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King Abdullah

Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein (al-Malik ʿAbdullāh aṯ-ṯānī bin al-Ḥusayn; born 30 January 1962) is the reigning King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

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In Islam you're taught to treat everyone equally, yet King Abdullah feels Saudis are superior to every other nationality
Quote by: King Abdullah II: When you get billions in aid and your weapons resupplied and your ammunition stock...
CEO Fahd Al Rasheed interview on companies investing in .
beautiful picture of King Abdullah Financial District in the city of # Riyadh - Saudi Arabia #
I'm at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) - (Thuwal, Makkah) w/ 23 others
An open letter to King Abdullah? "Please do the humane thing. Set your daughters free. Its been 13 years.
Quote by: King Abdullah II: I don't think the Middle East could afford another war.
"Durant China Resturant" King Abdullah Road # 4703799 . One of my favorite Chinese restaurants in…
King Abdullah pushes for cautious social reform to increase women's rights in employment, education, etc.
Can declare that the initiative by His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan hosts peace conference to resolve the Syrian problem
On da way to king abdullah eco park:-)
[PIC] - His Majesty King Abdullah II with Steven Seagal in today! 😃
Creating enemies - King Abdullah's decree appointing his half-brother Prince Muqrin as second in line to the thron...
king Abdullah , "the talent without the attention of its people like small tree without care or watering""
King Abdullah was shown in a picture with an oxygen tube beneath his nose. Details of his health are largely...
Three men were arrested last week in Saudi Arabia for uploading videos in which they criticised the regime, addressing themselves directly to King Abdullah. Such actions are new in the...
The King Abdullah Park in Malaz quarter of Riyadh will be inaugurated on Wednesday evening by the Deputy Governor of Riyadh, Prince Turki Bin Abdulaziz. The inauguration will also be attended by the Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Prince Dr. Mansour Bin Miteb Bin Abdulaziz and the Mayor of Riyadh region, Engr. Abdullah Bin Abdulrahman Al-Muqbel, according to Arriyadh news. The park, situated in the center of Riyadh, covers an area of 318,000 square meters with a green cover of 150,000 square meters. The King Abdullah Park has five main entrances and includes several gardens, children’s parks, rest areas for families, sports areas, walkways, seating areas, and a 1,700-square-meter restaurant. Other attractions include a large lake, a dancing fountain equipped with laser technology, amphitheaters, an open area for conducting shows and events, and a Saudi flag post 37 meters high. The park also houses a building meant for VIP visitors.
3 Saudis arrested as videos to criticise the king go viral
Saudis arrested for criticising King Abdullah on YouTube...
Morning everyone morning me morning king Abdullah
"defense sales to Saudi is the largest of any US supply relationship, and is approaching $100 billion in value"
Salute and Cheers, CONGRATULATIONS WELCOME ABOARD, for you're new Operational Expertise in a Nationwide Development. Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS YOUR ROYAL HIGHNESS AND EXCELLENCY King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Love King Abdulla AL-Saud
We all know. Assists in The"Time" for king Abdullah 2fight his rebels ll come,no doubts
King Abdullah met with Obama in Palm Springs Feburar 2014 and was given $1 billion to invade Syria loot, destroy Syria.
not so quiet, Obama met with King Abdullah of Jordan in Palm Springs and gave him $1 billion in "aid"
Obama gave King Abdullah of Jordan $1 billion at the end of February 2014, Syria is a proxy war done by foreign jihadists
. Four daughters of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia are being held captive in his royal compound for 13 years.
King Abdullah Park is located on the seafront in Dammam. It is the most modern destinations with distinctive...
Bravo king Abdullah ,you are like your father king Hussein .
Russian President Vladimir Putin joked with his visitor King Abdullah II of Jordan in front of journalists saying: “Are you still planning to go on a trip across Russia on your motorcycle?” The king replied: “Yes, but with the company of my dear brother,” meaning of course the Russian...
So I'm on King Abdullah Road, I realized at the end of the road that I need to go west and not east, so I try to go back, and next thing you know I'm at Dammam street, takes me about 2 hours to get back home... DEAD 😷
MCC Update: UK Minister of Faith has replied to Muslim Council of Coventry saying that she had meeting in Saudi in February 2014 with the Royal family and they confirmed that the sites will not be demolished as ordered by King Abdullah. She is keeping close eye on their expansions.
Spring flower display at King Abdullah park
King Abdullah City at night, you can't see much will try again in the day babe.
RIYADH, KSA – Seeking to stem the tide of anti-government sentiment within the region, King Abdullah announced that left-handed Muslims are now granted government-recognized marriage rights and benefits. “The dirties can now have the...
Just a mum with a cool day job: Queen Rania of Jordan offers a glimpse into her surprisingly normal life on her new Instagram account. Queen Rania was published on the front page of a site Instagram image collected with King Abdullah II and their son on the occasion of the King Abdullah II Birthday 52 years old, which falls on January 30
100 PERSONAL WORDS: I marvel at the homes and public buildings carved from the solid rock in Petra. Today it is not a proud capital city; it’s a tourist destination, a most impressive relic of an ancient powerful nation. King Abdullah of Jordan was in New York City, and no doubt he was intent on promoting tourism, which is a mainstay in the economy of his country, when I had the privilege to meet him at the Mayflower Hotel. As we visited I mentioned that my son-in-law covered his country several times each week on TV in the Arabic language. The King said, “What is his name?” “Rev. Nizar Shaheen,” I answered. With a surprised look on his face, the king said, “Nizar is a great man of God. I watch him on TV regularly.” It occurred to me that the king might have been tempted to say this for tourism’s sake, so I asked him, “On what channel do you watch Nizar?” He knew all the details, so I concluded he really did watch the message of God’s Word as Nizar and his guests present Jesus as Sav ...
Saudia Arabia declares all atheists are terrorists. This terrorism defines as "calling for atheist thought in any form, or calling into question the fundamentals of the Islamic religion on which this country is based". (Article 1, The new Provision) That's notably praiseworthy, I think. But S Arabia has also introduced a series of new laws regarding Syrian War Effect. Just an opposite side of a coin. The new laws have largely been brought in to combat the growing number of Saudis travelling to take part in the 'civil war' in Syria, who have previously returned with newfound training and Ideas about overthrowing Monarchy. King Abdullah issued 44th Royal Decree, which criminalises "participating in hostilities outside yhe kingdom" with prison sentences of between 3 & 20 years! Beside Crimean incident, Syrian War is most likely very very important event for the future world. The future of a nation named 'The Muslim'. Those are just Presumptions. But I'm very much surprised to see the condition of Saudi Gover ...
President Bush and King Abdullah walking on the park holding hands..If it had been President Obama instead of George in this picture what would the members of the Christian Coalition (without Christ Evangelicals) in America had to say?
May Allah preserve Saudia Arabia and King Abdullah, as well all the other Islamic states and their Rulers
Ahmadinejad 'pitches in' for E Ahamed Apr 3, 2014, 04.24AM IST TNN[ K R Rajeev ] MALAPPURAM: You could be forgiven for momentarily mistaking this place as the venue for an OIC summit. Democracy is a mirage in the Middle East but Muslim world leaders are holding centre stage in Malappuram this election. Billboards of Saudi monarch King Abdullah, Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifah and Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum stare down at you, urging you to vote for Union minister of state for external affairs E Ahamed, the IUML candidate from the Muslim-dominated constituency. Former Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is another familiar face. Even Pakistan's former military ruler General Pervez Musharraf, who had been barred from contesting elections and voting in his home country, puts in an appearance to garner votes for Ahamed. The strong Middle East tilt in hundreds of billboards featuring photographs of various heads of state is not surprising as the district has around three lakh pe ...
The conversation between the U.S. president and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia did not last very long. The...
Exclusive: 'locked-up' Saudi princesses' message for Obama -
Kramer on King Abdullah retreat house 😂 ⁰I don’t know who did it but its genius 👌. 😂😂😂.
King Abdullah breathing from oxygen tubes
Four daughters of Saudi Monarch King Abdullah, who say they live in two mansions in a closed royal compound in the country’s second city Jeddah, have sent a video footage to a media outlet detailing their daily sufferings under virtual house arrest on the orders of their father.
