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Kim Jong

Kim Jong-il (born Yuri Irsenovich Kim; 16 February 1941; official biography claims 1942 – 17 December 2011) was the supreme leader of North Korea (DPRK) from 1994 to 2011. He succeeded his father and founder of the DPRK Kim Il-sung following the elder Kim's death in 1994. Kim Jong-il was the General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, Chairman of the National Defence Commission of North Korea, and the supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, the fourth-largest standing army in the world.

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Poking fun at Kim Jong-un has become a global past-time, but his actions are part of a highly rational long-game:…
Kim Jong-un to NEGOTIATE with Trump? North Korean leader 'poised for shock talks with US' https:…
Good reason to pray for North Korea:
Why won't Kim Jong nuke every member of the Klan?
Kim Jong Snow, the Kim in the north.
So, let's see...Trump didn't back down from North Korea..& Kim Jong Un softened his position. Huge deal but the media is cov…
"North Korea’s generals may come to understand that Kim’s survival is not indivisibly linked to their own."
North Korea has the bomb. Now we have to find ways to live with it.
Next friday will see the *** fingerblasting GRAND FINAL. So far Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have qualified. This is IMPORTANT.
My dog sounds like a mix of Kim Jong Il & Cartman from Southpark.
Isis, ira, cia or kim jong are terrorist of their own choice not promoted by Islam or…
Trump: Kim Jong Un made "very wise and well reasoned decision" to back off threats
A shame Charles Bronson didn't nab Kim Jong in Death Wish 3, might not have to worry about having to pla…
If I were Kim Jong Un, I'd do it on 21st August.
"Trump has small a window to deal with North Korea"How did it come to this? Kim Jong Un, an unstable and unpredict…
Expert: Guam image in Kim Jong Un photo from 6 years ago -
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Strange times. First I find I agree with Kim Jong Un (that Trump's barmy). Now I'm agreeing with James Murdoch…
To prevent nuclear catastrophe, we must stand in solidarity with ordinary people across the Korean peninsula.
Asians wonder who is more dangerous: President Trump or North Korean leader Kim Jong Un?
China warns of WORLD WAR 3 as Beijing unite with Russia to force Trump to 'hit the brakes'
yes,to the point where maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing if madman Kim Jong Un nuked the whole bloody world
I keep saying, the whole world needs a reset, Come on down Kim Jong Un
Trump, Duterte and Kim Jong Un would be perfect replacements for *** s trio
Have you ever seen Kim Jong Un in a motorcade or car ever. This pic of the poorest country in the…
It's time for the North Korean people to take Lil' Kim out. He is desperate as he loses control. via h…
Kim Jong Un of North Korea made a very wise and well reasoned decision. The alternative would have been both catastrop…
Korean man-boy Kim Jong Un sent by Allah to distract orange baboon from persecution of Muslims
Why Donald Trump can never make Kim Jong-un fall into line via
Trouble is sanctions only hurt the people. It is they who will starve while Kim Jong Un continues to live in luxury!!
North Korea holds off Guam missile launches as Kim Jong-un calms tensions
I saw an article earlier that Kim Jong Un, called off his Guam aim, can't remember where I saw article
.had a message for after she sent a message to dictator Kim Jong-un insulting
We should have become the aggressors 30 years ago. Kim Jon…
'Theyll think he's BLUFFING' North Korea expert says Trump vow will not stop Kim Jong-un
We've got a couple of chubby brats with big missiles and short fuses. Is nuclear winter coming?
Left wing media is simultaneously associating Trump with neo-Nazis and Kim Jong Un. Their hatred of Trump knows no bounds.
Dare you aware Kim Jong-UN is a homicidal, genocidal murderer?
'This is a moment for Kim Jong-un': Important dates loom on N Korean calendar via…
I'm glad likes to talk. The guy at the DNC consistently shows the idiocy of the party!. https:/…
A look at the North Korean missiles that could hit Guam
Will the and Kim Jong Un verbal barrage lead to a showdown?
