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Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom, born Kim Schmitz on January 21, 1974, also known as Kimble and Kim Tim Jim Vestor, is a German-Finnish businessman who rose to prominence during the dot-com bubble and was convicted of insider trading and embezzlement in its aftermath.

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Kim Dotcom swears that he has ALL the missing/destroyed Clinton docs; all that originated with Clinton and ended up…
Please contact Kim Dotcom, he has ALL these docs, I know, illegally, but still, there…
Looks like Kim Dotcom is one step closer to a reckoning in U.S. courts. He’s bought *a lot* of time since the Megau…
Kim Dotcom v The District Court at North Shore : USA’s application to strike out 7 of Mr Dotcom’s challenges to his extradi…
Here's a direct link to the decision:
Kim Dot Com loses collateral attack on his extradition
Here’s a photo of your Seth Rich witness. Kim Dotcom.
FFS your not referring to Kim Dotcom are you? They guy US wants to extra…
Three people have claimed they know who hacked DNC emails: Assange, Craig Murray, & Kim Dotcom. . Mue…
Goodbye, IP address: to launch alternative internet
A New Zealand judge dismisses seven of Kim Dotcom's eight appeals against extradition to the U.S.
Larry Page is just as much of a silly Internet name as Kim Dotcom is
I seem to be with Assange and Kim Dotcom on Catalonia and it's bothering me greatly
'At the end the free will of people of Catalonia will prevail & neither Spain nor EU can stop them' - Kim Dotcom
An Inside Look at Kim Dotcom’s Upcoming Bitcache and Platform via
Julian Assange and Kim Dotcom know Seth Rich was the leaker, or Whistle blower.. It's time for the DOJ to do their jobs…
Not sure if this will be successful, but he is not waiting on a on chain solution and creates his own. 👍.
Kim Dotcom's 'gift to Hollywood': Bitcoin-based file-sharing platform set for launch as a -
Deal with issues in a practical way - like the raid on Kim Dotcom.
TIL Kim Dotcom discovered the feds were illegally spying on him after his Xbox ping went from 30 milliseconds to...
Why won't Congress or the Senate bring in Kim Dotcom for this Investigation? Why don't they want the Truth? ht…
Kim Dotcom announces Bitcache for YouTubers! Bitcoin off-chain microtransaction tipping se
Essential reading about copyright laws re: Kim Dotcom
I'd gladly watch the documentary Kim Dotcom: Caught in the web, but it's not available in my country & I'm broke anyway
Just watched the documentary Kim dotcom: Caught in the web. I really recommend it to see the truth behind Megaupload seizure…
Start at 34:50: Trump is the only hope against (open) deep state - John Kiriakou, Kim Dotcom via /r/Frei_Donald
Video: Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom will attend and share his experience of being spied on by NSA ht…
NSA surveilled Kim Dotcom because National Security is just the excuse.
NSA unlawfully surveiled Kim Dotcom in New Zealand: report
where we're at: Sean Hannity has now invited both Julian Assange and Kim Dotcom to guest host his radio show
Just looked up Kim Dotcom's birth name and now we need a new Netflix show, The Insufferable Kimmy Schmitz
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Kim Dotcom (born Kim Schmitz 1/21/74), is a German-Finnish citizen who resides in Auckland, New Zealand
Legal scofflaw of dubious moral standing, Kim Dotcom (aka "Kim Schmitz") praises who retu…
Well, look up "Kim Dotcom" or "Kim Schmitz". Apparently, he started out as a hacker, selli…
Trump was right: Russia didn't leak DNC info to WikiLeaks, did. Kim Dotcom was involved. Did Trump know about…
Stay tuned. Public invitation Kim Dotcom to be a guest on radio and TV. Buckle up destroy Trump media. Sheep…
"Julian Assange is going to be Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare" - Kim Dotcom - YouTube
Kim Dotcom asks the Supreme Court to hear him out
omg omg omg. gonna call my mom now. but she doesn't know Kim Dotcom
Kim Dotcom says he's launching a startup that will pay you for
New Zealand High Court Upholds Kim Dotcom Extradition Ruling Hi!You are about to activate our Facebo
Kim Dotcom says hes launching a startup that will pay you for content - United
what was it like to work with Kim Dotcom on ?
