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King Henry

Henry VIII (28 June 1491 – 28 January 1547) was King of England from 21 April 1509 until his death. He was Lord, and later King, of Ireland, as well as continuing the nominal claim by the English monarchs to the Kingdom of France.

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King Henry VIII believed to be an There is some truth in this as ginger increases blood flow to your organs
No work today but I gotta fly back to Louisiana
Had a great labor day weekend in Florida!
Arsenepliz sign Abel ,really reminds us about KING HENRY.
King Henry returning to and scoring the winner against Leeds in his 1st game back
Its been too long abeg the era of King Henry, Bergkamp, Viera, Pirez, Overmars, Petit all dem super players needs to come back. AMEN!!
Come on you Gunners. First 1-0 to the Arsenal, then Ozil, now Demba on loan? Just waiting for King Henry to return
Grace Elliot - blog.: Southsea Castle, King Henry VIII and the Mary Rose...
you find out that Im really a secret agent for a secret service created by king henry the8th and I find you're a drug addict
Which of the Tudor Monarchs had the highest Head-Count in beheadings??.
Momentum going our way Belief is strong Come on Cowboys with our Coach The King "Henry"
just do it your skills KING HENRY. i believe you the scare striker on the face earth
Idk why but every time me and get around each other there's always a one handed push up contest...I always lose :/
Queen Katherine died 😢😭😭 King Henry VIII didn't even let Princess Mary see her mom on her death bed 😡
Hungry but I shouldn't eat at these times of night
1532: England - Lady Anne Boleyn was made Marchioness of Pembroke by her fiance, King Henry VIII.
I was bored so I just read up on all the wives of King Henry VIII
Southsea Castle, King and the - in search of Henry's view as the Mary Rose sank
Somehow I went from watching a lyric video on YouTube to watching a documentary on King Henry VIII's 6 wives.
"King Henry" says goodnight and thank you for voting for
"If King Henry the 8th wrote this, he certainly had a hit on his hands."
that's if king Henry doesn't have to carry them again.
King Henry, Mexican Cake... man, this is not a very patriotic Labor Day bbq
Watching a movie about King Henry the 8th is fantastic!👌
we need to do something bout that...I pass ur exit everyday to and from work
Ikr I agree Rt“been forever since I seen or hollered at u”
King Henry is my best friend... he does this cute thing where he pees on my bed, chews on my hair and bites my face 😡
in 1422, King Henry V died of dysentery while campaigning in France. His son, Henry VI, became King at the a…
Another lethargic day. Feeling like King Henry the sixth.
ok...I'm serious... we can go wherever...
I didn't know u lived there.aight imma let u know.I'll be there until Wednesday
wait...u coming yo Jacksonville? I gotta see u or take u out or sumn
It's pretty crazy to think that if this were the 1500s I would already be married with 7 kids or be dead for not giving King Henry a son.
*While king Henry is still a sleep, she sits in the room next to his bedchamber, wrapped in her blue robe, and is served tea and fruits*
“Article on why Anne Boleyn was beheaded with a sword not an axe...
What did Anne Boleyn say to King Henry VIII after a night on drugs and booze ? I’m off my head!
in the home of king henry for the weekend! Pop by!
Tudor Fact: Queen Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII was beheaded with a sword on 19 May, 1536.
King Henry's playing the weekend place your bets$ just placing my putter in the oven 180 degrees 30mins should do it!
On page 175 of Lancaster and York by Alison Weir. King Henry VI just went mad. Poor man, I cannot help but feeling sorry for him.
I am SO upset Jane Seymour died! Seriously! Not like that *** King Henry VIII deserved a good women but I loved her!!
all I kept seeing is King Henry with braided ponytails and leather plus combat boots lol
"Oh no.I have to play King Henry in 20 mins. Hello, it." Ben Affleck reference if u don't know.
"Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot That it do singe yourself." - Norfolk, King Henry the Eighth
Josh and Mitchell think im going to be depressed this fall without them. NAWH!! i got
My fish died 😢 RIP King Henry, you will be missed dearly.
Kobo wifi eReader
Off 2 the Illinois Renaissance Faire tomorrow w/ Oakley the Faerie. I wonder what King Henry VIII is gonna think of me?
my boyfriends english... i should just ask him who king Henry viii is
A new favorite: King Henry x Santell - Do You Think About Us? by on
The year was 1348 I had just left the British pub drunker then nothing else. The king of England at the time was king Henry the not first.
Makes me wish King Henry VIII were still alive and our ruler, so this parasite could be drawn and quartered.
working on my mythology in the King Henry Tapes today, especially with regards to the vamps...very happy with it so far
*Tells a servant that she would like an audience with the King*
Interested to find out that King Henry VIII was taller than the Yeti.
Once more unto the breach dear friends -king Henry V
I have used King Henry Died By Drinking Chocolate Milk in every science class I have ever been in
King Henry's is a pub that cares! Wishing me a 'good nap' to get better
Praying King Henry the Fish survives the ride to Radford😳🐟
Guy chill now! King henry! They don't call him igwe for nothing!"Raul is better than Henry"
Watching The Tudors, on Season 2 now. This is when Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII's 2nd wife is about to be executed. How horrid. No words.
Love comforteth like sunshine after rain. - William Shakespeare, King Henry VI, Part 3
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I hope King Henry lets you have breaks!
You can't believe everything you read on the Internet - King Henry VIII
On August 22, 1485 Henry Tudor (soon to be known as King Henry VII) defeated and killed Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field
King Henry; 377 appearances for Arsenal, 228 goals. Endless memories. But for me, this moment stands on top.
Ended the War of the Roses. King Henry VIII and Elizabeth I followed. It was a big deal.
Watching the end of season 2 of The Tudors... I want to slap Charles Brandon in the face & then personally stab King Henry VIII to death
The most famous pocket watch of that era is seen in a portrait of King Henry VIII.
I just left work and I'm off tomorrow, it's time to live the next 36 hours like King Henry VIII
well to make it vague for you the Tudors series goes through King Henry's reign up til around his death so
"In Adams mind he treated me like a queen" "and in king Henry's mind he treated Anne Boleyn like a queen" 😂
You should go to a game and hang out with Pee Wee, Sandy, and King Henry. Hater.
Jonathan (King Henry vIII on the Tudors) is playing Dracula on NBC this fall...OMFG!!! So happy he is back
“Body party gotta bang in the strip club”~the REAL strip club. Not like King Henry or Barbary Coast
Today is the anniversary of The Battle of Northampton 10 July 1460 King Henry knights ten of his men including Thomas Stanley and the five year old grandson of the Duke of Buckingham.Both would be heavily involved in the demise of Richard III, twenty four and twenty five years later The Yorkists send Heralds and Bishops to the Lancastrian camp to negotiate, still maintaining they do not want to fight, only talk with the King. A Yorkist Bishop changes sides and urges the King not to negotiate but fight.Buckingham declares "The Earl of Warwick shall not come to the King's presence and if he comes he shall die." Warwick finally replies "At 2 o'clock I will speak with the King or I will die". It would be the last time that any negotiations would precede an English battle. Coppini, the Papal Legate excommunicates the Lancastrians and forbids them to have a christian burial. Warwick orders either spare the commoners or spare Grey's men (depending on the source). As Warwick approaches with his men a cavalry batt ...
What a weekend for sports fans. IT was a weekend that had everything for sports fans. It started on Saturday morning when the Lions completed their magnificent Series win over Australia. Back home King Henry returned to the Kilkenny fold as the Cats dumped fierce rivals Tipperary out of the hurling qualifiers with a 0-20 to 1-14 win on Saturday evening. And yesterday Cork's gaelic footballers' 18-year-wait for a victory in Killarney was extended after Colm Cooper and his Kerry teammates toppled the Rebels to regain the Munster Championship 1-16 to 17 points. Ireland's Dan Martin became the first winner of a Tour de France stage since his uncle Stephen Roche's famous victory on stage 16 of the 1992 Tour in La Bourboule, while golfer Graeme McDowell claimed his third win of the season in nine events, closing with a 67 round to claim the Alstom Open de France. To round things off, John McAffery became the first Dublin man to lift the Leinster Senior Hurling Championship trophy in 52 years after a 2-25 to 2-1 ...
