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Kim Jong

Kim Jong-il (born Yuri Irsenovich Kim; 16 February 1941; official biography claims 1942 – 17 December 2011) was the supreme leader of North Korea (DPRK) from 1994 to 2011. He succeeded his father and founder of the DPRK Kim Il-sung following the elder Kim's death in 1994. Kim Jong-il was the General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, Chairman of the National Defence Commission of North Korea, and the supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, the fourth-largest standing army in the world.

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N. Korea accuses CIA of plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un via
South Korea and U.S. plotted to kill Kim Jong-un, North says
North Korea accuses CIA and South Korea of plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un via When two tr…
North Korea accuses CIA of plot to murder Kim Jong-un
NK accused SK and US intel of plotting to assassinate Kim Jong-un, and warned of an unspecified counterattack.
A meme of Trudeau as Kim Jong-un waving is appropriate at this juncture. Or Forest Gump waving to Lieutenan…
Donald Trump's suggestion he could meet Kim Jong-un destroyed by Madeleine Albright
Kim Jong-un accuses America of pushing the Korean peninsula to the brink of nuclear war
Remember Hollywood did a film where they killed N. Korea's president Kim Jong. Now look what's going on today! No coincidence
This is how Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump could start World War III
WATCH: Trump says he would be 'honored' to meet with Kim Jong-un
Trump backed down from CBS interviewer and a roomful of comedians? Guess who wins the showdown with…
you deal with Kim Jong, just think of him being just like you except he is shorter, fatter, and has a Effed-Up hairdo.
(more: claiming to be honored to meet Kim Jong Un, threatening expanded libel laws, and who knows what I'm forgetting)
Prediction: we will be told Kim Jong Un is so dangerous we need Russia and we have to lift to sanctions.
Better yet! Eating shiitake mushrooms with Kim Jong Un. That's even better.
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President Trump finds flattering words for an architect of genocide Kim Jong Un by
Trump afraid of CBS interviewer and a roomful of comedians in a showdown with Kim Jong Guess who wins…
Trump: 'I would be honored to' meet with Kim Jong Un -
Leftists are freaking out because Trump said he would meet Kim Jong Un. Don't they love communist countries where the state r…
Pres. Trump says he'd "be honored to" meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un amid rising tensions. http…
Sean Spicer says Trump would meet with Kim Jong Un under the right circumstances, but right now they are not there https:…
Democrat On Right > McCain responds to Trump's willingness to meet with Kim Jong Un via
Trump would be honored to speak with Kim Jong Un. No wonder Kim wants to destroy America, his only US contacts are Dennis…
Here’s what a Trump-Kim Jong Un meeting could actually look like
A CHINESE town which shares a border with North Korea has been ordered to “urgently” recruit translators, stirri... https:/…
Dear Kim Jong don't nuke us pls I just found a great job opportunity
BREAKING: Head of missile program EXPLODES shortly after Kim Jong Un attempt to throw him into Sea of Japan.
Analysis | Trump takes admiration for tyrants to new level, says he’d be ‘honored’ to meet with Kim Jong Un
- North Korea to 'reduce US mainland to ruins' Kim in WW3 confirmation - Daily Star
The media can't seem to tell the truth about Trump-he didn't say he'd be honored to meet c…
Trump: I would be honored to meet Kim Jong Un but not Pocahontas.
Some sources below for further reading: .
There is NO coup going on in just a general defiance to Kim Jong Un. His days are numbered, hence why nuclear w…
Trump says it'd be an 'honor' to meet with Kim Jong Un: Human rights advocates, South Korea, experts all stunned
Kim Jong-un warns US 'gangsters' are pushing North Korea to ‘brink of NUCLEAR WAR’.
Why? When did Kim Jong Un bombed and mass gased his people (women and children? )?
