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Kim Jong Eun

Kim Jong-un, also romanised as Kim Jong-eun, Kim Jong Un or Kim Jung-eun, (born 8 January 1983 or 1984), is the current supreme leader of North Korea, the son of Kim Jong Il and the grandson of Kim Sung Il.

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How Kim Jong Kook react when others talking about Yoon Eun Hye
Yall know were talkin about our resident unofficial leader kim jong eun the model
The luck of Kim Jong Eun is shorter than Kim Jong IlKim Jong Il and Kim Jong Eun were the first to predict myocardial infarction.
If you want to ruin, invest in Kim Jong Eun.
Then Kim Jong Eun of North Korea dominates the world?. Oh!
Watch out for China!China laughed and cried, crying.It is like the second North Korean Kim Jong Eun.
Dear DLSU,. You have my permission to send Ken Sison to Pyeongyang, North Korea to be build his psycho…
Let me introduce yall to North Koreas leader kim jong eun
Kim Jong Eun was murdered. . I always said. . So I have to dismantle the North Korean people and the people. Become u…
Kim jong kook in radio 2010 again chose yoon eun hye his idol type
The vast majority of Korean people who are full of spirit are not afraid of war. Send a bomb gift to North Korea's Kim Jong Eun immediately.
The more I think about it as a korean I can't help but think trump and kim jong eun are basically on the same level of stupid LOL
Don't be fooled by Trump's trash talk. Kim Jong eun is intensely rational & very determined.
.I will break the spine with the bargain. Cheonan and call time No. Dear Kim Jong Eun Comrade Kim Jong Eun He took a picture with
S.korea president "s behabor is some strange.he doing like why n.korea kim jong eun is hurry negotate with u.s gov.
Trump promised to cope with Kim Jong Eun
It's like he doesn't know that Kim Jong Eun hasn't even been in power for 25 years... oh wait.
i haven’t moved on from Gobli so while watching the snowing scene of Lee Jong Suk and Suzy, it remembered me of Kim Shin and Ji Eun Tak 😅
But,Tillerson& U.S and we must understand the fundamental-communist nature of North Korea and Kim Jong Eun's curren…
.Kim Jong Eun, who has a great joy and pride in our Party and people. The madman barks to death. The honor of the flesh. The nucl
Hello. In you spell Kim Jong Un as Kim Jong Eun. How come you spell his name differently?
.General Kim Jong Eun, the highest leader of the Juche revolution. Attacking Sad Swordsmen - & lt; It is technological innovation
Gavin I think you guys need to get some chicken balloons of Putin and Kim Jong Eun.
I'm totally convinced Kim Jong Eun was sent by Lord Xenu to trick us so we would not accept the truth & become Scientologists.
*talking abt Kdramas*. Ika:'s a Lee Min *** drama. Me: He's not hot. Ika:... yeah. Do you know Kim Jong Eun? He's so hot. *Searches*. ...
Yeah but unlike George W Bush, Stalin, Mussolini, or Kim Jong Eun, he had the proverbial 'good intentions' :P
“Eun Hye's been my Ms. Right,” Kim Jong Kook said, “At least when Eun Hye and I filmed X-men together, I thought she was my woman." SAKET
I'm starting to think my best bet for someone to stop FC Seoul winning the title is Kim Jong-eun.
I liked a video X MAN 2004 eps 050 Kim Jong Kook 'Eun Hye, you are my destiny!'
"Dangyunhaji Lee Min Ki vs Kim Jong Kook" Yoon Eun-hye, what have you done in your past life?
I thought he wants to assassinate Kim Jong Eun
But it's nothing compared to Kim Jong-Eun's milkshakes
what?!? Eun hye?? Seriously??! She used to be kim jong kook's gf about 11 yrs ago. Pity jong kook 😭
I really hope that Kim Jong Kook will be end up with Yoon Eun Hye 😍😍 Sweet sangatlah diaorang dalam MV ni 😂😂 .
why do you think they launched early? Kim Jong Eun didn't want to miss Beyoncé.
