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Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas (born Issur Danielovitch; December 9, 1916) is an American stage and film actor, film producer and author.

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Elsa Martinelli, the Italian actress and fashion model who starred opposite Kirk Douglas in THE INDIAN FIGHTER and John…
1948 Big at the box office Betty Grable, Kirk Douglas, Randolph Scott was still riding or maybe Lois Butler who was…
Meeting of Kulbhosan with his-wife was-arranged on the lines of Kirk douglas with Jean Simmons in film Spartacus.A…
(1914) Following a truce, French referee Kirk Douglas is called upon to officiate a football match betwe…
Just got in from Railroad Pass, anyway, from far left holding cigarette Chicago Sun Times columnist Irv K…
Glad Kirk Douglas got past all that this year.
The Italian Job, starring Freddie Prinze Jr and Kirk Douglas. Directed by you, music by Ultravox!. Budget: $105m
Watched two noirs with the family because hey, it's Christmas Eve. Ace In The Hole: A menacing Kirk Douglas, as a f…
Way cool pic! Let's try Debbie Reynolds (back of her head?), Kirk Douglas, Liz Taylor, Eddie Fishe…
I love Kirk Cousins. What other NFL QB is willing to kill everyone around him out of frustration? That’s true passion. htt…
Is that my main man, Kirk Douglas? Liz and Eddie Fisher. Joan Collins...
Kirk Douglas as Spartacus said, "I'll be back, and I'll be millions." I think that'll be us.
Just watched an old western called the Gunfight, starring Kirk Douglas and Johnny Cash. Surprised at how good it was. Worth watching.
Seriously though, had The Great Escape included Alec Guiness, Kirk Douglas and Paul Newman it would have been the b…
101st birthday of movie dino KIRK DOUGLAS,. (born ✡ Issur Danielovitch Demsky). Eternal SPARTACUS.
Kirk Douglas most certainly did on the set of Spartacus.
Im going to add:. Matt willis. Either of Richard and Judy. Jack Black. Kirk douglas. Wendy williams
Kirk Douglas. Good shout. Sat at the next table to him at a restaurant in Paris on…
Happy 101st Birthday to the last great leading man of the Golden Age of Hollywood, the legendary, Kirk Douglas! Here's…
Michael Douglas shares first photo of granddaughter named after father Kirk Douglas
actor Kirk Douglas, right, dancing with Marilyn Maxwell at the Stork Club, in New York, May 7, 1949.
Restored TOS, TNG, Twilight Zone, Terminator, Back to the Future, Robocop, Ghostbusters (review-only), Douglas Adams, Day of…
my 5 celebs to meet their maker in 2018 are Kirk Douglas (nap). Robert Wagner…
Festive film stars: Kirk Douglas and his sons Joel & Michael
In order to achieve anything you must be brave enough to fail. - Kirk Douglas
Director Lewis Milestone with Kirk Douglas, Van Heflin, and Barbara Stanwyck on the set of THE STRANGE LOVE OF Martha Ivers
The Hateful Eight, starring Claire Danes and Kirk Douglas. Directed by Richard Kelly, music by Scissor Sisters. Budget: $90m
I love how Richard Crenna (playing Col Trautman brilliantly) replaced Kirk Douglas about the day before…
David Lee Roth /. Lights the menorah /. So do James Caan, Kirk Douglas, and Roy Moore's lawyer
Hey 2017- Kirk Douglas made it to 101 and you're not taking him with you.
He's lucky he's passed the 100 mark, and I'll say no more... Kirk Douglas celebrates 101st birthday
Ace in the Hole on gorgeous transfer to mark today being Kirk Douglas' 101st birthday
Wow!!! The legendary Kirk Douglas is 101 today!! Not many of his calibre left
John Gavin, Peter Ustinov, Tony Curtis, Laurence Olivier and Kirk Douglas on the set of Spartacus, 1960...
Today is Kirk Douglas's 101st birthday. To mark it, here he is as a singing harpooner.
Kirk Douglas at 101: His life and career in pictures Happy belated 101st Birthday Kirk Douglas!! Well done!!!
what young men need: non-stop viewing of movies with Bert Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum,…
Watching old favorite Vincent Minnelli's The Bad and the Beautiful. Kirk Douglas and Gloria Grahame great. Lana T…
Great movie. Martin Sheen, Kirk Douglas, Katherine Ross, Charles Durning. Time Travel, History. What more could you ask for?