Glorious leader Kim Jong May looks so warm & approachable. Can't for the life of me think why they want to keep her aw…
CNN is in a daylong cognitive dissonance frenzy over this N.K. story, but Business Insider is on the right track: https…
Hail now kim jong may THE dear leader
"He’s obviously managed to lead a country forward. He’s a young person to be leading a country with nuclear weapons,”…
I just heard Trump call Kim Jong Un a "smart cookie" for taking power and killing his Uncle. What world am I in?
Trump, who would not shake Angela Merkel's hand extends it to: Putin, Erdogan, Sisi, Duerte, Kim Jong-un. Pattern recognition, anyone?
Kim Jong-un in fresh war threats after US NUCLEAR BOMBERS ‘fly over Korean peninsula’
Trump vs Kim Jong-un. The referee is Vladimir Putin!. Landon Meier aka Hyperflesh revealed his latest masks at
Donald Trump offers to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un 'under the right circumstances'. New hotel & condos? http…
'After I meet Duterte, I'd be honored to meet Kim Jong-un. I love murderous dictators! A Trump hotel in North Korea would…
Donald Trump: I'd be honored to meet Kim Jong-un under 'right circumstances'
Gosport Borough Council, the sort of thing Kim Jong-un would impose. You'll be limiting the number of hair…
US President Donald Trump has described North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as a "pretty smart cookie. Takes one to know one
Donald Trump: N Korea's Kim Jong-un a 'smart cookie': The US president says he has "no idea" if the North Korean le…
Back to the drawing board for Kim Jong *** Just too bad he didn't try to ride his own rocket... :-P
Can't get it up ... again? Kim Jong-un reportedly suffers another embarrassing case of missile failure -.
Trump ups the stakes with as he warns a ‘Major, Major Conflict’ With North Korea Is Possible
Trump: Xi is "a very good man;" US could have a "major" war w/ North Korea. And is that respect for Kim Jong Un?? https:…
Sure, WE know Trump is a major, major big-mouthed blowhard who shouldn't be taken seriously. Does Kim Jong Un?.
COMMENTARY: Kim Jong Un is a survivor, not a madman.
World keeping watch on volatile Kim Jong Un via
Met Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un today... He's not that bad of a guy. 🇺🇸
Our Vladimir Putin is admirable, Kim Jong Un is a go-getter, Barack Obama founded ISIS.
LISTEN: Here's what Trump had to say about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in interview. Full audio here:
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World keeping watch on volatile Kim Jong Un
But he's still not nearly as deranged and dangerous as Kim Jong Un, so why don't you all calm…
Kim Jong Un has had it with Trump stealing his act!
Sorry, not willing to be chill about a narcissistic imbecile contemplating a war killing thousands if not more.
let Kim Jong Un painfully accept the fact & reality that he will go nowhere with his acts of belligerence.
Kim Jong Un has Jupiter conj Neptune in Sagittarius. He probably is operating under the delusion that he's a deity. Saturn will change that.
North Korea warned by ally China to STOP nuclear blasts, Rex Tillerson claims: CHINESE officials have warned Kim……
The Trump strategy on N. Korea is to give Kim Jong Un whiplash from trying to follow the changes in US foreign policy.
“We want to bring Kim Jong Un to his senses, not to his knees." The U.S. isn't pursuing N. Korean regime change → https:…
What do North Koreans yell when they see Kim Jong Un? NK News takes a brief look at the history of the "manse" chant https:/…
There's something very wrong with the weapons in Kim Jong-un's military parade
Is Trump's guarded praise of Kim Jong-un outreach? The admin's line has been that it is not seeking regime change https:/…
President Trump tells Reuters there could be a "major, major conflict" with North Korea
Talking to Neil Cavuto, Sec. John Kelly made clear that deportations are a matter of following the law.
North Korea elites see 'ineffective chief' in Kim Jong Un
North Korea vows to wipe out the US with ‘five million nuclear bombs’ carried by children
Kim Jong Kook disses himself about his small eyes on 'I Can See Your Voice 4'.
