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Kimberly Guilfoyle

Kimberly Guilfoyle (born March 9, 1969) is an American cable news personality and is currently one of the rotating co-hosts on The Five on Fox News Channel at 5 pm ET, as well as the host of an Internet-only crime-related program for Fox News.

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I was watching on the record on Fox, because I am a huge fan of Megan Kelley. but she is on vacation and Kimberly guilfoyle is filling in...
I like Kimberly Guilfoyle a lot, but someone needs to tell her not to yell the whole time she is hosting She does it every time.
Watching the amazingly intelligent and attractive Kimberly Guilfoyle sit in for Greta tonight. She is pointing out right now how His Imperial Holiness Comrade Dear Leader Imamba is enjoying his vacation in Hawaii and is not making any public statements about the breakdown of civilization in the formerly greatest city on the planet.
Dana Perino's delirious humor sets up Kimberly Guilfoyle's wealthy dope to be taken by Bob Beckel's seductive con artistry.
Maybe GOP will run Mike Huckabee. Shout out from Kimberly Guilfoyle was like from Marlyn Monroe to JFK. The Gov of Love?
I completely support 's remarks. Sorry, age/experience DOES matter in whether you're an informed voter. http…
Kimberly Guilfoyle Fox News Playing basketball in a skirt -
Kimberly Guilfoyle of The Five will take off her heels/pumps to show her sexy, nylon feet the whole hour live for her fans for Christmas.
Martha MacCallum, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Heather Nauert, Shannon Bream & Anna Kooiman of FNC are the sexiest, most beautiful women of 2014.
Nouvel article Guilfoyle Kimberly - Kimberly Ann Guilfoyle (born March 9, 1969) is an American cable news personal...
Is there any truth to the rumor that Kimberly Guilfoyle's leg was used as the model for the lamp in A Christmas Story?
Thought of as Kimberly Guilfoyle's artistic comeback. A wonderful exploration of relationships.
While staring at Kimberly Guilfoyle's legs I heard her say that everyone loves Stephan Colbert. Sorry, I doubt 50% of country loves him.
Perhaps the only time Kimberly Guilfoyle's costar matched her visual scene stealing. He's a horse, albeit a gelding.
The pundits are fine across the board, but the stand-out is Kimberly Guilfoyle.
Kimberly Guilfoyle has a thing for fat alcoholic Bob Beckel. If he plays his cards right he might be able to get a piece of ***
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Like the best horror/comedies, Greg Gutfeld & Kimberly Guilfoyle vs. Bob Beckel.
Fox's Kimberly Guilfoyle and Greg Gutfeld nominate Putin to be next U.S. President...
Wow.. my heart skips a beat & almost stops every time I see . Kimberly Guilfoyle on FNC. Incredibly beautiful & smart & sweet!!!. Thx KG!!
Eric Bolling: (stuttering) The far right doesn't want to see another Bush. Kimberly Guilfoyle: Do they want to see another Obama?.
Victoria's out of sight launches kimberly guilfoyle's trained: lKUAXOQ
So Kathy,what can U possibly do New Yrs Eve to top the sexual tension between Kimberly Guilfoyle & Bob Beckel?
Kimberly Guilfoyle doesn't need Match or Tinder because she has all the men coming straight to her.
It would be interesting to watch Dana Perino, Eric Bolling and Kimberly Guilfoyle rectally infused and waterboarded.
The commentary is uniformly good by the three women stars, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Andrea Tantaros, and Dana Perino.
Great thoughts Kimberly.! Happy Thanksgiving and prayers for Tony Guilfoyle. I'm sure he's proud and smiling down at you.
The only hot Fox News chick mentioned is Kimberly Guilfoyle. So over that bleach blonde look he likes.
I would let Megyn Kelly and Kimberly Guilfoyle do unspeakable things to me.
OTR for Wednesday November 26 is now over…what did you think of tonight’s show? Thanks to Kimberly Guilfoyle f...
. On the Record with Kimberly Guilfoyle has a good ring to it
Kimberly Guilfoyle already rockin' the first 15 minutes of w/Van Susteren, and 45 minutes more to go.
