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Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong-il (born Yuri Irsenovich Kim; 16 February 1941; official biography claims 1942 – 17 December 2011) was the supreme leader of North Korea (DPRK) from 1994 to 2011. He succeeded his father and founder of the DPRK Kim Il-sung following the elder Kim's death in 1994. Kim Jong-il was the General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, Chairman of the National Defence Commission of North Korea, and the supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, the fourth-largest standing army in the world.

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This day six years ago North Korean leader Kim Jong Il died suddenly of a heart-attack, leaving the country to be led by son K…
That means in a head-to-head match would have lost to North Korea’s “Dear Leader” Kim Jong Il by 34 st…
Yes, of course Trump is the problem. Who's Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il again? They were never a problem before of course.
This week we talk differences we see between Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un.
Remember when Sacha Baron Cohen poured Kim Jong Il's ashes on Seacrest (the real one) on the Oscar red carpet? That was lit.
My dog sounds like a mix of Kim Jong Il & Cartman from Southpark.
Kim Jong Un Visit the Remains of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il at Kumsusan Palace of Sun via
CIA psych assessment of Kim Jong Il. Kind of makes you think. . (ht
Kim Jong Il: Awww Hans. You're breakin my balls Hans, you're breaking my balls!
I believe Kim Jong Il's 13 ace golf round more than Eric Trump doing an Rx Murph in 31 minutes.
Charlie Boorman and Kim Jong Il have let themselves go
send BTS back to North Korea and give us Kim Jong Il instead
Apparently Mugabe and Kim Jong Il were too busy so Blackpool went with the next most controversial choi…
Kim Jong Il was always my favorite type of supervillain. Short. Silly costume. Stupid hair. ...and dead.
But did he ever make 18 consecutive holes-in-one like Kim Jong Il did?
Wow Erdogan is a madman... up there with Kim Jong Il and Gadhafi
He praised Kim Jong Il. He praised Putin. He admires dictators and appears to aspire to be one.
He and Kim Jong Il would have been the best beachvolley team. Both totally impossible to best apoarently..
setting up at day 2 of YCL convention, says 'the only thing I need for Robert's Rules is this', holds up book by Kim Jong Il
Ambrose is as feminist as Kim Jong Il is a supporter of democracy.
Smiling. Still clapping, too, a la Kim Jong Il and his stooges?
I remember there was once where someone mentioned Kim Jong Il and I was "North Korea :D" and it got super quiet :x then I had
Kim Jong Un , Kim Jong Il ... I could go on all night 😂
Tory manifesto is v.scary. Can't help thinking there's shades of Kim Jong Il in Theresa May's plans to vet the Internet. Where does it stop?
The political change that North Korea engagement advocates promised was exactly what Kim Jong Il feared the most. https…
Kim Jong Il: "Western imperialists are not qualified to speak about human rights"
In last two days, Trump couldn't remember name of Paul Ryan or Kim Jong Un, thought Un was same as Kim Jong Il. We need…
King Jong Un, Kim Jong Il... Missiles heading for Iraq... "Let's go for three..."
Trump confused Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un. I’ll help him out. 1 was the Dad & 1 is the mentally ill son who had everyt…
Uh...Trump says Bill Clinton was "outplayed" by "this gentleman..."Makes clear he things Kim Jong Il is Kim Jong Un. ht…
Hold up.. Call !. Isnt that the LW Reactor he gave to Kim Jong Il?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
England v Australia should be good shortly. And needs to be to ace the superb lookalikes of Trump, Obama and Kim Jong Il doing Gangnam Style
TIL that Kim Jong Il ordered the kidnap of South Korean filmmaker Shin Sang-ok and his wife to make movies for North Korea. They gained Kim…
So thankful Kim Jong Il invented the hamburger. One of my favourite meals
Technically DPRK is a theocracy. They tell me "Juche is my religion." Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un are more caretakers…
Meet Kim Han Sol. An ordinary kid—except his grandpa is Kim Jong Il, and he's in hiding because his dad was killed.