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Despite mounting concern over human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia, the subject was not introduced in a meeting between US President Barack Obama and Saudi King Abdullah on Friday, according to a US official.
Hey, atheists, you're all "terrorists". So says King Abdullah. Here he is with some of his proud friends.
US takes a break from condemning tyranny to celebrate Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia - whilst: http…
Chocolate centerpieces and lush flowers -- just about everywhere at King Abdullah's desert ranch
Obama meets with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at the Desert Camp in Rawdat al Khraim.
Wow! Daughters of Saudi King Abdullah tell Channel 4 that they're prisoners in their own home in secret interview.
Taken this morning at king abdullah st.Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia declares all atheists are terrorists in new law - PS King Abdullah dies his beard.
Saudis arrested for criticising King Abdullah on YouTube via
King Abdullah is cracking down on people who disagree with the country’s established religion, Islam. According to new laws, people who don’t believe in God can be considered terrorists and may face jail time.
- We are cut off, isolated and alone': Imprisoned Saudi princesses blame their father King Abdullah
Three new universities in ordered by makes public uni. 28 in total.
Saudi King Abdullah issues series of new decrees defining atheists as terrorists.
Ex-wife of Saudi King speaks out - Why is King Abdullah holding his daughters hostage? http…
Daughters of under house arrest for 13 years
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Saudi King Abdullah's daughters LIVE interview while they are Locked Up in the Palace !! via
King Abdullah Foundation for Housing signed a contract to implement thousand units with 10 regions
Giving another boost to the Kingdom’s higher education, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah has ordered the establishment of three new universities in Jeddah, Bisha and Hafr Al-Baten. It brings the total number of public universities in the Kingdom to 28.
Our roving reporter, Khaled Diab, confirm that King Abdullah is right: atheism is terrorism. At great personal risk, he met an atheist sleeper cell led by an enigmatic emir who calls himself Commander of the Faithless. They have declared unholy war on fidels, are known to have carried out numerous deadly rational assualts using improvised rhetorical devices, and, chillingly, they say they will not rest until the evolution comes.
For those to whom the UK’s Foreign (and internal) Policy matters, here are just some facts & thoughts about one of the stories that is making up the headlines this week… make up your own mind: According to The Times, Mr. Cameron has commissioned an investigation into the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) The (MB) is an organisation that is “banned” under most authoritarian regimes in the Middle East. Most notably under Hosni Mubarak’s military dictatorship. The MB re-emerged following the overthrow of President Morsi of Egypt and won in the first ever democratic election to take place in Egypt (not bad for a group that was banned for 40 years). Even though the MB won the elections one cannot call their time in power as “successful” although to be fair… trying to govern Egypt immediately after a revolution may not be that straightforward. The MB was overthrown after just one year in power by … well.. another Egyptian military personality who goes by the name “El Sisi” (don’t ...
King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia has ordered the establishment of three universities in
I just found out that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia married one of his wives when she was only 15 years old; so what's the difference between a cult leader and a world leader... oil
"He should be ashamed to meet a leader that has four grown women locked up" - the message from two Saudi princesses to President Obama as he meets with their father, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.
King abdullah has gone mad As Saudi Arabia brings new laws, declares all atheists are terrorists
"Good decisions come from Experience, and Experience come from bad decisions" *His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan
Alhamdulillah arrive in king Abdullah medical city in Makkah heart block v/s stable...tnx ya RAB...
'Angry mothers Du'a made me Imam of the Kaaba'. Imam Al-Kalbaani - former Imam of the Ka'bah, at a conference in London told this amazing story: When he was young, he was a very naughty boy and he would make his mother very angry. But his mother (May Allah bless her) was a very righteous woman and she knew the power of Du'a. She made it her habit that, in her anger at him, she would say this Du'a: 'May Allah guide You! And make you the Imam of the Ka'bah!' Imam Al-Kalbani said, 'so Allah answered her du'a and I went on to become the Imam of the Ka'bah!' Imam Adil Kalbani is the son of a poor immigrant from the Persian Gulf. In an interview with The New York Times, Imam Kalbani said: 'Leading prayers at the Grand Mosque is an extraordinary honor, usually reserved for pure-blooded Arabs from the Saudi heartland.' So he was taken aback when he came to know that King Abdullah had chosen him as the first black Imam of Masjid al-Haram (in recent times), he added. Masha Allah! Lesson: Never underestimate the pow ...
When i go to king abdullah park i find hamid and i was with abady and my cousins yamane and abdullah. Abdullah is my secand cousin
Life in a Muslim country. In the land of Islam, Saudi authorities have arrested three citizens who posted YouTube videos urging the oil-rich kingdom to improve their living standards and criticizing the government corruption. And in the land of Muhammad that is illegal, therefore the arrests were made on the very the day President Barack Obama flew home from Saudi Arabia. In one video a young man identifying himself as Abdulaziz Mohammed al-Dosari addressed King Abdullah saying he has to survive on a low income, and does not own a house or a car. "We are fed up, and you still blame those who carry out bombings, the man says, urging the king to give Saudis money to improve their lives. Give us our money we do not want to beg. You and your children are playing with this money," he said about Saudi's oil wealth in the 30-second video during which he held up his identification card. In another video, a man identifying himself as Abdullah bin Othman charged that "corruption is widespread" in Saudi Arabia while ...
I was watching Syrian war videos to know what is happening there. To my surprise, i saw the killing people are screaming 'allahu akbar' and the dying people are also screaming 'allahu akbaar' at the top of their voices... then i researched into this and found that muslim sects hate each other to DEATH !! Reallly ... The ISIS ( Islamic State of Iraq and Syria = Al Queda ) are killing the Shia in Iraq , who in turn are murdering the Salfia in Iraq , who are infiltrating to Syria to kill the Alawites , who are slaughtering Jabat al Nusra ( Suna in Syria = Al Queda), who are crossing to Lebanon to kill the Hizbullah ( Shia ), who are supporting the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt , who want to kill General Sisi Deffence Minister of Egypt ) , who is besieging the Hamas in Gaza , who are trying to overthrow President Abbas and take over the Palestinian authority in the West Bank, who in turn want to depose King Abdullah ( Jordan ) , who is being backed by Saudi Arabia , who are in conflict with Iran , who support ...
Good morning! Recently Obama went to see Pope Francis. His visit was a rather short one and a few minutes after he left the Vatican he was on a plane to Saudi Arabia on his way to meet King Abdullah. The media were so convinced that Obama’s visit to the Vatican didn’t change anything that Fox News described it as follows: Obama flees Jesus and embraces Islam!
President Obama did not publicly broach the subject of religious freedom during his visit with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, despite a letter from 70 members of Congress urging him to do so.
« Breaking News » Obama, Saudi King discuss differences on Mid East issues President Barack Obama and King Abdullah spent two hours over dinner Friday night discussing their differences over Iran, Syria and the extremist threat as well as Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. No other meetings were scheduled for Obama’s flying visit to Riyadh. The king was attended by senior princes led by Crown Prince Salman, the newly-appointed second in line to the throne, Prince Muqrin, and Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal. Obama’s party was led by Secretary of State John Kerry and National Security Adviser Susan Rice. The 92-year old monarch was connected to an oxygen feed, but he impressed his American visitors as sharp-witted and shrewd as ever. The White House stated after the meeting that the two leaders talked about ways to prevent Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon.
Obama ignores Saudi human rights record in meeting with King Abdullah...
Saudi King Channels John McCain, Demands Obama Take Hard Line on Iran, Syria, Muslim Brotherhood By Juan Cole Mar 29, 2014 President Barack Obama met late Friday with King Abdullah b. Abd al-Aziz of Saudi Arabia at the latter’s desert camp, flying out from Riyadh by helicopter. The tensions between Saudi Arabia and the United States have come about in part because Riyadh, after being skittish about George W. Bush’s muscular Neo-conservatism in the region, has now swung around and adopted a set of foreign policy stances far closer to those of the Republican Party in the US than to the Obama administration. Given that Saudi Arabia is a deeply conservative, religious state based almost entirely on the petroleum industry, it is no accident that it is a Red State in American political terms. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia a decade ago worked against Bush’s refusal to talk to the Iranians, calling that country’s president and foreign minister to Riyadh. But despite an Iranian overture to the Saudis s ...
RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany (AP) — A week of international prodding, outreach and reassurance behind him, U.S. President Barack Obama is returning to Washington amid looming domestic and foreign challenges, from a fast-approaching deadline for health care enrollment to renewed worries about Russia's intentions in Eastern Europe. Obama left Saudi Arabia on Saturday, a day after meeting with the country's aging monarch, King Abdullah. But tensions between Russia and Ukraine, which dominated his visit earlier in the week to the Netherlands and Belgium, continue to dog him, and his health care apparatus is dealing with an influx of last-minute sign-ups. Before leaving Riyadh, Obama met with the Saudi winner of a State Department Women of Courage award, presented for her role in combating domestic violence and winning landmark legislation on protecting women. The winner is Maha Al Muneef, the executive director of the National Family Safety Program, which she founded in 2005 to combat domestic violence and ch ...
COMMON SENSE: On March 26, 2014, seventy Congressmen signed a letter to President Obama. In part, it read: "Dear Mr. President: We write to urge you to publicly address Saudi Arabia’s serious human rights violations during your upcoming trip to the country. The government of Saudi Arabia has repeatedly engaged in systematic human rights violations targeting women, religious minorities, and peaceful political reformers. Your meetings with King Abdullah and other officials will be an opportunity to publicly integrate human rights concerns, as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights." Obama didn't do this, of course, saying that he didn't have time. Our bowing leader would never criticize a Muslim leader, especially King Abdullah. REMEMBER THIS 13-SECOND CLIP:
US President Barack Obama arrived in Riyadh on Friday (March 28), aiming to persuade King Abdullah that Saudi Arabian concerns America is slowly disengaging ...
Fallon: Obama in Saudi Arabia meeting w/King Abdullah. Joe Biden told him, "Be sure to give my best to King Abdullah and his…
Stop Bowing to Riyadh: President Barack Obama travels to meet with Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah on Friday amid...
President Obama in bilateral meeting with King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia
King Abdullah and President Obama meeting toaday in Saudi Arabia
600kg Saudi man airlifted to hospital | An obese Saudi national was transferred from his home in Jizan to King Fahd Medical City in Riyadh for medical treatment, reported Sabq news. A Civil Defense team had to demolish a part of his home to take 20-year-old Khaled Mohsin Shairi out of his second-floor apartment. The man was brought to the ground with the help of a forklift. The 610-kg man was then airlifted using a plane from the Royal Saudi Air Force fleet that was specially equipped for the transfer. Previously, authorities at the Saudi Ministry of Health had arranged for a custom-made bed for the Shairi. The specially-made bed arrived from the USA after a 6-month wait. The humanitarian mission was undertaken following an order issued by King Abdullah of Saudi. All expenses to assist Shairi reduce his weight are borne by the monarch.
.visits King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia: | (Photo: AP) * fake *** nwo wanna be king got the *** look on his face satan think he's tough gassed up by fat 6n3s not knowing 2 had a kid with one of them in the fake royal n given the off camera talk about
Senior administration official said it was "not a contentious meeting" in Saudi Arabia between King Abdullah and Presiden…
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Here is President Obama visiting King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia today. I think RuPaul did Abdullah's interior decorating. Good lord, have you ever seen such bling?
President Barack Obama paid a visit to the desert oasis of wary ally King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, hoping to reassure the aging monarch who is nervously wat...
“King Abdullah received President Obama today in Rawdhat Khuraim, Sleepin w/t ENEMY!
Secretary Kerry, US Amb to Riyadh, National Security Advisor Rice and Phil Gordon attended meeting from US side with Obama and King Abdullah
President Obama in Saudi Arabia after meeting King Abdullah: / Obama and Kerry leave the meeting
Read up on the awkward alliance between the US and Saudi Arabia as Obama meets with King Abdullah:
Mr Kerry and Ms. Rice will you please make sure King Abdullah has read my letters.
Despite Saudi Arabia’s funding and arming of militants in Syria, Iraq and beyond, President Obama is set to visit the kingdom this week to meet with King Abdullah. We speak to Patrick Cockburn.
Imagine having to ask permission to leave your house. Women in Saudi Arabia have to do just that. Under Saudi Arabian law, all women must have a male guardian and need his permission to leave the house, travel, open a bank account, or obtain certain kinds of medical care. In fact, last June, two Saudi women activists were ambushed by security forces and arrested when they tried to rescue a woman whose husband had locked her and her children in their house for five days without food. They were sentenced to 10 months in prison for this "crime." Enough is enough. We must demand that Saudi Arabian authorities respect women's human rights. President Obama is meeting with King Abdullah this week. Donate and support Amnesty's efforts urging him to push hard to secure freedoms for women. Because Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world in which women are not allowed to drive, we are demanding that President Obama select a female Secret Service officer to drive him while he is in Saudi Arabia. It's a symbolic ...
President shouldn’t let the opportunity pass to raise important human rights issues with King Abdullah
King Abdullah offers US President to tackle global&regional challenges & set the stage for another 6 decades of friendship and cooperation
On March 27, GPH-MILF will be signing the historic Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro. According to a report King Abdullah is sending his son who is the Deputy Foreign Minister to attend the event. WE NEED REACTIONS ON THIS IMPORTANT OCCASION FOR ARAB NEWS COVERAGE.
Saudi Arabia's War against the Muslim Brotherhood: by Ahmed Humayun. Saudi King Abdullah. Earlier this mon...
I am Shia and I See Sunnies as my brothers. Nasrallah taught us to be proud of Islam, an Islam which is not allied and friend of Takferi, Zionist, US and Israel. Im Proud of him, because he is NOT like any King Abdullah, Gaddafi, Morsie, and all other Arab Sheikh who are puppet and slave of US and Zionist. not alone Shia are Supporter of Such a noble man, BUT also True Sunni, Christian Brothers and sisters. If hezbollah is called to be a terrorist organization, then defending for rights is terrorism, standing against oppressive powers is terrorism, helping the oppressed is terrorism. They truly want to change the meanings of truth and falsehood. Long live HEZBOLLAH, long live NASRULLAH you making us proud. we are with the struggle for peace and justice. Salute!
President in recent weeks has met Jordan's King Abdullah, Israel's Netanyahu - and next week it's off to Saudi Arabia f…
Solidarity with the four women being captive by their King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia for 13 years.
nigeria burning... - In the last Opec Summit the Saudi monarch King Abdullah...
King Abdullah terrorises his own daughters - what an absolute disgrace -
Saudi princesses 'held captive' for over a decade - They are daughters of the Saudi king, King Abdullah.
Saudi Arabia has withdrawn its envoy from after Qatar's plot to assassinate King Abdullah was exposed.
‘KSA recalled envoy to Qatar over plot’: An alleged plot by Qatar to assassinate Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah ...
Two daughters of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah claim to have been held by the king against their will for 13 years.
Seems like I heard Obama is supposed to visit King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Would be interesting to know why?
Why do they call him "King Abdullah" in Saudi Arabia? The only King is Allah. I'll say that to his face, no problem.
Josef Fritzl of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah, has kept his wife and daughters hostages for 13 years says UN
'King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia hold his Four Daughters Prisoners for 13 years'.
As a second round of peace talks ended Saturday with little progress in ending Syria's civil war, U.S. President Barack Obama and Jordan's King Abdullah spoke about Syria's distressing humanitarian crisis during an earlier meeting in California. Jordan is a refuge for war-battered Syrians, and both leaders urged an end to the warfare that has caused such a mass exodus. They also discussed a possible United Nations sanction to pressure the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Meanwhile, in Geneva, U.N. mediator Lakhdar Brahimi apologized to the Syrian people, saying he was "very, very sorry" that, despite two rounds of talks, "we haven't done very much." In minimal progress, the two warring sides have agreed to an agenda for a third round of talks, but they have not agreed on how to tackle it, Brahimi said. In Britain, U.K. Foreign Minister William Hague described the latest developments as "a serious setback in the search for peace in Syria." Hague blamed the Syrian regime because it refused to dis ...
