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Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins (born August 19, 1988) is an American football quarterback who played for the Michigan State Spartans football team from 2007-2011. He was the Spartans' starter from 2009–2011.

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Reminder: Shawn Springs and Santana Moss got FIRED UP when debating whether or not Kirk Cousins is a game manager.
[SB Nation: Hogs Haven] PFF: Kirk Cousins is a Top 10 player to start a franchise with
With QB Kirk Cousins set to play '17 out on a 1-year deal -- & with CB Trumaine Johnson doing the same -- all 👀…
While all the talk these days is about Kirk Cousins and millions of dollars, RG3 remains jobless. Why?
Do you want Kirk Cousins signed long term? (RT after voting)
How far will Daniel Snyder go to keep Kirk Cousins?
With Derek Barnett is the better without Kirk Cousins, Jameis
I hear Dan Snyder would rather make Kirk Cousins the highest paid QB in the NFL than lose him to Kyle Shanahan
I've got two "sources" that tell me Kirk Cousins & the Redskins will get a deal done by July 17th:...
I just watched a interview of Kirk Cousins and Josh Norman raving about how good Dak is...
Boogie Cousins and Demarcus Cousins is the same person and Kirk Cousins is one person
I'm sticking with 0 from Houston's by MVP over Stafford, Demarcus Cousins trade Kirk Cousins. NOW on Undisputed,
Derek Carr deserves more money than Kirk Cousins every day of the week...$120 is the number right?
Derek Carr's deal is another data point, but it doesn't really move the needle in Kirk Cousins' contract talks.
On date change, if CBA deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday it is moved to Monday. Thus Lev Bell and Kirk Cousins now h…
One month to go in Redskins-Kirk Cousins contract negotiations - Yardbarker
First, Kirk Cousins golfs with Trump. Then, Alex Ovechkin is spotted with Putin.
Jake was in my second grade class. He's also a relative to Washington QB Kirk Cousins. Now a MLB prospect.
Seems less than ideal for Can report Kirk Cousins has hit ZERO reporters at OTAs. Colt McCoy hasn'…
That Colin Kaepernick hasn't been signed yet is baffling. You telling me he's worse than Tom Savage, Kirk Cousins & Josh McCown?
Kirk Cousins a Glorified Andy Dalton . Yes, they are the same person
That's true. Andy Dalton isn't a bad QB but he's like Kirk Cousins: he won't win you anything.
Russell Wilson and Kirk Cousins are both 28. Cousins has outperformed Wilson the last 2 seasons. RW's ADP = 47. KC's ADP = 100
Kirk Cousins finished 3rd in the league w/ 4,917 PY last season. 2017/18 Jamison Crowder & Josh Doctson will still be in WAS as targets.
Kirk Cousins is himself, OBJ is skipping practice to hang out with Iggy Azalea, and the eagles are using a slow, 30…
Redskins say they could use third tag on QB Kirk Cousins
Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio was asked: "Who is the best player you’ve ever coached?” His answer: Kirk Cousins
So about that Kirk Cousins-to-Cleveland report: "They were laughing inside the Redskins war room. I mean, laughing." https:…
Discussed Kyle Shanahan with on Expect to make a run at Kirk Cousins if don’t exclu…
Witch leads me to say y'all can't win with Kirk cousins
The good news is, you have half your media so far up Kirk Cousins' you won't see Jackson. KC has his own PR team in…
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Why did no one tell me Kirk Cousins was 3 miles away from my crib 😩😭
Kirk Cousins speaking for John Wall to Kelly Olinyk via
need to do the right thing and give Kirk cousins the opportunity to chase a title elsewhere​. # freekirk cousins
on why C.J. Beathard reminds team of
Kirk Cousins was 25 minutes away and I had no idea 😪
U guys won't be laughing when we get Kirk Cousins from you
tells why reminds them of Kirk Cousins
Report: trying to trade for QB Kirk Cousins.