Birth of the great Comrade Kim Jong Il issued stamps to celebrate 75 anniversary
Reporting party and celebrate our people's eternal leader Comrade Kim Jong Il, who is the great 75 anniversary of the birth of the…
Happy birthday to 2 of my favourite people and a person I hate Ice T Kim jong IL and
Kim Jong Il? I know Kim Jong Il, okay? We have lunch awl duh time. So whya you asking about missiles? Come awn. Backaftadis.
they're the only thing keeping you "honest," as it were. Without them, you'd be Mao, Putin, Kim Jong Il, etc.
First clerk Kim Jong Il believed that Congress would be allowed to buy the new money to prevent the risk of more foreclosures.
Today is the Day of the Shining Star in North Korea
North Korea celebrates birthday of late leader Kim Jong-il with dancing, unaware of his eldest son's grim demise
The Media gets it and they report it .. a man who cannot handle the truth .. he's utterly deluded .. he's focused...
Kim Jong Il stole the chaos emeralds and is also a fake goth.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
this dude's father, Kim Jong il, once shot an 18 in a round of golf. Verified by all those with him 😂
//international politics . Kim Jong Il actually has two son one of which killed today.
This press conference makes Kim Jong Il look like a sane world leader. He is your respons…
According to Google my birthday is the same as Kim Jong Il. What.jpg
You know who else lies about how big their victories are? Kim Jong Il.
75th birthday of North Korea Dear Leader Kim Jong-il who 'changed weather with his mind' -
North Koreans honour 75th birthday of Kim Jong-il who 'changed the weather with his mind'
via The death of Kim Jong-Il's other son is unbelievably bizarre
I got the same birthday as the Weekend and Kim Jong il so both pluses right?
Young Kim Jong Il worked at construction site
Rare photos out of North Korea show Kim Jong Il birthday celebrations
This guy sounds more and more like Kim Jong Il everyday... 18 holes in one, bowls a 300 every time, blah blah blah
Kim Jong Nam lived in exile and was once heir apparent to his father Kim Jong Il. He had spoken of need for reform in
How many weeks until our pres gets to Kim Jong IL level of lies & fabrication about his greatness? For reference:
is that in the same award ceremony where Kim Jong Il gets his award for shooting an 18 in a round of golf?
Calling himself the "least racist" & "least anti-Semitic" person sounds a lot like Kim Jong Il claiming to be the best golfer or filmmaker.
Drinking game: . 1. Buy today's newspaper. 2. Cut out photos of Kim Jong Il & Trump. 3. Try to match each picture with its matching story. 4. 🍺
Nothing reins Trump in from delivering a steady barrage of false info. No presidential precedents. Just tyrants like Kim Jong Il & Idi Amin.
Trump doesn't think he needs to consult anyone. He's the Kim Jong Il of the western world
I think the fairer comparison is to Kim Jong Il. Trump demands to be loved as supreme leader.
How is Trump's claim Lincoln concert had "never been done" different to Kim Jong Il's claim of 11 holes in one on his first…
The NZ media seems to cover their athletes with a touch of Kim Jong Il
Just after Kim Jong Il's death, the official news agency put...
The spirit of Kim Jong Il is now in control of Elmo
Kim Jong Il taught the people of North Korea that of they applied themselves, they, too, could eat . . . sometimes.
New secret tapes reveal some interesting things about Kim Jong Il. None particularly good, some amusing.
Kim Jong Il invented life and happiness. Lest we forget.
.just now, talking to a person having trouble understanding him: "'s Kardashian or Jong Il."
Kim-Jong Il is being reincarnated there as we speak.
he really is like Kim Jong Il. I wonder if he shot a 38, with 5 holes-in-one.
He is the living embodiment of Kim Jong-Il who said he scored 18 for 18 holes. Snake oil salesmen would call Trump sleazy.
It was a golf duo with Kim Jong Il. The same game where Kim Jong Il hit those 13 holes-in-one.
Kim Jong Il's 38-under par 34 was surely under serious threat too.
