King James Bible & George Washington

The Authorized Version, commonly known as the King James Version, King James Bible or KJV, is an English translation of the Christian Bible by the Church of England begun in 1604 and completed in 1611. First printed by the King's Printer Robert Barker, this was the third official translation into English. George Washington ( – , 1799) was the first President of the United States of America, serving from 1789 to 1797, and the dominant military and political leader of the United States from 1775 to 1799. He led the American victory over Great Britain in the American Revolutionary War as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army from 1775 to 1783, and presided over the writing of the Constitution in 1787. Washington became the first president by unanimous choice, and oversaw the creation of a strong, well-financed national government that maintained neutrality in the wars raging in Europe, suppressed rebellion and won acceptance among Americans of all types. 5.0/5

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For the sixth time in history, a pre-revolutionary Bible owned by the Masonic order was to be used for the swearing in of a U.S. president. George W. Bush had intended to take the oath of office as the nation's 43rd president on the historic Masonic bible. George Washington was the first, in 1789. The last was George H.W. Bush, who used the Bible in 1989. On Friday, 19 January 2001, three officials of the Manhattan-based St. John's Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons boarded an Amtrak liner for Washington, D.C., carrying the nine-pound, 234-year-old King James Bible in a special container. At Union Station, they were met by inaugural committee officials and escorted to the inaugural site. They were literally waiting in the wings in a room adjacent to the inauguration platform when, at the 12th hour, a decision was made (attributed to the Vice President, but not confirmed) not to jeopardize the Bible because of the rain then pelting the area. Bound in London in 1767, the Bible was brought to the colonies and ...
What historical figure founded the Virginia Bible Society, in the early 1800s? Thomas Jefferson, the President who secular schools try to tell us is our most "Godless" president ever. You know what? If Jefferson, who put the words, life and teachings of Christ in chronological order in a book that he had published as a teaching tool for the native Americans(his self-stated purpose of the book), was our most Godless president, that would be very comforting. Look it up. The American Bible Society, so prominent today, giving away over 200 million bibles a year, was not founded by pastors. In fact, the clergy was not involved at all. It was founded by Supreme Court Justices, signers and framers of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and members of both houses of Congress. Our founding fathers were the most religious group of individuals to ever found a nation. George Washington himself, in letters and papers he wrote, used 54 distinct titles of God, directly from the King James Bible. I myself c ...
If you know anyone struggling with voting for *** Romney because he's a Mormon or using that as a reason they would vote against him please copy paste this and send it to them or share it on your page I wrote it specifically for that reason... If you could go back in time or could bring George Washington, John Adams or perhaps Thomas Jefferson to our time would you vote for them??? Of course you would who wouldn't? The Mormon faith is considered a cult buy almost every other Christian denomination and I believe for very good reasons.. There is Joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon, Golden tablets and Polygamy... But do you know what’s really weird about the Mormon faith? They call themselves the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS. You know what’s even weirder is that they believe that every word in the King James Bible is the word of God... It’s amazing but they look at the red letters of the bible (the words of Jesus) with the same zeal if not more zeal than a most devote southern Baptist... I ...
You'd think our political opponents on the right might see the irony and be a little more humble. "Conservatism," after all, has often meant standing squarely in the path of human advancement. In 1521 it meant you believed it was acceptable to burn church critics at the stake. In 1611, when the King James Bible was published, you supported King James when he claimed to rule the people by divine right. In 1692, in Salem, Massachusetts, you called it justice to hang men and women for witchcraft, and no lawyers required to defend the accused. In 1775 you considered George Washington and all those who would become the Founding Fathers, traitors. In 1861 you were on the side of slave owners. In 1920 you predicted disaster if women voted and said it would lead to an increase in the divorce rate.
Today in 1789, George Washington was sworn in as president in New York City. He used a borrowed King James Bible to take the oath of office!
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