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Kim Jong Nam

Kim Jong-nam (Korean: 김정남, Hanja: 金正男) (born May 10, 1971), is the eldest son of the late Kim Jong-il, former leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

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Wow. Malaysia police mistook Kim Jong Nam as South Korean and told Seoul's embassy. If not, we may never have known. https:…
How North Korea got its people back in Kim Jong Nam standoff
Malaysia agrees to release the body of Kim Jong Nam to North Korea in exchange for the return of 9 prisoners
Nine Malaysians barred from leaving North Korea after Kim Jong Nam murder have finally been allowed to return home
Malaysia to release body of Kim Jong-nam in deal with North Korea: Nine Malaysians blocked…
Malaysia releases body of Kim Jong Nam to North Korea
Malaysia says Kim Jong Nam's body released to North Korea (from
North Korean defector floats balloons carrying news about Kim Jong Nam's death into the country from South Korea
CNN - North Korean defector sends leaflets with Kim Jong Nam news over the border
Asked about the progress on Kim Jong Nam's murder case, IGP Tan Sri Khalid said "there is progress but I will not share it…
Kim Jong Nam's murder not the first time North Korea has run into trouble in Southeast Asia. I dig into the history.
Review of Video Footage of Assassination of Kim Jong Nam via
CCTV shows 'new suspect' in Kim Jong Nam murder.
CCTV shows 'new suspect in Kim Jong Nam murder'
Interpol issues 'red notice' for 4 North Korean suspects in Kim Jong Nam case
Kim Jong Nam's family has authorised Malaysia to manage his remains: Deputy police chief - The Straits Times
North Korea blames U.S., South Korea for attack on Kim Jong Nam
Son of Kim Jong Nam, murdered half-brother of Kim Jong In, speaks out about his father's death
According to org that posted video, 4 govts (including U.S.) played role in helping Kim Jong Nam's family to safety https:…
I believe Siti Aisyah and Doan Thi Huong are innocent & were tricked into assassinating Kim Jong Nam. I hope these girls get a second chance
Man claiming to be Kim Jong Nam's son appears in video, claims he's safe - Chicago Tribune
BREAKING: Pyongyang says it will ban Malaysians from leaving North Korea amid diplomatic dispute over killing of Kim Jong Nam.
For the first time, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has directly accused North Korea of murdering Kim Jong Nam
Son of assassinated Kim Jong Nam breaks his silence from in hiding via
Kim Jong Nam's son appears for first time since his father's murder - CNN
His father was assassinated. Now, the son of Kim Jong Nam appears to speak out in a video.
Where is Kim Han Sol, the son of murdered Kim Jong Nam?
Kim Jong Nam's son in hiding appears in video
Kim Han Sol, son of assassinated Kim Jong Nam, speaks out in video - USA TODAY
Kim Jong Nam's son surfaces for first time since father's murder
Kim Jong Nam's son sends message from hideout: The son of the North Korean leader's…
What do you think will happen if Barry Allen goes back to the past and save Kim Jong Nam from being killed?
Just one litre of the chemical used to murder Kim Jong Nam could kill 1m people
Malaysian warrant for North Korean staffer in Kim Jong Nam murder - from :
Kim Jong Nam murder: North Korean says Malaysia threatened to hurt his family
suspect in Kim Jong Nam's murder deported from says he had been forced to sign false confessions…
Kim Jong Nam murder: Deported Korean says Malaysia threatened to harm his family.
Malaysia cancels visa-free travel for North Koreans following the killing of Kim Jong Nam, state news agency reports
Kim Jong Nam: Row brewing as Malaysia ban visa-free entry for N.Korean’s
Malaysia will free suspect in Kim Jong Nam killing but will shut down visa-free travel for North Koreans— Wall Str…
Only North Korean held as a suspect in Kim Jong Nam death probe to be released & deported as a 'free man', according to Malaysia's AG
Kim Jong Nam murder: Malaysia to release, deport North Korean suspect due to lac
A North Korean man who has been jailed in connection with the Feb. 13 killing of Kim Jong Nam will be released, Mal…
North Korean suspect in Kim Jong Nam killing to be released via
- - Only next-of-kin can claim body of Kim Jong Nam: IGP - BERNAMA - Astro Awani -
Kim Jong Nam was killed with the 'most toxic weapon ever produced' via
VX, the poison that reportedly killed Kim Jong Nam, explained - Vox
WATCH: Malaysia to sweep Kuala Lumpur international airport for toxic chemicals after Kim Jong Nam's murder.
How the hit team came together to kill Kim Jong Nam.
"says will issue arrest warrant for North diplomat in Kim Jong Nam murder" - Fraticide possible.
Who was Kim Jong Nam? explains the family tree of North Korea's rulers.
