Kirk Cousins & Robert Griffin

Kirk Cousins (born August 19, 1988) is an American football quarterback who played for the Michigan State Spartans football team from 2007-2011. He was the Spartans' starter from 2009–2011. Robert Lee Griffin III (born February 12, 1990), nicknamed RG3, is an American football quarterback for the Washington Redskins of the National Football League (NFL). 5.0/5

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Kirk Cousins & Robert Griffin reminds me of Gus Frerotte and Heath Shuler.
Another Installment of: Red on the Skins... Why Colt is the Perfect Man for the Job Monday Night Although Jay Gruden has left the door slightly ajar for the return of His Name is Robert... it is unlikely that Robert Griffin the 3rd... or the second... or even the first... will be back for this Monday's night football contest featuring the Redskins at Jerra World taking on those pesky Cowboys. That means... Colt Brennan... no... wait... McCoy... Colt Mccoy... will be your quarterback during the Washington Redskins' 3rd prime-time game of the year. The right... I said Redskins. Don't like it? Sioux me Chief. (See what I did there) The Cowboys are playing well above anybody's expectations this year. They've jumped out of the gate to a 6 and 1 record... the Redskins lost their starting quarterback... who wasn't looking all that good anyway... to a torn ankle bone in the second game of the year... and despite some good play and some not so good play from Kirk Cousins... the Skins sit at 2 and 5. It is going to ...
Robert Griffin III watched in agony as the horrible Kirk Cousins made himself look like a fool on Sunday, leading the Washington Redskins to score a pathetic 6 points, en route to a 6-20 loss to the New York Giants. RG3 was so dumbfounded by what he was seeing, that he expressed a face that(...)
Time for Robert Griffin to take a seat and let Kirk Cousins play a game or two.
Do we see passes sail on Kirk Cousins like they did on Robert Griffin last night? Nope..
The Week That Was: RG3 ripple effects Here is what you need to know on this Sunday, June 30, 25 days before the Redskins start Training Camp. That Was the Week That Was —Earlier this week I posted on the possibility that the Redskins will go with just Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins as the quarterbacks on the 53-man roster. Two things need to be noted here. First, if this is to happen Griffin’s knee needs to be, yes, ahead of schedule at the time the decision is made. At the time of the final cuts he will be less than eight months into a seven to nine month rehab. If he’s not truly 100 percent on Aug. 31, the day the cutdown is made, Rex Grossman stays. Also, they would probably need to bring in a young quarterback who could serve on the practice squad in case of emergency. That’s a move they would make sooner rather than later. —The Aaron Hernandez saga is a sad one, especially for the friends and family of Odin Lloyd, who was laid to rest yesterday. And the fact that 30 NFL players has now ...
Let's punish Robert Griffin for his team's front office being smart enough to draft Kirk Cousins to come in and play well as needed. Legit.
Espn Update RG III practices, could be cleared Thursday - Robert Griffin III had a full practice and looked pretty good. Kirk Cousins had a full haircut that looked so bad he had to apologize for it.
Redskins annouce Robert Griffin will sit for Sunday’s game, Kirk Cousins to start
Kirk Cousins wins an NFL game in place of Robert Griffin. Robert Griffin still gets all the attention.
With NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate Robert Griffin sidelined with a sprained knee, Washington Redskins fourth round quarterback Kirk Cousins passed for 329 yards and a pair of touchdowns to Leonard Hankerson in his first NFL start as … Continue reading →
Redskins QB Kirk Cousins will start in place of Robert Griffin (knee) Sunday against the Browns. Players were reportedly informed of the decision in a meeting Saturday night. Given Friday’s news that Griffin hadn’t taken 1st-team reps in practice all week, this isn’t a total shock. Cousins has looked solid in relief of Griffin this year, but there’s no way you’re trusting him in the fantasy playoffs. The news also puts a sizeable dent in Pierre Garcon's upside. He's just a WR3 now. RB Alfred Morris figures to benefit most here with a rookie 4th-rounder making his first NFL start.
Because I love odd football stuff like this: "Since 1920, there have been 846 people to start at least one game at QB in the NFL and Robert Griffin III is the first to go by the name Robert. There have been 19 Bobs, 7 Bobbys, and one Rob, but no Robert until now. There has also only been one Rex and Kirk Cousins would be the first Kirk if/when he starts a game. That means there have been more starting QB's named Babe, Billy Joe, Brock, Kelly, Rusty, and Terry than named Robert."
Workin on a Sunday, wishin that I wasn't tho, rather watch some football and listen to a couple shows, this life I live is questionable like RG3's status, i mean i really hope he plays because hea just a beast at this, so instead I'm walkin round, got me flipping the bird, to all the Vikings fans hatin Robert Griffin the third, and now I walk around waiting for the show to begin, and Hail! to even Kirk Cousins, I just hope that they win!
*** I love this dude! {QB Kirk Cousins said he talked to Robert Griffin III today @ a rookie meeting and said that he looks and appears fine and is in good spirits. Other teammates have checked in on Robert and they said that he apologized for letting the team down.} Proud to be a Skins Fan! Our QB of da future!