Kim Dotcom launches new Bitcoin play that promises earnings to content uploaders
Kim Dotcom is launching a Bitcoin startup that promises earnings to content uploaders
Kim Dotcom announces new Bitcoin venture for content uploaders to earn money
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Kim Dotcom shows how Bitcache user payments will happen using
I had no idea how big of a deal Kim Dotcom's persecution was having on New Zealand. What a weird thing for NZ politics to g…
Kim Dotcom: "Trump is in Danger" » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Kim Dotcom can be extradited to US: NZ court: New Zealand's High Court ruled Monday that Kim…
Kim Dotcom can be extradited to US to face criminal charges, High Court rules: A New Zealand j..
Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom wins some, loses some in latest court ruling: A New Zealand High…
Kim Dotcom can be extradited, New Zealand High Court rules
Kim Dotcom eligible for extradition to US in Megaupload case - CNET: After years in court, the US Government may……
New Zealand High Court clears Kim Dotcom extradition to the US – PCWorld
Internet boss Kim Dotcom can be extradited to the US, New Zealand judge rules - Belfast Telegraph
New Zealand judge rules internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom be extradited to US via
New Zealand court rules Kim Dotcom can be extradited to US
AUDIO: talks case with his lawyer Ron Mansfield
Kim Dotcom is facing extradition to the U.S. after High Court appeal
Kim Dotcom eligible for extradition: court (NZ Newswire)
Kim Dotcom extradition to US can go ahead, New Zealand High Court rules
‘We won but we lost anyway’: Kim Dotcom eligible for extradition to US - High Court of New Zealand:
NZ court upholds Kim Dotcom US extradition ruling via
Kim Dotcom legal saga: Extradition to US over Megaupload still on cards but he claims court ruling 'major victory'
New Zealand Copyright Law (92b) makes it clear that an ISP can't be criminally liable for actions of their users. Unless you…
New Zealand appeals court upholds Kim Dotcom extradition ruling
Timeline of events surrounding Kim Dotcom extradition fight
A court in New Zealand rejects internet mogul Kim Dotcom's appeal against extradition to the US
Will Kim Dotcom still be able to build Megaupload 2 from a jail cell in the US?
New Zealand court: Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom can be extradited to U.S. over fraud charges
Kim Dotcom and his co-accused are eligible for extradition to the US, the High Court has ruled
New post: "Kim Dotcom: "It’s not hard to imagine that a mass adoption of Bitcoin could reach a market cap of more …
After reporting on Occupy movement, WikiLeaks, the FBI and Kim Dotcom saga, Suzie Dawson targeted by New Zealand & US intelli…
interesting, I was blocked by Russel Norman when I asked him about his meetings with Kim Dotcom. Devastating.
Breaking: Kim Dotcom has a birthday present for Hillary Clinton and it's not what she wants!
Final day of my extradition appeal at the High Court. Live stream starts in 25 mins. Kim Dotcom vs. US Empire.
I added a video to a playlist Kim Dotcom extradition appeal to be live streamed
Kim Dotcom wins right to live stream extradition court hearing
New Zealand judge to allow Kim Dotcom to livestream his latest legal bid to halt his... by via
Nearly a month ago, former Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom announced that he was working on a brand new version of the cloud storage an...
"I'll be at Kim Dotcom's Megaupload 2.0 & Bitcache launch on Jan 20 in New Zealand doing a Big news for Bitco…
Kim Dotcom has big plans for cloud storage and Bitcoin in 2017 - The Next Web
Mint Chicks collaborating with Kim Dotcom in a polka style, produced by Phil Spector
From Tech Crime to Big Politics What do Julian Assange, Peter Sunde and Kim Dotcom have in common? Sure, they are
I always thought of myself as more American than Americans when I was livin...
