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King Jesus

King Jesus is a semi-historical novel by Robert Graves, first published in 1946. The novel treats Jesus not as the son of God, but rather as a philosopher with a legitimate claim to the Judaean throne through Herod the Great, as well as the Davidic monarchy; and treats numerous Biblical stories in an unorthodox manner.

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Cast out the Jezebel and Ahab spirits! King Jesus is here!
Our sponsors & backers are King Jesus & Almighty God. We started with nothing but faith. Just need ppl who care, to join.…
"Scripture is the royal scepter by which King Jesus rules his church." - John Stott
King Herod hated the thought of a successor, King Jesus. So he had all baby boys under 2yrs old, killed. Matthew 2:16. tells all
May the Almighty King reverse every evil plans of the enemy against your life and family in the name of Jesus Christ.
"Jehovah is the Supreme King of all the Kings and Saints - (Revelation 15:3). Jesus Christ is also the King of kings" - (Revelation 19:16).
"The best way to guard your heart: give it irreversibly to Jesus ..
I'm such a screw up loved by the King Jesus😭
"Which biblical scene should we paint on our wall?”. "Satan v Jesus, the arm wrestling competition. Has to be." https:…
King holds mastery over the seas and the winds. (Mark 4:41)
26 - I swear that tambourine is the same one they used when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem. Fitting for the return of t…
Ghana the Pharoah of the universe God Almighty Jesus Christ the black Star Joseph to finally Head the world immedia…
This life is about Jesus testimony, not ours, He is King, he suffered more than any of us, Yet he saves us, loves us, created all of us.
JESUS is KING. Restore his crown. On earth, as it is in heaven. His will be done. They cannot end the world until the gospel is preached to
Coutinho is not going anywhere, in Jesus' name
Before that foul Arizona had 3 buckets in 10min. King went out and they got 4 layups in 4 possessions. Jesus.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Are you watching for King 👑 JESUS to come for the church which could be in the next 5 seconds like a bolt of lightn…
Shine your light and let the whole world see,. We're singing for the glory of the risen King... Jesus
I worship Jesus with all that I have! Pouring from my heart the love I have for the King! Singing new s…
What do we have to worry about when our king is Jesus Christ???
Before you start believing you can't achieve anything, remember that Jesus said "it is done onto you as you believe" . Good M…
Who the son sets free is free indeed!
Is it possible to be and believe Jesus is the Messiah?
Thank u Jesus for showing me u r the King
Jesus Ronda didn't even do a post fight press conference interview?
Wishing you a new year with Jesus as your centre, sustainer, lover, friend, redeemer, King and reason for living. May it be…
And king wins it! 72-38 over cajon in the finals of the 2016 ramona winter classic. Congrats to coach Jesus Martinez and his…
"I am the king of the world, the king of the world!" - Jesus shortly after his resurrection (probably)
jesus had three wise people tell Rome, we from there go meet muhamoud, didn't say he at war with their king between that force and he
His Majesty The Living King 👑 Jesus Christ is my LORD and Savior who died on the cross Calvary was buried and rose…
I'm tryna get higher than Jesus Christ himself on New Years
Hallowed is your name God. Your kingdom has come & King Jesus is in our midst. You are with us. .
So many people have their favorite politician.Remember..They are not the King and/or Queen. Jesus Christ is the King and Our…
What if "the real Jesus" was so bad *** that he was intentionally hidden in history?. What if King Arthurs story is actually Jesus' story??
Ride on, King Jesus! How did your church celebrate Christ the King Sunday? (David Bentley Hart,…
I liked a video from King Jesus sung by Jimmy Swaggart
3 wise men each had a monument in Egypt before/during/after the birth of King Tut/King Jesus...
King Jesus is found in the ... Starlight - Amanda Cook (Bethel Church) via
Hear my cry, oh Lord. Give ear unto my earnest prayers. Strengthen me, King Jesus. Holy Spirit, draw me near
So when you help someone in need, you're helping King Jesus himself. We need to have Christ's compassion towards others.
We have a high priest advocating on our behalf. King Jesus is his name. I love you my big man x
Ten mins late to my first bible study of the day. Hoping that my day won't lag behind by 10 mins. Redeem my time King Jesus.
God tells His people what to do! We Don't tell God what to do! Bible believing people stand for King Jesus! Pray for Dr. Moore to not fear!
Spirit break out, break our walls down, King Jesus, we wanna see your kingdom here!!
I agree with Chuck Missler, I am not a republican, democrat or independent, I am a monarchist who is awaiting King Jesus!
Good morning grateful followers and believers in Jesus Christ 😊😇☀️. We love you King Jesus 🙌🙌.
