Kim Jong Un & South Korean

Kim Jong-un also romanised as Kim Jong-eun or Kim Jung-eun, (born 8 January 1983 or 1984), is the current supreme leader of North Korea. South Korea , officially the Republic of Korea (Daehan Minguk ), is a sovereign state in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. 5.0/5

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Don't write off South Korean President Moon Jae-in as naive or as someone who can be manipulated by Kim Jong Un, says
A South Korean 'decapitation unit' aimed at taking out Kim Jong Un will be armed with drones and grenade machines g…
The US has an aircraft carrier drilling with South Korean ships to send a message to Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un supervises simulation of attack on South Korean islands
South Korean President says Kim Jong Un is "not rational," but still wants dialogue - CBS News…
WATCH: South Korean President on dealing with North Korea and Kim Jong Un
South Korean President: Kim Jong Un's "blind faith" in nuclear program is incorrect
Is Kim Jong Un crazy? South Korean preisdent: He's unreasonable and dangerous but he has co…
Kim Jong-un builds replica of South Korean Presidential palace - then pulverises it with bombs
Imagine being a South Korean right now knowing that your future depends on the prudence and maturity of Donald Trump and…
North Korea: South Korean intelligence agency says they have strong evidence Kim Jong Un ordered assassination of his h…
The estranged half brother of Kim Jong-un was assassinated in Malaysia, the South Korean news media reported
"North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un said in his annual New Year's address that the North's preparations for...
South Korean official says country has plan to assassinate Kim Jong Un via the Android app
South Korean President quoted as saying Kim Jong Un ' "mental state is uncontrollable"; hope she reads
I would think that Kim Jong Un's advisors have got to be getting tired of his juvenile insanity. It might be a...
Kim Jong Un released a message saying he is open to talks with South Korean leaders.
A South Korean activist and defector from North Korea is planning on doing something in the near future which is likely going to push North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, over the edge.
A South Korean activist has said he plans to launch helium balloons carrying DVDs of controversial film The Interview over North Korea, in an attempt to depose Leader Kim Jong Un. The comedy, which depicts an assassination attempt on the North Korean leader, has led to increased tension between Nort…
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un says he is open to highest-level talks with South Korea
North Korean Leader Open to Summit With South: North Korea's Kim Jong Un, in New Year's speech, says he is open to summit with South
In nationally televised speech, Kim Jong Un asserts he is open to direct talks with SKorea:
Don't hold your breath: Kim Jong Un makes apparent offer of summit with South Korean leader http:/…
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un said Thursday that he was open to a high-level summit with neighboring South Korea, days after Seoul proposed that dialogue resume. "If South Korean authoritie...
North Korea blames U.S. for Internet outages, calls Obama a 'monkey' North Korea called U.S. President Barack Obama a "monkey" and blamed Washington on Saturday for Internet outages that it has experienced during a confrontation with the United States over the hacking of the film studio Sony Pictures. The National Defence Commission, the North's ruling body, chaired by state Leader Kim Jong Un, said Obama was responsible for Sony's belated decision to release the action comedy "The Interview", which depicts a plot to assassinate Kim. "Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest," an unnamed spokesman for the commission said in a statement carried by the official KCNA news agency, using a term seemingly designed to cause racial offence that North Korea has resorted to before. Sony cancelled the release of the film when large cinema chains refused to screen it following threats of violence from hackers, but then put it out on limited release after Obama said Sony was cav ...
The White House and the State Department declined to say whether the US government was responsible for the Internet shutdown in one of the least-wired and poorest countries in the world. Though it denies responsibility for the Sony hack, Pyongyang has called it a "righteous deed" and made clear its fury over "The Interview," a comedy that depicts the assassination of the North's authoritarian leader, Kim Jong Un, the head of a 1.2 million-man army and the focus of an intense cult of personality. South Korean officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because of office rules, said the North's official Korean Central News Agency and the Rodong Sinmun newspaper, which are the main channels for official North Korea news, had earlier been down. But the websites were back up later Tuesday. Among the posts glorifying the ruling Kim family was one about Kim Jong Un visiting a catfish farm. US computer experts described the Internet outages in the North as sweeping and progressively worse. Jim Cowie, chief scie ...
