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Kim Novak

Kim Novak (born Marilyn Pauline Novak, February 13, 1933) is an American film and television actress.

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For me, these are the 10 (+1) prettiest actresses. They all have something special. Not nececerly in order: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman, Vivien Leigh, Jean Simmons, Rita Hayworth, Joan Fontaine, Carole Lombard, Ginger Rogers, Katharine Hepburn and Debbie Reynolds Of course there are many other pretty actresses like Marelebe Dietrich, Veronica Lake, Kim Novak. But this is my choice And you, who do you think are the 10 prettiest actresses? Girls we can be jalous! ;)
I can recognize Kim Novak from a small, grainy, black and white, photograph, but I can't recognize Sarah Silverman in color on a 32" TV. I'm officially old.
Kim Novak in a Life magazine feature promoting Bell, Book, and Candle (1958)
Laura Lippman from Baltimore (top left; Kim Novak, centre) says: 'We need to stop lying about how people age'.
Throwback Thursdays... I took this photo in San Francisco in the 80's, but I do not have a clue who it is? I think Kim Novak? Anyone?
The age-old conundrum : furniture or cats? Kim Novak went with ... . (photograph by Eliot Elisofon, Los Angeles, 1957)
TRIVIA: The building that Gene Wilder jumps from is the same location used as Kim Novak's residence in Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo (1958).
In an age when social media has made us even more aware of how we look at any given moment ("A picture? Now? Wait, how's my hair?"), asking women to take photos of themselves without makeup and upload them to social channels seems risky. And yet, thousands are doing it in the U.K. in the name of cancer awareness. A "No makeup selfie" campaign grew organically in Britain in recent weeks, and ended up raising several million pounds for Cancer Research U.K., even though the group initially had nothing to do with the effort. Author Laura Lippman apparently started the trend to support actress Kim Novak, whose looks were criticized at the Oscars. Others picked up on the idea, and somehow the hashtag and donation links to Cancer Research U.K. started getting added to the selfies. "It's brilliant it's raising so much money. It's totally unexpected because it wasn't something we planned," a rep for the group tells Britain's Telegraph newspaper. Because most interesting ideas need a fun spinoff, the hashtag also s ...
Kim Novak in brings out the worst of the Internet for a good cause
30. Vertigo (1958) Alfred Hitchcock's daylight nightmare in which Jimmy Stewart plays a dupe, Kim Novak is the source of his despair, and when redemption seems almost in his grasp, tragedy repeats itself. Stewart's obsessed, mentally wounded Scotty's twisted Pygmalion sequence in the second half of the film is almost too painful to watch. Bernard Hermann's score is haunting and memorable, and instead of the so-so trailer, I have subbed the opening credits, where you get to hear the main theme's of his score. The way the tension of the opening theme is resolved (at the 1:33 mark) is especially noteworthy:
Doreen Woodbury, with only two extra roles(both with Kim Novak) , a 3 stooges short and a supporting role in a B movie never gave herself a chance in Hollywood. This article is untrue. Doreen intentionally took her Life in NYC , inviting a friend to her apt, as she was still walkin and talking though she had taken a fatal dose of Seconal. When the friend realized she had ODed , she called 911, but Doreen was dead before they arrived. It was particuarly cruel for Doreen to let her friend have to witness such a scene.
It's really annoying to see so many ads re Kim Novak's botched plastic surgery. I'm sure she feels bad enough without having to read about it everyday. Really media.have a heart. Just sayin'
Kim Novak is legit with her new pop up banner at
Wiki speculates that you adopted Kim in honour of American Actress, Kim Novak. Is that true?
On Friday, March 28th, my Hutton House Lectures course, Rita Hayworth: Musicals At Columbia, closes at LIU:C.W. Post, with a discussion on, and screening of Rita Hayworth's last film at the studio, the 1957 George Sidney film adaptation of Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart's PAL JOEY, starring Hayworth (who got top billing over...) Frank Sinatra, and Kim Novak. Sinatra on Rita Hayworth getting top billing: "Ladies first". Many differences between stage and screen versions, lots of dubbing, and even songs added. My next Hutton House Lectures course will be 1939: The British Influence, which begins April 11th. This one should be interesting. Stay tuned.
"By God, there will be dancing." Cary Grant and Kim Novak at Cannes, 1959.
Yeah, what *is* this? I will never get over my Kim Novak issues.
No make up selfie for cancer awareness? It actually started for actress Kim Novak after the oscars. Try donating 👍
Kim Sears (Mrs Murray) watching him lose to Novak yesterday
A pensive Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak while making Vertigo in January 1958.
I'd rather be more specific than just comparing your appearance to that of Kim Novak. Please send pictures if you'd like to get some suggestions from...
Rango: Is this Heaven?. Spirit of the West: If it were, we'd be eatin' Pop-Tarts with Kim Novak.
Kim Novak with some feline friends.
Kim Novak was Really beautiful not the same
Hitchcock blonde ala Kim Novak, courtesy of the genius
Kim Novak was in a class of her own. Good spot though.
well...nobody can be kim Novak but fun actually where my hair up most of the time
ha...yes my hair pulled back today.on my period ..not happy...but you get to see my ode to kim Novak
Is there any way to get rid of the ads on the right side of my screen? I am SO sick of seeing Kim Novak's awful "puffy" face and that poor child with the chubby cheeks whose video is a "shocker" and is sending SHOCKWAVES through Hollywood in Hours!!!
“No Make-up Selfies” Fund Ten Clinical Trials . Kim Novak’s appearance at the Oscars wearing n...
Now Showing at Twombly Theatre:: Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo" starring Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. Never seen it before so I'm excited.
Another snow day. Nothing to do? Clayton Classic MATINEE is showing Alfred Hitchcock's 'Vertigo' A retired San Francisco detective suffering from acrophobia investigates the strange activities of an old friend's wife, all the while becoming dangerously obsessed with her. Starrring James Stewart & Kim Novak. Showtime 2:30, doors open 30 minutes before. All seats $4.00 and the best popcorn in town!
Check out The Man with the Golden Arm (1955VHS) Frank Sinatra, Kim Novak, Eleanor Parker, via
Lots of people are posting makeup-free selfies in support of actress Kim Novak who was panned for her "frozen" appearance at the Oscars earlier this month.
On KIM NOVAK. YES, it was KIM NOVAK who inspired
I want to find a polite way to say F U to all the lectures and passive aggressive memes telling me that I should be ashamed of myself for posting a no makeup selfie but I'm finding it difficult to form polite sentences. So I will ask this instead: How many of you know that the campaign actually started to support 81 year old Kim Novak who was criticized for her appearance at the Oscars. How many of you realize that the "useless" campaign still went on to raise over 3 million dollars for cancer research (and polar bears - but that's a different story)?
Yes, I love Kim Novak! And Rosalind is great but that scene's hard for me to watch...that's me in 20 years: spi…
I can't decide if I'm in awe of how good Kim Novak looks, or if I'm concerned for her. Maybe she would let me take her to lunch?
is he giving Kim Novak fashion tips?
