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King Mswati

Mswati III (born Makhosetive Dlamini on April 19, 1968) is the King of Swaziland and head of the Swazi Royal Family.

Ian Khama King Mswati 111 Swazi King Mswati South Africa Erykah Badu South Africans King Dalindyebo King Zwelithini

Across people are refusing to be cowed by Chiefs who are representatives of King Mswati, the absolute monarch
|| King Mswati must just recede Swaziland to the Republic of South Africa!
Supporting Swaziland's Civil Aviation Authority to boost air services at new King Mswati III International Airport…
Recently the SWACAA commissioned Consulting to boost air services at the New King Mswati III airport
I'm not hearing it on ATC, but here's an interesting ADS-B catch: 07A200 - MD-87, 3DC-SWZ, King Mswati III, Swazila…
Kings & Queens a better @ taking care of the pples' needs than presidents & queens. Not sure King Mswati's wives is puts him on that list.
King Mswati is oppressive... the people of Swaziland aren’t free, hopefully NDZ will help them one day
A man is struggling to appease one woman and a child how is King Mswati coping with fourteen sexually active young women?
"has succeeded in its mission to our youth into skilled techno-savvy individuals." – HRH King Mswati III
At the ceremony we had the honour to have HRH King Mswati III share the unforgettable m…
A man who claims he is Swaziland King Mswati III's son has appeared in the East London Magistrate's Court for fraud htt…
Khosi Nation is also dominating international competitions. Not long ago, this price was delivered to Na…
what are your thoughts on King Mswati III and how Swaziland is run?
Wow, you're so beautiful girl. If u were in Swaziland u'ld certainly qualify…
President Jacob Zuma is here to witness his son pay lobola to King Mswati III in honour of Princess Ziyanda. Halala! Sithandiwe
Zuma goes to Swaziland each time he's in difficulties. Ask yourself why Mswati is still King regardless of…
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I'm surprised why are you still asking me the role of Queen Elizabeth in UK. While there's informatio…
Whoever coined the phrase had never heard of King Mswati or attended the Reed Dance
I heard that bit & it shocked me. Does he think this is a King Mswati state!? It's like the election…
Heard the other Owelle's yet to be unveiled statues are those of Mugabe, Bongo and King Mswati. Imo state get set to play host.
King Mswati has never looked this cool fam
VIDEO: King Mswati III daughter Princess Sikhanyiso's BARS. . Hip Hop heads, what do you think?
Love this pic of King Mswati of Swaziland and Zambian President Edgar Lungu in African traditional wear💯
Swaziland's controversial king Mswati III is the new chair of the African Leaders Alliance, ALMA cites country as “powerful model”
no it's not, all I'm putting is that compare Queen to Mswati or King Zwelithini... not ppl like Angolan president Dos Santos.
still putting King Mswati III first, not the Swazi people.
Muhle jesu. OK muhle mswati in this case.
are u like king mswati or what dude? Diapers are expensive chief 😨
my *** plan to be part of the National Marula Day and assume I wouldn't go anyway because I can't stand King Mswati
We congratulate HM King Mswati III for his election as the Chair of ALMA & Deputy Chair of the African Union!
When they find out you're Swati and then they start asking if you are related to King Mswati 😒
Not bad at all. The problem is we take politicians for saints. They also do mistakes. Only king mswati goes public with it.
official inauguration to be announced soon, invitations to member diplomats led ably by His lordship King Mswati!
Kumbe king ruto has some king mswati characteristics..
The African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA) on Monday nominated King Mswati III of Swaziland, as its next chair.…
issokay, I wish you and King Trust Fund Mswati IV the best 🙃
King Mohammed VI received Swaziland’s ambassador to Ethiopia, bearer of a message to the Sovereign from King Mswati…
But remember current SADC Chairperson is King Mswati. What do you expect?.
I saw them all standing in the driving rain to welcome King Mswati. 🍌 Republic indeed
People are raving about Trump and Mugabe, what about King Mswati ? He is more than a dictator, he is all bad things rolled into one.
Congratulations to His Majesty King Mswati III on his election as chairperson!
