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Kim Jong

Kim Jong-il (born Yuri Irsenovich Kim; 16 February 1941; official biography claims 1942 – 17 December 2011) was the supreme leader of North Korea (DPRK) from 1994 to 2011. He succeeded his father and founder of the DPRK Kim Il-sung following the elder Kim's death in 1994. Kim Jong-il was the General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, Chairman of the National Defence Commission of North Korea, and the supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, the fourth-largest standing army in the world.

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Kim Jong-un promotes his sister to top ranks of North Korean government…. despite her once…
Kim Jong-un promotes his sister to centre of power
Veterans explain why Trump is trying to goad Kim Jong-un — and it’s frightening
Kim Jong-un struck a defiant tone after President Trump said diplomacy had failed to end the crisis
The Logical Thinking of Jong Un: Heeding the Lessons of Iraq, Libya, and Iran…….
The terrifying truth about Kim Jong-un, according to the CIA
test shows Trump's boast that Kim Jong Un now respects him was fake news. Earthquake is detected at a Nucl…
So you quote Kim Jong Un to insult POTUS, then talking about putting an "…
'Dragon Club's Kim Jong Kook, Cha Tae Hyun, Jang Hyuk, & more pose like idols in a new teaser! https:/…
Yep. Kim Jong Un is rational. It is tRump who is the 'madman.'
Yes well Kim Jong Un does some things Leader likes. They're very similar in fact.
Korea doesn't want war so tRump is now focusing on Iran because he is *** bent on pushing that button. Please,...
Kim Jong-un is not crazy but a 'rational actor', CIA officials state via
World War 3: Russia warn North Korea is to test long-range missile capable of reaching USA
The Conservatives have a reason for May’s humiliating speech that would make Kim Jong-un blush
Wouldn't it be a lot harder for Kim Jong Un to vanish people into labor camps if th…
I find it funny that Kim Jong Un has people whose entire job it is to just set up his office in random places outsi…
If CIA Official says it must be . tru...wait,'s a LIE! LIE! LIE!
Here's a Shocking video on Kim Jong-Un's Bombs -
guessing his motive is only to be more controversial than his idols Kim Jong Un and Putin
What a surprise, apparently North Korean Leader is not a madman - ...
It needs everyone to agree it including Kim Jong Un.
Arvind & Mamata r reason y i blv Therns still lives in bwt us, thy once said v choose fools to rule so tht they can wo…
Everytime I try to type Kim it auto-corrects to Jim and everytime I type Jong it auto-corrects to Ko…
Jim Kong. Kim Dong. K-JU. Kim-J. Kim Jong fUNeral. Typing this list I think discovered how came up with Jim Kong...
He sounds more and more like Kim Jong Un everyday.
Unsurprisingly, this is what a third grader secretly said to Kim Jong Un: "George Washington died from words."
Donald Trump says Kim Jong-un is a 'madman'. Top CIA diplomats say it's much scarier than that
."We are becoming the existential threat Kim Jong Un told his people we were to justify their oppression." h…
Vladimir putin would rather break his opposition leaders legs, be devils advocate and spurt Kim Jong Un into nuclear destruction than retire
How did Kim Jong Nam’s killers keep themselves safe? This week may have brought an answer
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Lee Soo Geun, Jeon Hyun Moo, Kim Jong Min, and Henry will return from the previous lineup.
The untold story of Kim Jong Nam's assassination by North Korea via
CIA thinks Trump is crazy to label Kim Jong Un a madman
Eh eh now good look with mr. Kim Jong Un, ma'm.
Will the “blood on your hands” quotes from liberals apply when their darling Kim Jong Un detonates the nukes that their messiah gave them?
Dear Kim Jong Un, if you feelin' froggy and wanna leap here you go: 38.8977° N, 77.0365° W & 40.7624° N, 73.9738° W
CIA says North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is not crazy, but ‘very rational’ -
Hey Kim Jong Un, . and the say what's up.