Mushtaq Khan Kayani: The Muslim world should know the Saudi Arabia as a country and the Saudi family were created by the British imperialism, and were used against the Ottoman Empire and against the Muslims in general. The founder of the dynasty, a brutal murderer, called Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud, was a British puppet and was knighted for his services to the British. They were all used against the Muslims..When the British created Israel, it made a secret pact with Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud, that they will always support Israel clandestinely, and would not do anything , directly or indirectly , to harm the interests of Israel. That is why the Saudis have always supported Israel and condemned all those who have been against Israel. For this reason , the Saudis have never been friends of the Palestinians and have always tried to harm the Palestinians in favour of Israel. In 2006 When Israelis attacked Lebanon and the Hizbullah fought back against the Israeli aggression, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia condemned Hizbulla ...
YASMIN ALIBHAI BROWN Sunday 9 March 2014 The confinement of four Saudi princesses is a reminder that the Gulf states are evil empires, especially if you are a woman In the country where Islam’s most precious shrine is located, there is no equality, no dignity, no basic humanity extended to daughters, sisters, or mothers SHARE 379 256 4 639 A story appeared this weekend which has really shaken me up. It was about four Arab princesses – Sahar, 42, Jawaher, 38, Maha, 41, and Hala, 39 – daughters of the ailing King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, who have, allegedly, been held under palace arrest, for 13 years. He has given his sons control over the captives. They are allowed no visitors or staff. Two are held in one gilded, echoing cage, the other two in another. Their mother Alanoud Alfayez, 57, lives in London and has been trying all these years to free her daughters who are unmarried, childless and fading away. Hala has serious mental problems. Two of the sisters contacted the British-Lebanese Sunday Time ...
Kerry meets with King Abdullah in push for Middle East peace deal via
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20 days .During his forthcoming high-profile visit to Saudi Arabia, US President Barack Obama will meet with King Abdullah in Riyadh in less than twenty days, following the US leader’s trip to the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. The president’s trip also includes a nuclear security meeting in The Hague, a summit meeting of the United States and the European Union in Brussels, and a meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican. Recent events, however, could distract from this trip despite the president’s assurances to Netenyahu on Middle East peace talks and Iranian nuclear diplomacy. And, in what is being viewed as a major crisis for the White House, Washington is rushing to build a coalition to oppose further Russian advances, following the invasion of Russian troops into the Ukrainian region of Crimea. The two leaders are expected to discuss their countries’ bilateral relations and a number of key security issues in the Gulf. The president is expected to seek to reassure King Abdullah of American su ...
John Kerry meets with Jordan’s King Abdullah in push for Mideast peace deal
EXCERPTS: GULF ARABS IN CRISIS * The withdrawal of several ambassadors from Qatar is a setback to U.S. diplomacy with Gulf allies and another item for President Obama's upcoming meeting with the Saudi king. * Earlier today, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates recalled their ambassadors from Qatar, choosing a high-visibility tactic to emphasize long-simmering tensions within the Gulf Cooperation Council. The diplomatic rift -- which comes a day after fellow GCC member Oman invited Iran's president to visit, and a few weeks before President Obama's planned visit to Riyadh -- further complicates U.S. efforts to build broad support for its regional policies. Washington had been hoping that the upcoming Saudi trip would not only reassure King Abdullah about U.S. policies on the Iran nuclear issue and Syria, but also serve as an opportunity to win broader Gulf Arab support. The official reason given for the withdrawal of ambassadors is Qatar's failure to live up to a previously unrevealed three- ...
An Egyptian shouting outside the calling king Abdullah "puppet of America"
From Riyadh to Beirut, fear of Syria blowback BISARIYEH, Lebanon (AP) — The once-tranquil, religiously mixed village of Bisariyeh is seething: Two of its young men who fought alongside the rebels in Syria recently returned home radicalized and staged suicide bombings in Lebanon. The phenomenon is being watched anxiously across the Mideast, particularly in Saudi Arabia, where authorities are moving decisively to prevent citizens from going off to fight in Syria. The developments illustrate how the Syrian war is sending dangerous ripples across a highly combustible region and sparking fears that jihadis will come home with dangerous ideas and turn their weapons against their own countries. In the past few months, at least five Sunni men have disappeared from Bisariyeh, an impoverished, predominantly Shiite village in south Lebanon, and are believed to have gone to fight in Syria. Two of them — Nidal Mughayar and Adan al-Mohammad — returned and blew themselves up outside Iranian targets in Beirut. The ...
Italian trade delegation seeks energy and health business The Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Health, King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, the Council of Saudi ...
that's right. And I doubt that King Abdullah cares about even half of all his wives and kids.
The Saudi King Abdullah got married over 30 times and fathered over 50 kids.
Start implementing the project to develop the King Abdullah field, in Egypt (Luxor)
*OLD* Putin & Abdullah both offer support for the Egyptian Army against the Muslim Brotherhood and against Obama...
an app all about free from King Abdullah initiative at SGBF . .
To saudi goverment officials especially to the king abdullah shukran for helping zamboanga city;)
I wonder if King Abdullah would consider Morris dancing if he came to the UK?
Jordan’s King Abdullah II rejects the notion that his country is an "alternative homeland" for Palestinian Arabs.
Where's the corresponding outrage over Bush kissing & holding hands w/King Abdullah? If Obama did that? Yowza!
Watch the video «♥♥ DiL SambHal Ja ZaRa PhiR MohaBBaT KaRne ChaLa Hai Tu ♥♥ by King Abdullah» uploaded by King Abdullah on Dailymotion.
Sorry we couldn't get together for that cocktail this weekend. I know - busy with King Abdullah, blah blah. ".…
Here it's at @ King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
What is your favorite thing in your room? — Well, I like the gold king sized bed, but I also like the hand made ...
-. '. '. Abdullah abdulaziz the king of emotions he's an angel and home for his fans . God bless him ♡
HM King Abdullah II climbing the steps of Basman Palace
Work on phase two of the massive King Abdullah International Gardens project has started in Riyadh, which includes plant and animal sections, and a water park.
Shout out to King Abdullah get him to 900! Great account
Very interesting article... Photo: AFP/Getty Images By Peter Oborne 9:24PM GMT 26 Feb 2014 For the past three years, when seeking enlightenment about the Syrian crisis, I have often talked to Alastair Crooke, a former MI6 officer. Mr Crooke, who left government service a decade ago after a long career, now runs a think tank called Conflicts Forum, which maintains contact with organisations such as Hizbollah and governments such as Iran, when official contact has been broken off. I have learnt to respect and trust Mr Crooke, who has the invaluable habit of being right. When the British and American governments both claimed that President Assad of Syria would fall within weeks, he told me this was wishful thinking. When Western governments hailed the Syrian rebels as a democratic movement of national liberation, he said: hang on a moment. At the heart of the rebellion, he pointed out, was a group of armed gangs funded by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, dedicated to the establishment of a militant Sunni ...
Watch the wrap up video of His Majesty King Abdullah II visit to & - Feb 2014
HOW MANY BEDS DO YOU NEED TO SLEEP ON ? Khalid Mohsen al-Shaeri of Saudi Arabia needs only one bed because he is ONLY 290 kilos now. He needed three beds placed side by side when he used to be 610 kilos. He was then ordered by king Abdullah to get hospitalised. Doctors helped him shed 320 kilos in four months. Some people are obese due to genetic disorders. They need professional medical help. In the developed nations over 50% of people are obese. Even in a poor country like India 25% of young people are today obese. The majority of obese people do not have genetic problems. They have problems with self-discipline or self-management. They eat the wrong foods or too much of the right ones and do not exercise enough. Being fit and trim is not a sign of vanity. It is a duty to ourselves and to the people around us.
The protocol of King Abdullah, King of Saudi Arabia is the largest and most protected protocol in the World. very dreadful traffic accidents you've seen ever...
Riding With 300 Biker 😎😎 (with Sahar, Mohammad, and Haytham at King Abdullah Economic City) [pic] —
K●A●CARE was established by Royal order A/35 of H.M. King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on 17th April 2010 with the fundamental aim of building a sustainable future for Saudi Arabia by developing a substantial alternative energy capacity fully supported by world-class local industries.