Today, 2005- Swaziland's King Mswati III plans to introduce 17-year-old schoolgirl as his 13th bride-to-be once she…
The Swaziland Solidarity Network [SSN] strongly condemns King decision to limit the scope of the country’s curriculum
King Mswati forcing Christianity to every child at schools 😈😡
King Mswati III of Swaziland, he has most to gain, also he pays silicon valley to protest, one of those fake news liberals!
any1 explain to me why Trump gets such a kicking when rulers like gaddafi, Mugabe, Kim Jung, king Mswati to name 4 r left alone
Congratulations His Majesty King Mswati III of the Kingdom of nominated chair of the Leaders Alliance!
"from Omar al-Bashir to Joseph Kabila, from King Mswati III to Vladimir Putin. It is high time that South Africa’s diplomatic ties"
King Mswati lll and his daughter Princess Sikhanyiso take part in the traditional ‘reed dance’ in Sw
King Mswati's Gold: Workers' rights and land confiscation in Swaziland's sugar sector
My chest is as tight as King Mswati's next wife
Swaziland: Sugar Workers Pay the Cost of King Mswati's Greed: Thousands of workers in Swaziland's sugar indus...
Workers in Swazi sugar sector face exploitation as King Mswati III reaps the rewards, Fairtrade urged to investigate
Swaziland: Sugar Workers Pay the Cost of King Mswati’s Greed says Global Unions
report "King Mswati's Gold" highlights abuse in the sugar sector.
Last year our Independence Day "guest" was King Mswati and this year it's President Museveni. Show me your friends etc etc
Morning Makhosi how does it feel being Caf Virgins? King Mswati will merry us don't worry😂
President Lungu and King Mswati's balloon releasing activity from last years' celebration. Will it be as colorful...
Honoured to be received by His Majesty King Mswati III at the Royal Palace
Loobobilly Swaziland News- MANZINI - His Majesty King Mswati III unveiled an about E2 million bronze statue of King…
He came to SA on a scholarship from Swaziland and he shud have gone back home and fought King Mswati not here in SA period!!
King Mswati III is sovereign head of the Kingdom of Swaziland. The affairs of the country are administered by Prime Minister and Parliament
Dear Scelo Dlamini: King Mswati has been in power for over 2decades, private jet, breaking teenagers annually y can't u toyitoyi in Mbabene#
Loves Did you know: Swaziland’s current head of state is King Mswati III. He ascended…
I would like to see being this brave in his Home Country of Swaziland. King Mswati continues to rule with an Iron first
Because Mswati would cut his balls off. Or his head. Whichever the king wanted to cut off that day.
Question of the day: How many wives did King Mswati the 3rd have?
.how did Swaziland become a monarch? what's the history of that country? how did Mswati become a King?
Reports coming from Swaziland claim, King Mswati recently donated 2 Virgin to the Bachelor President Ian Khama of...
Some headlines make me dizzy. " King Mswati donates 2 virgins to Ian Khama " . Like human trafficking is still being practised hey
Botswana President Ian Khama : King Mswati should be proud of the Reed Dance, it's a cultural extravaganza.
True or not, its funny.Meat to vegan!. King Mswati ‘Donates’ 2 Virg_ins To Botswana’s Bachelor President Ian Khama -
I hear King Mswati has just DONATED! two virgin girls to Ian Khama. Women wher are you.
Sonti might be ze next Swazi Princess,I heard King Mswati send his peeps to Polokwane Hotel to stop Mr Langa from "tobetsing" her
King Mswati is selfish AF! The man owns almost everything in Swaziland especially the woman, its time for PUDEMO to rise no…
1. Today, b4 midday, King Mswati III will deliver his Speech from the Throne amid threats from public sector unions 2 march to…
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Msibi says through King Mswati's leadership skills, will attain Vision 2022 & become a first world country.
This theme should be a guiding principle as government prepares the budget for this financial year - King Mswati
King wants to grow the kingdom's sluggish economy, MPs are dressed in Swazi regalia.
Zuma had promised to cut cabinet spendings, reduce trips and entourage. What will King Mswati III do?
People are no longer able yo travel freely bcos they don't know when next terrorists will strike - King Mswati.
Terrorism is an enemy of peace in the world. The global community us living in fear of terrorism - King Mswati
Make SADC delegates feel home away from home - King Mswati.
