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King Abdullah

Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein (al-Malik ʿAbdullāh aṯ-ṯānī bin al-Ḥusayn; born 30 January 1962) is the reigning King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

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His Majesty King Abdullah helping in the burial of Major Rashed Zyoud
HM King Abdullah II participating in the burial of the fallen soldier in the attacks on isis cell. God bless Jordan https:/…
King Abdullah II personally participated in the burial of the soldier killed in the op.
His Majesty King Abdullah II participates in the burial ceremony of Rashed Al-Zyoud
The Saudi Hawks passing over several RSAF C-130s assigned to the 8th Wing at King Abdullah Air Base — by:
mourns special forces officer killed in clashes with Isis linked group. King Abdullah in Wed attended the fun…
Obama & 30 of his pals went to King Abdullah's funeral in Saudi Arabia..Sc…
Saudi Arabia always going after people for celebrations, images and shirk. Meanwhile on King Abdullah birthday 😂
King Abdullah's (Saudi Arabia) response to new oil finds: “No. Leave it in the ground.Our children will need it” 2008
We under PGC are working for the welfare of Pashtun nation . We stand united with Saudi Arabia . We pray for King Abdullah
Sahar, Maha, Hala and Jawaher Al Saud are daughters of . deceased Saudi Arabian monarch King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz.
I liked a video Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is laid to rest | Mashable
🎶Hollow hollow hollow, Chelsea's success is f*king hollow. All that money you took from a big Russian crook + you'll ne…
For Sanders to nonchalantly call the Arab World a "very unheroic place," w/King Abdullah as the exception, is pretty insulting.…
The man who wants to ban Muslims, and the man who thinks King Abdullah can save the Middle East win New Hampshire. Sweet dreams, Arab World.
HM King Abdullah II of Jordan is actively fighting ISIS & we must support him to beat extremism https…
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King Abdullah II of Jordan (& among the many participants at More:
Obama to meet with King Abdullah at the White House
A new city in the lone and level sands of the Arabian Desert? visits King Abdullah Economic City
King Abdullah of Jordan has so far managed to keep his country at peace. But for how long? https:…
An amazing atmosphere inside the King Abdullah Sports City as the match gets underway!
King Abdullah: Saudi Arabia: Karl Andree has served his time. Release him now! - Sign:
Any idea where are the 4 daughters of King Abdullah that were held captive for some years?
My friend Fahd on bbc hard talk, on King Abdullah city an amazing project he is leading in Saudi Arabia
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia gifted a toilet made completely from gold to his daughter on her marriage.
Hard talk with Farhan,MD of King Abdullah economic city,he's already indoctrinated with the ideas of the west.He said Saudi needs change
none of the Saudi princes of King Abdullah is rich enough to donate RM2.6 billion n billions of dollars on a...
Notably: King Abdullah has not offered to join Saudi-Bahrain-UAE to save Syria from Assad. Maybe (see: Black September Jordan) he likes him.
Fritzl of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah, refuses to free his four daughters from their 13-years o… via
"Enda Kenny. will meet King Abdullah the 2nd of Jordan this morning." Telling more lies about fake recovery?
Jordan 'at boiling point' over refugees: King Abdullah says people in Jordan are at "boiling point" due to the...
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📷 rashrosh83: HM King Abdullah ii with HRH Crown Prince Hussein at New York
President Obama and Jordan’s King Abdullah met briefly at Andrews Air Force Base this afternoon [WED PM].
contradicts King Abdullah saying the campaign against is a third world war
After the uproar, Pdt found time to meet w. close ally King Abdullah at Andrews Air Force Base
Obama just ended a meeting at Andrews Air Force base with Jordan’s King Abdullah. It lasted less than five (5!) minutes...
BREAKING: White House says Obama is meeting with King Abdullah of Jordan at Andrews Air Force base -
Today is male and the death of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud may God have mercy on him and forgive him his💔
Jordan's King Abdullah meets in w/ Senate Foreign Relations Cmtee. But no Abdullah-Obama mtng this trip.