Redskins and QB Kirk Cousins have agreed to a deal that will make him the 2nd highest paid player in the NFL
I'm out till July 15th to rattle them cages with Kirk Cousins talk lol u guys be good till then.
Did the 49ers find a gem in Iowa QB CJ Beathard
Kirk Cousins has now eclipsed 4,000 passing yards on the season. He is the 1st player to record multiple 4,000+ yar…
Analysis | Assessing Washington's draft haul and predicting what's next for Kirk Cousins and the Redskins
See what happen was they tried to short me like a Kirk Cousins Contract and I wasn't having it.
Redskins moves show commitment to Kirk Cousins
Even without Kirk Cousins, who's the Yacht Club: 2 INTs. He's so much for 5 full
Shame people still sleep on Kirk Cousins
explains why C.J. Beathard reminds team of
Cousins loses the job to Pryor and Kirk moves to WR.
Kyle Shanahan hopes 49ers found next Kirk Cousins in C.J. Beathard. Read Blog:
But you put Kirk cousins in this one LMAO
Kirk Cousins' heroics cancelled by penalty?
Kirk Cousins is bearing his testimony in my ward today
Ur right I'm not expecting 89 90 speed but his 40 time is faster then other QBs like…
Kirk Cousins if its a under 0.500 team. Carr if its a good team
Kirk Cousins also drives a 9 passenger van but I think it's because he just didn't feel like buying a new car...🤔
SF GM John Lynch believes the 49ers found in gem in QB C.J. Beathard:
49ers' GMJohn Lynch on what the team likes so much in QB C.J. Beathard:
49ers’ Lynch: Why C.J. Beathard reminds us of Kirk Cousins -
If u don't give Kirk Cousins the mega long term contract, then he walks free in 2018. Unless you tra…
There's only 1 option! Lock up Kirk Cousins with a long term deal & big bonus that he & had s agent…
how did Scott feel about Kirk Cousins? As fans we don't really know if he's worth the money or not.
hi bee! Would u trade 1.16 rookie draft pick for Kirk Cousins? My opinion af Qb right now are bradford and mccown. Dyno ppr
Odell hadn't been far more valuable than Kirk Cousins trade, KD/Russ, and has ANOTHER late free
If the next season? NOW on his trade Kirk Cousins, Richard Sherman has always say hey, after Tues
How bout the one Kirk Cousins wears? v
hey Dan Steinberg of the people should embrace John Wall as opposed to Kirk Cousins who has accomplished nothing
ask yourself this..Who reminds you more of Kirk Cousins... Murray or Goff.. Sean McVay was with Cousins…
Kirk Cousins best years wasn't with Shanahan . Matt Schuab: 3 good yrs (1 playoff appearance) . Brian Hoyer: faded in Cleveland
Redskins deny getting 'one call' for Kirk Cousins; Browns call rumor 'bad reporting'
Redskins coach Jay Gruden said they didn't "receive one call" about a trade for quarterback Kirk Cousins...
REPORT: The Browns are trying to trade for Kirk Cousins. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Cousins family during t…
Source says they've heard "at least 4 teams" have called inquiring about QB Kirk Cousins.
Redskins QB Kirk Cousins will be using Riddell's Precision Fit SpeedFlex for the 2017 season.
Bengals got John Ross so Andy Dalton can underthrow him 5 times a game.word to Kirk Cousins. Right?
Redskins sources say report that Browns trading for Kirk Cousins is NOT true
The Cleveland Browns have agreed on a trade for Kirk Cousins. Wow.
I DO NOT want Kirk Cousins if it means trading the pick
Kirk Cousins trade isn't expected to happen.
Looking like Jamal Adams. Also looks like Cleveland is trying to trade for Kirk Cousins
So Trubisky at 2 after insane trade, reaching for Davis at 5 and Kirk Cousins might get traded. and we're only 50 m…
Browns trying to trade for Kirk Cousins?
Browns attempting to trade for Kirk Cousins . What in the ***
Wow. Cleveland is trying to trade for Kirk Cousins. This is real.