Let's Ride 😎😎😎 (with Sahar and Haytham at King Abdullah Economic City) [pic] —
. Commander of King Abdullah II′s Special Security in the Royal Guards from 1999-2008. (Jordan).
King Abdullah: The Arabs should unite with the Egyptian Army? Nice try. The Muslims have united against *you* O embarrassi…
King abdullah at. Night without make up
.upcoming visit with Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah offers a chance for frank discussion about Syria http…
but he was born in Kenya and bows allegence to King Abdullah of KSA. Lol
If only Shah Faisal could see what his little brother King Abdullah is up to, if only.
Addressing future energy needs SABIC and KACARE sign cooperation pact: RIYADH — SABIC and the King Abdullah Ci...
Jordanian professionals & political leaders' letter to His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan - Sign the Petition
What about Maliki, Sissi, King Abdullah, and the other dictators whose names i cant remember? Jihad continues until ya…
Remember you don't do anything in isolation!!. "King Abdullah the second"
Coronation' of King Abdullah in Amman. Sheik handing King Abdullah proclamation of the "crowning" 25th May 1946
our heartist congratulations and salute to ameer al momineen mulla muhammad umar mujahid hafizullah of afghan taliban for his refusal to open their office in saudi arab remember when america was its early prepatory stage of declearing its invasion against the graveyard of imprialism then pakistani general musharaf had vissited Saudi King Abdullah for his help to thawart the american led NATO invasion the slave of america the king of Saudi Arabia the occupier of two holy places of islam urged musharaf to become american partner in so called war against terrorism today the same traitor the saudi king has offered mulla umar to open an office in saudi land how can mulla umar trust on this puppet of america in reply our great mujahid turned down his request and preffered to open an office in turky May Allah grant victory to mulla umar and disgrace to his opponents .May Allah either give true guidance to al saud if not them disgrace them .
In countless media interviews and statements, it is clear that the Saudi rulers have an abiding obsession with Iran - an obsession that betrays an intense fear and hatred. Senior members of the House of Saud have let it be known that their real focus in Syria, for example, is not primarily the government of Bashar al Assad, and their desire for regime change, but rather the main target is Assad's closest regional ally - Iran. Everywhere in the region, the paranoid House of Saud sees the hand of Iran. In an oped piece in the New York Times in December, the Saudi Ambassador to Britain, Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, accused Iran without any evidence, saying that it "has financed and trained militias in Iraq, Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon and militants in Yemen and Bahrain." This is, of course, ironically crass, coming from the House of Saud, which is provably the sponsor of terrorists or terror regimes, such as the al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al Nusra in Syria, ISIS in Iraq and the ruling Al Khalifa ...
On Friday King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia voiced his support for the military leadership of Egypt and spoke of fighting against terrorism, a reference to the Muslim Brotherhood. Saudi pledged $5 billion in aid to Egypt after the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi.
This section of the person who insulted King Abdullah in front of you in front of everyone ... Question Is it alive ..?
If king Abdullah can rase his hand for dua front of roza e Rasoolallah then why others can't others. Think again
Navy Seals Harlem Shake. Train With Us! At King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center from Jordanian Armed Forces. You get what you pay for!
Projects related to King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center Archive: Our architectural vision for a center focused on technical and environmental concerns endeavors to create an organic form ? a structure capable of continual expansion and transformation ?
King Abdullah International Gardens biodomes will be five times the size of the UK’s Eden Project
"We discussed cooperation methods in the fields of hospitality training, vocational training for health services, community services, coastal management, and environmental reserves protection and management, in relation to cooperation between ASEZA, the Albalqa Applied University and the Indonesian counterpart." ~ King Abdullah presents Jordon investment climate in Far East:
India and Saudi Arabia sign defence cooperation pact: Reflecting growing congruence in bilateral ties, India and Saudi Arabia today inked a defence cooperation pact to take their strategic partnership further in areas of security. The pact was signed following talks between Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Vice President Hamid Ansari during which a range of bilateral, regional and international issues figured. The defence cooperation pact will allow exchange of defence-related information, military training and education as well as cooperation in areas varying from hydrography and security to logistics. Earlier, signalling importance of the visit, the Vice President went to the airport to receive the Crown Prince who is on a three-day visit here. It is highest level political visit to India from Saudi Arabia after the landmark visit of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in January 2006. Al Saud, who is also Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister, will meet Prime Minister . ...
And majority of brothers that are meant to be on the manhaj make videos like "King kong (Abdullah) is a kafir"
Latest news:. His Majesty King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia and The Custodian of the two...
DON’T GO TO WORK IN SAUDI OR IRAN ISRAEL OR ALL THOSE SO CALLED THE KINGDOME OF GOD NATIONS THEY ARE PURE EVIL. THEY CAN RAPE YOU ,DESTROY YOUR LIFE AND TAKE YOUR DEGNITY AWAY. Stay home keep your skill and talents for your country or find some other country to work for forget the Saudi promises of good life and money . This world we live in do not care about you those evil countries take you healthy and spit you sick and tired anywhere in china, iran, Saudi Arabia , iran or the gulf states in Middle East Read this article. Saudi Arabia pledges to protect foreign workers, as Indonesian maids face execution STORY HIGHLIGHTS • Saudi Arabia and Indonesia sign pact to outline basic rights of foreign domestic workers • A ban preventing Indonesians from working in Saudi Arabia may be lifted • Rights groups say foreign workers are vulnerable to abuse and legal hurdles • 41 Indonesians in Saudi Arabia face possible execution on charges from murder to sorcery (CNN) -- For the first time, Indonesian mai . ...
Every each way one looks at it, expect major House of Saud-provoked mayhem ahead. Even in Tehran, they are worried about Saudi sanity - as the office of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei knows all there is to know about the cosmic paranoia, aging King Abdullah (89) riding into the sunset, the fierce succession war to follow, and, meanwhile, Bandar Bush's warmongering offensive.
King scheduled to meet Indonesian President: AMMONNEWS - King Abdullah II is scheduled to meet with Indonesi...
GLORY: King Abdullah and Crown Prince Salman in a photo from 1429 Hijrii Janadriyah festival.
Asad and ali on king Abdullah internationa airport
Evil uncle, song & dance, an arranged marriage... U'd think ur watching a Bollywood flick... The Lion King!
Watching The Lion King with my boy. Saturday Family movie! Time to unwind!
. King Abdullah University of science concerned with the study
Watch the visit wrap up of His Majesty King Abdullah II to the and Feb 2014
Obama and King Abdullah has a gaps remain on the urgency of -- and methods for dealing with -- the Syria problem.
*** Cheney is now saying that the Iraq War has been a wonderful success, toppling Saddam Hussein, and putting a constitution and a democratically elected Iraqi Government in the Green Zone. Recently *** Cheney said that American public opinion was against the Iraq War but this would change if there was another 911. Within the next few days Saudi King Abdullah will detonate another 911 either in the United States or abroad and then he will pay George Bush and *** Cheney another few billion dollars into their Swiss bank accounts to nuke Iran. It is quite possible that the United States will sink one of their own aircraft carriers off the coast of Iran to rally the United States to launch an all out nuclear war against Iran. King Abdullah will not allow Shia Iran to develop nuclear bombs. In the meantime King Abdullah has his finger on the button of the American nuclear bombs in American silos and on American aircraft carriers through his consigliores George Bush and *** Cheney.
Pumped about The Lion King on TV tonight, my son's first time... Classic!
Please read and share my open letter to King Abdullah Feb 22 WOMEN TO DRIVE!!
CIA to nØbama: "Iran is closer to having long range nuke missiles" nØbama: "Do you King Abdullah will sell me a throne?”
Yeah I'm the king so where's my MF CROWN!
Even the Custodian of the Holy Mosques, HM King Abdullah meets US Envoys, what problem does WB CM have?
PHOTO: The VP hosted His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan for breakfast this morning at the Naval Observatory.
Our Employer KING ABDULLAH MEDICAL CITY(MOH) in MAKKAH needs MALE and FEMALE all TECHNICIANS (xray tech.,cssd tech, pharmacist, med tech, respiratory therapist, and physical therapist) with atleast 2years experience with PRC LICENSE and preferrably with prometric passer. Delegation will be in Manila for final selection.Interested applicants must bring pertinent documents in applying at IDEAL PLACEMENT AND MANPOWER SERVICES with office address at 1109 PRES. QUIRINO AVENUE CORNER SINGALONG ST., MALATE MANILA . FOR MUSLIM ONLY!!!
