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Kim Yuna

Kim Yuna (Hangul: , Hanja: ; born September 5, 1990) is a South Korean figure skater. She is the 2010 Olympic champion in ladies' singles, the 2009 World champion, the 2009 Four Continents champion, a three-time (2006–2007, 2007–2008, 2009–2010) Grand Prix Final champion, the 2006 World Junior champion, the 2005 Junior Grand Prix Final champion, and a five-time (2002–2005, 2013) South Korean national champion.

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NB x Kim Yuna is all well and good but don't forget that New Balance backed Trump's campaign. They're still on the blacklist.
Not gonna lie, one of the main events of is seeing Yuna Kim award the medals. Miss you, Queen 👑.
Voice Episode 9 preview : 71 149 views + Kim Yuna to release the second OST for the drama
voice OST bu kim yuna amazing !! i kept re-listening it about 10 times .. just WOW 💘
"I don't train kids who play music as their hobby" 'cameo Kim Yuna.
I've been so obsessed with Figure Skating especially Kim Yuna and Mao Asada and couple skaters meryl Davis and Charlie white
I want to share you my personal best moment in Kim Yuna's Sochi Olympics 2014 perf! Yuri on Ice sure brought back t…
Park Bo Gum and Kim Yuna show off their perfect chemistry in 'J.Estina' CF making-of clip.
but Kim Yuna is forever my queen, not only abt her look but also her talent and personality, she has inspired me a lot
my korean girls crush: Kim Yuna, Kang Seulgi, Lee Hojung . still look so korean and beautiful without plastic surgery n their aura is perfect
Park Bo Gum and Kim Yuna achieve timeless love in full J Estina CF
People expect that I'll be just perfect on ice, and that's not the case. I ...
J.Estina new CF featuring Park Bogum & Kim Yuna will be revealed on 1st May '16 via J.Estina homepage // TVN // JtBC.
I always wanted to be Olympic champion and do clean programs.
they aren't tho? Yuna confirmed their comeback this year.
Re-sign Song Hye-Kyo as a brand model. Mmm that will put Kim Yuna in an awkward position. 🤔
Kim Yuna so pretty. Too bad she wont be at the next winter Olympic.
our vocals will rap & our rappers will sing...please expect from us a lot - Kim Yuna. the fact that they've disband😢😢
someone said Kim Yuna was back in YG (not sure about this info)
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How many Quora users are from Philippines?
Kim Yuna tho she's supposed to be included in YG's new girl group. Is she back for good?
Kim Yuna leaves the Dorm. The Ark Disbanded Music K will not give any statement regarding this. I'm not a Shield...
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"Our next song will be more POWERFUL and IMPACTFUL! So please,expect a lot. Our vocals will rap and our rappers will sing!" . - Yuna Kim
I can't even have a proper bias on The Ark. It was either Yuna or Minju or Halla or Jane or Yujin... but mostly it's Yuna Kim.
I hope Yuna Kim will debut as solo singer/rapper or duo with minju.
Pls sign - We only have 54 DAYS to STOP the Festival! Starts on June 21st! 10,000+ will be...
honestly can't believe that people thought Yuna Kim was still a YG trainee
[V] The Ark's Rapper, Yuna Kim. welcome! put '✶' on Dn and 'swagger' on bio/loc.
Is it too much if I drink a glass of water every hour? by Yuna Kim
Hamilton Collection
Figure skating queen Kim Yuna throws out the first pitch at opening day baseball game!
Park Bo Gum and Kim Yuna are a pretty couple in pink
my mom was lucky to watch the Canadian olympics live, she got to watch Kim Yuna skate,she was beautiful
this is Kim Yuna and her stage name is Yuna (formerly known as Euna)
Woah,1994? Im only 3 y/o back then. Lately I always keep playing OST by Kim Yuna. The title is The Road. It give me thousand feel
Kim Yuna's song for Signal is oddly comforting
Kim Eun Hee, writer for ; I need you to write more and more for next korean crime drama. Please!
wandering K-World: Park Bo Gum and Kim Yuna in Pink for J. Estina
So far ini best drama selain DotS. Can't wait for 2 last episode. Suka jg sm… ♫ The Road by Kim Yuna —
drama which deserves more love from viewers. hats off team so, what's next writer Kim Eun-Hee? ^^
Kim Yu Na || Yuna. rapper. 94 line. look what YG & JYP lost. says her strength is eating ice cream & not gaining weight
Kiss&Cry, no skating experience yet wowed even Kim Yuna; for dramas, even memorised co-stars’ lines; flew back and forth tours an…
Figure skater Kim Yuna & Park Bo Gum are all-pink for global luxury brand 'J.ESTINA'
Part 2 of my interview is up. I talk more about Cutters Don't Cry and my bios on Yuna Kim and Joannie Rochette.
Omigosh, 2 of my favorite skaters, Yuna Kim and Michelle Kwan!!!
Yuna Kim was former YG trainee & i'm glad she debuted with The Ark. 😊😊😊😊
*prays for a season two of Kim Yuna's Kiss and Cry and prays harder for Seulgi to join"
I'm told part 2 of my interview will be up tonight. Topics: Cutters Don't Cry wrapup and the Joannie Rochette and Yuna Kim bios.
What if Kim Yuna and Seulgi do a dance collab
" 2. [+70, -0] The loyal girl is Kim Yuna and the trash is Son Yeon Jae." idk why i'm cackling @ this
Suddenly my girl crush for kim yuna is rushing back 😫😫😫😫
Seulgi is giving me Queen of Ice Skating Kim Yuna vibes on her UFO dp.