*** we have a lot of shows on Mega. We'll see what we can think of. Live audience recordings of LP are important.
"Kim proved everybody who said she couldn't do it with out biggie wrong she started perfecting her craft on her own" http…
The U.S. obviously has all the evidence they need to prosecute bankers. The...
Judge rules Kim Dotcom can be extradited to US - USA TODAY
I was an online service provider. It's not my job to police what people are...
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When Lil' Kim finally drops her album
Kim Dotcom & Donald Trump are awfully similar for the difference in contemporary opinion between them. Both are flagrant manipulators.
and that pizza-in-a-cup guy is rocking yachts with Kim Dotcom while us mugs are making the music, I mean content.
“Dotcom hinted towards impending doom and warned users to back up their files“
Exclusive: Lent Union termcard to feature Mike Tyson and Kim Dotcom 'waxing lyrical' on *** Men's Reps
I think copyright has its right to exist, absolutely, and I think that it's...
I think you should run with P Walsh Walsh & become "Patrick World Wide Web" & be a notorious bad boy like Kim Dotcom.
Kim Dotcom and Mega trade barbs over service's future - KitGuru
NZ PM used jewish roots to attack Kim Dotcom 4 owning Nazi memorabilia to muster hatred against KDC but 4got to mention 1/2
I like this guy alot. He is creating MegaNet . Kim Dotcom
📷 technutty: Kim Dotcom says you should stop using Mega, teases a new file hosting service:...
Like I feel as though know one knows who Kim dotcom is but go and Google him and you'd see how the government are only self interested
It's men like Kim dotcom that honestly are the people who should be running the world not these politicians
The papers say that Kim Dotcom the emergency evacuation of himself!
Kim Dotcom Schmitz no stranger to criminal activity in Germany. German news really is in the antique shop... Could you
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Kim, you are thrilling me with your song... "I'm Gonna Change Your Life" — listening to Kim Dotcom
I hope Mega won't shut down. It's a good site for downloads so it'll be difficult for Jpop fans if it shuts down.
why are all the flintstones characters named after rocks?. “bc it was stone age”. thats stupid. names don’t work that way, Kim Dotcom.
Thought Kim Dotcom had a new gig for a minute.
Pattern emerging of Key's brain fade when heat is on - railway shares, breakfast with Ian Fletcher, Kim Dotcom Raid http…
Kim Dotcom is a larger-than-life controversial Internet entrepreneur. It has been reported that he made $175...
Kim Dotcom getting groovy with Elbow in a latin style, produced by Jerry Wexler
Kim Dotcom is warning users off of Mega: 'Air is getting thin'
Kim Dotcom's sprawling former mansion is on the market and is expected to reach $41 million https:…
Laila Harre points out two big policies are things she, Kim Dotcom & Hone Harawira campaign for in 2014. h…
Civil asset forfeiture big winner in 2015: Apparently not just a problem for Kim Dotcom.
Extradition vs. Rendition: What do Kim Dotcom and Viktor Bout have in common? | Dobroyeutro's Blog
Kim Dotcom US extradition hearing begins on
I wanna create MegaNet, altrnative to an internet. Mobile device encrypted network from people for people -Kim Dotcom
The Government can’t find the original notices in the Kim Dotcom case? Is this a joke?. - See more at:
'Modern-day pirate' Kim Dotcom's words now used against him
can you confirm if the scratch cards are time bombed? e.g kim dotcom ones from rewards & such. Do they have a "use by" date.ty
DONT!!! use MEGA to share files! Its creator admitted they faced a hostile takeover by a shady third party. .
.hearing: "As long as there is internet, there will be piracy."
Kim Dotcom court hearing starts on Monday -
I liked a video from The Interview - Kim Dotcom , Lizard Squad , Anonymous &
I heard he was close personal friends with Kim Dotcom
Minute from Judge N Dawson today relating to the matter of proceedings to extradite Kim Dotcom and others.
I never lived there. I never traveled there. I had no company there. But all I worked for now belongs to the U.S.
Dragging on... 😼 . After nearly four years, is it time to just settle the Megaupload case? .
