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King Mswati

Mswati III (born Makhosetive Dlamini on April 19, 1968) is the King of Swaziland and head of the Swazi Royal Family.

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THIS IS THE ARTICLE THAT GOT MASEKO IN TROUBLE - REALLY? "The Chief Justice should do the right thing and step aside There is no doubt in any discerning mind that those closest to King Mswati enjoy protection from the operation of the law. The matter of Chief Justice Michael Ramodibedi is a case in point. He has been suspended in his home country of Lesotho and is facing charges that include criminal behavior. But, in Swaziland, he is toasted as a leading jurist with an unblemished record. This does not say much for the country’s judiciary. That a member of the Judicial Services Commission is also being protected from the law tell you where Swaziland is. THULANI MASEKO writes. Nelson Mandela and the many lessons we learn from him has told us that the Judiciary is the cornerstone of democracy. What is even more important, he says, is the commitment to abide by its decisions even when such decisions are not in favour of the powerful.In any event, when judicial officers such as lawyers, take the oath of of ...
Really, can I make my fruit cocktail and name it Phila Mtsetfwa? Just referring to "King Mswati III International Airport" You name something in honour of the person who invented it just like Isuzu (car brand), Ohms Law (Scientist), or heroes in what they did like Mandela Bay, Walter Sisulu International Airport (SA heroes) to name but a few...
King Mswati 111 of Swaziland has just spent 3 billion on an airport upgrade.Probably only he will land.The population desperately needs help
What an achivement.King Mswati III Airport Sihlangu wone 1-0 on an international friendly 5 Star Hotel comng soon. Sibusiso Dlamini getting married at his age. A town for Mpaka people.
King’s fiancée treated like a queen ⁠Cape Town - Twenty eight-year-old Zola Mafu might only be Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini’s fiancée but for the past eight years she’s been living a right royal life – all at the taxpayers’ expense.⁠ ⁠According to the⁠⁠, Mafu – who is 37 years younger than the monarch – reaps the same royal benefits as the monarch’s five wives. She is not only chauffeur-driven in a Mercedes-Benz E-Class but also reportedly gets a very generous allowance. ⁠ Sunday Times ⁠Mafu, a Swazi commoner, was 17 when she was selected to become Zwelithini’s sixth wife. She was placed with the king’s third wife, Queen Mantfombi to be “groomed” for the royal position. Mantfombi is Swaziland’s King Mswati III’s sister.⁠ ⁠It was reported last year that in 2012, KwaZulu-Natal paid R59m for Zwelithini and his royal household, which included 27 children. Zwelithini had at the time also asked for an additional R18m to build a palace for Mafu.⁠
SIKHUPHE – Inaugurated amid much pomp and ceremony on Friday, the new King Mswati III International Airport will...
BAD WEATHER PREVENTS AIRSHOW - SIKHUPHE - People who attended the official opening of the new King Mswati III...
The true reason King Mswati was taken to mathare
So king Mswati wants 100 cows 4 de lobola of his daughter,now my question is how many cows does he give 2 de family of de woman he marries?
Seeing the headlines today in the Times of Swaziland “NEW AIRPORT NAMED: KING MSWATI INTERNATIONAL “made me tickle with laughter but I withdrew it within a second because it’s not a joking matter. Just imagine Putin naming Ukraine to “PUTIN” it is a confirmation of the metal brains in the man, and like his counterparts the NUMSA choir in Newtown, one scarcely finds any disparity. Swaziland should have its own seven wonders because of it exceptionally vain autocratic regime and the characters in it, who are good and very good in minding their own life and leaving the population to be discovered by other nations as one of the backward and poor nation in present time, calculated to be earning or living below 50 pence a day, living side by side with the most expensive royal family which it’s head is worth more than $200 million. Yes we have been discovered by many other nations, some if not the majority of them have been made to believe that we enjoy the semi- jungle life, the tranquility is stabi ...
King ‘dumps’ speech as he opens new airport - As he opened the King Mswati III International Airport on Friday...
Prince Hlangusemphi, PS Bertram ‘steal king’s thunder’ - His Majesty King Mswati III had done well to salivate...
King Mswati 111 International Airport opening yesterday. Swaziland Epilepsy Organization was doing Epilepsy Awareness campaign at that place.
Wonderful news for Swaziland and Africa. New airports don't just come everyday. Great achievement. Observer
King Mswati III has inaugurated Swaziland's new airport, naming it King Mswati-III International Airport. .
I'v best roommates @ DUT jeah... Viz. Sbo aka Master mind; Jamani aka King mswati and Siyanda aka Mulondo,the mst intrstn part abt us we all Senior Engineering Students..
This is His Majesty's private jet. It will be the first to land at King Mswati International Airport
not white elephant, its sikhuphe King Mswati 3rd Int. Airport "Swaziland king opens 'white elephant' airprt
King Mswati 111 Int. Airport boasts a state of the art VVIP lounge for Royalty and an above average waiting area for commoners
King equates himself to Oliver Tambo. SSN STATEMENT: 08TH February, 2014. If there was any doubt that...
Why wait for death, or to be honoured by those who hold you in high esteem? Mswati 111 International Airport the man a belz!
King Mswati 111 international airport!! Wow!!great stuff!!
It's Mswati 111 International Airport# in Sikhuphe, Swaziland.# imagining the airhostess when announcing on arrival mkhaya.
His Majesty King Mswati joins other great leaders in having an airport named after him. The fact that he named it himself doesn't matter
So King Mswati III has named Swaziland's new airport after himself. Oh to be king...
PM rules England and king mswati is 46,relatively young
Skhuphe airport now to be called Mswati 3 international airport, not bad
It was a pleasure to be part of the opening of the best airport in Africa, King Mswati 111 International Airport
Congrats to my beloved Swaziland for the opening of the King Mswati III International Airport
Y'all marry one man vele.king Mswati
from Sikhuphe international airport to King Mswati the III airpot.what else? From limkokwing university of...
So now the Sikhuphe airport now KING MSWATI III INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT ow owkay :/
King keep them guessing on NEW Airport’s name - His Majesty King Mswati III kept the nation guessing at the...
SIKHUPHE – The new airport at Sikhuphe has been given a name – it will now be known as King Mswati III...
MALINDZA – A town which will support the King Mswati III International Airport will be established, King Mswati...
Those King MSwati Type, a Man is always right RTBrother, how are we gonna exchange ideas if u r gonna tell me how to be???
Swaziland King Mswati-iii opens new 'white elephant' airport, but no license yet to operate it
All you need to know about - King opens huge white elephant of an airport and names it King Mswati Internatio…
Am not a reincarnation of the legendary polygamists lyk the late Akuku Danger n the Solomon of the bible,neither do i bear any genetic constitution of some famous promiscuous diplomats lyk King Mswati,Silvio Berlusconi or Jacob Zuma. I mean i can only afford 2 have one,the others r concubines.
Which one define YOU or how true is this? 1. VENDA: Have a teeth gap, favourite show is "Muvhango", bring mangos, bananas and avocados everytime they come from home, support Black Leopards. 2. ZULU: Stubborn, violent, taxi driver, iFP, speak 1 or 2 languages and Flashes their dickhat to women. 3. TSONGA (SHANGAAN): Wear only bright colours, come from Giyane, dark in complexion, speak loud on the phone, repair shoes, listen to Thomas Chauke and BENNY MAYENGANI. 4. TSWANA: Materialistic, unfaithful, from Mafikeng, automatically love Motswako. 5. XHOSA: Liars, conniving, *** thieves, prostitutes. 6. SOTHO: Either from QwaQwa or Lesotho, wear blankets, eat horse meat, play Apollo Ntabanyane. 7. PEDI: ZCC, into witchcraft, from Limpopo. 8. NDEBELE: Either Mahlangu or Skhosana, selling brooms and millies house to house, from Kwaggafontein. 9. SWAZI: Coward, talketive, have a clothing item with King Mswati on it. 10. COLOURED: Alcoholic, drug user, gangster, no front teeth. 11. WHITE: Rich and racist. 12. INDIA ... the president makes up all the rules in the US..just like King Mswati...or Robert just by hisself...
