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Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong-un also romanised as Kim Jong-eun or Kim Jung-eun, (born 8 January 1983 or 1984), is the current supreme leader of North Korea.

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Breaking: Blake Bortles has been sent to N. Korea to overthrow Kim Jong Un.
So, let's see...Trump didn't back down from North Korea..& Kim Jong Un softened his position. Huge deal but the media is cov…
Next friday will see the *** fingerblasting GRAND FINAL. So far Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have qualified. This is IMPORTANT.
Trump: Kim Jong Un made "very wise and well reasoned decision" to back off threats
If I were Kim Jong Un, I'd do it on 21st August.
"Trump has small a window to deal with North Korea"How did it come to this? Kim Jong Un, an unstable and unpredict…
Expert: Guam image in Kim Jong Un photo from 6 years ago -
Strange times. First I find I agree with Kim Jong Un (that Trump's barmy). Now I'm agreeing with James Murdoch…
Asians wonder who is more dangerous: President Trump or North Korean leader Kim Jong Un?
yes,to the point where maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing if madman Kim Jong Un nuked the whole bloody world
I keep saying, the whole world needs a reset, Come on down Kim Jong Un
Trump, Duterte and Kim Jong Un would be perfect replacements for *** s trio
Have you ever seen Kim Jong Un in a motorcade or car ever. This pic of the poorest country in the…
Kim Jong Un of North Korea made a very wise and well reasoned decision. The alternative would have been both catastrop…
Korean man-boy Kim Jong Un sent by Allah to distract orange baboon from persecution of Muslims
Trouble is sanctions only hurt the people. It is they who will starve while Kim Jong Un continues to live in luxury!!
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that is up to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
North Korea backs off its threat to strike Guam - (Worthy News) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has backed do...
Looks like Kim Jong Un has backed down from a North Korean strike on Guam. All it took was James Franco and Katy Perry. K…
Kim Jong Un is about to deflect Americans' attention away from towards . North Korea moving missiles…
Hope you like the hat Kim Jong Un. Please don’t bomb Guam
North Korea's Kim Jong Un takes a step back from the nuclear brink - in the most Kim Jong Un-est way possible
Doctors say Kim Jong Un might be on steroids
Holy moses, is there any limit to the height of the stupid-ceiling on the Left?
The disappearance of North Korea's Kim Jong Un is sparking concerns that a missile launch could be imminent,...
USA Pentagon should track Kim Jong Un and military cronies. Once this Elite is liquidated, the rest of NoK…
Just imagine the world prices of Russian Oil, if Putin/Trum…
I saw an article earlier that Kim Jong un, called off his Guam aim, can't remember where I saw article
“Oh, I’m sorry, is my threat of nuclear destruction interrupting your rampant nazi uprising?” – Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un to watch the US before deciding on missile test.
North Korea's Kim Jong Un says will watch U.S. bit longer before acting: KCNA
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Ellison's babble is REPREHENSIBLE & OUTRAGEOUS. He foams at the mouth with his hate for America and htt…
Had a very bad day today. I found out North Korea backed off their Guam threats. Very surprising coming from Kim Jong Un!! 😞
Kim Jong Un studies Guam attack plans, decides to wait and see:.
REPORT: Kim Jong Un decides not to launch attack on U.S.-territory Guam
Today was the day Kim Jong Un became president.
Kim Jong Un has decided not to launch a threatened missile attack on Guam, Pyongyang’s state media reported
North Korea says Kim Jong Un has been briefed on plans to launch missiles in waters near Guam.
Kim Jong Un said he has decided not to launch an attack, but warned he could change his mind
All Kim Jong Un has to do if he wants Donald Trump to leave him alone is declare himself a white supremacist.
Sweden urges Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un to 'come to their senses' | via
Will North Korea leader Kim Jong Un pull the trigger? Possible signs to watch. By
North Korea defector: We follow Kim Jong Un because we're scared
Left wing media is simultaneously associating Trump with neo-Nazis and Kim Jong Un. Their hatred of Trump knows no bounds.