Crazy idea, but what if Donald, Vlad, Kim Jong and Xi just like, I don’t know, got a weekend beach house & talked it out.…
Sharia Council of Korea . VS . CNN BRAKING NEWS Who has the better nukes? . Who can ea…
North Korea vows to wipe out America with 'five million nuclear bombs'
u stupid Endian, I am the real Kim...ok u r hot..give me 1 point extra now for the…
Fine North Korean stationary signed by Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong-un's ski resort: They're optimistic of success ahead of next year's Winter Olympics.…
Kim Jong Un pls test your nuclear missiles on Pak pls
Kim Jong-un smiles and laughs while inspecting dead pigs at abattoir.
regrann from 9gag - 🔊 How to turn a baby into Kim Jong Un. Follow…
‘Kim Jong-un will drag the US to WAR’ Ex-Navy chief claims Trump will be FORCED into WW3 https:/…
But Kim Jong Un is a bully and is dangerous We will eventually have a nuke
Ik kim jong eun is so ugly stupid North Korea dictator :/
well I guess this is the end for me since Kim Jong Un is going to nuke us, nice know…
Hamilton Collection
Breaking News: Kim Jong Ill of North Korea steps up air fighting practice due to Pres. Trump Syrian bombing.
Kim Jong Il: "Western imperialists are not qualified to speak about human rights"
Kim Jong was right to diss Australia as being slaves of America, but he took it too far with nuclear death threats
y'all some *** launch y'all nukes not hit us and then die, Kim Jong Un play me 1v1 the USA nuclear arsenal if you real
would do better with mentalist Kim Jong Un as leader than
America has to learn to live with a nuclear-armed North Korea, writes Ian Buruma
Kim Jong Un better hold these nukes off until after I see Frank Ocean in July
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un 'desperate,' ready to strike US, defector says 2 Madmen; sparring on world stage
On "Street Justice" on Fox, they're asking on the street who's the biggest threat? Putin, ISIS, Kim Jong Un. Most said Trump. 😄
N Korea detains 3rd US citizen - not good that Kim Jong Un playing games.
Foreign journalists invited to see Kim Jong Un, tour Ryomyong Street
Kim Jong Un better not welch out on bombing Australia, this is all I'm looking forward to rn
their accounts are all weird Vince Russo or Kim Jong Un references
I wish we could lock Trump, Kim Jong Un, Netanyahu, and Putin in a room, and...nothing, just lock them in a room. Not…
Does no one realise how close we are (geographically) to North Korea? Kim Jong-un is as crazy as Debbie in Survivor.
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North Korea warns China of CATASTROPHIC CONSEQUENCES if it continues economic sanctions
What would happen if Trump NUKED North Korea? How many people would perish?
Someone needs to drop a bomb on Kim Jong Un. He's going to find out our current President doesn't give a f…
Pence TO Kim Jong Un--Do not test Trump or the strength of US forces
North Korea warns ‘GREAT WAR’ coming as US strike force just DAYS away
Putin moves missiles to North Korea border as Russia gets ready for WAR
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un once sat here, so nobody else will sit here anymore - at Science and Tech Center…
On one side, a big fat childish dictator - *** bent on blowing up the world with nuclear missiles... and on the other: K…
New cover of .Just to be clear:. The international community sees parity between the American President and…
Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un sit on a warhead in diapers in Der Spiegel's latest cover via
North Korean dictator's resort revealed as his people starve
If Mattis and Kim Jong-un go head to head, we might all lose ours.
Seems like my article "Kim Jong Un Looking at Things with Binoculars" has new life with best Korea…
Kim Jong-un vows to wipe the US 'OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH' in chilling WW3 threat
I back a pre-emptive strike on 'nutjob' Kim Jong-un says senior Republican - and I told Trump to tell China we'd go
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Kim Jong-un and North Korea: How propaganda and a cult of personality blinds and binds…
here I got a funny for ya. Marshmallow bunny, smooshed, looks like Kim Jong Un.
America 'will shoot down North Korean missiles' if Kim Jong-un doesn't back off testing
'NO MERCY' Kim Jong-un ‘WILL launch nuclear attack if the West makes the SLIGHTEST MOVE'
A failed missile launch was an embarrassment for Kim Jong-un, coinciding with the approach of U.S. warships
No-one expect Jung un to abandon nuclear plans what ever happens or not, he requires concret action !
