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Kings Island

Kings Island is a amusement park located northeast of Cincinnati in Mason, Ohio. Opened in 1972 by Taft Broadcasting Company and now owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, Kings Island is the most visited seasonal amusement park in the U.S.

Cedar Point Walking Dead Eiffel Tower Dorney Park

I want the blue one from Kings Island πŸ˜‹
A nice morning for a ride around North Merritt Island. I did the Grant Road, KARS Park, and Kings Park Loop...
Who's Ready For The Return of at . Details ->
good memories from early and mid 70's at Kings Island. School trip from Louisville
Kings island, tattooos, food, shopping, you name it. S/O to for always being spontaneous w/ me 😁
This is kings island lol not six flags
Happy 1 Year Anniversary to this cute couple!! @ Outback Steakhouse - Mason - Kings Island
but chiefs are basically kings. They make all the technically princess of the island. I also like trolling u
The Eiffel Tower at Kings Island is great in this pic right? Eh think again (Kings Dominion)
Took a picture with my drone of the Great Wolf Lodge and Kings Island on my way to visit my father . It was an over…
Good day shoppers! Today released a brand new poster + restocked all the other Roller Coaster prints!…
Brooklyn NY Kings highway not far away from Coney Island Ave,poor heroes under paird, over worked
I've been drinking since noon & I have it in a kings island cup, and I accidentally just chugged it so fast thinking it was coke :-)
Due to signal problem at Kings Hwy,Some northbound F trains are running on the D line from Coney Island-Stil…
Kitty Cat Ears 4 🐱 En route to my at Kings Island in Ohio! πŸ’‹N
Kings Island trip last summer, do u remember this Paxtyn?
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Kings Park motorcyclist dies in Commack crash, police say
Surprised that the construction crew are at Kings Island working on Get the job done bob the builder…
This was me every day at kings island
us listening to throwbacks such as this. On our way to kings island
Bargos is like Kings Island except no rides or anything worth waiting 45 minutes in line for
Been to Kings Island but do not remember this episode! I will have to track it down.
Was the Kings organist just playing the Gilligan's Island theme?
I've been to Kings Island twice. Mainly because I used to hate Tolliver coasters
I grew up in Southern Ohio but now I live in Kentucky. I visit Kings Island tho
A3: Tomb of the Kings in Paphos, Cyprus was incredible. So much history on that beautiful island. https:/…
43 years ago today The Brady Bunch episode The Cincinnati Kids was filmed at Kings Island.
On this day 43 years ago (November 23, 1973), The B.B. Premiered from Kings Island! I was there a wk b4 u all were.
Kings Island is awesome as are the people that work there. Happy Thanksgiving KI
are Q trains running regular from coney island to kings highway?
well if u like short but creative games: pony island . Funny weebo game: akibas trip. Adventure: kings quest.. And so on
I tolerate Ohio for three days per year: Great Wolf lodge day, Cincinnati Bengals day, and Kings Island day. That is all.
This took place in Ohio, Kings Island... Just saying
Anyone wanna go to Kings Island one Friday night in October for fright night? Text me if you do, we're trying to get a group togetherπŸŽƒ
Kings Island 'kicks' cancer, raises thousands in benefit -
Kings Island 'kicks' cancer, raises thousands in benefit –
Here's why all those soccer balls are floating in Kings Island's fountain: via
those 2 places are about the only thing I miss about living up North. CP is so much better than Kings Island
Looking for a squad to go to Kings Island before school starts!!
I'm in a wake up, play fallout new vegas for 13 hours straight kinda mood. But nawww I HAVE to go to Kings Island lmao
I'm literally dying to go to Kings Island
Take the plunge this summer on Tropical Plunge, new this year at Kings Island's Soak City Waterpark.
Is a new, wooden roller coaster coming to Kings Island? We break down all the clues:
Every time I go to Kings Island either my top or bottom bikini comes off in the wave pool, I think I'm done with the wave p…
Kings Island: smaller rides than Cedar Point, but shorter lines. I like it.
Got two tickets to Cedar Point OR Kings Island for sale. (Good for either). Lemme know if you want them.