Huge: Cleveland trying to trade for Kirk Cousins.
John Lynch doesn't have to worry about a QB. Just waiting til next year til Kirk Cousins shows up.
John Lynch is clearly stockpiling picks to offer for Kirk Cousins
As we enter the draft on Kirk Cousins: Trade? Progress in talks? Draft a QB?
I was wrong about Kirk Cousins am I wrong about David Webb too? READ; You be the judge.
Fred Smoot says the Redskins can win the NFL draft if they trade Kirk Cousins
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Fred Smoot makes the case for trading Kirk Cousins: "Now is the time to rebuild"
The Audible welcomes Fred Smoot to discuss his passionate belief that the Redskins should trade Kirk Cousins
.sees some of Kirk Cousins in Mitch Trubisky:
Kirk Cousins decided to stay underneath the franchise tag but lost Garçon and Desean. They were replaced by Brian Quick and Trelle Pryor 😯
Vernon Davis: Redskins teammates think Kirk Cousins is "spectacular"
Ty "You want potato skins" . Me "Not a huge fan of potatoes or skins" . Jo "But you love Kirk Cousins and Robert Kelly". I do love me some Kirk
Kirk Cousins to the Niners before the Draft? from the talks about this w/
Mike Mayock said a lot of nice things about Kirk Cousins at the 2016 combine. Suddenly, that's way more interesting https:…
As a Cowboy fan, I love it that the reeling Redskins can't seem to live with or without Kirk Cousins, who's 1-4 vs Dal…
Terrelle Pryor will be catching passes from Kirk Cousins in 2017. His stock is on the rise, per MORE: https:/…
Kirk Cousins signs franchise tender, set to make $24 million in 2017
Kirk Cousins signs franchise tender with Washington
Report: Kirk Cousins has been chained in FedExField basement for three weeks
Kirk Cousins wants out too so maybe pray for a miracle
.explains how Kirk Cousins holds the power in negotiations with Redskins ownership.
free agency: No truth to Kirk Cousins trade rumor; re-sign Vernon Davis
“If I had to guess … I’d say more likely than not that Kirk Cousins ends up being the 49ers QB." (via 🤔 ht…
Y'all are really behind Kirk Cousins like he is the 2nd coming. Can't win the important games. Let him go for adequate compensation!
Sounds incredibly likely that Kirk Cousins ends up in SF as their new QB. Curious what happens now in Washington.
ICYMI: Michael Phillips of the Times-Dispatch joins Wes to discuss Kirk Cousins | Wes McElroy | Fox Sports 910...
Redskins give Kirk Cousins exclusive franchise tag. The buy in to sit at the Jimmy Garoppolo table just went way up htt…
Kirk cousins is an athlete I'll never understand
Kirk Cousins only 17th player ever to get exclusive franchise tag. Only 4 played under the tag. History suggests a long term de…
Forget about NHL deadline and Hansen updates. When are Niners trading for Kirk Cousins?
Kirk Cousins' reaction to the news of getting tagged is exactly why so many fans have grown to love him. https:/…
Five domino effects from the Redskins tagging Kirk Cousins
Redskins' Kirk Cousins: Throws for 329 yards against the Packers
Hour long speech and totally disregarded the prospect of a long term deal for Kirk Cousins, sad
Redskins put exclusive franchise tag on Kirk Cousins - For the second straight year, the Redskins have placed t...
Even after getting tagged, the and Kirk Cousins still appear to have some work to do on a long-term deal.
BREAKING: Redskins have placed the franchise tag on QB Kirk Cousins.
The 49ers could still make a play for Kirk Cousins - Riggo's Rag
It's insane how much leverage Kirk Cousins has and how rich he's going to be
place exclusive franchise tag on Kirk Cousins, which prevents him from talking to other teams.
If Kirk Cousins is worth $24 million for a season, then my brother crushes puss on the reg.