Omg Kim Yuna! Her moves are more graceful than other girlgroup members. 😍
Kim Yuna's so pretty. I love her even more for covering SNSD's songs
【Now Playing】. Goodbye Rain : Jeon Minju and Yuna Kim. Tap the CD Album button to play the song and listen.
What famous people do you share a birthday with? — Kim Yuna😍
. Mother of Kim Yuna is filth. So, Kim Yuna is a world of filth. Dirty just imagine the KimYuna. . goodbye.
seems like it will be like this for Fendi project~. Ha Ji Won-> Red. Kim Yuna-> Pink. Go So Young-> White
"I feel like I have done enough for Asia and changed a lot of girls" . Malala who? Kim Yuna who? Zhang Ziyi who? BingBing who? Delusional
I'm watching it now too 😍😍😍 they singing Happiness with Kim Yuna
[NEWSPIC] 150808 EXO recording for I AM KOREA with Kim Yuna. via: EXOcastle
hello Chanyeol sunbae. I'm sorry I've skipped your mention before. the name is Yuna Kim, The Ark's rapper. have done, followed!
I am sorry for the slow response, Krystal sunbae. have done tapping the follow button. the name is Yuna Kim from The Ark.
Yuna Kim you are beautiful and talented 😘
Yuna Kim will be on comedy program. May 31st :D
hello Senpie. I'd like to inform you that I've changed my muse into Yuna Kim from The Ark. previously Bae Suzy (skuukzko).
brother i won't even fite you because Yuna Kim's smile promotes world peace (and ur anon sO)
They should sing more accoustics, and Yuna Kim should featuring more
thank you sunbae. Yuna Kim speaking
[✉️ "you know what I want for a pay back. *inserts wink emojis* how was your day, Kim Yuna-ssi?"
I've a new crush. Meet her, Kim Yuna
[The Swamp]Conspiracy theorists will have a ball with the pressure being applied on …
beginners' guide to the ark pt. 3 . [Yuna Kim]
v.) The Ark's Kim Yuna Don't forget to put '?' on your dn and obey the rules. have fun with us♡
KPopNews: Kim Yuna Allure Magazine June 2015 Issue - Olympic champion figure skater Kim Yuna got candid in the...
Kim yuna so cute that i had to make a vid of it (cr: ETOH )
[VINE] R.I.P to all Yuna stans out there 😭👻💀 Yuna Kim is really better and hotter than your oppas 👊🏼 (c)only__yuna
My heart feels this sad but I have no one to talk to. I want to smile broadly sometime but have no one beside me.. - Kim Yuna
Goodwill Ambassador Yuna Kim speaks at our exhibition on education during emergencies
Listening to Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnappir skate to James Bond OST just makes me think of Kim Yuna's
[U-T San Diego]Korea’s Kim Yuna performs her short program at the ISU Figure Skating Wor...
Two celebs I would like to see on Running Man:. Kim Yuna. Yoon Eun Hye
Kim Tae Hee, along with Kim Yuna, have contributed to a school in South Sudan. KTH’s is called “KIM TAE HEE VERDA...
How do you make a Kim Yuna... you can't. It's truly a gift. —Scott Hamilton .
Kim Woobin and Kim Yuna for Maxim ice coffee
Seulgi looks like Kim Yuna in some of her shots.
2010 Vancouver ladies figure skating playing on my TV again. This late. Why NBC, why. Huhu how could I resist Kim Yuna 😂
The girl in Henry's mv looks like Kim Yuna...
Just hear Kim Yuna's song. And it's good. Overall is good. The song, mv. Match her age. She's cute too even with those hiphop apparel
I should hire Kim Yuna as my coach. Lol.
Kim Yuna is the queen of the ice. Girls' Generation is the queen of the girl groups. just saying
Kim Yuna's popularity decreases just bcoz she dates??! What's life, she isn't even idol~~
Yonghwa said that his ideal type is Kim Yuna. I want to be Kim Yuna please
Kim Yuna is my queen, I love her so much
[INFO] Lee Soo Man donated $1M for the victims of Sewol Ferry. *GAHHD I EXPECT MORE your donation is the same as Kim Yuna & Ha Jiwon
Kim Yuna is only 23 years old and she is already retiring ?? She must have earn a lot already then.
Admin GKH’s answer: Kim Yuna is the celebrity that Leeteuk had a social media scandal with.
Missing You - G-Dragon & Kim Yuna. Nuna miss ya. Don't get too busy and get enough rest ne? Always take care and ily always. .
Kim Yuna is so gorgeous when she skates
Kim Yuna is really the best ice skater evurr
Kim Yuna retire from ice skating tournament ?
It is said that in order to achieve success in one field, ten thousand hours are required. The ten-thousand-hour rule. For Mozart and the Beatles and Steve Jobs and Kim Yuna, it was not an innate genius or good luck that created their success, but the effort and pain of more than ten thousand hours of work. It could be that work, relationships, and love are like that. In order to achieve that accomplishment, you can’t wait for an innate something to show up or a stroke of luck—you have to work hard and try and suffer till the very end. It isn't over til it’s over.