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Mr Lucas can't ride any rides at Kings Island
Ben Davis is the only school that wants to try to be different and spilt up the Kings Island trip. Just enjoy the time with y…
Free on Cedar Point, Knott's Berry Farm, Kings Island, Dorney Park, and others . Get it here -
Enjoy awesome summertime fun at Cedar Point, Kings Island or Dorney Park, all while championing the fight against...
Went to Kings Island yesterday in my Bernie shirt. Had people of all walks of life, all nationalities, all ages, even young ki…
One of the best vlogs coming this summer is going to be a Kings Island vlog! Wee go every year! I LOVE THAT PLACE! Can't wait to go!
Next up, rematch. vs in the Island Final for 2nd straight year. Kings 5-3 vs NA this year. Starts Friday.
My arm is burned, I'm covered in sweet tea, and I couldn't be more ready to return to Kings Island
Rockin Long Island rn @ Beach House then headed to BB Kings to play for 😝 see u tn!
Can't wait to go to kings island with Cole 😩❀️
I'm taking them to Kings Island when they're 3 days old not to see you πŸ˜‚
3 Kings Arc was whack kinda. Greed Island >
Kings Island has so much cool stuff in store this season, honestly. I'm literally so excited, y'all.
No Kings indeed, I imagine DTR being blasted around the island long after you leave it. Network your little heart away!
Middle school in avid on the kings island trip we was riding all the rides together ❀️ then boom! πŸ‘«πŸ€˜πŸΎ
We're mostly trained ride operators! Next up: Training Days. 😎 @ Kings Island
4th of July at Kings Island was a good memory
You would think after working at kings island for years that working 40 hours a week would be nothing, but always so tired. 😴
It needs to get hot because I want to go to Kings Island
Great stream of the second The Kings Of Frog Island prepared for KOFI 4 soon on vinyl!!
Bekah PANTSED me in the middle of kings island :-)
I haven't been to kings island since 2014 :(
Me & Deja really drove all the way to Kings Island by ourself πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that's too funny to me now
I’m pretty sure that Skull Island is a sequel to 's 'The Kings of Summer'
Looking at the newest kings island employee.
I haven't been to kings island in Forever and I really wanna go
Opening weekend for kings island is in 5 weeks😍 never been more excited
Another time I walked face first into a railing at kings island
I can't wait for kings island to open
35 days until Kings Island opens for 2016! Smeargle (Dex is unique in that he can only learn moves by sketching them. :)
Kings County Midget AAA girls win Island Championship 4-2 at Eastern Kings Sportsplex over 500 people
Since I'm not going to prom I plan on spending the day at Kings Island if anyone wants to tag along
Which theme park would you go to Cedar Point or kings island
The last time I came to Cincy I was going to Kings Island. That was almost 2 years ago
"I remember one time when I was 8 i went to kings island and we had to stop 9 times so I could pee" ok
Add Cedar Point and Kings Island. Both in Ohio
Just bought my gold pass for Kings Island. Can't wait! πŸŽ’πŸ˜ƒπŸ’•
16 members and associates of Latin Kings Gang are facing charges related to drug trafficking in parts of Long Island https:…
The week closes with the second LP from The Kings of Frog Island:
Make sure you pick up this sweet "I ride with him" SnapBack this summer at kings island
You may be from Ohio if you know what someone is talking about when they say, "The barn that has a Confederate flag roof by Kings Island."
You're almost as annoying as when people used to destroy my island on pirate kings πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
I want to go to Cedar Point and Kings Island so bad this year
So... does ANYONE that I know wanna go to Cedar Point and kings island with me?I'm planning NOW and the trip will be soon. MUST be serious
I'm going to at Kings Island in Kings Island, OH - Jun 23
Kings Park, NY- another plane falls from the sky over Long Island.
