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King Abdullah

Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein (al-Malik ʿAbdullāh aṯ-ṯānī bin al-Ḥusayn; born 30 January 1962) is the reigning King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

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Brent rises after Saudi king dies, US crude falls NEW YORK: Brent crude rose on Friday on uncertainty over Saudi oil output following the death of King Abdullah, while US crude prices fell, with traders citing a reported build at the Cushing, Oklahoma storage hub and the partial shutdown of an Indiana refinery. Salman, the late king's brother and successor to the throne, is expected to continue OPEC's policy of keeping oil output steady to protect market share. Still, the transition should be bullish for Brent, said Bob Yawger of Mizuho Securities USA. "Any time there's uncertainty in the market, you tend to have support," he said. Brent was up 47 cents to trade at $48.99 by 12:50 p.m. EST (1750 GMT). It rose as high as $49.80 after reports of the Saudi king's death. US crude fell 49 cents to trade at $45.83. A trader said energy data provider Genscape estimated that US crude stockpiles in Cushing, Oklahoma, rose 2.7 million barrels in the week ending Tuesday. The spread between WTI and Brent should keep ...
Westminster Abbey: apologise for flying flag half mast as a mark of respect for the late King Abdullah via
How about flag had mast on a Church, in respect of late King Abdullah. Please RT
Westminster Abbey criticised for flying flag at half mast for Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah: Westminster Abbey ...
Hillary recently tried her hand at comedy doing a bad "impersonation" of Vladimir Putin. And back in 2013 she received $500k in gift jewels from Saudi Arabia's ex King Abdullah. Clinton received white gold jewelry with teardrop rubies and diamonds containing a necklace, a bracelet, ear ...
So Prince Charles and David Cameron flew out to Saudi Arabia for the funeral of King Abdullah. That's all they needed... Chaz and Dave turning up.
Prince Charles and David Cameron arrive in Saudi Arabia to pay respects to the late King Abdullah.
UK flag flew at half staff at Buckingham Palace over the death of disgusting dictator monarch King Abdullah of S. Arabia-Think about that.
Condolences flow in for King Abdullah - Gulf Daily News
Old foes come together to pay tribute to King Abdullah (via
John McCain on King Abdullah. The subtle implication that he was some sort of women's rights advocate? Lol
So the has outlived every other monarch in the world after the death of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah. On yourself Betty!
Louise Mensch says 'f**k you' to David Cameron over King Abdullah tribute
President Barack Obama meets with India Prime Minister Narendra Modi and unveils billions of dollars in nuclear trade. Seriously, dang. So cutting trip short now to go to a funeral. Preisdent Obama Will Travel To Saudi Arabia to attend Funeral for King Abdullah. Seriously, I can only hope he never comes back. Let them keep him.
UK flies flags at half mast not for Shaimaa al-Sabbagh but for King Abdullah, who bankrolled her murderers
King Abdullah has shown his softer side at times in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Him and Keith Chegwin an unlikely bond.
Arab and Muslim nations grieve loss of HM King Abdullah. Our condolences to the Saudi people for HM's sad passing. May he r…
It is a sad day for Saudi Arabia, rest in peace King Abdullah 😔💔
Yumping Yemeni By: Larry Johnson You think Charles Krauthammer is a smart, knowledgeable pundit? Think again. Tonight on Bret Baier he really showed his *** The topic? Yemen. He is so damned obsessed with Iran that he fails to recognize good news when it kicks him in the stones. The Shia Houthis, who are backed by Iran, ousted the Sunni President. From Krauthammer’s dimwitted perspective this is a disaster. Dr. K conveniently ignores the fact that, despite much lip service from the former Yemeni leader about going after Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula aka AQAP, that the AQAP boys continue to thrive and operate. Enter the Houthis. They are Shia. AQAP views them as apostates. *** they are worse than the “Crusaders” (that’s us folks). So, we have a new group of tribal Shia in charge in the Yemeni capital and that’s bad news. They are more likely to support exterminating AQAP. And that is bad news for us? Meanwhile, on the northern border of Yemen sits Saudi Arabia. Elderly King Abdullah is dea .. ...
Now the head of the United Nations is praising King Abdullah
Barack Obama cancels a trip to the Taj Mahal to travel to Saudi Arabia following King Abdullah's death.
King Abdullah's death: Barack Obama cancels Taj Mahal visit to go to Saudi Arabia to offer condolences
BEFORE IT IS HISTORY IT IS NEWS! 10 things you need to know today January 24, 2015 1. Supreme Court to examine Oklahoma's lethal-injection protocol The Supreme Court announced on Friday that it will review Oklahoma's lethal-injection protocol, determining whether the state's current methods qualify as cruel and unusual punishment, which is constitutionally prohibited under the Eighth Amendment. Oklahoma has been under the microscope since the botched execution last year of Clayton Lockett. The justices will hear arguments in April — at least a month after three Oklahoma inmates who have filed the suit are currently scheduled for execution. The inmates' attorneys will likely try to have those executions stayed, pending the court's decision. [The Wall Street Journal] 2. Obama to cut India trip short to visit Saudi Arabia President Barack Obama will cancel the end of his India itinerary, opting instead to fly to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday and pay his respects to the late King Abdullah's family, White House of ...
