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Kimberly Perry

The Band Perry, an American country music group, is composed of siblings Kimberly Perry (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Reid Perry (bass guitar, background vocals), and Neil Perry (mandolin, drums, accordion, background vocals).

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Fox host claims she's in talks to replace Sean Spicer
The fact that your new music is πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ And you're Kimberly freaking Perry so you deserve cake.
The on Washington revealed a list of celebrities expected to march alongside over 100,000 women:
I forgot how much I love Kimberly Perry's voice
Ok, Kimberly Perry. You slay with these pants.
I absolutely love your videos. I'm pretty sure that I have watch all of your videos.Can you please do more blog style videos.πŸ’ž
he better have lots of secret service at his "good bye " address. Chicago is murder capital of the USA.
Coworker: You should be home. You're sick. Me: Actually, Kimberly, the correct term is "alt-well".
I think Kimberly from the Band Perry has a badass voice
We had a nice chat with Tony Perry about latest record 'Misadventures', touring and more! . http…
We are offering buy one get one free on all Kimberly Perry skincare until New Years. Happy…
Rick Perry is on the board of the company building the Dakota Access Pipeline
1956: Kimberly Clark advertises Kleenex on TV on the Perry Como show.
I'm pleased to announce that Rick Perry has won the dance-off for Energy Secretary. Now on to the swimsuit competition…
Kimberly Perry could get it today, tomorrow or any day πŸ‘…. (Sorry babe)
I have the BIGGEST girl crush on Kimberly perry 😍😍😍
She was only hired after race baiting MSNBC was shamed b/c of their all white line up. They then hired Al Sharpton, Me…
Who knew Kimberly from the Band Perry was so pretty
Kimberly Perry is so freakin pretty
.recently won and donated their winnings to TFG's client, Clips here:
She did something NO ONE else ever has on Price is Right .
Kimberly Perry achieved something NO OTHER contestant has EVER done on Family Feud before via
Check out "Kimberly from The Band Perry achieved something NO OTHER contestant on the Family Feud has EVER done" at
She sang that joint "Fight Song". Personally, I think she looks like Barbie Blank mixed with Kimberly Perry.
Why did no one tell me Kimberly Perry was on Celebrity Family Feud?
Kim from pulled off the dream move in Fast Money 😯
Kimberly Perry totally nailed it on Celebrity Family Feud!
The Band Perry was on Family Feud recently and it turns out Kimberley Perry is a champion at the game, coming...
Goodness Gracious! We don't know if we've ever seen someone get that many answers in Fast Money on the Feud.
Kimberly Perry of the Band Perry recently proved that she is the perfect teammate for trivia night. The singer scorched the competiti...
Kimberly Perry is easily my biggest celebrity crush.
Congrats on being a rock star on both the country stage AND
Hometown girl Kimberly Perry from "The Band Perry" are rockin' those braids Kimberly!
Holy smokes! Watch Kimberly Perry kick some *** on Celebrity Family Feud: You've probably never been as good at…
You’ve probably never been as good at something as Kimberly Perry is at playing Family Feud.
Kimberly Perry dominates the Fast Money round of β€˜Family Feud’ to win money for charity.
Well, that doesn't happen too often!
Watch out for Kimberly Perry! She absolutely ROCKED IT on Celebrity Family Feud with Neil & Reid of The Band...
Kimberly for The Band Perry can come home and marry me now πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Kimberly Perry beats all I ever saw 😍
When you hear that the Band Perry is playing at Bristol before the game. KIMBERLY AND THE VOLS?! I MUST BE DREAMING
What is the 2 door sports car Carrie and Mike have? It's the one they took to Kimberly Perry's wedding
Michelle Essix, April B. Ford-Matthews Kimberly Harden-Olamina Natalie Perry Starletta Diana and all my teacher...
Kimberly Perry from The Band Perry reminds me of Sky Nichols for some reason... Does anyone else see it?
My pleasure, Kimberly! I'm always thrilled to see new connections! Wishing you a fantastic weekend ahead! :)
This recipe was featured on the Food Network with The Fresh Chef Kimberly Perry. It's low fat, dairy free...
Kimberly Perry seems like a shallow, spiteful person.
I really hope Kimberly Perry doesn't think she invented crossing genres. That's why we have Taylor Swift.