Excited to be the newest member of the Kings Island guest services team!! Can't wait for the season to start
My random memories from at Kings Island . Fan = Compliments Andrea . LH = "That will get you everywhere" . LOL Gotta love her ;)
Some of the big parks I want to visit are Six Flags Magic Mountain, Cedar Point, Kings Island, and Dollywood.
saw chokeola Scola at Kings Island know his wife is half his size??!! gorgeous though!
this is why I'm a photographer at Kings island
I'm not going to college. I'm going to live at Kings Island for the rest of my life
I need kings island in my life again
All I want is smurf ice cream from kings island rn
In the summer of 2002 THE SOUTH STREET MISSION, INC. took youth on a fieldtrip to KINGS ISLAND
This time 2yrs ago i was freaking out getting ready to meet Kings of Leon on a little island off Sydney harbour. BEST DAY EVER! 😍🍻🎢
when you're actually cheerleaders that have a competition in Kings island the next day so u gotta practice your stunts in a pool
The head engineer from kings island came to talk to the students today!
Jeff Gramke, manager of facilities, engineering, & construction at Kings Island & designer of The…
On I go to Rikers Island with to speak with some younger inmates. https:…
She makes me happy when skies are grey πŸŽΆπŸ’• @ Kings Island
is it funny to think that the guy who directed Kings of Summer is doing Kong Island
πŸŽΌπŸŽ§πŸ‘Š β™« Kings and Queens by Thirty Seconds to Mars (at Ranai, Natuna Island) β€”
Lmao was she scared? Cus they be thirsty like lets go again lol dey really thought kings island was disney worldπŸ˜‚
Head of engineering at Kings Island talking with our kids at BWMS
'Where is that second ambulance for Eastern Kings?' asks Opposition
"I think you kids need to leave the smacking to the kings and queens of your school . With love the Seniors of Long Island -
You know what, that makes me madder the longer I think if it 😠 I wanted to go to Kings Island!!!
I hear something that sounds like a roller coaster and I'm not sure what it is but now I really want to go to Kings Island.
And get the political crazies out! The Koch's should buy an island and form their own Country. They could be Kings!
and greetings to Ohio, I went to Kings Island (pretty sure that was the name) there a few years back. I had SO much fun! [-Q]
😭😭 bro I miss you I was salty af you ain't come to kings island bro
πŸ™†πŸ™†: I miss you! I haven't talked to you in awhile! The last time we hung out was at kings island I think like 2 years ago! Where you at?😒
KINGS ISLAND!? XBOX 360 SLIM!? via check out this guy who is a awesome person, a gamer and funny
this will make you HAPPY!saw Miranda at Kings island today! Among the Kim K and Miley Cyrus skeletons!
Do u like the screen shot at kings island???
A video I worked on for the new map coming out! Kings Island!.
I love this drawing. We have the Eiffel Tower at Kings Island, but not as tall.
eh πŸ˜‚ I got kings island too if I get bored πŸ˜‚
Thanks kings island for making me walk at a freakishly fast pace for the rest of my life.
Connor Cook thinks Kings Island is better than Cedar Point
Throwback to Kings Island last month lol
Didn't realize I was at Kings Island today. πŸ˜‚
4 days to go until Magnum Kings and Queens invades Ochi Town!! Auditions are this Saturday at Island Village...
Explore Coney Island of Ohio in this week's
Loving this new single by Queens over Kings. The island feel makes me want to go home to the Bahamas!
I was at that game isles lost 3-2 to kings in Long Island and quick was goalie . So just of been diff game noodles seen
Is kings island still open? If so I'm going this weekend idc idc idc πŸ˜…
πŸ€‘πŸ€‘ you're so chill and funny! And we went to kings island together and that was a trip πŸ˜‚ we need to hangout sometime
Currently, My biggest goal in life is to complete my island on pirate kings.
Breast Cancer Awareness
The run goes on as all best ew's do . KINGS ROAD loses 3rd place after final flight mistake. I'm just doomed to fail this week !
One Man Breaking Bad - The unauthorised parody comes to the this weekend!
KINGS PARK, N.Y. (WABC) -- There was a showdown on Long Island Tuesday af...
Was super excited to go to Kings Island on Saturday for Halloween Haunt but not so sure now just got bailed on. Might just go by myself
Kings Island with the littles on Saturday for Snoopy's Halloween Party and Trick or Treat
People watching In Vegas is 100x better then people watching at kings island and Walmart combined..