President Obama has called Saudi King Salman to express sympathies for passing of King Abdullah, White House ... -
Obama calls Saudi King Salman from Air Force One "to personally express his sympathies” on the death of King Abdullah, W…
Happening Now: His Majesty departs to to offer condolences to the family of the late King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz
Queen Elizabeth II becomes world's oldest monarch after the death of King Abdullah - The Economic Times
Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama is set to attend funeral of his friend King Abdullah who ordered 175 beheadings in t…
" Everything will Perish except Allah " " Every soul will taste death" He (King Abullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud) started it, but He is not here to witness the opening of new King Abdullah's Gate and Minarets at Masjid Al Haram.
RIP King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz. May Allah Bless him with highest ranks in jannah. Ameen.
" Oil's Advance Seen Fleeting After Saudi King Death Amid Glut" King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud of Saudi Arabia waves to members of the Saudi Shura "consultative" council in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on March 24, 2009. The increase in oil prices after the death of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah will probably be temporary amid an oversupply in the crude market. Brent, the global oil benchmark, climbed as much as 2.6 percent on Friday while U.S. marker West Texas Intermediate jumped 3.1 percent after the king’s death was announced by the Saudi royal court. The new King Salman bin Abdulaziz, Abdullah’s half-brother, said he will maintain the policies of his predecessor in a speech on Saudi national television. Oil Minister Ali Al-Naimi will remain in his post, a royal decree announced. Saudi Arabia, OPEC’s biggest producer, has led the group’s strategy of maintaining production levels amid a 58 percent drop in crude since its peak in June. While smaller producers including Venezuela called for actio ...
Saudi people Ichkronna Otgahm what we've done for the funeral of the deceased King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, this is ou…
King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz in the hearts of the people of the Arabian Gulf
Life goes Zayed goodness left us and left us yesterday, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, grief and wept and another Sorrows
New Saudi king promises continuity 24 January 2015 12:34 AM GMT+05:30 King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud: "We will never deviate from our constitution" Saudi Arabian King Salman has pledged continuity, hours after his accession to the throne following the death of his half-brother, King Abdullah. The new king moved swiftly to appoint heirs and ministers, including one prince from the ruling dynasty's third generation. King Abdullah died overnight, weeks after being admitted to hospital with a lung infection. He was buried in an unmarked grave in Riyadh, following Friday prayers. His burial was conducted in line with the traditions of Wahhabism - the ultra-conservative form of Sunni Islam followed by the kingdom - where funerals are austere and simple. King Abdullah's body was wrapped in a shroud, and buried in a public cemetery after prayers attended by Gulf heads of state and some foreign leaders. 'Correct policies' Within hours of acceding to the throne, King Salman, 78, vowed to maintain the same polici ...
King Abdullah ascended to throne in 2005, was one of d ”"45 sons”" of d 1st monarch of Saudi Arabia, Ibn Saud. … 45 sons?
King Abdullah meets Pope Benedict XVI in 2007 at the Vatican
The trouble with a backward absolute monarchy in which the state is run like a family business is that secretive succession of power is prone to explosive petty rivalries. With no constitution or democratic system of governance, the House of Saud is vulnerable to power grabs based on perceived rightful lineage among hundreds of potential suitors. One of the many contradictions of the feudal kingdom is the practice of polygamy (multiple marriages) by the House of Saud. Ibn Saud, the founder of the state in 1933, is reckoned to have had 22 wives and more than 36 sons. They in turn have had sons - and all can claim some right to hereditary power. The late King Abdullah, who took over in 2005, is believed to have had 24 wives and at least four sons. Three of them, Princes Mutaib, Turki and Mishaal, hold positions of considerable power.
King Salman makes top appointments and vows to walk the kingdom's straight path as King Abdullah is buried.
"Late in January 2011, King Abdullah became so angry during a phone call with Mr. Obama ... that he hung up on him"
President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday joined other world leaders in commiserating with King Salman Ibn Abdulaziz and the people of Saudi Arabia on the death of his predecessor, King Abdullah Ibn Abdulaziz. In a condolence letter to the new Saudi Monarch, President Jonathan said that King Abdullah wi…
King Salman pledges continuity in Saudi Arabia as his predecessor King Abdullah is buried in an unmarked grave following Friday prayers.
Salute to a visionary ruler: During the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit in December 2011, the late King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz surprised other GCC leaders with an extremely passionate call to make the 30-year-old council “a full-fledged union”. “It is high time we did that,” the late Monarch said in his famous frail but firm voice. “Our [Gulf] people are expecting it.” This was the typical King Abdullah, who died on Thursday night at the age of 90. Honest, frank and a strong believer in the unity of the Gulf people. And that’s why he was mourned so fervently by the Gulf people. And that is why he will be missed not just as Saudi monarch but also as a visionary Arab leader.The late King took over the his country 10 years ago, with a plan to turn it into a modern kingdom. He spent the next decade doing just that, despite the resistance of some of the conservative elements in the political and religious establishments. He was a champion of women’s education. He established scholarship ...
King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, 79, had taken over the duties of former ruler King Abdullah over the last year - as his predecessor's health deteriorated. There are now similar concerns about his medical state.
