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Kim Sears

Andrew Andy Murray (born 15 May 1987) is a Scottish professional tennis player.

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Congratulations to and his lovely bride Kim Sears on their wedding today!
I much prefer my English ladies like Kim Sears Murray. Classy with a hint of "Czech flash f**k" when it's really called for 😅
Kim K divorcing Kanye is scary to me cause I'm pretty sure that *** will do a 88' Jordan from the free throw line leap off…
Things to know about wife Kim Sears.
Dunblane goes pink for Kim Sears and Andy Murray’s baby...
Very into Kim Sears & Andy Murray to join the ranks of Chrissy teigen & John legend as big foreheaded super couples
Dunblane goes pink for Kim Sears and baby...
The Duchess of Cambridge, Kim Sears and Serena Williams brought high style to the grand slam event.
Wimbledon makes exception on 'no baby' rule as Kim Sears brings daughter Sophia to cheer on Andy Murray
On the blog today, we check out our favourite court-side looks from the stylish Kim Sears.
Few people know that Kim Sears's fave French restaurant is down the road from Roland Garros. They say she always tips generously.
Kim Sears keeps going missing from the players' box. She's sneaking on to court 2, where Berdych is playing.
Kim Sears returns to support husband Andy Murray in the...
Andy, Jamie and Judy Murray and Kim Sears for The X-Factor judges. Kim would obviously take on the resident Simon Cowell role.
Kim Sears to be seen swearing on Live TV during any Andy Murray match? We go 6/1.
"From Sears to Saks"- an impressed Kim Palermo re: Bonnie Brooks' international empire
Andy Murray opens up about life as a father
not directly a but when Kim Sears wore the epic t-shirt whilst supporting Murray!
Andy Murray discusses whether he'll put tennis before his baby
Pregnant Kim Sears cheered on husband at the
Kim Sears just went up another notch in my book
Andy Murray and Kim Sears have chosen a name for their baby daughter
Congratulations to on his wedding to the beautiful Kim Sears. We do love a Scottish wedding!!
Tennis star Andy Murray's wife Kim Sears has given birth to a girl.
Andy Murray and his wife Kim Sears have announced the sweet name of their baby girl 💕:
like Andy Murray's wife Kim Sears and try Pilat... via
not as hot as me but yeah, how are you holding up since Kim Sears marriage to Andy?? And the baby??
like Andy Murray's wife Kim Sears and try...
and Kim Sears reportedly name baby girl Sophia Olivia. Read more >
like Andy Murray's wife Kim Sears and try Pilates as a Rochester group is …
BestBuy, Sears, Lowes should share their PT workers to achieve win-win
Order Miche Bag Online!
Kim Sears or Murray should be in the tennis Wags !! She is stunning
not a good idea to fly to any country when pregnant...Kim Sears was sensible...x...🎾🎾🎾
Andy Murray and Kim Sears 'pick daughter's name'...
Congrats to & Kim Sears on the birth of your 1st child! Check out these push gift ideas :).
Andy Murray and Kim Sears welcome baby girl...
Andy Murray kissing then girlfriend, now wife, Kim Sears after winning 1st ATP title 10 years ago today in San Jose htt…
Andy Murray and Kim Sears 'name their new baby daughter'...
Andy Murray celebrates birth of daughter with wife Kim Sears...
Andy Murray and Kim Sears welcome first child...
Andy Murray and wife Kim Sears' baby name revealed...
Andy Murray and Kim Sears have chosen lovely traditional names for their baby daughter
and Kim Sears name their new arrival. Read more here >
Andy Murray and his wife Kim Sears have reportedly named their daughter Sophia Olivia despite speculation they may have chosen a
Andy Murray and wife Kim Sears have named their baby Sophia Olivia, his agent has confirmed.
Andy Murray and Kim Sears reveal the name of their baby girl...
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Andy Murray's agent confirms the tennis star and Kim Sears have had a daughter and "the family are doing well".
Andy Murray and Kim Sears's baby name 'revealed'...
10th anniversary of first major title. Nice cameos from & 'American' Kim Sears. https…
News of Kim Sears's baby last night/this morning (UK peeps) reminded me of Robert Crampton's hilarious piece on Kim the 'legend'. Loved it.