They used to say there were no bedbugs in Italian hotels under Mussolini. Now Kim Jong Eun's doing something right!
Xman Kim jong kook & eun hye romantic moment in of course game: via
Prof Hayek "Mark Drakeford is acting like Kim Jong-eun"*. *May be paraphrasing!
my little sister and Kim Jong-eun have the same birthday... that explains so much
They are a love team (like Kim Jong Kook & Yoon Eun Hye in Xman) from the show Eat Bulaga from the Philippines
hi.. can you make header for Lee Ji Eun and EXO's Kim Jong In? Thanks bby
I want Yoon Eun Hye to guest on Running Man and be partnered with Kim Jong Kook. Same with Jo In Sung and Song Ji Hyo. Heehee.
papi captain commander Kim Jong eun. Don't wear it out
Voiceover video of North Korea founder Kim il Sung criticizing grandson and current leader Kim jong Eun via
How about news that says breaking kim jong kook and eun hye are currently dating
korea is literally one country all under Kim Jong Eun... look at this SLAVE
Kim Jong Eun shirks his responsibilities as Supreme Leader of North Korea to join the Hong Kong Rugby…
"Yoon Eun Hye hints that she Kim Jong Kook on 'Running Man' in the future
First 100 Day Action Plan for Jong Eun new leader of North Korea
attending 'Twenty' premier, please support and don't forget to watch 'Twenty' :)
Even though I like Yoon Eun Hye and Ju Ji Hoon, I still like Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye more. :))
Kim Jong Kook and Yoo Eun Hye I wish that two ends up tgt ♡♡
North Korea looked back on the past three years since Kim Jong Eun took and evaluated the execution of Jang Song Taek in December 2013 as the highest achievement in the political arena.
Kim Jong Eun meets the victorious women's soccer team that took the East Asian Cup over the weekend. Sports once...
Wanna know where real Koreans go to eat Korean food in town? Check out tmw and also KHON at 6:45am to find out!
Actress Moon Geun Young is so lovable. I made this video from her guest appearance on the Korean variety program Running Man that aired on October 7 and Octo...
Dear Justin Kim, This is your Supreme Leader, Son of the Sun, and savior of your country, Kim Jong Eun, and no you shall not.
he should just evolve into Kim Jong eun and blow up the place that's what should happen
Eheem, so luckily I will be able to send my playstation into sony for a fix for only $90 Dom Darrel DuBois Jared Burns
It seems Dennis Rodman was right after all. The former NBA star had said North Korean dictator Kim Jong Eun wanted President Obama to call him, and now Pyongyang has proposed high-level nuclear and security talks with the United States. Mere days after North Korea dramatically cancelled planned talk...
[NEWS] Lee Jong Suk’s “Voice” Crowned Prime Time Winner Lee Jong-suk’s SBS drama “I Can Hear Your Voice” has taken to the top spot of Korea’s Wednesday and Thursday prime time ratings charts. The fantasy thriller drama, also featuring actress Lee Bo-young and actor Yoon Sang-hyun, stepped up a spot from last week after drawing in an average viewership rating of 15.55 percent on June 12 and 13, AGB Nielsen Media Research showed on Friday. KBS historical drama “The Fugitive of Joseon” took second place, up a slot as well, with an average score of 8.25 percent. With only two more weeks left, the show will be followed by new drama “Sword and Flower” [translated title] starring actress Kim Ok-vin, actor Kim Tae-woong and CNBLUE’s bassist Lee Jung-shin. Next on the chart was the newly premiered MBC drama “Queen’s Classroom,” with an average mark of 7.2 percent this week. The new drama, featuring veteran actress Ko Hyun-jung, reflects the reality of schools and society today and Ko ...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Did anyone watch Armin van Buuren's set LIVE at UMF Korea? How was it?
