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King Chip

Charles Jawanzaa Worth (born October 20, 1986), better known by his stage name King Chip, formerly Chip Tha Ripper, is an American hip hop recording artist from Cleveland, Ohio.

Chip Tha Ripper Kid Cudi Boldy James Kendrick Lamar Mac Miller Asher Roth Dom Kennedy Mike Posner King Los Kanye West Big Sean Michael Bolton

Freddie Gibbs, Mac Miller, Dom Kennedy, Schoolboy Q, King Chip and a cry from Max B if that's possible.
And Burger King??? Sorry I see better things for myself other then filling up chip freezers and bringing people double bacon cheese burgers
Some chocolate chip muffins sound so muffin good right now...
Wait King Chip put a song on his mixtape that wasn't even his... And it was the best song on the mixtape
King Chip follows me, just remember that
Melo never gone get a chip and I hate to say that as Talented as he is
Kobe my man but the Lakers not winning a chip. He still the second best player ever too date.
If you bet against king James you gotta be dumb
LeBron in the bank, shawty what you drank. King James finishes with 35 points, take Game 2.
.brought out and at his show in Los Angeles.
Kid Cudi - Just What I Am ft. King Chip: I want to get high!!
Really *** you had to pass me when I was doing 65 in a 55, oh and thanks for kicking up the rocks and for the fu( king chip in my windshield! So over today already
Cudi and King Chip always make the best records together.
Kid Cudi and King Chip are performing in Cleveland on March 25th. We have two tickets for the show. Details on how to win them coming soon!
I added a video to a playlist King Chip - Deion Sanders ( Official Video Shot by )
Chip Tha Ripper is one of the greatest storytellers of our generation...then he became King Chip.
Taking it back, with this Chip Tha Ripper(King Chip)- Money bumping.
Race Lies: Race War in America: Rex 84, King Alfred Plan, Operation Garden Plot- out to g... | via
Sunday ... Today we r linkin up with Hit Boy , King Chip & Danny Seth. 20 interviews in the books. Season 1 coming in February
King Deluxe's 'Year Three' compilation feat Disasterplan, Option Command (+ Aleph free to download now.
young man. just painted at BK, acrylic on paint chip @ Burger King
lmao niners back to the chip and yo I'm picking the chargers to win today but I want the broncos to win
Actavis by King Chip makes me wanna sip sum mudd! Where it's at??
Oh my I want some chocolate chip pancakes right now
Nice Burger King breakfast before the shift start
Cod is the king of fish. It's made the UK famous with fish and chips and the chip shop
NP: Brothers. Kid Cudi ft Asap Rocky and King Chip. "This is how it'sposed to be.
King Chip always mixed good with Kid Cudi
Like king chip says...That's just the code of the hood
Check out "Two kings" featuring King Chip by Logic, Logics flow is fire in this song. It's not the same as his other songs.
Kid Cudi feat. King Chip - Just What I Am by RepublicRecords on
Had a reaction & a sharp chip got stuck in my throat while I was in bed watching Netflix. So that's my hoppin' Saturday night.
out of sight out of mind! I hope you enjoy them though. Forgot which one is your favorite, so I guessed choc chip. 2 diff kinds.
Things I've learned from The King of Queens: never eat the nucleus chip.
49ers can't wait to eat the Seahawks alive in the NFC chip
Isaac you like a brown skin Chip king
I am officially in Earth Entertainment's Rap-Zilla show! Next Sunday, December 29th, I will be performing in Austin at the The Red Eyed Fly Events Page 715 Red River Street! The same production team that have booked gigs for Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, BOB, Big Sean, Trinidad James, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Snoop Dogg, Kid Rock, The Game, King Chip aka Chip Tha Ripper, Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK, Shwayze, LMFAO, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Juelz Santana, Lloyd Banks, Hurricane Chris, Redman, Method Man, Ying Yang Twins, G.L.C., The Cool Kids, Trick Daddy, Wu Tang Clan, and many more have now added One who May Ascend! I need you to help me sell a minimum of 30 tickets to stay on their roster and perform for bigger events (including, but not limited to opening for the previous acts) in the future! Tickets are only $10 in advance and $15 at the door! There is no online ticket option, so everyone must buy a physical ticket. I leave to Austin the Saturday before the event, so if you're in College Station and willing to help me ou ...
and it's King Chip's verse fwi Kyle. Try listening to diverse music and lyrics in a diff way
Cleveland's own King Chip gives us visuals to his Lex Luger-produced "Stand Up King" track.
I never thought in a million years that weezy would decline.. But, thank God for Curren$y, King Chip, Action Bronson, Flatbush Zombies etc..