Will the and Kim Jong Un verbal barrage lead to a showdown?
Spirit world:In spirit world Trump n Kim Jong Un r soul buddies.Both are called to solve difficult problems on earth.solution?…
Kim Jong Un behaves horribly for a world leader and that's why I'm *** proud that we've finally got a real leader who b…
It's odd when the american news media plays Trump's North Korea statements but never play Kim Jong Un's response. That's…
Jeremy Corbyn's called on US president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to "wind down the war of rh…
Kim Jong Un, this is your final warnin'. Merica.
. Neo Nazis marching on your street. Biggest *** contest with Kim Jong Un
Someone should tell Kim Jong Un, leader of evil N Korea, that threatening to nuke the back-to-back World War Champs isn…
Trump and Kim Jong Un's nuclear threats are scaring South Koreans
Is this all because of Kim Jong Un's fabulous hair?
These are desperate times, indeed, when Kim Jong Un acts more in control than the POTUS.
Trump just tried to trade North Korea and Venezuela w/Kim Jong Un for New York Avenue and St. James Place so he could finall…
If Trump is the New Hitler and there is white supremacist and Hitlers in USA... then Kim Jong Un is the New hero??
Trump: Kim Jong Un 'will regret it fast' if he attacks Guam, US allies via the App
Can we make Kim Jong Un regret military action? Yes. But he can also make 150k Americans in S Korea & 160k Americans in Guam r…
.said Kim Jong Un will "regret it fast" if he threatens US allies. Learn about the US missile defense system.
Is any Democrat going to repudiate this ? || Ellison: Kim Jong Un 'acting more responsible' than Trump
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Guess who's one of N Korea & Kim Jong Un's biggest supporters now? You'll never guess—Russia & Putin.
North Korea says it may 'reduce the US mainland to ashes any moment'. Kim Jong Un is insane
DNC, Keith Ellison says "Kim Jong Un is a more responsible leader than Pres. Trump". Dems. aren't Unhinged, they just miss…
People really out here accusing people of defending Kim Jong Un just because we don't want either of these dumbasses to escalate things???
Keith Ellison calls for cranking up the "anti-war" machine against us if we go to war with Kim Jong Un.
After the Kim Jong Un comment, Keith Ellison retracted it and rephrased it (but not on video)
Instead of uniting as a nation, Vice-Chair of the DNC, Keith Ellison, sides with Kim Jong Un for "Acting More Responsib…
Deputy DNC Chairman Rep. Keith Ellison praises Kim Jong Un as a "better leader than Trump". The left has gone mad... ht…
Keith Ellison regrets saying Kim Jong Un "acting more responsible" than Trump
Just going on record to state that Donald Trump is a far greater threat to national security than Kim Jong Un.
What do you call a baby with a Napoleon complex?. Kim Jong Un. .
North Korea gotta be bluffin, Kim Jong Un don't even got a 25 kill streak yet
North Koreans have the smallest. Kim Jong Un is NOKO ergo; Napoleon Complex. Little…
Luckily for Kim Jong Un, Democrats dont believe that North Korean hackers messed with Podesta's emails, cuz then they'd rea…
Anthony Bourdain travels to Pyongyang and eats 3 year old eggs with Kim Jong Un. First time Jong Un has seen grown man w/ pinky ring.
Kim Jong Un just needs to try Chamoru chow one time. Big boy gna change his decisions
President Trump is acting as if Kim Jong Un is another campaign rival, writes Michael D'Antonio for
Can Donald Trump pause his *** measuring contest with Kim Jong Un long enough for me to at least graduate college?
Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, currently in a battle to see who is the craziest man on the planet.
is what Stephen Colbert calls the orange monster's provoking off the cuff remarks re: Kim Jong Un
Let's put Trump and Kim Jong Un on 3 mile island and let them nuke each other.