How dangerous was VX attack on Kim Jong Nam for others in the airport then? tells
The murder of Kim Jong Nam involved one of the deadliest chemical substances on earth, reports
Indonesia urges for counselor access for Kim Jong Nam's murder suspect - Astro Awani
Whats wrong with ? Whats photo doing in Kim Jong Nam's murder report?
The Latest: Malaysia wants Interpol help on tracing suspects in death of Kim Jong Nam.
oh btw when we were buying sweet rice drink at samcheongdong from a rly sweet auntie, she asked us about Kim Jong Nam lmao...
- More North Koreans sought in murder of Kim Jong Nam
8 North Koreans identified as suspects accused of putting poison on hands before attacking Kim Jong Nam.
Ask a North Korean: What did North Koreans know about Kim Jong Nam?
Coal, Nukes, and a Mortuary Break-In: The Real-World Intrigue Surrounding the Killing of Kim Jong Nam.
The women had rehearsed the attack at two shopping malls in central Kuala Lumpur before assaulting Kim Jong Nam.
Breaking: Malaysia police say one suspect in Kim Jong Nam killing worked at North Korean embassy in Kuala Lumpur
Four left KL an hour after Kim Jong Nam's murder - Airline source - Astro Awani :
Kim Jong Nam | Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah, DG, Msia's Min of Health |"politicized by Msia in collusion with SKorea."
South Korea has accused North Korean agents of being behind the sudden death of Kim Jong Nam -- son of former di...
China banned N. Korean coal imports after Kim Jong Nam, China resident and half-brother of Kim Jong Un was murdered. ht…
Some reports suggest Kim Jong Nam was trying to defect to South Korea, ultimately leading to his assassination
North Korea says will reject Malaysian post-mortem of Kim Jong Nam
SKorean unification min: "it is highly likely that North Korean regime is behind the assassination" of Kim Jong Nam
North Korea requests body of Kim Jong Nam, but Malaysian officials demand DNA from family first…
North Korean man arrested in Kim Jong Nam's death
North Korean held over death of Kim Jong Nam as second post-mortem announced
S.Korean drinking buddy says Kim Jong Nam was a thoughtful and emotional friend who loved TV dramas
Why was Kim Jong Nam living in Macau, but not Hong Kong, for protection? What makes Macau a better choice than Hong…
First clear Beijing reax from Kim Jong Nam death: China suspends coal imports from North Korea over missiles
Malaysia arrests North Korean man as row over Kim Jong Nam's death escalates via
Finding poison in Kim Jong Nam killing may be hardest part By
Mother of Kim Jong Nam's suspected assassin had bad feeling about daughter's 'job'
: Arrest made in Kim Jong Nam murder Kim Jong Nam died this week after being assaulted at Kuala Lumpur I…
Four men convince small time Vietnamese net idol to play a "prank" on Kim Jong Nam (murder him with poison, 😂 )
In case you missed it, Kim Jong Nam's female assassin has a YouTube channel. Claims she was told it was a prank.
Between this and the LOL shirt, I think Kim Jong Nam is the first person in history to be killed by memes.
Police arrest third suspect in Kim Jong Nam killing
Kim Jong Nam lived in exile and was once heir apparent to his father Kim Jong Il. He had spoken of need for reform in
Kim Jong Nam, prior to his death, had sought mercy from Kim Jong Un, saying his family had 'nowhere to run and hide'.
Malaysia arrests third suspect in connection with murder of Kim Jong Nam:
Kim Jong Nam's death hints at looming instability in North Korea
The scene outside the morgue in Kuala Lumpur where Kim Jong Nam's body is held. Lots of journalists, no news.
Malaysia police arrest woman linked to death of Kim Jong Nam
In case you needed another Kim Jong Nam twist, a second woman arrested in Malaysia was holding a South Korean passport, Kyod…
Malaysian man arrested in Kim Jong Nam death investigation, said to be Indonesian suspect's boyfriend: Police source h…
Malay police reportedly found bodies of the two women suspected of killing Kim Jong Nam.
Foreign agents could have targeted Kim Jong Nam 'for quite some time': M'sia official
Trailing the life of Kim Jong Nam: Who and why?
A second woman has been arrested in relation to the killing of Kim Jong Un's half-brother
Kim Chol and Kim Jong Nam is the same person - DPM Ahmad Zahid
Second woman arrested in probe of Kim Jong Nam killing via
- 2nd arrest in mysterious death of Kim Jong Un's brother
murder: Kim Jong Un cements power in North Korea's Game of Thrones.
North Korea killing: second woman held over death of Kim Jong-nam
All the latest on the Kim Jong Nam case as a second female suspect is arrested
Malaysian police apprehend 2nd woman suspected in killing of Kim Jong-nam
2nd woman arrested in connection with slaying of Kim Jong Nam, half-brother of N.Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
The real question is, what was Kim Jong Nam doing in Malaysia?