King Salman, 79, succeeds his half-brother King Abdullah, who died aged 90 following a short illness after two decades in power. The new monarch -
Saudis recalled the late King Abdullah’s concern for the people in general and Saudis in particular, and his unique contribution in making their lives peaceful and comfortable. They expressed their full faith in his successor, King Salman. Omar Abdullah Nasseef, dean of the English language institute of King Abdulaziz University, said: “May Allah forgive and bless the soul of King Abdullah. He not only won the hearts of Saudis but Muslims all over the world. His great achievements in the form of development of the country and for the prosperity of Islam are unforgettable. The whole nation is with King Salman and we are fully confident that the transformation of the Kingdom will bring more development and progress. We hope to see a giant leap for King Abdullah’s project of interfaith dialogue for the peace and prosperity of the whole world.” Bakri Matwaq Assas, director of Umm Al-Qura University, told Arab News that he was shocked and felt very miserable when he got the news. “King Abdullah not o ...
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Meet the New Saudi King THINGS UNLIKELY TO CHANGE UNDER King Salman With the death of King Abdullah, there's a new face at the top in Saudi Arabia, but not new blood: Like every other Saudi king since 1953, King Salman is a son of Ibn Saud, also known as King Abdulaziz, though he's the first king born after his father established the kingdom in 1932. The 79-year-old has a reputation as a moderate, at least by Saudi standards, a Reuters profile finds. The former defense minister, who governed Riyadh province for nearly 50 years, thinks democracy wouldn't work in the kingdom and wants to move slowly with reforms to avoid a backlash from conservatives, according to a 2007 US diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks. His rule may be a short one: He has had at least one stroke and is rumored to have dementia or Parkinson's disease, the Guardian reports. "He doesn't blindly accept everything the United States says, but at the same time he understands the importance of the relationship, which goes beyond oil," for ...
Quick first take on Saudi Arabia and the region after King Abdullah
King Abdullah led a country that abuses women’s rights, and indeed all human rights, yet the west is revering him. Patriarchy at its worst!
Saudi Arabia has announced that in tribute to human rights giant King Abdullah, next week's prisoners will be only partial…
Human Rights Watch be like: Saudi women can now ride bicycles. King Abdullah the great feminist reformer!!
Harper sells arms to these folks. King Abdullah embodied the wickedness of Saudi Arabia’s regime | Andrew Brown
FromTheKnights: King Abdullah ibn Abdilaziz Al Saud is dead. If you know the prophecy, you know Mahdi will arise now. http:…
1953 of King Ibn Saud, founder of modern Saudi Arabia & father of late King Abdullah http…
The West laments the death of King Abdullah ibn-Abdulaziz al-Saud. Here’s a non-gushy obit of him.
King Abdullah funeral ... It was very simple According to the islamic law ... We lost out father & King May Allah mercy his soul
Qatar mourns King Abdullah: The Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani with the new Custodian of the Two Hol...
When H Chavez died, the BBC lined him up with Osama bin Laden, S Hussein. King Abdullah celebrate…
Let me borrow what Sheikh Yasir Qadhi said about the death of King Abdullah of Saud.
Carpe Diem Thousands to say farewell to Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah -
King Abdullah was apparently a reformer. Jimmy Savile was also a slight improvement on Ian Brady.
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King Abdullah mourned, Draghi praised at World Economic Forum in Davos: Here are some glimpses of what's happening…
Saudi press agency confirms: King Abdullah passed away. Crown Prince Salman to succeed him.
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, monarch of Dubai/PM of the UAE recalls King Abdullah with a flattering picture
King Abdullah, 90, of Saudi Arabia passed away at 1 am today. Crown Prince Salman Abdul Aziz, 79, was appointed to succeed him.
Meanwhile. Salatal janazah in absentia for the late King Abdullah in the haram in Makkah, led by Sheikh Sudais.
This is the man ppl are mourning -->. 'An Interview with the Imprisoned Daughter of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah'. http:…
Former wife of King Abdullah speaks of how her four daughters have been trapped & 'hanging to life' for last 13 years
The Reign of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah - via -
Saudi Arabia still crucifies, stones and. beheads people. When you see the. flags at half mast for King Abdullah. today, just remember that.
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah laid to rest after simple, swift ceremony.
UK orders flags flown at half-mast for King Abdullah. Will return to lecturing the world about democracy tomorrow
Munira Al Sheikh, one of the wives of the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, has died.
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has finally rejoined his lover Ariel Sharon in the pits of ***
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia believed2 have 30 wives or so ! How many known & unknown kids? Islam is being spreading
“Why Is Saudi Arabia burying King Abdullah in an unmarked grave?
Buckingham Palace lowers flag to half-mast after death of King Abdullah
VP Biden will lead presidential delegation to Saudi Arabia to pay respects to King Abdullah http…
David Cameron will travel to Saudi Arabia tomorrow to 'pay his condolences' to King Abdullah, Downing St says
Remarkable to read these two obits of King Abdullah one after the other: Guardian & NYT
Following death of King Abdullah, US should press for reform in
Mourners gather around the grave of Arabia's King Abdullah at the Al-Oud cemetary in Riyadh
Queen becomes world's oldest monarch following death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia | via
Saudi Arabia’s new King Salman names successors to throne as King Abdullah laid to rest.
