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King Lear

King Lear is a tragedy by William Shakespeare.

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King Lear at the is play for our times even though I couldn't hear it all (prob from the impressive but echoey set)
Bill uses the blinding of Gloucester in King Lear as an example of cruel torture
"All the power of his wits have given way to his impatience."- King Lear.
Ship dining rooms Romeo & Juliet, King Lear and Macbeth. Is this a steak knife I see before me?
New season announced at Chichester Festival Theatre: Ian McKellen will star as King Lear
Love this video from rehearsals! A fantastic project between our students & theatre students in Finland -…
Still chance to grab a ticket for the playful adaption of King Lear in Worcester nxt weekend
Excellent performance of King Lear earlier today. I posted a review on my Shakespeare blog:
Today I saw an excellent production of "King Lear" in Pasadena. Check out my review:
We are loving Shakespeare's Missing Mothers by - King Lear would have been so very different.. 🙈😂
After that dang drought, many CA'ns still be like King Lear. . .
Feeling like king Lear in this storm.
Man, it is King Lear storm raging here rn!
I just received the proofs of my first book. I'm quite excited!
I learned so much from working on King Lear his semester. Thank you to all the cast and crew who made it a great ex…
"Her voice was ever soft,. Gentle and low – an excellent thing in woman." - King Lear (A5, S3) https…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Edgar in King Lear when he is disguised as Tom even though he just wearing a hood 🙄
I am to play King Lear in new Chichester season
Of the Day: Goneril | Verse. By day and night he wrongs me, every hour. King Lear | I iii 5. .
Auditions for Vancouver Island Shakespeare Arts. We are looking for awesome actors to join our cast for King Lear...
She's one word away from quoting King Lear, too. Can't say she lacks a sense of dramatic pathos.
Review: boss Joe Haj stages a 'King Lear' for our times
Glenda Jackson considers stage return as she wins award for King Lear
"Have more than thou showest, speak less than thou knowest, lend less than thou owest" William Shakespeare, "King Lear".
the signs as 2017 Illinois High School Theatre Festival productions. cancer: King Lear
King Lear review – Glenda Jackson makes a shattering return to the stage -
King Lear & Richard III company from the 1990 production (photo by John Haynes). Cast included Bri…
I will have my revenge ere I depart this house. -King Lear
A Noise Within Resumes its 25th Anniversary Season with "King Lear by William Shakespeare"
Steve Bannon is gonna be the guy in King Lear who gets his eyes pulled out
King Lear review – Sher is a Lear fit to rank with the finest
Modern historiography is like the Japanese adaptation of king lear
the 3 examples i always give of my past writing: . 1) exposés on mental health. 2) "Top 5 Celebrity Selfies". 3) feminist analyses of King Lear
King Lear will never cease to amaze me - hats off to you, sir. 🎩👑 via
Good feature by on an interesting new local production of "King Lear."
In many ways is more offensive than who is now King Lear of the left.
to save a life. King Lear answers .
Surely King Lear, given the descent into madness of the king through the false flattery of others 😎
Hi Edmund, I will never forget you in King Lear last December
I've just realized that the PL title of The Lion King (Król Lew) refs another Shakespeare, King Lear (Król Lear).
Of the Day: Cordelia | Verse. Unhappy that I am, I cannot heave my heart into my mouth. King Lear | I i 76. .
Just finished watching King Lear. Epic! Loved it! 😀x
king lear is one of my favorite plays ever. So glad you're making this connection!
I was expecting some inverse King Lear death and was very disappointed. Wasn't even attached to the character if I'm being honest
"When we are born, we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools." . -King Lear, William Shakespeare .
But King Lear, National Gallery, Christmas day dog walks, New Years Eve riding rollercoasters in Paris, the Louvre... such a good Christmas.
only mine read...the remains delete mine love is immeasurable as compare to others. Use philosophy of King Lear
Went to see King Lear last Monday. Cool, old-timey venue with a lovely atmosphere.
Another favorite Delta is cause she got the King Lear living room word to
you kinda have to given that the alternative is King Lear, right?
Using as companion media to teach King Lear So exciting to find something relevant to the text!
The idea that there are two distinct texts of King Lear is clearly unsustainable...
dear Dad, it's only when the sun shine one can provide for winter, King Lear, with Love 😘😘😘
"As flies to wanton boys are we to the Gods. They kill us for sport." -King Lear
thought this was from King Lear...I was concerned for a moment
yeah the first season was like King Lear, but with ALS a season long storyline... takes me back to…
Reading King Lear really drives home how blind parents can be about their own children. So many parent/teacher conferences confirm this.
"Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say.". ― William Shakespeare, King Lear
sos i am 110% lost in King Lear right now and am missing Hamlet's excessive self-pity
Can't wait till my son is older so that, when I tell him to do something and he asks why, I go all King Lear on him: REASON…
And my year 12 HSC text King Lear exhibition - taught to me by brilliant teacher Mr Greg Smith…
Loving all the theatre chat with Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi especially about King Lear
Those are such beautiful records. Exile and Sticky Fingers are beyond compare. Exile in particular is my David/King Lear.
Comedy: Much Ado About Nothing (but really I'm a bigger fan of the trajedies). Trajedy: King Lear or Titus Andronicus
I often think about the RSC King Lear in which they hung Sylvester McCoy (the Fool) on stage and left his body hanging through intermission.
On page 69 of 275 of King Lear, by William Shakespeare
6. One of the best Shakespeare adaptations ever is King Lear set in Texas with Patrick Stewart and Mr. O'Brien from Star Trek.
At for Glenda Jackson in King Lear. Also in the audience is Jeremy Corbyn
Graham Turner, & talk about playing the Fool in King Lear tomorrow
Last night at the Old Vic King Lear press night @ Ham Yard Hotel
My God, Glenda Jackson is playing King Lear at 80, and kicking ***
When ferociously bellows "O reason not the need" she might be addressing IDS across the chamber
May I note Glenda Jackson has been cast as King Lear, a new trend in casting fm leads for SPeare.
Well, enjoy the foopball, I'm off out to watch King Lear with Glenda Jackson. Ain't no party like a Liberal Elite party.
I just got a ticket for King Lear at the tonight. They had just got some returns. Fan-feckin'-tacti…
Reinforces my belief innovative instinct improves with age.Those who dismiss the notion sacrifice benefits of it.
If your acting takes risks, you will love what Glenda Jackson is doing at . 25 years off, tough role
Glenda Jackson returns to the stage as King Lear – in pictures
she is now playing King Lear at the Old Vic, I thought that was pretty cool
If I were in London...Glenda Jackson, back on the boards after 25 years + a stint as Labour MP, as KING LEAR.
A merry visit to to see the amazing Glenda Jackson's King Lear
Year ago Glenda Jackson was considering standing as the Labour candidate for Northfield. My mum remembers how she...
King review – Glenda makes a shattering return to the stage
/King Lear/ & /As You Like It/: the mystery of things & wonder are not by reason diminished
London Theatre News: King Lear: Glenda Jackson returns to the stage in an electrifying…
Morfydd Clark, Love & Friendship's Frederica Vernon, scores a big hit in the London production of King Lear
thanks! I shall let you know of my next endeavour. You should check out King Lear at the OV if you can; Glenda is great!
See Shakespeare differently with radical reworking of King Lear on Fri 18 & Sat 19 Nov https…
You know you're a geek when you booked King Lear theatre tickets because you enjoyed it so much at A level
Saw king lear at asc last night for the second time and I'm still not ok.
New photos from King Lear's press night!
King Lear, Old Vic, review: 'Glenda Jackson's performance will be talked about for years'.
"Glenda Jackson is tremendous as King Lear. No ifs, no buts. In returning to the stage at the age of 80, 25 years...
My fave actor of all time is back. I'd LOVE to see this performance!
Craig Pomranz: If you can see this while you're there, please share!
Starting to get quite excited for King Lear on sat. I can't thank you enough for bringing Glenda Jackson back to the stage!
It's one of theater's most demanding roles. But Glenda Jackson will play King Lear after 25 years away offstage.
Glenda Jackson won two Oscars, then became a member of the British Parliament. Now she's back on stage as King Lear. https…
"She wasn't going to tiptoe": After decades away, Glenda Jackson returns to the stage in a big way, as King Lear
Get ready for Artsnight on at 9pm: "2016: The Year of King Lear", looking at five different productions of Shake…
so!!! Rhys Ifans is in King Lear at the Old Vic.! what a coincidence, isn't Richard Jenkins doing it too?