Thats the most fitting way 2 make love 2 a person. Ponder that! KING ABDULLAH!
Pres Obama w King Abdullah of Jordan last night at Sunnylands in Calif
Celebrations on the anniversary of the establishment of the Wahhabi Kingdom! Celebrating the birthday of the Prophet )saw( is not allowed, but celebrating the birth of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and kneeling down in front of King Abdullah is absolutely okay!
The attached article needs to be read and factored in -- and the person and state mention here should be supported in prayer; "The protection of the rights of Christians is a duty rather than a favor," declared Jordan's King Abdullah in September, speaking to delegates at a palace-sponsored conference on Arab Christian persecution. "Christians have always played a key role in building our societies and defending our nations." Balance is a hard thing -- But here is another question -- "If YOUR CHURCH were bombed 14 times would you and YOUR FAMILY still attend?" Remember also these are PALESTINIAN CHRISTIANS!
“ Arabia’s last battle” in : 4000 fighters have been trained for it. Media sources, which keep up with developments of the Syrian crisis, said that the expected battle, which could be launched by countries hostile to Damascus, will be the last battle of Saudi Arabia in order to reach Damascus. The Lebanese newspaper “Assafir” quoted sources as saying that the U.S. State Department informed Syrian opponents, in Paris, about a Saudi – American decision has been taken to open the southern front again, after four months of the last attack carried out by a rank of two thousand fighters came from Jordan through the desert and were unable to breakthrough Gouta al-Sharqia toward Damascus. The sources said that the decision of the battle came after the visit of King Abdullah al-Thani of Jordan to Washington and ahead of U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to Riyadh on 22 March. If the expectations came true, the new leadership, which the Jordanians asked to move from the Turkish border to the south a ...
Lost in Riyadh streets for about one hour and half with the car in Badeeaa, King Abdullah Street, and Bat-ha
I had a meeting with a senior Iranian official this morning. From my conversation with him, I too got a sense that things are moving in the region. But I am not at all optimistic about Saudi Arabian future behavior or the prospects of the regime. One good thing is the removal of Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi intelligence chief and former long time ambassador to the USA. But Saudi Arabia is a primitive state, socio-politically, and is in bed with all the notorious jihadi terrorist groups active all over, and in particular the ones in Pakistan and India. Iran on the other hand is a highly evolved nation with a very capable elite. Bandar bin Sultan going away is not the end of the Sunni-Shia schism. That will fester and the West will make sure it is so. If Saudi Arabia is making overtures to India, we must look at it very cautiously and warily. The Saudi regime has been traditionally hostile to India and has been propping up successive regimes in Pakistan and has never once cautioned them against continued b ...
new king abdullah international airport jeddah - Google Search
(Washington, D.C.) -- As readers of this blog know, I've been writing a series of columns on "Who To Watch" in the epicenter in 2014. First on my list was Jordan's King Abdullah II. There are many ...
War Plans by Obama and the Saudis Against Syria Advance With President Obama scheduled to visit Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in the middle of March, war plans are being accelerated for regime change in Syria once again. According to one senior U.S. intelligence official, the Saudis are attempting to create the impression that they are once again “aligned with Washington” to pave the way for King Abdullah to make a strong pitch for regime change when the U.S. President sits down with him in several weeks. According to the source, the Saudis are promoting the idea of merging the Riyadh-backed “moderate” Islamist fighters with the secularist Free Syrian Army, to be able to wage war on both the Assad regime and the radicals of ISIS and Nusra Front at the same time. Over the past week, some significant meetings have taken place to advance this agenda. Today, David Ignatius reported in the Washington Post that last week, a number of Middle East spy chiefs were in Washington for secret meetings on the Syria situ ...
"The foreign press recently published that the Israeli government is formulating a secret agreement to transfer Mount Zion, and the tomb of King David, to the Vatican," wrote MK Uri Maklev (United Torah Judaism). "[Rumors say] that the transfer would be during Pope Francis's upcoming visit and even that the entire visit was planned with the precondition that the government would formally announce the transfer of the Mount to them [the Church]." The British Lion, trying to protect its fading empire, had different ideas. Out the land of British Palestine, in 1921, the British government created the Hashemite Kingdom of Transjordanian Palestine, better recognized as a sovereign state for Arabs in the land of Palestine. Not only creating a Palestinian state for Palestinians, the British with King Abdullah, took the mandate from the Treaty of Versailles and gave an additional third of the land dedicated for the Nation of Israel and incorporated it into the Hashemite Kingdom of Transjordan Palestine. After t .. ...
Official Saudi media and Buckingham Palace officials say Prince Charles has met senior members of the Saudi royal family in the kingdom. In his tenth official visit to Saudi Arabia, the Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne met two sons of King Abdullah, including Prince Miteb who heads the...
While Jordan's King Abdullah was meeting President Obama in California on February 14, requesting for increased financial assistance, a rare anti-Israel, anti U.S. demo was seen in Jordan opposing the U.S. brokered peace deal between Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas.  The protest went as far as demanding the King to revoke the peace agreement of 1994 with the Zionist state.  Though majority of Jordanians abhor the Israel/U.S. hegemony in the region, they are seldom dauntless enough to speak up.  Protesting against Israel or U.S. amounts to protesting against the Jordanian monarch.  The very purpose of this country and its monarchy created in the 1920s by the British was to safeguard British & American interest in the region; subsequently, protecting Israeli interest is the 'bread & butter' of King Abdullah II.   Jordan is stiflingly authoritarian where a single word of criticism against any member of the 'royal family' could send one to prison indefinitely.   Not to forget, many of these pr ...
I guess the Syrian Gov. has been successful recruiting Wahhabis from Saudi Arabia to fight for ISIS. How did King Abdullah miss this?
President Obama welcomes King Abdullah II of Jordan to Sunnylands before bilateral talks between the two leaders. Watch more from President Obama and King Abdullah at
King Abdullah meet 2 great leaders in the best state
Well the POTUS is here tomorrow Landing about 2:30 wit Sen Feinstein and Boxer. The republican congressman were NOT invited to go out to the west side with him. POTUS party will immediately board Marine One to go to one particular farm on the west side. More liberal coalition peeps will meet them out there for some speech. Air Force One is scheduled to leave about 5:00 to whisk POTUS to Rancho Mirage where he will play golf with King Abdullah of Jordan. What a freaking joke this is. It's a BIG show for the dems to say they're listening oh and support Feinstein and Boxers water 'legislation' which has more pork than Farmer Johns sausage. In the meantime the legislation Valadeo has proposed which has some actual merit will get thrown under the bus.
King Abdullah and President Obama are both in Washington. They could meet. But Obama is headed to Rancho Mirage CA to play g…
| On behalf of King Abdullah, CP.Salman will patronize opening of 29th National Festival for Heritage & Culture.
President Barack Obama will host King Abdullah II of Jordan for talks at the Sunnylands estate in Rancho Mirage next month.
Will Obama serve King Abdullah II chocolate and cotton candy this Valentine’s Day?
Honored to meet w/ Abdullah II, King of Jordan. Discussed import issues in the Mid East. Apprec'd the King’s insight. ht…
Honored to have participated in a bipartisan meeting w His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan today
Professor invited HM King Abdullah II to stop by a class We can pass a…
Today I welcomed King Abdullah of to SFOPS Appropriations meeting
PHOTO: HM King Abdullah II meets with during his visit to the
King Abdullah of meets with in Washington Feb 11-2014
Photo: Chairman and members meet with King Abdullah II of
Had a timely discussion with His Majesty King Abdullah II from Jordan regarding his optimism for progress in the Middle East peace process.
Members of are scheduled to meet with HM King Abdullah II during his visit to the
U r not answering : When & if, would he embarks the 'troops' with him? Like u call 'Obama army' or King Abdullah' army?
Briefing with His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan this afternoon.
Meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan. He is surprisingly optimistic about Israel-Palestinian talks
Honored to welcome His Majesty King Abdullah of Jordan to the U.S. Capitol.