2 of my favorite athletes, Kim Yuna and Michael Martinez in one picture. omygahd. ship na itu \m/
Kim Yuna's agency confirms that she is dating ice hockey player Kim Won Joong
Is Queen Yuna Kim in love?! Kim Yuna has reportedly fallen in love with the ace national ice hockey player Kim Wonjoong. Last year, Wonjoong reportedly held a birthday party for Yuna and the two celebrated Woojoong's birthday on December 12th as well! The couple also spent last Christmas together! ♥ READ MORE:
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Anzi's blog 2014-02-24: Anzi: Winter Olympics Winter Olympics finished. I like it enough to check and every since the Nagano Olympics figure skating among competition that there is number, I was rooting for Daisuke Takahashi athlete had expressed his retirement this season ended personally. Such as World Champion and medal in Olympic men's figure of Japan's first, his presence contributed greatly to raises layer of Japan male figure very great athlete. Turned professional skater all means Takahashi, want to play an active part in ice show can utilize such a rare power of expression have kind. By the way, women's figure was fascinating to watch skating Kim Yuna athlete is sexy. Anzi
Lee Sang-hwa (gold in 500m speedskate) & 2010 gold medalist Kim Yuna. They're at the short-track rink today in Sochi. http…
- South Korea's Kim Yuna performed to Avril's version of John Lennon's Imagine at the Sochi exhibitio…
Looks like there will be two protests taking place in Korea. One protest in support of Kim Yuna's robbing of the Gold. The other protest against the Korean Speed Skating Committee in regards to Viktor Ahn skating for Russia. I know nothing of figure skating and how scoring works and so I will stay off that topic. I do however believe that it is wrong for an athlete to be kicked off a team because of a past injury and of their age. I mean really? Is 28 really that old to participate in the Olympics especially considering how that athlete has won many events before? There are many athletes over 30 that participate in the Olympics and I don't see anyone saying "oh they're too old, they should not be competing." Let this be a lesson for all countries Olympic committees and not just Korea: when selecting your athlete to represent your country, look at the ones that display the best athleticism, not the best looks. This isn't a beauty contest so no need to always send out the young bloods to the Olympics. Congr ...
is Kim Yuna and Patrick Chan will skate? I love the two of them so much!
How tumblr gets on the case Kim Yuna of being robbed of the gold medal and no one talks about how Patrick Chan got robbed himself
Kim Yuna is worth an estimated $14m, making her the 6th highest-paid female athlete across all sports, behind Danica Patri…
This is from somebody who posted on yahoo news, talking about how Kim Yuna was robbed of her gold. I think it accurately sums up why me and so many others are upset: I'm just going to go ahead and list some of the facts instead of talking nonsense like 'she skated with more passion' or 'she showed more heart on the ice'. Fact - Technical judging panel (decides if spins or jumps are downgraded) was led by Alexander Lakernik. the VP of the Russian skating federation. Fact - The Russian judge, Alla Shekhovtseva, is the wife of the general director of the Russian figure skating federation, Valentin Pissev. Fact - The Ukrainian judge, Yuri Balkov, was suspended for trying to fix the ice dancing competition at the Nagano Olympics. Fact - So Sotnikova had one more jump than the Kim; but Mao Asada had more jumps than Sotnikova and ended up with 7 points less. In case you didn't know, this game is not all about the number of jumps. Fact - Sotnikova has no history of winning any Worlds, European, or Grand Prix fo . ...
It's sad that Kim Yuna ends her skating career after one loss. She's too young to quit now. Girl, get up off your feet and keep trying!
I feel bad for Adelina Sotnikova. She'll forever be remembered as the girl who robbed Kim Yuna, not as a young athlete. Nice going Russia.
Kim Yuna golden performance in figure skating calls for inquiry after loosing to unfavored Russian skater |
public opinion: Crimes against humanity in the North? Meh. Kim Yuna got robbed in figure skating? Time to go to…
Everyone please sign up for Kim yuna we are missing6000 people and it ends in24hours
I think everyone thinks Kim Yuna deserves the gold...
basically it's an old clip from 2009, taeng and some other singers sang with Kim Yuna on a show~
Don't cry Yuna Kim! You are always only one legend figure skating champion in the world!
I love both Mao Asada & Kim Yuna, they are both really great skaters. They will be remembered & missed =(
The queen robbed of gold? Kim Yuna wins silver in ladies' figure skating
In other news, figure skating is still rigged
Kim YunA should have won that sochi ugh.
Kim Yuna! Even though there was biased judging at the Olympics, you're still the ice queen. Love you! You should've won gold 😤😭
I love America and all, but Yuna Kim is otherworldly. The only skater I've ever seen that looks like she's actually dancing.
Russia may have given a gold medal to Sotnikova but the rest of the world has given it to Yuna Kim.
Seriously don't understand why Yuna Kim didn't win gold...
The Korean press is angry at the Russians over their beloved Yuna Kim's 2nd place finish.
Kim Yuna has always been stronger than Asada. I rather see a Korea Japan 1-2 finish than some kelong Russian.
Just saw Yuna Kim's effort, can see what all the fuss is about now, absolute disgraceful decision.
Adelina Sotnikova’s performance was not nearly as composed or artistic as Kim Yuna’s. Judges ruin sport.
remember when krystal & LDH were invited to Kim Yuna's Ice Show All That Skate Summer'11 bcs of their flawless perf? sobs it's such an honor
Adelina Sotnikova was excellent tonight, but Yuna Kim was robbed
Sotnikova did great but Kim did greater. Gold should have been Yuna's. Seriously.
Adelina Sotnikova overcomes Yuna Kim to gave Russia its first gold in women's figure skating:
While you were sleeping: German Olympian accused of doping, Julie Chu to carry American flag
Kim Yuna gets a 0 for her perfect jump from a Russian judge
Kim (confirms that she is retiring after the She will not compete at Worlds in March
Carolina Koster beautiful! 🇮🇹third place for us!🇮🇹. Yuna Kim for us u are FIRST! 🇰🇷 . Russian judges, u are disgusting.
