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Kings Dominion

Kings Dominion is an amusement park located in Doswell, Virginia north of Richmond and south of Washington, DC off of Interstate 95.

Booz Allen Hamilton Busch Gardens

This a gud song 2 sang if u r at Kings Dominion in Hampton Roads, Virginia.
Kings Dominion would be such a good place to go on a date😨
While y'all were at school I was at Kings Dominion with my baby 😎
I so badly wanna go to Kings Dominion i haven't been there middle school.
Legislative focus for next year -- School calendar...removing restrictions of "Kings Dominion" law
Enjoyed my day so much at Kings Dominion with Daniel Sexton,Laura Brooks, Tiffany Johnson& Jared Johnson
Super excited to be taking a trip to Kings Dominion tomorrow with Joe Handrahan, Tyler Harris & Faith Handrahan.
there was this 30 year old lady with a kid walking around in Kings Dominion wearing a tail, a tutu, and had black & rainbow hair.
Well instead of getting Busch Garden passes I guess we are getting Kings Dominion, hey! 💃havent been there in 10 years.
Ok cousins, let's get to planning a cousin's reunion for 2015. Where should we meet? Hershey Park? Great Wolf? Kings Dominion? Suggestions?
I'm at Kings Dominion with the girls people watchin' and noticed their generation is favoring the 80's.WTH! Fluorescent colors, acid washed and ripped jeans, lace tops, care bear stuffed animals and knock-off Oakley frog skins sunglasses. Meanwhile Cindy Lauper, Steve Miller Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd are playing in the background 😜
Thanks to everyone who was involved with the spaghetti dinner fund raiser at Roanoke Avenue Baptist Church last night. Praise God that it was a HUGE success! I am so proud of my kids, they did awesome :-) Kings Dominion, here we come!!!
The Intimidator did not intimidate, my eight year old soldier...we attacked that roller coaster like champs...300 ft drop at an 85 degree angle, going about 90mph...great ride... Poor Sonya had to ride it by herself.sorry... Kennedy's spring break continued at Kings Dominion
Mt Calvary we are planning our trip to Kings Dominion all are welcome.
Well I know I had a great and productive day lol. Me & Devin took phat mama to the park then Bee and I chose songs now off to bed for work in the am then get my car looked at before this Kings Dominion trip and then go ride horses as my birthday "gift"!!!
One more day, then off to Virginia Beach, Kings Dominion & The Great Wolf Lodge. If time permits the Washington Zoo. Nijhay And Rylie have been waiting patiently.
SATURDAY SCHEDULE: 8am prayer breakfast, barbershop, wedding, reception, 5pm service, 9pm concert, had to accompany my sister Tracee Bailey to the EMERGENCY ROOM, lead guest to hotel room & finally drove to my house in Newport News.just to do the following on Today: 7:45, 10am, 12:15, 2pm then DRIVE to the Kings Dominion exit to get three girls & one 15 year old boy and keep them the ENTIRE SPRING BREAK.
Took the kids to the park yesterday. Played golf with Michael Williams today had some fun & Kings Dominion tomorrow to hit up some kiddie rides!!
Band Competition at Disney, Dance Competition at Kings Dominion, Cheer Competition at the University of 8 days.holy cow! It has been a bit of a whirlwind lately! No wonder I am tired!!!😎
The annual Cadet Reunion will be on May 31, 2014 at Event Meadow Park (new state fair grounds) in Doswell, Va. on Rt. 30 (1½ miles east of Kings Dominion). Make plans to be there. The reservation form will be in the next Guidon. Hope to see you there.
Do u remember the video's we would do at Kings Dominion, Great Big Flea Market and the State fair?? Well Starting April 15, 2014 a "FUNKY GOOD TIME" is back hosted by Joe'i Chancellor. You and your friends or family can come in to Dzine Detail 2900 W. Clay St choose your favorite song and capture your fun family dance video's!!! Thru out the summer we will be at different many locations RSVP your family slot 757.632.7134 The Network Grind
Kings Dominion opens up next weekend. Of coursd everything would happen next week the week after me being home ! Smh
Ello! I'm Grace and I'm from Glen Allen, VA and I go to Glen Allen High. VCU is pretty much my top pick at this point. A little about me- I am a Halloween Haunt Monster at Kings Dominion. I'm hoping to have the opportunity to work there again during college. (I was in Feary Tales and IronworX :D) I've been seriously collecting Pokemon since freshman year and I have a crazy huge collection. So who ever gets the joy of rooming with me gets to share it with my Pokemon! (Not all of them of course lol). I'm a yard sale/flea market/thrift store junkie. I have no idea what I want to major in so there's that. But yeah! Follow me on Instagram if you want to see my Pokemon collection and me as a Haunt Monster:)
Color Me Rad 5k and Kings Dominion in the same day? I think so.
at Kings Dominion, when I decided to make my own Patron XO ... Patron Silver with Iced Coffee.…
ok just got a Torrey Smith autograph something we hope - a football from the Ravens - Tickets to Kings Dominion - this is going to be the best event!!!
I watched Alien last night on TMC. Love that movie. Sigourney Weaver is so hot and bad *** in that movie. Would also like to give props to Jonesy the cat. After Alien, I watched a movie called Roller Coaster(1977) with George Segal and a 14 year old Helen Hunt. The band Sparks was also in the movie. The movie was partially shot at Kings Dominion and featured the Rebel Yell.
Meet choreographer, Joey Sikkema: Joey Sikkema is pleased to be back choreographing for the Breakthrough Theatre of Winter Park. You may have seen his choreography in past Breakthrough shows such as: Into the Wood Jr., Love Me Tender, 13 the Musical, Redlight:The Bad Girls of Broadway (Patron’s Pick at Orlando Fringe Festival 2012), and Best of Broadway:1985-94. Other choreography credits include: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Jungle Book Jr, Once Upon a Mattress, Annie, Alice in Wonderland, Seussical the Musical, R&H’s Cinderella, Disney’s High School Musical, and The Wiz. His dance training began in classical ballet, but since then he has also studied in Modern, Jazz, and Tap. He has performed professionally for Universal Studios Orlando, Show Palace Dinner Theater, and most recently Moonmaxx Productions. Joey started with Moonmaxx as a dancer in a Broadway revue show entitled, On Broadway located at Kings Dominion in central Virginia. He then continued on as Dance Captain in a rock Halloween d ...
everyone's making these statuses about 2013, and my year was pretty amazing, so i guess i'll jump on the bandwagon. This year i graduated high school, got my braces off (praise the Lord), had a fabulous time performing in Hairspray, Spring Showcase, and of course my Senior Showcase, which will always have a special place in my heart. I also got my first summer job as a stagehand at Kings Dominion, and most importantly, i started a whole new chapter of my life at Longwood University. I am blessed and grateful for the friends i've made in the Honors College and the theatre program.
for Millennium Force at Cedar Point . Fav for Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion
.first memory of music was at amusement park "Kings Dominion." He got lost, and his parents found him dan…
Kings Dominion with da crew today! Yay for Booz Allen Hamilton, they know how to have fun! :-)
On our way to Kings Dominion compliments of Kurt's company Booz Allen Hamilton!
Up early for Booz Allen Hamilton Day at Kings Dominion with Sara Anthony, Billy Anthony & Elijah Anthony!!
I wonder which is better Busch Gardens or Kings Dominion?
I want to go to Kings Dominion, Busch Gardens and Water Country USA really badly
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