Thank you Jesus I'm getting my hair done this weekend 😭
Happy Easter!. Abu Serga Church, Cairo, was where Joseph, Mary & Jesus rested in Egypt after flight from King Herod. h…
grateful for reminders that Jesus overcame the world for us, and that whatever is thrown at us is no match for King Jesus. He has overcome!!
👑One Night with The King👑. 04/16/16 @ Carolina Event Center in @ 6pm! Don't miss this gospel concert, is the star!
and eternal joys at His right hand forever through King Jesus (Psalm 16:11)
Jesus is the strongest with biggest scars of sin, stripes 4diseases, thorny crown of death, broken heart. King of kings indeed
King Jesus, you're victorious, all of heaven roars you're glorious 🎶
No matter who is president, . is King.
Joshua Holmes a prophet sent by King Jesus. Thank you Lord Jesus for connected me with your Son.
God bless you as well! No matter who is president, Jesus is King!
“If Jesus is King, you cannot make him a means to your end.”
A poet to some; regular modern Shakespeare. Jesus Christ, the king of these Latter Day Saints here.
imma pretend to have sex and listen to billionaires on Youtube talk. OK KING Jesus Christ WHO BEEN WITH I, James Myles since birth
Peace,love,grace,miracles. Jesus is the King.
Trusting Jesus, loving Jesus, making him my King, making him my WORLD = My Life Story ❤️
Jesus Christ the Risen King is interceding for you - His beloved child.
Matt 22 NIV—Jesus spoke to them again in parables, saying: “The kingdom of heaven is like a king… via
Matt 2 NIV—After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi from… via
Systematic theology is welcome along for the ride, but Biblical theology is driving. Context is king.
Mozart was black, Beethoven was black, King James was black, Shakespeare was black, King Solomon was black, Jesus was bl…
Dear Jesus, You deserve the best of my time, energy, and affection. I crown You King of my heart and Lord over everything…
If you wondering how I'll sleep tonight, my hope is not in Rubio, Cruz, or America. My hope is in my King Jesus Christ. I'll…
We all get that knot in our stomachs once/wk! What gets me through is knowing no matter what Jesus is still King!
Thank you Lord for find this baby boy and returning to his mother Praise Jesus Amen
"Take me to the king, I don't have much to bring . My eyes are torn. Them not even the lyrics . I need Jesus." -
Jesus King of kings and Lord of lords hallelujah
My name (KING) David and I believe in Jesus Christ. He said, deny me in front of your friends, I will deny you in...
JESUS - the Name above all names. The King of kings and the Lord of lords.
I'm longing for the King of all kings to come back and rule the world with justice, in truth and love. Come Lord Jesus, please come!
Instead of living for myself I'm living for the king(Jesus) that will soon be coming!
with all my heart I'll sing I love You Jesus my king🎵💖
No matter who's President,. Jesus is king
We did. Praise Jesus, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, The Word of God. Amen. See you in Revelation19.14.
No matter who becomes President, just remember Jesus is King!
Get ready now for the glorious return of Jesus Christ,. as KING OF KINGS... -(Matt. 24:27-51; Rev. 17:14; 19:16)
May we never lose sight of King Jesus who deserves our praise & worship. Let us join tha heavenly voices & say,...
the 8:30am service was a blessing! Worship was divine, the crowd was lively & the Word by Pastor Steve glorified King Jesus!
Bullet Club for life. Believe in God. Believe in King Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Believe in the…
So thankful for King Jesus' glorious presence today at True Light Global Ministries in Abilene,…
Breaking thru the fear. Victory is here! We serve a risen Savior. King Jesus is alive
Believe in God. Believe in King Jesus. Believe in the Bullet Club. Believe in us.…
that we try to fend off. But in the end, we need our Great High Priest, King Jesus, to rescue us from our sin, our fear, and our doubt. 2/3
Hard to sing through the tears as I watch my son raise his hand in worship of The Son, King Jesus! Thank you
We have been set free from our bondage and have been united to King Jesus.
Carols and cocoa with preschoolers singing song to King Jesus! @ Mount Vernon Baptist Church
Rev 3:11 BEHOLD, I COME QUICKLY: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown. - King Jesus
A pastor's calling is to please King Jesus, not the congregation.
Jesus, You are, You are ... the King of my heart, HEART!
As we prepare for Christmas, let us never forget to come and adore King Jesus.
That fart I just let go smh Jesus Christ
I love and serve one king He is king of kings and his name is Jesus Do u love him He can save u outlaw4Jesus
Shine, bright🔆 Let Your glory fill this land🌎 Lift high, the King of Kings and great I am🙏👑💜 Jesus, You are the way👆
On Thursday, December 17th, the students of Covenant Christian School will present the story of King Jesus' birth...
Obama and Muslims... even Satan knows who wins in the end. The Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Jesus Christ!!
How can you be all alone when you have God ? You are never alone when your a child of the KING.
