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King Abdullah

Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein (al-Malik ʿAbdullāh aṯ-ṯānī bin al-Ḥusayn; born 30 January 1962) is the reigning King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

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It Isn't Their Twenty-First Century, Mr. President! by Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison August 28, 2014 President Obama’s reaction to the brutal televised murder of American journalist Jim Foley was heartfelt, to be sure, but it missed the mark. The president deplored such barbarous acts and called them out of place in “the Twenty-First Century.” That begs the question: Whose Twenty-First Century? President Obama promised Hope and Change in 2009. He started off with his first foreign summit, in London, early that year. He actually bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. That was certainly change. No president of the United States had ever bowed to anyone before. When John F. Kennedy met with the newly elevated Pope Paul VI in the Vatican in 1963, our first Catholic President made a point of not kneeling to the Pontiff. So great was JFK’s respect for the history and traditions of the U.S. presidency that he spoke respectfully to the Pope, but remembered his own role. In King Abdullah's Kingdom, peopl ...
Armed Islamic Groups, Islam’s Enemy –Sheikh Saudi Arabia’s highest religious authority has condemned armed groups in Islamic states and al-Qaeda for apostates and labelled them the “number one enemy of Islam”. The country’s grand mufti, Abdulaziz al-Sheikh, said on Tuesday last week that terrorism, which he accuses the groups of committing on a systematic scale, had no place in Islam’s ideology. “Extremist and militant ideas and terrorism which spread decay on Earth, destroying human civilisation, are not in any way part of Islam, but are enemy number one of Islam, and Muslims are their first victims,” he said in a statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency. “These foreign groups do not belong to Islam and Muslims adhering to it,” he said, adding that unity around the word and rank of Saudi Arabia’s king and crown prince is necessary to avoid the type of chaos seen elsewhere in the region. King Abdullah has been pressing clerics to publicly condemn Islamic extremist group ...
One moment they're smiling and shaking your hand, the next moment they're stabbing you in the back. Two-faced hypocrites and full-blown scumbags. Picture one: Assad with the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Picture two: Assad with the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Picture three: Assad with the American Secretary of State John Kerry. Picture four: Assad with the King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Picture five: Assad with the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Picture six: Assad with the Jordanian King Abdullah II of Jordan. Picture seven: Assad with the Qatari Emir, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. -Chris
AP News Saudi king condemns Gaza war but not Israel By By Abdullah Al Shihri And Aya Batrawy August 01, 2014 RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah condemned the war in Gaza Friday as a "collective massacre" and a crime against humanity, but stopped short of directly condemning Israel for its ground campaign against Hamas. Unlike past Gaza wars, including the devastating 2008 offensive, the Saudi monarch did not condemn Israel outright for the conflict, which officials say has killed at least 1,500 Palestinians, mainly civilians, since it began on July 8. Israel says 63 of its soldiers and three civilians in Israel have been also killed. Instead King Abdullah appeared to suggest that both Israel and Hamas were responsible, saying that the violence in Gaza has led to "various forms" of terrorism whether from groups, organizations or states. VIDEO: Kerry Condemns Shattering of Gaza Cease-Fire "All of this is happening while the international community is watching silently with all its in ...
Egypt's President el-Sisi received a medal from King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud and was honoured further: the Holy Kaaba opened.
2/ The Servant of the Two Sanctuaries, King Abdullah, assigns as overseer of the grant. h…
After about 5 days after the start of the war in Gaza (Friday afternoon) Saudi King Abdullah did not mention the name of Israel without the Palestinians in Gaza and the brutal attack on the horror of the 'World of Silence' has been condemned! Custodian of the two holy places of Islam, Mecca and Medina, the claimant's King Abdullah horror and brutal attack on Gaza 'war crimes' and 'state terrorism' would have referred to. This will silence the global community santibirodhi generation, he gave warnings. The Saudi king, a royal official, or spokesman of the brief and a written statement read. The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia or the Saudi Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz Al Al-Shaykh says Sharia Board, isarailabirodhi Demonstrations completely forbidden. He marched in favor of the Palestinians is meaningless cheap abegaprasuta expedition! Former Saudi intelligence chief Prince Faisal before the Turkish occupation of Gaza Massacre and the Israelis do not blame aparadhayajnera but blamed hamasakei! Turkish says: Hamas is ...
King Abdullah criticizes Hamas and not mentioning Israel. "This is a new development in the conflict." Judith Miller
Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed arrives in to visit King Abdullah. ❤️
Qatar's Sheikh Tamim talks with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia over the phone about Gaza.
King Abdullah says world silence over Israeli "war crimes" in Strip is "inexcusable," in a speech published by SPA:
Saudi and Qatari dynasties loath each other, and King Abdullah refused to meet Sheikh Al-Thani.
of affection has added new dimension to Pakistan-Saudi relationship: Nawaz Sharif By SIRAJ WAHAB in JEDDAH Published in Arab News on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says the element of “affection” has added a new dimension to Saudi-Pakistani relationship. During an informal interaction with journalists at his Jeddah residence on Tuesday, Sharif said he had fruitful and meaningful meetings with Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah, Crown Prince Salman and Deputy Crown Prince Muqrin in the presence of National Security Council chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Saudi intelligence chief Prince Khaled bin Bandar, National Guard Minister Prince Miteb bin Abdullah and Deputy Foreign Minister Prince Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah. “This particular visit has taken our relationship to a new level, and I felt particularly overwhelmed when King Abdullah called me his brother and when Prince Muqrin visited me at my residence in Jeddah,” said Sharif. The unprecedented honor that ...
Since 1948 the world has done little to normalize the situation of the Palestinians. As we tend to look at the Mid East from the perspective of Israel as a western identified state and buy into their narrative we tend to ignore that the Palestinians have been screwed by just about everyone. The West Bank was, after all, supposed to be a Palestinian Nation in 1948 but King Abdullah of Jordan wouldn't have that and just stole it, so instead of having a narrative of an independent Palestine betrayed by Jordan we have the story of plucky Israel surrounded on all sides by enemies of which the Palestinians have become just a subplot of a bigger story that's easy to understand. That leaves no room in the script for the Palestinians to be seen as anything but a threat instead of victims themselves. The failure of the Israelis and the UN to recognize and deal forthrightly with the question of ethnic cleansing in 1948 didn't help either, nor that the support for Israel in the west had as much to do with getting ri ...
I wonder how King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia feels, while being aware of he is going to die pretty soon.
