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King Arthur

King Arthur is a legendary British leader of the late 5th and early 6th centuries, who, according to medieval histories and romances, led the defence of Britain against Saxon invaders in the early 6th century.

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She let her mouth hung while looking at the lad with shocking expression. " W-w-wait... Y-you are THE King Arthur ?"
She deepened the frown while looking at him with a huge question mark above her head. " uh... King Arthur ?"
All over Britain, from Tintagel to Edinburgh and beyond, there are places associated with King Arthur. This is Arthur’s St…
With the help of his trusty wizard, Merlin, the mighty King Arthur was declared ruler of the great England after pu…
Your Quest: Retrieve the orange hat of adorable King Arthur.
TIL about Sir Morien, a historically black member of King Arthur's Round Table
Where did King Arthur Acquire Excalibur, the Stone or the Lake?
There is evil in your name, and stupidity in your brain. Thank god the white republican dinosaurs are…
100% Wholewheat bread that is moist, tender and studded with Walnuts. Great as toast and for sandwiches. Recipe from King Art…
Hero of Three Faces update: this gag swiped from Arthur King Of Time And Space, which swiped it from my first fanfi…
MERLIN: son, the sword is going to pick you, so it’s my moral and ethical duty as magic genius to kidnap you and train y…
Why not, time too list how many 'saber faces'. Shirou knows of. . Male King Arthur, (Alter) . Storm king. . lion k…
"Just hold it down 'til me and Paul George slide thru next season"
King Tut, Mughal Emperor Jahangir, and King Arthur all wielded swords made out meteoric iron.
“I am a fan of all things King Arthur, and have read numerous versions of the legend. This one is a new take on the stor…
Watched part of the movie King Arthur directed by Guy Ritchie on my break at work today. Charlie Hunnam hmmm 😍. All…
The first books that I remember crying at the ending were Robin Hood & King Arthur.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what Guy Ritchie did to 'the matter of Britain' in his King Arthur film. Revolting.
King Arthur – the power of The sword of the Guy Ritchie | Review home video
I’ll start with King Arthur: Lengend if the Sword because I literally just watched it. I don’t even like Guy Ritchi…
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, directed by Guy Ritchie. *** em high fantasy.
Someone smooth hacked into my King Arthur account and charged a $600 kitchen aid mixer to my stored card w/overnigh…
What a way to finish the Miles Russell's explanation of King Arthur and Britain's origin myths ble…
Didn't Tim originally use King Arthur for the BRDC presidential (lack of) el…
Mi album favorito del gran Rick Wakeman! The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table (a…
"You know much that is hidden, O Tim" - King Arthur, Knight of the Round Table, "Monty Python & the Holy Grail"
Hook and King Arthur are attacked by souls freed from the river.
Everything is ranked No. 1! Also, Clive Owen in King Arthur was a Roman pagan knight, not a Christian King.
Which is the better King Arthur movie? Antoine Fuqua’s (2004)? Or Guy Ritchie’s (2017)?
How the Life of King Alfred became the Death of King Arthur. This is the story of how a contemporary biography of…
Sorry, but while King Arthur slept, some sneaked past Customs into England. House of Saxe-Coburg Gotha, latterly Windsor. Posh Saxons?
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King Arthur was a pure Bernard Matthews offer. I watched it the other night. Even the CGI and Ritchi…
🖤 a Guy Ritchie film. 🖤 Charlie Hunnam — watching King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
Geoffrey of Monmouth. Because there’s more to King Arthur than Sir Thomas Malory.
It's a bit odd that most retellings don't do much with Arthuriana beyond 'King Arthur, but VIKINGS!' or 'but in HIGH SCHOOL!'
Malory had questionable sources just as Geoffrey of Monmouth had questionable sources... was King Arthur not real?!
People talk about Ed Sheerans Cameo in Game of Thrones but let's acknowledge David Beckham in King Arthur.