King Mswati shames corruption. This is the same Head of state who shadily acquired a Jet
King Mswati says the country should work towards the eradication of corruption in the country.
We look forward to the official opening of science & biotechnology park this year - King Mswati
King Mswati aspires to end HIV/AIDS by 2022. As usual he doesnt care to mention how
Although government has inadequate funds but it will ensure the welfare of the elderly - King Mswati
King Mswati calls for domestic production of HIV\AIDS medication to cut costs.
I wish 2 renew our commitments to domestic resources for HIV/ AIDS so that our dream for zero infections can be achieved - King Mswati
MaSwati you are encouraged to test for HIV. No Swazi should be denied healthcare including HIV/AIDS - King Mswati.
The referral hospital will result to an end of referrals to neighbouring countries thru Phalala Fund - King Mswati.
The nation will be pleased 2 know that the construction of a referral hospital is at an advanced stage - King Mswati.
King Mswati advises the nation to practise climate smart agriculture right from family level.
King Mswati says the agriculture sector has not performed well owing to the drought. "However, we can't throw up our hands in despair"
Confrontational behaviour is not part of our tradition as Swazis - King Mswati III
King Mswati says is severely impacted by climate change yet contributes very little to global warming.
King Mswati is happy that agreement compels developed countries to help countries greatly impacted by Climate Change like
King Mswati is happy with agreement which will help reverse global warming & build resilience for impacted countries like
Climate change is a global concern & its impact has already been felt - King Mswati
This will help in the exporting of our raw minerals. The Central Bank should play a critical in safeguarding minerals - King Mswati
A lot lies ahead of us in developing the mining & minerals sector, especially downstream development - King Mswati.
King Mswati thanks God 4 peace & harmony in the country. Peace & harmony will ensure that is a developed country by…
King Mswati urges nation to tighten belts ahead of tough economic times.
His Majesty King Mswati III, is on the mics. If you follow this live, you’ll realize that Swaziland is being ruled in peace by the King.
Laziness can pay off for one night yet hard work will pay off for a lifetime - King Mswati.
King Mswati expresses concern about decline in economic growth, high inflation & weakening of currency.
Our motto should be, how can I contribute meaningfully to society - King Mswati.
The nation will agree with me the citizens of developed countries are hard workers - King Mswati.
King Zuma is not a President; He is a King of South Africa like King Mswati & should join King Dalindyebo. A thing only a president wud do
Introducing a hint of his Nigerian flavour: TT: Well, I will have to send a big thank you to the King, Mswati ...
that sound unbelievable but I actually got it at King Mswati's village in Swaziland. They had a dance festival
Without opposition then its a Dictatorship, except in Swaziland because King Mswati says so.
Times of Swaziland ran an article labelling King Daliyembo as a Tyrant. This is what u get 4 calling King Mswati a Dictator Mzansi
yep, and only the queen plus King Mswati has Constitutional Monarchies, meaning they reign over all Institutions.
12 Mansions, 15 wives. Ruler of 7th hungriest country. Like the it's all about self enrichment. .
King Dalindyebo could have fled to Swaziland to avoid jail. Being an absolute monarch, King Mswati has complete powers over his jurisdiction
remember the ANC-led govt aided him with R4bn not so long ago? Dalindyebo wouldn't afford to buy King Mswati, Zuma would.
I had quite an experience at King Mswati 's palace today. They are more modern than I expected. They have DSTV. Lol
He should have fled to Swaziland, King Mswati would not have agreed to extradition.
The king thought he was a real king like King Mswati, presiding over an absolute monarchy. Only to be told SA was a constitutional democracy
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---> NEW MOVE IN KING’S JET COURT DISPUTE: A court has confirmed that King Mswati III of ...
Erykah Badu chooses peace unless its a king that pays her $2million (aka Swaziland King Mswati III)
Yesess 15 wives King swati living large lol...
Look at u blame King Mswati III for Swazis being ignant to HIV, lazy to use the arable land we've left with distant relatives etc
With 12 Mansions and 15 Wives, Swaziland King Mswati rules 7th hungriest country in ...:
Did you know that King Mswati who the king of Swaziland has a Net Worth is $100 Million https…
my major one. Is for king Mswati to do another virgins lain up and choose me among others 🙏🙏👸
We 're sick and tired of that man called King Mswati lll.away with imperalism away...