Suited up .. Ready to meet his majesty king Abdullah II in the congress. Wishing his majesty all the best in his empowerment plan to achieve a peaceful and harmonized Jordanian model.
Professor John Boyer and his World Region class at Virginia Tech request King Abdullah II of Jordan to visit class to have an Q&A on world issues.
This afternoon, I joined other members of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in meeting with His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan.
if King Abdullah II , won't stand up to Obama and Prince Bandar bin Sultan/ TAKFIRI/ Wahhabi-Saudi Arabia ... Bashar does. President Bashar Al-Assad ... 'Lion of Syria .
American artist draw a picture of King Abdullah in a way dazzled the audience.
Mohammed Abutaleb1 week ago Are some Muslims hypocritical or naive? Why can't we get citizenship from Muslim countries? Perhaps it's better if Palestine remained as it is otherwise give them independence and u will find discrimination towards other Muslims when they wanna enter the country. Western nations grants Muslims passports and they become equal to natives. But have u heard Muslim nations with a green card or similar program to help fellow Muslims in distress? Each nation thinks they r better than the others... absolute racists. Today an Asian Muslim in the gulf gets less wages than his counterpart nonmuslim from the west doing the same job. Wot sort of rubbish one ummah u talkin about? this is a post i found on a video on youtube and realy it breaks my heart to know hes right our ummah is very weak now one could say paralized which prophet mohamed peace be upon him told us would happen that we would be in numbers so great but divided as u all know this is one of the minor sighns to the final hour. ...
Washington, February 11 (QNA) - King Abdullah II of Jordan met Monday with US Secretary of State John Kerry and discussed with him the efforts to achieve peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis and the Syrian crisis. During the meeting, the King asserted Jordan's continued support for the peace efforts to establish an independent Palestinian state on the basis of the 1967, July 4th lines with east Jerusalem as its capital, (Petra) news agency reported Tuesday.
If we not careful and not fight back this will happen in India. " By MANAL AL-SHARIFFEB. 10, 2014 DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — In an incident that has reverberated throughout Saudi Arabia, two brothers, Saud and Nasser al-Qaws, aged 22 and 24, died last fall after their car was forced off a Riyadh bridge by members of Saudi Arabia’s religious police. The officers, members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, allegedly objected to the patriotic songs the brothers were playing on the car stereo. They pursued the men at high speed, ramming their car three times before finally pushing it off the bridge. One of the young men was killed immediately; his brother died shortly thereafter. Cellphone footage of the incident in September, captured by a passerby and posted online, caused a public outcry. Attempting to mitigate the fallout, Sheikh Abdul Latif bin Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh, head of the religious police, went on a public relations offensive. “The truth is that the p ...
US getting cosy with saffron party stooge, why is it a revelation at all? American government has shared bed with Saddam, Gaddafi, Mubarak in past. They still continue to have threesome with Netanyahu on one side & King Abdullah on the other. Why is it surprising at all? Human rights and freedom are just a veil they wear! otherwise they are no less butchers compare to Stalin & Hitler.
The World is in the Age of a Resurgent Islam     The West will Not Learn - Stay out of Syria – Stay out of Arab Lands   AuthorBy *** Field      It doesn’t seem to matter that they have had their noses burnt time after time when interfering in the affairs of Muslim lands. It has cost us thousands of American, British, Allied and Canadian casualties trying to stop irrational Islamic societies from cutting each others throats.        When we hear the cowardly Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron and President Barrack Hussein Obama, the openly pro-Muslim Brotherhood supporter or even our own Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his henchmen blather about stepping into the middle of another suicidal Islamic civil war in yet another Arab territory, it is to say the least, stupefying.     The object is said to be the saving the innocent civilian men, women and children of Syria from being murdered by their own government forces, especially by poison gas. That does it says Obama, “Poison gas i ...
what do you think about king abdullah AMERICA?
AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah on Monday met with World Bank President Jim Yong Kim in Washington and discussed means to develop cooperation. The King voiced his appreciation for the bank’s support to Jordan in implementing its economic programmes, in addition to its support for natio...
ordan's Nash-Shab rocket launcher attracts export interest complete Nash-Shab system weighs around 10 kg. (Mohammed Najib) The 105 mm Nash-Shab (RPG-32) rocket launcher is attracting interest from potential customers less than a year after the start of production, according to Shadi Majali, the CEO of the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KAADB). Majali stated that two Arab Gulf states and some North African countries had expressed interest in purchasing the Nash-Shab, while the Pakistani military has tested the system in Jordan pending a procurement decision. The Nash-Shab project is a joint venture by KAADB and Russia's state arms export agency, Rosoboronexport. The Jadara Equipment & Defence Systems Company (JRESCO), a KADDB subsidiary, began producing the system from parts supplied by Rosoboronexport in May 2013. The first consignment was delivered to the Jordanian Armed Forces in the second half of 2013 and a second is expected in mid-2014. The Nash-Shab is available with tandem anti-ta ...
If Aam Aadmi Party is getting money from CIA as suggested by Bharatiya Janata Party, then I'm sure King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia must be supplying bhurkhas (veils) & skull caps to distribute in rallies. Foreign Hand. :P
The reality, however, is more complex than what most westerners believe. Saudi women have made dramatic progress in just the past five years. More women than ever before are graduating from college, pursuing careers, and speaking freely, especially on social media platforms. Last year, King Abdullah appointed 30 women to the Shura Council, a 130-member advisory body that proposes laws to the monarch. The new members include human rights activists, public health officials, and two princesses. And, as Smith says, they're “not shrinking violets.” In the face of Saudi clerics who have denounced them as prostitutes, these lawmakers are working to alter kingdom policies on health care, underage marriage, male guardianship, and -- yes -- driving. The king has already signed a new law, drafted by three of the new Shura members, that permits women to apply for real estate loans regardless of marital status. And next year, women will have the right to run in local elections, four years after the king granted th ...
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AMMONNEWS - King Abdullah II will start Monday his visit to Washington after concluding a visit to Mexico, according to a Royal Court statement. H,King Abdullah II / Jordan / Jordanian / Obama / Mexico / USA /
The White House announced Monday that President Obama will visit Saudi Arabia and meet with King Abdullah in March. The Saudi way of thinking is the exact opposite of Western thinking. In California, for instance, we expose our women and cover up our oil.
So, ironically President Obama will be meeting with King Abdullah on Friday, February 14th., at the Sunnylands Ranch in Rancho Mirage. The estate, known for its palatial grounds, is also prime for golf, something that President Obama enjoys. Afterward, President Obama is heading to Fresno to speak with Central Valley farmers regarding the water drought issues. Advice President Barack Obama, it is a bit hard to accept your message of tightening in the reins or where to make cuts, when you are enjoying golf on the greens that need to be watered for your pleasure...just sayin!
Saudi King Abdullah of air security
We are in the United State of America, and we never hear about this *** King Abdullah II.
Good morning NOMADS.. We shall be holding our fitness session at Al-Hussein Park / King Abdullah Str. Tonight 8 pm.. Meeting at the main gate.. Cheers
ALSO, TODAY IN HISTORY - 2005 - Prime minister Ariel Sharon and and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas agree to a cease-fire at the Sharm al-Sheikh Summit: At the historic meeting, four Middle Eastern leaders pledge to work toward the end of the four-year Al-Aqsa Intifada. Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and Jordan’s King Abdullah attended, as did the Israeli and Palestinian leaders. At the summit, Sharon said: “We all hope and pray that this day will be remembered as the day on which the process began to move forward towards completion, towards the goal of a tranquil, dignified and peaceful life for all the peoples of the Middle East.”
King Abdullah have already removed extremists from shura council, n he wants to give ryts to women.But it will take a tym
President Obama is to visit Saudi Arabia in late-March for consultation on regional issues (notably Syria and Iran) with King Abdullah.
Obama to meet in Arabia with King Abdullah next month
Let them go tell that to their King Abdullah, fam got this ugly as goatee & a massive photo of his father in his palace Lol.