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I want kimberly guilfoyle in my bed
I want kimberly guilfoyle on Dancing with the Stars
Kimberly Guilfoyle, attorney, evidently has no idea what she's speaking of, where non- attorney's Williams and Gutfeld have it figured out
Kimberly Guilfoyle seems like such a sad, dark person on the inside.
Back in NYC and co-hosting on The Five w/ Kimberly Guilfoyle Andrea Tantaros Greg Gutfeld Juan Williams...
The cast is uniformly good, with Perino giving the strongest performance as blue-collar Kimberly Guilfoyle.
Wish I could do that with Kimberly Guilfoyle underwater on "The Five," but I'd get the bends.
And then there's FOX: Former Prosecutor Kimberly Guilfoyle just said "12 shots was not excessive." WATCH:
Former prosecutor, Kimberly Guilfoyle, said that she doesn't think 12 shots discharged from a semi automatic weapon is too much. Wow
Wondering why Kimberly Guilfoyle is not a current prosecutor and instead is a former.
It's a fun but somewhat uneven romp, enlivened by its unusual setting and lovely female lead, Kimberly Guilfoyle.
Thanks Kimberly Guilfoyle for telling me young women shouldn't vote! I didn't realize we were in the 1800's.
Kimberly Guilfoyle on The Five: Officer Wilson testified to grand jury for 4 hours when he didn't have to...
It is shameful that Kimberly Guilfoyle who claims to be a legal expert only wants to present one side of the story.
"Fox News hosts tell young women not to vote, go back to Tinder and
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A new show from Kimberly Guilfoyle, the animation master, is always welcome.
Kimberly Guilfoyle's vote? If up to her, women wouldn't vote, Fox ...
Love it when Bob Beckel said to former prosecutor, DA Kimberly Guilfoyle: "Question for you, Counselor..."
Kimberly Guilfoyle's statement for which she was so vilified is kind of validated by that poll.
A lucky addition for Kimberly Guilfoyle's aquarium.
Probably the closest FOX ever came to making a grindhouse show, starring Eric Bolling and Kimberly Guilfoyle as villains
Remember how Kimberly Guilfoyle is a young unmarried woman?
Remember when Kimberly Guilfoyle said that unmarried young women shouldn't vote because they don't have enough wisdom?(Aka not smart enough)
It's amazing it has taken Andrea Tantaros, Eric Bolling, and anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle more than 10 years to collaborate again.
It's astounding how unprofessional and rude Kimberly Guilfoyle is when talking to Bob Beckel.
I dispose Beckel but Kimberly Guilfoyle looks to me like she'd rather be poll dancing.
I love it when Kimberly Guilfoyle picks on Bob. Lol!
Greg Gutfeld is a sweetly vulnerable Bob Beckel; Juan Williams is cold, brittle and, well, Kimberly Guilfoyle, as Dana Perino.
shame oreilly calls you "guilfoyle". Disrespectful. Now angel, goddess or Kimberly is proper & appropriate.
Kimberly Guilfoyle is the best how you put up with Bob who knows
So what does Kimberly Guilfoyle think of Saira Blair? Didn't she say young women shouldn't vote or sit on a jury?.
hey Mike love Fox News especially Kimberly Guilfoyle keep up the good work
Kimberly Guilfoyle on makes me want to have dark hair.
Kimberly Guilfoyle is the real prize tho.
One of these days Kimberly Guilfoyle will back hand & I hope I get to see it.
Ignore Kimberly Guilfoyle and go vote! Awesome article by my friend and alum Jamie Zucker via
In other hilarious news: is on today. . Happy Election Day, everyone. .
Kimberly Guilfoyle and Andrea Tantaros are so pretty 😍
Dear "The Five's" Kimberly Guilfoyle, I just went to vote but don't worry, I'll skip my jury duty and be back on tinder in no time.
Sorry Kimberly Guilfoyle, I took a quick break from tinder to vote 🇺🇸
Kimberly Guilfoyle's legs have a hypnotic effect.