Russia totally has no idea who they're messing with. Kim Yuna doesn't just have Koreans supporting her. Every K-Pop and K…
Yuna Kim called it a career after winning silver at
No way Y Kim did not repeat as gold winner complete embarrassment for IOC.What the heck at this level! “
Yuna Kim's flawless performance comes in second to THIS?! GIve the Queen her rightful crown.
This is why the world has fallen in love with Kim Yuna
Change petition to give Kim Yuna the gold has well over a million signatures. One thing South Korea will win every time …
Yuna Kim, you're our only hope to correct the madness of Sotnikova being an Olympic gold medalist.
An Olympic-sized empty nest: What will Yuna Kim's mom do now?
Petition in support of Yuna Kim is fastest growing ever - 1.4 million and counting
Yuna Kim was robbed of her gold medal: - yehns: Russia had a home advantage Sotnikova’s Previous Scores...
Yes, Yuna Kim was robbed. But even without a 2nd gold medal, Yuna has made history--one of the greatest athletes of all …
Kim Yuna was robbed. Totally, undeniably robbed.
The whole world has seen that Yuna Kim deserved the gold medal - only the judges in Sochi haven't. What a big shame.
These young ladies were spectacular! I'm not sure what this pic has to do with the event.
Sochi Olympics: Yuna Kim's flawless performance cuts no ice in a Russian arena
A Million Sign up Petition to Investigate South Korean Skater Yuna Kim’s Sochi Loss: Millions of fans of South...
Kim Yuna did much better than Adeline.
Sigh here we go MT “1,131,150. Incredible number of Yuna Kim related petition.
Kim Yuna's performance this winter olympics. di ako nagoosebumps this time.
Kim Yuna should have gotten gold, biased russian judges giving it to Sotnikova who didn't have a perfect landing.
I think it's because of how Yuna Kim was denied the gold medal at the Olympics. Personally, I can't help but agree.
She was robbed! How can someone with no mistakes come 2nd and someone with mistakes come 1st!
Kim Yuna is very graceful and her moves are very elegant but idk I just love watching Mao Asada's perfs ^.^ They're both GREAT, anyway!❤
Congrats to Yuna Kim on winning silver and to Adelina Sotnikova for being Russian.
Queen Yuna Kim was unbelievable.nearly perfect. better than Sotnikova...if she is not Olympic champion in about 5 minutes…
There is no medal that adequately conveys how transcendent Yuna Kim's skating is.
ISU needs to apologize for Yuna Kim.I still can't understand it.
Yuna Kim wins Silver. 17 year old Sotnikova wins Gold, and Kostner wins bronze. Do you agree with the results?
With all of the she-wuz-robbed controversy over the Olympic figure skating finals where Korea's “Queen” Kim Yuna was scored second behind gold medalist Adelina Sotnikova of Russia, it's useful to look back at what led to this, and when the sport of figure slating was forever changed One person's Olympic performances caused a radical shift in the sport. That person was Trixie Schuba of Austria. She's 62 years old now, but she was just out of her teens when she became the world's dominant figure skater,the leading person in a sport that was far different when she won gold at Sapporo in 1972. At that time and for most of the sport's history the main aspect was the skill of skating circular patterns into the ice. Those “school figures” are where the sport takes its name. The obsessive carving of those patterns was the goal of winning a competition. In the same way that hyper athletic basketball centers such as Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar led to the banning of the dunk shot in hig ...
Waking up in the wee hours of the morning, citizens of Korea as well as celebrities alike woke up to watch Kim Yuna skate her final Olympic program in her caree
KIM Yuna should have won... Corrupt Russia strikes again
South Koreans blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin and biased judging at the Sochi Games after their top skater Kim Yuna was denied back-to-back Olympic golds by Russia's Adelina Sotnikova.
Kim Yuna still rules!! Oh yeah I'm so into Olympics right now!
Oh my goodness!! Kim Yuna from Korea SHOULD HAVE WON the figure skating! Her presence and grace could not be compared with her Russian competitor, so unfair!
Olympics-Scent of scandal in Sochi, US face Canada in ice hockey (Reuters) * South Koreans complain of figure skating bias * Online petition demands inquiry into Russian gold * German athlete returns abnormal doping result * U.S., Canadian men meet in big ice hockey clash By Mike Collett-White SOCHI, Russia, Feb 21 (Reuters) – The scent of scandal lingered over the Sochi Olympics on Friday after contentious judging favoured an unfancied Russian over South Korea’s Kim Yuna in the women’s figure skating contest, and a test produced the first suspect blood sample of the Games. As Russia’s first Winter Olympics headed into the final weekend, the host nation rejoiced after snatching the coveted figure skating title for the first time late on Thursday. Adelina Sotnikova, who few had expected to be among the medals before the competition began, eclipsed overwhelming favourite Kim despite the defending champion producing a stirring performance that many viewers had deemed to be enough. Via: Yahoo S ...
The diva of K-pop IU with her overflowing musical sensations and Kim Yuna with her singing that matches her perfect figure-skating skills have come together ...
This bbc Sochi free skate commentator carefully agreed that Kim Yuna was robbed of the gold.
sochi - 2014 winter Olympic free program skating my idol Kim yuna from Korea !!