Sheikh Nimr was the pride of freedom - Princess Seher, The daughter of King Abdullah. ?.
Cameron, as also Blair, honoured by late King Abdullah for "meritorious service" to v https:/…
Among notable deaths in business and politics in 2015: King Abdullah, Michele Ferrero of Nutella fame, Lee Kuan Yew
What do Lee Kuan Yew, Malcolm Fraser, King Abdullah and Tariq Aziz have in common?
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was my favorite to help as he gave the Clinton foundation millions.
Picture of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia grave is among the top 100 best pictures in 2015
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia dies & is succeeded by King Salman (Jan. 2015)
COAS Gen Raheel visited Saudi embassy to condole on sad demise of King Abdullah. RIP
Obama traveled to the kingdom earlier this year to offer his condolences on the passing of King Abdullah and to...
Speak up to Free the 4 Princesses of King Abdullah please📍 Saudi Princess Against Geoengineering …
Bush's Dana Perino does not deny that Our Great Christian President held hands with & kissed King Abdullah of Saudi
you sound like a fool/tool implying Jordan's King Abdullah, Saudi, and Qatar are trustworthy allies against ISIS
In 2011, King Abdullah announced that women could vote in 2015, making Saudi Arabia the last nation on earth to allow women to vote.
.Prince Alwaleed ,nephew of King Abdullah, rape case in Spain!. They alway…
No Janazah should be prayed for King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia & none should inherit from him
Saudi ruler dead: King Abdullah dies in hospital …:
.this is a reminder that King Abdullah committed violence against his 4 daughters for …
Reformer they said. "An Interview with the Imprisoned Daughter of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah" v…
HM King Abdullah and Minister of State HE Dr Al Jaber during the launch of farm
Of course Christie is friends with King Abdullah, otherwise he'd violate state ethics laws:
but technically -- King "Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein" -- commonly called King Abdullah... so.. there you go -- in the clear.
A special thank you to our late father, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz for believing in women ❤️.
King Abdullah from Africa has money for you via you never know
Happening Now: His Majesty King Abdullah II departs to participate in the Dialogue in
Yet, King Abdullah, a Muslim who came to America as a young man to study, is exactly who seek to reject from our nation
HM King Abdullah II & arriving at Al Husseinieh Palace to receive the President https…
Looks like late King Abdullah and King Salman behind him.
If the US government wants to modernize Islam and Muslims in the Middle East, they need to go through King Abdullah II. He can make it work.
A devastating (& hilarious) character assessment of Abdullah bin Hussein, the first King of Jordan from 1920.
Will you be expelling King Abdullah's son from Georgetown?
Nor will King Abdullah I be visiting the US if Trump has anything to say about it
His Majesty King Abdullah II and receive the German President Mr. Joachim Gauck and Ms. Daniela Schadt
His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of Armed Forces, visits the Eastern Military Command
Trump cancelled his Jordan trip after learning it's full of Muslims. . King Abdullah should bar him from entry
Mission X's Ck on the shooting range with the King of Jordan (His Majesty King Abdullah…
I would ask, THE DONALD Should King Abdullah be banned from entering the U.S. until the US authorities get their act together?
Despite my great respect for King Abdullah II, I will not be visiting Jordan at this time. This is in response to the …
1948War: King Abdullah receives warm welcome from thousands in 1st visit to Palestine towns; greeted by mayors, Muslim & Christian leaders …
Trivia fact: King Abdullah was on an episode of Star Trek Deep Space when he was young. Ya so there's that.
Unlike Obama, King Abdullah of Jordan is not afraid to name the problem: "We are fighting a war within Islam".
This is wonderful, and good for King Abdullah - but where is bin Abdulaziz al-Saud?
RUSSIA DOING THE RIGHT THING!!! King Abdullah of Jordan even called Moscow the “key” to a political solution in...
