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King Kong

King Kong is a fictional character, a giant movie monster resembling a gorilla, that has appeared in several movies since 1933. These include the groundbreaking 1933 movie, the film remakes of 1976 and 2005, as well as various sequels of the first two films.

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Why do they keep making King Kong movies. How many times can you kill the same monkey
King Kong: Skull Island has made me laugh more than most comedies; 10/10 best worst movie this year
star Toby Kebbell places his bet on the upcoming Godzilla v. King Kong smackdown htt…
King Kong is back on our screens and we have a look at his cine-history:
How do you rank Peter Jackson's last (4) films? I go:. 1. King Kong. 2. The Lord of the Rings. 3. The Lovely Bones. 4. The Hobbit
In the past months I've watched Starwars, Dr Strange, Logan and now I'm boutta watch King Kong 🙄 I miss my chick flicks lol.
the guy fought King Kong and dillian whyte back to back pipe down
Skull Island is better than King Kong?. Yea but it doesn't have a scene where Andy Serkins' brain got sucked by a giant leech like bubble tea
Empire State. It was the Chrysler building in Jack Black's King Kong movie.
Anyone in Sacramento need King Kong tickets for tonight's advanced screening. I can't make it and I have 2 tickets to give away..
Do we really need another King Kong movie? Sick of reboots all the time.
The two best visuals in recent movie history: Darth Vadar cutting through a corridor of rebel fighters and King Kong punching a helicopter.
At least he's coming clean somewhat. Trump clings to his denials like King Kong to Fay Wray.
Fay Wray hits Merian C. Cooper on the set of "King Kong"
On this day in 1933, "King Kong" starring Fay Wray premiered in NYC.
Let's party King Kong style at Loco The Club, just try not to climb any Empire State Buildings. 😉😋💃. Date:...
Today in 1933 King Kong starring Canadian actress & all time best film screamer Fay Wray, premiered at Radio City Music H…
The new King Kong movie 'Skull Island' is a crazy hot mess - Business Insider
'King Kong: Skull Island' looks like a mash up remake of about three old movies.
Mar 2 Mem Spotlight: Willis O'Brien was largely uncredited for the special effects for: "King Kong" "The Son Of Kon…
Luis 'King Kong' Ortiz (27-0) ; the best heavyweight in the world today, his opportunity is coming ... https…
Farewell, King Kong 😢 We were only neighbours for a short time, but we became so very fond of you. Hope you enjoyed you…
I bet Taylor Swift feels a whole lot better about her relationship to Tom Huddleston ending after realizing he's in a new King Kong movie.
I was never into King Kong or Godzilla, I was more into Mighty Joe Young. YALL REMEMBER THO?? I was obsessed…
Torn over King Kong because I have no interest in seeing it, but IM OBSESSED WITH BRIE LARSON!
I added a video to a playlist King Kong- Gorilla Zoe(NEW 2011)
I rank 2005 King Kong as a top 10 tearjerker of all time. Saw it with 3 other bros & there wasn't a dry eye in that section of the theatre.
I can't wait to see John C. Reilly in the new King Kong movie 😱
Really just waiting on Power Rangers and King Kong to come out
WATCH: Tom Hiddleston talks to Graham Norton about being scared of King Kong and going to school with Eddie Redmayne
He looks like King Kong bundy from wwf from the 80's
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Thoughts on Programming, Number 14: The expert is a lot of stuff fast. -Rick Baker, make-up artist for King Kong, Star Wars, et. al.
Woo is a yeti-like creature that lives on Phantom Mountain. His roar is actually from King Kong, played…
Tom vann smarter than King Kong bundy
did King Kong bundy get cancelled from
Trump's constant fights look like King Kong swatting at airplanes while atop of the Empire State bldg. When is he going to act presidential?
