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King Mswati

Mswati III (born Makhosetive Dlamini on April 19, 1968) is the King of Swaziland and head of the Swazi Royal Family.

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Virginity allowance for virgins in Swaziland. King Mswati is the winner. Mean girls you can migrate. but it's just 48k per month. 10 beers only!
Marc Ravalomanana arrested, King Mswati III has shut down all Swaziland‘s labour organisations:
Swaziland King pays his subjects to remain virgins: Swaziland's King Mswati III has…
King Mswati knows where to shop next year“unopened RT: “is still a virgin homie
Given a chance to spend an hour with King Mswati III and King Goodwill Zwelithini, what would you ask them?
“Flash: Teenage Swazi girls to be paid Sh2,000 a month by King Mswati’s govt if they abstain from sex http…
..& that's King Mswati to you.! If u won't be funny at least be respectful. Thanks
I turn 40 today. Wanna salute His Maj King Mswati III for believing in me. I treasure the medal of honour recvd from him. live to serve SD
I'm King Mswati's first born. Let em know "
Although people keep saying King Mswati is going to marry me :'D
and Hillary Clinton's ones? Umfazi ka Bush yena? I'v also never seen preg pics of any of King Mswati's wives… so??
has the money; King Mswati's personal bank account.
King Mswati III of Swaziland, the last absolute monarchy in Africa, has 15 wives!!! That's 60 pieces of meat (30...
I will pay R500 pm to Swaziland gems to HAVE SEX.. Your move King Mswati!!.
So ko Swaziland King Mswati gives all girls who are virgins R200 per month ,y not give it to boys too ? . . Mxm
Never let a lady count your strokes keep interrupting her with snakes stories- King Mswati
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
King Mswati III of Swaziland has more wives than any other African Head of State.
King Mswati is going to give girls who abstain an allowance of R200...
Swaziland King Mswati wants young girls to keep their virginity by paying them $18 per month
King mswati,King Zwelithini and pres zuma's wives be like.
May your gift make a way for you!. Awesome time with HRH Princess Sikhanyiso, eldest daughter of KING MSWATI III. http:/…
Swaziland's King Mswati III will use World Bank funds to pay girls $18 per month to n... http…
Seems like king Mswati wants to pay Swazi virgins R 200 per month to keep their virginity. 😏
There is so much wrong with this article and the policy itself. I have to write a piece about it
Close, it is King Mswati III, Ingwenyama and King of Swaziland who assumed office on April 25 1986 at the age of 18
can King Mswati give the to the poor
King Mswati to pay girls R200 a month to remain virgins in bid to fight HIV
Swaziland despot King Mswati has closed all workers' and employers' federations. The Swaziland tyranny continues. SMH.
NEWS UPDATES AT 7 O’CLOCK WITH ORANGE. President Museveni has attacked the International Criminal Court (ICC) for summoning a seating president, despite the African Union resolution against it. ICC summoned Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta this week over a case related to election violence that rocked the country in 2007. Museveni said by doing so the ICC had despised the wisdom of all African leaders. He suggested that at the next summit, the African Union states withdraw their membership from the ICC and at the mention of that all the heads of state present at the Independence grounds nodded in agreement. Museveni said The ICC is turning out not be the value addition product that we had expected it to be. It is instead a biased instrument of post-colonial hegemony. The Electricity Regulatory Authority has increased the price of each unit of electricity used by domestic consumers from Shs518 to Shs518.7. For the commercial users the unit has increased from Shs471.8 to 472.5 and from Shs449.4 to Shs45 ...
Big ups to King Mswati... He is paying girls R200 to remain celibate... A wise decision
is King Mswati really serious about the practice, coz l dont think there are still Virgins in the world besides new borns:
Breast Cancer Awareness
While in SA we rewarding young girls for having children at an early stage with what is called social "child support" grant, King Mswati is rewarding his girls R200 each for being virgins so to decrease the rate of HIV.
The Bachelor & African Chiefs..Explain the difference??? ..And King Mswati of Swaziland is condemned..ohh well
King Mswati is just a pervert nje and a big one at that
Swaziland plans to pay girls about $18 a month for abstaining from sex, according to local reports . The programme, reportedly approved by King Mswati III, is intended to reduce HIV transmission in a country with one of the highest HIV transmission rates in the world. - AlJazeera
its a attempt but a poor attempt. Where are people with innovative brains in SD???
King Mswati III of Swaziland: Take action to immediately release Thulani Maseko and Bheki Makhubu. via
LMAO the allowance is for decreasing HIV transmission
King Mswati is doing this for his selfish reasons he wants to have a bigger pool to choose during the reed dance.
Awushe umsebenzi, King MSwati is putting his nation in d right direction. I'm proud of Him & King Zwelithini
King Mswati offered R200 a month for virgins, bid to fight HIV. Do you think this is a good idea, can it work for us?
Dropping out of school and going to marry king Mswati, man !
Last Dance for the Playboy King of Swaziland? via
Africa's last absolute monarch faces a growing chorus of critics:
Swaziland: King Mswati to Pay Girls £11 a Month to Remain Virgins in Bid to Tackle HIV via
What? Did King Mswati declare you a virgin too.
I wonder how much you believe King Mswati should "pay" the virgins! Lol
King mswati is just trying to save all the girls for himself
King mswati is gonna start trending.
King Mswati has money for virgins, yet his country is underdeveloped and one of the poorest country in Africa
Any truth to the rumour that Swazilands King Mswati is Walmart labour consultant?