Photo by Eliot Elisofon of actress Kim Novak on set of Bell, Book and Candle. Remember Piawachet?
Fred Astaire and Carlye, a gift from Kim Novak. Ava told me a coyote got her. (The cat, not Kim Novak.)
Kim Novak announced as guest w/ screening of BELL BOOK AND CANDLE (1958)
Kim Novak is Star of the Month has vintage Kim Novak pieces for sale~>ht…
Smiles all round for Kim Novak and Hitch on-set while filming 'Vertigo'.
Reluctant to take credit as it might have been simply a coincidence of timing? If anyone gets credit -- Kim Novak!
For a second there I thought you were talking about Kim Novak. :-)
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A comeback for Could be a classic. Could also be a failed attempt to recreate perfection, like Jimmy Stewart with Kim Novak.
At a party Elaine pretends to have seen 12 Years A Slave but it becomes clear she's lying. Kramer gets Kim Novak drunk b…
OMG! People have been telling me this for years, & now I just saw some old Hollywood photos of Kim Novak and now...
Oh my god Kim Novak. Did she fall on her face
Replace Kim Novak and "Vertigo" still works; replace Bernard Herrmann and it's a far worse movie.
All looks fade. Look at Kim Novak and all older models now. Dress "provocative" and you'll catch a boy temporarily
Kim Novak just finished that smile she started at the Oscars.
Why does this song make me want to dance under Japanese lanterns with Kim Novak in the movie "Picnic"?...
Kim Novak / production still from George Sidney’s Jeanne Eagels (1957) -
I was told Kim Novak would be here.
No - just RT'd it. I love her in Notorious. Love almost all Hitchcock - Grace Kelly, Tippi Hendren, Jimmy Stewart, Kim Novak...
Hasn't Kim Novak had enough!. Star Survives Supernova Blast to the Face : Discovery News - Mozilla Firefox
So excited about the TCM Film Festival! Looking forward to Kim Novak, Maureen O'Hara and all the great movies!
Wow! What joys ahead. Frank with Doris Day, Kim Novak & Rita Hayworth too. Have you seen Guys & Dolls and High Society?
What was most truly frightening at the recent Academy Awards was seeing Kim Novak and Goldie Hawn's car wreck plastic surgery
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Kim Novak, Plastic Surgery Incur Wrath of Academy Awards Viewers - The actress, best...
Kim Novak: Screen Stories Magazine June 1965 with Kim Novak on the cover. Inside: articles on Ann-Margret, Elizabeth
Why is it amazing Sidney Portier got old, but shameful Kim Novak did? Why is it called a *** if it's illegal to pay for it? How come th
Kim Novak and Joan Rivers are basically twin sisters
I didn't write this but LOVE it!! Here is my post Oscars list for a few people who should be receiving flowers today. Please feel free to add your own: 1. John Travolta to Idina Menzel (Adele Mazina:) 2. Cate Blanchett to Sandra Bullock for her Oscar speech dig 3. Big Mama's Pizza to Ellen Degeneres 4. Lupita Nyong'o to her stylist 5. Lupita's brother to Lupita for bringing him... and to ELLEN 6. The Academy to Kim Novak (respect) 7. Matthew McConaughey to the conductor for not cutting off his painful, stoner acceptance speech 8. The Academy website to Penelope Cruz for calling her Salma Hayek 9. Charlize Theron to whoever she got that body from.. 10. Woody Allen to Cate Blanchett
The debate over how aging stars look terrible on camera misses the point. It's the grotesque plastic surgery that makes them look ugly Old doesn't mean ugly. June Squibb, in my opinion, is a beautiful woman who has aged gracefully. Julie Christie is still something to look at. It isn't getting older that makes women look unattractive. It's the folly of trying to stay young by having plastic surgery and ending up looking like Joan Rivers or Kim Novak or Liza Minelli. Take a look at: Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, the sexy Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer Sigourney Weaver, Diane Lane, and, yes, Betty White -- they are all still lovely. You can't hide beauty from within. Stay away from the surgeon's knife of horrors and aging won't hide the sparkle and romance in a woman's face. (And I might add my wife, Barbara, to that list of beautiful women who are in their 70s.)
Liza now has the body of The Elephant Man, and the face of ? And Goldie Hawn and Kim Novak... Horrid that they are so addicted to plastic surgery. At least Goldie gets to go home with Kurt Russell.
In the end, it wasn't the rain and mudslides that did damage in LA, this weekend. It was a massive Botox eruption when Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler and Kim Novak accidently blinked at the same time. Shelters have been set-up at Joan Rivers House!!!:)
UPDATE: Good Monday Morning on this the 3rd day of March already, here in Albuquerque it is 47 degrees suppose to be a cool day high about 60 degrees, thank God for the rain on Saturday and some on Sunday, still need more. Well we took our mind off the world happenings the Ukraine incident and Russia being involve and the USA threatening sanctions...with the Oscars. My take on them was that Ellen did well, some jokes sort of bad including the Liza Minelli joke. All who won were deserving and most of them were predicted to win. I was pleased to see where most of the top stars took their Mother, this was awesome Jared Leto mentioned his upbringing with his Mom a single parent and his brother in Bossier City, Louisiana, that city brought memories of long ago to me since I was at Fort Polk Army Base in Shreveport which is near Bossier City. Sidney Poitier, Kim Novak, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell in my opinion looked bad. I liked Better Midler was fantastic and so was the tribute to the Wizard of Oz and Judy Gar ...
I've always fought the aging process...but after watching the Oscars last night I am going to embrace it. Goldie Hawn, John Travolta, and Bette Midler just don't look "Real" anymore...they all looked like overstuffed pincushions that can no longer open their eyes, mouths, or even move their eyebrows. Natural has to look better...I'm not even mentioning Kim Novak!
Okay, what's on my mind: 1) oscars - stop the insanity, the red carpet was a year of all hits and no Bjork dressed as a swan misses - shocked me but made me happy that the women and men paid homage to old Hollywood glamour! 2) stop it with the harsh and hateful comments about Sidney Poitier, Kim Novak and Liza Minnelli - Sidney is the first African American to win best actor and Angelina helped him very elegantly, Kim is an 81 Hollywood legend who was asked to come out for the night by producers and Matthew helped her so smoothly and suave - and Liza, well honoring wizard of Oz 75th anniversary begged for Judy's kids to be there. Liza has had three hip replacement surgeries and survived, almost died from, encephalitis and *** is one of the few EGOTs - Emmy, grammy, Oscar, tony winners - thought she was great!!! 3) speeches from Lupita and Jared and Matthew were the best! And best of all - Ellen's selfie and pizza bits were hysterical and her ad libs were great - she was a success!
Judge on via the Oscars [you know I will], but I must say, watching Matthew McConaughey & Angelina Jolie accompany & assist their respective elder actors last night [Kim Novak, Sidney Poitier] made me like & respect both of them more – lovely to see a little less ego/swagger, a little more grace/gratitude from them. Well done.