*** King Henry my hole there trying to copy LeBron James "King James"
Really like Jane Seymour. She makes a great Queen. Better than King Henry. Let me guess she ends up dying?
See the book trailer by clicking here! Excerpt: The only thing that gave me a worse vibe than these two was Gene’s taste in decorating. The ceilings were about 30 feet high and three walls held books up to about the first 15 feet, after which was a very large landing around three quarters of the room. The wall opposite the door was made up of five floor-to-ceiling arched windows. The bottom six feet of each had colonial muttons and were partially opened, allowing the outside winter cold to fight with the heat in the room. On the landings above the bookshelves were housed various artifacts of torture. Gene saw me noticing, “These are from the collection of King Henry,” he boasted. There were guillotines and stretching racks and other devices all made of aged wood and black iron. Some had big weathered chain links hanging from them and leather straps. There were black iron turning wheels, the sight was gruesome. Gene motioned to a large axe with a semicircular blade and an unusually long, thick handle ...
Bloody Mary atau Mary Tudor, Queen of England, anak dari King Henry the 8th and Catherine of Aragon. waktu dia jadi Queen Mary of England. 
Queen Elizabeth II had bn on d throne for 60yrs n isnt talking abdication yet. King Henry chop a lil ova 20 on it and is leaving? Hm.
Watched "Secrets of Hampton Court" about King Henry VIII's castle on Fascinating!
You'd think that when marriage no 6 was going belly-up, King Henry Viii would have thought to himself "maybe the problem is me".
Off with your head like king Henry the fifth
Omg history jokes “Romney has nothing on my binders full of women.”
True fans will never forget this moment.. King Henry back to scored against Leeds United.. Ar you Remember Gooners ? http…
Peter Crook and Reginald Andre Jackson as king Henry and Hal makes for some good Shakespeare watching.
because you can't see dead people.. If i claim ive seen King Henry VIII in the flesh I'd be sectioned !!!
I want to watch The White Queen, I believe it has to do with Queen Elizabeth Woodville of England, after King Henry VI died.
Anyone who enjoys history, especially the Tudor period should read this.
Ultimate Frisbee today at 530 at memorial!!!
Dear iPhone users, android phones can see emojis!!! So shut up about it already!!
since I was a little girl I've always had king Henry on the back of my shirts, and this sexy away kit will be no different
Was Henry VIII a psychopath? Or a crabby man with unlimited power? I put Henry Tudor on the couch:
Church History: Decade by Decade 1580-1590 AD: 1580 Robert Browne started a congregational movement in Norwich and was arrested. 1580 The First Bible in the Slavic language is published, the Ostrog Bible. 1580 Jesuits arrive in the Moghul Empire (India). 1581 The Birth of James Ussher the Archbishop that counted the years back to Genesis. 1581 England levels heavy fines on anyone practicing Catholicism. 1581 Robert Browne and his followers are forced to move to the Netherlands. The pilgrims on the Mayflower were Brownists. 1584 The first translation of the Bible into Slovenian is published. 1585 Pope Sixtus V replaces Pope Gregory XIII. 1586 Martin Chemnitz dies. He helped set up church order in Brunswick and draft the Formula of Concord. 1586 Execution of the Babington Plotters. 14 men tried to kill Queen Elizabeth. Mary Queen of Scots would later be implicated and executed as well. 1586 Henry Barrow, English Puritan and Separatist, is imprisioned. 1588 Pope Sixtus V issues the Papal Bu ...
Ryan king Henry 2nd of England became king of ireland in 1171 he landed at Waterford greeted by the arch bishop of ireland
Taking off to florida tomorrow morning
I can't wait to go back to school. Why? Because if I'm back at school, that means NFL is back.
via Shakespeare made reference to Real in his play King Henry V -
What am I gonna do tomorrow for 4th of July??
I am completely intrigued by King Henry VI of England during 1420s-1460s. He apparently had a mental breakdown.
Mac Miller album second best out right now.
I would go tell u off but I don't know u like that
Don't you just hate when people lie to you constantly
The first recorded fireworks in England were at the wedding of King Henry VII in 1486
“That look you give your bro when a hot *** chick walks in the room.” every day at chick fil a lol
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KING HENRY - Paradise, CA. King Henry was found in an abandoned apartment building with an injured leg that ended...
dnt forget to thank me -_-"The Tudors has to be one of the greatest series ever! King Henry was something else"
On this day, 3 July 987, a prominent Duke in today's France, Hugh Capet, is elected as King of the Franks. Numerous branches of his family, including the Valois and the Bourbons, ruled France until the French Revolution in 1792. King Juan Carlos of Spain and Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, who still reign today, are descendents of Hugh Capet through the Bourbon line.
My trip to NYC keeps getting better and better. Now if it would only get here already. :) Oh, and sque!!!
Evening Fly * Best in the Premiership: The past two decades have been graced with TWO of the best players England has ever seen and they were both FRENCH 1. Thierry Henry (1996 - 2005) 2. Eric Cantona (1992 - 1997) Different styles, different gifts. Who was greater than the other? If you had to choose a match involving the two but you could watch only one of them at a time, who would it be?
The King of Belgium, Albert II, is going to address the nation amid Belgian state TV reports he is going to abdicate.
King Albert II of the Belgians will give a speech at 6 p.m. His address will be broadcast live by Belgium's 4 big TV and radio channels. This was announced after a meeting of key ministers with King Albert.
PH Nortje Biographical info Peter Henry (P.H.) Nortje was born on 20 October 1920 on the farm Klipfontein near Willowmore in the Baviaanskloof. He trained as a teacher and taught in Douglas, King William’s Town, Riversdal and Wellington. In 1954, he and his family moved to Wellington where he became the first headmaster of Hugenote Primary School. He was headmaster for 8 years, after which he was a lecturer in education and later vice-rector of the Wellington Educational College. After his retirement in 1983, he and his wife moved to the Strand. His first youth book, Pennie se vuur, was published in 1959. This book, along with the book Die groen ghoen, was collectively awarded the Scheepers Prize. Other award winning youth works include Die wildedruif val (Tafelberg/Sarie Youth Literature Prize in 1982) and Die elfde hekkie (ATKV Prize in 1994). In the 1950’s and ’60’s a series of sketches about his family life and experiences in Wellington were published in Die Huisgenoot. It was later published ...
Breaking news: King Albert II To speak to the nation tonight: most probably will abdicate.
Happy 9 year anniversary to myself and hubby love you Henri parker
For 726 years, England used a wooden "tally stick" as the official currency and we are struggling to abolish paper FIAT money? "Around 1100 AD King Henry 1st resolved to take the power of money away from the lenders. He invented one of the most unusual money systems in history. It was called the Tally Stick System. This system lasted until 1826. The Tally System was adopted to avoid the monetary manipulation of the goldsmiths. Tally Sticks were merely sticks of wood with notches cut on one edge of the stick to indicate denominations. Then the stick was split lengthwise so that both pieces still had a record of the notches. The king kept one half to protect against counterfeiting. The other half would be spent into the economy and circulate as money. Under this system money could not be manipulated, and it could not be stolen. No other form of money had worked as well, and for so long as Tally Sticks. The British Empire, which was the most powerful nation in the world, was built on the Tally Stick System. ...
Hey guys!! Can any of you think of any books that help you discover who you truly are in the Lord? Anything that has helped you? Thank ya!!!