A thesaurus. won't make the . muse appear. Ye olde English. maketh not. a King Lear. Bad grammar. don't make it. a bad idea
Sacked off King Lear in the interval to go for a thai feast at Marie's Cafe. We definitely made the right choice.
love Nic Cage in the new King Lear.
And to (PMB's best media aide) I quote from Shakespeare's play, King Lear, thus 'Many a true word hath been spoke…
Teachers students see an amazing production of King Lear.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
is headed to Trinidad & Tobago film fest as our Shakespeare Lives ambassador and to intro King Lear
Still love our video of face-melting performance of Edmund's speech from King Lear
Looking forward to seeing Anthony Sher as King Lear and as Edmund tonight
yep. Edmund from King Lear was a good comparison: "oh turns out the *** son was evil after all"
I will never mix anything up in my life more than I mix up Edgar and Edmund in King Lear. (1am drama lit hw struggles)
King Lear understudy run today. Marcus as Kent, Theo playing Edmund. Going to that!
Thoroughly enjoyed the 's 'King Lear', David Troughton as Gloucester and Papa Essideu as Edmund stole the show!
And the Una Stubbs character was complicit in that. It was like King Lear in many ways
& it just got worse. I was Earl Hindman's dresser for King Lear when I was 22. Nice man. Got the impression that set was tough
"Sunshine and rain at once; her smiles and tears..those happy smilets. That play’d on her ripe lip". King Lear 4:3.
A week from school and I still aren't even close to finishing The Awakening and I have started King Lear
They're not even fun books, aside from King Lear and Didion. Joan Didion is always a good time.
"I will learn and earn using my ear, I'll be like king Lear"- Oshwald. Five hectares of rambutan…
Only four more chances to see King Lear this summer: Aug 25th, 27th & 30th, and Sept 2nd.
Also I am phenomenally anxious about the coming week, grumpy cuz I couldn't go to King Lear tonight, and exhausted.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Shakespeare By The Sea with these lovely ladies! King Lear this time 'round! 😊
Fool: Nuncle, give me an egg, and I'll give thee two crowns. King Lear: Don't use "nuncle" unless we're both nuns who are each other's uncles
My Yr 11s and I are talking costuming for a modern day production of King Lear set in western Sydney.
In Alternate Dimension news, the Duck Dynasty Center For the Performing Arts has added King Lear to its Fall 2017 Calendar
I'm so excited about my little trip tomorrow to - I'm seeing King Lear with the one and only Mrs Neary! 🎭📖💕
"Have more than you show, speak less thank you know." -King Lear
This makes Sharknado look like King Lear. I want to see it!
Bear is almost like the Jester in King Lear. His acting foolishly has been able to expose the shortcomings of other housemates
A workshop on directing King Lear. Story, action, inner life. With Mike Fentiman
Tonight at 7pm, King Lear. Our interview with the Rainvilles:
I'll be teaching King Lear on my LRL Shakespeare course in the Autumn: perfect timing!
I did get King Lear and invisible cities out of AP though so I'm chill with that
Extras from the MIdlands to perform in King Lear
One page into King Lear and the misogyny is hitting hard but I'm so in love with Shakespeare's work
Kurosawa's take on Macbeth and King Lear were cinematic masterpieces.
good performances from everyone . Great to see still has the King Lear beard from the Tonbridge School days
"Nothing can come of nothing: speak again." King Lear.
1983 King Lear by/w. Laurence Olivier as Lear, David Threlfall as Edgar, Diana Rigg as Regan, John Hurt as Fool etc.
Thou knowest the first time that we smell the air. We wawl and cry. King Lear.
Nora Selmani on the gender politics of rewriting King Lear.
Thinking of picketing the repertory theater this fall with a sign that says "KING LEAR WASN'T REAL."
You are not worth the dust which the rude wind . Blows in your face. King Lear.
We had a super weekend in Stratford-Upon-Avon to see King Lear
“And worse I may be yet: the worst is not. So long as we can say 'This is the worst.” . ― William Shakespeare, King Lear
Happy 80th birthday to Edward Petherbridge! who came to NZ to play King Lear for us in 2007. Then this happened:
“I asked why Ronnie Kray wasn’t at the performance” Brian Cox on his King Lear in prison
In love with Sir Ian McKellen's King Lear.If a production is done in India then should be King Lear.
Owen Smith's dad is Raymond Wiliams's biographer. Postscript to New Left has now become King Lear-style psychodrama. Where's our Cordelia? 😀
Nxt Friday present King Lear a great production supported by && part of
are the Tories staging a modern dress mashup of Macbeth, King Lear and Richard III?