Big Fish, starring Michael Clarke Duncan and Kirk Douglas. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, music by David Byrne. Budget: $10m
Adam you are the ONLY one who could play a young Kirk Douglas in a Hollyw…
Disneyland debuted 63 years ago today on ABC with Walt Disney, Kirk Douglas, Peter Lorre, Fess Parker, Jack Couffer…
hmm Curious what you mean by “launched” as Martha Ivers really launched Kirk Douglas. Out of the Past is the noir all time
Spartacus was released 57 years ago today with Kirk Douglas, Laurence Olivier, Jean Simmons & Charles Laughton…
Oct 7 1960 Spartacus directed by Stanley Kubrick starring Kirk Douglas is released.
Spartacus, starring Kirk Douglas and Laurence Olivier and directed by Stanley Kubrick, is released.…
I added a video to a playlist Irving Stone Lust for Life 1956 Kirk Douglas, Anthony Quinn, James
Vean "Ace in the Hole" de Billy Wilder con Kirk Douglas o "Wag the Dog" de Barry Levinson.
Archie Manning does look better as Chelsea. Just needs to loose the Kirk Douglas chin.
no, no es de Samuel Johnson es de Kirk Douglas a Paths of Glory
had Bruce in our deadpool at work. had Roger Moore last time too.I take no delight in winning this money&if Kirk Douglas goes I'll be so sad
Both Burt Lancaster and Robert Mitchum were considered for the role Kirk Douglas plays in this movie…
Watching Seven Days in May w/ Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, Fredric March; Rod Serling did the screenplay...for...
Also, we still heve two Golden Age icons around: Dame Olivia De Havilland (101) and Kirk Douglas (100)!
Kirk Douglas as Chuck Tatum in Billy Wilder's Ace in the Hole 1951: 'If there's no news, I'll go out and bite a dog.'…
ACE IN THE HOLE (1951) Incredible Billy Wilder film! Way ahead of its time- Kirk Douglas is a legend. Brilliant. Wow!
Billy Wilder's film-noir ACE IN THE HOLE premiered in Albuquerque 66 years ago today, starring Kirk Douglas in one of…
Man, I love Bill. Starts talking about the Vikings with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis. YES.
Oh and Spartacus..with a Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis..and the pride and joy of Gary Indiana ..Karl Malden
GOOD STUFF: Bill's geeking out over The Vikings and Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis.
Rod Steiger, Dennis Weaver, Robert Stack, Tom Poston, VIctor Mature, Bob Barker, and Kirk Douglas were all in the N…
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That reminds me of that game of heidie fitba I had with Kirk Douglas in 1978. 12-10 to me. Very bad tempered man. Sore loser.
Kirk Douglas was Amazing! The French Generals lack Ethics and Courage and remind me of General Kelly and General Flynn
Watching William Wyler's DETECTIVE STORY. One of my favorite Kirk Douglas & Eleanor Parker performances highlight this drama.
+Kirk Douglas writes book with wife about 'affairs'
Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, and Frederic March in SEVEN DAYS IN MAY, now on BluRay from
drop what you are doing & watch Kirk Douglas fantasize about going Adam West's Batman on Faye's new lover
Sinatra, Kirk Douglas, Elizabeth Taylor, Gregory Peck. Just a few Hollywood legends planting trees in over the years!…
Jack Cardiff died on this day in 2009. "He had the eyes of Chagall." - Kirk Douglas. Photo: Ron Galella, LA, 2001
A previously unpublished letter from legend star Kirk Douglas to Robert Downey Jr. …
Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis during the shooting of 'The Vikings (1958) Richard Fleischer. One the best action/Adv…
Time for a list of older icons who are not allowed to die:. Kirk Douglas. Mel Brooks. Carl Reiner. *** Van *** Jerry Lewis. Jan…
You ever read this one? I like this short story a lot. Saw your show at the Kirk Douglas theater - loved…
Kirk Douglas & Henry Fonda were awesome in that movie
Musk, been watching to many movies 🎬Saturn 3 👈Farah Fawcett & Kirk Douglas , Brains - Robots ☝ Dream at a time 👉Mars 🚀What if❗
Kirk Douglas as Van Gogh. Thanks much for the post
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The Complete Stanley Donen: Saturn 3. When John Barry was fired as director, Kirk Douglas stepped in before Donen t…
Monster's Ball, starring Kirk Douglas and John Barrowman. Directed by Tommy Wiseau, music by Barry Jive and the Uptown Five. Budget: $50,000
Jean Simmons and Kirk Douglas on the set of 'Spartacus' (1960)
Jean Simmons was such an iconic actress...imagine working with Kirk Douglas, Marlon Brando, Lawrence Oliver, AND Ri…
Jean Simmons on the set of Spartacus with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis.