Jesus was born a king! Then again, Jesus was king before he was born!
what does have to do with the Warriors scoring 79 points in the first half?
I am being blessed The devil keeps trying But The spirit of God Knocks him down I Lift up Praises to my God and King;JESUS JESUS YASHUA.
We have no King but Jesus He is – The King of the Universe. We are His subjects. We are His children:
I believe in You Jesus! And I love you brothers and sisters! Jesus is King! ♫
"Let my heart be your throne, Jesus my King!"
Oh, I forgot: the Warriors have 79 points in the First Half.
Jesus on Christmas like "yas thank yall for the birthday love"
who is the blessed and only Potentate . the King of kings
One God, one Savior, one redeemer, one King, no other name. Jesus Christ. :). PTA
Haters will always try to kill the message of They did it with Jesus, John Lennon, Gandhi, Dr. King, Marilyn Monroe …
Immaculate Mary, your praises we sing,. You reign now in heaven, with Jesus our king. 💒👑…
The Church and world both need to prepare themselves for The Coming KING. He is Jesus Christ THE LORD. http…
More Muslim lies. Jesus is priest, prophet and King.the Son of God.
For some reason I thought + do something like King or Yeezus West. I mean, Latinos name kids Jesus (Hey-zus).
Love thinking about Jesus, who came in such humility, ruling the entire earth as King. ht…
Life without is life without peace, b/c is the prince of peace. He is King & Lord of Lords, God created all thing through Him!
Jesus libs. At least space the bots out to inflate the hashtag
"Long As I got King Jesus" -Vicki Winans. Really lift my spirits when are hurting.
Yes Francis, Malachi Martin, direct assistant of PP6, DOCUMENTS JP2 "hoping to go to Jerusalem to meet King Jesus! COLOSSAL IGNORANCES!!
thank you Brother, may our King Jesus call us to once again be a witness for Him in this ungodly world. Soli Deo Gloria!
also rule of faith cf Jesus in Gospels w King Jesus return in Rev. He's same guy
I get so high off weed I think Racism is actually cool... Besides, Jesus got it wrost then any of us even that *** Rodney King 💨💨💨💨
in 1621, pilgrims and Indian people had the 1st thanksgiving. In 336AD, Jesus the king had to celebrate the 1st Christmas.🦃🎄🎅🍅
Jesus, son of Jesse of the line of King David - that well known Palestinian!! laughing...
Jesus is the King of Kings -- Hosanna in the Highest in the Nothing like thousands of people...
Guess we won't have to worry about Mtn Dew or Dominos killing the King. He can't die.
“Like a bride. Waiting for her groom. We’ll be a church. Ready for You. Every heart longing for our King. We sing. Even so come. Lord Jesus come”
Our purpose on earth is to make known to the world that the Kingdom has come and that its King, Jesus, is the way, the truth and the life.
The Name of Jesus is Higher than other names,King of all Kings,No other Name like His.Alpha & Omega no other Name like Him.©Sinach
Jesus demonstrated what true authority and power to establish himself as King.
Father God, King of Kings, "I ask that You uproot every negative seed and help me to always choose words of life in Jesus’ name! Amen.”
I Luv ur Jesus but he is not Bhagvan.shiv is King of Kings & Lord of Lords. shiv is the Lord of lord Jesus 2! .
So that prophesy might be fulfilled.. is Jesus
"No weapon formed against you shall prosper" JESUS of Nazareth King of the universe Isaiah 54: 17
all real *** get cheated on once . then bounce back like Jesus
"Long As I Got King Jesus" via Blasting this song. Memories of my childhood through music.
God will have only one of two places in each person’s life: First Place or no place. Choose wisely.
If you are REJECTED in Life, JOSEPH was Rejected But God CHOSE Him & Exalted him! Jesus was REJECTED & He's the King of Kings!
message was great ,It was ,Live n the & Not n the ,on ure with & n
Glory for our KING 👑 "May our Lord and Savior; Jesus Christ continue to bless, protect a…
Jesus born in a Jewish house, descended of King David - Jew
If jesus is the King and Mary is the queen isn't that inc?.😒
In PivotKids, we learned that in spite of Jesus' very humble beginnings, he is our King, our…
So I am fighting for daddy, I needed Jesus to decode where does my wisdom come from He tells me yr real daddy is the King of Rwanda...
but are you in a relationship with Jesus?
just give yourself to Jesus, that's what I did
Jesus Navas drives himself in automobile form: Man City's Jesus Navas has never been a typical Premier League ...