MBABANE – A Zimbabwean national who claims to have played a role in the capture of executed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has been arrested by Swaziland police. Osama bin Laden Elliot Bakasa, 50, of Harare was arrested on Monday for being in the country without a valid permit. He appeared before Magistrate Siphosini Dlamini Friday and conducted his own defence. Bakasa pleaded guilty to the charge. He contravened the Immigration Act in that he entered and remained in the country without a permit. He told the court that he arrived in the country on December 28, 2013and that he has been staying at the Mbabane Police Station ever since his arrival. Bakasa told the court that he came to Swaziland from South Africa, where he had been staying since 1998 during the height of political turmoil in Zimbabwe, to seek an audience with King Mswati. He said he was in the country to plead with the king to make a plea on his behalf with the British monarchy to allow him to enter England since his intention was to go t ...
It is already a new year! What is new about this year coming to think of it? I have the same neighbours, I ride with the same faces on the bus to town, umshangane still sells beer to under age youth, the sun is scotching hot and the old man I call my Papa is still suffering from gout and rheumatism. So, tell me my friend; what is new or better still, why should I think of this year as new. My beloved country is still headed by the same appointed head of cabinet Prime Minister Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini, the head of state is still HM the King Mswati 111. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining except to say I don't see anything new. People down in Lavumisa still go to bed hungry, the youth have no jobs, no opportunities, and the elderly are still a sore eye. What is new? In my opinion, unless I am proven to be on the wrong, this is not a new year. It is the same old story! The rich are getting richer and the poor and getting poorer. It will only be a new year the moment justice reigns from the echelons of ...
SWAZI PEOPLE AS OPPRESSED AS EVER The year 2013 ended as it had started with the Swaziland state oppressing any kind of dissent. Observers of the Swazi scene were not at all surprised in December when armed police and security forces stopped a memorial service for the recently deceased Nelson Mandela from taking part in Manzini, Swaziland’s main business city. Prodemocracy supporters had called the prayer to celebrate the life of Mandela the freedom fighter and to draw attention to the need for democratic reforms in the kingdom, ruled by King Mswati III, sub-Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarch. Also, in December 2013, the United States recognised that workers in Swaziland were being oppressed by the state and the country’s State Department instigated an investigation into the situation in the kingdom. If found wanting, Swaziland could lose valuable trade concessions with the US. An independent survey into Swaziland published this month showed that two thirds of Swazi people questioned wanted demo ...
True. Only King Solomon had more wives than King Mswati
Zuma as Prezzo n King Mswati as a neighbor "South Africa has the highest population living with HIV/AIDS in the world."   10% Off
In 1998, pop star Michael Jackson visited the Kingdom of Swaziland on a business trip, where he filmed a video. During the visit, the now-deceased Jackson met with King Mswati III and the Swazi royal family. Among other things, one of the ideas discussed during the visit was a Disneyland-style theme...
hope u had a great one.send my hala to King Mswati
Swaziland: 'Loyalty Oath Muzzles Public Servants' A proposed new 'loyalty oath' law in Swaziland could muzzle public servants from revealing corruption in the kingdom. And, it would forbid public servants from associating with prodemocracy campaigners. The law called the Swaziland Public Service Charter is being drafted by the Swaziland Government. The draft law states in part, 'A public official shall not, except with due authorisation, communicate to any person any information that s/he comes across in the performance of official duties. Whether on or off-duty and except in the performance of lawful duties, a public servant shall not associate with persons whose conduct is the subject of police or judicial investigation, or whose lifestyle is ostentatious to the point of indiscretion.' If the law goes ahead, public servants will not be able to disclose to the media, non-government organisations or the public wrong-doing they encounter during the course of their duties. The draft law makes no specific me ...
on other news ! King Mswati has postponed 2014 in Swaziland till further notice
This girl says she was suppose to be King Mswati's concubine but escaped. Not sure what I'm suppose to think?
King Mswati is a pathetic idealistic ignoramus .I think its hypocrisy to live with a woman you dont love.The same kind of hypocrisy that sends his daughters and sons to work they dont deserve.The same kind of hypocrisy tht has you defending corporations tht sell rotten goods and render valueless services to the public .The same kind of hypocrisy that told us to be stupids and defend the royal family way of life ,and get this reward.
ok. King Mswati. Ebu make breakfast! *hides*
OPINION Newspapers in Swaziland are deliberately misleading their readers about King Mswati III's vision of 'Monarchical Democracy'. In September 2013, King Mswati, who rules Swaziland as sub-Saharan Africa's last absolute monarch, announced that he had 'a vision' during a thunderstorm in which he was told to change the name of the present political system in his kingdom from 'tinkhundla' to 'Monarchical Democracy.' He told media in Swaziland that this meant the king would take advice from his subjects before making decisions that affected the kingdom. His description of 'Monarchical Democracy' was vague, but in Swaziland, people, even journalists who purport to act on their behalf, are too scared of the King to ask him for clarification. In fact, the 'tinkhundla' system of government puts all power in the hands of the monarchy. King Mswati chooses the Prime Minister, cabinet ministers, members of the judiciary, and he appoints all senior political posts in his kingdom. Political parties are banned from t ...
Sickly UNISWA lecturer seeks King’s intervention - A Palestinian working as a lecturer at the University of Swaziland is seeking the intervention of His Majesty King Mswati III following an alleged shun of her condition by the institution.
He and King Mswati Ⅲ of Swaziland are examples of installed neo-colonialists in blackface.
Lol and Swatis after king Mswati right??
What is your one wish for King Mswati in 2014!
Luke 10:25-37 Who is my neighbour? A man goes down from Jerusalem to Jericho, gets attacked by robbers. They strip him of his clothes, beat him up and go away, leaving him half dead. --- A priest sees the man, but passes by on the other side, not wanting to be made unclean by this dead man (as he believes he's already dead). - A Levite, also sees him, passes by on the other side. He also wants to keep himself clean. He's not supposed to be closer to dead bodies (as per "tradition"). A Samaritan, as he travels, sees him, takes pity on him. He goes to him and takes care of him until he recovers. Jesus asks: “Which of these three do you think was a neighbour to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?” The answer is obvious. - Fast forward to the year 2013 Nelson Mandela gets sick, very sick. After a few months he dies. Obama from as far as the USA, and many other leaders from as far as Europe, Asia and even Cuba's president Raul Castro and many others heads of states attend his memorial and funeral s ...
King mswati he's mad? Wats important about his daughter? Even 60 cows was just to much! I believe 20 cows are fine because he's rich alrdy..
U.S. to Probe Swazi Workers' Rights The United States is to investigate Swaziland's commitment to workers' rights and if it is found wanting it will withdraw favourable trading privileges from the kingdom. The US State Department announced the move just before Christmas. In a media statement it said that Swaziland could lose its eligibility for trade benefits under the US African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). The US has been reviewing all African countries to see if they deserve to continue to be allowed to market in the US duty-free. The State Department reported, 'As part of the review, the United States took special note of its continuing concerns about workers' rights issues in Swaziland and said it plans to conduct an AGOA-eligibility review of Swaziland in May 2014 to *** whether that nation has made measurable progress on the protection of internationally recognized worker rights.' It added, 'The US government annually determines whether each country eligible for AGOA benefits has met or ma .. ...
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that's why i would always go to king mswati of swazi fashion week over paris or any European fashion week.
1. Barack Obama "yes we can" 2. Martin L King "I have a dream" 3. Nelson Mandela "It always seems impossible until its do" 4. Robert Mugabe "so blair keep your England and let me keep my Zimbabwe" 5. Gaddafi "those who do not love me do not deserve to live" 6. Fidel Castro "I began a revolution with 82 men. If I had to do it again, I do it with 10 or 15 men and absolute faith. It does not matter how small you are if you have faith and plan of action. 7. King Mswati 111 "akukhanywane" Which is the best qoute for you?
Sanyu Ndagire, Penie Holy Lopez, Leticia Bulamu, and the new mugoole Ishimwe Faridah ,,,be so careful I'm around let me not c u near my boo King Mswati Shai Stephen ...i have a panga.dont say i didnt warn u...
How was the party King Mswati Shai Stephen? Who did u do the Ayubu move with?
His Post : "Ke batla go nyala mosadi wale Virgin" My Comment: "Sorry, is this King Mswati?" Bells Tuu!
atleast u got a valid reason behind that. Bt u bin long gone thot u were in Mswati' Kingdom.
and King Mswati III of Swaziland is 17th richest ruler, despite only having a kingdom roughly the size of Yorkshire...
Swaziland is so tiny, King Mswati outchea marrying the entire population, I swear all of Swaziland is royalty!
King Mswati tho. naye LaDube 3 kids at 23yrs now she's kicked outta da palace.
King Mswati o kgona joang 15 wives? He must be having some assistance.