Godzilla, King Kong, Loch Ness. Goblin, ghoul, a zombie with no conscience . Question, what do these things all have in common?
just took 93 yr old Mum to vote, she's registered blind. in a loud voice she said, "Sasquatch. Godzilla. King Kong. Loch…
What's Big and hairy and on floor 102 Empire State Building not King Kong this time !!
Here's an oldie. A crate of Red Label in Peter Jackson's "King Kong"
My short story "King Kong vs. The Skinny Pirate" is available for preorder on Kindle: .
KONG: Skull Island poster recreated in LEGO. All Hail the King! by
Make a date with King Kong this Friday night and enjoy our largest cocktail + house bottle for only £90!
Watched King of Kong last night. I can't tell you how insane it is. It gets crazier and crazier the longer you watch
Samuel L Jackson has been in 3 movies where animals are the main focus: deep blue sea, snakes on a plane and King Kong.
Really don't understand Hollywood's obsession with apes, like do we really need another sequel of King Kong and planet of the apes.
I love King Kong but this guy just looks like a possessed chewbacca:
The Nottingham actor will appear alongside Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson.
KING KONG, the relationship between Ann and the giant ape is everything
STARSHIP Entertainment and KINGKONG Entertainment merge into one entertainment company! https:/…
The King and I at - responses to Nicholas Monro's King Kong 26.01.17 - 19.02.17…
Dreaming that I was hiding from King Kong. ***
All hail the new king! By the way, his name is Kong. Thank me for this Kuya with jersey number one. 😉
today and King Kong in the sunshine
im feeling like Denzel in Training Day with you wack rap ni66as..."Im putting cases on all you B*es, King Kong aint got sh!t on me" 😂
"Reject the anti-intellectual movement in America! Also, we're going to make another King Kong movie for some reason." - H…
Don't make fun of me for apologizing to inanimate objects. I'm not King Kong, I won't step on a building and not say sorr…
Looks like the reason not many turned up was because king kong scared them away.. here is the proof
Q I thought King Kong was a country
Yeah, you could be the greatest . You could be the best . You could be the king kong. Banging on your chestt
In King Kong & Godzilla news today - one has a new director, the other has TV spots @
So apparently Godzilla vs King Kong is actually in my avi.
King Kong c.1933 - This scene was cut from the original theatrical version as it was too violent. R
One of two film posters created to celebrate the 80th anniversary of King Kong artwork by
My man King Kong Donk is streaming some PC Warframe right now! Go check him out
Cast and crew picture from King Kong
I'm sorry King Kong but my man Mighty Joe Young had a better plot development than you
bring me back to Universal Studios Orlando. I want to ride the new King Kong ride again...
you're thinking of Mighty Joe Young, that wasn't a King Kong movie
The video game for Peter Jackson's King Kong was way better than you would expect - I hope Skull Island somehow manage…
How did beautiful starlet Linda Jo Miller go from the hand of King Kong to the hand of God? Listen HERE:
Thomas Kretschmann, one of the best and most cool captains ever on the big screen! Here in King Kong!
First it was Mighty Joe Young, then King Kong, Harambe, and now Colo... smh gorilla lives matter 😪
King Kong lives again: Iconic 1950s musical revival set to be highlight on SA 2017 cultural calendar | Daily ... https:/…
2005 sticks in my mind for some reason. Big big movies. King Kong, Revenge of the Sith, Batman Begins
. Jonas, I'll gladly wash Windows on the Empire State Building 4 free, as long as Fay Wray is there -r. King Kong
Then something went wrong for Fay Wray and King Kong, they got caught in a celluloid jam.
Fay Wray, the girl in the original King Kong movie (1933).
With Kong Skull Island coming out next year, any chance you guys could do a commentary on King Kong '76?
From Star Wars to Lord of the Rings to King Kong, Bob Burns has it all! Watch join at ht…
I'll watch every remake of King Kong that's ever made. And you got John C. Reilly and John Goodman, whattt!!!? Here for this
You were great in King Kong, Billy Elliot, and The Adventures of Tintin.