All hail King Jesus, all hail Emmanuel. King of Kings, Lord of Lords, bright Morning Star. And throughout eternity I'll s…
Jesus Christ is the King of Kings, the Lord of lords, The Saviour of the world💖, our Hero, My best friend and my everythin…
You are cordially invited to praise the LORD with us at Jesus Christ King Tabernacle of Prayer For All People at...
yea u needed Jesus after last night 😂
Jesus who died is now glorified, the King of all Kings
big baby jesus, I can't wait until the money coming in, spend it all on guns and rims
When ordered by the king to kill Hebrew boys the midwives feared & obeyed BE COURAGEOUS for Ex 1:17 https:/…
Hangin' with Pastor Nick. I love hearing these little ones sing praise to King Jesus every week.
Our confession is your name reign as You please King Jesus
Blessed b t name of the Lord! Reign on King Jesus, reign on, no man can not hinder U.
Gon be in church this morning praising King Jesus like…
Peace On Earth and the Millennium of King Jesus - Second Edition: Futuri... by Dr. Gary L. Cook And Glenn K. Cook
As long as I have King Jesus, I don't need anyone else. Such a simple song with such powerful lyrics.
Mother Mary and father God son King Jesus in the middle
they got a RED truck! Now they can park the short bus anywhere they want. (how does God feel about the "King Jesus" title?)
King Jesus, You're the Name were lifting high! Your glory, shaking up the earth and sky! Revival... We want to see Your Kingdom here!
Every King George needs a Walter Vivian, and King Jesus needs you.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
When we open our eyes, our hearts, our minds, His Love will overflow. ❤️ King Jesus 🙌. He's all that will matter.✨
60 Whites, Blacks, and Latinos stood together all day praising King Jesus in NYC
King Jesus is better than any promise of earthly prosperity.
Christians should fight against the devil and all forms of racism with the blood dripping and resurrected power of the gospel of King Jesus!
'King Jesus, My Saviour, Forever, I give you all of me ♥♥♥♥' .. . I surrender- William
You're Gonna need somebody on your side..When your room gets dark & death comes creeping in your room, You gonna need King Jesus on ur side
"Your enemies will always be your enemies. King Jesus is going to do to them what they planned to do to you." Bishop Noel Jones
Watch the Bible story King Jesus shared with preschoolers this week during
Glory to King Jesus. Glory to the King of kings and Lord of lords. . Praises to the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.
"I believe King Jesus is sitting on the throne & is coming back to bring forth Justice,set the captives free" -Laura Hackett Park
'King Jesus overcame, Exchanged my burden for grace, I’ll be Yours forever, Only Yours. – 'Actually Love'
"Jesus the King does not reign through violence, but through a love that suffers for us and with us". Benedict XVI
I think of how I wish I could reach up 2 kiss the bloodied, dirtied Holy Feet of Jesus My King!
Jesus is the King we needed, but never wanted.
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,. You make me happy when skies are gray :D Praise Jesus King Of Mercy
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the FREE GIFT of God is eternal through Christ JESUS our Lord. Rom6:23. 👣. 🙌. 👑. 😊
If y'all waited fervently for Jesus like this, we'd all make heaven fam
DFW friends...join us this weekend at The Mount in Keller as we worship Jesus The Risen King!
There have been many movies about the life of Jesus Christ, "King of Kings," "The Greatest…
"Jesus, the single most important thing in all of creation, the reigning King, the cosmic King of..."
Come, walk with us at Desiring God through all the days of Holy Week leading to Resurrection Sunday.
The people were waiting on the prophecy for Jesus to come conquer and reign as King. Then when He came, they were disappointed in Him.
On The Upright Path with Strong Faith & Wisdom in my actions,Working Smart with n & it's ok to just be ureself
A last minute silly Dilly day, a blessed 🌴Hail to the king for he is the lord "Dear " 😅☺️😴
Some of you brothers and sisters left the church and have bought into the philosophy that king JESUS is for the...
Jesus, Christ, Lord, Saviour, Protector, Provider, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Truth, Way, Life! He is those things and so much mor ...
Jesus is King allways pray .yes I do love Jesus he lived us first o how I love jesus
PRAYING for people to come to God: That your friend will recognize Jesus as their king. . From Matthew…
My "K.D" lol Jesus you females just love making yourselves look stupid. God I love it when they get angry.
And on the 5th day jesus decided it was time for King Louis to finally slay Naughty Boy
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"Ye princes of the earth, give ear, there is one who claims to be numbered with you. It is Jesus, Son of David, King of the Jews."- spurgeon
We need to let King Jesus rule over us instead, enabling us to live an abundant life and be all God created us to be. 2/2
On Palm Sunday Jesus offered Himself to everyone as King. Have you taken Him up on His offer?
Proverbs 22:11 One who loves a pure and who speaks with will have the king for a friend >
Wow. Much son of God. So Jesus. Such king of kings. Very Savior
Jesus is the Altar of Sacrifice, the Victim of Sacrifice, the High Priest, and King-. Melchizidek was king&priest
I worry about people who "love" Jesus so much that they don't know how to love mankind as he did.