13th June, Kim Jong Kook was interviewed at One Fm, one of Malaysia Radio. Here some AWESOME highlight from the interview:- 1- How about Eun Hye? Jong Kook answered she one of his friend but his sound a bit shy. Is it he hide something from us?! 2- When do you want married? Again, KJK bluffing and shy to straight answer. But he said, he ready to married if he find true girl. 3- why KJK shy in front of girl? KJK tell the story that he have only male siblings and schooling at Male High School.
Did you miss out on Sparta Kim Jong Kook's live interview on One FM? Check it out here! to Bowleo Tan for recording! [P]
[Kim Jong Kook at OneFM interview] DJ: which song that you like the most in album Journey Home? KJK: i like Men Are All Like That.. *start explain about that song* Fans: when KJK's getting married? KJK: soon.. DJ:what about Yoon Eun Hye? KJK: well she's great~ DJ : Who's most influencial in your life KJK : My parents.. They are like role model to me when I'm growing up. Fans: Do you like Popeye the Sailor Man? KJK: I like him..I started eating vege cause of him. Fans : Besides exercising how do you keep your health and body? KJK : I don't drink and smoke. DJ: When is Running Man coming to Malaysia? KJK: We're always thinking about Malaysia but we haven't confirm it yet.
Running man sparta Kim Jong Kook speaks well in english~ He said Yoon Eun Hye is a great woman in FM~XD
DJ ask him when he wanna get married and he said that he wanna get married right now(in a joking way).he said its really hard to find a good women.DJ suddenly ask him "what about yoon eun hye" he said he know that the question will be ask so he just aswr " eunhye is a good woman"
Kim Jong Kook LIVE Interview on One FM now~! Let's see how good your English is =)
Runningman Sparta KIM JONG KOOK live interview at one FM FM88.1 on 9pm.. Stay Tune.. Woho~~
its Dennis Rodman, the guy who is best friends whe kim jong eun
Tiny dancing Kim Jong Eun. You can't go wrong with that. AWESOME MUSIC VIDEO
As usual, I copy and paste my essays on National Development Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region class, especially for the North Korean part. In early 2013, North Korea and Kim Jong Eun became a hot ...
KPA supreme commander Kim Jong Eun comrades he was Article 641 KPA military versus long-range artillery Description gwanha you want to…
Rant of the day: Who's crazier.Kim Jong Eun, Selp appointed Sec of State Dennis Rodman, Hamid Karzai, or the US Government for backing Karzai??? ('s a rhetorical question). Happy Monday!
A sizable chunk of the 15-minute film shows ecstatic North Koreans cheering Rodman and Kim Jong Eun on
What's your opinion about Rodman's conversation w/Kim Jong Eun?? I find some of it a weird kinda way. Strange bedfellows for sure!
In what can only be described as a bizarre interview with an ABC News show dedicated to politics, former NBA star Dennis Rodman played messenger for North Korean dictator Kim Jong Eun, saying he wants to talk on the phone with President Obama. “He wants Obama to do one thing:...
Bobby Moynihan as Kim Jong Eun. Why hasn't this happened before tonight?
"Dennis Rodman, who once promoted his book in a wedding dress, feels Kim Jong Eun is a 'great kid'"- Shepard Smith
I am surprised to find this book at the last glance to the bookstore in Hong Kong International Airport. I know it is already in my To-Read section in Goodreads. This is the only book I finished reading within 12 hours while I’m sitting next to beautiful clouds.    Barbara Demick’s Nothing to Envy introduces us how ordinary North Koreans escaped from DPRK, but Blaine Harden’s Escape from Camp 14 tells us how a criminal who was born in Camp 14 completed the mission impossible.    The world hasn't settled the Racism problem yet, that by that time our planet will have only class left. If so, would the class-emphasized society turn into the way Kim Jong Eun and his forefathers once promised?    Shin was born in the Camp by criminal parents’ granted marriage. He was taught to be self-hatred and self-criticism. Any crimes took placed in Camp 14 seem ordinary to Shin; either the guard beats a teenager girl to death for stealing 5 corns or other trivia.    Uncle in the cell and Park changed Shin ...