BREAKING: North Korea preparing long-range missile test. 👉Kim Jong-Haircut will get his sorry *** kicked.
I guess the CIA can't comment on his counterpart:
I love Mr. President Trump. Destroy N.Korea little Rocket Man Kim Jong-un.
North Korea's ratio of provocations to negotiations is highest under Kim Jong-un, and lowest under Kim Il-Sung.
Vladimir Putin gives 'lifeline' to Kim Jong-un in bid to save regime and stop World War 3
Don't be fooled by Trump's trash talk. Kim Jong eun is intensely rational & very determined.
Kim Jong-nam poisoning trial: accused women plead not guilty KJU has deadly stockpile of VX
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Women accused of assassinating Kim Jong-nam with VX nerve agent at airport plead not guilty (Pic: AP)
Kim Jong-nam poisoning trial: accused women face court
Kim Jong-nam murder: Women plead not guilty in Malaysia trial
Kim Jong-un has been in power for 5.5 years.
Trump says Tillerson is 'wasting his time' trying to negotiate with Kim Jong-un
This is so so so bad. Donald Trump warns Kim Jong-un 'won't be around much longer' via
The only difference between Trump and Kim Jong Un is Trumps love of money and Kim Jong Un's love of nukes.
It's weird that Trump wants Kim Jong Un to believe we can destroy North Korea when we can't even send a boat to Puerto…
NO JOKE: I was just "debating" a "liberal" family friend who said she wishes Kim Jong Un would nuke us all.
Jared in the saudi royal Palace, Jared selling arms to saudi, Jared broking peace between jews and…
Kim jong mind is controlled dark prince when I seek in his mind dark prince stoped me there is no way…
Impeachment hearing needs to start immediately to remove our USA version of Kim Jong Un.
Indian media is so infantile that is showing Mogambo from Mr India to describe how Kim Jong runs North Korea 😂
Unsurprisingly, this is what our leading scientists said off-the-record about Kim Jong Un: *** Cheney died from survival tips."
Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un should just have sex already.
Donald Trump to visit Asia 'to confront North Korean threat'
Pretty sure a bowl of my maws homemade lentil soup could solve any problem, Kim Jong Un get yerself over for a bowl son
Excellent. How the suspects, one Vietnamese got involved.The Untold Story of Kim Jong-nam’s Assassination.
Kim Jong-un in pictures: Bizarre photoshoots of North Korea's leader
Jill Stein defends Russia, Kim Jong Un and Trump voters in a new interview with Newsweek.
Kim Jong Un is the unstable one. Trump didn't ask for this but he's not backing down like candy-tail Obama.
If you look closely you’ll see that this is none other than Kim Jong Un! Say hi Kim!! 👋🏻
Let's say a example let's say Kim Jong Un drops a nuclear bomb on the USA Trump will send all the help to save Ame…
Kim Jong Un in a thong,or Donald Trump in a bikini,it's really repulsive,cry forever.
Scuba Certification classes with Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un canceled due to excessive interest
Yes, Democrats. Please run on Kim Jong Un is right and Dr. Seuss is racist
Amid the escalating war of words btwn Trump & Kim Jong Un, I spoke to about a diplomatic option w h…
I thought they meant that the escalator was for Kim Jong BOOM! 😂😂😂
North Korea tells US to prepare for FINAL DOOM as Kim threatens to ANNIHILATE Trump
They say Kim Jong feeds the people full of propaganda - here in the US we call it CNN, MSNBC, CBS, & ABC
Little Giant Ladders
Kim Jong has one thing in common with Trump Close hold on his wives.
Kim Jong-un had his own uncle killed, poisoned his aunt, has mass public executions, teen sex slaves, etc…
I'm glad Kim Jong-un said TRUMP will "pay dearly for his threats" and not me because I have no beef with North Korea.