Putting the nuke into nuclear family: it’s Trump and Kim Jong-un.
Will the Blowhard Blow Us Up? Maureen Dowd asks a timely question but provides no answer.
Jeremy Corbyn warns government against dragging Britain into military intervention in North Korea
Spirit world:In spirit world Trump n Kim Jong Un r soul buddies.Both are called to solve difficult problems on earth.solution?…
Kim Jong Un behaves horribly for a world leader and that's why I'm *** proud that we've finally got a real leader who b…
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Donald Trump's racist comments are to blame for the white supremacists' violence
Opinion | Will the Blowhard Blow Us Up? No You Liberal Creep. . Under Obama & Hillary we'd be B…
Yeah, those confederate flag waving racist are all ***
Jeremy Corbyn warns government against 'catastrophic' military intervention in North Korea that will effect the https…
Exactly. Lil Kim Jong will learn that "bluffing nuke threats" really will get you blown off the fac…
."The liberal media freaked out because can say anything and they'll freak out over it."
Abeg who get Donald Trump direct line, I wan recommend Matic to help am intercept all the Ń.korea missile wey Kim Jong…
Stop and actually listen to Trump. Kim Jong Un is the new Judge Curiel, Khizr Khan, Mika Brzezinski 1/x
If Rosie O'Donnell likes Kim Jong - un, the North Korean dictator so much, how about moving there?!?!
Rep. Keith Ellison has sided with Kim Jong-un over Democrats will do anything to trash Trump.
At least Keith Ellison is a consistent traitor, has ties to The Muslim Brotherhood & now sides with Kim Jong . North Korea an…
BREAKING: Keith Ellison just said Kim Jong-un is more responsible than Trump. Yes, Ellison, who's tied to Hamas & the Mus…
Maxine: I say we give Kim Jong-un what he wants which is Koreatown in LA, Chinatown in San Francisco, & Jack Daniel Dis…
FRANCE 24 English: Donald Trump on North Korea: "Let's see what he (Kim Jong-un) does with Guam!"
China would 'STOP US attack on North Korea but remain NEUTRAL if Kim Jong-un hits first'
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“I don’t think he’ll (Kim Jong-un) pick a fight with us directly because he knows if he does then we’ll kill him.
Kim Jong-un: "We will blot out the sun over the US Monday! The little criminal Trump will be powerless to stop us!"
Does the Kim Jong Un gang try to profit off their missile launches? e.g. do they short S&P futures before pressing the red bu…
North Korean general, whose boss is Kim Jong-un, complains that Trump is “a guy bereft of reason.”.
Obama says: My Seoul Summit was a smashing success because it guaranteed that Kim Jong-un would stand down until August…
'God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong-un,' evangelical adviser says
China has been given two headaches – Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un | Tom Phillips
Is it any wonder that recent reports suggest South Koreans are more worried about Donald Trump than Kim Jong-un?
All I want for Christmas is . Kim Jong-il and George Dubya. ...What?. 😕
.is sending a strong message to North Korea in language Kim Jong-un would understand. 🎯https:/…
Did cnn seriously just infer in there commentary that kim jong p is the sane one, & has to try & deal with Trump! Trump Is doing all ...
Breaking: Kim Jong Un cannot launch nuclear missile as he was foiled by the "You must be at least THIS tall to launch nucle…
Do you know what the difference is between Kim Jong Un & Trump?. Me neither
US may allow South Korea to build more powerful warheads amid war threats from Kim Jong-un http…
Sounds like something the North Korean government would say about Kim Jong Un
Remember, kim jong NUTJOB, is not a normal person, his Brain is is sick, like Hitler
More evidence that there is indeed no supreme being.
Trump.. "Fire & Fury the likes of which the world has never seen.". Kim Jong Un.. "Bomb Guam.". Guam.. *** did we do?".
A mad despot with a terrible haircut. And then there's Kim Jong Un..