North Korea's possible advantage in case of war.
Trump sabre-rattling on North Korea has a flaw: Kim Jong-un has nothing to lose
NEWS! Kim Jong Un dead... North Korea say its leader has died of envy after seeing the hairstyle of British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson!
North Korea launches missile but test ends in failure
He set foot in Korea a day after Kim Jong wu tang clan tried to demonstrate his nuclear might.…
Trump, Putin, Erdogan, Kim Il Jong, Basar el Asad, Little Alek-close your eyes and those creatures are no more. Bob Dylan…
Kim Jong Un designed that DWade dunk attempt.
.in N. Korea: “Kim Jong Un has made it clear that failures don’t deter him or his rocket scientists”
Kim Jong-un isn't as ignorant as Donald Trump
domain names
Sir I think Kim Jong should fist have a successful haircut before a successful missile test!.
Kim Jong Un's sister, Kim Yo Jong, often hilariously lurks behind him at official events. Our 2014 profile on her:
China uses NK to play a dirty game with the US. DO NOT fall into their trap. Be smart & DO NOT tru…
Trumped by Trump: Sure, Kim Jong Un got his lunch eaten for him by President Trump. But so did the mainstream…
'Since North Korea has nothing to lose they win every game of chicken' on why Trump strategy will fail http…
Hello Kim Jong, please get a successful haircut before a successful missile test!.
We already have one infant child in a mans body to worry about why add Kim Jong?
‘Our military is BUILDING’ Trump says he has 'NO CHOICE' but to build up army in WW3 hint https…
Trump boxed in by his North Korea sabre-rattling
Are North Korea's missiles just painted wooden boxes?
Kim Jong Un’s Big Nuclear Push Is Closing In on America as North Korea’s has sped up nuclear program.
Hello Mr. Seth..Kim is a passe..we now have our own version..Kim Jong Modi.
Donald Trump 'poised to hit Kim Jong-un's nuclear sites' after North Korea missile test ended in embarrassment
Rare glimpse of 'normal' life in North Korea
Biggest concern is that Kim Jong Un will 'miscalculate,' US military official says via
SABRE RATTLING - US & South Korea carry out chilling 'MAX THUNDER' military drills in huge warning to Kim
North Korea situation seems to be two childish dictators playing chicken with one another. Trump's acting just like Kim Jong. Dangerous.
Trump backs wrong horse again. North Korean missile segment pulled from sea is full of parts bought in... China.
Kim Jong-un will 'kidnap tourists' if the US attacks North Korea
Kim Jong-un's latest missiles ‘reveal North Korea will have an ADVANTAGE in nuclear war’ https:…
Kim Jong-un demands to know whose been eating his after eight mints.
Kim Jong-un takes a jaunt on a submarine but gets cold legs.
Kim Jong-un knows better, he definitely got the warning the U.S sent!
Who is Kim Il-sung? North Korea prepares to celebrate Kim Jong-uns grandfather
Like his grandfather, Kim Jong Un wants regime stability. Trump should talk to Kim Jong-un before sta…
North Korea news LIVE: Latest updates as Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump inch closer to WW3
Trump's choices for dealing with Kim Jong-un. via
Kim Jong Un has decided to dance for peace
choices for dealing with Kim Jong-un . Interesting,easy 2 think,ah we'll just nuke them,not that simple,scary
Fact is will strike North Korea how, when and where he wants and there's nothing lil Kim Jong Un can d…
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Understand that the rest of the world puts both Kim Jong-un and Donald J. Trump into the same unbalanced, nuclear-armed st…
Women accused of smearing VX nerve agent on Kim Jong-nam thought it was a prank, one of the suspects' lawyer said https:/…
"North Korea should be VERY CONCERNED, specifically Kim Jong-un." -
Did Malaysia blow the prosecution of the Kim Jong-nam assassination by releasing North Korean suspects?