There's a new King Kong movie being released soon but the most recent one w Adrien Brody & Naomi Watts was amazing so good luck to them
Nice even contest. Although, boys are weak chuck em in the creek. Girls are strong like King Kong. I should just bake cake now
Simple fact. If you don't like Peter Jackson's King Kong, I don't like you 😤
I finished King Kong. I can't believe, now just looking it up, how old Naomi Watts was in 2005. I heard Peter Jackson wanted2do it4longtim
Oh great another King Kong movie. Didn't we JUST have Peter Jackson do one? Give it a few decades before you gotta rehash, Hollywood.
gunna be a good movie.. but it's literally like the 3 King Kong movie in the last 5 years lmao
Rosemary’s Baby, King Kong, The Shining, The Thing, & more alternative posters by
Watch the new trailer for the King Kong reboot 'Kong: Skull Island'
⚡️ “King Kong is running wild in the new Kong: Skull Island trailer”.
Kong: Skull Island looks great. For those who don't know, it's the predecessor movie to the King Kong vs Godzilla r…
Deontay Wilder dispatched Malik Scott easily and early in the first round. Lets see what Luiz 'King Kong' Ortiz does..
King Kong is going to have his way with Deontay Wilder's mate here. . Sorry Malik but you're in for it.
James Ellsworth looks like he fell out of King Kong's nose. ;-)
At work in and I'm legit worried that King Kong, Godzilla, and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man will be summoned any minute.
Any time I get smug about being a movie buff I remind myself that I briefly thought Peter Jackson's King Kong was cinematically perfect.
7 weird facts from 'Cloverfield,' 'King Kong' and other monster movies
episode challenge. Godzilla, Pacific rim, Jurassic Park, King Kong. Rights all owned by one studio apparently. Crossover
Swear when I get ready for work I have to be quiet but when my mum wakes up at half 5 for work it's like King Kong strutting round my house
why malik scott is going to KO King Kong ortiz EsNews Boxing
Malik Scott says he'll slay King Kong. I wonder if he'll throw the fight in the first like he did against Wilder? Food for thought.
Bad bad Leroy brown baddest man in the whole *** town. Badder than ole King Kong meaner than a junk yard dog
gravedigger Bigfoot and King Kong at the citrus bowl
but can your King Kong ding dong be a mile long Kong dong?
I'm joking, rest in piece King Kong
The Bundy name never helped King Kong much. Oh wait – the Clinton name will do the same for Hillary.
my last name being Bundy sure causes confusion..So I go by King Kong now
"UGH I HATE IT HERE!!". ME, TO SON: Look Godzilla Jr, we're both upset okay. I wanted to name you King Kong but your mom vetoed that one too
'What have they got in there, King Kong?' . Nah mate, Geoffrey from Toys'R'Us.
Dr. Ian Malcolm: What have they got in there, King Kong?
On a living conquest, call it readers I digest, King Kong, feel the beat of my chest
Jonathan was getting hit on in the line for King Kong, but since he doesn't speak English, David had to translate 😂
When Stacey goes in one shop in town n meks you hold er dog n it's the size of King Kong sniffing everyone n ya can't pull it away
This is basically - it's like if King Kong wanted to appoint Lloyd Blankfein to the
I hope the new King Kong movie is the one that finally brings in Bob Newhart to do his entire "King Kong" phone routine.
Rusev needs to come out dressed like King Kong since she is wearing what Jessica Lange wore in the movie. (CHURRO)
In the hands of King Kong. Jessica Lange filming King Kong, 1976, John Guillermin.
Jessica Lange playing in King Kong. And now m you too in KK movie. In childhood you imagine Lange as perfect Ms. Marvel? (1/2)
Switched on to King Kong an hour in and they're STILL not on the island yet. Nobody cares about your love story. Show us the bloody monkey.
A King Kong comic book where Kong is part of a government anti-terrorism team. Kong being deployed to fight terrorists.