TRIVIA An elite group of knights created in around 1578 was awarded the Cross of the Holy Spirit, which hung from a blue ribbon. According to one story, the group became known for its extravagant and luxurious feasts. Name the Group, Name the feasts and Name the famous place they inspired. WINNER TAKES A NECKLACE, BRACELET AND EARRING SET! VALUED AT $50!!!
Hooray! My Henri book arrived! Now I can once again experience true despair, but this time I get to experience it from the point of view of a cat!
As some of you may know I've been working on my family tree now for 6 weeks. I've been able to put in a couple of hours a day or more into my research and I'm feeling amazed at what I have discovered. I grew up knowing very little about my heritage except for the fact that some of my relatives come from Quebec and probably France. Little did I know just how many people are in my tree. The French were superb in keeping very detailed records for 100's of years. I feel so blessed to know my forefathers had great courage and pioneering spirit to come over from France on a boat for 2 mos in the Atlantic to establish a new country, New France (Quebec) and braved so many hardships. Many of them were very farmers, masons, and construction workers and helped establish new settlements and Quebec City. Some were famous in Quebec either through large farms or politics even as much as the founder of Quebec city and another being the lieutenant governor of Quebec province itself. The most exciting discovery is fi ...
Today I found the snake in mud room. He's outside now! ALIVE! with my help. A mouse!! Still be in mud room. LOL!
You may have seen the signs on the Memorial garden saying “please don’t enter – nesting hummingbirds.” A mother hummingbird has made a nest on a palm branch out there. It’s fascinating to watch baby birds hatch and begin to grow at an amazing rate of speed; they go from hatchlings to fledglings swiftly and surely. The mother birds exhaust themselves sitting on the nest, feeding the young, and then preparing them to leave. When the day comes, the mother bird will do everything in her power to help the fledglings – but ultimately, they have to manage to get out of the nest and begin to fly. A baby bird who refuses to leave the nest is encouraged and sometimes pushed until he does, because being a fledgling is not a life; it’s preparation for life. A bird can’t stay in the nest forever; in order to fulfill its purpose, it has to leave the nest and begin to fly and forage on its own.   Both Elijah and Jesus have fledglings in today’s stories. Both of them have disciples trailing after them, ...
Angkor was the capital of the Khmer Empire, which was founded in 802 AD on Mount Kulen when Jayavarman II was declared universal monarch. These days the most popular Angkor sites for tourists are Angkor Thom, which is home to Bayon and its massive carved smiling faces; magnificent Angkor Wat; and smaller temples such as Ta Prohm, Preah Khan, Pre Rup and Ta Nei. Yellow indicates aerial surveys areas.Yellow indicates aerial surveys areas. But the precise data gathered by LiDAR, a remote sensing laser instrument, reveals that Angkor was actually a monumental, formally planned and low-density mega-city. Less visited ruins further afield, such as enchanting Beng Mealea, 52 kilometers from Siem Reap and sprawling Koh Ker, some 120 kilometers away, were actually satellite cities within Angkor's colossal urban network. Phnom Kulen, or Mount Kulen, meanwhile, 48 kilometers north of Siem Reap, has been identified as the location of the medieval city of Mahendraparvata, or the Mountain of Indra -- King of the Gods. ...
.This is most of an article copied from the page : Ban Islam. Millions of Muslims visit the Zamzam well in Mecca each year while performing the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimages, in order to drink its water and, in many cases, to take home some of its water for distribution among friends and relations believing the well and the water which it pumps to be miraculous. As with urine, milk, and alcohol, Muslims often make claims of their religious beliefs being backed by science. However, in May 2011, a BBC investigation found that genuine Zamzam water taken from the well contained arsenic levels three times the legal limit, something which could contribute to increasing people's risk of cancer. In addition to the dangerous arsenic levels, the holy water contained high levels of nitrate and potentially harmful bacteria.
Only a few people know that the third largest museum worldwide used to be the main residence of French kings and emperors for six centuries. The Old Fortress was erected in 1190 under the reign of King Philippe Auguste to protect the kingdom from the invasion of northern tribes (the Vikings). During the 14th Century, the palace was extended under Charles V and became from time to time a royal residence. The greatest changes in the original palace were made under King François I. The medieval Grosse Tour was destroyed and replaced by a sumptuous palace, still considered a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture. In 1594, Henri IV decided to build a passage between the Tuileries Palace and Louvre Palace, still known as the "Great Gallery." The "Cour Carree" was part of a vast program conducted under Louis XIII and Louis XIV to embellish the king's residence and is a symbol of the classical period. After Louis XIV moved to Versailles , the Louvre knew a static period. The most recent construction is the Gla ...
TOP 20 LOVE STORY IN THE WORLD 1. Romeo and Juliet This is probably the most famous lovers ever. This couple has become a synonym for love itself. Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy by William Shakespeare. Their love story is very tragic. The tale of two teenagers from two feuding families who fall in love at first sight and then marry, become true lovers and then risk it all for their love. To take your own life for your husband or wife is definitely a sign of true love. Their "untimely deaths" ultimately unite their feuding households. 2. Cleopatra and Mark Antony The true love story of Antony and Cleopatra is one of the most memorable, intriguing and moving of all times. The story of these two historical characters had later been dramatized by William Shakespeare and is still staged all over the world. The relationship of Antony and Cleopatra is a true test of love. They fell in love at first sight. The relationship between these two powerful people put the country of Egypt in a powerful position. But their ...
Quotes about Friendships/Relationships “To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.” -David Viscott “Busyness is a great enemy of relationships.” -Rick Warren "The quality of love and the duration of a relationship are in direct proportion to the depth of the commitment by both people to making the relationship successful. Commit yourself wholeheartedly and unconditionally to the most important people in your life.” -Brian Tracy "If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded.” -Maya Angelou “We're never more vulnerable than when we trust someone---but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy." -Unknown "Immature love says: `I love you because I need you’. Mature love says: `I need you because I love you’.” -Erich Fromm "Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure." -Unknown "A friend is someone who is there for you when he'd rather be anywhere else." -Len Wein "True happiness arises, in the first place, from th ...
Finally a good show on TV PBC, Secrets of Hampton Court, the palace of Henry VIII, 1500's, a very good show. Next on PBC, Secrets of Althrop House of Princess Diana's house, the Spencers. Thank goodness for Simon Cowell, for bringing good TV talent shows to the U.S. I read the book on Henry VIII; one of his wives Catherine Parr, I wonder if she was related to Mary Parr, daughter of John Parr who married in the 1700's to Luke Williams, Virginia. Also, his wife Ann Boleyn, engaged to Percy, one of my descendents, before King Henry just forced her to marry him. I also read the book on Queen Victoria, she had 12 children who married all the Princes and Princesses of Europe, making all of them related as cousins. I am like an elephant, I have a very long memory. Including Czar Nicholas II of Russia, and Wilhelm of Germany.
In 1843, Johann Joseph Krug founded the House of Krug and his dream was to produce a unique champagne. To achieve this he set himself a few golden rules. He knew from his own experience that the most important of these was an unswerving determination to never compromise quality. He would be happy to...
Any suggestions for a good book to read? Tomorrow will be my first day I don't have to study. Or do anything school related... I figure reading will be much more salutary than becoming addicted to SIMS... I'm a nerd, I know.
Alright friends, I'm asking for your help. I'd like to put together a reading list of the various European monarchs and monarchies. So give me your top three non-fiction books that you'd suggest to any European monarch-phile. Just give me the title, author, and who the book is about, if it's not clear from the title. I appreciate the input! Thanks all!! :)
Can we trade Vigs and Sather for Moose and Gretzky!! :)
Reminder: less than an hour to the artist talk at QCP with Peter Annand, Renata Buziak, Henri van Noordenburg and Camilla Birkeland - all about artist collaborations! Starting at 1.30pm at QCP (32 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane).