Many Christians fail to realize that Jesus broke every rule of the Old Testament in order to set people free. He did it…
He's the king of kings .. He's the lord of lords ♥️ Jesus .. Is my king ♥️♥️
Psalms 145:1 I will proclaim your greatness, my and king; I will thank you forever and ever.
Prov 16:15: In the light of the king's countenance is life; and his favour is as a cloud of the latter rain. ✞
Prov 16:14: The wrath of a king is as messengers of death: but a wise man will pacify it. ✞
All About the Good King | Lightbearers For Jesus: Hello friends, I would like to tell you a little a bit about...
Join Gods Spiritual Military Team of Saints Who Pray to Tare Down Strong Holds Led by Jesus Christ the King of Kings
Prov 16:10: A divine sentence is in the lips of the king: his mouth transgresseth not in judgment. ✞
"Long as I got King Jesus(" Word of Life Christian Faith center") Movement Dance Ministry" Kyle Texas
// may we never loose our childlike wonder, wide eyed and mystified, may we be just like a child, staring at the beauty of our King Jesus.
All rulers, presidents, kings & queens both past, present & future are all merely shadows of the reality to come: King Jesus. -Col 2:17
Excited about service tonight, 7pm we start, 834 Fort Worth St. Suite 4 GP Tx Join us as we worship King Jesus
Come to PVC this Sunday as we start our new series called, "King Jesus" We as a church will be going through the... htt…
Let your loins be girded about, and your lights burning; Luk 12:35. Be READY for The Return of King Jesus! Shalom to you & your house!
The King has died at 90 CNN reported today after a very long reign. King Jesus will one day reign for 1,000 years on earth but He will never die and continue reign in the new heaven and new earth throughout eternity. The king who died was one of the richest men on earth with 9 figure dollar assets - in the Bill Gates league. At the death of Jesus, Roman soldiers gambled for His only asset, His seamless dress. Those who guard the kings of this earth sometimes die to protect their king. But Jesus the King of kings die so that His followers may live. Kings of this earth charge taxes out of those they govern. Jesus the king provides for even the sparrow. The high and mighty comprise the cabinet of the kings of this world. Yet the disciples of Jesus are in the main lowly fishermen. Most importantly consider that the tombs of the kings of this world are venerated by their followers. Many such kings lie in state in Westminster Abbey in London. But the tomb of king Jesus is empty because Jesus is risen from the . ...
What do King Jesus and King Josiah have in common? Find out as we continue our lesson on Zechariah Chapter 12.
Church Tomorrow Can't Wait Lord Love You Lord and Father God and Lord and Savior and King Jesus and Lord Holy Spirit .
to one of the foremost pillars of Rev. you've left a legacy of real music for His people... May you rest in peace until the trump sounds and King Jesus cracks the sky... See you in the Rapture.
Boldness for King Jesus was Paul's essential quality of effectiveness in spreading the Gospel. Philippians 1.20
If king Saul required skillful musicians in his court, how much more does King Jesus deserve our skill?
When I think of how vast and wretched are the sins of my life I stand in amazement of the power of God's forgiveness. Long and sinful have been the days of my life, yet, Christ the Savior has loved me enough to forgive me of all my debt of sin and even more so has worked to change my life in such a way that it may glorify him even more. My heart, soul and spirit lift up praise to the King of all kings in unison. Long live and reign King Jesus.
Spirit break out, break our walls down. Spirit break out, Heaven come down. King Jesus, we lift Your Name up high.
This morning at 11:00am, the TBC adult choir will exalt King Jesus through presenting a wonderful Christmas Cantata. And this evening at 6pm, the TBC Children will present their Christmas program. See you at TBC today! featured in NBC s Science of Love
King Leonidas: Prepare for glory!. Spartans never retreat, Spartans never surrender. King Jesus: Prepare for...
“We can all be like King Herod - and not want to concede the throne of our heart to King Jesus!”. Josh Currer, Welcome Church Austin.
If we could only grasp what the Lord wants us to understand through the kingdom principles throughout the Bible. We would never appear before Him empty-handed. We would bring our greatest gifts, knowing that He always gives back much more than we offer Him. If we truly understood how to give to our King Jesus, we would realize that God can shift wealth around just as easily and quickly as He did overnight by giving the wealth of Egypt to their slaves—the children of Israel. God promises that when He directs us to give into the kingdom, we put pressure on Him to give back even greater to us: “Prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it” (Malachi 3:10). In today’s terms, the Lord was saying, “I dare you to try and outgive me!” When you give to any king, you put pressure on him to prove that he is greater by outgiving you. This is a kingdom principle that Jesus wants us ...