King Mswati is the head of the only absolute monarchy remaining in sub-Saharan Africa, he is about to marry a 15th wife a very young woman a virgin. Before he can marry her he must first do sex With her if she falls pregnant than she's going to be a wife but if not she won't be worth of royalty so she can't marry the king, what's your take?
Next year I'm going to that reed thing manyan "So nje kanjalo, King Mswati now has 15 wives
Africa its time 2 say tank God 4 giving us this beuatiful continet and blessing with our king Mswati 3 we love u Lord be father till tha end emen
King Mswati III has raised the price of lobola for his daughters from 60 to 100 cows
King mswati wants 100 cows for his
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If given a choice, which celebrity/ influential person would you want to switch places with for a day? ... for some reason, I'm leaning towards KING MSWATI
swati girls thou.yummy. and when they speak swati i get hypnotized i must go to King Mswati's ancestoral land seeking adventure and bozoom!
Eix 2day i wz in another kingdom of king mswati 3
12 aircraft for comfort. Boeing 747 is now in the possession of the King of Swaziland Mswati III ($ 170 million).
EMABUTFO RESUME WEEDING HIS MAJESTY’S FIELDS 27/12/2013 07:01:00 BY SIBUSISO SHANGE Font size: Decrease font Enlarge font image LUDZIDZINI – Emabutfo yesterday resumed weeding the King’s fields after a short break for Christmas. They started weeding the Infabantfu fields after His Majesty King Mswati III had ordered emabutfo to take a break for Christmas. Infabantfu is the main royal field which normally takes long to finish. Byre The announcement was made by Mvacu Magongo, Indvuna ye Nyatsi at Ludzidzini Cattle Byre. After the weeding of Infabantfu there is no doubt that His Majesty would disperse emabutfo to mark the end of the Incwala ceremony. However, not all warriors took a break as some decided to leave for their respective homes after the weeding was complete. Resides Mchawe Dlamini, who resides at Macetjeni, said he would only see his family after the weeding was over. “I received money from home so I will go and buy whatever at Lobamba. I will also play snooker. See “I will see my fami ...
King Mswati wants 100 cows for his daughters’ hand...see the daughter. >>
My Botswana friends howz my cousin king mswati
King Mswati demands 100 COWS from anyone wishing to marry his UGLY DAUGHTERS.
hapy new year to His majesty king mswati the 3rd
That morning riot by those street families at the globe inter-change should be a security wake-up call to the county and national security apparatus! Those dirty thugs ambushed armed undercover police and one of them shot dead so they decided to rob and stone motorists. Inspector General,Gen Gichangi and that cartoon character at the interior ministry,photo sessions are for king mswati,wake up and work!
Yer hang-over its kiling me,mangingathola i2nyana...mxm,kusile nina beNkosi uShaka no King Mswati 111
I feel sorry for king Mswati III. He is forced each day to try by all means to please Prime Minister Dr. Sibusiso B Dlamini by making sure as king he does not appoint people that would pose a challenge/threat to the PM. Unfortunately for the king he is losing great assets by not appointing such people who would be beneficial for his leadership in more ways he can imagine! Bayethe, wena waphakathi!
The whole township is up and dancing. Me can't stay longer because I have to King Mswati's roses in the morning. This thing of Jozi is a problem. So many beautiful girls in Mandeni, but have to leave because I did not know about them. Eish!
ANC defends and praises King Mswati III, Swaziland Royal Family and oppressive Tinkhundla system
Contrasting outlook for two major infrastructure projects Two key infrastructure projects, a rail link to South Africa and a new airport, have contrasting prospects for success. The rail link, which is currently in its design phase and will run from Lothair in South Africa's Mpumalanga province (which borders Swaziland) to the Swaziland Railway (SR) railhead at Sidvokodvo, south of Manzini (the largest Swazi city), will strengthen the integration of the railway system in the region and will boost freight traffic. However, the newly built airport located at Sikhupe, 80 km east of Manzini, has been labelled a vanity project of King Mswati III and is likely to prove a white elephant. The new railway line, which is expected to be operational in 2017, is being built by SR and the South African rail utility, Transnet Freight Rail (TFR). It will connect with SR's existing routes to the coast, and will provide alternative routes from Johannesburg to the ports of Richards Bay in South Africa and Maputo in Mozambiq ...
In a nation where traditions are held sacred and kingship is a carefully crafted process His Majesty King Mswati III was destined from birth to ascend the th...
I have a respect for the ladies and gentlemen who at this moment in time, are undertaking stocks of what they have done in this year 2013 and looking ahead to 2014. Finding ways of improving where they scored little or not at all, finding new ways of perfecting, where they did well. I really admire them. These are real men each country on earth would like to have. Respect to Atupelly Tum-Tum Nkhonjerah, Thandiwe Gausi Mkazi WaDeacon, Isaac Dekhani Muwalo, MacLeod Kings, Mphatso Maseya, Lindsay Bernards, Arichie Kaliza JR II, Condwan Muwalo Mpasu, Ellinet Masanjala, King Mswati Kaý, Esie Kachale, Esmerelda Mimie Chapweteka, Andulu Kumwembe Kumz, Aubrey Sandram, Sura Too Cool Katola, Benn Mhango, Chiso Baluwa Samati, Chipie Chipie Laurent Chiwaula.the list continues.
The name is king mswati for those who dont know...soon wl brand 2 captain GOMBE
Perhaps it is time that Swaziland’s comical absolute monarch, King Mswati III, the chief symbol of political backwardness in Southern Africa, take a lesson from his brother-dictators up north. Desperate attempts at clinging to power even when the writing is so clearly on the wall can only serve to strengthen the resolve of the masses in Swaziland to redouble their efforts towards finally throwing the Tinkhundla system into the dustbin of history and establishing democracy in the country
Incwala ceremony continues, Today is the burning of the log at Ludzidzini Royal kraal, culturally signifying the end of the old year 2013. Thus I take this opportunity to wish His Majesty King Mswati III, the Queen mother, members of the Royal family and the entire Swazi nation a happy and a prosperous new year. Good bless us all.
Growing up under the reign of his excellency king mswati 111 has taught me two things: can fall in love with any gal irregardless of age can fuanygal with ur surname as long as he is not ur fathers daughter
King Mswati of Swaziland took the 15th wife, an 18 year old Sindiswa Dlamini. The 200 million dollars King has a population of 1.2million living bellow the poverty datum line. Three of his wives has fled the palace, LaGija, LaDube and LaTimbikiza, they have claimed abuse from the absolute monarchy.
SSN END OF YEAR STATEMENT 21st December, 2013 The Swaziland Solidarity Network [SSN] wishes the entire Mass Democratic Movement, and the Swazi nation, a happy festive season, a time to reflect and refresh in preparation for another year of struggle against King Mswati’s brutal dictatorship. 2013 The year 2013 was a disappointing year on the battle front as few recognizable advances were recorded in the struggle against the Monarchical dictatorship. While the two preceding years, 2011 and 2012, yielded mass demonstrations by various organizations within the Mass democratic Movement, this year there were little or none. This, unfortunately, coincided with the pseudo-elections which the country’s dictatorship uses to hoodwink the nation into thinking that it has a hand in the creation of the country’s government. Despite conducting a peaceful, yet worthless, election the King Mswati regime went on to oversee the systematic reduction of essential social services to the population, while continuing to en ...
If these were the only men alive, with you of course, who would be your best friend : Paul Biya, Dos Santos, Obiang Nguema, King Mswati, Mugabe, Museveni, Blaise Compraore, Al-Bashir, Kagame and Uhuru.
INCWALA IMPRESSES TOURISTS - LUDZIDZINI - His Majesty King Mswati III joined the nation in prayer during the Incwala Main day event yesterday at Ludzidzini Royal Residence. This event attracted
What does Thandolwethu and King Mswati have in common? Virgin Active... We work out...
SWAZIS’ ‘MOST IMPORTANT TRADITION’ A ceremony in which King Mswati III of Swaziland reportedly has sex with a bull, ‘is probably the most important tradition of the Swazi people’, according to a newspaper in effect owned by the King. The Incwala or First Fruits Ceremony is ‘our unique identity’, the Swazi Observer said in an editorial comment. Incwala is a controversial ceremony that takes place between November and January each year. Traditionalists say Incwala is a ‘national prayer’, but Christian groups have criticised it for being ‘un-Godly’ and ‘pagan’. The ceremony is shrouded in secrecy and participants are barred from talking about what happens. The Observer reported ‘hordes’ of tourists attended the ceremony (50,000 are expected this year, according to one public relations handout), but in fact no one is allowed to witness one part of the ceremony, described by the King’s newspaper as ‘heritage which sets us apart from other tribes that we are branches of’. The ...
