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Kim Fowley

Kim Vincent Fowley (born July 21, 1939) is an American record producer, impresario, songwriter, musician, film maker, and radio actor.

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I bet Kim Fowley is really glad he's dead this month.
KIM FOWLEY california gypsy man 1972 via stuck this LP just now. Not one you hear very often.
I woke up one morning to a call from record producer Kim Fowley snarling "I'm OFF THE PICTURE". (I'd…
I think Kim Fowley was a Chick Corea fan.
I will never ever forget Michael Shannon as Kim Fowley
42 years ago today, Joan Jett, Sandy West and Kim Fowley started The Runaways.
Kim Fowley with a runaway on sunset sometime in the mid-seventies
one of the rarest soundtracks? The promo 1959 pillowshaped PILLOW TALK music & dialogue. Rumor has it Kim Fowley de…
360 Sound Show is playing Kim Fowley — Search for a Teenage Woman —
Or, as The Runaways were to Kim Fowley, so Girlschool were to Lemmy.
sexual preference: Michael Shannon as Kim Fowley in the film "The Runaways"
You know, I wasn't kidding when I said someone should make a new Rashomon out of that Kim Fowley incident. I would but I'm talentless.
Like pay attention to who I play next to Kim Fowley or Gary Glitter ; - )
INTERVIEW : Mike Bennett (producer of The Fall, Rik Mayall, Kim Fowley, Toyah, Ian Brown and more) - Louder Than War
I have a few sealed albums. One dorothy album is still sealed. July Kim fowley is still sealed
Yo Wimpy Paciorek throwing out a Kim Fowley reference at the sox game
Our Play Irish single of the week on is Kim Fowley from hear it across all shows
August 5, 1974: Kim Fowley first brought together the four girls who would go on to form The Runaways, which...
Sandy West & Joan Jett formed all female rock band The Runaways after being introduced by Kim Fowley today in 1975
1975 after being introduced by producer Kim Fowley, Sandy West & formed
1975 : The first all-female hard-rock band is formed when producer Kim Fowley puts together The Runaways,...
Another Man's Gold: Lost Treasures from the Vaults 1959-69, Vol. 2 by Kim Fowley
41 years ago today, Kim Fowley announced the formation of The Runaways, with lead singer Joan Jett.
1975, Drummer Sandy West and guitarist Joan Jett formed first ever all female heavy rock band after being introduced by producer Kim Fowley.
I had the honour of working with Ronnie Spector who was lovely-I also had to interact with Kim Fowley who was vile.
Perth: Former Runaways members react to Kim Fo... via
1991, previous recording with KIM FOWLEY: via
Fits in with all the 50s stuff but actually 70s. I believe Kim Fowley's grubby hands may have been involved.
. I know! - tells you all about his mad upbringing here. Have you heard Animal Man? It's erm, interesting
...and Kim Fowley produced, arranged, & wrote songs for her in the late 70's. Strange collaboration.
So you're saying that Paducah needs its own Kim Fowley.
I hate that they didn't cover Jackie Fuch's rape by Kim Fowley on The Runaways the movie.
My most recent article featuring Phil Spector, Kim Fowley, Sonny Bono, Danny Hutton and more - available by donation ht…
exactly! moment of pure originality and Bowie genius akin to Eno or Dub music. "Mass Production" is pure Genesis vs. Kim Fowley!
Check this out! Cherie Currie of The Runaways! (Cherry Bomb) with a copy of Girls and Corpses and the Kim Fowley...
Still enjoyed the show,learned a lot. Since you knew Kim Fowley, how about Rodney Bingenheimer aka The Mayor of Sunset Strip ?
Sobering story about Runaways bassist (now a lawyer) being raped by Kim Fowley as others including Joan Jett watched
Some background to HuffPost story on the foul rapist Kim Fowley. Cosby/Harris/Saville et al such a great time the 70s http…
I never knew the full extent of Jackie Fox's story with Kim Fowley. I'm glad she is speaking out.
Cherie Currie has responded to the rape allegations made by Runaways bandmate Jackie Fuchs, who played bass in...
Jackie Fuchs was Phi Beta Kappa, Obama's student at Harvard Law--but the Runaways (Joan Jett?) laughed at Jackie as Kim Fowley's dog.
yep, see also Bill Murray, Sean Penn, Jimmy Page, Woody Allen, Kim Fowley, Sean are trash lol
Kim Fowley on the other hand is sharing excellent thoughts and they should just have him and Mickey Rourke speak throughout the entire thing
You don't want to know what Kim Fowley will do to this teddy bear if you don't tune into the Lord of…
Photo: Kim Fowley in his Auckland motel room, early 1979, when he came to town and recorded, what he...
Recommended weekend reading: Murray Cammick on producer Kim Fowley and his time in New Zealand
Tattle: KIM FOWLEY, DEAD, on the cover of Girls and Corpses Magazine via http…
Friday Music! The lowdown on the St James reopening, Murray Cammick’s ripping yarn about Kim Fowley in NZ + more!
Great Kim Fowley saga on AudioCulture, the noisy library of NZ music -
Girls and Corpses makes dying dreams come true.
If you wish upon a star... like Kim Fowley:...
Classic Rock applauds Kim Fowley on cover of Girls and Corpses Spring issue:...
..."stranded in paradise"...a great piece by Murray Cammick on Kim Fowley in NZ..from AudioCulture...
That record that reunited Cherie Currie of the Runaways with a dying Kim Fowley? It's out.
EP coming out, or do you need a record company? Doing some A&R for what was Kim Fowley's co, Not Dead Yet Records. contact me
Listening to Punk-A-Rama by Venus and the Razorblades on Underground Garage Kid Leo Show I MISS KIM FOWLEY!
it's a weird Kim Fowley rekkid. Has two songs I have & the rest sounds like Leon Redbone or something.
There's no denying Kim Fowley abused them, there's no denying he supplied them with drugs at 15 years old
Sad that Kim Fowley passed away a few days ago. We wrote Portobello Road together in the 60's. He'll be missed dearly. …
good choice. I vote for Ariel Pink, his last album (Kim Fowley's last musical imput) is great.