Angikuphikisi, all I'm saying is King Mswati III is winning in this country & in life
Jacob "King of Bling" Arabo is the same person who allegedly flew Erykah Badu to last year to sing Happy Birthday to King Mswati.
Zed hip hop is going mad every day..evry one claims to be a king, my king lives in mswati aka
Go and sell to King Mswati and his wives you bloody sells outs. Dont buy Mo Faya Dont buy!!! *chants*
Virgins walking in front of King Mswati
form a coalition to overthrow king Mswati III
KING KEEPS GRIP ON ‘SWAZI OBSERVER’. King Mswati III of Swaziland has reappointed the entire board of...
How much money did Erykah Badu make performing for brutal dictator's birthday party? .
and not only Obama look at likes of Zuma or king mswati who goes with over 350 people
Are they double now?! I forget that you compete with King Mswati
King Zwelithini probably yearns to be an absolute monarch, probably envies King Mswati. He must forget we'll not rewind the clock in SA
If yo girl is PMSing & moody...Be there for her. It's nada. . Imagine what King Mswati goes through when all 15 of his wives' periods sync. ☺
myb the guys wants to pay Lobola for King Mswati's daughter,in that situation you'll have to work more harder
The african president is King Mswati II -King and president of Swaziland
The afrcan president is the king of swaziland . King Mswati II
Swazi king presents maize to drought affected areas: King Mswati III of Swaziland has presented 108 bags of ma...
Fun Fact: King Mswati loves Virgins. He is an ISO certified Virgintarian.
King Mswati lll .An African king, an alleged debt, and the bizarre saga over his plane in Canada via
When King Mswati visits S.A. he doesn't get such media attention as this murderous seed of England so-called prince harry
If you are a man & you're faithful to one lady,your male gender membership should be revoked. Go argue with king mswati
King Mswati has 14wives if not more.."Five wives and twenty-four kids.. True Definition of being King."
King Mswati flies and the people starve .
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It’s good to be king: King Mswati bought royal jet twice over – although it was a ‘gift’
King of Swaziland- King Mswati publicly test and detect girls virginity before choosing his bride
diss from the artist who sang for King Mswati III bday (15 wives, 25 kids ). Human rights nightmare.=
Queen will greet "line-up of despots" at meeting of Commonwealth leaders in Malta, incl. King
I find it distasteful in fact. But what you & I see as wrong, other don't. King Mswati is a perfect example
Can the guy be jailed if the wife & her parents insist on not pressing charges? King Mswati or Zwelithini did the same
King Mswati took 15 wives, 30 children, over 100 servants along to the Africa leaders conference in India, booked 200 hotel rooms in advance
Lusaka’s Independence Day Celebration in Pictures: President Edgar Lungu and King Mswati cutting ...
Swaziland 1989 The 21st Anniversary of the Birth of King Mswati III FDC
Bid to Talk-Up King's Failed Airport: In another attempt to deceive people that Swaziland's King Mswati III (K...
EXCLUSIVE: King Mswati forced to meet political activists via
King Mswati will meet with banned political parties, civil society groups agitating for change
Find our new paper edition at your fav news outlet today! King Mswati, Burkina Faso, much more
Swazi King Mswati forced to meet banned political parties month end. This is big for Africa. Exclusive story in today.
also this has led me to wikipedia and king mswati III and well that dude is a thing
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and I were just saying the same thing. Interesting fact: some chiefs in MP report to King Mswati
In Swaziland King Mswati publicly test girls virginity before choosing a wife
SWSC advancing the country to vision 2022 through the provision of potable water. His Majesty King Mswati III...
Dear Queen Elizabeth, RG Mugabe, King Mswati, King Zwelithini & GJ Zuma hope my letter find you all well
Campaign launched to dethrone king III and end the 42-year state of emergency via
King III of current vice chair of SADC, has reached an entirely new level of delusion:
reportedly PUBLICLY picked his of a 19th WIFE~
Not exactly the same terms but large enough.. Swazi King Mswati iii
I want many women like King Mswati – Aziz Azion.
no wonder King Mswati was in the country
Tag: swaziland: A common tradition in Swaziland (Swazi) permits the King, Mswati, to choose a new bride every ...