Here's the Malaysian police statement on the arrest of a second woman in connection with Kim Jong Nam's death
North Korean officials were at forensics dept all day yesterday. None seen today. They had not wanted a postmortem. https:/…
A woman thought to be one of the suspects in Kim Jong Nam’s murder leaves a Malaysian police station on Thurs (Photo by C…
Murdered Kim Jong-nam ‘felt he was living on borrowed time’ in Macau | South China Morning Post via
Murdered Kim Jong-nam BEGGED Kim Jong-un to stop trying to ASSASSINATE him, officials say https:…
North Korean embassy has confirmed that Kim CHOL is Kim Jong Nam . He carries two passports : DPM Zahid speaking to media fo…
police arrest female suspect in connection to Kim Jong Nam killing,
North Korean embassy has requested Kim Jong Nam's body, local press says
Kim Jong Nam died at an airport in Kuala Lumpur when he was apparently targeted by two female assassins.
Talking about Kim Jong Nam at work Me: "He was assassinated in Kuala Lumpur.". Carol: "he was assassinated over a bottle of liqueur??"
Kim Jong Nam was reportedly poisoned while at Kuala Lumpur airport by 2 women who are believed to be North Korea agents. https…
Kim Jong Nam death: Malaysian police looking “for a few others, all foreigners”, the deputy inspector-general says…
All you need to know about Kim Jong Nam -North Korean leader's brother who was assassinated in international airpor…
SEOUL - It was at Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur International Airport that Kim Jong Nam, the estranged elder...
I keep telling myself there's no parallel between Kim Jong Nam and Ahmad Shah Massoud and that nothing's coming. Almost convinced.
To North Korea, Kim Jong Nam was an embarrassment. To me he was a rebel. He tried to enter Tokyo with a forged Domi…
Kim Jong Nam fell out of favor with his father after being caught trying to enter Japan using a fake passport
Note the travel doc on the man believed to be Kim Jong Nam lists his alias as "Kim Chol" ... boring, given great aliases like…
Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother and rival of North Korea's leader, is dead in a suspected assassination
Kim Jong Nam was the Freedom Loving Black Sheep of the family that "fell from grace"
South Korean media said Kim Jong Nam was killed by poison needle by two women who fled Kuala Lumpur airport by taxi
The Malaysia official said Kim Jong Nam was attacked with a spray in the shopping concourse.
South Korean news is reporting that Kim Jong Nam, KJU's older brother, has been killed in Malaysia by 2 female agents with…
Kim Jong Nam fatally poisoned by two female agents armed with needle at KL airport in according to media. Not co…
Kim Jong Nam made headlines in 2001 when he was stopped trying to enter with fake passport, said wanted to visit Tokyo Di…
NEWS INTELLIGENCE ASK A North Korean Jang executed for meeting with Kim Jong Nam, says expert Expert claims Kim Jong Un believed Nam being groomed to replace him kim-jong-nam BY OLIVER HOTHAM , DECEMBER 14, 2013 Jang Song Thaek was purged and executed because he met privately with Kim Jong Un’s older brother Kim Jong Nam, Professor Kang Myong-do said on Friday. Professor Kang, who teaches at Kyungmin University and is the son-in-law of former North Korean premier Kang Song San, told YTN that Jang Song Thaek had travelled overseas to give Kim Jong Nam his monthly living expenses in October, a journey that had made Kim Jong Un suspicious that Jang was plotting to replace him. Kang told YTN that “Kim Jong Un, who had been watching Jang since last year, found out, and he thought Jang was trying to enthrone Kim Jong Nam… that’s why he executed him”. “Kim Jong Un has been trying to assassinate Kim Jong Nam many times,” he argued, “but he failed because Kim Jong Nam was under China and Jang Song ...
Kim Jong Nam for leader? A group of North Koreans start a tongue-in-cheek petition. (via
Kim Jong Nam, the original heir to Kim Jong Il, was arrested for trying to go to Disneyland Tokyo using a fake passport.
New discovery (for me) Kim Jong Nam plots his escape to DisneyLand Japan. Circumvents government with fake Dominican passport. Gets Caught.
ASSASSINATION THREAT. Kim Jong Nam, the older brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is seeking asylum in...
An Interview with Kim Jong Il's Grandson: Kim Han Sol is the son of Kim Jong Nam, who is the eldest son of Kim J...
Facinating! Interview with Kim Han Sol, son of Kim Jong Nam, newphew of Kim Jong Un, and grandson of Kim Jong Ill.
Of course, it was an ill-advised visit to Tokyo Disneyland which scuppered career of Jong Un's older bro, Kim Jong Nam
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