Ok... I really want to see Skull Island now. Makes me pumped for the inevitable King Kong vs Godzilla!!!
That Skull Island trailer looks more like Apocalypse Now than King Kong. That's actually perfect
King Kong has awoken. Watch the first trailer for Kong: Skull Island here!
Melissa could take down King Kong on Skull Island.
I am in love with you. Not only do they have the outrageous Bill and Ted but now Peter Jackson's King Kong
The first trailer for Legend Pictures' massive 'King Kong' reboot dropped this weekend at Comic-Con.
The Kong: Skull Island trailer was pretty good too. I loved Peter Jackson's King Kong and this new movie looks like a good successor
At star on what attracted him to the King Kong universe.
King Kong is a love story. Kong: Skull Island is not. But I will watch it.
King Kong has never been as BIG as he is in the 1st Kong: Skull Island trailer!!.
Its like Predator and King Kong mixed together!! has been good this year!
Three years later, Eddie McGuire has offered an excuse for his King Kong controversy
Ogata from Godzilla '54 & Jirō from King Kong escapes!:D Jealous he got so close to Linda Miller?;)
My amazing wife just described Platinum Edition Optimus Primal as a cross between Optimus, King Kong, and Iron Man. She's not wrong.
you ever see the episode with Bud wrestling King Kong bundy? You tube that!
You must be knowing about Tiger Joginder Singh, Indian wrestler who competed against King Kong also.
They should get Peter Jackson to do an epic Tarzan film. Sorta like he did with King Kong.
Please note: Eddie's full honorific is now Eddie "Land of the falafel" "King Kong" "Drown Caro" McGuire.
No that's great! Thanks. Lately I've had John Barry's 76 King Kong playing along with his Black Hole score.
12 hour flight to S.Korea. 4 1/2 hour flight to Da Nang. Then a 5 hour drive into the jungle. We're I will then be sacrificed to King Kong
In a case, Myers referred to black defendant as “King Kong,” a “monster,” and other racist names. AND HE…
That was quick King Kong bundy won right? This guy's a monster.
"Jennifer Lawrence is in every movie." . me: gEE I loved her in King Kong when she fought the giant dinosaur in Jurassic Park in outer space
Drown Caro Wilson? LOL "She’s like the black widow" ROFL Adam Goodes as King Kong? HA HA That Eddie's a real joker, eh? What a bloke! (not)
First my boat got stuck in Jurassic Park. Now my tram is stuck in King Kong world. Dinosaurs everywhere. Today has been str…
King Kong and Fellowship of the Ring are two of my favorite Peter Jackson's movies
Museum of Natural Science. Standing like King Kong next to those dinosaurs. 8)
As I stuck my 14-year old *** in my sister's Barbie, I wondered about sex logistics for Tinker Bell, King Kong.
you would think King Kong would have a bigger hotdog then that! Isn't he 100ft tall?
Vinny was going to bust out a drone strike... Then he remember Lesnar was King Kong..
The For Carnation (Brian), King Kong (Ethan), Brint was in the Breeders for a spell and a group called Evergreen
Mighty Joe Young, King Kong, Caesar, Donkey Kong, Gorilla Grodd, and Monsieur Mallah will have words for the United Zoo Confederate.
what about Kung Fu panda and King Kong and Shallow Hal all super different characters jus sayin no offense but whatever
King Kong is on and my mom keeps shouting "Run, Adrien Brody!"
King Kong was such a terrible movie. Funny how Kyle Chandler is bigger than Adrien Brody now tho. Never would have thought that then.
I'm watching King Kong and can't even thirst over prime!Adrien Brody due to his recent *** showing.
I know Adrien Brody from King Kong... and that's it.
Watching Predators, and I just don’t get this Adrien Brody action thing. Didn’t get it with King Kong either.
One note about Jackson's King Kong that I'm sure others have said: the Hayes/Jimmy stuff should've been cut or trimmed. Super clunky.