It's a girl! Congrats to and Kim Sears on birth of their daughter. More: https:…
Or, you know - Kim Sears gives birth. "Andy Murray's wife gives birth to a girl" - BBC News
It's a girl! Congratulations to Andy Murray and Kim Sears.
Andy Murray pays emotional tribute to wife Kim Sears
If you have a child, read this article! Awareness of This Disease Could Save Your Child’s Life via
And the bride wore - all the pictures from Andy Murray and Kim Sears' wedding
With wife Kim Sears expecting, Andy Murray "excited" to be a father. . Read:
It's been exactly one year since Kim Sears slayed the Aus open
After his Aussie Open win, Djoker thanked his team, Kim Sears & her father.
Kim has y'all believing her own hype. Talking about she has a catalog. What, a Sears catalog?
Didn't have time to say this last night but Andy Murray's tribute to wife Kim Sears was very touching. Love his emotion.
If anyone does have updates on Andy Murray's partner Kim Sears during the night, please feel free to SMS me urgently.
Off for an early night... so I'll just have to catch up on all the news about Andy Murray's partner Kim Sears in the morning.
Andy Murrays pays emotional tribute to Kim Sears in Australian Open speech
Andy Murray breaks down during speech after loss
Andy Murray's tearful tribute to his pregnant wife Kim Sears at the
WATCH: Emotional fights back tears as he thanks wife Kim after loss https:…
YES! The *** holds back the tears as he loses the Aussie Open final against Djokovic :D
Murray thanks 'legend' wife Kim Sears for support during and is on his way home
Andy Murray calls Kim Sears a 'legend' and thanks pregnant wife for support after Australian Open ...
"You've been a legend. I'll be on the next flight home" emotional message to Kim Sears after
Will Andy Murray and Kim Sears name baby in honour of Judy?. >>
Teary-eyed Andy Murray promises pregnant wife Kim Sears he'll be on next plane home after loss.
Kim Sears is pregnant. I don't know why I am excited.
I know which one I'd prefer to be the father of my child...Murray thanks 'legend' wife Kim Sears
Emotional Andy Murray pays tribute to pregnant wife Kim Sears for being a 'legend'
Breast Cancer Awareness
- Andy Murray dubs wife Kim Sears 'a legend' after losing to ... via
At this point, both Andy Murray and Kim Sears will name their first child "Novak" in 2 wks time
Here's the story from Kim Sears on the reinstatement of women's cross country
Andy Murray & Kim Sears to name baby in honour of Judy? Mini-Murray 500/1 for Wimbledon!. >
I think they'll be woken alright. I've been shouting and swearing louder than Kim Sears...
British tennis star Andy Murray and new wife Kim Sears are expecting a baby, it has been reported. The couple, who marri…
[The Guardian]Murray and Kim Sears married in Dunblane in April this year, five days afte…
Andy Murray to play Nick Kyrgios in 1st round of . Kim Sears should probably break out this shirt again... http:/…
Kim Sears and tipped to name baby in honour of .
Big congratulations to Andy Murray and Kim Sears who are expecting their first baby 👶💗
Andy Murray's wife Kim Sears is pregnant with the couple's first child:
Andy Murray and Kim Sears 'expecting first child'
Andy Murray & Kim Sears expecting first child in February!. .
Huge congratulations to and Kim Sears on the news that they're expecting their first child. Wonderful news
.and Kim Sears are expecting their first child - congrats you two!
Andy Murray and Kim Sears expecting first baby
LOVE-ly news: Andy Murray and Kim Sears expecting first baby.
I certainly feel more excited for Kim Sears (or is it Murray now?) being pregnant than I ever was for Kate Middleton
Andy Murray and Kim Sears announce they are expecting their first baby: British tennis s...
- Kim Sears gets vocal as she supports Andy Murray in the Davis Cup, Kim Murray w... via
Needs a Kim Sears level gf to cement his greatness though. Sabine Lisicki maybe, great name, better legs
Federer might as well have bummed Kim Sears then draped his *** across Judy Murray's chops
Kim Sears is a high street hero cheering on husband Andy Murray in style at
". Kim Sears boosts Andy Murray's earning power by an astonishing £30M. " .