Is King Mswati paying R200 for these girls to stay virgins or for him to have an upper hand... coz he wants to break their virginity??
We may never know his true intentions, is he doing this for himself or does he genuinely cqre for his sub…
Teenage girls in the Kingdom of Swaziland, South Africa, will be paid 200 rands (£11) per month if they refuse to h…
The Swaziland despot King Mswati wants young Swazi girls to remain virgins. He apparently only marries 'virgins'. I see a…
Interesting how the Swaziland despot King Mswati is planning to pay young Swazi girls R200 a month to remain faithful yet…
King mswati though... Willing to pay swati girls 300 every month to stay virgins lol...
teenage Swazi girls will be paid. R200 a month by Swaziland's. King Mswati’s government if. they abstain from sex.
King Mswati III of the Kingdom of Swaziland and the Father of Innovation in Creative Education, Tan Sri htt…
Life is too complex for me judge King Mswati's R200($20) initiative in aid of HIV related efforts. Who knows? Hopefully it works.
King Mswati Swaziland ruler has just banned all union & employer organisations.Other labour market bodies eg wage council…
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"Get back your Virginity " a sticker on a train. o.O .. King Mswati
Second from right,next to is VP Guy that space btw President Zuma & King Mswati
A Wedding fit for a King! High society turned out in full force to witness the royal wedding of Zulu monarch King Goodwill Zwelithini in Ulundi, KwaZulu-Natal, yesterday. The king, 66, married his sixth wife, Queen Zola Mafu, 28, in a colourful traditional ceremony during which Zulu warriors danced and those present sang. More than 10 people, including traditional leaders and VIP guests, descended on the former KwaZulu homeland capital, which had been a hive of activity since Friday in anticipation of the royal nuptials. International guests, dignitaries and the who's who of South Africa joined the celebrations, including President Jacob Zuma & KwaZulu-Natal Premier Senzo Mchunu. Swaziland's King Mswati III was invited but did not attend. Durban business tycoon Vivian Reddy and ANC stalwart Winnie Madikizela-Mandela were also in attendance, having arrived from Durban on a chartered flight. More than 60 cows and scores of sheep were slaughtered for the wedding. The Zulu monarch was chauffeured to the venue ...
And King Mswati III visited Hlane and some girls even had lunch with him!!!
Mswati "King Zwelithini's wedding and birthday bash - PHOTOS
He is trying to be like King Mswati 3
Few years ago, S. Africa loaned King Mswati some few millions of rands in order for him to feed his entourage of wives, did he pay us back?
Swaziland's king Mswati has, for the most part, had it easy as a despot. No matter how brutal his regime treated...
So the Zulu King weds a Swaziland Princess and is his 6th wife and she 27 year old! Anyone mentioning His Majesty King Mswati III Or Zuma?
"King Goodwill marries 6th wife guess the king & the president are in competition with king Mswati.
Is it King Mswati who's getting married today?
I wanna start my own tribe so that I will be a king, and get married to tones of woman. Inspired by king Mswati
I wanna start my own tribe,so dat I can be a King,and get married to tons of women like King Mswati.
King Mswati. 1000 virgins in a year
We are talking abt Drogba vs Arsenal here...not Kings...and I only know King Mswati..
King Mswati must pardon the jailed journalist & lawyer. Swaziland can't continue to operate like an island
Prez jacob's sibali that king mswati right there. heard Jacob Zumas daughter has been promoted to chief of staff
The judiciary in Swaziland like the one in Egypt licks the bums of its thugs.They take the cue from King Mswati and no one else.
Journalist Bheki Makhubu and lawyer Thulani Maseko have been sentenced to two years in jail.The thuggery of King Mswati in full swing.
"Bheki sentenced to 2 years without the option of a fine." Shocking! This mad thug called King Mswati.
King Zwelithini is getting hitchd again, are they competing with King Mswati?
GIVE SCHOLARSHIPS TO DESERVING STUDENTS – KING - LOZITHA - Once again His Majesty King Mswati III has shown his...
Wonder if king Mswati wil attend da weddng on saturday bt dats left to be seen
Queen Twerk's *** can save many young girls from King Mswati...
If reincarnation is real, I want to come back as King Mswati V. All those virgins... *sips Methanol
The Swaziland King, Mswati III, has more wives than his team has members. (15 vs 14)
I wonder how many wifes is king Mswati at now
"It is considered an act of terrorism to criticize King Mswati III (of Swaziland)."
AGAIN? Or was it Mswati? *Preparations underway for King Zwelithinis marriage
Now I understand why President Zuma is marrying many wives . . . . . . . . He wants to outshine King Mswati.
She was placed with the king’s third wife, Queen Mantfombi to be “groomed” for the royal position. Mantfombi is King Mswati III’s sister.
thinks we should look up to Kanye and Kim we who admire king Mswati weep".PanAfricanist
july ITS A HOLIDAY HERE IN SWAZILAND birthday of KING SOBHUZA ll,te father of present king MSWATI lll
Mswati III became king at the age of 18. can i be you friend. Lotitfobako..square
Ask king mswati how to make it work and be accepted by the west. monarchies are parasites
This excellent article on links to our open letter to King Mswati III calling for change .
linked to our open letter to King Mswati III in this excellent overview of the situation in
Well done, BTW, here is the correct link to the open letter we sent to King Mswati III last month:
HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!.Don't tell me, your country's leader is King Mswati.
Swaziland’s King Sobhuza II had 70 wives when he died. His son Mswati III, took over and in the last 28 years he has accumulated 15 wives.