"everytime she pitch i grand slam, say her man be bunting...". -King Chip
“Another You ft. Kanye West, King Chip & Freddie Gibbs” by Tony Williams is my new jam. Listen:
Cincinnati Bell still hasn't installed our cable & internet...I just wanna download King Chip's new mixtape
legend ! The Philosophers Stone (Comments welcomed and encouraged) Ariel Williams 12 votes by Anonymous, Kaushik Chakraborty, Anonymous, (more) In the darkness a low and loud booming noise rattles its way through the room. A pile of trash on an old abandoned coach moves a bit more than the other items in the room to reveal that a person lies amongst the layers of newspapers, empty cans, potato chip bags, and cigarette butts sitting on it. That person is me and what a mess I am. It would sound like a sad story of some bum if it were not for the fact that currently I am living better than most people in the world. Another explosion can be heard outside, I can't tell if it is closer or farther than the last one. I suppose I will have to get up and find out. No more sleeping with this going on. Those *** aliens. A few years back the whole world was all aflutter with with news of the first signals received from space. Real, true to life extraterrestrial signals. It took them months to rule out every possible . ...
WHENEVER I am asked to describe which part of Derby I was raised in, the answer is always: "I was brought up in Stocky". This was the area around Stockbrook Street and the time was the...
QUESTION OF THE DAY Someone once said: If a man falls in love with 2 different women (not simultaneously of course), he should pick the 2nd because if he really loved the first one, he wouldn't have fallen for the other one. Do you agree? Share your views.
Today is Monday, July 8, 2013. This is the 189th day of the year, with 176 days remaining in 2013. Fact of the Day: Sundae Whatever flavor is your favorite - chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch - with or without nuts - piled high with whipped cream - or not - vanilla, chocolate, strawberry swirl, chocolate-chip mint or any other variety ice cream underneath - it’s still a sundae. Without druggist Edward Berner of Two Rivers, Wisconsin it wouldn’t even exist. It seems that on this day, back in 1881, a patron came into Edward Berner’s drug store and sat down at the soda-fountain counter. Since it was the Sabbath, the customer couldn’t have the desirable, but scandalous, flavored, soda water. Mr. Berner compromised and put ice cream in a dish and poured the syrup on top (chocolate syrup was only used for making flavored and ice-cream sodas, at the time). Voila! An ice cream Sunday (the spelling was later changed to ‘sundae’). The customer was happy; Mr. Berner was happy ... he just invented a des ...
Good morning everyone! We have a lot to discuss today so let's get this conversation started.
"Heyooohhh, this is how its suppose to be" Brothers (feat. King Chip & A$AP Rocky)
Finally got my Roo Systems double swag.. Could not wait to set it up and get Rileys approval.
Fab day in Cape Town today so we think we should go out and ger some burgers and milkshakes. Who wants to join us? Just tell us about your favourite spot, pics also welcome?
Today, As a responsible citizen, look around yourself & notice that are we truly a developing nation?. Or we are unwittingly progressing in some particular fields in a very focused manner, (like Media, fashion, music, etc.,). While neglecting the most important areas, (like reformation of education system, poverty reduction, & improvement of law & order etc.). If a development is not balanced within all fields, it becomes regressive instead of progressive. That’s what’s happening in our society. When I go out of home & look around, I see three things flourishing on the streets: 1- Banks- In a poor, developing, in debt & foreign aid-run country, with around 25% population living below the poverty line, & a very slow GDP growth rate, Every other day, on every other street, a new bank is emerging? How come? 2-Schools-Every other day, At every corner of the street, Montessorry or public schools are being opened.But children are losing manners, ethics & moral values with every passing day? How? 3-Beauty Sa ...
Hi folks!! Welcome back We will like to discuss this week about your portfolio and stocks you own. should you HOLD them or SELL. And what price you should BUY your stock, So discuss with us here any of your stock query
How cool would it be for Kid Cudi or King Chip to come to me for beats? *faints*
Chip Tha Ripper over King Chip but whatever, naa mean?
Relations are like tissue paper ... TAKE IT . USE IT . CRUSH IT . THROW IT n dn move on to take any another tissue paper (relation) . N live ur life as a KING
pick your head up and let your feet tap, i need that, to keep the vibe UP - chip the ripper/king chip
I want to check out some other fandoms, preferable a TV Show that it's ok to miss a few seasons and be up with the plot. ( Of course I will go watch the other seasons when ever possible.) Any Suggestions?
Visiting Bournemouth in a fee days, where is best place to eat? Good food at a reasonable price please Thanks
“featured artist is king chip” that's boo boo. Should've had instead
Feeling very blessed: We had two great services at church today with Michael Braddock standing in for Pastor Mike on the sermon and some awesome music by Julie Glover, Sherry Hicks, Emily Glover, Collin McHenry, Tracy King, Sherry & Todd Austin, Evan Sams, Chip Carrier, & Sami, Savannah, and Rachel Austin. We'd missed our church family while we were camping last week, and it was wonderful to be back today and to enjoy some fellowship tonight at LaCampina after church.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
3rd place, 4 bounties(: Had the chip lead most of the game, and had an amazing hand with Jim...but after calling Sean Paschini's all in with Ace King of hearts (he won with pocket tens) it was all downhill. I wish Sean and Luis the best of luck heads up!!!