Kirk Douglas as Vincent Van Gogh on the set of Lust for Life in Arles, France, photographed by Frank Scherschel in…
1957: Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, John Ireland and DeForest Kelley in 'Gunfight at the OK Corral'
Kirk Franklin got a lil Frederick Douglas, teach me how to dougie swag going on right now
“I miss Burt Lancaster; we fought a lot, and I miss him a lot. And John Wayne, even though he was a Republican..."
Kirk Douglas, an icon for the ages.
The Roots' Captain Kirk Douglas is definitely in that conversation too. VERY underrated
Nice interview. Lots of tidbits and reminiscences. - CR
A good read. “Yes, yes. I was so lucky. Now it’s all different. Yes, very, very lucky.”
Kirk Douglas: I never thought Id live to 100. Thats shocked me (
Happy 100th birthday to Kirk Douglas. I'll never forget his portrayal of Captain Matthew Yelland in the 1980...
Currently watching the 1960 Kirk Douglas movie "Spartacus." Timely af.
"... to judge the interior by the exterior proves to be a mistake": Kirk Douglas: ‘I never thought I’d live to 100.’
Kirk Douglas to celebrate 100th birthday in star-studded bash - he just sent us a letter for our Elie Wiesel tribute
Time for "The Bad and the Beautiful" with Kirk Douglas and Lana Turner.
Watching The Bad and the Beautiful from 1953. Kirk Douglas and Lana Turner. Enough said.
1920 Dir John Sturges with DeForest Kelley, Burt Lancaster & Kirk Douglas on set of Gunfight…
Kirk Douglas is celebrating his 100th birthday today
The silver lining of what has been a dreadful 2016 is both Olivia de Havilland and Kirk Douglas celebrating their 100t…
remember that movie Spartacus starring Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis. Well, instead of saying "I'm Spartacus", say "…
Most people would likely disagree with me on Poitier. (And a # of others, e.g, Kirk Douglas, dir. Clint Eastwood, etc.)
Sometimes, the thing that ties you down sets you free.
Kirk Douglas has a very sharp mind for a man his age. And it was a great story he told
Sean Connery, Richard Burton, Kirk Douglas they lasted and still were leading men who could carry a film on their own. They were stars.
The series or the old classic with Kirk Douglas?
Great joining at Block Party meeting today at Kirk Douglas. Onward!
Little Giant Ladders
And there is also the whole Kirk Douglas/Douglas Sirk confusion
well, you could argue Michael Douglas is roughly half of Kirk Douglas
Heart leapt to find these marks on green rm wall of Kirk Douglas Theatre
Watched a classic Kirk Douglas movie, Lonely are the Brave. Dalton Trumbo screenplay. Worth discovering.
Do not understand appeal Weird looking. Looks like head is on upside down Paul Newman, Kirk Douglas, Cary Grant, those are handsome
Kirk Douglas shows how an autobiography is done. . Image via
Better late than never "I am Spartacus" one of my fav films. Kirk Douglas is now 100? Now he is a film star Yo.
Stanley Kubrick and Kirk Douglas on the set of "Paths of Glory" (1957)
My faves are decades old, like "Glass Menagerie" when Kirk Douglas asks Jane Wyman sex-tinged: "Care for a stick? Of gum?"
An my all time fav movie before festivities: Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer,& Kirk Douglas in Jacques Tourneur's. Happy…
I lived in Hollywood during the time of cowboys, Cary Grant, Kirk Douglas, George Raft, Bogart, Eddie Cantor when...
Christopher Lloyd, one of our great actors, is 78. Sean Connery is 86. Kirk Douglas, 100. Sam Shepard and Fred Ward, 73. So much greatness.