Woot KG is on my TV to start my day! What a great way to start election day with the Brains and Beauty of Kimberly Guilfoyle!
Don't forget, Fox News thinks you're too dumb to vote. PROVE THEM WRONG YOU BADASS FABULOUS GAGGLE OF FEMMES
Kimberly Guilfoyle puts in one of the strongest performances of her career in this well-done thriller.
you know Kimberly Guilfoyle was a Victorias Secret model?
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“The Five” host Kimberly Guilfoyle tells young women not to vote; virality ensues
I've been outed; the real reason I'm not on is I'm too involved in Politics! Sorry lads!
Kimberly Guilfoyle on Fox telling young people not to vote? Unbelievable !!
This appealing romantic comedy catapulted the ever-likeable Kimberly Guilfoyle into major stardom
Make a plan to vote this week. It matters.
Feminist Family: Tracey & Emma early voted; T works & E's in class all day on Tuesday. E ignored Fox News.
Nurse Kaci Hickox says she doesn't "plan on sticking to the guidelines" ... Kimberly Guilfoyle has some advice for her.
In related news: Fox's Kimberly Guilfoyle doesn't think Ian Poulter should be allowed to vote in his country.
Victoria's immanent launches kimberly guilfoyle's step on it: zbXndNB
Sure former mayor of SF, CA Lt Gov, former spouse of Kimberly Guilfoyle, no real thoughts though
For a long time I never could remember your name so I would just call you Kimberly Guilfoyle's little sister. very pretty.
If Kimberly Guilfoyle wasn't so hot I would totally hate her.
“Love watching you rock out to a commercial”Not as much as Kimberly Guilfoyle though.
why does Bob Beckel always defending obama on his mistake and keep it up Kimberly Guilfoyle take bob down
You don't see this kind of selfies from Fox ladies: Megyn Kelly, Dana Perino, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Andrea Tantaros
Kimberly Guilfoyle gets 5 stars from me
You did great . . .except for the boots. See Kimberly Guilfoyle on how to do it right.
. Looking at the outfit Kimberly Guilfoyle is wearing on The Five. There's a WOW factor for you.
on another note, I think Kimberly Guilfoyle from the is alrriigghhtt!
Kimberly Guilfoyle gets 5 STARS today for her patriotism on full display.
Kimberly Guilfoyle is a TV show character for the ages.
I don't know how it's possible but Kimberly Guilfoyle's legs end at her chin.
Either Kimberly Guilfoyle has enough makeup on for every female in Midtown Manhattan, or my TV's tint is way off.
Kimberly Guilfoyle's tragic-farce The Five may be the most important show of the last 25 years.
What did you think about President Obama's U.N. speech today? Kimberly Guilfoyle says he isn't comfortable in his role as commander-in-chief... Watch and weigh in.
An Army officer was told he could not enter his daughter’s school because he was wearing his Army uniform. “I mean…this is ridiculous. This is America.” - Kimberly Guilfoyle. WATCH more commentary below:
kimberly guilfoyle her eyes are so dark and stormy I love them ;)
Kimberly Guilfoyle is as believable a Spaniard here as Charlton Heston was a Mexican in "Touch of Evil".
Not a bad mid-90s sci fi gabfest - and with a young Kimberly Guilfoyle in spandex to boot!
Kimberly Guilfoyle sustains the idea this family's interactions have begun with bared teeth for years.
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Kimberly Guilfoyle is convincing in the role: small, fierce, dark-eyed and indomitable.
I love how Bill O'Reilly and that nutter Kimberly Guilfoyle, or however its spelled, are defending (cont)
Despite a second child abuse allegation, the Minnesota Vikings have announced Adrian Peterson will play on Sunday. Were the Vikings too quick to clear him? Kimberly Guilfoyle says she sees a pattern for Peterson and that it's not okay. “Child abuse just sickens and disgusts me. [Adrian Peterson’s] child, a 4-year-old, was bleeding from being hit. That is not responsible parenting.”
Kimberly Guilfoyle tells it like it is.