Saudi Arabia will always stand by Pakistan, says King Abdullah
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King Abdullah said the Kingdom has taken several measures to root out the scourge of terrorism and to protect ...
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and King Abdullah discuss situation in Palestine, Syria
Meeting btwn King Abdullah and Sheikh Tamim suggests thaw in relations & relevance.
Saudi King Abdullah gives naseehah(advice) to the 'Ulema (Scholars of Islam) One of most slandered man within muslim community is King Abdullah Of Saudi Arabia whose good works are overlooked by many..In this vid, King Abdullah took time out to meet with the Scholars (Ulemah) Ahle Sunnah are people who possess the prophetic wisdom, knowledge, practice and understanding of Islam.
This is secular King Abdullah cutting up the cake that was with the know ur history http:…
"King Abdullah and Jordan must have Western Support!" by on
some one mentioned to me im just acting to be hero about palestine or muslim etc in fb.. since im created my fb account, first thing was im publish about curse killing NWO zionist King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia agenda non stop until now.. tq those who curse or lie about my self.. tqvm n good luck..
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bloody *** i cant sleep keep on thinking howw can killed King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.. tq.
Possibly first selfie for King Abdullah with grandson via
The governments, the CIA, the KKK, the courts, the Communist Party of China, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, Knesset, etc.
Will anyone, any Arab or Muslim leader stand up and lift even a finger to help the Palestinian people in this massacre? May God *** you. Where is Erdogan? The would be Ottoman Protector? Where? Where is Waleed bin Talal bin Abdel Aziz Al Saud, co-owner of Fox and Sky "News"? Where are the Kings and Emirs of the Arab world? So ready to pay for the murder of Arabs. Where is King Abdullah, "Custodian of the two Mosques"? Where is General Sisi, "the new Nasser"? I address the Arab and Muslim leaders sincerely with this question. Have you no sense of shame? Judge yourselves before you are judged...
LaRouche: Obama's backing of ISIS Is the Issue in Iraq "This explicit, shameless backing of ISIS demands Obama's immediate impeachment," Lyndon LaRouche said yesterday upon being briefed on the latest developments in Iraq. "ISIS is the detonator for thermonuclear war." Indeed, the developments of the past 24 hours or so look like a cauldron ready to boil over, and everything coming from in and around the Obama administration is designed to make it worse. For example, retired Adm. James Stavridis, formerly commander of NATO, now the Dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, wrote a couple of days ago on the Atlantic Council blog that NATO could jump into the fray by: - waging cyberwar to counter jihadist propaganda - Assembling a team of NATO special forces to deploy alongside the US special forces teams already there - NATO special forces teams, backed by airborne intelligence and surveillance assets, could cross the border from Turkey into both Iraq and Syria "in order to unde ...
Saudi Arabia deploys 30,000 soldiers to border with Iraq, King Abdullah has ordered all necessary measures to
Oh, Riyadh!. A decade & I only know King Abdullah Road. Not even your malls got me. Sorry, I guess I'm not that into you until I see the blue
RIYADH: Saudi Arabia has deployed 30,000 troops along its 800km border with Iraq, Saudi-owned Al-Arabi­­ya television channel reported on Thursday. The deployment came as Iraqi forces abandoned their positions on the border, leaving it unprotected, the report added. King Abdullah had orde­red...
Clock Towers / Kenta Gahrs Of Pakistan Victoria Tower Jacobabad, Khenta Gar Fasilabad, Shikarpur, Sailkot, Khenta Gar Towers In other Cities Of Pakistan. Since ancient times, clock towers in one form or another have been used to refurbish city skyline. Though the concept of clock tower originated in the East but later, traveled to other places of the world irrespective of geographical and cultural boundaries. The clock in Salisbury cathedral, England is believed to be the oldest continuously running clock in the world in 1386 A.D. The manufacture of clocks became a thriving industry during the 14th and 15th centuries. To have a clock tower became a symbol of prestige in major European cities. Apart from Europe and America, today they are seen in medieval China, India as well as the Arabian world. From there it was grandly imported to Indian Subcontinent, in the last quarter of nineteenth century under the British Rule. The British preoccupation with the time made the Clock Tower increasingly important art ...
Barack Obama calls Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud to discuss on Iraq and ISIL -
King Abdullah has ordered $500 million in humanitarian aid to be provided to the Iraqi people
So naturally people asked if his bayah is to Mulla Umar, he said no to King Abdullah. (2)
Al Ittihad's new stadium: King Abdullah Sports City. I cannot wait until we start playing here regularly.
. You are wrong we living in a peace . With justice king , good religion . And what you are see every day it's . Lying media
Saudi Arabia places 30,000 soldiers on its border in the wake of ISIS threat: King Abdullah ordered all necessary measures to protect...
Obama, King Abdullah call for Iraq unity government
"Saudi King Abdullah has ordered to take 'all necessary actions' to protect the Kingdom". Sensible action.
Who said anything about supporting King Abdullah? Ignorant Kafir.
Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah extraordinary pledge: $500 mil in humanitarian aid to all people of
Readout of the President’s call with King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud of :
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in his youth
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Calma Calma king abdullah is here .
Inside the community mosque at King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center
Saudi King Abdullah sending 30,000 troops to secure his own border. Are Americans being asked to thank him for self-preservation?
discusses with King Abdullah of Arabia - .
Saudi Arabia and Ka'ba is for Muslims, Ka'ba has nothing to do with King Kong Abdullah. King Kong Abdullah funded Sisi for killing Egyptians
(Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has appointed Prince Khaled bin Bandar as head of intelligence three months after his predecessor,…
Custodian of King ordered all necessary measures to protect Kingdom against...
Saudi Arabia 'Deploys Troops To Iraq Border': King Abdullah orders "all necessary measures" to protect the kin...
Saudi king tells Kerry he will press Sunnis to join Iraq government - Economic Times
So Obama calls absolute monarch in Saudi (King Abdullah) to discuss situation in Iraq; but refuses to call ELECTED PM Maliki …
even if you give away everything you have yet continue imprisoning & starving your daughters YOU ARE NO…
How can you take seriously talk of reform while starving own daughters to death? PROTEST http…
King Abdullah calls up armed forces on high preparedness. Egyptian troops ready to fly to kingdom
“I don’t trust this man [Maliki],” King Abdullah told John Brennan in March 2009. “He is an Iranian agent.”
State news: Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah orders 'all necessary measures' to protect kin ..BreakingNews
King Abdullah ordered to take all necessary measures to protect Saudi Arabia from terrorist threats
King Abdullah instructed authorities "to take all the necessary measures" to protect the kingdom's security ... is the agenda ?