Queen Yu Na is the best skater of all time. She gave us a Silver medal this early morning but we all surely know that she's a living legend of skate. We love and respect you somuch, Kim Yuna!!! We are happy for you so much. :)
Congrats to the QUEEN! Kim Yuna won a silver medal! But this won't make me stop ranting.. The result was unfair! Grrr
Have seen more headlines about Kim Yuna winning silver than the other girl winning the gold. 2 olympics; 4 great programs.
SEOUL—South Koreans still love Kim Yuna. The judges, however, are another matter.
Kim Yuna: "The judges give points and I can't do anything about that.I did all I wanted to do,like I wanted to do it"
Before I sleep, I just want to say Kim Yuna deserved gold and I`m not saying this because she is team S.Korea . I'm saying this because the judges were unfair . Adeline was beautiful out there but she did not land her jump. How can the judges give poumts for that?
Sad for Kim Yuna and little Julia. Adelina grabs the gold by surprise
On my way to Korea where everyone is in uproar about Kim Yuna being denied the gold last night. Yet there should be more uproar on what is happening in Ukraine where close to 100 have died within the past few days.
Ugh I have to wake up hella early and I can't sleep cus I'm too annoyed about how Kim yuna was robbed OTL
Russia give the gold medal to kim yuna
Dear USA, stop being sore over the fact that you didn't get a medal for the women's figure skating and shut up about match fixing. You know bloody well it's near impossible to fix the scores nowadays thanks to your meddling several years ago. So shut up and accept that Sotnikova won fair and square. I didn't see Gracie Gold perform a routine as good as any of the top three any time during the competition so it would be nice if you could admit that you lost for once instead of crying sour grapes. You want statistics for women who have managed to defend their Olympic gold in this event, you'll have them. Almost none have managed to defend their title. Even if you protest in support of Kim Yuna, widely acknowledged queen of figure skating, she was beaten by the smallest of margins. Why? Because her routine was slightly less technically challenging. Guess what? Figure skating base scores are based on the technical aspect of the sport, not whether you think one routine is prettier than another. And randomly, i ...
Goodbye kim yuna. Thanks for da wonderful and flawless performance! ;-)
Watching Kim Yuna gets a silver placing, gaaah, that breaks me. I see gold for her tho :(
My dear korean friends who so like Kim Yuna and hate Russia right now. Please, watch the video of Kim Yuna in Vancouver and compare with performance Kim Yuna in Sochi. You will realize that she isn't lost Sotnikova she is lost herself. Kim Yuna was great but now she is just well. Nobody couldn't compare with her 4 years ago. Nobody can't compare with her today and today's Kim Yuna too.
Kim Yuna is all over my news feed. I should really keep up with the Olympics more.
Despite what happened in Sochi, the injustice to Kim Yuna, i pray and hope in 2018 when the games are at Pyeongchang, there wont be any favoritism but all participants judged fairly and honestly. Russia and Sotnikova forever be ashamed by the daylight robbery of the gold medal and all its glory, but let hope no other country may be hated and pitied like Russia at the Olympics again.
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Kim Yuna should of won...I don't get it :/
I'm surprised at how little of my feed is about how Kim yuna was robbed. I expected my feed to have blown up with how she should have taken the gold
fans of figure skating around the world still buzzing how Kim Yuna only got the silver medal at the Olympics... its disappointing, because she could have made history once again to have been included on the list of very few figure skaters who've defended their Olympic gold medals back to back... but as disappointing as it is, i think she placing second only means that a new era in the sport is about to begin and she's the one paving the way for these new faces... besides she's not perfect after all, that's what she kept saying, only the whole world doesn't listen, thus the pressure of always winning burdens her, & may probably be one of the reason why she also wants to retire already... its not a total loss also, she will be forever be the queen of ice...
Headed to Asagaya Jamb Jamb with the fiddle, and with slanted eye makeup a la Kim Yuna.
Congratulations Kim Yuna Kim you are an amazing athlete.
What the heck is going on with Kim Yuna??? She didn`t make a mistake and give pefect performance but she failed to won twice! In the other hands, one Russian figure stater won the game even if she made a mistake! I cannot believe this grading result. OMG... Hey Judge! I know you gave a russian skater the home advantage and please remind that this behavior is contray to the spirit of Olympic.
First of all, I would like to express that as a Korean, I am not, and cannot be, free of bias.   Kim Yuna (23) of Korea has won the silver medal in the ladies' figure skating in Sochi, earning...
OMG kim yuna should have gotten a Gold mdal this is soo unfair!
I am under the impression that the people of South Korea are not happy about the judges at Sochi. Poor Kim Yuna
Kim Yuna got 2nd cuz of Russia's scoring favoritism towards Adelina...I don't even-
Oh men Kim Yuna is not going to Skate no more I'm going to miss her in winter Olyimpics
This olympics is the worst olympics ever...Kim Yuna was robbed...and so were other athletes...whatever happened to playing fair?
still think Kim Yuna played much better than Sotnikova and should win Olympic gold...
Dear my foreign friends, I would like to introduce a Korean pitcher who will play in the Major League Baseball from this year, Yoon Suk Min at Baltimore Orioles. Having said that, I am glad to announce that there is one more thing to know in order to let people think you are familiar with Korean culture, in addition to Kimchi, Bibimbap, Kim Yuna, Park Ji-Sung, Ryu Hyun-Jin, Park Chan *** and Psy. (Did I miss anything else?)
Kim Yuna, you will always be one of the best!
Congrats to underdog Russian Adelina Sotnikova. Mao Asada went out with a bang. Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner brought their A game for USA. Kim Yuna you were number one in my heart! What a competition!