MBABANE –The King Mswati III International Airport (KM3 Airport) does not have enough office space to accommodate... http…
King Mswati for the 15th wife, look this guy means business...
Ay when they scored this 7th goal i was like king Mswati's mother hearing he's getting married again
My life aim after today's research is to travel to Swaziland and meet King Mswati III
Doing my thing down there in the Kingdom of King Mswati II
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if He were to see King Mswati III destroying the future and dreams of young girls in Swaziland,...
King Mswati's 15th wife is cute though
Check on King Mswati"Ayi ngeke this weather, zuma must provide us with wives"
King Mswati is now on wife number 15 where does he get the time to make all of them happy?
The teenage beauty queen will be placed at one of King Mswati's palaces and will only be crowned queen when she falls pregnant.
One wife is a huge responsibility and I wonder how King Mswati manages as he chooses his 15th wife!
Apparently King Mswati is choosing the 15th wife! I have no words for him.
An 18 year old girl, don't know the name "Huh? Mang? King Mswati is marrying again? O__O"
King Mswati is on his 15th wife lmfao ***
King Mswati III announced Sindiswa Dlamini as his new royal fiancée.His 15th wife. and . OOMF is playing hard to get with me :(
King Mswati has chosen his 15th wife
Leave King Mswati out of this lol "Clearly Mswati loves em "young fresh n green with no hair in between""
Dear King Mswati I did not vote for this crap weather...
you He has seen the goodness of God, Respect to Prince Lindani Son of King Mswati for your Honour TheKingOfKings...
LastNight withPrince Lindani,Son of King Mswati of Swaziland in my House office in SouthAfrica. The Man respects God!
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I was honored to take this photo with my king. King Mswati Gomani 5. To God be the glory. The other one I was with the director of Zodiak Broadcasting Gospel Kazako and the United Nations official at the cocktail.
coming soon - King Mswati fresh from his upcoming new mixtape
He had more wives than King Mswati, right?? Abnormal libido, ama ni he was hypersexual
18 June 2014 Communist Party of Swaziland calls for all-out support for strike at Ubombo Sugar (Illovo) The CPS extends its full solidarity with the more than 3 000 workers in the Swaziland Agricultural Plantations and Allied Workers Union (SAPWU) in their strike for better wages and conditions at Ubombo Sugar Ltd, which is part of the Illovo sugar conglomerate. Workers on Swaziland’s sugar plantations are among the most heavily exploited sections of the working class. Workers at Ubombo are paid R1 500 with the possibility to increase this to R 2 000 if they work Sundays – making a full seven-day week. They are calling for a 14% pay increase, which would bring their basic pay to a paltry R1 710 a month. Ubombo Sugar Ltd demands that their pay increase be no more than 7.5%. Low pay and bad working conditions typify the entire sugar-producing sector in Swaziland, and there are welcome signs that the Ubombo strike will spread. It isn’t as if Ubombo/Illovo were so cash-strapped that they would sink if t ...
The 5 Richest Kings In Africa Africa may be full of democratically governed countries, but it is still the land of many kings. Sure, there are only three African countries with constitutional monarchies – Morocco, Swaziland and Lesotho — but there are several hundred traditional monarchs dispersed across Africa in urban, semi-urban and rural communities in independent countries. Mostly, these monarchs wield little or no formal political power, but they fulfill spiritual and ceremonial obligations to members of their community. Being a traditional monarch in Africa can be a lucrative affair. A significant number of these rulers are formally recognized by state institutions and as a consequence, many of them receive generous stipends and allowances from the government. For example, King Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu, the traditional King of the Zulu people, South Africa’s largest ethnic tribe, receives an annual allowance of about $6 million to cater to the needs of his royal household. He also gets ...
the King forced her. You know how Kings abuse their powers. Did you forget about that girl who ran away from Mswati
Jst becz u hv an opinion ht doesnt make yah a politician. My king is blck so am i n my flag is bleu n king Mswati 4 SWAZILAND.
This guy praised Zuma like they praise king Mswati
Swaziland braces itself for AGOA exit MBABANE, 17 June 2014 (IRIN) - The threat of Swaziland being suspended from a US preferential trade agreement for poor progress in meeting democratic norms is threatening the livelihoods of tens of thousands of worker in a country where unemployment is already above 40 percent. The 2000 African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA) offers developing countries duty-free access to some US markets, with the strict proviso that their governments show progress on enhancing democracy and human rights and upholding fair labour practices. AGOA and the absolutists Often referred to as sub-Saharan Africa's last absolutist monarch, the powers and prerogatives enjoyed by King Mswati III and the conduct of his government are jeopardising Swaziland's membership of AGOA. In recent months, the authorities in Mbabane have faced increasing criticism from human rights organisations, with security forces accused of breaking up political marches and journalists and pro-democracy activists b ...
Uhuru Kenyatta is the most confused president on africa after king mswati ! Like father unlike son
CONSTRUCTION OF NEW SWAZILAND HOTEL BEGINS Swaziland has granted a tender of R80 million to Inyatsi Construction to do earthworks preparations for a luxury hotel and convention centre complex in Ezulwini near Mbabane. The project was mooted in 2000 but had to wait for the completion of the King Mswati III International Airport. Like the airport, the hotel and convention centre project - referred to by the planners as the King Mswati III Hotel and Convention Centre - was not subject to any known economic feasibility study. The airport’s cost ballooned to R3 billion from the original construction cost of R100 million. Roleplayers in the industry notes the hotel is being built in an overly-saturated market. Tourism numbers are declining in Swaziland and one of Ezulwini’s most prominent hotels, the Ezulwini Sun, closed in 2012 to await a resurgence in business that has not materialised. Source: ‘Swaziland grants R80m hotel tender’, Business Report via (17 June)
All the problems in Swaziland be it: socio-economic or Judiciary are as a results of a lack of political leadership in-fact the people of Swaziland are leaderless!!! King Mswati and the royal family are responsible for the mess we find ourselves in!