I think the real reason North Korea hates the movie "The Interview" is because the guy playing Kim Jong Un is of South Korean descent.
There can only be one Kim Jong Un. North Koreans with the name Kim Jong Un will have to come up with something new, and they'll have to do it fast. According to reports from South Korean media, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has placed an official ban on the use of his name, ordering that al…
SEOUL, South Korea — In North Korea, there can be only one Kim Jong Un. A South Korean official said Wednesday that Pyongyang forbids its people from using the same name as the young absolute leade...
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, who recently disappeared from public view for about six weeks, had a cyst removed from his right ankle, a lawmaker told CNN. South Korea's National Intelligence Service told lawmakers during a closed-door meeting that a cyst was found on Kim's right ankle earlier this year, between May and June. That cyst may have caused muscle or nerve damage and prompted him to have ankle surgery between September and October, lawmaker Lee Cheol-woo said. At the briefing, lawmakers were told that "European experts" handled the surgery for tarsal tunnel syndrome. The syndrome is caused by compression at the ankle -- known to cause pain during standing and walking. Kim is believed to be recovering, South Korean lawmakers were told, but the cyst could recur due to his obesity and heavy schedule. After his conspicuous absence throughout most of September, Kim seemed to reappear October 14, when North Korean state media published the first photos of him, in which the beaming Kim held a cane i ...
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un came back from his mysterious vacation and fired 10 officials for watching South Korean soap operas. This is what happens in North Korea when you forget to say “Spoiler alert!”
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Dare I say add another country to the list? There are reports that there has either been an attempted coup or a successful coup in North Korea. The capital is on lock down. Not even the elite are allowed in or out of Pyongyang. Three high ranking officials of the North Korean hierarchy have gone down to Seoul for a last minute diplomatic talks with the South Korean government. This meeting was held October 4th. These rumors have surfaced due to Kim Jong Un being out of sight for more than a month. There have been reports that Kim Jong Un has fallen ill, however no reports since on his condition. Since then the lockdown has been put in place on September 27th and has remained in effect since. |Jessie.
North tells South: There is 'no problem' with Korean Leader Kim Jong Un
North agree to resume talks with South, after Kim Jong Un disappears from North Korean media coverage.
N. Korean officials make rare visit to South as Kim Jong Un questions swirl
SEOUL (Reuters) - A senior North Korean official on a rare visit to South Korea has denied reports that the country's young Leader Kim Jong Un is ill, saying there is "no problem at all," a South Korean minister said on Sunday.
New neighbours and they're South Korean. Just knocked too tell me the music's a bit too loud. Now this is someone who's lived with North Korea and a psychotic leader as a neighbour for so many years. Surely Liam Gallagher belting out Live forever is a mere drop in the ocean?! Compared to the nuclears Kim Jong Un and Il drop in the ocean.
Kim Jong Un recovering from a June ankle injury, according to a South Korean newspaper: (sure, why not?)
According to South Korean officials, an American man attempted to swim to North Korea to meet Leader Kim Jong Un
South Korean soldiers arrested an American man discovered swimming in a river leading to North Korea in the hope of meeting Kim Jong Un.
South Korean soldiers have arrested a man who attempted to swim to the North to meet Leader Kim Jong Un, according to Yonhap News agency.
North Korea Threatens to Attack South Korea AP, 13 May 14 Hyung-Jin Kim North Korea threatened Tuesday to "wipe out" South Korea's government in a furious response a day after a Seoul official said the North "must disappear soon," in an escalation of rhetoric between the rivals. The North's powerful National Defense Commission called the South Korean comments an "intolerable" provocation that showed the South wants to take over the North. It said in a statement carried by state media that North Korea will launch "all-out ... merciless" strikes to "wipe out every last person" in South Korean President Park Geun-hye's government. South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok said Monday that North Korea wasn't a real country and existed for the benefit of only one person - a reference to its leader, Kim Jong Un. He said the North has no human rights or public freedoms. Kim's comments followed a series of slurs by North Korea against the leaders of South Korea and the United States. North Korea's medi ...