Love Kim Dotcom for his brilliance & standing up to global corp thugs aka kicking a$$ets
And..Kim Davis was told to change her appearance & no photographers/video
former acting GCSB boss Simon Murdoch - who presided over illegal surveillance of Kim Dotcom - appointed to police watchdog I…
'Modern-day pirate' Kim Dotcom's words used against him in Megaupload extradition hearing
Kim Dotcom is cute as fug. I want to cuddle him.
Another delay in Kim Dotcom extradition trial in New Zealand October 02, 2015 at 11:16AM
Megaupload prosecutor wraps up arguments to extradite Kim Dotcom to the US
In a world where you can switch & swap from one site to another, surely the need to settle a 4 yr case?.
The Verge actually sent a reporter to NZ to cover the trial. Neat! Did anybody else?
Mega Conspiracy? How the Case Against Kim Dotcom Reveals Flaws in American Justice |. Vast resources of the U.S. g…
Court Told Dotcom Case Is Simple Fraud: After three and a half years, Kim Dotcom has faced court in New Zealan...
Kim Dotcom feared judge would be convinced 'we're evil', court told - New Zealan
This is Latest! Kim Dotcom's extravagant lifestyle and how he could lose it all: A court hearing in New Zealan...
Kim Dotcom gets to bring his own comfortable chair for his court hearing. How is that for comfort?
Kim Dotcom (Mega) more likely to go to jail for protecting encryption/privacy of clients than Condy Rice (DropBox). Ha! She wouldn't blink.
Sshhh, what's that sound? Oohh, it's David Cunliffe, Kim Dotcom, Winston Peters, Nicky Hager and Judith Collins laughing.
While we're on it since we're getting a Snowden movie starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt can we get a Kim Dotcom movie starring Newman
Terribly epic vlog weather and Kim Dotcom
Kim should stop though. She got a whole husband and kid but I know them checks look lovely
It's disgusting: Kim Dotcom has used YouTube help him write song representing Bangladesh in the Song Contest.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Why Kim Dotcom buying off Lizard Squad was the wrong move
Hey if that was true Mr Kim Dotcom would not be in the position he has been put in. Big Brother USA the law abuser.
Why politics and tech don't mix well How the dotcom debacle is sidelining issues of governmen
Palestinian people tell Kim Dotcom "I hear you brother"!
He did leave out of the Personal Effects of Kim Dotcom, although he only briefly owned them.
I think [bitcoin] will grow to become one of the most important ways to pay for things and transfer assets - Kim Dotcom.
Why Kim Dotcom hasn’t been extradited 3 years after the US smashed Megaupload
You say thank god for Encryption? I say you're just being modest thank epic winners and innovators like Kim Dotcom for encryption
It's ok, they all voted Green.“To people who've already voted, did you forget about Kim Dotcom's game…
Yeah, with skull & crossbones, and maybe a cartoon of fatty Kim Dotcom to really get up their noses.
Your total today just says to call Kim Dotcom and tell him to get on stevia
Okay - one of you techie needs to investigate this for me and tell me if it's worth my time.
Kayvan Novak in new comedy called Asylum sounds amazing (inc. "Ludo Backslash" as a Kim Dotcom)
Pay attention: Kim Dotcom has returned from Mars. found his KFC
Harsh call Kim Dotcom, look at the great progress THE Bankers President Obama has achieved in closing Guantanamo Bay?
Personally I think kimdotcom speaks more sense..
Not sure if you know who Kim Dotcom is but he launched MegaChat, a browser-based encrypted video calling Skype competitor.
: Will MegaChat mean the end for Skype? ; With his latest venture, ... $MSFT
Blue pools in WAT MUT DAT MUT says KIM and enjoy the moonshine Tales
New Zealand's spies admit to illegally deleting key evidence in Kim Dotcom case [2014]
My novel in five words = Borgen UK meets Kim Dotcom. A good mental exercise and less effort than an elevator pitch.
Smells blood! Kim Dotcom has appointed the Nigerian as minister of Captain
Kim Dotcom has launched the beta version of his "chat service called MegaChat.