Trump is dangerous, so is Kim Jong Un. But folk actually voted dangerous Trump in. They voted him in. 🤦‍♀️
Kim Jong Un has his finger on the red button while Libs & MSM continue their insane distractions with Russian Rabbit Trai…
*** do you expect Pia Mia to do??? Stop the missile??? Fly to NK and try talk Kim Jong Un out of it??
CNN: Trump Nuclear War. MSNBC: Trump Nuclear War. BBC: Trump Nuclear War. FOX: ...Stars we have lost in 2017.
Breaking : President Trump asks Kendall Jenner to fly to Pyongyang and offer Kim Jong Un a can of Pepsi to stop him from att…
Omg!! They sound like ISIS and every other terror organization .. War in the name of God! . .
This is what nuclear war with America and North Korea would look like
I will also post this without comment. Cuz.No.
If some lunatic TX Pastor thinks that Trump should kill N. Koreans. how about Impeach Trump? *** read the Bible!. ht…
That or he just starts calling Kim Jong Un "Tiny Kim" and hurts Un's feelings till Un limps away ami…
Threatening WW3 good 4 business in missile defence systems requests amid fears htt…
North Korea responds to Trump warning of ‘fire and fury’ with threat to strike US territory of Guam
Imagine the fun we'll have when Iran gets its nukes. Kim Jong Un wants to survive. The Ayatollahs want a global caliphate.…
Trump did not sound like a he sounded like Saddam Hussein or Kim Jong Un! We won't say or bathe in blood, we are America
lol I pleaded with Dennis Rodman to talk sense into Donald Trump & Kim Jong Un—The world is upside down.
Think about this: we'll be saved if Kim Jong Un thinks our President is as big a joke as the rest of us do.
.u please talk to Kim Jong Un & let him know Trump will eventually be impeached? Just give us some time.
North Korea threatens missile strike on US-territory Guam 'at ANY MOMENT'
You think someone should tell Donald and Kim Jong that they need to work together if they want to have a shot at beating…
He already has a god body.. What's else he want? A kim jong kok body? 😣
North Korea's Kim Jong Un is threatening to attack GUAM! It's not even part of the USA! This guy is SO dumb & h…
Kim Jong Un: "Our long range missiles are now the most accurate on earth". Kieran Tierney: "Hold my beer...".
Trump's base and evangelicals are pushing Trump to strike, claiming ‘God has given Trump authority to take out KJU.’ http…
Kim Jong-un moves to cement ties with Vladimir Putin ahead of China
'Donald Trump's North Korea warning has the authority of God to take out Kim Jong-un' | World | News | E…:
/mr. Trump, you're the most stupid president of the whole world (including Maduro, Kim Jong-um or Evo Morales)
North Korean who risked his life to escape regime wants to RETURN to Kim Jong-un’s kingdom
I can't wait until Dennis Rodman is appointed to Kelly's old job at DHS. He'll destroy Kim Jong on the boards.
Clearly, the IQ of the 33-year-old Kim Jong-un exceeds the IQs of Hassan Javad and Ali combined.
Would it help if I told 'em I think Kim Jong is a Brilliant leader? 🤔
How much more taunting are we going to take before we take out psycho Kim Jong Un? Do we have to have a nuclear hit in LA be…
And look who's standing next to Clinton when he meets with Kim Jong ll
So are we now going to see pictures of and seated at the table of Kim Jong Un?
Kim vows to make Donald Trump 'kneel down before him' as WW3 nears
Fwiw, I've heard intel experts state that Kim Jong Un is not irrational. Here is a…
both Putin and Kim Jong Un are learning about the psychopathology of a leader they can neither play or anticipate.
The missile was a distraction while it landed in Japan Kim Jong Un landed in USA. here's the new Nuke of North Korea
Bout time to wipe that fat smile off Kim Jong Un.
Mr. Modi. I am sorry. Of all the things to ask. US requests India's help via
Kang *** Dong and Kim Jong Kook face off for a name tag game on 'Knowing Brothers'
North Korea is ‘YEARS away from a NUCLEAR missile’ Russian official claims after ICBM test
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I waited four days Kim Jong... Where ya'll at???