At one point this movie starring Kirk Douglas was to star Stephen Boyd and Elke Sommer
Someone better go to Kirk Douglas's house like RIGHT NOW and check on him.
While it's very sad we lost George Michael, can we stop blaming 2016? Let's be happy for the ones that are still alive, Kirk Douglas is 100
Kissinger, John Madden, Bob Barker, Hugh Hefner, Tommy Lasorda, Stephen Hawking. We've had Kirk Douglas and Don Rickles on the list forever.
Is The Vikings starring Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis the best movie ever made ??
That's The Vikings as in Kirk Douglas & Tony Curtis of course, back in 1958 when Kirk was already 42, the unstoppable ol' *** ..
Loved watching as a kid, Tony Curtis & Kirk Douglas at the top of their game.
The Vikings 1958 Brilliantly bad and brilliant . Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas and Janet Leigh
The Vikings is on Channel 5 now(Kirk Douglas,Tony Curtis,Janet Leigh)great film :). My mince pies&hot choc going down well :). Italian later:)
The Vikings on telly with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis.. bloody marvelous
He *** well better meet Kirk Douglas's mark.
Happy 100th birthday to the legendary actor Kirk Douglas, father of 2015 Genesis Prize Laureate Michael Douglas! https…
My mind is already watching the film version that never was, starring Jane Russell and Kirk Douglas.…
Kirk Douglas celebrates 100 years of life with Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones
Kirk Douglas gets smooch from Catherine Zeta-Jones and son Michael via Happy 100!
This is a wonderful essay about Kirk Douglas. Happy Birthday, as Dalton Trumbo might say.
Happy 100th birthday to Kirk Douglas. Another kid who enlisted in the Navy after Pearl Harbor.
On his 100th birthday, remember this powerful open letter Kirk Douglas wrote to Donald Trump
Kirk Douglas turns 100: A look back at his life
Happy 100th birthday to the legendary Kirk Douglas!
Kirk Douglas is trending. At this point in 2016, we're mentioning celebrities for still being alive.
How is that Kirk Douglas turning 100 and the are both trending on at the same time. Seems wrong.
Kirk Douglas celebrates 100th bday this week. Kirk Cameron celebrates 100th time he's given homeless guy a Bible instead of money this week.
Kirk Douglas is the master of aging with grace and badassery.
Kirk Douglas between takes on the 1959 set of '(1960) Directed by Stanley Kubrick.
Dir. Stanley Kubrick with Kirk Douglas on the set of Spartacus (1960)
Kirk Douglas goes from Spartacus to centurion as film legend turns 100...
As Hollywood actors go, this is one of my heroes. Went through a period in the mid-80s when I watched about 15...
A big salute to Kirk Douglas, who will be turning 100 years old on December 9.
Saw that Kirk Douglas was trending and was about to start throwing punches. But it's ok, happy early birthday Kirk Douglas.
Happy 100rh Birthday, Kirk Douglas. When you made Spartacus it was a contemporary film
Sharing this because every time we see his name in the news we expect him to be dead. Well played,
December 9, 2016 marks the 100th birthday of actor, producer and author Kirk Douglas. A three-time Academy...
Kirk Douglas is 100 years old!. Here's a look at the extraordinary career of one of Hollywood's most iconic...
Kirk Douglas will be 100 years old on December 9.
They didn't say who it was, but after they finished talking about it they cut to a shot of the Kirk Douglas Theatre and I was just like 👀👀👀
Oh yes! Possibly one of the weirdest Sci-fi movies ever. (I.e. Kirk Douglas wrestling in the nude.)
As Kirk Douglas turns 100 we look back at the life of the son of a rag and bone man who became Hollywood's leading …
Love Kirk Douglas: Even in the SF one Saturn 3 when he's got to save his sexy wife Farah Fawcett from a cr…
Really hoping that 2016 doesn't stop Kirk Douglas turning 100 on Friday.
Kirk Douglas will be 100 years old on Dec. 9th
Watching In Harm's Way movie other night with John Wayne, Kirk Douglas...Pearl Harbor + WW2 in Pacific…
Are you guys doing anything for Kirk Douglas' 100th birthday this week do you know?
Kirk Douglas goes from Spartacus to centurion as he turns 100.