Girls and Corpses makes dreams come true. Just ask Kim Fowley. Order the world's most deadly magazine at:...
RIP Kim Fowley, rock icon & producer of The Runaways, shown here his 1st time on ❤️
1:31am Bubblegum by Kim Fowley from Ah Feel Like Ahcid: 24 Psychedelic Artefacts from the EMI Vaults
"The Trip" by Kim Fowley from S2 of 'Pebbles Vol.1' (1979 rel, '60s cuts) on prob 10th - here's a killer
:: THE RUNAWAYS ::. . The original lyrics for "Cherry Bomb" by Kim Fowley & Joan Jett. . .
In INVISIBLE REPUBLIC look for a cameo by the late Kim Fowley.
David Johansen says it; but I bet we _can_ reach Kim Fowley via the Oijia board.
Which is worse: asking "Which girl here wants my sperm" or insinuating none of know who Kim Fowley is
Heavy metal producer Kim Fowley's wish of having his corpse mutilated by models from the strange Girls & Corpses.
Terrific 1972 interview with Kim Fowley in next month's Uncut.
A bit late with this, but it's important,Kim Fowley R.I.P
I'm super bummed about the one & only Kim Fowley. He was the first person I almost worked with when I was 14 & he had gree…
"Rock is a nuclear blast of reality in a mundane world where no one is allowed to be magnificent.". Kim Fowley
Kim Fowley first person stories: MAJOR news outlet interviewing for PERSONAL stories about Kim's behavior towards...
I just used Shazam to discover The Knight In Shining Armor by Kim Fowley.
The real Kim Fowley on 'The Runaways' and so much more
that is Kara Fowley, the late producer Kim Fowley's wife :) you do look like her!
great show, Jon! Lighting Bolt, Mathkaverskan, John, Kim Fowley, John Carpenter & Marcus Marr all floated my boat :)
Prolific music producer Kim Fowley's corpse to be mutilated by models as per his dying wish: via
If you know whats good for you you'll listen to Billy Miller on playing his Kim Fowley 45s with Dave the Spazz.
tonight!. :: a re-incarnation worthy tribute to Kim Fowley, with many of the 60 psych tunes that he was behind...
Tonight: Billy Miller drops by with stacks of rare, seldom heard Kim Fowley 45s.
Kim Fowley, creator of The Runaways, dead at 75
Kim Fowley rocked industry as a salesman of sounds
Kim Fowley dies at 75; music producer created, managed the Runaways
♫♪ Farewell, Kim Fowley: A Tribute to the Original Viral Rock Star: Kim Fowley was the original vi...
Kim Fowley: punk before punk, the cynic who called himself a 'necessary evil'
the weird 45s Kim Fowley recorded under other names is endless. Here he is as the Hound Dog Clowns:
Actually you should listen to this whole album... the last 15 minutes are insane. ♫ Outrageous – Kim Fowley
RIP Kim Fowley. I was lucky enough to converse w/ him twice in 2006 & I actually met him face to face in 2010. A very unique & talented man.
Que Ondas, cretins? Last Terrible Tuesday was my favorite of last year and I intend to fondle your ear junk for the next 52 weeks of 2015. Cheers to all the greasy freaks who came and soiled the Pour House Oceanside with your foul language and irritable demeanor, we are friends. I'll be back tomorrow to reclaim my magnanimous position as both "worst" and "best" DJ in town. Terrible Tuesday 12/30/14 The Youngsters – Tema de Kiko Kim Fowley – California Swamp Dance Johnny Otis – Watts Breakaway Real Kids – Do the Boob Ramones – I Want You Around Little Willie John – Let’s Rock While the Rockin’s Good Velvet Underground - I’m Waiting for the Man The Replacements – I Will Dare Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen In Love? dB’s – Black & White Coloured Balls – Human Being We the People – Declaration of Independence Huey “Piano” Smith – Don’t You Just Know It X (Australia) – The Feel Richard *** & the Voidoids – Lowest Common Dominator Downliners Sect – Showbiz Jacques Dutronc ...
A very wise man recently explained to me what "a calling" is. According to this wise man, a calling is something that keeps coming back to you, you continue to think about it and dream about it, it is something you cannot run away from. And if you choose to ignore that will never be satisfied. After thinking about that definition, and looking back through the years, I wonder if it is possible to have a calling that haunts you for years. Literally causing you to lose sleep at times. I don't know. But I do know something that most all of you do not know...There was a time, many years ago, that if life and circumstances had gone the way I had wanted them to go (at that time), I would have moved to California while in high school and wrote lyrics for The Runaways and other bands that were managed by Kim Fowley. Leaving behind family and the town I had grown up in. See, writing has always been something I've done since I was old enough to hold a pencil. As I got older, I wrote more and more ...
Ordered music on cassette from Kim Fowley, Guided By Voices, Pizza Time, and The Shivas through
.Not that I'm an expert but this is my favourite Kim Fowley song
Very healthy proportion of Kim Fowley! Do you have Sunset Boulevard by him?
Open your own club: Jake Fogelnest's English Muffin. Serve English muffins. Let Kim Fowley be the house DJ.
1967 - the daughter of Buddy Rich did a cover of Wild Thing. It was produced by Kim Fowley:
When I was 16, I went to Los Angeles and talked to Kim Fowley on the phone. He called me a "Michigan Goddess".
6:30pm The Trip by Kim Fowley from Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968 [CD 2]
Actually it was me who brought Ariel Rosenberg pink to see you summer 2013, when mastering the velvet...
Kim Fowley would be proud! Serious bass rehearsal tonight, lol!
Kim Fowley's "The Trip" is my house cleaning song. Don't ask. I think I'm trying to be taken to another universe instead of vacuuming.
"The Runaways" co-stars the great Michael Shannon as crazy Kim Fowley.
Kim Fowley What has been the most impressive person you've met?
Cordell's stuff doesn't include 2 cassettes of 26 songs he recorded with kim fowley ;) & Bryce martin :)
I think the albums are no longer available. Contact Kim Fowley with this question
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
my life is complete the universe WANTS me to write a book about Kim Fowley it just does
Met you and Kim Fowley at event, also got into Muck and the Mires.
