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King James

The Authorized Version, commonly known as the King James Version, King James Bible or KJV, is an English translation of the Christian Bible by the Church of England begun in 1604 and completed in 1611. First printed by the King's Printer Robert Barker, this was the third official translation into English.

Lebron James Michael Jordan Tim Duncan Holy Bible King Kong Leandro Barbosa Steph Curry Ben Simmons Uncle Drew

King James is now da 1st player in da history of hoops 2 average a triple dub in the but if u ask him, he'll rather have a chip.
King James is doing something that only Larry Bird (1986) has done in NBA Finals history. (via
No player has averaged a triple-double in NBA Finals history. King James continues to do so through four games.
"King James". His stans. The way he's always been treated as the greatest even before any accolades. . Amazing player…
I want to see that for King James and then folks but Tristan Thompso…
take a nap, so Wade & Kyrie, & Love & Bosh are nobodies, you love King James!😂
King James with 27 of the Cavs' 61 points at half. 😱
King Henry had King James, write the bible. He wanted to leave the truth for people with out the work book.
"Doesn't matter if its King James, King Jaffe, Martin Luther King. *** they can have King Kong out there for all I care. War…
*** first Steph Curry dribbles through King James for an insane lay up last night, putting Lebron's hair back into a
Was the Cavs and Warriors finishing with 113 points in Games 1 and 2 a tribute to Nate Thurmond? +King James
Yall: "KD a snake he went to GSW!" . Also yall: "King James led two different teams to the finals. He's the GOAT"
King James' 8th triple-double ties Magic Johnson for the most in NBA Finals history.
King James 👑 passes The Logo for 2nd on the all-time Assists list!
King James, King Arthur, King of the Hill, King Kong, I don't give a *** Cavs gettin swept.
Weed man playin games. Need some Louie 13 since I'm with King James on this one. He slow af right now tho smh
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*sigh* Hebrew Israelites screaming King James was Black so they can help reference the Bible. You guys have to stop it man. Seriously. 😂
This the big 3 who y'all think is supposed to beat King James?
Another trip to the top for King James.
King James again finds himself with a chance to make history.
No King James is not Michael Jordan, he is King James, who will end up in the hall of fame, one day wi…
King James 👑 became the first player since Michael Jordan with 30+ points in 8 straight games.
King James is doing something that only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has done in 1970. (via
We are witnessing the 2009 Lebron James mixed up with the 2013 King James. Unbelievable. Is it the East or LJ getting b…
ok now trade the pick for Jimmy Butler. it's the only way to get a chance to beat King James.
Celtics book East Finals duel with Cleveland. The Leprechaun eyeing the pot of gold at the end of King James' rainbow.😊😉
It took 7 games for King James to take down the Celtics in 2012. Get ready.
I liked a video America is a British crown colony King James
Dr. John Dee. Advisor to Queen Elizabeth I and King James. This Randy Myrlyn, it is Whispered is the True Clinton Fa…
I added a video to a playlist America is a British crown colony King James
Stuart take over this Sunday! Learn about dancing, music, cooking and more during the reign of King James 1st!...
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In accounts it was targeted by King James as a 'Black Douglas' castle along with Douglas,Inveravon etc so h…
King James got buckets. 39 points are his most in a playoff game when playing fewer than 40 minutes.
It was produced under authority of King James, who was head of the Anglican Chur…
1611 King James' Authorised Version of the Bible was first published and became the standard English la…
1611. Authorised version of the Bible (King James ed.) first published in London.
Fun fact. King James as in the man behind the king James version of the bible is a black man. I never knew
King James, the Raptors will be tamed in 4. Keep it coming brother! WO!
are you reading the King James version or the New Living Translation?
There’s a new translation. It’s called the Brexit bible and the King James is now forb…
King James passes Oscar Robertson for 3rd-most playoff games with 30 Pts and 10 Ast in NBA history. (via ht…
Lets I love King James, but I'm ready to see Indiana go deep in the playoffs again!