So, so petty and immature of Kimberly Perry to throw shade like that at LBT
did Kimberly Perry forget that Live Forever flopped HARD and their careers in music are basically done now or lol
Woah... Did Kimberly Perry just throw some shade on Little Big Town? 😯
A special shout out Ginger Sanders Morris & Perry's Smoking Pig for providing delicious BBQ & fixins for...
Enjoying a VRBO with my awesome girlfriends to celebrate Angela Warntz 40th. Kimberly Whitcomb Nancy Perry...
The incredibly talented (and gorgeous) Kimberly Perry up on stage at 2013!
We want to thank Kimberly Capps Caudell and Perry Caudell for buying their daughter Kathryn Ashleigh Caudell her...
Investing 101 for millennials: Our newest advisor, Katharine Perry sheds some light:
Tyler Perry Presents: People who don't make enough money... arguing that other people shouldn't make enough money.
I think I'm in love with Kimberly Perry... She's a goddess
thanks for following Kimberly Perry! Have a great week!
I'll never trust anything again Kimberly Perry
Fashion Police is back on duty! The Band Perry's Kimberly Perry joined co-hosts Melissa Rivers, Giuliana Rancic and Brad Goreski, along
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Got the heart like Kimberly Perry the fire like Carrie Underwood and the mindset of Miranda Lambert
I'm trying my best Linda Perry army is weak at the moment I guess ! πŸ˜‚
Linda Perry needs to have a word with you ! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
Happy Siblings Day!! Sending love to my sister Kimberly Perry Sanderlin, love you dearly! And sisters Allana...
At the Band Perry concert all the frat guys behind me were screaming at Kimberly Perry to go to formal with them.good luck with that.πŸ˜‚
Front bangs really make a difference. Kimberly Perry was gross before but she's SO cute now
*** after that mom's weekend show, I think I'm in love with Kimberly Perry from 😍😍😍
My pleasure always, Kimberly and thank you for your kindness! Have a wonderful weekend! :)
πŸ“· Excited to see the beautiful, talented & charming Kimberly of The Band Perry for the third time in...
Kimberly Perry of the Band Perry will co-host the Red Carpet special on E! this Sunday night. You can win one of...
Throwback Thursday: The Band Perry at the Florida Strawberry Festival in 2012. Kimberly met her…
Carly Perry Jess Tourville Kimberly LaBella Liza Kelley This looks like something you girls could have fun...
This women is perfect love Kimberly Perry ,amazing voice and stunning
Great panel on collecting at including Perry and who owns a range
Did you know: The Band Perry's first original song (written by 8 year old Kimberly Perry)...
This actually works if your dealing with Anxiety!
no im asking you that? I feel like youre assuming it is!! And i got one for you ... Kimberly Perry
Kimberly Perry arrives at the MusiCares Person of the Year Tribute 2016
πŸ“· Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry at the NHL All-Star Winter Park in Nashville January 29, 2016 in...
Kimberly Perry is a perfect human being.
on Kimberly Perry from See her in action this weekend at select times.
NHL is truly going full-on country for all-star weekend: The show will be hosted by Kimberly Perry, the s...
.thebandperry's kimberlyperry to co-host NHL All-Star special live from Nashville on Fri
.to co-host All-Star special live from Nashville on Fri
Kimberly Perry is hosting the tv special on friday night.
Thanks for the mention, Kimberly! Wishing you both an awesome week ahead!😊
Kimberly Perry is just on another level omg!!!. Ok carry on
Likewise, thank you, Kimberly for the kind words! I count you among them! Very grateful! Have a wonderful weekend! :)
If I could look like anyone I'd look like Kimberly Perry from The Band Perry I'm obsessed
Vanessa Hart-Perry Kimberly Hart this what I was talking about
lauren alaina and kimberly perry and steel magnolia I forget their names
I added a video to a playlist Katy Perry - Roar (Official)
just finished a Runtastic run of 1.32 mi in 13m 12s with app:
I have songs you & UMG registered by mistake to my wife under Kimberly Perry (maiden name ASCAP) need2 talk asap! DM
What do you think about Kimberly Perry's looks during the
Slowly falling in love with The Band Perry. Particulary with Kimberly. "Live forever," yeah? XD
Kimberly Perry of the Band Perry's voice is so nice
are you from Perry georgia I'm in Warner Robins ga
I have the biggest girl crush on Kimberly Perry from The Band Perry
Kimberly Perry, the real country singer
Can we talk about how amazing Kimberly Perry looks on the Red Carpet? 😍
So happy for you Kimberly Perry!!!. "This Pleximony is difficult for me to post as any female with hair loss can...