Smorgasbord Weekly Round up - Sir Tom Jones, King Arthur and other VIPs.. via
Digitally fabricated pop-up cabin is inspired by legends of King Arthur
Lost City of Z: With the help of Edward Cullen, Emperor Palpatine, and Dudley Dursley, King Arthur and Spider-Man search…
You're just amazing Mark,those outfits are badass beautiful! They have feeling of King Arthur's knights.VeryHard
Brother is moving back home soon, so a late night trip to Walmart for snacks and then to watch King Arthur. Appreciating my time with him.
Real ale fans in for a treat as Bathams announces its first 'new' pub the King Arthur will open later this month -…
If this is the once and future king, I'm all for it .
Schoolgirl finds four-foot sword in exact Cornish spot where King Arthur was said to have thrown legendary Excalibur http…
when England is in peril King Arthur will return. As a girl. From Doncaster. 😉
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Girl, 7, finds 4ft SWORD in same lake where King Arthur was said to have hurled Excalibur
This story was so cool , I had to share it. . I have always loved the story of King Arthur, Merlin and the lady...
Girl casually finds 'Excalibur' at the bottom of the same lake it was hurled via
MYSTERY SOLVED? UK girl may have found King Arthur's 'Excalibur'
Can't believe the Black Knight from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" was being homophobic when he called King Arthur a pans…
A hand holding a sword broke the surface of the lake. The lady emerged and looked at king Arthur. "Uh. I'll save this for som…
Watched King Arthur '17 tonite. Good movie - love Guy Ritchie's filmmaking style. And great reminder that you can't sustain…
We meet the family who found a sword that looks a lot like King Arthur's Excalibur in Dozmary Pool in
I hope nobody's childhood is ruined because they remade King Arthur with a girl
South Yorkshire schoolgirl finds sword at legendary beauty spot
A schoolgirl found a sword in the very lake King Arthur supposedly threw Excalibur into
7-year-old Matilda Jones discovers King Arthur's Excalibur sword and dethrones the future Suck it, Liz.
Now I'm watching King Arthur with my Papa Bear 🐻 but this time, I'm stoked, cuZ- .my husband, Charlie Hunnam😍
King Arthur, the Lady of the Lake, and Merlin.
1500 yrs ago, faced with invaders conquering native Britons, the Lady of the Lake gave King Arthur his sword, Excal…
“May [your] Excalibur be of service to you that you may be of service to the world.” - The Lady of the Lake to King Arthur
Welsh Lake Legends and Folklore: Llyn Barfog, the Female Dwellers of Annwn and King Arthur and the Afanc
The Soloists and Academy give Purcell's King Arthur the royal treatment.
Guy Ritchie's King Arthur would've been at least ten times better with either Jason Statham or Danny Dyer as Arthur
I love some bad movies (King Arthur with Clive Owen, for example) so I'm hoping it's good-awful and not bad-awful.
179. King Arthur. The Clive Owen one. This didn't feel historically accurate at all.
King Arthur (2004, Clive Owen) tells that story. Romans bring Sarmatian (now E. Iran) troops to Britain. Wh…
Worst movie ever! King Arthur with Charlie Hunnam. You'll be tempted by the cast, but don't do it.
Just finished watching King Arthur and sitting here thinking about how hot Charlie Hunnam truly is.
I liked a video Charlie Hunnam Body Transformation from Skinny Kid to ripped King Arthur with
King Arthur. I just wanted to look at Charlie Hunnam. Why all the snakes?
Everyone needs to go watch King Arthur: Legend of the Sword because Charlie Hunnam and David Beckham..enough said
The death of King Arthur was only the beginning... … …. with .
Just watched King Arthur. Apparently knights of the Round Table were black & Chinese. Who knew...
King Arthur is completely underrated. Definitely a Guy Ritchie film worth seeing. And you get to see Roose Bolton pretend to be Ser Davos! 😂
Proud to announce that Sean Cronin will be playing King Arthur in our staging of the new play AVALON at Edinburgh F…
King Arthur - how many ways can his story be told?.