White House announces $ 500 million in military aid to non-ISIS rebels, on eve of trip to meeting King Abdullah
King Abdullah ordered that "all the necessary measures be taken to protect the nation’s ... territories" ==> he knows trouble lurks>
King Abdullah arrives in for a short visit
It's only one man who have the power to do this and this man it's King abdullah abdulaziz al saud he is the king
I read this AM that some savage group has already threated King whats-his-face Abdullah in Jordan
Update from Joel: My next novel, or a real headline? “ISIS Threatens to Invade Jordan, ‘Slaugh...
The opening ceremony of King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah was much better than this 😒
US President Barack Obama holds talks with Saudi King Abdullah to ease tensions over the Syria conflict and Iranian nuclear negotiations.
“ISIS Threatens to Invade Jordan, 'Slaughter' King Abdullah is result of t…
ISIS plans to take jihad to Jordan's King Abdullah, the Gaza Strip, Sinai and Lebanon: …
Great mtg with King Abdullah II. Deeply value partnership on & its support for peace across region. ht…
Do what you know to be right & gain some respect. Help daughters of Abd…
The lives of King Abdullah's daughters are in grave danger. What does your conscience t…
King Abdullah port . The place of my new job.
with H.E. Mr. Faisal Bin Muammar, SG of the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz,at the Pakistan Mission to the United Nations
. Please intervene on behalf of Abdullah's daughters http…
The UN Secretary General stressed his support for King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Center for...
Everyone in the Middle East had better watch out! ISIS Threatens to Invade Jordan, 'Slaughter' King Abdullah:
Oil prices are up on the Iraq news. These are not Black Swans. Putin and King Abdullah I of Saudi are applauding.
Yes, they'll keep keep winning until those governments slaughter them w/help from American missile strikes:
reportedly threatens to Invade Jordan and "Slaughter" King Abdullah. ISIS has big ambitions
Al Qaeda Group Vows to Invade Jordan, “Slaughter” King Abdullah: “The danger is getting closer to our bedrooms...
ISIS Threatens to Invade Jordan, Slaughter King Abdullah: | In case you thought the Middle East h…
So when the taliban meet with a US president its all okay, but when King Fahd/'Abdullah does it its kufr akbar?!
News from reddit: ISIS Threatens to Invade Jordan and to Slaughter King Abdullah via /r/worldnews
Darlene love aretha queen of soul nice to know queen of jordan she is so kind you know her? King abdullah...
ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq & Syria) Threatens to Invade Jordan, 'Slaughter' King Abdullah. - via Br.Khurram Zaki P.S: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is directly/passively helping Israel, NATO and United States to expand their influence over Middle-East. Corporations making Weapon & Banking Institutions are happy at what is cooking in Iraq & Syria.
Michiel Basson shared the following link: was a life out of a fairy tale — until it became one they couldn’t escape. Sahar, Maha, Hala and Jawaher Al Saud are daughters of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, the Saudi Arabian monarch who is wo...
John McTernan's Insights . "ISIS Threatens to Invade Jordan, 'Slaughter' King Abdullah" 06/12/14 I think this Muslim terrorist group from Iraq seems unstoppable. They now have their eyes on Jordan. I know that Jordan is going to fall a Muslim Brotherhood type group, so this could be it. They are following Muhammad and the Koran by cutting heads off along with hands and feet. This tactics are right out of the Koran for dealing with the infidels. Remember, the terror and fighting you see now is eventually all heading in attempt to destroy Israel and take Jerusalem for allah. This will be the doom of Islam. The Holy God of Israel will destroy these armies and break the back of Islam. Islam does not have much longer. The end time antichrist religion is classic paganism and not Islam. Wow, is this coming fast
Most of us have forgotten about decade nod statement by King Adullah. ISIS is well crafted, well planned & well funded group by the same countries which Iran is keeping good ties & wish Islamic brotherly relations. What Iran does not want to acknowledge that majority Muslims don't consider Shia their brothers. It's already late but better to realize now than never. Karbala 1400 years ago divided Islam into two, bad & good. Any bod try to call them brothers is nothing but an *** Takfiri r Yazidi funded & supported by Minority of Muslims while majority care less exactly the way the cared nothing about Karbala but all were scared Shia triangle presented by King Abdullah. Abdullah is quite but his fear is bearing fruits. ISIS is nothing but anti Shia movement supported by all Sunni Arab states. Blaming USA & Israel not going to bring any more political mileage. Vali e Faqih has to apologize to Shia and need to seek tauba for his mischievousness leading Shia around the world to disaster.
"At the end of the day, with all the difficulties that faces so many different countries, people are the same in the world all over and people are good." - King Abdullah II of Jordan
His Majesty King Abdullah II starts his day participating in a military special operations training exercises as Jump-Master Photos courtesy of Royal Court
Iraq declares "emergency" as ISIS, an al Qaeda breakaway faction, captures key city of Mosul - Joel C. Rosenberg - What is ISIS and why is it important? The Iraqi government has declared a "state of emergency" after losing control of one of its major cities - Mosul (ancient Ninevah) - to a Sunni insurgent group that is a breakaway faction of al Qaeda. The group is commonly referred to as "ISIS" (pronounced "EYE-sis"), which stands for the "Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham." Al Sham refers to the "Levant," or the region of Lebanon, Syria, Israel, and Jordan. ISIS wants to wage violent jihad in order to establish an Islamic caliphate or kingdom in the entire region. It is currently recruiting foreign jihadist fighters to wage jihad in Syria to topple Bashar al-Assad's regime. ISIS is also fighting to bring down the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in Iraq. Ideally, its leaders would like to topple Jordan's King Abdullah II and capture the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan as part of its calipha ...
I have a name in my hand Eyas Youssef from jordan it is a gift and a good thing he said yesterday king abdullah thank you queen his wife so lovely her posts...
3. - family of King Abdullah and that of late UAE President Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan.