Just imagine King Kong, but darker and for hipsters.
RvP, Fabregas and Nasri couldn't win a trophy at arsenal, so its Ozil that is the King Kong abi??
I need to know what happen to Nice an Nuff milk and King Kong. And di tough nutribun dem.
we're like the guys that take care of King Kong all day by being mean to him ( Hicks treatment ) -from
I will judge you by who you think would win a fight between King Kong and Godzilla.
ma foot looks like sommin out of King Kong
Pacific Rim 2 gets a new writer, Godzilla 2 gets delayed and Kong: Skull Island offers first glimpse at the new…
Am I the only one who confuses The Eagles with The Beatles & King Kong with Godzilla & The Jungle Book with Tarzan 😂🤔
~ [gentleman. Thank you for being you. And let's king the kong in the future. (See what I did there)
sorry King Kong it won't happen again 🙄
of what? Nostrils looking like u stole them off of King Kong
Bae: One of my ancestors was actually a King 🔱. Me: I never knew u were a descendant of King Kong 😜😝😂. *blocked
How about a King Kong size of Chinese lion?
When I wrote about racism in the King Kong game I tried to be straight about it being racist but also open it deeper than that
King Kong atop the Empire State Building, swatting at planes and damsel in tow.
On June 15 will be screening ‘King of Kong’ in - totally siked to give an opening talk that night! http…
Yums on North Capital and Hong Kong on MLK are my favorite carryouts
A: Mum, can we go to King Kong one day?
Pacific Rim 2 gains a writer, Godzilla 2 gets delayed & Kong: Skull Island offers first look at the film's new...
Taking orders for a 1929 King Kong poster signed by all the cast including King Kong. Anyone interested?
You can tell how much Michael loves performing by how passionate he sings jet black heart and how much he gets into gu…
had a dream about that giant bug scene in King Kong..
How did we ever let a song that says "you could be the King Kong banging on your chest" top the charts...
If I don't eat in a couple minutes I'm about to turn into King Kong
Film Club is back thanks to Chris Eaton starting w/ "King Kong Escapes" 🎥
Message to Michael Clifford: keep doing you you're literally the best person on earth and you're perfect inside and ou…
They rather you be dead or you be poor it hurts THE YELLOW TAPE KING KONG & GODDZZILLA
Maj T.J. King Kong: Switch all receiver circuits to CRM…
.Spoiler? The film is from 1992. Also, the ape dies at the end of King Kong.
download and convert Krime king kong to mp3 or mp4 hd for free
King Kong filming all set to start in Vietnam
My whole house shakes when my mum moves from one room to the next it's like living with King Kong🙄
my house freak spends 45 minutes in ours and makes it look like King Kong has been in there
Naomi Watts' scream is really what truly makes King Kong
Naomi Watts is beautiful. I was so in love with her in king Kong
I wonder who else lives in hidden dimension? His argument works just as well for King Kong…
Your first glimpse of the King Kong audio-animatronic from Universal's Skull Island ride https:/…
that made me lol, too. You guys are more funny than this King Kong in pearls & a dress.
Amy literally think she's King Kong when she's had a drink
Heavyweight Alexander Ustinov looks like he will get his mandatory bout against "King Kong" Luis…
When Q is up to something, Tom Paris is forced into an unwise King Kong escapade.
I would take and Anthony Mason v. Godzilla and King Kong in a Tag Team match.
This looks like King Kong and Jurrasic Park crossover.
Jane Jensen and Roberta Williams are combining Project Zomboid and King Kong: The Game. The twist? it's hidden inside the next Skyrim DLC
Was it King Kong or Mighty Joe Young they found on a plateau?
I bet it can. I think Steve Burton got that King Kong ***
Rex Ryan: Bills need King Kong to cover Rob Gronkowski one-on-one
GREAT ACTORS CANDIDLY. Jeff Bridges, Jessica Lange and Charles Grodin on the set of King Kong.