I watched parts of the Oscars last night. I recorded it and was able to zip through commercials and acceptance speeches and such.I had to stop when Kim Novak came out as a presenter. That poor dear. Why did she get so much work done on her face? And why didn't one of the designers give her a nice dress to wear? And why didn't the audience stand for her? She deserves respect for her body of work. All in all, the Oscars were incredibly boring and I didn't bother to watch the last 30 minutes or more at all.I guess I need to google and see who won Best Actress. I thought Meryl Streep was amazing in August: Osage County.
The Oscars were boring, and at some points down right awkward to watch. Rolling out Kim Novak & Sidney Poitier was nostalgic and unnecessary, probably humiliating for them both, more so for Ms. Novak, who sadly proves women look better without plastic surgery. Goldie Hawn also proved that point. Ellen did an okay job.
"If they got naturally old and abandon diets, like June Squibb, they're 'letting themselves go.' If they work too hard at staying beautiful, like Goldie Hawn and Kim Novak, they're silly cows who can't perceive how ridiculous they look. ENOUGH."
Three Favorite things about the oscars. 1. Cate Blanchett (films w women as protagonists make money. The world is round) Amen! 2. Bring me my vintage girls, (Kim Novak, Goldie Hawn, Glenn Close, Bette Midler, Liza, Sally Field) . These women have earned our respect. We shouldn't forget that. 3. That Lupita is delicious, isn't she? Lets hope hollywood doesn't toss her some best friend of white girl roles and she gets leading roles instead. Unfortunately, the business has shown us that the odds are not in her favor. I hope she s the game changer that we all hope her to be.
Sidney Poitier, age 87: "Oh, he looks wonderful, so dignified in his golden years." Kim Novak, age 81: "LOL she's old." Seriously, it's like people are deliberately wedging their own heads up their ***
Kim Novak has a history of mental illness and agoraphobia. The fact that she was even seen in public in Hollywood is a BIG DEAL and not to be ridiculed. I didn't see people mocking Sidney Poitier for acting like an old space cadet but they sure felt that it was okay to mock a woman that they apparently know nothing about her history. This is one of the biggest reasons she even left Hollywood in the first place and it's like everybody is proving her right.
People are talking about the Ladies of the Oscars and their plastic surgeries. Didn't see Goldie Hawn or Kim Novak, bud I did see Liza Minelli. What can I say - she is about three surgeries away from looking like the Beast of Wildenstein.
The Oscars were great fun, as always. Sadness only that some of our previous stars seem so old -- Sidney Poitier who could hardly hear, and poor Kim Novak who was so spaced out. You gave us great joy in your time.
Here is my critique on the Oscars. Ellen was good, gowns were beautiful (not too many uglies) and overall show was entertaining. Favorite gowns. Jolie, Bullock and Kerry Washington. New breed of actors are great, and will be around for a long time. Botox ladies, Kim Novak, Goldie Hawn and Glenn Close looked AWFUL, age gracefully ladies. All the winners deserved the Oscar. This was the year of great movies.
Was nice to see Sidney Poitier and Kim Novak, two Hollywood actors from a bygone era, on last night's Oscar telecast as presenters. However, Miss Novak is exhibit A of what can happen when you pick the wrong Plastic Surgeon and he ends up doing a botched job. She appeared to have a taut looking face that made speaking her words seem both difficult and labored to speak. Hopefully, some of that was Teleprompter issues that appeared to plague many of the presenters last night. What a shame!!
Thank goodness for google and Wikipedia!! Yes, Kim Novak is now 81, and must see her plastic surgeon regularly. Sidney Poitier is now 87!! Both are February babies!!! I have always thought that Sidney Poitier was such an elegant, charming gentleman and great actor!!
OSCAR SPOILER ALERT!! And, the winner is "12 Years a Slave"--which I haven't seen yet, but want to!! I felt so sorry for Sandra Bullock!! After 6 technical awards for "Gravity"--she lost out as Best Actress. But then, "Monuments Men" and "The Butler" were shut out--as were George Clooney and Oprah. "Gravity", "Philomena" and "Nebraska" look like good movies to see, which I haven't seen. I would have liked to see Liza Minelli, but they only took pictures of her from her left side. I enjoyed Bet Midler's solo and Ellen was a great host. Come on, Whoopi--what a gown, socks, and shoes!! But, it was funny!! And, Meryl, you who have 18 nominations under your belt and can portray ANYONE--why have you stopped dressing up for the Oscars??? Angela Lansbury won a special award, but, she was away acting at age 88!! Sidney Poitier was a presenter, as was Kim Novak. I'm sure they are both in their 80's, but looking very well. I'm sure Kim has had a lot of plastic surgery!! It went pretty well for 3 and 1/2 *** ...
If you want to attack Kim Novak's appearance last night, why aren't you attacking Sidney Poitier's? Angelina help him out too!
My Oscar highlight was when Jack Nicholson dressed up like the Joker and came out on stage with Matthew Mconahay,what,that was Kim Novak?
Imagine this: Kim Novak and Goldie Hawn in "Eyes Wide Open." If Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman continue with their "touch ups" they could star as well. I wonder if Kubrick is available. He's dead? Nevermind.
Oscars were pretty cool this year (I like Ellen as host) disappointment was in the academy allowing our great stars in their declining years to appear. My heart broke for Sidney Poitier(sp) and Kim Novak. I just wish they would be more thoughtful with this time in their lives. :( :( I prefer to remember them in their good years.
Anyone notice how plastic, too much botox Lara Spencer, ABC GMA, looked last night and this morning? OMG she is following Kim Novak for sure. UGH
A few thoughts about the Oscars: 1. While I like Ellen, I didn't enjoy the show's opening and found myself waiting for something to 'happen' throughout the show. Perhaps I'm simply a victim of "Billy Crystal" withdrawal. He was a supremely awesome host. 2. What the *** happened to Kim Novak's face? 3. The musical performances were my favorite part of the show. Each was stellar and I wanted to award the Oscar to U2 immediately after their set. Such a beautiful stripped down version of Ordinary Love. 4. What the *** happened to Liza Minelli's face? 5. Jared Leto's acceptance speech was much more eloquent and touching than I expected. Bravo. 6. Who exactly was John Travolta introducing to sing the theme from "Frozen?" 7. What the *** happened to Goldie Hawn's face? 8. Lupita Nyong'o's acceptance speech was inspiring. She is absolutely radiant in every photo or live interview that I've seen. What a lovely, poised young lady. I hope she has a long and distinguished career. 9. While it was a delight to see S .. ...
Since this is the year the class of '72 turns 60, I feel compelled to comment. Seeing Liza Minelli and Kim Novak at the Oscars last night only strengthened my resolve to never get plastic surgery. We're supposed to get wrinkles & jowels. We need to get over it, and keep loving ourselves. I am woman; hear me roar.
