Kim Jong Un & Korean Peninsula

Kim Jong-un also romanised as Kim Jong-eun or Kim Jung-eun, (born 8 January 1983 or 1984), is the current supreme leader of North Korea. The Korean Peninsula is a peninsula in East Asia. It extends southwards for about 684 miles (1,100 km) from continental Asia into the Pacific Ocean and is surrounded by the Sea of Japan to the east, and the Yellow Sea to the west, the Korea Strait connecting the first two bodies of water. 5.0/5

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North Korea news LIVE: Latest as US bombers fly over Korean Peninsula in show of power..
So sweet of Chris Martin to allow Kim Jong Un, the Korean Peninsula's number one Coldplay Superfan, to do this!
I'd give anything for Kim Jong Un to die and the Korean Peninsula to reunify.
Tokyo In the 1950s, the Korean Peninsula witnessed first hand, the bitter taste of the cold war that had just begun; in 2010s, US-Russia rivalry is witnessing arms deals, diplomatic maneouvrings etc, all meant to heat up the region US defence firm Northrop Grumman Corp has won a 657.4 million dollars contract from the US Air Force to provide South Korea with four RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned surveillance aircraft, the company and the Defense Department said. The contract, which includes two spare engines and ground control components,"will provide critically needed wide-area surveillance capability to military commanders so they can make more informed decisions," Northrop Grumman said in a statement. The company added that it aimed to deliver the first Global Hawk in 2018. On the other hand, Russia has invited North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to attend a May ceremony marking the end of World War Two, in what would be Kim's first foreign visit since taking the helm of the reclusive state in 2011. Kim would pr ...
Kim Jong Un is like the White Witch of the Korean Peninsula; he loves wars and hates Christmas.
Kim Jong Un is at it again: has fired short-range ballistic missiles from the Korean Peninsula coast.
China can play an important role in resolving the current crisis in Korean Peninsula. This Youtube video shows President Park Geun-Hye speaks fairly good Chinese because she loves Chinese Culture. I am impressed by her foreign policies with United States, China, Japan and North Korea since February 2013 inauguration.
Individuals claiming to be from the collective hacker group, Anonymous, claim to have hacked into North Korea’s intra-net and stolen secret military documents, which they say will be released on June 25. In a press release posted on the website Pastebin, the hackers said: To the tyrants of the North Korean Government… a notice…. Previously we said we would penetrate the intranet and private networks of North Korea. And we were successful.” The message continued: “Your major missile documentation and residents, military documents show down is already in progress. Your attempt to cover this has been uncovered. We are partially sharing this information with the world” in a “memorandum of June 25.” The group is labeling the operation and the press release said the documents uncovered will be released at midnight Korea time on June 25. The date is significant in that it marks the anniversary of the start of the Korean War. began in March during the Korean Peninsula crisis when individuals claim ...
YONGYANG, North Korea -- After months of threatening to wage a nuclear war, North Korea did an about-face Sunday and issued a surprise proposal to the United States, its No. 1 enemy: Let's talk. But the invitation from North Korea's National Defense Commission, the powerful governing body led by leader Kim Jong Un, comes with caveats: No preconditions and no demands that Pyongyang give up its prized nuclear assets unless Washington is willing to do the same - ground rules that make it hard for the Americans to accept. Washington responded by saying that it is open to talks -- but only if North Korea shows it will comply with U.N. Security Council resolutions and live up to its international obligations. "As we have made clear, our desire is to have credible negotiations with the North Koreans, but those talks must involve North Korea living up to its obligations to the world, including compliance with U.N. Security Council resolutions, and ultimately result in denuclearization," U.S. National Security Cou ...
Beijing has long seen itself as the arbitrator between Pyongyang and Washington in addressing North Korean nuclear proliferation. China's priorities have been peace and stability, denuclearization, and nonproliferation, in that order. So China pushed to preserve the status quo on the Korean Peninsula. But this is changing - North Korea is now China's problem. This means that President Obama should take full advantage of his upcoming meeting with President Xi Jinping in California to offer help in finding a way to compel Pyongyang to alter its behavior. Of course, U.S. officials have tried in the past to demonstrate that the regional stability Beijing desires will only be achieved with denuclearization and that China as much - if not more - at stake in ridding North Korea of its nuclear weapons program. Unfortunately, U.S. urgings that North Korea is a common problem and that joint solutions are required have fallen on deaf ears. This all started to change, however, when Kim Jong Un assumed power in North ...
The DPRK’s official news agency KCNA says top leader Kim Jong Un has recently visited several construction sites of civil projects. Some analysts say it’s a sign to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula.
After seeing/hearing that, when it comes to the Korean peninsula, I'm definitely siding with Kim Jong Un. Nuke 'em.
I wonder if the military ingpdustrial complex will stage another gulf of Tonkin in the Korean Peninsula. Let's just be serious: Kim Jong Un is vermin but he's never going to launch an attack; he's just a spoiled kid kicking up a fuss over the sanctions. It's like that freak I went to school with threatening to kill his father over putting his NYC trip back from August 2011 to December that year. It's all just a spoiled kid making a show of his bellicose self pity. However, South Korea has a history of attacking itself and framing the North. During the Korean War, armed South Korean police shot up whole villages and framed the NK Army. If President Park is convinced that she will have the asking of the international community (the countries run by the six criminal mega banks such as JP Morgan etc) then who's to say a SK Ship won't be sunk by a torpedo, or a missile hit Seoul or something? If Kim, North Korea's 28 year old dictator, was going to make a move of his threats, he would have already taken hostag ...
U.S. Mistook Koreans: KCNA Commentary Pyongyang, January 28 (KCNA) -- A consultative meeting of officials in the fields of state security and foreign affairs in view of the grave situation prevailing in the DPRK took place under the guidance of Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, first chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army. At the meeting Kim Jong Un expressed the firm resolution to take substantial and high-profile important state measures in view of the prevailing situation and advanced specific tasks to the officials concerned. His firm resolution is just one to defend the dignity of the nation and the sovereignty of the country in view of the new situation and circumstances created on the Korean Peninsula and in its vicinity after the successful launch of the DPRK's satellite. It is important for us to put a satellite into orbit, but it is more important to defend the legitimate right to the use of space for peaceful ...
With most countries, one remembers dates, such as 1066 or 1776; with North Korea, one remembers U.N. resolutions. Tuesday, the U.N. Security Council passed resolution 2087, the seventh since 1993 concerning North Korea's illicit nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program. Like the other resolutions, it is empty and meaningless, and will do nothing to resolve a growing crisis on the Korean Peninsula. It's time for Washington to grow up and either decide to put real pressure on North Korea or to admit diplomatic defeat and reserve the right to retaliate for any unprovoked North Korean aggression in the Future. There's nothing new, either, in North Korea's stringent denunciations of the U.N. resolution, except perhaps its clarifying reiteration of the United States as a "hostile power" and enemy of the Korean people. Nor must any observers delude themselves into thinking that, simply because Beijing decided to support this resolution, China is in any way serious about crimping Kim Jong Un's style. The Kim ...
Kim Jong Un claims assassination of Ernest Borgnine, eliminating potential threat of Mchale's Navy to the Korean peninsula
From AP Korea - Things get tabloidish on the Korean Peninsula: Who is this mystery woman next to Kim Jong Un?
Kim Jong Un is not a sunshine man. Instead of dialogue he delivers tension in the Korean peninsula with 600 new missiles & GPS guided bombs
[Smart Q&A: Sung-bae Kim] Kim Jong-un’s Choice and the Future of the Korean Peninsula
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