I Love Swazi kings, they prophesy: Smv's Authentic Divine Remedy: King Mswati (2)nd 1JOHN 2: 15 in his dream he saw a vision in which a man was holding out two different items to Him. He had to take one thing btween the two things: 1. Money or 2. Bible Matthew 4:...
And if it was or King Mswati? "RT cartoon by Miles via Daily Dispatch.
Let us get rid of KING Mswati in SWAZILAND
- On repeat. All i get is girls, All i get is girls, Call me King Mswati
rights-abusing King Mswati III named 1 of 5 richest kings in Africa via
:'''D ""King Mswati's personal budget boosted to R610 million for 2014" cc
Chief Toni Mphephu Ramabulana must stop to be King Mswati Number it embarass Venda nation and its culture
Swaziland's King Msweatyballs III takes 15th wife. 70% of his subjects live below poverty line. Marry them all no.3! http:/…
"The wedding only takes place once the fiancee falls pregnant" something is wrong with this picture
45 yr old Swaziland's King Mswati III has chosen an 18-year-old beauty pageant contestant as his 15th wife.
Bossso"King Mswati III of Swaziland had 15 wives and 24 children in 2013."
No I used to say that every man's dream is to become like King Mswati but after seeing pics, I change my mind... Daaamnn 🙉🙉 !
niko kwa King that Taita princesses decided to potea. Lol!
Please spare me the affirmative cultural defense! If King Mswati's actions are deplorable, similar behaviour can't be acceptable here @ home
"SABC’s Hlaudi Motsoeneng gets wife as gift". King Mswati III is inspiring SABC people.
King wants Sihlangu in 2018 World Cup - SOCCER - HIS Majesty King Mswati III has thrown a challenge at Sihlangu...
There are a lot of sirens outside. . What has happened when world cup just started. . Did King Mswati attend? Goka swa motho.
Dear Colleagues,. In the past few hours WCL HUMAN RIGHTS CENTER launched a petition to the King of Swaziland, King...
Indeed. ICYMI, here is the letter we recently sent to
We call for the immediate release of prisoners of conscience Bheki Makhubu & Thulani Maseko. Please sign
I think I must go back to my homeland and just marry King Mswati. That exam just propelled me to this decision.
An online Bheki and Thulani partition has been created by AU/WCL Centre for Human Righs and Humitarian Law.
Over 100 ppl signed for Pls sign and circulate! Demand their release!
Take action to help free and Sign this petition now
if I had King Mswati III tendencies my ninja, I'd request Pearl Thusi, Noni Gasa and Boity to a reed dance
His Majesty King Mswati III and King of the Zulu of Kwazulu Natal With commissioner General of His Majesty Correctional service in the kingdom of Swaziland.
Dear Julez Chaclas Tsabedze Im kindly typing this message to respond to your posts address to South Africans .Can i first make it clear to you that im a swazi .Im responding in behalf of the South Africans citizens which are in this group . 1.You talked about the educational differences between SD and SA .From what you said i can conclude that you think the SA syllabus (Matric) is valueless .It is with great shock to get that from a swazi whom i think he is aware that his country syllabus is not internationally recognized .SA lireracy rate and education starndard is higher than SD .The evidence for that is the recent article by the times of swaziland where more than 5 SA univernities we among the top univernities in Africa .Secondly our brothers and sisters opt for Matric than SGSCE .Thats why those private school who offers matric are full and there is an exodus in our public schools .Lastly,why our gorvenment is allowing some schools to offer matric syllabus yet our SGSCE syllabus is not offered in SA ? ...
Sometimes I just wish I can be King Mswati,Just go to village n call 500 virgins n select 5 beautiful ones n marry them. Lol
There is something interesting that is happening in this group .The numbers can decline by when they increase they double the decline rate .More people are joining this group and most of them show disastisfication about tikhundla system of gorvenment .I wld like to thank all of my comrades for raising awareness about King Mswati 111 iron rule thus mobilising the masses .Our struggle for democracy is raising the alarm even.outside our bondaries.I would like to also thank the EU for financially supporting the struggle for democracy in SD . I kindly acknowledge the following for their endless efforts in emancipating our fellow brothers and sisters from mental slavery ; 1.Ngcamphalala Mcolisi 2.Kader Msibi Msholozi 3.Mtsandzi Welive Lakhe 4.Robert K Mdluli 5.Sbham Electrolysis 6.Lwazi Mazibaziba 7.Dumisa No-Nartjie Ndzimandze 8.Adolf Stalin Benito 9.Bishop Tima 10.Richard Van 11.Peace Prevail 12.Zaza Sibandze 13Mene Mene Tekel. 14.Deejay Tech 15.Bigboi Mnisi Our blood will nourish the trees that will bear th ...