Getting started with saber ratting already I see. Why don't you talk to Kim Jong Un, you and him have…
Democrats are blasting Trump's strong leadership warning to Kim Jong Un . But they supported Clinton giving North Kore…
JUST IN: Secretary of State Tillerson says Trump is sending message to North Korea in a language Kim Jong Un would understand
Breaking: Kim Jong Un cannot launch nuclear missile as he was foiled by the "You must be at least THIS tall to launch nucle…
Do you know what the difference is between Kim Jong Un & Trump?. Me neither
Sounds like something the North Korean government would say about Kim Jong Un
Trump.. "Fire & Fury the likes of which the world has never seen.". Kim Jong Un.. "Bomb Guam.". Guam.. *** did we do?".
A mad despot with a terrible haircut. And then there's Kim Jong Un..
Trump is dangerous, so is Kim Jong Un. But folk actually voted dangerous Trump in. They voted him in. 🤦‍♀️
Kim Jong Un has his finger on the red button while Libs & MSM continue their insane distractions with Russian Rabbit Trai…
Breaking : President Trump asks Kendall Jenner to fly to Pyongyang and offer Kim Jong Un a can of Pepsi to stop him from att…
That or he just starts calling Kim Jong Un "Tiny Kim" and hurts Un's feelings till Un limps away ami…
Imagine the fun we'll have when Iran gets its nukes. Kim Jong Un wants to survive. The Ayatollahs want a global caliphate.…
Trump did not sound like a he sounded like Saddam Hussein or Kim Jong Un! We won't say or bathe in blood, we are America
Think about this: we'll be saved if Kim Jong Un thinks our President is as big a joke as the rest of us do.
.u please talk to Kim Jong Un & let him know Trump will eventually be impeached? Just give us some time.
North Korea's Kim Jong Un is threatening to attack GUAM! It's not even part of the USA! This guy is SO dumb & h…
Kim Jong Un: "Our long range missiles are now the most accurate on earth". Kieran Tierney: "Hold my beer...".
Every day we each play a part in defining our only data point for the L term in the Drake equation. You. Me. Kim Jong Un. We're all we have.
"In the case of North Korea, God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong Un." Th…
Plot twist- Kim Jong Un has been sent by the future to destroy the USA before Presidnt Mark Zuckerberg can activate skynet
Kim Jong Un is a nihilist, there is no de-escalation with that NutJob.
is the sort of propaganda that would make Kim Jong Un & Vlad proud. Pro-tip: if you have to declare something "Re…
Along the DMZ shots have been fired at our troops & SK's troops for years. When Kim Jong UN's GF was in power we sent them food.
How to avoid nuclear war with North Korea
I don't want to make you feel worse but apparently his pastor says it's "god's will"
Why Guam? Why not Donald Trump at a rally with a crowd chanting "Lock her up?" Because even Kim Jong Un knows that would help America.
Kim Jong-un moves to cement ties with Vladimir Putin ahead of China
There are no good options when it comes to dealing with North Korea, but blundering into war would be the worst
There is a rumour circulating that Kim Jong Un was a triplet and, if we take him down, Kim Jong Deux and Kim Jong Trois…
It could happen: How to avoid nuclear war with North Korea vía
Everyone stop worrying!. When Trump and Kim Jong Un finally meet they gonna be BFF's cuz they both spoiled man-babies…
Kim Jong Un is also upset that there's no one in his administration as loyal and over the top as this guy
BREAKING: B-1 bombers deployed to Guam as US declares it's 'ready to fight Kim TONIGHT'
I like to imagine Kim Jong Un sitting in a fancy office with a big red button on the table that says NUKES and he's si…
America no longer sees Kim Jong Un as a joke by via Stars and Stripes
Watching Kim Jong Un and go back and forth about nuclear war is like watching a crazy baboon fling poop…
I guess the Christian Taliban is in charge now
And our neighbors to the North step up instead of shut up. Bravo 🇨🇦 CANADA 🇨🇦
Seriously, Kim Jong Un, you don't want 2 mess w/ President Trump! You'll have to hang yourself from the shame you will bring to your family.
Dear and Kim Jong Un , how about we meditate together, get a deep tissue massage , play a round of golf…
How scary is it that we are all hoping Kim Jong Un is less crazy than our president?
have u not been following all the failed missile tests of Kim Jong Un?