Never put your trust in man because he . will fail you big time.It's only King Jesus that can give you your heart desire. What a King!
LETHAL PEOPLE SERIES King Herod: Herod, the Puppet King This story presents a conflict of cosmic proportions: King Herod versus King Jesus. They could not have been more different. Herod, in the last year of his reign, was a disturbed old man of approximately seventy, crazed with jealousy and fear. A puppet king, Herod was presented his throne by the Roman emperor. His tenure depended on the emperor’s satisfaction, which Herod did everything in his power to supply. He was a superb politician. Maneuvering adroitly with armed force and clever guile, the Idumean (from the country of Edom) king kept his Jewish subjects in check. They feared and hated him, but they could not topple him. Herod systematically destroyed anybody he suspected of treachery, including his beautiful wife Mariamne, his own mother Alexandra, and three of his sons, Antipater, Aristobulus, and Alexander. He did not scruple to kill his own flesh and blood to save his throne. He was no worse than most kings of his era—or any era, for th ...
King Jesus, You're the name were lifting high, You're glory, shaking up the earth and skies, revival we want to see Your kingdom here😍🎶
Pastor Robert Welch preparing the saints for old time prayer meeting. This song has encouraged a many ancient souls in their darkest hour. King Jesus is our captain!
FOR THOSE THAT ATTENDED RETREAT: Please personal message me back your responses (by 5pm Tuesday)... 1) What role does the power of the Gospel need to play in your life? (Think: in what areas am I relying on my own strength rather than His?) 2) What purpose do you feel the Gospel is giving to your life? 3) What are ways you identify with King Jesus (as His followers...Christ-like) as a servant? (that is, how are you feeling led to serve others so that they might come to know the Gospel) 4) How do you see yourself as members of Gospel family? What comforts you? What challenges you? 5) In what ways is God calling you to be a Gospel missionary? If you have Q's about any of these, just ask in the message. I am not trying to add more busyness to your day.just want to help you live out what Jesus did in your life this past weekend :) Love you guys.Jason
Wow.I LOVE THIS .DMX For Jesus Christ is KING. . "When I think I don’t deserve it, I think about...
"According to Jesus, He is the true King for whom all of humanity has longed."
"Jesus is the last Adam who will reign and exercise dominion over the restored Eden (Rev. 22:1-5)."
Son of God, the King of Kings, our salvation has a name. Jesus, Savior.
Psalms 84:9 Bless our king, O the king you have chosen.
Who is Jesus to you? Is He Lord? Savior? King?. What did you take away from this past weekend's message?
who's the real king, Jesus or Lebron?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"Jesus is the son of David and the Son of God, the king whose throne and dominion is everlasting (Luke 1:32-33)."
All this energy issues from Christ (King) Jesus: God raised Him from death and set him on a throne…
Are u born again? Jesus said xpt a man is born again b4 he/she can make If u havnt done dat b4 do it now!!
Nothing on policy & nearly Dem press release MT Ga elections hauntd by memories civil rights protests & KKK
Kelly Khumalo. - Baby daddy 1. Is in jail. - Baby daddy 2. Shot dead. How do you as an individual find pleasure in that? Find Je…
it's a joke like...and if you take Jesus so seriously why's your *** even hungover. Gtfo ✋
Sunday voting has special meaning in Stone Mountain, Ga, the former stomping grounds of the KKK:
Yall need to be killed a horrible death ““LMFAO “Remember Jesus? Well this is her now
Huh? MT Elections in Georgia haunted by vivid memories of civil rights protests & Ku Klux Klan
My God is my one and only King in my life!! My prayers were answered swiftly today!! I praise You in Jesus' Holy Name!! AMEN!!
just sing a hymn,even in trouble,for sure the king him self ''Jesus'' will not ignore you
Being in His kingdom, we're obviously subject to the King, who is the Lord Jesus Christ. -- Leonard Ravenhill (speaking we're not our own)
Matt 18:23 Therefore the kingdom of heaven is like a certain king who wanted to settle accounts with his servants.
We rest in your complete + total approval of us through the work that Jesus has already done for us.   10% Off
“LMFAO “Remember Jesus? Well this is her now. Feel old yet? DaFuq
Yeah. Peyton Manning is the "Comeback King". But your avi is just plain faggotry. Tom Brady as Jesus. Smfh
You’re entitled to a rich and rewarding relationship with Jesus! Read morel at
is BY FAR THE MOST BELIEVABLE book ALMOST in the bible; it was left out by a King. No miracles just Jesus' teachings. Thomas
I will not walk this earth alone, I have a King that I trust and love...His name is JESUS!
We can't play favorites when Jesus is King. In HIS CHURCH, there are not Strangers, only Friends.
Elections in Georgia are haunted by vivid memories of civil rights protests and the Ku Klux Klan.