Kim Jong Un and Iran are able to show their own peoples - if not the world - that America isn't very credible. A Putin we…
.on the long history of North Korean declarations of war
the dumping ground,the test site and this is scourge of our beautiful country,used & abused by MOD!Enough! https…
Several Dems are now taking the side of anthem protesters & NK Kim Jong Un to show their opposition to Trump. Pretty path…
Scotland would rather be known for making peace than preparing for war...and yet.
North Korea spotted preparing for WAR by southern spies as Kim Jong-un redeploys warplanes -
FFS stop calling Kim Jong Un a madman, you lunatic. He may be Asian but I'm pretty sure your hand…
. North Korea has warned to shoot down US Bombers after the US has “declared war” on the …
Kim Jong-un wanted assassination of his half-brother to be 'gruesome' and public
The world forgot that "dotard" was even a word. After yesterday's name-calling, it's back
Kim Jong Un can't be allowed to have functional thermo nuclear ICBM missiles.
We live in strange times. Kim Jong Un is on the front of Heat, talking about Stormzy
EXO-Ls are also planning to go to North Korea to team up with Kim Jong Un for EXO's world domination. . Fanfic http…
WATCH: Former President Jimmy Carter said aggravating Kim Jong Un might cause him to use his nuclear weapons.
Will stop before he and Jong start a LA Times
Sad to see Democrats backing up the evil dictator Kim Jong Un instead of supporting our president & country. What pathe…
The Untold Story of Kim Jong-nam’s Accidental Assassination from via
Leftists preferring Kim Jong Un over Donald Trump shows how sick and demented these people really are.
Seeing Kim Jong Un be praised just cause he is anti american. What a time to be alive. Not like he runs concentration ca…
.well said it's that insane Kim Jong Un that is the antagonist here Wake up UN & the world 🌎 is…
In Alabama to boost Sen. Luther Strange, Trump detours to insult Kim Jong Un and defend himself
The only time I'll ever appear in GQ. In a story about the VX assassination of Kim Jong Nam:.
North Korea has denied it plans to sell its nuclear technology but .
I just figured it out. The animosity, they look alike. Trump is Kim Jong Un's father
How are media outlets reporting on the escalating war of words between President Trump & North Korea's Kim Jong-un?
It's good to see "dotard" back in general usage (thanks Kim Jong!) (thanks Un!) but it's kind of uncomfortable because, you know…
North Korea supreme leader Kim Jong-un and United States president Donald Trump together at the United Nations in New York thi…
"A frightened dog barks louder" - Kim Jong-un responds to Trump following his maiden UN speech about the Korean Peninsula.
"The assertion that N Korea could defeat the South is awfully presumptuous, and I think Kim Jong-un knows that." - Gen. David Petraeus
Trump and Kim Jong-un are calling each other names like they are kids on a playground, not threatening our countries with nuclear war.
Kim Jong-un has called Donald a 'dotard', late Middle for senile person.
The Bernie Sanders - Kim Jong-un ticket in 2020 is going to be more lit and woke than Rip van Winkle doused in napalm
The ONLY Heads Of State missing at the in New York are: Kim Jong (North Korea), Al Bashir (Sudan) and Uhuru Kenyatta.
Kim Jong-un on Donald Trump: 'I will make the deranged president pay dearly' via
Kim Jong-un has guaranteed himself that he is remembered as the only man who could accurately summarize Donald Trump in 1 wo…
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has threatened to tame U.S. President Donald Trump with “fire”...
We went from Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev to Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. We're going to die.
Yes, I can see how publicly humiliating Kim Jong Un is going to get him to be reasonable & give up his nukes. Tru…
Hung with Soros and de Blasio in the U.N. lobby whining about globalism or something.
Kim Jong runs concentration camps, picks children from schools for sex slav…
Kim Jong Un Has Teen Sex Slaves and Executes Musicians with Anti-Aircraft Guns via /r/news
do you think Kim Jong Un will calm down if someone sends him some Wendy's.
Donald Trump is going to “totally destroy North Korea”. Next season of The Apprentice he is creating a Kim Jong Un and destroying him.