"Battle...Takfiri Ideology" - King Abdullah II . ("Takfiri" is the radical Islamic practice of declaring enemies as infidels worthy of death)
Photos: His Majesty King Abdullah II delivers the Speech from the Throne at the Parliament
The current offensive attacks of France against ISIS reminded me of the time when Jordan's King, Abdullah II, led its army to crush ISIS...
France, don't be like King Abdullah and make an attack good for the front pages of the newspapers the next...
Shift your perspective: Extended interview with HM King Abdullah of Jordan on & "our civil war" within https…
*** straight. Jordan's King Abdullah is a real badass...unlike some.
AMMAN Jordan’s King Abdullah II today urged Muslims to lead fight against extremists who carry out terrorist attacks h…
Please help He was arrested as minor and was sentenced to death. Sign & share widely
gonna be like when they killed Jordanian pilot king Abdullah wanted to put them into 5th century just needed logistics O - no
King Abdullah II calls upon to lead the fight against
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
. "How many Jordanians get mentioned in a speech by the President of the United States?".
King Abdullah II calls on Muslims to guide the combat in opposition to terrorism -
Noo, really? Jordan says refugees affects their school systems, infrastructure, healthcare, competing for jobs.
Why is it that Husain Abdullah got flagged for going down to his knees after a TD but it's cool when Adrian Peterson does it?
Amazing speech by King Abdullah II of Jordan in European Parliament ..
His Majesty King Abdullah II meets with the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud
A glorious and traditional day in today at the state opening of parliament by HM King Abdullah ll. So proud. https:…
That's worse than Abdullah's return lmfao
Confronting extremism is "A regional and international responsibility, but it is mainly our battle, us Muslims" kin…
RIP , have said that if the world didn't fight the with us, terrorism will come to you !! ht…
The *** Yeah France!" comments regarding the bombing of Raqqa are eerily reminiscent of *** Yeah King Abdullah!"
When will the rest of the world listen to this? His Majesty King Abdullah II on defeating Daesh / ISIS and extremism
King Abdullah principled leader of the Arab World calls for Muslims to lead fight against terror. Amen!
King Abdullah put the boots to them once already. Looks like they didn't pay attention the first time.
King Abdullah II calls upon Muslims to lead the fight against terrorism
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In 2014 King Abdullah warns if the world doesn't unite to fight it, terrorism could attack US, Europe within months |htt…
His Majesty King Abdullah II strongly condemns the cowardly attacks on Paris &extends his sincere condolences to the French Pres…
Jordan's King Abdullah II says terrorism is "greatest threat to our region" & Muslims must lead fight against it. https:…
This is Islam's civil war... and these *** need to be stomped out. Watch this please.
Dad on the right. Late King Abdullah on the left. May god keep this land and all those inside it safe.
Jordan's King Abdullah calls for international collaboration over war in
Jordan's King Abdullah: Cameras will not be installed inside al-Aksa Mosque https:/…
AMMAN King Abdullah of Jordan has sent Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas an urgent message to calm tensions in the West Bank
With SooShi, Emtinan_saud, and 3 others at Imam University - King Abdullah —
President of India HE Shri Pranab Mukherjee will be on a State visit to Jordan fm Oct 10-12 at the invitation of HM King Abdullah
I hope King Abdullah explained to PB how the US abandoned Jordan in the war against the radical Islamic Insurgency ..
Quite the party at today. Obama, Putin, Castro, Rouhani, Xi, Mugabe, Zuma, Pena, Kirchner, Hollande, King Abdullah, Sisi, Lukashenko...
Shias thought Imam Mahdi will come after the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. See the count-up timer.
"US Vice-President Joe Biden and King Abdullah of Jordan discussed the recent violence in Jerusalem ignited by...
In phone call w/ King Abdullah, called on all parties to “exercise restraint." Readout here:
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At least Jordan is a friendly, that is until King Abdullah is no more.
after a long delay, King Abdullah and President abbas are to meet sunday in Amman
The scene of Abu-Dhabi Crown Prince & Jordan's King Abdullah sitting happily with the Russia's Putin may not please many in …
Besides al-Sisi, also in the Russian capital, King Abdullah and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed Zaid Al-all to buy weapons
Egypt's Sisi, Jordan’s King Abdullah, and Abu Dhabi's Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan are in Russia for talks.
aviation club members in King Abdullah of at a space show
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed . King Abdullah ll. President Al Sisi . All in Russia to meet President All the best to them in this summit!