Is Kimberly Perry wearing a cape, an apron, capris and a belly turtleneck?
Can we take a moment just to appreciate Kimberly Perry please
It's 45 degrees here so it's gotta be around that in New York. Kimberly Perry is a hearty soul to be wearing something with a bare midriff.
Kimberly Perry looks like a cross between Padme in Attack of the Clones and Natalie Dormer in the Hunger Games.
πŸ“· Country singerΒ Kimberly Perry in a blue and beige mini dress and heels. Check out our new website: Ooh...
I think I have a *** crush on Kimberly Perry lol ...she looks hot in this music video.
Getting down to business at NYSUT's Nassau office: Wyandanch teachers Vanessa Perry and Kimberly Donovan
2/2 love !! All the songs are super good! My hubby says ur voice sounds like Kimberly Perry from TBP!😍
Kimberly Perry looks so pretty in the Band Perry's new music can tell that girl works out!
Welcome Kimberly Perry to the Cannon Chevrolet Buick Cadillac Family. We hope you enjoy your Tahoe as much...
Who should go solo *REQUESTED* . Charles Kelley from Lady A or Kimberly Perry from Band Perry
Having a great night... We miss you Perry! β€” feeling happy at The Pub
The Band Perry’s Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry are siblings. And like any close-knit family, they have fond memori…
I'M PROUD TO STAND WITH Don’t miss your chance to win a trip to Iowa to hang with me @ the rally:
BHHS student Kimberly Perry has been selected as the 2015 YWCA Young Woman of Achievement!! Pretty Awesome for an amazing person!
Kimberly Elise played that role in Tyler Perry Diary Of A Mad Black Woman
we'll see why Perry is so fixated on "normal."
Update your maps at Navteq
Khloe Kardashian is the character that Kimberly Elise played in Tyler Perry's "Diary Of A Mad Black Woman." TO THE T.
Clever words of Kimberly Perry, qt the show in Laporte County. Video by me
Kimberly Perry is in such great shape. kills me
Love when Kimberly Perry comes into work 😍
Is Kimberly Perry of a She's hot regardless
Ok so I'm I the only one who thinks Kimberly Perry from has the nicest butt in music right now??? (All genres included)
So when did Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry get a booty? On GMA!
Watching Good Morning America this morning, and Kimberly Perry's *** 😍 I need to get to work 😳
Kimberly Perry is such a babe it's not even fair
Kimberly Perry's look this am is very 90s Gwen Stefani
I'm not really a fan of the Band Perry, but Kimberly Perry looks pretty on GMA right now! πŸ‘πŸ»
Kimberly Perry looks ah-mazing on this morning. and I just love their new song
I'm watching and wow! I've got Kimberly Perry body goals, like whoa.
The Band Perry's GMA promotional outfits confusing me,shouldn't they take it more serious? Especially, Kimberly!!πŸ˜‘
Kimberly Perry is so very beautiful.
Hamilton Collection
It's weird that Kimberly Perry followed Kardashians family but not Carrie on Instagram. I thought they were close friends.
New Band Perry song, not sure how to feel yet. I was disappointed last album because they took away a lot of Kimberly's grit in the songs
.Kimberly Perry's hubby is playing for the tonight!
My love life is the equivalent of the Katy Perry song hot and cold basically
I bet Kimberly Perry doesn't have a hard time
You don't want to miss Kimberly Perry from on β€œVocal Point–The Voting Rights Act: 50 Years Later..." RSVP -
So Kimberly Perry's husband just waved at me... So jealous she has that 😍😍😍
Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc Reunited Last Night! Come See the Photos: We should all…
Jennifer Aniston left Friends costars Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry out of her wedding
Hugh Jackman is living a 'Teenage Dream' in new lip sync video
Pssst! We know what you should wear to see this weekend at the
Still bitter I can't rock the pony tail like Kimberly Perry can.