King Abdullah of Jordan and Queen Rania are celebrating today their 21st anniversary. I love this couple
It's King Abdullah's and Queen Rania's anniversary today 😍 awww
Dear Queen Rania, you and the King Abdullah make a great couple and I applaud all of your efforts to make Jordan a progressive nation in the midst of a turbulent However, if you truly support love, and then you should work to instate a full in the country of is an outdated form of It is time to bring true democracy and to the Middle East. --Yours Truly, a descendant of the region
Happy anniversary her highness Queen Rania and his majesty King Abdullah :')
ANGRY MOM'S DU'A MADE ME IMAAM OF HARAM' Shaykh Al-Kalbaani, former Imaam of the Ka'bah, at a conference in London was telling us this story: When he was young, he was a very naughty boy. He would make his mother angry. But his mother, Allah bless her, was a very righteous woman and she knew the power of Du'a. She made it her habit that, in her anger at him, she would say this Du'a: "May Allah guide YOU! And make you the IMAAM of the Ka'bah!" Imaam Al-Kalbani told us, "so Allah answered her du'a and I went on to become the Imam of the Ka'bah!" Allahu Akbar! Shaykh Adil Kalbani is black, and the son of a poor immigrant from the Persian Gulf. In an interview with NYTimes, Shaykh Kalbani said, "Leading prayers at the Grand Mosque is an extraordinary honor, usually reserved for pure-blooded Arabs from the Saudi heartland." He was taken aback when he came to know that King Abdullah had chosen him as the first black Imaam of Masjid al-Haram (in recent times), he added. Masha Allah! Dont curse your children when ...
‘What is our crime?’ Saudi princesses denied food for over 60 days May 31, 2014 04:20 Saudi Princesses Jawaher (left) and Sahar are confined in their rooms at the palace. Deprived of their basic needs, the four Saudi royal princesses kept in 13-year isolation by their father, King Abdullah, have surpassed 60 days without food. The monarch’s daughters fell out of their father’s favor for speaking out against the ill treatment of women in the Gulf kingdom. It is also believed that the king was angry at the girls' mother for not giving him a son. Two of the princesses, Sahar and Jawaher, say they are being kept against their will in two mansions inside a royal compound in the city of Jeddah, along with their other two sisters – Maha and Hala. They say they have been deprived of food for over 60 days and have very little access to water. “It’s a horrible situation, it’s a forced famine basically. They are confining us, depriving us of food and water, freedom and rights. We are struggling, we a ...
"So who will be first in the line-up to congratulate Sisi? King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to be sure. The Saudis, as all the world knows, are renowned for their democratic traditions. Sisi has called Abdullah “King of the Arabs”, a totally unprecedented expression for an Egyptian to make in appreciation of a Saudi monarch – but who can be surprised when Saudi billions must now keep Egypt (and its new President) afloat? Then the other freedom-loving Gulf Arabs will come huffing and puffing along behind the Saudis with promises and praise; minus Qatar, of course, which still prefers – for now – the incarcerated Morsi."Robert Fisk
DAY 69 denied access to fresh supplies of food, drinking water & medication by King Abdullah & sons. h…
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IN YOUR HOLY STEPS: Jordan's King Abdullah & Queen Rania walk with during a welcome ceremony in Amman. (DOWN) King Abdullah bids farewell to Pope Francis, who is leaving for the West Bank after his visit to Jordan at Queen Alia International Airport
Addressing Jordan`s King Abdullah at the start of his first visit as pope to the Holy Land, Francis praised the Western-backed kingdom for its efforts to "to seek lasting peace for the entire region". "This great goal urgently requires that a peaceful solution be found to the crisis in Syria, as wel…
King Abdullah making open remarks welcoming pope to Jordan. King talking about importance of religion in Jordan.
King Abdullah of Jordan and Pres. Obama discuss the impact of the Syria crisis.
King Abdullah has approved 5-year plan worth more than SR80bn to develop Arabia's sector: SPA and Reuters. …
Omar Al-Bashir, Kim Jong Aung, Than Shwe, Robert Mugabe, Islam Karimov, Hu-Jintao & King Abdullah would like to congratulate our beloved friend Narendra Modi for his landslide victory in the general election 2014 of the world largest democracy. We hope and pray that he'll stick to our ideology and run the govt in the best possible way he can and monopolize the country internal & extetnal affairs.
Turki bin Abdullah Al Saud is the seventh son of King Abdullah, and deputy governor of the Riyadh Province is dead
King Abdullah since university creates innovators and researchers, they may change our world
King Abdullah's daughters have no water and food, on survival mode - Ahlul Bayt News Agency -
'King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has said that he wants women to drive when the society is ready for it' OK IM GLAD BUT *** DO U MEAN
Queen Rania of Jordan. Queen Consort to King Abdullah and his equal partner in the administration of Jordan.
I will tell King Abdullah 2 take care of that!
Saudi King Abdullah’s daughter calls for uprising against the ruling regime.
Saudi Arabia announced Friday two more deaths from the MERS coronavirus, taking the country's toll to 87, a day after King Abdullah tried to reassure a worried public.
King abdullah God protect , O King of the tender and good man, and a man of generosity . Yes Habib people I love you, O king .
Saudi King Abdullah's daughters LIVE interview while they are Locked Up in the Palace !!
King orders airlift of man injured in Ma'an: AMMONNEWS - King Abdullah II, on Saturday, ordered Chairman of th...
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah today celebrates a glorious nine years as leader of Saudi Arabia, marked by unprecedented economic...
king Abdullah sport city, opening soon
HRH on behalf of Club, congratulates King Abdullah for 9th anniversary of his coronation as…
We're at a stage where king Abdullah's own daughter is asking for an up-rise against her fathers regime
Abdullah’s achievements — Future generations to benefit from King’s reforms
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah, who ascended the throne in August 2005, has played
Do you know that Abdullah of is starving his own daughters? Help to stop this atrocity!
Just released: photo of King Abdullah Stadium in Jeddah. Watch out for the grand opening ceremony on Thursday, May 1.
Free tickets to the opening ceremony of King Abdullah Stadium in Jeddah will be available next week at post offices in Jeddah and Makkah.
King Abdullah and his kingdom that their king and their God. thanks. thanks. thanks. for help jesuse in this war
Grand opening ceremony of Jeddah's world-class King Abdullah Stadium is scheduled for Thursday May 1. Free tickets!
wanted to tell you that today is the ninth anniversary of the pledge allegiance to King Abdullah Do you want to congratulate us!☺️
One of the daughters of Saudi King Abdullah has called on people across the kingdom to rise against the ruling regime.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Find out more about the 9-year-reign of Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz
For more than 30 years the Alaskan oleoduct has safely delivered oil to the lower 48, of what is Barry afraid? King Abdullah
King Abdullah’s Daughter Calls for Uprising in Saudi Arabia: Local Editor Saudi princess called on people acro...