Trump is the stereotype of an American leader Kim Jong-un has prepared for his entire life, training North Koreans for i…
Me just talking about hockey and Kim Jong Un slides into my follows.
I wonder if Assad, Putin or Kim Jong Un ever participated in a spirit cooking event? Or Dominos on cheese?
He's like, my 5th favourite dictator behind Papa Doc, Poreschenko, Xi Jingping, Kim Jong Un and Qaddafi
Ryomyong street, a major new residential development. Kim Jong Un himself made an appearance
in the case of Kim Jong, shouldn't "nuclear" be in quotes?
1st images of North Korea's Supreme People's Assembly, presided over by Kim Jong Un, w/ giant statues of his father & gr…
see that's what I thought 2 until Kim Jong put his fat paw on tht launch button &i realized i can't die without tryin shrooms
Spying on North Korea: US Air Force keeps eye on Kim Jong Un
and his followers sound like Kim Jong Un enforcers.. No criticism of glorious leader is a…
assassination hearing postponed after two female suspects appear in Malaysian court http…
Little Giant Ladders
UPDATE: 1 hr ago arrived at secret location, told to leave phone in vehicle. In past this has meant Kim Jong U…
When even someone as anti-war as is saying that Kim Jong Un needs to go, you know there's a problem. Great car…
I have a feeling Kim Jong Un of is going to accidentally blow up his own counrty. Wouldn't that be some shi…
is showing the world Leadership! US Navy SEAL team that killed Bin Laden training to take out Kim Jong-un.…
Report: Kim Jong-Un ‘orders IMMEDIATE EVACUATION of Pyongyang’ as tensions with US escalate http…
reports from Pyongyang suggest the adulation for Kim Jong Un isn't entirely heartfelt
Angela Merkel wants the US and China to find peaceful resolution to North Korea tensions
5 ways the North Korea situation could spiral out of control
Please tell me this isn't happening after a phone call with Xi, a Putin meeting, and a NATO press conference. WWIII. https…
You lost. You are a loser. Your mom had sex with Kim Jong Un.
.UPDATE: the "big event" was... the official opening of Ryomyong Street, a pet project of Kim Jong Un, who pre…
Breaking News: Trump sends Kim Jong Un a free airline ticket to discuss his nuclear weapons program
Confirmed: The foreign reporters in Pyongyang were taken to the opening of one of Kim Jong Un's pet projects -- and saw th…
Do you think tensions with North Korea could spill over and cause World War 3? No – The world has too much to...
The world can thank Trump for bringing instability.. Will Trump order the WW3 response over Dinner??. . https:/…
Was randomly looking up custom wrestlemania logos when i came across this bad boy. Main event Kim Jong-il (the dea…
Intriguingly, implicit in President Xi's criticism is North Korea's use of VX nerve gas to kill Kim Jong-na…
. Crush a peep it looks like Kim Jong-un
'North Korea is looking for TROUBLE!' Donald Trump sends warning to Kim Jong-un
Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Kim Jong-un were just hanging out together in Hong Kong (well, their impersonators were)…
China 'moves 150,000 troops and medical supplies to North Korean border in case US attacks Kim Jong-un regime'
Trump to send FINAL WARNING to Kim Jong-un and could move NUCLEAR WEAPONS to South Korea
Trump's options on North Korea 'include nukes in South and assassination of Kim Jong-un
😮 "Killing North leader, Kim Jong-un, was also presented as an option, NBC reported"
Bashar al-Assad’s forces appear to have used chemical weapons on Syrian civilians again; Kim Jong-un’s North...
For Donald John Trump, the megalomaniacal brother of Kim Jong-un and Art Everman, from Mar-a Lago, in far-away Syria, moved his small, hand.
that said, we need to take out Kim Jong Un YESTERDAY. He is the globe's most evil tyrant.
His testimony was I did not have nuclear war with Kim Jong Un in my 2015 office pool on how Donald Trump?
Hey Speed Racer, you're the one into handcuffs, Kim Jong Un and Mr Tiny Hands.