What do you get if King Kong falls down a mine shaft? A flat miner. :-o
She will also likely destroy much of the city, like Godzilla or King Kong.
Dive inside King Kong's debut issue cover story by and
they are actually planning on doing a shared universe with them. Starting with Godzilla and King Kong
thing is, any other Adrien Brody is a NAHHH. But there's something about him in King Kong.. It's that classical hero thing!
I'd entirely forgotten about Peter Jackson's King Kong, that bugs in the valley scene is so creepy and squicky.
turned on itv2 + 1 to watch King Kong and you've skipped out about half an hour of the film? This can't be right?
Unless you've stumbled on a King Kong movie style super huge hawks nest and you snuck into it and put the studio there.
Was King Kong actually real?, New research seems to indicate that King Kong might have walked and roamed the plan...
I've been watching Peter Jackson's King Kong for five days now. They've just reached Skull Island.
King Kong in Skull Island will act as somewhat of a blood-relative to Godzilla as Tom Hiddleston has...
With Christopher Walken as King Louie. Who is inexplicably a giant orangutan. Like, almost King Kong big.
Only 2 obvious ones. 100 feet King Kong outside & a water slide from top of Cube next to Marco Pierre White's
I loved and Godzilla (2014, Gareth Edwards), it is just I cannot see how King Kong could possibly match Godzilla.
King Kong and Stop Making Sense on the big screen. I love you!
Judge overturns death sentence because prosecutor compared black defendant to King Kong
Gregg Araki directs King Kong with an underlying criticism of hypersexualized advertising. lol wut
King Kong: sees Morneau putting on the sacrificial altar
I half expected to see King Kong barreling down the mountain or the sound of prehistoric…
What have they got in there, King Kong?
*shaves legs after like 2 months*. Me: "Hey Alan I shaved my legs". Brother: "Finally. You were starting to look like King Kong.". 😂😭💀
King Kong ride at Universal Orlando won't be on a track: Travel Weekly
The Turner Classic Movies ride at Hollywood Studios had no King Kong in it. 4/10 may ride again.
They shot King Kong in New Zealand and that monkey climbed the Empire State Building, if you want this you will make it work
My new favorite version of King Kong "Nothing makes a monkey out of me!"
She climb up on me like she King Kong !!
I spanked the monkey so much he turned into King Kong.
Urban farming is on like King Kong - San Diego Reader: San Diego ReaderUrban farming is on like King KongSan D...
Realizing that 1976's King Kong is a movie about the Dude, Clark Griswold's Dad, Patsy Cline and Charles Grodin bringing Grape Ape to NY.
Watching my King Kong extended edition DVD with the commentary on and Peter Jackson talks more about Lord of the Rings than Ki…
Legendary, producer of upcoming King Kong movie, just brought in Mary Parent (The Revenant) to oversee ALL production (film, tv, digital).
On this date in 1933, " King Kong " staring Fay Wray premiered in New York city.
1933, the motion picture 'King Kong', starring Fay Wray, had its world premiere in NYC.
King Kong starring Fay Wray premiered 83 years ago today in NYC
A new slot available at King Kong: Island of Skull Mountain ♥ ♥ "A monster slot"
I will never understand how they transported King Kong from Skull Island to New York
to swing on to King Kong 'origins' film Skull Island :
Fay's King Kong was the best version ever. She was fantastic.
Turns out King Kong's gentleness towards Fay Wray was far more realistic than swatting airplanes! Amazing vid!
King Kong era Jeff Bridges was a cross between Matthew Modine and the Geico caveman
The creator of King Kong had little more to him than caffeine and smoke:
Edgar Wallace wrote 170 published novels, but if you know his name, it's because he helped create King Kong.
I have a Doc Savage vs King Kong novel I need to read.
Yeah, you can be the greatest. You can be the best. You can be the King Kong banging… - Jake (at Al Khazaan Area) —
I just took the idea that King Kong was too big for everything and reversed...