1. Kimberly Perry is gorgeous . 2. LoCash can party ❀️. 3. My dreams came true when Cowboy Troy rapped to Rollin'
Still can't get over how hot Kimberly Perry was last night 😭😍
Never knew how attractive Kimberly Perry wasπŸ˜πŸ™ˆ
The Band Perry was great and idk how many times I said I was gonna bring Kimberly perry home with me
.rocked it tonight! Kimberly Perry is awesome. Would be star struck if I ever met her!
Kimberly perry was the best part of the whole fair! Absolutely gorgeous
And I wish I looked like Kimberly perry
I have a crush on Reba AND Kimberly Perry now @ and april
Kimberly Perry has the biggest heart!! πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
you could say I'm in love with Kimberly Perry now😍πŸ”₯
Kimberly Perry of the tonight was smoking πŸ”₯! She looked way good!
Kimberly Perry's banging body is my new body inspiration.
Kimberly Perry is goals goals goals
If RICK PERRY thinks you're unfit for presidency, you need to reevaluate your life choices. Like every single one of them.
The Band Perry puts on a great show regardless of my infatuation with Kimberly.
just finished a Runtastic run of 2.27 mi in 25m 29s with app:
only people I saw was Kristian and Kimberly
Channeling my inner Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry with some fun braids. Can't wait to rock this style tomorrow...
Kimberly Perry doesn't get enough recognition 😍
Kimberly Perry is so gorgeous and she has an amazing voice and I love The Band Perry
The Katy Perry movie will forever be my fav movieπŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
Kimberly Perry is the Country girl perfection
Late Greetings: Happy Birthday Kimberly Perry of my fav Band ! Sorry, I wasn' t on Yesterday.
Happy birthday to my favorite country Kimberly Perry!
Happy Birthday, Kimberly from πŸ‘‘πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚ Try and dominate this trivia about the trio:
She killed it at on Friday and today we are wishing Kimberly Perry of a happy birthday!
Happy Birthday Kimberly Perry from thebandperry! Have an awesome day! :)
Happy Birthday Kimberly Perry! I hope you are having a amazing birthday thekimberlyperry
to wish Kimberly Perry of a happy birthday!
Country Music Fact Today in 1983: Kimberly Perry is born in Jackson, Mississippi. Her band wins the CMA's New Artist of the Year in 2011.
When you share your birthday with the lovely Kimberly Perry, from my favouritest band, ❀️🌸
Born Today in 1983, Kimberly Perry lead singer and guitarist for The Band Perry. Discover The Band Perry
good point - it's why Kimberly Perry screams and stomps around all the time. Their biggest hit was so gentle.
Happy Birthday to Kimberly Perry!!Thank you for being a great role model & doing great music.May you have a nice day!
Happy 31st birthday to Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry. Cute little thing! - Bob
You bet your *** I belted "If I Die Young" and yes Kimberly Perry is amazing 😍
The natives of America secretly know Kimberly Perry is none other then Roman Goddess Athena!
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž It's not a party until Kimberly shows up! .
forever hearing, "has anybody ever told you you look like Kimberly Perry?" . Yes, yes they have.
Kimberly Perry's outfit was on point last night! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Hey Hussy, I've watched you grow from modest beginnings.
by murdock_photos Kimberly Perry from The Band Perry performing during a show in Charleston, WV last year!
Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry sings during the Big Horn Country USA concert Friday night at the Trails End...
Sitting in detroit and look up and see a plane dragging a flag that said "Kimberly Perry will you marry me?β™‘" GOALS😍😍
I don't know Kimberly Perry but I hope she said Yes! I saw the plane!
Tyler Perry’s Atlanta home is on the market for $25 million. . SEE MORE HERE:...
SHOUT Out to Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry oprahtylerjune for their efforts to help our people this…
Kimberly Perry is a fellow big booty blondie. She became my best friend last night.
When I grow up I wanna be Kimberly Perry plz and thank you
Kimberly Perry, please let me be you bc *** girl πŸ˜πŸ‘
How do I get a butt like Kimberly Perry?