Kim Yuna born in 1990 omg so young why is this even her last game? :(
How South Korean Figure Skating Champion Kim Yuna lost to her rival move by move in sochi olympic
Kim Yuna (for Gold) and Asada Mao (for Silver) are my personal winners because they makes figure skating watching such a compelling emotional experience!!! Good Job Girls!!!
Well done Kim Yuna you are the true no.1, Russians just made the Olympics a farce. It was too obvious.
Why Kim Yuna should have won Gold: 1. The night before in the short programme, an evaluation sheet from the judges was made public which showed a 0 in one of Yuna's jumps - in the short program where she made no mistakes at all. See here: Judging is completely anonymous (you don't know which judges purposely graded poorly). 3. Two of the judges are questionable: Yury Balkov - Judge, Ukraine (Former USSR) -caught for trying to fix results in the 1998 Olympics; suspended for one year. Alla Shekhovtseva - Judge, Russia (Wife of Russia's Skating Director) -self explanatory. 4. Kim and Kostner both had flawless skates compared to Sotnikova, who stumbled a few times on her jumps, yet still managed to take Gold with an astronomical lead. 5. Sign this:
Kim Yuna should've won the gold medal for figure skating. Enough said.
I don't know much about skating so I don't know who is better, Kim Yuna or Adelina Sotnikova
Kim Yuna is the best.. d man maka move on peo for all of ur fans and sponsors u r the gold medalist and u really deserve it...
._. It would had been a nice ending for Kim Yuna if she took the gold but the judges though -_- Aigoo this isn't logical.
Can someone explain to me why Adelina beat Kim Yuna when Kim clearly had the more mature and just overall amazing performance? That hometown advantage OP -cough- super biased judging
Kim yuna lost so I decided to go to a warriors game. Stephs clutch shot+ oneals block+ David's solid playin = success!!
Despite of the events that happened in what is supposed to be the most internationally fair competition in the world, please don't become so blind with anger to Russia as a whole. Yes, Kim Yuna should have gotten first place out of pure skill and sportsmanship alone. Yes, the situation should be looked into because it is suspicious at how this happened. Yes, it is not fair that she was wrongly judged by the seemingly all Russian judges. But still, it is only a shiny metal disk and national pride. And a nation can get both of those pretty easily without the Olympics in my opinion.
I wanna see Adelina Sotnikova performance, so that I can decide if all this ranting for Kim Yuna is valid...I saw Kim Yuna's, and it WAS REALLY GOOD...but i have read some reviews that said that Adelina Sotnikova brought a harder performance... if someone has a link..send it to me PLEASE...
Got about three different lectures today on how Kim Yuna deserved the gold. Wondering if it would have been four had I gone to Korean class today.
Sochi Olympic is the most unfair Olympic...Kim yuna should've won the gold...this is so unfair!!!
Oh that was a beautiful Olympics LP by Kim Yuna! Congrats on that silver!
im just so mad right now! Kim Yuna is brilliant, but man, victorae non arbitrare! success is never blamed! leave Adelina, she is a great sportsman and she deserves it all! have never thought that even some of my friends would act that stupidly...
It's imposible. The Russian girl fell down during her program but win the the Gold Medai in women figure skating? How so? While Kim Yuna the depending champion done her program correctly. I don't get it all.
ULTIMATE PLOT TWIST: Kim Yuna recants her retirement and skates towards Pyongchang.
Wat the? Kim Yuna was robbed? I hate listening to "Oh Russian girl doesn't deserve it, the judges were all Russian" Of course, after Koreans boasted about their greatest figure skater so much. I get their feelings and I know Kim Yuna is really really great But that doesn't mean you have to be so negative and disrespectful -.-
They're airing the ladies' short program again... Kim Yuna is about to skate. Sh.
Wow, just when I thought my day was already bad because of Kim Yuna being robbed of her I get the news that Arizona has passed a bill. That says that business owners asserting their religious beliefs to refuse service to *** and others..are you serious? That is an attack on the rights of *** and *** just discrimination and it's sickening.
To all my disheartened Kim Yuna fan friends: Don't forget, in a similar scenario, even though Michelle Kwan never got her gold (twice denied, with the first time being just as controversial); Kwan is still far more respected as one of the greatest skaters over, and more highly remembered, than those various "what's-her-names?" that beat her. Kim Yuna likewise will always have the nickname "Queen" and will forever be known internationally as "one of the best skaters of all time." The greatest thing about Kim Yuna is that she is beyond nationality--you don't have to be Korean to Love her.
Kim yuna is robbed she should take the gold medal not the russian. Obviously hometown decision wins. What a shamed wheres the olympic spirit in sochi winter olympics.