He is so chubby don't hurt him, We need to make a Kim Jong Un doll for this Christmas, when we press…
Dennis Rodman needs to step in and serve as a mediator between his two friends Donald and Kim Jong Un.
President Trump has a message for North Korea & their dangerous leader Kim Jong Un -"They will be met with Fire & Fury"…
1. The phrase "fire and fury" didn't especially scare me. But this, on the other hand - this scares me. H/t
‘God has given authority to take out Kim Jong Un,’ evangelical adviser says. Well, that's settled. htt…
I hope Kim Jong Un demonstrates the maturity to ignore the hostile threats made by an unstable regime to the West.
His hairstyle. Looks like a phone shaped wig. On top of. A Korean pig. A wrongun. His name's Kim Jong Un. Wants to play with. The boys who. Are big
I have zero confidence in Trump's ability to handle the North Korea crisis. He and Kim Jong Un are two erratic, paranoid,…
Probably a good time for America to unite & realise Donald Trump is not the bad guy here.. Kim Jong Un is the bad guy.
I can't believe we have our very own homegrown Kim Jong Un dealing with the other Kim Jong Un. Please Republicans stand…
Between Trump and Kim Jong Un, one or both of those idiotic blowhards is going to get a lot of people killed.
Little Giant Ladders
Maybe I'm too WOKE but couldn't we just assassinate Kim Jong Un and not kill a bunch of civilians he doesn't care about?
The President has a great plan to get rid of Kim Jong Un. We have officially declared him a "Clinton associate", so suici…
'Donald Trump's North Korea warning has the authority of God to take out Kim Jong-un' | World | News | E…:
And North Korea "best not" make any threats?? Is Trump channeling Huggy Bear to threaten Kim Jong Un??? I need an Excedrin.
North Korea has a miniaturized nuke, just like their mini leader Kim Jong Un.
This is Disturbing! A NutCase with the nuclear codes, what could possibly go wrong??😱😱. Then there's also Kim Jong Un!!😬😨😱
We've based 70 years of nuclear deterrence theory on a model of nation states as rational actors. Now we have Kim Jong Un vs…
I know it's not popular, but the blame for Kim Jong Un rests with him. No Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump.
Would you take a picture with Kim Jong Un? Or Hitler? Remember what happened to Jane Fonda over a picture?
Secretary of State Tillerson says he wants dialogue with Pyongyang after CIA director suggested Kim Jong Un must go
How much more taunting are we going to take before we take out psycho Kim Jong Un? Do we have to have a nuclear hit in LA be…
So are we now going to see pictures of and seated at the table of Kim Jong Un?
Fwiw, I've heard intel experts state that Kim Jong Un is not irrational. Here is a…
Bout time to wipe that fat smile off Kim Jong Un.
Here's how Kim Jong Un rose to become the leader of one of America's most feared nations
SOUNDS PROMISING: "When Kim Jong Un speaks, young people don't listen. They just pretend to be listening"
While a posturing BLOWHARD is pushing ilia closer to war. The question is, who's more immature? Ki…
Kyrie for Kim Jong Un.. who says no
🚨I think it's time to send a strong message to Kim Jong Un! Test another ICBM & you'll regret it!🚨
US requests India's help to rein in North Korea's Kim Jong-un
Trump and republicans suffer devastating defeat on healthcare so now they take the U.S. to war. Insulting.
Um, I think it would be safe to say Kim Jong Un started the war, but let's hope it doesn't come to that.
US General warns North Korea: ‘We are ready for rapid, lethal and OVERWHELMING strike'
Voice to America: Kim Jong Un and a great white shark-
In Japanese city, people could see the NK missile in the sky. That's threa…
Kim Jong Un gets his monthly bowl cut fade starts feeling himself and then makes a new nuclear threat to the US
Little known fact, Kim Jong Un has a childlike fascination with
Its roughly analogous to the "monarchy" of the uk. The queen and Kim Jong Un are "in charge" and do have power
Should the United States take out the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with the growing nuclear threat he possesses?