After a slow start, . kim jong-kook tears . proved that he could . still hit all the high notes.
Here's how Kim Jong Un rose to become the leader of one of America's most feared nations
Welcome to the bullseye, America. All of the is in range of now. This is bad - where is my bunker?
US requests India's help to rein in North Korea's Kim Jong-un
Remember when we all thought Kim Jong-un was the most mentally unstable leader of a nation? Good times.
On behalf of the United States of America I Cody Wallace of Ohio am asking you Kim Jong-un and all of North Korea do n…
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who personally oversaw the 4 July launch, described it as a gift to the “American *** ”
NAH b the president name Kim Jong-un and Kim possible was a show about a secret agent girl . Mission Kim possible hard
Will strike 'heart of US' if Kim Jong-un regime threatened: North Korea
"since the North’s young leader, Kim Jong-un, took power in 2011, at least 25 defectors have resurfaced, claimin..."
Kim Jong-un warns Donald Trump he is pushing North Korea to the brink of nuclear war via
China is giving Trump a lesson in how to handle Kim Jong-un | Simon Jenkins
Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump: The godfathers of the UN treaty to ban the bomb via…
Could $175billion pay for the removal of Kim Jong-un?.
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My Kim Jong Un tash pics seem to be fairly popular so here's some more!
Kim Jong Un's hair is basically a tash. Here's more of my proof to back up the claim.
More support of my Kim Jong Un hair Tash discovery!
Finally realised what Kim Jong Un's hair reminds me of so I made these.
On July 8, 1994: North Korea's dictator dies and his son takes over
Trump, Putin, May, Kim Jong Un & Xi Jinping all have the same plan for journalism
😂GOT 1 STAR IN THE APPLE STORE. don't argue with th…
Fox News really wants the U.S. to assassinate “crazy fat kid” Kim Jong Un
I could easily win the ufc if i wanted to. Im just busy with school n all
Kalo kata kim jong kook, men are all like that wks
Kim Jong Un's hair tash. The gift that keeps on giving.
Regime change is incredibly dangerous and not a fresh idea at all. This is a new, respon…
Ufc is so *** Its like watching a playground fight. Theres some good grapples tho
More Kim Jong Un hair tash pictures for you all to marvel at.
Kim Jong Un Visit the Remains of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il at Kumsusan Palace of Sun via
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
"You can't take all those groceries in one trip". ME:
They tell me the same thing about Putin or Kim Jong Un.
I have been making images of Kim Jong Un's hair as people's moustaches all day. Here's a special one for…
Who's going to tell him he can't? Kim Jong-Un SMOKES a cigarette right beside experimental engines on .
CIA psych assessment of Kim Jong Il. Kind of makes you think. . (ht
My next video will be a super Mega ULTRA Exposé of Republic TV and why Kim Jong Un is feeling jealous watching this propa…
Reminder that Kim Jong Un or someone close to him has a steam account
Dennis Rodman's ringtone for Kim Jong Un is thank you for being a friend, the theme of Golden Girls
What I picture happens when Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman meet...
In North Korea there's no street violence, and they launch ballistic missiles. Kim Jong-un could teach Merkel a few things about leadership.
As I mention in this piece, Kim Jong-un's choice of a murder weapon, powerful liquid VX, to kill his half brother was not a…
‘Any time, any place’: South Korea’s Moon still keen on talks with Kim Jong-un despite missile test.
I'm sure making Nikki Haley work on a holiday is a real ramifications wake up call for Kim Jong-un.
Kim Jong-un rubs his hands together and says, "Excellent. Inconveniencing Nikki Haley was the entire purpose of the missile…
You may have heard that Donald Trump is perplexed about Kim Jong-un‘s “lack of better…
"Smart Cookie" or jobless leader? | Donald Trump needs to make up his mind about North Korea's Kim Jong-un -
North Korea to make major announcement following latest missile launch via
Fire one over the bow, maybe just maybe he, Kim Jong will get the messsge...