Just had a great evening with our good friends Deanna King and Henri King (and my other half Kent Cooke) we had some awesome ribs potato salad ( I told you see it would be good!!) and some excellent time just talking and laughing. Thanks you guys for a great evening. We owe you one!!
*I have been hearing some perturbing things floating about Germaine Foix's court and Palace here in Lyon. Some things are being hushed about that have disturbed me, upset me and angered me too. I don't know what to make of them, or why such talks are even coming about. Rumors and murmurs are circulating about Germaine having a marriage contract and betrothal arranged between her and some wealthy nobleman and Viceroy in Germany. WHY does she need or want to get married when she has me?? We have been together for some years now, and I thought I was everything she desired, required and needed*
Sun & Ski Sports
June 29 Deeply Rooted in God Henri Nouwen Trees that grow tall have deep roots. Great height without great depth is dangerous. The great leaders of this world - like St. Francis, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr., - were all people who could live with public notoriety, influence, and power in a humble way because of their deep spiritual rootedness. Without deep roots we easily let others determine who we are. But as we cling to our popularity, we may lose our true sense of self. Our clinging to the opinion of others reveals how superficial we are. We have little to stand on. We have to be kept alive by adulation and praise. Those who are deeply rooted in the love of God can enjoy human praise without being attached to it.
My baby HENRI BOUCHER is going to be one on Sunday going to send it with papa Henri King we sure miss your family in res BEAULIEU and BOUCHER.
Good morning everyone. Up and at 'em. It's 66 degrees outside of Mope-inators. We will be in the mid 70's today with rain likely. There is a chance of rain everyday for the rest of our lives, if you think about it. I prefer to think there is a chance for sun for all of those days. We have no delays or incidents to report so far. Don't turn on the lights just yet...the criminals are still sleeping. Today is NOT my birthday. The mariachi band was a great touch this morning. Hoy no es mi cumpleaños. Happy Birthday to King Henry the VIII of England. He is no longer with us. and it may be a good thing. He was married eight times and beheaded two of his wives.Yikes. He had committment issues. I'm not sure, knowing his history, that I would have married him. He seems a little unstable in the matrimony department. Happy Birthday to Steve Burton. He played Jason on General Hospital. Not that I am highly experienced with that show.I always thought him to be too loyal to Sonny. It's all fun and games until the bo . ...
Jonathan Rhys could be the new doctor?WHAT! He doesn't suit that role..he only suits playing King Henry in The Tudors! But he is hot.. ;)
Quotes this night : When I made a Goal is so very complicated to explain my feeling. - King Henry
You think this woman is crazy when raving about her vision until she says "you will be king henry tudor" and then it all makes sense and wow
In a case like this, I'm surprised Aaron Hernandez wasn't allowed to turn himself in. Seems like the police are sending a m…
Aaron Hernandez taken away from his house in handcuffs.
So much money that i cnt get no playin
I done made choices in the get me where im at...
Zidane in the dugouts will be like a 12th player for Madrid we need king Henry in asap!
I have the same birthday as King Henry VIII and Mel Brooks...
4am is early as *** Not wake up at 4, walked into work at 4am! *** !
Up early in the an itch i cnt scratch smh
Anyone reading anything Tudor related at the moment? I'm just finishing a review copy of The Tudor Conspiracy by C W Gortner (due out 16 July) and it's wonderful.
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Paris: 1843–1845 Marx became co-editor of a new radical leftist newspaper, the Deutsch-Französische Jahrbücher (German-French Annals), then being set up by German socialist Arnold Ruge to bring together German and French radicals. Based in Paris, France, it was here that Marx and his wife moved in October 1843. Initially living with Ruge and his wife communally at 23 Rue Vaneau, they found the living conditions difficult, so moved out following the birth of their daughter Jenny in 1844. Although intended to attract writers from both France and the German states, the Jahrbücher was dominated by the latter; the only non-German writer was the exiled Russian anarcho-communist Michael Bakunin. Marx contributed two essays to the paper, "Introduction to a Contribution to the Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right" and "On the Jewish Question," the latter introducing his belief that the proletariat were a revolutionary force and marking his embrace of communism. Only one issue was published, but it was rela ...
What do you mean one can't hunt in Yorkshire! Who is this Lord Prescott of Hullshire & how dare he ban I, King Henry 8th!
I'm usually waking up about this time, but today I've already been at work for 2 hours
Wanna know how I would teach history? Yes, you do. I know this. Here's my take on King Henry VIII!
This old man at my job is foolin' at 4:30 in the morning! Hilarious!
1505: King Henry VII fancies an Italian wife; commissions a written report on her personality, breasts, moustache. http:/…
Hi John! Thanks v much. We got old varieties- Ladies Bed Straw, Good King Henry, St John Wort etc. But not the best soil or spot!
yeah do it, it's a short read (its like 300 pages or smth) BUT ITS SATIRE BASED ON KING HENRY AND
The fact that my 25th great grandfather is King Henry the 3rd of France >> 😉
I really want to punch you in the face
Born on May 8, 1828 in Geneva, Switzerland. He went on a Business trip to see King Napoleon the 3rd in Algeria on 24th June, 1859. Sir Jean Henri Dunant wrote the "Memory of Solferino" why?
If I have to hear about war again in King Henry one more time I'm gonna explode!
(This passage actually made me tear up. I don't know why.) Danica leaned against the steps to the ship’s main deck watching the dawn penetrate through the rosy clouds, outlining them in gold. As the warmth touched her face, she closed her eyes and sighed deeply, listening to the ocean breathe, to the gulls shrieking above as they circled above. She was still dressed in a nightgown, her feet bare, and she curled her toes into the wood, as she felt the boat sway and heard it creak, making its own dialogue with the surf. The humid air smelled clean and sweet, fresh as the relief from the heat it promised, as The Hawk’s Eye made its way to Southern Belor’s port. Arms snaked around her waist and she leaned into Alasdair’s embrace. As he rested his chin on her head, she could hear the smile in his voice. “What are you doing up here so early?” “Admiring the dawn.” “It is beautiful.” He fell silent for a few minutes. “I could just stay in this moment forever…” Danica lay back against him ...
1533- King Henry VIII made a law, for every 60 acres, a farmer had to cultivate a quarter acre of .
67 Perseverance Quotes to Keep You Going by Marelisa In order to achieve your goals, you must cultivate perseverance and determination. Here are 67 perseverance quotes for when you feel your determination wavering and you need some motivation in order to keep going: 1. “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race” ~ Calvin Coolidge 2. “In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins- not through strength but by perseverance.” ~ H. Jackson Brown 3. “If I had to select one quality, one personal characteristic that I regard as being most highly correlated with success, whatever the field, I would pick the trait of persistence ...
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Worthy of my once in a while King Henry VIII stein. So... (Lucky 13.alt (Anniversary Release))
King Henry the VIII had six wives. Larry King had seven wives.
I'd like to nominate King Henry VIII for Worst Baby Daddy Ever.
It was king Henry the 8th wasn't it, tryna go to sleep
"Perhaps you don't understand. But I can't sleep. I can hardly breathe for thinking of you." . - King Henry
Is anyone else in love with the reign of King Henry the 8th or is that just me?👑👑👑
"But I will rise there with so full a glory that I will dazzle all the eyes of France," (King Henry V, Act I, Scene II, William Shakespeare)
His Majesty is most grateful to his loyal subjects, Lords and Ladies, for their interest in the affairs of Court. I believe a masque is due?
no no, I'll go back and meet loads of people like king Henry 8th and Jesus :)
Haiti Liberated and rescued other nations, such as Venezuela, Dominican Republic, the United States, etc... - The Haitians produced the world's only successful slaves revolution in 1791. From 1804 to present, there have been Haitian King, Emperors and Presidents. After suffering cruel, inhuman and barbaric treatment in the hands of their white oppressors, the Haitians rose up and fought bloody battles to defeat colonialism and imperialism. Toussaint Louverture defeated the Spanish, the British, and the French (Napoleonic army). The Haitians gained their freedom through self-detemination. The Haitians are strong and proud people. They are simply amazing for what they have accomplished by leaving their indelible imprints profoundly inscribed in the annals of world history. In January 1804, they declared their independence. In the 18th century, the Atlantic stage was shared with three democratic revolutions: the American Revolution, the French Revolution and the Haitian Revolution. In 1791, the Haitians acco ...