I mean seriously, the earth is flat. It's not like they could shoot it to the East and hit Cali. Kim Jong…
Most folks calling Kim Jong Un a dictator have no idea how the actual structure of the DPRK gov actually runs.
Why is Trump responsible for Kim Jong Un's actions? Should the US attack North Korea?
Good for Tillerson pointing out what others want to ignore: Putin propping up Kim Jong Un as well as China
The US slams North Korea's missile test as Kim Jong Un claims the "whole US mainland" is in reach
Trump ripped China for not reining in Kim Jong Un and his missile program after North Korea tested a missile
There’s a rule in the North Korean military that you can’t be taller than Kim Jong Un.
Boonk: [goes to North Korea]. Boonk: ay lemme see y'alls missiles . Kim Jong Un: please be careful its very explosi-. Boonk: B…
Let's threaten to make Kim Jong Un spend time with Greg Hahn!! 😂
BREAKING NEWS! A hologram of The Beatles is collaborating with Kim Jong Un to perform their new single "Gangstas Only"
North Korea says it will strike U.S. with "'powerful nuclear hammer" should anything happen to Kim Jong Un
4/And just found this as a reminder for all
Are you concerned about North Korea's military advances?My answer:Yes, they are a real threat to the world. Comment?
Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin appreciate your stupidity --
OMG YES!! . Hey ISIS and Kim jong un, if this is what we do for fun...
North Korea Faces Famine as Kim Jong Un Builds Nuclear Missiles to Attack the U.S. . North Korea having Nuclear Weapons are all up to Russia.
North Koreans are facing famine as Kim Jong Un builds nuclear missiles to attack the U.S.
Now 31% voters repenting what they choose like a dictator Kim Jong Un
Sounds like something Kim Jong Un or Putin would demand.. those two dictators also love state r…
They won't get any peace treaty not until kim jong un stop his missiles project
North Korea threatened nuclear strike on US if it attempts to remove Kim Jong Un as Supreme Leader.
None of this would be happening now if Kim Jong Un's daddy was sterile. The woulda, coulda, shoulda's are pointless.
Kim Jong Un maybe crazy but he's not stupid, he has one life like we all do, I agree, an attack on the west…
Kim Jong Un is a threat to humankind, international peace and security..
Hi Kim Jong Un, you're such a sweetheart. We love you. Don't feel endangered. Jesus protects you, my c…
North Korea threatens a nuclear strike "at the heart of the U.S." if it tries to topple Kim Jong Un
North Korea warns Putin: ‘We will NOT back down from nuclear war'
Will strike 'heart of US' if Kim Jong-un regime threatened: North Korea
Oh...but I thought 45 liked the current North Korean regime. Didn't 45 say he'd be "honored" to meet Kim Jong Un?
You will be shocked after knowing the punishment policy of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for the failed...
Sounds vaguely like what North Koreans are told: Kim Jong Un drove a car at the age of 3.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Having my two scoops of ice cream on Air Force One! What does Kim Jong Un do all day? Certainly not American ice cream, he can't have any!
And yet you would roll it out for Kim Jong Un or Bashir Assad
If you can't win a democratic vote why not just fix the vote? Clegg goes full on Kim Jong Un. UK democracy is dying ht…
Missile Wars: Where North Korea stands after ICBM launch - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is on the cusp of ha...
Oh, thank you, Dear Leader. Kim Jong Un would be proud of you.
Can't wait for Kim Jong Un to win the ballot, should be a laugh.
'Don't play with fire on a powder keg.&
It's about time to get secret special forces cooperating with North Korean People to abduct this "mentally s…
I swear at some point we entered an alternate universe where all the world leaders are wrestling characters.
For a minute I thought this fella was describing Kim Jong Un.
How did large chunk of U.S. citizens become cult 4 celebrity crook? We used to make fun of Kim Jong Un's brainwashed.