Happy Birthday to Queen Noor of Jordan, wife of late King Hussein . 🇯🇴 Bin Abdullah. . Ps this is King Abdullah's mom
Fox News is part. owned by Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, nephew of former King Abdullah
David Cameron had flags at half-mast for Holocaust denier King Abdullah of any outrage from or
Jordanian and Saudi kings to visit Russia: AMMONNEWS - King Abdullah bin al-Hussein of Jordan and King Salman ...
Barack Obama supports Israel's right to exist. Not called a Zionist. King Abdullah of Jordan not called a Zionist. Wonder why not
I notice you didn't say anything about your corrupt country's human rights record:
impaired vision like 2 others who make D 3 blind men fable.Obama, King Abdullah God bless him.
that the King Abdullah Economic City will provide 1 million jobs &homes for 2 million residents by completion!
King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah bn Abdulaziz says that the mother tongue of Arabs is Arabic;and not Hindi/Urdu, sources told Al-Bakistan Times
Riyadh: King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah bn Abdulaziz has requested Muslims from India and Pakistan to stop pretending to be Arabs.
Meet the king of Israel's medical marijuana industry
Why my *** King Abdullah of Jordan look like he about to be on The Expendables
With Abdullah, if Ebron show up and Stafford cut down on the turnovers...The lions could have the nicest offense in the league!
was told King Abdullah will inspect armouries, stores, the whole rock show - Sandhurst grad
I like that King Abdullah of Jordan is known to conduct snap inspections when bored
King Abdullah ll of Jordan. A warrior king protecting refugees from Syria. A true leader for religious freedom.
Ameer Abdullah cutting on DIMES right now.
Idk how y'all was sleep on ameer Abdullah to start
Bell, Abdullah, Riddick gonna be a real nice three headed Dragon
Ameer Abdullah has already made Lions fans forget about Reggie Bush.
Fancy footwork. Cuts on dime. And can pick up 46 yards in a blink. Football fans.. meet Ameer Abdullah.
Abdullah goes for 51 yards on 1st carry of second series.
but you didn't have 🔥 lines such as "Saudi royalty cried when King abdullah died" nor did you play piano
HDP leader reacts strongly ag. declaration of one day of national mourning in following death of Saudi King Abdullah. . …
Sad king Abdullah died, he was so progressive on women's rights...he imprisoned his 4 daughters for 13 yrs
King back home after private trip: Amman, Aug 13 (Petra) -- His Majesty King Abdullah II, on Thursday, returne...
DAVOS WATCH: King Abdullah mourned, Draghi gets more praise
After leaving Jordan last Friday, King Abdullah returned today to Jordan. No info on where King went for a week & why
12'- GOAL! Abdullah El-Said scores his second of the night to make it 2-0. Away side looking helpless.
9'- GOAL! Abdullah El-Said converts his penalty to make it 2-0
You guys don't know King Abdullah Stadium. And we don't know De Kuip Stadium. Fair enough.
Whats wrong with the name King Abdullah?
Kuttay bhonktay hi rehtay hain.King Abdullah was kind to Pakistan
lol Tories going on about Corbyn being at events with Hamas when the UK gov't hung the flag at half mast for King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
Former President Gen asked interior ministry to let him visit for condolence of late King http:…
A poor man in sujud is more powerful than a king who doesn't lower his head to worship Allah
King Abdullah Foundation reviews progress of humanitarian projects.
So you're wondering what exactly did Gaddafi expose about King Abdullah on live TV? Well here's what...
Despite what everyone thinks of Gaddafi, the one brave thing he said publicly to King Abdullah of Saudi just makes him a legend.