Here are some great Papal quotes for Fortnight for Freedom!! "That it is right for each individual to follow what is acceptable to his own religious creed makes the divine establishment of the Church of no consequence. Especially fatal to the salvation of souls is that erroneous opinion that liberty of conscience and liberty of worship is the proper right of every man. By our Apostolic authority, we condemn this evil opinion." Pope Pius IX - Qui Pluribus 1846 " By the fact that freedom of all forms of worship is proclaimed, truth is confused with error, and the holy immaculate Spouse of Christ, outside of which there can be no salvation, is placed on the same level with heretical sects and even with the Jewish peridy." Pope Pius VII -Post Tam Diuturnas. "Such attempts can nowise be approved by Catholics, founded as they are on that false opinion which considers all religions to be more or less good and praiseworthy, since they all in different ways manifest and signify that sense which is inborn in us all ...
I shoudl call my son King, then he will be called King Henry.
This is not one of those 8 to 4 or 9 to 5 jobs for sure!
King Henry the VIII was the first King to authorize an English transition of the Bible
they don't call him king Henry for nothing :) one of the few decent hurlers here!!who doesn't think their don't smell x
Look at my happy little King Henry VIII
Much has been said about how the new F1 engine specifications will affect the sound experience of F1 cars. In this video I use my F1 Guitar to make a predict...
Shoot street like you are Henri Cartier-Bresson! "And when you discover what you will be in your life, set out to do it as if God Almighty called you at this particular moment in history to do it. Don’t just set out to do a good job. Set out to do such a good job that the living, the dead or the unborn couldn't do it any better. If it falls your lot to be a street sweeper, sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures, sweep streets like Beethoven composed music, sweep streets like Leontyne Price sings before the Metropolitan Opera. Sweep streets like Shakespeare wrote poetry. Sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will have to pause and say: Here lived a great street sweeper who swept his job well. We need more people who are competent in all areas and always remember that the important thing is to do a good job. No matter what it is. Whatever you are doing consider it as something having cosmic significance, as it is a part of the uplifting of humanity. No matter what it is, n ...
THE 'LES MISERABLES' CODE PART VIII Page 256 of the novel it mentions the following: " In a wall next to the archway, another door with keystones dating from the days of Henri IV opens to allow a glimpse of trees in an orchard." This excerpt is from the story within the novel about the Napoleonic war and this building in the battlefield. The key word here is HENRI IV who was first Bourbon King of France. As you will recall, he was born in PAU and his castle is still there. PAU was one of the towns of our LAFITTE ancestors. And from what has been revealed to you before, he was in relations with many European nobles and monarchs and Jewish peoples as well. And he was related to our LAFFITTE. In page 108 there is a brief and beautiful description of FANTINE who is one of the main characters in the novel. She is absolutely beautiful and innocent and compare with PSYCHE and VENUS goddesses of the Greeks in the beginning; yet as the novel moves forward and she begins experiencing vexation of economic and emot . ...
I insist on making this the summer I start reading for enjoyment. Any good book recommendations?
Does anyone have any other reasons supporting the fact that Diana was murdered? Opinions for both sides of the argument are welcome.
Well good people, it's been a while since i connected with you all. Lets just say i've been active. The last few weeks have seen some great sessions for MyBnk, a performance at a golden wedding lunch and at a sold out show by Nizlopi, which in itself was a pre-show for the amazing wedding of my best friend Henri Dorman and the gorgeous Bea Birtwell, where i had the honour of being best man. In between all this, i played the Holly King in a fantastic evening of Solstice celebrations - where these photos were taken by the genius that is Nick Holmes. This week i am seriously excited to be serving from the stage, first with Avnish Goyal at Bower Park School's Gifted and Talented Conference, and then at Yes Group London with Mac Attram and Harry Singha, where i'll be sharing an extended version of the TED talk i recently gave on the topic of the Creative Uprising...which incidentally is the title of my forthcoming book, which i'm thrilled to say is well into the publication process. Hooray! Today though, i sha ...
Henri IV," alternatively "Vive Henri IV" or "Vive le roi Henri" is a popular French song celebrating King Henri IV of France. Marche Henri IV was composed around 1590 and refers to the first Bourbon King of France, Henry IV (Henry III of Navarre), who had ended the wars of religion and restored peace to France.
Who is your favorite Arsenal player ever?
I started this a couple of years ago. It's still a work in progress I Am The Curmudgeon Yes, I am the Curmudgeon. I hear my father speaking through my lips. He was a staunch Right Wing Curmudgeon. He was sure that all to the woes of the world, were the fault of the “Damned Reds”. I think the “Damned Reds” had Curmudgeons also. But I’m really not that sure. Both of my grandfathers were Curmudgeons. There have been Curmudgeons in my family down through the ages. During the reign of King Henry the Second of England, I have an ancestor who as the story goes, when bestowed with the esteemed title, gathered his fellow Curmudgeons together and built no less than seven castles for the King. Two of which are still standing. There were Curmudgeons in famous battles as well. One of Julius Caesar’s most trusted slaves was a Curmudgeon, who served him until he died at the curmudgeonly age of sixty seven { very old by Roman life spans} It is rumored that he reached the twelfth level of curmudgeondom, not ma ...
Love letter straight from the heart My dear little girl For a long time I’ve been wanting to write to you in the evening after one of those outings with friends that I will soon be describing in “A Defeat,” the kind when the world is ours. I wanted to bring you my conqueror’s joy and lay it at your feet, as they did in the Age of the Sun King. And then, tired out by all the shouting, I always simply went to bed. Today I’m doing it to feel the pleasure you don’t yet know, of turning abruptly from friendship to love, from strength to tenderness. Tonight I love you in a way that you have not known in me: I am neither worn down by travels nor wrapped up in the desire for your presence. I am mastering my love for you and turning it inwards as a constituent element of myself. This happens much more often than I admit to you, but seldom when I’m writing to you. Try to understand me: I love you while paying attention to external things. At Toulouse I simply loved you. Tonight I love you on a spring ...
Message of congratulations from the King to the Grand Duke Henri of the Luxembourg Rabat - HM King Mohammed VI sent a message of congratulations to the Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, on the occasion of the celebration of the national day of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
Hmm. In November of 1964, the FBI sent Martin Luther King Jr. a letter urging him to commit suicide along with a cassette...a decade later, Sullivan told investigators that they had simply wanted King to resign from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. King, on the other hand, had seen the letter as an invitation to take his own life. . . . Transcript KING, In view of your low grade… I will not dignify your name with either a Mr. or a Reverend or a Dr. And, your last name calls to mind only the type of King such as King Henry the VIII… King, look into your heart. You know you are a complete fraud and a great liability to all of us Negroes. White people in this country have enough frauds of their own but I am sure they don’t have one at this time anywhere near your equal. You are no clergyman and you know it. I repeat you are a colossal fraud and an evil, vicious one at that. You could not believe in God… Clearly you don’t believe in any personal moral principles. King, like all frauds y ...