You mean he shouldnt stand up to N Korea? How would you handle kim jong jerk? Polished diploma…
Dear - who is the head of your force please? Are you guys sharia? One of your 'officers' has gone the full K…
Dear Kim Jong Un,. Thanks for the used missiles but we're just fish & can't use them so if you don't mind.…
Kim Jong Un wants this video off the internet see spread it around!
That's what you've got? You think he's going to nuke someone? I would be more worried about Kim Jong…
just picked a fight with Kim Jong Un then goaded Japan, South Korea & China to go to war with N Korea. No big deal.…
None of that will happen. You have no clue what you're doing. Such a sad and ugly man. You're Kim Jong's rag doll.
What does a dog do when it's backed into a corner? It gets desperate. NK is surrounded and Kim Jong Un is panicking.
We need golf lessons for Kim Jong Un to keep him as busy as tRump
Remember when you called Kim Jong Un a "pretty smart cookie"? Good times. .
I want to follow Kim Jong Un's tumblr
How to stop Kim Jong Un from using his nukes? What if Containment does NOT work?.
just insulted Kim Jong Un and suggested Japan, South Korea and China go to war with North Korea. Get this psychopat…
Not now, Kim Jong Un. The man-baby in charge of the codes is already melting down.
It's easier to argue that Kim Jong Un is the only rational one in the equation.
Kim Jong Un wants a deterrent nothing more. He saw what happened to Libya and Iraq. He isn'…
We are literally at the point were we have to hope that a guy who is obviously crazy, Kim Jong Un, is less crazy than the…
China begs world powers to ease North Korean tensions or expect 'DISASTROUS consequences'
Maybe Trump will threaten Kim Jong Un with a scathin' National Enquirer tell-all? .
I wanna knockout Kim Jong Un so bad, I'll literally go on a James Bond mission just to hit him with a 6 piece combo, stupid lil twerp
Kim Jong Un on Trump after North Korea’s missile launch: “Let's see if this guy have anything better to do wit…
American missing for 12 yrs thought to have been taken by N. Korean regime as “gift to Kim Jong-un”
Kim Jong-un's secret life of luxury Kim eats Kobe beef while his people survive on 250g of cereal a day.
Song Ji hyo, Kim Jong kok I'll kill you when you come!: via
Liberal South Korean President wants to hug Kim Jong says we need to use more sunshine and compassion toward North Korea ..sound familiar
South Korea threatens war after Kim Jong-un sent a drone to spy on its missile defenses as US officials warn of a ... - Dail…
Republican senator, John McCain, has accused Kim Jong-un’s regime of murdering the 22-year-old Otto Warmbier
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Otto Warmbier North Korea LIVE: Latest news on how US student died and what happened
Kim Jong Un lives in fear of assassination by western 'decapitation' team, says report | Fox News
North Korea sent you back a vegetable and you crowwwed and took credit for the release. Kim Jon…
pictures thoroughly,He was core Kim il sung thought NL-from 1986. current Chie…
I wish we could all kick Kim Jong Un in the *** Like death from *** kicking by Americans wi…
yes! move left. Farther left than Cuba. . like Kim Jong Un left
Yup. And the final boss was a massive disappointment. Just a helicopter? Really? I was fi…
In retaliation for Kim Jong Un murdering Otto Warmbier, Trump should bomb North Korea to kingdom come!
Someone's trying to one-up the Kim Jong Un romper as the worst thing on the internet
spokesman thinks deserved all this . Check it out :.
Kim Jong Un romper for men could be the worst thing ever
With Kim Jong Un, we all knew it was a matter of time before something like this happened...
AXJ North Korea : The People of North Korea are demanding that Kim Jong Un resign immediately as revolution...
“Clearly we’re moving further away” from the conditions for any potential meeting between and Kim Jong Un, says
Kim Jong Un is a terrible dictator but at least he doesn't support GamerGate. "Communism is good, actually."