Media said King Mswati must stop the reed dance when ppl died but the Pilgrimage continues in Mecca while more than 100 died no complaints.
King accepts letters of credence from Indonesia, Malawi: image His Majesty King Mswati III with Indonesia Amba...
My Dear please learn to market our Team. Chiefs did the same with King Mswati.
only King mswati has the right to marry a virgin the rest we shuld mind our own business featured in NBC s Science of Love
King Mswati boasts that he never has never had to print money, takes a jibe at African countries that print it to solve economic problems.
Mswati stresses the importance of listening to the advice of experts in their fields to get things done right.
We can respect culture but when it comes to this King Mswati character man... He makes me angry
Swaziland Group Receives Award, Vows to Demand Democracy. King of Swaziland Mswati III, front, and one of his 13...
I sang for Robert Mugabe and King Mswati today. Guys! A real life KING! Thankyou God for giving me an opportunity to represent my country.
King Mswati is now the deputy chair of a man who rules by decree, criminalizes dissent and has banned political parties.
can u give evidence that king Mswati did come to Kenya u always mislead and give wrong info. Check ur facts before posting
King Mswati III, autocratic monarch of set to be chair of despite record of human rights abuses
Protests against Swazi regime to come in and
King mswati lowkey thinkin abt the tension he left at home after he chose the wife who accompanies him !!..
Mugabe starts his protocol by acknowledging Swazi King Mswati first, incoming deputy chair of and then Khama. Says speech to be brief
We have received Mr Jonathan, King Mswati III, a Chinese prominent family and...
King Mswati awarded the most hardworking fisi this year.At the annual Team mafisi summit the other day.Now you know.I failed tho
Italy's PM, then followed by King Mswati of Swaziland who enjoyed himself at Masai Mara;former Nigerian Pres is here
"King Mswati isn't here, here you will speak what I speak". I just shook my head, gathered my things and left.
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While Swazis are languishing in poverty, their King is extremely extravagant. Inside King Mswati's $20 million jet.
"So king Mswati was here ?Why I'm I still single 😫" you didn't match before him in a bra n thong made of cow skin
King Mswati arrives in Nairobi later on today, probably on board Virgin Airlines.
Feminine Power towards Aids Free Generation: When His Majesty King Mswati III, on his speech from the throne, ...
I don't understand why some South Africans like Jacob Zuma and DJ Sbu should try and please King Mswati of Swaziland. He's a dictator??
King mswati.. he is scavenging for another woman
DJ Sbu gives cattle to King Mswati as apology for slurs he made against the monarch - Times LIVE via
1.So king Mswati III,Africa's last absolute Monarch is coming to kenya.The presidency plans to give him a cold reception
Girls leaving King Mswati's hotel room in Nairobi
In 2014, King Mswati offered to pay Swazi girls $18 monthly to remain virgins because of the rate at which they were losing their virginity.
I really enjoyed the interview with His Majesty King Mswati III last night, although I had to improvise on most...
The men who advise King Mswati III should be fired, they won't but they should be, how do you expose him like this?
King Mswati III must just not attempt to try explain stuff. It sounds so confusing it temporarily gives u a mental ceisure
Total madness, MPs want new jet for Mswati.
Meeting With His Majesty The King Mswati III at the Royal Residence was A Highlight of the day.
King Mswati, who rules Swaziland as sub-Saharan Africa's last absolute monarch, already owns a modif...
King Mswati said murder and socio political violence occurs in other countries, 'LENA EMAVENI'
"King Mswati III wowed the nation when he sang Cece Winan's song: It wasn't easy but it was worth it," national Easter service
If Swaziland's King Mswati III has 15 wives, then he should wear 15 rings. 10 fingers and 5 toes.
So king Mswati,what shld we expect from u next as an upcoming artist??"First of all its upcoming…
Can our king just be like King Mswati and marry I have a crush on our king. That time he is my dad's friend. Tiisetso😐
Powerful speech by king Mswati on sunday what a leader he is God bless him but we need change
25-year-old Her Royal Highness Princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini is the daughter of King Mswati III of Swaziland, one...