Gov Perry's campaign staff blaming his new IQ glasses for his moronic, comments on church massacre (bad software) ht…
Rick Perry says guns aren't to blame 4 Charleston 'accident': it was prescription drugs>so stupid
My girl channeling her inner Kimberly Perry! http…
I just need to find a woman with Kimberly Perry's voice and Kate Mara's looks! Is that too much to ask? 😍😚😘
Musicians Reid Perry, Kimberly Perry and Neil Perry of "The Band Perry" attend the 50th Academy Of Country Music…
Kimberly Perry is hot. Taylor Swift is bae. Karen Fairchild is underrated. Thomas Rhett has moves!
KIMBERLY PERRY. Looking amazing at the Red Carpet
Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry arrives on the Red Carpet!
Just saw Kimberly Perry on Red Carpet at and im staying at gym for another hour 😍😳😧
Sigh. Does Kimberly Perry ever, ever have a bad hair, glam, dress day?
Also have to figure out how to steal Kimberly Perry from JP Arencibia
Ever since the second album, Kimberly Perry has been πŸ”₯
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Kimberly Perry is beautiful, I just can't πŸ”₯
oh WOW favorite look of the night so far! Kimberly Perry looks amazing!!! --
The Band Perry are up, I love Kimberly's dress! Looks like she's covered in pink hundreds and thousands. Yum. -vf
Kimberly, Neil, Reid Perry OWNED gala "If I die young, bury me in satin"
It's really just not fair how Kimberly Perry of gets prettier and prettier each day. Like, can you bottle that up please??
How can you even begin to compare Karen Fairchild to Kimberly Perry? Not even close!
Long before her younger brothers Reid and Neil worked as roadies for her first teenage band, Kimberly Perry...
Alright Kimberly Perry, your husband can't even make an MLB team. Time to move on πŸ‘‹
I see the Orioles released Kimberly Perry’s husband
The radio talking about how they think its time for Kimberly Perry to get pregnant makes me upset, let her get pregnant when she wants to.
If Kimberly Perry & can manage a wedding between his baseball and touring then WE GOT THIS!
Kimberly Perry of the Band Perry has been nominated to be the official lifeguard for the Tortuga Music Festival...
Kimberly Perry... Is my secret Celebrity Crush!! . The more you know!!
My is the gorgeous are super talented Kimberly Perry who I'm seeing in FRIDAY! love πŸ’•
Nashville Notes. - The Band Perry's Kimberly Perry tells People she and her husband, baseball player J.P.
I'm late but Kimberly Nichole doing Linda Perry's "What's up?" just secured her as my favorite.
Kimberly Nicole has just killed Linda Perry's "What's Going On?" tonight on "The Voice." Get out and vote for her tonight
Give it UP for Kimberly! Linda Perry should be so proud. What a tribute of a performance.
Kimberly Nichole just killed that Linda Perry songπŸ”₯πŸ”₯ goosebumps and tears
Love the lines of the dress on Kimberly Nicole as she sings the *** out of Linda Perry's What's Up on ***
Watching Kimberly Perry dance around on stage is my favourite
β€œKimberly Perry of and I after writing a good one!
I feel like a mix of Kimberly Perry and three very gorgeous ladies who I would love to meet/ be like one day πŸ’›πŸ°πŸ’›
I'm hanging with Kimberly of the Band Perry tonight!
The Band Perry is an American country music band composed of Kimberly Perry (lead vocals, rhythm gui
for publishing the error. We also apologize for including paparazzi photos of Ms. Perry that'd been taken w/a…
to Kimberly Perry and her husband player JP Arencibia w/ at
So far the Perry County Sheriff's Department has raised $241 in dimes! All of which I rolled today:) Their 2...
Special guests at the hanging out with Kimberly Perry & JP Arencibia
Congratulations Margo Humphrey, Tip Perry, and Kimberly Ash-Brown on winning copies of "Ebony and Ivory"! Thank...
remind me again why I can't be Kimberly perry cuz it hurts
the lovely Kimberly Perry making a connection in song
Did you know that…Kimberly Perry sang in her own band as a teenager with her brothers Neil & Reid working as roadies?
Totally impressed by Kimberly Perry's performance last night, but absolutely FLOORED by her shoes. 😍
Still impressed by Kimberly Perry assuming the crowd would sing the radio edit for her, so she harmonized with them.
Still obsessed with Kimberly Perry's hair here
Saw the Band Perry last summer. Kimberly was amazing. (Ok, didn't actually See them. Lol) Glad you had a good time.