Kim Jong Il: In they have better technology. They are like college students & we are in nursery schools
Incredible notes on the Bill Clinton-Kim Jong Il meet in 2009.
Trump's comments remind me of Kim Jong Il's comments about being SO good at golf that he quit cus it was too boring
Kim Jong Il claimed an 18 for 18 holes! Trump is playing us with this 18 championships figure. Let's not play along.He's Dear Leader
Sing "So Ronry" from team america while dressed up as Kim Jong Il
Just like the Kim Jong Il...the supreme leader.
But could he handle Kim Jong Il on the links too?
Memo on what And Kim Jong Il talked during 2009 meeting via
Leaked memo details the hourlong meeting between Bill Clinton and Kim Jong Il in 2009
Since when do these nuts make youngest one leader did all other KIM's die Kim Jong-il the wiki is too *** confusing i should ask Rodman LOL
in the same way Kim Jong-il or Gerry Adams does Andrew. Not for me - I'll keep my freedoms😊
Kim Jong-Un claims he can drink 10 bottles of wine in a single evening Then he's Kim Jong-il...
From here's the Bill Clinton-Kim Jong Il memorandum of conversation:
Secret tapes reveal Kim Jong-il’s anxieties about South Korea and obsession with his country’s film industry
- - Secret recordings reveal much about Kim Jong Il and his North Korean regime - LA Times - Stripes -
Secret recordings by a kidnapped celeb couple reveal much about Kim Jong Il and North Korea.
Memo shows Kim Jong Il suggested Bill Clinton should vacation in North Korea
Have we had enough of already? She dresses like Kim Jong Il, seems to love his style, and channels his behaviour.
Republicans don't like Trump, just want change. Some "change" leaders: Hitler, Mussolini, Castro, Stalin, Idi Amin, Kim Jo…
Like TB or not, as an ex-PM his views of interest. As would with views of Putin, Mugabe, Kim Jong il, Bagdadi & Assad himself
When I'm in prison, I'll have Kim Jong-Il smuggled in.
Secret tape recordings of Kim Jong Il provide rare insight into the psyche of his North Korean regime
Kim Jong Il was a big hoops fans so how bad of a guy could he have been really
Kim Jong Il , with tyrannical ruler of Sudan Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir , with tyrannical ruler of Lybia Muammar Qaddafi , with Osama
Losing our drone in Iran's backyard is almost as bad as when Kim Jong Il confiscated the Pentagon's Frisbee.
Kim Jong Il is as intelligent as Ferdinand Marcos Sr. and Kim Il Sung and Suharto.
South Korean police find about 200 lapel pins bearing the image of late North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il.
Did you know that your unwanted USB drives might just be what brings down Kim Jong Il?
Tea-Party Patriots stated Chris Koster sold out farm land to Chinese bureaucrats and used a picture of Kim Jong Il in the background...
Kim Jong Il kidnapped a well-respected movie director and forced him to make a North Korean Godzilla knock-off called…
I dreamt I attended a plush gilt elite academy at the top of a Judge Dredd-like megaskyscraper in North Korea with Kim Jong Il herself. HBU?
Kim Jong Il also was democratically elected.
North Korea after Kim Jong Il: The Kim Jong Un era & its challenges (2012) by R. Frank &
Mao Tse-Tung, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Stalin, Kim Jong Il.. The list goes on. All "comparable" to Hitler. Don't know why people..
Boris likening EU to Hitler no surprise. In past he's compared G Brown to Gadaffi, Ken to Kim Jong-il and uni admission officers to Pol Pot.
This is just NUTS! Idiocy. Something from Kim Jong Il. Folks this is We must stop it
Little boy I'm babysitting: you look like..a scratch, peach, scar, Kim Jong-il girl version, my Aunt carol but skinnier. She has a fat belly
Suspected my kids used "hippie" as an all purpose insult, but when one called Kim Jong Il "that hippie who rules North…
Kim Jong-Il as Crying Jordan. We have reached peak meme status.
Is it true that Kim Jong Il was your biggest customer?
