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Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong-un also romanised as Kim Jong-eun or Kim Jung-eun, (born 8 January 1983 or 1984), is the current supreme leader of North Korea.

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well I guess this is the end for me since Kim Jong Un is going to nuke us, nice know…
y'all some *** launch y'all nukes not hit us and then die, Kim Jong Un play me 1v1 the USA nuclear arsenal if you real
would do better with mentalist Kim Jong Un as leader than
Kim Jong Un better hold these nukes off until after I see Frank Ocean in July
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un 'desperate,' ready to strike US, defector says 2 Madmen; sparring on world stage
On "Street Justice" on Fox, they're asking on the street who's the biggest threat? Putin, ISIS, Kim Jong Un. Most said Trump. 😄
N Korea detains 3rd US citizen - not good that Kim Jong Un playing games.
Foreign journalists invited to see Kim Jong Un, tour Ryomyong Street
their accounts are all weird Vince Russo or Kim Jong Un references
I wish we could lock Trump, Kim Jong Un, Netanyahu, and Putin in a room, and...nothing, just lock them in a room. Not…
Someone needs to drop a bomb on Kim Jong Un. He's going to find out our current President doesn't give a f…
Pence TO Kim Jong Un--Do not test Trump or the strength of US forces
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un once sat here, so nobody else will sit here anymore - at Science and Tech Center…
Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un sit on a warhead in diapers in Der Spiegel's latest cover via
Only because the average North Korean would rise up against Kim Jong Un if they knew that…
Kim Jong Un party paradise: North Korean dictator's resort revealed as his people starve
For the sake of a safer world China needs to put a bullet in Kim Jong Un's head. For too long China have been too passive.
Y'all ever notice the Kim Jong Un is the only fat guy in N Korea? Bring his little chunky *** to Texas. Let's chat.
In last two days, Trump couldn't remember name of Paul Ryan or Kim Jong Un, thought Un was same as Kim Jong Il. We need…
I didn't realize that NK's inability to feed it's own people, (Except Kim Jong Un) was a "Obesity Prevention".
Senile Donald Trump thinks Paul Ryan is named "Ron" and Kim Jong-Un took power as a child via
Some of our nicknames for Kim Jong Un: Dictator Tot, El Presidumpty, Glorious People’s Re-Piglet. Now give us yours..…
"Defectors have reported the majority of North Koreans love Kim Jong Un."
George Takei compares Trump to Kim Jong-Un — his followers hit back with surprising reaction
I back a pre-emptive strike on 'nutjob' Kim Jong-un says senior Republican - and I told Trump to tell China we'd go
Well Trump is and Kim Jong Un will use that against us with…
If Kim Jong Un had guns like that he would throw another parade.
Kim Jong Un actually thinks he can take the US in a battle? Lololol we can destroy their entire country with just one strike 😂😂😂
Russian television turns on Trump in favor of North Korea.
The real beef between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un is that fired Dennis Rodman on Celeb Apprentice, right?
King Jong Un, Kim Jong Il... Missiles heading for Iraq... "Let's go for three..."
patriotism, values, country, etc side: in a one-on-one fight, who wins: . MIKE MOTHER-DEAR PENCE. or . KIM JONG UN CHILI…
Kim Jong-un and North Korea: How propaganda and a cult of personality blinds and binds…
and our president doesnt the difference between Kim Jong Il and kim jong un. Whats a bigger p…
Kim Jong-Un humiliated by pic of his new elite forces unit on parade. Outdated and mismatched gear.
China’s DEADLY new warship fires missiles off coast of North Korea as WW3 fears mount.
"The person you are angry with could be as mad as a March hare" Essential reading for Kim. The WP warns about h…
I think we did more research for our movie about killing Kim Jong Un than trump is in to actually killing him.