Kim Yuna retired. She will never ever skate in front of everyone as a figure skater again. And Russians HAD TO RUIN HER VERY LAST COMPETITION. Even if she gets the gold medal back, what Russians did to Kim Yuna today won't change at all. Kim Yuna deserves the gold medal. I'm not saying this because I want Korea to get more gold medals or anything. It's because the Russians were being so unfair and because Kim Yuna is an amazing skater. Sochi Olympics was just a bunch of Russians messing with everyone. Sochi Olympics 2014 shouldn't have existed. PS Russians, see you in Korea in 2018 ;)
Thank you Kim Yuna for your amazing performance! Those of us who recognize true beauty will forever bask in the mesmerizing perfection of your Sochi program. We will always remember your angelic expression, your flawless technique, and of course your renown triple axel jump! Although there are some who are marred in judgement by jealously and dishonesty, most of us will agree that it will be quite a long time before anyone can take the title away from you, Queen Yuna. Thank you for all the years you have represented South Korea, and thank you for all the years you have shared your talent with us relatively mediocre beings! ~2014
Kim Yuna the reigning women's figure skating Olympic champion was beaten by Russian Adelina Sotnikova: As figure skating programs go, i
Ok, I finally will update this BS mess that happened at the ice today. First of all, f*** all of you Russian figure skating judges today. I knew this women figure skating this year was rigged from the start. It couldn't be more obvious than what happened last night and today especially. It wasn't just that Kim Yuna was unfairly stripped of what should've been a second gold medal thanks to some whack and obvious biased scoring towards the Russian winner by asterisk, although that was the main issue. First of all, Sotnikova never scored higher than 70 before and although her short program was pretty good, 74 was too high especially since she never even got that close before. As a result, she only trailed Kim by less than a point. We all knew and even Kim knew by her reaction that this was fixed and we knew who was going to win. Everyone was stunned at how close the score was. Why should that be. It was fairly evident that this event was going to come down the biasedness of the home team in a sport that coul ...
Who else is devastated over Kim Yuna's defeat at the Sochi finals?
Kim Yuna got robbed in Sochi!! I'm no expert but Kurt Browning's stunned silence said it all. Figure skating analysts and former champions feel the same. I wonder how much the Russian officials bribed the judges after their hockey team failed so tragically.
Republic of Korea was robbed for 'Gold' in Ladies Figure Skating. Sorry, Kim Yuna should have won.
OMG. So disappointed. How could Kim Yuna not win the figure skating. Her jumps are flawless. Big cheat on Russia for sure. So so sick. 😡
Can someone explain to me how Adelina Sotnikova won gold over Kim Yuna? I'm not an expert in figure skating at all, so I'm clueless. Personally, I thought Kim Yuna was flawless, but that's my personal opinion. Please educate me!
Much to my surprise, Russia's Adelina Sotnikova upsets Korea's Kim Yuna for the gold in the grand finale of Olympic Winter Games skating, the ladies' single. Queen Yuna looked to have performed the best to me; overall she really skated best yet strangely did not attempt to include one more triple she needed that would have won her the gold. Don't get me wrong, both women skated nearly flawless programs, Yuna elegant & sensual-Sotnikova athlethic & vibrant, but Sotnikova completed one more decisive triple jump. Made all the difference. Yuna gets the silver, Italy's Carolina Kostner took the bronze. I predicted a Yuna, Sotnikova, Kostner finish and loved that Kostner finally won herself an Olympic medal as she brings to an end her run of Olympic competitions on a high & very well deserved note.
Like most I'm very upset Kim Yuna did not win gold. Adelina Sotnikova did skate well no doubt but my heart is with Yuna. ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!
Kim Yuna... ur still d best figure skater ever...
I gotta stop getting emotionally involved with ladies figure skating. Kim Yuna was robbed by biased Russians scoring a novice without perfect execution impossibly high. Then I get mad and start thinking of my dear Michelle Kwan and need a drink.
and controversial it is.. but for me Kim Yuna should have won the gold! same fate as Michelle Kwan.. isn't always measured by a gold medal"
Many spectators and die heart fans of South Korea's Olympic figure skater Kim Yuna are devastated to hear the results of the results of the Sochi 2014 Olympics Women's Figure Skating Competition with Yuna receiving the silver medal. Some are skeptical of Adelina Sotnikova's gold after viewing Yuna's "cleaner and more polished" program. What are your thoughts on this?
Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova put in a sensational free skate on Thursday to *** the Sochi Olympic gold medal away from Kim Yuna and deny the South Korean back-to-back titles.
Oh my God! I can't believe it! Another Gold Medal for Russia! Adelina Sotnikova was superior! Kim Yuna was awesome too! Unfortunately Yulia Lipnitskaya didn't show her best, but I believe she will go far!:)
Mesti tgk today pun skating winter olympic bcs ths is Kim Yuna last Olympic game. T.T
[NEWS] 14.02.20 sent cheering message to Kim Yuna who is currently in Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic , "I will... h…
I think I'd have to stream the final figure skating competition live tomorrow morning, waiting to watch a delayed broadcast just takes all the air out of it. Good job Team USA skaters Gracie Gold, Ashley Wagner and Polina Edmunds. This is going to be a close one and Kim Yuna better bring her best to repeat, and Team USA needs some luck and some flawless performances to get on the podium. Good luck!
Kim Yuna is marvelous! South Korea is the top of the world!
Oh man Kim Yuna of Korea, Mao Asada of Japan, and Yulia Lipnitskaya of Russia are the new Axis Powers. World War III is gonna go down in Sochi.
Kim Yuna is seriously like a goddess 😭💕🇰🇷
Still can't get over Kim Yuna. Wa. She's so pretty, and graceful, and regal, and. ugh.
In rehearsal for ELIJAH. Conductor said we were starting with the Queen's aria and I looked around for Kim Yuna...
My mom's gonna lose her mind when Kim Yuna skates later.
Kim Yuna you beauty 😍👏 hope she gets the Gold Medal tomorrow 🙏
Kim Yuna and Yuzuru Hanyu both took hiphop classes to improve on figure skating
According to the New York Times, reigning Olympic figure skating champion Kim Yu-na—the oft-dubbed "Ice Queen" of South Korea—is among the favorites to earn a place on the podium in Sochi. Reuters, however, says it's Kim Yuna who hopes to defend her brilliant victory in Vancouver. And over at USA...
It was nice of Peggy Fleming to lend Kim Yuna her 1968 Grenoble dress.