No driving partner for kings island πŸ˜’ guess I'll ride wit my fam
noOOOoo!! I'm crying :-( I've just seen the ones where they're on kings head island and where they get trapped in the dumpster
Who trynna go to kings island w me & for Halloween
Anybody wanna go kings island Halloween πŸ‘€
Kings island instead of going out Saturday.. What has life come too?!
I'm probably not going to kings island anymore.
Kings Island to host 'Walking Dead' character -
Knowing that I'll be able to fit in the seats at kings island the next time I go >>
A year ago today me and my brothers had the best time at kings island ever! even fixing the flat afterwards! the memories always stay..
The highlight of my weekend was watching Michael scream the high notes of Chandelier on the way home from Kings Island at 2am
I just wanna dress up as Pocahontas for Halloween and go to kings island
Kings Island with the fam this weekend 😁😁😁😁 I'm so excited i can't wait
I need to go to Kings Island again before its over
I'm giving away something for you on Kings Island Theme Park Souvenir Plate/As. Get it here -
indystar: You can meet a actor at Kings Island.
Lets go to kings island for Halloween anyone?
You can meet a actor at Kings Island.
Attempting to bleach my converse bc they got black all over them from kings island
I'm super excited for Kings Island this weekend.
Someone go to Kings Island with me & my 2 cousins Saturday!
wkyc "Kings Island to host 'Walking Dead' character
I'll be at Kings island on Saturday
Kings Island to host 'Walking Dead' character via
Anyone ever been to Kings Island, Cedar Point, Universal Orlando, Busch Gardens and SeaWorld? Here's…
Magnificent view on the first tee at the Kings' Island - Lakeside Course ⛳️
I cannot wait for the haunt at Kings island w & this weekend😌
my friend and I are going to Kings Island this Friday to see you. She's so insanely excited, even bought a new shirt to go in
Wendy's is hiring! * 5324 Kings Island Dr, Mason, OH in apply now!
Next year. I feel like tha kid that's too short to ride the rides at Kings IslandπŸ˜• smh
Kings Island to host 'Walking Dead' character: Special guestΒ will make an appearanceΒ at Halloween HauntΒ to ans...
Mimie said she'll take a bus to see me ... she lives close to kings island :-)
Someone go to kings island with me Saturday
do I wanna come home Friday & go to kings island for my house or na. I just wanna see my sisters😞
Kings Island to host 'character via
yeah & once at kings island I blew my nose in a panty liner
My sister and her son enjoying Kings Island :3
I'm plan on visiting CP, Kings Island & Canada's Wonderland next year; will the platinum pass pay for itself?
This fool Moton said he'll go Kings Island with me but only if we get to pretend like we're in a relationship πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
From Kings to Queens to Prince - we have 3 oysters from the 3 Island Counties.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
This Thursday DJSERG and The gypsy Kings performing live at Hendricks in Long Island!!
Cleared: Incident on WB from Exit 35 - I-495 Long Island Expressway to Queens-Kings County Line; Koskuisko...
Just saw a Kings Island souvenir cup and out of habit almost said cups have to go in a locker. I think I have Firehawk PTSD.
Hauntober is almost over! We've got one more to go. Kings Island here we come! https:/…
it's a quality amusement park. i live two hours away from both Cedar Point and Kings Island so it's perfect
Heading to Kings Island today with for our Halloween Haunt adventure! Super stoked!!!
the closed thing to your DD is I did Kings Island and Cedar Point in one day. And 6 flags St Louis and Gurnee in a day
Ugh. Can't wait for the new toll plaza! @ Kings Island
still better than between Columbus and Cincinnati on 71. *** Wilmington is the biggest between 270 and Kings Island lol
Pennhurst Asylum tour, Hershey Park, Niagara Falls, and Kings Island all for fall break.. I'll take it βœŠπŸ½πŸš—
Kings Island in Cincinatti is a pretty sweet theme park too.