Dear Kim Jong Un: Watch out for Trump. He’s even crazier than you. - The Washington Post 😂😂😂
If you put Gronk in a room with Trump, Putin, Assad, and Kim Jong Un, I’m pretty sure they would all be singing kumbaya…
China must have agents inside Pyongyang close enough to the Kim Jong Un family to do the right thing.
Trump confused Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un. I’ll help him out. 1 was the Dad & 1 is the mentally ill son who had everyt…
Uh...Trump says Bill Clinton was "outplayed" by "this gentleman..."Makes clear he things Kim Jong Il is Kim Jong Un. ht…
North Korean men can choose between 15 approved haircut styles. I had the most popular one - and it's not like Kim Jong Un.…
Kim Jong Un is a madman who is threatening World War III.
I have a feeling this is going to get messy. Kim Jong Un you were warned. red, white & blue coming 4 u.
NEWS! Kim Jong Un dead... North Korea say its leader has died of envy after seeing the hairstyle of British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson!
Kim Jong Un designed that DWade dunk attempt.
.in N. Korea: “Kim Jong Un has made it clear that failures don’t deter him or his rocket scientists”
Kim Jong Un's sister, Kim Yo Jong, often hilariously lurks behind him at official events. Our 2014 profile on her:
Trumped by Trump: Sure, Kim Jong Un got his lunch eaten for him by President Trump. But so did the mainstream…
Biggest concern is that Kim Jong Un will 'miscalculate,' US military official says via
North Koreans jump into the water to reach Kim Jong Un's boat!
I liked a video Seal Team 6 in South Korea reportedly practicing to take out Kim Jong Un
Theresa May must not go soft on Kim Jong Un, writes
Kim Jong Un shows off North Korea missiles as world on edge [Orange County Register]
Nightmare that's all too plausible. Cuban missile crisis with Trump, not JFK, & Kim Jong Un, not Nikita. htt…
How bad would it be if Kim Jong Un was the nuclear Franz Ferdinand?
We have a kill switch it's called a Trump Switch, flip it and no more Kim Jong Un.
2/2 Trump has clearly screwed up my thinking. He has to go, preferably before Kim Jong Un does something stupid.
Who is Kim Il-sung? North Korea prepares to celebrate Kim Jong-uns grandfather
These people probably wont be replaced by 'moderates'.
Like his grandfather, Kim Jong Un wants regime stability. Trump should talk to Kim Jong-un before sta…
Poll: If Kim Jong Un detonates a nuclear warhead on April 15th, do you think the should retaliate? Important to…
Imagine being a South Korean right now knowing that your future depends on the prudence and maturity of Donald Trump and…
Kim Jong Un must be left alone. That man is crazy. Let him test his missiles. Let there be world peace man.
I think kim Jong un ,is the lesser of two evils that *** trump,is likely to press the trigger just to see if it works.
Race to the button: Both Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un threaten preemptive strikes
North Korea news LIVE: Latest updates as Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump inch closer to WW3
shows off submarine-launched ballistic missiles at 'Day of the Sun' celebrations
In my world Trump and Kim Jong Un should be on Section 2 of the Mental Health Act, not waving their willies at each ot…
Trump should not be egging on Kim Jong Un for a fight that turns South Koreans into human shields!
New post: Kim Jong-Un watches over massive display of North Korean military strength as world hangs on knife-edge
There's war of words between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, they should both keep their hair on!
1) So many people have no idea how dangerous North Korea is, they are dangerous in a different way than ISIS. Kim Jong Un…
Trump's choices for dealing with Kim Jong-un. via
China warns countries not to allow North Korea situation to go down 'irretrievable' path
China warns war could break out 'at any moment' over North Korea
Told you Kim Jong Un is all talk. is running this 'grand chessboard!"
Kim Jong un has decided to dance for peace
It's become clear to me that our President is the American version of Kim Jong Un, more or less. I'm not handling it well.