RIYADH - Saudi Arabia will bury King Abdullah in an unmarked grave on Friday, hours after it moved to ensure a smooth transition by appointing a new king and crown prince to quell fears of dynastic instability at a time of regional turmoil.
thinks Saudi Arabia's new King Salman is a "stalwart" because he can deal with a wide range of issues. His predecessor King Abdullah, a reformer died on 1/23/15! Saudi Arabia is an ultra conservative predominantly Sunni Muslim country and staunch US Ally! Its archrival is predominantly Shiite Persian Iran!
King Abdullah's blessing for King Abdullah Economic City ... visionary direction for Saudi Arabia ...
The death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was not unexpected. How will his successor handle Saudi Arabia's current oil policy?
Whilst the late King Abdullah gets buried, a new King, Salman has been appointed as the new monarch of Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia's newly enthroned King Salman led prayers for King Abdullah in Riyadh ahead of his burial this afternoon. King Abdullah died early on Friday at ...
23 Jan 2015 : Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah buried in Riyadh Turkish president and Pakistani PM among world leaders at gathering in Saudi capital.
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"In a very discreet way, he was a strong advocate of women." said Christine Lagarde, head of IMF, about the departed King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Watching statements coming out of Davos these couple of days, Monty Python crew must be insanely proud of how they shaped the world.
T. Boone Pickens will be a guest on CNBC’s “Street Signs” this afternoon at 2:45 pm ET. The hosts, Brian Sullivan and Mandy Drury, will talk with Boone about the recent passing of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah and the effect it may have on oil prices.
See the grave of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia And see graves of our leaders In Ghari Khuda baksh and other politicians
Private Eye will have a field day when it comes to the tributes being paid to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia – it’ll be like beheading fish in a barrel…
I hope King Abdullah's funeral isn't on a Friday. Might be a bit awkward for Prince Charles: that's the day they execu…
Prince Charles receives news that his attempt to succeed King Abdullah has failed …
The Office of Global Education wants to express our heartfelt condolences to our Saudi Arabian friends on the loss of their King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud yesterday. May there be peace in the transition to the new King, Salam bin Abdullahziz.
It was a life out of a fairy tale — until it became one they couldn’t escape. Sahar, Maha, Hala and Jawaher Al Saud are daughters of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, the Saudi Arabian monarch who is wo...
Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has died in hospital while undergoing treatment for pneumonia. An official statement has named Saudi Crown Prince Salman the new king.
Serving in Saudi Arabia more than a decade ago, I had the opportunity to get to know King Abdullah who was then the commander of the Saudi Arabian National Guard. In my job to train and advise his military forces, and in our relationship since, I found the king to be a man of remarkable character and courage. He will be truly missed and his loss will be felt by his country and ours. Deanie and I extend our deepest condolences, and our prayers are with King Abdullah's family and the people of Saudi Arabia.
Burn in *** King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. quote: "The real human tragedy and loss is that today, the world sends condolences for the king while heroes like Raif Badawi remain in prison, the marks of severe lashes yet unhealed." Dr. Jasser
King Abdullah (R) died on this morning beacause of suffering from stroke Inallilaahi Wa inna Ilaihi rajiuun May he always be happy in his grave Ameen New Saudi Arabian ruler Crown Prince Salmaan (L) who is now King Salmaan is the brother of King Abdullah.
Saudi holds funeral of King Abdullah: Foreign leaders gathered in a cavernous mosque in the Saudi Arabian capi...
The body of King Abdullah was carried into a mosque in Riyadh this afternoon as his funeral began, less than 24 hours after Saudi Arabia was plunged into mourning by his death. The monarch was shrouded in a simple, white cloth as he was carried into the Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Grand Mosque in Riyadh
Latest News: Prince Charles TO ATTEND KING ABDULLAH'S FUNERAL The Prince of Wales is to attend the funeral of King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia later on Friday afternoon, Clarence House announced
Enjoy the music the band is playing as King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is met by the Queen in London!
THE HUFFINGTON POST: A Saudi Palace Coup By David Hearst Posted: 01/23/2015 King Abdullah's writ lasted all of 12 hours. Within that period the Sudairis, a rich and politically powerful clan within the House of Saud, which had been weakened by the late king, burst back into prominence. They produced a palace coup in all but name. Salman moved swiftly to undo the work of his half-brother. He decided not to change his crown prince Megren, who was picked by King Abdullah for him, but he may choose to deal with him later. However, he swiftly appointed another leading figure from the Sudairi clan. Mohammed Bin Nayef, the interior minister is to be his deputy crown prince. It is no secret that Abdullah wanted his son Meteb for that position, but now he is out. More significantly, Salman, himself a Sudairi, attempted to secure the second generation by giving his 35- year old son Mohammed the powerful fiefdom of the defense ministry. The second post Mohammed got was arguably more important. He is now general sec ...
Mr Cameron, how can you condemn ISIS while rushing off to show respect to King Abdullah, the dead dictator who advocated public floggings and beheadings. You're a joke. A sick joke. I understand Prince Charles being a fan, he likes kings, but you're supposed to stand up for democracy. Pathetic and weak in the face of big money with blood on its hands. Pathetic.
The Sheikh of the Azhar, Ahmed El-Tayyeb: "This man, King Abdullah, stood with Egypt, against the plots of the West"
Don't forget King Abdullah's three daughters who have been 'imprisoned' by their father. They spoke out last year: http:…
Scenes from the Saudi cemetery where King Abdullah was buried in an unmarked grave: RIYADH — The normally jamm...