Kim Sears dons Kate Middleton's favourite designer at Wimbledon for Andy Murray
Andy Murray has named a dog he­ sponsors to help fight poachers in Nepal “Sears”… after his fiancee Kim. [Mirror] http:/…
Get it before it goes! The midi Zurich by as seen on Kim Sears
Hope Kim is still Sears. Enough of these young women changing names after marriage.
Andy Murray wears Kim Sears wedding ring on his shoe at BMW ...
. Andy Murray marries girlfriend Kim Sears in Dunblane on
Kim Sears is just a normal upper middle class English girl. My husband detested her on the spot, at first sight lol
Andy Murray shuns A-list celebrities and tennis stars in favour of close family and friends at upcoming wedding
Another photo of Kim wearing the new Kardashian Kollection Crop Top and Skirt yesterday, coming in August at Sears http:…
The more kids Kim has.the more she looks like Kris. 😆
26 times Andy Murray and Kim Sears were your relationship goals.
the Murray's are all over my internet today :D
Can't believe San Jose didn't make it onto this. That week was total goals.
[KpopStarz]Andy Murray has become an avid feminist after his wedding to Kim Sears. The Scott…
Andy Murray fans begin to gather in Dunblane for the tennis stars wedding to Kim Sears later.
I just earned the 'Sky's the Limit (Level 11)' badge on
Loved the bride - and even the groom - but surely Kim Sears will regret her choice of...
Big day in today as tennis star Andy Murray marries girlfriend Kim Sears.
Andy Murray and Kim Sears got married today
Dunblane prepares for the wedding of tennis star Andy Murray and Kim Sears later
Andy Murray dons kilt as he marries Kim Sears in Dunblane
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
It's official ... and his fiancee Kim Sears have tied the knot. Congratulations from Sky Sports ... http:…
Martin and Morrison Photographers would like to wish & Kim Sears a very happy marriage, best of luck guys x
Scottish hero Andy Murray weds in hometown spectacular: Andy Murray married his girlfriend Kim Sears at Dunbla...
Congratulations to Andy Murray & Kim Sears from everyone at the Matchpoint Management Family
"Andy and his long-term girlfriend Kim Sears have gotten married at their wedding at Cathedral" just this😑
Kim Sears: the woman who netted Scotland's tennis superstar Andy Murray - Belfast Telegraph
congratulations to you and Kim Sears on your wedding today💏💑
Andy Murray pictured heading into Dunblane Cathedral ahead of his wedding to Kim Sears.
Andy Murray wedding: last rehearsal with Kim Sears - via
Andy Murray and Kim Sears: A look back at their 10-year relationship
Preparations for Andy Murray and Kim Sears's wedding step up at Dunblane ...
Andy Murray is set to wed fiancé Kim Sears on Sat. Take a look back at their relationship:.
Andrew Murray to marry Kim Sears in Dunblane No doubt the anti-English knob will insist any kids are born there too.
I just earned the 'Hopped Up' badge on
I just earned the 'I Believe in IPA! (Level 24)' badge on
Update your maps at Navteq
LOL. Andy Murray's fiancee Kim Sears has the PERFECT response to her viral F-bomb video:
Kim Sears from Barcombe to marry Andy Murray at his luxury hotel in Scotland
Seen in window of Dunblane Burgh Chambers today: marriage banns for and Kim Sears, 11 April.
I just earned the 'Goose Island 312 Day' badge on
tell Kim Sears that she is the beautiful looking women on earth
Did you use Oodha color ribbon to correct Kim sears?
Why does Kim Kardashian continue to be relevant in the fashion industry when her “line” sells at Sears?
In a cheeky display of nonchalance, Andy Murray's fiancee Kim Sears has taken her place on the sidelines of the... htt…
I've got it covered. Andy Murray's fiancee makes t-shirt statement via
“Kim Sears wore this to the Australian Open final Brilliant.…
girl there are some cute *** Kim K heels from Sears, they're nude, pointed toe, and it has a cute bow with gold hardware omfg.