Oscar musings: 1. Laura Dern looked prettier than I have EVER seen her. 2. Pharrell Williams is an embarrassment. 3. Sandra Bullock looked like she was going to cry for not winning Best Actress. NOT cool. 4. Julia Roberts' dress looked a lot like the one I wore to the prom. (And that is NOT a good thing.) 5. Lupita Nyong'o is clearly the newest "it" girl. Class act (among other admirable things). 6. Charlize Theron really is the most gorgeous creature on the planet. 7. Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams are my new super-heroines. (Though Amy Adams stole the show in American Hustle.) 8. Sally Hawkins is a brilliant actress (sister of Jasmine in Blue Jasmine). In my estimation, the highlight of the film. 9. Anne Hathaway needs a new stylist. (Though I quite like her and, in her defense, she could probably make a burlap sack look good.) 10. Goldie Hawn only wishes she was as beautiful as her daughter. 11. Kim Novak needs meds (or less meds?) 12. Jared Leto broke my heart in Dallas Buyers Club. ...
I didn't watch the Oscars last night, but the comments on FB are likely more entertaining than it would have been anyway. From what I gather via assorted FB posts, Ellen Degeneres was both great and awful, U2 were terrible and fantastic, Kim Novak looked like an escapee from Mme. Tussaud's, and a braless(!) Liza Minelli took her sartorial cues from a blue wacky waving flailing arm inflatable tube man. we watched the Oscars last night...only saw 3 of the nominated movies so can't comment on much but as good as Cate Blanchette was in Blue Jasmine, she couldn't hold a candle to Sandra Bullock in Gravity who basically carried the entire movie on her shoulders and kept you on the edge of your seat while holding your breath. And why in the world would someone who was as beautiful as Kim Novak was, turn her face into a plastic looking puffy mask...she looked like Jack Nicholson as the Joker...ditto Goldie Hawn. Age gracefully ladies...your greatest beauty will always be on the inside.
Oscar observations: Jarad Leto and Lupita Nyong'o gave awesome acceptance speeches. Pink can really sing! Didn't know that. Bette Midler can really sing! I knew that. June Squibb has aged gracefully; she was charming. Liza Minnelli and Kim Novak? Just made me feel sad. I have become a Pharrell Williams fan; loved his music and his shorts. John Ridley called himself, "a kid from Wisconsin," while walking the red carpet. Darlene Love was precious when she belted out "His Eye Is On The Sparrow," in place of an acceptance speech. Harrison Ford acted like he didn't want to be there:( Me? I'm glad I watched. I had fun. And, I'm looking forward to seeing "Nebraska," "Her," and "Philomena." I missed those .
Yay Matthew McConaughey!!! Great actor, nice person. Ellen's pizza but went so flat. If it has no rhyme or reason that's what happens. Not funny. Angelina, you were so sweet with Sidney Poitier ! He's got so much class. Angie, go eat a sandwich ! I loved Whoopie Goldberg's red shoes ! Great idea. Pink was elegant and sang Rainbow so beautifully. No shtick. Just a beautiful woman, normal dress, singing a fabulous song. What a concept ! Ditto for Bette Midler. She's a sweetheart. Goldie Hawn, why ?? Why the face lift ? Kim Novak. Wow. I love Bill Murray.
Most Realistic plastic surgery @ the Oscars. It is between Liza Minelli, Kim Novak, Goldie Hawn or Bette Midler. And the award for "Best Plastic Surgery" goes to. What ? A tie between Liza and Kim! This is unheard of! There has never been a tie in this category before! I think that next year if someone had a zipper installed behind their ears, they could do a last minute tighten up just before the show. They could eat through a feeding tube so they would still be able get nutrients without adding stretch to the mouth area!
To those of you considering "plastic" surgery to remain young. Get the name(s) of the surgeons who did Liza Minelli, Joan Rivers, Kim Novak and Bruce Jenner.then find someone else. You are welcome.
Kim Novak looked like the Eric Stoltz character from the movie Mask
My two-cent deposit on the Oscar telecast: The good news was that the acceptance speeches were thoughtful and mature, Ellen restored a sense of classiness and humor that was lost in last year's Seth MacFarlane fiasco and it was a pleasure to see Kim Novak and Sidney Poitier on the stage again even though they seemed to be in very poor health. The bad news: the show was almost too predictable (no big surprises at all among the winners), some of Ellen's clowning really wasn't that special (the whole thing with the pizza was grueling), the folks who did the montages didn't seem to know much about movie history, and some of the on-stage stars seemed to have wandered in from "I Love the 80s" by mistake. Still, this is the first time in ages that I didn't fall asleep while watching the telecast.
After the entire Oscar show, including an epic fail by John Travolta, and the most horrid cosmetic surgery award to Kim Novak, I have just one question left. Who the *** was that man dressed as Liza Minelli? was? Sorry.
Thought Ellen did a good job at the Oscars. I wish we were friends cause she makes me laugh. A note to the stars.don't talk forever; take the Oscar and run. That's for you Jared Leto, Cate Blanchett, etc. If you want to make a statement it has more punch if you keep it short. Go on too long, and I start losing interest and forget your main point. Kim Novak...too many plastic surgeries. Sally Field accepts her aging. Sidney Poitier, I hate to see you have to walk so slowly but you're still great in my book. Better quit now before I lose my audience.
Very happy that after the entire negative backlash about Leto getting the role of Rayon, he won the Best Supporting Actor. It's called acting, folks, and he is a consummate actor. Because of all of the publicity surrounding the Oscars, I saw bits and pieces of other roles that he had disappeared into; roles like Harry Goldfarb in Requiem For a Dream and Mark David Chapman in Chapter 27. I saw those movies and he was unrecognizable.   OMG - Kim Novak walked out on the stage and I heard a strange noise. It took a while to realize it was the sound of Hitchcock spinning in his grave. Novak looked like a FISH; the Botox and fillers have affected her ability to speak and/read and probably to breathe. They should have left her in seclusion, because I have the feeling that she had all of that face work done in preparation for her big appearance. Later, I realized that she and Goldie Hawn are apparently sharing the same dermatologist; he or she should be arrested. Goldie had so much filler in her cheeks that the ...
My take on last night is that fillers and injections are really bad for you. I am the first one who feels you have a right to improve your appearance but can we really say Goldie Hawn, Courtney Cox, Melanie Griffith, Madonna, Meg Ryan, Lara Flynn Boyle and Kim Novak look better all puffed up? The problem is...many women are not good candidates for this. It has ruined Meg Ryans career. Meryl Streep, Sally Field, Jane Fonda and Raquel Welch on the other hand, look fabulous. I chalk it up to a better plastic surgeon, and truly better bone structure. The problem is, once the fillers are in, they seem to distort the face permanently, but more tragically, they must distort one's view of themselves, as these men and women keep doing it. Nick Cage, Steve Martin, John Travolta and Robert Redford, have also ruined their looks with eye jobs and whatever in addition to that. I will go on record saying no man looks good with fake hair, dyed hair or any form of plug or comb over.