Jordan is Palestine. Palestine is Jordan.This is the royal decree and sentiments of two of the kings of Jordan. “Palestine and Jordan are one…” said King Abdullah in 1948. “The truth is that Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan,”said King Hussein of Jordan, in 1981. Let’s closely examine the facts of history from the Arab perspective, rather than the Jewish one, regarding Jordan and Palestine. “Palestine is Jordan and Jordan is Palestine; there is only one land, with one history and one and the same fate,” Prince Hassan of the Jordanian National Assembly was quoted as saying on February 2, 1970. Accordingly, Abdul Hamid Sharif, Prime Minister of Jordan declared, in 1980, “The Palestinians and Jordanians do not belong to different nationalities. They hold the same Jordanian passports, are Arabs and have the same Jordanian culture Ahmed Hamdy
How did I not know that King Abdullah's sister is Jordan's military attaché to the US?
Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Liberation of general formula will carry., King Abdullah will approve
Daily News Summary - January 8th 2014 Local News: •Y-Net: -Israeli Arabs: We don’t want to be part of Palestinian State -Asylum Seekers make case to Israeli people: We are not your enemy -West Bank Palestinians say protected settlers from locals’ revenge -Poll: Two-thirds of Israelis believe US is committed to Israeli security in peace talks •Palestinian News Network: -Settlers prepare to carry out attacks against Palestinians -Netanyahu refuses to give up any settlements -Hamas seeks reconciliation with Fatah -UN-Strike leaves West Bank refugee camps in chaos •Ma’an News Agency: to meet with Jordan’s King Abdullah -Israeli forces raid homes of Islamic Jihad members in Jenin Presidency condemns new Israeli settlement plans -Extremists damage cars, spray “Death to Arabs’ in Jaffa •Jerusalem Post: -Migrant protesters en route to Jerusalem -Palestinian suspect taken into custody after weapons stash found in home -Shamir to ‘Post’: Changes will be made to Beduin resettlement plan befor ...
François Hollande and Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah held talks on escalating tensions in the Middle East, with a focus on Lebanon and Syria.
I mean King Abdullah good, Putin bad is so absurdly dark it is like something out of a Chris Morris comedy.
Secretary of State John Kerry says he will visit Saudi Arabia on Sunday to discuss Israeli, Palestinian peace with King Abdullah -
French President Francois Hollande was in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, at the end of 2013, meeting with King Abdullah, Crown Prince Salman, and other top Royal Family members. In addition, Hollande used the occasion to also meet with Lebanese ex-Prime Minister Saad Hariri and with the Saudi-backed head...
Lebanon’s $3 Billion Price Tag * In Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz and France’s Francois Hollande – who also met Saad Hariri in Riyadh – agreed on a “royal grant” worth $3 billion paid directly to France, in return for French weapons and hardware to be delivered to the Lebanese army. But one condition for this grant is forming a cabinet in Lebanon, from which Hezbollah would be excluded. Lebanese President Michel Suleiman took it upon himself to announce the grant and to begin implementing Saudi’s conditions. A few weeks ago, Suleiman informed Lebanese Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri and MP Walid Jumblatt, as well as Hezbollah, of his intention to form a “neutral government” without consulting anyone over the names of the ministers, based on a 14-minister lineup that Premier-designate Tammam Salam would submit to the president later. Suleiman even set a date for the stunt: after he returns from his New Year’s Eve holiday in Budapest, before 7 January 2014. The March 8 for ...
1. King Abdullah held a trilateral meeting with French President François Hollande on 29/12/13 in his palace at Rawdhat Khuraim, in
Saudi Arabia plans to grant the Lebanese army a 3 billion US dollars (€2.8bn) aid in order to buy weapons. Lebanese President Michel Suleiman announced on Sunday in a televised statement that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia will provide the aid to the Lebanese army to enable it purchase French weaponr...
Saudi Arabia Facing a Plethora of Fundamental Challenges " WELL IT'S UPTO THE RULERS OF Saudi Arabia TO ENGAGE AND LISTEN THE SAUDI MASSES OTHERWISE...!!!KAC The deterioration of Saudi Arabia's political influence has contributed to a growing sense of national decline. King Abdullah's reform efforts have lost steam. An essay by Tarek Osman In the early 1970's, Saudi Arabia's King Faisal reportedly confided to senior members of the royal family his fear that, just as in a single generation the country had moved from "riding camels to riding Cadillacs… the next generation could be riding camels again." His warning seems more apt than ever. Saudi Arabia, long one of the Arab world's most rigid societies, now finds itself in a state of flux. Its relations with the West – and with the United States in particular – have frayed in the turmoil unleashed in the Middle East and North Africa by the Arab Spring. Meanwhile, a group of women provided the latest sign of domestic restiveness by defying the Kingdom' ...
VATICAN IN SECRET TALKS TO BUILD CATHOLIC CHURCHES IN Saudi Arabia The Vatican has been holding secret talks with Saudi Arabian authorities to build Catholic churches in Muhammad's homeland. According to one of Pope"s most senior Middle East representatives . Archbishop Paul- Mounged El-Hashem the Papal Nuncio to Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE, Yemen and Bahrain said: "Discussions are under way to allow the construction of churches in the kingdom. We cannot forecast the outcome." The Vatican and Saudi Arabia do not have diplomatic relations. However, Archbishop El- Hashem said that moves towards diplomatic ties began after an unprecedented visit to the Vatican last November by King Abdullah. This would involve negotiations for the “authorisation of the building of Catholic churches” in Saudi Arabia, he said.
...the figures include Jimmy Carter, Pope Paul, Queen Liz, King Abdullah and Nelson Rockefeller. There's a graphic of a bomb going off and
when head is rotten, it affects the whole body...King Abdullah custodian of two holy places said about zardari.when he was president
File Photo: Saudi King Abdullah, right, and Syrian President Bashar Assad, left, look on during a meeting with…
On June 15, 2010, Obama spoke from the Oval Office about the BP oil spill. This spill was an accident, yet Obama demonized the oil industry to the point of temporarily shutting down oil drilling in the Gulf. But in his shutting down of his stopping construction of the Keystone his catering to the EPA and their crying wolf about the 'supposed' dangers of drilling... Obama deliberately made us even more dependent on his brethren's oil. And doing this from the Oval Office where his narcissistic self knew NO one could boo him or call him to task.he was able to wait on the people he is really serving for having the safety of NO physical audience allowed him to give yet another nod and a bow to his buddy...King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. On August 31, 2010, Obama gave his second address from the Oval Office announcing the end of US combat operations in Iraq. Now let that sink in for a moment...the President of the United States used the sanctity of the Oval Office to tell the enemy wh ...
It is a particular pleasure to be able to welcome you here during this season of Advent. Although, I must say, standing here, as I am, alongside a "wise man from the East", it does perhaps feel just a little more like Epiphany than Advent at the moment! If I may say so, I am particularly delighted that my old friend, Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad, has so kindly taken the trouble to be here this afternoon and, indeed, has spent the whole day with me visiting the Coptic and Syrian Orthodox communities in Hertfordshire and London. His Royal Highness is present today representing King Abdullah II of Jordan at His Majesty's particular request and in his rôle as Chief Adviser to King Abdullah for Religious and Cultural Affairs. His Majesty, whom I had the pleasure of seeing recently when he was in London, is, of course, noted for his many noble initiatives to support tolerance and respect for different faith communities. As well as his famous Amman Message in 2004, His Majesty this Autumn addressed t ...
Rent in Province Riyadh exit 9 intersection of King Abdullah with Sheikh Jaber...
Vladimir Putin is not amused. Neither are King Abdullah, Nicolás Maduro, and Sheikh Khalifa
Is Islam Actually Taking Over the World? Before we even have had an opportunity to digest everything that has happened since 1990 all of a sudden we are also facing the outbreak of a rapidly growing movement known as Chrislam, which has already made inroads into some of the Episcopalian and Presbyterian Christian churches across the United States. Chrislam, if your not familiar with it, is a new brand of teaching which seeks to merge Christianity and Islam into one faith based on their common ground. The concept being that both faiths originate from the same root which is Abraham. In addition to that, we are also witnessing high profile Muslim leaders taking charge of globalist institutions. For instance El Hassan bin Talal, brother of the King of Jordan was the president of the Club of Rome (a "Globalist Think Tank") for a decade from 1997 until 2007. Additionally, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is the present head of the “Interfaith Center” in Vienna known as the King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Internati ...
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