Agree with you, Neera. That SNL parody can't compete with the magic of this man
Also available in Donald, Hilary, and Kim Jong Il versions 🏊🏻.
I don't want to spoil it for you but according to our gracious and wonderful leader Kim Il Jong, North Korea have won Eurovision.
apparently Boer had a dream about writing on "the linkage between Soviet realism and North Korean feminist theology"
Now you've said it, I want it to happen. Kim Jong Il standing on stage for 3m singing about his massive warheads.
Previously only seen carried by Kim Jong Il's and Kim Jong Un's bodyguards. https…
The guy behind me looks like Kim Jong Il.
It's like the love child of Elvis and Kim Jong Il!
They modeled it after Kim Jong Il's nuclear program, it was a huge success! Would do again!
I'm sure Jimmy plays just as well as Kim Jong Il and hits holes in ones on par 5's
Dom Santos of Kim Jong Il and the North Koreans kills Harrison of Silent Assassins
I'm Kim Jong Il,I was born under a double rainbow ,my *** is 10 inches long
No. Kim Jong Il retired from golf in shame after losing to Jim.
DJT kinda reminds me of Kim Jong Il. But without absolute power. Yet. That unhinged demagogue thing he's got going. Anybody else see that?
She looked at me like I just told her Kim Jong Il invented the big mac
*goes back to reading Kim Jong Il's work on film*
Can't help but think any photography of Obama in Hiroshima will struggle to avoid looking like Kim Jong Il looking at things.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Pyongyang subway, Kim Jong Il mosaic. Kinda doubt he ever took the subway.
A Korean morgue worker was impregnated by the corpse of Kim Jong Il.
Santa Fe wackos will probably endorse Kim Jong Il.
Where do I start when trying to describe my recently departed bestest, dearest friend, Kim Jong Il? BFF
now of wants to be Kim Jong Il of India with his super God power. Wants to decide who should run govt. our
comments: If I had to guess, the ranking system in North Korea has Kim Jong Il and Kim Sung Un "above" the cu...
I just wonder why Kim Jong Il's hairstyle did not become more popular.
1st tee shot for at Charity Classic. Gunning for Kim Jong Il's record 34 today.
[]The Japanese sushi chef who worked for the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il sai…
Why is Kim Jong Il's library so big?. Because he is supreme reader.
KCTV (National Meeting Marks Anniversary of Kim Jong Il's Election as Chairman of NDC of DPRK)
Not all of those are atheists (e.g., Kim Jong Il and Tan Shwe are regarded as deities). Try again.
published in 2016. "Let the heroic working class of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il su…
Roses are Red, Violets are blue, Kim Jong Il's dead, We celebrate with you
Military Parade on occasion of the birthday of Kim Jong Il via
I know, that's why I said esoteric. But like why not Idi Amin or Papa Doc or Kim Jong Il
Its far better that Korean President turn these efforts of missiles to space research surely hope so, Park Geun-hye, Kim Jong Il
Kim Jong Il, chairman, National Defense Commission, in power since his father Kim Il Song's death in 1994...
Am I the only one around here old enough to remember the USS Pueblo?? With Carter giving Kim Jong Il *** ?
Obama, Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Kim Jong Il, Hussein... all these men have one thing in common: a belief for
North Korea steps up Kim Jong Il idolization ahead of anniversary
-and thanked Kim Jong Il for work he had nothing to do with and for performing miracles. It's horrifying and fascinating.)
See A RABBIT FOR KIM JONG-IL tonight for only $20. Two tickets available per person from 6pm at The Stables Door. https…
gives the Kim Jong Il Pointing at Things Tumblr a run for its money...
I'm not Ukrainian. I support Ukraine just like you support Kim Jong Il.
Things we do in my politics class: go on a website called "Kim Jong-il looking at things."
In 2000, Kim Jong Il said that he created the “Hamburger” - Hokay?
Today's fb poll is up: Congratulations to Kim Jong Il who won yesterday's poll.
Thank you! Going to take this as a compliment and ignore the Kim Jong-il implications :)
Kim Jong-il's ghost. OK, they've officially run out of ideas for musicals.