Kim Jong Un has been clammoring for as many years as I can remember. Nothing new under Obama. Bu…
choices for dealing with Kim Jong-un . Interesting,easy 2 think,ah we'll just nuke them,not that simple,scary
Attacking North Korea would merely legitimize a nutjob dictator who would use a war to bolster his corrupt regime. Goes for…
Kim Jong Un and his lads ready for America away 😂
North Korean troops in NUCLEAR, BIOLOGICAL & CHEMICAL WAR suits mass in Pyongyang
Breaking News: Trump sends Kim Jong Un a free airline ticket to discuss his nuclear weapon program...
REVEALED: Forbidden photos Kim doesn't want you to see of REAL North Korean army Pueden apreciar fotos de N.Korea
As CNN reports Trump is "on the golf course," China says war could break out at any moment on the Korean peninsula. https…
A military parade is underway in North Korea where Kim Jong Un is expected to show off some of the country's arsenal
Kim Jong Un 'would nuke Los Angeles' if his rule was threatened'
North Korea displays apparently new missiles as US carrier group…
Fact is will strike North Korea how, when and where he wants and there's nothing lil Kim Jong un can d…
North Korea threatens to fire nuclear missiles if attacked first .
Kim Jong Un unveils huge new intercontinental missile
Iran warned to TAKE NOTE as US claims nuclear blast by North Korea is 'closer than ever'
Easter egg Roll? Hey you stunned turkeys, Kim Jong Un has a real Ea…
Following Sep 2016 nuclear test,North Korean state media warned that is is now able to mount a warhead…
Just encircle . "Kim Jong Un 'would nuke Los Angeles' if . ".
And what about Kim Jong Un, Pol Pot or Mao Tse Tung? So far Trump has shown no evidence of coming cl…
Reporting from Pyongyang, North Korea where we saw Kim Jong Un for the first time this trip unveiling a new skyscraper &…
Fri 14 Apr 2017 Kim Jong Un is about to Fall, North Korean capital Evacuated
CNN reports that security around North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is 'getting tighter'.
Security is getting "heavier and heavier" around North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, notices
Moon Jae-in says Seoul being sidelined by Washington and Beijing, vows to meet Kim Jong Un if elected -
Thousands of people gathered to watch North Korean leader Kim Jong Un open a new street in Pyongyang https…
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Me just talking about hockey and Kim Jong Un slides into my follows.
I wonder if Assad, Putin or Kim Jong Un ever participated in a spirit cooking event? Or Dominos on cheese?
He's like, my 5th favourite dictator behind Papa Doc, Poreschenko, Xi Jingping, Kim Jong Un and Qaddafi
Ryomyong street, a major new residential development. Kim Jong Un himself made an appearance
1st images of North Korea's Supreme People's Assembly, presided over by Kim Jong Un, w/ giant statues of his father & gr…
Spying on North Korea: US Air Force keeps eye on Kim Jong Un
and his followers sound like Kim Jong Un enforcers.. No criticism of glorious leader is a…
When even someone as anti-war as is saying that Kim Jong Un needs to go, you know there's a problem. Great car…
I have a feeling Kim Jong Un of is going to accidentally blow up his own counrty. Wouldn't that be some shi…
reports from Pyongyang suggest the adulation for Kim Jong Un isn't entirely heartfelt
You lost. You are a loser. Your mom had sex with Kim Jong Un.
.UPDATE: the "big event" was... the official opening of Ryomyong Street, a pet project of Kim Jong Un, who pre…
Confirmed: The foreign reporters in Pyongyang were taken to the opening of one of Kim Jong Un's pet projects -- and saw th…
I certainly dont seek war or violence but Kim Jong Un is frightening. He is too unstable to be left in power.
His testimony was I did not have nuclear war with Kim Jong Un in my 2015 office pool on how Donald Trump?
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Hey Speed Racer, you're the one into handcuffs, Kim Jong Un and Mr Tiny Hands.