Corporate Big Bang Theory As John Barrymore stated “Sex: the thing that takes up the least amount of time and causes the most amount of trouble". Kings, nobles, clergy, presidents, politicians, corporate honchos and teachers have used their power to subdue women into submission. King Mswati III rules Swaziland, a small kingdom in Southern Africa, has 13 wives and 27 children. A young woman, Tintswabo Ngobeni, has sought political asylum in the U.K. to escape his amorous advances and sexual harassment from the age of 15 when he wanted to make her his concubine. CEO’s demanding sexual favors from secretaries, superstars seducing aspiring actresses, stepfathers, senior colleagues inviting female executives for dinner dates to pursue illicit relationships.Some victims go along for career advancement,lucre, a flat or promotion. Picnics and office parties trigger some of the indiscretions, the “Blame it on Rio” syndrome when victims are reminded of the pact “What happens in Vegas remains in Vegas.The ...
It was a nice experience being introduced by my mother-in-law, Princess Ngebeti, to her brother King Mswati 111 of the Kingdom of Swaziland
The Kingdom of Swaziland is a country in Southern Africa. It became independent in 1968. King Mswati III succeeded in 1986. Prince Jameson Mbilini Dlamini was appointed Prime Minister in 1994. There are no political parties. Swaziland is a member of the Commonwealth and the Organization of African Unity. It exports sugar and wood pulp.
malealne mill, control room , majesty King Mswati's wife and princess,, my wife, my kids n uncle in the middle.
Do we have a term Monarchial Democracy in Dictionaries? If not where does it come from. And what is its meaning? Monarchial Democracy is a term Swaziland King Mswati 111, gave us this year, saying that its our system of governance.I dont belive in this, truly.
Tingatja march to cut lusekwane - HIS Majesty King Mswati III yesterday commissioned tens of thousands of tingatja to cut the sacred shrub (lusekwane) at eskhaleni selusekwane.
Do people living outside Swaziland understand what king mswati meant when he renamed Swaziland's system as "monarchial democracy"? Well, the Swaziland government has stated that Monarchial Democracy is no different from the old system of absolute rule by the king.
Ati uhuru is sayin he will rule 4 10yrs then ruto 4 wonder these pple r friends with,mugabe,museveni king mswati n the likes.they want 2 rule nakataaa hiyo
"POWER OF MEDIA " A servant Ndiba Wanjiku enrolled his donkey in a race & won. Local paper read: SERVANT's *** WON' The king (Mswati) was so upset with this kind of publicity that he, ordered the servant to give the donkey to the queen Kiki Thurah. The local paper heading the news: "QUEEN HAS THE BEST *** IN TOWN" The king fainted. Queen kiki sold the donkey to a farmer Kevin Kevshenko for 10$. Next day paper read: "QUEEN SELLS *** FOR $10" This was too much, KING Mswati and he ordered the queen Kiki to buy back the donkey & lead it to jungle. The next day Headlines: "QUEEN ANNOUNCES HER *** IS WILD & FREE" The king died next day Times
The thing that i liked about my EX is that she gave encouraging words always. The last thing she told me before we broke is that 'you will never be treated like i treated you'.I loved dat dia but wish you knew how am being treated like KING mswati the 2nd.
King Mswati's police on Friday broke up a peaceful memorial service for the late former President, Nelson Mandela
Who cn acknowledge why king mswati was not at mandela funeral.
With all the tributes, memories and testimonies that have just been shared to and about the Great Dr Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, I can't help ask the questions - what do leaders or should I say rulers like our holy King Mswati III think watching on their mega screens and lavish couches. Don't they ever wish the same would happen when they die, they will die lapho ke akujiki? - what would our countries be like if those guys were just a quarter of what Mandela was?
King Zwelithini and King Mswati were conspicuously absent from the funeral today! What could they possibly have been doing that prevented them from attending and sending reps? What excuse short of hospitalisation, could they possibly have???
On the 8th of March, His Majesty, King Mswati III of Swaziland visited Waterford Kamhlaba in celebration of the 50th Anniversary. Here are some of the highli...
The tyranny of vilirity compelling young wolf in a jungle across King Mswati jurisdiction...!...!
At Madiba's funeral service today, Program Director Cyril Ramaphosa stated that Swazi King Sobhuza was 'well represented' there. Sobhuza died in 1982! Talk about ruling from the grave!! :) Cyril, of course, was referring to King Mswati
So King Mswati ddnt make it to da funeral nd rather sent representatives,jst wondering weda did he send representatives wen he ws borrowing millions from uswant our money back
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I'm suprised by de absence of bab'Buthelezi as well as king Mswati thru out Tata Madiba's farewell thinkin#
Nelson Mandela: HIS WOMAN, CHILDREN, GRANDCHILDREN. Nelson Mandela was a lady’s man. And before his death, he married three, the last at an advanced age. Many believe he married his last wife Graca Mitchel, his late friend’s wife, only for companionship. He fathered six children, twenty grandchildren, and a several great-grandchildren. His first marriage was to a nurse, Evelyn Ntoko Mase who like Mandela, was from Transkei area of South Africa. They got married in 1944. She was Walter Sisulu’s cousin. They met in Johannesburg. The couple broke up in 1957 after 13 years, divorcing under the multiple strains of his constant absences, devotion to revolutionary agitation, and the fact she was a Jehovah’s Witness, a religion which requires political neutrality. She died in 2004. They had two sons, Madiba Thembekile and Makgatho. Thembekile, who was born in 1946, died in 1969 of a car crash at 23. Mandela was imprisoned on Robben Island at the time and was not allowed to attend the funeral. Makgatho, wh ...
Its so funny that king zelithini and king mswati are not. In Qunu why ?
Hope King Mswati listened n heard the message by Uncle KK(Kenneth Kaunda). yet Uhuru till the people of Swaziland, Western Sahara n Palestine are free.
So isilo does not attend funerals (King Zwelithini and King Mswati) - hence we acknowledge their representatives.
Guys .is it me or wat? I never heard Mugabe , king Mswati and Nigerian president.den Botswana.wat does dis means?
I don't know why as Swazis we like sensationalising everything. Obviously the King can't comment or send condolences to the Madiba family because he's in seclusion for Incwala. Furthermore we know that you don't discuss death with the Royal family yibhadi. The honourable PM will say something, or DPM because PM is overseas. King Mswati snubbed no one. Culture just takes precedence.
Divine Healing Ministries International auditorium; is where I will be sharing, fellowships this evening @ 6pm. The founder and the leader of the church is Bishop, Dr, N.Shongwe. He is also the legal adviser of King Mswati with regarding things of the spirit.The church is @ kwa-Manzini in Swaziland. If you are in Swaziland, come let us fellowship together. Tonight is the night. The Lord is saying; " my people, it is time you go back to the beginning. It is time to go to the threshing floor" Z.A.
About Madiba's legacy n how African leaders are preserving it, Nyakwar Hadulo posted; As I moan the death of Nelson Mandela,I ask myself,who will fit into his big shoes,I decide to move South and my fast stop is Zimbabwe ..oops no sign: Mugabe, the life president, doesn't posses any single virtue that Madiba stood for,I then move Further South and all I meet is King Mswati,of Swaziland,the man who measures success in terms of the number of wives he has.Maybe zuma of South Africa?never,an extravagant serial polygamist who uses billions of public money to build homes for his wives!!!.I give up and move to Central Africa but all I meet is DJotoda,the former Seleka Rebel leader whose group is now accused of traces of the new Mandela yet,I try Gabon,oops Mr BONGO..No room for Media freedom and the opposition!!!.Time to try North Africa and not much to smile about,I try Morocco and I find King Mohammed,the man who is accused of perpetuating apartheid-like policies in western Sahara,a modern era co ...
Am expecting our King Mswati 2 send condolences 2 frnds,famly n world wide as a closest country 2 SA but he kips his mouth shut damnit
king Mswati(of Swaziland) is richer than Obama(of the USA) the richest person 2 have ever lived,Mansa Musa(of Mali) was from Africa Africa is the poorest continent.
*atleast my king MSWATI THE THIRD AINT A SATANIST.just saying* near Mbabane
I think is time 4 u Sangomas 2 replace dose pics of king Mswati on u cloth 2 pics of Madiba mayb ul hv a spirit of Peace.