Did the Ghost of Stalin and Kim Jong Un work as creative directors on this propaganda video?…
Didn't know Kim Jong Un was a fan tbh
Amazing. Kim Jong Un straight up smoking next to a liquid fuel ICBM. One spark and a lot of America's issues are... well, n…
Kim Jong-un warns Donald Trump he is pushing North Korea to the brink of nuclear war via
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North Korea news LIVE: Latest as US bombers fly over Korean Peninsula in show of power..
wait, what? wants to partner with Russia on a 'cyber security unit'?? ha ha, ha? also maybe partner with kim jon…
'Tipping point for NUCLEAR WAR' North Korea threatens to spark WW3 after US bombing drill
China is giving Trump a lesson in how to handle Kim Jong-un | Simon Jenkins
Frightening piece from who argues that Kim Jong Un's mind is the hardest intelligence target of all: https…
Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump: The godfathers of the UN treaty to ban the bomb via…
"Kim Jong Un needs nuke, because he can’t stop it without threatening the national ideology that keeps him in power"
South Korea's president says he's prepared to hold talks with the North, despite Pyongyang's ICBM test
My teacher just said theres something wrong with me cause im drawing Kim jong Un. Im doing it for meme reasons i ha…
Could $175billion pay for the removal of Kim Jong-un?.
Kim Jong Un and Hilary Clinton are the same person. Think about it. Have you ever seen them in the same place at the same time?
I like culture of N. Korea and S. Korean. but dislike government of North Korea. NK leader Kim jong un have chosen way to stupid.
Don't fear the Thucydides Trap. The case for action against North Korea:
Kim Jong Un feted at concert marking ICBM launch - Tens of thousands of spectators cheered North Korean leader ...
Most of these won't accept that you have a different opinion. Sounds kind of like Hitler and Kim Jong Un. Double standards baby!!!
ME: *riding world's fastest escalator* Well that escalated quickly. North Korean DICTATOR KIM JONG UN: this is why I have…
Kim Jong Un warns Donald Trump: Don’t play with fire, or there will be a nuclear war
North Korea tensions: South's president seeks meeting with Kim Jong Un | Do you believe in talking to a mad man?
The whole world knows we have a president on the exact same depleted mental level as Kim Jong Un. Sad…
South Korea's new president says he's willing to meet Kim Jong Un amid heightened tensions in wake of ICBM test
Kim Jong Un's hair is basically a tash. Here's more of my proof to back up the claim.
More support of my Kim Jong Un hair Tash discovery!
Finally realised what Kim Jong Un's hair reminds me of so I made these.
Trump, Putin, May, Kim Jong Un & Xi Jinping all have the same plan for journalism
Fox News really wants the U.S. to assassinate “crazy fat kid” Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un's hair tash. The gift that keeps on giving.
I have been making images of Kim Jong Un's hair as people's moustaches all day. Here's a special one for…
My next video will be a super Mega ULTRA Exposé of Republic TV and why Kim Jong Un is feeling jealous watching this propa…
Reminder that Kim Jong Un or someone close to him has a steam account
What I picture happens when Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman meet...
South Korea's president seeks talks with North's Kim Jong Un (from
Thank you. I reply by sentencing Kim Jong Un to Death. Your Country may yet live long without you. Salute.
Is it just me or do Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump look increasingly like the Truman show?
JUST IN: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un calls long-range missile test on the 4th of July a "gift" to "American ***
Here's Kim Jong Un's song if you want to crib for your future tributes to yourself.
🙄🤔Hmmm... I think North Korea 🇰🇵 & Kim Jong Un is test launching these missiles, is making way for Ob…
Everyone is worried about Kim Jong Un and North Korea, but we got our own crazy leader with nukes to worry about.
Beside the fact that this is likely the only thing Kim Jong Un can get up, America doesn't…
Why did the chicken cross the road? . To get out of range of Kim Jong Un's missiles.
"He [Kim Jong Un] seems to think that it has a particular psychological impact on us, doing something on July 4th. It o…
KIM JONG UN: "If we lose, I will burn the world. What good is the Earth without the Glorious Land of North Korea?"