No question the scared the pantsuit off Kim Jong Un and others
Tom and I were going to go out tonight... but instead we ended up ordering pizza and watching a documentary on Kim Jong Un 😂🙈
Wasn't the other option on the table assassination (decapitation) of Kim Jong Un
OMG. What the holy *** ! The US is considering killing Kim Jong Un &/or putting nukes in S. Korea?! just letting this leak is bad
Interesting comment to hear if you're Kim Jong Un.
If doughboy lunatic Kim Jong Un thinks there aren't consequences in using WMDs or ICBMs, he should ask
NSC presents with options on including US nukes in or killing Kim Jong Un, reports
Let there translators try and figure out what Trump means Kim Jong Un head will expl…
I hope Kim Jong Un takes a lesson from the !! New man in charge of the
🌹Assad & Kim Jong Un could mellow if I gave 'em a dog, but I wouldn't do that to the dog.…
If we don't get a World War with the likes of Trump, Putin, Erdogan, Kim Jong Un around then we can be sure there never…
Kim Jong Un is a democrat.and a democrats stupidity is unbound, therefore we all know what route he will most likely take.
Fair point. Drumpf is nothing if not unpredictable and as scary as Kim Jong Un.
Another one bites the dust. Are Putin & Kim Jong Un in a race?
My aunt hates Trump and Kim Jong Un so I replaced one of her pictures of them combined. Let's see how long it takes…
Can't we put Trump, Assad & Kim Jong Un in a floating rectangle in space like in Superman 2 before they do any further grim stuff? 🌍🙏🏼
I jst cant imagine what might happen if Trump and North Koreaz Kim Jong un are locked in one room heads
succeeded in confusing me as to whether or not he thinks bibi is the middle east Kim Jong Un.
It'll never happen. AW has more power than Kim Jong Un & our board are like KJU's sycophantic oompa loompa Napoleons
See parts of North Korea Kim Jong Un never wanted the world to see in “Secret State of North Korea.” 4/4 on
Trump plans on dealing with North Korea by challenging Kim Jong Un to a Bad Dictator's Haircut contest.
Kim Jong-Un ‘Would Use His Nuclear Weapons’ If Threatened via He would use them just for the Joy of watching. Insane
If Kim Jong Un decides to strike the U.S., he might be able to hit Alaska
Donald Trump: I'm willing to act alone on North Korea
North Korea’s top ranking defector says the only way Britain and the US can stop Kim Jong-Un is to ‘eliminate’ him
Donald Trump may need an easy win abroad to cover troubles at home, but his aggressive approach to Kim Jong-un…
A high-level defector warned that Kim Jong Un would use nuclear weapons against the U.S. or its allies to stay in p…
North Korean defector says Kim Jong-un will use nukes and needs to be 'eliminated'
North Korea defector says Britain and the US need to 'eliminate' Kim Jong-Un now
Why Is Kim Jong Un Our Problem? - "If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will." So President Donald Tr...
Donald Trump vows to 'solve North Korea' problem
If Kim Jong Un wants to avoid war, he must offer Trump a sweet deal on hotels in North Korea *immediately*. It's his best h…
If takes a radical step to deter the he will send a powerful message to Iran&China!
A North Korean defector says Kim Jong Un is prepared to use nuclear weapons
How Kim Jong Un feels about meeting with Trump
N. Korean defector tells Lester Holt that Kim Jong Un would use nukes
I'm guessing he's not Kim Jong Un's rocket consultant
Yes, I have a framed picture of Kim Jong Un in my dorm. Because why not
Question: How long would it take to B-B-Q 'Kim Jong Un' using a 100 megaton nuclear weapon !
Sorry, did I insult your hero? Wanna 3-way with Kim Jong Un while you're at it? If that's your thing...
On the real though kim jong un's barber hooks it up with a fresh high skin fade
So Tillerson's taking diplomacy tips from Kim Jong Un now?