Report: Kirk Cousins would accept a trade only to the 49ers
Kirk Cousins is an interception prone choke artist who has never won anything and he seems to like making our team look stupid
What the franchise tag means for Kirk Cousins and the Redskins
Why the Redskins need a long-term Kirk Cousins deal more than he does
Washington wants a Godfather offer for Kirk Cousins, don't realize they’re Fredo.
BREAKING: The Redskins have placed an exclusive franchise tag on Kirk Cousins.
If Kirk Cousins has a good season he will likely wind up making more money over three years than anyone in NFL history. Tim…
Kirk Cousins chasing down that franchise tender:
What the franchise tag means for and the Redskins
WATCH: meets Scot McCloughan after the game
place exclusive franchise tag on QB 📰:
Kirk Cousins can still be traded. Redskins just have to give permission for him to talk new deal. still very much in…
Redskins Place Franchise Tag on Cousins. (I Got to try out)
Paying $24M for Kirk Cousins is akin to paying $11 for an airport beer. I mean, you don't want to pay that much, but you have…
Trent Green, Rich Gannon, Brad Johnson now Kirk Cousins this team doesn't deserve good QB there to *** stupid to be successful
Kirk Cousins would do well to sign an extension NOW, before he gets Ryan Fitzpatrick-ed.
I also accidentally threw a pick to Patrick Chung and Kirk Cousins stripped him in that same play and I recovered
Geno Smith. Sanchez. Keenum. Shaun Hill. Cmon lol. Kirk Cousins is the only definitive better Qb
In lieu of Jordan Reed shows QB Kirk Cousins ❤️...? + What players will get franchise tag?…
Jordan Reed pleads for Redskins to bring Kirk Cousins back There’s going to be a lot of talk over…
Jordan Reed: 'We got to bring' Kirk Cousins back
My thoughts on whether Aaron Rodgers & Tom Brady's deals should be a ceiling for Kirk Cousins via
The only difference between James Dolan and Daniel Snyder is a former coach randomly drafting Kirk Cousins.
This is my parents with Emmitt Smith, Andre Johnson, Kirk Cousins & Travis Kelce. 2 mins after this was taken they…
Amen. Dak was basically Kirk Cousins while Zeke looked like Emmitt Smith mixed with Beast Mode
We're just hanging out on a Friday evening with Emmitt Smith, Kirk Cousins, and Rich Eisen. No bigs.
Jimmy Garoppolo, Kirk Cousins could be on 49ers radar. Kyle Shanahan offered up scouting reports (via https:…
Watching B-Mitch on why Kirk Cousins is so scrutinized
"If they want me back, I definitely want to be back.". More from QB Kirk Cousins:
Kirk Cousins signed helmet going for $325 here at the Super Bowl. Same price as a Fran Tarkenton
"Overtime" starts right now - Your reaction to the statements by Bruce Allen, Jay Gruden & Kirk Cousins this week? Meaningful or not?
President of the Redskins Bruce Allen, "Kirk Cousins" is our Quarterback. Via ESPN...
Bruce Allen adamant that QB Kirk Cousins will be back with Redskins via App
From -- Bruce Allen: aim to keep Kirk Cousins long term; QB says he wants to stay
Now things get very interesting for the Washington Redskins and Kirk Cousins.
President Bruce Allen believes Kirk Cousins will the team's QB of the future.
Caught up with team president Bruce Allen about Kirk Cousins contract talks. Are the 2 sides on same page?
Full video from my 1 on 1 with Bruce Allen, where he reveals havent started talks with Kirk Cousins yet, but "he…
Full video from today's conversation w Bruce Allen on Kirk Cousins, Redskins staff, "He knows our intent"
Studying Wyoming QB Josh Allen-- See some Jay Cutler/Kirk Cousins. You could make an incredible highlight tape from his…
Gruden said in an interview at the Senior Bowl that he fully expects Kirk Cousins to return to the Redskins next season
Josh Norman wants to make sure that Kirk Cousins stays with the Redskins.