Funny Picture of Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Person Working in Lap of USA =. Funny Picture of...
celebrates King Abdullah's nine years on the throne. Here are his major milestones: http:…
Arabia celebrates 9 years of growth under King | Arab more.: via
Princesses Sahar and Jawaher, whose mother is divorced from King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, say they are effectively being held under house arrest in the royal compound in Jeddah.
Confirming true allegiance to King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Sponsored Jeddah Marathon Club run up stairs of Kingdom Tower
King Abdullah's daughter calls for uprising in Saudi Arabia. She also praised Ayatollah Nimr in video message.
Saudi King sacks son of former king: Saudi King Abdullah bin-Abdulaziz sacked on Friday the S...
For Sale motorcycle type Triumph Model 2012 made 1000 km distance CC state2200 cc agency does not like her in Jordan only bike with His Majesty King Abdullah II Price: 15,000 JD to inquire please call: 0726022
From our King Abdullah Sport City - Jeddah Ibraheem Asfar establishment for contracting and building
King abdullah culture center for world...Near of Saudi Aramco,,,
My new office in king Abdullah park, malaz KSA
H.M. King Abdullah II will grace the awarding ceremony for the World Interfaith Harmony Week winners tomorrow (27 April) in Amman, Jordan. Winners are given 3-minute remarks each, I'm nervous...
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Saudi King Abdullah his personal travling bus massaallha
I am the happiest man on earth;even more than King Abdullah! My wife is the best companion ever.
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — In the past 24 hours, Saudi Arabia has reported four new deaths from a Middle East virus related to SARS and 36 more cases of infection, including a Turkish pilgrim in Mecca. Officials are struggling to alleviate concerns that the virus is spreading amid a spike in infections over the past several weeks. Many of the infections reported Wednesday and Thursday are health workers. Prince Miteb, the son of ruler King Abdullah and the head of the Saudi National Guard, was quoted in newspapers Thursday saying that the king arrived in the eastern city of Jiddah sooner than usual in order to be with the people there, amid a rise in infections. The king traditionally spends his summers in Jiddah, where the seaside weather is cooler than in the capital. "Every Saudi citizen is more valuable to the king than himself," the prince was quoted as saying in the state-backed al-Watan newspaper. The Middle East respiratory syndrome, or MERS, belongs to a family of viruses known as coronaviruse ...
Ya rabbi, we are now surrounded by MERS COV. PLZ protect us frm this.. Always wear a musk!!! Bcous, prevention is better than cure.!!! Now @ king abdullah medical hospital jeddah.
BREAKING NEWS: Saudi King Abdullah Al-Taghut has just passed away. ALLAHUMMA NAEM
King Abdullah named Cultural Personality of the year 2014
Got work in King Abdullah Financial District.wat guys.
It is very strange to hear from people that they are happy thinking that Jordan is hiding their way of JARAB SPRING. To all who thinks this will happen to Jordan, you need to SHUT UP. It will never happen. We love our Country and King Abdullah. We have freedom you dream about it, we have rights and we are happy. If you are jealous from us after we opened doors for all and don't like us, don't visit. You were not invited.
King Abdullah Football Stadium opens its doors officially to the public on May 1. According to Essam
Barack Obama's visit to Riyadh, which was cut short due to King Abdullah's worsening health, highlighted the...
It sticks in my craw to agree with David Cameron but his comments about Britain being a Christian Country are spot on. The naysayers who claim his comments are 'divisive' are a sandwich short of a picnic at best and dangerous at worst. The 2011 census shows that 60% of the population considered themselves Christian, surely that makes us a Christian country? Can you imagine the reaction if a declaration by the Israeli Prime Minister that Israel was a Jewish country or by King Abdullah that Saudi Arabia was Muslim was greeted by the same sort of comments made by Terry Pratchett and Polly Toynbee et al? I can, and I don't think it would be pleasant.
I stand corrected: Photo from 2010 shows King Abdullah in his private jet with Bashar Al Assad (thx
Interview Split Persists Between Washington and Riyadh Interviewee: F. Gregory Gause III, Professor of Political Science at the University of Vermont, Non-Resident Senior Fellow at Brookings Doha Center Interviewer: Bernard Gwertzman, Consulting Editor April, 2014 Last week's meeting between President Obama and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was meant to quell speculation that relations between the two long-standing allies had collapsed, says Brookings fellow F. Gregory Gause. But despite the assurances proffered by the Obama administration, serious differences over policy regarding Iran, Syria, and Egypt remain between the two countries, says Gause. On Iran, although Saudis voice support for the international negotiations to limit the country's nuclear program, they worry that Washington is not doing enough to limit Iran's growing influence in the region. They also believe that Washington should be doing more to buttress the anti-Assad forces in Syria and the military government in Egypt. "The United Stat ...
In Islam you're taught to treat everyone equally, yet King Abdullah feels Saudis are superior to every other nationality
Quote by: King Abdullah II: When you get billions in aid and your weapons resupplied and your ammunition stock...
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CEO Fahd Al Rasheed interview on companies investing in .
beautiful picture of King Abdullah Financial District in the city of # Riyadh - Saudi Arabia #
I'm at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) - (Thuwal, Makkah) w/ 23 others
An open letter to King Abdullah? "Please do the humane thing. Set your daughters free. Its been 13 years.
Quote by: King Abdullah II: I don't think the Middle East could afford another war.
"Durant China Resturant" King Abdullah Road # 4703799 . One of my favorite Chinese restaurants in…
King Abdullah pushes for cautious social reform to increase women's rights in employment, education, etc.
Can declare that the initiative by His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan hosts peace conference to resolve the Syrian problem
On da way to king abdullah eco park:-)
[PIC] - His Majesty King Abdullah II with Steven Seagal in today! 😃
Creating enemies - King Abdullah's decree appointing his half-brother Prince Muqrin as second in line to the thron...
king Abdullah , "the talent without the attention of its people like small tree without care or watering""
King Abdullah was shown in a picture with an oxygen tube beneath his nose. Details of his health are largely...
Three men were arrested last week in Saudi Arabia for uploading videos in which they criticised the regime, addressing themselves directly to King Abdullah. Such actions are new in the...