Jesus A man that will be a priest,parent,provider and protector..."
"Jesus is the true Judge and King who reigns in His unshakable kingdom (Heb. 12:22-24,28)."
"If I see Jesus I'm taking his halo, so I can pawn it and make a few pesos."
Jesus is the God of the humble. He is our Humble king.
"My bloated sexual appetite went under a reformation under the authoritative love of King Jesus."
Death & Resurrection of a King Lapbook This lapbook starts with why Jesus was here on earth, goes th
Parables of a King Lapbook When Jesus was on earth long ago, He told many stories. These stories are
"Regardless of circumstances, Jesus is still on his throne, still a conquering king. We have overcome the Devil.” - Pastor
Jesus."Beyonce vocals going to be the death of me. sang Beyonce
Today I had revivalglory convos w/ a patient.It was awesome. Thankful that Jesus reigns King EVEN in hospitals filled w/ sickness & darkness
with the heart one believes and with the mouth one confesses that JESUS is lord of lords and KING OF KINGS
Motto of the American Revolution: No King but King Jesus! and
Read: Ephesians 5:1-13 Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. —Ephesians 5:1 Bible in a Year: Isaiah 28-29; Philippians 3 Queen Elizabeth II has reigned over the British Empire for more than 60 years. Her monarchy has been characterized by grace and class. She has diligently given her life to serve her people well, and as a result she is deeply loved and highly revered. So, you can understand the importance of the flag flying above Buckingham Palace. When the flag is flying, it means that she is in residence in the heart of London. The flag is a public statement that the queen is present with her people. As I was thinking about that, it occurred to me that our King Jesus is in residence in our hearts as our “never leave you nor forsake you” Monarch (Heb. 13:5). As wonderful as that is to us personally, I wonder if those around us would recognize that He is in residence based on the way we live? If He is within us, that will show on the outside. As Paul says, we are to be “imitators of God ...
Only thing faster than tha USA's goal is how quickly God forgives ur sins thanks to tha sacrifice of our King Jesus
The humility of King Jesus- expressed in His birth- stands in stark contrast to the prideful, fearful arrogance of Herod. - Matthew 2.
is a time to remind us to fix our eyes on King Jesus as we for the citizens of Guinea & Thailand +~DAY SIX of P.T.T.W. 9~+ WEST AFRICA Although the Guinea government, Doctors Without Borders (MSF), and the World Health Organization fought hard to eradicate the virus, the disease is rapidly spreading. Remy Lamah, Guinea Health Minister, says, “The number of confirmed Ebola cases in Guinea has reached 286 out of which 182 people have died.” In addition, 27 health workers contracted Ebola and 20 of them died. Government workers are now going door-to-door, educating people on disease prevention. Pray for an immediate end to the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and West Africa. Ask the Lord to heal the many people afflicted by the deadly virus. Pray that God will grant good health to His Church in Guinea (The Bible, 3 John 1:2). SOUTHEAST ASIA Thailand Prayer Movement General Prayuth Chan-ocha, army commander and leader of Thailand’s military government, promises the installation of an interim government by Sept ...
Praise the Lord Saints of King Jesus...Once again our Savior is doing what He does best, destroying yokes,tearing down strong holds, terminating shackles, bondage, healing and much more. On Saturday; August 2nd our Pastor Mark K. Sanders will be hosting a powerful prayer session where God will be God and do whatever He desires to do..! All are welcomed! If you need anything or nothing at all.. this is the night to be in our Saviors presence. Place: Refuge Temple of Christ; 15 Cottage Street; Lockport, New York 14094 Time: 7 p.m. (doors open at 6:30 p.m.) It will be a night you will never forget...See you soon..don't miss it! ALL YOUTH THIS INCLUDES YOU..! GOD HAS SOMETHING FOR YOU!!
All Glory and Honor and Praise to King Jesus! He is worthy of it all! . In every season of the soul, He does not...
As birthday wishes come in, and I do appreciate them, I would like to point out that I am still in my fifties. In fact, I have nearly an hour and a half of my fifties left. This is where it pays off to live on the west coast. If I lived on the east coast, I'd be 60. If I lived in the mid-west, I'd be 60. In the Mountain time zone, 60 would be nearly upon me. But here I am in Oregon still enjoying my fifties. We age slower out here. One of the many pay-offs. As many of you know the 60's and beyond can be great, but what will REALLY be terrific for all of God's children is the resurrection and eternal life on the New Earth. God’s people do not pass their peaks, and never will. Whether I die in my 60's, 70's, 80's or 90's, by the blood-bought redemptive work of King Jesus, the best is yet to come! Can't wait for all the great reunions with those who have gone before us! As Lewis put it in The Last Battle: “And as He spoke, He no longer looked to them like a lion; but the things that began to happen after ...