Kim Jong Un called the South Korean President an "old prostitute" and called Obama a "monkey".
Dissed by a Jong. The newest offensive weapons from North Korea are insults, rants and sexist remarks aimed at President Obama and South Korean leader Park Geun-hye. I am no fan of Obama, but he is our President and if anyone is going to insult him it should be us and not some overweight, full-of-himself, wannabe leader like Kim Jong Un. North Korea is on the verge of imploding and this upstart thinks that sending inflammatory rhetoric missiles, while building nuclear ones, will solve his nation's problems. The nation has a starving populace and instead of compromising on its nuclear program for the sake of having sanctions lifted, it would rather participate in a war of words which makes the entire nation look more pathetic than it actually is. As long as Jong Un does not resort to the double dog dare tactic, I think our President should just adopt the sticks and stones manta in this case. Although North Korea is not going away, Obama will be gone in about a year and a half and this strategy should ...
(North Korea)?According to a Charisma News report , North Korea's Kim Jong Un, has ordered 33 Christians thought to be working with South Korean missionary Kim Jung-wook, to be executed.
North Korea's supreme leader, Kim Jong Un has reportedly ordered the execution of 33 people for converting to Christianity and receiving money from a South Korean Baptist missionary to start 500 underground churches.
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North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, firing off his country's newly developed rockets at neighboring, South Korea.
NightWatch For the night of 9 February 2014 North Korea: Update. A South Korean press service reported over the weekend that the North Korean purge continues of all North Koreans associated with the late Chang Sung-taek. The investigation and purge does not reach Chang's wife who is the aunt of Kim Jong Un, Kim Kyo'ng-hu'i. Ms. Kim Kyo'ng-hu'i remains abroad for medical treatment. The North Korean investigators have divided those associated with Chang into four classes. This is a so-called operation to "liquidate the remaining effect of poison" and uproot the Chang Sung-taek line. Class A includes the immediate family members and select senior officials under Chang's direct supervision. According to the North Korean Ministry of State Security, Chang is reported to have some 100 immediate family members, including families of his siblings and in-laws. The rumor is that some have been executed and some were sent to political prisons. People who are distant relatives or were friends of those who were execute ...
TH : South Korean intelligence discovers why Kim Jong Un had his uncle ... - Despite its crushing poverty, North...
if Kim Jong Un is going to execute his own uncle what do you think he's willing to do to the South Korean people!?
A high-ranking North Korean military officer said to be a close confidant of the recently executed uncle of ruler Kim Jong Un is in South Korean custody in China, South Korean media reported Thursday. -
South Korean leader warns of possible provocations from Kim Jong Un.
Just over a week after South Korean intelligence officials revealed that North Korea had purged senior government official Jang Song Thaek, who also happened to be the uncle of Leader Kim Jong Un, North Korean state media have announced that Jang has been executed. Jang's bizarre case raises two closely related but distinct questions: What did Jang do? And why would Kim have his own uncle put to death? The truth, needless to say, is probably not that Jang was killed for "half-heartedly clapping," as the North's state-run Korean Central News Agency claims in a lengthy explanation for the execution. More likely, this is perhaps a way for Kim to consolidate his power within a large, inscrutable bureaucracy that's dominated by much older and more experience cadres who may have resisted the young upstart's leadership. The highly public purge of Jang has been unprecedented from the beginning. North Korea has had plenty of political purges in its history, but never like this; they've been done quietly, behind th ...