Scott is out of his mind if he let's go of Kirk Cousins. This team hasn't had a FQB since Joe Theisman. I'm tired of the QB carousel.
Kirk Cousins will head to the Pro Bowl since Matt Ryan is headed to the Super Bowl
Kirk Cousins got some contract leverage with the help of Matt Ryan.
Kyle Shanahan led Kirk Cousins to 463 yards against the Patriots. Dan Quinn was a bad throw by Russell Wilson away from winning in 2014.
We are about to see an off season where Tony Romo, Tyrod Taylor, Jay Cutler, and Kirk Cousins are all FAs aren't we?
I would feel scared for my team's future if we had a quarterback like Jay Cutler, Kirk Cousins, Ryan Fitzpatrick, etc...
"Lemme tell ya 'bout this guy Kirk Cousins, man"
caller: "Start Nate Sudfeld. Nate Sudfeld has a way bigger upside than Kirk Cousins."
Joe Theismann says Kirk Cousins is still getting better: "I believe he can be in top 10 in the NFL" at the QB spot befor…
Scott Van Pelt explains why the Redskins should pay Kirk Cousins the money he asks for this offse... - via App
Three QB's posted quarterback ratings over 95 each of the last 2 seasons. Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Kirk Cousins. That's…
Scott McCloughan please resign Kirk Cousins! Yes, he did not play well yesterday but overall he played well in 2016 to deserve a contract.
Melo top 3 SF. Knicks going to the finals. Kirk Cousins best QB in the NFC east. Rudy *** > Paul George
celebrity superfan just got married (congrats!) and has thoughts on Kirk Cousins.…
Against teams with winning records, Kirk Cousins and the are 2-11
These Kirk Cousins quotes bode very poorly for the
Here's how it fell apart for the who failed to show up for their regular-season finale w everything @ stake: ht…
With Redskins QB Kirk Cousins again set to become a free agent, his head coach offered a strong vote of support. https:…
I like how Kirk cousins got all hot headed after two W's earlier in the're still trash bruh.
So all you Redskins fans that want Kirk Cousins replaced got a solution to anyone thats possibly better because I don't see it.
what about Kirk cousins as the bears qb
I really can't believe this but at the same time I knew it. It's the redskins. It's Kirk cousins. I just knew it.
I bet Kirk Cousins drive off the tee gets picked
Redskins fans geek me. If not Kirk Cousins who better?
Kirk Cousins is *really* excited abt playing for Washington in 2017, clearly. .
but all of the W and L's don't fall just on Kirk cousins. Detroit is prime example.
Kirk Cousins is one of my favorite players but the fact that he's gonna sit up here and act like this to the fans and the organization...
if Kirk cousins once a ring, ;) The New England Patriots will gladly put one on his finger after Brady retires
Kirk Cousins choked away the playoffs, but the Redskins should still give him $100 million via
Kirk Cousins' rough finish stirs debate on long-term deal in Washington
What we learned in Week 17 of the NFL season -
Kirk Cousins against the Giants when NYG had nothing to play for:. 22/35, 285 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT, 74.1 rating.
You gotta bring kirk cousins and Pierre Garcon back. Let djax walk
Completely changed my mind on Josh McDaniels. Give him Kirk Cousins money
Very indifferent on Kirk Cousins. Not pressed to have him back, but I'm okay if he is back at decent price.
In regards to Kirk Cousins, you can't be as bad as you are when your receiving core includes Garçon, Jackson, Crowder, and Jordan Reed
bring in McDaniels and Caserio and trade draft picks for Kirk Cousins. Don't draft Watson, he's not the answer.
Kirk Cousins gives Redskins millions of reasons to doubt him - Sporting News
This Kirk Cousins saga gonna be as bad here when LAL were begging for Dwight to stay
'Kirk Cousins will want Dalton money at worst'.Oh man, Kirk outta here lol
NEW 10 Things Podcast: Cousins' collapse (and what's next?), unstoppable Rodgers, the job opening in Denver & more.
what I wish Kirk Cousins mind set was
Live look at Kirk Cousins' next contract:
1. Read these two quotes. 2. Prepare yourself for the possibility of a future without Kirk Cousins.
More Kirk Cousins on bringing him back. "I don't know if they bought the engagement ring, if you will."