Ok, I just have to say this- Can Hollywood please stop with the plastic surgery already?! Some of it is just not attractive. They would look far better with wrinkles-Kim Novak! and if they could move their forehead- Glenn Close! You are old, you are supposed to get wrinkled!
DVR made the Oscars more tolerable. My take on the night. Sally Field looked great. Goldie Hawn,I love ya but stop getting work done. Pink was great. Wizard of Oz tribute not so much. Ellen as Glenda hilarious. Why did they not do tributes to other films from 1939? Bradley Coopers jacket was too tight. I really don't understand Jennifer Lawrence. Cate's speech rocked! Kim Novak got my head spinning until I was feeling "Vertigo". I want to see that Judi Dench movie. Sidney Poitier trailblazer. Amy Adams = Love I think Matthew M's 55 year old self left a note for his 45 year old self so, he knew where to find the weed. "I would like to thank the inventor of the remote control. So I can fast forward and not listen to the speeches I really don't care about"
Some of stars looked either bad or just sick. I predict the following actors WILL NOT be with us next year: Kim Novak, Bruce Dern, June Squibb, Bill Murray and Sidney Poitier. Sidney stood so tall, but Angelina had to help him. Thank you, Angelina Jolie.
Looking at the plastic surgery train wrecks on Kim Novak and Goldie Hawn was sad. Just age gracefully. Beauty is transient.
for worst plastic surgery: tie between Kim Novak and Goldie Hawn.
Say it with me now: Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey. Something finally topped 'Academy Award winner Trent Reznor' in terms of surreal oddness. Other then that, very few surprises at the Oscars, and that's fine, because I made bank. Wolf of Wall Street was shut out, but so was American Hustle, so I'll call it even(although I bet with my heart and was certain the adorable Jennifer Lawrence would get best supporting actress. Add to all the winners a barely awake Harrison Ford, a nip and tucked into oblivion Kim Novak and a visibly horny Bill Murray and you had a pretty good night out in Hollywood. I am now preparing my speech for my inevitable Oscar and like Wooderson himself, my hero will always be me. Alright alright alright.
I honestly had to look away when Kim Novak and Goldie Hawn came on. I know a lot of people have things done but looking at their previous pix. It's sad to me that such beautiful women feel they need to alter their faces to that extreme. Anyone see the movie Brazil? I have been haunted by those extreme faces since elementary school.
Wait. Scratch that. John Travolta, Goldie Hawn, and Kim Novak walk into a plastic surgeon's office...
Ok quickly about the Oscars; No surprises at all of course. Best speech: Jared Leto Worst speech: Paolo Sorrentino Italy and Matthew McConaughey. Best single mistake: Bill Murray when he presented the award for 2013 Best assemble mistake: McConaughey and Kim Novak for fighting on what the award was for. Best looking woman: Lupita Nyong'o Well deserved awards: Matthew, Lupita, 12 Years as Slave, Jared. Amen!
Kim Novak, & Goldie Hawn are both up for the lead in "The Bree Walker Story."
Someone 'hated The Wizard of Oz' but LOVED Pink! I had to explain Judy Garland, Goldie Hawn,Bette Midler and Kim Novak.
"Goldie Hawn and Kim Novak must have done the same Groupon."
Every time I think about getting any kind of cosmetic surgery I will call to mind these poor once beautiful people. Kim Novak and Goldie Hawn. Too much filler. Pulled too tight. Too much Botox. Too much dermabrasion which makes them so shiny. And the lips!!! What are they thinking? Do they really think they look good? They look like freaks. So sad
Thanks Goldie Hawn, Kim Novak, and assorted other actors who remind us all that plastic surgery will eventually look like an old tattoo.
Kim Novak really needs to get Goldie Hawn's plastic surgeon's number
And the I'm Still Laughing award goes to Matt Lamaj for his status: "Goldie Hawn and Kim Novak must have the same mortician."
Boy, I sure hope Goldie Hawn looks at Kim Novak as the Ghost of Christmas Future.
HD television and too much plastic surgery are not a good mix. Couldn't decide who looked the most ghastly at the Oscars tonight: Kim Novak, Goldie Hawn or John Travolta.
Quick Oscar thoughts: Right film won Best Oscar. 12 Years A Slave was an intense film to sit through. I sense Lee Daniels was somewhere kicking his dog when that happened. Matthew McConaughey made me a fan tonight. Tremendous speech from him. Wanted more out of the Wizard of Oz tribute but Pink did a great job. Love Harrison Ford growing out his Han Solo hair, but lose the earring, Indy. Idina Menzel was great tonight but is even better on stage. Happy to see Frozen win an Oscar and Jennifer Lee included in accepting after Disney removed her as Director & forced her to be a co-director on the film. How one doesn't include Han Solo in a tribute to movie hero characters is beyond me. Ellen sucked as host and I usually like her. I did think the Selfie bit was funny. Kim Novak looked very tired. Sidney Poitier is still the man. Bummed Mickie Mouse didn't win for Best Short Animated film. Bummed American Hustle didn't win anything but I still loved that film. I am guessing Godzilla won't be n ...
First of all, that night at the Roxbury guy with the weird wig looked a lot like John Travolta. Second, people need to lay off Goldie Hawn! Yes she may have purchased her plastic surgery during a drunken trip to Malaysia with Bruce Jenner's plastic surgeon, but she's 68 and looks amazing! ...Now that muppet who use to be Kim Novak is another story.
Best Oscars in a long time. Thanks go to Ellen for being awesome, certain actors for being awkwardly awkward (cough Harrison Ford, Kim Novak and John Travolta cough), and Benedict Cumberbatch for being nice to look at.
Only in Hollywood can the star of 2013's worst film, After Earth, present the Oscar for Hollywood's Best Film of 2013. With such legends on hand as Sally Field, Kim Novak, Harrison Ford, Goldie Hawn and Sidney Poitier the best choice to give away the top prize of the evening goes to the legendary Will Smith! The producers of tonight's show can feel very proud about this move.
Most notable quotes at the Oscars, Sydney Poitier, what? Who? I'm so confused". Bill Murray, "I am not older than Bruce Dern", Kim Novak, "sometimes I scare myself, but only when I look in the mirror", Goldie Hawn, "What do you mean, what happened to me?", Christopher Walken, "You should've seen me before hair and makeup",
Umm were there teleprompter issues tonight or could the presenters use a lesson in reading? And seeing Sidney Poitier, Kim Novak, Goldie Hawn, and Sally Field just about broke my heart. It was almost as bad as the last Oscar appearance Jimmy Stewart made when he was in a wheelchair and ancient as the hills.
Predictable Oscars. Still don't know why we need 4 hours to do this. Oh yeah, sponsors, money, self importance. But... enjoyed Ellen, Cate Blanchett is a class act, Bill Murray gives a great nod to Ramis, Jennifer Beale is beautiful, Goldie Hawn should stay away from any more plastic surgeons (Kim Novak, too!) and a good plan to keep the camera on Liza Minnelli ONLY for short periods of time, you never what she'll do.