SEOUL—North Korea's highest-profile leadership purge since Kim Jong Un took power is viewed by outside observers as a move to consolidate power that could trigger instability if it upsets the balance between the military and the ruling party. On Monday, North Korean state television showed Mr. Kim's uncle, Jang Song Thaek, being dragged out of a meeting by security officials, reinforcing the unusually public downfall of the de facto No. 2 in the regime. Mr. Jang and his associates were accused of a litany of "antistate" crimes, ranging from corruption to womanizing and drug-taking, by a meeting of officials from the central committee of North Korea's Workers' Party on Sunday. The report was carried on the front page of North Korea's main newspaper, with a large photo of Mr. Kim overseeing the meeting. Mr. Jang's fate is unknown. One report from a radio station in Seoul run by North Korean defectors said he had been executed. South Korean intelligence officials believe some of Mr. Jang's aides have been ...
TOP OFFICIAL BOOTED North Korea says Kim's uncle purged from power Korea has acknowledged the widely-reported purge of the powerful uncle of the country's Leader Kim Jong Un, claiming he was removed from power for "anti-state" acts and "double dealing." The lengthy dispatch Monday from state media says Jang Song Thaek formed a faction in the ruling party "by creating an illusion about him" and distorting and weakening party goals. South Korean intelligence officials have said two of Jang's aides were executed for corruption. South Korea's Yonhap News agency reported late Saturday that documentary footage of Kim was apparently edited so as to remove his uncle. Yonhap reportedly viewed the documentary footage of Kim's inspection visit to a military unit, which was rerun on the North's Korean Central Television Station, and noted in a report that Jang had been hidden or deleted in a total of 13 scenes. By contrast, a version that aired nine times in October clearly showed Jang accompanying his nephew and sta ...
Stalinist punk Kim Jong Un purges uncle, publicly executes several of the uncle's underlings, then airbrushes his uncle out of a documentary film. This, plus the mass public execution in early November of over 90 hapless souls for "crimes" such as watching a banned South Korean video or possessing a bible, and the recent signs that the use of slave labor in the concentration camps is being accelerated, bodes very ill. (Never mind his public vow to "wipe off the face of the earth" three generations of the family of anyone who attempted to flee North Korea during the official "Mourning Period" after the dead of his father Kim Jong Il. Alas, that god-awful haircut turns out to be one of the least ugly things about this young man.
SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea could be facing its most serious defection in 15 years as South Korean media said on Friday that a man who managed funds for the ousted uncle of Leader Kim Jong Un had fled the isolated country and sought asylum in South… -- Delivered by Feed43 service
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un's powerful uncle of probably has been removed from his government post, two South Korean lawmakers say.
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un's uncle, considered the power behind the throne, is believed to have been dismissed from his posts, a South Korean lawmaker said on Tuesday, suggesting a huge upheaval in one of the world's most secretive states. Jang Song Thaek was likely sacked as vice chairman of t...
Breaking: Powerful uncle of Kim Jong Un may have been removed from his post, South Korean spy agency says.
SEOUL – North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un is believed to have dismissed a powerful uncle, a man key to his rise to power, from his posts, South Korean lawmakers said on Tuesday, a move that could help consolidate his power base with a younger guard of aides.
South Korean intelligence reports suggest Kim Jong Un's influential uncle was dismissed from his posts.
Hello from AJW, Tensions in Beijing's Tiananman Square have intensified after a car plowed through crowds in front of the Forbidden City before crashing and burning on Oct. 28, killing the three occupants and two tourists and injuring 38 visitors and security officers. Japan's former Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda is meeting with China's foreign minister to try to smooth rocky relations. * Tension increases after car crash in Beijing Tiananman Square leaves 5 dead * Ex-PM Fukuda to meet with Chinese foreign minister * Controversy, protests erupt after Malaysian university bestows degree on North Korea's Kim * Mongolia president visits North Korea, first foreign leader since Kim Jong Un took reins * South Korean firm sponsoring contest with British research firm to clone pet dogs * Hankyu Hanshin Hotels chain president resigns in wake of food mislabeling scandal * Analysis: Financial Services Agency also shaken over Mizuho Financial Group's loans to yakuza * PHOTO: Kumamoto's Bear mascot performs dance for be ...