Akin to King Kong, loving the Golden Monkey on the front of Melbourne Town Hall
Fitness goal:. Be able to demonstrate a Sit-n-Spin for a toddler without looking like King Kong trying to mount a Hippi…
yeah - no rush at all, maybe cup final if you're going? Just to check, it is King of Kong not King Kong? (Had a few mix ups)
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
The 1996 script to Peter Jackson's original King Kong remake (prior to his 2005 film) is a thoroughly entertaining read.
New York has King Kong on the Empire State, Melbourne has a monkey on town hall
"there's one person on at King Kong... HONG KONG"
Some great cues in King Kong. Loving it! The composer James Newton Howard is great!
So, this March we have John Goodman up against Cloverfield, and next March he'll be in King Kong. I love kaiju fighting Dan Conner!
Mike Dunn hosting Multi-Tool lecture with Jeff Unay who holds credits on films like Avatar & King Kong and others.
If you like King Kong, gongs and comedy - head over to The Courtyard Playhouse's King Gong…
Predator 2 is like Gotham City meets King Kong with a few Jamacians thrown in with weird hats. Dumbest sequel ever...
The T. Tex battle in Peter Jackson's "King Kong" is a thing of kinetic beauty.
Listen to King Kong five by Mano Negra on
Listen I'm not askin for a dude to be 6'6 with a beard n King Kong wee wee 😂 just don't be the same height as me and pee on your acorns
Dwight is like King Kong tonight and the Meyers Leonard is the blonde woman.
I'm excited yet skeptical about Skull Island because Peter Jackson's King Kong is near flawless so they really shouldn't be doing a new one
aye they didn't have any King Kong emojis. I told that to my mans Steve but he died. Before he could promote it.
Destiny video with King Kong killer and Matthew coming up
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Gorgo is kind of Godzilla by way of King Kong but set in Britain; giant lizard stomping through the Thames and destroying London landmarks.
It's her name, not a title. Like Prince Rogers Nelson, Judge Reinhold and King Kong.
King Kong is about a bunch of *** dudes on a boat talking about how you should keep your animal instincts sharp by staying away from girls
Really!? about Holly Holm, King Kong, Godzilla, Hulk Hogan, pee wee Herman or Frank Bruno😳?..
King Kong takes Kano by storm with tricycle adverts
I also really admired Eric Dickerson, Tim Brown and I loved the movie King
Had a great interview with Joe Dante today for our upcoming King Kong documentary, LONG LIVE THE KING!
Boing Boing - Dinomania: The Lost Art of Winsor McCay, The Secret Origins of King Kong, and the Urge to Destro...
Just a little taste of things to come from The Dead Drop. Live demos of two songs that we will be recording. .
I swear and I live next to King Kong
Storage hunter cracks me up with on it he cracks me up with his King Kong boms.
happy to offer the lastest strain by BigBuddha called KingKong @ ... enjoy your evening :D
A piece I wrote for the on the film preservation, JG Ballard and King Kong:
Celimpilo Cee Magubane wrote: One day Maybe I'll aslo be Somebody's king kong
big *** King Kong take her to the crib then I put the whole team on M 😭😂   10% Off
who dat? Looks like King Kong Bundy in a wig
New York has King Kong, but Philadelphia has a giant fighting a giant cheese steak
Plenty of good things happening in music. Future Fears rehearsal this evening and Elga Fox playing King Kong Club tonight in the Mercantile.
Maybe King Kong and Planet of the Apes are cinematic racial overtones, maybe they're based on a real spooky...
Cover of "King Trump" as King Kong. Of course unfair to King Kong, who's a noble and tragic figure. https…
I'll tell u one thing he's got balls the size of King Kong I can't wait for. His rally boycott Fox. Go Mr T yes yes yes
"Nobody can top this king, including that peasant Donkey Kong!"
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