One of the best productions of our time. The finest achievement of Kimberly Guilfoyle's career.
Victoria's in the wings launches kimberly guilfoyle's rate: gQIi
The art-house dream-team pairing of Andrea Tantaros and Kimberly Guilfoyle amounts to more of a soft jab than a knockout punch.
Passable entertainment -- but definitely not on par with the usual Williams, Perino, or Kimberly Guilfoyle output.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is under fire after calling for a “vigorous prosecution” of Darren Wilson, the police officer who killed Michael Brown…Did the governor rush to judgment? Kimberly Guilfoyle thinks so and she was fired up tonight on 'The Five.'
Bob Beckel should be happy. He gets to look at Kimberly Guilfoyle all day.
Yep! A very condescending "Yeah, Sweetheart!" from to the lovely Kimberly Guilfoyle. Shame on him.
Kimberly guilfoyle from Fox News is the dumbest person I have ever heard talk
Awesome. Just turned on the TV and I see Kimberly Guilfoyle going all medieval on Bob Beckel! Take no prisoners.
Dana Perino, anchor Greg Gutfeld, and the sublime Kimberly Guilfoyle triumph with their own brand of unique, risky lunacy
Kristen Powers is not a mom & Kimberly Guilfoyle is. Enough said.
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A great show, and a major leap forward in the career of Kimberly Guilfoyle.
. Oh good, I found a shot of Kimberly Guilfoyle of. wardrobeThe Five-->
Kimberly Guilfoyle's extremely modest show is slow, but it is also intriguing, moving and meaningful.
Starring Kimberly Guilfoyle, this offbeat comedy-fantasy for children has achieved a status in pop culture
Who knew Kimberly Guilfoyle could sing like that?
Can not stand Kimberly guilfoyle she is loud and obnoxious on every program, outnumbered, the five, and when she is on o'reilly!
A tough-talking, sparely anchored effort by Dana Perino, with an immaculate performance by Kimberly Guilfoyle.
Kimberly Guilfoyle needs to stop she's a joke for two days she's seen evidence of illegal police act and defended it
Please stop saying you were friends with Robin Williams--> "We hosted an event together.". Ugh.
Kimberly Guilfoyle wasn't thinking to kindly of Keith Ablow today that's for sure.
I added a video to a playlist Kimberly Guilfoyle - Leg Up 8-12-14
Kimberly Guilfoyle still remains the definitive screen Greg Gutfeld for many of the character's fans.
Kimberly Guilfoyle edits on the table tonight. Having turned off Fox News ages ago, we can't speak on that;...
Don't forget Kimberly guilfoyle was giving The First Lady a hard time.
Naps? You got it, Kimberly Guilfoyle. Evil snorts a line of crazy and goes right back to work.
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why is # Kimberly Guilfoyle referring to ISIS as militants? They are terrorists.
Kimberly Guilfoyle's delirious humor sets up Bob Beckel's wealthy dope to be taken by Dana Perino's seductive con artistry.
The Five gives Kimberly Guilfoyle a chance to develop a character for the whole running time.
'Evil does not take a nap in the afternoon.' ~Kimberly Guilfoyle
Why do you allow big-mouth Kimberly Guilfoyle to constantly interrupt you when you are talking?
Apologies in advance to my friends on the left. Hey Kimberly Guilfoyle...You NAILED it!!! ROFLOL!
Kimberly Guilfoyle adds nothing to the five other than to ask what he's talking about. More .
Kimberly Guilfoyle If Hilary makes it into the Oval Office does she keep the same desk Bill used?
Kimberly Guilfoyle nailed it on the head.
Kimberly Guilfoyle has plenty of miles left
Greg Gutfeld's romantic comedy is likeable and amusing, featuring Emmy-winning turns from Kimberly Guilfoyle and Dana Perino
Cosmopolitan: "How did your work as a model fit into all of this?". Kimberly Guilfoyle: "I knew I wanted to go...
Kimberly Guilfoyle: How I Became a Co-Host on FoxNews by via
Fox News Co-Host and former model shares her best career advice for young women. Great stuff!