Kim Sears debuts huge engagement ring as she cheers Andy ...
From Kim Sears furious four letter tirade at the Australian Open to Stephen Fry's and foul-mouthed comments at the Baftas…
Andy Murray will marry former Burgess Hill School for Girls student, Kim Sears in his home-town of Dunblane on April 11th
Brilliant Andy Murray and his girlfriend look like they love a good swear ht …
Good night for at - showbiz award goes to re Kim Sears scoop.
UC to renovate former Sears for innovation center via
Andy Murray & Kim Sears to marry on April 11 in his hometown of Dunblane:
Andy Murray wedding: Date set to marry Kim Sears at his own hotel in Scotland
Andy Murray and Kim Sears wedding Judy Murray talks about what shes wearing
Not long until Andy Murray and Kim Sears tie the knot... Judy Murray opens up:
Still can't get my head round how Andy Murray pulled Kim Sears.
Kim Sears in THAT t-shirt deserves to become bigger than Liz Hurley in THAT dress.
FEMAIL pits Kim Sears against Jelena Djokovic in a battle of the TWAGs via
Kim Sears has hit back at her critics in the best way possible
Launched a new column today. Nines, SBW fight night, Berridge, Kim Sears, Lynch and.. the man bun.
Your grand slam champion: Kim Sears. The rest of you can go home.
Kim Sears actually wore this to the Australian Open final
Pretty sure I just lip read Kim Sears telling Muzza to "show some f* SAUSAGE"!!! Good advice!
Kim Sears' t-shirt is decent but not as good as my 'Marvin Andrews cured my crabs' top. That was a belter.
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Kim Sears gives perfect response to critics after swearing incident: Game, set and match to Kim.
Kim Sears continues to go up in my estimation..!
Andy Murray may have lost the first set, but Kim Sears is a set up.
Andy Murray's fiancée Kim Sears pokes fun at herself with this T-shirt . Liveblog: http:…
Meanwhile, Kim Sears has won the internet with this little number... .
Kim Sears - Andy Murrays fiance's abuse of Thomas Berdych the "Czech" is not acceptable .
check this out Andy Murray defends fiancee Kim Sears' outburst after semi-final win: British num...
Anyone the condemns Kim Sears needs to grow up, sport is competitive at the lowest levels, at least she shows passion
Kim Sears is brilliant. Mouth like a trucker. Or something
Andy Murray defends Kim Sears for swearing outburst at Australian Open
The reaction to the Kim Sears thing all seems a bit much really. Somewhat overshadowed an excellent performance by Murray...
Give Kim Sears a break everyone. everyone swears... we all do it, football match, rugby matches, horse racing, tenn…
How can Kim Sears swearing overshadow Andy Murray's win into the Australian Open final? Dear oh dear!
I think I love Kim Sears even more after her rant at Berdych today. Showed fantastic passion.
Why the big deal about Kim Sears swearing
Watch fiance Kim Sears getting fired up during his four-set victory over earlier:
Didn't think I could love Kim Sears more
So Kim sears getting a little over excited is a bigger headline than Murray making a slam final on the BBC sport pages. Absolutely desperate
I wonder if we can add a section to Fantasy Wimbledon this year? 'Players Partners' bet Kim Sears value would have gone up a lot already!
unbelievable. Demand an apology. Doa Kim sears on the gits
Kim Sears makes me feel better about my swearing habit
Had Kim Sears behaved like that at a Scottish football match she'd have been lifted.
Just caught up with the Kim Sears thing. Naughty, but something really quite hot about a pretty girl who drops a high voltag…
Kim Sears. What a legend. Cleary he was acting up. At points he was moaning about balls, his shoes, and doing a weird b…
Like the rest of us Andy Murray's fiancée Kim Sears gets upset by poor service.
VIDEO: Andy Murray’s fiancée loses it, appears to swear at Tomas Berdych during match
Well done Kim Sears for saying it as it is things happen and the Media will get over it. Dont let it get to you
The response, in various quarters, to whatever Kim Sears said in the heat of the moment has been absolutely ridiculous. For God's sake...
Another deluded media post taking away Andy Murray getting to the final! Kim sears swearing is more important news then!