Swazi treasury missing more than R3bn June 10 2014 at 08:00am Comment on this story Stephen Langa The Swazi treasury’s missing millions of rand from last month have become billions this week as unaccounted government funds and tax revenues multiply. A report by the country’s auditor-general, Phestecia Nxumalo, found discrepancies amounting to R3.2 billion in the accountant-general’s review of government income and spending for the past year. No one in the secretive government was willing to talk about the missing money that represents a sum that is more than the government’s current fiscal reserves. “The (accountant-general’s) reports are owned by the finance ministry and, therefore, not within our mandate to discuss in the media space,” Vusi Dlamini, the director of communications for the Swaziland Revenue Authority (SRA) that collects the country’s taxes, said yesterday. Nxumalo reviewed claims by the SRA of monies deposited in the Swaziland treasury with the treasury’s own accounts co ...
WHO IS NEXT? Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea (34), Jose Santos of Angola (34), Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe (33), Paul Biya of Cameroon (31) and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda (27), King Mswati III of Swaziland (26), Blaise Campore of Burkina Fasso (26) and still going strong, and must be wondering whose turn is next.
“We will do all we can to insure peace... but if war is imposed upon us we will be together shoulder to shoulder as in the last war to strive for the happiness of mankind.”Georgy Zhukov. This message is directed to King Mswati. good morning my friends
Am following Lesotho's leader-King Mswati's philosophy,so sweet for those understands what i mean
All purpose parts banner
Our own speaks to Radio France International about our open letter to King Mswati III
While 70% of Swazis live on $1 a day, King Mswati has a personal fortune of $50m. So who really owns
So king Mswati III is world's 4th richest king?
Pressure should mount on the King! To release the journalist and lawyer.
Say hello to King Mswati III of Swaziland, the Africa?s third wealthiest monarch.
King Mswati & his many wives have made Swaziland broke.Someone tell JayZ to come & buy Swaziland & make me king
I blame King Mswati and his many wives for the LRT... SMH!!
In '08,Swaziland's King Mswati III was said to have $200m. In 2014,FORBES stated he was worth $50M making him the 4th richest King in Africa
Swaziland is going broke and King Mswati III probably gonna marry his 16 wife. What is your excuse of staying single?
Last week, the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, along with Freedom House, the Democratic...
Swaziland music festival strikes controversial note Ezulwini (Swaziland) (AFP) - Swaziland's eclectic Bushfire Festival attracts around 20,000 music lovers each year and, because it takes place in Africa's last absolute monarchy, a fair bit of controversy. Revellers sway under the warm southern African sun -- and perhaps the influence of some strong local herbs -- in the idyllic Ezulwini valley south of the capital Mbabane, lapping up three days of world class music. Four-time festival veteran Christopher Jost, from Germany, was among those who travelled to the tiny southern African kingdom to take in bands like South Africa's Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Zimbabwean maestro Oliver Mtukudzi from May 30 to June 1. But in Swaziland politics is never too far away. Jost notes there seems to be little diversity in the country's media and that locals are reluctant to criticise the King, who has a palace a short distance away. King Mswati III presides over an absolute monarchy which has for decades banned politica ...
Dear King Mswati (aka vision 2022) : please bring back the sibaya report. Your ppl cant wait to know how far have u gone wth the implementation of their submittions whch wer made esibayeni.Your ppl stl remember very well their submittions: fire Barnabas Dlamini, suspend circular no.1, give teachers their 4.5 adjustment, bring political reforms (ie let de ppl elect the PM, allow political parties to contest for power) etc. U ar requested to release the report wthn 2 months from today. Failing that yo ppl wl b left wth no option other than to demand it. Yours sincirely Siyabonga Hlophe ( on behalf of de swazi nation)
As a Nation and People, I do not think we Appreciate the blessed Gift we have in the form of His Majesty King Mswati III. Wisdom, Vision, Love for His People. Honored to be your Loyal Subject. BAYETHE!
GUNDVWINI - The late Prince Logcogco was His Majesty King Mswati III’s dictionary, the royal family has said.
Lmaoo! Only king in Africa is Mswati. The rest of us are peasants, peons & paupers.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
King Mswati III was selected at the age of 14 to be the king
Letter from RFK Center to Swaziland King regarding worsening human rights
WHO OWNS SWAZILAND – KING MSWATI OR SWAZIS?. Read the story and share your views:...
shut the *** up n go perambulate in front of king mswati with your nipples exposed.this is a matter for SA citizens.
King Mswati be like "Blood makes us related, royalty makes us family"
MBABANE – At least 93 staffers of the Swaziland Civil Aviation Authority (SWACAA) deployed to the new King Mswati...
We sent a letter to signed by Archbishop Tutu, citing collective concern re: crisis …
hey are you related to akuku danger? or king mswati? "Natural ladies, u have a soft spot in my heart, I'll marry all of u."
I thought it was king Mswati performing -_-
yet Next door they still keeping King Mswati whilst he is plunging ppl to ground Zero whilst he is living lavish
King Mswati III is the 4th richest King in Africa, Estimated net worth: At least $50 million
ha,ha. Heela.!. King Mswati stepping down. That will be the day.
King Mswati would abdicate the throne if he relocated to the Virgin Islands
King Juan Carlos of Spain steps down. Many wish Swaziland's Mswati would follow.
"And me the King mswati Me and you together
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His Majesty King Mswati III visited Bulembu on Thursday, 20 February 2014. It was a historic day, as the king had not visited Bulembu Ministries before. The Bulembu choir had the opportunity to visit the king's palace during 2013, and now they had the opportunity to host him at their home. These photographs tell a small portion of the excitement that was tangible as the residents of Bulembu and surrounding communities descended on the bowling green to hear the Swazi monarch's address and take part in the festivities.