Kim Jong Un has teen sex slaves who feed him caviar, defector claims | New York Post
Haley: Trump’s ‘Rocket Man’ label is generating discussion about North Korean leader
Trump's "Rocket Man" nickname for Kim Jong Un doesn't make any sense, Michael D'Antonio writes for
WATCH: Nikki Haley says other world leaders are starting to call North Korea's dictator
Nikki Haley: The world now calls Kim Jong Un 'Rocket Man' via
US lacks justice with immigration Trump and Kim Jong Un has brought this judgem…
North Korean defector witnessed people blown up by anti-aircraft guns under Kim Jong-Un - Metro
Trumped: United Nations Leaders using new "Rocketman" nickname for Kim Jong-Un
sounds like he can change his last name to Clinton
.Trump’s ‘Rocket Man’ label is generating discussion about North Korean leader
Kim Jong Un is a successful millennial and boomers are threatened by that
Kim Jong Un, aka may be the most ridiculous 'leader' of a nation since Idi Amin & his 'astronaut corps.'. But far more dangerous.
President Trump keeps referrin’ to Kim Jong Un as “Rocket Man.” If that’s not the most American thing ever, nothin’ is. 🇺🇸
So that's ISIS & Kim Jong Un the guardian have written apologetic articles about this week...
Update your maps at Navteq
Ignore Trump’s lies. North Korea is no threat to Britain | Simon Jenkins
.every other international community is now referring to Kim Jong Un.. as
And the Guardian rallies to the side of 🙄
CNN & 'hero'Kim plucks teen sex slaves from schools & executes musicians with anti-aircraft gun h…
When Elton John is now forever associated with Kim Jong-un
Steve, I will pray for the people. But read Romans 13, think about Kim Jong-un. Now, wha…
Trump refers to Kim Jong as but let's not forget how Trump is, and continues to be, Putin's "Tiny Dancer".…
In her best Kim Jong-un attire, Hillary Clinton goes from the White House to the Costco warehouse. . A fairtytale ending.…
Lol there is more chance of Trump going on a date with Kim Jong than Vince Cable becoming PM. . ht…
Dhe *** no questions. But BJ in power is much worse option. A boy with a gun. Much as Kim Jong whatshisname
Trump branding Kim Jong-un as Rocket Man really does fit perfectly for the fat little guy.
To everyone wondering why Trump called Kim Jong-un "Rocket Man," it's because he saw it on Fox and Friends. That's why…
Nothing makes Kim Jong-un happier than our giving him propaganda to strengthen his regime & threaten world stability h…
From North Korea, Kim Jong-un issued this official reply "Oh, no no no. I'm a Rocket Man. Rocket Man Burning out his f…
Kevin Hart was a North Korean agent sent by Kim Jong-un to ruin the image of the faithful black man. Stay woke.
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Kim Jong-un funding a Godzilla nursery in the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon was the talk of the book club.
US calls for sanctions against Kim Jong Un after North Korea...
North Korea wants military 'equilibrium' with the US, Kim Jong Un says
Put a price on this fat ugly pigs head this kim jong needs putting down permanent !
What a line up. Kim Jong Un, and Farmers undies sale 😂
"Trump must visit North Korea to negotiate with Kim Jong Un"
Deal with Kim Jong Un same as Bin Laden, a dangerous terrorist. Don't wait 4 him to blow up the entire world.
Front page of Saturday's Rodong Sinmun shows a beaming Kim Jong Un watching the "Hwasong-12" missile launch.
Kim Jong Un reminds me of a kid throwing stones at older kids. It's All fun and games until he gets his *** whooped or in this case NUKED!😂
Defiant says he will complete nuclear weapons program
Indian Express got a North Korea exclusive... from Pyongyang. 😱.
Emperor of North Korea Kim Jong Un likes Manchester United. It proves what kind of club they are.
A return to total isolation would prolong the Kim regime's life, while making its ultimate demise harder to manage https:/…
Kim Jong Un's office is seriously open plan.