Sears What's the fuss? TV don't zoom in if you don't like what you see..why is it ok in football
Kim Sears is amazing. Who new posh girls could swear like that?
Okay...what was Kim Sears saying after Andy's win?...looked rude
What did Kim Sears really say? Expert lip readers give their verdict
Murray has become engaged to Kim Sears, and sacked his assistant coach and his fitness trainer, but Mauresmo is still head coach.
FEMAIL charts Kim Sears's transformation from awkward teen to Wimbledon WAG: Kim Sears and Duchess of Cambridg...
Andy Murray gets engaged to girlfriend of nine years Kim Sears: The Scot's representatives have confirmed the ...
Andy Murray and girlfriend of nine years Kim Sears are engaged via
Woohoo, after 8 years - long time proofed - Andy Murray proposed to his girlfriend Kim Sears, congrats :-)
Andy Murray and Kim Sears are getting married, took him 8 years to pop the question! 💍
BBC News - Andy Murray gets engaged to Kim Sears
Andy Murray and Kim Sears get engaged (Scotsman) -
Congrats to "Andy Murray gets engaged to Kim Sears"
Andy Murray has successfully popped the question to his girlfriend of nine years, Kim Sears.
Andy Murray (and Kim Sears are engaged after nine years together
Andy Murray is engaged after Wimbledon champion pops the question to long-term girlfriend Kim Sears:…
Andy Murray finally proposes to longtime sweetheart Kim Sears
Andy Murray finally proposes to teenage sweetheart Kim Sears -
Kim Sears so lucky.I'm sure Andy Murray will do anything to keep her happy.Congrats on your engagement.You and Federer awesome 👍
Wedding bells for world no. 6 Andy Murray as he gets engaged to Kim Sears after 8 years:
Andy Murray to wed girlfriend Kim Sears: Professional valet service for all e...
Big congrats to and Kim Sears who are now engaged
Congrats to and Kim Sears on their engagement.
By Via NYT. Murray is to marry his longtime girlfriend Kim Sears. Murray, 27, also announced he was splitting wi...
Andy Murray finally gets engaged to the long-time girlfriend Kim: Kim Sears is the daughter of Nigel Sears, th...
Newly engaged Andy Murray and Kim Sears on front page of tomorrow's Telegraph. -
Andy Murray gets engaged to Kim Sears - BBC News
Andy Murray is engaged to marry his long-term girlfriend Kim Sears
Andy Murray announces engagement to long-term girlfriend Kim Sears on day he axes coach and trainer
Andy's getting Murrayed: Proposes to girlfriend of 8 years Kim Sears - congratulations!
'I love her very much. She's supported me in everything.' - Murray proposes to girlfriend Kim: http:…
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and Kim Sears congratulations on your engagaement! 💛💟
Andy Murray to wed girlfriend Kim Sears -
Our Andy's getting married: Murray proposes to girlfriend of 8 years Kim Sears -
All our best wishes to former champ and Kim Sears on their engagement. See you in NY next year!
British tennis star is engaged to his girlfriend Kim Sears, his agent confirms
And another big announcement: Andy Murray and Kim Sears are now engaged
Andy Murray has got engaged to his long-term girlfriend Kim Sears
and Kim Sears get engaged after eight years together
By Hanna Flint for MailOnline Published: 21:06, 17 October 2014 | Updated: 12:07, 18 October 2014 34 View comments For this year's Stand Up To Cancer gala, Andy Murray and Richard Ayoade have teamed up for a hilarious sketch. In it, the tennis star joins the actor/director as the executive consultant producer of casting for a movie based on his life, with Britney Spears going for the role of his girlfriend Kim Sears. [ 775 more words. ]
Will Andy Murray tie the knot with girlfriend Kim Sears?
Andy Murray says he got through a "very tough week" with his girlfriend Kim Sears' support
How lovely to hear Andy Murray talking so openly and lovingly about Kim Sears 😊😊
Andy Murray and girlfriend Kim Sears attend Madison Square Garden for basketball game - . He may be facing a tough...