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Kim Jong-un goes into hiding 'over fears of US decapitation' after death of Otto Warmbier
Kim Jong-un In Hiding Over Fears of an Assassination Attempt by the US Navy Seals Decapitation Squad
As long as hey aren't Kim Jong's, I think we'll be safe.
Otto Warmbier's death in North Korea is the responsibility of Kim Jong-un but bad policy contributed.…
Dennis Rodman gives Kim Jong-un Trump's book 'The Art of the Deal' Hope he reads it .
Afraid To make trump mad. He is the next Kim Jong.
I added a video to a playlist I put spongebob music over Kim Jong-il's funeral
Dennis Rodman gives NK minister Trump's "Art of the Deal" to pass onto Kim Jong Un
I think is the ambassador we need but this is a start!
I've heard talk of blowing up Kim Jong Un... Looks like someone took it literally.
Kim Jong Un is nothing but a brainless,anarchist & fascist *** 😑
.gave sports minister copy of "The Art of the Deal,” a present intended for Kim Jong Un
American Diplomacy 2017: Dennis Rodman gifts "The Art of the Deal" to Kim Jong Un.
Kim Jong Un effectively made Dennis Rodman a U.S. ambassador. That’s the best reason yet to reengage
World War 3: Putin deploys 'kill all' missile system – and points it at North Korea
Notice Kim Jong Un now has the full Peaky Blinders - Alt Right nut job haircut.
Jihan Wu's threats are as credible as Kim Jong Un's threats to nuke the Pacific Coast. No way to actually pull off attack, j…
Kim Jong Il: Awww Hans. You're breakin my balls Hans, you're breaking my balls!
Kim Jong lettin loose right now brother
I wonder if Rodman plays one on one with Kim Jong Un and has to let him win.
Kim Jong Hyun. -nation's leader . -has the best personality and is soo nice. -CAN YOU BELIVE THIS BOY HANDSOMENESS. -his voice giv…
She is the poster child for communism! She di…
Release of Otto Warmbier will not improve US-North Korean relations, experts warn
Awesome Kim Jong Kook all of them looks nice
Rodman brings Kim Jong Un a copy of 'Where's Waldo,' a mermaid puzzle, soap and Trump's 'Art of the Deal'
So, Dennis Rodman left a bunch of gifts for Kim Jong Un. They include Donald Trump's book, "The Art of the Deal"
North Korea declares its 'invincible strength will WIN final victory against the US' -
Best news of the week: Rodman gives Kim Jong Un the gift of Trump: "The Art of the Deal"
Dennis Rodman is going back to North Korea to hang out with his "best friend," murderous communist dictator Kim Jong-un. He c…
Trump’s cabinet meeting today reminded me of Kim Jong-un’s gatherings when the senior men around him, smile, scribble notes and bow.
And next week - Megs will introduce the American public to the Eastern philosophy of North Korea's Kim Jong
Y'all busy looking at Kim Jong-un of North Korea like he cray, but he knows what's up...
Susan Collins dressing from Dillard's Kim Jong-il collection on today's big stage.
Trump, tell Kim Jong-un to behave, are DARPA will blow him and his country in space and ostracized from this...
Japan vows to join forces with the US to take action against North Korea after Kim Jong-un defies warnings by launc
Kim Jong-nam case transferred to higher court
Women in court charged with murder of Kim Jong-nam
Kim Jong-nam murder case moves to Malaysian high court
The murder case of Kim Jong-nam, half-brother of North Korea's leader, moves to Malaysian high court
Hawaii preparing for nuclear war as Kim Jong-un dons white suit to party with military…
Kim Jong Il and Kim dotcom are polar opposites. One even one good.
WW3 FEARS: Kim Jong-un on alert as South Korean military ‘heads to border with North’
Kim why you loading 1 out of the 4 missiles. Kim Jong Il says your beautiful snuffywobkins plus death with shame =dishonor hand to hand best
I'm starting to think Nth. Korea's president Kim Jong-un has more scruples than
Nth Korea missile test 'due to Kim Jong-un paranoia' Paranoid Xi back peddles from strong action…
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North Korea faces collapse as China threatens to AXE Kim Jong-un's last lifeline
North Korea open to dialogue with US; US & South Korea both willing to talk with the government of Kim Jong-un: https:/…
Kim Jong-un and Theresa May? One is a sociopath, supported by the naive, brainwashed by the media and the other is from North Korea.