North Korea says the country's leader Kim Jong Un has vowed to complete its nuclear weapons programme despite United Nati…
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Not trying to be pedantic, but I think we've been inured to the concept w- yrs of stuff like…
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un claimed that the country’s nuclear weapons program was nearing completion.
U know what the difference is btwn & Kim Jong Un? 5236 miles. Little els…
South Korea is building an elite military unit with one mission: kill Kim Jong Un
North Korea will reach its nuclear force goal - Kim Jong-un -
Swear to god Kim Jong Un was just on the news and him and Mark Kelly legit have matching specks.
Yes, this Western notion that one man (Assad, Kim Jong Un, Saddam, Gaddafi, etc) needs to go to solve a problem is a Neo…
Scary stuff. Pity we can't put Trump in a concrete bunker with Kim Jong, 2 baseball bats, lock the door, th…
'North Korea has WON' Kim Jong-un's latest missile test PROVES his nukes can hit US
Kim Jong-un would be killed in just 15 MINUTES with new missile to end North Korea
This is the Best Article on N Korea! The Rationality of Kim Jong-un (and His Nukes) by
Kim Jong Un the type of dude to main lucario
Kim Jong Un looks like an Asian version of the guy from the human centipede 2
The world in 2017: Donald Trump, Dennis Rodman, and Kim Jong-un walk into a room...
Mohammed Ali opponent insists on 'sports diplomacy' to deal with Kim Jong-un and BLASTS US
South Korea tests new 'stealth' cruise missile in show against Kim Jong-un regime
North Korea: Missile could kill Kim Jong-un in just 15 MINUTES
Seoul tests stealth missile that could wipe out Kim Jong-un...
It's pretty easy to see why, after 60 years of regime change rhetoric, Kim Jong-un continues to feel threatened - despite pat…
If i was Kim Jong-un I'd hold a press conference right now where i kept casually mentioning my hurricane making machine.
Yes, JFK and Krushchev understood mutual deterrence, so did Reagan and Gorbachev. But Trump and Kim jong u…
Why Kim Jong Un wouldn’t be irrational to use a nuclear bomb first (and no, I'm not
UN to impose 'toughest EVER' sanctions on North Korea amid World War 3 fears
You can see why Kim Jong has weapons !!
Finally getting some Kim Jong Kook lyric videos out there. :)
North Korea's 'royal economy' brings in billions for rogue regime via
“Kim may surmise that if he doesn’t use nuclear weapons first, he is certain to lose,” says
Lol apparently Kim Jong Un is a man united fan... There's another reason to hate u guys.
Kim Jong-un is a Manchester United fan who believes North Korean stars will soon prove themselves among the best
Unfortunate son: Kim Jong Nam’s radical family roots: They finally got Kim Jong Nam, the first born son of the la…
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Trump Organization 'still assessing' whether Hurricane Irma damaged properties
Like shading after adding flat colors
Yeah, and then we got this Kim Jong Crazy making threats. Too bad we didn't take Bin Laden seriously.
Pyongyang Peril- Kim Jong Un threatens “pain and suffering” ahead of sanctions vote. joins on FBN7p
Biggest diplomatic win of Trump Admin to date. . But what happens when Kim Jong Un keeps launching?
Kim Jong Un will rot in *** for the way he has treated the citizens of NK. They are starving with no electric…
Nothing says Merica like George Washington dunking on Kim Jong Un while Honest Abe boxes out Stalin.
North Korea: Kim Jong Un sent skincare packs to women for Mother's Day last year, reports
Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, Hurricane Harvey, Irma - the US have already suffered enough. There was no need for us to unleash R…
VIDEO emerges from of weapon assembly during lavish banquet.
Kim Jong-un claims ‘great victory won by blood of North Korean people’ in sick party boast after missile launch…
More chance of Kim Jong-un & Donald Trump winning the next series of Strictly Come Dancing than there is of seeing aurora in Cumbria tonight
Elite US Navy Seals that killed Osama Bin Laden are training South Korean assassination squad to take out Kim Jong-u h…
Why can't I buy action figures Dennis Rodman & Kim Jong-un so I can play pretend Karoke and Horseback Riding?