(Mary Macleod, The Book of King Arthur and his Noble Knights, 1900, illus. A.G. Walker)
The winds will push Lancer SE. She may cross the Pendragon Escarpment or King Arthur canyon. Where is Excalibur?!
Clive Owen isn't Welsh SFAIK but he did a decent King Arthur. Glyndwr not young.
House at the end of the street, Life, Home, King Arthur, Nerve, The Circle, Alien (covenant), 47 meters down, Spy, Kong.
King Arthur legend off the sword is basically green street away to game off thrones without frodo
my of "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" by here
It gets worse. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Manhole, almost all of Diane Gabaldon book titles, Suc…
Vivian of the fairy race. The Lady of the Lake of King Arthur fame. . She raised Lancelot and gave Arthur Pendragon the swo…
I liked a video A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court - Full Movie
Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court troupe, modern man or woman falls into the past. Usually Mid…
King Arthur w Clive Owen, LOTR, Braveheart, and Christopher Nolans Batman Series, and the Alfred Hitchcock box set
What about King Arthur? It's near James Street and they have french toast.
Did you start reading (or watch) Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court again yet?
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
sonic and the black knight is following mark twain's novel, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, but with a hedgehog this time
4 of 5 stars to A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's... by Mark Twain
a good time to read A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur court did sing a song of this
Glastonbury. I'm Shieldbearer to King Arthur Pendragon & must await his return. It's not a management…
Were all about supporting our community&causes so when we heard about this play that casts a person w Down syndrome
Two new movies starting today: King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword and Megan Leavy. Go to for showtimes.
You may be right. Reminds me of Guy Ritchie's demand for his awful King Arthur. Poor Pemberton...
Logging on to the Dark Web and spending some Bitcoin to watch the secret 10th season of King of Queens where Arthur gets a wa…
Oh look, its King Arthur at the beach
Where is King Arthur when you need him the most. In those dire times, Excalibur needs to be found again
.did a great job of telling the beautiful story about a dog named King Arthur. .
Yo it takes me a lot to watch a movie. Which do I go for, King Arthur or Wonder Woman?
This artist living with Down syndrome co-created a new King Arthur play, and here's why that rules: ht…
I think lost me when the butler robot made dinner for the descendant of King Arthur on a sub looking for a staff.
So Marc is the biggest tourist ever and made us dress up at King Arthur's Round Table 😂
Heading to this weekend? Don't forget to search for King Arthur!
Omg this episode on Camelot and King Arthur on Legends is definitely my most fav episode 😍😍
🎭 Actors with Down syndrome take spotlight in King Arthur's Night -
King Arthur, Michael Meaco, Don Diablo - Belong to the Rhythm - Don Diablo Edit
D23: Anything with high action and low rules. King Arthur would probably go down rather well.
How did we get two king arthur movies in one year.
Just got back from Transformers 5. Turns out that Guy Ritchie hasn't made the worst King Arthur movie of the year.
I'm listening to the soundtrack and now I want to see King Arthur again.
The new transformers movie apparently includes plot lines about King Arthur. Stanley Tucci is Merlin. . Please kill this franchise.
The Foreseen Fates of King Arthur and Conan No, these films failed for one reason: They were poorly written.
That was King Arthur's message. That's a king telling the world you do not want one person to ever hold this much power. It's Washington
Oh I can definitely give you a few recommendations... ahem* King Arthur...
Congratulations to Ceri Urch for helping King Arthur and his gallant knights find the Holy Grail htt…
Yes! As a librarian I often think of Indigo & his King Arthur, too. Now I want to re-read these books again!
From bad to worse, Universal's THE MUMMY is currently at 21% on RT--even KING ARTHUR had better reviews.
The Queen of Camelot by Nancy Mckenzie! It's a King Arthur story!!
This makes me think of a King Arthur's World action platformer, which would also be rad.