AINSLEY EARHARDT 07/22 FOX: Kimberly, all right. You’re our midnight Barbie. KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: Yes, I go by that code name after hours.
Great interview w/Kimberly Guilfoyle in Cosmopolitan for Latina with great advice for young women... :)
Just because something hasn't been done before, it doesn't mean it can't be done now. Great article on
Kimberly Guilfoyle is freaken irritating and not all she thinks she is, many more attractive women that do not look fake/plastic
The career advice every Latina needs to read:
I love watching on bc she is smart & funny. As a lead/fill-in host, she is a natural. Go girl!
Janee Hayes wanted to share with you...dont know if this helps etc. but thought of you when I saw it. Maybe...
How I Became a Co-Host on Fox News This is why Fox just rules. They only hire "Hotties"!
Dang! From Gutfled, to Jasper's Mom, to Kimberly Guilfoyle and the guy filling in for Eric Bolling this evening,...
Continue to stand your ground with Kimberly Guilfoyle. Some of the things age says about the president is insane.
Wish Kimberly Guilfoyle would just reach back and smack Bob Beckel. Mid-sentence, even.
Kimberly Guilfoyle is right on point about Israel. We should be supportive!
Kimberly Guilfoyle once again shows that she's an actress to watch.
Kimberly Guilfoyle delivers one of the finest performances of her career.
An adequate showcase for Kimberly Guilfoyle's talent, and absolutely nothing more.
Kimberly Guilfoyle gives it the royal treatment with a splendid supporting cast...
Kimberly Guilfoyle, Brilliant, Sexy, Cool & Right. Not to mention she was undefeated in her Prosecution Wins.
Kimberly Guilfoyle has a few words about and
Kimberly Guilfoyle on The 5: Border might be secure in some parts, but no more secure than its weakest link.
Don't forget Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Paul Wolfowitz, Paul Bremer, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and all the rest of the disgraced republican politicians and right wingnut pundits who have been proven WRONG, WRONG, WRONG and still want to sacrifice your children and mine while NONE of them either ever served nor would be willing to go now...just STFU !!!
Taboos? If anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle has any, you can't tell by this show.
Kimberly Guilfoyle Suggests American Troops Assassinate Their Own?!: When it comes to patriotism, Fox News is ...
You should be ashamed. You KNOW lying is a SIN, right?
Despite accusations of academic dryness, Kimberly Guilfoyle can be an almost overwhelmingly physical treasure.
That's it! Kimberly Guilfoyle! Thank you, Marty. I was going crazy trying to think of her name!
Being haunted by one's past really means something from anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle
Kimberly Guilfoyle is so sexy, so beautiful with the most gorgeous legs & the sexiest feet ever as well as opinionated on FNC.
‘That’s treasonous, what you just said!’ What Kimberly Guilfoyle said to make Bob Beckel snap via
The ponderous route of the show is livened up by the presence of the deadpan Kimberly Guilfoyle
Kimberly Guilfoyle got a divorce, Hilary Clinton didn't
Eric if I told you at a restaurant that I thought Kimberly guilfoyle was great, would you set me up on a blind date please
Man that Kimberly Guilfoyle's voice on the Five just grates on me..I think Perino and Tantaros are both smarter and better communicators..
Dana Perino is cool. Kimberly Guilfoyle is cool. Andrea Tantaros playing Eric Bolling? Cool.
Check out.I gave critique & receivd couple attacks.Mny wmn luv her(and where are MY manners?)
Bob Beckel, the liberal co-host of “The Five,” lashed out at his co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle on Wednesday after she made what he called a “treasonous” comment about President Barack Obama’s foreign policy.
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Kimberly Guilfoyle wearing black on outnumbered.! Is Kimberly's black outfit a negative hint about Kimberly (McGee) Calhoun? If Kim ever decides to tell the truth about our past under hypnosis using truth serum, I will gladly invite her to my home and hold no grudges. If the lies continue, I never want to see the liar again. If there is a biological connection with Kim, they are unconditionally invited in my home at anytime. They will be very much welcome regardless of what Kim does or does not do..