How lovely Mr Mugabe and King Mswati Greet each other .. U can see there's huge respect there
Swaziland is a monarchy, currently ruled by King (Ngwenyama) Mswati III.
Cape Town – Members of Parliament in Swaziland have reportedly been banned from divorcing and those who are currently in the process of getting a divorce have been urged to hold off until their term of office ends. According to eNCA, the motion was made by the county’s senate during an orientation workshop for recently elected MPs and senators. MPs were also warned against any sexual affairs with parliament staff with the senate arguing that female parliamentary staff who engaged in love affairs with MPs became “impossible to work with”. King Mswati III has been quoted in the past as saying that only death can undo marriages.
I love his majesty King Mswati 111 nd this country, no one can rule me accept de two.BAYETHE
i think the arguement tht 'King Mswati III is misled by ppl around him' has ceased to exist !
King Mswati of Swaziland has a net worth of US$200 million, while Swaziland is broke. It is only left with US$750,000 in its treasury.
As the nation remains in the dark about the future of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), His Majesty King Mswati III spoke out publicly for the first time on the trade agreement’s threat on Friday night and called on everyone to ensure Swaziland’s continued eligibility under this programme
So right now King Mswati is richer than the Bank of Swaziland?
African leader can be so selfish. Look at Zuma. Look at King Mswati.
King Mswati making me despise my swatiness.
King Mswati III of Swaziland was once the. world's youngest King and Head of State. He has ruled since April 25,1986.
His Majesty King Mswati 111 made life of Swazis prosper through free education in primary level and free access 2 our tertiary institutions. Not forgeting the freedom of chatting in our cellphones. Bayethe wena longangezwe.
Wololo,...excited as tho smne had gotten a virgin in de den of Jacob Zuma or king mswati
Zuma and his many ugly wives! But my King Mswati takes the cake. All his wives are hot and mostly yellow bones
How many wife's king Mswati is is having ?
I see King Mswati lll taking his freebie, the umbrella
Playas all over the world- You have do to give it to King Mswati-
King Mswati 111, invited about 40 officials and advisers to a basement in one of his palaces, where they all sat on the floor. King Mswati III turned up the heater, which warmed the floor first, until the temperature in the room reached about 40 degrees Celsius, and told inconsequential stories to those gathered while they sweated, merely to show them he was in power." This is cruel
Swazi King Mswati III and his wife LaNkambule be looking gud on the
President Zuma vows in front of HM King Mswati III that he will "protect and promote the rights of all South Africans," Bayethe!
Majestic vibes in Pretoria as the only Africa's absolute Monarch King & the Ingwenyama HM King Mswati III glance Zuma's inauguration.
King Mswati & King Zwelethini wives that's been left behind I feel your pain,your pain is my pain
King Mswati is there becareful of his tricks and scouts,looking fabulas as always
may you please publish the picture of King Mswati's wife
The Lion of the Kingdom of Eswatini His Majesty King Mswati III has arrived to bless the 2014 South African Presidential inauguration in Pretoria. BAYETHE!!! You of the most high!!
seeing King mSwati walking into the Union Buildings with 1of his youngest wife,I always think how ppl ask me if he didn't choose u
King Mswati received a heroes welcome in the inauguration,very strange
4. "King Mswati has a seriously hot wife.
Both actually and my King "nipho_reserved Mugabe or King Mswati III, Mbeki?"
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King Mswati has a seriously hot wife.
The virile monarch from our second bathroom Swaziland, King Mswati has brought only one member of his ever exploding bevy of wives. He might just commandeer someone's wife and add her to his congregation of his spouses. This guy! SMH!
please find me someone that looks like King Mswati's plus one today. Tell her I'm ready for marriage.
Watching Zuma's inauguration,King Mswati has arrived so is Somalia president don't mind the commentator is...
2014 SA Presidential Inauguration at Union Buildings in Pretoria. As for President Robert Mugabe and King Mswati makes my blood boil. I love X President Mbeki though and Kenneth Kaunda.
King Mswati is no Khehla, maybe when he hits 50 we can call him that.
I must confess King Mswati have an eye for beatiful ladies
King Mswati s wives are beautiful man
King Mswati brought one portable number, JZ cn learn a thing or 2; one JZ, jus one...
She's so pretty (**,) "King Mswati's wife looks like Mrs Motsepe"
I dont think King Mswati was suppose to be invited after all he has done to his people.
King Mswati with wife no seventyelen
Just saw my king Mswati wow wow anauguration
"that awkward moment when u watching Presidential Inauguration and King Mswati III arrives with one of hot chick.. ***
King Mswati iii didn't receive the best of welcomes... screams and whistles for Thabo Mbeki .
If I was to bump into King Mswati somewhere,I wouldn't recognize him...
Oh WOW! This is my first time seeing King Mswati suited up.
Swaziland's King Mswati only recieves polite applause. Unlike former president Thabo Mbeki who is cheered loudly
King Mswati of Swazi land has arrived too.
King Letsie III of Lesotho has arrived and got the loudest cheer. Followed by muted reception of King Mswati of Swaziland.
And my king. King Mswati wesithathu. Bayede. Iswati lentalo
King Letsie of Lesotho and King Mswati III of Swaziland arrive.
King mswati should have brought his wifes with like
Mswati arrives with wife.eish dont know if thats No12.silent welcome for the King!
HrH King Mswati and Her Majesty are in the building.
King Mswati with his hot number. I envy him. So many beautiful wives.