Fans of the Washington Redskins experienced a collective panic attack during Sunday's loss to the Atlanta Falcons , watching in helpless horror as starting quarterback Robert Griffin ...
Kirk Cousins, making his NFL debut in relief of injured Robert Griffin III, threw a 77-yard touchdown pass to Santana Moss in the Redskins' 24-17 loss to the Falcons. Griffin threw an 88-yard TD pass in his debut last month. As we reported via on Sunday, Griffin and Cousins were the first rookie teammates with TD passes of 75 yards or longer in the same season since Johnny Clement and Ray Mallouf of the Chicago Cardinals did it in 1941. To fill in a few other data points, consider this: Prior to Griffin and Cousins, no rookie teammates had TD passes of even 40 yards in the same season since John Elway and Gary Kubiak of the Broncos and Dan Marino and Mark Clayton of the Dolphins did so in 1983. The last pair with 50-yard TD passes was Roger Staubach and Calvin Hill of the 1969 Cowboys.
i am glad that Kirk Cousins he play the game yesterday i said to myself go go my favortie friend Kirk Cousins good friend to me i love him he is very nice friend to but i was crying that he was playing the game Redskins i was sit my office chair keep the sorces on my coumpter so keep my friend Kirk cousins but my heart was happy that Kirk Cousins he playing the game his team was good yesterday too i am praying for robert griffin iii he get hurt yesterday too Praise God kirk cousins he play the game for me
“Robert Griffin banged up on sideline hit. Kirk Cousins warming up. No report from bench on status” music to my ears😍
Granted we're only viewing preseason games AND the Redskins have Robert Griffin III as their 1st string quarterback, it's NOT a bad thing to have Michigan State grad Kirk Cousins as the backup. He is awesome tonight!
I'm not watching the Redskins / Colts game for Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck, I'm watching for Kirk Cousins. I know what that sounds like, but I gotta watch my dude.
so hyped for this game. Washington Redskins vs. Indianapolis Colts!! Andrew Luck vs. Robert Griffin III Official , and can't forget Kirk Cousins
Griffin tastes some pressure: Robert Griffin III: three sacks, no touchdowns. Kirk Cousins: three touchdowns, no sacks.
Kirk Cousins throws for 264 yds and 3 touchdowns yesterday, but the Yahoo game recap was still completely about Robert Griffin and his outstanding 5 for 8 passing and getting sacked three times. Oh well.
Redskins QB Robert Griffin was 5-8 for 49 yards, got sacked 3 times and lost his 2nd fumble in as many games. He didn't look particularly accurate or decisive. Kirk Cousins was 18-23 for 264 yards and 3 TDs. He had a near perfect 154.1 QB rating as he rallied the Skins for 3 fourth quarter TDs. What's the phrase I'm trying to think of??? Oh yeah, quarterback controversy.
I told *** that kirk cousins is way better then Robert Griffin lll kirk cousins 18 for 21 for 264 yards 3 touchdowns and no interceptions 3 rushing attempts for 15 yards while Robert griffin only had 46 yards passing a interception and a fumble and sack 3 times like I said redskin will win if kirk cousins is they starter.
Robert Griffin better better watch out. That man Kirk Cousins killed it today.
Rex Grossman and Kirk Cousins battle for backup QB spot
With Robert Griffin and Kirk Cousins in town, where does Rex Grossman fit in among QBs? checks in:
Kirk Cousins / Robert Griffin III says the Redskins informed him at the draft
Kirk Cousins quietly gets to work: While Robert Griffin III juggles the demands of his stardom with the rigors o...
Update your maps at Navteq
Robert Griffin III just farted. Kirk Cousins said to have given him a dirty look.
Robert Griffin III On 'Big Mike' And Kirk Cousins: In case you're wondering how it came to pass that Robert Grif...
Kirk Cousins sees opportunity as Robert Griffin III’s backup on
With Robinson inked, Robert Griffin III Kirk Cousins and Josh LeRibeus are the only unsigned players from the '12 draft class
Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan announced that Robert Griffin III will be the starting quarterback going into Training Camp, with Rex Grossman and Kirk Cousins to compete for the backup spot. Great move. Put out any QB controversies from the start. Sink or swim with the rookie. At least he won't be looking over his shoulder when he makes a mistake (unlike, say, the New York Jets situation at QB).
Hey Stephen Thompson, I think you need to get some Saints to do a hit job on Shanahan. "As the NFL world continues to debate the Redskins’ surprising decision to use their fourth-round draft pick on quarterback Kirk Cousins after already using their first- and second-round picks (and their next two years’ first-round picks) on quarterback Robert Griffin III, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan thinks it’s going to work because he has seen it work before." The boy is totally out to lunch now, nothing good will come out of his reign.
Ashburn, VA-Redskins Head Coach Mike Shanahan and quarterbacks Robert Griffin III & Kurt Cousins spoke to the media today following the conclusion of rookie mini-camp.
Redskins draft Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins. Send us your comments on the Redskins QB situation
Post-NFL draft rankings: Encore for Redskins after taking Robert Griffin III, Kirk Cousins?