CBSNews: As Kirk Douglas approaches his 100th birthday, a look back at his extraordinary career: …
. Kirk Douglas thanks wife Anne for keeping him going after 100 years via…
Bob Willoughby, Kirk Douglas by Bob Willoughby on the set of "The Juggler" directed by Edward Dmytryck, 1952
Bob Willoughby, Kirk Douglas and Pier Angeli on the set of "The Story of Three Loves", 1953
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Check out 'Saturn 3' from 1980, with Kirk Douglas, Farrah Fawcett and Harvey Keitel. It's a blast.
Kirk Douglas as Chuck Tatum: “It’s a good story today. Tomorrow, they’ll wrap a fish in it.”. Ace in the Hole (1951…
Paul Newman, Diahann Carroll and Kirk Douglas on the set of Paris Blues, 1961, directed by Martin Ritt.
Once, in the 90's, I bested Kirk Douglas and Earnest Hemingway in a drinking contest.
Kirk Douglas, Charleton Heston... I'm laughing so hard, had to press pause - ep. 5x3 😂😂😂
Marlene Dietrich, Kirk Douglas and Gina Lollobrigida rehearse a song for a benefit in Monte Carlo. August, 1955
Kirk Douglas & Burt Lancaster on the set of 'Gunfight at the O.K. Corral' (1957).
People Magazine writer, Natasha Stoynoff, accusing Trump turned a compliment by Kirk Douglas into a sexual advance too.
Speaking of Double Indemnity, have you seen Billy Wilder's Ace in the Hole w/ Kirk Douglas? so so good.
Kirk Douglas also broke the blacklist by employing Dalton Trumbo to write the script for Spartacus.…
Kirk Douglas hired Dalton Trumbo to write Spartacus, in the face of the McCarthy blacklist. Class act, then and now.
Kirk Douglas is almost 100, & was 16 When Hitler took power. He & his wife scared to death of Trump being elected.
Kirk Douglas is almost 100. He was 16 when Hitler rose to power. He and his wife are "chilled to the bone" by Trump https…
endorsed by Kirk Douglas her words we will make them work for us.
Kirk Douglas, aged 99, said he was 16 when Hitler rose to power, and Donald Trump reminds him of that era. Well, there you…
In case you missed this remarkably articulate article, drawn from Kirk Douglas' nearly century of life.
Kirk Douglas aged almost 100 firing on all cylinders about - go for it Kirk you hero.
Kirk Douglas visits director William Wyler, Charlton Heston & Jack Hawkins on the set of BEN HUR (1959).
Off to see with my hot date Kirk Douglas at Harmony Gold Theatre
Kirk Douglas starring in the 1963 stage adaptation of Ken Kesey's 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'.
Deana Martin with Kirk Douglas and her brothers Ricci & Dino.
Kirk Douglas screaming "GET OUT!" still, as Desi Arnaz would put it, makes my blood "cuddle".
Our newly arrived Century Books of Pasadena tote bags! Many thanks to Douglas Kirk for his illustration! ht…
Enjoyed HD, digitally clean films of Kirk Douglas, writer Dalton Trumbo. Kirk is really a stunner
On this day in 1946, THE STRANGE LOVE OF Martha Ivers opened in theaters. It was Kirk Douglas's first film.
"What do you know about pain?". Kirk Douglas as Vincent Van Gogh in 'Lust for Life' (1956)
One of Kirk Douglas' best. The same goes for Eleanor Parker.
Many great movies in Sept Kirk Douglas season but personal recommendation not many seem to have seen is William Wyler's Detective Story
Back from it's Sold-Out Critically Acclaimed Run!. RECORDED IN HOLLYWOOD. Opens July 8th at Kirk Douglas Theatre...
Got my September booklet in the post and I'm struggling to pick from Kirk Douglas season. Any recs? 35mm pref. Tourneur is on for sure. featured in NBC s Science of Love
THE STRANGE LOVE OF Martha Ivers is a perfect Film Noir - coming up in the Kirk Douglas season
boo!!! Get off the stage Kirk Douglas.wait...being told that's slick willy. Ouch!
fitness has seemed to keep ageing at bay for now.. only other i remember similar is Kirk Douglas
1969 Kirk Douglas "Theres a picture that will always be good yrs from now. I dont have to wait 50 yrs I know it now"
Hopefully Kirk Douglas would do the same!