Met Steve and Kim Fowley and got into Muck and the Mires.
It's Kim Fowley's birthday! Celebrate the 75th of the scene crashing old 'erbert this way...
Wed, July 23rd the Fringe Factory celebrates KIM FOWLEY's 75th Birthday!! Do you have a fave Kim Fowley or Fowley...
A very happy 75th birthday to aA-associate Kim Fowley! A bit of background on his career:
from James Nolan.Happy Birthday Kim Fowley. Born July 21, 1939 (75). Some adore him, others can't stand...
Born on July 21st 1942, Kim Fowley, mastermind behind the Runaways.
H Bday to "Animal Man" KIM FOWLEY. Starmaker of the RnR sewer. stayin' alive at 75.
Happy Birthday to peermusic's own 'King of the Night Time World' Kim Fowley (Kim co-wrote this...
on 1942 Kim Fowley, American singer-songwriter and producer
This is such a bizarre Kim Fowley song: “1982: Stranded in the Future“
Kim Fowley recordings, books, and fragrances available from Norton Records:
Happy Birthday to producer/writer/performer/creep Kim Fowley! Here he is performing under the name Jimmy Jukebo...
Small today, but HBD Cat Stevens, Kim Fowley, Damian Marley (+ belated to Stoney G & Chris Cornell)
Summertime's here kiddies and it's time to take a trip. Happy 75th birthday to Kim Fowley, where ever he is.
Another: The Runaways -"Cherry Bomb" . Producer and song writer (w Joan Jett) Kim Fowley was born on this day in 1942.
Happy Birthday to singer/songwriter and hit record producer Kim Fowley "hatched on the cracked concrete of cruel...
It's rock & roll wild man Kim Fowley's birthday today.
Wishing a very Happy Birthday today to music icon Kim Fowley ! Enjoy my first radio interview with Kim!!
Happy Birthday to the lord of garbage & our dear friend; Kim Fowley.
He's the 'new' guy in The Beach Boys. Well he only started playing with them in 1965, when he replaced Glenn Campbell. Bruce Johnston is celebrating his 72nd birthday today. Bruce didn't just fall into The Beach Boys. He had been very busy before that. Johnston is also known for his early 1960s collaborations withTerry Melcher under the names The Rip Chords and Bruce & Terry, and for composing the 1975 Barry Manilow song "I Write the Songs". In high school, he performed in a few "beginning" bands during this time and then moved on to working with young musicians such as Sandy Nelson, Kim Fowley, and Phil Spector. He then began backing people such as Ritchie Valens, the Everly Brothers, and Eddie Cochran. In 1959, while still in high school, Johnston arranged and played on his first hit record, "Teenbeat" by Sandy Nelson. The single reached the Billboard Top Ten. The same year, Johnston made his first single under his own name, "Take This Pearl" on Arwin Records (a record label owned by Doris Day) as par . ...
I LOVE my new anthropology professor. He's the perfect blend of Ed Bagely jr and Kim Fowley.
LIGHTS! CAMERA! SORRY NO ACTION HERE KIM!- A few years had passed and I learned that he wrote for ZEPPELIN, KISS, and even formed the RUNAWAYS. HOLLYWOOD is where I call home. It is a boggling waste land of rotten youth, liars and "soon to be" forgotten C listers. This man once approached a 16 year old version of me in the urine stained boys room of The Roxy insisting that "my look" had earned me private conversation which would lead to a request for several thousand dollars in exchange for making me a float in his next big parade. Two problems. I didn't float, I staggered and I was flat broke!. Look for KIM FOWLEY - IN TEENAGE LUST my next painting.
Congrats to our client Kim Fowley whose song "Do You Love Me" is on the "KISS 40 Years" Album which is Top 10 on Billboard Rock Album Chart!
The Runaways with their family and friends at Kim Fowley's apartment in 1976
King of The Night Time World - (Stanley, Ezrin, Kim Fowley, Mark Anthony) Alive II Tour Video Courtesy : ClassiCHardRock1 I do not own or claim any copyright to this video. Yo no soy propietario ni reclamo derechos para este video
Just played: strangers from the sky - Kim Fowley - Strangers From The Sky(Reprise Records)
. Love Underground Garage. Where else can you hear Kim Fowley and Andrew Loog Oldham?
MY first order of business, on Tuesdays is to write out the New Release list for the following week. Over 170 LP's are coming to vinyl, & a cursory glace reveals new/reissue LP's from: Gang Starr, Guided By Voices, Swans, Paul Westerberg, Phantogram, Talib Kweli, The Pretty Things, Bruce Haack, Cynic, Dead Moon, Kim Fowley, Mr. Oizo, & ALL 4 volumes of Anthology Of American Folk Music + hundreds more. I can't wait to "Dig A Little Deeper" & discover some Gems, on page 6. Visit Ragged today; we are always diggin' for YOUS! 418 E 2nd St. Downtown Davenport, Iowa.
KIM FOWLEY WISHES Frank Zappa A Happy Birthday! Frank & I sang "Help, I'm A Rock" on The Mothers of Invention album 'Freak Out!' Frank once told me I was his Brian Jones. This picture proves he was right. Photo by George Rodriguez
OK Kim Fowley posts this great pic of him with Frank Zappa and I can't post a comment?
Kim Fowley - My thoughts, hopes and prayers are with you. Like most things in your life, I pray that the operation will be a success. All the very best, Jay Lowy
Cynical parody, sarcastic mockery, second degre joke ? Kim Fowley is the joker me thinks and I like it that way... Here's a personal lyrics transcript, your ...
The Kim Fowley edition begins in a few moments!
I spent yesterday with The Whereabouts, recording a song which was suggested by Kim Fowley and Kara Wright. This weekend I will be spending my time mixing the new song. Kim, this weekend, my work will be dedicated to your speedy recovery. And we hope you like the song.
Kim Fowley/Beyoncé Illuminati magic can no longer be hidden from the people
I will never forget the day that Kim Fowley cold-called me at Riot Act. "This is the best call you'll get all year."