I watched the Oscars, and boy can you tell who has had too much plastic surgery. What's wrong with some wrinkles? I didn't recognize Liza Minelli, Goldie Hawn should have fixed her hair so we could see her face, and Kim Novak was pulled way too tight. All that said, there may be a "Lifestyle Life" somewhere in my future. But only one.
I realize that as I watch the Oscars each year, I am unimpressed with many of these actors and actresses. The ones trying to stay young (Kim Novak, Goldie Hawn, John Travolta) get some therapy to stop the plastic surgery! You don't look young; you look like freaks. Not sure why I wasted all these hours tonight!
I learned something from watching the Oscars this evening--that I will age gracefully, unlike Kim Novak and Goldie Hawn, who are the proud owners of facial parts that do not move.
When good facelifts go bad: The Oscars. Goldie Hawn? Scarey!. Kim Novak? Freaky! Word to young (mainly female) actors: kill the urge to constantly mess with your faces!
Watching the Oscars It was so sad to see what bad plastic surgery has done to Goldie Hawn and Kim Novak. Such beautiful women, and their faces were frozen and swollen.
My chins and I are going to bed now. If I wake up tomorrow looking like Kim Novak or Goldie Hawn, I only have myself and a couple of shots of embalming fluid to blame.
So that's Oscar 2014. Random thoughts: -A classy show this year, compared to many. Maybe Jamie Foxx mumbling the Chariots of Fire theme was a little forced, but whatever. -I actually don't remember Ellen's previous Oscar hosting performance at all, so I must not have watched that year. So this was my first time seeing her hosting, and I thought she did good. But her Jon Pertwee/Peter Capaldi ensemble at the start of the show made me biased anyway. -It would have been funny if the *** movie won for Best Makeup. Whatever your opinion of the movie (I thought it was funny) it was an old-age makeup job that had to hold up under the scrutiny of ordinary people on the street, so you can't say it didn't deserve it. -Now we know what nonfamous winners have to do to not get booted off the stage in mid-thanks: have either a song or a funny rhyme. -Jared Leto's mom is gorgeous. -Who was that cute brunette sitting next to Cate Blanchett? Is she someone I should recognize? -Kim Novak was probably thinking "I may ha ...
Not as wicked as Sally huh two kinds of beauty hollowood way Kim Novak or Sally Fields way She looks better than 25 ago
My 2nd OSCAR update: Naomi Watts - her hair, ugh Catherine Martin - love her necklace, someone buy it for me please Lotto tickets as a Consolation prize = HILARIOUS Kim Novak looks ridiculous
Goldie Hawn is a younger version of Kim Novak.
Goldie Hawn and Kim Novak are going out for Botox after the Oscars.
Watching the Oscars thinking some of these actresses need to grow old gracefully and quit the plastic surgeries; Goldie Hahn, Liza Manelli and especially Kim Novak (that lady that presented with Matthew McConaughey). Loved the movie clips of June Squibb from Nebraska, definitely moved that movie up on my must see list. Lastly I thought Lupito Nyong'o was so cute and honest giving a great acceptance speech.
I thought she had a stroke. she is 81, tho, so I'll let her live. "Kim Novak looked like Rocky Dennis from Mask."
Jamie Foxx likes to party with Harrison Ford and Kim Novak
Mathew Maccounghy's? Wife looks like a DREAM in peach, Harrison Ford wears an earing *** , Kim Novak looked like an attention starved transvestite who couldnt make one step by herself, Brad Pitt kissing Angelina so lovingly after she was honored must still be breaking Jennifer Anisistons heart somewhere, a LOVLEY acceptance speech by the LOVLEY Lupita... and ONE HOT U2 performance!!..OH, and I want to watch every single documentarty and foreign film featured. Loving the OSCARS!
Kim Novak, Claudia Cardinale, Liza Minnelli, Lorna Luft and Joey Luft! What an Oscar show this is.
Kim Novak looked like the kid from Mask Eric Stoltz, as per my fiancee.
In the most surreal moment of the night so far, Matthew McConaughey presented Best Animated Short Film and Best Animated Feature Film alongside Kim Novak. In their seemingly off-the-cuff exchange (during which McConaughey mentioned her role in Vertigo, much to the audience's relief because: Oh right...
Jared Leto...the word "enigmatic" comes to mind, in a good way. Frozen wins! Yay! And Kim Hollywood chasing youth a little too far. (I'm not on a delay, just got to my iPad.)
I think Kim Novak looked amazing for 81.
Best special effect of the evening was the audio animatronic Kim Novak...
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And unfortunately the other half are asking " who's Kim Novak?"
Kim Novak would look pretty awesome for 81 if her mouth were not so odd and her voice?! But I must admit I would...
Kim Novak's face has more fillers in it than a McDonald's Chicken McNugget.
I'll have you know I'm TWENTY years and a bad pants suit from being Kim Novak!
It's terrible when someone becomes addicted to injectables. I am, of course, talking about Kim Novak and Restalyn.
Kim Novak was a real hottie in her day and always had that husky instant erection voice
I know this is a but...Kim Novak's doppleganger?
Brave to put Kim Novak on and show what a culture that is hooked on youth can do to a person.
Kim Novak seems like she'd be fun on a road trip.
Shocked that Kim Novak is still kicking!!! & Still beautiful
Kim Novak's face saying "Frozen" is irony on a whole 'nother level.
Kim Novak is SCARY looking. Don't understand why people do that to themselves - there is something to be said for aging gracefully.
Next up, Darlene Love, Kim Novak and Jim Carrey sing a medley of Captain and Tennile songs.
Who was more Frozen: Kim Novak's face or Harrison Ford's personality?
"kids, this is what Kim Novak looked like before she did that to her face really sad
Kim Novak should be on The Walking Dead instead of the Oscar's. I mean... ***
Argh! shouldn't say mean stuff, but Kim Novak?! Oh I'm glad I don't have daughters, what example are we setting?
Tyler Perry descibed "Gravity" as having "haunting stillness." Still not as haunting as Kim Novak though!
Now that is cold! You guys stand for U2 but not Kim Novak? Frozen indeed!
No living actress will ever be as beautiful as Kim Novak was. No living actor will ever be as bad *** as she is now.
I'm assuming Kim Novak was representing the movie "Mask."
Will they have time to edit Kim Novak into the In Memoriam section?
This is the second straight appearance by Kim Novak at the Academy Awards. Last year she appeared in the "In Memorium" s…
people need to stop making fun of Kim Novak. She's a living legend get back to me when you're 81 and presenting at the Osc…
I wasn't sure if Kim Novak was referring to the animation award or her face when she opened the envelope and mumbled "Frozen"
Can't tell if McConaughey is seducing or babysitting Kim Novak.
When Kim Novak said the winner was Frozen, I thought she was talking about her face.
I have a new phobia. Kim Novak. That's it. Kim Novak.