Paths of Glory is not only a great Kubrick but I think Kirk Douglas' best performance.
We're the "Best Show of the Summer"! Come see what the fuss is all about--we play at the Kirk Douglas Theatre for...
LustForLife is a great movie!Kirk Douglas's best performance&one of Vincent Minnelli's best films!I'm watching Stranger Things
I love Kirk Douglas but his work in this film is too much. I don't really like the film much and feel it hasn't aged well
Our classic interview w/Kirk Douglas about the time Prince borrowed his Epi.
Kirk Douglas and Woody Strode fon the set of 'Spartacus' (1959) Stanley Not originally published in LIFE
Kirk Douglas: A Centennial Celebration. Tonight at the Billy Wilder Theater at the Hammer. . via
Kirk Douglas films at Billy Wilder Theater among movie screenings ...
Watched "I Walk Alone" last night. It was OK... just not a big fan of either Burt Lancaster or Kirk Douglas. 3 stars out of 5.
> Burt Lancaster/Kirk Douglas story was the best opener ever from a guest.
throw back. In harms way John Wayne and Kirk Douglas
Kirk Douglas visits Charlton Heston, Director William Wyler and Jack Hawkins during the making of Ben-Hur, 1959.
Conversation in ladies' during Spartacus intermission is all FMK: Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, or Laurence Olivier?
I have read the Depp complaint. He seems to be a monster, but so are most people in Hollywood. Kirk Douglas raped Natalie W…
The print version has Tony Curtis and Kirk Douglas' Vikings, at least?
Michael Bay. The Kirk Douglas character would be a CGI dog, and the sad song the tavern girl sings at the end would be Smashmouth.
Director Stanley Kubrick, Tony Curtis and Kirk Douglas during filming of SPARTACUS!
Lee J, Robert Ryan, Lee Marvin, Spencer Tracy, Kirk Douglas; I mean, actors like these transcended the screen, they really did.
Stanley Kubrick directing Woody Strode and Kirk Douglas on the set of Spartacus /(25 photos) ht…
Since the two stars of "The Vikings" were Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis (both Jews), there is a tradition of...
16. I can't stand Robert Mitchum and his disease ridden face. He is not handsome at all. He looks like another doopy version of Kirk Douglas
"I got Paul Newman's eyes, I got Kirk Douglas' chin and Robert Duval's haircut.". -Jesse the Body Ventura
I watched Billy Wilder's ACE IN THE HOLE last night. It was a great movie & one of Wilder's best. Kirk Douglas gave a great performance.
Roger Ebert profiles Hollywood royalty, including Kirk Douglas, Lee Marvin and this guy—
Just had the strangest that I was called back to active duty in the sent to Afghanistan and Kirk Douglas as Spartacus was my CO
Jean Simmons, Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis on the set of Spartacus.
Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas would have made a great Superman and Batman.
29 years after their first movie together this 80s comedy would be Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster's last
Kirk Douglas as Vincent Van Gogh in Lust for Life (1956). ph. by Frank Scherschel
Saw kirk Douglas playing Van Gogh today in a film. I just thought ere we go!
Kirk Douglas and director Billy Wilder on the set of 'Ace in the Hole' (1951).
Harry James tutors Kirk Douglas, on the set of "Young Man With A Horn" (1949)
I swear to God they put highlighter on Kirk Douglas' chin dimple in Spartacus.
Official 2016 Press Release: Broadway World. RECORDED IN HOLLYWOOD - The Hit Musical Returns to Play at the Kirk...
Wouldn't you love to have been a fly on the wall.Tony Martin, Dean Martin, Kirk Douglas, Jimmy D
Classic John Sturges western; only Val Kilmer is better Doc Holiday than Kirk Douglas. Great Frankie Laine theme song.
"Ace in the Hole" is up there with "Sunset Blvd". A hard look at cynicism and corruption. Kirk Douglas is electric!
The legend Kirk Douglas in - excellent boxing drama. And can't believe it's from 1949!
Accidentally answered a trivia question with Kirk Cameron instead of Kirk Douglas.
'Recorded in Hollywood' to play Kirk Douglas Theatre this summer
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I've always admired your relationship with Kirk Douglas: your mutual and genuine love and respect are really...
catherine posting pics with kirk douglas WHY
Kirk Douglas visit his son, Michael, and Karl Malden on the set of The Streets of San Francisco.