Cedar Point was a disappointment. and were awesome but the park was terrible. Forever staying loyal to Kings Island
Kings Island will add a seven-story water slide system to its water park.
Kings Island announces huge new water slides coming in 2016 From Flint Journal
Kings Island to honor first responders with free admissionAkron Beacon Journal (blog)To be eligible for the free…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
This week, I kicked cancer at Kings Island! Who's supported this wonderful cause and kicked a ball into the International Street fountain?
are you enjoying Cincy? I loved the Montgomery Inn and Kings Island when I went! I love seeing you in places I recognize! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ’œπŸ’œ
If I don't go to Kings Island this weekend I'm huntin my sister down and choppin her head off .
Kings Island and Michigan Adventure are way better than Six Flags Over Georgia πŸ˜’
Massive food truck festival rolls into Kings Island this weekend – Dayton Daily News
Kings Island to hold food truck festival this weekend:
Kings Island's first food truck festival this weekend.
PiNk / I want to go to the Rib Fest, Ohio State Fair, Zoo, Zoombezi Bay, Cedar Point, and Kings Island before the summer is over.
This summer been coo so far for me. Been to Kings Island and Cedar Point. . Next plan is Myrtle Beach. Im prepared 😏😏😏
I saw Scott Padgett @ Kings Island. He signed my shirt but not Michael Bradley bc I didn't know who he was.(tall guy next to)
I'm gonna hit Kings Island by myself this summer. I'd have so much fun especially because I've never been to an amusement park lol.
I'm tryna go to an amusement park/water park ASAP!! Six Flags, Kings Island, Holiday World don't matter just somewhere!
It would be totally cool if you guys came and visited me in Planet Snoopy at Kings Island tomorrow before/after your show!! πŸ˜„
I want to go to the Cincinnati zoo and Kings Island so badly😍☺️
Cedar Point is better than Kings Island hands down 😌
Cedar Point or Kings Island before summer's end
for Chorus next year we are going to Cedar Point and Kings Island for competitions , I'd be more than happy to see youπŸ’•πŸ˜‚
Kings Island is great and all but i do prefer Cedar Point, might be a little biased but... You know..
Someone take me to Cedar Point or Kings Island one of this days. I need a thrill.
Im trying to plan a family day at Kings Island or Cedar Point
2 locations at Cedar Point, Across from Gatekeeper and next to Pipe Scream near Gemini. and at Kings Island adjacent to Eiffel Tower.
Also, I got into several arguments about how Cedar Point is better than Kings Island
Cedar Point tomorrow, Kings Island next Saturday. All with my big sister!πŸ‘
Foto: hufflepuff-rave: So I about lost it at Kings Island when I saw this in the window of a shop.
Kings Island was great! Can't believe tomorrow's actually my last day of high school though 😭
I need a date to the zoo. I need a date to Kings Island. I need a date for star gazing. I need a date for the 4 of July. An…
Another year another successful weekend at kings island
I'm tryina eat at city island or something 😩
Anyone wanna go to kings island with me 😊
I really want to go to kings Island
Reds game and kings island this weekend with Elizabeth.
I have three extra tickets to Kings Island for June 13th you get free parking, food and drink wrist…
This donut line worst than Kings Island, Jordan release date and the March on Washington in 1963.
I have a gold pass and I haven't gone to Kings Island once πŸ˜‘
I'm on my way to Kings Island and then tomorrow The Fosters will …
Kings Island has got to be the most exhausting thing ever 😩
Lost my phone on a ride at kings island yesterday afternoon. Finally got it back😎
$4 for a water bottle at Kings Island 😳
Lemme know if you're wanting to go to Kings Island sometime next week!🎒
We had a bachelors party at Kings Island yesterday
They played holding on to you twice at kings island abort mission
I'm bored. Tryna go to Kings Island or sum right now.
I swear Nolan and his friends go to kings island every weekend 😩
I may not work at kings island anymore but you better believe I'll still yell at kids with their phones out during a ride
Who wants to come to kings island with me??
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Still can't wait till we get everybody to go to kings island with us 😊😊😊
So a hot guy @ kings island fell in love w me bc I burped like a man in front of him & I'll never see him again.. This is my life lmao.