Sign this petition to free FROM Prominent Human Rights Attorney Thulani...
Another "King" Mswati who is also dependent on TAX Payers funds is buying a new $44 million private jet!
here's a short documentary about dodgy judges who jailed a journalist and lawyer in King Mswati's Swaziland
SMH --> 60% in Swaziland live on less than $1 a day but King Mswati III is worth $200m, paid $50m annually & has 15 wives
Oops! "African leaders who never attend African Union Summits; Paul Biya, that dictator from Angola, King Mswati, Ian Khama..."
Iyerrr, Zulus will always be bragging about the Common Wealth games like King Mswati having got attended Reed Dance!
Swaziland steps up police intimidation of workers: The ITUC has condemned the Swazi regime of King Mswati for ...
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Swaziland: Varsity Blames Govt for Cash Crisis: [Swazi Media]Only one week after King Mswati III o...
A crush should have utmost 999 followers - King Mswati.
you're a d*amn good writer, wish HRH King Mswati 3 could read and be as moved as I am ...
ANC led government is foolish. Why they did'nt allow King Mswati 111 of Swaziland not come to Zuma inaguration in 2009?
SWAZILAND: Possible topic for debate: "King Mswati's fortune was aquired legitimately".
SWAZILAND: Possible topic for debate: "King Mswati is the very last monarch Swaziland will ever see".
Sorry to King Mswati looks like his swallows didn't take his advice for 5 goals!
Im not sur abt bt blocked me cause I said hr camera is poor n bonang it ws dt king mswati party thin
And Swaziland. Only the cost of King Mswati's 18 wives is preventing us from invading our 11th province
King Mswati III of Swaziland, Africa calls for an end of HIV stigma and discrimination
Such beauty on my TL if only I was king Mswati
its been a pleasure! i'm coming home! — travelling to King Mswati III International Airport...
King Mswati 111 is not much to blame for Swaziland's problems. Swaziland is a old fashion society that may be the reason for its problems.
Swaziland's King Mswati III throws out wife no.12 for having affair via
I am sure King Mswati will shortly put in a claim of all from Nelspruit to Ermelo & down to Pongola
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""How many wives does King Mswati have?". 24". HEH!!!??!!
"How many wives does King Mswati have?". 24
So I heard King Mswati once invited Mayweather to the reed dance..
USA president Barack Obama knows 2 things. 1, to blame whites. And to embrace the king of Swaziland Mswati 111,who violate women rights.
USA and the likes should not enjoy the presence of King Mswati 111 of Swaziland. He violates the rights of woman.
King Mswati 111 should be warned of his violation of women rights in Swaziland. This could damage his reputation badly.
A person who should rule swaziland afte king mswati,must be that lady
first auditee of new Swazi lifestyle audit program should be King Mswati III himself! via
2015 TRENDS IN SD’S AIDS FIGHT: The media has highlighted the commitment shown by King Mswati toward the eradi...
So King Mswati III of Swaziland is causing a major stir among his people, after he recently demanded that wealthy...
It was wrong for South Africa not to allow King Mswati 111 in 2009 to come. It was during Zuma inauguration as a president.
King Mswati 111 may be Swaziland biggest liability. However i disagree with South African not allowing to come in 2009.
simple, let King Mswati copy Pope Francis' simplicity and then teach his subjects. young birds learn from old ones to fly.
Swazi leader bemoans ‘bad image’: King Mswati says Swaziland’s main problem is the fact that people are manufa...
It's now 307 days since & were re-imprisoned in Tell King journalism …
Swaziland's King Mswati III hasurged his subjects to 'protect the country' from pro-democracy groups which...
Guys pls sm1 can talk to king mswati to open da farms $10K)
Meantime:---Swaziland's King Mswati III urged his subjects to "protect the country" from pro-democracy groups...
And then king mswati says Swaziland shall be HIV-free by 2022 as he pursues his "First World" status! Fantasy-land!
Meanwhile king mswati delivers his parliament address claiming all is right!
Praise singers welcome His Majesty King Mswati III to deliver his speech from the throne
King Mswati III now to address nation at official opening
Senate President Gelane has blown whistle on Cabinet to His Majesty King Mswati III for being uncooperative with
King Mswati III has entered chamber, now listening to word of God from a Pastor.