I agree King Abdullah was a 'reformer'. In the 1600s dissidents got 1,001 lashes but he bravely took it down to 1,000. Ma…
Pray for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia as King Abdullah has passed away. May God comfort hearts and do a mighty work on the A…
RIP King Abdullah, the first head of state in the 21st century to die in the 14th century.
PM Mohammad Nawaz Sharif left for Pakistan after attending Namaz Janaza of late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz in Riyadh
Who is Saudi Arabia's new King Salman? (CNN) After the death of King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia quickly announced that one of his younger brothers, Crown Prince Salman, was succeeding him. The man taking control of the world's top oil exporter is well established in the Gulf kingdom's corridors of power. Salman, 79, is "a stalwart of the royal family" who is "viewed as a pragmatic and cautious reformer, much like his predecessor," says CNN's Becky Anderson in Abu Dhabi. He has served as defense minister and deputy prime minister of Saudi Arabia, a vital U.S. ally in the Middle East, for years. Like Abdullah, he's one of the dozens of sons of Saudi Arabia's founder, King Abdulaziz. Here are some of the key points about the new ruler. 1: He's an experienced leader Salman was governor of the Saudi capital, Riyadh, for nearly five decades during a period of significant change. "When he became governor in 1963, Riyadh had 200,000 inhabitants — today it has more than seven million," Bruce Riedel, a senior fellow ...
Programes will be suspended on Radio Mirchi till Sunday. It's an official mourning on the demise of King Abdullah.
The Center is sorry to learn about the passing of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. May he rest in peace!
"Saudi holds funeral of King Abdullah: state TV
Foreign leaders attend funeral of King Abdullah: state TV
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Saudi holds funeral of King Abdullah: state TV
The way you know the oil take down is BS is all the talking. King Abdullah dies and Jack Lew beats the oil drum.
Pleased to report that, unlike most of Westminster/Whitehall, Portcullis House's union flag is not flying at half mast for King Abdullah.
TODAY: King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia has died. We'll talk to professor and author Toby Jones. Watch:
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has died. He's succeeded by his half-brother, Crown Prince Salman
King Abdullah's successor promises to continue policies of predecessors: Riyadh: Saudi Arabia's new king promi...
Press Release on King Abdullah By Swami Agnivesh Member of the Board of Director – KING ABDULLAH BIN ABDULAZIZ INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR INTERRELIGIOUS AND INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE (KAICIID) , Vienna New Delhi 23rd Jan,2014 My sincere heartfelt condolences to all family members and associates of King Abdullah bin Abdullah Aziz who died at a great age of 91. The path breaking initiatives by the late King Abdullah paved the way for transition from fundamentalist Islam to moderate Islam and together with State of Spain and Austria from created the International Centre for Dialogue in Vienna in Nov 2012. Besides Kingship of Saudi Arabia he was also the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques at Mecca and Madina. King Abdullah’s epochal initiative for Dialogue among Religions and Cultures started from Mecca in 2005 at Islamic Summit between Sunni and Shia leaders. He personally went to meet Pope Benedict in the Vatican in 2007 to invite Holy see to join. It was formally launched in Madrid (Spain) in June 2008 with ...
May his soul rest in peace, memorable pic of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud with Asif Ali Zardari...
Nawaz Sharif went to check King Abdullah in hospital when he got sick but King Abdullah never visited Peshawar kids in hospital?
Why didn't US give tribute to Kim Jong il when he died. He was as good a reformer as King Abdullah
Oil spikes after Saudi king's death: Oil prices jumped after the news of the death of King Abdullah, the leade...
Idk how people can celebrate death. R I P Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah.
Saudi Arabia to bury King Abdullah on Friday - Reuters UK: Saudi Arabia to bury King Abdullah on...
RIP King Abdullah of Saudi. A man who dragged the country kicking and screaming into the 8th Century
Saudi’s King Abdullah will be remembered as a reform-minded ruler.
King Abdullah's heir assumes the Saudi throne at a difficult time. Our earlier analysis
The Queen is now world's oldest monarch after death of King Abdullah
Funny The late King Abdullah was a leader in gradual reforms, advancement of women amid ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia
I am very sad for the death of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz. Great & wonderful king http:/…
Oil prices climb on death of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah
VIDEO: Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, credited with pushing it toward modernity, has died at 90:
David Cameron pays tribute to King Abdullah's 'work for peace' in Saudi Arabia
King Abdullah's funeral to be held in Riyadh Friday:
Profile: Saudi Arabia's new King Salman, who accedes to throne on death of King Abdullah
Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz has died, according to Saudi Arabian state TV. The news of the King’s death ricocheted around social media Thursday but was initially denied by journalists and other members of the Saudi royal family. King Abdullah was admitted to the hospital last month for pneumon…
US Vice President Joe Biden will lead a delegation on a trip to Saudi Arabia in the coming days to pay respects in the aftermath of King Abdullah's death, Biden said in a statement. "King Abdullah's death is a great loss for his country ... I always appreciated his frankness, his sense of history, (...)