King James and Kyrie, but that's just me being more optimistic than realistic
"You don't have to speak 'King James' to God." - Matt Chandler
It's in the King James version, or the WHITE version. In the book of Joh…
I have lost all respect for lebron with that elbow to the back last night. I would take that and laugh he about to die... but he King James?
With 10,286 career field goals, King James has just passed Tim Duncan for 13th place in all-time in made field goal…
"What’s Missing from Codex Sinaiticus, the Oldest New Testament?" NOT the "King James"!
King James records his 9th triple-double of the season, the most in any season of his career, in Cleveland's 116-109 win…
King James made the first half his own dunk contest.
I liked a video Lebron James Jr. shows off High IQ with King James watching!!! Bronny & Blue Chips
Next he'll be wanting to rewrite the King James bible to his liking.
Nobody knows a book better than the author(s). The bible was abridged in the era of King James, the rest is history.
King James of England. A group of Christians came to him with the idea to translate the Bible into the English of their time.
King James was on a different level last night...📽: (DefPenHoops)
Gene: Half Days are in the Bible. In the book of Ving Rhames . Bob: it's King James . Gene: VING RHAMES
Notes next to passages like this is why I love reading the And I see why King James outlawed it 😊
King James makes his case with one number!.
Pundits who says injuries part of the game don't know anything about winning; Kevin Durant out King James in; Willis Reed ancient history
"Almighty God, in his goodness and bounty towards us, sent this wonderful plague amongst the savages." - King James https:…
Will the world ever see a Uncle Drew and King James collab? Or will it never happen because of Pepsi and Sprit? and
All purpose parts banner
thank God for breaking the color barrier and paving the way for MJ, Magic, Bill Russell, Kobe, Shaq, Tim Duncan, King many
King James's Performing Arts team ready for curtain up on the opening night of 'Fame'.
I've read the Bible & about King James - lovers included Duke of Lennox, George Villiers & Robert Carr
LeBrons high school QBs share stories about King James as a football player! .
1622 King James l dissolves Parliament. Appropriate as May does not give "real decision" on
A bear , monster , the leader of the pack. King James
This is why they call him King James.
and to change the true inspired word of GOD into King James Holy Bible.
King James Holy Bible knowing it is written put no other gods
This is the holy book of Job, known simply as "The Book of Job". The recording is dramatized, from the King James...
I truly believe M. Night got a better version of Dat Bible than King James
King James is the youngest in history to hit 28K.
"King James" is incredible...but Jordan is water...he is oxygen...he is space...just deal with other places bro...oh and play all games...
Make way for King James. LeBron passes Michael Jordan in career minutes played (including regular season and playoffs).…
King James literally created the Bible and what not because he wanted to get a divorce and the Catholic Church wouldn't let him .
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Charles says what competition doing is none of King James business? Charles joined Dream, Clyde in Houston. Alabama clown. SMH
you're "King James" and you can't beat a Pelicans team w/o AD or The Kings? Like cmon dude stop crying and play ball.
But I know the King James and it ain't no secret I'm a sinner; I never claimed to be no saint.
It makes no sense to me since all versions of the Bible derive from the King James version established by the Catholic church.
you talk the game skip bayless im balling like King James is
I respect King James and he's a great ball player, but cmon man 🙄
vs 11pm today King James vs Chef Curry 🏀
Charles & please help settle a debate. Who do you take on your dream team.King James or Larry The Legend?
...It's Anne Rice, people, not King James. "Ye of detestable name and virtue, false apostle!"
Got my All Star votes in! All Aussies and of course King James and Richard Jefferson! Here's hoping for a All Star appearance
when they were all barely in the league. Just like how King James got swept by Duncan and company his first time
King James scored 29 of the last 30 points for the Cavs to beat the Pistons in Game 5 of the '07 ECF. Happy 32nd birthd…
The true definition of a leader. . The ultimate competitor. A master of his craft. Happy Birthday, King James. https…
Sadly thats the reason I dont watch WJC. Spengler more competitive . Watching Kelly Oand the Celtics v King James.