Kim Fowley was in Beyonce's video for Haunted, lolol
Vintage music: and record producer Kim Fowley chat with Fowley protege Steven T. at a Hollywood event
So the chapter about Kim Fowley in this book about the Runaways is called "Legendary *** " Sounds about right.
DJ Sue turned me on to Kim Fowley's music fairly recently (he is a friend of hers; she used to work with him). Since…
Please agree with Kim Fowley, who asked for prayer, they found a tumor on him, its good that he's relying on prayer, agree with us for his complete healing in Jesus name. Matt 18:19, 1 Peter 2:24.
BOOK- LORD OF GARBAGE by Kim Fowley - Kicks Paperback Hollywood's sleaziest slimeball turns out to be a Man of Letters! KIM FOWLEY offers up thirty years of torment and tears in LORD OF GARBAGE (Volume One), the first of a three book series about the life and times of a two-bit music biz hustler— a…
Recording a new/old song this week with The Whereabouts for the legendary Kim Fowley. Excited.
Strangest pop culture collision of 2013: the Kim Fowley cameo in Beyoncé's Haunted
Maybe some Betty blowtorch! . I'd bet on summer waves - cowritten by kim fowley as heard on mtv s Laguna beach...
KIM FOWLEY DEVASTATES CANADIAN AIRWAVES!. On the next, the legendary Kim Fowley speaks...
Many of you may not know that KISS did not write King Of The Night Time World, from the album Destroyer. This is the original demo recorded by Kim Fowley & T...
Watch the video & listen to Kim Fowley – The Trip for free. The Trip appears on the album Rocknrolla - Original Soundtrack. Kim Fowley (born 27 July 1939) is a male American record producer, impresario, songwriter and sometime recording artist. The son of Hollywood character actor Douglas Fowley…
by was composed by with the band's then-manager Kim Fowley.
Recording session at my house this Wednesday with The Whereabouts . We are working on new material plus a 'mystery song' which was suggested to us by Kim Fowley and Kara Wright. Looking forward to it. Rock n Roll
Kim Fowley fans, this one's for you.
My last performance of the year will be at "Brick By Brick" in San Diego this Saturday the 14th. I'm going to take some extended time off of shows to finish my album with Kim Fowley and get my chainsaw carving orders done. Don't know when I'll play again so I hope to see you there!
~ Today's Classic Concert: The Runaways ~ Live in Japan - 1977.. Full Concert (77 min) - Starring Cherie Currie, Joan Jett, Lita Ford and Jackie Fox..Joan Jett and Lita Ford were 16 years old.. The Runaways were an American all-female rock band that recorded and performed in the second half of the 1970s. The band released four studio albums and one live set during its run. Among its best-known songs: "Cherry Bomb", "Queens of Noise", "Neon Angels On the Road to Ruin", "California Paradise" "Dead End Justice", and the cover of The Velvet Underground’s "Rock n Roll". The Runaways, though never a major success in the United States, became a sensation in 1977 in Japan thanks to the hit single "Cherry Bomb.".. The Runaways were formed in late 1975 by drummer Sandy West and rhythm guitarist Joan Jett after they had both introduced themselves to producer Kim Fowley, who gave Jett's phone number to West. The two met on their own at West's home and later called Fowley to let him hear the outcome. Fowley then hel ...
Kim Fowley. Or Kim Carnes (y'know, for that Debaser/Bette Davis Eyes mashup we've all been clamoring for)
Don't call "Unvarnished," Joan Jett's first new album in seven years, a comeback: The queen of noise has been here for years. For an artist whose first band was laughed off as a novelty act and whose first solo album was rejected by a couple dozen labels, Jett has shown remarkable staying power. With her black shag and husky snarl, the woman born 55 years ago as Joan Larkin ranks among the most iconic of rock stars. This summer, the Sunset Strip Music Festival acknowledged her legendary role in L.A. history by making the former Strip denizen its first female honoree. The city of West Hollywood declared Aug. 1 Joan Jett Day.   "It was a nice way to come back to West Hollywood and be welcomed like that, considering the way I felt when I left L.A., which was dragging my butt out of there," Jett says. "And coming back triumphantly, on that level. Not only that, everything went well. Lot of times over the year we've played L.A., and there's been weird vibes. This time everything went great."   Jett isn't res ...
I think I just held the door open for Kim Fowley at Caffe Primo. And he didn't even say thank you.
Thanks so much to Kim Fowley & Daniel Siwek for putting me in the Music Connection Magazine
Here’s photographic proof that Kim Fowley is the “King of the Night Time World.” More than just the title to a Fowley-penned song recorded by KISS, it is a way of life for the undisputed Zelig of rock & roll. Making the rounds in support of his book, Lord of Garbage (the first of three
You want to be an artist, go chop your ear off. You want to be a rock star, holler at me - Kim Fowley (Runaways manager)
On the final invites Kim Fowley on the show who quickly unleashes a coup d'état and makes clear he is the new host
Hmmm, its fun when out of the ordinary things occur. I just got off the phone with Kim Fowley about doing an interview for my pay-to-play documentary. He insisted I send him some of my work so I sent him Demon Medicine and my bandcamp page. I have to call him back in about 40 minutes. A little bit surreal and exciting.
just talked to someone over at Blackheart Records, they're interested in hearing a demo same as Kim Fowley, notorious record producer, he also wants to hear a demo. I have like no doubts that i'm going to be famous. I did a tarot card reading and the one that tells my future even talks about my band "...find others who in union will each add specific skills for a successful conclusion to a shared venture. Now is the time to sow seeds of future harvests." and for my present tarot card reading, the eight of wands, it said "Do it and do it now".
Rock N' Roll Road Trip, Almost Famous Style - listening to the early Candy Demos and saluting the subversive cool of Kim Fowley...
The legendary LA music genius Kim Fowley who wrote and produced songs for Cat Stevens, Warren Zevon, Alice Cooper, Johnathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, Kiss etc. likes HOT VALVES! He said we are a "Good band with good vocal melodies" Great praise indeed! Thanks Mr Fowley, we salute you!
Foto: bradelterman: Kim Fowley in his prime. I shot this in the living room of his Hollywood apartment in...