If you are Kim Jong Fatbody, you gotta be sweating more than you usually do right now.
You know it! Big Fraud. Now He says killing his brother Kim Jong Trump is an option. He really got off on that strike. Next??
North Korea on the 'brink of war' as defector urges US to kill its despot leader
Fox Expert: Watch to see if Kim Jong-Un goes into hiding after Syria strike
The U.S. bombardment of a Syrian airbase just outside of Homs Friday was likely seen by North Korea as a clear w...
Its curious the was secret to everyone but Putin, yet N. Korea strategy is broadcast to the world
No question the scared the pantsuit off Kim Jong Un and others
Ambassador do you supposed nutty Kim Jong Un has heard about what happened in Syria yest…
EXO's Dancing Machine and my one and only bias, Kai. Kim Jong In. Happy five years! 😍😊😘
Tom and I were going to go out tonight... but instead we ended up ordering pizza and watching a documentary on Kim Jong Un 😂🙈
Fat boy, you will never see us coming 🚀💥😲
Wasn't the other option on the table assassination (decapitation) of Kim Jong Un
OMG. What the holy *** ! The US is considering killing Kim Jong Un &/or putting nukes in S. Korea?! just letting this leak is bad
Interesting comment to hear if you're Kim Jong Un.
If doughboy lunatic Kim Jong Un thinks there aren't consequences in using WMDs or ICBMs, he should ask
NSC presents with options on including US nukes in or killing Kim Jong Un, reports
Good lord, I hope this is just tabloid sensationalism. .
North Korean Defector Claims Kim Jong Un Will Use Nuclear Weapons We should hit him with a nuke 1st. It's all over.
Let's pray to God this is just a mischief story. Trump mulls plan to place nukes in S. Korea or kill Kim Jong-un
Happy Birthday, my bias and love Kim Jong Hyun of
After Syria sarin attack, a reminder VX-armed N. Korea has close ties with Assad on chemical weapons.
But Kim Jong Un's missile firings are "long-sighted," to eventually see if he can deliver a nuke warh…
Let there translators try and figure out what Trump means Kim Jong Un head will expl…
I hope Kim Jong Un takes a lesson from the !! New man in charge of the
defector urges world leaders to prepare for ‘DESPERATE’ Kim Jong-un to attack
🌹Assad & Kim Jong Un could mellow if I gave 'em a dog, but I wouldn't do that to the dog.…
If we don't get a World War with the likes of Trump, Putin, Erdogan, Kim Jong Un around then we can be sure there never…
Kim Jong Un is a democrat.and a democrats stupidity is unbound, therefore we all know what route he will most likely take.
New street art depicting childlike Kim Jong-un playing with missile and globe appears in north London - Evening……
Fun fact I made up: North Korea actually has a populate of 17, Kim Jong Un controls a country fake paper mache people
Kim Jong Un is lowkey sweet, I wanna see him with the hands, not the nuclear warfare
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Let's Get Alex Jones to sit down with Kim Jong-un and whatever happens, happens.
NO. PRES TRUMP would not do that. RELAX JONES. Taking out Kim Jong is an option, NOT w/ a Nuke...jus…
45 makes Kim Jong look like a Rhodes Scholar. No offense to all the Rhodes Scholars out there.
BREAKING: North Korea fires missiles into sea. 'We hit it too!!!' says delighted Kim Jong-un.
I jst cant imagine what might happen if Trump and North Koreaz Kim Jong Un are locked in one room heads
Donald Trump may need an easy win abroad to cover troubles at home, but his aggressive approach to Kim Jong-un…
North Korean defector says Kim Jong-un will use nukes and needs to be 'eliminated'
Prime Minister Najib Razak said a coroner had approved the release of Kim Jong-nam's body.
*** dose Kim Jong Un eat to get that big owo
North Korea accuses John McCain of 'blasphemy' for calling Kim Jong-un 'that crazy fat kid' via
Malaysia to release body of Kim Jong-nam in deal with North Korea: Nine Malaysians blocked…
Kim Jong Un looks like a sketch comedy character.