The King Abdullah Park in Malaz quarter of Riyadh will be inaugurated on Wednesday evening by the Deputy Governor of Riyadh, Prince Turki Bin Abdulaziz. The inauguration will also be attended by the Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Prince Dr. Mansour Bin Miteb Bin Abdulaziz and the Mayor of Riyadh region, Engr. Abdullah Bin Abdulrahman Al-Muqbel, according to Arriyadh news. The park, situated in the center of Riyadh, covers an area of 318,000 square meters with a green cover of 150,000 square meters. The King Abdullah Park has five main entrances and includes several gardens, children’s parks, rest areas for families, sports areas, walkways, seating areas, and a 1,700-square-meter restaurant. Other attractions include a large lake, a dancing fountain equipped with laser technology, amphitheaters, an open area for conducting shows and events, and a Saudi flag post 37 meters high. The park also houses a building meant for VIP visitors.
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3 Saudis arrested as videos to criticise the king go viral
Saudis arrested for criticising King Abdullah on YouTube...
Morning everyone morning me morning king Abdullah
"defense sales to Saudi is the largest of any US supply relationship, and is approaching $100 billion in value"
Salute and Cheers, CONGRATULATIONS WELCOME ABOARD, for you're new Operational Expertise in a Nationwide Development. Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS YOUR ROYAL HIGHNESS AND EXCELLENCY King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia Love King Abdulla AL-Saud
We all know. Assists in The"Time" for king Abdullah 2fight his rebels ll come,no doubts
King Abdullah met with Obama in Palm Springs Feburar 2014 and was given $1 billion to invade Syria loot, destroy Syria.
not so quiet, Obama met with King Abdullah of Jordan in Palm Springs and gave him $1 billion in "aid"
Obama gave King Abdullah of Jordan $1 billion at the end of February 2014, Syria is a proxy war done by foreign jihadists
. Four daughters of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia are being held captive in his royal compound for 13 years.
King Abdullah Park is located on the seafront in Dammam. It is the most modern destinations with distinctive...
Bravo king Abdullah ,you are like your father king Hussein .
Russian President Vladimir Putin joked with his visitor King Abdullah II of Jordan in front of journalists saying: “Are you still planning to go on a trip across Russia on your motorcycle?” The king replied: “Yes, but with the company of my dear brother,” meaning of course the Russian...
So I'm on King Abdullah Road, I realized at the end of the road that I need to go west and not east, so I try to go back, and next thing you know I'm at Dammam street, takes me about 2 hours to get back home... DEAD 😷
MCC Update: UK Minister of Faith has replied to Muslim Council of Coventry saying that she had meeting in Saudi in February 2014 with the Royal family and they confirmed that the sites will not be demolished as ordered by King Abdullah. She is keeping close eye on their expansions.
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Spring flower display at King Abdullah park
King Abdullah City at night, you can't see much will try again in the day babe.
RIYADH, KSA – Seeking to stem the tide of anti-government sentiment within the region, King Abdullah announced that left-handed Muslims are now granted government-recognized marriage rights and benefits. “The dirties can now have the...
Just a mum with a cool day job: Queen Rania of Jordan offers a glimpse into her surprisingly normal life on her new Instagram account. Queen Rania was published on the front page of a site Instagram image collected with King Abdullah II and their son on the occasion of the King Abdullah II Birthday 52 years old, which falls on January 30
100 PERSONAL WORDS: I marvel at the homes and public buildings carved from the solid rock in Petra. Today it is not a proud capital city; it’s a tourist destination, a most impressive relic of an ancient powerful nation. King Abdullah of Jordan was in New York City, and no doubt he was intent on promoting tourism, which is a mainstay in the economy of his country, when I had the privilege to meet him at the Mayflower Hotel. As we visited I mentioned that my son-in-law covered his country several times each week on TV in the Arabic language. The King said, “What is his name?” “Rev. Nizar Shaheen,” I answered. With a surprised look on his face, the king said, “Nizar is a great man of God. I watch him on TV regularly.” It occurred to me that the king might have been tempted to say this for tourism’s sake, so I asked him, “On what channel do you watch Nizar?” He knew all the details, so I concluded he really did watch the message of God’s Word as Nizar and his guests present Jesus as Sav ...
Saudia Arabia declares all atheists are terrorists. This terrorism defines as "calling for atheist thought in any form, or calling into question the fundamentals of the Islamic religion on which this country is based". (Article 1, The new Provision) That's notably praiseworthy, I think. But S Arabia has also introduced a series of new laws regarding Syrian War Effect. Just an opposite side of a coin. The new laws have largely been brought in to combat the growing number of Saudis travelling to take part in the 'civil war' in Syria, who have previously returned with newfound training and Ideas about overthrowing Monarchy. King Abdullah issued 44th Royal Decree, which criminalises "participating in hostilities outside yhe kingdom" with prison sentences of between 3 & 20 years! Beside Crimean incident, Syrian War is most likely very very important event for the future world. The future of a nation named 'The Muslim'. Those are just Presumptions. But I'm very much surprised to see the condition of Saudi Gover ...
President Bush and King Abdullah walking on the park holding hands..If it had been President Obama instead of George in this picture what would the members of the Christian Coalition (without Christ Evangelicals) in America had to say?
May Allah preserve Saudia Arabia and King Abdullah, as well all the other Islamic states and their Rulers
Ahmadinejad 'pitches in' for E Ahamed Apr 3, 2014, 04.24AM IST TNN[ K R Rajeev ] MALAPPURAM: You could be forgiven for momentarily mistaking this place as the venue for an OIC summit. Democracy is a mirage in the Middle East but Muslim world leaders are holding centre stage in Malappuram this election. Billboards of Saudi monarch King Abdullah, Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifah and Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum stare down at you, urging you to vote for Union minister of state for external affairs E Ahamed, the IUML candidate from the Muslim-dominated constituency. Former Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is another familiar face. Even Pakistan's former military ruler General Pervez Musharraf, who had been barred from contesting elections and voting in his home country, puts in an appearance to garner votes for Ahamed. The strong Middle East tilt in hundreds of billboards featuring photographs of various heads of state is not surprising as the district has around three lakh pe ...
The conversation between the U.S. president and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia did not last very long. The...
Exclusive: 'locked-up' Saudi princesses' message for Obama -
Kramer on King Abdullah retreat house 😂 ⁰I don’t know who did it but its genius 👌. 😂😂😂.
King Abdullah breathing from oxygen tubes
Four daughters of Saudi Monarch King Abdullah, who say they live in two mansions in a closed royal compound in the country’s second city Jeddah, have sent a video footage to a media outlet detailing their daily sufferings under virtual house arrest on the orders of their father.
Despite mounting concern over human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia, the subject was not introduced in a meeting between US President Barack Obama and Saudi King Abdullah on Friday, according to a US official.