News coming in shows that both king Mswati and Jacob Zuma are getting new wives to comfort them in these trying moments.
Ey akusafi no Jacob Zuma or king mswati
Graca Macheal who is next? Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki or Mugabe, why not King Mswati lol. Morning good friends.
Forgive me for the insults dats how i got diz from a dear freind..Late in 1998, His Majesty King Mswati III visited the Queen of Britain. They had an English breakfast wth each other's dignitaries. King Mswati was accompanied by Prince Mbilini.It was time to eat and Mbilini started feeding himself on the cornflakes like they were going out of fashion. The King was so embarrassed. "Pardon me everyone, as our tradition in Swaziland i insist that we pray before we eat. I will pray, so may we all close our eyes and i will pray in SiSwati." The King started: "Mbilini, msunu kanyoko akusiyo imbasha leyo ngema-corn flakes. Faka nalu lubisi udle ngesipuni, ungacobi lutfo. Yekela kungphoca kulabelumbi, tindlebe tenyoko. Angphindzi ngihambe nawe msundulu. AMEN!
So amongst all the leaders to attend Madibas funeral will the King Mswati III attend a funeral this time?
Ive just log-on onto ma fb n i found King Mswati III likes your picture...Robert Mugabe poked you...Jacob Zuma posted on your timeline...Barack Obama sent you a friend request...n i was like wow abangijwayela kabi
Nelson Mandela's life: He was died(5 December 2013 (aged 95) Houghton, Johannesburg, South Africa) WHO IS Nelson Mandela? Imprisonment Arrest and Rivonia trial: 1962–1964 Monument erected in 1996 marking the site where Mandela was arrested near Howick, KwaZulu-Natal On 5 August 1962, police captured Mandela along with Cecil Williams near Howick.[110] Jailed in Johannesburg's Marshall Square prison, he was charged with inciting workers' strikes and leaving the country without permission. Representing himself with Slovo as legal advisor, Mandela intended to use the trial to showcase "the ANC's moral opposition to racism" while supporters demonstrated outside the court.[111] Moved to Pretoria, where Winnie could visit him, in his cell he began correspondence studies for a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from the University of London.[112] His hearing began on 15 October, but he disrupted proceedings by wearing a traditional kaross, refusing to call any witnesses, and turning his plea of mitigation into a pol ...
Here is classic convo between my baby bro (Petros) and his friend (Ayanda) : Ayanda: Exeh Petros, you have been in my country for a long time, what can you say about swaziland? Petros: Swaziland is small! Ayanda: Hhayibo, is that the best you can think of? Petros: Agh, King Mswati 3rd is son of King Sobhuza 2nd! Ayanda: Yoh, okay! Tell me, how much is a loaf of bread in Zim? Petros: Not much, about 7billion zim dollars! Ayanda: I need security to go to the grocery store! Petros: Actually even if you see it on the ground you dont pick!
Watch don't touch: they belong to King Mswati III. How many likes for Queens of Swaziland. Share all you knw...
King mswati is the only dude with a Logo of his own face in his clothing label and it actually sells, laddies...
From Mugabe to King Mswati, Zuma and Nkandla are in good company. My column today:
1.God 2. Family 3. Fraternity * Brother Charles C. Holt Jr. , I'll miss you. God has called you home. Your life was not in vain, thank you for crossing paths with me. TTS Spring '08 SKA "The Ovulator", "TMI", and "King Mswati". GOMAB.
Load shedding, b3 low and nw no water? I'm leaving this country. Sadly I cnt afford a plane ticket to Australia but I can manage to walk to Swaziland. Yes I'm going to swaziland str8 after anc wins da nxt elections. Imma play buddy buddy with king mswati, while my son Neo K'soul raptly rapes mswati's poor goats. Anyting is posible with my son.
Winnie Otieno: I heard you failed in english paper, King Mswati is it true? King : who telled you? I sew the paper, I passed away!!! I am happy ;). I will brought the paper for you to sew also.. Winnie:ok tx no need.bye King:okay, God blast you!!... Me Kevin Kevshenko Mwasshenko Mwenyewe Mami Tamtam Sammy Saleh
So King Mswati III has 13 palaces and 14 wives. Any self-respecting polygamous despot knows it should be the other way round.
:As non ANC members we are jealous that ANC President is living like King Mswati as ANC members don't complain about Nkandla etc
Finally! PREZZO reveals why WOMEN nearly WORSHIP him …. a “King Mswati” wannabe.
Me and my jealous neighbour were planning 2 assasinate King Mswati III lstnyt while we were drowning in Heinekens.His gf as he said will be on the King's selection.The funny thing is that he ws still wearing his church robes.Heineken u are the best buddy.
Kwaaa even his King Zwelithini or he want to be a Nkosi RTEven King Mswati doesn't hv a single home worth of R200million
In Swaziland, Coca-Cola has the power to make democracy the real thing | Maurice Mcleod |
Even King Mswati doesn't have a single home worth of R200million lol
So bored i just googled King Mswati...that's hw productive my day has been!
Swaziland: King, the First World and Democracy: [Swazi Media]King Mswati III has told his subjects in Swazilan...
An article claims His Majesty King Mswati the 3rd wants 100 cows for his daughters hand in marriage, ladies how many do u think u're worth?
Zoona chiwamila galu... A prominent politician in Africa's last absolute monarchy has urged her fellow lawmakers not to divorce their spouses - in case it embarrasses the King. Gelane Zwane, who's the leader of the Upper House, told colleagues that politicians should behave in a moral way and set a good example. Ms Zwane has also warned male parliamentarians to resist the temptation to have affairs with their female colleagues - even if they happen to catch sight of their breasts. Her comments come after Swaziland's famously polygamous ruler, King Mswati III said earlier this year that only death can bring an end to traditional marriages.
Inspired by King Mswati.polygamy is what i will practice
Zulu King & King Mswati RT'I have no words for a man willing to marry a 15year old: that's your daughter!
Can someone tell Sister staff male nurse sdumo dlamini to go n ask his majesty king mswati to do a life style audit on him, as a young person of this country I am honestly nt interested on his life style, I am interested in nkandla report, free-quality education and economic freedom in our life time, he is unpopular therefore we cnt waste taxpayers money by auditing him n making him popular in the process.nxa!
HIV WONDER DRUG ‘IS BOGUS’ Claims that a ‘wonder drug’ on sale in Swaziland can cure HIV are unfounded, an investigation has uncovered. The Times of Swaziland, the only independent daily newspaper in the kingdom, reported last month (November 2013) that a herbal product called 3H, sold by HHH Nature Health, could cure HIV in three months. The newspaper gave details of a doctor in Manzini who was prescribing the product, which the Times called a ‘wonder drug’. It published testimonials from people (but did not give their real names) that the product ‘really worked’. The Times reported, ‘Promoters of this product have said it only takes three months for an HIV patient using this product to get well, with the virus no longer detectable from their body.’ The Times gave a website address where readers could buy the formula. A four-month supply of the herbal product costs 2,400 euros (E34,000 or US$3,200). Now, investigators from the Africa Check, a fact-checking website, have shown that 3H, ...
Surely,ya'll haven't seen Robert Mugabe's home and King Mswati's Royal Residence..
That quasi king mswati has declared only death can undo marriages, now the country's law makers want to divorce their wives in defiance
"MPs in Swaziland have been banned from divorcing until their term of office ends..." King Mswati III
The puts King Mswati III in the top 20 richest rulers list & he asks us for a loan. We should annex Swaziland for democracy
Swaziland MPs are banned from divorcing in order to avoid embarrassing the king.YES,King Mswati III
“The irony is that the king’s body, that wants thousands of kilometres of South Africa and a few million South Africans to live in Swaziland under King Mswati, is paid for by South Africa. Seventy percent of government revenue comes from Swaziland’s allocation of South African Customs Union receipts, courtesy of South Africa,” Dlamini said.
South Africa has never acknowledged the Swazi king’s territorial claims to Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal. King Mswati wants to control all areas in Mpumalanga where Swazis reside and wants to extend Swaziland eastward to the Indian Ocean, taking all of KwaZulu-Natal that’s in the way,” said Alicia Khumalo, a real estate agent in Mpumalanga who is Swazi by heritage. Ths weed smoking monarch r loosing it..
King Mswati could have gone to Harvard/Yale/Oxford/Cambridge and still turned out the way he did. Some things even an expensive edu cant fix
USA has Obama Britain has David Cameron Swaziland has King Mswati South Africa has Nelson Mandela Tanzania had Julius Nyerere Jamaica had Marcus Garvey Zambia has/had_
Mswati props up throne with family, friends: Swaziland’s king put his eldest daughter, family mem...