Also, a knowledge of the Apocrypha and Dead Sea Scrolls is helpful since King James decided what would comprise the Bible.
you do understand that angels fell and they walk among us, Im the real King James, father to Jesus, and John, and Neil, and more
I added a video to a playlist Pastor Tony Smith: 2015 07 18 Not King James Version but the King James
Remember they said James Harden was the new King James? ha
he King James version includes 29 instances of the phrase "be not afraid." The New American Standard Bible...
King James knocks down a deep three in OT to secure a Cleveland win.
I never heard of Divine translation. But every authority I respect says (New) King James is closest to original manuscripts.
The religious right is the new King James and the Church of England.
I wish I could shake Constantine and King James hands for brain washing the rest of you humans. Cause L Ron Hubbard ain't invent this game
December 13, 2016. Revelation 12:13-16 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV). 13 And when the dragon saw that he...
Have a jewel. Daemonologie . was written & published in 1597 by King James. (The same King James who authorized the King James Version bible)
At last, in 1611, was made, under the auspices of King James, the ...
To not have a Micheal Jordan and a Reggie miller hot at the same time on apposing teams trade buckets. CAVS. King James and Curry. But.
I'm worthy of King James brown I feel good Elegant still hood yo Shawty I still could.…
If people do not like the message in the King James than just don't listen to the message.
King James was feeling that pick six.
King James was involved in witch trials.. well documented he wrote book on demo…
Preacher, can I bring my iPad to church and use it as my Bible?. No. God intended for the King James' pages to be turned…
That's Latin translation of Textus Receptus or King James vers. of 1511. It correctly says spirit or THE spirit
King James doesn't see his reign coming to an end.
Kobe was 32 years, 160 days old when he reached 27,000 career points. Last night, at 31 years, 317 days old, King James had him…
King James and JR Smith getting out the vote for and today!
Class 4 shared a special assembly all about the plan to blow up King James 1st by Guy Fawkes in November 1605. We w…
Hope to meet you. I request you if you kindly use Amplified Bible version instead of using King James version.GBU.
King James and the Cavs with the win 🦁🦁👑👑.
The Miami Heat are my team but I got nothing but love for my boy King James
King James, the Black Mamba, and Uncle Drew wore these black masks and dropped 35+ pts each. The Black Mask is now banned in…
I have LOL 2 times during this Tyler Perry movie. 2nd time was when a very Christian woman cursed & said "that's the King James version"
Jimmy butler. Paul George . Kawhi Leonard. Klay Thompson. King James . Are the best both way players in the game to me that makes them better
Creator's name displayed at the top center of the original King James 1611 Bible in Hebrew. It's pronounced "Yah-wah".…
Listen to King James ft Havenot Chip "Destiny" by TrunkEnt (CHad NEo)BEST MUSIC IN ATLANTA! on
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King James is finally the league's highest-paid player.
John 2:19. King James . Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it...
King James your the best everybody loves lebron not Stephen curry see:-)
King James does an exclusive interview for Sports Center. .
which version, the Gutenberg Bible, King James? Or some other edition?
The reason why Fake Black Hebrew Israelites try to make King James black via
(My parents took me to church with TD Jakes as the pastor and for a long time, I thought King James was a black dude.)
I liked a video from "Bro. *** Gregory Unchained: On Jesus, King James, Homosexuality,
The Bible has been touched by many who had no faith, but desire for power in bad intentions. King James had Christians pay to repent sin.
King James black 15U finishes pool play 2-1. 70-50 win over Illinois Wolves. finishes with 14 and 6.
King James who published the bible in 1611 knew the that Haile Selassie is king of kings Lord of lords.
King James 16U is headed to Peach Jam. Darius Bazley, Justin Ahrens and Jordan Mitchell are…
Such independence is in a women is the kind of thing that made men like King James - The Witch Hunter - "great".
and there are about 10 plus different versions of those . King James niv esv kjv American standard version list goes on
King James never had sex with his mother. He was a dark skinned Jew: a Moore. He was crowned King at the age of...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Lebron got *** teaming up together like The Avengers just to defeat him. King James confirmed 🐐🐐🐐
"Y'all watch Lebron, King James play basketball but I serve THE REAL KING OF KINGS!"