“Lights” by Kim Fowley is my new jam. Listen:
kim fowley 'international heroes' LP reissue, needs to happen, right?
Kim Fowley has went completley insane. LiveLeak
Kim Fowley CMA TV SHOW: WHERE HAVE ALL THE SINGING COWBOYS GONE? Last night I watched the CMA's live from Nashville. Almost every male singer wore a cowboy hat. I wonder how many of these guys have ever been on a horse? Back in the 20th Century, Country Music used to be called COUNTRY & WESTERN MUSIC. When Hollywood stopped making "Westerns" the singing cowboys stopped riding the open ranges. Perhaps if the "21st Century Nashville Cowboys" took off their hats, they might reach a broader audience. Some of their music is great. When your music is great, you don't need hat disguises. My Dad, Douglas Fowley was in cowboy movies. Yes, he was a redneck from the Bronx. I miss those B- Movie Western Days.don't you? Douglas Fowley was in cowboy movies like "Dodge City" starring Errol Flynn, a Hopalong Cassidy movie with Robert Mitchum, gave Dale Evans her first screen kiss and was in serials with Don "Red" Barry and Alan "Rocky" Lane... Kim appeared with his father in the 1949 RKO Picture: "Treasure Of The Rio Gra ...
Come over to Used Kids and check out our new vinyls! Kim Fowley comp, The Sonics, Throbbing Gristle, Nick Drake, The Cramps, Velvet Underground and waayy more! PLUS great new finds in the used bins!
TUNE IN TODAY WFMU 6-7 PM EST / 3-4 PM PDT Kim Fowley will be on the air, talking about "LORD OF GARBAGE" and the love for my 21st Century Zelda = Kara Wright. Of course I'll discuss Volumes 2 & 3 of my next two tomes for Kicks Books B)
This Wed 6th Nov at What's Cookin' @ Leytonstone Ex-Servicemens Club. Yep, 1st time in London, its a right sizzler, with Daddy Long Legs! Wednesday 6th November Daddy Long Legs / The Dublo Doors 8.30pm ''Are you ready for the next step in the evolution of pagan rock 'n' roll!?!?'' KIM FOWLEY Daddy Long Legs are a rock'n’blues group from Brooklyn who derive their name its harmonica-blastin’ frontman Daddy Long Legs. The aforementioned wailer, is joined by slide-guitar driving Murat Aktürk and legendary NYC trap master Josh Styles, who attacks his kit with a whip and a maraca, although not necessarily in that order. The trio are taking the music scene by storm, with alarms sounding throughout America's East Coast and reverberating across the globe, as they cut through the mediocrity, directly into the meat of real music—from the hip and to the heart. Their rapid rise in popularity is based in their total lack of pretense. All three young men are seriously dredged in deep blues baconfat, seasoned, sea ...
There are two kinds of people in the world.. Those that know and those that want to know. Kim Fowley happens to be the one that “knows”; his detractors who claim he is a swindler, a Charlton, a two-bit hustler, a snake in the grass, a misanthrope are part of the latter group of “wannaknows”. Fowley,...
No artist's career transverses as many disparate corners of the rock n' roll world as Kim Fowley's does. From the Argyles to Frank Zappa, Fowley has been there, done that. Learn more about the amazing Kim Fowley in this episode of NOTES.
Doris Day WAS THE FIRST MAJOR MOVIE/MUSIC ARTIST THAT KIM FOWLEY EVER WORKED WITH. At AGE 19, KF WAS JUST AS GOOD AS HE IS TODAY & TOMORROW. My real passion is working in the Mainstream = Where all the money and all the audiences are. See you at The Top Of The 2014 Charts...with my Brand New Projects! * Doris Day's husband-manager, the late Marty Melcher, hired Kim away from American International Records in 1959 to become a glorified office boy - errand/food gopher - talent scout - A&R man - publisher assistant - song plugger. Kim's first project was working on getting covers from the soundtrack of "Pillow Talk". The Marty & Doris owned record label was Arwin Records. The publishing companies were Artists Music (ASCAP) and Daywin Music (BMI). Kim's first signing to Arwin Records and Daywin Music was Bruce Johnston, then one-half of the Jan and Dean-esque duo: Bruce and Jerry. Ironically, Bruce's later composer efforts covered by such artists as Barry Manilow and The Beach Boys, were published by the Melc ...
"Like it lovely collection of sounds ... I can hear early Pink floyd / teddy & his patches / Kim Fowley /strawberry alarm clock / Inspiral carpets . but most importantly i can hear THE RHUBARB TRIANGLE .. i'd like to get to see you guys play" Bob Hughes Thank you Bob for your comments :)
Shout out to my best friend for getting a shout out from none other than KIM FOWLEY. *** girl!
and people wonder why Kim Fowley is such a huge Pet Shop Boys fan.
How come this photo of Haino Keiji, Tony Conrad & Kim Fowley wasn't in Vanity Fair?
Kim Fowley doppleganger in the house
See KF starring in "Death Bed Salesman: My conversation with Kim Fowley" with Michael Des Barres, Directed by...
Hey jerks, who has a copy of the Ugly Things Kim Fowley mega-issue--they want to sell me?
More people should salute the greatness that is Kim Fowley.
KIM FOWLEY ENDORSES THE NEW QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN = KELLY CUNNINGHAM! . Kelly was my co-star in last week's Purple...
Bad picture...great show! My thanks to Elizabeth Aston and Kim Fowley...2 of the most interesting…
Here's an article from Valley Scene Magazine by Jessie Lilly who is an Awesome rock writer,photo by Carl Cederman The Unstoppable Fabulous Miss Wendy By Jessie Lilley When no less a personage than Kim Fowley (legendary Hollywood producer of The Runaways) walks up to you at SXSW and says, “Who are you? What do you do? I want to know.” You tell him, give him your CD and hope for the best. When you’re standing next to Slash and have the opportunity to hand him your CD—you hand him the CD and thank him kindly when he hires you to open for him on select tour dates. When the stars line up in your favor and things start falling into place, just as you’d always dreamed—you don’t argue; you follow your star and find yourself touring the US in celebration of your brand new album. That’s what Canoga Park’s own Fabulous Miss Wendy is doing, as we speak. The Femme Fest 2013 Tour kicked off at The Viper Room in LA last week. Not your stereotypical Valley Girl, Miss Wendy started her career with a mere ...