I'm busy asking myself that are u related with king mswati???cause u kinda look like his sons
Qui Kabz: Look At that drunkered Gitonga Edwin. Kevin Kevshenko: Who is he ? Qùì Kabz: 10yrs back he proposed me I rejected him Kevin kevshenko : Oh my god, he is still celebrating...! Hehehe King Mswati a guddu 1 from u
of truth.A dude of 23yrs old has had over 100 girlfriends...eish i guess his role model is mswati,solomon. :-)
"All the king’s men are round Mswati as before, & a few court jesters r unlikely 2 upset the apple cart"
King Mswati appointed daughter to serve as member of liqoqo, an advisory council to the king
Our king Mswati who at in swaziland hailod be thai name thai aeroplane come thai take me to swazi land ,give me each day a daily chick 4give my trespasses lead me into temptetions but deliver me frm the ugly chicks for thine iz thy kingdom and power till u pass away amen.
Mbu Museveni after testing for HIV he is to marry another woman on the 21/12/13. He wants to equal king Mswati
Why was expelled from the ANC? Was it because; •he has called for a government change in Botswana to topple Presiden Ian Khama? •he said former President Thabo Mbeki is better than the dancer and singer Jacob Zuma? •he alleged to have shown no remorse for "sowing divisions" within the ANC ranks? •he, on several occassions, chanted "kill the boer, kill the farmer?" In all honesty I don't believe that can be the core reasons to warrant an expulsion from a party which has always been known to be radical! Why Fikile Mbalula was never expelled when he said King Mswati 111 is raping unwilling virgins after one of his teenage brides ran away from the royal family in 2004? Why comrade Peter Mokaba, the man credited for coining the "Kill the boer, kill the farmer" slogan, was never reprimanded nor expelled after he chanted the very same slogan even after 1994? Why Juju was never called into order for showing disrespect to Thabo Mbeki (the then ANC and RSA president) in support for Jacob Zuma, much to the s ...
I'm king mswati when it comes to the game and your girl wishes she was my wu-tang foreverYou will always be wu-tang forever
KING Mswati pls. invite to this occasions so we can compare notes or better still give your fellow mweshimiwa a sovereign-or to bring back home for current and future reference if you know what i mean surely swaziland is fertile sema kwangukia polygamy ni wewe alafu alama ya . i have to plan for a holiday to this land of wonderful wonders.
King Mswati of Swaziland deservedly earns himself an undisputed spot among Africa's top 5 most corrupt leaders
I bet she is younger than sum of his chn | Swaziland's King Mswati takes pageant contestant as 15th wife |
This man is disgraceful - culture and tradition are great but this is toxic masculinity at its worst!
African's big men love power to death, for better or for worse.Leaders who just won't quit stuck on you.Self-labelled 'president for life', opinion is divided on whether they should take a bow or not: Jose Eduardo Dos Santos Of Angola Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equitorial guinea Paul Biya of cameroon King Mswati lll of Swaziland Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe Yoweri Kaguta Museven of Uganda Blaise Compare of Burkina faso King Mohammed lll of Morrocco Paul Kagame of Rwanda Ismail Omar Gueller of Djibout Idriss Debby Itno of Chad Yahya Jammeh of Gambia Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan These guyz received a regular serving of barbs and bouquets.they ave been in power for such a long time while their critics accuse them of slowly developing dictorial tendencies, they still enjoy a great deal of following back home
pin:231B0D40»» Swaziland: King Gives Top Job to His Daughter: King Mswati III of Swaziland has appointed his... @ OfficialMGN @ OfficialMGN
actuall Jacob Zuma's leadership is the same as that one King Mswati III.
Taking to new levels in as King gives family key posts
Give a Red Card to the Swazi Dictatorship! Boycott South Africa, Swaziland Unfriendly Soccer Match! Swaziland Democracy Campaign statement 08 November 2013 The Swaziland Democracy Campaign-SDC unites with all progressive and democratic movements in calling for a cancellation of the upcoming football match between South Africa and Swaziland. Swaziland is one of our continents most impoverished nations, and yet the ruling elite, centred on the dictatorial Royal Household enjoys outrageous opulence. The majorities of the people in Swaziland live in abject poverty and are denied the most basics of social, economic, political, human, people and civil rights. Soccer players and fans should check out the appalling human and people’s rights record of the regime before committing themselves to the match. The Royal Elite waste vast amounts of money on conspicuous consumption, typified by squads of King Mswati’s wives and hangers on foraging around the exclusive shopping malls of the world. And how do they affor ...
I love the way King Mswati custom and tradition of leadership!His Excellency King and the commander of Armed forces.
Cosatu want to tell king Mswati what he must do while Vavi sleep around in the office clean your closet first Cosatu.
Congradulation 2 all those who were appointed by his majesty king mswati 111 may GOD Be on their side as they work for the kingdom of ESWATINI.WE ARE PROUD OF U GUYS AND U PRINCES SKHANYISO.
Did you know this ? Rukirabasaija Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, King Oyo, is the reigning Omukama of Toro, in Uganda. He was born on 16 April 1992 to King Patrick David Mathew Kaboyo Olimi III and Queen Best Kemigisa Kaboyo. Three and half years later in 1995, Oyo ascended the throne and succeeded his father to become the 12th ruler of the 180 year old Kingdom of Toro. He is currently the world's youngest ruling monarch, taking the place of previous record holder, King Mswati of Swaziland, who was crowned at 18 years of age. The Kingdom is ruled by the Babiito dynasty, whose history dates as far back as the 14th century. According to oral history, Prince Olimi Kaboyo Kasunsunkwanzi, son of the King of Bunyoro, annexed the southern part of his father's Kingdom in 1822 and founded what is known as Toro Oyo Nyimba is referred to as the Omukama, which means "King," and Rukirabasaija, which means "the greatest of men." Although he is considered the sovereign leader of the Batooro, Oyo Nyimba's power is l ...
NKHANINI – His Majesty King Mswati III has appointed Victor ‘Maradona’ Gamedze as a member of the Board of Royal...
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King Mswati 111 appoints his first born daughter, Princess Sikhanyiso, into Liqoqo, Body that advises him.
Is that y King Mswati bangs virgins?"lovin but bed game is painfully whack:"How do we feel about Swati guys?"
Cosatu wants SAFA to boycott the international friendly against Swaziland, because of King Mswati's dictatorship & inequality in the Nation
Cosatu is ludicrous to suggest the match to be canned~Comrade Craven should no better that King Mswati is no dictator
Can Sithole help usher in a new era of Swaziland democracy? By Mantoe Phakathi The recent election of one of Swaziland’s leading pro-democracy activists to parliament should be a watershed moment for those calling for change in Africa’s last absolute monarchy. But not everyone is so optimistic. Jan Sithole, the former Secretary General of what was then the Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions (or SFTU, which along with the Swaziland Federation of Labour and Swaziland National Association of Teachers merged to form Trade Union Congress of Swaziland, or TUCOSWA) and current leader of the Swaziland Democratic Party, became one of 55 elected Members of Parliament in September. It was an election in which political parties couldn’t take part so Sithole stood as an independent candidate for the highly-contested Manzini North seat. Speaking to Equal Times Sithole said that he plans to use the country’s constitution to bring about change in Swaziland and to help ensure that its citizens can enjoy basic hu ...
Ever wondered if ants have balls,how the deaf communicate in da dark,is Mandela even alive,does King Mswati satisfy all those women,are yellow-bones really yellow,are u even ur father's childcurious#
South Africans don't respect King Mswati's governance :"D” at all
I feel like a King...not . Luther King Martin or King Mswati.. One with a Kingdom
Breaking News: King Mswati has appointed his daughter Princess Sikhanyiso as a member of his royal advisory committee.
Princess Sikhanyiso to be King Mswati's advisor after being appointed into Liqoqo
The match between Bafana and Swaziland will go ahead, despite a call by Cosafa to boycott the fixture.