Defective dam in Heechon blamed on Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Eun.
North Korea has decided that they want to use "strong physical force" against South Korea. And are considering starting the war again I swear to god if you put a FINGER on a HAIR of a South Korean.please don't start this. Get over yourself Kim Jong Eun. Your father's dream died with him. Save your contry instead of destroying others.
Source: Kim Jong Eun released a statement on January 1 calling for peace. What do you think ...
China's People's Daily posted a 55-photo slideshow of Kim Jong Eun after The Onion called him the "sexiest man alive."
Journalistic ethics "China falls for the Onion's naming of N Korea's Kim Jong Eun as Sexiest Man Alive.
Both and North Korea news outlets quote the Onion on how "sexy" Kim Jong Eun is.
Waiting for the Chinese Dennis Shanahan to say Bo Xilai could still pull off a comeback, or that Kim Jong Eun was a dark horse
The nephew of Kim Jong Eun (the North Korean dictator) gives an exclusive interview. the guy speaks perfect English!!
Rumors and chatter from North Korea suggest that it closed a prison camp and that Kim Jong Eun's aunt may be sick.
Best Korea could actually become a better Korea if new leader Kim Jong Eun continues with his hints of reform
British Official Overheard "HEY KJE, I CAN SEE YOUR CONCENTRATION CAMPS FROM UP HERE" North Korea’s Kim Jong Eun joined on roller coaster by British official AP - In this photo taken on July 25, a British diplomat (front row, center) and North Korean leader Kim Jong Eun (back row, right) take a rollercoaster ride at the Rungna People's Pleasure Ground in Pyongyang, North Korea. Text Size PrintE-mailReprints By Simon Mundy, Published: August 2 SEOUL — A junior official from the British Embassy in North Korea accompanied leader Kim Jong Eun on a roller coaster last week, British officials have confirmed, highlighting the tentative rapprochement between the two countries in recent years. Photographs of the ride, taken during a visit to a newly opened theme park in Pyongyang, were circulated as part of what appears to be a publicity drive by the authoritarian state’s new leader, who is promoting a youthful and upbeat image that contrasts with the grim militarism of Kim Jong Il, his father. 7 Comments W ...
Kim Jong Eun joined on fairground by British official on Fluent News
Repost: Why is North Korean athletes full of tears after each game in London Olympic? Because if they get a medal, they will go back to see Kim Jong Eun, if not, they will go to see Kim Jong II.
I wish Kim Jong Eun and King Kong or what ever her name is all the best.
Sorry ladies, North Korea's Kim Jong Eun is taken. Now now, it's okay, there are other fish in the sea. Here's some Kleenex.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Eun is married. The couple is registered at “Bed, Bath and Beyond Me What She Sees In Him."
The North Korean state news agency announced Wednesday that the attractive young woman seen recently at Kim’s side during public appearances is his wife, Ri Sol Ju.
Kim Jong Eun and wife visit an amusement park in Pyongyang VIDEO:
North Korean dictator Kim Jong Eun, that handsome rascal, has a wife, proving that there really is someone for every Eun. (Sorry!)
News on Kim Jong Eun is married, North Korea confirms
North Korea ended weeks of speculation Wednesday by confirming that the mystery woman beside young leader Kim Jong Eun at public events is indeed his wife, “Comrade Ri Sol Ju.”
"My love will last longer and go farther Than North Korea’s mightiest missile…” - Kim Jong Eun to his bride
The front page, above the fold, of today's Rodong Sinmun: Kim Jong Eun marriage is A1 news (and the only news).
Shoutout to Kim Jong Eun and his lucky lady, Ri Sol Ju.