McCain knocks North Korea over criticism for calling Kim Jong Un "crazy fat kid"
John McCain sparks war of words with North Korea after calling Kim Jong-un 'crazy fat kid' http…
I'm literally so done with you, how are we even friends ¿?
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Dear President,Can you save China and North Korea,Kim Jong Un,the chairman of the North Korea is a psychopathic dictator
North Korea Expert Kelly - How advanced is Kim in building the nuclear bomb?
Given that I'm fair in politics, McCain is a scum bag but.. . The fact he called Kim Jong a fat kid Is awesome. But he wants war, so uncool
you best stfu before I leave you one seen for a year again
I beg to differ, you on the other hand would be lost without me so ha
mmm except I'm not, you're the one that doesn't see that beauty, everything I tell you IS simply just to get a reaction lol
North Korean defector floats balloons carrying news about Kim Jong Nam's death into the country from South Korea
They would be knocked out in minutes and then so would he in retaliation.
When I see word of anyang in history textbook form4. What others think is city of China while I think Kim jong kook house 😂😂
Kim Jong-un 'armed with HUGE drone army ready to launch CHEMICAL attack' think tank claims
KIM Jong-un is capable of launching attacks that could kill 90 per cent of American, two US intelligence experts...
I was doing so well with the deagle that someone just bought one for me every round so I could buy armor n nades lol
+McCain criticized for comments about Kim Jong Un; inste...
"After all, poetry is a communal enterprise — an intimate conversation between friends." Erica Jong & Kim Dower:…
Mentally unstable North Korean leader Kim Jong-un threatens war after being pushed over edge by US fat jibes
But he is not, as yet, as fantastic as Kim Jong Un.
All the people around him fake laugh like North Koreans laugh and clap at Kim Jong Un
And they say Trump has a way with words? in a crazy contest with kim dong jong McCain would win
And he could please 500 women a week nonstop and still work 7 days a week 16 hours a day. Just call him Kim Jong Trump.
he literally just referred to weightlifting fairy kim bok joo AS WEIGHTLIFTER PIXIE Kim Jong Un
i wanted to watch a kdrama and he told me that someone asked him to watch "weighLIFTER PIXIE Kim Jong Un" HSHAHHA IM DYING
Can China step in and tell North Korea to cool it rn pls. This is a losing game for NK. Wouldn't end well for them. https:/…
Make it Pakistan even worst North Korea . Yogi is the new kim Jong -Un of India .
the kim Jong of American sports huh
I'm sure Kim Jong Un said the same about North Korea at some point
every action Trump is behind calls for non-negotiations and consequences. Reminds you of Kim Jong Un
Great... Two Hot heads with access to the red button... UGH!
. That's creepy. . You know that's how Kim Jong IL demanded his people talk about him.
Aigoo. How could every angle of him so fine!!? Ahn Hyo Seop really have a Kim Woo Bin, Nam Joo Hyuk, and even Lee Jong Suk…
Kim Jong Un is the dictator in the game don't @ me
A rare picture of Kim Jong Un wearing bape and supreme
pictures looking more and more like Kim Jong Un
North Korea's Kim Jong Un is starving his people to pay for nuclear weapons
I have heard he has also hit 100 hole in ones. Second only to Kim Jong Un
does not sound at all like a Kim Jong Donald...
The Kim Jong Un Update is absolutely brilliant and hilarious. Love the podcast! Keep up the good work.
Sounds like something they'd say in North Korea about Kim Jong Un.
has informed the Fuhrer that the votes just aren't there today. Will Kim Jong Trump allow Ryan to live to see tomorrow?
Wow. Our Dear Leader is almost as superhuman as Kim Jong Un
In other news, North Korean missile launch failed after it exploded within seconds. Kim Jong was so mad he had his uncl…
And Kim Jong-Un has cured cancer, AIDS and Ebola.
OMG! You're right! This guy is Asian. He's a Dead Ringer for Kim Jong Un. What R the Metropolitan Police Smoking? I…
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