If you like the medieval part of transformers you might like the new King Arthur film that came out before it
Family fun with Festival at this weekend. .
42. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Growing up a townsman, Arthur pulls the legendary Sword from the stone and discovers…
A million ways to die in the west, 3 *** and King Arthur
Charlie Hunnam should've reprised his King Arthur role in Trafo 5. At least that will do both movies some service
I added a video to a playlist King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - Final Trailer [HD]
Explore great legends all over South West Wales, where mighty King Arthur is said to have lived, battled - and still l…
and always flop, so. good ol red blooded mikey bay, made his king Arthur movie on hasbro's dime, and shoved transformers in it
so heres a funny story. a while ago mikey bay wanted to make a king Arthur movie. but no one would fund it…
Belief not relevant. Messiah had a far more military tone in terms of kingship 2000 yr…
this week i wrote about two bad movies. skip ahead to the Game of Thrones section if you haven't seen them!
And Arthur is being set up to be a goofball badass warrior. His movies will hopefully…
Plus, you can call me King Arthur. It’s like…fate!
. Q.Who did king Arthur get to build his Round Table?. A. Sir Cumference
Best part of my days off is shameless binge of King of Queens on tbs. Arthur Spooner da gawd
Why are you a "right Charlie"? You looked beautiful, like Guinevere from King Arthur.
Moving on from that: the entirety of the "King Arthur" element of the story could have been explained in 30 seconds.
Discover King Arthur locations across Wales said to be related to the mythical ruler https:/…
So apparently the new Transformers movie has Nazis, King Arthur, Merlin and even Harriet Tubman in it and somehow this…
It's Creative Arts Week dress-up day tomorrow! Knights, Kings or Queens, please join us in King Arthur's Court and…
And AFTER that I need to drag her out again to watch King Arthur's Excellent Ladventure *w*.
We’re watching the 2004 King Arthur and this is the worst thing I’ve watched yet for Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelson
Wow! What an amazing view of the North Wales coast! You can even see the castle in the new King Arthur movie! (if ……
King Arthur is so good i watched it 2 times within a week
I saw the new King Arthur movie and it was so *** unrealistically diverse it was freakin stupid. What the *** happened?
i've been waiting for this since first grade when i wrote a story about king arthur and drew guenivere as barbra in the film of HELLO DOLLY
I still think David Beckham should've had a larger role in the King Arthur movie
Update your maps at Navteq
Also: more in King Arthur's Court. Who is Dr. Ben & what in the *** does everything think is wrong with Dougie?
Maybe it's your King Arthur quest, maybe it's the Holy Grail you're destined to search for all your life?
Look at these happy people, happy thanks to Guy Ritchie and King Arthur
This summer looks like it's going to be a bummer for Hollywood
Chips, The Mummy and King Arthur all flopped. I dunno if Hollywood can trust white male directors with their big budget movie…
I believe King Arthur was practically reshot entirely.
Roger Dubuis,, Excalibur Table Ronde .. Drawing inspiration from the exploits of King Arthur’s knights,.
Ann from Persona 5, except she's wearing all the shirts found at E3.
Who Pulled the Sword from the Stone? The Truth of the Swords of King Arthur
When you can't unsee the on King Arthur's sigil.
Exelente pelicula: estoy viendo King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 3D
A ver que tal. Hasta que se me hace verla...: estoy viendo King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
Caliber is the story of King Arthur told as a western.
I liked a video King Arthur Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer
That King Arthur movie, not so great. Charlie Hunnam on the other hand.that man is too delicious, my word! 😍😯 🙄
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
It has to do with the roll film called King Arthur Avalon And a Robin Hood . Roll film Art . I was 12-13 years old
Short Story Merlin and the Magic Stone In the days of King Arthur, when the first 4
LIVE, KING ARTHUR CLASSIC, 16's take the CHAMPIONSHIP with a BIG WIN over htt…
So, the new Guy Ritchie movie about King Arthur–we have some Thoughts about it.