So too does King Mswati III and one of his Queens-consort *makes another small curtsey*
King Mswati actually "That can't be a proverb of any African tribe. I refuse"
Because the ANC fund his life. ANC are his Guptas““Is King Mswati coming?” Why would he?”
King Mswati only had one inauguration!
The ONLY head of state im interested in at this inauguration is HM King Mswati lll ...Bayethe!
.and president Mugabe and king Mswati will attend the inaguration in Pretoria many South Africans will be offened...
Hope King Mswati feels really uncomfortable with 1000 journos here. I might even boo him for arresting Makhubo et al.
Quite an occasion this is. Hmmm... *President Zumas inauguration* Good to see the influx of African leaders on our land. Still haven't seen my King Mswati though :(
On behalf of Zim youth wing organization, i would like to congratulate University of Johannesburg for confers Honorary Doctorate on U.S President Barack Obama and equally pleased that C katanga, the former Congolese Military Leader was sentenced 12 years in prison by ICC, Hague for crime against humanity committed in '02-'03. We also stand in solidarity with the decision taken by Nigerian teachers to strike in support of kidnapped school girls by Boko Haram, a militant group which has been blacklisted by United Nations (UN). Africa Union has been badly exposed for the reluctance to take appropriate action in time and by failing too to condemn lawlessness in Africa. It seems like SADC Countries has taken Zim culture of rigging elections, a bad precedent which Malawians are likely to face at the moment. Our organization still abides with the notion which we collectively took in 2011 for the re-opening of SADC Tribunal Court House, which was closed in August 2010 for 6 months review process after it has rul ...
YESTERDAY - King Mswati III welcomed by Defence Min Mapisa-Nqakula at Waterkloof AFB.
Click like if u like my king mswati n comment if u dnt
I hear that Pres Mugabe and King Mswati have landed in the country. I also heard that Nigerian President is set to attend Zuma's inauguration. He shoud've been stopped until he find our girls.
kader, adolf my boys please welcome MAJESTY THE King Mswati 111 to your favourite republic de suid-afrika.
The truth about the king. Swaziland's King Mswati III has been described in a US diplomatic cable as an "imbalanced" monarch, heavily influenced by "witchcraft", who once made advisers sit on the floor in a heated basement so as to underline his authority. Concluding that "we are inclined to believe him", Irving allegedly told the US State Department: "Hlatshwayo affirmed that Mswati III is not a reader, and will not review documents left for him. He called the king "not intellectually well-developed". source: WikiLeaks. ( By the way Irving is the former US ambassador to Swaziland).
How majestic,gracefull and exalted a lion is ...with a touch of magnanimity and large-heartedness as it stands on the scorching African plain.. so is His majesty king Mswati the 3rd.. wether u like it amaparty will rule Swaziland in ur waste ur time n want democracy lengekho piece of advise:Dedicate ur time on makin ur self a better individual .coz masinyane get a LIFE..
This is what a King Mswati wrote to our systems analyst Kevin Kevshenko. (Marriage Software Division) Dear Systems Analyst, I am desperate for some help! I recently upgraded my program from Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0 and found that the new program began unexpected Child Processing and also took up a lot of space and valuable resources. This wasn’t mentioned in the product brochure. In addition Wife 1.0 installs itself into all other programs after launching during systems initialization and then it monitors all other system activities. Applications such as ‘Boys’ Night out 2.5′ and ‘Golf 5.3′ no longer run, and it crashes the system whenever they`re selected. Attempting to operate selected ‘Saturday Football 6.3′ always fails and ‘Saturday Shopping 7.1′ runs instead. I cannot seem to keep Wife 1.0 in the background whilst attempting to run any of my favorite applications. Be it online or offline. I am thinking of going back to ‘Girlfriend 7.0′, but uninstall doesn’t work on this ...
King Mswati Shai Stephen my maid is looking for you mbu its weekend.
News24 Swaziland's King Mswati III has increased his annual household budget for 2014 by more than 10% to $61m, as a large public wage bill continues to put pressure on the impoverished country. The budget of the king, whose personal fortune is estimated around $200m, makes provisions for his salary, his mother's upkeep and royal aides. It also includes provisions for construction work on palaces that will cost the tax payer about $12.6m. The royal budget is not debated in parliament, as discussions would be seen as challenging Africa's last absolute monarch. Adding to the lack of transparency, audits of the budget are only presented to the king himself and the Royal Board of Trustees chaired by the minister of finance. Mswati, who rules Swaziland with an iron fist has resisted democratic reforms, his extravagant lifestyle amid vast poverty has been criticised by pro-democracy activists. The small kingdom is one of the poorest nations in southern Africa, where over 60% of the 1.2 million population live o ...
I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions. King Mswati vs. Jacob Zuma? Who wins? They both have many wives, they both live luxurious lives but difference is one is a born leader and one is a president, secondly one lives in a home worth over R200million and the other lives in different palaces that aren't worth the R200million combined? Who's better between the two? I support my king 100% no doubt. No hard feelings to my fellow neighbours that know me, it's just my opinion, what's yours?
I have come across some new words which will enrich your vocabulary: 1.Boko Hara: to live in a "vat & sat" situation. *** lula le ngoana oa motho o sa monyala!). 2. Sir Seretse Khama or Tokyo Sexwale: A black man married to a white woman. 3. Jacob Zuma or King Mswati 111: a man in a polygamous marriage. 4. Zwelinzima Vavi: to have sex with a junior staff member at work. 5. MH370: (although a little insensitive) to disappear from the surface of earth without trace. Have you had of any "new" words??