Allah have mercy on our Imam, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud. Allah grant him a place in Jannah and guide our next leade…
King Abdullah truly has left a huge legacy in makkah. He officiated the extention of the holy mosque…
Nazi or not. The Queen wasn't 7 when she endorsed this murderous dictator. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.
Tunnel leading to King Abdullah expansion of the Grand Mosque made operational — SPA
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia hospitalized and markets are watching
Egyptian officials say King Abdullah will arrive in next 2 days for official visit with King Farouk; purpose not disclosed [20 Jun 48]
FM notified late King Abdullah that South has vital location 4 KSA & should move 2 secure it b4
ich so, bei pics v Ch. Lagarde . *in a very discret way he was a strong advot for women* King Abdullah, Saudi Arabien
Not a Saudi Succession Crisis: It was instituted by King Abdullah to reassure the Saudi public and Saudi Arabi...
it must urge King Abdullah to be the true protector of the rights of Muslims around the world...
Serving in Saudi Arabia more than a decade ago, I had the opportunity to get to know King Abdullah:
85% of Saudi Arabia’s Muslims are Sunnis, including just-deceased King Abdullah , and the other 15% are Shiites
Saudi Arabia: Five worst human rights abuses in the reign of King Abdullah via
BBC reports that King Abdullah plans to visit King Ibn Saud in Riyadh soon; Saudi King allegedly offered new friendship pact [14 Jun 48]
I'm sure if she was younger, she'd go to Saudi Arabia & sit on King Abdullah's lap.
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia - King Abdulloh Buried at Al Oud Cemetery ... via
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia dies: world reaction | via
Before World Economic Forum at the Dead Sea. Sir Chakrabarti, King Abdullah discuss support for Jordan...
projects worth $18 billion to be announced today, King Abdullah of tells -
VIDEO: King Abdullah opens the on the Middle East and North Africa -
RICEC is on King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Road at Al Waha district, 15 mins from King Khalid Int. Airport
accepts invitation from King Abdullah of to participate in World Economic Forum on Middle East to be held later this month.
First summit for Saudi King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz who took the throne on January 23 following the death of King Abdullah.
3. Sit back and cower down - look how King Abdullah's plans have been thrown to the wind - Salman, waited & has struck hard stabbing his
Will President Obama now give Jordan’s King Abdullah the Benjamin Netanyahu treatment?
King Abdullah of Jordan just told Bret Baier the supply of weaponry from US has improved quite a bit in the last few weeks. That's super!
Bret Baier has great interview with King Abdullah right now!
King Abdullah of Jordan is a wonderful man. And so is Bret Baier.
King Abdullah of Jordan, The only courageous man in the Middle East.
Rabbi Rosen: 'when I met King Abdullah he said: Tora, Bible and Koran all teach respect for humanity - well, we have a lo…
Saudi Arabian royal court confirms death of King Abdullah at 90 - follow >>
Exquisite: The rubies are thought to have been a gift from Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, who died la
Saudi- The mural that stole the nations hearts: (MENAFN - Arab News) The passing of the late King Abdullah bin...
Manly (adj): Walking hand-in-hand & kissing on the mouth King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia letting the world know he was the king's biatch
Obama bows to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. This proves loyalty to Islamic royalty !
I can understand ur silly argument after the death of ur father Saudi tyrant King Abdullah. Gud riddance tho!
Sickening to see UK fly flags at half mast for dead Saudi dictator King Abdullah. Never done for people he executed http…
GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel and Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah shake hands at the Chancellery in Berlin on Nov...
King Abdullah II: "I think the debate in our society now is that people have to agree on zero-tolerance to terrorism."
King Abdullah brought new rights to women. W/ a new ruler, they have much to lose.