Freemasonry, established in 1725, is a LIE. Crusaders / Templars destroyed the Roman Empire with its masonry secrets, burnt the world libraries, and even killed Cathars who were the refugees from Constantinople. Templars could not write and read, even their kings. Templars were giving the oath of non-washing themselves. When our Russian Anna of Kiev married the French King Henri the First in 1051, neither he himself, nor his entire court could write and read and signed themselves with a cross, while she was writing and reading five languages, including Greek and Latin. She brought Gospels to France written in Russian. And French Kings were giving Coronation Oath on Russian gospels for many centuries to come. Not a suprise that the other secret of Templars is that Baphomet is Muhammad = Muhammad. Prise de Consta
Saint of the day is Saint Thomas More who literally lost his head in 1535 when he refused to surrender his allegiance to King Henry the VIII as the Head of the Church of England. As we know the King took separation from the church over a divorce and annulment. St. Thomas More studied law and became the Lord Chancellor in 1529 with the greatest of respect paid to him by the King. He resigned that post in 1532 when the King would not change his opinion on Papal Supremacy and marriage. He was imprisoned in 1534 where he continued to write in defense of the church. Fifteen months after imprisonment he was tried and convicted of treason. Saint Thomas More was married and had four children by his first wife, Jane Colt. He remarried Alice Middleton, a young widow. (Wonder if she was related to Kate Middleton) Sadly their father and husband was beheaded on July 6, 1535. His last words to the crowd were that he was "the King's good servant-but God's first." St. Thomas More is the patron saint of lawyers.
Comment: Four hundred years later, in 1935, Thomas More was canonized a saint of God. Few saints are more relevant to our time. In fact, in 2000, Blessed John Paul II named him patron of political leaders. The supreme diplomat and counselor, he did not compromise his own moral values in order to please the king, knowing that true allegiance to authority is not blind acceptance of everything that authority wants. King Henry himself realized this and tried desperately to win his chancellor to his side because he knew More was a man whose approval counted, a man whose personal integrity no one questioned. But when Thomas resigned as chancellor, unable to approve the two matters that meant most to Henry, the king had to get rid of Thomas More. Patron Saint of: Attorneys Civil servants Court clerks Lawyers Politicians, public servants
Just In & You heard it here First: Torres would love a move back to Liverpool football club this summer. King Kev®
To say MJ is better than LeBron now because he has more titles (6-2) is asinine! That's like saying Steve Kerr with four titles was better than Larry Bird (3), or Henri Richard with his 11 Cups was better than Gretzky (5)!! MJ wishes he was LeBron!
Oh no!! The fellowship of the Kong is breaking!
Time for greek mythology friends! Europa and Zeus: not a Shakespearian love story Have you seen a statue of a female figure riding a bull somewhere near a European institution? Have you been staring at the large mosaic in the European Parliament’s Paul-Henri Spaak building? You’ve seen this same legend promoted all throughout the EU: on stamps, posters and in artwork. And you couldn’t help but wonder… what is this all about?. According to Greek mythology, the Phoenician maiden named ‘Europa’ was one of the many objects of affection of Olympian chief god Zeus. At first sight of Europa, the god was infatuated by her striking beauty and grace and immediately comes up with a cunning plan. In order to avoid the anger of his jealous wife Hera, Zeus metamorphosed in a beautiful white bull. While the young maiden was gathering flowers, she saw the bull, and – fascinated by its handsome flanks and gentle behavior - caressed him and got onto his back. Zeus took that opportunity to abduct Europa and sw ...
Today June 17th day in history. 656: Caliph Uthman hacked to death by rebels 900: Fulk, Archbishop of Rheims, killed by the Count of Flanders 956: Death of Hugh, "the Great" of France 1094: Valencia taken by Don Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar "El Cid" 1128: Marriage of Geoffrey V (Plantagenet) of Anjou to Matilda, daughter of King Henry of England and widow of Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor 1191: Philip II of France lauches an attack on Acre, which fails 1239: Edward I, King of England born 1252: Pierre de Grandson granted a pension by Henry III, King of England 1391: William Huntingfield brought to trial for the robberies of Geoffrey Chaucer in September of 1390, and found guilty 1397: Coronation of Eric, King of Norway, Denmark and Sweden 1442: Coronation of Frederick IV as King of Germany 1579: Sir Francis Drake lands on the coast of California 1775: The Revolutionary War Battle of Bunker Hill took place near Boston 1789: Third Estate in France declared itself a national assembly 1818: Composer Charles Gounod (in ...
Peoples Tv live from Trafalgar sq King Henry shirts on sale
¬¬¬When I was born I was one of the biggest disappointments to my father, King Henry VIII. He was so focus on having a son to heir the throne, that he and the English parliament separated the English church from the Catholic Church, just so he could marry my mother, Anne Boleyn. It took several years but by the time it was done, he was divorced from Catherine of Aragon (his first wife), head of the England church, and was married my mother. She only had me but no sons, so Henry, though he was "patient", he had gotten my mother beheaded from false accusations when I was almost three years old. After living the short life of comfort from King Henry's "patient", I lost many people dear to me. My mother was first, then I lost my governess, Lady Margaret Bryan, who usually took care of me because I was only allowed to see my parents on special occasions, and I also lost Matthew Parker who helped the well-being of my spirit. At last, all was not lost. Even though my father married another woman, Jane Seymour ...
"Return to Sender." Blocked. Who wants some Moscato spritzers and calamari a la King Henry tonight?
Am enjoying a cup of coffee from the Henry VIII and his six wives mug that Kate Brown gave me for Christmas. She knows my obsession with anything historical, but particularly my English obsession with that period. Now the hot coffee has caused the photos of the wives to disappear! Even more quickly that King Henry did! Such a lovely morning! Yesterday we drove to Frankfort. Buffalo Trace donated a gift basket to Ritchey Brown's golf scramble. Sampled their bourbon while there. I highly recommend Eagle Rare single barrel. Then, of course, couldn't resist stopping at the Frankfort Cemetery - do I ever pass up an opportunity? Met a gentleman there, Hugh Hudson, who gave us a grand tour. He knows Ritchey's brother and sister-in-law - Randall Allen Brown and Marti Brown. He took my Kentucky Kindred card and said he would ask them if they knew this woman he met in a cemetery! We took about 300 photos.
Saw it. Got chills. Next, Jackson as Hamlet? NO! as King Henry in Lion in Winter! Has it in him!
Ever heard of William Tyndale? I hadn’t but he changed the world and was a giant upon whose shoulders even Shakespeare stood. That’s why you need to read his story. He lived in the 1500s, (born 1494) the son of a farmer who got the best education available to a developing mind. At the time England was firmly in the grip of the Catholic Church under the protection of our old friend Henry VIII. William decided that it was wrong that the bible should be in Latin which put it beyond the reach of the common man. The Church and King Henry didn’t want the mucky paws of Joe public anywhere near God’s teachings. It was their job to interpret them as they saw fit. William didn’t agree - loudly – and in the process made some heavy enemies. Recognising that his twenty-something year-old *** wasn’t safe in England he took off to Cologne in Germany where he finished his work and began smuggling it back into England. There it was seized and burned. As luck would have it, King Henry was battling Rome ...
THE FAITH OF FERDINAND AND ISABELLA. Christopher Columbus and his brother, Bartholomew, wanted to find a way to Japan, China, and India by sailing west. In 1482 Christopher went to King John II of Portugal, asking for money and ships, but King John refused Columbus's request. In 1485 the brothers tried to enlist the support of King Henry VII of England, but he also turned them away. Finally, in 1492, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain granted Columbus's request. On August 3, 1492, he sailed from Palos, Spain. On October 12, 1492, Columbus became the first European explorer to set foot in "the New World." Only Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain had faith in Columbus and his mission. King John of Portugal obviously didn't have much faith in the man or in his mission. King Henry of England didn't have such faith either. How do we know that? By their works. Or, in Columbus's case, their lack of works. It's not hard to see that if the kings of England and Portugal had believed in Columbus, they would have ...
When Prince Harry eventually gets crowned he will be King Henry the 9th. Wonder how he'll compare with his predecessor? ;)
"Oh Eleanor, you've brought me my tombstone! You spoil me!" Join us August 1-3 & 8-10 for James Goldman's THE LION IN WINTER featuring Ellise Mayor as Eleanor of Aquitaine, Jack Cannon as King Henry, Nick Crawford as Richard the Lionheart. You definitely don't want to miss it!