The body of Kim Jong Un's murdered half-brother is returning to North Korea
Kim Jong Un’s transformation into his father is nearly complete via
Ambassador Dennis Rodman can help smooth things over. Some b-ball could help KJ Un shed the baby weight.
John McCain is not sorry for calling Kim Jong Un ‘fat’ via Yahoo!
It should be Kim Jong Un's barber the people of North Korea should be worshiping
*** dose Kim Jong un eat to get that big owo
For those who want a one world government, would u still want it if someone like Kim Jong Un was in control?. Be careful of what u wish for.
North Korea accuses John McCain of 'blasphemy' for calling Kim Jong-un 'that crazy fat kid' via
I think McCain is unstable he going around the world trying to start WW3? Does he have any crede…
John McCain called Kim Jong Un "a crazy fat kid".war is gonna breakout for sure now
today released body of assassinated to the half brother of North Korea's dictator Kim Jong Un
I can't remember his name, but I'm pretty sure Kim Jong Un had him executed with artillery fire. 🤔
Hey Crazy Fat Kid (kim jong un), still waitin' for that boot to drop.remember? You were gonna "get us"?? Remember? (Taunt, taunt, taunt).
Kim Jong Un threatens McCain for calling him 'crazy fat kid'.
North Korea says there'll be *** to pay John McCain called Kim Jong Un a 'crazy fat kid' via
Senator John McCain called North Korea's Kim Jong Un a "Crazy Fat Kid". I think I like John McCain again. For now. LOL ..
Malaysia put the body of the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on a plane to Pyongyang on...
Well, you look an awful lot like Kim Jong Un, so you tell me.
Wasn't it John McCain who was worried Trump would screw up foreign relations! McCain is losing it...needs to go!
NK citizens' heart is already left Kim Jong Un and waiting for SK…
Farkas sounds like Kim Jong Un explaining anal sex 😂😂 sorry. I'm going out now, have a great night everbody 😊😊😊
at 386 zone for NK soldiers to give up fast in emergency. 2. Targe…
Calling Kim Jong Un fat might as well be a declaration of war, North Korea says
Kim Jong Un threatens McCain for calling him 'craz...
There are days where I wish i woke up and realize that "dude... I'm Kim Jong Un and I cab do whatever the *** I want."
Kim Jong Un looks like a sketch comedy character.
McCain knocks North Korea over criticism for calling Kim Jong Un "crazy fat kid"
+McCain criticized for comments about Kim Jong Un; inste...
Now I Get It: What we know about Kim Jong Un and why North Korea is isolated
But he is not, as yet, as fantastic as Kim Jong Un.
All the people around him fake laugh like North Koreans laugh and clap at Kim Jong Un
I'm sure Kim Jong Un said the same about North Korea at some point
every action Trump is behind calls for non-negotiations and consequences. Reminds you of Kim Jong Un
A rare picture of Kim Jong Un wearing bape and supreme
pictures looking more and more like Kim Jong Un
North Korea's Kim Jong Un is starving his people to pay for nuclear weapons
I have heard he has also hit 100 hole in ones. Second only to Kim Jong Un
Sounds like something they'd say in North Korea about Kim Jong Un.
Wow. Our Dear Leader is almost as superhuman as Kim Jong Un
OMG! You're right! This guy is Asian. He's a Dead Ringer for Kim Jong Un. What R the Metropolitan Police Smoking? I…
Kim Jong Un behind biggest bank heist in history?
Humiliation for Kim Jong Un as his rocket EXPLODES seconds after launch
North Korea's Kim Jong Un talks a lot about striking his enemies via
I think we can all put aside our differences & thank John McCain for calling Kim Jong Un “this crazy fat kid that’s runn…
All part of Dear Leader's master plan to get Kim Jong Un to Host Celeb Apprentice via
Here's the thing: I trust Kim Jong Un to keep his word way more than President Trump.
message for Kim Jong 'Jabba the Hutt' Un..please stop threatening - just do it..Pyongyang will be ashes within 30 minutes.