Kim Fowley: The Dorian Gray of Rock'n'Roll Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 6 August 1977 TAKE A JOURNEY INTO ROCK N ROLL WITH KIM FOWLEY AND MEET...Venus & The Razorbiades, The Runaways, Juice, Teenage Prostitutes, Steven T., Zippers, Weirdos, Germs, Chain Massey Band, Kiss, Skip & Flip, Blue Oyster Cult, Alice Cooper, The Belfast Gypsies, Soft Machine, Jimi Hendrix, The Seeds, Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers, Gram Parsons, Pink Fairies, The Rivingtons, Howard Hughes, The Hollywood Argyles, B. Bumble & The Stingers, etc, etc,... I spoke to Kim Fowley by 'phone to Los Angeles at midnight his time. He was at Larrabee Studios where he is working on the new Vicki Leandros album, having recently completed work on the solo album by Steven T (lead singer of Venus & The Razorblades). Speaking to him was inspiring: his whole stance/attitude proves conclusively that he is the most underrated and undiscovered figure in the history of rock n roll, both as a producer and as an artist. All I can say is, this was more tha ...
This book is for my mother, Marie; you are a miracle, my best friend, and I love you. My son, Jake Robert Hays; you amaze me every day and I couldn’t be more proud. And Kenny Laguna. You never gave up on me or this book. Without you, none of this would be possible. You are extraordinary and I love you.   In loving memory of Sandy West Pesavento.   A special thanks to my twin sister, Marie; my brother, Don; Vena and my niece Grace; sister Sandy and brother Alan Levi; Cristina Lukather; Trevor Lukather; Wolfgang (Dad) Kaupish; Joan Jett; Gretchen Bonaduce; and Robert Hays, the best ex-husband in the world.     Foreword     by Joan Jett           I met Cherie one night in the San Fernando Valley, at a club called the Sugar Shack, which had become the place to go, since Rodney’s had recently closed. Kim Fowley and I went there specifically to find a lead singer for the Runaways. I remember seeing Cherie and her twin sister, Marie. They were standing together—they were quite striking, and they ...
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Here's one for you Donny Craven. The guy in the center is music biz mogul Kim Fowley. He was the manager for The Runaways back then and co-wrote several songs on "Destroyer". In the early '90s he got involved with SingSing very early on and tried to nail down a record deal for us. I remember seeing his Platinum Record for KISS/Destroyer on the wall of his condo in Hollywood. He was a bizarre dude.
Kiss (Kim Fowley) King of the Nighttime World. Yes I am. Now. Marriott thank you.
Kim Fowley claims he once had to make a straight choice between going onstage to play with the MC5 or getting off with Michelle Phillips.
Kim Fowley no longer lives in the Catbox In The Sky. The living space has now turned into Fortress Fowley.
I liked a video kim fowley underground lady.wmv
Jaz Coleman was asked to front The Runaways B4 forming Killing Joke but hated Kim Fowley's flatulence
Which means that Kim Fowley must have a lot of good records, I guess.
Most Kim Fowley records are like if all the bad Lou Reed records were good.
ENCORE MEMORY: Kim Fowley had a great sense of style in the Silver Sixties. Here I am in the 20th Century,...
About to be - Kim Fowley's book about KIM FOWLEY.
Also, the 2x7" of Danny and I singing Kim Fowley songs is at the pressing plant, and should be out by the next Gories show. :)
Kim Fowley is a big fan of the Art & Graphic designs of Kara Wright. Dig her Peer Music catalogue visual...
There's a new double CD compilation of Kim Fowley's Imperial Recordings out - reviewed here. Wild stuff!
Kim Fowley's been getting lots of crank/prank phone calls lately...his doctors think it's a good sign because his...
ski Storm Pt 1 by kim fowley, oh yes
i can't seem to escape Michael Shannon, now that i know who he is. ...NOT Kim Fowley
Got so much love for Kim Fowley, everyone send get well wishes to the bubblegum man.
Another day after the Hungry Hospital. Kim Fowley has always been a telephone fella. His phone friends remind him...
Our first Book of the Month feature: Andrew Weatherall reviews Kim Fowley's memoir via
Kim Fowley living the high life. Thank God for catalogue and its use in synch license and new media. Oh yeah!
I didn't even know Sonic Youth covered Bubble Gum, Kim Fowley's original is just odd though
Kim Fowley has many children. His children are his songs. Contact Jerome Spence at peermusic to hear Roni Lee's...
That opener was from our BOTM review by Artist in Residence Andrew on Lord of Garbage by Kim Fowley
'Kim Fowley once looked into the eyes of my muse and wife to be, Lady Elizabeth Jane Walker, pointed to me and offered up a prediction'
Just learned that Kim Fowley wrote to Daniel Johnston expressing interest in making a record with him.
Versailles Targets CD now available on CD Baby! Get your copy now. Produced by Kim Fowley.
Amazing, the genius of with Bot'ox on great track, great video... English:
"I'd rather be addicted to bread than addicted to mediocrity." --Kim Fowley.
Bot'Ox team up with genius, God, pimp & *** Kim Fowley, for our pleasure ! Thank you & congrats
Kim Fowley talks trash in memoir: Kim Fowley came out of a Hollywood that doesn't exist anymore, the Hollywood...
Kim Fowley & Bot'Ox - Arrogant American Pig. New single coming out, oui oui! More news to come today.
As Kim Fowley would say... "Encore Memory" :) This was such a fun interview. I love you Hard RockChick!
Happy Music Monday - The Trip by Kim Fowley (1965) Somebody was having fun while making this.
Genius casting for Kim Fowley. He's only slightly less insane than the man is in real life.