I think I cried today because I remembered how perfect Kimberly Perry is. πŸ’œ
The Band Perry was amazing, Kimberly perry is bae 😍
was awesome tonight! Band Perry rocked. Kimberly Perry is and
somebody tell me what shoes Kimberly Perry is wearing! Her shoe game is always on point!!
So The Band Perry doesn't have just amazing songs, but Kimberly is a straight up rockstar on stage 😳
Kimberly Perry you are the cutest girl ever πŸ’š omg
nothing more red faced when a singer does this, Kimberly Perry blew me a kiss and everyone looked! Played it smoothπŸ™ˆ
:-( it would be Diary of A Mad Black Woman starring Kimberly Harris by T Perry
domain names
Does anyone else ever cry because they love Kimberly Perry so much or is it just me
Less than 20 min to go. Will topple Kimberly Perry Vote!
.+ Kimberly Perry is up for today's poll. Closes @ 6p
Come on! Let's get some votes in for Kimberly Perry!
Hi. Was it Kimberly Perry who introduced Keith Urban before he performed 'somewhere in my car' at the CMA Music Fest??
is it just me or does Noel from the voice look like a a young Kimberly Perry from
Omg how hot does Kimberly Perry look 😍😍😍
Can we just take a moment of appreciation for the absolute beauty that is Kimberly Perry?
that's me front row right in front of Kimberly with my hands in the air love in The Band Perry
Rocking some Kimberly Perry hair today lol well maybe a little less then perfect version anyways 😜
Kimberly Perry is so underrated, her voice is incredible!
Our is the beautiful Kimberly Perry of the
you didn't know he's married to Kimberly Perry?! But yeah he's adorbs
Kimberly perry makes me feel some type of way.
ЀотосСт: Kimberly Perry:Β A wise man told us one time, he said β€œyou should make every major decision...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Kimberly Perry is unreal! I would let her get me pregnant lol
HUGE surprise today!! My long lost lovely, Ronny Perry stopped by the store!! Haven't seen his precious face in...
Kimberly Perry + Hannah Blaylock is my fashion inspiration
Kimberly Perry at the Oakdale in CT. More pics of here:
Watching on and is Kimberly Perry from not the cutest singer?
Kimberly Perry's voice brings me joy 😍🎀
in honor of the hoedown line-up being announced today here's a throwback of Kimberly Perry from last…
Man Kimberly Perry is pretty much perfect
Kimberly Perry was just trying to follow the formula to get a hit. Obviously she wasn't going to be as convincing...or as good.
Live from the celebrating some of our favourite women in country! Kimberly Perry
I guess. If it means anything, Kimberly Perry's voice on the song is gorgeous.
My definitely goes to Kimberly Perry from πŸ’ž
"I do believe it's likely this is a short-lived victory," said Kimberly Perry, executive director of D.C. Vote.
Watch out the preps got their parents opening up their wallets for their kids to get a pic with Kimberly Perry tomorrow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Hi Katy! Kimberly Quinn Abaya Cruz is a Super Katy Perry Fan and she knows all your popular songs.
Not even that into country music but Kimberly Perry though πŸ‘€
Alcee Perry and his sister prayers go out to their family and beloved friends!!!
Also, I found the dress Kimberly Perry wore on the Stevie Wonder tribute. Sadly, it's a million dollars.
I would let kimberly perry punch me in the face. I would thank her
β€œWhat would Malcolm X say about Hear what his daughter thinks:
I used to like Kimberly Perry so much but then she got married. Blah.
you know what!? Your voice sounds really similar to Kimberly Perry's from The Band Perry!!!
performance at the Stevie Wonder Grammy Tribute was amazing and so was her green and black dress ❀
Neil Perry,Kimberly Perry,Reid Perry: A three-day country music festival returns to the metro area sporting co...
TGIF TGIF TGIF TGIF TGIF TGIF TGIF TGIF *Katy Perry plays in the background*
Jimmy Harnen & Neil Perry at CRS 2010 After-Hours Party Hosted by CMT and Big Machine Records
Kimberly Perry is so gorgeous and her voice is amazing and I love the Band Perry so much
If Arencibia makes the O's, his wife is Kimberly of The Band Perry. The National Anthem could be covered! If u hadn't heard:)
Most memorable visual from the The "ridiculous *** of Kimberly Perry. The new Kim Wilde.
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