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Kings Dominion

Kings Dominion is an amusement park located in Doswell, Virginia north of Richmond and south of Washington, DC off of Interstate 95.

Shock Wave Busch Gardens Six Flags

I never even been to Kings Dominion, Dorney Park... They on the top of the list
SENIOR REMINDER: This Friday is the last day to turn in forms, dues, etc. and still be eligible to go on the senior trip to Kings Dominion!!
Kings Dominion was a success on this cold day😊
Kings Dominion is wild. It's like pay $65 for 1 day visit or add $5 more and get a season pass!
Are you going to Kings Dominion season pass day?πŸ‘Œ
When I get my license in March, first road trip is Kings Dominion
when he came to ODU // gospel fest at Kings Dominion. Both lit.
ready for Kings Dominion with my two favorite people πŸ˜‰
Loved life concerts , Hair always done , Kings Dominion , Hershey park Trips on a REGULAR - Took my two Kids fun
Sea of blue Leckner Nissan shirts invade Kings Dominion.
How many people vist Kings Dominion evry day?
August 29 will be one year since I saw at Kings Dominion thanks to ! (We got moved to front row)
memba them days at Kings Dominion with a fresh pair of all white Reebok Classics???
I really can't tell you how much I love this place. Until next time, King's Dominion @ Kings Dominion
I'm really trying right go to Kings Dominion next week
I want to go to Six Flags, kings dominion, or hershey park before Summer ends😁🎒
Breast Cancer Awareness
I'll be spend some time in Atlanta the beach and kings dominion
the guy just looks down, stops,drops, and rolls over to the girls crocs and yells "WHAT ARE THOOSE" right in the middle of kings dominion.πŸ˜‚
Had so much fun at kings Dominion with my baby. Love this picture that was drawn of us lol ❀️
Left my phone in the car while I was at kings dominion and came back to zero text messages. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Im still at kings dominion after like 9 hours omfg
I think kings dominion are the moves next week☺️
These *** planned a whole trip to Kings Dominion & ain't tell me.
I love Kings Dominion but I always get a headache from all the roller coasters lmao
Come see him at your local kings dominion πŸ’€πŸ’€
Kings dominion has some good pulled pork!
We always lucky when we come to kings dominion. NO LINES! But I'm the bag holder!
Saw someone dressed like this just now at Kings Dominion...
everybody had to go to Kings Dominion at least once in their life
I wanna go to 6 flags or kings dominion with a bunch of people.. anybody wanna go?
Kings Dominion caricature of me at a rock concert!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I wanna go to Six Flags or kings dominion
What better way to get fueled up for kings dominion tomorrow. This should be interesting with these…
I'm thinking Kings Dominion for my birthday 😈😎
Thinking about a trip to Kings Dominion between now and August 2? has discount tickets! More info:
Anyone want to go to Kings Dominion Sunday?
I need to go to Six Flags or Kings Dominion before summer over 😩
All I need now is tripping to kings dominion before the summer is out
killπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but I'm going to Kings Dominion my grandpa said I could bring someone
Trying to go to kings dominion soon
Kings Dominion season passes really cheap man no need to cancel Busch Gardens either. Just rock with both
I watched good job and thank u. God was right when he told me that only kings would marry
the lady in the wave pool at Kings Dominion confirmed that I'm never getting a bikini top that zips up
Will I ever make it to Kings Dominion this summer? πŸ˜ͺ
I think Ima drive to kings dominion Saturday 😊
Cleaning does great things guys I found my kings dominion tickets and my favorite panties
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Kings dominion Saturday would be goat
Who's trying to make a trip to Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens?
Need more ppl that wanna go too kings dominion on the 15th
Chilling wit no make up on !! Otw to kings dominion wit my woes I look terrible but ion care 😈😘
Hanging out with the Man, The Myth, The Legend at @ Kings Dominion
Hey I just sang Royals at Kings Dominion Open Mic. Here is the link-. I love you Ell…
Trying to get up to Kings Dominion this weekend.
Next summer I think imma go ahead and get Kings Dominion passes foreal
Busch Gardens the day before, Water Country tomorrow, and Kings Dominion Monday πŸ˜€πŸŽ’πŸ’¦πŸŽ‘
Look man not going to kings dominion oh no
Here's RFM's teen review to let ya know what you get! >>> http…
I just wanna go to kings dominion man
Kings Dominion trip is 7/31. If you want to go, contact Miguel ASAP!
Gathering of Kings. Daily Dominion Decree . The Evening - I DECREE, that the judgement of God is poured out on all...
Season Passes to Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens every summer.
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I gotta get to Kings Dominion before the 9th. Idk why they're getting rid of the Shock Wave. Smh
Shock Wave at Kings Dominion should have been retired years ago
Actually glad that Kings Dominion is retiring Shock Wave..
Kings Dominion retiring the Shock Wave. GOOD RIDDANCE. That thing was worse than the wooden coasters.
Kings Dominion is getting rid of Shock Wave no. 😭😭😭😭
Kings Dominion has announced the retirement of Shockwave, it's stand up coaster. Last rides will be on August 9th.
Shockwave, Kings Dominion's notorious Togo stand-up coaster, will give its last ride on August 9th:
The rumors were true. It's time has come. Shockwave's last Stand is August 9th. Video by: Kings Dominion