Urbandfwelite 15u wins the King Arthur Classic by defeating BMM 61-55
Will Baker and Sahvir Wheeler scored 17p each as Basketball University beat IAIW 68-42 at King Arthur Classic.
Now I'm really looking forward to it! Just finishing a little book from the library titled "The Disc…
Concept design for King Arthur, done for Framestore
If you had to choose one to happen, which would it ... — It's between King Arthur and Sherlock Holmes and I ...
Fact: Al Pacino thinks he's playing himself in every play, but thinks he's playing King Arthur in every movie.
In this video, you'll stand a chance to watch a shot movie clip of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword with...
isabeau looks at the camera and goes "one must never betray King Arthur's knights also I like women"
Missed one! 8) Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. My absolute favorite King Arthur retelling.
According to legend, the Glastonbury Tor is the The Isle of Avalon, burial site of King Arthur
Getting my retro cinema on at the historic Hull's Drive-In for the Wonder Woman & King Arthur double feature.
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King James, King Arthur, King of the Hill, King Kong, I don't give a *** Cavs gettin swept.
I've never been hurt & disrespected in my entire life till I started watching : King Arthur : Legend of the sword... Three days of download
A pair of dudes waiting to watch King Arthur commented on the trailer for The Dark Tower, noting just how cute they thought Idris Elba is.
Almost Happened: had he not died at age 15, Henry VIII's older brother would have become King Arthur of England.…
Mark Kermode joins Simon McCoy to talk about King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (rubbish), Inversion and Colossal
Watching the new King Arthur! (@ Cineplex Odeon North Edmonton Cinemas - for King Arthur: Legend...)
(King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword reviewed by Mark Kermode) has been published on -…
Here is our full review for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword which special guest Alexander Dunn! Tune in and share……
Don't think Guy Ritchie is gonna use this tagline for the King Arthur
When it's being very Guy Ritchie, King Arthur is great fun - Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Excaliburs, if you will. But it's so inconsistent.
Guy Ritchie on his interpretation of the King Arthur story
King Arthur was no bad! The Guy Ritchie-isms in it are definitely better than the whole cgi side of it!
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Yeah...its not good.
Went to see King Arthur Legend of the Sword, omg was so good 🙌🏻 Charlie Hunnam tho 😍
My ★★★ review of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword on
Its so good. I saw it the other day. 👀. King Arthur is next, then Wonder Woman for me 😎
Behind The Scenes on King Arthur Legend of the Sword (Movie B-Roll & Blo...
Just saw 'king Arthur' ...nice movie
Am I the only one who enjoyed King Arthur: Legend of the Sword that much??! Guy Ritchie --- you love his style or you hate it...
We're three singles deep into the upcoming album ... this thing is just begging to overtake King Arthur for Flop of the Year.
King Arthur👌 A classic Guy Ritchie movie and literally jumped when I saw Eric Bana😍 the action sequence reminded me of the game God of War😜👌
FYI- ignore Rotten Tomatoes. King Arthur is totally worth your time and money. A lot darker than Ritchie's recent work, but just as fun.
I fully enjoyed King Arthur legend of the sword at at Chesterfield today it's a fantastic movie 👍😁
I need to see this King Arthur movie
Actually, the movie is pretty good..the ending like a video tak berape epic.. King Arthur 7/10
The 'Fairy' books by Andrew Lang are Euro fairy tales in all their gore and glory. Robin Hood and…
Just booking our tickets to see King Arthur 😊 Will be keeping my eyes peeled for you .👓🎬😀
2 films down one to go then my cinema reviews are done for the week back to the cinema now to watch King Arthur in 3D 4DX
‘Chris takes a stab at guessing what happens……
Did you get a chance to see King Arthur? Hearing mixed things, but it looks good. I only trust you, master. Thoughts?
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Apples and oranges, compared to say King Arthur and yet... where is all the Guy Ritchie blame?