Dennis Rodman emerges with an offer to "straighten things out" between his 2 friends Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Basketball star Dennis Rodman reveals his karaoke duets with Kim Jong-un
If I was trump I'd get Dennis Rodman and talk to Kim Jong Un in person.
Worth reading article!! Let all use one beautiful Eastern Japanese custom. Learning from a wise man!!
Kim Jong Un sings karaoke and rides horses with Dennis Rodman when the ex-NBA star visits ... …
A warning frome a man whos been tgere and seen it before. A must read.
Breaking news: secret mission to assassinate Kim Jong Un is now underway
Supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un prepares to carry out a devastating nuclear attack on the United States
Kim Jong Un couldn't find a more loyal lapdog than this
North Korean uprising the only way to deal with Kim Jong-un, undercover writer says
North Korean uprising 'the only way' to deal with Kim Jong-un
If my phone is found, there will definitely be questions about how many Kim Jong Un pics I have on it - probably more than of my kids!
[VIDEO] Kim Kyu Jong's recent Vlive. Please watch and give our SS501 center lots of hearts!
Kim Jong Un every time he shoots a missile.
Dennis Rodman: Trump should let me handle Kim Jong Un
if ur really HV heart then every moment u feel shame fr wht u did in Hiroshima & Nagasaki its Boomrang by H bomb Kim jong.
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Turnbull: the risk of war is great than since end of Korean War. Threatening conduct of Kim Jong Un is "more intense all the…
If we send Dennis Rodman to North Korea with a copy of World Warcraft for Kim Jong Un, do you think it will save humanity?
Grim warning from who has seen this before: "We sit on a powder keg whose fuse is burning quick."
Kim Jong-un’s bad temper finally revealed as been wide as how he treated his high school girl friend is disclosed…
Really quite astounding how the media always have access to pics of North Koreas's war heads.. B.S. ALL OF IT!
We are see the last attempt at diplomacy from the US before it unleashes its military on…
If Columbia records don't stop filling my timeline with Harry Styles crap, I'm going to tell Donald Trump that Kim Jong Un called him a ***
Teenage Kim Jong-un 'yelled foul-mouthed abuse at girlfriend in smoking row' via
"A nuclear threat to be taken seriously"  Kim Jong Un, dictator of North Korea, has finally produced a successful …
My piece on why I fear will cross the threshold to nuclear war
While defending favorites Kim Jong Un and Trump, Wikileaks might want to add James Franco, the moon, NSA, and Air Bud to consp…
This piece from is ripe with pathos, yet steeled with resolve and brace. "We are on the cusp of War."
GEPT neglects to report that the lowest point is Xi's lack of initiative in crushing Kim Jong Un r…
Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump use Dennis Rodman to exchange information
Today on stated he wants to go to North Korea to talk to Kim Jong Un. He needs to get his haircut https:/…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Really? Is that because Kim Jong Un was not available?
North Korea could drop nuclear bomb on US from SATELLITE
Pretty sure I have this thing because the sound of people stomping in houses pisses me off. Idc about my…
asks to slap embargo on freeze Kim Jong-Un's assets.