Thank you for a terrific "King Lear" tonight. Loved Stephanie Cole's Fool. Thought the cuts judicious & all the Theatre 1/3
End of Act One of an extraordinarily good King Lear with Timothy West, Stephanie Cole & the BOVTS
Off to tonight to see the brilliant Timothy West and Stephanie Cole in King Lear: see you there?
I've just seen Stephanie Cole play the Fool in King Lear like she was still in Waiting for God. So this world isn't all bad...
Fie, foh, and fum,. I smell the blood of a British man. - King Lear
“As you grow older you realize that there are bad lines in King Lear and it has survived.” - Robert Gottlieb
Riz Ahmed as Edmund in King Lear: 'Now, gods, stand up for *** – video
Watch mark 400th anniversary of Shakespeare death with soliloquy from King Lear https:/…
Absolutely brilliant production of King Lear (Michael Pennington) at Grand Opera House this eve. Goosebumps. It's touring. See it.
Review: King Lear, Royal & Derngate, Northampton, on tour at Grand Opera House, York, today until Saturday
So pointed out something very depressing. Richard Beckinsale would be old enough to play King Lear now.
Thanks to Michael Pennington and King Lear cast - absolutely brilliant!
You too Sam! Congrats again for the great work in King Lear. So nice to meet you all 😘
Alfred Enoch, starring as Edgar in King Lear talks to
King Lear opera, based on Shakespeare's work of the same name, performed in a restored Roman coliseum located in...
So so excited to be seeing the double Oscar winning Glenda Jackson(!!) in King Lear this October. 🙏🏻
And to think there are losers out there getting excited about Glenda Jackson's King Lear. THIS is an event.
King Lear - A new production with a Scottish cast headed by Ian McDiarmid as Lear and Bill Paterson as Gloucester.
Wishbone inspired me. Hey Amy, wanna play King Lear?
Geoffrey Rush on playing King Lear: 'What's to like? His parenting skills are appalling!'
(Alas and alack, King Lear (my Dad) and I have come to another impasse. High Noon in Dallas.))
Glenda Jackson leads Old Vic season: Glenda Jackson will return to the stage to play King Lear as part of Mat...
Shakespeare may not have shortened King Lear after all
Get tickets while you still can for King Lear at the Royal Exchang Theatre
I've referenced Hamilton for a good half page in my essay about abdication in Richard II & King Lear. CULTURE.
Remember to ask me what V Roberts said to me after seeing Ian McKellen as King Lear...
I used to think 'King Lear' was an analysis of insanity, but I don't really...
It's more King Lairy than King Lear - my review of for
Rhys Ifans to star in King Lear via
BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Rhys Ifans to star in King Lear via
BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Glenda Jackson's King Lear will be given a...
Teacher tomorrow: why didn't you read King Lear?. Me: I had to turn off the lights so I could watch the storm
Vote to stick with EU and in 5 years time the British Bulldog will be as raving mad as poor old King Lear havering on the heath.
Bernard Manning's acclaimed summer season of King Lear.
King Lear was amazing this afternoon with a beautiful cast full of kings and queens
Shakespeare's "King Lear" among some other classics in the SS Botany Bay's library:
Bruce Dern, Anthony Michael Hall to star in "King Lear" adaptation (EXCLUSIVE)
Frank Langella is masterful in The Father, heartbreaking like King Lear on the heath; vacant void looms but empathy fills the vacuum
1984-01-01, Darkness and Devils: Exorcism and King Lear, Murphy, John L., Accept
King Lear video capsule review: 2012, directed by Michael Attenborough [Jonathan Pryce]
actors are v good at coming up w punchy short quotes to throw in essays, my King Lear essays are lit 90% Ian McKellen & Simon Russell Beale
From Harry Potter to King Lear: Alfred Enoch talks to Northern Soul http…
It's just hit me that Ramsey Snow from Game of Thrones is basically Edmund Gloucester from King Lear
Peter Brook 1962 RSC “King Lear” • (Diana Rigg) refuses to offer all her love to King Lear (Paul Scofield)
It appears to be on Youtube, but broken into parts. If interested, try "King Lear (1971) directed by Peter Brook"
Zadie Smith's On Beauty is based on Howard 's End. Jane Smiley's A Thousand Acres was based on King Lear.