Acting is make-believe. I never believe I'm the character; I want you to be...
Jeanne Crain. Remember her on King Vidor's "Man without a star" with Kirk Douglas
Kirk Douglas gets out-acted by a trained seal, among other things... .
What's going on LA? RECORDED IN HOLLYWOOD to Play Kirk… Get Found ->
Virtue is not photogenic, so I liked playing bad guys. But, whenever I play...
What was it like to meet Kirk Douglas?
Where's the 1,500-word thinkpiece on the magnificence of Kirk Douglas' chin? WELL?
Thought Trumbo was really terrific. Already know I'll be watching it again. Also Fili was excellent as Kirk Douglas. 👌
Watch cover "Life On Mars?" by David Bowie with help from Chris Martin & Captain Kirk Douglas
Mine also. Funny used to be my mental image of Van Gough was Kirk Douglas ++
. Of course you have the Kirk up there don't you? I think named after Mr. Douglas, the actor 😬
The current champion on reminds me of Kirk Douglas. Seriously, look up Douglas on IMDB.
Update your maps at Navteq
"The Vikings" (Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh) is one of my favorite films of all time.
Tony Curtis as Antoninas in Spartacus, 1960 with Kirk Douglas who is 100 years old this year.
The day the SAG awards are announced is the 99th birthday of Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPARTACUS htt…
“Kirk Douglas gave me this bird. I named him Sam Jackson. He wrote Spartacus.”
Eight and a half months to go until Kirk Douglas turns 100.
A kirk Douglas film, must be the dads
There's an annoying sub at my school and if I didn't already dislike him enough he looks like Kirk Douglas
Still bummed out I wasn't invited to Kirk Douglas' birthday
Listen - pacemaker, crash, stroke. What does it mean? God doesn't want me n...
My latest read by . Kirk Douglas nowhere to be seen!
This morning's film is 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, ze Kirk Douglas, Peter Lorre one of course.
I used to dream of being normal. For me, if Kirk Douglas walked into the *** ..
EXCLUSIVE:   Spartacus at 99! Kirk Douglas celebrated his 99th birthday on Wednesday at his home in
Father and son - The Douglas Family. . Kirk and Michael.
Kirk Douglas on the set of Vincente Minnelli's LUST FOR LIFE (1956).
Get your iPhone insurance today!
RIP my Uncle, actor George Shane. Worked with Kirk Douglas, Ken Branagh, Mickey Rourke, Liam Neeson & more. He was a raker & I'll miss him.
*** why didn't the seal and Kirk Douglas go on the road with that awesome act!
I would pay a suitcase of hundreds just to see George C. Scott and Kirk Douglas sit in a room and yell at each other.
Hollywood superstar Kirk Douglas will turn 100 this year: here with Robert Mitchum
I can't believe God won't do me a solid and kill Kirk Douglas or convict Robert Wagner today
1947 "Out of the Past" Movie ad Robert Mitchum, Kirk Douglas, Jane Greer --[1215
Only Robert Zemeckis could have gotten Kirk Douglas and the rest of this crew on this film! This is crazy!!
John Gavin, Sir Laurence Olivier, the great Peter Ustinov, Kirk Douglas, Jean Simmons and Tony Curtis.
George Kennedy has died at 91. Great part in "Lonely are the Brave". Kirk Douglas masterpiece screenplay by Dalton Trumbo
Did you ever see Kirk Douglas as Harrison in "The Man From Snowy River" '82? Should he have used an Aussie accent?
How did Paul Newman wind up with a Kirk Douglas chin swirl ...?
It is my ace in a hole. ;-) no..not the Paul Simon song or the Kirk Douglas movie... It is my DM link to God... :-D
One of the great Hollywood all star action films. Ernest Borgnine, Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas and Janet Leigh star...
Well, Paul Orndorff does look like Redford crossed with 1960s Kirk Douglas.
a film about journalism starring Kirk Douglas, directed by Billy Wilder. Going to be tough to screw up.
Trumbo. Heisenberg is a communist, Kirk Douglas is immortal. Alan Tudyk is also in it, yay! 8/10
Like me did you get your Viking history from Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis? Find out the real story from Monday
Kirk Douglas in Paths of Glory, 1957. . He will outlive us all.
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