Redskins buy insurance picking Kirk Cousins to back up Robert Griffin III -
Redskins can't pass up Spartans QB Kirk Cousins, who'll join Robert Griffin III
Cousins, the Michigan State quarterback many projected to go as high as the second round, was instead a surprise pick by the Washington Redskins in the fourth round Saturday. To add to the challenge, he will compete against Robert Griffin III of Baylor, the second pick of the draft.
Washington Redskins: B Owner Daniel Snyder, general manager Bruce Allen and coach Mike Shanahan decided a bold move was needed for the team to compete in the difficult NFC East; trading two future first-round picks and their 2012 second-round selection in order to move up four spots to secure quarterback Robert Griffin III with the second overall pick certainly qualifies. Grabbing another passer 100 picks later (Michigan State's Kirk Cousins) emphasizes the team's belief that the defense is good enough to win the division (and more) with more help from the offense. The rest of the team's draft was not extraordinary, however, and the lack of future premium picks means Snyder will open his wallet in free agency to keep the team in contention -- but he's well-practiced at that.
You can never have enough breakdowns of Robert Griffin III, and so here’s one from Redskins quarterback coah Matt LaFleur who, along with offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, will educate the team’s franchise quarterback on the NFL and Washington’s offense.
The Washington Redskins used two high picks to select QBs (Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins) in this year's draft. Good move?
Kirk Cousins was surprised to be drafted by the Washington Redskins after the team had picked quarterback Robert Griffin III with the No. 2 overall pick. But Cousins said Monday that he's competing with RG3, not against the Heisman Trophy winner.
Redskins: "Kirk Cousins is the right quarterback to move us past the 40-hour Robert Griffin III
With the 2nd overall pick in the 2012 nfl draft, the Washington Redskins select Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor... and then draft Kirk Cousins 3 rounds later... *** is up with that
Skip "Baseless" actually thinks Kirk Cousins can compete for the starting job with Robert Griffin III?!! R u serious!! Please!! Now u know why I have absolutely no and I mean no respect for any of "Baseless's" idiotic comments..Like I said he has to do it for the ratings for can't be that stupid!!
After taking Robert Griffin III in round one, the Redskins took Kirk Cousins, another quarterback in round four. What do you think about taking two QBs?
ESPN Video: Eric Mangini, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss what the Redskins pick of Kirk Cousins means for Robert Griffin III.
How dare the Redskins create a quarterback controversy. Won't this be damaging to Robert Griffin III's ego? How could he handle the added pressure of . . . Kirk Cousins on the roster?
Despite drafting Robert Griffin 2nd overall, the Redskins also took QB Kirk Cousins in the 4th round. We explain why
Washington invested a lot to get Heisman Trophy-winner Robert Griffin III in the first round Thursday. Washington drafted quarterbacks with two of its first three picks.
Redskins' decision to draft Kirk Cousins after Robert Griffin III a hot debate in Washington
I hope Robert Griffin and Kirk Cousins give the Redskins *** I love it a receipt for disaster is Washington.
Wow Robert Griffin and also Kirk Cousins.let's go SKINS!!!
Last night at the NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins drafted QB Kirk Cousins out of Michigan State, then proceeded to release last years number 2 QB, John Beck. This moves Robert Griffin III up to number 2 on the depth chart, with Rex Grossman keeping the seat warm until RGIII is ready to step in. Will RGIII become the Redskins first long time elite QB in 25 years? (Joe Theismann, could argue Mark Rypien in the early 90's). I think he will. Going with the Shanahan's on this one.
The Washington Redskins have added two new quarterbacks in Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins at this year's NFL draft, which consequently ended their relationship with veteran passer John Beck ...
Mike Shanahan said he informed Robert Griffin III this morning that he may draft Kirk Cousins later in the day.
ASHBURN, Va. (AP) After Washington made a blockbuster trade to select Robert Griffin III second overall, the Redskins have drafted Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins in the fourth round.
Surprise! Washington gives fans the day's first head-scratcher with its fourth-round pick of Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins, despite already selecting Heisman Trophy QB Robert Griffin III second overall.
For those who don't know, Kirk Cousins is going to the Washigton Redskins along with Robert Griffin III.
The Redskins put some added pressure on Heisman Trophy winning draftee Robert Griffin III by selecting Michigan State's Kirk Cousins in the fourth round on Saturday.
Why in *** would the Redskins draft both Robert Griffin lll and Kirk Cousins? It's a slap in the face to both QBs!! RGlll, drafted 2nd overall, was drafted as the future face of the franchise and shouldn't be disrespected by having another QB compete for his job!! Cousins, on the other hand, deserves to start or compete for a starting job somewhere else!!!
Can't wait to see Kirk Cousins start over Robert Griffin 3. Washington, you're stupid.
Washington picks my boy Kirk Cousins from MSU. Why is Kirk my boy? 4-0 vs. scUM. Washington isn't that where Robert Griffin III went.ummm intresting.
Wow Washington Redskins just took another Qb Kirk cousins from Michigan State we are looking good for the future Robert Griffin lll and Kirk cousins
wonder if I am the only guy wondering what the beef between Kirk Cousins and Robert Griffin is? Go figure...
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