Summer Waves has been chosen to be played on our show on KAZI 88.7 FM in Austin, TX. (Summer Waves written by Kim Fowley, HKK, Bryce Martin)
Axl Rose Once Turned Down $50,000 To Leave Guns N’ Roses It seems Axl Rose was well aware of the splash that Guns N’ Roses would someday make, even before anyone else did. In fact, legendary producer/manager Kim Fowley says Rose turned down an offer to leave his then-unsigned group — even though the proposal came with $50,000 in cold hard cash. Speaking to Antimusic, Fowley says he was at work on a separate recording project when the band’s manager admitted that he was looking to replace his unruly frontman. The manager said he was looking for someone “who’s weird and strange and difficult, but possibly platinum,” Fowley says. So, perhaps inevitably, the mercurial Rose’s name came up. Fowley made the introductions, and the manager began trying to lure Rose away from Guns N’ Roses, ultimately opening a suitcase filled with money. Rose, Fowley says, would have none of it: “That’s not enough for Guns N’ Roses,” he remembers Rose saying. “We’re going to be bigger than that.” Th ...
This is an Archive show for Norton Records 25th Anniversary Special. Featuring interviews with Larry Parypa from The Sonics, James Williamson from The Coba Seas/Stooges, Wheeler Winston Dixon and Michael Downey from Figures of Light, Question Mark from Question Mark and the Mysterians, Andre Williams, Bloodshot Bill and King Khan from Tandoori Knights, Harlan Ellison, Kim Fowley, Tom "Spongebob" Kenny, The Mighty Hannibal, and Norton Records Customer of the Year Jello Biafra!
music: Queen of the Underground by Kim Fowley public domain footage from the Prelinger Archives on
I am pleased to announce my signing with Ashley Talent International. Please contact them if you would like to book me or my band. They are currently Booking me in May. (See attached artwork) Thanks so much to Mark Hyman for signing me, Steve Abagon for doing the artwork, and of course Kim Fowley (The Wizard of Rock) for Orchestrating this New Business Partnership:)
Written by Kim Fowley and Mark Anthony. Produced by Bill Szymezyk. Recorded at the Record Plant, LA , 1974. Previously unreleased. Mastered at Wavelength Mas...
Uncredited voices on The Mothers song Help I'm a Rock are Kim Fowley, Les McCann and Dr. John.
Check out rock legend Kim Fowley's epic as *** interview on The Phantom Zone Radio Show last night!
The Living Legend himself... Kim Fowley. Lord of Garbage, music icon, discoverer and lyrical genius. This man has seen it all. Hes created his own universe and has worked with some of rock musics best. From The Byrds to Motown, From Cat Stevens to The Runaways... Hes a musical encyclopedia. Mention...
He is a dead ringer for Kim Fowley. He's the perfect choice for The Runaways. I'm a big fan of both Malcolm Mcdowell and Forest Whitaker :)
Having just had an arguement with Kim Fowley,I would like to vote him the most annoying,self serving irrelevant cartoon character ever to fake his way through the gutters of Sorrywood.If his opinion counted for anything,I would be mad at him..but I just cant stop laughing at his hollow blusters. I am "NOT Ian Hunter"??Thats an insult? I am not *** Van *** or Audrey Hepburn either,you nonce.I Suggest he shoves on past himself as most others have done. What is most interesting is that he befriended me many years ago,and again on Face book recently.Apparently as I have made no "HIT" records I am a loser and have been in suspended animation for 34 years,doing nothing. I see my rejection of HIS Sorrywood a major success,as none of MY fans are losers,all capable of independant thought,and I have done much more with my 3 decades than spin in stinking circles at the saddest end of a sad town wallowing in tired and redundant concepts like "The King Of Garbage",Kims last and pathetic grasp for the daisies on the .. ...
The Clingers were a very talented bunch of Mormons sisters from Utah. Kim Fowley produced this kick *** version of the Easybeats song in 1969.
FROM THE PHANTOM ZONE ~ Join us this Sunday! Special day for a V.I.P.! 1/27 at 5pm pacific, Jay and I are honored to have The Living Legend himself... Kim Fowley.
Icon legend Kim Fowley the Experimental show maker will be a guest on The Rev Mel Show on January 28 2013 at 8 PM PST on to promote his new book Kim Fowley Lord of Garbage. Kim is the who's, who's of the music industry. Kim has worked in the music industry since 1959 when he was hired to work with Alan Freed the King of Rock & Roll Radio. He has worked with such music artist such a Leon Russell, Kiss, Alice Cooper, The Runaways, Guns and Roses/Poison, VanHalen, Mother of Invention, The Byrds, Cat Stevens, Cheap Trick, Joan Jett and Iggy Pop just to name a few. He is a legend in the music industry and is a Songwriter Magazine Hall of Fame 2000 and countless other awards and credits. Kim has either produce, co-produced, Talent Spotter, Publish, Written Music and has performed on stage. He has made music and films and has been a trend setter for many years. His web site is come in the chat room on and get your questions ready and join the live show.
To be fair Kim Fowley is a freak! I mean what man tells a 15 year old to prance around in a corset for him I the middle of a shop
Looked up an email. Found an old pic from 2008 from a party I was at w/Kim Fowley. Kinda awesome pic. Want to find the rest of those pix...
'Anything less than total world domination is not an option' ~ Kim Fowley
I swear Kim Fowley was a psycho when he was The Runaways' manager.
David lee Roth and Kim Fowley were the same person
Fowley is a Horrible Human Being, but a Great...
Kim Fowley has a Nu Maxi Single Due for Release in France (2013), recorded in Paris & Hollywood, USA by ( Cosmo...
Fowley has discovered a Nu Strange but Brilliant Artist. From time...
Kim Fowley & The Fabulous Miss Wendy, interviewed by Gus Bernadicou for the 1st Issue of Teenage News. Of course,...
KIM FOWLEY has a New Favorite Band/Song/Video/Soundtrack that he has nothing to do with. It brings back my...