Had my treatment for today w/ mac, had our lunch at home and now i'm about to have my nap...thank you Lord.
There should be a radio station just for Kid Cudi and King Chip
Great night of Training - props to all the guys and bigger props to the newer few that joined the team.! Great work guys!
I'm just what you made God . Not many i trust . Imma go my own way God. Take my faith to wherever you want. -King Chip
"Two going at once, I like my girls like I like my blunts" -King Chip
Done lookin' for the critics cause they're everwhere, they don't like my jeans, they don't get my hair.
Today is National Chocolate Day. Did you celebrate? I picked up a king size Chocolate at Ikea on our way out. I made sure to share... :) What will you celebrate with?
Chip Tha Ripper (King Chip) wasn't that good when Man on the moon II came out
The Ultimate Purpose “He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love.”COLOSSIANS 1:13 This Ultimate Purpose can be summed up into a single thought, a central idea, that you find weaving its way throughout the Bible and throughout human history. It is the theme of Jesus, the preaching of the apostles, and the understanding with which those first believers became followers of Christ. And this understanding of God’s Ultimate Purpose and Intention finds expression in something that the Bible refers to as The Kingdom of God. At the center of this Kingdom of God is a Person. Everything that God has done, is doing, and will do is centered around this Person. The Bible says that all things come from Him, through Him, and unto Him. This Person is the Lord Jesus Christ. It is God’s Will that the King and His Kingdom fill all things with His Light, His Love, and His Life; and so this Kingdom is constantly growing, expanding, and increasing. Source:“Th ...
I am currently watching a thing on how the crusades and medieval times were it really was a time of great inginuity faith and romantisism unlike what we are told by our indoctrination masters in the public schools we are told we should be ashamed of it 1. It was the only wat to defend christendom 2. Even if it was shameful (which it wasn't) no is responsible for someone else's actions
I still can't call him King Chip. It's like calling the State Theater - The Fillmore. Nah
Rotel dip bake chocolate chip cookies waiting on Sunday Best in this rainy Sunday!!!Nicole King Destiny say she suppose to be watching it over your house !!!Only thing missing is Danielle Johnson miss u niece !!!
IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST TECHNOLOGY? We just read how Revelation 19:20 says, “He deceived them that had received the mark of the beast” so we know that 666 and the mark of the beast has to involve some sort of subtle deception or be something we are already deceived on. If the mark was some form of technology that the entire world already seems to think is the obvious answer, then how could almost the entire world be misled? Jesus warned us that Satan’s deceptions are so deceptive they can “deceive, if possible, even the elect.” Matthew 24:24. MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY - BIOCHIP, VERICHIP OR BARCODE ETC? How deceptive would it be for someone to command everyone to accept a computerized microchip in their forehead or hands? The Bible does not specifically say it will be a microchip such as a “miniature biochip or verichip” or that it will even involve any form of technology. These modern words, “biochip,” “verichip,” “bar code,” “computer” and “technology” do not appear in Reve ...
I managed to survive car shopping round 1 with Miranda today without being hypnotized or talked into swallowing my own tongue. There is about a 45 minute block of time I can't account for though.
Want my car remapping would it benefit me?
The first that artist to listen was Kid Cudi from than on I noticed King chip.
Rappers I'm sleepin on:. Chance the Rapper. J Cole. King Chip. Dom Kennedy . I need to get my weight up bruh
The reason black children grow into anger or frustration problems is as youth we're forced to learn about every other culture except our own. We're also stripped of our identity as well as a solid structured home and made a mockery of in public & on television. It's so bad that we have lighter shades of color battling with the darker shades when we bleed the same blood. Until we break the chains of mental bondage our people will never be completely FREE even if physical slavery is Emancipated...
I was so excited to get to watch the Braves game last night, and what a game it was !! My boys finally came thru w/ a goody. Up at 6:15 this morn to take my rider from nursing home to her 8:00 church. Back to walk Lucky & have breakfast before my 11:00 church. I had a king size banana nut choc. Chip muffin w/ my coffee. We've been having those in our family for at least 20 yrs. Yummy! Then it's been typical Sunday paper, take nap,play w/ dog. Oh, almost forgot. Last night I had some excellent ice crm. Peach Cobbler, Publix brand. Try it !
Hey guys so everyone knows the plan is to go to six flags tomorrow!!! Monday!
MTN has denied our students of telecom engineering internship and vows not to employ them. This comes as a result of a resolution by MUASA in 2011 to remove the MTN mast near Mary Staurt because of its cancerous proprensity. We have approached them and they have vowed to continue effecting the above unless they are allowed to have a mast on campus. Share your views about the fate of our health, bad network on Campus and the position of MTN
Brothers tho. King Chip took off. A$AP Rocky took off. Cudder took on.
Wheres the best place to get a pizza from in falkirk?