I could do that. Lebron's nickname is King James kobes is black mamba. I would rather be a king than a snake
Can Danny Ainge pull off a recruiting visit from King James? Just for kicks and giggles?
"When the devil got u down 3 to 1 u gotta rise up like King James" RT
In 2016, that kid from Davidson had "the best team ever" and still failed to win the championship over King James.
Listen to Ben Simmons talk about his most recent conversation with King James.
💀 King James lmao I put the wrong one at first 😂
First class humble speech from King James.
yes you should have it was a King James celebration lol
I wanna do major things, King James in every way👑
Bow down to the King. Lebron James was a bloody beast in that final man 👊🏻👊🏻
The Ethiopian Bible is nearly 800 years older than the King James version...and contains the book of the Maccabees
King James is a beast .but I can't wait to see his sons play.them boys are monster's FUTURE CANT WAIT
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Yo.instead of a textbook, make her eat the Bible...the KING JAMES VERSION
☆☆What organizations are passing out King James Bibles in Saudi Arabia & other Muslim States?. How many illegal aliens there?
Hey Jared! Thought you'd enjoy this article about what Lebron James can show web-designers about usability:
Check out my new article about what James can teach about site
What does have in common with and They're all experts:
Really good piece on LeBron. For me, Jordan will always be the G.O.A.T. but the King is right along side him now
"I dont know why the Man above gives me the hardest road but...the Man above dont put you in situations that you cant handle…
bro skip bayless should get one for his hate on King James
King James and His Airness both have STRONG résumés at age 31.
Thank You King James. Where can I get the shirt? What a championship performance!
The ultimate comeback king Lebron James brought to victory! Check out the highlights:
i think it's same w Harper. But the self proclaimed "King James" in HS didn't help. Media hype before pros is what does it.
Scripture Reading:. Titus 2:13 King James Version (KJV). Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious...
Listen to King James pt 2 by Dub Dueci on
Lebron James, hometown hero: What the King and his championship mean to Cleveland via
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The stats don’t lie…. Lebron James was king of the Finals 👑.
This summer 16 ring gon be like that of King James and the Cavs!! Our destinies aligned for greatness!!
👑 King James with the block on Leandro Barbosa!
👑 King James with the block on Leandro Barbosa! (Vine by
👑 King James with the big block on Andre Iguodala! via
King James leads Cavs to promised land: THOMAS Wolfe once wrote of how you cannot return to a town you have scorned…
History!! King James and Prince Kyrie Irving both deserved to be the MVP! CHAMPIONS
Wow. One of the best finals ever. So proud of King James. Salute Warriors Happy Father's Day to all.
nah bro I wanted King James to take it the whole time
King James had one of the best series I've ever seen.
Wilson B Nkosi made a hesitant R20k bet live on radio yesterday morning that King James would do what He just did. You don't doubt a God.
King James is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME. No question about it.
I guess King James isn't going back to Miami 😂
It seems like Mr Wilson B Nkosi is wake up R20 000 richer becoz I also trust King James
King James and Coach Lou making it *** Golden Coach and Basketball Royalty...
Craig Sager's first finals game interviewing King James. 👑 (Vine by
so you mean to tell me they are all better than the King James ? Well I don't see any of em making a backtoback 41 points games
Kyrie Irving to King James for the Slam! (Vine by
Kyrie looks like a novice next to King James. He needs a suit...not a farmer shirt.
👑 King James with big block on Steph Curry! (Vine by
"It's no longer King James, it's KING STEPH." -on the best NBA player in the world
King James is in the building for Game 5.
I miss the Heat King James. The never weak King James. Light on his feet King James. Jumper on fleek King James.
I hate the new King James. Pass out of a two King James. This man is poo King James. The bad hairdo King James.
Ready for an encore performance from King James tonight. Another must win game.
Come join BLOODGOOD, King James, Chaotic Resemblance, Audio Adrenalin and more and this year's Bash on the Farm!!...
