of the Lord is There is li...
Stream Brighter Day by Kirk Franklin on The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin for free on Grooveshark.
Home alone . PEACE, quiet for a few minutes... Need some Kirk Franklin playing bouts to play Jesus let me touch you!!
Heard an interesting comment on the Kirk Franklin show. " sometime god gives you a snapshot of what he has for you and then he prepares you"
Sunday Morning are always interesting at our house. Marvell comes over so early and wakes everyone up by knocking at the door. But then you smell Chorizo & eggs cooking and Kirk Franklin playing and know that no matter what happens in this young mans life he keeps a big ole smile. I love this young man!
U never can go wrong with Kirk Franklin. Been up since before the sun getting everything situated. Gotta go give my Foxy Rocsi a bath. White cars are HARD to keep clean boa. Think I'll go kick a bobo with big sis and nephews today. Put something on the grill. Yeah that sounds like a plan. S/N: If only people knew the real deal. It's all smoke and mirrors. If only I was that kind of woman, but why tear a person down when they are CLEARLY doing that themselves. I love my classiness and my sassiness lol. I love my positive energy. Be blessed loves.
Okay! Now Im starting to feel guilty! Ive put it off for far too long. Today will be the day that I get up and spring clean this house!!! Perhaps I'll blast some Kirk Franklin to help my spirit! Cause the Lord knows that Im not in the mood for this.
Kirk Franklin radio...its all types of lit
The Singles Ministry will be attending Joyfest at Carowinds on 6/14th featuring Kirk Franklin, Lecrae, Tamela...
Home listening to my favorite gospel hymn, victory is mine by Dorothy Norwood but it varies from Tamala Mann, Marvin Sapp,Kirk Franklin,William McDowell, so many more.
Happy Easter everyone. I'm celebrating with Kirk Franklin at the House of Blues Gospel Brunch!! Now that's gonna be some serious church. Can't wait!!
Everyone have a wonderful blessed day! Im getting ready for Kirk Franklin's Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues!
Jamal Bryant is the new age Kirk Franklin tho
That moment when I just now realized Tamala Mann was the one singing the end of Kirk Franklin song "Lean on Me" 😂😂
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Uncle Jackie is dressed like the Deacon who drives the church van to the "Spiritual Ski Trip Revival" featuring Kirk Frankli…
“Don't sleep on Plies, he making a come back” I thought being "Plies" was his comeback after he stopped being "Kirk Franklin"?
Kirk Franklin is Plies bruh, idc idc idc!!
Feeling this song/video. This is what I do... I Smile by Kirk Franklin
This rebirth album by Kirk Franklin reminds me of my times at Forte. Thank u Dikela for giving me.
Hey Justoh, please play the song Reason Why We Sing by Kirk Franklin. the best thing that happened to Wednesday!
"Brighter Day" by Kirk Franklin always puts me in a better mood
Kirk Franklin # Now behold the Lamb..a blessed morning to you all,May the good Lord guide and protect you against all harm and the devils plan to destroy the gift God has placed in ourlives
I never knew I could be so happy, And I never knew I'd be so secure, Because of your love, life has brand new meaning, It's gonna be a brighter day, brighter day. Kirk Franklin - Brighter Day :-)
I love kirk franklin...his music is the bessst..
I know *** couldn't wait to get to church having Kirk Franklin at dat bihh
I don't know what's worse me and Lauren going to walmart or the fact we are blasting Kirk Franklin in my car
Me and Kirk Franklin at the Stellar Awards. The top selling artist in gospel music history. Be blessed!!!
lol yea I can totally see you being the Kirk Franklin (hype man ) of the group!
Kirk Franklin really the DJ Khaled of gospel…He legit ad-libs throughout the song while somebody else lay down bars
This song still makes me happy evn when it feels dark in my life. Kirk Franklin's
Heyy Superstars!! Singing: 🎶"Cause I love ya, and you show me...Jesus. What it really Love!!"-Kirk Franklin🎶 ❤ SMOOCHES.MUAH.XOXO
Am I buggin or does Plies look like Kirk Franklin?!
When that beat dropped tho, lol church got loose to Kirk Franklin
Smile'' by kirk Franklin'' morning Good people,
Mainly got Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary cause I love their uptempo songs and their slow songs.
Kirk Franklin's songs be having you like
Kirk Franklin's songs be having you like.