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Kim Jong Un called the test “a great event of historic significance” for the country’s indigenous rocket industry.
Somewhere in North Korea, Kim Jong Un, Satan and ISIS are cheering for Duke.
. You and Kim Jong Un. are two of a kind...!!!. Barking mad.!!!
TV images of Kim Jong-Un overseeing N.Korea's latest missile engine test & giving a piggy-back to a soldier in tears
needs to realize that Kim Jong Un has a "North Korea First" policy. He's just emulating
's Kim Jong Un says engine test is 'new birth' of rocket industry
Dennis Rodman reveals that while in DPRK, he met Kim Jong Un's supposedly-executed uncle, alive and well .
Kim Jong Un's half-brother, who opposed the regime, was assassinated at a Kuala Lumpur airport by two women using…
Kim Jong Nam's murder not the first time North Korea has run into trouble in Southeast Asia. I dig into the history.
Bad behaviour? Presumably it was another D. Trump who behaved so appallingly towards A. Merkel the other day?
We should all be terrified to have Trump at the helm. He's nearly as mentally unstable as Kim Jon…
Issues shock war warning: 'If single bullet is fired, we will nuke USA'...
Malaysia says it is hunting for more North Korean suspects over killing of half brother of Kim Jong Un htt…
What the *** did they pump into his head when he was educated in Berne of all places. Ever heard of Club of Berne?.
‘If a single bullet is fired, we WILL nuke the US’ can we discuss this on
we are at a stage when Marx and Engels are outdated and Kim Jong Un, Mao and Sankara, etc, need to be focused on
Last night Chris Matthews describing Kim Jong Un & I thought it was Trump until he mentioned murder of half brother.
Why don't Kim Jong Un and trump just have a arm wrestle and leave us all alone...oh forgot, tiny hands.
Hope for avoiding war with a nuclear power now lies in praying that Kim Jong Un is less reckless than the president of the U…
Don't forget that Trump has a direct connect to Kim Jong Un via Fmr Apprentice contestant
Another question for - Mr. Pres, what 140 character description can you give of Kim Jong Un?
Kim Jong Un needs to be eliminated! People of North Korea been abused for 2 long! Hate war and violence, but time 4 him 2 die💣
Poll: Who is a bigger threat to global security, T***p or Kim Jong Un?
I propose a sequel to Coming to America starring Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman replacing Wesley Snipes.
A photo timeline of the tangled history of North Korea's Kim Jong Un
Calling for a shutdown of one of those *** *** cross waving Kim Jong Un provides expert guidance about killer vapes.
that's some grade A Kim Jong Un material
Man claiming to be Kim Jong Un's nephew says he's safe
A. Donald Trump. B. Kim Jong Un. C. Can you believe you have to look this up?.
Amb. Haley: Kim Jong Un displaying "unbelievable, irresponsible arrogance;" US considering "every option that is on the table" in response.
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Inside Trump's looming nuclear crisis with North Korea
China to take measures over U.S. missile system deployed in South Korea hours after North Korea missile launch.
?? what does Kim Jong Un have in common with the .
Man claiming to be son of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's slain half brother says he's safe…
North Korea and its leader Kim Jong Un continue to unsettle world leaders
Republicans named their bill World's Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017 after hiring some consultant named Kim Jong Un
US says it has to see 'positive action' from North Korea
i don't see any difference b/w Erdogan's TR and Kim Jong Un N.Korea.both are lunatic dictators,who…
i would write his name with capital letters tho like Kim Jong un
Today I learned there are Kim Jong Un sympathizers
Kim Jong Un is stirring up tensions aross Asia trying to provoke Trump
Indonesia: Suspect in killing N.Korean man in Malaysia thought it was a prank. Victim said to be half-brother of Kim Jong Un ht…
How seriously can Nikki Haley make the 'Kim Jong Un is not a rational human being' argument at the U.N., given who her boss is?