Just watched King Arthur at base theatre. ticket: $3.00. nachos: $2.00. soda: $1.15. I can get used to this
I think some movies would be better off as a tv series. king Arthur has alot of cool stuff,maybe too…
Unrelated, but I was super bored, saw King Arthur and enjoyed it. Cats said it was trash. I thought…
📸 New/Old Picture of Charlie Hunnam,David Beckham and Guy Ritchie on the set of King Arthur
"I need $175 million for a King Arthur movie.". Sounds risky. Who are the stars?. "Charlie Hunnam and Jude Law.". Leave my office. Now.
King Arthur movie just came out, I want to hear about your favorite (and not so favorite) adaptations of King Arthur? Use
COMPETITION TIME! To celebrate the release of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, in cinemas May 19, Warner Bros.
Charlie Hunnam is so hot and if you say no, you need to watch King Arthur but if you still think otherwise, come and catch this hands bih
King Arthur: not just a man of the sword?
My Thoughts on the Future of Guy Ritchie's Directing Credits (cos he's *re*done Sherlock Holmes, and now King Arthur):. [hashtag included]
'We dine well here in Camelot. We eat ham and jam and spam a lot...' Wait, that's a different version of the story
King Arthur, we all love that guy, right? He's the king! I guess. Because of a magic sword! Maybe. Ugh. My review:
Any news besides being reminded of King Arthur is good news! But yeah that's sounds scoody dooby dowesome!
Six films honey *** Six mockney abominations aimed at footballers? Please everyone, do not see King Arthur. For the love of cinema.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I'm pretty sure King Arthur never had a spice haircut.
FOLLOW&RT to 1 of 2 Legend of the Sword merch sets to celebrate its release. T&Cs:
King Arthur Legend of the Sword was really entertaining. An epic with the signature Guy Ritchie style
The beautiful corner of that's the real home of Arthurian legend
Why not come to our new screening of King Arthur: Legend of The Sword. Tonight - 7:45pm. Screening tomorrow - 2:10pm…
Love Enter for your chance to win a trip to locations in Scotland & Wales!
Actor Charlie Hunnam joins to discuss Guy Ritchie, King Arthur, and his tough-guy dad ht…
Watching reviewing the new King Arthur movie... I think he may explode...
I watch King Arthur even know iv not seen it over the fast furious film all day long
Hey! we are trying to pick a winner for the King Arthur contest, do you live in t…
Guy Ritchie makes the wrong film in “King Arthur”
There was a man and a woman a toilet cubicles after King Arthur. They have infinitely more class than Guy Ritchie.
King Arthur by Guy Ritchie or more accurately 'Lock Stock and One Glowing Sword' :-)
Not that King Arthur was amazing, it was rushed and had flaws but Guy Ritchie's style alone is worth it and an actual story wins every time.
REVIEW: Guy Ritchie's arbitrary reimagining of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is a royal botch-up.…
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We've seen the stonking King Arthur today. Pure Guy Ritchie fun! Review up in a few hours.
Ummm, the guy who wrote King Arthur is doing a page one rewrite on The Flash. Do I start praying to the Speed Force now?
Aspiring Miami soccer-team owner David Beckham makes acting debut in new King Arthur movie. No, seriously:
Jimmy and Kat review Snatched. Then, Jeff joins to review King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Tonight at 9pm on…
I'm at Santa Fe Station Century 16 Theaters - for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword in Las Vegas, NV
When will King Arthur movie air at SilverBird Cinemas?
.is Charlie Hunnam the new Taylor Kitsch? Multiple tries same box office results. King Arthur is the new John Carter sadly.
King Arthur movie filmed in Snowdonia flops at the United States box office - Daily Post North...
Was waiting for King Arthur to start. 👀thought I saw walk in and sit down few rows ahead of me. Is that you Uncle Steve?
King Arthur made less money than I would if I dropped a safe on my father's head.