Tantaros's ever-mobile face is a study as Kimberly Guilfoyle cycles from hopelessness to panic to mama-bear rage.
Kimberly guilfoyle is one gorgeous woman
The Five on FNC would get its biggest ratings ever if Kimberly Guilfoyle would take off her sexy heels to show her sexy feet for the hour.
The Five on FNC is worth watching because of the sexy, the beautiful, the opinionated Kimberly Guilfoyle.
Kimberly Guilfoyle's The Five took the outlaw culture of the biker TV show into nervy, nihilistic territory.
I will start watching Greta Van Susteren's show when they give it to Michelle Fields or Kimberly Guilfoyle.
Guilfoyle: Obamacare is 'one big fat VA' | PunditFact - Do not trust (duh)!
Fox News poisonous yammerer Kimberly career path should now head back to its origins -- lingerie modelling.
Guilfoyle: Obamacare is 'one big fat VA' |
Guilfoyle: Obamacare is 'one big fat VA'.
Guilfoyle: Obamacare is 'one big fat VA' | PunditFact Truth-O-Meter says:
Fox News Kimberly Guilfoyle: is 'one big fat VA' Receives "Pants on Fire" PunditFact
This is the Guilfoyle: Obamacare is 'one big fat VA' | PunditFact
Proof positive Kimberly Guilfoyle's ONLY talent is her hemline.
That some people get jobs where they're permitted to speak freely on camera is beyond me... Seriously, if you...
Hey honey, buy an extinguisher. Your pants are on fire.
can't be compared to Obamacare is 'one big fat VA' |
The distance between and reality continues to grow:
Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle recently used the Veteran Affairs scandal to criticize Obamacare, but fact...
Another Fox News hosts lies. Guilfoyle: Obamacare is 'one big fat VA' | PunditFact
You're not a very smart woman, are you?
PolitiFact gave Kimberly Guilfoyle a 'pants on fire' for comparing VA to Right Wingers are so misinformed & gullible.
Guilfoyle: Obamacare is 'one big fat VA' | PunditFact
Don't let the teathugs confuse the issues. VA Health System, ObamaCare have nothing to do with each other, one is...
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Politifact calls out the lies of Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle
Wrong! MT Guilfoyle: is 'one big fat VA' | PunditFact
Guilfoyle: is 'one big fat VA' proved a lie | PunditFact
Kimberly Guilfoyle of The Five is simply wrong
Fox's Kimberly Guilfoyle: Obamacare is 'one big fat VA.' That's Pants on Fire.
Kimberly Guilfoyle & pants on fire? there's some great jokes in here for you to make!
Guilfoyle: Obamacare is 'one big fat VA'
The Five succeeds because of Kimberly Guilfoyle's snarky performance, and fun turns from the rest of the cast.
There's beautiful woman and then there's Kimberly Guilfoyle. Lawwwd.
Hi Kim. You're looking VERY SEXY on your new show sweetie. And so are your legs. SEXY MAMI = Kimberly Guilfoyle.
Host Kimberly Guilfoyle makes a good directorial bow.
I got to go with Greg Gutfeld's views and Kimberly Guilfoyle's body.
The two heartfelt central performances from Kimberly Guilfoyle and Eric Bolling will inject you with happiness
It's hard to agree with Kimberly Guilfoyle
So, Kimberly Guilfoyle defends George Clooney for acting like an *** because he's her Friend?
watching The Five on Fox for kicks and giggles. Greg Gutfelt isnt there today but one of the circus freaks from Greg's RedEye show is sitting in his place. And Im very proud of Bob Beckel...he hasnt ripped Kimberly Guilfoyle's head off...yet
I love Andrea Tanteros, and Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Dana Perino, lol and Bob Beckel
In Kimberly Guilfoyle, the casting department found someone with just the right charisma to pull it off.
I wonder if experience shows that Kimberly Guilfoyle combs wettish Benghazi ?
I wonder if studies might show that Kimberly Guilfoyle canoodles with soggy illegal immigrants ?
I wonder if experience shows that Kimberly Guilfoyle kisses humid activist judges ?