P.S. Was 'King Henry 8th' the one with a returning cameo by Steve Guttenberg ?
Because of tyrants like Longshanks George II&King Henry the VIII that you changed Gods for.
On this day in 1536, Jane Seymour was escorted to new lodgings in Chelsea, only about a mile from the King's own residence. King Henry sent Sir Nicholas Carew to bring his love to her new temporary...
We are going to game 7 baby! King Henry gave all the Ranger Moms a great Mother's Day present with a shutout!!!
I really liked it. The guy that plays King Henry is hot and so is the girl that plays Anne Boleyn. *drools*
It's a good thing King Henry was our only player on the ice tonight...
King Henry scoring another great goal! This time he scores with a bicycle kick! Howmany likes for our King? -Draenom
Ext: A Sunny Day Countryside (Spring of 1189.  Knights on Chargers riding at a full gallop through the countryside.  They come upon a clearing and rounding a great old Oak to an open field; there, the Castle Warwick lie straight ahead.) INT: Bedroom Chamber of King Henry 2 (Enormess Bedroom with tables a mess, strewn about with various forms of food and drink.  The large centerpiece of the master bedroom is the bed.  Monstrous, made of hand crafted oak and the finest ornate carvings.) (On the bed is a mass of blankets and pillows, with two people bandying about underneath them all. King Henry and Alys, Countess of the Vexin (The Duke of Normandy: Richard's betrothed wife) are in the midst of lovers games.) (When King Henry pops his head up from the covers.) King Henry 2: (speaking French) Did you hear that? (From under the covers sitting up slowly to reveal the naked and voluptuous Alys.) Alys the Vexin (also in French) What is it Sire? (King Henry dressed in a night-shirt points to his loins.) King H ...
David Villa has been my favourite striker in world football bar King Henry in recent years but I still don't know if he would be a wise move
Says. ♪ TOMORROW NIGHT!! Party of the year in AURORA at King Henry's Arms Aurora!! Bring your dancin' shoes and blow the roof off with "US"! SUMMER HAS STARTED LET THE PARTY BEGIN! with myself, Paul Pitchuck, Paul Watson and Geoff Moorhouse!! ♪
An old ballad from France. Written in the 17th century (1610-1630). It's a non-historic love story between King Henry the fourth and Gabrielle d'Estrée. In t...
Interesting evening. The Tower of London where King Henry had Anne Boleyn beheaded. And the Roman…
Anne Boleyn did not give into King Henry viii sexual advances for over five years!
meant Arsenal, King Henry, Zinedine Zidane, Patrick Viera, Robert Pires and the one and only Arsene Wenger!
Molson Coors Girls at the Give'r in Aid if the CB Autism Society at King Henry's Pub til 8 tonight:D 5$ at the Door.
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Molson Coors Give'r in aid of the Autism Society CB 5$ to get in and a local cause. King Henry's Pub til 8pm.
Vote for King Henry for best premier league footballer
King Henry and a double maths on a Monday.. Stab me please..😥
tell them who your dad is dre. TANIELA Henry. Tell them your dad knows the king of Tongan lmao. Do it dre lol.
portablemiah: Cute nicknames for your girlfriend or boyfriend N00b King Henry VIII Sad cow Potato skins 5...
Just watched king Henry video including &&
What ever happened to you being in an ERB as King Henry? :(
I have always loved the Tudor period I would go back to that time and dine with King Henry VIII
batman sucked Marvel all the way DC has nothing on them
The King Henry character on looks to be wearing a Burger King crown.
The Tudor Era! But I'd be praying not to fall under the eye of King Henry VIII :-P I love British history!
No lie avengers vs justice league would be a sick *** movie to watch!!!
Batman would kick all the avengers *** !
The dark Knight is the movie of the year because it has Batman!
The avengers was Good but not movie of the year worthy!!!
"I'll be the king and you'll be a princess" - Henry
They should've brought back Kevin Hart because he was really funny!!
Is it just me or is rebel Wilson really awkward hosting the movie awards?
Ian Wright greeting King Henry before he picked up an award for becoming Arsenal's record goalscorer What a capture!
My unbelievably talented brother will be performing as King Henry tonight AND tomorrow for St. Paul's production of "A Man For All Seasons"!
King Henry's Father did the same thing as King George Did with James. Marry the children off for Personal gain of the Kingdom.
Love the hit drama show starring as King Henry 8th Jonathan Rhys Meyers👑
If i could have dinner with anyone in history it's first be Anne Boleyn, then King Henry 8th & then Lincoln.. Then leo dicaprio 😏
Seriously can't stand Anne Boleyn on The Tudors... esp after Queen Katherine died- who was a saint! King Henry has made some poor decisions!
So am watching King Henry in Arsenal shirt and its like He was underrated in world football! How come He never won Ballon D'or
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is absolutely incredible as King Henry in The Tudors!
Oh hon' King Henry is plenty of eye-candy. P.S. - Henry Cavill was my mental image of Edward Cullen.
"Tell me how I'm supposed to breath with no heir" - King Henry VIII
the king of Henry isn't nice talking about his son :/
cloud atlas but henry hill from goodfellas reincarnating as henry "hank" hill from the animated sit-com King of the Hill created by Mike Jud
I don't think Cora shrunk King Henry as much as sucked the life from him! OMG
NW: The other Boleyn Didn't know there was a Mary Boleyn before Ann Boleyn both sisters screwed by King Henry
As a history grad student, I'd love to see the two of you take a go at King Henry VIII and his role in the Reformation
Yes, Gold/Rumplestiltskin...from the fairytale in which the woman has to spin gold etc to please the king. Henry is the son?
King Henry was really attractive what the *** happened!?
King Henry looks kinda Latino...just saying
Finished the first series of The Tudors today... King Henry was such a ***
The king there is named Henry, is that supposed to be Regina's dad? Wasn't her dad a baron or something?
get off your phone during youth, Henry. Lol. Court I didn't go either..
I wonder what King Henry VIII would think to the Harlem shake?
"_who is the greatest player ever in premier league?" Thierry Henry. The invincible. So many time epl king.
Stannis is like Henry VII in the sense that he's probably the best man to be king but he's so cold that it wouldn't necessarily work
Ruh-roh...methinks Henry Cavill is gonna commit some scandal with King Henry's sister...
No End in Sight for Osborne's Turbulence: "Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?" King Henry II asked when...
Basically prosecuting King Henry VIII for being such a *** wow I wish I could do that to all the *** at my school
If any of you freshies have weigl 2A prepare for a kickass presentation on how slutty King Henry VIII was tomorrow
King Henry was the one, Queen elisabeth was the other
Mike Henry can't hold on to a ball to save his life
Henry, I let you store your folders in my locker out of the goodness of my heart, do not listen to him
I'm wonder after seeing that when seeing The Tudors King Henry VIII actually imposed celebacy on popes n made so dat the host was actually
King Henry II was a Gary the gadget guy, lol
Who to choose? Hooray-Henry or king-of-cool cowboy? Hmm. AN ENGLISHWOMAN'S GUIDE TO THE COWBOY -
AVAILABLE: The Foul Mouth and the Fanged Lady (The King Henry... by Richard Raley -
In 1538 Knole House was taken from Archbishop Thomas Cranmer by King Henry VIII
nvm go to ridgefield, Henry said people are there
Sitting in room where there is a lacefront...fake forces...and fake js are bein used as fashion statements...i need to leave
He buckled his sword to his side & stood looking at her in the morning lite. Her long blond hair covered her breasts. It would be 5years before he held her again an eternity. Serving king & country comanding a warship *** it all! He would give up this commission to stay in her arms but a moment. Captian your coach is here! Houseman called. Very good he said quietly & walked out. She awoke with a start threw on her robe & ran to the window Henri she called. To late his coach was leaving the gate she dropped to her couch. Tears like the thousand daggers that tore her heart fell. Somehow she knew her love would never return.