Mega Just Launched End-to-End Encrypted Audio and Video Chat: Kim Dotcom & Co. has launched a new audio and v... http…
Kim Dotcom continues to rage against the machine. His latest tool in the battle for online privacy is now online: MegaChat is an encrypted alternative to apps like Skype and Facetime. You may [...]
Kim Dotcom, the infamous entrepreneur behind Megaupload, has released his latest product. Currently in beta, MegaChat is a browser-based encrypted video..
Kim Dotcom puts MegaChat secure Skype rival into beta
Kim Dotcom is BACK and this time he’s got beef with the and
Kim Dotcom’s MEGAchat promises encrypted video chats in browsers
Kim Dotcom launches his secure 'Skype killer' MegaChat
Black&Yellow/Everything I do/I do it Big-Wiz Khalifa of Tech, Kim Dotcom blockchain Skype Killer Encrypted Video Chat
Dotcom wants ‘to kill Skype’ with his encrypted video calling service
Kim DotCom releases MegaChat... Gotta check this out!!
Kim Dotcom might be bankrupt, but that hasn’t stopped him launch the new MegaChat service, an end-to-end...
Kim Dotcom made a video chat service that, unlike Skype, actually holds security in high regard. No download either .
Kim Dotcom launches end-to-end encrypted audio and video chat service
Hollywood in panic: Sarah 'Torrent' & Kim 'Dotcom' meet in Hobbiton. Are they working on together? Is it using the …
BBC News - Kim Dotcom takes on Skype with encrypted chat service
MegaChat Kim Dotcom launches end to end encrypted audio, video chat service.
Kim Dotcom aims to 'kill Skype' with encrypted MegaChat - read more at
Kim Dotcom aims to 'kill with encrypted Build your own chat with
Kim Dotcom launches MegaChat encrypted video calling service
Note! Kim Dotcom reveals his end-to-end encrypted video chat service, MegaChat @
I liked a video from Sky News Covers The Interview - Kim Dotcom , Lizard Squad
Kim Dotcom comes to the rescue of PSN and Xbox Live, offering their DDoS'ers a hefty bribe to wean off the attack
PlayStation Network and Xbox Live hit by Christmas DDoS attack -- Kim Dotcom saves the day [Update: not!]
Kim Dotcom has had bail conditions tightened, although the judge who did so said there was no evidence he had breached any of the court-ordered conditions. - New Zealand Herald
Kim Dotcom slams 'bogus case' as he's cleared to go home - TVNZ
Kim Dotcom dodges jail (for now) in his latest battle with US authorities
US fails to revoke Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom’s bail conditions in New Zealand
After three days of hearings in Auckland, Kim Dotcom left court...
Kim Dotcom sees off US attempt to have him remanded in custody (News)
Impoverished forced to roam New Zealand countryside eating hobbits for sustenance. .
Misread headlines - Kim Dotcom walks free after 3 days of Herrings
Efforts by the United States government to have Kim Dotcom put back behind bars have failed. Arguments that the Megaupload founder poses a flight risk ahead of his extradition battle next summer were rejected by the Auckland District Court and the entrepreneur walked away a free man.
U.S. efforts to jail Dotcom fail as Kim walks free
Kim Dotcom: "That was a good win today, but also another attempt by the US government to get my liberty removed."
Kim Dotcom walks Free After three days of hearings in Auckland [r/worldnews]
U.S. efforts to fail as walks free -
Kim Dotcom beats US bid to get him thrown back in jail by
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Kim Dotcom has successfully fended off an American government bid to put in him back in a New Zealand jail for allegedly violating his bail.
.beats US bid for jail time MT Can someone be a fugitive of a country they have never been to? http:…
Good evening! Here are some business stories you may have missed: Bill hiking tax exemption cap on bonuses awaits PNoy's signature adds flights to Japan, US, Middle East offers to rehabilitate MRT-3 incurs P2.5-B budget deficit in October firms to roll back prices on Tuesday hires 9 banks for dollar bond - IFR Dotcom beats US bid to revoke bail in New Zealand
WELLINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. authorities have lost a motion to have cyber fugitive Kim Dotcom remanded in custody in New Zealand before his extradition hearing to face internet piracy charges in the United States. An Auckland court on Monday rejected allegations that Dotcom, the founder of the Megaupload online file storage site, was a flight risk and had broken the terms of his bail conditions imposed after flamboyant internet entrepreneur was arrested by U.S. and New Zealand authorities in early 2012. ...