I'm at Platino for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword in Miguel Hidalgo, DF
I've been thinking about classic stories. What are your favorites? Mine are "King Arthur" and "Robin Hood"
FYI: Travis Fimmel is NOT in the new King Arthur film..I repeat... IT IS NOT TRAVIS FIMMEL
If someone makes a couple King Arthur films and they bomb, studios think audiences hate KA, never allo…
The crew ISN'T biased against DC movies. We LOVE DC. But we hate the lack of leadership and vision:
If they make more king arthur movies eva green is my choice for morgana
From stone to the throne. is now playing! Get tix:
i watched King Arthur at the cinema today. the cinematography was on. point. 😍
The new 'multicultural' King Arthur film - what a shame! Maybe audiences are finally sick of this PC airbrushing of our h…
Warner's KING ARTHUR is a worldwide disaster: on 19,800 screens internationally, it grossed just $6.8M yesterday.
King Arthur is in the public domain, so the studio doesn't even have to pay royalties to anybody!
The army could turn this around if you asked it of us.
Give King Arthur your money because it's not doing well and I want to see another one.
oh this new statue of King Arthur on top of Tintagel cliffs is pretty badass .
Sharing the latest in and from | King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword review: ...
Yes. KING ARTHUR bombed because it didn't have a writer's room. Hmm.
important photos of Charlie Hunnam in the NYT
Deadline has a good King Arthur post-mortem up...plan was for an Avengers style universe but the visio…
This ain't the King Arthur your pops grew up with...Watch in theaters today!
Best thing about this piece is learning that Hollywood refers to the Arthurian legends as "old IP."
I'm at Kerasotes ShowPlace 14 for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword in Secaucus, NJ
I became awake about 5:00 AM and had a good time reading 'The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights' by John Steinbeck.
Movie time again. (@ Edwards Irvine Spectrum 21 IMAX & RPX - for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 3D)
Checking out King Arthur! — feeling delighted at Cfb Gagetown Base Theatre
Playing this weekend: King Arthur, Snatched, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Fate of the Furious, Boss Baby, Going in Style and Smurfs.
There was a Resevoir dogs riff in King Arthur: L of the S!!!
Excalibur! (@ Edwards Fresno 22 & IMAX - for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword in Fresno, CA)
Only the finest people are eager to see King Arthur, Jaime.
So.Charlie Hunnam can play King Arthur but don't wanna play Green Arrow. Re-examine your life choices, Chuck.
Will Charlie Hunnam’s King Arthur start a new franchise? Here's our review
'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword' Review: Welcome to a King-Sized Pile of Crap
Me, every time Charlie Hunnam and Aidan Gillen share scenes in "King Arthur".
Call it destiny that Charlie Hunnam won the title role in Guy Ritchie’s “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.” While...
Seeing previews for King Arthur and Charlie Hunnam makes me miss .
So 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword' has had bad reviews. Charlie Hunnam + Freddie Fox. I'll pay to see that!
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'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword' - Guy Ritchie and Charlie Hunnam ramp the action up to dizzying heights. Review:…
Only wanna see King Arthur because Charlie Hunnam's in it 😍
Charlie Hunnam attends the premiere "King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword" at TCL Chinese Theatre,May 8, in Hollywood.
David Beckham targeted online over King Arthur acting
I want to see an Animated fight between Shaka Zulu & King Arthur. Tite Kubo style.
When we came into the movies there was a King Arthur poster there. When we left it was Wonder…
have fun with my crying lmao King Arthur first though 😍
This review's all "'King Arthur' is better than anyone expected" but it actually makes the film sound like a mess.
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is one bomb movie! Make sure you guys go and see it this Friday when it come out
Thanks to , I had a very good time tonight. EVERYONE GO SUPPORT MY HUSBAND & SEE KING ARTHUR THIS FRIDAY!
whos tryna go with me to see the new king Arthur movie 🤔
Please, whatever you do, avoid KING ARTHUR in 3-D. It would probably make ALIENS VS. PREDATOR: REQUIEM visible by comparison.
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