Mohammed kallon Come here to jeddah in stadium king Abdullah the new ,fans Ittihad miss you 😘
look at the ittihad fans now in the king Abdullah stadium... new stadium
"We refuse to marginalize the role of women in Saudi society" - King Abdullah…
How this Arab leader has shown genuine leadership and courage in facing ISIS head-on:
Watch my full interview with King Abdullah II on GPS tomorrow at 10 am + 1 pm ET on CNN:
Saudi women unsure whether new king will reverse limited gains in women's rights made under King Abdullah
His Majesty King Abdullah II departs on a visit to Morocco Find out what's on the agenda.
Missed this one. Tony Blair paid $65k per month by Saudi oil company headed by King Abdullah's son .
Voices of King Abdullah & Queen Rania of Jordan, Pres right not to call ISIS Islamic,
An amazing piece by Stefan Molyneux on King Abdullah and our bootlicking Western leaders.
Also, Saudi inching closer to TR and Qatar after King Abdullah death. TR intervention Possibly Backed by SA?
Rafsanjani 4 2nd time severely criticizes GC's Jannati for his derogatory comments about Saudi's King Abdullah
Q&A: What Does Death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Mean for the US?
Westminster Abbey criticised for flying flag at half mast for Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah
Saudi Arabia’s succession process after the death of King Abdullah
source confirms King Abdullah in "critical condition" could "overcome it".Prince Khaled Bin Bandar in DC soon. http…
the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia explained Islam
Recorded our condolences and sympathy for passing away of King Abdullah at Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Ankara.
Make it so RTKing Abdullah II is the only monarch to have appeared on Star Trek htt…
Jordan's King Abdullah instead of capitulating to demands for a trade, chopped off the heads of ISIS terrorists.
GCC flags at half mast for 40 days of mourning of the passing of King Abdullah but to explain that the…
People getting ready for salaatul Jummuah Inside the new King Abdullah Extension, Masjid al-Haram,…
ISIS line up netanyahu , obama , pope tawadros ii , Abdullah ii of jordon, stephen carter , king of saudi etc and behead them mercilessly.
90-year-old Saudi King Abdullah dies, succeeded by 79-year-old. Sounds almost like the California Democrat party!
- Saudi King Abdullah death: Cameron to pay his respects on
Sufiani in Damascus has risen & king Abdullah of Saudi died, these clear proofs about imam Mahdi A.S. He knows who he is.
Since Obama doesn't know what 2 do about ISIS- make King Abdullah OUR Commander & Chief give him all our resources & HE WILL end this mess!
To King Abdullah & Bibi Netanyahu Islamic terrorist is an existential enemy like Nazism and the Cold War, only one *** doesn't 0 in the WH
MEPCO in the King Abdullah Stadium, it's good work. Sami Safran Mepco Middle East Paper Co.
King Abdullah May God bless his soul and his idea of media 😂…
King Abdullah II: "I don't think the Middle East could afford another war."
King Abdullah probably didn't believe in afterlife.So he didn't wait for heaven.He enjoyed 72 virgins here on earth. h…
ABSOLUTELY as did King Abdullah, heroic both of them
When took King Abdullah for a drive...
Saudi King Abdullah is dead. Legacy: Lifting country from 12th into the 13th century, re: women, *** Shia minority h…
"His Majesty King Abdullah II met today with Commander of U.S. Special Command" i respect the leadership style of King Abdullah of Jordan
Barkley: Wish Obama Was Like Jordan's King In Battling ISIS If we're going to have a king, at le…
Happening Now: His Majesty King Abdullah II meets the Chairman & members of the Independent Elections Commission (IEC)
King Abdullah said terrorism could reach Europe and America if the world does not unite against it
Yes, because King Abdullah was a democratically elected representative of the Saudi people, wasn't he?
" Saudi women gets 90 lashes for being raped. Aus & UK flags at half mast for King Abdullah.
HRH King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia left for heavenly abode at the age of 90 . A great loss.
Wow, King Abdullah really was an amazing reformer
Coverage of the death of Saudi Arabian dictator King Abdullah on January 23 fits the usual pattern. Given the...