French cooking in the 17th century . The reign Henri IV is symbolized by the famous poule au pot, which the king promised that his subjects would enjoy once a week, as a symbol of modest comfort and an improvement in the condition of the serfs. In fact, the beginning of the 17th century was marked by the contribution of the agoronomist Olivier de Services, who introduced all garden vegetables into cookery, for example, cauliflowers and asparagus. However the king had a preference for sweet things and so sugared almonds, marzipan (almond paste) and tarts with musk and ambergris became fashionable, together with all kinds ofjam. As early as 1555 the Italian care owners had taught the French how to make sorbets, and ice creams followed a century later. Heavily spiced food declined in popularity and a number of cookery books were written, the best known of which appeared in 1651. It was the first book to fix rules and principles and thus to establish some order in cooking. It included recipes for cakes a ...
If any of you are interested, the thieving filmmaker will be spreading his lies live at the following link in about 45 minutes. I would watch, but I'm booked for a nap and I can't reschedule.
Nottingham Forest manager Billy Davies was delighted with the impact made by his substitutes in this afternoon’s 3-1 win over Wolves at The City Ground.
OK, so we went to a housewarming party this morning which was pretty awesome. Two large marques were set up in the street that took up nearly the width of the street and were about twenty metres each in length. there were about ten or so tables to each marque which sat six people at each table. each table had its own bottle of scotch whiskey and a selection of mixers. There was also beer available but I have pretty much stayed away from alchohol cos of thedehidration aspect and the fact that Im still not climatized. My pee is iluminous orange and stinks, which means less tea and more water but at four quid a box of teabags, Im savouring every mouthful of tea! At the housewarming do was well under way and the food just kept coming! First off was parcels of crabmeat in pastry, then roast duck, folowed by fish and crabmeat soup then roast fish, followed by spicey pork slices and desert of mellon balls coconut green frogspawn or sago as its better known, in cream. It was rounded off with a singer doing kareok ...
12 pds of the leanest brisket I could find is going low and slow for the next 8 hrs in my very German very secret marinade. I don't know why it's easier to cook for 10 people instead of 2. But we all need tonite. Me and Becks Rebecca Lariccia the most. ~~~; } plenty of drink plenty of fud and the best group of miscreants to ever darken a door. Here's to us!!
Full Time: Forest 3-1 Wolves. Match report and reaction to follow.
Winchell 22. One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. Benjamin Disraeli 23. Pray that success will not come any faster than you are able to endure it. Elbert Hubbard 24. Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. Winston Churchill 25. Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it. Sam Ewing 26. Success in almost any field depends more on energy and drive than it does on intelligence. This explains why we have so many stupid leaders. Sloan Wilson 27. Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose. Bill Gates 28. Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result. Oscar Wilde 29. Success is blocked by concentrating on it and planning for it… Success is shy – it won’t come out while you’re watching. Tennessee Williams 30. Success is dependent on effort. Sophocles 31. Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get. Dale Car ...
RENATO XTROVA, i look to you my king! BIOGRAPHY (ENGLISH) Costa, Renato best known as Xtrova was born in Luanda, Angola, and early age showed interest in the world of DJs and musical production inspired by the bests national and international djs who marked the end of his 90s and early 2000. In 2003 already played with famous dj software "Atomix MP3" and with great curiosity gave his first steps in music production trying to produce Hip Hop and Ku-Duro (Angolan music genre with bpms between 136-142) using the "Fruity Loops" program. In the same year he discovered the passion for house music when he gets the Orbial Mix (Vidisco) compiled CD. Hence no more dropped the House Music culture, becoming best known by his edites and bootlegs in 2010. Renato Xtrova has the first original titled as Mr Xtrova released in 2011 by the Portuguese publisher YPLSON Records. He features originals and official remixes edited by many labels renowned internationally like Vidisco, Exklusive, Am Roots Music, Nulu Music, HiFi St ...
King Henry gets ready to marry Jane Seymour
We av thrown our beautiful country to DOGS! God u knw best n Hallowed b thy name! my heart z bleeding, hw da future of my gal z gona b n any other kid in thz nation!
To weep is to make less the depth of grief. ~William Shakespeare, King Henry the Sixth It is some relief to weep; grief issatisfied and carried off by tears. ~Ovid Tears are the safety valve of theheart when too much pressure is laid on it. ~Albert Smith What soap is for the body, tears are for the soul. ~Jewish Proverb The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea.~Isak Dinesen It is such a secret place, the land of tears. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince While grief is fresh, every attempt to divert only irritates. You must wait till it be digested, and then amusement will dissipate the remains of it.~Samuel Johnson I believe there are more urgent and honorable occupations than the incomparable waste of time we call suffering. ~Colette The beauty of the world has two edges, one of laughter, one of anguish, cutting the heart asunder. ~Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own, 1929 Doing what’s right is no guarantee against misfortune.~William McFee A new wound makes all the ...
Pic of the day: The Hotel de Ville houses the city administration as well as the overall Mayor of Paris. In the plaza outside, many functions are held; in the winter, ice skating is the norm. The carousel is there year round. In July 1357, Étienne Marcel, provost of the merchants (i.e. mayor) of Paris, bought the so-called maison aux piliers ("House of Pillars") in the name of the municipality on the gently sloping shingle beach which served as a river port for unloading wheat and wood and later merged into a square, the Place de Grève (French for "Square of the Strand"), a place where Parisians often gathered, particularly for public executions. Ever since 1357, the City of Paris's administration has been located on the same location where the Hôtel de Ville stands today In 1533, King Francis I decided to endow the city with a city hall which would be worthy of Paris, then the largest city of Europe and Christendom. He appointed two architects: Italian Dominique de Cortone, nicknamed Boccador because ...
Dmitry Tursunov - Philipp Petzschner 1 at 1.50 Tursunov did struggle in the last round of the quallies against Alves but I believe that was just a bad day. Apart from that he really impressed me in the past month by winning against Tipsarević, Llodra, Roger-Vasselin and others. Petzschner on the other hand is in a pretty bad shape, he did manage to beat Marchenko 2:0 in the first round of quallies and then got lucky in the 2nd round as Rufin canceled his performance and he went through without playing. Apart from that he didn't show a single good match this season, his best result is probably 3rd round in Zagreb where he lost against Haase 2:1. Philipp is mostly concentrating on doubles right now, that's the reason of his poor performances in singles. Tursunov has a pretty solid draw and I expect him to get pretty far. Nikolay Davydenko(-3.5 games) - Paul-Henri Mathieu 1 at 1.72 Davydenko is currently leading 6:4 in h2h, winning 3 of the last 4 matches. Nikolay is playing pretty solid, reached finals in ...
Photo of the hilt of the sword of King Henri IV of France. Henri gave this sword to Jean Harambure of Borgne after he saved the King's life at the Battle of Rouen in 1592.
Loved our visit to the Abbaye de Fontevraud today. The iPads for the children are a winner. The Abbey was founded in 1101 and is the largest surviving complex of monastic buildings in Europe, with grand medieval kitchens. It is steeped in history of the Plantagenet Kings and symbolises the Royal connections with the area and long association with England. Henri Plantagenêt stayed at the abbey before heading to England to be crowned King Henry II, while Eleanor of Aquitaine ended her days here. The abbey attracted controversy as its founder, Robert d’Arbrissel attracted large numbers of women to the Abbey. He created a mixed order where the abbesses held the reigns of power, an exceptional situation in the medieval world which continued into the 17th and 18th centuries. Today the Abbey is a favourite place to visit, with both permanent and temporary exhibitions. related link: l'abbayé de fontrevraud
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