Takeaways from week 17 in the NFL, including why the Redskins can't give Kirk Cousins a long term deal.…
Kirk Cousins, Redskins squander a chance to make playoffs in 19-10 loss to Giants - The Washington Post...
Kirk Cousins cares about other free agent qbs more than the redskins or future teamates?
Carson Wentz has twice as many wins (4) as Kirk Cousins does (2) against teams with 9+ wins.
Kirk Cousins a lock to return in 2017? 's on how that might NOT be the case.
Kirk Cousins should be the QB next year. He is absolutely not the reason Skins miss the playoffs. Bad Defense/l…
Kirk Cousins a weird dude bruh lol.
Kirk cousins had a great year he improved sooo much from the past seasons
When I die I want Kirk Cousins to lower me into mu grave so he can let me down one last time
As a Niners fan, I wouldn't be upset if we threw all our eggs into the Kirk Cousins basket. Just sayin.
Kirk Cousins wasn’t screaming at Scot McCloughan asking him how he likes him now after yesterday’s game.
Adam Schefter: “There’s not a player in the league who has more leverage than Kirk Cousins."
II sure hope the Redskins give Kirk Cousins the big long-term contract he wants. As a Cowboy fan, I want to see him 10…
Kirk Cousins will not be asking the media if they liked that game
RG3 and Kirk Cousins have done the same thing in the NFL. Led team to playoffs and lost in the wildcard g…
Is Scott McLoughan gonna roll up to Kirk Cousins like "I don't like you now"?
A few coaches around league on Kirk Cousins: good, will win games but not a Super Bowl. INT doesn't help his case. Tough…
Worse performance this week.Kirk Cousins or Mariah Carey?
Kirk Cousins is going to cost me a championship. What is with this guy. When he supposed to do well he tanks. Every time.
My team really showed out in the finals and scored 12 td's. David Johnson,Kirk Cousins,Dez Bryant,Doug Baldwin etc.…
Alex Smith is a slightly more athletic Matt Schaub and less Vine-y Kirk Cousins
Back to the here & now...QB Kirk Cousins is going to get paid. Priced out of
Fan cries tears of joy after getting autograph from Kirk Cousins. VIDEO:
Kirk Cousins was looking festive in his press conference... but not necessarily by choice. 😂
Pretty nice blitz pick up here from Chris Thompson. Allowed Kirk Cousins to step up in the pocket and find Reed for 1st…
Michael Robinson: “Is it Kirk Cousins, or is it offense being manufactured from the play caller? That’s what it looks like…
Capable QB: Kirk Cousins is proof Matt Barkley could be something
Kirk Cousins needs to take a *** Xanax more than almost anyone in America at almost any point of almost any day
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
[The Washington Times] Kirk Cousins tries to bounce back for Redskins against Bears after tough stretch
Do I start Phillip Rivers vs. the Browns or Kirk Cousins vs. the Bears. Championship on the line!
you know for a fact that Kirk Cousins is better than Brock Osweiler
I was in semis for fantasy and I lost last week by 3 because Kirk cousins couldn't throw a td and Vernon Davis has bricks for hands 👎🏽
LOL Kirk Cousins sounds like such a nerd in that wired-for-sound Bose commercial 😂
Pretty sad if Washington has to pay Kirk Cousins in a year when they don't even make the playoffs? Insult to injury!
this NFC East tilt and that Bose commercial reminds me that Kirk Cousins IS the goofiest ***
Kirk Cousins might be the whitest guy in the league possibly the world
Drew Brees Quietly is the league leader in Passing... Kirk Cousins and Matt Ryan is right behind him... that's a change of pace.