Andy Murray and Kim Sears look loved up as they attend basketball game in New York (via
Kim Sears and Pippa Middleton's favourite Aspinal of London launches £18k tote   10% Off
The newspapers brought us all the action from Centre Court: the Duchess of Cambridge, Kim Sears a
Murray crashes out of Wimbledon Andy Murray crashed out of Wimbledon in the quarter-finals against Grigor Dimitrov today. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were left despondent as they looked on from the Royal Box. Kate clapped as Murray waved to the crowd, while William blew out his cheeks and s he paid homage to the All England Club’s strict fashion rules for players by wearing a white dress by Australian brand Zimmermann. Kate also wore the elegant knee-length outfit in Sydney during the Royal Tour in April. The couple were joined in the Royal Box by Princess Beatrice, comedian Michael McIntyre and England rugby union coach Stuart Lancaster on a sunny, warm day at SW19 where the temperature was due to reach 22C (71.6F). Murray’s long-term girlfriend Kim Sears sat in the players’ box wearing a coral shift dress. Australian teenager Nick Kyrgios is back on court today after beating world number one Rafael Nadal in a match even his own mother thought he would lose. The 19-year-old produced one of th ...
New post: ". Murray in a hurry: Andy thrashes third-round opponent Bautista Agut in 90 minutes to extend Wimbled...
Meet Wimbledon's most stylish court-side star:
Andy Murray's girlfriend Kim Sears got a forehead like Ant McPartlin!
Kim Sears has the most glorious hair 😍
Watching Wimbledon know I should be solely watching the tennis but each year I wonder how on earth Kim Sears gets her blow dry so perfect
Nothing makes me more homesick than the sight of Kim Sears' swishy blow dry in Centre Court...
A big reason why I watch Murray play is because there are regular shots of Kim Sears 👍👌
Poor Kim Sears - coverage of Murray is 50% tennis, 50% when is he going to put her out of her misery and propose?
Kim Sears is stunning anyway, but looks even better when she smiles. Smiles are underrated!
Forget Andy Murray. Kim Sears might just sneak into my top five in the next fortnight or so.
Kim sears is just the definition of beautiful!
If I was dating Kim Sears I'd win in straight sets every time too
I do wonder if Kim Sears relaxes if Andy is two sets up
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Every time I see Kim Sears I just wished I'd tried a bit harder at tennis
Kim Sears is a babe, love seeing pictures of her outfits 👌💗
I say it every year. Kim Sears is the best thing about Wimbledon
All I want to be in life is Kim Sears 😢🎾
Just hink how wet Kim Sears is sitting there listening tae aw they groans fae her man.
Kim Sears hair is always so perfect! 🎾
The only thing I love more than is Kim Sears' hair 😍
Kim Sears is the perfect example of how a 6 can turn into a 8/9 by putting on a pair of sunglasses. 😎💥
So watching Wimbledon, and Kim Sears is just 👌
I'd like to run my fingers through Kim Sears hair
Is it bad that, rather than focusing on the tennis I'm in awe of Kim Sears' hair and handbag!
Think I may have mentioned this before... but would love a bit of Kim Sears
Kim Sears is such a great advert for Ray Ban
Kim Sears arrives at Wimbledon carrying her beloved Aspinal tote: The 25-year-old smiled and laughed whi...
Our fave Kim Sears outfit at Wimbledon so far:
The Jennifer dress worn by Kim Sears for is in very limited stock. Don't miss out.
Kim Sears gives me major hair envy. Regretting the chop.
Andy Murray girlfriend Kim Sears gives support courtside at Wimbledon with ... -...
Why does Kim Sears not have a hair care campaign yet? So glossy
not sure if you've got it/time for Wimbledon on your hold in amurica-but what do you reckon on Kim Sears getting a ring this year?
Come into Cecil Amey to get a pair of Raybans just like Andy Murray's girlfriend Kim Sears is wearing today at Wimbledon!
June always good month,Kim sears returns to our screens to cheer on Mr Murray 😍
Kim Sears is my idol, lucky Andy Murray
I'd really like to know what shampoo and conditioner Kim Sears uses.
Kim Sears pictured at Queen’s with an Marylebone Tote in Ivory Saffiano & Mouse Python
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