Your flesh can RIP .Ruby Dee...and your Spirit now can celebrate God with your husband Ossie Davis and see King Jesus the beloved Son of GOD.
You don't vote for King Jesus. He vote for you! (John 15:16)
Interview went well. As long as I got King Jesus! He will make it alright!! Yes lord. Jehovah-Jireh, he will provide all my needs. Mercy!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Elvis is dead, Picasso is dead Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin are dead Marilyn Monroe is dead- however... Jesus is Alive Brando is dead, James Brown is dead Princess Di and John Lennon are dead Biggie and Pac are dead- however Jesus is Alive Verse 1 Give praise to King Jesus, the blessed Son Victorious, glorious resurrected One To Him belongs the power, glory and honor Ascended where He sits at the right hand of the Father At the cross He made atonement- His people He saved After three days He was raised in defeat of the grave By faith the elect behold Him, His scepter is golden He must have been hot or slippery because death couldn't hold Him The spotlight is on today's icons In a thousand years, nobody will care- their light's gone But at that time, Christ will still shine bright He's not in the limelight- He IS the limelight Criminal minded, you've been blinded Looking for the body of Jesus? You won't find it We never lack spirit, letting you cats hear it (Chorus 2) Plato is dead, Socrates is dead Arist ...
And the Lord said: “I have surely seen the oppression of My people who are in Nigeria, and have heard their cry because of Boko Haram, for I know their sorrows. So I have come down to deliver them out of the hand of Boko Haram ... Now therefore, behold, the cry of the children of Nigeria has come to Me, and I have also seen the oppression with which Boko Haram oppress them. Come now, therefore, and I will send you (our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ) to Abubakar Shekau that you may bring My people, the children of Nigeria, out . ..” (Claiming the promises of Exodus 3:7-10 to our persecuted saints in Nigeria, and worldwide). "But whosoever shall cause one of these little ones who believe in Me to fall, it were better for him that a millstone were hung about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea" Matthew 18:6). Let us pray fervently for the persecuted church in Nigeria and all around the world! King Jesus deliver your children! Maranatha!
I'm so stoked for these next two days! King Jesus is about to blow this city's mind!
Calling All Warriors! By Bobby Conner May 20, 2014 Called as Warriors! God’s Holy Spirit is stirring His people! The King of Kings is awakening warriors to take their place, to join the victorious, joyful band of believers known as the overcomers, those who stand strong for King Jesus and carry His glory and love throughout the earth (1 John 5:4)! Aroused to stand strong, bold and brave in the confidence that through Christ Jesus we are unstoppable invincible steadfast and unshakable (see Romans 8:37). As followers of this glorious King, each one of us is called and commissioned by the Spirit of God to become mighty warriors of God. What is a warrior? One who has experienced many battles and has defeated every enemy. One who succeeds without fail! The warrior, however, is not a common soldier. Warriors demonstrate nobility and honor, bravery and fearlessness, and, above all, radical devotion to their leader. Warriors will die for their king! You may well be asking, Me? A mighty warrior? Yes, you! ...
Ok well I had a awesome time at The Joyce Meyers Women's Conference in Forth Worth Texas..I have laughed, learned and grew in just two days!! I took it received it and ran with it. I am ready to just start a new chapter in my life with all that I learned. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to spend time with all these beautiful spirit filled ladies from Family of Faith Worship Center-Daughter's of the King. Thank you Pastor Ruben for driving us says Pastor can't swing that big body around..and do Chicano U-turns...loll..Anyhow have a blessed night everyone, ant wait to go and worship our King Jesus in the morning!! Whohoo GOd is Good!! With Pastor Ruben Sister Mary Chapa Sister Hope and
A gift that keeps on giving! Way back in the early 80's, I had a good friend who served as the Music Director at the Baptist Temple church in Uvalde, Texas. He possessed some wonderful talents in the world of music. I stopped by to visit with him one day and he gave me an old "Broadman Hymnal." It had lots of wear and tear, but I didn't mind. He had gone through it and had marked the guitar chords for many of the hymns contained therein. For instance, in the score for "Amazing Grace", (at the appropriate place in the bars of music) he wrote: G C G G Em D7... and you get the idea. And now, decades later, I pick up a guitar, flip open to one of the hymns that he marked for me, and I have the joy of sitting in the floor and singing to the Lord! Thank you, dear brother! I've long forgotten your name and I haven't seen you in more than 30 years, but your gift just keeps on giving! All praise be unto King Jesus, from whom all blessings flow! You'll please excuse me now as I sing "Take the Name of Je ...
Using 21st Century tools to Train & Equip Christian Leaders Worldwide- Lets connect to the Glory of King Jesus
The Kingdom of Heaven is your citizenship, your ancestral origin and your habitation. You are enthroned in Heavenly places with King Jesus!
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