JUST IN: Kings Dominion will say goodbye to the iconic stand-up rollercoaster, Shockwave. Last chance to ride it August 9th.
Kings Dominion to retire Shockwave this summer; last ride Aug. 09 via
Kings Dominion on the travel channel πŸ”₯
good cell service at Salem Baptist an hour north of Kings Dominion... Js in case ya wanna visit 😏
Were it 15 years ago I'd be in the good ol Honda of the Apocalypse Mk II driving to Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Alas today
concert countdown: 3 days to Kings Dominion, 19 to Troubadour, 45 to Darien Lake, 59 to Elitch Gardens & 66 to Frontier City
Wiz s/o Kennywood on ridiculousness. I'mA get AG up to steel city'$ amusement park one day. Kings Dominion too/ &, I just wanna go again no lie
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Last night with my boy nostredamnz @ Kings Dominion
I want to go on a date to Six Flags or Kings Dominion
Before, During, and After the Intimidator 305 (FRONT ROW😏) with my sister😏🎒 @ Kings Dominion
Halloween Haunt begins in 60 days! And it's Kings Dominion's 40th anniversary. Who says some things can't return? Let it begin.
Kings Dominion for the day with this handsome guy and the fam! 😘❀️😊
*** I really need to go to Kings Dominion or Six Flags I havent been to the amuesment park yet
Someone go to Kings Dominion with me.. I mean I can't really ride any rides but I can do the water park lls
Catch Kelly Kellie Pickler live at Kings Dominion this Saturday night! During the Noon hour today I'll have a...
Listen to win tix in the lunch hour for Kellie Pickler at Kings Dominion July 26th plus tix for the park and...
I never get to go anywhere. I need a vacation quick! Just happened to be channel surfing and caught Sheri, on the β€œView” Announcing this! Kings Dominion – JoyFest - Saturday, July 19th β€œTake me to the King” and β€œHe Reigns” Tamela Mann and Kirk Franklin
Ordered tickets for kings dominion, room is already paid for. Super excited about a lot and cant wait. :-)
Does anyone want to bring me pizza and go to kings dominion? Mostly the pizza thing tho... Thnx
Just got called for an interview at Kings Dominion πŸ™Œ
I don't know who's more excited?!?! Me or the boys!!! Girls night tonite and kings dominion with all the boys tmrw!! Gonna be a busy weekend!!
Anyone gonna be at kings dominion today???πŸ™Œ
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Kings Dominion Sunday with Sierra Michelle!!! :)) anyone want to join??
I'm just DYING to go to kings dominion! I need to go, like now.
On the way to Kings Dominion with my cousins Emilee and J.R and my aunt Dana.
Kings Dominion needs a lot of upgrades, really
Kings Dominion should have (free) WiFi. That should be its 40th birthday present to itself.
Wanna hit kings dominion and the beach before summer is over...
I want to go to Kings Dominion to see Tamela Mann tomorrow
Vote for Kings Dominion - Doswell, Va. as the Best Theme Park for the 10Best Readers' Choice. I voted!
I needa go to kings dominion sometime before I go back to school
Ready to go to kings dominion tomorrow.
Kaee I'm right up the street from Kings Dominion. Want me to come?
Going to hotel in Richmond tomorrow going to Kings Dominion. It's going to be a great weekend.
Omg 7 more hours then vacation time starts again..going back to Kings Dominion with the fiancΓ© and our friends Jon and Wendy Clukey..can't wait they are an amazing couple to hang out blessed to have them apart of our lives..
Headed to Kings Dominion for some fun
Kings Dominion do sound ji gud buh I have church on Sun.
Can't wait for kings dominion tomorrow with Michael and my fellowship group πŸ™ŒπŸŽ’
Joyfest at kings dominion this sat tickets are 40 to get in without a season pass. It pays also for your park admission as well the thing is you must get it before 3 today for that price. Anybody know a cheaper way. Military friends I need help with tickets
Messing round wit Kayaira Williams she got me on the intimidator yesterday at Kings Dominion omg like really? That drop tho??
headed to kings dominion then back to boring *** Baltimore 😩😩
Next weekend I'm definitely getting my tattoo😁 after I come from kings dominion
people: Which is better for family vacation? Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens?
Hope kings dominion not flooded tomorrow.
The fact that we get to go to Kings Dominion in October for free thanks to my work❀️ So excited !
Getting paid to go to Kings Dominion on a Friday. Good way to end the week. Got my Young boys with…
really hate elber for going to kings Dominion and not taking me 😭
β€œπŸ˜© lets go to kings dominion Tuesday or somewhere
😩 lets go to kings dominion Tuesday or somewhere
My mom just woke me up and said we are going to kings dominion today wow im so tired
Kings dominion today with my favorite girls πŸ’•
Kings Dominion's been a while since I've been.
We can go if you wanna or we can go to Kings Dominion before the summer is over.
After the Top 5 at 5 today we give you a chance to win 2 tickets to see Kelly Pickler at Kings Dominion next...
This a gud song 2 sang if u r at Kings Dominion in Hampton Roads, Virginia.
Kings Dominion would be such a good place to go on a date😨
While y'all were at school I was at Kings Dominion with my baby 😎
I so badly wanna go to Kings Dominion i haven't been there middle school.
Legislative focus for next year -- School calendar...removing restrictions of "Kings Dominion" law
Enjoyed my day so much at Kings Dominion with Daniel Sexton,Laura Brooks, Tiffany Johnson& Jared Johnson
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