King James playing like it's personal out here! Love that grit and grind!
Draymond can't do nothing with King James. Can't stop him if he tried.
Found my King James version Bible, I'm online now will be sorting other things later. Frightening the life out of...
saw King James wide throne at Dublin Castle. Exercise is important!
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this the King James we need! It's not even a question. They follow your lead.
When my English teacher tells me to draw King James...
Looks, like Cali is poised to take down King James & Queen Hillary in the same week.
If James was to follow me I would feel absolutely blessed that the King of all larries followed me all hale King James
King James arrives at Oracle and ready for practice.
I can't be a part of anything personifying false gods/idols---. Lebron - referred to as King James 🙅🏾. Kanye West - referred to as Yeezus 🙅🏾
Don't say a thing King James will always be the king but the Warriors know it takes a team (army) to kill a king.
King James with the spin through the lane.
Just sayin that Lebron isn't"King James"if he loses this NBA finals.. He'll also be 2-5 in finals...
Mase: King James and Crew is getting ran out of town in the first game
cavs in will end in Cleveland and that town will be on fire!!! King James and his men will not lose again
Now they gotta see King James again with full team
All the Warriors do is chuck up 3's. Can't wait till they see REAL team basketball when King James and Cleveland comes to town 😊
Man you already know King James ready!!
Always compared in Arguments. Kobe=5-2. Jordan=6-0. King James=2-4. Remember not how many you go to its how many you win https:…
Congratulations to King James and some scrub, pre-mature balding benchwarmer he carried to 6 straight NBA Finals
By the sword or whip. Btw "lord" is English nobility. Not God. U get that from King James translation.
ESPN said if cavs win the chip King James going back to Miami 🙏
"the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness . from "Holy Bible, King James..."
King James is the greatest basketball player of all time. He will lead them to the promised land.
let's stop comparing Curry to LeBron and enjoy the greatness of King James.
King James does take a lot of hard fouls but he shld get a hoodie award for his acting
Carroll should know he's not worthy to touch King James
Kyle Lowry open his mouth about King James and now he actin like a lil bihh ... Leavin his team hangin
if King James is the best player in the NBA!
👑 King James with the steal and reverse!
Okk good night y'all. Take care and keep smiling. I love Louis&Harry ,Niall & Liam & obviously King James.
King James turns into Prince James in the finals. FACTS
And tonight the mystery King James epidemic will strike for the first time But don't panic, you are immune if you've got a…
" Get your popcorn ready tonight and watch LaBron King James go to work tonight ."You'll see a throw back of how great is LaBron!
16U Team Ennis w the win over King James. Ben Hendriks (2019) continues to impress with a solid game on both ends 13pts, 4rebs,3blks.
16U Team Ennis beats King James in overtime. Keshaun Saunders in the crunch w 26pts and 4 Rebs to lead all scorers
I need the King James version of the bible !!
The oldest version of the Bible has over 14,800 differences between it and the standard King James version.https:…
Soon instead of the King James version, it'll be the King Trump version.
A"lex" got that King Satan version of the bible not King James
The state made King James version, a biased version of the Bible and made other versions illegal
King James would die again to see what happens to his country. The KJV bible is a good version.
what a shame the bible King James version comes from the wise King James of Scotland.
KeenSee Bible Search has added new features :. * Bible books and chapters index;. * King James (66 books);. * French version.
King James introduced his bible around the same time American slavery began. The 1st slaves landed in JAMEStown Virginia. Do…
won't b surprised to see ur boy drizzy Drake rockin a King James jersey when they in Cleveland 😆
Ben Simmons gets the King James treatment on new magazine cover.
Right here playa. What version of the Bible we reading from... King James, New International, Living Bible???
There is no question in choosing between & The second you choose King James, he will fire you.
wow.Dwayne is want to see him face King James
nah.. .i want King James to face Toronto, less emotions
I added a video to a playlist Battle of the Boyne; King James; Cromwell departs. Hedge 18.
Gray area. It was dictated verbatim to King James, right? 😇
Labron James could not touch you. 6 NBA rings 6 MVP huh tell me about ol King James then.