Never noticed the similarity to Kim Fowley till I clicked on that link
Kim Fowley has sold over 102 Million Records since February 3rd, 1959! Next Month will be my 54th Year on The Boulevard of Broken Dreams/ Hollywood USA! I have been awarded Trophies and Victories for Excellence in Pop Culture Product. I have NEVER won Awards for being a Great Boy Friend/Loving Husband/Human Being/ Or Family Member. Between now and my Death, I will continue to Upset other Humans and Cause Mayhem/Conflict and Controversy, Whenever Possible. After I am Dead, All of you can try to figure out if I was any good at anything... But until then, I will rage on like The Sub Human Superman, that I am born to Always Be. Beware Enemies, we have MetaPhysical Target Practice Every Day @ The Catbox in The Sky. Thank You Friends = You are Great Mirrors for me to watch... As I climb the Golden Stairs to Rock N Roll Heaven, or Slide Down the Greased Flagpole to Rock N Roll *** ... Only my next GF will know the Answer! Photo by Miriam Linna. ncle Howie Pyro = Holding Up The Weight Of The Music Biz World!
Seymour Stein IS Sire Records! His list of Signings list Stretch from Madonna to Depeche Mode. He and Kim Fowley...
Here's a fresh book to plug besides my own. "Way Down" Jerry Scheff's music bio by the man himself. He played bass not only in the TCB band for King Elvis and later Elvis Costello, but also for artists many of you like who I'm not wild about like Dylan and the Doors and John Denver. Equally interesting to me is info on some of the jillions of sessions he played on in L.A. as part of the Gary Paxton (Monster Mash) Kim Fowley circle. He ventured from tuba to upright bass and then helped pioneer the electric bass. As a man who likes a bit of many genres, his versatility impresses me. It's a very personal book, not a standard autobiography. It was as hard for me to put down as a prison memoir. Action packed. Get it!
Here it is, the new video for the new Noizee single "End of the World" Produced by Kim Fowley. If you like it,...
Kim Fowley is GOD! There is a reason that he has been doing and infection the staleness of corperate, bland music for over 40 years. When I die I want to be responsible for tainting our youth just like him.
Kim Fowley got his Flu Shot yesterday. In the middle of Halloween Night I started getting the Side Efx from the shot. I've been sick since then. I hope other people, had a better Halloween than I did. If I would have gone to the WEHO Parade... I would not have been able to find an outhouse... & those results would not have been cool. I hope my friends, Severa Miles/ Brianna Garcia / Bunny Fontaine, all had fun @ their three separate events. My overweight Super Cat... Was my only comfort. Sometimes your pets are truly your best friends... @ times like these.
John York was in the Byrds from 1968-1970 through the Ballad of Easy Rider period. Kim Fowley legendary producer songwriter. Kim wrote songs for the Byrds with Skip Battin after John left the band. It is only natural that two would collaborate on this new cd West Coast Revelation. W...
Getting to see Kim Fowley up close last night, I've decided he's the oldest vampire in the world to date.
Jack The Ripper, Kim Fowley how he looked in the 70s
See Tequila Mockingbird, Spike Baron. Billy Tsounis, and Mike Zimmerman at the carnival tonight!
I am a Cliche Records (Paris France), visited Kim Fowley at The Catbox in the Sky in WeHo Cali. Cosmo & company loved meeting Kim Fowley and his overweight B...
Listen to and buy Kim Fowley music on CD Baby. Download Death City by Kim Fowley on the independent record store by musicians for musicians.
The unlikely duo of Kim Fowley and Ben Vaughn joined for 11 bendy and bluesy tracks on Kings of Saturday Night. Fowley, who contributed all of the vocals, an...
I am so happy Michael Des Barres, Kim Fowley, Charles A. Coulombe and I Are gonna host the event tomorrow from...
Kim Fowley will be the best performer on stage @ The Blessed Sacrament Carnival. Get there early so you can see...
Going to see Kim Fowley this Friday perform at Blessed Sacrament Church Carnival.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Michael Shannon's rant as Kim Fowley in the Runaways was easily the best part of the movie.
Thanks so much to Lina Lecaro and Kim Fowley for bringing me on LA Slush! I had such a great time it was awesome
Kim Fowley is following me on tumblr!!!
Today Versailles was on LA Slush with Kim Fowley and the girls of Black Room and Golden Road To Nowhere which…
Versailles on "Fear & Loathing In Long Beach" with Kim Fowley. Here is the Preface of our interview with Kevi…
Kim Fowley and the girls of Black Room Doom
We are ecstatic to announce that the one and only KIM FOWLEY will grace LINA IN LA on MOHEAK RADIO in studio TODAY, Oct. 12 from 6-8 pm PST… Fowley, best known for helping put together legendary LA girl group The Runaways (and who was immortalized in the film bio-pic of the same name starring Dakota...
Lead-in teaser for the next issue out Oct.23
Kim Fowley tells all in the 1st installment of this explosive interview!!!
Kim Fowley is about to be interviewed in 1 hour today 10/10/12, by Kevin McGovern...for "Fear & Loathing In Long Beach. Everything will be revealed. I will confess. Topics will range from Bladder Cancer Surgical Recall(every six months) my work with John Lennon/my friendship with Jim Morrison & the end result of being a Single Man again... after I resigned from the Snow Mercy Romance. If I'm lucky...someday I will have a keep my cat, Sex Fat company.
I booked the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church Hollywood Carnival October 19th with M.C. Kim Fowley and myself,...
Kim Fowley & Versailles, The Fabulous Miss Wendy & Noizee joined Joie Blaney & his staff on Inside Out (Radio Titans). The girls are in Black Room Doom = The...
1pm PDT today and I'll be on the radio with Kim Fowley...guaranteed highly entertaining!!!...
The story of a dream which has now become a reality and is the fastest thing growing on the internet!
Approx. I think this means Mike Tice is Kim Fowley. NB: not a bad movie; the moody disaffected role K. Stewart was born to play.
i live for moon and sun 1969 Kim Fowley - Bubblegum
Pr motorboat! Superb tongue-in-cheek bubblegum pop gem from the Dorian Gray Of Rock And Roll LP
Going to a party at the Sanctuary with my good friend, Kim Fowley-- I will be wearing less clothes tonight than when sang in punk rock shows at 17...except now I have breasts to put under the black electrical tape...Rare sight ladies and germs...Better have those camera ready, cause tonight i think I'm going to turn into a pumpkin
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