This is what Kim Novak looked like in her heyday
Kim Novak giving Jaqueline Bisset a run for her ‘crazy stage antics’ money. .
Let's not joke about Kim Novak.Let's bemoan a culture that makes women especially feel that aging naturally is unacceptab…
This is Kim Novak back in the day. .
Half the people being cruel about Kim Novak are ten years away from being Kim Novak.
I am 22 years old, and of course I know who Kim Novak is. She is a legend!
For an 81 year old actress, Kim Novak looks great although her face was a bit "Frozen".
No, I will NOT stay up to watch the end of the Oscars.seeing Kim Novak was bad enough!!!
Wow, Kim Novak was a gorgeous woman. Ladies out there.leave your face alone please. You can tell when you've had the work done . Too much Botox and plastic surgery. Look at how beautiful Sally Fields still looks. She all natural. Just sayin..
WOW, Kim Novak, I want to look like Joker to one day...
Was that Kim Novak or Jocelyn Wildenstein aka Lion Lady. I think she grabbed a bunch of M & M's before going onstage and couldn't chew before presenting. Or Marisol's mother from housewives of Miami.
What's the story with Kim Novak on the ?
Watching the Oscars..if Kim Novak hasn't had health problems then she needs to sue her far as awards go only gotten 3 wrong and I've been guessing.
Sorry but Kim Novak should have stayed sad to see someone do that to themselves on purpose...plastic surgery gone bad!
Kim Novak has had more work done to her face than Joan Rivers. Of course I didn't even know she was still alive. Even Mathew Mcconaughey looked freaked out.
OMG Kim Novak! Pulled and stitched to within an inch of her life!! Yikes!!
I would rather have remembered Kim Novak with Jimmy Stewart.
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Kim Novak presenting nominees for Animation. Oh the irony!
Dan Goodwin. Here is Kim Novak back on the day.
Most ironic moment of the oscars... Kim Novak presenting the award to 'FROZEN'.
Kim Novak is 81. On the Oscars she looks like a surgically deformed freak. Her Face is surgically mulitated.
So I'm not watching the Oscars because I honestly have no clue who most of those stars are. Reading a lot about Kim Novak. Googled her. I once considered plastic surgery on my face when it's time but now maybe not. Poor woman.
After having too much face work that turns women into pinched cat ladies, there's a good reason why actresses like the once-beautiful should never appear on the I feel so bad for her. Clearly, she's had numerous (too many) face lifts--she has no wrinkles, until you look at her hands. Kim Novak was gorgeous in two of my favorite movies from 1958: "Vertigo," and "Bell, Book and Candle." I know Hollywood is tough on women older than 30, but looking pinched and plastic isn't worth it. Go natural and lead by example. There are other actresses who have appeared to go natural...Sally Field, Goldie Hawn, Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton and more wonderful actresses have wrinkles...and great roles.
Ooh, Kim Novak ... Sorry the plastic surgery didn't turn out as you might have hoped.
Cracking up at all the comments being made about the Oscars. They range from how Kim Novak looks like a scary cat to how Angela Lansbury is the epitome of growing old gracefully and then to how Angelina Jolie needs to eat a hamburger. Keep the comments coming! Y'all are so funny!
Kim Novak looks like the victim of a tragic industrial accident.
Oscars are great so far. No surprises as of yet. I wss nervous for Lupita's bodice when Pharrell was dancing with her. What a great performance! Poor Matthew McC having to steer Kim Novak back to earth. That was kinda funny. Loved the great Darlene Love's impromptu song. Jared Leto was wonderful as was Angelina Jolie.
Why oh why do old Hollywood stars have to ruin themselves with horrible plastic surgery? Kim Novak looked so bad...I mean wrinkled would have bee so much better!
Kim Novak and her inanimate face as co-presenter for Best Animation. Or rather, as Exhibit A...
Note to Goldie Hawn, you're 10 years away from being Kim Novak. I love you, but it's time to stop. Pudding face is not a good look.
When Kim Novak announced "Frozen"...I did not know if she was talking about her face or the movie.
Had to turn off the Oscars after seeing Kim Novak.
Yee gads! What has happened to Kim Novak?!? She's 81 trying to look 31. Saw Eva Marie Saint on CBS Sunday Morning and she looked great at 89... No plastic surgery.
Ok, between Liza Minnelli, Kim Novak and Claudia Cardinale my head is spinning. Positively frightening.
All you oscar watchers. Hiw about kim novak. Really.
If I ever say I want plastic surgery.. Just remind me of Kim Novak!
Ah! Italia won best foreign language film! Love it and love Italia! Scary plastic surgery with Kim Novak, Kate Hudson and Sally Field!
I still don't know if Kim Novak is still alive. Even after seeing her on live TV!
More aging women should look at Angela Lansbury and June Squibb whom at 88 and 84 respectively look wonderful without any apparent plastic surgery, they are gorgeous. Kim Novak was a beautiful woman. I was shocked to see how she looks. Glad she's still around, but she unrecognizable. Angelina Jolie very well deserved humanitarian award. Sally Field - simple and elegant There you go. My opinion so far! For what it's worth.
That was so nice of Madam Tussaud's to loan out Kim Novak for the occasion.
Tradition!!! Oscar party at Carol Bloom and Bob Bloom's house. And WHAT did Kim Novak do to her face? So sad. So scary.
Will there be an Oscar for presenters? Kim Novak? Harrison Ford? OMG
African-American entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. was loved by all racial communities. And yet many could still not accept his relationship with white Hollywood starlet Kim Novak.
Okay they just showed Kim Novak I know she's older than me then they show Sally Field who is my age she is absolutely beautiful doesn't look like any Botox was done but Kim Novak oh my goodness that doesn't look normal let my wrinkles show and who cares if I don't have a lip line or puffy cheeks
Wtahing the Oscars,Kim Novak was very sad ,once was a sex kitten,and now should be a poster girl for bad facelifts!!
Kim Novak.hmmm...loved her in Picnic but wow what happened to that classic beauty? And what about Goldie Hawn???
Kim Novak needs a new plastic surgeon! Ouch!
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Remembering when I had a huge crush on Kim Novak. Whew... sorry.
I finally remembered who Kim Novak reminded me of. Jennifer Coolidge, in ANY of the Guest/Shearer/McKean ensemble movies.
Kim Novak. Please avoid any further cosmetic alteration. Liza, face looks great. Boobs down to knees, not so much.
Who the heck talked Kim Novak into THAT MANY plastic surgeries and fillers and Botox ???
Who let Kim Novak out of the wax museum?
Watching the Oscars...what in the world was Kim Novak thinking! She looks awful!
Why don't these actresses realize that plastic surgery to make you look 35 when you're 81 (Kim Novak) looks terrible!
How can it be that Angela Lansbury looks better than Kim Novak?
Just got the remake rights to Mommie Dearest and attached Kim Novak
What on earth happened to Kim Novak?