OK, if I could kill everything that ate things out of my garden SO FAR this summer, I would have venison (the deer that decided to eat half of my green been plants down to nubs), countless birds, chipmunks (every SINGLE effing strawberry BEFORE they could even get ripe), bunnies (half a dozen or so nibbled at my lettuces, but at least they left me some) a woodchuck (nailing my ripening tomatoes along with chip, dale, and the squirrels). I could fill my *** freezer with meat to last the winter, and they'll probably be delicious, since I FED them all fsummer. Aahjhj!
Joe Johnson and Dwight Howard have to be the most Overrated/Overpaid Athletes in the league
What a day! First the amazing Kim Houston surprised me with gluten free cookies from Germany, then the amazing Susan Schafer Moeller surprised me with gluten free banana chocolate chip cupcakes! And to top it off, we had a great VBS Kick-off Carnival and bought more yummy treats to support MOPS - Christ the King. Diet? What diet!!!
Does anyone know the number bus I get from ball hill to asda walsgrave
The most special part about the race today was that it felt like it was celebrated amongst 2,000 friends. Thanks for getting silly in your costumes to run with us :)
Pro Mod round 2 from Norwalk---Tim Tindle over Chip King, Rickie Smith over Danny Rowe, Von Smith 6.00 over Mike Janis who didn't make the run, Castellana over Satterfield   10% Off
Well, the Danny Rowe Racing team is down to one car after the second round, as Rickie Smith edged out Danny, but Tim Tindle is moving on to the semis after taking out Chip King. We'll keep you posted!
With respect to all captain, Sourav Ganguly is a born to loose captain & Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a born to win captain. Any doubt ??
have been with my old man now for 3yrs. He has a Baby Mama with his 5yr old daughter. She is a physco. After they broke up she shot at him, broke into his house took his stuff and sold it while he was lock up. He meet me when he got released. She knew she had the power still being the 1st BM and became a major problem with us to the point i was about to leave. But then I got pregnant and him and I now have a 17month Baby Boy. When she found out I was having a boy things got worse cause she knew once I gave birth the power would shift to me. This problem is killing him cause he wants both his kids in one normal loving family. I told him we should file for custody and get a R.O. to protect r family. But he feels bad about taking his daughters mother away. Things r so bad that I am about to take my son and leave. This is to much for my son. What do I do. Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android
King Chip kills any track he is featured on
To those that have donated for our Relay Across the Lake, i cant thank you enough. i'm going to list some names that i need to sing from the rooftops about. Alexis Del Campo Eyler, Hayes Ferguson Matthew Mullins Cristie Mullins, Paul Hletko, Tracy T. Trovato, Madison Graham, John Martin, Chip Gilbertson, Thomas Cray.
A Des Moines woman who hanged her boyfriend’s dog, Lillie, in the couple’s garage and watched it die will not serve any prison time for her crime. Police say 28-year old Sheena Cornwell showed no r...
Really trying hard to quit smoking!! I've been without a cigarette for two days;). Quitting smoking is without a doubt the hardest habit I've ever tried to break. The bad effects are legion. Tobacco use is the number one preventable cause of illness and death in the United States. The medical bill for individuals with fatal illnesses related to smoking has been estimated at $60 million a day, according to a 1985 study by the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment. Since the first Surgeon General's report on smoking in 1964, about 37 million Americans have quit. Those still addicted tend to smoke more cigarettes, but they should not lose hope. New strategies for quitting, based on a deeper understanding of the addiction, are in the wings. ''The known enemy is more easily overcome,'' says Dr. Jack Henningfield, who specializes in the biology of dependence and abuse potential at the Addiction Research Center of the National Institute on Drug Abuse in Baltimore. When the first warnings about tobacco w ...
Lets play a game fbf, the game is called Proving the bible is false. I will use the bible (kjv). And you'll use the internet, Koran, whatever the Jehovah witnesses uses, whatever the pope uses, Buddha or whoever. The subjects will be: life in general, finances, the earth, space, the human race, marriage, heaven, *** father, mother etc etc. If i can answer your questions just using the bible I win. Now I'm no scholar but I will do my best.
"Now this message is for America's most famous athletes: by Rick Reilly, published in Sports Illustrated Someday you may be invited to fly in the back-seat of one of your country's most powerful fighter jets. Many of you already have ... John Elway, John Stockton, Tiger Woods to name a few. If you get this opportunity, let me urge you, with the greatest sincerity... Move to Guam. Change your name. Fake your own death! Whatever you do .. Do Not Go!!! I know. The U. S. Navy invited me to try it. I was thrilled. I was pumped. I was toast! I should've known when they told me my pilot would be Chip (Biff) King of Fighter Squadron 213 at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach. Whatever you're thinking a Top Gun named Chip (Biff) King looks like, triple it. He's about six-feet, tan, ice-blue eyes, wavy surfer hair, finger-crippling handshake -- the kind of man who wrestles dyspeptic alligators in his leisure time. If you see this man, run the other way. Fast. Biff King was born to fly. His father, Jack King, ...