All purpose parts banner
Y&R supremo David Sable says "There will still be TV thousands of years from now", acts increasingly like Kim Jong Il in his agency Korea..
Even Osama Bin Laden in his wildest dreams could never reach the numbers Stalin, Hitler and Kim Jong-il made under their regimes.
. Kim Jong Il propaganda poster. or proper gander in Kenny's case
All I am saying is Zia too served the nation till his last breath. So did Saddam. And Gaddafi. Also Kim Jong Il.
Kim Jong-il invented the hamburger and shot 38 under par on an 18 hole golf course.
Kim Jong-il's official biography states that he never needed to use the toilet.
Super-late, but remember how I said I had a pic of me from years ago as Kim Jong-il? Found it.
Stop equating bars about kim jong il as support for kim jong il. Ffs this is very simple.
Ummm Kim Jong il in America? Where's Gary Johnston and the World Police??!?!
A RABBIT FOR KIM JONG-IL in it's final weeks. Only $35 for Under 30s. Then off to https…
True story, I own the sunglasses the lady is wearing in the photo of this article. Vintage Diors.
sorry I meant Kim Jong Un but if you dug Kim Jong Il up the that would be a greater photo op.
Not to mention, Kim Jong-il kidnapped the director and his wife to film it.
two of the biggest criminals in the world in one room all your missing is Kim Jong Il and it would be a great photo op
Kim Jong-il abducted two of South Korea’s biggest film stars in 1978 to eventually make a Godzilla rip-off.
Kim Jong Il racing ahead in today's poll, with Barry Bright and Idi Amin trailing well behind
Can anyone say "Hans Blix" without doing it as racist Kim Jong Il?
Just seen an advert for that Steve Jobs film. I'm picturing a capitalist version of Kim Jong-Il's funeral.
Voted for "A Kim Jong-Il Production..." in the Opening Round of the 2015 Awards via
"Do you think this is the real Psy or is it just Kim Jong Il" what
Villagers forced to audition in Korea's Got Talent where everyone has to be Kim Jong Il. Loser demoted to South Korea?
statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il rolling along now in North Korea's military parade -- what a spectacle
I liked a video Kim Jong Il in Team America - Hans Blix
I have spent an honest, full day's work researching Kim Jong Il / Un Memes for my new play to be performed this October. Fun.
Kim Jong Il proclaims he's conquered the west with his van. Declares victory and allows free elections?
Trying to figure out if this is Chairman Mao (looks like) or Kim Jong Il (what the dealer said)
I see that has been taking lessons from Kim Jong Il on how to look at things.
If at first you don't succeed Kim Jong-il did it better
Kim Jong Il lost control of his vehicle while transporting his bird's luggage. It was a careening Korean carrying carrion carry-on.
"Kim Jong-il? The guy who sings gagnam style?"- or you know the leader of North Korea.
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theres a cutout of kim jong il in a window. WHY. I CANT SF
yes I escaped because my uncle is Kim Jong il, you don't know how many people actually believe me
why do the entries for Jong-un Kim & Jong-il Kim have sketches or portraits but no actual photos of them? it's stressing me out
I would have loved to see Dwight golf against Kim Jong Il. They're both champions and would obviously tie shooting 18 on 18.
reminds me of a good Hitch moment: "well I don't think that God is Kim Jong Il" "ask Kim Jong Il, he has a different opinion"
this occurs after dying in a goliath suit, but resets itself the next death after the glitch occurs. Gy: IL KIM JONG
Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il, Kim Jong-un, Kim Kardashian. I just can't remember which is which.
In North Korea, they call that Federer shot a "Kim Jong-Il"
Great piece of Kim Jong Il fan art.
Are thriving the comrade the scientific comrades army Il jong and fire Kim Il demanded!
Kim Jong Il also has a cult following... it's a win-win situation for the both of us, really
Kim Jong-il had a private library of 30,000 DVDs, despite a public prohibition of all foreign media.