Enjoying the Oscars...but Kim Novak scared me! Sorry- that's mean I guess but seriously!
I think the folks at The Oscars borrowed Kim Novak from the Wax Museum and poor Mathew MacConoughey (sp) had to hold her up with a pole. What WERE they thinking ?
Did Kim Novak have a rib removed and placed in her cheeks? Just wondering.
I always did love Wayland Flowers and Madame... No wait, that's Kim Novak and Matthew McConaughey~!!!
I guess it was appropriate for Kim Novak to present an Oscar to “Frozen.” Her face concurs!
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First the eyebrows in "Vertigo" and now the voice in life... Kim Novak just can't seem to ever get it right.
Holy too much plastic surgery botox and fillers on Kim Novak. She can't even smile!
Kim Novak, why are you trying to make a come back? Social security isn't paying the bills anymore???
Kim Novak is 81. I hope she sued the Dr. that botched her face. Omg. I mean really just age and let the great life you had show. How bad could It be. I means it's not as if she was poor and unable to take care of herself. Sidney Poitier however is 87 maybe a face lift who knows but that called aging gracefully.
Kim Novak must be 157. She looked awful as did her face.
Kim Novak appears to have OD'd on Botox, Restylane, and/or plastic surgery...
Did anyone see Liza Minnelli & Kim Novak on the Oscars? All I can say is, I'll take my wrinkles thank you-YIKES!
Is Kim Novak campaigning to play The Joker in the next Batman movie?
While watching Kim Novak/Matthew McConnaughey, for some reason I thought of Jack Nicholson as The Riddler.
How sad to see what Kim Novak has done to herself. Why not just age gracefully?
Im halfway watching the Academy Awards while i eat dinner,and on comes Kim Novak,shes 81,and i cant believe she looks like she does..she still a stunner..i always thought Sophia Loren a timeless beauty too
Kim Novak has had way too much Botox and stuff put in her face. ( Can't think of the name at this instant.)
So that was Kim Novak with McConaughey? She was one of the best in her day.
Strange. Kim Novak and I have exactly the same voice tonight.
Still trying to get a grip on Kim Novak, I know she is 80 something but what happened to her face?!
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Great cousin Kim Novak , u look great!
Don't worry. Kevin Spacey just threw Kim Novak in front of a train.
If you ever thought about plastic surgery, take a good look at Kim Novak.
Thinking Kim Novak had a stroke or something similar?
Kim Novak at 81, Sally Field at 67, and a grown-up "Hermione" at
Ummm Kim Novak.No More work on your face! For the love if God STOP! YOU CAN V RARELY SPEAK! OIY!
Why can't these celebrities just age like we do. Just go with it. Kim Novak looked like an alien.
Oscar thoughts so far: Jared Leto, yes! Best Documentary got it right with 20 Feet from Stardom. Happy's gotta win for Best Song. Apprently tonight the role of Jacqueline Bisset is being played by Kim Novak. And Ellen, unfortunately, is no Billy Crystal.
Kim Novak...a Classic Hollywood beauty...a Hitchcock blonde...eeekkk what did she do to her face?? Too much Botox and fillers...what a mess!
Before Joan Rivers says it on "Fashion Police"...may I say: Kim Novak presented the award for "Frozen..." if her Botox wasn't so fresh, she wouldn't have BEEN frozen as she read the winner.
my mom's like Did you see Kim Novak? I'm like Who the *** is Kim Novak?
Mike Morse unsettling when you flip from The Walking Dead to the and not start screaming until you see Kim Novak
anybody know what happen to Kim Novak, was that all botox on her face, or did she have a stroke or something, i know she is 81 yrs old, i was shocked
Kim Novak reflections: she was in my great-aunt's theater classes and in her school production of "Our Town." "She wasn't much, but then she went to Hollywood and they fixed her up."
Still think weirdest presenter interaction goes to Matthew McConaughey and Kim Novak. Why did he keep rubbing her back?
I had no idea Kim Novak was still alive. Still not sure
How about a day time talk show similar to the View and they use Jaquline Bisset, Kim Novak, Shirley MacLaine, and Gary Busey as the hosts. I would go out and buy two dvr's so I wouldn't miss a second.
Kim Novak apparently walked into a clothesline on her way to the Oscars. She's OK tho
Angela Lansbury is lovely at age 83. Kim Novak should have taken a lesson from Angela.
Kim Novak is 81. She would look better if she had aged naturally instead of facelift after facelift. Agree?
Oscar observations thus far: Ellen is the new Bob Hope. Jared Leto should never work without an editor. Jim Carey auditioned brilliantly for whatever he was apparently auditioning for? Harrison Ford needs better glasses and Kim Novak put fear in the heart of every actress over 40.
Kim Novak looks a bit different tonight than she did in Vertigo. Just a bit.
Watching the Oscars, poor Kim Novak. What's wrong with looking your age and skipping all the surgery?
Wth is up with Kim Novak? Poor thing should have a BFF that tells her the truth.
I just missed the last half-hour (my son called from California, and we're firming up my travel plans). I wonder what I missed! The last person I saw (I think) was Kim Novak.
Staying with the tradition of out of their minds presenters..honorees.etc. Rita Moreno, Jaqueline Bisset, and now Kim Novak. Darlene Love are you kidding me?
What in the world happened to Kim Novak?
What did you think of Kim Novak? OMG! She was so beautiful and she plasticized her face into something hideous. Sad.
Angela Lansbury, at 88, looks WAY better than Kim Novak!!
So.who's idea was it to have Kim Novak present at the oscars?
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What a treat to see Kim Novak, still stunning at 81, present an academy award tonight!
So disappointed at the cruel comments about Kim Novak! She's 81, a breast cancer survivor, and suffered bad nerve damage after a riding accident.
Okay it was a good start to the Oscars but I've been bored for the last hours. Can we pick it back up!? Or at least let's get Kim Novak back on stage
Wait, what!??? We don't get to see Steve Martin, Geoffrey Rush, Angela Lansbury or Angelina Jolie live, but we get to see Kim Novak?? Oh the inhumanity of it all
Kim Novak at the oscars...why.that was embarassing...& sad. A lover of cats, dogs, horses & lamas.
I'm a little behind on my oscar watching (thank you to the magic of the DVR- family time with Amazing Race!). But I do believe Kim Novak has had a 'bit' of work done.
Angela Lansbury is 88, Kim Novak is 81. Who looks better?? Angela!!
My next sitcom will star Kim Novak and Darlene Love as roommates. Title ideas welcome.
Angela Landsbury is 7 yrs older than Kim Novak.
E John Mcgarvey did you see Kim Novak with Matthew? Omg
Angela Lansbury is 7 yrs older than Kim Novak.
I got the over/under on kim Novak plastic surgeries at 22,000
Thank you Kim Novak, for changing my mind about plastic surgery. Between you and Joan Rivers, I think I'm good!
I'm a bit unimpressed with the sow so far. Happy has been the best moment. The Kim Novak thing a bit painful.
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