Kirk Franklin does it all the time with a button up & church pants
In gospel music, if it ain't Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin, I don't know who's song it is lol
The background is obviously a studio and Kirk Franklin is there. .. Most definitely a Collaboration
I gotta get Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation Project album on my phone...
For those who don't know, we have an opportunity to Open For Kirk Franklin etc in May! We need YOUR vote!
the video to imagine me by Kirk Franklin used to always make me cry.
Kirk Franklin made really great music back when he was good
So, this how we honor You, You left Your throne to make us new ♫ The Moment by Kirk Franklin —
Hamilton Collection
Kirk Franklin's songs be having you like. 😂😂😂😂
If my ex call I know off bucks...Kirk Franklin starts singin "Brighter Day" I just throw my hands to the sky and push decline...
Listening to Could've been by Kirk Franklin this song speaks volumes because I Lord I thank u for all I have n don't have
"He's Able" by Kirk Franklin has to be one of my all time favs!
Can't nobody top that Old school Kirk Franklin .
 A Star is Born - "Why is the sky blue, when I grow up.  I want to be like you." -Kirk Franklin
I can't listen to Kirk Franklin and attempt to do homework.
I'm listening to Now Behold The Lamb by Kirk Franklin on Pandora
Lord knows I miss my aunt Martha right now..Listening to The Storm is Over Now by Kirk Franklin. I'm just in deep thought. So much goin on but this song is actually very healing.
No I'm not having a party for my bday I will spend it with my grandma and then take a plane to Texas to visit TD.JAKE'S CHURCH hope I can see Kirk Franklin when I'm out their yes Lord yes
Grateful to God n grateful for family n friends. I love You'all more than u know. It's been a crazy past week but I made it through. Kirk Franklin Smile!
Listening to My life my love my all by kirk franklin thinking about the daughters of destiny. I miss dancing with yall
Today by Kirk Franklin. The song of the day!
So Aiden and I are on our way to his choir rehearsal at Temple. Were listening to 101 The Beat and the topic was that Lil Wayne is back with Karrine Steffans! Then the dj says, "I guess Lil Wayne is back with Karrine using her for her talents." Aiden says "What are her talents mom?" I said " uh uh, she can sing baby!" Back to XM radio, Kirk Franklin station!
James Fortune is a.talkin, negotiating of the spirits bama... he ain't sanging NOTHING. .. but he gonna talk you out of it. Kirk Franklin started this No sanging but "I got you" mentality of thug praising... but James talk, praise, minister, in one voice you forget what you was doing. Ok James my bad ...Amen. he like a mother fussin at Just had a moment yall... I'm good REALLY!. THAT BAMA JAMES PLAY TO MUCH. . GET OFF MY RADIO SLIM!!
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OK 100.3 while I appreciate you playing Kirk Franklin he has made something since STOMP!! Ijs
thanks to Kirk Franklin I can only quote Revelations 7:16-17 like this: The book of revelations Chapter 7, Verses 16 and 17 Yes Sir! They shall hunger no more Neither shall they thirst anymore Preach, Preacher! For God shall wipe away Yes sir! Every tear from their eye Yes sir!
Guess what? For Easter Sunday, I'm gonna do a dance with my brother to Hosanna by Kirk Franklin. We're partly there and nobody can stop us lol.
Kirk Franklin talks about homosexual relationships and Christianity. Make sure that you join the conversation and COMMENT BELOW! Are individuals born *** Is...
Kirk Franklin song the appeal is the truth got two different versions and they both working on me
When May 30th gets here and it's time to see my first graders off for summer break, I'm going to sing "The Storm Is Over Now" by Kirk Franklin! 🙌😄
Kirk franklin & t.d. jakes- 911 This song has been on my heart every since april 5th. My testimony is coming.
Kirk franklin-the hrt pound coz of d massg bhind ds songs...
Um hmm I love me some Kirk Franklin
Video with the song "Dont Cry", by Kirk Franklin, and scenes of the movie Passion Of Christ, by Mel Gibson.
I was listening to one of Kirk Franklin songs and in it the lyrics said " if I die what would they say about me? Would the work that I've done be enough to help someone" Live every day to the absolute best of your ability and don't forget to let those that lent a helping hand, hug, encouraging words, ear and so on know how much you appreciate them. WHILE YOU STILL HAVE THEM!!! Little things can make such a big difference... If no one told you today... I Love You All!
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