His Majesty King Mswati III has also arrived for the is now inspecting the guard of honour
King Mswati III now inspecting Guard of Honour at opening
HIs Majesty King Mswati III has now arrived for opening.
King Mswati III has still not arrived. Unusual for him to delay after Her Majesty's arrival. opening
Now waiting for arrival of His Majesty King Mswati III.
the Democratic principles of accountability & transparency dnt apply to Zuma. i see a mini King Mswati III
2day King Mswati III will be delivering his Parlimentary Opening Speech. its not a state of Nation Analysis. just a opening speech
King Mswati and I share a surname. I need to make my own annual lady-parade.
Mswativoices of dissent, enemies of the state.
Lmao you can put it like that if you want 😂““The way I miss My King 😔😔” Mswati?”
I am flying with South African Airways SA181 on 18 FEB 2015 from NBO, arriving in Manzini King Mswati Iii Int
. King Mswati want her back. She has to go back
We have tremendous respect for President Aquino. We do not feel the same about King Mswati, who will have one *** of a V…
King Mswati guilty pleasures are sponsored by state and solid traditions.. surely..he doesn't need an expe suite to get i…
Compared to Nkandla, look next door 13 palaces of King Mswati with Rolls Royce.
Did King Mswati find a suitable 15th wife? . While at it, I'm told there's a pretty good [high standard,well performing] school in Swaziland
2022 here we come. We are working towards virsion
King Mswati preaches, his enemies shall face the wrath of God cc
Something aint adding up. I'm hoping its not true. 'His royal Majesty King Mswati is delaying school openings to keep kids working in the fields " yooh child labor. If its true, SADC intervene
No learning in Swaziland until King Mswati III fields are weeded - Zimbabwe Focus via
French luxury label Louis Vuitton has lost one of its most loyal South African customers: Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema, City Press reports. It seems a R7 500 pair of shoes don’t suit his austere new political image, a salesperson at Louis Vuitton’s softly lit Cape Town boutique told City Press last week. The brand isn’t struggling at its highbrow home at the V&A Waterfront - in fact, the sales team did a roaring trade during the ANC’s 8 January celebrations and is looking forward to the opening of Parliament on 12 February. “Mr Malema was a regular shopper here. There is no denying that he was often seen wearing Louis Vuitton apparel. But he doesn’t come here anymore. Louis Vuitton doesn’t fit his new image, really,” the salesperson, who asked not to be named, said. Malema’s wardrobe choices sparked debate last year when he was spotted hitting the election campaign trail shod in silver-buckle-embellished Louis Vuitton loafers. These shoes cost on average of R7 500 a pai ...
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King Mswati delayed the commencement of the school year so that his fields are cleaned. Lmao die man jong
South Africans are back at criticizing our KING MSWATI. Look, am not a fan of some of the things that happen in our nation but I will say this, every household has its rules and they will definately be harsh/bad for the neighbour's child. The country is weeding national fields as they say, too bad but nonetheless, these kids are still going to pass and finish their education syllabus. This one done years before, we went throug it ourselves and we now engineers. The Bible said it better, don't look at someone's problems when u have ur own
All hail King Mswati III, he just ordered schools to open a week later until his fields are weeded.
King Mswati ordered schools to be opened a week later because his fields have to be weeded first. WHAT THE ACTUAL ***
King Mswati is a proper so and so though. Kids cannot go to school till his fields are weeded? What a mong!
So king mswati values his fields than children education?Africa Rise
was shocked by reports that Swazi King Mswati III had pushed back the beginning of the academic year by a week
Welcome to schools will remain closed until students finish weeding King fields:
Malamulele stopping kids from going to school, King Mswati telling kids to hold off school.. How wise are we mara?
King Mswati attended some of the top schools in Europe. Evidently not even the best education could tame his caveman tendencies.
I think in Africa King Mswati consider himself a cousin to King Solomon from the Bible
King Mswati has delayed reopening of schools by a week so that kids can clean his fields. Like *** ! When is this moron going to die?
He banna, this philanderer king says schools will open a week later, issued a directive that school kids must first weed his fields
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