Glenda Jackson to play Shakespeare's King Lear at the Old Vic
Here's John Patterson on Ran, Akira Kurosawa's King Lear homage and his final masterpiece, now restored in ultra-HD.
Ethan Hawke's dream role is "King Lear in my 80s ... and I want Richard Linklater to direct"
Don't miss King Lear with Don Warrington at &
'Don Warrington on wearing King Lear's crown: It's a mountain, and I ain’t nowhere near the top yet'
"His roguish madness allows itself to anything." -King Lear. The Limits of Disability and Disability Studies. Tuesday.
YES!!! Glenda Jackson returns to stage as King Lear in gender-blind Old Vic production . YES
Um, you REALLY want to recommend King Lear as a good book on parenting?
Welcome Magdalen College School, who are here for a day on King Lear. Just forget about the sun outside for a moment to get into the mood...
“Get a small Cordelia.”. —John Gielgud, giving advice on how to play King Lear onstage.
Back Trouble: . When Michael Hordern took on the role of King Lear, he asked John Gielgud whether he had any ad...
"Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks!" - King Lear and Speaker Deleo. Sort of.
"Who loses and who wins, who's in, who's out." - King Lear (A5, S3)
We've got one more name to add to our King Lear cast...and what a treat to announce it on his birthday. It's his...
Website Builder 728x90
Shakespeare on the Lawn returns by and I cannot wait. King Lear will be spectacular.
Reading King Lear for the first time since I became a retired senior with adult children. So grateful there are...
Don Warrington: 'King Lear looks like a really stupid thing to do' -
King Lear : AlexSevec :D Do u want to get an iPh0ne 6s without buying it? Please read my bio. Thx
I think King Lear is my fav Shakespeare play, hate the rest
I do love studying King Lear but the fact that we could've studied Othello instead makes me so mad I LOVE LOVE LOVE OTHELLO
Who's coming London with me and to see a proper production of King Lear? 👑👑
Y10-13 students are off to King Lear this evening - enjoy!
And his last flick 'Ran' was based on King Lear
The weather from up in the Merridale today would suit King Lear, "Rumble thy bellyful! Spit, fire! spout, rain!"
And while you're on tumblr, see what Lear himself has to say about our current production.
Next up: King Lear with Michael Pennington at Royal & Derngate
Whenever I hear 'Reagan' I think 'Regan'. As in King Lear's daughter. See proof I wasn't born to be a Republican.
Had the privilege of seeing him do King Lear in London way back in the late '80s. Unforgettable
"Time shall unfold what plighted cunning hides: Who cover faults, at last shame them derides". —Cordelia in King Lear
"Working with a director is like a romance. You go on your first date and see how you do, then you get a bit closer"
Just finished a great King Lear show in and we can't wait to perform 2 Hamlet shows tomorrow!
Full casting announced for King Lear starring Don Warrington.
FOR METRO Jaun aflame and savagely young King Lear,
"Come not between the dragon and his wrath." - King Lear. Love the dragon! http…
Tomorrow an excited group of Year 13 and 12 Theatre Studies students will be going to Oxford to watch King Lear .
Tbh I think I could love just for this one line -. We have King Lear: and it is immortal
On page 176 of 321 of The History of King Lear, by William Shakespeare
Me: *Has to finish reading King Lear for a seminar*. Me: *Forgets*.
Throwback to when I saw King Lear and Gandalf got his *** out... I was literally in the 3rd or 4th row...
I realize I've been *** Ashton Kutcher. Remember my parents were stage actors and I was named after a character in King Lear.
Wish wish wish I'd seen Simon Russell Beale in King Lear... Second time watching filmed production and awkwardly crying in the NT archive...
The Tragedy of King Lear : Starring Ian McKellen: Production by the Royal Shakespeare Company: Best one online.
so who's gonna come with me to see Alfred Enoch in King Lear in April then, please raise your hand
Akira Kurosawa's adaptation of Shakespeare's King Lear is a radiant and stirring existential epic.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
More inscriptions, this time in Edinburgh from 1605, the year King Lear was 1st published and The Gunpowder Plot. ht…
can you tell me when tix for King Lear are going on sale? Also, any plans to video/distribute Master Builder? Thanks!
As Ira Aldridge, Adrian Lester flashes his King Lear. How about the full thundering storm, asks my Theatre critic...