North Korea finally got its first pizzeria in 2009, thanks to Kim Jong-il’s obsession with pizza.
oh! I mean the song specifically names Kim Jong il. They'd just have to change it Kim Jong Un
Acche din for people who do research that might jeopardise government propaganda. Kim Jong-il's branch office at work
Kim Jong-Un took power in 2011 after the death of his father Kim Jong-Il, who was afraid of flying and travell...
Hillary dresses, looks, and acts like Kim Jong Il. Just sayin.
that episode of the best show where Marky Ramone mentions Kim Jong Il trying to get a Fugazi show but has to settle for High Back Chairs
when i think of rat i think of lee myung bak. because North Korean rhetorics and staged protests during Kim Jong Il regime
I'd rather watch that Korean channel where its just kim-jong-il riding a horse on repeat than watch England bat!
The Last Days of Kim Jong-il: The North Korean Threat in a Changing Era by Bech
I bet Kim Jong Il looking at things was you.
what about Abu Dhabi U or Winorbeexecuted Chicom U? Can we get a scrimmage with Kim Jong-il? I heard he has mad skills.
Does Rick Perry think we'll believe he's smarter because he's wearing glasses now? You know who else wore glasses? Kim Jong-Il
"Antigunners" attack people not the issue. If you want absolute control take away guns from citizens. Ask Hitler Stalin Kim Jong-il
If you're gonna exalt Kim Il-Sung then you need to implicate how his gender politics allowed Kim Jong-Il to succeed him.
National media reported that Kim Jong Il shot a record-breaking round of golf in 1994 - 11 holes-in-one - the greatest sc…
you're getting it confused with North Korea's communistic dictator Kim Jong IL, don't do that
I used to confuse him with Kim Jong-Il 😂
With Sepp Blatter gone, we're down to three bogeymen:. 1. Mugabe. 2. Kim Jong Il. 3. Jar Jar Binks.
The bloke who does Kim Jong Il's hair?
I'm listening to "Hulk Hogan Vs Kim Jong-Il - Epic Rap Battles Of History by Nice Peter on
Obama claimed he was closest thing to Jew ever in White House . And I thought Kim Jong Il came ou…
Reading up on Kim Jong-il. Turns out 4 of his kids are named Jong something & the 5th is called Song something.
The name's Kim Jong, I got a license to Il
Let us turn the excellent cultural and Kim Jong Il's patriotism!
Similarly, some North Korea stories have been known to be planted by the south.
a Kim jong il production by Paul Fischer. A true story about the kidnapping of a South Korean movie director by Kim jong il
I'm hyped up on tea and listening to catchy North Korean music about how the country will not exist without Kim Jong Il.
(that was reference to Team America World Police and the scene with Kim Jong Il singing 'I'm so ronely, I'm so ronely'...)
Heterosexual: Hitler, Hussein, Kim Jong-il, Qaddafi, and every other tyrant. So God will punish us because of happy, fun loving homosexuals?
well, it depicted the author's life during his time working with North Korean's leader, Kim Jong-il.
Only 10 more and he'll be even with Kim Jong-Il!
An antiperspirant company not using the phrase "No Sweat" in it's marketing campaign is as trustworthy as a skinny Kim Jong-il.
.The great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il will be human rights when I go. Confidence and Optimism is the future after he Genie sublim featured in NBC s Science of Love
What a ginger sausage-wagon this guy is. Haven't seen this much corruption since Kim Jong-il hung out with Rodman.
"why is he at a rock concert instead of helping run his country" referring to Kim Jong Il brother!
you sound a little creepy Kim Jong il
I understand this may be tense... but i couldn't help but laugh my *** off... sounds just like Kim Jong Il in...
please read a history book because Kim Jong Il, Stalin and chairman Mao were not proponents of capitalism.
"Kim Jong Il's elder brother went to an Eric Clapton concert" was just the lead on 60 second London news. I'm away for a walk
I'm reading this book right now and so far it's great. I can't put it down.
Kim Jong-un orders more military top brass to be executed after they failed to follow his orders to give soldiers...
aye right. This is as bad as Kim Jong Il's 38 under-par.