Kim Dotcom, Richard Stallman and John McAfee walk into a DNS name.
The moment of truth: Kim Dotcom, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Glenn Greenwald
Kim Dotcom fired from the music service that he helped create - - by Daniel Cooper
New Zealand election: party over for Kim Dotcom as PM wins with landslide via
New Zealand election: pulpy over for Kim Dotcom as PM wins kith landslide
Kim Dotcom's Internet Party bombs out of New Zealand election
'Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Kim Dotcom,' they chant. John Minto says he does not believe the…
Eminem, Edward Snowden and Kim Dotcom -- the unintentional guest stars of the NZ election:
I am angry, really angry. This is our election, an election for all New Zealanders to make up their minds after listening to party policy announcements and the candidates, whom they would vote for. I am angry because it has been sabotaged by a bunch of foreigners who care nothing for this great country of ours. Take last night's circus at the Auckland Town Hall. Who were the major players? First of all, we have Kim Dotcom, who has bought his way into NZ and is fighting tooth and nail to ward off the FBI who are after him because of his illegal activities. Then we have Edward Snowden, an American citizen,who is holed up in Russia of all places so as to avoid extradition to the US to face treason charges. Then we have Glenn Greenwald, Snowdens' mouthpiece, also an American citizen, but who lives in Brazil. Finally he have Julian Assange, an Aussie, who has been cowering in the Ecuadorean embassy in London for two years in order to avoid extradition to Sweden to face sex charges. God almighty, what a bunch o ...
What does Kim Dotcom really think of New Zealand? We talk to three of his former employees - and the man himself. Tonight, 8.40 TV3
finally Kim Dotcom and the PM have something in common here!
John Key's encouraging voters in the Te Tai Tokerau electorate to vote for Labour in a bid to destroy Kim Dotcom's Internet Mana Movement.
Can this election be over already? Kim Dotcom makes me so mad, I want to punch stuff.
Reminder that the Nats still have not dumped the dirt they apparently have on Kim Dotcom.
Kim Dotcom has just been trumped as the best rapper in this election campaign
Warner Brothers has struck out vigorously at criticism of their denial that the movie company was involved in a plot involving the Prime Minister of New Zealand to bring the master hacker and criminal Kim Dotcom to America by rendition. The criticism relates to the statement of denial originally issued by Warner Brothers being "anonymous" - attributed only to the company with no actual person accepting ownership of the statement. That was just an oversight, Vice President in Charge of Public Relations, Elmer Fudd, said earlier today. He went on to point out that the statement was actually issued by Warner Brothers' CEO, Bugs Bunny and that the company stood by it implicitly. Yosemite Sam, Warner Bros. Director of Corporate Affairs, agreed, issuing his own statement that while Warner Brothers did nothing other than come to New Zealand to extort $40 million or so from the NZ taxpayer, a trifling amount in real currency, it was essential that Dotcom be brought to the US as soon as possible to face the conseq ...
Kim Dotcom sounds like someone doing a really bad Arnie impression
Query: Now that John Key and Kim Dotcom are facing the same charges, can we extradite them both on the same flight?
National is being sued for the same thing that they tried to set-up Kim Dotcom for. Karma.
The prosecutorial overreach richly illustrated in the white paper released by Kim Dotcom very clearly illustrates the need for a distributed and decentralized Domain Name System whose levers of control can't be exploited by governments to cater to the interests of financially influential groups. .bit domains are a solution to this. recording of the live stream of the event "The Moment of Truth" is also worth watching.
Woke from a nightmare where Kim Dotcom was holding me captive and had (ironically) bugged the phones. Terrifying start to the day.