UN diplomat: US proposes resolution at UN that includes sanctions on N. Korea and freeze on assets of Kim Jong Un
North Korea. Kim Ma Jong. We're gonna bomb ya. We're gonna bomb ya. President Trump of USA , No you're not.. China "Trump's fault"
US seeks to cut off oil to North Korea, blacklist Kim Jong
Kim Jong Un sets off missiles into the sea n all of a sudden there's 3 hurricanes on the go, coincidence??? I think not x
Kim give up his nukes? 'It’s more likely that the pope is going to abandon Jesus Christ.' Preach it,
How Kim Jong-un treated his high school girlfriend is key to understanding his 'wild' temper, says expert
I stay up later than all my room mates so I dont really care. 3:45 am is kinda of late tho. Don't…
I'm 94 years old, I fought in the Second World War and I have a serious warning about where 2017 is headed
Increased sanctions on North Korea simply mean that more residents not named Kim Jong-un will die of starvation. https…
TOTAL FOOL!. Trump approves massive weapons deal with South Korea as they agree to 'maximise pressure' on Kim Jong-un
.says Kim Jong-un is 'effectively calling the United States' bluff'. MORE:
Kudos to humanity for manuevering ourselves into a situation where all our lives depend on the wisdom of Kim Jong-un an…
"Kim Jong-un is begging for war. War is never something the United States wants." - Nikki Haley at the UN just now https:…
Kim Jong-un "is begging for war," Nikki Haley says, but urges more diplomacy
U.S. Amassador to UN Nikki Haley says Kim Jong-un is "begging for war" during UN Security Council emergency meeting on North K…
China can end this North Korea crisis by hitting Kim Jong-un in his fat wallet. Why won't they do it?. My new column: https…
"We don’t know what Kim Jong-un has for breakfast, so how can we know what his real end game is?"
Kim Jong Un wants nukes for only one reason: to keep from ending up like Saddam Hussein or Qaddafi. He is trying to stay alive.
Written before NK's latest 'test': Reining in Kim Jong-un
North Korean nuclear test confirmed in major escalation by Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un's aunt seriously ill in hospital as North Korea-US standoff heats up
This may very well boil down to a terrible accidental mistep by Kim Jong-un resulting in Mattis and Joi…
South Korean agents have learnt Kim Jong-un's first child is a son – giving the dictatorship an heir
Nut job claims somehow Trump is somehow in cahoots w/Kim Jong Un to distract from Trump/Russia Conspiracy…
Now would be a good time to invest in a nuclear bunker.
Kim Jong is disturbing the earth's floor with all his testing. I think mother nature is the one that will dismantle…
North Korea may back down after Seoul gets missile boost from Donald Trump
Is the Kim Jong whatever family still mad at you?
I suppose your idea of properly managing the situation is to give Kim Jong Un a trillion dollars?
Kim Jong Un has been dealing with weak administration's 4 so long that he may underestimate our strength
Morning! For a moment forget about the CR media bombshell and note Kim Jong Un is the real deal! 😘
North Korea nuclear test feared after detected – live
What happens when a vicious, adolescent leader is left unattended for 8 yrs?. Kim Jong Un claims to have ICBM mounted H-bomb…
Earthquake hits amid fears has tested 'hydrogen bomb'
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspected the loading of a hydrogen bomb into the new intercontinental ballistic missile. S…
or Kim Jong Un started to eat Swiss Cheese again 💨
When I get an X-ray I have to wear a lead apron -but Kim Jong-mini strokes that nuclear missile w a new c***rin…
need to start laying bets on who takes out Kim Jong Un first;US,China, Russia.Ruskies have a lead, troops outta Vladivostok near border now
: nuclear test feared after earthquake detected – LIVE
North Korea hits back at missile import claims as Kim Jong-un inspects 'homemade' H-bomb
Kim Jong Un checking his mentions rn like
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
On the same day that Kim Jong Un claimed to have developed an H-bomb, China is reporting an apparent detonation at North K…
Kim Jong Un is a living legend. To *** with white supremacists.
says it has put a "more developed" onto an ICBM. There was no independent confirmation. https…
"Kim Jong Un, I respect the fact that I believe he is starting to respect us,"
I sleep just fine my friend I'm in the UK. But maybe I'm under your bed with some treats from our d…
Please tell Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un that I love and respect him very much and would appreciate if he didn't bomb…
i'm still ?! over the fact that Kim Jong Un also studied under the IB program like what
BREAKING: North Korea readies HYDROGEN BOMB as Kim Jong-un 'watches loading into ICBM'
South Korea would be turned into a “desert” should conflict with Kim Jong-un’s regime in the North break out,...
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