Experts: If N. Korea falls, US must be prepared to fill void By Chris Carroll Stars and Stripes WASHINGTON — Is North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un strengthening his grip on power after a turbulent period, or is the isolated and despotic regime on the verge of collapse? Both could be the case, said Bruce Bennett, a North Korea expert at RAND Corp., a key think tank in the national security establishment. The risks are severe enough that the United States and other nations should take steps now to prepare for a potential crisis that could draw in hundreds of thousands of U.S. and allied troops, he said. Bennett, who presented his new report, “Preparing for the Possibility of a North Korean Collapse” in a Capitol Hill briefing Wednesday, said the crisis could be sparked by “one bullet” if Kim were assassinated, for instance. South Korean intelligence sources reportedly believe Kim was targeted in a March 2013 attempt. That was just one month after North Korea severely ramped up tensions with the outsi ...
Kim Jong Un wants to remind everyone that Psy is South Korean and that North Koreans are still no fun.
SEOUL, South Korea Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is tapping his friendship with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un to ask for the release of..
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un has ordered his forces on standby to strike the U.S., South Korea and Guam
Breaking News: Kim Jong Un defecates in paper bag, sets on fire, leaves on South Korean doorstep.
This just in, South Korean activists have keyed the side of Kim Jong-Un's Honda Accord.
Kim Jong Un was targeted in an assassination attempt, according to South Korean intel
Kim Jong Un's wife has had a baby, South Korean media speculates. explores the rumours for NK NEWS:
I wonder if the military ingpdustrial complex will stage another gulf of Tonkin in the Korean Peninsula. Let's just be serious: Kim Jong Un is vermin but he's never going to launch an attack; he's just a spoiled kid kicking up a fuss over the sanctions. It's like that freak I went to school with threatening to kill his father over putting his NYC trip back from August 2011 to December that year. It's all just a spoiled kid making a show of his bellicose self pity. However, South Korea has a history of attacking itself and framing the North. During the Korean War, armed South Korean police shot up whole villages and framed the NK Army. If President Park is convinced that she will have the asking of the international community (the countries run by the six criminal mega banks such as JP Morgan etc) then who's to say a SK Ship won't be sunk by a torpedo, or a missile hit Seoul or something? If Kim, North Korea's 28 year old dictator, was going to make a move of his threats, he would have already taken hostag ...
Last week, Kim Jong Un visited two islands just north of the sea boundary and ordered troops there to open fire immediately if a single enemy shell is fired on North Korean waters. Kim was also quoted as saying his military is fully ready to fight an "all-out war" and that he will order a "just, great advance for national unification" if the enemy makes even a slight provocation, according to the Korean Central News Agency. 4052 comments Should , have kept long as round boy,was entertained...?He did nothing but just like a spoiled child as soon as the new wore off? Back to being the town bully.And a big one at that. Abby, 8 hrs ago North Korea is like the incessantly yapping chihauhau who's neck you desperately want to break, but you can't because it belongs to your mother-in-law and killing it would cause more problems than it's worth, so you just yell "shut-up!" alot. Gun Nut Conservative, 11 hrs ago So, much like here in America, that little fat kid over there never learned his place out on ...
South Korean Defense spokesman: "If DPRK attacks with nuclear weapons, the Kim Jong Un regime will become extinct' -
U.S. and S. Korean Regime Warned against Staging War Maneuvers against DPRK Pyongyang, March 2 (KCNA) -- One year has passed since Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Un inspected Panmunjom. Kim Jong Un visited Panmunjom, the foremost post of the hottest military flashpoint in March 2012 when the United States and the South Korean puppet forces staged the high-stake Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military drills. At that time the hostile forces spread the theory of "military threats" with the mourning period in the DPRK as a momentum and went ahead with large-scale war maneuvers aimed at invading it under the simulated conditions of an actual war, calling for "retaliation" and "punishment". Amid the war drills against the DPRK staged throughout South Korea, the flagship of the U.S. imperialists' Seventh Fleet, Blue Ridge, entered Tonghae Port in Kangwon Province of South Korea. Panmunjom was at a critical moment as all the service persons and people of the DPRK were enraged at the U.S ...
Ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman met North Korea's Kim Jong Un on Thursday on the third day of his improbable journey to Pyongyang, telling the leader "You have a friend for life," a delegation spokesman said. Rodman and Kim sat side by side at an exhibition game in Pyongyang, chatting as they...
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N. Korean leader is his father's son Chico Harlan, Washington Post Posted: Thursday, February 14, 2013, 3:01 AM SEOUL, South Korea - In power for barely more than a year, North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un has adhered overwhelmingly to the policies of his father, using a familiar mix of internal repression and nuclear showmanship while all but dashing hopes he would emerge as a Deng Xiaoping-style reformer. Although analysts caution that Kim can still change course, the apparent status quo on policy carries dark implications, extending - perhaps for a generation to come. Tuesday's underground nuclear detonation, coupled with a recent long-range rocket launch and a string of fierce rhetoric toward the United States, represents a... ~puffin
Happy Holidays, Saudi Arabia By Bill O'Reilly With Christmas now in the rearview mirror, it is perplexing that some far left bloggers are still bemoaning the fact that Newsweek Magazine proclaimed folks who respect the traditions of the Christmas holiday "won" the battle against secular-progressives who want to diminish the birth of Jesus in the public square. Because of that ongoing angst, and because I am still in the Christmas spirit, I offer some travel tips to the anti-Christmas crew in preparation for next December. If you don't like Christmas, book your trip now. North Korea: according to reporting by, that feisty little country does not permit the celebration of Christmas - and anyone caught worshipping Jesus can be tortured or executed. Sounds like Rhode Island. Right now, there are about 70,000 Christians in North Korean labor camps, decking the halls with rocks and concrete ten hours a day. The North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, even threatened "unexpected consequences" if the ...
Wife of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un-Li Zhu Salt-gave birth to a child, but South Korean media are comparing the last 2 pictures of women
Kim Jong Un thinks Korean Pop is what you get if you strap Semtex to someone's *** and they don't talk.
HUNCHUN, China — The warning came from Kim Jong Un, the North Korean ruler who sees his isolated nation, just across the border from this busy Chinese trading town, as under siege. The attack, he said, must be stopped.
THE Foreign Secretary furiously condemned North Korea today after the country tested a long-range rocket that could reach Britain. The rogue state fired the missile in a second launch under its new Leader Kim Jong Un, neighbouring South Korean officials confirmed. The move defied warnings from the UN and Washington and has been condemned across the western world. William Hague said it was a "clear violation" of UN Security Council resolutions because it involved the testing of ballistic missile technology. He said: "I strongly condemn the DPRK's (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) satellite launch today. This provocative act will increase tensions in the region. "I deplore the fact that the DPRK has chosen to prioritise this launch over improving the livelihood of its people. "We will be summoning the DPRK ambassador to the UK to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the UK will urgently consult partners in the United Nations Security Council on our response to this development. "It is essential tha ...
North Korea is weighing in on South Korean Presidential election. North Korean media have been eager to tell southern voters why they should not pick Park Geun-hye. North Korea slammed conservative presidential candidate for distorting history over her father's authoritarian rule. This is ironic because North Korea is an authoritarian state with Kim Jong-un as its dictator. North Korea must halt its efforts to influence the South Korean elections. They should invest this resource and effort into improving the life conditions of its people.
thanks but I know who Kim Jong-Un is, I'm South Korean. By the way, you spelled his name wrong.
A North Korean army official was said to be executed with a mortar round for insufficiently grieving the death of Kim Jong Il, according to reports. Kim Chol, the vice-minister of the army, was arrested earlier this year for reportedly drinking and partying in the weeks after the Korean dictator died in December 2011. Kim Jong Un, the dead despot's son and successor, was said to order his henchman to leave "no trace of him behind, down to his hair," according to a report in London's The Telegraph citing South Korean media. North Korea is such a terrible place, and Kim Jong Un is even more messed up then his father
The latest gallows gossip from Pyongyang recounts the execution of fifty-something Kim Chol, the nom de guerre of a deputy defense minister. South Korean daily Chosun Ilboreportedin late October that Kim was one of several senior Korean People's Army officials executed or arrested after Kim Jong Un'...