Kim Kardashian has an autographed basketball from Michael Jordan given to Kim Jong Il.
Playlist of Japanese shamisen chamber music, a book about the life of Kim Jong-Il, fresh coffee and sun in a park. A relaxing day off.
first things first rest in peace Kim Jong Il I mean for real
Greatest athletic achievement since Kim Jong Il shot 38 under par with 11 holes in one, the first time he tried golf.
"Radiant Sincerity" is vomit inducing on a Kim Jong Il level.
that's the Kim Jong Il world domination starter set
Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un welcomes artiste M.C. Hammer to Pyongyang, for seminar on poetry of Eternal President Kim Il-Sung.
Barbara Demick: 5 of 7 Kim Jong Il pallbearers (not including KJU) have now been purged. via
massacred several members of an orchestra for not "performing well enough" and just watching the Kim Jong-il death newsreels is so surreal
*talking about Kim Jong Un & Kim Jong Il* . "They're like bad...but in the sexy way". -direct quote from Kaylie Edgar
Kim Jong Il assassinated his advisor with an anti aircraft weapon 😂🔫
There were seven pallbearers at Kim Jong-Il's funeral in 2011. Apart from current leader Kim Jong-Un, all have...
L’il Kim Jong Un looking more and more like Little Jimmy Rushing.
Kim Jong-un uses anti-aircraft guns for executions. Remember when everyone thought his father, Kim Jong-il was the crazy one in the family?
This is just fascinating. The lengths Kim Jong-il went to, to satisfy to his love of film...
With exception of KJU, all pallbearers at Kim Jong-il's funeral, all have been executed, fired, or "disappeared"
The North Korean regime under Kim. Jong- Il once reported that he scored 11 holes-in-one on an 18-hole course on his first outing. 😂
Kim Jong Il: Hair today, gone tomorrow. And was he really that much smaller than his papa?
I have an English translation of Kim Jong Il's book on cinema but I'm a bit afraid of digging into it.
Hillary Clinton used to sport the same glasses as Kim Jong Il
Kim Jong Il is crazier than his dad ever was. He might be the most unstable and vile leader in the entire world
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Say what you like about Kim Jong Il,the guy knows how to make executions entertaining.and what happens in North Korea moves here too.
Of the 7 pallbearers at Kim Jong-il's 2011 funeral, all have either been executed, have lost their jobs or have not been seen in some time
Of the 7 pallbearers at former leader Kim Jong-il's 2011 funeral, apart from King Jong-un, all have either been lost
Kim Jong Il is alive and running a store now -
I am CONVINCED that is a Kim Jong Il print
Uncle of Kim Jong-Un "was so imprudent as to prevent the Taedonggang Tile Factory from erecting a mosaic depicting Kim Il Sung & Kim Jong"
Listen to the story of Kim Jong Il kidnapping Korea’s most famous actress and director - (ICYMI)
Did they launch him in the air like a clay pigeon first?
The North Korean defence chief has been executed with an anti-aircraft gun for falling asleep in front of Kim Jong-il. . Cameron's Britain.
Kim Jong il publicly executed his defence minister with anti-aircraft Fire. Never tell your boss about cheese dreams.
Better stay awake when Kim Jong-il talks. North Korea Defence Chief 'executed' by anti-aircraft fire for napping
.in your North Korea story it says minister disloyal to Kim Jong-il but you mean
Kim Jong Il orders aunt poisioned for defecting
North Korea's Defence Minister executed by anti aircraft gun for showing disloyalty to Kim Jong-il
of old China, someone is not cutting off Kim Jong-il's hands and feet.
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Too many of those disposed of were supposedly very close to Kim Jong-il not to have me wondering if, in the fashion
En passant, most DPRK "experts" predicted that Kim Jong Un, like Kim Jong Il before him, would be a reformer. Plus ça change,...
N.Korea's Defence Minister Hyon Yong-chol has been executed for showing disloyalty to Kim Jong-il, S.Korea's spy agency has told parliament.
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