Should put Kimberly Guilfoyle as make it great, again!
Bolling shines in a delightfully told biography of Kimberly Guilfoyle
Kimberly Guilfoyle does a fine job as the crusading reformer.
I wonder if experience shows that Kimberly Guilfoyle gurgles with wettish homicide bombers ?
I wonder if it stands to reason that Kimberly Guilfoyle belches steamy Muslims ?
I wonder if questions have been raised that Kimberly Guilfoyle belches sweaty race cards ?
I wonder if it is well known if Kimberly Guilfoyle hugs queasy protesters ?
I wonder if I haven’t heard that Kimberly Guilfoyle touches fecal teachers ?
I wonder if a growing body of evidence shows that Kimberly Guilfoyle discharges dampish Benghazi ?
Posted with Kimberly Guilfoyle and Dana Perino (FoxNews) at the Greg Gutfeld event. I just left the…
I only watch when Kimberly Guilfoyle. is on.
I wonder if it turns out that Kimberly Guilfoyle eats chunky Mexicans ?
I can always tell when Bob Beckel is talking out of his a$$... Example: on Sean Hannity's show Hannity when addressing Col. Oliver North... (first Bob, call him colonel North! Not "Ollie", he earned that rank, show some respect). How arrogant can one person be to tell col. North to "read your history" then yell over him and interrupt him while speaking. (that's when I can tell when Bob hasn't a clue on a topic, he yells, interrupts and insults. Typical of a liberal btw) I realize FoxNews mantra is "fair and balanced" gut why must People like Beckel be the representation of the left? Not ALL lefty's are rude, ignorant A-holes! Eric Bolling, Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld, Andrea Tantaros, Kimberly Guilfoyle, The Five
Can't believe TV news. Can't trust newspapers. Stories on the internet are sometimes suspect. News sources are getting so sketchy that I think locking me in a greased up bouncy castle with Megyn Kelly and Kimberly Guilfoyle is the only way to get the real story... Lets make this happen!
Monica Crowley, Judge Pirro, & Kimberly Guilfoyle grilling Obama wld be worth PAYING to see
Kimberly Guilfoyle this administration is lying to the public who are not yet effected
Kimberly Guilfoyle my brother went from a 40 hr work week to a 32 hr work week. Went from company health care to no health care
The real key to the show is the commanding Kimberly Guilfoyle.
I wonder if experience shows that Kimberly Guilfoyle fantasizes about fluid race cards ?
Small-town drama has big moments thanks to Kimberly Guilfoyle, Eric Bolling and a superb Andrea Tantaros.
One of Kimberly Guilfoyle's best productions, and absolutely Eric Bolling's best performance.
I wonder if critics claim that Kimberly Guilfoyle gurgles with damp Muslims ?
I wonder if critics claim that Kimberly Guilfoyle leverages steamy maggots ?
Because the pic has Michelle Fields and Kimberly Guilfoyle in it. Do we need more of a reason that that?
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Kimberly Guilfoyle top to bottom SEXY!!: via
Kimberly Guilfoyle Can you please go on the factor and The Five and explain of that *** at the hospital that had the hospital ban Fox News
Kimberly Guilfoyle If you can't be with the one you Love.. Love the one you're with !!!HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! 💝💝💝
...undoubtedly benefits from Beckel's electrifying turn as Kimberly Guilfoyle...
I wonder if critics claim that Kimberly Guilfoyle throws spare change at sweaty activist judges ?
This show is bitingly brilliant -- as only Kimberly Guilfoyle can be.
I wonder if critics claim that Kimberly Guilfoyle hugs wettish Mexicans ?
I wonder if it has been claimed that Kimberly Guilfoyle likes dank black criminals ?
Bob Beckel's superb little effort, with its matter-of-fact isolation of hero Kimberly Guilfoyle (ironic, no?
Often beautiful but wildly inconsistent, The Five is none more Kimberly Guilfoyle, which perhaps says it all.
Kimberly Guilfoyle great show tonight... You crack me up ... Your body moves when whenever music is played.
kimberly guilfoyle google Libra man Pisces woman..