The only issue the Government must address today is Edward Snowden's revelations. Kim Dotcom sideshow is unrelated and …
ROFL National Party. New Eminem Single feat. Kim Dotcom, who knows? It's all happening at the New Zealand General...
Question: Why does ANYONE still believe Kim Dotcom, on anything?
Quite the hit piece here by CNN on Kim Dotcom.
.pushing his 'Internet Mana' party, brings Snowden, but lacks bombshell at 'Moment of Truth'
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Interesting how National rues Kim Dotcom for being a copyright abuser yet is now being sued for copyright infringement. wow.
Anyone catch this talk? Snowden, Assange, Kim Dotcom and his lawyer. The last guy is really worth it, IMO
Warners deny that song is by Eminem and claims it was from Sound of Music and lent to Nats as part payment for Kim Dotcom
» Hobbit meetings in Wellington – Kim Dotcom releases email, which is denied via
I think Kim Dotcom has been the bigger violator against M&M's.
GARNER: He says, she says, but Dotcom flops via
Dotcom: NZ at crossroads: The approaching election represents a crossroads for New Zealand.
Ever since the raids of 2012, Kim Dotcom has pointed to what he sees as a contract shutdown of Megaupload. Designed by Hollywood and carried out by their partners in the Obama administration and the New Zealand Government, Dotcom claims that his fate was pre-determined and a result of corruption.
Have you watched "The Moment of Truth" live stream by Kim Dotcom with Greenwald, and Assange? What do you think Te Tumatakuru O'Connell and Arturo Pelayo Aréchiga? read the white paper?
The moment of Truth - posted in Tech News and Reviews: Today there was a live stream from the Auckland town hall, I only caught the ending to it, but it was very interesting to hear what Glenn Greenwald, Snowden, Assange, Kim Dotcom and others had to say. It was chilling in parts to see the levels t…
New Zealand mainstream media barely touches on the big issues from last night, while even Australian media covers the facts rather than focus on Kim Dotcom.
Edward Snowden's Opening Address at the Moment of Truth Kim Dotcom holds panel with Edward Snowden and Julian Assange to expand on revelations that New Zealand government sought to implement a top-secret mass surveillance program. Recorded live at the New Zealand town hall meeting in Auckland.
I'm only going to dignify the fat German who hasn't changed his clothes in a decade one status update lets all remember. The guy is SUCH a looney bin, his party was too insane for Tama Iti and even his mail order Indonesian bride left him to go back to a life of shooting ping pong balls from her *** Kim Dotcom
For months and even years we have given Kim Dotcom a slight benefit of the doubt. He claimed back in 2012 that he had evidence John Key knew about him before 19 January 2012. He said he would produ...
Money may not be able to buy you love, but in Kim Dotcom's case, it seems it can buy everything else. Affluent lifestyle, fast cars, women. Check. New Zealand residency. Check. New - New Zealand Herald
In the first-ever gathering of the world’s leading whistleblowers, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden and journalist Glenn Greenwald joined internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom to discuss threats to privacy worldwide.
LIVE: Edward Snowden and Julian Assange discuss mass surveillance with Kim Dotcom
Paul Henry is obsessed with Kim Dotcom, Michelle Boag too. Only Simon Wilson could see the woods for the trees & articulate the true issue.
Canadian human rights lawyer Robert Amsterdam on radio talking up the 'mystery guests' (hackers?) at Kim Dotcom's Monday big reveal
Internet Mana is labelling next Monday "The Moment of Truth" with Greenwald, Assange & Robert Amsterdam to appear alongside Kim Dotcom
Internet tycoon Kim Dotcom, who is fighting extradition to the US, announces plans to list his new file-sharing firm on the stock market.
What do the new Kim Dotcom papers show and a quick word to Cameron Slater and David Farrar about...
My theory Iwe early front for Kim Dotcom... ;-)
Kim Dotcom is in the midst of a big lawsuit, and he's looking for a lot of help.
Kim Dotcom is offering $5 Million to anyone willing to be a whistleblower against Hollywood and the U.S.