An injustice somewhere is an injustice anywhere! My heart goes out to Swazi girls who are being exposed to the most dispicable form of abuse by the Swazilant's monarch leader King Mswati 111. Mswati makes young virgin girls parade half naked before him vying to be his liphovela at an annual reed dance. It is a pity that this kind of injustice being inflicted by Mswati continues to take place under the nose of many African media outlets that claim to champion women and children's rights. The half nude reed dance it'self has been discribed as 'colourfull' by some S.A media outlets. Truly speaking,it's so barbaric for Mswati to make virgin girls line up naked for his sexuall would think it only happens in old folklore. Yet Mswati an 18 year old girl, Sindiswa Dlamini,as his 15 wife recently. Next year he is going to line up half naked virgin girls and choose number 16. Mswati is not only doing an injustice to the girls.he is demeaning himself. I think it is senseless for the leader of an Af ...
This b*tch is busy playing without knowing that I'm doing it like king Mswati.
III holds but takes no steps closer to
Somewhere in Swaziland.. King Mswati is checking out some nice virgin *** to wife.
King of told by God to make kingdom a “will he make good on his vision?
King Mswati married a 15th wife,now Swaziland can compete in the 15s Rugby world cup.
finally Swaziland can go to The Rugby world cup now that King Mswati has married the 15th wife.
Patrick Craven says King Mswati had denied Swaziland people their most basic democratic rights by banning political parties.
says this is in line with the federation's strong support for the cultural boycott of King Mswati the Third's autcratic rule.
calls for boycott/cancellation of v match over issues with King
Our document here explains our call for boycott and sanctions against the King Mswati regime.
Anthills of our political savannah By Solomon Tembang* Late American politician, Robert F. Kennedy, said “the problem of power is how to get men of power to live for the public rather than off the public.” The recent political happenings in Cameroon have confirmed the fact that all these politicians, who claim to be fighting for our common good, are merely fighting for their stomachs. They are living off the public instead of living for the public as Kennedy prescribed. Of what use is the hubbub about being called a democracy, free and fair elections, senate, constitutional council etc when people are hungry, despondent and infrastructures are not there? Of what use are all these when there is no security of life in the country? People are killed everyday on our roads, armed robbery is on the rise, ritual killings, rape, child and human trafficking are becoming more and more rampant, religious sects are mushrooming here and there. Parts of the country are alienated. The country is just not working. Th ...
All the king’s men are sitting as comfortably around Mswati as before & few court jesters unlikely 2 upset apple cart
"In my fantasy world I am King Mswati. I just pick any girl I want. That's how u play 5"
Swati speaking girls!! God's beautiful and wonderful creation and masterpiece!! I don't blame King Mswati(3rd) after all!!
all of a sudden I feel like king 'Mswati' lol. Anyhu, just 1 would do
King Mswati Controls New Cabinet: [Swazi Media]More than half of the new Cabinet ministers in the Swaziland Go...
: how many do you thing king Mswati has bodied undercover
yup too much work & money. Much more effective to stick to the King Mswati model
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Shouldwe wed? Avery brilliant man; Matsiko Godwin sprang me into action a few weeks ago as aguest. I’ll make that reciprocal. Karibu Matsiko..Karibu! Thesocietal dictates of our African society is that at one point in our good lives,we must find a partner of the opposite sex and share the rest of our lives withthat person. Allmy life, I always shared a room and a house but not a bed. I was told I snored andI also know many of my roommates and dormitory mates also snored. I can onlyimagine sharing a room with another breathing creature. If a rat moves or acockroach moves its feelers, I get nervous, fly into action and beat the rat (*Idon’t mean Capt dollar’s rat). Now, I have to train myself to get used to acompanion so please buy me a doll. I promise not to molest it. TheOld Guard being the septuagenarians, the octogenarians and all those above the Ugandanlife expectancy level all believe a partner should be God-fearing, humble andprogressive blah blah blah! *** I say! I fear death and so do yo ...
No refuge for the corrupt - PM - EXACTLY a week after his appointment as head of government, Prime Minister Sibusiso Dlamini has promised to live up to the expectations of His Majesty King Mswati III, to fight corruption to the core.
ladies,not all of us men are players...some of us are coaches and managers-king Mswati(II)
I wish I was King Mswati yaz or Mr Showerman aka Zuma mara without his bumpy head... lol
If I ws d8tn all my friends even King Mswati would be jelous of me!
'I Dr. Pheneous Langa Magagula do swear to pay allegiance to King Mswati III, his heirs and Successors by law, so Help me God' -if ingakamsiti inkhosi lowaketfu then ningamsoli...
Khulubuse Zuma the nephew of President Jacob Zuma presented Swaziland's King Mswati with 100 head of cattle yesterday as lobolo for his fiancee Princess Fikisiwe Dlamini the King's niece...ay abanye abantu banemali la ngaphandle...
King Mswati and President Zuma on lobola talks yet again. what the Phuck!!!
king Mswati's son, a student in Germany, sends an e-mail to his dad, saying:. Dear Dad,. Berlin is...
Why Is it a Bad thing For a Ni**a to Date More than 1 Bish??? *Azwindini got 4 Bishess...dy Fine wif it *Jacob Zuma got more than 10 Bishess *King Mswati got abt more than 20 Bishess... So Y rona gare etsa Byao...ebe gotwe we Cheats???
King Mswati found about 14 of them lol Blessed is the man who found a virgin wife.
President’s nephew pays lobola for king’s niece President Jacob Zuma’s nephew, Khulubuse Zuma, has paid a herd of 100 cattle as lobola for his Swazi princess. The lavish ceremony took place at Swazi King Mswati’s Ludzidzini Royal Village outside Mbabane yesterday. Zuma’s fiancée is Fikisiwe Dlamini, the king’s niece. She is the daughter of Mswati’s late brother, Prince Phiwokwakhe Dlamini. Fikisiwe has several boutiques in Swaziland. She runs several boutiques in the country’s major cities. The bridegroom’s entourage and emissaries from KwaZulu-Natal arrived in Swaziland on Friday afternoon. Among the group was President Zuma’s daughter Duduzile, her husband, Lonwabo Sambudla, and Zuma’s cousin Deebo Mzobe.daughter Duduzile and her husband Lonwabo Sambudla. At about noon yesterday, a fleet of luxury cars started arriving at eLudzidzini for the festivities. At the negotiations and with his bride-to-be, Fikisiwe Dlamini at his feet. Picture: Khaya Ngwenya/City Press Khulubuse was dres ...
So Jacob Zuma went to king mswati for lobola negotiations .
If nids me to die, i would die for His Majesty King Mswati _111_.. He is my role model!!
2nd Star in Southern Africa is like telling ur girlfriend u wanna be King Mswati. We going for it thou..
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show ni shida nikitoka apa tukutane NEW MAISHA CLUB aga ma man man ABBELUV and KING MSWATI NDAGA FIJHO
the Zuma family of Nkandla pays 100 cattle as lobola to King Mswati 3 here in Swaziland
King Mswati this is wat we do.jst a luk
King mswati should hook me up, those swazi chicks need a real king like me
I want to b like king mswati ad hv 15 wife bt 1 thng is hw ar am going to sleep with thm al ths man
We where lucky 2day at Phuzumoya. The king Mswati 3 was with us in the area. Some of us was their first day to see the king of Swaziland. All nearby school were invited to perform for the king. But am not happy about what our heardmaster do to us. All schools where perfomi but Siphofaneni did not do anything.
It has been a wonderful time ushering in the presence of His Majesty king Mswati III. Phuzumoya...
King Mswati is marrying another lady, No 14. and i don't have a single GF...ayi kunzima.ayidle iyshiyele Mswati
Call to Cut All Funding of the King: [Swazi Media]King Mswati III of Swaziland and his family have been likene...
In Swaziland witches are not allowed to fly more than 5metres with their brooms.the law was signed by king Mswati in 2011.
Siyabonga SSN. MSWATI'S MONARCHIAL FARCE EXPOSED SSN-STATEMENT- October 17th, 2013 If there were still doubts on the democratic legitimacy of the Monarchial dictatorship of king Mswati, these should no doubt be banished now as Mswati has since cast all pretentions aside in his quest to dominate every institution in the country. Thursday, the 17th of October was the day when Mswati's parliamentarians officially became members of the house of assembly as they were sworn in, in front Mswati and his mother, pledging, above else, their loyalty to the royal family.This forced pledge was soon to be tested however, as the new parliamentarians did not seem to agree with the king's preferred choice for the speaker of the house of Assembly. While most of the new members of parliament, for whatever reason, favour the former speaker of parliament, Prince Guduza, Mswati is opposed to their choice as he has a personal vendetta against his half brother, stemming from their own family squabbles. Mswati's preferred candida ...