The woman who has appeared at several events with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Eun this month is his wife and her name is Ri Sol Ju, the North's state-run broadcasters reported.
North Korea has ended speculation about the marital status of new leader Kim Jong Eun. It said he's been accompanied on recent outings by his wife, “comrade Ri.”
Kim Jong Eun takes a wife. So many disappointed ladies on the planet.
Photos of Kim Jong Eun and Ri Sol Ju break with decades of tradition that kept leaders’ wives out of public view.
Yo news station, the batman shooting is tragic and all, but can we get on to more useful news being the main topic like, Kim Jong-eun just got married, or Syria, or anything? I don't need to hear about the victims, I've heard enough about shooting victims, not saying it's not bad, just not everyday headline worthy. Im not being insensitive, I just want to hear news that actually affects the world as a whole or in the long run. It's a big shooting, but just local news.
I always have an appetite of going where all others fears, taking risks, taking the cudgels and find my way there. Many people even in the diplomatic world fears going to North Korea because of its secrecy, Being a target of the West, its neclear capabilities and its strong internal sometimes dictatorship style of governance that demands loyalty at all costs tot he Party and the leader of government. I will want to be an Ambassador of SA in that misunderstood and feared country under the "Dear son" Kim Jong Eun, the son who has taken over as head of military command,head of politburo and Central committee of the party, head the state and government [ you leave non of these when addressing him] I was fascinated by loyalty when Jim Il Kim died and they cried the whole month. And they insulated them against the World especially the West they so hate. Those people are patriotic, loyal, uncompromising and always prepared to die for their country. I know there are bad things.But I can learn one or two things ab ...
I like Letterman... another good one recently... Kim Jong Eun, the new leader of North Korea, appeared in public with a "girlfriend". He found her on eMatch.commie...
Congrats to Kim Jong Eun on being named Marshall of the North Korean military. Once killed 113 people w/ 1 Kleenex.
North Korea names Kim Jong Eun 'marshal' of the military - Washington Post
North Korea on Wednesday named its young leader Kim Jong Eun as 'marshal' of the military, a top military position that further solidifies h
Earlier today North Korea announced that Kim Jong Eun now has earned the title "Marshal." Read more about changes...
More signs have emerged during the weekend that a mysterious woman recently seen with North Korean leader Kim Jong Eun in several events might be his wife. On Sunday, Korean Central News Agency showed the women accompanying Kim Jong Eun on his visit to a kindergarten in Pyongyang.
North Korea dismissed its top military leader, the latest shake-up in a possible attempt to shore up support for Kim Jong Eun.
ISI, North Korea plotting to kill me: Mamata Bannerjee. Seriously!!! Has she seen what Kim Jong Eun looks like? All he wants is a box of Pringles all the time!!
PYONGYANG -- North Korean leader Kim Jong Eun unleashed his fury on what he called a "pathetic" amusement park after spotting weeds and peeling paint on rides during a tour of the venue.
President Hu Jintao of China expressed his support for North Korean leader Kim Jong Eun •
Okay so, here is my beef for the day. David Steward and I were talking about this at work. North Korea's rocket is ready to launch. Speculators say in between April 12 and April 16th. Need be alarmed? Experts say no, but since when did North Korea abide by anything in regards to respecting international law? Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not believe North Korea has ever signed the Rome Statute and would not recognize it if it smacked their country in the face. Nevertheless, there is a supposed reasoning behind the rocket launch and that is to commemorate 100 years of North Korea's founding leader, Kim II Sung and of course the new Kim Jong Eun's as he begins to implement his own power. So, they are celebrating 150,000 people in gulags for heinous crimes like not bowing in a proper manner or our they celebrating once again another ballistic missile test (much like in 2009)? Or maybe Kim Jong Eun, like father like son, wants another reason to celebrate by spending 700,000 dollars on Americans Wres ...
Photo of Kim Jong Eun walking alongside his father's hearse.
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