Kim Dotcom offers $5M for help /w extradition, to be paid right after $10M Bin Laden bounty (
Kim Dotcom: You give me proof of govt corruption in my case, I give you MEELLIONS
Kim Dotcom offers $5m to anyone who can help him with his extradition case. | Asset freeze fight
Kim Dotcom, proprietor of the defunct Megaupload, is convinced that the raid on his company was crooked, and he's...
Kim Dotcom offers $5 million ‘bounty’ to whistleblowers in online piracy case 
Kim Dotcom faces fresh legal bid to have his assets frozen | Technology |
Hone, Russel, Cunliffe, please help me with my extradition case to help you all bring down John Key and the...
Kim Dotcom offers US$5M "bounty" to whistleblowers for info to help him fight online piracy case brought by the US
Megaupload founder offers a £3m bounty to whistleblowers to fight US piracy case
Music, movie giants join forces to freeze Kim Dotcom assets - SBS (blog)
Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is offering $5 million to whistleblowers
Engadget. Kim Dotcom offers whistleblowers $5 million to help Megaupload case.
Kim Dotcom offers $5 million for help from whistleblowers
"Kim Dotcom offering $5M bounty for information on how his case was rigged"
Kim Dotcom can encrypt your files, so why can't Google?
Kim Dotcom offers £3m bounty in online piracy case via
Link to article. Megaupload founder in bid to prove US authorities aided by New Zealand illegally targeted him at behest of Hollywood studios Kim Dotcom is resisting extradition from New Zealand in one of the largest copyright infringement cases ever… [ 338 more words. ]
heretic108 (454817) writes "Internet mega-entrepreneur, uber-gamer and now NZ political corruption-buster Kim DotCom has posted a bounty of $5 million to anyone who can dig up any dirt which saves him from extradition to the U.S.. This bounty would be payable not only to government employees, but al…
Kim Dotcom is pulling out all the stops in his fight against the U.S. government and his adversaries in Hollywood. On the table now sits a $5 million bounty for anyone prepared to reveal behind-the-scenes wrongdoing and corruption. Dotcom told TorrentFreak how it will work.
Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is offering a $5 Million bounty for information proving “unlawful or corrupt conduct” by the United States government in his case,
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Kim Dotcom has a history of bad behavior that runs the gamut from computer fraud to insider trading and embezzlement. More recently, Dotcom ran Megaupload, a now defunct website that was once a popular portal for hosting files, especially copyrighted material, which is why the U.S. government shut i…
MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom (yes, that is his real name) is offering up a meaty $5 million (£3 million) cash sum to and individual with information that could help with his fight against a US copyright claim.
Music and movie giants seeking damages from Kim Dotcom want his assets frozen, as the entrepreneur is facing extradition to the US over copyright infringement. In response, the founder of the Megaupload website is offering a bounty to whistleblowers.
Whichever way you look at it, Kim Dotcom has a series of huge battles in front of him. Up soon is his fight to avoid extradition to the United States where he is wanted in the biggest copyright infringement case ever.
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Music and movie giants have joined forces to freeze Kim Dotcom's assets, but they'll have to negotiate conditions first. - New Zealand Herald
“ The government is still refusing to say who the 88 New Zealanders are it’s already spied on – and they never will. How can anyone be reassured by statements from a government who has lied about illegal spying again and again, and again some more? They don’t want us to know because it will give the public a very clear idea of who’s in the net already, and who’s likely to come next. And I bet it’s way more than 88 too. Kim Dotcom reckons it’s 1000s." ( Hone Harawira August 2013) We now know definitely Darryl Jones was one of those our NZ authorities at the highest level potentiallly provided information about to a 3rd party. Not to prevent him leaving NZ or even to prevent him possibly associating with people who were also being surveilled by other sectors of 5 Eyes. It is conceivable it was information that would facilitate an extrajudical execution by an overseas organisation ( which is what did occur) in a country we are not at war with and without a shred of evidence of any guilt or an ...
Coming up in today's CMU Daily: Google maybe bidding for Songza, line-up confirmed for CMU Podcast: Live, Kim Dotcom seeks whistleblowers
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