The UK mourned the loss of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, under whom the punishment for being raped was 200 lashes. http…
They love King Abdullah, You cannot buy this kind of commitment and loyalty. It is the mark of a great leader …
Saudi Royal Court politics that is coming out on details after King Abdullah's death and is like a series of G…
Frantic intrigue of King Abdullah's last hours via
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia died recently…. In 50 million years, he will be oil.
Smart girls raise up! Free the Four daughters of the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
King Abdullah of Saudi dies at 90, dat man changed Saudi Arabia, wat wil u b remembered for
President will cut short his three-day trip to India to travel to Saudi Arabia to pay respects following the death of King Abdullah, U
Brian Williams joins ISIS-killing commando force with Jordan's King Abdullah during "few days off" with NBC News.
Netanyahu to Jordan's King Abdullah: World should unite against 'barbaric cruelty' of ISIS
TIL King Abdullah bin al-Hussein (then Prince) of Jordan appeared as an extra in a 'teaser' for Sta...
King Abdullah knows how to respond... Hussein Obama - not so much.
King Abdullah of Jordan is a geek. Deal with it.
Jordan's King Abdullah knows how to respond to Islamic Terrorism..Hussein - not so much. . .
ISIS is being Destroyed by King Abdullah. A Direct Descendant of Muhammad. Now That's Poetic Justice.
Absolutely loved this caricature from The Seattle Times (honoring Jordan's King Abdullah -
Prince Charles has arrived in Jordan at start of six day tour in Middle East. Will meet King Abdullah tomorrow Sunday.
STAGGERING! Flag above Parliament House flying at half-mast for death of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah
Just IS saying that. King Abdullah unlikely to claim it was his boys. Messy.
Sisi and King Abdullah can lead moderates against Islamists.
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This is Jordan's King Abdullah, and he has been personally dropping bombs on ISIS. 😂
Mr. Obama should scamper on over to Jordan and take lessons on leadership, assertiveness, and reaction efficiency from King Abdullah II.
The King of Jordan is a badass and he is now my new hero:...
Jordan's King Abdullah to Personally Lead Airstrikes on ISIS?. King of Jordan has BIG balls!! *** *** balls!
Jordan's King Abdullah personally consoled the father of pilot killed by
King Abdullah of Jordan: a warrior and a biker but is he a statesman? | via
King Abdullah is my type of Arabic King. No jihadi beard, no weird moustache, lovely plain face,s…
Obama "degrades" while King Abdullah destroys. This is what payback looks like.
Jordan’s King Returns Home (after piloting one of the planes) to Cheers After Swift Executions of IS hostages.
Jordan's King Abdullah has said they will pursue until his country "runs out of fuel & bullets". H/T
King Abdullah took swift revenge against Who do you think is tougher: King Abdullah or President Obama?
There is no honor among sycophants. Shall I Compare King Abdullah to a Summer's Day? .
Talking about Poetic Justice. ISIS is now at War with King Abdullah who is a Direct Descendant of Muhammad.
Jordan's King is also a paratrooper. He's taking the fight straight to ISIS.
King Abdullah will soon become the most popular politician in America, and possibly the world. He LEADS from the FRONT. …
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Honestly we need a president like the King of Jordan King Abdullah he had 35 years in the army and 22 as a commander of the special forces
King Abdullah may be talking tough about revenge against don't expect cavalry to follow.
Jordan's Abdullah II: The king who vowed to crush IS - The Economic Times
King Abdullah should take over at the Liberal spill on Tuesday!!!
King Abdullah II is a freaking badass leader
God Bless Jordan's King Abdullah!!! ...Jordan releases video of air strikes on Isis targets – video
Hard Core: Jordan's King Abdullah is in Combat Gear and Ready to Fight ISIS (PHOTOS)
I wanna party with King Abdullah asap
King Abdullah of Jordon was in the special forces of his country and cobra helicopter pilot trained by Americans. No wimp .
I wish our POTUS had just a hint of the passion, bravery, and balls for our country that Netanyahu and King Abdullah have for theirs.
King Abdullah is the real MVP for carrying out airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria. It's time to wipe these rats out !💣🔫
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