Ive been trying to never disclose this to my fellow brothers and sisters at such an infant time but anger due to allegations that im devil worshiper yet im not have lead me to disclose this about King Mswati 111. 1.King Mswati 111 is HIV positive and he buys antiretrovil drugs from the UK ,each tablet cost more than $200 000 and each tablet is taken for a month 2.King Mswati 111 usually rotates in all of his palaces and have sex with all of his 13 wives on sebsequent days .When he is not visiting his wives he is oftenly having sex with his girlfriends which are all over the country . 4.King Mswati 111 is a devil worshiper thats why he is licked by a snake all over the body at mntjoli dam during incwala .He recently sacrificed with more 50 swazis to his masters in the undeeground world . 5.King Mswati 111 is sexually orientated to cow or a bull.He usually have sex with the bull and withdraw just before ejaculation so he can ejaculate into the horn and mixed with other muti
I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to His Majesty King Mswati III, his Heirs and succesors according to the law.
That awkward moment King Mswati says "Bring Back Our Girls". lol return our sisters
On focus tonight 1.HIV status of King Mswati 111 2.Educational background of the following princes .Prince Majaha and Prince Lindani. 3.TV and the ordinary citizens 4.The plight of emakhosikati 5.The King and his wives
Swaziland's King Mswati has banned meetings and berets. If he adds Louis Vuitton it'll start looking like he's an EFF h…
President attends Tanzania’s 50th Union Anniversary President Yoweri Museveni today joined the people of Tanzania to mark that country’s golden jubilee celebrations when the union between the then Tanganyika and Zanzibar, two sovereign countries, merged leading to the formation of the United Republic of Tanzania led by Mwalimu Julius Nyerere. The celebrations took place at the Uhuru Stadium in Tanzania’s Port City of Dar-es-Salaam. President Museveni was one of the African Presidents who graced the celebrations. Other leaders included Presidents Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi, Joyce Banda of Malawi, King Mswati of Swaziland, Lesotho Monarch, former Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa, former President of Zambia, Rupiah Banda, former President of Kenya Mwai Kibaki, former President of Namibia, Sam Nujoma, and Vice-Presidents of Zambia and Nigeria, among others. Welcoming his guests, President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete of Tanzania, saluted all Heads of State and Government for joining ...
Dear Gayton Mackezi Let me further clear one thing' im not a member of any political organisation. Im writing this open letter just to ask questions and im sure you wil duly oblige as you have established a regional coloured party and you seeking votes. Im an ordinary South African who happen to watch you on TV on some show about a man who was latter known to me as member of civil society as Kenny kunene. A man who uses woman body to realise his fatansy. A man who has no self esteem but depend on money to raise his esteem. A man who has supported a man who killed woman in a cold blooded and evil manner in a bathroom. A man who group young girls on Tv and claim to be a polygamists. A man who was banned im swaziland by King Mswati. Surely we dont wanna know the reason this very same man left EFF because he is a man that has no backbone. He is a hyper active adult who has missed on his childhood activities and is practising it now at his 40s. You Gayton has distroyed lifes and future of youth in multitude wi ...
Really, can I make my fruit cocktail and name it Phila Mtsetfwa? Just referring to "King Mswati III International Airport" You name something in honour of the person who invented it just like Isuzu (car brand), Ohms Law (Scientist), or heroes in what they did like Mandela Bay, Walter Sisulu International Airport (SA heroes) to name but a few...
King Mswati 111 of Swaziland has just spent 3 billion on an airport upgrade.Probably only he will land.The population desperately needs help
What an achivement.King Mswati III Airport Sihlangu wone 1-0 on an international friendly 5 Star Hotel comng soon. Sibusiso Dlamini getting married at his age. A town for Mpaka people.
SIKHUPHE – Inaugurated amid much pomp and ceremony on Friday, the new King Mswati III International Airport will...
BAD WEATHER PREVENTS AIRSHOW - SIKHUPHE - People who attended the official opening of the new King Mswati III...
The true reason King Mswati was taken to mathare
So king Mswati wants 100 cows 4 de lobola of his daughter,now my question is how many cows does he give 2 de family of de woman he marries?
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Seeing the headlines today in the Times of Swaziland “NEW AIRPORT NAMED: KING MSWATI INTERNATIONAL “made me tickle with laughter but I withdrew it within a second because it’s not a joking matter. Just imagine Putin naming Ukraine to “PUTIN” it is a confirmation of the metal brains in the man, and like his counterparts the NUMSA choir in Newtown, one scarcely finds any disparity. Swaziland should have its own seven wonders because of it exceptionally vain autocratic regime and the characters in it, who are good and very good in minding their own life and leaving the population to be discovered by other nations as one of the backward and poor nation in present time, calculated to be earning or living below 50 pence a day, living side by side with the most expensive royal family which it’s head is worth more than $200 million. Yes we have been discovered by many other nations, some if not the majority of them have been made to believe that we enjoy the semi- jungle life, the tranquility is stabi ...
King ‘dumps’ speech as he opens new airport - As he opened the King Mswati III International Airport on Friday...
Prince Hlangusemphi, PS Bertram ‘steal king’s thunder’ - His Majesty King Mswati III had done well to salivate...
King Mswati 111 International Airport opening yesterday. Swaziland Epilepsy Organization was doing Epilepsy Awareness campaign at that place.
Wonderful news for Swaziland and Africa. New airports don't just come everyday. Great achievement. Observer
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