Headed home from spending the weekend with our forever friends the Kerri King Mullins Buddy Mullins...thanking God for the blessing of friendships that will last a lifetime!!! Praying for our TSC family and their services this morning and getting ready for VBS at TSC this week!!! My cup is full! I am blessed! God is SO good!!!
Woke up so hungry I could eat a baby cow.. Anyways I call my work to get breakfast delivered and they just laughed!! Y'all suck Debbie Cook Brandon Nelson...
I dont want LeBron leave the Heat but IF he would got traded or sign with the other team I dont want him to go back to Cavs. You know why? Yesterday im browsing about LeBron James an I saw the reaction of Dan Gilbert (Cavs Owner) when LeBron went to Miami. It is not very acceptable, after what LeBron did in Cavs for 7 years, and for 7 years he did not gave lebron a support? What did he expect? He says LeBron quit in playoffs, passing to LeBron the blame why he left the cavs that he should take. This is just a late reaction, but im just sayin' it. He is a bad owner. I dont want LeBron James to be in his side. That's all. -kingraps
Where's a good place to go to breakfast around here? And please don't say Kings/ Eat n Park. The Kaufman house is still closed, can't think of anywhere else good.
Had a dream last night where I was chillin at Kid Cudi's condo with him, Dot Da Genius and King Chip. Wrote a jam. Talked about how Cudi was gonna lay something down- alarm clock went off.
Chip Tha Ripper(King Chip) - Amazing Tree. This is my feel good track for the day! Was good peep-ole!!?
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Do you know what bothers me? It's the fact that the only women who will come and sit down beside me are as big as baby hippos. Don't get me wrong, I'm as ugly as they come; but, how in the world can a woman get herself SO out of shape that her fat swollen arms are as big around as my thighs? There's this one chick, who I think has a beautiful face, and I like her a lot; but, I can't get past the fact that her fat body is ALMOST unattractive to me. I know there are A LOT of men who like BIG women; and that's fine with me; I guess they think that there's more woman to love on; but, *** how do these women get themselves SO HUGE? BBQ? Chicken wings? Cheetos? Doritos? God only knows. And NONE of it is muscle - it's PURE FAT. Lord, have mercy, if you keep bringing these triple-chinned mamas into my midst, I'm going to lose my mind. I know I'm NOT the most healthy person on the planet - but, Jesus H. Christ!!! Do SOMETHING about these FAT women. They're going to end up all by themselves, digging around in t ...
Richard I know how Priceline gets such good deals on hotel rates. I will share photos tomorrow of this fine establishment they put me in. I should have known better as I drove past the shiny new hotels that mine would be on the other side of the tracks. Good thing the car is parked literally 2ft from our room.
Wow Anderson got knocked out and then talked about how excited he is for chris.. Has the makings of throwing a fight to me
The Bible was written in 550 BC The prophecies were written down because, as Jesus said, I tell you these things now so you will know I am who I say I am when they come to pass. ~ Daniel Chapter 7---Lion=England --the lion had eagle wings=the United States. The bear=Russia. The leopard = Germany. Dragon=Asia 1914 8.2 million dead---Democrat President Wilson creates the League of Nations (today's UN0. Democrat President FDR - rounded up Japanese Americans, started the Social Security # 1935 (Mark of the Beast) . 1939-1945 WW II 52 million dead Revelation 8-9 says 1/3 of the ships would be destroyed=Pearl Harbor 105,127 ships in total --35,387 were sunk=1/3. Prophecy of Great mountain burning with fire=atomic bomb dropped in WW II---looks like a mountain of fire 2nd trumpet. 1945 began the World Government. Ezekiel 36:24-, 28 foretells the birth of Israel as a nation after the horror of what Hitler did to the Jews. By 1948, 600K Jews living in the "promised land". War breaks out, surrounded by Arabs ...
Welcome the newest edition to the Belton clan KING B! 6lbs 4 oz of unconditional love!!! and he came house broken EYA EYA WO!!"
Please do not pass a stray pet on the street and keep going. Doing so is as abnormal to me as not offering someone hungry a meal, or not holding the door for someone, and as vile as throwing garbage on the street. There are certain things that are unacceptable and if allowed to become the norm, will break down the decency, compassion, and responsibility in us, ultimately affecting our humanity.
Just went swimming at the Aquatic Center in Whitehorse, Yukon. Now we're checking into the hotel. Next it's off to find an ice cream parlor. It's after 8:30pm, it's clear and the sun is still pretty high in the sky. I love summer up north!
I think I am grieving cake, choclate chip cookies, Mc Donalds, ice cream, and all foods with wheat and gluten.
Watching Return of the Jedi & (thanks to having Jason O'Connell as a big brother) just sang the Ewok song to Mike. I thought I nailed it - he looked at me like I ate paint chips as a child... I still think I rocked it.