Kimberly Guilfoyle Life is ALL ABOUT CHOICES. If someone chooses to commit a felony, they know that if they're convicted, NO MORE VOTING!
KSK catches Joe Namath going for a kiss with Kimberly Guilfoyle
What does Stephen Colbert really think about Fox News? That question came up Wednesday afternoon on The Five after Eric Bolling showed a clip of The O'Reilly Factor's Jesse Watters running into the Colbert Report host at a Super Bowl party last weekend. According to Kimberly Guilfoyle, Colbert only…
Kimberly Guilfoyle, Andrea Tantaros, and Dana Perino.and don't forget the lovely Diana Falzone!! Woohoo!!
...part of it, including Kimberly Guilfoyle and Megyn Kelly.
Been watching The Five on Fox, and I'm stuck in quadrum. Who has the best legs? Kimberly Guilfoyle and Andrea Tantaros?
Did you see this? Kimberly Guilfoyle and Bob Beckel shared a midnight kiss during Fox News' 'All-American New Year' special. Hear what they had to say about it on The Five, and check out Bill Hemmer and Elisabeth Hasselbeck's hilarious reaction!
Gag..flipping channels the other night...saw Anderson Cooper being all lovey with Kathy Griffith...couldn't turn the channel quickly enough to get back to the safety of Fox News ...only to see.Gasp.Bob Beckel in a Lip- Lock with Kimberly Guilfoyle. Oh me.
Watched Fox Cable News last night to ring in the new year. Enjoyed Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Ken Rimmer and co-hosts Kimberly Guilfoyle and Bob Beckel. They were funny as they froze in Times Square. They had lots of interviews, including one with Larry King who said how funny it is that every year a million people pack in the square to see a ball drop...
I never thought I would be jealous of Bob Beckel... with Kimberly Guilfoyle.
I always thought Kimberly Guilfoyle was extremely kissable until last night, when she kissed that obnoxious Liberal Bob Beckel in Times Square. Not so much any more! And not that she would ever want to kiss me anyway! Besides, Sheila wouldn't let her! Just saying~
Beagle Barney and I are ringing in 2014 watching "All-American NEW YEAR" on Fox News. Thinking of all our TROOPS far from home doing the most BRAVE job of all for us. Praying a safe and blessed 2014 for them and for all of you--my dear friends! P.S. So endearing seeing conservative Kimberly Guilfoyle and liberal Bob Beckel, hosts of The Five and good friends, "sharing the love" in Times Square. Congress, take notes.
Bob Beckel got a good New Year kiss from Kimberly Guilfoyle, good for him lol :)
Kimberly Guilfoyle so just kissed Bob Beckel dead on the lips! Now that is a Fox News kind of Happy New Year! Fun!
Nobody can ring in the new year from in like the BEAUTIFUL ladies from The Five. Andrea Tantaros, Dana Perino & Kimberly Guilfoyle are so awesome! Great job tonight ladies! Bob Beckel is a happy man tonight! Bradley Alan Harden
Robin Meade/hln is Kimberly Guilfoyle in "The Five" on CNN news your sister or related to you ?
Kimberly Guilfoyle deals in unadorned facts.
GLAAD: LETHAL ENFORCERS OF THE LEFT’S TOLERANCE MOB GLAAD: Lethal enforcers of the left's tolerance mob By: Michelle Malkin 12/20/2013 10:37 AM “Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson is not alone. He’s the latest in a long, long lineup of politically incorrect targets of the left’s sensitivity mob. Founded in 1985, the *** and *** Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) gangstas won’t stop until both the cultural and legal enforcement of their agenda are the norm. The A&E network (Atheists & Elitists) suspended the reality TV patriarch and self-made businessman on Wednesday for the Biblical views he expressed in an interview with GQ. Robertson was asked by the liberal magazine what he viewed as sinful. Drawing on the condemnation of sexual immorality in Corinthians 6:9, he cited “adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers — they won’t inherit the kingdom of God.” Robertson’s punishable transgressions? ...
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