In 2000, the South Korean government paid North Korea USD500m to attend the Inter-Korean Summit. The payment was kept secret at the time and only emerged much later, causing a major scandal called the Cash-for-summit scandal. In 2009, when President Lee Myung-bak assumed office, North Korea demanded USD600m in exchange for attendance at the third Inter-Korean Summit. The South Korean government refused, and the summit was cancelled. North Korea, a country that demands secret payments in exchange for attendance at a summit, is nothing other than a terrorist group led by Kim Jong-un.
I do enjoy the Gangnam style rain dance theory, but I have one major issue with it. Psy is South Korean, and they only love fun. For such a terrible occurrence to happen there could only be one group responsible, their neighbors to the north. Well played Kim Jong Un, well played.
"It seems that the purges will continue for the time being, as Kim Jong-un is tightening his grip on power," Yoon Sang-hyun, a South Korean government official, told Chosun Ilbo. Yoon also suggested that discontent over the purge among the secretive nation's elite might have a destabilizing affect on the new regime.
Thirty-one senior officials have been purged by Kim Jong-un, according to Yoon Sang-hyun, a South Korean lawmaker
South Korean activists have dropped leaflets criticizing Kim Jong Un’s communist regime over the border. Time to dust off the nukes Mr Kim?
South Korean police blocked activists from sending balloons across the border carrying leaflets critical of the North Korean regime, citing security concerns over the North’s threat last week to fire on them.
Kim Jong Un's nephew, Kim Han Sol is interviewed for a Finnish TV programme, in which he dubs his uncle as a dictator. South Korean netizens grow fond of him.
Moreover, amid the North's state media increasingly covering South Korean politics, Pyongyang is attempting to influence young voters by highlighting that Kim Jong-un is different from his predecessors by showing coverages of Kim and his wife Ri Sol-ju appearing at a kindergarten, amusement park and concert and reaching out to the grassroots to conjure up a positive image for y0oung voters in the South.
Kim Jong-un's aunty - often described as an ill-tempered alcoholic - is gravely ill, South Korean paper reports
How cool would it be if North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, is also South Korean rap sensation, PSY?
I recommend North and South Korean should be united so I can do Gangnam style =]]]
The North Korean Supreme Leader's image makeover continued this past week as he projected a gregarious persona on a visit with troops stationed on West Sea islands. South Korean broadcaster MBC reports on Kim's charm offensive.
"In an effort to boost popularity, North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un has stared in a parody of South Korean hit Gangam Style" Oh how I want to see that headline!
‘Ulchi Freedom Guardian (UFG), an military exercise by over 85,000 mostly South Korean and American troops brings...
Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un has ordered troops to be ready for war if even one South Korean shell falls on Northern territory. The announcement comes ahead of annual US-South Korean war games, set for August 20-30. Pyongyang consi
I've got Kim Jong Un coming round for a spot of gold tomorrow. Got South Korean flags EVERYWHERE.
Mixing up the North & South Korean flags is like mixing up Kim Jong Un with Lee Myung-Bak.
Who is Kim Jong Un's new cutie with the tomboy bob and the shapely gams? Sorry girls, looks like he's taken. Last week South Korean intelligence sources named the attractive, short-haired woman as Hyon Song-wol, who used to front the Bochonbo Electronic Music Band and was hugely popular among the North Korean masses. Intelligence agencies believe the two first became romantically involved about 10 years ago, after Mr Kim returned home from studying at an elite private academy in the Swiss city of Berne.
If North Korea had a Page Six, they'd be all over the news that Kim Jong Un has been spotted twice now with an unidentified lady friend by his side and South Korean media—and maybe a few would be Mrs. Kim Jong Un's—are desperate for an answer: Is she his wife or sister?
There's a lot of South Korean's in Bangladesh recently. Guess Kim Jong Un ran them out.
Talked to a South Korean staying at the hostel, he asked for advice on dating in then we talked about Kim Jong Un & Jeju Island.
South Korean officials say the jamming of communications affecting civilian flights is coming from the North.
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