Forget the chores...Kim Yuna, Mao Asada, Gracie Gold, Julia Lipnitskaia...You make this girl wants to put her (dusty) skates on and go play!
Alright, let the winter Olympic games begin. I can't wait to see Kim Yuna lol
Creator: Kay so I've been spazzing out like crazy because of the Olympics like seriously I'm cheering for Patrick Chan, Kim Yuna and Japan (I forgot the skaters name) there just so awesome!
The competition between Mao Asada and Kim Yuna would be very interesting!
Figure skating rivals Asada Mao and Kim Yuna will meet again in Sochi.
hah yeah that piece is kind of inevitable... maybe during the olympics if Mao Asada and Kim Yuna go against each other.
‘Figure Queen’ Kim Yuna is interviewed by Yonhap News after winning the gold medal at the ‘Golden Spin of Zagreb’ at the Sportova Dom in Zagreb, Coratia.
"jieunism7: IU's first duet with a female was with Kim Yuna, 'Ice Flower'.
spent the last hour watching figure skating on youtube, i miss skating :( roll on 2014 winter olympics KIM YUNA
She was given the title “Kim Yuna of the Entertainment Industry”.
Kim Yuna voice make my day even in the toilet,during my sleep and study time.
“Someone with an intelligent look and sharp eyes. If I had to choose, a face like Kim Yuna.” -G.O
Looking forward, we believe, we hope! All of Korea, World, and Kazakhstan together with Kim Yuna!
[FEVERSmedia] Kim Yuna withdraws from the Grand Prix series
Prayer to God for the health of Kim Yuna - Stella will be heard! Queen Yuna Kim will win!
Video: at 2:50 are JENNIE KIM and that blonde girl(KIM YUNA)? cr: MBCentertainment
Not good news for figure skating that the sport's only current great athlete, Kim Yuna of South Korea, sidelined by a foot inj…
Kim Yuna school in South Sudan is currently being built.
IS: Who is your favourite athlete? KHJ: Kim Yuna. I fell under her charm while watching her compete in the world championships last year on TV when I was staying with SS501 in Japan last year. It was impressive to see her not get timid but confidently express herself although she was facing stiff competition from people like Japan’s Asada Mao. Even when she slipped on the ice, she maintained her composure, got up immediately, and put on a skating performance. That scene is unforgettable to me. Although she is younger than me, I could learn from how – no matter what the circumstance – she approaches everything that has to be done with the confidence that she is world-best. IS: Who do you want to meet the most – in Korea or abroad? KHJ: Definitely Seo Taiji. I listened to a diversity of music since I was young, but I admired and was envious of foreign music; particularly the rock genre. Seo Tai-ji & Boys’ “I Know” (”난 알아요”) was my favourite song when I was a student. I was extremel ...
no, Kim Yuna, Mi Yeon, Kwon Dahyn are right. Park Chan ah & Lee Hana are wrong.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Kim Yuna returns as the ‘Legendary Queen YUNA’ for jewelry brand ‘J.ESTINA’: Kim Yuna, the figure skating queen who just scored anoth...
Kim Yuna won the world figure skating championships again :)
Hey all! Coming back from the Lunar New Year weekend, I want to wish ALL of our listeners ONE MORE time... HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!!! May the Year of the Snake bring you many positives and very little (if not NONE AT ALL) negatives! :) Congrats to the last Y2C winner of last year (lunar year that is): Imo Suju! Please email us your mailing address to kpopand we will mail out your prize! This week's question: We hear so much about PSY worldwide and though I'm incredibly happy and proud to call PSY one of the representative "Faces" of Korea, it got me thinking about the MANY OTHER faces of successful or notable Koreans around the world. It doesn't even have to be a native Korea. Think Sandra Oh of the successful American TV show "Grey's Anatomy" or Angela Park!...the Brazilian (? or at least Brazilian-born) pro golfer! You thought I was going to toot my own horn huh?? ;) This is in addition to the MANY other more obvious Korean faces: Kim Yuna (figure skating queen), Park Ji-sung (pro soccer player), Park Geun ...
omg cant wait to the Figure Skating World Championships 2013 in March :D Kim Yuna vs. Mao Asada
Michelle Kwan and Kim Yuna doing gangnam style on ice (Y)
I'm going to need confirmation that Kim Yuna will be at the 2013 World Championships before I buy tickets, Budweiser Gardens.
I like both Kim Yuna and Asada Mao. Nobody can ignore their effort. They are great asian figure skaters. I hate when people compare them -_-
MUST READ sedih mengetahui kebenaran ini... berharap elf internasional makin solid supaya suju bisa bertahan dan diakui di negaranya sendiri... [INFO] TO ALL THE INTERNATIONAL ELF, THIS IS A MUST-READ. An AKP reader asked why k net citizens hate Super Junior much.. A Korean-American ELF wrote this in reply.. It's because K-netizens see SuJu as "cheap" since SuJu appear in variety shows ALOT and ruin their own image to be funny. And SuJu's mistakes in the past (Kangin beating someone, Leeteuk saying that Kim Yuna refused to be his friends on Cyworld, etc) are all still remembered. So SuJu is seen as an easy target to hate and make fun of. I'm K-elf and no international elf will ever realize how hard it is to be K-elf. Whenever I read SuJu related articles on Korean websites, I only see harsh bashing comments. So I stopped reading comments about SuJu afterwards. K-netizens seriously hate SuJu SO much. I even saw death threats when Leeteuk was rumoured to serve in public service instead of military service. ...
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