Adrian Lester returns to the role of Hamlet and Roger Allam takes on King Lear for the first time in a major new...
I liked a video from King Lear by William Shakespeare Second Age Theatre Company &
Even more awesomeness - front row seat for Gregory Doran's director's talk for King Lear. In same seat for performance after as well! 💜
Old Picard looks like King Lear, but that is probably because I saw Patrick Steward play King Lear once
King Lear will always be my favourite Shakespeare play:
star Diane Parish (Denise Fox) as Cordelia in 1994 production of King Lear:
Great piece with designer Tom Scutt See our King Lear interview with him here! ht…
Rehearsal has started for King Lear, directed by Grant Turner, which will be showing in February.
Theater: Great Show at Hult Center to honor First Folio. OSF actors played a scene from King Lear, discussing text choices along the way.
Gorgeous map spotted at Cumberland Lodge. Here to see (& Rowan Williams!) lecture on King Lear
And we are off. 4 days exploring King Lear with and Rowan Williams
Today, reads like King Lear during the storm... Also, he really hates the South Side of Dublin. .
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Ray Hudson: "I think Shakespeare got it wrong. It is not King Lear, it is King Leo!"
'King Lear': Review: After Ionesco’s absurdist 'Exit the King,' and director…
The critics are wrong! Thinking Geoffrey Rush's King Lear best thing I've seen in ages. Can I give it *?
.will play the role of Edmund in King Lear opening in April 2016
Why is the underplot of King Lear in which Edmund figures lifted out of Sidney's Arcadia and spatchcocked on to a Celtic legend older
STEPHEN: In his trinity of black Wills, the villain shakebags, Iago, Richard Crookback, Edmund in King Lear,
We've been watching King Lear in English recently because we're studying the play. Sir Ian McKellen's acting is fantastic
Thankful to reminisce with today about Nathan Robertson as Ian McKellan as King Lear. I miss my dramatists.
Tomorrow: We begin studying King Lear. You have no idea how happy I am to be reading Shakespeare with you.
0 motivation for this King Lear essay smfh 😭
hey if you ever wanna listen to King Lear in one sitting it's three hours and twenty three minutes just letting you know
King Lear review: Geoffrey Rush plunges into anguish and despair via
Congratulations Neil Armfield, Geoffrey Rush and entire for a stunning King Lear at the Roslyn Packer Thea…
ICYM our double bill of Sunday reviews: on Geoffrey Rush / Neil Armfield's King Lear
David Fox owns the stage in otherwise routine “King Lear” in T.O.
It's 6:48 and I still haven't started my King Lear analysis essay
'It is one of the great Australian Lears' John McCallum reviews Geoffrey Rush and co in Armfield's STC production
I did write a Christmas special. I wrote it in 1605. I called it "King Lear."
Our take on a tragic Geoffrey Rush at the Sydney Theatre Company: "It is one of the great Australian Lears."
King Lear or The Winter's Tale. They deal most with life after death.
Seriously? Where is the tea and books I've ordered last month? Geez I haven't finished King Lear yet because I don't have a copy.
The opening scene of "King Lear" but with deciding who gets to be your partner on a group project you'll do all of the work on
Loved that our reigning pop queen was triumphing over Sydney just as King Lear was making his tragic downfall. "Howl, howl, howl, howl."
Christopher Pye:‘King Lear, Sovereignty, and the Condition of Justice’ – podcast
Geoffrey Rush, Neil Armfield give us a fearful and heartbreaking
Catching production of Tate's "King Lear" at the York Rite Temple. Magic awaits!
Question: What is dramatic significance in king lear act four scene one?
Well, one thing I had to say is that in King Lear, when Edgar disguises himself as Poor Tom, he sounds exactly like on Kid A.
Saw King Lear at last night. Really quite electrifyingly great.
ICYMI: my review of KING LEAR, starring Geoffrey Rush
Agree largely w Rush virtuoso as but boom-tish comedy and uneven tone undermines tragedy
This cold will turn us all to fools and madmen. King Lear Act 1 Scene 4
King Lear review – Geoffrey Rush owns the role but fails to sate craving for confrontation: Tac...
The set of King Lear before curtain (no there's no curtain)
New theatre review for -- David Fox's fresh new Upper Canada interpretation of King Lear.
Really not looking forward to reading king Lear again school starts
I can't take King Lear seriously because I keep thinking about Cordeila Winthrop Scott from Monte Carlo
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