King Abdullah,custodian of two Holy Mosque,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Middle East,world has lost great leader May Allah rest his soul in peace
"You make your own fun," King Abdullah always used to say to me. Then he'd surprise me with a pizza or a water pistol or wh…
Jordan's King Abdullah will reportedly cut his visit to World Economic Forum to attend…
Middle East News: The Arab Spring has already deposed leaders like Zine El Abidine Bin Ali of Tunisia, Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, and Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. Syria's Bashar al-Assad is tenaciously holding on to power while rebels continue to fight for control of the country. The Islamic State (of Iraq and Syria), under nominal control of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, challenges the very concept of statehood. They intend to install a new caliphate across the entire region. In short, Southwest Asia is an absolute mess. Now this . . . The government of Yemen, which had the full support of the United States government, has fled in the face of a rival Shia Houthi insurgency. (Most of the Arabian Peninsula follows Sunni Islam.) Western states like France fear a new failed state, one where chaos reigns and Islamic terrorism is exported, much like the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris. Add to this mix the just-announced death of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah and one can find the world's most problematic political geography .. ...
di Arabia's King Abdullah died early on Friday and his brother Salman became king, the royal court in the world's top oil exporter and birthplace of Islam said in an official statement. King Salman has named his half-brother Muqrin as his crown prince and heir, rapidly moving to forestall any fears of a succession crisis at a moment when Saudi Arabia faces unprecedented turmoil on its borders. The rise of Islamic State in war-torn Syria and Iraq has brought to the kingdom's frontiers a militant group that vows to bring down the Al Saud dynasty. In Yemen, the Iran-allied Shi'ite Houthis have all but seized power and plunged the country to the brink of total chaos, opening space for Al Qaeda, which waged an insurgency in Saudi Arabia from 2003-06 and nearly killed a top prince in 2009. The problems in all those countries are being played out against an overarching backdrop of bitter rivalry between Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia and its arch regional foe Shi'ite Iran and bumps in Riyadh's key relationship with t ...
BREAKING: John Kerry seeking to be buried alive with King Abdullah "I can't go on without revered leader!"
Update - King Abdullah of Arabia has died and Crown Prince Salman is his successor
Saudi Crown Prince Salman named king after death of King Abdullah, per official statement -
King Abdullah dies and Salman ascends: Continuity assured as Crown Prince succeeds brother to t...
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia dies at 90, as Crown Prince Salman takes over: Saudi Arabia’s…
Saudi new King Salman, 79, who succeeds his brother King Abdullah, who has died
The New York Times calls King Abdullah a "modernizer." Wait, wait. Don't tell me. It's Antonym Day at the newspaper, right?
Saudi Arab:King Abdullah has died aged 90,and Crown Prince Salman who takes his place is 79. tv.
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia died & his son Salman is new King
Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah dies, Salman is new ruler
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah dies at 90, new ruler is Salman .
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is dead. His brother Salman appointed as new king.
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah dies, new ruler is Salman
Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah died and has been succeeded by Prince Salman, state-run Saudi media reported, citing the royal court.
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Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah dies, Prince Salman is new ruler
RIP King Abdullah. Sad for the death of the Saudi King. Hope Prince Salman can succeed him at a very difficult time for…
John Kerry, US Secretary of State, called King Abdullah (a dictator) a 'revered' leader. When will the hypocrisy end?
King Abdullah dies, Crown Prince Salman is new ruler
Saudi royal court says King Abdullah, longtime US ally, has died and Prince Salman successor
King Abdullah has died at age 90. His half-brother, Prince Salman, is expected to succeed him.
King Abdullah dies, Prince Salman is new ruler...
King Abdullah died on Friday. Crown Prince Salman has been named the new king with Prince Muqrin crown prince.
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia dead, Prince Salman successor to throne
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has Died at the age of 90, RIP. Besides change in Oil Prices, his state Funeral could also serve to do the World another Solid!
So king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has died…. That should sheikh things up a little
King Abdullah passedaway, to be supurd-e-oil today.
Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz has passed away. To Allah we belong and to Him we will return.
NY Times on Saudi King Abdullah's death vs. that of Hugo Chavez. Graphic by the excellent . h…
Heartfelt condolences to the Government and people of Saudi Arabia over the sad demise of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabi…
Obituary: Saudi King Abdullah, seen as a reformer & vocal advocate of peace in Middle East
Saudi King Abdullah dies at age 90, Crown Prince Salman has been declared king. (fixed age)
Pres. Bush on death of King Abdullah "He was an important and able ally and a force for modernization in his country."
Here's a photo from last March when Pres Obama met w the late Saudi King Abdullah
Saudi officials confirm King Abdullah has died and name his brother Salman as successor
Under King Saudi became "the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide."
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was one of the world's few remaining absolute monarchs.
A friend who knew King Abdullah well said if only he was 20 years younger when he took charge, he would have reformed country dramatically
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was considered a reformer -- since he cut beheadings in half.
Imagine how the US media would be talking about King Abdullah if he were a US adversary rather than close & loyal "ally."
Saudi Arabia's Abdullah has died in hospital at 90 years old. Crown Prince Salman, 79 has succeeded him.
Of all the dictators beheading people for petty crimes and forcing women to live lives of servitude, King Abdullah was the…
These obit headlines are puke-worthy: "Saudi King Abdullah: patient reformer who battled hardliners"
As long Saud family, Assad, Sisi, Hezbollah, Iran and King Abdullah of Jordan continue to rule, nothing will change in t…
Correction: King Abdullah did not jail 2 of his daughters. He jailed 4 of his daughters. We regret the error.