Just In: Zaza Pachulia to the Bucks -- 3yrs, $15M. WOW.-Andrew
I'm a star in my head like Boobie Gibson.SWOOSH- King Chip
If you haven't heard Kid Cudi's new song "Just What I Am feat. King Chip" go check it out. It's pretty sick
Afterwards(bring your friends) feat. Michael Bolton & King Chip. The switch up is el poyo loco
Afterwards (Bring Yo Friends) by Kid Cudi feat. Michael Bolton and King Chip is great. It's funny, too.
On the other hand, the people Cudi has on his new album is banging: A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, King Chip
Julian and I are calling it, as soon as Indicud comes out, all of you will be on King Chip.
If you don't listen to King Chip, we probably aren't friends
Started from the bottom remix with Mike Posner, T.Mills, Asher Roth and King Chip is F'n DOPE!
"B*tch I'm From Cleveland" mixtape on Live Mixtapes *** Cleveland artists might be worst than the Nati's! Ray Jr, King Chip & MGK all ***
Started from the Bottom (remix) by Mike Posner feat. T. Mills, Asher Roth, Chuck Inglish, and King Chip. SO much better than the original.
With today being Gorilla Music's 7 year anniversary, there are a lot of people I'd like to thank. 1st, the over 50,000 bands that have played with us on our events. 2nd I would like to thank our amazing staff in Cleveland and all over the country. Without all of you, this company wouldn't exist! 3rd, I'd like to thank all of the great venues and studios we've worked with over the years. I would also like to thank the following artists and people that have made the past 7 years amazing for Gorilla: Mushroomhead, Kid Cudi, King Chip, Kevin Mylott, Bone Thugs N Harmony, MGK, The Black Keys, NIN, The Killers, Kirk Sommer, B.O.B, Shwayze, Sponge, Dangerous New Addiction, Lance, Emphatic, Jeff Blue, Keeping Riley, Garmonbozia, The sign-offs, Polkadot Cadaver, Dog Fashion Disco, Brides of Destruction, Gil Mantera's Party Dream, The Bellydance Superstars, A Greater Tomorrow, Spinn, One Days Notice, Cloud Nine Collapse, Habit, Tripodcity, Kids in the Hall, Atomic Grave, Darling Waste, Ringworm, Keelhaul, Disenga . ...
Seen her wit a group of friends, *** she got the best butt/ Then she turned around, lookin like Morris Chestnut - King Chip
It will always be weird reading King Chip, he will always be Chip Tha Ripper in my head
Am I the only one that gets sad when they hear "King Chip" instead of "Chip Tha Ripper" not okay
King Chip will always be Chip Tha Ripper!!
I'm not use to calling Chip Tha Ripper, King Chip.
I still hate Chip Tha Ripper's name change to "King Chip"
A$AP Rocky, Bodega Bamz, ASAP Ferg, William Henz, Travi$ Scott, King Chip, and Casey Veggies will be the playlist for the day.
Ding! Ding! Time's up! If you didn't know, our last (before Henry and Giroud) was King Chip himself, Carlos Vela.
King Chip rules all. My only goal is to *** you off while I help you live better 👑👑👑
Type of *** don't like chocolate chip cookies. I don't think i can trust you. Got to watch out for *** like you
People sleep on Just What I Am and thats a problem cause Kid Cudi and King Chip are special
I was thinking less about veganism and more about Chip King, fwiw.
New Kid Cudi and King Chip, Listen to and watch this smoked out track on
I d didn't even get happy when l listened to "Feel Good" by King Chip. Today ia going to be a bumpy ride.
Experimental - Big Sean ft Juicy J and King chip .
All king chip songs get me hype dog
You see that illuminati eye at the end of the of Kid Cudi & King Chip "Just What I Am Video?
Eating chocolate chip pancakes and watching the Lion King with
Key! And Curtis spazzed on this "King Chip ft. Boldy James, Two9, Peechie Green, & GoDreamer - Swisha" on YouTube -
I dont always listen to rap but, when I do it's King Chip! Stay fresh my friends.
Everybody go watch Cudis new video . Just what i am ft King Chip. Video came out today.
That new Spitta and King Chip track is fire..
I'm looking forward to this King Chip album tho...
Ask a baby-King Chip one of my favorite artist probley first on the list
Mad af tht chip da ripper changed his name to king chip why change yo rap name O_o
I'm listening to Kid Cudi f. King Chip - Just What I Am by Kid Cudi mannnmnn listen up
James Harden got them to the chip last year he just choked in when he seen d-wade and king James
King Chip and Curren$y. I say 2013 gonna be his year bro.
I'm listening to For Seasons ft. King Chip (DatPiff Exclusive) by Curren
Chip Tha Ripper now known as King Chip has been cold forever
we are right now, he's just a little shy. King chip are you in the studio?
King chip don't sound right to me but whatever
Why did Chip Tha Ripper change his name to King Chip? that's so stupid
I just used to discover Just What I Am by King Cudi Feat. King Chip.
I can honeslty say king chip is better than lil wayne, mac, wiz. Etc. Therefor he is the best alive.