King James in practice dunking a Football. 👑 (Vine by
Sir Loin (before DNC, RNC, candidates in King James' Sion Star Chamber) Frank Zappa - Jesus thinks you're a jerk
King James passes His Airness on an impressive list.
King James is in cruise control and hes miles ahead of any other player
Congratulations to on receiving his first offer from Stony Brook after 34 pts. 7 rebounds against King James.
Congratulations to Jimmy Carpenter for winning the all new King James digitally remastered album...Maximus.
King James authorized the Olde English translation of The Bible over 1,600 years after the biblical events took place. Think about that...
"King James with the Bible, John Cena with the Renaissance of rap music"
is that the post enlightenment, 21st century bible? Because I have the King James one and it's a bit different.
Remember...everyday we celebrate Easter and our risen King!. From our family at King James to you and...
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King James dunking the football in practice! 🙌
This Stanley Johnson dust up says more about LeBron. Players don't respect or fear the self anointed King James. They nev…
"For we can do nothing against the truth..." from "Holy Bible, King James..."
Because Detroit Has the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame and the NFL Hall Of Fame and King James and...oh wait nevermind
Quinn Anvils with the win over Hoop Dreams at the King James in Nashville.
Quinn Anvils 17u with a win over Gods Property 86-83 at King James in Nashville.
Quinn Anvils 12u win over Memphis RedHawks at King James in Nashville
Kobe was Jordan to us. Now it's all about King James 🏀💪
Even the books that didn't make the 16th century version of King James
we gotta face King James in the first round 😭🙈
2017 St. Vincent-St. Mary (OH) G Jonathan Williams will run with King James in the 2016 NIKE EYBL
King James > Larry Legend on any day of the week
heard the Howard jones show. Did you like Rex Carrols project with Tim Gaines and Robert Sweet called King James?
you rock King James keep up the Amazing work one *** of a father too
King James did him dirty man... That's just not right😞
Brook Lopez didn't play or Hollis Jefferson so they didn't have nobody in the paint.. Smart move by King James
Mozart was black, Beethoven was black, King James was black, Shakespeare was black, King Solomon was black, Jesus was bl…
Elderly lady at the bank was telling her granddaughter about her "St. James Bible." The thought of King James as a saint... o.o
Wow, I love I just won this for free, The SPirit FIlled Topical Bible HB King James
Truthfully all these so holidays are pagan holidays the bible was written by Shakespeare and published by King James
King James wrote the "book of demonology" I just find it really ironic. Someone who wrote about demons is writing the bible?!
King James wrote the bible now the question is who is King James and what is he to Jesus?
Which part of the bible?. Cause I know some parts were tampered with by King James to fit his political agenda..
His Airness vs. King James by Garrett Bowery and Josh Johnson -
g lookin you got the new King James album w/ your 1st purchase?
Phil Jackson will recruit King James and head to New York to join forces with Porzingis next year
King James to Milwaukee next year to join Greek Freak, Jabari Parker and Greg Monroe.
Reading God's Word is how He speaks to us! Get a King James or New King James study Bible and begin listening!
Uncle Drew: I got a pair of 3s with a King James kicker!! I’m all in!
Just want bae to look at me the way Mrs. Carter ogles at King James.
Paul I challenge you to read a King James recommended! And sing songs praising Help Bono Feed the HUNGRY!
King James, New Scofield Reference Bible, and the Aprocrypha section of the Douay-Rheims.
Somehow, in John 8, I misremember the King James version to say, 'from the lot of the blameless let the first...
Depends. When I'm at Church, the Reina-Valera one. Anywhere else? King James.
“King James, in crown and robe, entered the main room, bowed waved his stink away and announced, ‘Now that’s what I call a royal flush!’”
*** to my friend King James "smokie" Taylor. he was a big friend and fan of mine and a client 2.
Walk by faith not by sight. King James version
Baby face assassin, the beard, King James, slim reaper and boogie my first team all NBA
King James waiting on the wing. Court side seats for second time this week and now I can never…
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