Can’t tell from the tributes who had values that we hope will be more enduring: King Abdullah or Mandela.
Received the sad news of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz's passing this morning. My condolences to the Saudi royal family & the…
King Abdullah got positive ratings in Muslim nations except Turkey, Tunisia (2012 poll)
President Obama on the death of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz.
Deja vu. My report from Riyadh 2005 on accession of King Abdullah - "reformers know that any change will come slowly" http…
In King Abdullah, we have lost an important voice who left a lasting impact on his country. I condole his demise.
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has just died. In 50 million years, he will be oil.
POTUS: King Abdullah "took bold steps in advancing the Arab Peace Initiative, an endeavor that will outlive him as an enduring …
Crude oil up 1.5% to above $47 immediately following news of death of Saudi King Abdullah ->>
Former President George W. Bush on passing on Saudi King Abdullah: 'Laura and I are saddened by the death of a man…
Our thoughts are with the people of Saudi Arabia, who have lost a guiding force in King Abdullah, during this hour of gri…
Saudi King Abdullah has died; members of the Bush family to be flown at half-mast.
King Abdullah of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has died aged 90
Saudi TV began playing Koranic verses early this morning, signifying King Abdullah had died.
In statement tonight, offers condolences for death of King Abdullah, calling him a "man of tremendous characte…
King Abdullah was a man of wisdom & vision. US has lost a friend & Kingdom of Middle East, and world has lost …
Ain't no bio like a Saudi king's bio.
King Abdullah supported Israel until his dying day.
Saudi Arabia's King bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has died at the age of 90, according to Saudi State TV:
Let's salute King Abdullah for dragging Saudia Arabia kicking and screaming forward into the 8th Century.
Arabs Believe When King Abdullah Dies A great War With Israel needs to happen to usher in the Mahdi (ANTICHRIST). The King JUST DIED!!!
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia passed away a few hours and prince Salman is da new king.May Allah forgive his sins
State TV says Crown Prince Salman has succeeded King Abdullah, who died at the age of 90.
Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has passed away, aged 90. The monarch died late last night January 22nd (Nigerian time) in his home. His death was announced in a... Read more »
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has died, Saudi state television announced early on Friday local time. Abdullah's designated successor is Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, his 79-year-old half-brother. Abdullah had been in poor health in recent...
BREAKING NEWS Custodian of the The Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah passed away early on Friday, Saudi TV has announced. Inna Lillahi Wainna Ilaihi Rajeoon. The King had been in hospital for several weeks. Crown Prince Salman has become the new King. He has named Prince Muqrin as the New Crown Prince Of Saudia Arabia . WEWE
Saudi King Abdullah dies at the age of 90, Prince Salman assumes Saudi throne.
As Overseas Filipino Workers here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are sharing our Deep Sympathy & Condolences to Bereaved Royal Family because of the death of His Majesty, King Abdullah. . . A good monarch; a good leader.
INNA LILLAH E WA INNA ELAIH E RAAJEOON Guardian of 2 holy mosques, KING ABDULLAH departed. It's not assets and status with 20B $ (world 4th richest), it's blessings and honor he owned. RIP
Poe’s Internet Ravens A harsh comment The ruffled feathers The hard stare black beady eyes King Abdullah has died. The reply was met with silence Some left Other’s arrive Like notes on a musical scale Nothing positive said, nothing at all. Listen, Thak! Thak! Thak! Thak! X 100 They flog a Saudi prince for blogging Another screams, “I am innocent” Last words as her head left her body Antics of the royalty with their Asian staff Abdullah’s master did not save her. Oh no, not another Malali President Obama claims victory As Yemen falls to the terrorist How did Tiger Woods loose a tooth? The Patriots under inflated balls, natural gas. Ravens line up on a power line to speak Nothing escapes our scrutiny And yes the irony is blatant Never more, never more, never more The keyboard I am pecking. Then Dione texts me Geo please love me forever more… George T. Everette Jr. 2015 All rights reserved
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Did the CTV national news and Lisa LaFlame just say King Abdullah was 90 and the new King in 79? That would mean Abdullah was 11 when his son was born. Is that correct?
Saudi state TV reports: King Abdullah has died at 90.
Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has died, according to Saudi state TV. He was 90.The death was announced on Saudi state TV by a presenter who said the king died at 1am local time.
Oil futures surged in New York after Saudi state media reported the death of King Abdullah.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday condoled the demise of Saudi Arabia King Abdullah. Expressing solidarity with the people of the country, he said he was saddened at King's death.
Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, who died at about age 90, met with numerous world leaders from U.S. Presidents Bush and Obama to Pope Benedict XVI to various Middle East leaders.
Saudi Arabia (ABC News) - Following the news of King Abdullah’s death today, crude oil spiked 2.5 percent. Oil prices have fallen by half in the...
King Abdullah, who has ruled Saudi Arabia since August 2005, has died after battle with pneumonia
King Abdullah dead at 90; Israel readies for war with Hezbollah; 8 earthquakes in Oregon
Breaking News "King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has died and a New King is coming and the World will arrive and await. also
Egyptian President al-Sisi and Jordan’s King Abdullah will cut their visits to the World Economic Forum to attend King Abdullah’s funeral.