You may have heard that Donald Trump is perplexed about Kim Jong-un‘s “lack of better…
Vladimir Putin rounds on North Korea with chilling threat as Kim ... - Daily Star
Trump criticizes Kim Jong Un after missile launch: "Does this guy have anything better to do?"
The words "temporary absence" has made POTUS go completely bonkers this morning. Happy 4th of July!. ICBM.
S. Korea Moon Jae-in needed advice from a President educated on foreign policy. Talks with Obama on how to deal w/
Kim Jong Un started his fireworks early. He'll be on the receiving end of fireworks soon. My new interview:
"Smart Cookie" or jobless leader? | Donald Trump needs to make up his mind about North Korea's Kim Jong-un -
Well, it did didn't blow up on the launch pad. Democrats and Kim Jong Un measure success the same way.
Kim Jong Un wants this video off the internet see spread it around!
just picked a fight with Kim Jong Un then goaded Japan, South Korea & China to go to war with N Korea. No big deal.…
What does a dog do when it's backed into a corner? It gets desperate. NK is surrounded and Kim Jong Un is panicking.
We need golf lessons for Kim Jong Un to keep him as busy as tRump
Remember when you called Kim Jong Un a "pretty smart cookie"? Good times. .
I want to follow Kim Jong Un's tumblr
How to stop Kim Jong Un from using his nukes? What if Containment does NOT work?.
just insulted Kim Jong Un and suggested Japan, South Korea and China go to war with North Korea. Get this psychopat…
Not now, Kim Jong Un. The man-baby in charge of the codes is already melting down.
It's easier to argue that Kim Jong Un is the only rational one in the equation.
Kim Jong Un wants a deterrent nothing more. He saw what happened to Libya and Iraq. He isn'…
We are literally at the point were we have to hope that a guy who is obviously crazy, Kim Jong Un, is less crazy than the…
Maybe Trump will threaten Kim Jong Un with a scathin' National Enquirer tell-all? .
I wanna knockout Kim Jong Un so bad, I'll literally go on a James Bond mission just to hit him with a 6 piece combo, stupid lil twerp
Kim Jong Un on Trump after North Korea’s missile launch: “Let's see if this guy have anything better to do wit…
Kim Jong Un-controlled newspapers called Trump a psychopath; seems like the projection is mutual.…
'WE WANT HIM HOME': Family of missing American says he was kidnapped to tutor Kim Jong Un by
Linda Chavez: "If we cannot stop Kim Jong Un, how do we call ourselves a superpower?"
"Trying to talk to supreme leader Kim Jong Un is a waste of time." North Korea will not denuclearize.
Sniper May Have Made Longest Kill Shot in History Will someone please put Kim Jong Un on his "To do List"
You are Special aren't you, Kim Jong Un would love you go and join him, he can give you a l…
Such a narcissistic *** you are. You think everyone cares about you. You're about as popular as Kim Jong Un.
GOOD. SWEAT FAT MAN. Kim Jong Un lives in fear of assassination by western 'decapitation' team, says report
Kim Jong Un lives in Fear of Assassination by Western 'Decapitation' Team
While was dying in North Korea, said he would be "honored" to meet Kim Jong Un.…
Amid an escalating nuclear threat from North Korea, Kim Jong Un faces a double-edged sword from Japan and America
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I wish we could all kick Kim Jong Un in the *** Like death from *** kicking by Americans wi…
yes! move left. Farther left than Cuba. . like Kim Jong Un left
In retaliation for Kim Jong Un murdering Otto Warmbier, Trump should bomb North Korea to kingdom come!
Someone's trying to one-up the Kim Jong Un romper as the worst thing on the internet
Kim Jong Un romper for men could be the worst thing ever
“Clearly we’re moving further away” from the conditions for any potential meeting between and Kim Jong Un, says
Kim Jong Un is a terrible dictator but at least he doesn't support GamerGate. "Communism is good, actually."
Forgot about this. South Korea's president reminds that Trump once said he'd have a burger with Kim Jong Un.
We DON'T NEED a war with N. Korea. Kim Jong Un will be Osama'd. *** if w…
Full transcript of interview with President Moon Jae-in - CBS News
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