I just hope our government handles this diplomatic rows delicately. We all know that Kim Jong Un is a madman.
"I am willing to mail my poop to Kim Jong Un if the president orders me to"
Kim Jong Un shot another missile into the Sea of Japan. Someday he's going to realize he shot all his missiles into th…
wow wow wow. if i did not know any better i would have thought this came from a North Korean translation of Kim Jon…
Technically DPRK is a theocracy. They tell me "Juche is my religion." Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un are more caretakers…
The Independent Kim Jong-nam: Man claiming to be son of poisoned North Korean exile appears on video The…
Son of Kim Jong Nam, nephew of Kim Jong Un, appears to speak out in a video -
During his campaign, President Donald J. Trump said he would be willing to meet with Kim Jong Un. President...
How's Miss Molly doing? Appreciating simple stuff like cat behavior can help one deal with world madness. Kim Jong Un wants a war?
on "this is not a rational person...who is not thinking clearly" Oh, she's talking about Kim Jong Un? Sorry 😐
Malaysia says it won't release body of Kim Jong Un's half-brother to North Korea without DNA from the Kim family.
"It is an unbelievable, irresponsible arrogance that we are seeing come out of Kim Jong Un," U.N. Amb. Haley says
It's NO secret that US & S.Korea are preparing for an attack on N.Korea - Kim Jong Un is a loose canon - it's reality !
We're competing with Kim Jong Un in more ways than one
Rodong Sinmun front page shows Kim Jong Un "giving on-the-spot guidance at ballistic rocket launching drill."
45 is to Amurika what Kim Jong Un is to North Korea: Big Threat. Fret not: Califo…
How the women accused of killing Kim Jong Un's brother may have avoided killing themselves as well Peter Farquhar
It takes one to know one. Trump now believes NK is the greatest immediate threat because "Kim Jong Un may be crazy" . https…
Trump worried Kim Jong Un 'may be crazy'
Me: h- . Fox news: North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly stolen all the babies and cooked them in a stew.
North Korea: South Korean intelligence agency says they have strong evidence Kim Jong Un ordered assassination of his h…
Gosh this seems somewhat familiar- Kim Jong Un executes security officials who 'enraged' him with 'false reports'
You don't want to make Kim Jong Un angry.
What one photo reveals about North Korea’s nuclear program — more than Kim Jong Un intended
North Korea 'executes five officials over false reports to Kim Jong Un'
He thinks it's Asian Flu but Kim Jong Un is a massive Sevco fan if you catch my drift.
Kim Jong Un kills his top officials with antiaircraft guns for “false reports”. How many western officials have to die for false news?
Anyone who threatens the lives of little children deserves to die a Kim Jong Un artillery-strike style death.
Kim *Jong un has called it fake news and has banned all media.
Report: North Korea executes officials for 'enraging' Kim Jong Un No wonder I have no followers from N. Korea !!!
pretty high ranking fam member to Kim Jong Un, would be a big deal in any airport.
Police say Kim Jong Un's half brother was killed with a nerve agent. What are the clues to this int'l mystery:
Assassination of Kim Jong Un's half brother is a reminder of North Korea's chemical, biological weapon stockpile
New details in mysterious death of Kim Jong Un's half-brother
Pyongyang blames for death of Kim Jong Un's half-brother
'LOL assassin' may have been duped into murdering Kim Jong Un's brother by 'friends'
How the hit team came together to kill Kim Jong Un’s half brother via
Kim Jong Un, Putin, Duterte, Assad, what is it with these dictators today? Thankfully we don't have
Attempted break-in at morgue holding 'assassinated' Kim Jon-nam
Morgue holding the body of Kim Jong Un's estranged half-brother beefs up security after break-in attempt
Despite UN sanctions & its supposed isolation, weapons export continues mainly to &
BREAKING NEWS! Justin Bieber is collaborating with Kim Jong Un to perform everyone's favorite, "It's Nacho Business"
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