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has died after learning oil is under $50 a barrel
President Barack Obama is expressing condolences and offering sympathy to the people of Saudi Arabia upon the death of King Abdullah.
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, the American ally who ruled over a brutal and draconian Islamic theocracy, is dead.
Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz at Yamama Palace Riyadh First Appearance after returning to Kingdom having back surgery in US
The Coustodian of Holy Shrines King Abdullah is no more I pay my respect and regards upon him and I send my Condolence message to H.E Saud Al Sati Ambassador of Saudi Arabia , (File Photo with H. E Saud al sati Ambassador K. S. A)
King abdullah dies. May Allahs peace be on his soul. King Salmaan is the new King,Muqrin the new crown prince.
King Abdullah: 33,947 days. Longer than Herbert Hoover, not quite as long as John Adams.
King Abdullah was a merciless US-backed butcher and a systematic human rights abuser.
"King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the powerful U.S. ally who joined Washington’s fight against Al Qaeda..."
Here are just some of the great things that Saudi Arabia witnessed under the "reformer" King Abdullah
Good riddance, King Abdullah and Lord Brittan. Almost makes me believe there's a god. That they'll never face justice is criminal in itself.
now we have to watch ISIS with the death of King Abdullah! Obama is going to do his Pontius Pilate gig.
I'd always thought was recorded an hour or two in advance of transmission, but with Andrew mentioning King Abdullah it must be live.
Prince Salman declared new King after death of King Abdullah.
Now that King Abdullah has passed away, who’s the world’s oldest monarch?
MORE: Saudi state TV reports death of King Abdullah; half-brother Prince Salman expected to succeed him:
confirmed that King Abdullah has died.
What Game is the House of Saud Playing? By Pepe Escobar Global Research, January 20, 2015 The House of Saud now finds itself in times of extreme trouble. Their risky oil price war may eventually backfire. The succession of King Abdullah may turn into a bloodbath. And the American protector may be musing a change of heart. Let’s start with oil – and some background. As much as US supply has increased by a couple of million barrels a day, enough oil from Iran, Kirkuk in Iraq, Libya and Syria has gone out of production; and that offsets extra US oil on the market. Essentially, the global economy – at least for the moment – is not searching for more oil because of European stagnation/recession and the relative China slowdown. Since 2011, Saudi Arabia has been flooding the market to offset the decrease in Iran exports caused by the US economic war, a.k.a. sanctions. Riyadh, moreover, prevented OPEC from reducing country production quotas. The House of Saud believes it can play the waiting game – as f ...
Mian Nawaz Sharif is convincing King Abdullah since last three days to give him some petrol for Pakistan LOL
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi arrived in Riyadh to meet with King Abdullah and inquire abo...
What do we know about the succession and successor(s)?. King Abdullah's successor is his half-brother, Deputy...
Kudos to Durbin & 7 others for telling King Abdullah treatment of Badawi "barbaric." .
monarch really needs to re-think its succession plans. Not the most youthful line up to follow 91yr old hospitalised King Abdullah
DNA testing proved that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is not the father of his children. Didn’t need a test for that, just lift his robe.
Crown princes jockey to seize the throne: The declining health of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia ha...
An extended stay in hospital by Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has put the spotlight on who ...
U.S. Should Copy The Great Wall Of Saudi Arabia 01/16/2015 Homeland Security: To keep out Islamic State terrorists, the Saudis are building a 600-mile-long barrier — complete with five layers of fencing, underground movement censors and radar cameras — on their northern border. If they can do it ... Good fences, it is said, make for good neighbors, which on a grand scale was the intent of the Great Wall of China in antiquity and the Israeli fences of more recent vintage. Both were designed to keep out intruders and to make sure all guests were invited guests. Unlike the Berlin Wall, they were built to keep hostiles out, not citizens in. As the threat of IS terrorism grew in Iraq and Syria, Saudi Arabia decided it might be a good idea to put such a barrier between its citizens and those who might want to kill them. Last September, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud initiated construction of a multilayered barrier that eventually will stretch along the entire Iraqi border from Kuwait to Jordan. Earlier ...
Some fun facts about the various leaders who showed up in Paris to "support free speech": - King Abdullah of Jordan last year sentenced a Palestinian journalist to 15 years in prison with hard labor - Prime Minister Davutoglu of Turkey oversees the imprisonment of more journalists than any other country in the world - Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel's forces killed 7 journalists in Gaza last year (second highest after Syria) - Foreign Minister Lavrov of Russia jailed a journalist last year for "insulting a government servant" - Foreign Minister Lamamra of Algeria, which detained journalist Abdessami Abdelhai for 15 months without charge - Prime Minister Jomaa of Tunisia, which recently jailed blogger Yassine Ayan for 3 years for "defaming the army" - Prime Minister Samaras of Greece, where riot police beat & injured two journalists at a protest in June last year - Sec-Gen of NATO, who are yet to be held to account for deliberately bombing and killing 16 Serbian journalists in '99 - President Keita of M ...
ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif here on Thursday left for Saudi Arabia for a two-day private visit. According to reports, the premier will inquire about health of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz.
"PM Nawaz Sharif left for Saudi Arabia for, what he think is, farewell to King Abdullah before his departur…
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