King Chip is the most underrated rapper in the game right now
Chip the Ripper changed his name to King Chip.very necessary. That's my dude
Styles P, Noreaga, King Chip, Trademark, Fiend, Young Roddy and Corner Boy P are all drafted in to join Curren$y on his latest mixtape. Download and stream below. Download: Mixtape: Curren$y – Priest Andretti
if you get chance to do something real, do it right cuz you cannot do it twice...King Chip
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Be the first to listen to King Chip's new song "Swisha " now on HotNewHipHop released on 2012-10-31 10:59:00! King Chip, Boldy James and more team up for a trippy *** single about getting high. This will live on the upcoming project "Stankonia Sessions: A3C Edition"
The project features a lot of buzzing artists, with this posse cut featuring King Chip, Boldy James, Two 9, Go Dreamer and Peechie Green being the latest cut released.
The Source Magazine shared the following link and had this to say about it: DOWNLOAD: Currensy Drops His 'Priest Andretti' Mixtape Featuring Styles P, N.O.R.E., King Chip & More.
she said can we turn it down I said theres no music on? she no that weed is LOUD ;)
"Ain't no such thing as satan, evil is what you make it." - King Chip
Neighbour knocking on the door. Asking can you turn it down, I said ain't no music on, she said no that weed is loud - King Chip
CHIP VERSE I'm just what you made god, Not manyI trust, Im gunna go my own way god, Take my fate to whatever you want, Im out here, on my son, wont stop till...
Kid Cudi and King Chip (formerly Chip the Ripper) have come together and created an amazing song that will be featured on Kid Cudi's new album Indicud later ...
Kid Cudi's First released track off the upcominng album Indicud
King Chip is way way colder than chip the ripper was. Let the uproar begin 👑👑👑
Chocolate chip waffles with peanut butter and syrup and king of the hill ftw
Real *** listen to Chip Tha Ripper tho.. I guess he is King Chip now.
Asked a brand new baby bout chip she didn't know how to talk but knew all about king
Naw reese gotta be king size lol nd cookies gotta be choco chip
Photo: 💙 overall Fun trip to with da homieee 👍 (at Disneyland)
💙 overall Fun trip to with da homieee king_manny !!! 👍 @ Disneyland
So mad I can't find King Chip mixtape...
A minute is better than none, dont trip chocolate chip! We can party hard later on!
But aye, every dude gotta chip in on the alcohol dats tryna come thru
tell me you've heard just what I am with king chip
4 pigeons on the floor in the middle of KFC fighting over a chip
Chevy and king chip. sounds promising
can't wait to cop that king chip gear. Come back to NY soon.
Cudi and king chip go hardd in that one
Just What I am by: Kid Cudi Feat. King Chip'' Thts my song rite dinner 2!!
Tickets are going fast from the office! If you don't have your ticket for B.o.b or King Chip yet, you better get it soon! Only $5 with a student ID. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9:30-3:30.
Just What I Am performed by Kid Cudi featuring King Chip (2012) Provided with lyrics on screen. No Copyright Infringement intended. All rights go to their re...
G5 the jett , Chrishan , Delasean, Euroz , Famous, King Chip , Milli Millz, Six , Sir Michael Rocks , can go on for days..
Chip Tha Ripper is King Chip and now Los is King Los..
yeaa but jus do ur ting nd bring di chip fi Bloomfield
When did Chip the Ripper change his name to King Chip?
Kid Cudi and king chip for prez and vice prez
Why'd Chip the Ripper change his name? King Chip sounds lame as ***
I thought that was King Chip song doe
So two of my favorite rappers decided to put King in their name. King Chip and King Los. I'm liking it.
u must be a die hard laker fan Lol but if Knicks vs lakers in the chip who u have?
“ain't no such thing as Satan evil is what you make it” king chip
Is that a chocolate chip in the sea of milk?!?! 😳😳 where you been hidin bruh? They put you in the back?!
All these D-Rose Commercials is driving me crazy I need to watch ball on TV again! It's time for to win another CHIP !
Early in the morning I'm waking, baking, contemplatin! -King Chip
one of my new favorite artist is king chip... Thanks to cudi.
waiit.. chip the ripper changed his name to king chip? . WHYYY?!
King Chip - Ask A Baby Lyrics: King Chip Ask A Baby Lyrics - View the new song performed by King Chip from his u...
For a while,Chip The Ripperwas invisible unless his name was next toKid Cudi’s. Nothing against him-i just never truly grasped the appeal behind his music, but since the evolution toKing Chipi figure why not give him another chance. His latest record“Ask A Baby”is produced byCardowhich basically mea...
Audio: King Chip – Ask A Baby Listen to King Chip's new track "Ask A Baby". Production was handled by Cardo.
So a lot of of Rap these days I have given up on, but MGK, Yelawolf, King Chip aka Chip the Rippa and of course Kid Cudi are all on point.
- King Chip details his relationship with Kanye West, and says that he "doesn't feel worthy of being in his presence because he's such...