Hey, atheists, you're all "terrorists". So says King Abdullah. Here he is with some of his proud friends.
US takes a break from condemning tyranny to celebrate Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia - whilst: http…
Chocolate centerpieces and lush flowers -- just about everywhere at King Abdullah's desert ranch
Obama meets with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at the Desert Camp in Rawdat al Khraim.
Wow! Daughters of Saudi King Abdullah tell Channel 4 that they're prisoners in their own home in secret interview.
Taken this morning at king abdullah st.Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia declares all atheists are terrorists in new law - PS King Abdullah dies his beard.
Saudis arrested for criticising King Abdullah on YouTube via
King Abdullah is cracking down on people who disagree with the country’s established religion, Islam. According to new laws, people who don’t believe in God can be considered terrorists and may face jail time.
- We are cut off, isolated and alone': Imprisoned Saudi princesses blame their father King Abdullah
Three new universities in ordered by makes public uni. 28 in total.
Saudi King Abdullah issues series of new decrees defining atheists as terrorists.
Ex-wife of Saudi King speaks out - Why is King Abdullah holding his daughters hostage? http…
Daughters of under house arrest for 13 years
King Abdullah Foundation for Housing signed a contract to implement thousand units with 10 regions
Our roving reporter, Khaled Diab, confirm that King Abdullah is right: atheism is terrorism. At great personal risk, he met an atheist sleeper cell led by an enigmatic emir who calls himself Commander of the Faithless. They have declared unholy war on fidels, are known to have carried out numerous deadly rational assualts using improvised rhetorical devices, and, chillingly, they say they will not rest until the evolution comes.
For those to whom the UK’s Foreign (and internal) Policy matters, here are just some facts & thoughts about one of the stories that is making up the headlines this week… make up your own mind: According to The Times, Mr. Cameron has commissioned an investigation into the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) The (MB) is an organisation that is “banned” under most authoritarian regimes in the Middle East. Most notably under Hosni Mubarak’s military dictatorship. The MB re-emerged following the overthrow of President Morsi of Egypt and won in the first ever democratic election to take place in Egypt (not bad for a group that was banned for 40 years). Even though the MB won the elections one cannot call their time in power as “successful” although to be fair… trying to govern Egypt immediately after a revolution may not be that straightforward. The MB was overthrown after just one year in power by … well.. another Egyptian military personality who goes by the name “El Sisi” (don’t ...
King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia has ordered the establishment of three universities in
I just found out that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia married one of his wives when she was only 15 years old; so what's the difference between a cult leader and a world leader... oil
"He should be ashamed to meet a leader that has four grown women locked up" - the message from two Saudi princesses to President Obama as he meets with their father, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.
King abdullah has gone mad As Saudi Arabia brings new laws, declares all atheists are terrorists
"Good decisions come from Experience, and Experience come from bad decisions" *His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan
Alhamdulillah arrive in king Abdullah medical city in Makkah heart block v/s stable...tnx ya RAB...
When i go to king abdullah park i find hamid and i was with abady and my cousins yamane and abdullah. Abdullah is my secand cousin
Life in a Muslim country. In the land of Islam, Saudi authorities have arrested three citizens who posted YouTube videos urging the oil-rich kingdom to improve their living standards and criticizing the government corruption. And in the land of Muhammad that is illegal, therefore the arrests were made on the very the day President Barack Obama flew home from Saudi Arabia. In one video a young man identifying himself as Abdulaziz Mohammed al-Dosari addressed King Abdullah saying he has to survive on a low income, and does not own a house or a car. "We are fed up, and you still blame those who carry out bombings, the man says, urging the king to give Saudis money to improve their lives. Give us our money we do not want to beg. You and your children are playing with this money," he said about Saudi's oil wealth in the 30-second video during which he held up his identification card. In another video, a man identifying himself as Abdullah bin Othman charged that "corruption is widespread" in Saudi Arabia while ...
I was watching Syrian war videos to know what is happening there. To my surprise, i saw the killing people are screaming 'allahu akbar' and the dying people are also screaming 'allahu akbaar' at the top of their voices... then i researched into this and found that muslim sects hate each other to DEATH !! Reallly ... The ISIS ( Islamic State of Iraq and Syria = Al Queda ) are killing the Shia in Iraq , who in turn are murdering the Salfia in Iraq , who are infiltrating to Syria to kill the Alawites , who are slaughtering Jabat al Nusra ( Suna in Syria = Al Queda), who are crossing to Lebanon to kill the Hizbullah ( Shia ), who are supporting the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt , who want to kill General Sisi Deffence Minister of Egypt ) , who is besieging the Hamas in Gaza , who are trying to overthrow President Abbas and take over the Palestinian authority in the West Bank, who in turn want to depose King Abdullah ( Jordan ) , who is being backed by Saudi Arabia , who are in conflict with Iran , who support ...
Good morning! Recently Obama went to see Pope Francis. His visit was a rather short one and a few minutes after he left the Vatican he was on a plane to Saudi Arabia on his way to meet King Abdullah. The media were so convinced that Obama’s visit to the Vatican didn’t change anything that Fox News described it as follows: Obama flees Jesus and embraces Islam!
President Obama did not publicly broach the subject of religious freedom during his visit with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, despite a letter from 70 members of Congress urging him to do so.
Obama ignores Saudi human rights record in meeting with King Abdullah...
Saudi King Channels John McCain, Demands Obama Take Hard Line on Iran, Syria, Muslim Brotherhood By Juan Cole Mar 29, 2014 President Barack Obama met late Friday with King Abdullah b. Abd al-Aziz of Saudi Arabia at the latter’s desert camp, flying out from Riyadh by helicopter. The tensions between Saudi Arabia and the United States have come about in part because Riyadh, after being skittish about George W. Bush’s muscular Neo-conservatism in the region, has now swung around and adopted a set of foreign policy stances far closer to those of the Republican Party in the US than to the Obama administration. Given that Saudi Arabia is a deeply conservative, religious state based almost entirely on the petroleum industry, it is no accident that it is a Red State in American political terms. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia a decade ago worked against Bush’s refusal to talk to the Iranians, calling that country’s president and foreign minister to Riyadh. But despite an Iranian overture to the Saudis s ...
RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany (AP) — A week of international prodding, outreach and reassurance behind him, U.S. President Barack Obama is returning to Washington amid looming domestic and foreign challenges, from a fast-approaching deadline for health care enrollment to renewed worries about Russia's intentions in Eastern Europe. Obama left Saudi Arabia on Saturday, a day after meeting with the country's aging monarch, King Abdullah. But tensions between Russia and Ukraine, which dominated his visit earlier in the week to the Netherlands and Belgium, continue to dog him, and his health care apparatus is dealing with an influx of last-minute sign-ups. Before leaving Riyadh, Obama met with the Saudi winner of a State Department Women of Courage award, presented for her role in combating domestic violence and winning landmark legislation on protecting women. The winner is Maha Al Muneef, the executive director of the National Family Safety Program, which she founded in 2005 to combat domestic violence and ch ...
COMMON SENSE: On March 26, 2014, seventy Congressmen signed a letter to President Obama. In part, it read: "Dear Mr. President: We write to urge you to publicly address Saudi Arabia’s serious human rights violations during your upcoming trip to the country. The government of Saudi Arabia has repeatedly engaged in systematic human rights violations targeting women, religious minorities, and peaceful political reformers. Your meetings with King Abdullah and other officials will be an opportunity to publicly integrate human rights concerns, as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights." Obama didn't do this, of course, saying that he didn't have time. Our bowing leader would never criticize a Muslim leader, especially King Abdullah. REMEMBER THIS 13-SECOND CLIP:
US President Barack Obama arrived in Riyadh on Friday (March 28), aiming to persuade King Abdullah that Saudi Arabian concerns America is slowly disengaging ...
Fallon: Obama in Saudi Arabia meeting w/King Abdullah. Joe Biden told him, "Be sure to give my best to King Abdullah and his…
Stop Bowing to Riyadh: President Barack Obama travels to meet with Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah on Friday amid...
President Obama in bilateral meeting with King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia
King Abdullah and President Obama meeting toaday in Saudi Arabia
600kg Saudi man airlifted to hospital | An obese Saudi national was transferred from his home in Jizan to King Fahd Medical City in Riyadh for medical treatment, reported Sabq news. A Civil Defense team had to demolish a part of his home to take 20-year-old Khaled Mohsin Shairi out of his second-floor apartment. The man was brought to the ground with the help of a forklift. The 610-kg man was then airlifted using a plane from the Royal Saudi Air Force fleet that was specially equipped for the transfer. Previously, authorities at the Saudi Ministry of Health had arranged for a custom-made bed for the Shairi. The specially-made bed arrived from the USA after a 6-month wait. The humanitarian mission was undertaken following an order issued by King Abdullah of Saudi. All expenses to assist Shairi reduce his weight are borne by the monarch.
.visits King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia: | (Photo: AP) * fake *** nwo wanna be king got the *** look on his face satan think he's tough gassed up by fat 6n3s not knowing 2 had a kid with one of them in the fake royal n given the off camera talk about
Senior administration official said it was "not a contentious meeting" in Saudi Arabia between King Abdullah and Presiden…
Here is President Obama visiting King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia today. I think RuPaul did Abdullah's interior decorating. Good lord, have you ever seen such bling?
President Barack Obama paid a visit to the desert oasis of wary ally King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, hoping to reassure the aging monarch who is nervously wat...
“King Abdullah received President Obama today in Rawdhat Khuraim, Sleepin w/t ENEMY!
Secretary Kerry, US Amb to Riyadh, National Security Advisor Rice and Phil Gordon attended meeting from US side with Obama and King Abdullah
President Obama in Saudi Arabia after meeting King Abdullah: / Obama and Kerry leave the meeting
Read up on the awkward alliance between the US and Saudi Arabia as Obama meets with King Abdullah:
Mr Kerry and Ms. Rice will you please make sure King Abdullah has read my letters.
Despite Saudi Arabia’s funding and arming of militants in Syria, Iraq and beyond, President Obama is set to visit the kingdom this week to meet with King Abdullah. We speak to Patrick Cockburn.
Imagine having to ask permission to leave your house. Women in Saudi Arabia have to do just that. Under Saudi Arabian law, all women must have a male guardian and need his permission to leave the house, travel, open a bank account, or obtain certain kinds of medical care. In fact, last June, two Saudi women activists were ambushed by security forces and arrested when they tried to rescue a woman whose husband had locked her and her children in their house for five days without food. They were sentenced to 10 months in prison for this "crime." Enough is enough. We must demand that Saudi Arabian authorities respect women's human rights. President Obama is meeting with King Abdullah this week. Donate and support Amnesty's efforts urging him to push hard to secure freedoms for women. Because Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world in which women are not allowed to drive, we are demanding that President Obama select a female Secret Service officer to drive him while he is in Saudi Arabia. It's a symbolic ...
President shouldn’t let the opportunity pass to raise important human rights issues with King Abdullah
King Abdullah offers US President to tackle global&regional challenges & set the stage for another 6 decades of friendship and cooperation
On March 27, GPH-MILF will be signing the historic Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro. According to a report King Abdullah is sending his son who is the Deputy Foreign Minister to attend the event. WE NEED REACTIONS ON THIS IMPORTANT OCCASION FOR ARAB NEWS COVERAGE.
Saudi Arabia's War against the Muslim Brotherhood: by Ahmed Humayun. Saudi King Abdullah. Earlier this mon...
I am Shia and I See Sunnies as my brothers. Nasrallah taught us to be proud of Islam, an Islam which is not allied and friend of Takferi, Zionist, US and Israel. Im Proud of him, because he is NOT like any King Abdullah, Gaddafi, Morsie, and all other Arab Sheikh who are puppet and slave of US and Zionist. not alone Shia are Supporter of Such a noble man, BUT also True Sunni, Christian Brothers and sisters. If hezbollah is called to be a terrorist organization, then defending for rights is terrorism, standing against oppressive powers is terrorism, helping the oppressed is terrorism. They truly want to change the meanings of truth and falsehood. Long live HEZBOLLAH, long live NASRULLAH you making us proud. we are with the struggle for peace and justice. Salute!
President in recent weeks has met Jordan's King Abdullah, Israel's Netanyahu - and next week it's off to Saudi Arabia f…
Solidarity with the four women being captive by their King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia for 13 years.
nigeria burning... - In the last Opec Summit the Saudi monarch King Abdullah...
King Abdullah terrorises his own daughters - what an absolute disgrace -
Saudi princesses 'held captive' for over a decade - They are daughters of the Saudi king, King Abdullah.
Saudi Arabia has withdrawn its envoy from after Qatar's plot to assassinate King Abdullah was exposed.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
‘KSA recalled envoy to Qatar over plot’: An alleged plot by Qatar to assassinate Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah ...
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