Money!!! I'm in Houston,TX and--flying home tomorrow. I walked into this little Greek restaurant with this board, a collection of bills from all over the world. I was totally surprised to see so many bills with imagines of --Black men. Only white men are celebrated on American money. (Yes, there was an indian head nickel once and a Susan B. Anthony dollar.) My point--I never considered that the imagines of Black men would be so commonly celebrated on money. The few of countries represented on this board were--Jamaica, Barbados, and Zaire. Yes, there is another perspective and there is no better way to perceive but through color of money. I will start my own collection. I have Swaziland with King Mswati. South Africa will print Nelson Mandela. Let's see what I can get and learn!!!
I'm tight like the girls marrying king mswati, LOL
hehehehehe u have made my day but what about the mbs case where one woman is married by two. Na king mswati na zuma je
Communist Party of Swaziland’s 2013-2014 Red October Campaign: ‘Not Another Cent for Mswati!’ The Communist Party of Swaziland is making its Red October Campaign for the period 2013-2014 a call to cut all funding for the despotic royal family and absolute monarchy, headed by King Mswati III. The title slogan of the campaign is ‘Not another cent for Mswati’. The CPS is using the campaign to highlight the fact that the money hoarded, stolen and otherwise dubiously channelled to sustain Mswati III, his 13 (soon to be 14) wives and the countless ‘royal’ parasites that make up his dynasty must be made available for the reconstruction and development of Swaziland to put an end to decades of systemic abuse and neglect of the Swazi people. Mswati must not receive another cent from the state or from the funds he is supposed to be “holding in trust for the Swazi nation” – the euphemistic term that is a smokescreen to hide Mswati’s corrupt seizure of national wealth. Mswati’s predecessor, Sob ...
King Mswati! The second greatest king that ever lived!
Beautiful ones are always dare depending on ur taste eiii leo nimeona warembo si warembo ama king mswati aiko area kupik wale wako poa eii free n shine in town with this kind of weather
Pierre Nkurunziza and King Mswati III performed lower on Global Hunger Index, our people are dying because of lack of Political will
Look at the leaders "Kenyans" are banking on to support them in deferral of cases from the ICC - Museveni - Bashir - Mugabe - King Mswati
move 2 Swaziland tell king mswati am his lost son lol do best with the my step moms lol
Just fine Jenny's swimming at the gym. I am busy closing in the bottom of the house. Howis king Mswati is his hip ok
OPENPhoto ambassador, in Africa, target San & King -
I wonder whn does King Mswati chooses his new wife ke mpe ke I kele ka go iteka lesego!
Staying put on african affairs: inasmuch as we're not happy with ICC focusing on African leaders misdemeanors alone, equal we should not create heaven for de spots, murderers, human right abusers. Our inability to tell king Mswati, Salva Kiir and Al Bashir to behave leaves a lot be desired. In actual fact you don't need to be ICC signatory to be prosecuted, if you've cross the line you should be prosecuted without fear or favor severely. Angolan leader Jose Eduardo dos Santos, should be told to put his ppl interest first before that of his richie daughter.
Critics Slam Swaziland Polls Voters in the tiny African nation of Swaziland are choosing a parliament. But critics say the poll in Africa’s last absolute monarchy is a sham. They include the U.S.-based watchdog Freedom House , which this week issued a scathing condemnation of the system that gives the king full executive powers. As voters in the landlocked African nation of Swaziland mulled over their ballots Friday, there remained one very important figure whose position they are not allowed to challenge. King Mswati the third has led this nation since 1986, and as the nation’s chief executive, has final say over all decisions. After voters choose 55 legislators on Friday, he will choose 10 additional MPs and name a Prime Minister. The king is an outsized figure in his tiny country: many Swazis live in dire poverty against the backdrop of the king’s lavish lifestyle. Swazi activist Kenneth Kunene, who is a harsh critic of the king and head of Swaziland’s banned communist party, is part of a coali ...
Davido Aka King Mswati put some arrogant Zed rapper in his place.
so the 12th wife of King Mswati was kicked out of the Royal palace after pepper-spraying a guard...
At such revolutionary epoch when the nosensical backward Tinkhundla stuntman King Mswati 3 is dreaming of a mornachical democracy, we smile a bit because we know his days are numbered.
CLERK THREATENS MPs WITH POLICE The Clerk to the Swaziland Parliament Ndvuna Dlamini threatened to call police after newly-elected MPs challenged him on his understanding of standing orders. The MPs have to elect a Speaker of the House of Assembly and had sought guidance on the correct procedures to do this. But when the MPs questioned the Clerk’s interpretation and asked him to show the exact standing order that dealt with the issue Dlamini turned on them. ‘If there is an MP who does not respect me I will call the police to come pick him up,’ the Times of Swaziland newspaper reported Dlamini saying. At no point did the new MPs become rowdy or disrespectful, according to the Times. The Clerk decided not to answer further questions. Parliament is due to resume soon following the election of 55 new MPs on 20 September 2013. There is confusion in the kingdom as to whether Swaziland has a Prime Minister. Barnabas Dlamini, PM until the election, had his term in office extended by King Mswati III until 4 ...
Ah mxm bt they dnt blame king mswati y me?
Wow the Guinness book of records points out that king Mswati 111is the only person with most relative in the world, lol 󾍔
When dictators close ranks it reeks of rank paranoia. I laughed out the other day when one of my facetious friends, who picked up the sobriquet Museyanwa notwithstanding that he is not even of that totem, once said the mere mention of dry bones makes old women feel uneasy. The recent powwow by African heads of state led by our own zany pf where they floated the idea to pull out ICC is telling on that score. It is emblematic of people trying to take off a harsh light on their nefarious activities. The talk of justice and ICC rattles all the rank skeletons in their cupboards. African dictators needs justice like the devil needs holy water. To them justice has hue and complexion and hence they feel hard done by ICC delivery of justice on such thugs like Charles Taylor etal. This is the same bunch that protected General Omar Al Bashir who killed thousands in Sudan with the aid of the midgets of the Orient. To them it is literally in black and white terms of us against them. Thus they want to create another sc ...
Just love the clip in the Sunday tribune about King Mswati 111 of Swaziland. It says, there are three "kinds" of people that will never ever have an audience with him. 1. A widow, she is classed as unclean. 2. Someone who has lost a limb, (any limb) he/she is classed as incomplete so they are evil. 3. Someone who for whatever reason is unable to crawl on all fours, for that is the only way you are allowed to approach him, crawling. That will be the day.
Poor old King says he's not that rich. But at least is peaceful. So why spend so much on his army?
President said clearly that his trial at The Hague was a personal problem. A good chunk of the 6million+ voters who gave him the mandate did so clearly knowing that his personal problems will not at any time interfere with his discharge of duties; All of a sudden now, personal problem have become a national problem touching on the sovereignty of the country… Worse still, it is being manifested as a continental problem by an amorphous group of senile dictators calling themselves the AU, who by all means are just out to protect their dirty acts and wanting human rights records. Who told you that these presidents have the interest of Kenyans at heart? They have all along viewed Kenya with envy, for holding together even when the rest of Africa was degenerating into anarchy.. Now they are laughing at us, they want us to join the league of failed states… they are simply viewing Kenya as the lost prodigal son who is coming back home, home to anarchy, home to wanting human rights records, home to defiance, h ...
*** here be waiting for every once a year while King Mswati be enjoying erry'day
"Swaziland is ruled by a polygamist monarch, King Mswati III."
One wonders how proud School is to count the feckless King III of as one of its alumni.
the only thing the so called King Mswati , is to give the people of that country their freedom. they were slaves for decades
Swaziland will satge nonparty elections next week Friday, 20 Spetember. King Mswati recently said he had a divine...
Now KU Hunkies have a reason to smile; with all this erstwhile innocent and naive looking kittens. We cant help feeling like king mswati
Apparently king Mswati says God spoke to him. Now we've heard it all. Don't be surprised if uncle Bob comes up with a similar tale.
I got Swazi chick, with beautiful boobs she always treats me like King Mswati.
HRH King Mswati is my hero. All Southern African countries should emulate Swaziland.
Prince Benkhosi, son to His Majesty King Mswati III has been featured in a local collaboration CD which is meant...
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Dreams of living like king MSwati do
I hope so, I think I'll have to go to Swaziland; I jus' might find some of 'king' Mswati's rejects.
Trying to stop a river with bare hands..King will take more than a wierd vision to stop flow of change in Swaziland! Get that!
Swaziland King Mswati said he was visited by God, ANC cant be pleased with this news that Jesus has come back.
According to King Mswati is a monarchial democracy
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