Kim Jong-un builds replica of South Korean presidential palace - then pulverises it with bombs
Kim Jong-un's Fake Diary - I'm finally getting some respect from America. Their *** holey new guy really pi…
North Korean defector says conflict with Kim Jong-un is 'inevitable'
Moon Jae-in is a North Korean Spy. The Korean Peninsula will be unified with North and South with Kim Jong-un as the main axis.
Add Putin and Kim Jong-un and you'll have a modern version of Solsbury Hill!
Moon Jae-in wants to visit North Korea. It would be fun to see supreme leader Kim Jong-un meet with prominent rulers.
Dennis Rodmans account of his "friendship" with Kim Jong-un sounds like a scene from The Interview
North Korea captures US citizen in Pyongyang – four Americans now detained by Kim Jong-un
My brother's changed his photo on the staircase to Kim Jong-un and my mum still hasn't noticed after 2 weeks
Matthew: what movie do you wanna watch? . Me: idk . Matthew: pick, woman . Me (deadass serious) that Kim Jong Un documentary
Trump's flattery of foreign dictators is terrifying | By .
People say the best is dead but really I'm bumping with my close friend Kim Jong Un at Chillis.
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Trump clearly places Abbas & Kim Jong Un in the same category as criminals.
North Korea accuses the CIA of plotting to assassinate Kim with bio-weapon wielded by a lumberjack…
Dennis Rodman says Kim Jong Un told him, "I don't want to bomb anyone"
Dennis Rodman drank the Fatboy KIM kool-aid shamelessly. . Maybe USA should deport him to North Korea.
KCNA: Assad sends Kim Jong Un message and "sincerely wished him good health and happiness and the friendly Korean people greater progress."
‘Reduced to ASHES’ North Korea threatens the White House with a NUCLEAR STRIKE
Kim Jong Un is insane. He's a much bigger *** than Trump is, which . is really scary.
BREAKING NEWS: Trump invites Kim Jong . Un to come to DC, asks him to fly on United .
I saw a news report showing Kim Jong Un & a bunch of N. Korea . military watching an anti-USA film.
Kim Jong-Un 'doesn't want to bomb anyone': basketballer Dennis Rodman
Kim Jong Un is nuts. He's a *** dictator with a severe little man . Napolean complex.
Looks like Kim Jong Un has an interesting way of preparing troops for battle.
Please explain why Mark Zuckerberg randomly showing up at people's houses is any less weird than Kim Jong Un lookin…
North Korea Accuses South and US of Plotting to Kill Kim Jong-un -
North Korea provides no hard evidence for claim of plot to kill dictator Kim Jong Un The latest …
If the US wanted Kim Jong Un dead, the would've already succeeded bc our coverts are great.
Trump attacks judges, researches ways to change the First Amendment and NEVER condemns oppressive dictators. https:…
Kim Jong-un orders North Korean troops to be ready to break the enemy's backbone
North Korea accuses CIA of plot to assassinate Kim Jong Un
There is no way in *** Trump should meet with Kim Jong Un
North Korea to launch Korean-style attacks on US and Seoul spy agencies over Kim Jong-un murder plot
Pfft. So What? Kim Jong-Whathisname can do the same thing with his psychic Juche powers. .
Kim Jong Un is a fat beta who inherited daddy's power, but he makes up for what he lacks in testosterone with inherited…
North Korea's claim of plot to assassinate Kim Jong Un using biochemical weapons mimics its own misdeeds h…
North Korea's claims of a plot to assassinate Kim Jong Un with a biochemical attack, mimics his own misdeeds. Sound familiar?
US to ‘increase its spy capabilities on Kim Jong-un’ with new North Korea bill
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