Tuesday is going to be sunny and 82 and I'm off... Who is going to kings island with me?!
all need to go to Kings Island soon!
In desperate need of a kings island trip
Somebody go to Kings Island with me today
I don't wanna go to Cedar Point this summer kings island should be better
Me: "What's your favorite ride at Kings Island?" . Marco: "The ride home."
When I get a girl she won't need no kings island roller coasters bc I'll let her ride me whenever
finally going to kings island Wednesday πŸ˜„
my honey and I had a wonderful day at kings island yesterday πŸ’–
I like the Banshee At Kings Island,One of my favorite roller coasters!
Aidan, Michael an Adam ganged up on me and destroyed my whole island on pirate kings 😭😭
Next up kings island and Cedar Point.
At kings island with and we see a and wiz kalifia look alike no joke featured in NBC s Science of Love
Do not be in the wave pool at kings island with me you will get dumped
Anyone want to go to kings island with me on Tuesday lol
Had a great day @ Kings Island with . Thanks for taking me. Loved all the crazy roller…
last time I went on the drop tower @ kings island, I cried.
Everyone come to kings island on Tuesday
Kings Island with who may or may not be afraid of heights
Henry is trying to convince me to ride a coaster at Kings Island with him. I'm terrified of heights.But he might convince me.
Gotta stack my 🍞 ⬆ so I can take the kiddos to Kings Island πŸŠπŸŽ‡πŸŽ‘
First my dad yells at me and then he attacks me on Pirate Kings. Like I understand you're mad at me but don't take it out on my island! 😀😀😀
Coming to Kings Island - The Banshee, the World's Longest Inverted ... -
Ive a question to 🐯 when would 1 become n1 i was reading the book of 2 kings yesterday 🐯
I love how much of a team we all work to find out what the cash kings island looks like
Someone take me to Kings Island.. I'm off Wednesday & Sunday. πŸ˜•πŸ˜¬
We're going to Kings Island at the end of the month \,,/
I was pose tp go to kings island friday.i ain't goin no more
Kings island was so much fun today. I already want to go back 🎒
Kings island with a few of my favorite people tomorrow. πŸ’•
I'm going to kings island tomorrow and I'm still not asleep. What's wrong with this picture
First day of summer spent perfectly with my boy at Kings Island πŸ˜ŒπŸ’•πŸŽ’
Take a walk around the new Sweet Spot at Kings Island! . Watch ->
I really want to go to Kings island before I leave
Kings Island tomorrow with my babe πŸ˜πŸ’ƒ - we are gonna have a BAL 😍
Why is it so hard to find someone to go to kings island with me 😭😭😭
I'm pretty sure my happy place is kings island🎒
I am wore out. Kings Island my friend, you killed me😩
Other than the fact I will NEVER again be the one who drives to Kings Island, I had a blast.😊
at Kings island I heard them play it over the speakers and I legit got so hyped
I wish there was somewhere around here you could get blue ice cream besides kings island 😩
Kings island was so much fun today 😊🎒✌️
Had so much fun today at Kings Island with all we needed was
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Who's Tryn to go to kings island tomorrow?
Wow spontaneous trip to kings island in the morning 😁
Kings island is calling my name soon
Great day spend with my boy at Kings island πŸ‘«πŸŽ’
Had a blast at kings island and dinner with the family today, now back to lex in the morning for a 15 hour work day. Whoop whoop.
Join us for Spirit Song at Kings Island on Friday, June 26th. Check out our FB page for details. All are welcome!
I'm going to kings island with brandy on the 27th, then doing something with everybody else mid July lol.
Like I'm dead *** about going to kings island next weekend
Kings Island was really fun tired and sore though!!
Who wants to go to kings island soon..?
Common Kings - Before You Go (Lyrics) So stoked that these guys are on island. is gonna be sick.
You and Devin should come to Kings Island.. Than come to during Halloween it's the best!!
I think me & raashid gone go to kings island next weeknd!!
I want to go to Kings Island after graduation
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