Preview and download Just What I Am (feat. King Chip) - Single on iTunes. See ratings and read customer reviews.
I've also been blocked up Doug Benson, Kirk The Martian Man, and King Chip. :)
Ok my 3 favorite young g's rappin at the moment: King Chip, Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller. There are others, but these guys deserve the shine
Pac Div, King Chip (Chip Tha Ripper), Dom Kennedy, & cARTer - Don't Forget the Swishers im kinda really late on this one, didnt even know about it, dont know...
Warner's secret weapon, Theophilus London, is hooking up with our friends on Oct. 20th to throw a special performance along King Chip, Travi$ Scott, and Phony PPL at Gramercy Theatre in the New
Tell your college you want King Chip. Tell them to contact the CAA 👑👑👑
It's really good, so far. Excellent quality and I've noticed that King Chip hasn't changed his flow much.
Crazy how much I can relate to this song.
"these *** jus wanna seen im not gone showcase you, i'll pass" -King Chip
King Chip should replace CyHi the *** and Big Sean should chill for like a year...Q-Tip needs to step up.
I would like to thank West Mercia's finest for the big f**king chip you put in my windscreen... I am so unbelievably pi**ed off!
Some people are U.A.F. Chip Tha Ripper, now king chip sayz it best
That cudi and king chip. sick verse
wait remind me and billy king when was the last time they won a chip ? Did I miss anything during the summer ?
Make sure keep that fire blazin we livin - King Chip
ima go my own way God, take my fait to whatever you want - King Chip
King Chip Pandora to start my morning
Would give my left and possibly right nut to go to a cidi/king chip concert
I do not own this song, all copyrights go to Travis Scott. I just wanted to share. If any affiliated parties want me to take this down, let me know. Travi$ S...
Slowly turning into one of my favorite cudi songs Steve Hankemeier
some people talk about it, we are bout it bout it. If people tell you, youre getting cocky, that means your headed for greatness. Use moderation and be the best. -chip the ripper aka king chip. lets have a productive and positive week team!
I do not claim any rights to this song. All rights are given to the respective owners. Just merely for entertainment and awareness. Lyrics: [Verse 1: King Ch...
"Know you are a winner even if nobody on earth can testify. Once your mind & grind is made up, things will manifest." - King Chip
- The Cleveland rapper explains the benefits of being an independent artist, with the most important being on his own schedule, not a ...
I dont own rights to this song. Kid Cudi At 2:30 its supposed to be sinks and floors, not 64's. sorry
The *** inspires me, the name “King Chip” just makes me wanna get to hollin status
Not sure how I feel about Chip Tha Ripper changing his name to King Chip, at least its better than Snoop changing his to Snoop Lion
how could he b da King n he ain't da best in da league? He's only got one chip
I wanna see king chip on. Stage this week
I don't know who king chip is tho, so scratch him.
if that happens, and the niners win, I'll give you $10 cash like King Chip's son.
When did Chip Tha Ripper change his name to King Chip? And who let him?
King Chip been doin his thang for years
I just beat King Chip in 2k lmao ..I still don't believe it tho
Just wrapped on the set of my new music video. Strenuous filming schedule, but worth every frame! More footage will be shot during my performance on Sept. 15th Peabody's Concert Club w/ Chip Tha Ripper aka King Chip! Contact for TICKETS!
King Chip (Chip Tha Ripper) - Whoa (Official Music Video) Official music video to chip's "Whoa" off of the cleveland show. Via ill...
The Truman Show is in effect on earth now. The eye is watching. The front cam on your phone is recording. King Chip. 👑👑👑
Kid Cudi is back. There's no doubting that after he released Just What I Am ft. King Chip, the first track off his upcoming album, Indicud.
the link is for a new song by Kid Cudi and King Chip aka Chip Tha Ripper
In case you didn't know: "Just What Iam" Feat. King Chip (AKA Chip Tha Ripper) just recently dropped. Off of his new album Indicud.
King Chip is a way better name than Chip Tha Ripper
And howw Chip Tha Ripper changed his name to King Chip. Guess I'm the real ripper now!
exactly. People know the name and he's built a rep as tha ripper. It's gonna saying "King Chip (formerly known as)" a while now
Chip Tha Ripper > King Chip . hes still dope but that name was better
Been awhile since I had a song click like "Just What I Am" by Cudders and King Chip aka Chip Tha Ripper, best track of 2012 x2
"Neighbors knockin' ona door Like 'Can you please turn that down?' I say, 'Ain't no music playin". She say, "Na, but that weed is loud" -King Chip (Chip Tha Ripper)
Chip Tha Ripper changed his name to King Chip? ***
Chip Tha Ripper Is Now Signed, and now goes by the name, King Chip
Chip Tha Ripper Signs With CAA, Changes Name To King Chip. Chip Tha Ripper announced today that he will be now be known as King Chip, as well as revealed his new home at talent agency CAA.
Chip Tha Ripper changes his nickname to King Chip.lmao
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