How can you not like Kirk cousins he's such a sweetheart 😻😻
Lmaoo Kirk Cousins is a total tardo that *** is hilarious
Has Alshon Jeffery embraced the franchise tag like Kirk Cousins?
You just made me pick Kirk Cousins as best in anything, you monster
Both of these NFC EAST QBs *** as *** let me find out Kirk Cousins the best QB in that division lmao
Wentz INT. Kirk Cousins still best QB in NFC East. "Fixes his cape"
Kirk Cousins the best QB in the NFC East
QB Kirk Cousins, CB Josh Norman and WR Jamison Crowder have been selected as alternates.
Kirk cousins winz more. Clearly related.
Andrew Luck is a Happy Holidays guy, Kirk Cousins is a Merry Christmas guy. Breaking big news here.
If that was Kirk Cousins who through that interception, half the fan base would be screaming about how he's not a good QB.
Kirk Cousins might even be better then Eli right now.
Kirk Cousins still the best QB in the NFC East.
Giants should offer Kirk Cousins a massive contract in the off season or trade for Garropolo
Tirico is the Kirk Cousins of play by play.
Registration for the 2017 Kirk Cousins Football Camp is now available at Just in time for Christm…
I started Kirk cousins in a championship game last year. I know Barkley is newer though. I think it'll be great for Barkley.
Dak made the pro bowl over Russel Wilson, Kirk Cousins, Drew Brees, and the list goes on. All these men listed got robbed!
Kirk Cousins really be putting on a show💯
I will love my girl like Kirk Cousins loves his wife, Julie Cousins.
Kirk Cousins becomes the highest-paid player in the NFL - that, and 51 other bold sports predictions for 2017. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Kirk Cousins is not following the playoff scenarios. In fact, he doesn't want to hear about it
Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford, and Kirk Cousins are arguably better. Rodgers had a poor year...
Redskins have as much faith as ever in Kirk Cousins despite Monday’s poor game
QB Kirk Cousins is taking it one game at a time, zoned in on the Bears. . 📚:
. of has unique insight on Kirk Cousins & Matt Barkley. He's worked with both: https:/…
I would not take a Falcon in Carolina. Kirk Cousins was doing great until he ran into them last week.
Redskins need better from Kirk Cousins. He's delivered it before.
I'm surprised Mike Shanahan didn't figure out a way to work in Kirk Cousins' name when he was speaking at that Donald…
Matthew McConaughey has confidence in Kirk Cousins as a franchise quarterback for the
This should be a fantastic matchup on Kirk Cousins' blind side.
I finally figured out who Matt Barkley reminds me of: Kirk Cousins. He's competitive, a leader, accurate, average arm. F…
When you think about this stage in his career, how different is Barkley from Kirk Cousins when he was at the same point?
Kirk Cousins is the best QB in the National Football Conference East. Debate your great grandfather's tombstone.
Tom Brady or Kirk Cousins at QB? Flex Sammy Watkins or AJ Green or Willie Snead?
Kirk Cousins has the 5th highest QBR in the NFL. Above the likes of Big Ben, Brees, Rivers, Cam etc. You get the point.
Kirk Cousins is a better player than Andrew Luck. --
Will the Kirk Cousins be a Washington Redskin next year?
comparing Kirk Cousins' franchise tag to Taylor's sad contract is ridiculous.
Easy Bryce Harper !!! He's more of a star than Kirk Cousins
If you had to choose, do you go with a $400 million deal for Bryce Harper or a $120 million one for Kirk Cousins?…
Clinton Portis responds to radio callers blaming Josh Norman and Kirk Cousins
LOL Washington racial slurs and Kirk Cousins lol. COOK bro!
Kirk Cousins named NFC offensive player of the month via
[Larry Brown Sports] Joe Theismann warns of consequences if Redskins do not commit to Kirk Cousins
That's a cute response, but remember I'm not the one who said Kirk Cousins wasn't a good QB
I just don't understand why people continue to marginalize Kirk Cousins. At this point it's pretty lame.
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